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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce cultivar 51-0703377-B
Isolated polypeptides and polynucleotides encoding same for generating plants with increased cuticlar water permeability
Compounds and compositions useful in the treatment of malaria
Compositions and methods for modulation of vascular structure and/or function
Antibacterial aminoglycoside analogs
Alkynylaryl compounds and salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions comprising same, methods of preparing same and uses of same
Trihydroxy polyunsaturated eicosanoid derivatives
Switch protection prior to installation in a belt lock
Compositions and methods for increasing compliance with therapies using aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitors and treating alcoholism
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia
Polymomorph of desvenlafaxine benzoate
Para-coumaric acid or para-hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives and their use in cosmetic or dermatological compositions
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Anti-coronavirus compounds
Sigma receptor compounds
Compounds for treating parasitic disease
Antibacterial compositions
Platinum-N-heterocyclic carbene derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutic use thereof
Derivatives of cholest-4-en-3-one oxime, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and preparation method
Compounds having neuroprotective properties
Use of sodium selenosulfate for supplementing selenium and enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of chemotherapy agents, and a rapid process for preparing sodium selenosulfate
Use of silymarin and silybin in the treatment of neural injury
Compounds for the treatment of diseases related to protein misfolding
Therapeutic agent for cancer, and method for treatment of cancer
Gold (III) complexes with oligopeptides functionalized with sulfur donors and use thereof as antitumor agents
Insulin analogs
Blockade of gamma-secretase activity to promote myelination by oligodendrocytes
Nasal immunization
Cytotoxic T-cell epitope peptides that specifically attack epstein-barr virus-infected cells and uses thereof
Pro-apoptotic bacterial vaccines to enhance cellular immune responses
Methods for preparing immunogenic conjugates
Treatment of cancer with elevated dosages of soluble FGFR1 fusion proteins
Anti-CD74 immunoconjugates and methods
Methods to prevent cytotoxicity using N-acetyl-cysteine
Regulation of mammalian hair growth
Compounds having sandalwood odors
Preparation and application of biodegradable-material-made microsphere vascular embolus containing liposome-encapsulated cytokines
Method of manufacturing pharmaceutical preparations containing liposomes
Pharmaceutical solid dispersions
Pharmaceutical formulations for intranasal administration of protein comprising a chitosan or a derivative thereof
Phase change inks containing oxazoline compounds and polyterpene resins
Bariatric magnetic apparatus and method of manufacturing thereof
Methods for promoting the revascularization and reenervation of CNS lesions
Method for inhibition of potential-dependent cation channel
Particle beam therapy system with respiratory synchronization control
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mercury capture system and method for a wet flue gas desulfurization system
Catalytic reduction of NO.sub.x
Process and device for decomposing laughing gas
Water dispersible polymer compositions
Method of making alkylene glycols
Liquid arc induced cavitation (LAIC) system
Catalysts for producing a crude product
Transalkylation of heavy aromatic hydrocarbon feedstocks
Controlled pressure release vessel for microwave assisted chemistry
Chemically-resistant coating composition
Configurations and methods for carbon dioxide and hydrogen production from gasification streams
Plate reactor
Analytical pretreatment device
Analytical pretreatment device
Method for fabricating device housing having ceramic coating
Method and pattern of dispensing thermal interface materials
High-dielectric constant thin film metal oxides on silicon wafers for capacitor applications and methods of manufacture
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Highly luminescent color-selective nanocrystalline materials
Laser narrow groove welding apparatus and welding method
Device and method for pretreating exterior surfaces of an aircraft to be painted
Biodegradable moisture-impermeable packages for consumer goods
Device for injection a strand of a paste-like mass into the intermediate space between glass panes of an insulated glass pane
Method for producing a storage element in textile and plastic material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Rare earth magnet having high strength and high electrical resistance
Metallic laminate and manufacturing method of light emitting diode package using the same
Alginate-based building materials
Hydrogenated norbornene-based ring-opening polymerization polymer, resin composition, and molded object
Complex sheet structure and cover lens assembly
Bimodal and multimodal plant biomass particle mixtures
Coated, fine metal particles comprising titanium oxide and silicon oxide coating, and their production method
Carbon nanotube growth method
Agent for providing substrates based on cellulose and/or starch with water repellent and simultaneously antifungal, antibacterial insect-repellent and antialgal properties
Method for manufacturing recording head
Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods
Transparent ink-jet recording films, compositions, and methods
Buoyant harbor power supply
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing manganese sulfate monohydrate
Use of acid washing to provide purified silicon crystals
Method for the production of nanocrystalline bismuth-molybdenum mixed oxide
Composite of metal sulfide and metal oxide and process for producing the composite
Dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric body, ceramic substrate, electronic component, and method for producing dielectric body
Reducing acetals and/or esters during ethanol separation process
Superabsorbent polymers and methods of making the same
Process for the preparation of esters of 4-fluorosubstituted 3-oxo-alcanoic acids
Feedback and feedforward closed loop purity and recovery control
Method for producing isoindole
N-(aminoheteroaryl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives, preparation thereof and therapeutic use therof
Iminopyridine derivatives and use thereof
Methods of producing epoxides from alkenes using a two-component catalyst system
Administration of compounds that increase glutathione levels in the melanocytes for the treatment of canities
Chromone inhibitors of S-nitrosoglutathione reductase
Crystals of hydrochloride of pyridazin-3(2H)-one compound and process for production of same
Method of synthesis of Bosentan, its polymorphic forms and its salts
Solid forms of a chemokine receptor antagonist and methods of use thereof
Functional substance-releasing agent
Method for producing N-substituted-2-amino-4-(hydroxymethylphosphinyl)-2-butenoic acid
Neurite outgrowth agent
Nucleic acid base pairs
Infectious cDNA clone of North American porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) virus and uses thereof
Crosslinking reactions
Process for preparing an alpha-lipoic acid/cyclodextrin complex and product prepared
Low chloride polybutadiene
Resist copolymers containing photoacid generators for lithographic applications and its method of preparation
Increased monomer conversion in emulsion polymerization
Solution blending process for preparing thermoplastic vulcanizates
Manufacture of coated materials for use as activators in sulphur vulcanization
Polymer, semiconductor film, electrode, electrode active material, electrochemical element and electricity storage device
Masterbatch preparation process
Expandable polysiloxanes
Process for the production of moldings with reduced formation of deposit
Disposable article hot melt adhesive
Process for producing resin composition
Soybean based epoxy resin and methods of making and use
Fire retardant resin composition
Thermoplastic polyamides having polyether amines
Nanoparticle precursor structures, nanoparticle structures, and composite materials
Copper complexes of amino-functional organosilicon compounds and their use
Wax-based encapsulant/moisture barrier for use with electronics received in water meter pits
Aqueous resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex dispersions, adhesion-improved fibres, processes for production thereof and use thereof
Corrosion protection coatings and methods of making the same
Inkjettable polymerizable liquid crystalline mixture
Lubricant with non-terminal functional groups
Lubricating oil additive and lubricating oil composition
Rust inhibitors to minimize turbo sludge
Biodegradable grease composition using distillation residue generated in production of biodiesel
Biodiesel process
Detergents or cleaning agents containing a bleach-enhancing transition metal complex which is optionally produced in situ
Boil kettle filtration system and process
Composition for maintaining healthy kidney function
Method, vector and system for expressing polypeptides
Compositions and methods for the diagnosis and therapy of BCL2-associated cancers
Transgenic plants expressing a cellulase
Method for differentiating embryonic stem cells into cells expressing AQP-1
Methods and compositions for the recombinant biosynthesis of n-alkanes
Antibody specific for a chondroitin sulphate epitope
Human antibodies that bind CD22 and uses thereof
Method for determining activity of an antibiotic with hops
Genetic fingerprinting and identification method
Use of microfluidic systems in the detection of target analytes using microsphere arrays
Method for applying a thermal barrier coating
Textiles; Paper
Induction ironing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Efficient systems and methods for construction and operation of accelerating machines
Spacer member reducing fretting wear and fastened structures using spacer member
System and method for connecting electrical devices using fiber optic serial communication
Portable food heater
Device and method for obtaining non-ferrous metals
Tilting/tracking system for solar devices
Dynamic thickness adaptation for an in-line scale
Active electronic damping for an in-line scale
Electromagnetic wave measuring apparatus, measuring method, program, and recording medium
Detection device, sensor device, and electronic apparatus
Net solar radiometer
Dual function injection type array readout device and circuit and dual function readout module
Pressure-assisted molecular recovery (PAMR) of biomolecules, pressure-assisted antigen retrieval (PAAR), and pressure-assisted tissue histology (PATH)
Sensor including a photocatalyst
Method and arrangement for detecting a surface of an object
Nanoantenna and uses thereof for biosensing
Fluorescent estimating apparatus, fluorescent estimating method, and fluorescent measuring apparatus
Method for marking liquid hydrocarbons and other fuels and oils
Device for studying individual cells
Method of detecting pancreatic cancer
Detection of degradation products of feline NT-proBNP
Systems and methods for measuring glycated hemoglobin
Apparatus and methods for cooling positron emission tomography scanner detector crystals
Scintillation separator
Dental radiology apparatus and signal processing method used therewith
Autofocus system with stray light compensation
Silver halide photographic photosensitive material and production method thereof
Photoconductor overcoat layer
Image bearing member
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Free floating drum head tensioning system
Docking station system
Musical tone control system for electronic keyboard instrument
Button shaped portable media player with indicia
System and methods for synchronizing audio and/or visual playback with a fingering display for musical instrument
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Device and method for particle therapy verification
Electron spectroscopy
Electron microscope specimen and method for preparing the same
Carbon aerogels for supercapacitors and method of manufacturing the same
Inductively coupled power module and circuit
Apparatus and method for multi-directionally scanning a beam of charged particles
Charged particle beam analyzer and analysis method
Accessory mounting system for a vehicle having a light absorbing layer with a light transmitting portion for viewing through from an accessory
ALD processing techniques for forming non-volatile resistive-switching memories
Magnetic memory and manufacturing method thereof
Memory cell that includes a carbon-based reversible resistance switching element compatible with a steering element, and methods of forming the same
Polysilicon resistor and E-fuse for integration with metal gate and high-k dielectric
Memory cell that includes a carbon-based memory element and methods of forming the same
Semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor substrate having a cavity
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Effecting selectivity of silicon or silicon-germanium deposition on a silicon or silicon-germanium substrate by doping
Semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Nanocrystal memories and methods of forming the same
Non-volatile memory device having a nitride-oxide dielectric layer
Superior integrity of high-k metal gate stacks by preserving a resist material above end caps of gate electrode structures
Integrated circuit diode
Semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor device with semiconductor structure
Method of forming semiconductor device having buffer layer between sidewall insulating film and semiconductor substrate
Active matrix substrate manufacturing method and liquid crystal display device manufacturing method
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor chip assembly
Flexible micro-system and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing thereof, circuit board and electronic apparatus
Method for producing a component and device having a component
Conductive sidewall for microbumps
Memory and interconnect design in fine pitch
Semiconductor device
Method for producing ceramic passivation layers on silicon for solar cell manufacture
Photocathode apparatus using photoelectric effect of surface plasmon resonance photons
Mapping electrical crosstalk in pixelated sensor arrays
Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor integrating a capacitor
Detection apparatus and radiation detection system
Resonance tunneling devices and methods of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor substrate, laminated chip package, semiconductor plate and method of manufacturing the same
Electrostatic discharge protection device
Semiconductor device including a power MISFET
Semiconductor integrated circuit device including SRAM memory cells having two P-channel MOS transistors and four N-channel MOS transistors and with four wiring layers serving as their gate electrodes
Electrolyte for photovoltaic device as well as photovoltaic device and dye-sensitized solar cell including that electrolyte
Concentric or nested container capacitor structure for integrated circuits
Silicon photomultiplier and method for fabricating the same
Light-emitting device
Epitaxial wafer for light emitting diode
Leadframe having a heat sink supporting part, fabricating method of a light emitting diode package using the same, and light emitting diode package fabricated by the method
Process for producing Peltier modules, and Peltier module
Silver-containing p-type semiconductor
Oxadiazole derivative, and light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device using oxadiazole derivative
High-energy metal air batteries
Fuel cell assembly
Battery module and method of manufacturing the same
Preparation of nanostructured thin catalytic layer-based electrode ink
Fuel cell and electronic device including the fuel cell
Solution based enhancements of fuel cell components and other electrochemical systems and devices
Direct methanol fuel cell and anode used therein
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Systems and methods for fluid cooling of electric machines
Textile having water transport and heating capabilities
Portable warming device and method for warming an article
Methods for drying ceramic materials
Method for producing a non-developable surface printed circuit and the thus obtained printed circuit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Ceiling and floor mounted surgical robot set-up arms
Freeform substrates and devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Electronic assemblies with solidified thixotropic thermal interface material
Electric discharge machining device and electric discharge machining method
Power output apparatus using different torque and speed pattern characteristics and control method thereof
Method for calculating the parameters of the power battery of an electric motor vehicle
Position sensor with reduction gear train
Scanning probe system with spring probe
Damped micromechanical device
Wafer-level package with silicon gasket
Freestanding polymer MEMS structures with anti stiction
Semiconductor device having a flat protective adhesive sheet
Semiconductor device having a moveable member therein and a protective member disposed thereon
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for treating previously coated phosphor particles
Ohmic contact plug having an improved crack free TiN barrier metal in a contact hole and method of forming the same
Anode monitoring
Textiles; Paper
Godet roll for guiding, heating and conveying yarn
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for measuring resistivity and dielectric in a well core in a measurement while drilling tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Cooling the upstream end plate of a high pressure turbine by means of a system of dual injectors at the end of the combustion chamber
Piezoelectric device for injector
Device for transmitting an excursion of an actuator
System for controlling the voltage of an energy storage device to prevent premature aging of the device
Starter generator for internal combustion engine
Turbine system
Controllable magnetic bearing apparatus and method for determining a machine type of a magnetic bearing
OLED area illumination light source having a plurality of segments
Method and apparatus for probe sensor assembly
Magnetic flux measuring device
Magnetic sensor apparatus capable of directly producing digital sensor data from magnetic sensor element
Method of multiplexing column amplifiers in a resistive bolometer array
Semiconductor component with integrated circuit, cooling body, and temperature sensor
Pressing direction sensor and input device using the same
System, method and apparatus for thin-film substrate signal separation using eddy current
Apparatus and method for sensing particle accumulation in a medium
Method and apparatus for generating a voltage across a membrane
Test assembly for integrated circuit package
Test probe assembly for circuits, circuit element arrays, and associated methods
Probe card
Self-aligning wafer burn-in probe
Device for and method of detecting residual current with resistive shunts
Compensation current sensor
High performance dual-stage sense amplifier circuit
Comparator with high-voltage inputs in an extended CMOS process for higher voltage levels
Frequency change measuring device
Apparatus for determining doping concentration of a semiconductor wafer
Lightning detection and data acquisition system
Automated test sequence editor and engine for transformer testing
Wafer-level burn-in and test
Method and apparatus for automatic marking of integrated circuits in wafer scale testing
Method and apparatus to provide a burn-in board with increased monitoring capacity
Apparatus for scan testing printed circuit boards
DUT board for eliminating electrostatic discharge damage
Data processing systems having mismatched impedance components
Method and apparatus for inspecting and integrated circuit by measuring voltage on a signal line
Method for gross input leakage functional test at wafer sort
Methodology and apparatus using real-time optical signal for wafer-level device dielectrical reliability studies
Fault tolerant semiconductor system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated circuit having a test circuit, and method of decoupling a test circuit in an integrated circuit
Temperature control of electronic devices using power following feedback
Indexing multiple test probe system and method
Method and device for measuring pure resistance of on-vehicle battery by periodically measuring a discharge current and terminal voltage while a rush current flows into a constant load
Battery sensor device
Method and system of spectroscopic measurement of magnetic fields
Microcoil based micro-NMR spectrometer and method
Radio frequency magnetic field unit with aperature
Asymmetric ring dome radio frequency coil
RF detector array for magnetic resonance imaging
Passively shimmed principal detector elements for toroid cavity detector NMR probes
Open architecture gradient coil set for magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Imaging system with homogeneous magnetic field
Method and system for improving transient noise detection
Correcting geometry and intensity distortions in MR data
Slotted tubulars for subsurface monitoring in directed orientations
Planar lightwave circuit device and manufacturing method therefor
Microlenses for integrated optical devices
Flat type lamp and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
LCD panel
Semiconductor device
Flip-chip opto-electronic circuit
Modular timemasking sequence programming for imaging system
Method for measuring current in a pulse count positioning system
Motor speed-based anti-pinch control apparatus and method with endzone ramp detection and compensation
Safety switching device and method for selecting an operating mode of a safety switching device
Reference voltage providing circuit
Voltage converter system and method having a stable output voltage
Voltage and time control circuits
Low voltage current sources/current mirrors
Low power bandgap circuit
Bandgap circuit for generating a reference voltage
Resistor mirror
Terminating pathway for a clock signal
Method and circuit for switchover between a primary and a secondary power source
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Power indication circuit for a processor
Adaptive variable frequency clock system for high performance low power microprocessors
Asynchronous data transfer between logic box with synchronization circuit
Integrated circuit devices having data inversion circuits therein that reduce simultaneous switching noise and support interleaving of parallel data
Detector for magnetizable material using amplitude and phase discrimination
Distributed emergency lighting system having self-testing and diagnostic capabilities
Multicolored LED lighting method and apparatus
Light emitting device
LED display panel and LED display apparatus
Ultrasound transducer unit and planar ultrasound lens
Actuator for disk device
One cell programmable switch using non-volatile cell
Fast sample-and-hold peak detector circuit
Method and apparatus for inspecting semiconductor device
High permeability composite films to reduce noise in high speed interconnects
Harmonic wave distortion suppressor
Linear voice coil actuator with planar coils
Method of operating remote operated circuit breaker panel
Side bar for flat panel display device, manufacturing method thereof, and flat panel display device having side bar
Plasma display panel and plasma display device
Full color surface discharge type plasma display device
Plasma display panel excellent in luminous characteristics
Linear-beam microwave tube
Inner conductor for a co-axial gyrotron with axial corrugations which are evenly distributed around the periphery
Electron gun for cathode-ray tube and method for manufacturing the same
Image-forming apparatus
Display apparatus with electron-emitting elements
Sealed housing for field emission display
Display device of flat panel structure with emission devices of matrix array
Mercury-containing material, method for producing the same and fluorescent lamp using the same
Lamp seal using functionally gradient material
Rare-gas low-pressure discharge lamp, method of manufacturing a rare-gas low-pressure discharge lamp, and application of a gas discharge lamp
Wiring substrate, manufacturing method therefor, and image display device
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
Method for filling structural gaps and integrated circuitry
Compound semiconductor having a doped layer between the gate and an ohmic contact of an active region
Silicon-germanium devices for CMOS formed by ion implantation and solid phase epitaxial regrowth
Tungsten-based interconnect that utilizes thin titanium nitride layer
Interfacial oxide in a transistor
Integrated schottky barrier diode and manufacturing method thereof
Low temperature hydrophobic direct wafer bonding
ESD parasitic bipolar transistors with high resistivity regions in the collector
Thyristor having one or more doped layers
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Mosfets incorporating nickel germanosilicided gate and methods for their formation
Array structure of solder balls able to control collapse
Substrate structure of flip chip package
Mounting method of semiconductor device
Self-aligned vias in an integrated circuit structure
Pad metallization over active circuitry
Semiconductor chip--mounting board
Semiconductor device with under bump metallurgy and method for fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for leadless packaging of semiconductor devices
Wire stitch bond on an integrated circuit bond pad and method of making the same
Semiconductor device with dual damascene wiring
Interconnect with low dielectric constant insulators for semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing
Barrier material for copper structures
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Data storage and processing apparatus, and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor die package with increased thermal conduction
Solder masks for use on carrier substrates, carrier substrates and semiconductor device assemblies including such solder masks
Semiconductor module and insulating substrate thereof
Leadless chip carrier for reduced thermal resistance
Structures having a substrate with a cavity and having an integrated circuit bonded to a contact pad located in the cavity
Semiconductor device
Rearrangement sheet, semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor device and wire bonding apparatus
Multilevel leadframe for a packaged integrated circuit and method of fabrication
High-isolation semiconductor device
Package structure with increased capacitance and method
High frequency semiconductor device
Integrated circuit device having pads structure formed thereon and method for forming the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Semiconductor device capable of preventing solder balls from being removed in reinforcing pad
Bit line pad and borderless contact on bit line stud with localized etch stop layer formed in an undermined region
Integrated circuit having a programmable element and method of operating the circuit
Semiconductor device having a potential fuse, and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Electronic circuit board manufacturing process and associated apparatus
Alignment marks and manufacturing method for the same
System and method for using a capacitance measurement to monitor the manufacture of a semiconductor
Semiconductor varactor diode with doped heterojunction
Stacked dies utilizing cross connection bonding wire
Apparatus for package reduction in stacked chip and board assemblies
Circuit component, circuit component package, circuit component built-in module, circuit component package production and circuit component built-in module production
Optical semiconductor housing and method for making same
Integrated power device with improved efficiency and reduced overall dimensions
Semiconductor device having cell-based basic element aggregate having protruding part in active region
Solid-state image pick-up device
Compound semiconductor device having a mesfet that raises the maximum mutual conductance and changes the mutual conductance
Electric semiconductor element with a contact hole
Semiconductor device and methods of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device for providing a noise shield
Schottky structure in GaAs semiconductor device
Heterojunction III-V transistor, in particular HEMT field effect transistor or heterojunction bipolar transistor
Lateral conduction superjunction semiconductor device
Heterostructure field effect transistor
Hetero-junction field effect transistor having an InGaAIN cap film
Diffused junction photodetector and fabrication technique
Optical-gate transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Group-III nitride semiconductor light-emitting device and production method thereof
Tuning of packaged film bulk acoustic resonator filters
Piezoelectric rotary pump
Vibration wave driving device and method of processing vibrating member or moving member for use in vibration wave driving device
Substrate with transparent conductive film and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Luminous display element including an optical member for reflecting light in a direction opposite to an incident direction
Organic light emitting element and method of producing the same
Complex high frequency components
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus incorporating the same
Variable power divider
Digital network
OLED area illumination light source having flexible substrate on a support
Brush assembly
Starter with overheat protection device including brush device
Optical package structure
Brushless dc machine
Method for operating a transformer from a drivable voltage source, as well as an apparatus for carrying out the method
Method and system for current sharing among a plurality of power modules
Electronic module interconnect system
Serial bus control method and apparatus for a microelectronic power regulation system
Flywheel with switched coupling regulator
Battery charger with booster pack
Charging a battery using constant voltage and pulse
Battery charger, including an amplifier for audio signals, for portable audio devices
Voltage control circuit for a bicycle dynamo
Power holdup circuit with increased power factor
Rotary electric motor having controller and power supply integrated therein
Motor and method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Miniature motor structure
Permanent magnet electric motor and method of making same
Process for forming an annular stack of metallic laminations for the stator of a linear motor and an annular stack of metallic laminations
Electrodynamic linear direct drive and method for producing a coil system therefor
AC induction motor and method of starting same
Induction generator system and method
Electrical machines
Single magnetic conductive plate structure for forming a single pole plate brushless dc motor
Stator construction for high performance rotating machines
Automotive alternator stator assembly with varying end loop height between layers
Stator for an electric drive with a tubular insulator as lost casting mold
Electrical machine and electrical system
Actuator having a permanent magnet
Linear motor
Spindle motor
Magnetic shaft for brushless D.C. motor
High temperature super-conducting rotor coil support and coil support method
Motor having circuit board
Optimized thermal system for an electric motor
Semiconductor device equipped with current detection function
Apparatus and method for deactivating an on-switch of a circuit for a variable time interval
Efficient charge pump capable of high voltage operation
Low power inductorless DC-DC Regulator with capacitive charging/discharging
Buck-boost DC-DC switching power conversion
Softing switching DC-to-DC converter with an active power sink circuit
Motor starter circuit, particularly for refrigerator compressors
Position-sensorless motor control method and apparatus
Electrical machines
Electric motor
Drive control system for a multiphase motor powered by a power converter
Period adjustment circuit of disconnection and restart IC
Control method for switched reluctance motor
Power generation system having transient ride-through/load-leveling capabilities
Integrated oscillator circuit that inhibits noise generated by biasing circuitry
Piezoelectric oscillator, method of producing the same, and electronic device using the piezoelectric oscillator
Voltage-limited distributed current source for ultra-broadband impedance termination
Variable output power supply
Capacitor compensation in miller compensated circuits
Linear power amplifier
Ultra-low distortion, wide-bandwidth amplifier architecture using actively phase-matched feed-forward linearization
Amplification circuit and optical communication apparatus provided with the amplification circuit
Switching amplifier and signal amplifying method
Operational amplifier with class-AB+B output stage
Methods and apparatus for amplification in high temperature environments
Wide common mode differential input amplifier and method
Cascode stage for an operational amplifier
Variable-gain amplifier
Broad-band biasing system for biasing an electronic circuit and an amplifier incorporating the system
Broadband predistortion linearizer
Transmission power control circuit
Circuit configuration for producing exponential predistortion for a variable amplifier
Variable impedance network for an integrated circuit potentiometer
Unity gain interpolator for delay locked loops
Integrated low-pass or band-pass filter
Overcurrent protection structure of load driving circuit
Power amplifier circuitry and method
Clock signal feeding circuit
Variable voltage tolerant input/output circuit
Semiconductor device
Programmable interface circuit for differential and single-ended signals
Security improvements for programmable devices
Field programmable logic device with efficient memory utilization
Adiabatic charging register circuit
Clock controlled power-down state
Activ shunt-peaked logic gates
Circuit for generating high voltage pulse
Method and apparatus for reducing jitter in a delay line and a trim unit
Semiconductor buffer circuit with a transition delay circuit
Circuit for variably delaying data
Differential signal output apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus having the differential signal output apparatus, and differential signal transmission system
Counter-based duty cycle correction systems and methods
Temperature compensated oscillator, adjusting method thereof, and integrated circuit for temperature compensated oscillator
Stable and accurate CMOS level shifter
Low gain phase-locked loop circuit
Delay line circuit providing clock pulse width restoration in delay lock loops
Oscillator circuit connected to a voltage source providing a substantially constant supply voltage
Phase-locked loop with composite feedback signal formed from phase-shifted variants of output signal
Method and apparatus for calibrating a delay locked loop charge pump current
Programmable frequency synthesizer
Low voltage differential swing (LVDS) signal driver circuit with low PVT sensitivity
System and method for effectively implementing an active termination circuit in an electronic device
Transmitter with active differential termination
Test structures for simultaneous switching output (SSO) analysis
Method and apparatus for generating frequency-stable wavelets
LED-based modular lamp
Electroluminescent color display panel
Ink including low molecular weight PVDF/HFP resin
Device for operating a dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Inverter and lamp ignition system using the same
Operating appliance and an operating method for high-pressure lamps
Use of arc straightening in HID lamps operated at VHF frequencies
Method and device for lighting ultra-high pressure discharge lamps
Lighting system with caring preheating of gas discharge lamps
Discharge lamp ballast with dimming
Motherboard memory slot ribbon cable and apparatus
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