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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dust particles separator for seeding machine
System for metering feed in feed lines
Bulk feed storage and auger bin
Duck decoy device
Duck decoy device
Macrocyclic picolinamides as fungicides
Use of squalamine or analogue as a disinfecting agent
Direct and indirect organogenesis of Jatropha
Method for forming impregnated food
Atomizer assembly, electronic cigarette equipped with the atomizer assembly, and method for assembling the atomizer assembly
Electronic cigarette with brightness-adjustable head lamp and brightness adjustment method therefor
Garment with removable and interchangeable components
Multi-use garment
Apparel application aid
Device for reducing head and neck injury for helmet wearer
Mobility device
Vial and stylet holder for a medical procedure
Rotatable pedestal components and assemblies
Support equipment for supporting a person at rest having a rigid supporting elements
Armrest structure for a chair
Method of using a multifunction childcare device
Suspension device
Impact resistant mailbox support apparatus
Package receptacle systems
Exhaust valve apparatus and gas filled cushion
Capsule machine and components
Vacuum cleaner tool
Vessel harvester
Endoscope lens cleaning device
Wound retractor device
Multi-joint fixture system
Snare with retractable engaging members
System and method for ultra-high frequency ultrasound treatment
Rotational thrombectomy wire
Removal of articles embedded in surrounding material
Pedicle screw assembly
Channeled bone plate and methods for implanting the same
Methods for facet joint treatment
Fluid sample collection and testing device
Detecting visual impairment through normal use of a mobile device
Transdermal analyte extraction and detection system and the method thereof
Electronic physical therapy and rehabilitation rolling device with tactile sensor array
Method for nerve detection by raman scattering spectroscopy
Cardiac event categorization system
Real-time electrocardiogram monitoring system and method, patch-type electrocardiograph, telecommunication apparatus
Detection of biological information of a subject
Systems, methods, and apparatus for neuro-robotic tracking point selection
Methods and systems for characterizing cardiac signal morphology using K-fit analysis
System and method for metabolic MR imaging of a hyperpolarized agent
Electronic pelvic organ prolapse quantification system
Fluidizable bed with occupancy status detection and method of occupancy status detection for a fluidizable bed
X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same
Stacked x-ray detector assembly and method of making same
Integrated X-ray detector assembly and method of making same
Patient support apparatus
Imaging system
Dental apparatus and method of utilizing the same
Bracket system and method for planning and producing a bracket system for the correction of tooth malpositions
Implant for bone distraction
Disposable absorbent article with elastically contractible cuffs for better containment of liquid exudates
Hip prosthesis
Extra-articular implantable mechanical energy absorbing systems and implantation method
Implants for altering wear patterns of articular surfaces
Apparatus and diamond blade mechanism to make an annular incision in soft tissue
Wheelchair hand rim, cover and fastening system therefor
Intrahospital vehicle for transport and transfer of obese patients
Therapeutic application of (Boc).sub.2-creatine
Compositions and methods for treating pelvic pain and other conditions
Antihistamines combined with dietary supplements for improved health
Transdermal patch and method for delivery of vitamin B12
Method for cancer treatment
Antioxidant composition containing extract of processed Chrysanthemum indicum or Citrus unshiu peel
Use of antidotes to coagulation inhibitors indicated in the prevention or treatment of thromboembolic pathologies
Methods for treating and/or limiting development of diabetes in subjects with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Heparin-mimicking sulfonated reverse thermal gel for the delivery of heparin-binding therapeutic proteins
Composition including a (meth)acrylic copolymer and pigment particles
Use of indole compounds as a cosmetic
Methods and systems for toxin delivery to the nasal cavity
Method for preparing a patterned substrate and use thereof in implants for tissue engineering
System and method for assisted partitioning of body conduits
Implantable heart treatment systems, devices, and methods
Anti-aspiration mask system
Mechanical embolization delivery apparatus and methods
Implantable weight control device to promote early and prolonged satiety in a bariatric patient
Medical devices and methods for creating bubbles
Continuous multi-fluid pump device, drive and actuating system and method
Drive mechanism for a drug delivery device and drug delivery device
Filament implant system and method
Electrical stimulation leads having RF compatibility and methods of use and manufacture
External charger with customizable magnetic charging field
Multi-electrode assembly for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for controlling neural stimulation during disordered breathing
Dual function tuned L-C input trap passive EMI filter component network for an active implantable medical device
Systems and methods for selectively applying electrical energy to tissue
Combined remodeling control therapy and anti-remodeling therapy by implantable cardiac device
Electromagnetic therapy apparatus and auxiliary physiotherapy liquid thereof
Balance board for exercise and physical therapy
Stretch training tool
Golf putter grip having flat surface areas
Removable golf bag
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for prolonging the service life of a collective protection filter using a supplemental bed
Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and method and program product for controlling optical writing device
Motor vehicle door lock having a circuit arrangement
Method for operating a fuel injector
Respiratory assembly including latching mechanism
Synthetic resin cup container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Formulations for the delivery of active ingredients
Hydrogels from dynamic covalent networks
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Tomato plants that exhibit resistance to Botrytis cinerea
Fixed Constructions
Harsh environment liquid crystal display (LCD) enclosure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Illuminated glove assembly
Method and system for optical edge measurement
Prediction of remaining life in a heat exchanger
Method, apparatus and computer program product for providing instructions to a destination that is revealed upon arrival
Route guidance server, navigation apparatus, route guidance system, and route guidance method
Map information processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting occlusions in an ambulatory infusion pump
Radiation resistant spectrometer interface
Drivability evaluation target levels
System and method for shade selection using a fabric brightness factor
Apparatus and method for inspecting defect on object surface
Centrifugal device
Sensor and method of detecting the condition of a turf grass
Radiation inspection apparatus comprising a gas ejecting unit for supporting and conveying a sheet-like sample
Quantitative X-ray radiology using the absorption and scattering information
Method and system for transferring analyte test data
Surge current detection device
Physical quantity detection circuit for allowing precise adjustment of the phase relationship between a sensor signal and a detection signal
Method for detecting the position of an armature of an electromagnetic actuator
System and method for providing electromagnetic imaging through magnetoquasistatic sensing
Status detecting device and storage medium storing program
System for intelligent automated response to line frequency and voltage disturbances by a central control point communication with a plurality of load control devices
Information processing device, information processing method, program, and data structure
Failure detecting method for a solar power generation system
Magnetic resonance method and apparatus to determine k-space positions for modeling radio-frequency pulses
Monostatic multi-beam radar sensor, as well as method
Method and apparatus for detection of hydrocarbon deposits
Method of evaluating wind flow based on terrain exposure and elevation
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus equipped with zoom lens
Projection optical system and projection display device using the same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Plug housing and plug apparatus
Optical waveguide electro-optic device and process of manufacturing optical waveguide electro-optic device
Device with wavelength selective coupler for collecting light emitted by a laser source
Method of manufacturing smart panel and smart panel
Display apparatus having a minimized non-display region
Liquid crystal module and method for assembling thereof
Panel for liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display and control method thereof
Display system, screen and projector with light absorption layer and photoconductive layer
Multi-domain liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of the same
Display device
Imaging unit
Image pickup apparatus capable of efficiently dissipating heat
Electronic device and imaging device
Monitoring apparatus and method particularly useful in photolithographically processing substrates
Polarization-modulating optical element
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Image forming apparatus
Bias charging overcoat
Image forming apparatus with cartridge supporting member and members for preventing movement of cartridge supporting member
Image forming apparatus
System and method for adjusting voltage bias of a charge roller of an image forming device based on environmental conditions to control white vector
Transfer fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus including same
Hybrid reflection hologram
Method for digital data transmission from a sensor to a control unit
Access control system and method for operating said system
System as well as a method for controlling a self moving robot
Method for limiting the angle between the longitudinal axes of car bodies that are connected to each other
System and method for controlling supply fan speed within a variable air volume system
System stabilizing device
Lighting device and light fixture using lighting device
Current balance circuit utilizing multiplexers and triangular wave generators
Power supply sequencing distributed among multiple devices with linked operation
Fixing apparatus for flat panel display devices
Power supply apparatus and power supply control method
Power source apparatus for display and image display apparatus
Large scale battery systems and method of assembly
Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
Method and apparatus for managing communication services for user endpoint devices
Disaster recovery failback
System and method for consecutive identical digit reduction
Non-stop forwarding in a multi-chassis router
Redundant array of independent disks level 5 (RAID 5) with a mirroring functionality
System and method for providing application penetration testing
Methods and systems for high confidence utilization of datasets
Encryption device and encryption system
Recording medium storing control program for decentralized data, storage management program, control node, and disk node
Apparatus and method to copy data via a removable storage device
Memory system and host device
Storage system cache with flash memory in a raid configuration that commits writes as full stripes
Method to stagger self refreshes
Microprocessor saving data stored in register and register saving method
Method for updating data in memories using a memory management unit
Method and apparatus for accessing a remote location by sensing a machine-resolvable code
AV renderer peripheral with dual inerrupt lines for staggered interrupts
Image forming apparatus and image processing method
Memory efficient electronic registration method that compensates image content and prevents halftone moire
Reordering discrete fourier transform outputs
Processing apparatus and control method for the processing apparatus
Image output system and control method thereof, image input apparatus and control method thereof, and image output apparatus and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for calculating metameric colors
Network based audience measurement
Method for collaboratively tagging and highlighting electronic documents
E-mail synchronization between heterogeneous mail servers
Method for activating and deactivating client-side services from a remote server
Receiving a version-specific result responsive to a query
Method and apparatus for computing within a wide area network
Text-based system for exchanging commands between devices, services and applications
Device provisioning or pairing using graphical representation of device identifier
Tuning of SSL session caches based on SSL session IDS
Presence communication system
Organizing individual java client request flows into a single server transaction
Organizing individual java client request flows into a single server transaction
Communicating messages to proximate devices on a contact list responsive to an unsuccessful call
Information processing system and control method thereof
Method and apparatus for facilitating fulfillment of web-service requests on a communication network
Dynamic DSL line bandwidth management with the subscriber's consent
Methods, systems, and computer products for download status notification
Systems and methods for removing stale mapping entries for network element
Network management
Online ranking metric
Network-management device, network-management method, and computer program product
Feature vector clustering
Configuration information management device, computer-readable storage medium, and configuration information management method
Anchor tag indexing in a web crawler system
Systems, methods, and apparatus for context processing using multiple microphones
Computing environment representation
Method, system and computer-readable recording medium for recommending other users or objects by considering at least one user's preference
Method and system for controlling vehicle stability
System and method for defining specifications for outputting content in multiple formats
Processing system and method for transform
Optimal padding for the two-dimensional fast fourier transform
Transforming signals using passive circuits
Accurately accounting for sizing uncertainty in inspection
Document generation method and document generation apparatus
Interactive conversation-learning system and a method thereof
Script compliance and quality assurance using speech recognition
Search apparatus, search method, and computer readable medium
Large scale unsupervised hierarchical document categorization using ontological guidance
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and storage medium
Dynamic metadata
File sharing
Graph-based seed selection algorithm for web crawlers
Image searching apparatus and image searching method
Predicting object identity using an ensemble of predictors
Anonymous referendum system and method
Terminal, web application operating method and program
Computational efficiency in photolithographic process simulation
Integrated circuit manufacturing method, design method and program
Method and system for voltage fluctuation amount calculation
System and method of predicting problematic areas for lithography in a circuit design
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, design method, design apparatus, and program
Environmental load amount calculation method, execution program therefor, and execution apparatus therefor
PLL loop bandwidth calibration
Method for identifying aQTL regions whose genotype modulates transcription factor activity
Vehicle speed monitor
Method of sending an executable code to a reception device and method of executing this code
Service binding method and system
Computer program product and communication device for providing interactive television advertising
Method, system, and graphical user interface for personalized online sports team charts
View confirmation for on-demand multimedia content
Configurable buffer allocation for multi-format video processing
Input apparatus and image forming apparatus
Display device and output buffer circuit for driving the same
Contact tracking and identification module for touch sensing
Electronic calculator and method of controlling the calculator
Determining the location of one or more objects on a touch surface
Method and apparatus for screen object manipulation
Rule-based multi-pane toolbar display
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Scan templates extension to a WS-enabled scanner
Apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium for successive image processing
Print job management using memory boxes
Print controller using a job despool token to control the release of print jobs stored in a rasterized job spool
Image information processing device including comparing unit for printing processing system, computer-readable medium and image information processing method for the same
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, image forming system, and program
Information processing device which manages an association processing network formed by the image processing devices
Information processing system, image input/output apparatus, and data processing method
Print job submission with sleep mechanism
Method and apparatus for approving color samples
Screened hardcopy reproduction apparatus with compensation
Method to audit portable cassettes removeably disposed in a data storage library comprising a pass-through accessor
Cloud matching of a question and an expert
Transformation of logical data objects for storage
Optimizing blending algorithms using interleaving
Ranking of geographic information
Work vehicle and method for controlling work vehicle
Method for reducing the clamping force applied by a parking brake
Information processing device
Accessing method and multimedia system using thereof
Multi-operating system (OS) booting apparatus, multi-OS booting program, recording medium, and multi-OS booting method
Workflow execution model
Method and system for simplified assembly of information processing applications
Defect predicate expression extraction
Method and apparatus to vet an executable program using a model
Method of upgrading program of portable device and portable device having program upgrade function
Efficient program instrumentation
Programming model for modular development
Generic XML screen scraping
Processor core selection based at least in part upon at least one inter-dependency
CPU usage time counting method and job control system using this CPU usage time
Hardware multi-threading co-scheduling for parallel processing systems
Determining suitable network interface for partition deployment/re-deployment in a cloud environment
LCD panel with multiple-view direction and display device utilizing the same
Automatically guided parafoil directed to land on a moving target
Image forming apparatus for reusing paper and related methods
Automatic adjustment print job submission mechanism
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Geospatial information creating system and geospatial information creating method
Grammar-based, cueing method of object recognition, and a system for performing same
Digital watermarks
Digital processing method and system for determination of optical flow
Imaging methods and systems for downhole fluid analysis
Diagnostic imaging system and method
Method and system for stabilizing a series of intravascular ultrasound images and extracting vessel lumen from the images
Radiological image area extracting apparatus, radiological image area extraction program, and radiographic apparatus
Apparatus, program and method for determining cerebral blood flow
System and method for detecting and correcting registration misalignment of MR perfusion images
Image processing method, image processor, integrated circuit, and recording medium
Image merge device and method
Methods and apparatus for correlating image frame statistics with image frames
Image encoding/decoding system
Rendering piece-wise smooth image from colour values along paths
Digital image tone adjustment
Automatic landolt C gap detection software architecture for image quality analysis
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, computer-readable medium and computer data signal
Image-based CAPTCHA exploiting context in object recognition
Methods and systems for circadian physiology predictions
Secure targeted personal buying/selling method and system
Computer implemented method for managing electronic ticket requests
Method and system for managing vending operations based on wireless data
Method and apparatus for internet on-line insurance policy service
System and method for scheduling travel on a charter transport
Travel information departure date/duration grid
Forecasting discovery costs based on complex and incomplete facts
Online card present transaction
Advertising system supporting multi-advertiser system interface structures
Payment terminal device for payment data exchange
Method, medium, and system for behavior-based recommendations of product upgrades
Systems and methods for electronic marketing
Generating communities based on common interest
System and method for increasing capacity in an insurance system through capital market participation in cell company based alternative risk transfer structure
Integrated change management unit
Incentivized adoption of time-dependent insurance benefits
Structured financial products
System and method for managing allocation of funds between a plurality of entities
Systems and methods for the selection and purchase of digital assets
System and method for labeling maps
Detachable screen for multifunction device showing 3D dynamic views
Systems and methods for computational design and modeling of buildings
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
System and method for tracking a controller
Wireless sensor for an aircraft propulsion system
Explosives and contraband detection system
System and method for network-based jump area monitoring
Asset monitoring using the internet
Interactive baby feeding bottle
Communication method and communication apparatus
Image information generation device
Display drive apparatus, and display apparatus and display drive method thereof
Circuits for controlling MEMS display apparatus on a transparent substrate
Image display medium, image display device, and image display method
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Method of driving a display apparatus to compensate for uneven backlighting
Stereocopic visualisation
Pointer controlling apparatus
DC-DC converter switching transistor current measurement technique
Apparatus and method of providing user interface on head mounted display and head mounted display thereof
Display control apparatus
Display system and method
Compensation of signal values for a touch sensor
Display control device, display, display system and computer-readable medium
Information processing device that can be held at least in two directions for use
Device and method for accessing video capturing equipment into secondary generation network
Knee operated computer mouse
Three dimensional image display apparatus
Display apparatus
Data converting apparatus and method that divides input data into plural frames and partially overlaps the divided frames to produce output data
Determining an upperband signal from a narrowband signal
Speech recognizer control system, speech recognizer control method, and speech recognizer control program
Device and method for booting handheld apparatus by sound detection
Disc discrimination apparatus and method
Distributed temperature detector architecture for head disk interface systems
Magnetic recording media, method for servowriting on same, and hard disk drive
Method for adjusting recording condition, optical disc device, and information recording method
Optical pickup, inclination angle detection method, optical information device and information processing device
Optical head device and optical disc apparatus
Optical head, diffraction device, objective lens, and optical disc apparatus
Optical information recording apparatus and method
Integrated circuits with asymmetric and stacked transistors
Robust SRAM memory cell capacitor plate voltage generator
Semiconductor memory device and method for driving the same
Semiconductor memory device and method of driving the same
Method of forming an integrated circuit with NAND flash array segments and intra array multiplexers and corresponding integrated circuit with NAND flash array segments and intra array multiplexers
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including plural memory cells and a dummy cell coupled to an end of a memory cell
Storage device and method for controlling storage device
Method of manufacturing non-volatile memory module
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory integrated device having a precharge circuit with thin-film transistors gated by a voltage higher than a power supply voltage
Electromagnetic relay
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel and protective film protecting electrodes of plasma display panel
Photocathode, electron tube, field assist type photocathode, field assist type photocathode array, and field assist type electron tube
Driving apparatus, optical apparatus, and driving signal control circuit
Package foil for protecting wind turbine components from the environment, method for packaging a wind turbine component, and wind turbine component assembly
Fast charger for super capacitor
Customized shading devices including photovoltaic properties
Customizable antenna structures for adjusting antenna performance in electronic devices
Radiated power control systems and methods in wireless communication devices
Planar antenna
Power board, on-board connector, lighting device, display device and television receiver
Raman amplifier and control method thereof
Semiconductor laser driving device and image forming apparatus having the same
Spark plug electrode with nanocarbon enhanced copper core
Power module with current sensing
Overvoltage protection element
Electronic ballast with inrush protection circuit
Battery capacity estimation by DCIR
Semiconductor device
Installation structure of a temperature sensor in a brush motor and an electric power tool including same
Brushless motor having a reduced axial dimension
System and method of resetting power in a cleaning system
Method and apparatus providing a multi-function terminal for a power supply controller
Method for operating a switched mode power supply with return of primary-side stray energy
Illumination lighting device, discharge lamp lighting device, and vehicle headlamp lighting device using same
Digitally programmable high-order filter
Frequency-variable filter
Control of cross-over point
Decoupling circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Flexural resonator element, resonator, oscillator, and electronic device
Modulation apparatus, modulation method, demodulation apparatus, and demodulation method
Method for spreading the spectrum of a narrowband signal
Power amplifying device and coupled power amplifying device
Noise reducing circuit
Generalized decision feedback equalizer precoder with input covariance matrix calculation for multi-user multiple-input multiple-output wireless transmission systems
Reduced voltage swing clock distribution
Switching device and method for preventing malfunction of the same
Combined sensing methods for cognitive radio
Reducing an EMI effect by preventing the diffuse width with the SSCG from being limited by the jitter standard value in a structure in which a PLL circuit is mounted
High-performance ECC decoder
Encoder, decoder, encoding method, and decoding method
Secure communication using error correction codes
Apparatus and method for inputting a command, method for displaying user interface of media signal, and apparatus for implementing the same, apparatus for processing mix signal and method thereof
AGC for slicer-based low power demodulator
Apparatus for and method of controlling sampling frequency and sampling phase of a sampling device
Harmonic rejection mixer
Dual carrier amplifier circuits and methods
Mobile terminal
Digital upgrade system and method
Acoustic path for a wireless communications device
Data center with free-space optical communications
Data center with free-space optical communications
Driving method and driving apparatus for optical modulator, and optical transmitter using same
Piezoelectric cable perimeter monitoring system
Determination of coupling between radio devices
Methods and apparatus for parallel scheduling of frequency resources for communication nodes
Base station, communication method, and mobile station
HID protocol-based soft keyboard toggle with initialization and synchronization capability for mobile phones and PDAs connected to a peripheral device
Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, program, and wireless communication method
Systems and methods for base station reference frequency correction and timing correction using transceiver feedback
Wireless communication method and relay apparatus
Resource allocation and outage control for renewable energy WLAN infrastructure mesh node
Backoff mechanism in random access channel
Piggyback networks
Server, terminal and method for end to end channel capacity estimation in high speed downlink packet access network
Apparatus and method for multicast and broadcast service in a broadband wireless access system
Method for transmitting a signal using a relay station in a wireless communication system
Signal processing system, signal processing apparatus, signal processing program for test measurement
Robust techniques for upstream communication between subscriber stations and a base station
Method for configuring a telecommunication system
Tracing Ethernet frame delay between network devices
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
Mobile communication system, base station device and channel allocation method
Sub-octave RF stacking for optical transport and de-stacking for distribution
Method and apparatus for acquiring resource allocation of control channel
Apparatus and system for using relay station in a TDD wireless network
Method and apparatus for processing inter-rat measurement in dual modem device
Method and apparatus for monitoring virtual concatenation group performance
Wireless communication apparatus
Apparatus and method for flow control in wireless communication system
Mobile communication system and communication method
IP broadcast system, and multiplexer, receiving apparatus and method used in IP broadcast system
Dual packet configuration for wireless communications
Transmission suppression
Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Method and apparatus for estimating link quality, and link adaption method and apparatus
Systems and methods for traffic policing
Communication path estimation method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and monitoring apparatus
Computer product, testing apparatus, and testing method
Packet transmission via multiple links in a wireless communication system
Multi-protocol support over ethernet packet-switched networks
Methods and devices for computing paths to assure the inter-domain transport of QoS sensitive information
Communication system, communication method in communication system, and relay device
Control apparatus
Port pooling
Method and apparatus for extended addressing in a fiber channel arbitrated loop
Autonomous infrastructure wireless networks
Controlling bandwidth reservations method and apparatus
Scalable commodity data center network architecture
Mobile communication system, mobile station and radio base station
Routing device and related control circuit
Multi-link routing
Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple virtual MACs
Voice over Internet protocol multi-routing with packet interleaving
Method and apparatus for time stretching to hide data packet pre-buffering delays
Data recovery apparatus and method by using over-sampling
Oscillating apparatus, receiving apparatus, and oscillation control method
Methods for adjusting system clock in terms of operational status of non-baseband module, methods for peripheral device control adjustment, and electronic devices using the same
SISO decoder for a block code
System for soft symbol decoding MIMO log-map detection
Encoded signal arrangement method in multi-carrier communication and communication device
OFDM peak-to-average power ratio reduction method
Methods and devices for carrier activation/deactivation in a multi-carrier communication system
Heterogeneous virtual machines sharing a security model
Delegating authentication using a challenge/response protocol
Method for generating private keys in wireless networks
Authentication system, authentication device and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and media storing a program therefor
Trusted electronic messaging system
System and method for securely sending a network one-time-password utilizing a mobile computing device
Personal token having enhanced signaling abilities
Information processing system, information processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Natural language dependent stream ciphers
Random wave envelope derived random numbers and their use in generating transient keys in communication security applications part II
Systems and methods for authenticating an electronic message
Authentication in communications networks
Wireless multi-user audio system
Folder type mobile telephone and operating method thereof
Cell phone remote ringer
Split band diversity antenna arrangement
Mobile electronic device providing impact resistance to electronic component
Telecommunication system for improving quality of service
Messaging in a hosted private branch exchange
Providing contextual information with a voicemail message
Mobile device featuring sensor responsive re-notifications
Method and arrangement for reporting credit/charging information to a mobile communication station
Use of powerlines for transmission of high frequency signals
Correlating call detail records with telephony switch information
Mobile telephone with receive only mode
Place-specific buddy list services
Sensor device and image-forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus and method for controlling the same
Embedding data in a print image
Color processing using temperature and light source
Annotation on media sheet indicating functionality to be performed in relation to image on media sheet
Image processing apparatus for detecting object from image and method thereof
Color processing apparatus and color processing method
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
System and method for frame level bit rate control without pre-analysis
Automatic selection of encoding parameters to control length of time to encode and send data over network
Image display apparatus and image display method
Image sensing device and camera
Image pickup apparatus, display control apparatus, and display control method
Image processing device and image processing method
Light-emitting diode arrangement, optical recording device and method for the pulsed operation of at least one light-emitting diode
Image noise estimation based on color correlation
Early radial distortion correction
Imaging apparatus and camera
Power transmission mechanism having cam-incorporated gear, and power transmission mechanism of imaging apparatus
Imaging device and imaging method having zoom optical system including a light wavefront modulation element
Solid-state imaging device including a plurality of pixels and a plurality of signal lines
Detecting video format information in a sequence of video pictures
Television with coupled electrical power
Recording and reproducing apparatus using random access recording medium
Method for generating double-speed IDR-unit for trick play, and trick play system and method using the same
Method and system for subframe accurate synchronization
Apparatus for transmitting additional information using digital broadcast system
Multimedia distribution system with user behavior analyzer
Advertisement monitoring system
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Method for the allocation and management of subscriptions for the reception of broadcast products
Methods, computer program products, and apparatus for providing broadband television service
Image processing device and method
Apparatus and method for adjusting automatic white balance by detecting effective area
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, reproducing program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for reproducing motion picture files
System and method for producing medical image data onto portable digital recording media
Reader control system
Systems and methods for controlling a smart communication system for a vehicle
Open ear hearing aid system
Sound field reproduction apparatus and method for reproducing reflections
Image display device and method for determining an audio output position based on a displayed image
Narrow-angle directional microphone
Location update method and mobile station using the same
Methods and apparatus for determining FEMTO base station location
Base station apparatus and communication method
Method of location update in a wireless communication system
Third party location query for wireless networks
Methods and apparatus to process signal strengths of not allowed cells during cell reselection
Method and systems for allocating transmission of common control information from multiple base stations
Method of emergency service request using control channel
Subcarrier allocation method and apparatus thereof
Packet communication method, packet communication system, wireless terminal, and packet communication device
Handover control apparatus, mobile station, base station, handover control server, and handover control method
System information transmission method and subframe structure
Communication terminal and control method
Mitigation of inter-network interference to enable channel reuse
Method and device for allocating identifiers to user equipment in cellular system
Method and apparatus for transmitting a reference signal in a wireless communication system
Method for transmitting signal using a frame of a predetermined cyclic prefix length in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method of dynamic downlink permutation assignment for use in a wireless communication system
Method of allocating channel time, method of determining compatible links, and apparatus for processing data
Apparatus and methods for determination of gain factors communication transmission power
Apparatus and method for transmitting a MAC PDU based on MAC header type information
Method and apparatus for inter-technology handoff of a user equipment
Flexible map coding for wireless networks
Computer based location identification using images
Method and apparatus for controlling uplink power in a wireless communication system
Methods for intelligently shedding pages
Wireless terminal, wireless controller, core-network device, and wireless base station
Resources management in dual services terminal
Codec selection for wireless communication
Method and apparatus of transmitting uplink control signal in wireless communication system
UMA network controller that provides access point identifiers to a location system
Method and apparatus for processing changes in a CSG subscription in a wireless communication system
Light emitting apparatus
Luminance adjusting circuit
Electronic ballast with pulse detection circuit for lamp end of life and output short protection
Visible indication of mistaken lamp use
Method of connecting printed circuit boards and corresponding arrangement
Method of manufacturing a catheter sheath
Display module
Package structure
Temperature control within disk drive testing systems
Device for cooling an electronic card by conduction comprising heat pipes, and corresponding method of fabrication
Expired Patents Due To Time
Electrospray apparatus for mass fabrication of chips and libraries
Polynucleotide separation method and apparatus therefor
Human Necessities
Inbred carrot line S-D813B
Brassica juncea lines bearing endogenous edible oils
DNA encoding growth hormone antagonists
Identification of sel-12 and uses thereof
Compound screening method
Fungicidal active ingredients combinations
Rice blast control agents
Process for preparing a storage stable premixed batter
Method for pre-processing of dried food
Low fat spoonable or spreadable food products
Liquid starter cultures having improved storage stability and use thereof
Process and apparatus for reduction of microorganisms in a conductive medium using low voltage pulsed electrical energy
Process for treatment of a lactic raw material
Apparatus for the production of ginkgo leaf tea
Method of deflavoring soy-derived materials
Composition for lowering blood cholesterol
Use of natural vegetable components as flavoring agents in chewing gum coatings
Peptide product
Seed coating for bypassing the ruminant digestive tract
Use of an acid preparation as feed additive in farm animal husbandry
Fried texture imparting glaze for a food intermediate and method of making a product and a product produced thereby
Method for manufacturing sauteed onion or sofrit in a rotary sauteing machine
Production of pectin from soybeans
Physiological food salt product
Health drink and method for production thereof
Method of making flavedo powder for enhancement of orange juice and products thereof
(+)-1-Bisabolone isolated from cymbopogon flexuosus and antibacterial activity thereof
Water vapor-permeable and waterproof material and method for manufacturing the same
Method for making a shoe
Nickel-free grey gold alloy
Absorbent pad for use with urinal
Cleat-forming woven fabric article for the manufacture of anti-creep floor mats
Device for plasma incision of matter with a specifically tuned radiofrequency electromagnetic field generator
Glove donning delivery system
Scented adhesive bandage
Wound dressing impervious to chemical and biological agents
Absorbent foam wound dressing
Multi-purpose refractory material
Method and composition for regulation of blood cholesterol
Substituted chalcones as therapeutic compounds
Anti-cancer compounds
Therapeutic guanidines
Antibacterial agents
Breakers of advanced glycation endproducts
Use of ubiquinone Q10 for the local treatment and prevention of post-surgical ophthalmologic pathologies
Benzoic acid derivatives for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Topical application of opioid analgesic drugs such as morphine
Compound and method for the treatment of pain
Use of pregnane-diones as analgesic agents
Formulation containing anti-inflammatory androstane derivatives
Pharmaceutical composition for use as a contraceptive
Methods of preventing and treating HIV infection
Methods of treating hepatitis delta virus infection with .beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides
Inhibition of L-selectin and P-selectin mediated binding using heparin
Therapeutic treatment for blood sugar regulation
Composition and method for treating the effects of diseases and maladies
Process for the preparation of a cosmetic extract from marine ooze
Method of inhibiting fibrosis with a somatostatin agonist
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
Prevention and treatment of amyloidogenic disease
DNA encoding human JE cytokine
Therapeutics of osteoarthritis and inflammatory joint disease
Methods for preventing/remedying mastitis
Modification of vitreal matrix metalloproteinase activity
Neospora vaccine
N-Terminal amyloid-.beta. antibodies
Antiviral therapy
Multiphase active ingredient-containing formulations
Antibiotic/analgesic formulation and a method of making this formulation
Methods for remodeling neuronal and cardiovascular pathways
Topical composition
Paste formulations
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and methods for formulating such compositions and delivery thereof
Agent and methods for treating pain
Human monoclonal antibody specifically binding to surface antigen of cancer cell membrane
Tumor specific human monoclonal antibodies and methods of use
Artificial antigen presenting cells
Mammalian two-hybrid system for screening for modulators of the accumulation of metabolic products
Dental resin materials, method of manufacture, and uses thereof
Modified serum albumin with reduced affinity for nickel and copper
Cosmetic composition
Structure-improving hair care agents
Castor polyester as gloss agents in anionic systems
Substituted tropolone compounds, oral care compositions containing the same and methods of using the same
Biphasic composition induced by polydextrose
Method of making emulsion containing quaternary ammonium functional silanes and siloxanes
Method for enhancing integrity of epithelium using retinoic acid
Controlled release composition
Method of producing structures using centrifugal forces
Combined chemo-immunotherapy with liposomal drugs and cytokines
Composition comprising extracts of flos lonicerae, fructus forsythiae and radix scutellariae, uses and preparation thereof
Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical formulations
Adhesive sheet for application on skin and process for production thereof
Plasma-derived fibrin-based matrices and tissue
Sterilization of bioactive coatings
Dental/medical compositions comprising degradable polymers and methods of manufacture thereof
Process for manufacturing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) catheter balloons
Dryer-added fabric softening articles and methods
Detection and treatment of chemical weapons and/or biological pathogens
Ultraviolet-light vehicle air cleaning system
Solar radiation protection composition
Compositions and methods for high sorption of skin materials and delivery of sulfur
Chemical peeling agent
Hair treatment compositions which provide hair body and which comprise silicon pressure sensitive adhesives
Selective removal of carbon monoxide
Solid golf ball
Thermosetting polyurethane material for a golf ball cover
Game balls with cover containing post crosslinkable thermoplastic polyurethane and method of making same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Breaking of oil/water emulsion
Filter cloth
Desulfurization reactor assembly with disposable self-sealing sorbent vessel
Method and apparatus for wet type flue-gas desulfurization
Method for laser induced isotope enrichment
Purification of onium hydroxides by electrodialysis
Method for manufacturing multiple channel membranes, multiple channel membranes and the use thereof in separation methods
Emulsification of alkenyl succinic anhydride size
Parallel reactor with internal sensing and method of using same
Biochip reader and labeling reagent
Arrayed biomolecules and their use in sequencing
Synthetic porous crystalline material, EMM-1, its synthesis and use
Consolidated amorphous carbon materials, their manufacture and use
Absorbent mixture and product
Molded product of activated carbon and a method for production thereof
Porous hollow fiber membrane having chelate formability and method for recovery of germanium oxide using the porous hollow fiber membrane
Organo-titanate catalysts for preparing pure macrocyclic oligoesters
Process for the production of highly branched Fischer-Tropsch products and potassium promoted iron catalyst
Supported catalyst treatment
Metal-containing macrostructures of porous inorganic oxide, preparation thereof, and use
Rare earth zeolite Y and the preparation process thereof
Molecular sieve catalyst composition, its making and use in conversion processes
Mgb2 single crystal and its production method, and superconductive material containing mgb2 single crystal
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes of chromium, molybdenum or tungsten
Catalyst for the production of .alpha.-olefin and .alpha.-olefin production method
Chemical product and process
Catalyst particles and method of manufacturing the same
Composite device and manufacturing method therefor
Catalyst for production of ethylene oxide, method for production thereof, and method for production of ethylene oxide by the use of the catalyst
Apparatus and method for filling and cleaning channels and inlet ports in microchips used for biological analysis
Controlled fluid transport in microfabricated polymeric substrates
Dielectrophoretic concentration of particles under electrokinetic flow
Microfluidic devices having embedded metal conductors and methods of fabricating said devices
Suction device
Method for rapid thermal cycling of biological samples
Method and apparatus for pulsed detonation coating of internal surfaces of small diameter tubes and the like
Method of and apparatus for producing electrode of fuel cell
Method for producing scratch resistant, weatherproof coatings
Method for manufacturing fuel cells, and articles made therewith
Sorting machine
Refractory lining for metallurgical vessel
Method for producing through extrusion an anisotropic magnet with high energy product
Multiple layer powder metal bearings
Injection molded heat dissipation device
Automatic wire electrode feeder for wire electric discharge machining devices
Method and apparatus for near net shape rapid rough electromachining for blisks
Multi-axis articulatable robot having a weld gun with inverted roller screw actuator
Laser machining of materials
System and method of laser drilling using a continuously optimized depth of focus
Laser illumination apparatus
Welding solid wire with high feeding performance
Low carbon high speed metal core wire
Ceramic heater
Method for oxyacetylene-cutting a piece of steel and device for carrying out this method
Rail welding apparatus incorporating rail restraining device, weld containment device, and weld delivery unit
Flexure and precision clamp
Procedure for manufacturing special chamfered tile
Colloidal isopressing
Method and system for singulating semiconductor components
Room temperature stable epoxy prepregs
Article made of polymer having a shaded appearance of anisotropic coloring constituted by individualized elements, the manufacturing thereof and the application thereof as a surface coating
Waste polymer processing device and method
Apparatus and method of filling a mold for manufacturing an ophthalmic lens
Semiconductor resin molding method
Method of fabricating a PVC ornamental article having effects of imitated materials
Co-dispensed compositions for gaskets and other objects
Method for making a multi-layer expanded shoe sole
Multiple cavity gas assisted plastic injection molding
Method and apparatus for producing data storage media
Reaction injection and compression molding of a golf ball
Multi-layer pressure pipe of a plastic material
Pipe extrusion die for multi-layer pipe
Device for treating preforms to obtain containers made of plastics
Sleeve molding
Overmolding insert for heat exchanger, process for manufacturing a heat exchanger, and heat exchanger produced thereby
Manufacture of flat surfaced composites comprising powdered fillers in a polymer matrix
Woven composite fabric
Apparatus and method for making a double-sided microlens mold and microlens array mold
Method and installation for making an optical fiber
Compressing mallet with coating treatment
Smooth bulky creped paper product
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Backerboard sheet including aerated concrete core
Multilayer heat shrinkable film
Use of a composition or premix based on volatile corrosion inhibitors, composition or premix, articles comprising said composition and preparation method
Coated paperboard process for manufacturing the same and products obtained thereof
Polyolefin oil resistant film using polar polymer
Process for making glass-reinforced multi-layer sheets from olefin polymer materials
Cellular molded article in mold pattern having surface skin and producing method thereof
Transparent polyester film having a high oxygen barrier and process for its production
Transparent polyester film having at least three layers and process for its production
Sulfonated aliphatic-aromatic copolyesters and shaped articles produced therefrom
Cover tape for packaging electronic components
Composite camouflage construction and method for manufacturing composite camouflage construction
Polymeric films
Process for producing a multi-layered foam article and articles produced therefrom
Thermoplastic elastomer composition for powder molding, powder and molded article thereof
Treated nonwoven fabrics
Cross-laminate of films and method of manufacturing
Thermoplastic film label composite with a printable, untreated, cavitated surface
Directly imageable planographic printing plate and production method thereof
Sublimation transfer paper for cotton fabrics
Guanidine compound and heat sensitive recording material
Thermal transfer recording medium
Unconjugated cyclopolyene copolymer, rubber composition, and use
Method for making window panel units having in situ extruded frames
Sound-deadening composites of metallocene copolymers for use in vehicle applications
Multiple glazed insulating unit, especially for an aircraft window, with electromagnetic armor
Microwave device for de-icing, or keeping hollow bodies free from ice and method for the operation of the device
Water-soluble copolymer film packet
Wrapping material with a Z-lock system and methods of making and using the same
Semiconductor acceleration sensor
Device having one or more contact structures interposed between a pair of electrodes
Electronic device and method for fabricating the electronic device
Micromechanical device fabrication
Functional device, method of manufacturing therefor and driver circuit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compound having dopant introduced into vacant lattice point while controlling position and concentration
Passive element for fuel processor start up transient temperature control
Hydrogen storage alloy having laves phase and production method therefor
Solid state reduction of oxides
Organoclay compositions prepared from ester quats and composites based on the compositions
Method for producing water for use in manufacturing semiconductors
Volume reduction of aqueous waste by evaporative crystallization of burkeite and sodium salts
Apparatus for making a web of paper or board containing calcium carbonate
Hydrothermal treatment of nanostructured films
Tin (IV) oxide nanopowder and methods for preparation and use thereof
Intercalation compounds and electrodes for batteries
Method for laser-scribing brittle substrates and apparatus therefor
Enhanced light transmission conductive coated transparent substrate
Chopped strands and molded product of unsaturated polyester resin BMC employing them
Electrode material, dielectric material and plasma display panel using them
Solid oxide fuel cell
Method for removing volatile components from a gel-cast ceramic article
Coating material for multifunctional superphobic layers
Method of depositing a coating on Si-based ceramic composites
Triggered start products and processes for the production and use thereof
Process for the preparation of dinitramidic acid and salts thereof
Method of removing water from hydrofluorocarbon manufacturing processes
Solid phase synthesis supports and methods
Linear alpha olefins from natural gas-derived synthesis gas over a nonshifting cobalt catalyst
Process for the preparation of amino alcohols and derivatives thereof and microorganisms useful in process
Substituted N-cycloalkyl-N-benzyl aminoalcohol compounds useful for inhibiting cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity
Process for preparing single enantiomers of 5,5,5,5',5',5'-hexafluoroleucine and protected analogs
Substituted aryl and heteroaryl compounds as E-type prostaglandin antagonists
Glyoxyl acid amides, method for producing them and their use for controlling harmful organisms
Asymmetric 1,4-reductions of and 1,4-additions to enoates and related systems
2-amino-4,5 heptenoic acid derivatives useful as nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Resin derivatization method and uses thereof
Process for the preparation of non-chiral and optically active organic compounds containing hydroxyl groups
Hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds
Process for the preparation of isolated 3,4-diaminobenzenesulphonic acid
Selected acid generating agents and their use in processes for imaging radiation-sensitive elements
Sulfonamide compounds
(E)-styryl sulfone anticancer agents
Production method of substituted benzenes
Process for producing 2-bromocyclopentanone
Catalytic osmium-assisted oxidative cleavage of olefins
Method for separating and purifying adipic acid
Homobimetallic and heterobimetallic alkylidene complexes of ruthenium containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands
Radical polymerizable compound having at least one connecting hetero atom
Optically active clausenamides, process of the preparation thereof, pharmaceutical composition containing the same and their medical use
Crystalline 3-{4-methyl-3-[methyl-(7H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidin-4-yl)-amino]-piperidin-1 -yl}-3-oxo-propionitrile citrate
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Urea compounds, process for producing the same and use thereof
Compounds useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Heterocycle derivatives and drugs
Hydroxamic acid derivatives
Sulfonamide-containing heterocyclic compounds
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic carboxamide derivatives or salts thereof and antiviral agents comprising the same
Benzhydryl derivatives
PPAR delta activators
Method for producing 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl-1,3-thiazole
Aryl phenylheterocyclyl sulfide derivatives and their use as cell adhesion-inhibiting anti-inflammatory and immune-suppressive agents
Cephalosporin intermediates
Preparation process of biphenylcarboxylic acid amide derivatives
Optically active epoxypropionate derivative, intermediate thereof and processes for their production
Vinyl group-containing diarylethene and polymer thereof having excellent optical properties
Producing liquid crystals with CF2O bond
2,4,5,-trisubstituted pyrimidine derivatives
Serotonin reuptake inhibitor
Indole derivatives with 5HT6 receptor affinity
Indole derivatives and their use for the treatment of osteoporosis amongst other applications
Quinoline derivatives
Triazole compounds useful in treating diseases associated with unwanted cytokine activity
Benzimidazole compounds
Substituted indoles, pharmaceutical compounds containing such indoles and their use as PPAR-.gamma. binding agents
6-Azauracil derivatives as thyroid receptor ligands
Thiazolidinedione derivatives and pharmaceutical composition comprising the same
Citrate salt of 5,8,14-triazatetracyclo[,11.04,9]-hexadeca-2(11),3,5,7,9-pentaene and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Triazolo[4,3-a]pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidin-5-one derivatives
Pyrrolotriazine derivatives having spla2-inhibitory activities
Photographic material comprising a bicyclic pyrazolotriazole coupler with improved hue
Thieno-and furopyrimidine derivatives as A2A-receptor antagonists
Thienopyrimidines as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Process for the preparation of ethylene polymers
Fluorinated organosilicon compounds
Polyorganosilsesquioxane and process for preparing the same
Inhibitors of intestinal apical membrane Na/phosphate co-transportation
Anti-inflammatory compounds derived from Pseudopterorgorgia elisabethae
Glyceryl nucleotides, method for the production thereof and their use
Compositions and methods for detecting raphidophytes
Methods and compositions for detecting dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase splicing mutations
Compositions and methods for enhanced synthesis of nucleic acid molecules
Process for R-epimer enrichment of 16,17-acetal derivatives of 21-acyloxy pregna,4-dien-11.beta., 16.alpha., 17.alpha.-triol-3,20-dione derivatives
Process for the production of oxandrolone
Mutant human hepatitis B viral strain and uses thereof
Recombinant proteins of a pakistani strain of hepatitis E and their use in diagnostic methods and vaccines
Identification of a novel retrovirus associated with primary sclerosing cholangitis and autoimmune hepatitis
Retrovirus isolated from humans
Adenovirus carrying gag gene HIV vaccine
Campylobacter vaccine
Nucleotide sequence of Escherichia coli pathogenicity islands
Rin gene compositions and methods for use thereof
Use of insect cell membrane transporters as novel target sites for inspection
.beta.-amyloid peptide-binding proteins and polynucleotides encoding the same
Interaction between the VHL tumor suppressor and hypoxia inducible factor, and assay methods relating thereto
Tumor suppressor molecules and methods of use
Carnitine carrier related protein-1
Compositions and methods of diagnosing, monitoring, staging, imaging and treating mammary gland cancer
Fibroblast growth factor 14
Polynucleotides encoding human ion-exchanger proteins
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
Method of identifying missing domains in receptors
In vitro methods for determining in vivo thrombotic events
Methods of expressing integrin .beta.6 subunits
Methods for the early diagnosis of ovarian cancer
Method and apparatus for detecting conception in animals
Methods and compositions for treatment of inflammatory disease using cadherin-11 modulating agents
Isolated peptide or polypeptide of the extracellular portion of the human interferon receptor (IFN-R).
CpG oligonucleotides and related compounds for enhancing ADCC induced by anti-IgE antibodies
Methods of treating disorders related to apoE
Inactivating process for lipid envelopped virus, and new antivirus lipopeptides
Peptide having for fibrinogen fragment E activity, analogs, antibodies and uses thereof
Catalyst for olefin polymerization and process for polymerizing olefin by means thereof
Process for producing olefin living polymer
Polymer synthesis
Radiation sensitive refractive index changing composition and refractive index changing method
Metallocene compound and high molecular weight copolymers of propylene and olefins having two or four to thirty-two carbon atoms
Terpolymer systems for electromechanical and dielectric applications
Reduced formaldehyde nonwoven binders which contain polymerized units of N-methylolacrylamide
Thermally stable, anthraquinone colorants containing copolymerizable vinyl groups
Bis(salicylaldiminato)titanium complex catalysts, highly syndiotactic polypropylene by a chain-end control mechanism, block copolymers containing this
Tin-containing organolithium compounds and preparation thereof
Purification means
Process for the production of low-molecular-weight allylamine polymer or addition salt thereof
Water based paint compositions
Alkyl resin emulsions and utilization of the same
Polyether/polyurethane association thickeners
Thermosetting resin composition and process for producing the same
Amber polyester compositions and container articles produced therefrom
Process for the preparation of heat-stable, antimony-free polyesters of neutral color and the products which can be prepared by this process
Aqueous coating compositions based on epoxybutene polyethers
Plasma-resistant fluorine-based elastomer sealing material
Composition of polyphenylene ether, polystyrene and curable epoxy
Method and apparatus for preparing a poly(arylene ether)
Method for processing a mineral fillers with a phosphate, said fillers and their uses
Adhesively bonded chip-and wafer stacks
Polyarylene sulfide resin
Synthesis of oligomeric poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)'s and their conversion to high temperature plastics, elastomers, and coatings
Polyester film composite, light-diffuser plate and utilization thereof
Solvents and photoresist compositions for short wavelength imaging
Water-free preparation process for multimodal thermoplastic polymer foam and foam therefrom
Two-component (epoxy/amine) structural foam-in-place material
Rubber composition and tire
Method of making synthetic resin composition with lubricative underwater properties containing RBC or CRBC fine powder
Stabilization system for improving the melt viscosity of polypropylene during fiber processing
Granular composite additive for polyolefin, process for producing the same, and polyolefin composition containing the same
Synergistic stabilizer compositions for themoplastic polymers in prolonged contact with water
Composites comprising plant material from Parthenium spp. and plastic
EPDM rocket motor insulation
Thermoplastic elastomers having enhanced foaming and physical properties
Bimodal polyethylene composition and articles made therefrom
Solvent-free polyrethane-polymer-hybrid-dispersion and use thereof
Coating composition
Electrochromic device with composition of epoxy resin, toughener and latent curative
Ternary mixture of biodegradable polyesters and products obtained therefrom
Pigment paste
UV curing intaglio ink
Radio hardenable powder paints
Polyester dispersants
Film obtained from silsesquioxane polymer and method of preparing same
Coating composition for the production of insulating thin films
Waterborne film-forming compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Radiation curable coating having low gloss and coated articles made therefrom
Copper polish slurry for reduced interlayer dielectric erosion and method of using same
Dissolvable adhesive article
Adhesive composition
Hard coat film
Radiation detection
Preparation of ZNS particles doped with copper
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal light modulating apparatus
Stabilizing clayey formations
Electrically conductive non-aqueous wellbore fluids
Use of dispersion polymers as friction reducers in aqueous fracturing fluids
Winter diesel fuel production from a fischer-tropsch wax
Process for the production of high quality middle distillates from mild hydrocrackers and vacuum gas oil hydrotreaters in combination with external feeds in the middle distillate boiling range
Process for the production of high quality base oils
Process for reducing coke agglomeration in coking processes
Gas engine lubricating oil composition
Lubricant for cutting threads
Fabric care compositions comprising an organophilic clay and a functionalized oil
Post-planarization clean-up
Hard surface cleaning composition comprising a solvent system
Detergent compositions comprising an encapsulated percarbonate compound
Azeotrope-like compositions of pentafluoropropane and chloropropane
System and method for mold detection
Process for examining membrane enclosed biocompartments
Apparatus for separating cells and producing microbial polysaccharides
Bacteriophage, a process for the isolation thereof, and a universal growth medium useful in the process thereof
Lysate clearance and nucleic acid isolation using silanized silica matrices
DNA cloning method
Strand displacement methods employing competitor oligonucleotides for isolating one strand of a double-stranded nucleic acid
Recording of DNA sequences to enable them to be expressed in yeasts, and the transformed yeasts obtained
Lipoxygenase genes from Vitis vinifera
Phytyl/prenyltransferase nucleic acids, polypeptides and uses thereof
Gene transfer methods
Method of forming a cell pattern on a surface
Multipotent neural stem cells from peripheral tissues and uses thereof
Lineage-restricted neuronal precursors and methods of isolation
Cell expansion system for use in neural transplantation
Pharmacological targeting of bacterial DNA ligase for treatment and prevention of bacterial infections
Isolated human enzyme proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme proteins, and uses thereof
Using purified telomerase to identify telomerase activators and inhibitors
Kinase capable of site-specific phosphorylation of I.kappa.B.alpha.
55053, a novel human eukaryotic kinase and uses therefor
Metalloprotease-disintegrin ADAM23 (SVPH3-17) nucleic acids
Cytochrome P450 oxygenases and their uses
Process for the preparation of pantothenic acid by amplification of nucleotide sequences which code for the ketopantoate reductase
Identifying lifespan-altering agents
Method and apparatus for prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell quantitation
Test media and quantitative or qualitative method for identification and differentiation of E. coli, general coliforms, salmonella, and aeromonas in a test sample
Fluorogenic protease substrates based on dye-dimerization
Methods for determining tyrosine-DNA phosphodiesterase activity
Diagnosis of premature ovarian failure
Lubricant compositions containing ester-substituted hindered phenol antioxidants
Method and kit for detecting resistance to antiviral drugs
Alterations in the long QT syndrome genes KVLQT1 and SCN5A and methods for detecting same
Fluorometric assay for detecting nucleic acid cleavage
VEGF responsive cell-based assay for determining VEGF bioactivity
Mechanical waves generator system in a converter or pyrometallurgical furnace
Appliance and method for tempering a plurality of process items by absorption of electromagnetic radiation generated by plural sources of the radiation
Die-casting brass alloy which is resistant to dezincification
Method for pretreating a polymer substrate using an ion beam for subsequent deposition of indium oxide or indium tin oxide
Method of forming deposited film
Chemical vapor deposition method of making layered superlattice materials using trimethylbismuth
Non-crystalline oxides for use in microelectronic, optical, and other applications
Methods of forming dielectric layers and methods of forming capacitors
Method of replacing at least a portion of semiconductor substrate deposition process kit hardware, and method of depositing materials over a plurality of semiconductor substrates
Method of controlled chemical vapor deposition of a metal oxide ceramic layer
Deposition methods for improved delivery of metastable species
Chemical vapor deposition methods, and atomic layer deposition method
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process for producing part made of magnesium and/or magnesium alloy
Method for forming an electrical insulating layer on bit lines of the flash memory
Methods of using adhesion enhancing layers and microelectronic integrated modules including adhesion enhancing layers
Electrolytic ozone water production method and device therefor and solid polymer electrolyte membrane regenerating method
Low temperature alkali metal electrolysis
Methods of forming metal layers in integrated circuit devices using selective deposition on edges of recesses and conductive contacts so formed
Structure on a bi-color rust-proof barrier layer of a tool head
Method of preparing nitrogen containing semiconductor material
Method of making nanotube-based material with enhanced electron field emission properties
Textiles; Paper
High-tenacity yarn with profiled filaments
Manufacturing method for differential denier and differential cross section fiber and fabric
Ultrafine inorganic fiber, and a process of preparing for the same
Three-dimensional carbon fibers and method and apparatus for their production
Flame-resistant and high visibility fabric and apparel formed therefrom
Biodegradable formable filament nonwoven fabric and method of producing the same
Electrically conductive fabric
Fixed Constructions
Fire-inhibiting flat element comprising at least two transparent fire-resisting glass plates
Wellbores utilizing fiber optic-based sensors and operating devices
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrally bladed rotor airfoil fabrication and repair techniques
High-frequency induction heating device
Carbon monoxide sensed oven cleaning apparatus and method
Method for measuring height of sphere or hemisphere
Film thickness measurement using electron-beam induced x-ray microanalysis
Load cell and weighing system for cryogenic tanks
Combination weighing apparatus having a supply unit
Electronic balance
High speed sampling circuit
Apparatus and methods for generating an electronic signal responsive to selected light
Portable thermal imager with a shock-absorbing lens mount
Photoelectric converter and radiation reader
Device, method, and system for detecting the presence of liquid in proximity to electronic components
Analysis device
Method and apparatus for laser microdissection
Method and apparatus for hemostasis and blood management
Gas sensor for ammonia, carbon dioxide and water
Sample chip analyzing device and method for analyzing the same
Optical sensor and optical process for the characterization of a chemical and/or bio-chemical substance
Method of inspecting holes using charged-particle beam
Capillary electrophoretis system, sample analyzer and liquid sample cassette for electrophoretic separation
Time dispersive spectrometer using digital switching means
Method and apparatus to increase the resolution and widen the range of differential mobility analyzers (DMAs)
FAIMS with non-destructive detection of selectively transmitted ions
Nanodosimeter based on single ion detection
Integrated monolithic microfabricated dispensing nozzle and liquid chromatography-electrospray system and method
Median filter for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Plural intrinsic expiration initiation application indicators
Microspot test kit and method for chemical testing
Method and apparatus for rapid fat content determination
Test element analysis system
Assay for evaluating the therapeutic effectiveness of agents in reducing Alzheimer's disease pathology
Method and kit for identifying or characterizing polypeptides
Complexes containing crosslinked avidin, analytical method with the use of crosslinked avidin and analytical reagents and kits
Treatment of substrates for immobilizing biomolecules
Biosensor method for detecting analytes in a liquid
Methods for identifying ligand binding sites in a biomolecule
Functional vitamin D derivatives and a method for determining 25-hydroxy-vitamin D and 1.alpha., dihydroxy-vitamin D
Test vehicle with zig-zag structures
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device sorting system to be used with the same
Device and method for detecting a reliability of integrated semiconductor components at high temperatures
Microelectronic fabrication die electrical test method providing enhanced microelectronic fabrication die electrical test efficiency
Method for manufacturing a magneto-resistive effect element and a method for manufacturing a magneto-resistive effect type magnetic head
Semiconductor laser-based area scanner
Radiation image information read-out apparatus
Element with coated dosimeter
Nuclear imaging system and method using segmented field of view
Focus aid for confocal microscope
Fast phase diversity wavefront correction using a neural network
Color filter and manufacturing method therefor, display device and electronic equipment
Fiber optic signal detector with two switchable input channels
Active optical device
Method for manufacturing multi-domain liquid crystal cell
Method of fabricating liquid crystal display devices integrated with driving circuit
Thin film transistor array panel
Image information read-out apparatus
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide photographic material by the use thereof
Photographic solid fine-grain dispersion, method for preparing the same, and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material
Dye-Layered silver halide photographic elements with low dye stain
Silver salt photothermographic imaging material
Photothermographic material
Assist feature for random, isolated, semi-dense, and other non-dense contacts
Mask for adjusting transmittance of a light and method for manufacturing the same
Photo mask for patterning a lightning rod
Mask and production method therefor and production method for semiconductor device
Positive-working photoresist composition and resist patterning method using same
Negative resist composition, method for the formation of resist patterns and process for the production of electronic devices
Positive resist composition
Positive photoresist composition for far ultraviolet exposure
Photosensitive polymers and resist compositions comprising the photosensitive polymers
Positive resist composition and base material carrying layer of the positive resist composition
Exhaust flow control system
Method of measuring aberration of a projection system of a lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Design and layout of phase shifting photolithographic masks
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Charged-particle beam drawing data creation method, and charged-particle beam drawing apparatus using the same
Atomic lithography of two dimensional nanostructures
Multi-beam exposure apparatus using a multi-axis electron lens, fabrication method of a semiconductor device
Substrate exposure apparatus
Pattern width slimming-inhibiting method of photoresist pattern using photoresist composition containing thermal acid generator
Photoresist residue remover composition
Electrophotographic toner and method of producing same
Corotron comprising a fixing elements on supports, an assembly with a power supply unit and an assembly for replacing a corotron wire
Heater having imide-based slide layer and image heating apparatus using the heater
Dual layer photoconductors with charge transport layer including styrene-acrylic resin
Imaging members
Random copolymers used as compatibilizers in toner compositions
Clinical assay calibration adjustment method
Transparent electroconductive film and touch panel
N-shaped antenna loops of digitizer tablet for reducing antenna switches and the method for locating the cordless pen
Surface mount package with integral electro-static charge dissipating ring using lead frame as ESD device
Quantum computer
Musical instrument
Stringed instrument with embedded DSP modeling
Fast beat counter with stability enhancement
Method and system for storing information using nano-pinned dipole magnetic vortices in superconducting materials
Perpendicular magnetic recording medium
Recording medium with a varying composition underlayer
Optical recording medium and its manufacturing method
Semiconductor memories
Semiconductor memory cell and semiconductor memory device
Polymer memory device formed in via opening
Integrated sensor with frame memory and programmable resolution for light adaptive imaging
Wafer with additional circuit parts in the kerf area for testing integrated circuits on the wafer
Semiconductor memory device with shortened connection length among memory block, data buffer and data bus
Method and apparatus for tool and tip design for nanomachining and measurement
Conductive probe for scanning microscope and machining method using the same
Thin radiation source and method of making the same
Ultraviolet radiation producing apparatus
Scanning electron microscope
Twisted pair cable with dual layer insulation having improved transmission characteristics
Cable channel filler with imbedded shield and cable containing the same
Resistor and method for producing the resistor
Resin composition for bonded magnet and bonded magnet using the same
Low-cost MR fluids with powdered iron
Method and apparatus for increasing the rating of a transformer
Gettering agent and method to prevent corrosion in a fluid switch
Multiple way switch assembly and switch module
Controller switch assembly
Contact mechanism
Switch and method for producing the same
Switching mechanism of circuit breaker for gas insulted switchgear
Safety switch of screwdriver
Emitter with filled zeolite emission layer
Electrode insulator materials for use in extreme ultraviolet electric discharge sources
Apparatus wherein ionizing radiation is generated
Apparatus and techniques for scanning electron beam based chip repair
Method and device for electronic cyclotronic resonance plasma deposit of carbon nanofibre layers in fabric form and resulting fabric layers
Arc chamber filament for ion implanter
Method and apparatus for automating a matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometer
Method for increasing the dynamic range of mass spectrometers
Mass analyzing method using an ion trap type mass spectrometer
Method of forming bumps on a wafer utilizing a post-heating operation, and apparatus therefor
Dielectric element and method for fabricating the same
Flash step preparatory to dielectric etch
Wafer-level inter-connector formation method
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method of forming ferroelectric film, ferroelectric memory, method of manufacturing the same, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Utilization of disappearing silicon hard mask for fabrication of semiconductor structures
Aluminum-filled self-aligned trench for stacked capacitor structure and methods
Capacitor structure
Double pattern and etch of poly with hard mask
Method of reducing visible light induced arcing in a semiconductor wafer manufacturing process
Strained Si device with first SiGe layer with higher Ge concentration being relaxed to have substantially same lattice constant as second SiGe layer with lower Ge concentration
Method for making a semiconductor device having an ultra-thin high-k gate dielectric
Gas insulated gate field effect transistor
Method of forming silicide layers over a plurality of semiconductor devices
High throughout process for the formation of a refractory metal nucleation layer
Method for forming a plug metal layer
Silicide-silicon contacts for reduction of MOSFET source-drain resistances
Method of fabricating metal lines in a semiconductor device
Method for the formation of RuSixOy-containing barrier layers for high-k dielectrics
Method of etching and anti-reflection film using substituted hydrocarbon with halogen gas
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
High-K dielectric materials and processes for manufacturing them
Capacitor structure forming methods
Method for the formation of silica film, silica film, insulating film, and semiconductor device
Method to form a DRAM capacitor using low temperature reoxidation
Manufacturing method of semicondcutor device
Gap fill for high aspect ratio structures
Mos field effect transistor and mos capacitor
Determining method of thermal processing condition
Method of making vertical diode structures
Method to fabricate SiGe HBTs with controlled current gain and improved breakdown voltage characteristics
Method of fabricating polysilicon film by nickel/copper induced lateral crystallization
Method for forming word line of semiconductor device
Etch stop layer for etching FinFET gate over a large topography
Method using planarizing gate material to improve gate critical dimension in semiconductor devices
Method of forming double-gated silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors with reduced gate to source-drain overlap capacitance
Method of body contact for SOI mosfet
Double-gate vertical MOSFET transistor and fabrication method
Method for forming a fin in a finFET device
Metal source and drain mos transistor
Fully depleted SOI transistor with elevated source and drain
Methods for fabricating transistor gate structures
Semiconductor device
Method of forming an embedded memory including forming three silicon or polysilicon layers
Trench capacitor DRAM cell using buried oxide as array top oxide
Use of amorphous carbon as a removable ARC material for dual damascene fabrication
Semiconductor package including a double-faced semiconductor chip having integrated circuitry on both sides thereof and a method of fabricating the semiconductor package
Semiconductor device having pads for connecting a semiconducting element to a mother board
Semiconductor device protective overcoat with enhanced adhesion to polymeric materials and method of fabrication
Method of making a semiconductor having multi-layered electrodes including nickel and phosphorus and solder formed with tin and an alkaline earth metal
Method of detecting spatially correlated variations in a parameter of an integrated circuit die
Creating a process recipe based on a desired result
Semiconductor device including evaluation elements
Semiconductor wafer and device for semiconductor device manufacturing process
Solid-state image pickup device having improved flatness and method for fabricating the same
Manufacture method for semiconductor device having silicon-containing insulating film
Sacrificial feature for corrosion prevention during CMP
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
Method of forming a metal to polysilicon contact in oxygen environment
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having dual damascene structure
Bi-layer photoresist method for forming high resolution semiconductor features
High aspect ratio fill method and resulting structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having buried metal wiring
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device including transistor with composite gate structure and transistor with single gate structure, and method for manufacturing the same
Method of forming embedded copper interconnections and embedded copper interconnection structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device and semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
Semiconductor thin film and method of manufacturing the same and semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Carrier injection protection structure
Method of forming trench isolation without grooving
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Strained-silicon semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having dynamic threshold transistors and element isolation region and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry
Methods for forming metal interconnections for semiconductor devices using a buffer layer on a trench sidewall
Method for forming a dual gate oxide device using a metal oxide and resulting device
Contact structure a semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Even nucleation between silicon and oxide surfaces for thin silicon nitride film growth
Capacitor for semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of wafer level fabrication and assembly of chip scale packages
Method of manufacturing LOC semiconductor assembled with room temperature adhesive
Plastic lead frames for semiconductor devices, packages including same, and methods of fabrication
Ceramic circuit board
Integrated circuit having a barrier structure
Structure and method of direct chip attach
Method of manufacturing a multi-chip module
Interconnection structures and methods of fabrication
Interconnection structure of semiconductor element
Test patterns for measurement of low-k dielectric cracking thresholds
Method and semiconductor wafer configuration for producing an alignment mark for semiconductor wafers
Method of fabricating a high frequency signal amplification device
Method and apparatus for robust optical tracking with beacon markers
Electrostatic discharge protection device having a graded junction and method for forming the same
Low triggering N MOS transistor for electrostatic discharge protection device
Nitridated tunnel oxide barriers for flash memory technology circuitry
Barrier stack with improved barrier properties
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Non volatile embedded memory with poly protection layer
Apparatus and method for inhibiting dummy cell over erase
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell and associated semiconductor circuit configuration and method for the fabrication of the circuit configuration
Nonvolatile memory with pedestals
Method for operating a stacked gate field effect transistor (FET) device
Semiconductor device using an SOI substrate
Systems and methods for forming dense n-channel and p-channel fins using shadow implanting
Dynamic threshold voltage MOS transistor fitted with a current limiter
Fast turn on/off photovoltaic generator for photovoltaic relay
Method of forming a photodiode for an image sensor
Image input/output device for displaying an image on a single panel
Wire connection structure and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated metal-insulator-metal capacitor and metal gate transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming a weak ferroelectric transistor
Method of making the selection gate in a split-gate flash eeprom cell and its structure
Semiconductor device
High-voltage vertical transistor with a multi-layered extended drain structure
Method of making a high-voltage transistor with buried conduction regions
Vertical type power mosfet having trenched gate structure
Semiconductor devices including a silicon-on-insulator layer
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) device having source/drain silicon-germanium regions
Logic apparatus and logic circuit
Semiconductor memory with trench capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with alternating conductivity type layer and method of manufacturing the same
Solar cell substrate, thin-film solar cell, and multi-junction thin-film solar cell
Semiconductor element and semiconductor memory device using the same
Optical sensor
Electrically-conductive grid shield for semiconductors
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
GaN LED with solderable backside metal
Microfabricated thermoelectric power-generation devices
Method for manufacturing MTJ cell of magnetic random access memory
Electrical and thermal contact for use in semiconductor devices
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the same
Compositions, methods for producing films, functional elements, methods for producing functional elements, methods for producing electro-optical devices and methods for producing electronic apparatus
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of manufacturing the same
Electrolyte for electrochemical device
Nonaqueous electrolyte and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Electrolyte-particulate fuel cell anode
Positive and negative interactive electrode formulation for a zinc-containing cell having an alkaline electrolyte
Preparation of C/Si/O composite material
Battery plate and battery
Method and apparatus for humidification and temperature control of incoming fuel cell process gas
Fuel cell power generating system and operation method
Method and apparatus for establishing a negative pressure inside an enclosure that houses a fuel cell system
Method and apparatus for operating an electrochemical fuel cell
Hydrogen based energy storage apparatus and method
Humidification apparatus for fuel cells
Fuel cell stack having intermediate plate for restricting movement of bolt members for fastening stacked body
Compliant electrical contact
Waterproof grommet
Grounding plate and telecommunications module including a grounding plate and telecommunications rack mounting system including a module
Semiconductor laser and method of production of the same
Harness-applied armoring member and harness-arranging structure using the same
Connection structure and connection member for electrical connection of power cables
Drainage structure of electric parts accommodation box
Secondary power source for use in a back-up power system
Pseudorandom assignment between elements of the image processor and the A/D converter cells
Drive apparatus for CCD image sensor
Conductor composition
Apparatus for processing a substrate including a heating apparatus
Printed circuit board debug technique
Wiring board and a method for manufacturing the wiring board
Printed wiring board device having heat-absorbing dummy parts, and method of manufacturing the printed wiring board device
Structure of joining chip part to bus bars
PCB design and method for providing vented blind vias
Shielded housing
Ergonomic shield for assembly to and disassembly from a substrate
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