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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Steering control apparatus, steering control system, and steering control program
Fragrant electronic device
Derivatives of dillapiol and related monolignans and use thereof
Plant disease control composition
Compositions comprising a biological control agent and a fungicide from the group consisting of inhibitors of the respiratory chain at complex I or II
Composite particle, cigarette filter and process for producing the same, and cigarette
Shell with arm ports
Head care apparatus
Cold effect applicator tip
Knock-down bracket and shelf
Method and system for reducing response time in booster water heating applications
Bi-modal catheter steering mechanism
Optimizing analyte sensor calibration
Method of calibrating an analyte-measurement device, and associated methods, devices and systems
Method of calibrating an analyte-measurement device, and associated methods, devices and systems
Method and device(s) for diagnosis and/or treatment of sleep apnea and related disorders
Article and method for applying a coupling agent for a non-invasive optical probe
Cavity-filling biopsy site markers
Absorbent article
Absorbent article package and method of folding the same along folding lines toward opposite sides thereof
Disposable absorbent article
Biodegradable implantable device
Artificial joint components including synovial fluid deflecting structures and particle retaining structures
Artificial joint components including synovial fluid deflecting structures
Night splint with digital dorsiflexion
Sanitary disposable unisex urine device
Methods for treating Parkinson's disease
Biomarkers for treatment of neoplastic disorders using androgen-targeted therapies
Agent for evading immune response
Method for drying a protein composition, a dried protein composition and a pharmaceutical composition comprising the dried protein
Meningococcal multivalent native outer membrane vesicle vaccine, methods of making and use thereof
Attenuated negative strand viruses with altered interferon antagonist activity for use as vaccines and pharmaceuticals
Immunoconjugates targeting CD138 and uses thereof
Meal intended for human consumption
Coated lipid complexes and their use
Cosmetic use of whey protein micelles
Pharmaceutical compositions with enhanced performance
Modified release tranexamic acid formulation
Medical device or instrument having porous structure
Adjustable nasal prong and headgear assembly
Method and apparatus for transcutaneous cardioprotective pacing
Flexible antenna module for wireless energy transmission
System for permanent electrode placement utilizing microelectrode recording methods
Smooth muscle controller for controlling the level of a chemical in the blood stream
Cochlear implant utilizing multiple-resolution current sources and flexible data encoding
Distal portions for medical electrical leads
Performing Operations; Transporting
Medical master/slave type device for minimally invasive surgery
Optical scanner for image forming apparatus
Exposure device for controlling light emitting elements
Optical scanning apparatus, an image formation apparatus, and a phase modulation method
Advance feed dispenser
System and method for integration of crash signature sensor in vehicle side impact sensing
Method for positioning a mobile unit in a motor vehicle
Lane change assist system
Electric power steering system designed to generate torque for assisting driver's turning effort
Locally reinforced aircraft structural component
Dispensing unit and dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fused bicyclic imidazoles
Textiles; Paper
Method for increasing the skin or wound compatibility of a cellulose nonwoven fabric
System and a method of determining a position of a scattering/reflecting element on the surface of a radiation transmissive element
Navigation device and program
Close formation flight positioning system using air data measurements
Methods of calibrating a clock using multiple clock periods with a single counter and related devices and methods
Gas appliance judgment apparatus and method
Noninvasive detection of elements and/or chemicals in biological matter
Systems and methods for detecting channel faults in energy delivery systems
Monolithic high aspect ratio nano-size scanning probe microscope (SPM) tip formed by nanowire growth
Mobile communication system, its control device, handover control method, and mobile terminal
Pass/fail scan memory with AND, OR and trinary gates
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Illumination device for a microscope
Light scanning device and thrust-direction force canceling method
Vibration-actuated micro mirror device
Image presenting method, image presenting system and apparatus and computer program product
Optical catheter with rotary optical cap
Lens barrel having small unit for stably guiding focus lens, and image pickup apparatus
Retractable lens barrel unit
Indium rich InGaN LED line monitor
Display apparatus
Display device having scanning function with camera modules
Liquid crystal display device comprising a pixel electrode having a reverse taper shape with an edge portion that forms a transition nucleus in a liquid crystal layer
Liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display comprising a touch panel and a bandpass filter
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method of liquid crystal display device
Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device including the same
Liquid crystal display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Active matrix liquid crystal display device
Laminated electrically tintable windows
Rear-projection display
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Movable body drive method and movable body drive system, pattern formation method and apparatus, exposure method and apparatus, device manufacturing method, measuring method, and position measurement system
Autofocus system
Image processing device and image processing method
Color conversion using transformed gamuts
Image forming device
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Image forming apparatus capable of controlling a moisture content quantity of a paper
Image forming apparatus
Developing device, image forming apparatus and developer cartridge
Cleaning member, charging device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Winding member, cartridge, and cartridge assembling method
Developer station and method for an electrographic printer with magnetically enabled developer removal
Image formation system, image formation method, and image quality improvement method twice heating and pressing a toner image on a recording material
Belt conveyance apparatus and image heating apparatus
Image printing method with reduced banding
Image forming apparatus with improved ventilation
Plant controlling system and plant controlling method
Method and system of programming at least one appliance to change state upon the occurrence of a trigger event
Temperature control apparatus, processing apparatus, and temperature control method
Electronic apparatus
Information terminal device
Power distribution system and method thereof in which redundant power is collected only when power pool is below or equal to pool threshold
Methods and apparatus to monitor instruction types and control power consumption within a processor
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer over a wide area network
Memory growth detection
Mechanism for recovery from site failure in a stream processing system
System RAS protection for UMA style memory
Memory controller to utilize DRAM write buffers
Apparatus and method for low touch cache management
Structure for performing cacheline polling utilizing a store and reserve instruction
Mitigating context switch cache miss penalty
Read-only optimized flash file system architecture
Information processing apparatus and data recovering method
Hardware-based detection and containment of an infected host computing device
System and method for establishing a copy pair relationship between source and destination volumes
Storage system and data management method
Method and architecture to support interaction between host computer and remote display devices wherein service-specific protocols for the remote devices are defined
Method for managing state in a wireless network
Use of information channels to provide communications in a virtual environment
Providing enhanced access to stored data
Email transport rule per-recipient condition
Video delivery apparatus and method
System for policing junk e-mail messages
Automated data delivery systems
Handover processing method and system for multi-mode mobile station
Incentive network for distributing incentives on a network-wide basis and for permitting user access to individual incentives from a plurality of network servers
Dynamic variable rate media delivery system
Method for managing data transmission between peers according to levels of priority of transmitted and received data and associated management device
Implementing browser based hypertext transfer protocol session storage
System and method for associating a client identity between servers
Recording medium that stores internet-protocol (IP) address assignment control program, IP address assignment control apparatus, and IP address assignment control method
Network system
Method of establishing a data connection with a telematics-equipped vehicle
Interdomain network aware peer-to-peer protocol
Systems and methods for compressing state machine instructions using a two access indexing scheme
Method for determining distributions of unobserved classes of a classifier
Graphic data processing apparatus and method
Method and device for filtering elements of a structured document on the basis of an expression
Media validation system
Meta-document and method of managing
Programmatically hiding and displaying Wiki page layout sections
Display information verification program, method and apparatus
Script compliance and quality assurance using speech recognition
Resource authoring with re-usability score and suggested re-usable data
Text extraction for determining emerging issues in vehicle warranty reporting
Metadata collecting device, method and computer readable medium
Information processing apparatus and control method
Object verification apparatus and method
System and method for efficient remote data access for server management
Synchronizing file partitions utilizing a server storage model
Test case generation apparatus, generation method therefor, and program storage medium
Information processing apparatus and method
Search engine feedback for developing reliable whois database reference for restricted search operation
Apparatus and method product for presenting recommended information
Method for searching a tree structure
Method and system for using overlay manifests to encode differences between virtual machine images
Data processing method and data analysis apparatus
Cross-domain communicating using data files
Support apparatus and method
Plated film thickness calculating method and plated film thickness calculating device
Printed circuit board analyzing system, printed circuit board designing assisting system, their methods, and program
Method for creating electrically testable patterns
Verification using directives having local variables
Methods and a device for secure software installation
End-to-end licensing of digital media assets
Human-machine interface with integrated position sensors and passive haptic feedback devices
Systems and methods for enhanced display and navigation of streaming video
System and method for programming point of sale devices
Method and code module for facilitating navigation between webpages
Speckle interference laser tracking
Fast transitions of large area cholesteric displays
Apparatus, system, and computer program product for processing information
Electro-optical device, driving method, and electronic apparatus with user adjustable ratio between positive and negative field
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
User interface for a mobile device using a user's gesture in the proximity of an electronic device
Color and symbol coded visual cues for relating screen items to each other
Operating apparatus, controlling operating apparatus, communication system, and managing communication system
Resource management profiles
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Method and apparatus for print error recovery
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, job management system, and information processing program
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and storage medium that stores program thereof
System and method for automatically detecting, reporting, and tracking conflicts in a change management system
Wind estimation for an unmanned aerial vehicle
Forum mining for suspicious link spam sites detection
Copying and updating files
Search queries with shifting intent
Vehicle control apparatus, vehicle control method, computer program for implementing same method, and data storage medium storing same computer program
Waveform correction apparatus and waveform correction method
System and method for providing a double adder for decimal floating point operations
Method and device for controlling a computer system
Storage medium to manage a master boot record and a method of booting a computer system using a storage medium
Method and system to facilitate configuration of a hardware device in a platform
Early release of resources by proceeding to retire store operations from exception reporting stage but keeping in load/store queue
Identifying a potential breakpoint location in a code path in a computer program based upon the frequency of execution of the code path as identified in collected profile data
Data structure used for directory structure navigation in a skeleton code creation tool
Capturing hardware statistics for partitions to enable dispatching and scheduling efficiency
System and method for executing files stored in logical units based on priority and input/output load of the logical units
Method of estimating information on projection conditions by a projection machine and a device thereof
Image forming apparatus capable of improving an image quality of a barcode while suppressing deterioration in a quality of an image
Electronic document storage apparatus, electronic document storage and reference system, electronic document transfer method, and computer readable medium for storing an electronic document
Sheet processing apparatus
Image output system, image forming apparatus, and image forming operation program for preventing output of a confidential document
Image forming apparatus and information processing method
Image forming apparatus and method for inhibiting the transmission of document data
Constructing a color transform using a neural network for colors outside the spectrum locus
Image processing method, recording medium carrying image processing program, and image processing apparatus
Apparatus and method for recognizing the state of origin of a vehicle license plate
Identifying a front page in media material
Method and device for selectively targeting cells within a three-dimensional specimen
System and method for the generation of attenuation correction maps from MR images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing means
Method and system for circular to horizontal transposition of an image
Spatial information database generating device and spatial information database generating program
Color quantization based on desired upper bound for relative quantization step
Interstital lung access using nested cannulas
Mixed content image compression with two edge data representations
3D ball skinning using partial differential equations for generation of smooth tubular surfaces
Portable electronic device position sensing circuit
Image compression apparatus and image expansion apparatus
Visual object detection
Image display apparatus and method for correction chroma wrinkle
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and imaging apparatus
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Resource management system
System and method for managing airline seat reservations
Automatically controlling availability of tasks for performance by human users
Determining task status based upon identifying milestone indicators in project-related files
Methods, systems, and products for targeting advertisements
Patient bed search and management system
Methods and apparatus for returning items via a tote delivery service
Online ordering for a consumer
Electric-power-generating-facility operation management support system, electric-power-generating-facility operation management support method, and program for executing operation management support method on computer
Determining amounts for claims settlement using likelihood values
Method and system for distributing and activating a non-personalized purchase card
System and method for providing market data in an electronic trading environment
System and method for changing the view of a trading screen
Secure payment system
Method of appraising a mammal's health
Forming dynamic real-time activity groups
Display interface system, display device and display system
Subdividing geometry images in graphics hardware
Selective demodulation of downlink traffic in wireless communication systems
Apparatus and method for calculating and storing checksums based on communication protocol
Liquid crystal displays capable of increasing charge time and methods of driving the same
Liquid crystal display with black point modulation
Display with visually homogeneous border
Touch sensing with touch down and lift off sensitivity
User interface, apparatus, method, and computer program for viewing of content on a screen
Anisotropic texture filtering with texture data prefetching
Magnification engine
Method for estimating 3D pose of specular objects
Single-pass bounding box calculation
Display apparatus, display control module
Audio signal decoder and method for producing a scaled reconstructed audio signal
Method of manufacturing a limited use data storing device including structured data and primary and secondary read-support information
Processing disks on a spin stand
Disk spindle assembly cartridge
Head gimbal assembly having a load beam aperature over conductive heating pads that are offset from head bonding pads
DVD replay device with incorporated hard disk
Method for managing defect of optical disc
Information recording medium, recording method, and reproducing method
Holding member, driving apparatus, pickup apparatus, and disc apparatus
Modifiable memory devices having limited expected lifetime
Memory controlling method, program and device
Semiconductor storage device and control method of the same
Portable electronic device and method for using the same
Bipolar layered type electric double layer capacitor
Resistive films for electrode peak-field suppression
Mechanism and X-ray tube apparatus
High-energy laser atmospheric compensation and aimpoint maintenance
Laser diode with ridge waveguide structure and method for manufacturing the same
Optical resonator with structure to improve mode-particle interaction
Diode pumped solid-state laser for high shock environments
Removable switchboard transformer
Power converter having synchronous rectifier and control method of synchronous rectifier
Power supply device
Bidirectional inverter for conversion between a direct current source and an alternating current grid
Wireless communication system, base station device, mobile station device, and macrodiversity selection method
Denoising and error correction for finite input, general output channel
DTV transmitter and method of coding main and enhanced data in DTV transmitter
Combined single error correction/device kill detection code
Reduced-complexity decoding algorithms for tail-biting convolutional codes
System of transmit antennas adapted to propagation conditions for radio broadcasting
Oscillating circuit and radio communication apparatus
Self-tuning transmitter
Audio-only user interface mobile phone pairing
Method and apparatus for direct estimation of impairment correlations for received signal processing
Data detection for codes with non-uniform spreading factors
Frequency hopping network with a guaranteed handoff delay
Optical transmitter and optical transmission method
Free-space DQPSK demodulator
System and method for discovering neighboring nodes
Anti-feedback device and anti-feedback method
Baseband processor apparatus and method for monitoring a wireless communication network
Automatic tuning reader
Signal generator providing ISI scaling to touchstone files
Implicit group formation around feed content for mobile devices
Dynamically varying link super vision timeout in Bluetooth and similarly enabled devices to detect link loss
Communication system, base station apparatus and communication method
Mobile communication device receipt through second telecommunication network of call directed to registration in first telecommunication network
Remotely operated illumination device
Random access channel preamble
Method and system for multicast retry in a communication network
Relay station and method of operating the same
Alternating scheduling method for use in a mesh network
Secure mechanism for transmitting counter value in the context of transmission of a synchronizing signal in a packet network
Broadcast receiving apparatus
Managing timing of a protocol stack
Communication system
Forward feedback for UL macrodiversity
Equipment and a method for bit collection in hybrid automatic repetition request
Method and apparatus for adaptive buffering
Gateway device
Methods and apparatus to implement scalable routing in network communication systems
Providing best effort services via a digital broadcast network using data encapsulation
Network router and method of configuring a network router
Method and device for forming, transferring and receiving transport packets encapsulating data representative of an image sequence
Selective radio transmission of packets
Recording apparatus for communicating with a plurality of communication apparatuses, control method therefor, and program
Personal IP toll-free number
Quadrature demodulator and interrogator
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing
Timing offset compensation for high throughput channel estimation
Wireless communication device and mobile station
Method for designing mini resource unit and transmission for a distributed resource unit in consideration of space frequency block code
Establishing a secure channel with a human user
Approach for managing device usage data
Method and a device for generating compressed RSA moduli
Verifying that group membership requirements are met by users
Application based intrusion detection
Systems and methods for facilitating transactions in accordance with a region requirement
Method for the automatic control of fraud in an electronic transaction system
Method for synchronisation and control in wireless communication systems
Security system and method for use in network
Content management system and content management unit
Secure multicast content delivery
Encrypting apparatus for common key cipher
Mass storage device with automated credentials loading
Mobile radio device
Portable electronic device
Portable terminal
Protective envelope and related portable electronic device combination
Portable terminal and driving method of the same
Manufacturing of back lighting structure for mobile terminal
Method of correlating charging data records within an offline charging system
Method and apparatus for connecting a caller previously diverted to voicemail
Enabling multi-party call in telephone system
Telephone call chaining
On-demand call blocking service
Conference call management method and system
Structure for holding optical component, and optical scanning device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image reading apparatus and method for processing images
Image encoding apparatus and control method thereof
Stereoscopic picture generating apparatus
Method, device and program for processing stereoscopic images and recording medium storing the program
Solid-state image-sensing device and camera provided therewith
Amplifying solid-state imaging device, and method for driving the same
Content adaptive noise reduction filtering for image signals
Noise reducer, noise reducing method, and video signal display apparatus that distinguishes between motion and noise
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Image sensing apparatus and control method therefor
Image display system, image display apparatus, image providing apparatus and method thereof
Imaging apparatus and video camera, and method of reproducing recorded information performed by the imaging apparatus or the video camera
Imaging apparatus, user interface, and associated methodology for a co-existent shooting and reproduction mode
Camera body with which various flash devices can be interchangeably used
Image pickup system
Image pick-up apparatus and image pick-up system
Image capture apparatus, method of controlling the same, and program
Optical apparatus
Solid state camera and sensor system and method
Imaging apparatus
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and image capturing program
Digital image processing apparatus and method of controlling the same where an image size may be reduced to increase brightness
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method, and recording medium for associating sound data with image data
Solid-state imaging apparatus, method of driving solid-state imaging apparatus, and imaging system
Apparatus for receiving both analog and digital TV signals
Video apparatus with a receiver and processing means
Intelligent synchronization of portable video devices
Video data recording apparatus and method, and video data reproducing apparatus and method
Video reproducing device and video reproducing method
Recording device and recording method
Image capturing apparatus, image capturing method, and computer program product
Video information recording device, video information recording method, and recording medium containing the video information recording program
Method for photographing panoramic picture
Personal settings, parental control, and energy saving control of television with digital video camera
Method and apparatus to encode image, and method and apparatus to decode image data
Method and device for lossy coding of a digital signal
Encoding control apparatus, encoding control method, and storage medium
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
Method for ensuring the validity of recovered electronic documents from remote storage
System and method for programmatic generation of continuous media presentations
Light source for vision measuring instrument and positioning system using the same
Object tracking system, method and smart node using active camera handoff
Electronic camera and control program of same
Aperture shading correction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable storage medium
Signal separator
Signal separator
Recording/reproduction device
Micro-speaker and manufacturing method thereof
Multipoint communication apparatus
Portable communication device and a method of processing signals therein
Acoustic signal processing apparatus, acoustic signal processing method and computer readable medium
Microphone array signal processing apparatus, microphone array signal processing method, and microphone array system
Surge protection circuit for audio output device
Method and apparatus for multi-user multi-input multi-output transmission
CDMA probe for self-testing base station receivers
Wireless communication method and system for conveying media independent handover capability information
Base station for a cellular communication system and a method of operation therefor
Base station and data transferring method
Method and system for lossless transmission of mobile IP packets in handover of a mobile terminal
Service roaming system and method
Call setup procedure in an evolved third generation radio access network
Method of roaming in broadcast service and system and terminal thereof
Communication system switching method, and terminal device using this method
Method and apparatus for communication site planning
System for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environment
Communication unit and method for frequency synchronising in a cellular communication network
Communication control apparatus and communication control program
Roaming communication method, apparatus, and system
Control apparatus and control method
Placement method of an electronic module on a substrate and device produced by said method
Module for housing electronic components and method of manufacturing the same
Shockproof assembly for flat storage device
Self-cooling electrical device
Heat sinks with C-shaped manifolds and millichannel cooling
Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line M42618
Soybean variety 93B15
Mixtures of surfactants used as wetting agents and/or emulsifiers in agrochemical preparations
Waterless sanitizing hand cleanser
Continuous process for the preparation of a stable herbicidal aqueous suspension concentrate composition
Pyrimidin-4-enamine as fungicide
Substituted acylamino phenyl uracils
Processes for preparing 3-phenyl-2,4(1H, 3H)-pyrimidinediones
Insecticidal 2-iminothiazole derivatives
Gel system for oral and topical administration of water insoluble and/or water intolerant drugs and supplements
Cold water swellable starches exhibiting delayed viscosity development, preparation and use thereof
Treating asthma by preventing and/or accomodating S-nitrosothiol breakdown
Medical treatment
Behavior chemotherapy
4-fluoro-N-indan-2-yl benzamide and its use as a pharmaceutical
Anticonvulsant and central nervous system-depressing bis(fluorophenyl)alkylamides and their uses
Compounds and methods for the inhibition of the expression of VCAM-1
Blends of isoflavones and flavones
Use of nitroxides for the treatment of essential hypertension
Antineoplastic combinations comprising
Preferentially substituted calcium channel blockers
Aminoquinazolines and their use as medicaments
Purine inhibitors of protein kinases, G proteins and polymerases
Human NK-3 related prostate specific gene-1
Preparation for nasal administration
Methods of use for 2-deoxy ecdysterone
Compounds and their use as PDE inhibitors
Glucopyranoside and process of isolation thereof from pterocarpus marsupium pharmaceutical composition containing the same and use thereof
Orally administrable acid stable antiulcer benzimidazole derivatives
Regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase
Dimer of molecular variant of apolipoprotein and processes for the production thereof
Method of stabilizing and potentiating the action of anti-angiogenic substances
Immunosuppressive effects of administration of a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, a leukotriene B4 receptor inhibitor and a cyclosporin
Injectable formulations of avermectins and milbemycins
Stable aqueous dispersion of nutrients
Carrier for in vivo delivery of a therapeutic agent
Camptothecin derivatives
Azabicyclo derivatives and their use
Denture adhesives with mixed salts of alkyl vinyl ether-maleic copolymer or terpolymer
Coating agents which can be hardened by the addition of isocyanate groups as well as by the radiation-induced addition of activated c-c double covalent bonds
Keratinous washing composition comprising particles of aluminum oxide, at least one anionic surfactant and at least one amphoteric or nonionic surfactant
2-methyl-thieno-benzodiazepine formulation
Sustained release ranolazine formulations
Ophthalmic and contact lens solutions
Tan-1057 derivatives
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hydrocarbon trap/catalyst for reducing cold-start emissions from internal combustion engines
Method of producing thermally expansive microcapsule
Method of making cationic pigment slurries
Method for synthesizing thermo-expandable polymeric microspheres
Porous ceramic matrices
Process for preparing a catalyst for aromatic production
Pattern forming method for flattening an organic film for a liquid crystal display device
Method for repairing the coated surface of a vehicle
Internally generated rotor set for low viscosity and abrasive metering applications
Ophthalmic lenses and compositions and methods for producing same
Rubber composition for breaker cushion
Racing tire tread rubber composition
Thermoplastic elastomer composition having improved processability and tire using the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing substantially dry water-insoluble polymers for improved flocculation in the Bayer process
Lead-free tin silicate-phosphate glass and sealing material containing the same
Ammonia-free polymer dispersions as additives in mineral building materials based on hydraulic binders
Non-reducing dielectric ceramic, monolithic ceramic capacitor using the same, and method for making non-reducing dielectric ceramic
Electric-field-inducible deformable material
Si3N4 sintered body with high thermal conductivity and method for producing the same
Tungsten carbide cutting tool materials
Bis(n,n-dihydrocarbylamino)-substituted cyclopentadienes and metal complexes thereof
Aromatic diamine/aromatic dicarboxylate and production method thereof
Methods of preparing substituted tetracyclines with transition metal-based chemistries
Process for preparation of optically active N-substituted azetidine-2-carboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of amine oxides
Amide, carbamate, and urea derivatives
Process for preparing toluenesulfinates
Inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Asymmetric benzoxanthene dye labelling reagents
Method for producing ester
Catalyst composition and method for producing diaryl carbonates, using bisphosphines
Amino acid derivatives
Enantioselective acylation of cis racemic azetidinones
Biphenyl derivatives, production thereof and uses as medicines
Composition and method for bleaching a substrate
N-(substituted glycyl)-pyrrolidines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase-IV
Process for obtaining quinapryl hydrochloride and solvates useful for isolating and purifying quinapryl hydrochloride
Hypoglycemic sulfonyl pyrazolones and pyrazolines
Heterocyclically substituted benzoylguanidines, process for their preparation, their use as medicaments or diagnostics, and medicaments comprising them
Process for preparing melamine from urea
Hypoglycemic N,N-arylsulfonylglycine compounds
Amino-substituted compounds useful as inhibitors of IMPDH enzyme
Method for the production of L-ascorbic acid by lactonization of 2-keto-L-gulonic acid or s2-keto-L-gulonate esters
Method for producing macrocyclic lactone
Selective .beta.3 adrenergic agonists
2-arylquinoline derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Oxazolidinone derivatives, process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Substituted pyrazoles as p38 kinase inhibitors
Imidazo-triazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Process for the isolation of galanthamine
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 2,3-dihydro-1,4-dioxino[2,3-f]quinoxaline
Preparation and drug composition of bis-benzyl-isoquinoline class alkaloids
Synthetic salicylihalamides, apicularens and derivatives thereof
Triphendioxazine compounds
Antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1,6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta[a]naphthalene
Processes for preparing clarithromycin and clarithromycin intermediate, essentially oxime-free clarithromycin, and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Dinucleotide tetraphosphate crystals
Therapeutic compounds
C8-substituted purine nucleotide analogs
Pyrimidine derivatives for labeled binding partners
Oligoribonucleotides with enzymatic activity
Human Rnase H1 and oligonucleotide compositions thereof
Biological sample processing methods and compositions that include surfactants
Peptide nucleic acid monomers and oligomers
Diagnostic test for borrelia infection
Nucleic acid molecules encoding proteins which impart the adhesion of neisseria cells to human cells
Coffee storage proteins
Vasoactive amine binding molecules
Nuclear matrix proteins polynucleotide sequences encoding them and their use
Ataxin-2 binding proteins
Apoptosis inhibitory protein, gene encoding the protein and cDNA thereof
Nucleic acid molecule encoding an ankyrin repeat TVL-1 protein and methods of use thereof
Myostatin regulatory region, nucleotide sequence determination and methods for its use
Peptide and osteogenetic accelerator
Superpotent calcitonin analogs having greatly increased hypocalcemic action in vivo
DNA construct for regulating the expression of a polypeptide coding sequence in a transformed bacterial host cell
Human CMRF-35-H9 receptor which binds IgM
P-glycoproteins and uses thereof
Nucleic acid molecule encoding the potassium channel protein, KCNQ5
Process for purifying recombinant human serum albumin
Recombinant collagen and derived proteins produced by plants, methods for obtaining them and uses
Human cystatin E polynucleotides
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Multiple cytokine protein complexes
Boronic ester and acid compositions
Cysteinyl protease inhibitors
Phosphate esters of bis-amino acid sulfonamides containing substituted benzyl amines
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Undecapeptides containing cysteinesulfinic and cysteinesulfenic acid
Modified textile and other materials and methods for their preparation
Process for producing grosslinked starch derivatives and crosslinked starch derivatives produced by the same
Starch ester
Continuous oxidized starch process
Oligosaccharides, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Catalyst system for use in ethylene polymerization and copolymerization and process for preparing the same
Chromium phyllosilicate clay .alpha.-olefin catalysts
Supported metallocene catalyst system for olefin polymerization
Process for the preparation of polyethylene
Process for reducing monomer content in N-vinyl compound polymers
Synthesis of elastomeric high trans-1,4-polybutadiene
Process for polymerization of vinyl chloride
Polymer flocculants with improved dewatering characteristics
Aqueous polymer dispersion for use in water based glossy lacquers
Olefin polymerization process
Propylene copolymers containing styrene units
Resin containing phosphate group
Single component room temperature stable heat-curable acrylate resin adhesive
Curing catalyst
Method of making synthetic hydrophilic polymers and products resulting therefrom
Process for making polyalkylene/maleic anhydride copolymer
Golf ball coating composition
Process for making visco-elastic foams, polyols blend and reaction system useful therefor
Isotropic rigid foams
Fertilizer encapsulation using sulfur containing polyols
Long-chain polyether polyols with a high proportion of primary oh groups
Composition comprising cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, 4-methylhexahydrophthalic anhydride curing agent and boron catalyst
Composition of cycloaliphatic epoxy resin, anhydride curing agent and boron catalyst
Thermosetting resin compositions comprising epoxy resins, adhesion promoters, curatives based on the combination of nitrogen compounds and transition metal complexes, and polysulfide tougheners
Unsaturated polyester resin compositions
Bithienylnaphthalene-and bis(3,4-ethylenedioxythienyl)naphthalene-based monomers and polymers
Hyperbranched dendritic polyether and process for manufacture thereof
Poly (phenylene ether)--polyvinyl thermosetting resin
Linear polydialkylorganosiloxanes having polyoxyalkylene and amino-functional groups which additionally have terminal alkoxy groups
Process of making polymeric hydrogel products
Use of silicon-polyether copolymers in the production of high resilience polyurethane foams
Non-asbestos friction materials
Structural finish
Flame retardant polymer compositions
Molding composition of siloxane capable of extending mold lifetime
Polyoxymethylene copolymer and molded article thereof
Biodegradable corrosion inhibitor packages
Polyamide resin composition and forming from the same
Hyperbranched amphiphilic polymeric additives and polymer compositions with increased surface energy
Flexible wood composition
Crosslinked olefin elastomer foam and elastomer composition therefor
Dimer acid derivatives as enhancers
Alpha cyano methine and polymethine dyes for the labeling of biological subtrates
Aqueous binder mixture
Low VOC low tack gel coat resin
Cyanacrylate adhesive with ester and polymer additives
Flame-retardant coating for fiber materials
Polyols for breaking of borate crosslinked fracturing fluid
Lubricating oil composition for continuously variable transmission
Manual transmission lubricants with improved synchromesh performance
Aqueous compositions containing thiophosphorus esters or their salts with a oxyalkylene group, and methods of using the same
Surfactant compositions containing alkoxylated amines
Antibacterial light duty liquid detergent
Automatic dishwashing tablets with improved chlorine stability
Thickening on dilution liquid soap
Degreasing compositions
Composition and method for foaming resin
Concentrated sanitizing compositions for cleaning food and food contact surfaces
Polycarboxylic acid containing three-in-one dishwashing composition
Granular bleach activators having improved solubility profiles
Method for removing endotoxins
Process for producing trans-4-hydroxy-L-proline
Amidase gene
Enzymatic process for preparing reduced-calorie fats containing behenic acid
Polycondensation of organic silicon compounds
Identificiaton of differentially methylated and mutated nucleic acids
Method of amplifying whole genomes without subjecting the genome to denaturing conditions
Nucleic acid detection method
Method of depositing an electrically conductive oxide buffer layer on a textured substrate and articles formed therefrom
Method for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Method for forming a ruthenium metal layer
Barium strontium titanate annealing process
Method of manufacturing Group III-V compound semiconductor
Structure and method for fabricating GaN substrates from trench patterned GaN layers on sapphire substrates
Semiconductor material and method for enhancing solubility of a dopant therein
Textiles; Paper
Method for protecting cotton from enzymatic attack by cellulase enzymes
A-WO3-gate ISFET devices and method of making the same
Biopolymer marker indicative of disease state having a molecular weight of 1865 daltons
Method for anodizing silicon substrates for surface type acceleration sensors
Method for fabricating an electrically addressable silicon-on-sapphire light valve
Photomask and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing electroluminescent element
Electrically programmable memory element with multi-regioned contact
Resistive nanocomposite compositions
Method of making capacitors
Method of processing a semiconductor wafer in a reaction chamber with a rotating component
Method of fabricating an image sensor
Quantum well intermixing
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Plasma etching method using polymer deposition and method of forming contact hole using the plasma etching method
Quasi-damascene gate, self-aligned source/drain methods for fabricating devices
Method of manufacturing a metal wiring in a semiconductor device
U-shape tape for BOC FBGA package to improve moldability
Method of reflowing organic packages using no-clean flux
Method of forming a gate insulation layer for a semiconductor device by controlling the duration of an etch process, and system for accomplishing same
Integrated circuit structure and method therefore
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Use of selective ozone teos oxide to create variable thickness layers and spacers
Method for achieving high self-aligning vertical gate studs relative to the support isolation level
Multiple stage deposition process for filling trenches
Selective hemispherical silicon grain (HSG) conversion inhibitor for use during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Memory wordline hard mask
Method of shallow trench isolation formation and planarization
Sputtered insulating layer for wordline stacks
High capacitance damascene capacitors
Etching method
Method of thick film planarization
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and forming interlayer dielectric film using high-density plasma
Method of plasma etching organic antireflective coating
Semiconductor processing methods and integrated circuitry
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device prevented from peeling of wirings from insulating film
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device substrate, and methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and method for lowering miller capacitance by modifying source/drain extensions for high speed microprocessors
Method for manufacturing transistor of double spacer structure
Method for fabricating a full depletion type SOI device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same using damascene process
Methods of depositing a layer comprising tungsten and methods of forming a transistor gate line
Method for fabricating interlevel contacts of aluminum/refractory metal alloys
Plasma processing method for working the surface of semiconductor devices
Method and system for forming a stacked gate insulating film
SOG materials for spacer anodic bonding and method of preparing the same
Method for fabricating an epitaxial base bipolar transistor with raised extrinsic base
System and method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Lead-free bump fabrication process
Method of machining silicon
Semiconductor-on-insulator structure fabrication having a temporary plug
Reduction in well implant channeling and resulting latchup characteristics in shallow trench isolation by implanting wells through nitride
Method of forming the protective film to prevent nitride read only memory cell charging
Method of forming wiring using a dual damascene process
Method for forming a metal extrusion free via
Subtractive metallization structure and method of making
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Etching mask, process for forming contact holes using same, and semiconductor device made by the process
Monolithic low dielectric constant platform for passive components and method
Process of fabricating an anti-fuse for avoiding a key hole exposed
Method for forming a memory integrated circuit
Semiconductor storage device and process for manufacturing the same
Method of forming a capacitor structure
Flat panel display device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor assembly without adhesive fillets
Electronic device having fibrous interface
Multi row leadless leadframe package
Routing for multilayer ceramic substrates to reduce excessive via depth
Electronic component, communication device, and manufacturing method for electronic component
Method of forming metal fuse and bonding pad
Method for manufacturing cathode electrodes of electroluminescent display device
Superconductor composite material
Method for making thin film bulk acoustic resonators (FBARS) with different frequencies on a single substrate and apparatus embodying the method
Fabrication method of wiring substrate for mounting semiconductor element and semiconductor device
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