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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Weed stomping tool
Machine for aerating soil
Glow plug having coking-optimized design
Ice fishing reel
Fly reel spool
Cryo-shucking of oysters
Method for preparing tobacco extract for electronic smoking devices
Water pipe starter and cleaning device
Adhesively supporting a breastshield
Product display package
Carrying bag
Shelf, in particular for refrigerated installations
Ready to assemble sofa and method for packaging same
Infant item holder
Multi-purpose drapery rod system
Endoscope cap
Flexible dam and retractor
Biopsy device with motorized needle cocking
Snared suture trimmer
Medical glove packaging
Method and apparatus for anastomosis including an expandable anchor
Device and method for tendon, ligament or soft tissue repair
Thrombus removal system and process
Spinal decompression system and method
Surgical stapling apparatus with powered retraction
Cavity creation device and methods of use
Orthopedic implant with locking element
Devices for use in transluminal and endoluminal surgery
Apparatus and method for removing a lenticle from the cornea
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Non-invasive subject-information imaging method and apparatus
Imaging, therapy and temperature monitoring ultrasonic system and method
Ultrasound imaging method and apparatus to suppress multiple echoes inside the cranium
Apparatus and methods for intravascular ultrasound imaging and for crossing severe vascular occlusions
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
Screw-type dental implant
Foam introduction system including modified port geometry
Implants and procedures for treatment of pelvic floor disorders
Stent side branch deployment initiation geometry
Nonaugmentive mastopexy
Silicone artificial breast prosthesis which minimizes stress concentration, and production method therefor
Intraocular lens with accommodation
Implants and methods for repair, replacement and treatment of disease
Method of preparing an implant for delivery into a vertebral space
Spinal implant and cutting tool preparation accessory for mounting the implant
Bone cavity creation and method with magnetic force retrievable beads
Adjustable prosthesis
Rehabilitation apparatus for correcting ambulation
Driving mechanism for a massage chair
Negative pressure wound treatment apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for removal of gas bubbles from blood
Cannula system
Composite radiopaque intracorporeal product
Method for increased uptake of beneficial agent and ejection fraction by postconditioning procedures
Gas mist pressure bath system
Self-contained power-assisted syringe
Implantable medical port with fluid conduit retention sleeve
Pressure compensating device
Middle ear ventilation tube
Automatic intravenous fluid flow control device
Infusion catheter assembly with reduced backflow
Constant rate delivery device
Injection device and ampoule unit
Power supply for light-based dermatologic treatment device
Scalar laser therapy apparatus
Belay device
Enhanced chemical/biological respiratory protection system
Breathing mask arrangement as well as an application device and a forehead support device for same
Speed doctor speed builder
Portable sliding exercise device
Stackable exercise chair
Putter-type golf club head
Golf club head with undercut
Golf trainer
Bonus game for a gaming machine
Texas Pai Gow
Electronic gaming platform having physical gadget
System and method for conducting a wagering game having a multi-spot template
Hoop-type amusement device and counter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Scavenging filter
Gravity-flow water purifier
Impurities removal apparatus for a fluid inclusion
Pipe coupling with integrated filter and flow detector
Cement containing multi-modal fibers for making thermal shock resistant ceramic honeycomb structures
Self cleaning fan assembly
Preparation of functionalized zeolitic frameworks
Method of measuring information for adsorption isostere creation, adsorption isostere creation method, adsorption heat calculation method, computer program, and measurement system
Method and apparatus for removing contaminant from fluid
Method and system for recycling and treating dyeing wastewater
Wetted wall venturi scrubber with a 2-stage venturi throat
Thermochemical synthesis of fuels for storing thermal energy
Method and apparatus for the preparation of finely divided calcium hydroxide
Device for processing feedstock
Fluid dispense tips
System for failsafe controlled dispensing of liquid material
Methods for application of two-phase contaminant removal medium
Method of cleaning returned beverage bottles in a bottle filling plant, a method of introducing treatment fluid into containers to remove contaminants therefrom in a container filling plant, and an arrangement therefor
Trim coping apparatus
High corrosion resistant equipment for a plant
Head gimbal assembly alignment with compliant alignment pin
Glass substrate for information recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Lens machining apparatus and method
Grinding wheel dressing system
Auto hammer
Dust collecting devices
Screwdriver hanging assembly
Lamination apparatus and methods
Injection moulding tool for the manufacture of a hybrid component
Seamless edge-sealing method of fluorine resin coating
Specular coatings for composite structures
Pneumatic tire, and manufacturing method of the same
Apparatus and a method for folding and unfolding a foldable transport container
Method of producing optical film laminate
Method for manufacturing composite systems made of metal and polymer shaped parts
Cover strip machine and method of removing a golf ball cover
Newspaper production apparatus
Aqueous inkjet printing fluid compositions
Liquid-droplet ejection head and liquid-droplet ejection apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus and atmospheric air opening method
Liquid containing tank, liquid-jet head unit, and image forming apparatus
Droplet ejection head, droplet ejection apparatus, and method of collecting bubbles in droplet ejection head
Overlap printing
Carriage printer with bubble dislodging and removal
Method of printing with anti-curl solution
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, image forming system, and storage medium
Eccentricity amount estimation device, rotation velocity control device, image forming apparatus, and computer readable storage medium
Book cover core body for manufacturing book cover member, kit for manufacturing book cover member, and adhesive tape
Multiple gas plasma forming method and ICP source
Tire comprising a tread with rubbery foam
Automatic tire inflation system
Wheel suspension for a motor vehicle
Hardening of flexible trailing arms
Motor mounting structure of electric vehicle
Electric drive unit with modular motor assembly
Vehicle component air flow ducting system
Control of an airstream flow rate through a covered compartment by an adjustable shutter
Off-road wheeled vehicle air induction system
Operational pedal support structure of automotive vehicle
Machine, in particular construction machine
Breakaway clutch for controllable speed accessory drive system
Slot cam for recline handle motion during egress mechanism function
Seat frame reinforcement structure
Air ducts for vehicles
Telescoping slide out systems for recreational vehicles
Headlamp aiming system
Image capturing apparatus
Battery arrangement structure of vehicle
Accommodation unit for storage compartment and storage compartment
Hybrid-type construction machine
Control device for electric rotating machine in hybrid-type power transmission
Locking device for locking a motor vehicle part
Apparatus and method for adjusting toe angle in the wheels of a solid axle
Vehicle body rear structure
Lower vehicle-body structure of vehicle
Armor system
Structure for mounting an attachment for vehicle
Drag reduction apparatus for a trailer
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
Engine cradle with deflector device
Enclosed motorcycle
Compact, carry-on bicycles having a shared drive-and-steering space
Shower chair/walker combination
Lift mechanism for lifting a swim platform above and over a rear deck of a boat
Powered surfboard for preserving energy of a surfer during paddling
Yawing system for a wind turbine
Structural component and method for stiffening an external skin
Movable storage unit for an accommodation module of an aircraft
Cabin air supercharged aircraft internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for filling paper lawn refuse bags
Active sterilization zone for container filling
Multiple stream filling system
Sheet-material piercer for a container closure
Shieldable bag system and devices
Cap lifter for plugging cap, plugging assembly including a cap and said cap lifter
Cleaning device
Order-picking system having a rack transport unit and method for operating such a system
Composite continuous feeder
Sheet processing device and image forming apparatus
Sheet feeder and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Flat-article feed device and a postal sorting machine
Sheet conveying apparatus, image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
Managing apparatus, image forming apparatus, method of controlling the managing apparatus, and storage medium
Fiber optic/electrical cable reel assembly
Crane cable roller assembly
Hand operated reaching device for accessing elevated doors
Portable adjustable motorcycle prop jack
Pressure activated automatic source switching dispenser system
Beverage dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the floatation-clarification of difficult water and facility for implementing same
Biofilm remediation of acid mine drainage
Solidification method of ceramic powder and solidified ceramics
Coated fertilizer particles
Depolarizing film, method for production thereof, optical film, and liquid crystal display
Liquid-crystalline compound and organic semiconductor device containing the compound
Synthesis of acidic silica to upgrade heavy feeds
Gasification process and producer gas
Process for converting cellulose into a liquid biofuel using as an intermediate an acetal of hydroxymethyl furfural
Ferrous abrasion resistant sliding materials and sliding members
Compositions of corrosion-resistant Fe-based amorphous metals suitable for producing thermal spray coatings
Thin film, method and apparatus for forming the same, and electronic component incorporating the same
Plasma processing method and apparatus with control of plasma excitation power
Plasma treatment system
Textiles; Paper
Remediation of fluorine and chlorine by-products in energetic formulations
Method and apparatus for pre-treatment of fibre material to be used in the manufacture of paper, board or the like
Papermaking and products made thereby with ionic crosslinked polymeric microparticle
Fixed Constructions
Auxiliary drive
Process of resurfacing a substrate with an engineered quartz material
Wall mounting apparatus
Louver blind having magnetic mount
Distance holder with jet deflector
Well fluid leak detection and response apparatus and method
Power slip assembly for wellhead casing and wellbore tubing
Downhole tool with expandable seat
Dissipating heat from a downhole heat generating device
System for drilling a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Nacelle comprising at least one surge trap
Switchable roller finger follower
Corrosion resistant insert for a cylinder head
Small-sized vehicle
Expandable chamber acoustic silencer
Exhaust gas re-circulation control unit for a diesel engine
Internal combustion engine with a first and second cooling system
Rotation angle detection device and throttle valve control device using the same
Method for avoiding and/or reducing pollutant percentages in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Pulsation reducing apparatus
Piezoelectric direct acting fuel injector with hydraulic link
Internal combustion engine with a fuel injection system
Injector to fuel rail coupling structure for high pressure direct injection engines
Efficient wind turbine blades, wind turbine blade structures, and associated systems and methods of manufacture, assembly and use
Wave energy conversion
Auto-stop air pump
Directional control valve arrangement
Fixture for attaching a profile rail to another component
Bearing cage durability improvement
Dual clutch arrangement with two piece main rotating manifold
Aircraft braking actuator
Damper, and electronic component and electronic apparatus equipped with the damper
Flat belt
Continuously variable transmission
Multispeed spur gear transmission with a planetary gear stage
Hybrid vehicle transmission
Hydraulic pressure control apparatus for automatic transmission and control method thereof
Radial seal and method of making
Microvalve and valve seat member
Vehicle seat, especially motor vehicle seat
Xtree systems
Illumination device
Lamp and heat sink thereof
Vehicle light unit and vehicle light
Lamp holder, mounting member, illumination device, display device, and television receiver apparatus
Light guide unit and light source module having scattering reflective unit
Rotation angle regulating device and rotatable lamp using the same
Filter device for the compensation of an asymmetric pupil illumination
System for delivering warmed fluids
Forced draft direct vent type room heater
Flat element for thermally adjusting indoor air
Passive cooling system for lightweight solar collector assembly and array
Heat-dissipating assembly
Channeling gas flow tube
Low temperature radiometer
Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
Methods and devices for directional radiative cooling thermal compensation
Optical connector, method of attaching the optical connector to coated optical fiber, and optical connection member
Optical subassembly having sleeve and optical device assembled with sleeve by ribs and hollow
Having a light control unit
Projector array for multiple images
Balance spring with fixed centre of mass
Multi-seller sales system supporting multiple sales portals and promotion systems
Gaming console with transparent sprites
ATM deposit verification system
Yunten model computer system and lab kit for education
Medical training model device
Interface device and method for interfacing instruments to medical procedure simulation systems
Ring shaped membrane for an electro-acoustical loudspeaker
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Cable connector
Lighting connector devices and uses thereof
Electrical connector and electrical assembly
Contact region of an electrically conductive member
Waterproof BNC connector
On-board diagnostic adapter
Terminal for electrical connection and connector using same
USB connector
Low inductance connector assembly
Electromagnetic pump with frequency converter circuit
Integrated electro-magnetohydrodynamic micropumps and methods for pumping fluids
Solid electrolyte polymer, polymer actuator using cross-linked polyvinylidene fluoride-based polymer, and method of manufacturing the polymer actuator
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sheet feeding device, sheet treating device and image reading apparatus using the same
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, gas substituting apparatus, and gas substituting method
Device and method for inspecting hollow spaces
Print order reception system for confirming print order information
Circuit and method for adjusting width of fly-back pulse in video signal processing unit realized in one chip
Image data processing method and image data transfer method
Determination of properties of an optical device
Lens barrel having a lens barrier mechanism
Production method of projection optical system
Wireless imaging device and system
Conic constant measurement methods for refractive microlenses
Image processing method and image reading method
Illumination device, exposure apparatus and exposure method
Method and system for broadcasting a digital data signal within an analog TV signal using Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Liquid crystal display with slant structures
Human Necessities
Ultra-broadband antenna incorporated into a garment with radiation absorber material to mitigate radiation hazard
Motion sensitive switch and circuitry
Footwear with GPS
System and method for verifying surveillance tag deactivation in a self-checkout station
Mailbox and counter combination device
Arrangements for coherence topographic ray tracing on the eye
Microscope for the wide-angle viewing, in particular for eye surgeries
Method for controlling stationary fire-extinguishing systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making color separator for emissive display
Multi-function electronic horn warning system
Powdered tantalum, niobium, production process thereof and porous sintered body and solid electrolytic capacitor using the powdered tantalum or niobium
Method for obtaining a printed product with visual effects, and printed product
Post-formable multilayer optical films and methods of forming
Thermal printer using recording papers different width-sizes
Encoder-based control of printhead firing in a label printer
Image forming apparatus
Processing multiple thermal elements with a fast algorithm using dot history
Transfer apparatus
Multi-beam polygon scanning system
Rod lens array and printer head and optical printer using the same
Heat development apparatus having a temperature adjusting device
Character information processor
Digital camera with integral color printer and modular replaceable print roll
Antenna device and tire pressure monitoring system including same
Transponder for tire, tire with transponder and manufacturing method of tire with transponder
System and method for tire pressure monitoring providing automatic tire location recognition
Method and apparatus for alarming decrease in tire air-pressure, and program for judging decompression of tire
Display controller for switching display device of vehicle between monitor display and trouble display
Trailer hitch mount for vehicle backup sensor
LED warning signal light and light support having at least one sector
Light monitor
Vehicle periphery visual confirming apparatus
Electronic control device for use in vehicles
Intake module having integrated ECU
Braking response and following distance monitoring and safety data accounting system for motor vehicles and other types of equipment
Vehicle antitheft device and program
Automatic emergency shut-off system for delivery transports
Anchors for micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) devices
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stacked liquid cell with liquid-polymer stratified phase separated composite
Cholesteric liquid crystal color filter and process for producing the same
Spin valve sensor with insulating and conductive seed layers
Method for producing inorganic semiconductor nanocrystalline rods and their use
Fixed Constructions
Replaceable antennas for subsurface monitoring apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Microscope stage
High voltage transformer module and receptacle
Light collimating system
Method for illuminating liquid crystal display device, a back-light assembly for performing the same, and a liquid crystal display device using the same
Apparatus and method using smoke and/or gas sensing in cooking devices
Method and apparatus for adjusting illumination angle
Method and apparatus for using quasi-stable light sources in interferometry applications
Optical frequency discriminator
Heterodyne interferometer with a phase modulated source
Multi-speed capacitive displacement encoder
Signal processing apparatus and method
Optical fiber infrasound sensor
Method and apparatus for interrogation of birefringent FBG sensors
Far-field scanning apparatus and method for rapid measurement of light source characteristics with high dynamic range
Process and device for the optical marking of a target region of a color measuring device on a measurement surface
Wavelength monitoring system
Technique for measuring modal power distribution between an optical source and a multimode fiber
Delay time measurement apparatus for optical element
Determination of optical properties of a device under test in transmission and in reflection
Coherent analyzer for multi-port optical networks
Lens testing device and testing sheet
Ophthalmic article inspection system
Optical bench
Flow cell system for solubility testing
Method and apparatus for dynamic DMD testing
Turntable measuring apparatus utilizing attenuated total reflection
Laser interrogation of surface agents
Device and methods of inspecting soldered connections
Inspection system with multiple illumination sources
Nonlinear optical system for sensing the presence of contamination on a semiconductor wafer
Method of analyzing multiple sample simultaneously by detecting absorption and systems for use in such a method
Method of reducing the effects of varying environmental conditions in a measuring instrument and measuring instrument using the method
Conductor detecting device
Spectrophotometric system and method for the identification and characterization of a particle in a bodily fluid
Co-Fe supermalloy free layer for magnetic tunnel junction heads
Apparatus and method for controlling receiving rate of GPS signal
Method and apparatus for interference reduction in a positioning system
System for setting coarse GPS time in a mobile station within an asynchronous wireless network
Article locator system
In-vehicle pulse radar device
Distance/velocity measuring method and radar signal processing device
Device and method for SPR detection in a mode-S transponder
Inspection device for radar absorbing materials
Method and apparatus for use in improving accuracy in geo-location estimates
Hidden Markov modeling for radar electronic warfare
Structure and method for pulse telemetry
Lithographic objective having a first lens group including only lenses having a positive refractive power
Zoom image pickup optical system
Illumination device and illumination method for a scanning microscope
Objective lens device for correcting chromatic aberration and optical pickup employing the same
Microscope stage
Viewing apparatus having a photographic function
Binocular method utilizing monocular devices
Method and apparatus for optical scanning capable of reducing a dot position displacement and a dot diameter variation
Optical scanning apparatus
Optical device for helmet visor comprising a diffractive mirror
Apparatus and method for displaying stereoscopic images
Zoom lens and optical apparatus using the same
Image pickup device
Electro-optical device having reduced size and improved light utilization efficiency and electronic using the same
Littrow grating and use of a littrow grating
Achromatic circular polarizer
Wire grid polarizer
Tuneable optical filter
Wavelength locker module and wavelength controller for optical communication
Off-chip matching circuit for electroabsorption optical modulator
Spatial light modulator
Electrophoretic device, driving method of electrophoretic device, and electronic apparatus
Electrophoretic display and novel process for its manufacture
Transmission light-scattering layer sheet and liquid crystal display
Process for manufacture of improved color displays
Transparent flexible barrier for liquid crystal display devices and method of making the same
Liquid crystal device and projector using the same
Display device including corner cube array
Light unit in liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Reflector structure of a multi-domain liquid crystal display and its fabrication method
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device having uniform integrated spacers
Liquid crystal display device
Method for forming spacer of liquid crystal display panel
Liquid, crystal panel, liquid crystal panel manufacturing method, liquid crystal display, and liquid crystal projector
Liquid crystal device
Active matrix substrate, method for fabricating the substrate and liquid crystal display device
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Thin film transistor substrate for a liquid crystal display and a method for repairing the substrate
Active matrix LCD panel
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display and method for fabricating thereof
Pigment layer for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays
Method and apparatus to enhance viewable video content to provide depth of field and three-dimensional effect
Projection screen apparatus
Print processing method, printing order receiving machine and print processing device
Moving picture coding control apparatus, and moving picture coding control data generating apparatus
Color image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus, color image processing method, image processing method, and a computer-readable recording medium for making a computer execute the methods
Method and apparatus for detecting aberrations in an optical system
Apparatus for method for immersion lithography
Projection exposure apparatus for microlithography
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing methods, and computer-readable storage medium
Stage device, exposure apparatus and method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Stage unit and exposure apparatus
Illumination device for projection system and method for fabricating
Image forming apparatus including holding member
Associative write verify
Pseudo real-time diagnostic and process monitoring system
Energize to actuate engineered safety features actuation system and testing method therefor
Controllable transformer
Tablet computer keyboard and system and method incorporating same
Portable computer having multiport bay
Display device
Coordinate input device and portable information apparatus equipped with coordinate input device
Portable computer with removable input mechanism
Portable computer of multifunction type
HP jornada vehicle docking station/holder
User friendly computer equipment, monitor unit, and monitor unit setting base
Adapter apparatus for memory modules
Information processing apparatus with front cover
Panel mounting apparatus
Domain power notification system
Method of designating multiple hypertext links to be sequentially viewed
Controller for graphical display
Integrated surface-mount pointing device
Devices, systems and methods for position-locking cursor on display device
System and method of pointed position detection system, projector and program
Method for manipulating multiple multimedia objects
Image display apparatus, menu display method therefor, image display system, and storage medium
Coordinate data entry device
Dual-dimension cursor control pad
Touch pad using a non-electrical deformable pressure sensor
Pressure sensitive writing tablet, control method and control program therefor
Pointing device by sensing geomagnetic field
A/D converter having signaling and requesting capability
Data printing system and method generating intermediate printing data for another application to change the printing data
Print data controlling method
Remote print queue management
Platform independent computer network manager
Generation of delegating implementation for IDL interfaces which use inheritance
Television based on operating system and method of displaying an initial screen thereof
Partitioning and load balancing graphical shape data for parallel applications
Printer, printer control method and recording medium storing its process
Optimal-size and nozzle-modulated printmasks for use in incremental printing
Clock-generating circuit and image-forming apparatus having a function of canceling F-theta property errors
Image formation apparatus and registration method
Customer conversion system
Determining a displayable color in a self-overlapping region of a color object
Vector instruction set
Method for improving quality in graphics pipelines through a frame's top and bottom field processing with conditional thresholding and weighting techniques
Active pixel determination for line generation in regionalized rasterizer displays
Three-dimensional graphic processing device for drawing polygon having vertex data defined by relative value and method therefor
Virtual interactive solids with dynamic multimedia
Method and apparatus for three dimensional surface contouring and ranging using a digital video projection system
Image processing apparatus and method
System and method for intraframe timing in multiplexed channel
HDTV downconversion system
Accessory alarm device of computer lock
Power outage alert electronic device
Patient monitoring system
Electric field detector with GPS
System for verifying detection of a fire event condition
Fire alarm
System and method for using keystroke data to configure a remote control device
Method and apparatus for transferring information to a remote control
Communication system using non-directional short range radio communications between user terminal device and road related facility
Attention manager for occupying the peripheral attention of a person in the vicinity of a display device
LED matrix moldule
Checking machine for checking tape automated bonding region of display module
Apparatus for controlling drive-power of plasma display panel and a method therefor
Drive unit and drive method of light-emitting display panel
Driving circuit of display and display device
Method and apparatus for driving liquid crystal display
Circuit panel and flat-panel display device
Display apparatus displaying pseudo gray levels and method for displaying the same
Driving method for electro-optical device, driving circuit therefor, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing on line help for custom application interfaces
System and method for improved pixel rendering performance
Method and apparatus for generating a video overlay
Method and system for antialiased procedural solid texturing
System and method for improving the readability of text
Book with electronic display
Displaying data on lower resolution displays
Tape loading apparatus and tape recorder
Disc pack assembly
Deformable ring clamping device for warp-free disk stack assembly in a data storage disk drive
Variable mode multi-media data object storage device
Method and apparatus for Viterbi detector state metric re-normalization
High rate coding for media noise
PLL circuit, data detection circuit and disk apparatus
Circuit for estimating the speed of an electromagnetic actuator
Employing off-track capability in data access operations in a direct access storage device
Magnetic tape apparatus and magnetic tape accessing method
Wide tape drive for a wide tape holding frame
Camera information recording apparatus for recording image data in an optical disk wherein managing information is stored when the residual storage of a battery decreases
Tape cassette with memory device including memory and antenna for wireless communication with another antenna in audio/image recording and reproducing system
Process for measuring nonlinear transition shift (NLTS) at high recording densities with a giant magetoresistive (GMR) head
Diffuser for reducing fluid velocity near disk surfaces in a rotating storage device
System and method for pre-stressing a read head for improving performance thereof
Method and apparatus for determining track density during a servo-track writing operation
Disk drive comprising a programmable inverting voltage regulator configured relative to the disk drive's mode of operation
Synchronous timing for interpolated timing recovery
Protective film for minimization of shield and pole tip recession in thin film shielded read heads and write heads
Narrow top pole of a write element
GMR read head having a pinned layer with an active portion oxidized to reduce the magnetic moment thereof
Low stiffness gimbal for disk drive head suspensions
Addressing device for selecting regular and redundant elements
Electric resistance element, which can be electromechanically regulated
I-inductor as high-frequency microinductor
High frequency transformer with integrated rectifiers
Inductive miniature component for SMD-mounting and method for the production thereof
Chassis of surface mounted inductor
Metalized polyester film with heat-seal layer on opposite side for flyback transformer application
Magnet roller and process for preparing the same
Powder core and high-frequency reactor using the same
Commonized actuator for normally open and normally closed modes
Activation mechanism for switch devices
Device and method for implementing a key
Device for controlling the closing of a power circuit breaker
Bounce-reduced relay
Adjustable magnetic trip unit and a circuit breaker incorporating the same
Compact low AMP electronic circuit breaker or residential load center
Reset lockout and trip for circuit interrupting device
Protective film for protecting a dielectric layer of a plasma display panel from discharge, method of forming the same, plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Retention of heat sinks on electronic packages
Fan holder for heat sink
Composite electronic component and method of producing same
Multi-chip module
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Electro-conductive liquid crystal element and organic electro-luminescence element
Antenna with cap
Antenna element
Movable antenna for wireless equipment
Wideband cavity-backed antenna
Concealed antenna assembly
Antenna structure and mobile terminal having antenna structure
Wideband internal antenna with zigzag-shaped conductive line
Antenna unit having radio absorbing device
Helical antenna manufacturing apparatus and method thereof
Feed network
Radome compensation using matched negative index or refraction materials
Beamformer for multi-beam broadcast antenna
Diversity slot antenna
Simplified feed circuit for an array antenna device
Low profile satellite antenna
Partially shared antenna aperture
Method and apparatus for frequency selective beam forming
Dual-frequency planar antenna
Antenna with multiple radiators
Method of making electrical contact device
Optical transceiver cage
Grounding structure for a card reader
Multiple reflectivity band reflector
Electronic trip unit capable of analog and digital setting of circuit breaker setpoints
Over-current control
Apparatus for protection of electronic circuits
Mobile electric power supply system with deactivatable GFCI protection
Aircraft applicable current imbalance detection and circuit interrupter and packaging thereof
Integrated circuit and method of operation
Protecting circuit against short-circuit of output terminal of AC adapter
Method and apparatus for fault condition protection of a switched mode power supply
Switching power supply circuit
Amplifier composite triple beat (CTB) reduction by phase filtering
Method and system for implementing a sigma delta analog-to-digital converter
Resonator structure having a dampening material and a filter having such a resonator structure
A/D converter circuit and current supply circuit
Margining pin interface circuit for clock adjustment of digital to analog converter
High speed analog to digital converter
Method of selecting cells for input code in a digital-to-analog converter
Multi-channel A/D converter and system using the same
Single-chip massively parallel analog-to-digital conversion
Electrically and optically symmetrical analog-to-digital converter for digital pixel sensors
Data driver
Low weight data encoding for minimal power delivery impact
Sigma delta modulator
Digital decimation filter
Data compressor with string code reassignment utilizing switched input coincidence elements
Method for numeric compression and decompression of binary data
Apparatus for integrated cascade encoding
Millimeter wave (MMW) radio frequency transceiver module and method of forming same
Surface-wave transducer device and identification system with such device
Apparatus and method for implementing a unified clock recovery system
Device for scanning reflective and transmissive data from a photographic image
Viewer with code sensor
Pulsed illumination signal modulation control & adjustment method and system
Image reader for use in image forming apparatus
Device for preventing the degeneration of a photographic photosensitive material and image reading apparatus
Image reading device and image forming apparatus comprising the same
Image forming apparatus that accurately detects sheet in the feeding direction, and method thereof
Dual transmissive/reflective image scanning apparatus with protective apparatus
Method and system for processing digital images
Panoramic video
Image pickup apparatus
Image-forming optical system
Exchangeable connecting device between video camera and automatic iris lens
Digital imaging control with selective intensity resolution enhancement
Data recording apparatus
System and method for scaling images
Television voice control system capable of obtaining lively voice matching with a television scene
Videofax system with progressive image display
High resolution video camera apparatus having two image sensors and signal processing
Color video camera for generating a luminance signal with unattenuated harmonics
Automated lamp focus
Image pickup apparatus
Housing structure of network device
Hinged cover for rack-mountable module
Circuit card retention device
Field replaceable unit access device and method
Fixing device without screws
Outdoor electronic equipment cabinet
Heat pipe circuit board
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