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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Fish hook remover system
Removable rounded midsole structures and chambers with computer processor-controlled variable pressure
Motorized umbrella
Hair warming tool and hair treating method
Attaching structure
Seat support apparatus with torque support
Device for supporting a person in a sitting position
Container support and mounting bracket
Cup assembly
Reconfigurable support pillow with tandem wells
Extraction module with linear closure for the pressurised preparation of a drink from a capsule
Holder for a beverage container, for installation in a motor vehicle
Driving control apparatus of rotary brush for use in vacuum cleaner
Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Device to reduce the incidence of aspiration
Oral-care device and system
Gaming machine
Aerosol medication inhalation system
Holding device for a respiratory mask
Adjustable hockey skate cuff and lacing system
System and method for playing community hand poker games utilizing mathematical dealer qualifying criteria
Lottery ring, lottery ring unit with lottery ring, game machine with lottery ring unit, control method of controlling computer used in game machine, and computer program
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water-repellent filter, a method of manufacturing a water-repellent filter member, and gas sensor
Composite porous membrane and method for producing the same
Apparatus, system, and method for condensing, separating and storing recyclable material
Chop saw
Method of forming through-hole and through-hole forming machine
Apparatus for manufacturing electronic device, method of manufacturing electronic device, and program for manufacturing electronic device
Weld filler for welding dissimilar alloy steels and method of using same
Method for bringing in a strip forming a spring of a board
Component holding tape connecting apparatus
Torque-limiting tool
Stapler with guide
Vibration reduction apparatus for power tool and power tool incorporating such apparatus
Knife blade opening mechanism
Planetary tubing cutter
Wear and texture coatings for components used in manufacturing glass light bulbs
Printing up to edge of printing paper without platen soiling
Apparatus for generating image data, method, and medium
Method of producing scratch printing product by using scratch layer transfer sheet
Bicycle disc brake hub
Bicycle component securing structure
Vehicle ground contact element, tire and vehicle ground contact
Tire parameter sensor unit with real time data storage
Tire mounting lever having a curved mounting surface
Installation structure and method of vehicular suspension
Method for the automatic starting and stopping of an internal combustion engine
Automated vehicle sunshade
Radiator core support
Cooling structure for a continuous variation transmission system of an all-terrain vehicle
Transaxle of multi-wheel drive vehicle
Fuel injection system for a saddle ride type four-wheel vehicle
Seat reclining apparatus
Passenger detecting device adapted for motor vehicle
Inflatable curtain module with push-in fastener
Steering column assembly
Personal mobility vehicle with anti-tip suspension
Apparatus for controlling driving force of vehicle
Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
Automatic cut lever apparatus
Body frame for wheelchair
Powered wheelchair
Vehicle control apparatus
Deformation element for absorbing lateral impact forces in a lateral region of a motor vehicle
On-board gaseous fuel tank module
Luggage storage device for a motorcycle
Cycle crankset
Front frame for a bicycle
Bicycle chain wheel structure
Kayak portaging device
Diving device
Window retaining system
Safety device for transport systems
Bottle for two-component extemporaneous products
Slat driven positive displacement sorter
Fixed side edge registration system
Elevator call button with tactile feedback
Viscous polyorganosiloxane fluid dispenser
Method and apparatus for metering a fluid mixture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Organic semiconductor compound, organic thin film including same, and electronic device including the organic thin film
Compounds having a redox group, use thereof as an electrolyte additive, electrolyte composition, and electrochemical systems containing same
Mobile energy carrier and energy store
Textiles; Paper
Needling loops into carrier sheets
Vertical laundry module with backsplash
Fixed Constructions
Device for creating a footing
Siding panel assembly with sliding joint
Keyboard support
Multi-purpose portable lay-down post and fencing system
Vehicular door handle included secondary latch
Handle opening device for a door of an electric household appliance, in particular a refrigerator or freezer
Hinge mounting apparatus
Downhole pilot bit and reamer with maximized mud motor dimensions
Eccentric wellhead hydraulic drive unit
Heating hydrocarbon containing formations in a line drive staged process
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Mounting apparatus
Method and system for operative reconversion of pairs of pre-existing steam turbo-units
Variable valve lift apparatus
Enhanced hybrid de-NOx system
Method for operating a gas turbine group
Gas turbine engine with an air cooled bearing
Adjustment device for a variable compression ratio engine
Internal combustion engine with a supercharger
Engine PCV system with hydrophobic, oleophobic membrane for air/oil separation
Vapor canister having integrated evaporative emission purge actuation monitoring system having fresh air filter
Inlet valve having high temperature coating and internal combustion engines incorporating same
Parking brake apparatus
Clutch drum and method for manufacturing such clutch drum
Worm wheel and electric power steering system
Slat angle adjusting device for a venetian blind
Engine for motorcycle
Seal usable between thermally movable components
Method and apparatus for creating an auger arm and bearing seal
Auto-switching valve connector for air pump
Flat valve for orbital applications
Wedge thread with sealing metal
Clamping mechanism for folder gluer machine
Cooling device and method of manufacturing the same
Heat exchanger with perforated plate in header
Firearms protected from unauthorized use
Spare magazine carrier with independent latch mechanism
Pyrotechnical system, pyrotechnical object and burn off method
Determination of density for metering a fluid flow
Thermal flow sensor having an amplifier section for adjusting the temperature of the heating element
Device and method for detecting material by means of gravitational field analysis
Intake air leak determination system and method
Fuel vapor detection system for vehicles
Mechanical wear, wipe and stroke measurement system for circuit breakers
Lighting control for location finding
Connecting mid-board electronic devices
Apparatus and methods for identity verification
Sequenced pulse-width adjustment in a resonant clocking circuit
Electronic device
Enhancing reliability of transaction execution by using transaction digests
Method, apparatus and system to manage implicit pre-charge command signaling
Distributed liveness reporting in a computer network
Event driven dynamic multi-purpose internet mail extensions (MIME) parser
Automation platform for hub-based system federating disparate unified communications systems
Deploying operators of a streaming application based on physical location attributes of a virtual machine
Story development and sharing architecture
Bulk uploading of multiple self-referencing objects
Virtual channel joining
System and method for managing media content
Systems and methods for location-based social networking
Push notification middleware
System and method for managing a computer network
Identification apparatus, identification method and identification program
Identifying subsets of signifiers to analyze
System and method of delivering collective content based advertising
Image transmitting method, program and apparatus
Updating hardware and software components of cloud computing environment at optimal times
Method, apparatus, and computer-readable media for enabling real-time competition having an entertaining experience based on commodities or currencies
Ultra-small, ultra-low power single-chip firewall security device with tightly-coupled software and hardware
Steering angle sensor
Method and apparatus of creating electronic forms to include internet list data
Providing and managing privacy scores
Food supply chain automation farm tracking system and method
Elastic scalability of a content transformation cluster
Method and apparatus for supporting operator specific profiles in wireless communications
Use of in-field programmable fuses in the PCH dye
Method and apparatus for iterative computer-mediated collaborative synthesis and analysis
System and method to display information on a hard disk drive assembly
Generating collapsed user interface interaction sequence controls in mobile applications
Interactive television program guide system having multiple devices within a household
Dynamic size adjustment of rendered information on a display screen
Extension key, electronic equipment and control method
Redistribution of parts in a distribution network
Instant detection system of vehicle
System and kiosk apparatus for collecting end-of-life mobile phones
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Conversion of loyalty program points to commerce partner points per terms of a mutual agreement
Methods and devices for creating and processing content
Use of an adhesive film for implanting electrical modules into a card body
Method and apparatus for optically reading information attached to a target
System and method for semantic segmentation using Gaussian random field network
System and method for fractional pixel dilation and erosion
Dynamic image processing apparatus and computer-readable recording medium for providing diagnosis support
Parameter estimation for mesh segmentation using random walks
Signal continuity assessment using embedded watermarks
Continuous monitoring of fingerprint signature on a mobile touchscreen for identity management
Method and system for MAP generation for location and navigation with user sharing/social networking
Image segmentation processing method and apparatus
Image enhancement method and device based on non-classical receptive field suppression
Foreign body information detection device and foreign body information detection method of imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for disparity estimation
Calendar overlay features
System and method for reproducing works of authorship
Global entity-to-entity integration platform using standards-based application program interfaces (APIs)
Graphically recognized visual cues in web conferencing
Method and apparatus for generating a relevant social graph
Purchase transaction system with encrypted transaction information
Secondary market for gift cards where secondary market transactions do not physically transfer the same gift card between a seller and a purchaser
Product recommendation using sentiment and semantic analysis
Systems and methods of simulating user intuition of business relationships using biographical imagery
Real-time social group based bidding system
Texture element streaming
High dynamic range displays having wide color gamut and energy efficiency
Method and apparatus for achieving transformation of a virtual view into a three-dimensional view
Texture blending between view-dependent texture and base texture in a geographic information system
Image morphing processing using confidence levels based on captured images
Method and apparatus for image enhancement
Measuring and visualizing impact of image modifications
Three-dimensional shape measurement device, three-dimensional shape measurement method, and three-dimensional shape measurement program
Feedback to user for indicating augmentability of an image
Slot machine game and system with improved jackpot feature
Dynamic pin pad for credit/debit/ other electronic transactions
Methods and systems for efficient security screening
Personal alarm system
Three-phase power line communication apparatus and communication method thereof
iCelsius wireless: wireless monitoring with smart phones and tablets
Traffic accident detection device and method of detecting traffic accident
Intelligent parking space identification and notification
Vehicle indicators
Multi-use floor sign
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Display device and display method
Gamma curve adjustment method and gamma curve adjustment apparatus
System and method to adjust displayed primary colors based on illumination
Display device, display system, and image processing circuit
Liquid crystal display device
Display device and driving method
Keyboard positioning apparatus and method for retrofitting onto an existing piano assembly
Musical instrument pitch changer
Method and apparatus for nonlinear compensation in an active noise control system
Non-scorable response filters for speech scoring systems
Speech recognition device
Speech recognition method and speech recognition device
Speech recognition solution based on comparison of multiple different speech inputs
Shorting-resistant current perpendicular to plane sensors
Magnetic disk, method of track following on a magnetic disk, and method of writing a servo pattern in a dedicated servo layer of a magnetic disk
Reducing SRAM power using strategic data pattern storage
Method and apparatus for storing retention time profile information based on retention time and temperature
Semiconductor storage device and data read method
One time programmable read-only memory (ROM) in SOI CMOS
Stressing and testing semiconductor memory cells
Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing the same
Polymer composites with electromagnetic interference mitigation properties
Cable gland with pressure indicator
Information transmission apparatus and system using inductive coupling between coils
Coil manufacturing apparatus
Photovoltaic cell
Circuit breaker
Backlit keyboard
Pushbutton switch
Circuit breaker operating mechanism component monitoring system and associated method
Electrical switching device, which switches stroke-dependently, with extended switching hysteresis
Contact contacting structure
Laser assembly
Electric alignment device and alignment method for a birefringence grating
Method for manufacturing tungsten-based capacitor element
Method for manufacturing thermal interface sheet
On-chip MIM capacitor
Different shallow trench isolation fill in fin and non-fin regions of finFET
III-V field effect transistor on a dielectric layer
Method and system for 3D alignment in wafer scale integration
Integrated circuit (IC) with offset gate sidewall contacts and method of manufacture
Electrostatic discharge devices and methods of manufacture
Semiconductor device and display device including the same
Method of forming a flexible semiconductor layer and devices on a flexible carrier
Bulk layer transfer wafer with multiple etch stop layers
Pattern placement error compensation layer
Three dimensional integrated circuit
Epitaxial oxide fin segments to prevent strained semiconductor fin end relaxation
Semiconductor device with reduced poly spacing effect
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of same
Bonding substrates using solder surface tension during solder reflow for three dimensional self-alignment of substrates
Packaging for high power integrated circuits and infrared emitter arrays
Semiconductor device having insulating layers containing oxygen and a barrier layer containing manganese
Semiconductor structure and method of making
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Power semiconductor module
Reconfigurable semiconductor device
Methods for linewidth modification and apparatus implementing the same
Forming semiconductor fins with self-aligned patterning
IC chips containing a mixture of standard cells obtained from an original set of design rules and enhanced standard cells that are a substantially uniform variant of the original set of design rules and methods for making the same
Method to form SOI fins on a bulk substrate with suspended anchoring
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Phase changing on-chip thermal heat sink
Display substrate including direct contact part and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit heat dissipation using nanostructures
Imaging device and electronic device
Electrical devices with graphene on boron nitride
Tunable voltage margin access diodes
Field effect transistor and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with self-aligned carbon nanotube gate
Semiconductor device
High aspect ratio vertical interconnect access (via) interconnections in magnetic random access memory (MRAM) bit cells
Self-aligned spacer for cut-last transistor fabrication
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Gate height and spacer uniformity
Crack-tolerant photovoltaic cell structure and fabrication method
Component for the detection of electromagnetic radiation in a range of wavelengths and method for manufacturing such a component
Aerodynamic solar pods
Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same
Optical semiconductor device
Light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode lamp, and illumination device
Light-emitting diode, method for manufacturing light-emitting diode, light-emitting diode lamp and illumination device
Method for producing metal nanofibers, yarns and textiles
Piezoelectric actuator
Organic light emitting diode display panel and display device with same
Lithium-air battery air electrode and its preparation method
High-power aluminum-air battery system
Organic negative electrode with chlorophyll and battery using the organic negative electrode
Process for producing an electrode for an electrochemical energy storage means and electrode
Antimony-based anode on aluminum current collector
Porous electrode substrate, method for manufacturing same, precursor sheet, membrane electrode assembly, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Printed multi-function seals for fuel cells
Vehicle fuel cell apparatus with improved air intake
Electronic apparatus, control method and program thereof, and battery for operating electronic apparatus
Hydrogen generator
Retractable cable device
E-Z fit antenna base
Antenna device and electronic appliance
Method and plug-in connection for informing a process control center about a sensor being disconnected from a measuring transducer
Connector in which contact is inserted into hole of housing to separate hole into multiple spaces, and connector unit including connector
Spark plug boot cover assembly
Electric connector
Cable connector and conductive terminal thereof
Power strip, power plug, and power outlet
Electronic textile and method of manufacturing an electronic textile
Battery terminal with unintended deformation prevention features
Crimp press for the production of a crimping connection
Method of assembling a power-conditioned solar charger
Method of connecting terminal to wire
Panel board emergency lighting system
Combined electrical and mechanical potted termination for a center strength member cable
Voltage equalizer
Plug-in system for combining lithium-polymer batteries and for connecting same to form a battery system
Power consumption mode guiding device and system
Mobile cart and power system therefor
Motor assembly
Rotor for rotating electric machine
Control circuit having signal processing circuit and method for driving the control circuit
DC power supply control system and circuit
Voltage regulator
Voltage regulator
Device and method for inducing fermion mass modifications in metalloids
Highly linear-gain oscillator
Using harmonic component(s) to calculate a temperature of a semiconductor device in an inverter module
Logic circuit, processing unit, electronic component, and electronic device
Signal processing device
High speed signal level detector and burst-mode trans impedance amplifier using the same
Wireless receiver and method
Digital phase locked loop and method of driving the same
Method for producing radiofrequency communication devices with or without operation switch and devices thus obtained
System and apparatus attaching to a mobile device for providing hands-free use thereof and carrying personal items thereon
Radio locator application
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, in-millimeter-wave dielectric transmission device, method of manufacturing the same, and in-millimeter-wave dielectric transmission system
Wearable device, wearable device system and method for controlling wearable device
Communication control device and mounting board
Method of resizing a protected ODUflex connection in an optical transport network
Communication device and wavelength adjustment method
Testing a communications apparatus
Sound system using wireless power transmission
Distributed data storage system and method
Communication apparatus and control method
Wireless communication device and method
MIMO wireless communication system
Video funnel analytics
Deterministic control loop scheduling
Method for determining the Walsh-Hadamard transform of N samples of a signal and apparatus for performing the same
Method and system for combining fiber optic link hierarchical stream metadata with internet protocol metadata
Synchronization of endpoints using tunable latency
Dynamic boundary based monitoring and metering
Seamless movement of active media sessions between twinned communication devices
Executing data stream processing applications in dynamic network environments
Executing data stream processing applications in dynamic network environments
Method and apparatus for enabling M2M service and H2H service to coexist
System, method and computer program product for sharing information in a distributed framework
Method and system for a personal network
System and method for transmitting a packet stream to a device
Method and system of forming a mobile virtual network
Method and apparatus for accessing shortest path bridging network in multi-homing manner
High data rate multilevel clock recovery system
Management of encryption within processing elements
Method and system for using virtual tunnel end-point registration and virtual network identifiers to manage virtual extensible local area network access
Proxy SSL authentication in split SSL for client-side proxy agent resources with content insertion
Data sharing
Push notification via file sharing service synchronization
Aggregating spectrum chunks for maximum bandwidth utilization
Cue-aware privacy filter for participants in persistent communications
Determining a number of users allowed to access message based on message objective
Trusted time service for offline mode
Method and system making it possible to test a cryptographic integrity of an error tolerant data item
Protecting devices from impact damage
Methods and systems for call processing
System and method for facilitating communication via interaction with an avatar
Protocols for facilitating broader access in wireless communications
Emergency message support with dynamic priorities in dual subscriber identity module dual standby devices
System and method for telephone communication
Electronic device and method of controlling the same
Method of driving a display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Method and apparatus for content distribution for multiscreen viewing wherein video program and information related to the video program are transmitted to a second device but not to a first device when the distance between the two devices is greater than a predetermined threshold
Broadcasting receiver and a method of determining an operation mode of broadcasting receiver
Synchronized digital content samples
Camera module and camera apparatus having the same
Device for picture taking in low light and connectable to a mobile telephone type device
Method for taking photo with extension flash module of mobile device
Method and apparatus for capturing images in an electronic device
Image combining apparatus for generating a combined image from a plurality of images, image combining system, and image combining method
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Plenoptic color imaging system with enhanced resolution
Enhanced images associated with display devices
Image generation device, image generation method and storage medium for attaching to image information a condition which device needs to satisfy to display the image information
Image recording method having adaptive marking light emission and such an image recording device
Imager module with castellated interposer chip
Controlled information processing apparatus
Systems and methods for enabling interaction with multi-channel media files
Digital 3D/360 degree camera system
System and method for providing location-dependent emergency alert services
Method and device for sending media data
Communication management system, communication terminal, communication system, communication control method, and recording medium
Production system with dynamic media server allocation
Systems and methods for remote web query and image selection exchange to video screen
Bit-interleaver for an optical line terminal
Wireless modular speaker
Necklace and earphone combination device
System and method for leak detection in an engine sound transportation passageway
Multi-channel audio panel
Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, and computer program
Call control device, call control method, and call control system
Apparatus and method for sire bias compensation
Radio resource control (RRC) protocol for cell selection and traffic steering for integrated WLAN/3GPP radio access technologies
Mobile communication system, call processing node, and communication control method
Method and system for enabling circuit switched fallback service in evolved packet system
Radio communication system, radio communication method, and base station apparatus
Method and apparatus for pre-configuring for a serving cell change to neighbor cells
Method, system and network side of monitoring machine type communication device event
System for cloud-managed mobile device administration
Communications apparatus, communications system, and communications method
Method of handover in device to device communication, base station and communication system
Method and apparatus for performing device to device service in wireless communication system
Protocols for allocating communication services cost in wireless communications
Method of barring network access, mobile device and processor
Method for determining cell identification information
Security method and system for supporting re-subscription or additional subscription restriction policy in mobile communications
Method, apparatus and system for determining terminal state
Frequency retention and reuse
LTE operation in small cells using dynamic shared spectrum
Optimizing wireless network capacity based on rho value
Apparatus and method to identify user equipment performance and to optimize network performance via big data
Base station device and radio resource allocation method
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Contact management and dialing using conditional flow logic
LED driver operating from unfiltered mains on a half-cycle by half-cycle basis
Methods and compositions for producing polarized light
Lighting method, system, and streetlamp
Transmission system, transmission management system, and transmission method
Illumination systems
Multi-layer large-format imprinting method
Electronic device
Device for supporting a power storage assembly
Identifying a digital data handling unit
Modular electronic system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cleaning head for use with a handle
Waste receptacle panel
Waste receptacle panel
Speaker enclosure having dual vertical bars
Auto stereo mounting device with under radio pocket
Cradle for communications headset
Alarm clock radio
Personal computer
Plasma display panel device
Liquid crystal display monitor
Liquid crystal display
Mouse receiver
Housing cover
Front panel for electronic cabinet
Mobile telephone
Compact wireless intercom
Housing for a radio telephone or similar article
Communication device
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Compact wireless intercom
Communication device
Rubber crawler
Stackable elevator bucket
High-profile refrigerated floral merchandiser unit
Water reservoir for refrigerator
Ice tray
Mechanical unit support
Digital camera
Combined video camera and optical disc recorder
Camera module
Boost sunglasses
Baby and toddler sunglasses
Type font
Illuminated single-heart zippered binder
Dry erase board
Correction pen
Cap for a highlighter
Hanging sign for advertising an automobile for sale
Car including toy-car, motor-car, replica-car and scale-model car
Toy figure
Devil toy
Combined disabled doll, hearing aid unit, toy sports equipment and clothing
Interactive/touch doll and container set
Toy figurine
Jumping riding toy
Doll with an open mouth
Volcano climber
Lacrosse head sidewall silhouette
Wood golf club head
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Inflatable towable vehicle
Soccer ball
Fishing lure
Insect trap
Double check valve
Temperature control
Food particle strainer
Shower basin
Tower humidifier
Blood pressure measuring unit
Top for a medical examination table
Blood pressure measuring device
Breast pump
Urine collection bag
Tip for syringe for taking blood samples
Amniotic membrane perforator
Adjustable knee brace assembly
Topsheet pattern for absorbent article
Thermal lumbar wrap
Massager balls
Picket for plastic fence
Automobile light
Electric torch
Lighting fixture
Ornamental light
LED linkable strip light
Shop light fixture
Ready-to-assemble lamp
Combined solar powered outdoor lantern and stake mount
Light pole
Recessed fluorescent luminaire
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Cosmetic casing
Hair dryer
Golf ball sleeve lip balm container
Styling comb
Disposable haircut razor blade
Combined tanning module and dressing room
Industrial model of a mold for fingernails
Toothpick magazine
Swivel elbow for mask assembly
Dog chew toy
Dog chew toy
Human Necessities
Tool for soil cultivating machine, and machine using such tools
Directly actuated depth control
Jack for power implement
Rotating trimmer head
Baler control system
Drainage tile flow regulator
Tree pruner
Plant package with tubular sleeve and pot cover
Floatable device
Raspberry plant named `PS-1703`
Nectarine tree named `August Bright`
Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Lanai`
Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Ruimx19`
Blueberry plant denominated `Liberty`
Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Scholtec`
Salvia plant named `Rhapsody in Blue`
Leucocoryne plant named `Elena`
Rose plant named `POULac018`
Animal carrier
Pet nail cover
Illuminative safety garments for working animal
Feed distribution system for poultry
Animal feeder with storage wells
Spout structure of a drinking fountain for a pet
Removable cap assembly
Pocketed hoop net
Vibrating fishing rod
Fish containment device
Insect trap
Baseboard and insect capturing assembly
Systems and methods for freezing, storing and thawing biopharmaceutical material
Independent conveyor system for conveying linked food products
Device for preparing milk froth for cappuccino
Tobacco curing barn
Method and system for assay and removal of harmful toxins during processing of tobacco products
Knit wear with collar knit by flat knitting machine and method of knitting it
Walking shoe
Shoe and sole fitted with torsion stiffener
Shoe having an inflatable bladder
Adjustable heel assembly and shoe including the same
Cooling seat cushion
Boot provided with a gaiter
Swimsuit converter
Jewelry closed-link element, assembled chain, and method of manufacture
Table with multiple height adjustable stations
Kit for securable enclosure
Space-saver workbench
Futon sofa bed
Bed frame system
Mattress with internal vibrator
Institutional bedding with integral pillow and mattress
Apparatus and method for assessment of mattresses
Infant mat
Modular room system and method
Product merchandising display unit
Measuring and leveling device
Table cover providing functional napkins
Valve arrangement for an automatically sealing cup
Clam and oyster opener
Container for making tea
Apparatus for preventing passing off of a brewed beverage
Coffee and tea dispenser
Steam structure for an electric coffee maker
Coffee maker with a position adjustable control unit
Drinks machine
Cover locking device
Apparatus for deep fat frying
Deep fat fryer with burner tube end weld heat shielding
Locking fondue assembly
Manually operated nut-cracking device
Vessel for electrical household food processor closed with a pivoting removable lid
System and method for refilling a dispenser
Ion toilet seat
Infant tub with removable seat
Roller mop
Mops and mop components
Control device of simple construction for a household electrical appliance
Air flow modification in vacuum cleaners
Suction head of vacuum cleaner with power brush
Universal vacuum extension kit
Machinery slot cover
Medical procedure
Magnetic medical devices with changeable magnetic moments and method of navigating magnetic medical devices with changeable magnetic moments
Device for measuring physical properties of elastic bodies
Muscle pressure measuring instrument for mouth cavity, adapter for mouth cavity muscle pressure measuring instrument, and mouth piece for mouth cavity muscle pressure measuring instrument
Mechanically-driven toothbrush with improved brushing action
Electric toothbrush
Operation apparatus for correcting ametropia with laser beam
Pet crematory urn
Decorative urn for use as a lighted memorial
Care bedpan and a care bedpan system
Personal hygiene cleaning apparatus
Baby bottle
Feeding bottles
Device for sterilizing packaging using hydrogen peroxide
Automatic actuator for aerosol containers
Sealed back pressure breathing device
Method and apparatus of delivery of inhaled nitric oxide to spontaneous-breathing and mechanically-ventilated patients
Apparatus and method to enhance reservoir utilization in a medical infusion device
Liquid supply apparatus
Anchor for safety rope
Fire combating system and method
Three-piece solid golf ball
Sports guard with improved shock-absorbing capacity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making a mechanical screen cylinder
Gas condenser
Article comprising a multi-channel dispensing head
Apparatus for sampling and testing a specimen
Fluid dispenser
Method for removing particles from a semiconductor processing tool
Method of producing a core board product
Method and device for operating a hot rolling train with at least one edger
Method of fabricating a heat exchanger tube
Tool assembly employing a flexible retainer
Safety device for a manufacturing machine, for example a folding press
Method for producing a full face fabricated vehicle wheel
Metal object forming method utilizing freezing point depression of molten metal
Apparatus and method for die casting
Toolholder assembly
Portable, manually guided implement
Scaffold system
Electric powered rotary hacksaw
Scale system for use with a movable table
Marking device for a table saw
Weld strength determination method, casing structure, casing structure for image forming apparatus, and weld strength determination method in casing for image forming apparatus
Device for putting polyethylene cladding on galvinized steel plate
Method and apparatus for assembling in an automated manner a sealing profile on an inner door for refrigerators
Turbine nozzle segment and method of repairing same
Machine tool system and method of replacing pallet of the device
Indexing tool turret
Low frictional transfer apparatus
Clip case
Method and feed device for effecting the advance movement of at least one tool support that rotates around a rotationally symmetrical part
Apparatus and method for rolling crankshafts having split-pin bearings
Pole apparatus having interchangeable tool heads
Gripwheel driver and method of attachment to obtain unique properties
Versatile use pliers
Fabric-cutting scissors
Box cutter with autoretracting blade
Electrical cutting utensil
Portable precision cutting device
Severing machine for elongated rolls of weblike material having multiple cutting blades
Slicing machine
Rotary die cutting cover
Process for manufacturing weather strip
Slit neck spunbond process and material
Process for the production of cellulosic moulded bodies
Tire bead with locked end wire and its method of manufacture
Lead material for electronic part, lead and semiconductor device using the same
Magnetic recording medium
Method for manufacturing multi layer ceramic components
Building structure and spacer used therein
Laminating machine
Mechanism for correcting unbalance of a rotor
Printer of an offset printing machine with separable frame modules
Printing press roll having auxiliary rotation capability
Safety device for rotary printing press
Three-part plate cylinder with lateral and circumferential adjustments for registration
Dosing system for inking up rollers in a printing machine
Printing rolls having wear indicators and methods for determining wear of printing and anilox rolls and sleeves
Sheet-processing rotary printing press with a die cutting or punching unit, and method of operation
Cutter device for a printer
Method of fabricating a fluid jet printhead
Integrated circuit fluid ejection device
High speed continuous feed printing system
Apparatus for printing and applying labels
Stencil printer
Dimensionally stable paper substrate for a precursor to an imaged member
Method and system for recording a viewing point
Right angle combination square
Floor covering
Locking ring assembly for wheel rim assembly
Method for assembling a hub unit for supporting a wheel shaft
Pneumatic tire including twisted sipe
Rubber article with a junction between two rubber mixes
Pneumatic radial tire for negative camber angle suspension
Pneumatic tires
Locking device for pintle type trailer hitch
Compact air conditioner for automobiles
Method and apparatus for drying a heat exchanger in a vehicular air conditioning system
Engine cylinder deactivation to improve vehicle interior heating and defrosting
Coolant circuit for an internal combustion engine and method of making and using same
Air conditioning systems for vehicles comprising such air conditioning systems, and methods for driving hybrid compressors of such air conditioning systems
Battery fluid supply system
Straddle-type four wheeled all terrain vehicle
Fuel container with attentuation element
Skid steer vehicle with direct drive
Two-Wheel-drive/four-wheel-drive switching system for vehicle
Thermal reciprocating engine
Method for increasing golf course revenues
Wire harness loosening jig
Seat weight measuring apparatus
Safety device for supporting pedals
Device for determining the load on a vehicle occupant
Steering lock apparatus
Windshield wiping method
Spacer for windshield wiper
Transportable storage with an autonomous dispensing system
Compressed air supply system
Parking brake device
Check valve for a piston pump
Anti-lock brake system for a bicycle
Back-drivable steer-by-wire system with positive scrub radius
Railcar-moving vehicle with load-shifting device
Safe rail vehicle tilt control method
Support structure for a commercial motor vehicle
Beam isolator
Motor vehicle with a front-mounted engine and air guide chassis
Motorcycle combination clutch and brake system
Arrangement and method for fastening to a vehicle body
Shock absorbing boat
Boat cover
Boat lifting device
Liquefied gas storage barge with concrete floating structure
Pontoon and method of making the same
Portable boat beaching device
Load guide system for pleasure craft
Propulsion system for boats
Engine installation jig
Bimodal fan, heat exchanger and bypass air supercharging for piston or rotary driven turbine
Forward in flight (IFE) entertainment cooling system
Method and apparatus for generating bubbles
Strapping machine having divisible tape guide frame
Operable sealing mechanism for a strapping band
Method and apparatus for inserting a cover sheet between a transparent film and a book-like case
Method and apparatus for filling cartridges with a liquid
Machine for filling bags or the like comprising a control device with cams
Apparatus for supplying and packing a liquid composition containing granular constituents
Method and apparatus for filling containers
Filling sleeve
System, method and material for making pneumatically filled packing cushions
Gasket for press-on twist-off closure
Domed food container
Packaging container and method of making same
Security closure for a container
Fluid dispensing closure, package and method of manufacture
Two-compartment container
Folding leaflet for cigarette and other product packets
Beaded thin wall aerosol container
Protective holder for a remote control
Multi-layer sleeve
Swing-away hopper tee
Tip-resistant refuse container
Connection structure of chain for transportation
Suspended conveyer device comprising a re-routing station
Guide for reciprocally movable slats
Chain conveying apparatus for spouts or bags with spouts
Guiding a flexible band
Automatic splicing device for laminar webs in continuous feed processes
Waste peeling apparatus
Method and device for transforming a supply stream of flat stream elements, in particular a supply stream in which the elements are conveyed overlapping one another
Double-deck elevator
Guide for elevator
Elevator mechanism
Boom utilizing composite material construction
Portable lift, support and/or installation system and method
Control device for hydraulically operated hoisting mechanisms
Ring opener
Portable tire bead breaker system
Retractable air supply connector system for a fuel cell assembly
Fill valve assembly for filler device
Bottled water discharging apparatus
Beverage cooling and dispensing device
Flexible dispenser modules
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the production of glass molded article
Method and apparatus for bending glass
System and method for oil fuel burning integrated combined cycle power generation
Hard surface cleaners which provide improved fragrance retention properties to hard surfaces
Device for the slicking, stretching and drying of leather or similar flat materials such as hides, skins and the like
Diamond film depositing apparatus and method thereof
Showerhead electrode design for semiconductor processing reactor
Pulsed cathodic protection system and method
Textiles; Paper
Method for making a textile
Apparatus for needling a non-woven material
Raw material supply system for quilting machines
Automated sewing device
Wringer roller system
Method of orienting shoes in a washing machine and devices for aligning shoes in a washing machine
Restriction detecting systems for clothes dryer exhaust systems
Methods and apparatus for removal of wrinkles from fabrics
Monofilament structure to monitor fabric abrasion
Fixed Constructions
Method for production of a connector point on a travel way
Bridge system
Adjustable marker
Spout assembly
Hub and method for storage of a spigot cap
Sink clip assembly
Flushing mechanism for a dual flush cistern
Office forming equipment
Eaves trough with a gutter shield
Mounting apparatus and photovoltaic mounting system for a solar panel and method of mounting a solar panel
Method of sealing a sloped roof transition eliminating attaching counter flashing to a masonry wall
Log wall siding system
Coping or fascia assembly for building roof
Swivel-power scaffold mobilizing device
Triple coupler for flexible scaffold system
Outdoor storage structure
Emergency release burglar bars actuated by smoke alarm
Latch apparatus and method
Hinge device
Hinge device for camera-equipped mobile phones and mobile phone having such device
Automatic door assembly and door operator therefor
Door panel assembly having flexible hinge members
Removable decorative vane cover
Actuator device for view through window covering
Lift lock for blind
Step attachment for ladders
Cutting structure for roller cone drill bits
Method and apparatus for cementing a well
Milling apparatus and method for a well
Methods and associated apparatus for drilling and completing a wellbore junction
Flow control regulation method and apparatus
Determining the in situ effective mobility and the effective permeabilty of a formation
Driving or mining machine
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid motor
Thermal shield for a component carrying hot gases, especially for structural components of gas turbines
Trailer mounted mobile power system
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
Insulation system for a turbine and method
Variable valve actuation mechanism having partial wrap bearings for output cams and frames
Unit trigger actuator
Internal combustion engine
Dry-sump lubrication type four-stroke cycle engine
Method for assessing the deterioration of motor oil
Exhaust gas purification method and exhaust gas purification apparatus
Working fluid circuit for a turbocharged engine having exhaust gas recirculation
Internal combustion engine
Flow machine and process of operation
Compact turbocharged cylinder deactivation engine
Variable fuel delivery system and method
Air induction system having inlet valve
Auxiliary power unit exhaust system and method for a locomotive
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a vehicle
Fuel injection quantity control device
Method for preventing a reverse rotation of an engine
Method and device for adjusting opening time of a fuel injector for mounting a direct injection internal combustion engine
Hydrocarbons emission preventive apparatus in intake system for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Fuel injection control apparatus of cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Method of controlling the rotational speed of a drive unit
Cold start compensation for P-I-D engine governor
Method and apparatus for controlling combustion quality in lean burn reciprocating engines
Middle deck of cylinder head
Segmented mixing device having chevrons for exhaust noise reduction in jet engines
Duplex mixer exhaust nozzle
Thrust reverser system with sequential torque decoupler
Ejector based engines
Hydraulically intensified high pressure fuel system for common rail application
Intake device for internal combustion engine
Evaporative fuel emission control system
System and method including a fuel tank isolation valve
Injector valve for integrated air/fuel module
Fuel supply system for a motor vehicle
Fixing device for a fuel injection valve
Boost fuel enricher
Ion thruster grid clear
Hydraulic pump circuit
Fuel pump drive system
Air circuit with air economizing and memory
Sensor for cylinder control, and cylinder device incorporating the same
Electrohydraulic servo valve
Air servo valve
Method of robotic manipulation using fluidic patterning
Fluid-actuated linear drive
Connecting rod
Clutch operating mechanism
Constant-mesh transmission
Hydraulic clutch assembly
Rotational control apparatus
Electro-magnetic clutch pulley
Axle driving apparatus
Disk brake
Rotary shaft brake
Thrust reverser actuator with an automatic relock and lock drop prevention mechanism
Vibration-absorbing structure for support section of a self-vibratory electronic member
Magnetorheological piston and damper
Electromagnetic clutch structure in driving force distribution system
Harmonic drive with crowned drive ring
Gear lever clutching structure for prevention of gear slip
Toilet bowl washer fluid reservoir drain valve spacer body
Valve used for an inflatable article
Solenoid valve
Pulsed width modulation of 3-way valves for the purposes of on-line dilutions and mixing of fluids
Valve lock
Inflating device
Insulated jackets for hot and cold piping systems and methods of use
Self-contained mobile fueling station
Multivessel compressed-gas tank system and method of making same
Pressure pod cryogenic fluid expander
Pressure control for household steam generator
Flashback resistant pre-mix burner for a gas turbine combustor
Fuel supply control for a gas turbine including multiple solenoid valves
Fluid flow regulator with restrictor pin
Three-stage relay control
Dual-mode nozzle assembly with passive tip cooling
Air conditioner
Cooling system with evaporators distributed in parallel
Refrigeration system
Vehicle air conditioning device using a supercritical cycle
Cooling tunnel for flexible packages filled with hot liquid products
Beverage cooling device
Drying apparatus and method for drying coated webs
Heat exchanger fin having canted lances
Heat exchanger tube with optimized plates
Heat exchanger having a manifold plate structure
Heat exchanger header assembly
Firearm safety system
Firearm orientation and drop sensor system
Spring-loaded firearm safety indicator
Bow actuating system
Accessory mount for a firearm
Ballistic resistant materials and method of manufacture
Hollow charge explosive device particularly for avalanche control
Apparatus and method for measuring cables for a wire bundle
Measuring device comprising a movable measuring probe
Accelerometer augmented precision compass
Process of making an acceleration detecting element
Rotation angle detecting device in which a plurality of slit arrays are arranged along the rotation axis of a code plate
Water meters to be mounted in the pipe conduits of a nominal diameter class and method for operating such water meters
Airflow meter
Gas flow rate measuring apparatus
Metering device for dry bulk material
Oil level gauge guide device
Depth gauge
Gutter overflow detection device and system
Vibration pickup comprising a clamping sleeve
Balancing apparatus
Apparatus and method for testing a recuperator core for leakage
Direct and/or opposing flowpath refrigeration
Personal particle monitor
Material analysis
Thin film gas sensor
Method for the measurement of aerosol particles in gaseous samples
System for a non-invasive online continuous measurement of phase levels in converters or pyrometallurgical furnaces
System and technique for detecting the presence of foreign material
Surface photo-acoustic film measurement device and technique
Shock absorber dynamometer
Wide beam clamp-on ultrasonic densitometer
Ultrasound speed measurement of temperature and pressure
Acceleration sensor
Sensor assembly and method for non-intrusively sensing instantaneous speed of the engine of a vehicle
Belt conveyer with power conduction for electrical test
Ultrasound imaging system and method using weighted chirp signals
System for acquiring geophysical data
Portable meteorological information system
Fiber optic coupler exhibiting low nonadiabatic loss
Media cassette
Method and apparatus for article contact detection
Vending machine for chemiluminescent novelty items
Collapsible traffic control sign
Device for and method of displaying messages
Emergency exit sign
Hazard classification placard holder
Process of fabricating a write head with protection of a second pole tip thickness
Method for manufacturing a thin film magnetic head
Thin film magnetic head and magnetic disk apparatus using the same
Method for providing pedestal-defined zero throat writer
Method for fabricating lead overlay (LOL) on the bottom spin valve GMR read sensor
Apparatus for manufacturing magnetic core with R-angle
Spin, rinse, and dry station with adjustable nozzle assembly for semiconductor wafer backside rinsing
Semiconductor diode with suppression of auger generation processes
Wiring board construction and methods of making same
Battery-powered wire insertion impact tool
Rotor assembly and method of making
Controlled thruster driven profiler for coastal waters
Chip-transferring station for a bonding machine
Wave solder application for ball grid array modules
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