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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce variety emerson
Zantedeschia variety 110167-55633
Methods and materials for conferring resistance to pests and pathogens of plants
Hybrid cucumber `jurassic`
Perfusion culture method and perfusion culture device for organ or tissue
Continuous-flow deformability-based cell separation
Adamantyl derivatives as therapeutic agents
Pharmaceutical formulation of apomorphine for buccal administration
Remedy for diabetes
Herbicidal compositions for tolerant or resistant maize crops
Probiotic composition useful for dietary augmentation and/or combating disease states and adverse physiological conditions
Probiotic strains for pets
Inducible release vehicles
Inducible release vehicles
Method for reversing an oxidized off-flavor from milk
Stabilized foam
Device and method for the high-pressure treatment of products
Human photoaged skin model
Oxygen-enhanced MR imaging technique
Imaging probes
Methods for detection of vulnerable plaque with quantitative colorimetry during angioscopy
Polymer linear actuator for micro electro mechanical system and micro manipulator for measurement device of cranial nerve signal using the same
Electrocardiograph with subject contact detection based on signal difference
Apparatus, method and computer program for determining a property of a heart
Electroencephalographic headset
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Systems, devices, and methods including a dark-field reflected-illumination apparatus
Needle positioning apparatus and method
X-ray CT apparatus
Device and method for non-destructively testing cylindrical or tube-shaped test objects by means of X-rays
Liquid-absorbent structure for wearing article
Methods for the treatment and the prognostic assessment of malignant pleural mesothelioma
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound
Fumigillol type compounds and methods of making and using same
Coumarin compounds as melanogenesis modifiers and uses thereof
Small molecule antagonists of bacterial quorum-sensing receptors
Heteroannelated anthraquinone derivatives for inhibiting cancers
Alkylamine-substituted dicyanopyridine and amino acid ester prodrugs thereof
Crystals of prasugrel hydrobromate
Substituted isoquinoline and isoquinolinone derivatives
Tetrahydropyrrolothiazine compounds
Treatment of spinal mechanical pain
Methods for inhibiting expression of connective tissue growth factor
Use of isothiocyanate derivatives as anti-myeloma agents
Method of treating cancer using combination of a bifunctional alkylating agent and DNA repair inhibitors
Metallic implant which is degradable in vivo
Topical anti-inflammatory combination
Method and apparatus for treating pests
Methods and compositions for reducing interleukin-4 or interleukin-13 signaling
Compositions and methods for counteracting effects of reactive oxygen species and free radicals
Drug delivery system
Anti-parasitic compounds
Modulation of UL24 interactions with protein targets and uses thereof for inhibition of herpesvirus infection
Truncated cystine-knot proteins
Formulation having mobilising activity
Compositions comprising apolipoprotein A polypeptide and interleukin 15, and methods of treatment using the same
Inhibitors of hepatitis C virus polymerase
Protracted exendin-4 compounds
Compositions for immunotherapy and uses thereof
Therapeutic vaccination against active Tuberculosis
Dengue vaccine, pharmaceutical composition comprising the same, nucleotide sequence and antibody composition
Methods of treatment using anti-IL-17A/IL-17F cross-reactive antibodies
Anti-BV8 antibodies and uses thereof
Class I anti-CEA antibodies and uses thereof
Codon modified immunogenic compositions and methods of use
Use of analgesic potentiating compounds to potentiate the analgesic properties of an analgesic compound
Process for producing nanoparticles by spray drying
Sustained-release hydrogel preparation
Carbidopa/Levodopa gastroretentive drug delivery
Microemulsions with adsorbed macromolecules and microparticles
Dosage form for insertion into the mouth
Percutaneous absorption enhancer and transdermal preparation using the same
Method of screening for a damp-dry malodor inhibitor and method of evaluating damp-dry malodor inhibitor by microbial production of 4-methyl-3-hexenoic acid
Kitchen waste bin
Catheter apparatuses having expandable balloons for renal neuromodulation and associated systems and methods
Photoelectrical devices for stimulating neurons
Methods and apparatus for intravasculary-induced neuromodulation
Natural nail polish
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods for treating an inorganic slurry
Compositions for chemical and biological defense
Method for preparing large-sized titanium-silicalite molecular sieve and method for preparing cyclohexanone oxime using the molecular sieve
Device and materials fabrication and patterning via shaped slot electrode control of direct electrostatic powder deposition
Floor treatment procedure
Method and device for sorting flat mail items
Dual gas laser cutting of medical devices
Method for making molded skins from multiple plastics
Processes for providing images on resin structures
Methods and systems for forming reinforced composite articles having variable thickness corners
Reusable placemat with strap
Film for construction and film combination
Image forming apparatus with plurality of optical scanning devices
Method for manufacturing liquid discharge head
Optical element retainer and image forming apparatus including the optical element retainer
Exposure head and producing method thereof, cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Photo paper
Lithographic printing plate precursor and method of preparing the same
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-mode powertrain system
Methods and systems for controlling a proportional integrator
Vehicle control device, portable device, portable device search system
Car alarm apparatus
Graphic display apparatus
Information processing apparatus, motor-driven movable body, and discharge control method
Method for demanding safety reactions for a rail vehicle
Unintended acceleration detection and correction
Air-conditioning control device for electric vehicle
Operation support device and automatic operation device
Vehicle steering system
Steering system
Universal tank overlay
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing alkali metal niobate particles, and alkali metal niobate particles
Hydrogen release from complex metal hydrides by solvation in ionic liquids
Methods for preparing composites of substrate-molecular sieve
Bio-oil production with optimal byproduct processing
Ink compositions containing isosorbide-capped amide gellant
Compounds from mycelium of Antrodia cinnamomea and use thereof
Process for isomerization of cis-2-pentenenitrile to 3-pentenenitriles
Process for producing aminoalkylthiosulfuric acid compound
Method for preparing dithiocarbamates in particular from polyols of the glycerol type
Process for the selective hydroxylation of benzene with molecular oxygen
Mixed oxide catalysts for catalytic gas phase oxidation
Methods for selective hydrogenation performance using a layered sphere catalyst with new formulations
Dry fractionation method for oil or fat
Process for preparing (meth)acrylic esters of polyols
Neopentyl glycol diester
Polyactic acid-based polyol composition, process for production thereof, urethane resin composition, process for production of same, and molded products thereof
N-aryl piperidine substituted biphenylcarboxamides as inhibitors of apolipoprotein b
Imidazole-benzamide anti-cancer agents
1,3-diiodohydantoin compound and production method thereof
Alkylsulfinyl-substituted thiazolide compounds
5-lipoxygenase-activating protein inhibitor
Process for the preparation of solifenacin succinate
Azabicyclic carbamates and their use as alpha-7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor agonists
Metal alkyl-arenes and processes for the preparation thereof
Method for preparing a diorganodihalosilane
Bisphosphonamidate prodrugs and uses thereof
Cyclic nucleotide analogs
Synthetic double-stranded oligonucleotides for specific inhibition of gene expression
Methods and apparatus for screening and detecting multiple genetic mutations
Targeted delivery of siRNA
Beta-amino acids
Synthetic wood composite
High refractive index pressure-sensitive adhesives
Polymeric compositions and foams, methods of making the same, and articles prepared from the same
Process for making thermoplastic polyesters
Fluorinated polyester blend
Biodegradable nitric oxide generating polymers and related biomedical devices
Emulsions based on hydroxyl compounds bearing silyl groups
Continuous counter-current organosolv processing of lignocellulosic feedstocks
Preparation of silica reinforced rubber composition and tire with component thereof
Linerless prepregs, composite articles therefrom, and related methods
Process for making triglyceride plasticizer
Dispersion adhesives, a process for preparing them and use thereof
Method of making a pigment dispersion
Polyolefin foams for footwear foam applications
Composition for sealing a colorant to a surface and/or for protecting a surface
Single batch latex ink compositions and methods
Near-infrared absorbing film compositions
Stable bicarbonate ion-containing drug solution
Fluorosurfactants and treatment fluids for reduction of water blocks, oil blocks, and/or gas condensates and associated methods
Aqueous cleaning composition for removing residues and method using same
Selection of host cells expressing protein at high levels
Preventive or therapeutic agent for fibrosis
Method and kit for expressing protein under regulation of the expression from repeated sequence formed by gene amplification, and transformant
Methods and materials for stimulating proliferation of stem cells
Compositions and methods utilizing DNA polymerases
.beta.-Glucosidase variants
Modulation of human mouse double minute 2 homolog activity
SOAT polypeptide reaction mixture
Alcohol product processes
Screening methods for cognitive enhancers
Method of microbial profiling of a sample using phenanthridium derivatives
Method of identifying target biomolecule by using probe-binding frequency
Device and method for extraction and analysis of nucleic acids from biological samples
Methods of assessing the risk of reproductive failure by measuring telomere length
Microfluidic platforms for multi-target detection
Recovery method for a continuous calcium extraction and PCC production
Silver alloy with high tarnish resistance
Deposition of layer using depositing apparatus with reciprocating susceptor
Inhibition of corrosion in boiler systems with etheramines
Textiles; Paper
Lignin/polyacrylonitrile-containing dopes, fibers, and methods of making same
Methods and apparatus for residual material management
Multi-functional yarns and fabrics having anti-microbial, anti-static and anti-odor characterisitics
Fixed Constructions
Shovel and method of controlling shovel
Container security apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel injection controller
Vertical wind turbine generator with ventilator
Collapsible horizontal axis wind generator
Cooling system for cooling driving motor of hybrid vehicle and method for controlling the same
Method of reducing magnetite formation
System and method for enhanced vehicle control
Position detection system and projection display system
Omnidirectional sun position sensing device with a plurality of optical sensors
Optical beam scanner and laser radar unit
Air-flow activated germicidal UV-C lights in HVAC system
Optical integrating cavity lighting system using multiple LED light sources
Image position detector and image forming device
Photodetector device
Operating device
Electromagnetic radiation detecting device comprising an active bolometer and a shielded reference bolometer
Temperature sensor and living body detector using temperature sensor
Cooling control calibration for thermally-isolated self-heating devices
Distinguishing between EGR valve and oxygen sensor degradation
Method for operating a motor vehicle and a control device for said vehicle
Apparatus for the determination of a concentration of a component to be measured in a gas
System and method for monitoring unsaturated zone gas and near-surface atmosphere in real time by using isotope analyzer
Conductivity sensor
Method for evaluating the ability of a battery to start
Discharge ionization current detector
Large volume analyte preconcentrator
Control solution packets and methods for calibrating bodily fluid sampling devices
Biomarker for osteoarthritis and/or other ageing-related diseases, and use thereof
Biomarkers for diagnosing alzheimer's disease
Method of negative-ion MALDI analysis of neutral labeled sugars and screening disease markers
Device for clamping a hose line for determining the concentration of a blood constituent
Dyes having ratiometric fluorescence response for detecting metabolites
Detection of saliva proteins modulated secondary to ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast
Membrane precursors and membranes formed therefrom
Proximity sensor calibration and configuration
Method and apparatus for wave detection
Method and system for protecting an electrical power transmission network
Method for the generation of analytical redundancy relations for system diagnostics
Electronic part and method of detecting faults therein
Method of handling communications of low priority device and MTC device in a wireless communication system and related communication device
Field deployable message compromiser
High sensitivity differential current transformer for insulation health monitoring
Test circuit for testing through-silicon-vias in 3D integrated circuits
Method for determining a parameter of at least one accumulator of a battery
Magnetic-field sensor
Positional information transmitter, positional information receiver, and position measuring system
Position calculating method and position calculating device
Apparatus and method to track positions of multiple sound sources
Apparatus and methods for high performance radiographic imaging array including reflective capability
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and RF coil
Transmission line array for explosive detection using nuclear quadrupole resonance
Filtered model output statistics (FMOS)
Photographic lens optical system
Liquid optics with folds lens and imaging apparatus
Microscope having an adjustment device for the focus range
Fiber optic enclosure with tear-away spool
Polarization multiplexing modulator
Optical devices including resonant cavity structures
Lens system, optical device with lens system, and method of manufacturing lens
Photodetector, liquid crystal display device, and light emitting device
Two-way liquid crystal display device
Liquid-crystal display with coherent illumination and reduced speckling
Method for producing liquid crystal panel, liquid crystal panel, and repair apparatus
Method of fabricating a liquid crystal display device comprising aligning a soft mold and forming a contact hole, a first passivation film, and a first column spacer by contacting the soft mold with a pattern material layer
Thin film transistor, thin film transistor substrate, processes for producing the same, liquid crystal display using the same, and related devices and processes; and sputtering target, transparent electroconductive film formed by use of this, transparent electrode, and related devices and processes
Liquid crystal optical apparatus and image display device having particular electrodes
All-solid-state reflective dimming electrochromic element sealed with protective layer, and dimming member comprising the same
Optical coupling device having KBBF group crystal coupled with prisms and method for manufacturing same
Lens barrel that performs photographic lens extension and retraction, image pickup apparatus including lens barrel
Camera system and interchangeable lens
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method of applying a pattern to a substrate using sensor and alignment mark
Microlithographic projection exposure apparatus with correction optical system that heats projection objective element
Method for manufacturing stamper for injection molding
Monomers, polymers, photoresist compositions and methods of forming photolithographic patterns
Optical lithography using graphene contrast enhancement layer
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, an image forming apparatus, an image processing method and a recording medium
Image forming apparatus with developer amount detection
Electrophotographic apparatus and electrophotographic photosensitive member
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus using electrophotographic process
Recording medium determination apparatus and image forming apparatus
Rotary developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and transport guiding device having a smoothly operating door
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming program
Toner for developing latent electrostatic image, two-component developer, image forming method and image forming apparatus
Belt driving apparatus and image forming apparatus
Multi-toner discharged area development method
Image forming apparatus
Electrographic tactile image printing system
Electrophotographic printer and transitional cleaning system
Delivery apparatus
Electrophotographic photoconductor, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Methods for measuring charge transport molecule gradient
Optically variable security device and method
Method for producing holographic media
Operation and construction of electric power consuming facilities using facility models
Motor vehicle ignition key, motor vehicle navigation device, motor vehicle system, and methods
Method for allowing a manipulator to cover a predetermined trajectory, and control device for carrying out said method
Helicopter with multi-rotors and wireless capability
System and method of controlling vehicles to follow a defined trajectory in a complex track network
Systems and methods for generating a command trajectory
Regulator capable of rapidly recovering an output voltage and a load current thereof
Discharge lamp system, method and apparatus of controlling the transition time of discharge lamp current change
Power management for loads supplied with power from wild sources
Connecting assembly and electronic apparatus having same
Watch type mobile terminal
Method and system for reducing peak load charge on utility bill using target peak load and countermeasures
High-speed digital image printing system
Image processing apparatus, image forming system and non-transitory computer readable medium
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Synchronous parallel pixel processing for scalable color reproduction systems
Vehicle, control method, and computer program
Adaptive mode control apparatus and method for adaptive beamforming based on detection of user direction sound
Processing data supplementary to audio received in a radio buffer
Active anti-vibration supporting device and anti-vibration control method for same
Method and apparatus for synthesizing and analyzing patterns
Mobile device and method for performing black box function
System for automatically generating package designs and concepts
Method for evaluating the state of a fuel-air mixture
Sensors bias detection for electronic returnless fuel system
Automated portable media device testing system
Method for the injector-individual adaption of the injection time of motor vehicles
Verification method and system
Electronic device
Method and apparatus for providing tactile sensations
Electronic apparatus and input interface thereof
Display apparatus for supplying power to an external device and control method thereof
Method for accessing one application or a set of applications from or through a token, corresponding token and system
Signal-to-noise ratio enhancing touch sensing apparatus using charge sharing method
Multi-point touch screen and touch detection method
Portable optical touch system
Resistive multi-touch device and method for detecting touched points of the resistive multi-touch device thereof
Resubmission to alternate printers to help efficient printing and space planning
Image forming apparatus to which portable storage medium can be connected
Information processing apparatus, PDL data conversion method, and storage medium
Media processing device
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and computer readable medium storing program
Automatic delivery system for continuous batch order processing
Sensor alignment process and tools for active safety vehicle applications
Image forming apparatus and print control method
Hybrid halftone generation mechanism using change in pixel error
Information processing apparatus, image generating method, and storage medium
Image processing using halftone image data
Data communication apparatus and method of controlling the same
Method and apparatus to provide enhanced printing for newly launched devices in a universal printer driver
Systems and methods for implementing dynamic user intent-based finisher options in image forming and document handling systems
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium for measuring line width of lines
Image capture and identification system and process
Image stabilization device, image stabilization method, and program
Medical image enhancement technique based on image transform resonance
Method for the linear structuring of a coated substrate for the production of thin-film solar cell modules
Method for locating artefacts in a material
System for three-dimensional object recognition and foreground extraction
Range measurement using multiple coded apertures
Stereoscopic dynamic range image sequence
Systems, methods, and media for creating multiple layers from an image
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Contour correcting device, contour correcting method and video display device
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Digital pathology system with low-latency analytics
Decoding a sequence of digital images with error concealment
Unauthorized text alteration prevention with contour following background patterns
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium of image processing method
List texture
System and method for conforming an animated camera to an editorial cut
User interfaces for interacting with top-down maps of reconstructed 3-D scences
Systems and methods for visually previewing variable information 3-D structural documents or packages
Component-based lighting
Skin-patch type infusion pump comprising a resonant buzzer
Cable wrap security device
Light scattering type smoke detector
Status sensing and reporting interface
Metering apparatus with damage monitoring
Automatic configuration of initiating devices
Wireless communication system, base station, resource block allocation method, and program
EL display panel, electronic apparatus and EL display panel driving method
Display device and electronic equipment
Color signal converter, display unit, color signal conversion program, computer-readable storage medium storing color signal conversion program, and color signal conversion method
Micro projector driving device and driving method
Electro-optic device, electronic apparatus, and method for driving electro-optic device
Method for driving a display and related display apparatus
3-D clipping in a graphics processing unit
Digital image processing apparatus and method for rapidly changing a displayed image
User input apparatus, computer connected to user input apparatus, method of controlling computer connected to user input apparatus, and storage medium
Systems and methods for image data management
Display interface updating method for touch screen and multimedia electronic device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, program, and image processing system
RGB-out dither interface
Video signal processing apparatus, video display apparatus, video signal processing method, and integrated circuit
Color correction method and apparatus for displays
Halftone image generation method and image processing system and computer program product thereof
Marked precoated strings and method of manufacturing same
Adjustment drive for adjusting the string tension of a stringed instrument
Tape media life
Hard disk having a squeeze air bearing for rotating a disk
Spindle motor with hydrodynamic bearing structure having capillary seal and disk drive apparatus including same
Information recording apparatus and information writing method
Disk drive calibrating fly height during startup by reading spacing pattern in servo sectors
Adaptive disturbance compensation with multi-rate synchronized sampling
Bit patterned magnetic media
Semiconductor memory device
Systems, methods, and devices with write optimization in phase change memory
Writing circuit for a magnetoresistive memory cell, memory cell arrangement and method of writing into a magnetoresistive memory cell of a memory cell arrangement
Ultra low power memory cell with a supply feedback loop configured for minimal leakage operation
Memory circuit
Optimized threshold search in analog memory cells
Field-effect transistor shift register
Semiconductor memory device and method of writing into semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and data processing system
Method of detecting connection defects of memory and memory capable of detecting connection defects thereof
Method of recycling radioactive waste acid
Apparatus for forming a magnetic field and methods of use thereof
Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, and wireless power transmission system
Electromagnet for low field NMR measurements and method for manufacturing thereof
Static transfer switch device, power supply apparatus using the switch device and switching method thereof
Electrically conductive structure of micro switch
Encryption keyboard
Acceleration switch
Acceleration switch and electronic device
Active material actuation utilizing magnetic overload protection
Driving device and relay
Keypad assembly for portable terminal
Electron beam device including a first electron biprism to split an electron beam into two beams and a second electron biprism in the image forming lens system to superpose the two beams
Analysis apparatus and analysis method
Apparatus and method of dissociating ions in a multipole ion guide
Discharge lamp bulb having metal band supported by support portion
Single-cap via-in-pad and methods for forming thereof
Housing body and method for production thereof
Method for hybrid encapsulation of an organic light emitting diode
Silicon substrate having textured surface, solar cell having same, and method for producing same
Method of forming chalcogenide thin film
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Doping carbon nanotubes and graphene for improving electronic mobility
Band gap improvement in DRAM capacitors
Method of forming p-type ZnO film
Method for bonding semiconductor substrates
Enhanced stripping of implanted resists
Method of fabricating structured particles composed of silicon or silicon-based material and their use in lithium rechargeable batteries
Interconnect structure and method of making same
FinFET structure and method to adjust threshold voltage in a FinFET structure
Method of use of a field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor
Method for manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a field effect transistor, and field effect transistor
Nanowires, method of fabrication the same and uses thereof
Integrated circuit package architecture
Method for removing native oxide and associated residue from a substrate
Method for manufacturing semiconductor element and deposition apparatus
Method for manufacturing semiconductor chips from a semiconductor wafer
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Manufacturing method of SOI substrate
Integrated circuits including barrier polish stop layers and methods for the manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device comprising a lateral bipolar transistor
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having an antenna
Bonding structure and bonding method of heat diffusion member, and cooling unit using the same
Integrally molded die and bezel structure for fingerprint sensors and the like
Production method of cooler
Increased surface area electrical contacts for microelectronic packages
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Thermally insulated phase change material cells
Circuit structure with low dielectric constant regions
System and method for increasing productivity of combinatorial screening
Integrated circuit including cross-coupled transistors having gate electrodes formed within gate level feature layout channels with four inside positioned gate contacts having offset and aligned relationships and electrical connection of transistor gates through linear interconnect conductors in single interconnect layer
Ge-on-insulator structure and method for forming the same
Display device
Solid state imaging device
Photon counting detector to generate high-resolution images and high-contrast images, and photon counting and detecting method using the same
Light-emitting device and lighting device
Electro-optic device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent display device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Suppression of inclined defect formation and increase in critical thickness by silicon doping on non-c-plane (Al,Ga,In)N
P-type semiconductor material and semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Transistor employing vertically stacked self-aligned carbon nanotubes
Semiconductor element and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
All graphene flash memory device
Photoelectric conversion device
Nanostructures and methods for manufacturing the same
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
High performance, high bandgap, lattice-mismatched, GaInP solar cells
Fiber photovoltaic devices and applications thereof
Lateral overflow drain and channel stop regions in image sensors
Metallization method for silicon solar cells
Light emitting device with transparent plate
Light emitting diode package structure and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting diode
Multi-layer array type LED device
Light-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Light-emitting devices
Display device with step configuration in the insulating layer
Stacked semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Fluorene derivative, organic compound, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, and electronic device using the compound
System and method for cell voltage balancing
Battery and battery housing
Manufacture of fuel cell
Diagnostic system for unbalanced motor shafts for high speed compressor
Fuel cell with current collectors integrated with the solid electrolyte and process for manufacturing such a fuel cell
Superconducting direct current transmission system
Selectivity of a dual coupler
Antenna pattern frame, case of electronic device and mould for manufacturing the same
Antenna unit and electronic apparatus
Method for estimating the polarization ellipticity of an antenna response signal to an incident electromagnetic wave
High performance HDTV antenna design and fabrication
Utilization of Yb: and Nd: mode-locked oscillators in solid-state short pulse laser systems
Surface emitting laser diode, optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Dual mode semiconductor laser and terahertz wave apparatus using the same
Sterilization method, ion generating device, ion generating apparatus, and air conditioning apparatus
Method and system for a cutout cover
Polarized lightning arrestors
Intelligent circuit breaker apparatus and methods
Switching configuration and procedure for the production of one alternating voltage from a majority of unrelated supply terminals with temporally variable output DC voltage
Alternating current line emulator
Battery monitoring circuit and battery monitoring system
Refuelable storage battery
Battery, battery system and method for detecting abnormal state of battery
Electric machine
Permanent-magnet (PM) rotors and systems
Stator system with a cooling arrangement
Power supply device
Capacitive load drive circuit, fluid ejection device and medical device
Methods to reduce output voltage ripple in constant on-time DC-DC converters
Method and apparatus for sensing multiple voltage values from a single terminal of a power converter controller
Three-phase reactor power saving device
Thermoelectric generator
Polyphase electric motor
Motor drive system and control method thereof
Fan control system and air conditioner that includes the same
Motor control unit and electric power steering system
Resonant commutation system for exciting a three-phase alternator
Semiconductor device, image display device, storage device, and electronic device
Resistance-capacitance oscillation circuit
Resistance-capacitance oscillation circuit
Amplifying device and wireless transmission device using the same
Broadband, high-linearity LED amplifier having high output capacity in a compact design
Power amplifier apparatus and power amplifier circuit
High performance class AB operational amplifier
Doherty power amplifier and implementation method thereof
Signal processing apparatus, semiconductor chip, signal processing system, and method of processing signal
Flexible, space-efficient I/O circuitry for integrated circuits
Communication cell for an integrated circuit, chip comprising said communication cell, electronic system including the chip, and test apparatus
Semiconductor device having a complementary field effect transistor
Phase locked loop, semiconductor device, and wireless tag
Fractional PLL circuit
Locked loop circuits and methods
Display apparatus and display method
Data conversion method based on scale-adjusted B-map
Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, encoding method, decoding method, program of encoding method, program of decoding method, recording medium in which program of encoding method is recorded, and recording medium in which program of decoding method is recorded
Audio receiver and sample rate converter without PLL or clock recovery
Calibration correction for implicit beamforming in MIMO systems
Antenna switching for data transmission in a communication system using a plurality of transmission antennas
Adaptive RF saturation detection in a wireless device implementing multiple wireless protocols
Radio frequency receiver
Method and system for power saving in wireless communications
Control circuit of flyback power converter with bidirectional communication channel
Receiving apparatus and method
Methods, systems, and devices for wirelessly streaming data to an optical disc
Data center with free-space optical communications
Routing facility for a subsea electronics module
Method and device for low-power FM transmission of audio data to RDS capable FM radio receiver
Method for managing the operation of a wireless device, in particular for reducing interferences with a potential victim device
Arrangement and method for simulating a radio access network
Haptic feedback device using standing waves
Contactless communication medium, antenna pattern-placed medium, communication apparatus, and antenna adjusting method
System and method for enhancing cell-edge performance in a wireless communication network
Systems and methods for group information server among mobile devices
Detecting a communication tap via signal monitoring
Position based WPAN (wireless personal area network) management
Cell type information sharing between neighbor base stations
Wireless communication system and wireless communication method
Repeater techniques for multiple input multiple output utilizing beam formers
Ethernet digital storage (EDS) card and satellite transmission system
Method of transmitting control information
Method and system for scheduling frequency physical resources based on frequency hopping
Congestion control method and devices
Communication system, mobile terminal, network node, and base station apparatus
Dynamic bandwidth allocating method and device with hardware reduced and bandwidth usability improved
Method and device for detecting a signal in a long term evolution system
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving a signal in a wireless communication system
Real time control network system
Frame constructing and frame processing methods, device and system in multi-hop access network
Method and apparatus for allocating resource
Low overhead MIMO scheme
Apparatus and method of calculating channel frequency domain correlation
Evolved multimedia broadcast multicast service system and method for performing statistical multiplexing of services with different quality of service class identifiers
Achieving greater test efficiencies using ACK signal suppression
Push signal delivery status judging apparatus and method
Adaptive triggering set for relaxed deterministic back-off method
System, apparatus and method for making statistics on point to point protocol negotiation state in wireless system
Wireless communication device
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Enhanced resequencing of data received over a wireless communication system
One-way message notification with out-of-order packet delivery
Classifying traffic at a network node using multiple on-chip memory arrays
Method and apparatus for use in a communications network
Dynamic wake-up time adjustment based on designated paths through a computer network
Methods, systems, and devices for interfacing to networks
Integrity check in a communication system
Call transfer with multiple application servers in session initiation protocol-based network
System and method for conveying end-to-end call status
Driver circuit, receiver circuit, and method of controlling a communications system including the circuits
Pulse harmonic modulation systems and methods
Signal processing under attenuated transmission conditions
Scattered pilot pattern and channel estimation method for MIMO-OFDM systems
Method and apparatus for determining channels in a signal
Mobile phone comprising a streaming server with a control means for controlling the conversion of a file before streaming thereof
Transmitter and receiver for pulse density modulated signals and signal processing method
Method and apparatus for processing entitlement control message packets
Encryption/decryption apparatus and method using AES rijndael algorithm
Electrically floating, near vertical incidence, skywave antenna
Mobile electronic device
Apparatus and method for improving RSE performance of multi-standby terminal
Telephone and voice adjustment method for telephone
Schemes for the efficient reception of radio communications signals
Ultra mobile communicating computer with finger holes to ease grip
Mobile electronic device
Mobile device to detect unexpected behaviour
Communication apparatus and method for controlling the same
Methods and devices for prioritizing message threads
Telephone call inbox
Allocating charges for communications services
System and method for eliminating hold time in a telecommunications network
Method for transmitting digital data and system thereof and mobile terminal for the same in call waiting
Method and terminal for talk recording implementation
Disposable telephone numbers
Systems and methods for selectively allowing communication of a voice-call-availability status for a mobile device
Method and system for rapid caller identification
Method and apparatus for ringback tone personalization
Image reading apparatus
Image capture device for extracting textual information
Image forming apparatus with plurality of optical scanning devices
Generating color separation table for printer having color forming materials with high and low relative densities using a gamut boundary to limit use of dark color material
Color selection assisting method, image processing method, color selection assisting apparatus, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium for adding check operation to instruction based on error information acquired
Portable remote control device enabling three-dimensional user interaction with at least one appliance
System and method for generating stereoscopic image with configurable background offset within a system and method for N shooting devices (N>1)
Imaging device, imaging method and recording medium for adjusting imaging conditions of optical systems based on viewpoint images
Control method and apparatus for displaying moving pictures
Image display apparatus and image display method
Automated camera and monitor color calibration
Driving method of a semiconductor device
Solid-state imaging element, method of driving the same, and camera system
Image processing
Signal processing device, and integrated circuit including oblique lowpass filtering and multiple sharpening components
Region of interest extraction
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and electronic device
Adjustable lens array with variable optical power
Context and epsilon stereo constrained correspondence matching
Image processing apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus, lens unit, and methods for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for image data transfer in digital photographing
Apparatus and method for adaptive camera control method based on predicted trajectory
Image processing method for executing color conversion processing, image processing program, image processing device and camera
Image selection device and image selecting method
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image pickup apparatus, and display device
Image sensor with charge multiplication
Multi-purpose architecture for CCD image sensors
Method and apparatus for interacting with television screen
Information apparatus for acquiring image file and log file, and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Controlled information processing apparatus
Video bit stream extension by video information annotation
Video output apparatus, display system, and video output method for outputting video signal to display apparatus
Motion image rendering systems and methods
Image insertion device for compressed video data
Method and system for decoding digital video content involving arbitrarily accessing an encoded bitstream
Compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams employing multi-directional spatial encoding
Broadcast receiver and 3D video data processing method thereof
Illumination compensation method and apparatus and video encoding and decoding method and apparatus using the illumination compensation method
Techniques for managing visual compositions for a multimedia conference call
Integrated system for telepresence videoconferencing
System and method for capturing debug information using a peripheral device
Detection system, signal processing method of detection system, and smoke sensor
Image processing apparatus, medium recording image processing program, and image processing method
Method and apparatus for copy protection detection in a video signal
Air cushioned microphone cable retractor and receptacle assembly
Display control apparatus and control method thereof
Apparatus for reproduction of sound
Battery case of headphone and headphone having the same
Earphone single-shaft structure
Linear interleaved magnetic motor and loudspeaker transducer using same
Supporting a multimedia application based on network zone recognition
Proximity-based wireless handshaking for connection establishment
Method of improving coverage and optimisation in communication networks
System and method for wireless communications activity within a predetermined area and for generating messages to selected communication devices
Systems and methods of providing intelligent handset testing
Methods, systems and apparatuses of emergency vehicle locating and the disruption thereof
Methods, systems and computer program products for a remote business contact identifier
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Techniques for improving control channel acquisition in a wireless communication system
Terminal and grant processing method thereof
UE initiated frequency partitioning based CoMP scheme for downlink cellular communications
Integrated messaging
Method and apparatus for detachment from a wireless communication network
Beamforming method using multiple antennas
Access point, L2 switch and method of supporting multicast handover using the access point and L2 switch
Legacy operations in a MU MIMO wireless network
Apparatus and method for frame structure in wide-band wireless communication system
Method and apparatus to provide hidden node protection
Inter-PLMN roaming
Apparatus and method for assigning acid in persistent resource allocation
System and method for providing mobile device services using SMS communications
Method and device for counting traffic and automatically calculating a cost of surfing a network
System and method for reducing side-lobe contamination effects in Wi-Fi access points
Base station device, base station controlling device, mobile terminal, communication system, and method for controlling base station device
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a wireless communication network system
Method and system for data transmission in communication system
Radio base station and communication control method
Apparatus for updating information of an M2M device in a wireless communication system and method thereof
Transmission of data within a communications network
Short-range wireless mobile terminal method and system
Large-scale antenna method and apparatus of wireless communication with suppression of intercell interference
Cooktop with light emitting indicators
Illumination apparatus to reduce insect attractancy
Integrated circuit for illumination device, and illumination device
Driving circuit having voltage dividing circuits and coupling circuit for controlling duty cycle of transistor and related circuit driving method thereof
Power supply system for electronic loads
X-ray generating apparatus and method of driving X-ray tube
Thermal compensation signal for high voltage sensing
Terminal mounting construction and electronic device
Enclosure assembly housing at least one electronic board assembly and systems using same
High-definition multimedia interface tap device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Potato cultivar FL 2027
Antibodies against mouse pituitary tumor transforming gene carboxy-terminal (PTTG-C) peptides
Method for fighting soil insects with phenyl-pyrazoles
Manufacture and use of an deposition aid
Pestcide and/or plant growth regulating compositions
Anti-protista preparation
Antimicrobial polymer
Microbicidal formulations and methods to control microorganisms
Skin preparations for external use
1-H-3-arylpirrolidine-2,4-dione derivatives
High strength steel plate having superior electromagnetic shielding and hot-dip galvanizing properties
Process of making an osteopathy solution
Plant and product treatment
Method and apparatus for evacuating pockets of injected fluid in meat products
Confectionery composition
Process for preparing solid polyvinyl ester resins
Enantioselective oligomerization of .alpha.-hydroxy carboxylic acids and .alpha.-amino acids
Method for producing Aspartame derivative, method for purifying the same, crystals thereof and uses of the same
System for, and method of, irradiating articles
Method of making custom insoles and point of purchase display
Fastener with fiber-covered anchor and sealing elements
Method and apparatus for sensing water flow through a dishwasher including a thermal sensor
Medical instrument for closure of trocar site openings and method for use of same
Instrument for closing, by subcutaneous suturing, an orifice made in the abdominal wall of a patient
Closure device
Composite tissue adhesive
Bone anchors for bone anchor implantation device
Variable composite sheath with interrupted sections
Apparatus and methods for valve removal
Diskectomy instrument and method
Surgical cutting tool
Closed-end infusion catheter with an introducer and a method for using the same
Hair removal system for use prior to skin treatment
Electrosurgical generator and method with voltage and frequency regulated high-voltage current mode power supply
Method and apparatus for controlling a temperature-controlled probe
Method for reducing restenosis in the presence of an intravascular stent
Apparatus for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with tissue including electrode cooling device
Energy based devices and methods for treatment of patent foramen ovale
Structures for deploying electrode elements
Method for controlling skin temperature during thermal treatment
Apparatus and method for applying reinforcement material to a surgical stapler
System and method for evaluating a secondary LASIK treatment
Device for sensing parameters of a hollow body organ
Isotopic gas analyzer and method of judging absorption capacity of carbon dioxide absorbent
Optical fiber curvature sensor for measuring body motion and its adhesive method
Method and device for sampling and analyzing interstitial fluid and whole blood samples
Diagnostic article
Imaging probe
State detecting device for sheet-like image recording medium
Method and apparatus for preventing tooth decay
Intravaginal devices containing progesterone for estrus synchronization and related proceses
Ear cleaning appliance and method of manufacture
Method of making ventilation tube
Creped and imprinted web
Method for making fibrous web materials
Tampon with adjacent wide and narrow raised portions
Offset proximal cage for embolic filtering devices
Tube system for reconstructing of hollow organs
Intraluminal graft assembly and vessel repair system
Thoracic aortic stent graft deployment device
Intravascular stent
Delivery system for self expanding stents for use in bifurcated vessels
Handle deployment mechanism for medical device and method
Endovascular graft system
Apparatus and methods for controlled substance delivery from implanted prostheses
Stents, stenting systems, and related methods for agent delivery
Low profile, high stretch, low dilation knit prosthetic device
Graft ligament anchor and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Fixturing assembly
Mobile talar component for total ankle replacement implant
Wound covering
Cranial orthosis for preventing positional plagiocephaly in infants
Apparatus for self-applied hot stone therapy
Repetitive progressive axial displacement pattern for phacoemulsifier needle tip
Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
CPR compression device and method
CPR chest compression device
Method and composition for inhibiting arteriosclerosis
Cd45 inhibitors
Polymorphic forms of sertraline hydrochloride
Composition and method for treatment of neoplastic diseases associated with elevated matrix metalloproteinase activities using catechin compounds
Composition and methods for treating Alzheimer's disease and other amyloidoses
Compositions for treating or preventing malaria and method of treating malaria
Glycoluril core molecules for combinatorial libraries
Use of R (+)-.alpha.-(2,3-dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-piperidine methanol for the treatment of substance induced insomnia
Methods for reducing excessive barking of a dog
Stabilized antihistamine syrup
Methods for prevention of ulcers and improving physiological performance
2-anilino-pyrimidine derivatives as cyclin dependent kinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition for application to mucosa
Use of 2.alpha.-methly-19-nor-20(S)-1.alpha.,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 to increase bone strength
Extended release analgesic for pain control
Non-sedating barbituric acid derivatives
Compositions and methods for treatment of lung transplants
Malto-oligosaccharide derivatives and use thereof
Prevention of atherosclerosis and restenosis
Animal feed compositions and methods of using the same
Non-fermented osmotic laxative and method for treating and preventing colorectal cancers
Combined use of a GLP-1 compound and another drug for treating dyslipidemia
Pharmaceutical ayurvedic preparation
GD2 peptide mimics
Use of colostrinin, constituent peptides thereof, and analogs thereof, as oxidative stress regulators
Expansion of hematopoietic cells using midkine or pleiotrophin
Method to treat pulmonary hypoplasia in the newborn
Method of enhancing bone density
Hyaluronidase preparation for ophthalmic administration and enzymatic methods for accelerating clearance of hemorrhagic blood from the vitreous body of the eye
Methods and compositions for the treatment of cerebral palsy
Altered human interleukin-1.beta. convertase (ICE), NEDD-2, and C. elegans ced-3 polypeptides and uses therefor
Immunoprotective recombinant antigen from anaplasma marginale, vaccine compositions and methods of use
Methods to produce high levels of C. difficile toxins
Model for testing immunogenicity of peptides
Non-invasive localization of a light-emitting conjugate in a mammal
Pharmaceutical agents containing acyclovir, fusaric acid and derivatives thereof
Method of reducing toxicity of anticancer agents
Method for producing purified hematinic iron-saccharidic complex and product produced
Prevention of addiction in pain management
Use of a polypeptide for treatment of pruritis in animals
Pharmaceutical dronedarone composition for parenteral administration
Methods and compositions for polyene antibiotics with reduced toxicity
Antibody with 46 kdalton HMFG antigen binding specificity, immunoassay kit and diagnostic method
Hematopoietic growth factor inducible neurokinin-1 gene
Method for transferring nucleic acid into striated muscles
Muting gene activity using a transgenic nucleic acid
Versatile hydrophilic dyes
Preparation of further diagnostic agents
Ultrasonic imaging system utilizing a long-persistence contrast agent
Radiolabeled neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Adhesive composition
Dental resin cements having improved handling properties
Composition for blending to hair treating agents and a hair treating agent
Cyclic compounds and their use as precursors of fragrant alcohols
Fragrance precursors
Cosmetic films
Amphiphilic cationic associative polymers, preparation process, use as thickeners and composition comprising them
Mold inhibitor integrated within a matrix and method of making same
Slow release protein polymers
Pharmaceutical composition having two coating layers
Water-soluble stabilized self-assembled polyelectrolytes
Contact lens treating method and composition
Iodine/iodide-containing hot melt coatable adhesive, methods and uses therefor
Treatment of inflammatory skin conditions
High stiffness absorbent polymers having improved absorbency rates and method for making the same
Power system for sterilization systems employing low frequency plasma
Surfactant system
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Microfabricated tissue as a substrate for pigment epithelium transplantation
Coated vascular grafts and methods of use
Medical device having anti-infective and contraceptive properties
Medical devices utilizing melt-processible poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Localized delivery of drug agents
Dissolvable subcutaneous catheter cover
Drug-delivery endovascular stent and method for treating restenosis
Method for determining a treatment parameter on a haemofiltration device, and haemofiltration device for applying the method
Infusion devices and method
Peel-away sheath
Catheter balloon having improved balloon bonding
Guidewire for a free standing intervascular device having an integral stop mechanism
Minimally compliant, volume efficient piston for osmotic drug delivery systems
Method, tool, and system for deploying an implant into the body
Fluid delivery and measurement systems and methods
Process and device for single use, needle-free intradermal, subcutaneous, or intramuscular injections
Needleless injector
Intravenous catheter and insertion device
Sun bathing and sauna assembly
Laundry treatment compositions comprising a silicone and a substituted polysaccharide
Cosmetic compositions containing water-soluble polymer complexes
Dual compartment packaged cosmetic composition
Golf balls comprising highly-neutralized acid polymers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Non-immersive method for treating or cleaning fabrics using a siloxane lipophilic fluid
System and method for thermal management
Water pollution trap with oil segregator/collector
Graded particle-size retention filter medium for fluid filtration unit with improved edge seal
Fuel-water separator unit with parallel flow
Spa and pool filter
Sulfur-bearing residue treatment system
Stripper and a stripping process for removing the flue gas carried by regenerated catalyst
Fluid filter system for snow making apparatus
Highly asymmetric, hydrophilic, microfiltration membranes having large pore diameters
Filter medium for air filter and method for its production
Honeycomb structure
Drum scrubber
Filter device for filtering fluids
System for purifying and removing contaminants from gaseous fluids
Gas storage and dispensing system with monolithic carbon adsorbent
Ambient air pollution trap
Method for neutralizing a stream of fluid, and washing liquid for use in one such method
Method of removing SO3 from flue gases
Purifier and garbage disposer
Nitrogen oxide reducing system for diesel engine and nitrogen gas generating device
Method for characterizing biomolecules utilizing a result driven strategy
Automatic shut-off for water treatment system
Equipment of local streaming potential measurement for monitoring the fouling process in hollow-fiber filtrations of nano-colloidal suspension
Compositions comprising copolymers of N-vinylcarboxamides and monomers with a hydrophobic radical, and use of these copolymers
Apparatus for loading fibers in a fiber suspension with calcium carbonate
Apparatuses and methods for creating and testing pre-formulations and systems for same
Thermally efficient micromachined device
Inhibiting of erosion of vessels
Manufacture of arrays with reduced error impact
Ultraviolet-light-based disinfection reactor
Apparatus and method for hydrothermal electrolysis
Heating element using charcoal
Method for the purification of hydrogen peroxide solutions
Window glass employing titanium dioxide photocatalyst
Fluoropolymer reactor with heat exchange jacket
Ruthenium complexes of phosphine-aminophosphine ligands
Method for separation of reaction products from catalysts
Cellulose ethers
Carrier for catalyst and method for preparing the same
Exhaust emission control device and method of manufacturing the same
Reactor for exothermic or endothermic heterogeneous reactions
Multi-well plate cover and assembly adapted for mechanical manipulation
Method and apparatus for dispensing and distributing biological sample
Microfluidic chip having integrated electrodes
Flexible septa closure plug mats for well plate mounted arrays of sample vials
Parallel sample loading and injection device for multichannel microfluidic devices
Microtiter plate with integral heater
Heating and cooling device for an apparatus for tissue processing for the tissue embedding
Drag-reducing polymer suspensions
Apparatus for creating unique random images
Lane maintenance machine having reciprocating cleaning liquid dispensing head
Polymer coatings
Coated composite high voltage electrical insulator
Infrared irradiation
Fabrication of aligned crystal cell/film by simultaneous alignment and phase separation
Process for the production of coated polymeric film
Multi-layer coating
Thick film conductor compositions for use in membrane switch applications
Method for surface preparation of workpieces utilizing fluid separation techniques
Method and tool for cleaning a watercraft speedometer
Aluminum alloys having high corrosion resistance after brazing
Method of manufacturing net-shaped bimetallic parts
Method and apparatus for manufacturing fine powders
Metal powder, method for producing the same, conductive paste using the same, and monolithic ceramic electronic component
Cutting tool
Image-fixing member, image-fixing apparatus and image-forming apparatus using the same
Laser-plasma hybrid welding method
System and method for controlling welding parameters in welding-based deposition processes
Long life welding electrode and its fixing structure, welding head, and welding method
Flux-cored wire for gas-shielded arc welding
Flux binder system
Cutter duplication apparatus
Quality control module for tandem arc welding
Electric arc welding system
Stud welding device with contact protection
Ergonomic handle attachment for welding torch
Device for setting and bonding fasteners onto support surfaces
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor chip
IC chip manufacturing method
Contact-discharge truing/dressing method and device therefor
Method for shaping optical storage discs and products thereof
Diamond-silicon carbide composite and method for preparation thereof
Apparatus and method for making intraocular lenses
Method for forming golf ball cores
Temperature-controlled induction heating of polymeric materials
Composition for producing ultraviolet blocking lenses
Molded painted plastic component being an integrally formed badge
Foam in place urethane for structural headliners
Method and apparatus for eliminating a parting line witness mark from a molded part
Plastic injection molding with moveable insert members
Method and apparatus for forming composite material and composite material therefrom
Method for making electrode
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of pipes of thermoplastics with transverse profile features
Method of making a spirally-wound tube
Processes and apparatus for making transversely drawn films with substantially uniaxial character
Machine of joining of sheets of plastics materials of big dimensions
Methods of and apparatus for joining profile sections by differentially heating the profile sections and connecting material
Desktop process for producing dental products by means of 3-dimensional plotting
Methods for labeling semiconductor device components
Process for unidirectional infiltration of preform with molten resin or pitch
Method of making crystallized bottlenecks
Deblocking contact lenses
Method and device for the manufacture of corrugated material
Paperboard tube structures with one or more cut-and-folded plies
Resin-metal composite structure
Phosphor thin film, manufacturing method of the same, and electroluminescent panel
Method for the production of composite materials
Image-bearing composite element and method of making same
Opaque, white film with low transparency made from a crystallizable thermoplastic
Coating for the adhesive-receiving surface of polymeric labels
Polyester laminate materials
Structural dimple panel
Thermal insulating coating for spacecrafts
Treated substrate with improved transfer efficiency of topical application
Sulfated phenolic resins and printing plate precursors comprising sulfated phenolic resins
Lithographic printing plate precursor
Methods and apparatus for making color filter by discharging a filter material
Scratch layer transfer sheet and method of producing scratch printing product
Transfer paper by heat able to dissolve a metal layer partially and the preparation method thereof
Product authentication
Liquid pressure transfer method for loop-like workpiece and product decorated thereby
Laser thermal transfer donor including a separate dopant layer
Thermal dye-transfer receiver element comprising a silicone release agent in the dye-image receiving layer
Method of making a material
Terpolymer compositions for coating substrates used in computer printers
Notepad and process and apparatus for making same
System, method and apparatus for improved global dual-damascene planarization
Strippable glass fiber wall covering
Rubber composition
Tire sidewall compounds having improved flex fatigue and tread compound having improved tear strength
High voltage electrical packaging box structure
Method and system for vehicle occupant weight sensing
Apparatus and method for applying a tire dressing fluid to a tire surface
Labeling method employing radiation curable adhesive
Detached portable battery with universal clip
Method for release of surface micromachined structures in an epitaxial reactor
Wafer scale package and method of assembly
Method for reducing leaching in metal-coated MEMS
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stabilized liquid compositions containing peroxides
Lithium-material comprising an intermetallic lithium/transition metal pnictide phase for lithium batteries
Self-regulating hydrogen generator
Fuel cell system having two reformer units for catalytic decomposition
Carbon based thirty six atom spheres
Method of forming composite arrays of single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof
Graphite particles and process for production thereof
Mg-Al-based hydrotalcite-type particles, chlorine-containing resin composition and process for producing the particles
Manganese dioxide for alkaline cells
Wastewater trickle tower biomedia with casing
Glass ceramic composition
Soil-resistant coating for glass surfaces
Cleaning method and etching method
Water- and oil-repellent treatment of textile
Antibacterial glass composition and antibacterial polymer composition using the same
Settable composition containing potassium chloride
Dielectric ceramic, methods for making and evaluating the same, and monolithic ceramic electronic component
Binding agent for inorganic material powders for producing metallic and ceramic moulded bodies
Methods for forming articles having very small channels therethrough, and such articles, and methods of using such articles
Grout for making watertight screens
Soil enhancers
Biological addition to organic-mineral fertilizers
Thickened water in oil emulsion composition
Preparation of 5-tert-butyl-metaxylene using a solid active clay catalyst
Process for preparing 1,2-diamino compounds
Side-chain halogenated amino dicarboxylic acid derivatives as medicaments for treating cardiovascular diseases
Derivatives of dicarboxylic acid having pharmaceutical properties
Aryl borates
Quarternary ammonium compounds
Volatile copper(II) complexes for deposition of copper films by atomic layer deposition
Process for the hydrogenation of alkylaryl ketones
Process for the preparation of isopropanol
Polymer electrolyte and process for producing the same
Calcium receptor-active compounds
Preparation of polysulfide compositions
Process for the production of bisphenol-A
Process for preparing TCD-alcohol DM
Preparation of acrylic acid
Process for producing ester
Initiator systems, polymerisable compositions, and uses thereof for bonding low surface energy substrates
Heterocyclic ureas, their preparation and their use as vanilloid receptor antagonists
sPLA2 inhibitors
Method for preparing dexchlor tannate
Process for producing 4-dimethyl amino pyridine (4-DMAP)
Atropisomers of 3-substituted-4-arylquinolin-2-one derivatives
4, 5-diaminopyrazole derivatives in dimer form, and use thereof in the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres
Imidazole carbenes
Benzimidazolidinone derivatives
Aryl sulfonamides
Crystal forms of (-)-6-chloro-4-cyclopropylethynyl-4-trifluoromethyl-1,4-dihydro-2H-3,1-ben zoxazin-2-one
Compounds with growth hormone releasing properties
Non-proteinogenic L-amino acids
Tricyclic compounds and their use in medicine process for their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
.beta.3 agonists and uses thereof
Oxidation process and catalyst
Production of taxol and taxanes
Compounds that modulate PPAR activity and methods for their preparation
Process for making allyl succinic anhydride
Process of manufacture of 1,3-oxathiolane nucleosides using titanium trichloride mono-isopropoxide
Benzimidazole compound crystal
Pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,4] benzodiazepine-indole derivatives, their preparation process, and uses of the same
Protease inhibitors of the coagulation cascade isolated from Dysidea sponges
Substituted naphthyl indole derivatives as inhibitors of plasminogen activator inhibitor Type-1 (PAI-1)
Substituted pyrimidinyl derivatives and methods of use
Quinazoline derivatives
Analgesic and immunomodulatory cannabinoids
Crystalline form of (3R,4R)-4-[3-(S)-hydroxy-3-(6 methoxyquinolin-4-propyl]-1-[2-2-thienylthio)ethyl] piperidine-3-carboxylic acid
Benzoxazinone derivatives, their preparation and use
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonists and methods relating thereto
Substituted-3-indolyl-4-piperidino-alkyl heterocycles for the treatment of depression
Method for the preparation of selectively-substituted corroles and new substituted corroles
Deuterated rapamycin compounds, method and uses thereof
Antidepressant piperidine derivatives of heterocycle-fused benzodioxans
Recyclable chiral metathesis catalysts
Organometallic compounds and emission-shifting organic electrophosphorescence
Metallocene compound, process for producing metallocene compound, olefin polymerization catalyst, process for producing polyolefin, and polyolefin
Process for preparing alkylchlorosilanes from the residues of direct synthesis of alkylchlorsilanes
Tri-and bidentate amido ligands prepared by palladium0 coupling and metallation thereof to form metal-amido catalysts
Alkyl group VA metal compounds
Method for the synthesis of sucrose-6-esters
Amido macrolides
Lipase variant
Nucleotide sequences of the nucleocapsid (NP) gene of a Malaysian velogenic Newcastle disease virus strain AF2240
Polypeptides having oxaloacetate hydrolase activity and nucleic acids encoding same
Compounds and their uses
Resin for solid phase synthesis
Refolding of membrane proteins
Process to concentrate insoluble proteins by vibrating membrane filtration
Isolated human aminoacylase, nucleic acid molecules encoding human aminoacylase, and uses thereof
Nucleotide sequences which code for the rpsL gene
Opsonic and protective monoclonal and chimeric antibodies specific for lipoteichoic acid of gram positive bacteria
Efficient protein expression system
DNA repair enzymes, nucleic acids encoding DNA repair enzymes and methods of using them
Nucleotide sequences which code for the citB gene
Crystals of the large ribosomal subunit
Regulatory region of a lipid transfer protein (LtpW1) from aleuron tissue of wheat
Genes encoding sulfate assimilation proteins
Exonuclease-mediated nucleic acid reassembly in directed evolution
Epithelial cell growth inhibitors
Recombinant PDGF A-chain homodimers and methods of use
Polynucleotides encoding motilin homologs
Purified and isolated protein zero related (PZR) polypeptide
Leukotriene receptor
Bovine tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 and methods of use
Isolated nucleic acid molecules which encode GAGE genes and uses thereof
Control of gene expression in plants by receptor mediated transactivation in the presence of a chemical ligand
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid amplification assays
Isolated bovine lgG heavy chain protein and its use as an antimicrobial
Variable region of the monoclonal antibody against HBV S-surface antigen and a gene encoding the same
Composition and method for treating inflammatory disorders
Specific binding agents for KSHV vIL-6 that neutralize a biological activity
Serine proteinase inhibitors
Anti-inflammatory compositions and method
Ring modified cyclic peptide analogs
Peptide inhibitors of hepatitis C virus NS3 protease
Synthetic peptides, conjugation reagents and methods
N1-modified glycopeptides
Method for the production of low-viscous water soluble cellulose ethers
Method for agglomerating finely divided polybutadiene latices
Hydrosilane additives for increased polyolefin molecular weight
Alpha-olefin-aromatic vinyl copolymer
Process for making vinyl pyrrolidone/vinyl acetate copolymers having a very low residual vinyl pyrrolidone monomer level within a short production cycle
Coating and coating composition
Method of manufacturing polymer resin particles for use in toners
Process for polymerizing cationically polymerizable monomers
Thermoprocessable copolymers of TFE
Anionic polymers of acrylic and/or methacrylic acids and maleic esters, and salts thereof, and their use as cement/concrete additives
Method for deactivating and recovering boron trifluoride when producing polyisobutenes
Phenol novolak resin, production process thereof, and positive photoresist composition using the same
Polyurea/urethane optical material and method for making it
Clear lacquer coat
Golf ball incorporating urethane composition
Paste for circuit connection, anisotropic conductive paste and uses thereof
Liquid crystalline thermosets from ester, ester-imide, and ester-amide oligomers
Cement admixture having superior water-reducing properties and method for preparing the same
Carbamated polyols, and compositions and methods using the same
Copolymer-1 improvements in compositions of copolymers
Method of treating by-product salt yielded with polyarylene sulfide
Room-temperature curable organopolysiloxane composition
Non-adhesive latex products
Natural fiber-filled polyolefin composites
Heat-shrinkable polyester film roll and a process for producing the same
Process for impregnating supports
Fluorinated polymer sheets
Optically clear abrasion resistant polymer-ceramic composite coatings
Flame-resistant polycarbonate molding compounds for extrusion applications
Colorable elastomeric composition
Polyethylene rich/polypropylene blends and their uses
Thermoplastic elastomers having improved low temperature properties
Block copolymer composition
Impact-resistant composition based on thermoplastic methacrylic (co)polymer
Inhibition of rosin crystallization
Cyanine dyes
Stock size for paper or board manufacture, method for preparation of size, use of size
Ink set, container for storing the same, inkjet recording method, and method for preventing discoloration of inkjet-recorded image
Ink, production method of the same materials for producing the same and printed matter with the same
Adhesion promoter, coating compositions for adhesion to olefinic substrates and methods therefor
Blocked isocyanate compound-containing composition for forming a radiation absorbing coating and anti-reflective coating formed therefrom
Superior stain resistant decorative floor covering and its method of manufacture
Aqueous vacuum forming laminating adhesive composition, substrates and methods related thereto
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive product
Adhesive agent, method of connecting wiring terminals and wiring structure
Method of bonding, a bonded structure and a use of Xylan
Cross linkage of pressure-sensitive adhesive substances by means of electron beams
Plasma display device
White light emitting phosphor blends for LED devices
Method of etching a layer in a trench and method of fabricating a trench capacitor
Cycloalkanone derivatives
Compounds of formula (2) to stabilize liquid crystal domains
Additive for, treatment fluid for, and method of plugging a tubing/casing annulus in a well bore
Brine fluids with improved corrosion properties
Process for treating an oil well
Integrated Fischer-Tropsch process with improved alcohol processing capability
Fuel for use in fuel cell system
Cleaning composition with terpene and hydrogen peroxide
Concentrated, preferably biodegradable, quaternary ammonium fabric softener compositions containing cationic polymers and process for preparation
Fabric softener compositions
Effervescent compositions
Amylolytic enzymes derived from the B.licheniformis .alpha.-amylase, having improved characteristics
Multi-well device
Method of rapid bio-cycling of an aquarium
Cell disruption method using sonication
Method of protecting L. johnsonii La1 against stress
Nucleic acid extraction solution and use thereof
Transgenic plant cells and plants having modified activity of the GBSSI and of the BE protein
Plan lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferases
Transgenic plant expressing maltogenic alpha-amylase
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Enhanced expression of proteins in genetically modified fungi
Cloning, overexpression and therapeutic use of bioactive histidine ammonia lyase
DNA helicase
Nucleotide sequences coding for the pknB gene
E. coli and Streptomyces host cells that contain MatBC genes or E. coli host cells that contain pcc genes useful for enhanced polyketide production
Method for decomposing polyesters containing aromatic moieties, a denier reduction method of fiber, and microorganism having activity of decomposing the polyester
Device having a flow channel
Test piece for assaying high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol
Stabilized tetrazolium phenazine reagent compositions and methods for using the same
33945, a human glycosyltransferase family member and uses therefor
Selection procedure for identifying transgenic cells, embryos, and plants without the use of antibiotics
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Medicine response assay in respiratory disease
Direct smelting process and apparatus
Induction heat treatment method and coil and article treated thereby
Process for the thermomechanical treatment of steel
Austenitic stainless steel and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing metal parts
Method for making materials having artificially dispersed nano-size phases and articles made therewith
Weldable high strenght Al-Mg-Si alloy
Nodular graphite iron alloy
Method for producing axially symmetric parts and the article
Coated cutting tool
Low resistivity silicon carbide
Formation of composite tungsten films
ALD reactor and method with controlled wall temperature
Selective deposition of a barrier layer on a dielectric material
Integrated capacitors fabricated with conductive metal oxides
Method of fabricating semiconductor device with capacitor covered by a TEOS-03 film
Method for semiconductor device manufacturing to include multistage chemical vapor deposition of material oxide film
Removal of carbon from an insulative layer using ozone
Method and installation for hot process and continuous dip coating of a metal strip
Etching method in fabrications of microstructures
Plasma processing apparatus and processing method
Selective dry etching of tantalum and tantalum nitride
Water electrolyzer and system
Method and device for the electrolytic treatment of electrically conducting surfaces separated plates and film material pieces in addition to uses of said method
Method of providing conductive tracks on a printed circuit and apparatus for use in carrying out the method
Plated copper alloy material and process for production thereof
Chip-on-film use copper foil
Contact assemblies, methods for making contact assemblies, and plating machines with contact assemblies for plating microelectronic workpieces
Method of forming haze-free BST films
Nitride semiconductor, semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing the same
Group III nitride compound semiconductor device and method of producing the same
Production method for light emitting element
Etching method, etched product formed by the same, and piezoelectric vibration device, method for producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Bulked continuous filament having a three-sided exterior cross-section and a convex six-sided central void and yarn and carpet produced therefrom
Process and equipment for manufacture of advanced composite structures
Fabric for use in ink-jet printing, a method for preparing such fabric and printed goods made by ink-jet printing of the fabric
Batch process for producing chemical pulp by removing and reintroducing calcium-containing spent liquor in the digester
Paper making processes using enzyme and polymer combinations
Anionic functional promoter and charge control agent
Filler and pigment
Antimicrobial paper
Fixed Constructions
Method for building sheet pile walls
Structural elements
Floor covering made of an elastomer material having a relief-type patterned surface
Portable electric pool cleaner
Hydrogen sulphide detection method and apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermal barrier coating having subsurface inclusions for improved thermal shock resistance
Filter module for a fuel conveying unit and fuel conveying unit for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for manufacturing friction plate
Horizontal arrangement type cable protection and guide device
Production/injection line and methods relating to same
Heating element temperature control for a cooking appliance
Electric circuit for portable heater
Heat treatment apparatus with temperature control system
Method for real time metal ETCH critical dimension control
Method of making an X-Y axis dual-mass tuning fork gyroscope with vertically integrated electronics and wafer-scale hermetic packaging
Keyboard musical instrument for exactly producing tones and hammer sensor varying output signal exactly representing physical quantity of hammer
Method and apparatus for determining the mass of an article using a load cell
Solid state radiation detector
Apparatus and method for collecting impurities on a semiconductor wafer
Multiplexed analysis of clinical specimens apparatus and method
Solution assay method using polarimetry
Method and apparatus for validating the operation of an optical scanning device
Method for determining the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a process stream and a spectrophotometric system for the same
Methodology of using raman imaging microscopy for evaluating drug action within living cells
Chip type electrophoresis device
Electrophoresis process using ionic liquids
Hazardous material detection system
Assay and method for quantifying the levels of steryl esters and free sterols in starch-containing food products
Method of testing adequacy of cells in a specimen
Fluorescence immunoassays using organo-metallic complexes for energy transfer
Method of detecting an antibody in a liquid sample
DNA encoding a human dopamine D1 receptor and uses thereof
Cell-based detection and differentiation of lung cancer
Methods for the assay of troponin I and T and complexes of troponin I and T and selection of antibodies for use in immunoassays
NADE binding proteins
Method for detecting conditions indicative of sepsis
Mass spectrometry of prostaglandins
Monitoring method and optoelectronic sensor
Radiation detection device and method of making the same
Gamma-ray spectrometry
Optical member, process of producing optical member, and process of producing thin film
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Low-cost circuit board materials and processes for area array electrical interconnections over a large area between a device and the circuit board
Semiconductor device method of manufacturing the same
Photosensitive emulsion and photothermographic material by use thereof
Heat-developable color photosensitive material
Low-activation energy silicon-containing resist system
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and mask
Optical article and process for forming article
Positive-working resist composition
System and methods for manufacturing a molecular film pattern
Photosensitive resin compositions
Method of patterning photoresist on a wafer using a transmission mask with a carbon layer
Heat roller and method of fabricating the same
System and method for utilizing a user non-perceivable light source in a machine
Flexible electrostatographic imaging member
Electrophotographic photoconductor, and process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus using the same
Image-forming color toner, developing agent, image-forming apparatus, toner container, image-forming process cartridge and image-forming process
Method for producing polymerized toner
Carrier and developer for developing latent electrostatic images
Liquid recording material
Electric heating device comprising a plurality of heating elements
Radiation protection in integrated circuits
Self-adhesive labels and manufacture thereof
Reversible seat cup for percussion instrument
Pad with improved sound-reflecting surface for woodwind musical instruments and lubricant to prevent pads from sticking
Magnetic recording medium substrate using thermoplastic allyloxymethylstyrene resin, magnetic recording medium using the substrate, and method of manufacturing the magnetic recording medium
Magnetic anisotropy adjusted laminated magnetic thin films for magnetic recording
Ferromagnetic metal powder, producing method of the same, and magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium
Trench isolated cross-point memory array
Protective item for firefighter or for emergency rescue worker and opaque to hazardous radiation
Nickel powder, method for preparing the same and paste for use in making electrodes for electronic parts
Cable guide
Shielded structure of flat shielding electric wire
Laser trimming of resistors
Electrical rough-in box for low voltage transformer
Capacitor and method of storing energy
Low freezing electrolyte for an electrolytic capacitor
WDS switch
Switch deactivation device
Hinge key switch
Fuse mechanism for a heating device and heating device
Method and apparatus for achieving three positions
Switching device
Continuously illuminated rocker switch having separate circuit illuminating structure to indicate closed switch position
Power outlet strip having changeable cover
Operating handle locking assembly for an electrical switching apparatus
Devices incorporating soft ionization membrane
Pattern inspection method and apparatus using electron beam
Charged particle beam lithography system, lithography method using charged particle beam, method of controlling charged particle beam, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Externally excited torroidal plasma source with magnetic control of ion distribution
Apparatus for improved low pressure inductively coupled high density plasma reactor
Band gap mass filter with induced azimuthal electric field
Time of flight mass spectrometer and multiple detector therefor
Quadrupole mass filter
Method of fabricating silicon emitter with a low porosity heavily doped contact layer
Spatially-arranged chemical processing station
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling etch depth
Apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices with a moveable shield
Apparatus and methods for integrated circuit with devices with body contact and devices with electrostatic discharge protection
Method of correction for wafer crystal cut error in semiconductor processing
Method of joining an insulator element to a substrate
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with using double implanting boron and boron difluoride
Boron-doped amorphous carbon film for use as a hard etch mask during the formation of a semiconductor device
Prevention of Ta2O5 mim cap shorting in the beol anneal cycles
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having triple LDD structure and lower gate resistance formed with a single implant process
Multi-bit non-volatile integrated circuit memory and method therefor
Methods of forming memory cells having self-aligned silicide
Low-k dielectric layer with overlying adhesion layer
Dielectric barrier films for use as copper barrier layers in semiconductor trench and via structures
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having self-aligned contacts
Methods of forming buried bit line DRAM circuitry
Wafer bumping process with solder balls bonded to under bump metallurgy layer formed over active surface by forming flux on solder ball surfaces and reflowing the solder
Split-gate power module and method for suppressing oscillation therein
Method of producing tab tape carrier
Semiconductor device with inductive component and method of making
Method of forming self-aligned contacts
Method for making a semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having gate electrode with polymetal structure of polycrystalline silicon film and metal film
Semiconductor device with high permittivity gate dielectric film
Method to improve the uniformity and reduce the surface roughness of the silicon dielectric interface
Inclusion of nitrogen at the silicon dioxide-silicon carbide interace for passivation of interface defects
Undoped and fluorinated amorphous carbon film as pattern mask for metal etch
Discontinuous dielectric interface for bipolar transistors
Nano-size semiconductor component and method of making
Method for assembling semiconductor die packages with standard ball grid array footprint
Multiple selectable function integrated circuit module
Method for performing statistical post processing in semiconductor manufacturing using ID cells
Via array monitor and method of monitoring induced electrical charging
Sample processing apparatus and sample processing system
Contact capping local interconnect
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Method for producing thin layers on a specific support and an application thereof
Preventive treatment method for a multilayer semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor devices and manufacturing methods thereof
Methods of forming trench isolated integrated circuit devices including grooves
Method of forming isolation film
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for fabricating merged logic CMOS device
Increasing carrier mobility in NFET and PFET transistors on a common wafer
High density 3d rail stack arrays and method of making
Method of forming magnetic memory
Method for fabricating a flash memory device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for forming conductor reservoir volume for integrated circuit interconnects
Dual damascene integration scheme for preventing copper contamination of dielectric layer
Method of transferring a device, a method of producing a device holding substrate, and a device holding substrate
Method for forming T-shaped conductor wires of semiconductor device
Etching memory
Method of forming a field effect transistor and methods of forming integrated circuitry
Integrated circuit devices including a MIM capacitor
DRAM cell arrangement with vertical MOS transistors, and method for its fabrication
Method for manufacturing capacitor of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Integration method of a semiconductor device having a recessed gate electrode
Modular electronic equipment enclosure comprising sealed cable interface module
Chip bonding heater with differential heat transfer
Thermal gap control
Integrated circuit packages, ball-grid array integrated circuit packages and methods of packaging an integrated circuit
Method of wafer level chip scale packaging
Microelectronic assembly formation with releasable leads
Gate length control for semiconductor chip design
Method for forming microelectronic spring structures on a substrate
Use of palladium in IC manufacturing with conductive polymer bump
Protective coating for an electronic device
Component built-in module and method for producing the same
Advanced BEOL interconnect structures with low-k PE CVD cap layer and method thereof
Method of forming an etch stop layer in a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating an encapsulated semiconductor device with partly exposed leads
Miniaturized image sensor module
Injection molded image sensor module
Memory structures
Memory cell having a second transistor for holding a charge value
Semiconductor device comprising a highly-reliable, constant capacitance capacitor
Two-color photo-detector and methods for demosaicing a two-color photo-detector array
Organic, colored, electroluminescent display and the production thereof
SiC-MISFET and method for fabricating the same
Bipolar transistor and fabrication method thereof
Tin oxide nanostructures
Semiconductor device and a method of fabricating the same
Isotropic polycrystalline silicon and method for producing same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component that includes self-aligning a gate electrode to a field plate
Non-volatile programmable and electrically erasable memory with a single layer of gate material
Method and manufacture of thin silicon on insulator (SOI) with recessed channel
Thin film transistor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device that includes heating the gate insulating film
Solar cell
Semiconductor device, solar cell module, and methods for their dismantlement
Doped semiconductor nanocrystals
Method for obtaining reversible resistance switches on a PCMO thin film when integrated with a highly crystallized seed layer
Organic light-emitting diodes and methods for assembly and enhanced charge injection
Non-aqueous electrolyte solutions and non-aqueous electrolyte cells comprising the same
Lithium secondary cell
Composite electrode for reducing oxygen
Fuel cell separator
Separator for valve regulated lead acid battery and valve regulated lead acid battery
Prismatic battery module and method for manufacturing the same
Anode electrocatalysts for coated substrates used in fuel cells
Fuel cell separator, process for production thereof, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
Air cooled fuel cell module
Method and apparatus for increasing fuel cell efficiency, power output, or reduced-temperature operation
Method and apparatus for controlling a combined heat and power fuel cell system
Humidifying system for a fuel cell
Fuel cell shutdown and startup using a cathode recycle loop
Method for solid oxide fuel cell anode preparation
Fuel cell system and method of operation
Zero space component adapter for rail mounted terminal block relays
Method and apparatus for providing an environmental barrier between an interior and exterior of an electrical enclosure using a plug and seal
Breakaway member
Ideal operational amplifier layout techniques for reducing package stress and configurations therefor
Method for producing a protective cover for a device
Optical image scanner with variable focus
Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
Radiant electric heater incorporating a temperature sensor assembly
Microwave oven
Copper alloy foil
Printed wiring board having wiring patterns and connection terminals
Printed-wiring board and electronic device
Surface mounting a power converter
Electromagnetic interference shield and method of making the same
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