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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Pest control system and method
Shoulder pads
Water shorts incorporating a stretch textile
Athletic shoe having an improved cleat arrangement and improved cleat
Diamond having two-stage pavilion
Portable staging and leg bracket therefor
Vacuum cleaner nozzle height indicator
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Detection of renal failure by cardiac implantable medical device
Method for controlling the progression of a fluid in a microfluidic component
Method for treating intervertebral discs
Methods and devices for detection of context when addressing a medical condition of a patient
Multi-chamber ventricular automatic capture method and apparatus for minimizing true and blanking period induced ventricular undersensing
Cushion for ventilation interface
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dishwasher with soil removal
Elongation rolling control method
Method of forming a modular heat exchanger having a brazed core
Liquid discharging apparatus and production method therefor
Method and apparatus for clamping rectangular parallelepipedic work
Part sensing horn
Manufacturing apparatus of absorbent article and manufacturing method of absorbent article
Wheel system with lifter apparatus
Mounting device, and method for mounting and dismounting a vehicle tire on and from a rim
Self-advancing wheel servicing tool assembly
Windscreen wiper device
Method for auto-ignition operation and computer readable storage device for use with an internal combustion engine
Method and means for the high-speed manufacturing of individual packaging for a liquid or solid product
Winding media
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Shearing blade for molten glass gobs
Fixed Constructions
Removable pop-up drain control with catch basket
Stress and torque reducing tool
Coiled tubing deployed single phase fluid sampling apparatus and method for use of same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for controlling a supercharged engine with inlet and port throttle
Two-stroke engine
Variable valve device of internal combustion engine and controller therefor
Cooling system for variable cylinder engines
Method and system for controlling an engine during diesel particulate filter regeneration warm-up
Control system and method for controlling an engine in response to detecting an out of range pressure signal
Fuel supply apparatus for engine and injector for the same
Method of replacing a support bearing for roller by removing and replacing an inner raceway and maintaining the remaining existing bearing components
Vapor barrier with valve for a building
Process for cooling a storage container
Slurrification process
Variable recoil brake for munition
Large caliber autoloader
Apparatus and methods for applying stress-induced offset compensation in sensor devices
System and method for data correlation within a telematics communication system
System and method for measuring liquid viscosity in a fluid delivery system
Device and method for determining the dynamic elastic modulus of a material
Apparatus and method for measuring pressure between jaw members
Automated test and characterization web services
Semiconductor integrated circuit and scan test method therefor
Scan path circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit comprising the scan path circuit
Apparatus and method for a waveguide with an index profile manifesting a central dip for better energy extraction
Optical device with slab waveguide and channel waveguides on substrate
Monolithic or ribbon-like multi-core photonic-crystal fibers and associated method
Image forming apparatus having guide supporting brackets including paper transportation guides
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner concentration detection unit
Color image forming apparatus
Transfer device and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving image transfer in liquid electrostatic printing
Color image forming device
Management of the flow of persons and advertisement distribution via wireless media
Nibble de-skew method, apparatus, and system
Controlling standby power of low power devices
Adaptive throttling system for computing systems
System and method for early detection of system component failure
Fault monitoring and notification system for automated banking machines
Method and apparatus for measuring velocity of land vehicle using accelerometer and route guidance information data
Diagnosis method and apparatus for peripheral device of host
Apparatus and method for a server deterministically killing a redundant server integrated within the same network storage appliance chassis
Error correction method for high density disc
Convolution-encoded data storage on a redundant array of independent devices
System and methods for monitoring application server performance
Matching memory transactions to cache line boundaries
Method, device, and system to avoid flushing the contents of a cache by not inserting data from large requests
Content addressable memory (CAM) device having selectable access and method therefor
Information processing apparatus, memory managing program, and memory managing method
Disk array system and method for security
Method and system for allocating memory to an electronic device
Content playback apparatus method and program and key management apparatus and system
Joint consumption of content invitation methods and apparatus
Software management
Data backup system and method
Transportable identifier and system and method to facilitate access to broadcast data
Method and apparatus for tracking related information in a network
Communication system, and master apparatus and slave apparatus used in the same, and communication method
Parallel Processor efficiently executing variable instruction word
Method for updating a geologic model by seismic data
Layout generator system and method
System, computer program product and method for managing documents
Instrument setup utility program
Method and apparatus for universal data exchange gateway
Method for identifying and tracking grouped content in e-mail campaigns
Pipelined high speed data transfer mechanism
Methods and apparatus for executing a transaction task within a transaction processing system employing symmetric multiprocessors
Secure virtual machine monitor to tear down a secure execution environment
Communication terminal device and program
Storage area network management and configuration method and apparatus via enabling in-band communications
Technician intranet access via systems interface to legacy systems
Registration of routers in a hierarchy of routers
System and method for analyzing and generating supplementary service data units in packet based multimedia communications systems
Packet processing architecture
Self-contained computer servicing device
Device, method, and computer program product for generating information of link structure of documents
Mechanism for rapidly installing and detaching hard disk
Electronic information content automatic distribution service system, information processing apparatus, recording medium, and electrical information content automatic distribution method
Providing services within a telematics communication system
System for preparing multimedia content for transmission
Attribute engine
Reviewing and merging electronic documents
Replication protocol for data stores
System for downloading contents, and client terminal for downloading contents from contents server
Integrated circuit design with cell-based macros
Method and apparatus for performing compound duplication of components on field programmable gate arrays
Method and apparatus for minimizing weighted networks with link and node labels
Timing analysis apparatus, timing analysis method, and computer product
Integrated circuit hierarchical design system, integrated circuit hierarchical design program and integrated circuit hierarchical design method
Adaptive application of SAT solving techniques
Apparatus and method for verification support, and computer product
Automatic method for routing and designing an LSI
System for reviewing defects, a computer implemented method for reviewing defects, and a method for fabricating electronic devices
Method for assigning states to stitches of a fabric
Device and method for testing integrated circuits
Integrated instrument driver network
Biomagnetic measurement apparatus
On-die temperature monitoring in semiconductor devices to limit activity overload
Methods and apparatus for polishing control
Test apparatus and test method
Hooking of replacement and augmented API functions
Counter updating system using an update mechanism and different counter utilization mechanism
Television tuning device screen saver advertising
Method and apparatus for communication via serial multi-port, and recording medium
Information processing terminal displaying guidance for a key operation on a standby-screen
Method and apparatus for statistical compilation
Method for displaying cartridge location
System and method for creating compilations of content
Retrieving documents transitively linked to an initial document
Method of controlling access to control registers of a microprocessor
Persistent authorization context based on external authentication
Magnetostatic modeling methods and systems for use with boundary element modeling
Method for executing computer function options with intelligent memory for computer-based multimedia system
Data communication apparatus and method of a device that supports plural communication methods
Just-My-Code debugging
Cloning programming code
Method for converting pipeline stalls caused by instructions with long latency memory accesses to pipeline flushes in a multithreaded processor
Systems and methods for associating images
Method for automatic calibration of perfusion parameter images
System and method for segmenting the left ventricle in a cardiac image
Method for testing a plastic sleeve for an image cylinder or a blanket cylinder
Strategies for performing scaling operations on image information
System and method for detecting obstacle
Smart erasure brush
Biological sample optical measuring method and biological sample optical measuring apparatus
Method for assisting visually impaired users of a scanning device
Contrast-based image attention analysis framework
Image edge extraction via fuzzy reasoning
Method and device for condensed image recording and reproduction
Preprocessing for information pattern analysis
Enhancing the quality of decoded quantized images
Visual enhancement for reduction of visual noise in a text field
Method and apparatus for automatically extracting geospatial features from multispectral imagery suitable for fast and robust extraction of landmarks
Process for semi-automatic maintenance of a knowledge base using tagged examples
Systems and methods for electronic trading that provide incentives and linked auctions
System and method for a prepaid card issued by a foreign financial institution
Financial modeling and counseling system
Method and system for tracking disposition status of an item to be delivered within an organization
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Apparatus and method for voice modulation in mobile terminal
Phonetic fragment search in speech data
Adaptive multi-pass speech recognition system
Processing a speech frame in a radio system
Disc device
Optical data recording medium with protrusion bonded between center hole and clamping area
Optical data recording disc with protrusion between clamping area and center hole
Repair of semiconductor memory device via external command
Method of making a lamp coil
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Method of assembling a heated insulating glass panel with a fitting
Calibration of laser systems
Laser array device and laser array control method
System and method of echo cancellation
Method and apparatus for emulating audio effect
Amplifying magnitude metric of received signals during iterative decoding of LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) code and LDPC coded modulation
Module for generating circuits for decoding convolutional codes, related method and circuit
Leakage nulling receiver correlator structure and method for ultra wide bandwidth communication system
Automatic tuning apparatus for filter and communication instrument
Quality monitoring method and apparatus for wavelength division multiplexed optical signal and optical transmission system using the same
Radio broadcast receiver
Communication system using multiple link terminals
Methods and apparatus for downlink diversity in CDMA using Walsh codes
MPEG-2 decoding system and method
Multicast routing method and an apparatus for routing a multicast packet
Multicast routing method and an apparatus for routing a multicast packet
Method for validating warranty compliance and ink compatibility assurance
Adaptive phase controller, method of controlling a phase and transmitter employing the same
Method of detecting the presence of cross-talk and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for allocating a transport identifier for a network data connection
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
ATM header compression using hash tables
Apparatus and method for controlling operational states of medium access control layer in a broadband wireless access communication system
Time slotted logical ring
Method, system, and article of manufacture for utilizing host memory from an offload adapter
MAC address learning apparatus
Method and apparatus using transition state protocol signaling for fax transport manner capability exchange
Scheduling unit with optimized jitter and queue occupancy
Integrated voice-over-internet protocol processor
Apparatus and method for improved performance in radio telecommunication systems that use pulse-shaping filters
Receiver for receiving a spectrum dispersion signal
On-disk file format for a serverless distributed file system
Advanced stream format (ASF) data stream header object protection
Systems and methods for non-interactive session key distribution with revocation
Remote access system, remote access method, and medium containing remote access program
Method for personalizing the working of a portable communication device, and associated portable communication device
Mobile communication apparatus used to communicate information between mobile units
MIMO dynamic PSD allocation for DSL networks
Network provided information using text-to-speech and speech recognition and text or speech activated network control sequences for complimentary feature access
Method and system for providing telematics unit information
Communication device and management server
Recording apparatus having a pause mode in which video signals are written to memory by cyclically designating write addresses
Recording medium, recording apparatus and reproduction apparatus
Rectangular-shape motion search
Video coding
Information recording medium for recording a scrambled part of content information, and method and apparatus for reproducing information recorded therein
System and method for video navigation and client side indexing
Method for determining when a communication device should rate shift or roam in a wireless environment
Mobile communication system, mobile terminal, and mobile communication method
Methods, systems and computer program products for remotely controlling wireless terminals
Partitioning scheme for an OFDM transceiver
Apparatus for and method of capturing radiation image
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus and methods for protecting the axillary nerve during thermal capsullorhaphy
Fiberoptics protective emission control
Apparatus for and method of measuring body fat
Apparatus for measurement and control of the content of glucose, lactate or other metabolites in biological fluids
Optical examination device, system and method
Color image processing method and apparatus
Bioelectrical impedance measuring apparatus
Independently positionable transducers for location system
Method and apparatus for simultaneously determining a patient's identification and blood oxygen saturation
Method and apparatus for correcting the offset induced by field effect transistor photo-conductive effects in a solid state x-ray detector
Apparatus and method for x-ray scatter reduction and correction for fan beam CT and cone beam volume CT
Non-axial body computed tomography
Method and apparatus for visualization of motion in ultrasound flow imaging using packet data acquisition
Progressive radial correction hand device
Ferrule for cranial implant
Method and apparatus for treatment of viral diseases
Intraoral electromuscular stimulating device and method
Pacemaker with stimulation threshold measuring
Method and apparatus for reducing the effect of evoked responses on polarization measurements in an automatic capture pacing system
Cardiac rhythm management system providing control of pacing features with a reduced number of variables
Method and apparatus of determining atrial capture threshold while avoiding pacemaker mediated tachycardia
Delay to therapy following patient controlled atrial shock therapy request
Megavoltage computed tomography during radiotherapy
Apparatus for controlling thermal dosing in an thermal treatment system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for generating a plurality of laser beams
Device for determining the position of measuring points of a measurement object relative to a reference system
Method and apparatus for calibrating a first co-ordinate frame of an indexing means in a second frame of reference of a sensing means
System and method for measurement of adhesive resin distribution on wood flakes using a scanner
System and method for providing a substrate having micro-lenses
System and method for printing on a print medium with a combination laser and ink jet printer
Method and device for anti-slip control, in particular for traction control, in a motor vehicle
Automatic vehicular velocity controlling system and method for automotive vehicle
Optical axis adjusting device for vehicle headlamp
Emergency call device for vehicles
Process for determining lateral overturning of vehicle and occupant protecting system in vehicle
Method for rollover detection for automotive vehicles with safety-related devices
Estimating vehicle velocities using linear-parameter-varying and gain varying scheduling theories
Road friction coefficients estimating apparatus for vehicle
Braking force control-type behavior control apparatus and method of motor vehicle
Anti-lock brake yaw control method
Current detecting apparatus and electric motor control apparatus
Method, apparatus and computer program product for determining shim shape
Method and apparatus to reduce variation of excess fiber length in buffer tubes of fiber optic cables
Apparatus and method for using a transponder as an information buffer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Laser optimized multimode fiber and method for use with laser and LED sources and system employing same
Optical transmission line
Imageable seamed belts having polyvinylbutyral and isocyanate outer layer
Stop changing device for a camera
Fixed Constructions
Control apparatus for a hydraulic excavator
Boom/bucket hydraulic fluid sharing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary optical filter apparatus integrated with cooling fan and illumination optical system
Method and apparatus for non-intrusive monitoring of rotating components
Computer system
Neon sign transformer module and receptacle
Apparatus for transporting and distributing light using multiple light fibers
Electromagnetic stirring of a melting metal
Method for the non-destructive inspection of wall strength
Thickness-measuring device
Optical pickup apparatus having improved holographic optical element and photodetector
Photogrammetric image processing apparatus and method
Image processing computer system for photogrammetric analytical measurement
Method and system for discovering and recovering unused service life
Motor vehicle position recognizing system
Device for reviewing the flight plan of an aircraft, in particular of a transport plane
Unbalanced fiber optic Michelson interferometer as an optical pick-off
Method and apparatus for balancing
System and method for single-beam internal reflection tomography
Integrated optical waveguide system
Container inspection machine
X-ray shielding system and shielded digital radiographic inspection system and method
Method and apparatus for controlling damping and in situ determination of frequency response for high bandwidth force-balance single-coil geophone
Credit initialization in systems with proactive flow control
Integrated circuit, test structure and method for testing integrated circuits
Test circuit for testing a circuit
Methods and apparatus for characterizing a circuit breaker device
RF coil, shield and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Vertical field type MRI apparatus with a conical gradient coil situated in the main magnet
Magnetic resonance apparatus with a coil system optimized for noise reduction and method for designing the coil system
Thermal imaging of fat and muscle using a simultaneous phase and magnitude double echo sequence
Flow adaptive guided determination of imaging parameters for 3D magnetic resonance angiography
Method and apparatus for MR perfusion image acquisition using a notched RF saturation pulse
MRI imaging methods using a single excitation
Receiver for a frequency-shift-keying, continuous-wave radar
Track quality indicator with hysteresis
Method for simulating streamer positioning, and for navigation aid
Method and apparatus for measuring acoustic mud velocity and acoustic caliper
Method for gradually deforming a stochastic model of a heterogeneous medium such as an underground zone
Optical apparatus
Optical devices made with vacuum-baked films
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens position calibration
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus having the same
Endoscope lens, and an endoscope equipped with such a lens
Endoscope objective optical system
Dual-band fabry-perot mirror coating
Variable magnification optical system and optical apparatus having image stabilizing function
Projection system with an offset lens array to reduce vertical banding
Device for supporting combiner for use in vehicle display system
Micro lens array, method of fabricating the same, and display device
Positive dispersion low dispersion slope fiber
Tiled fiber optic display apparatus
Optical display apparatus
Photonic bandgap device using coupled defects
Optical waveguide structures and methods of fabrication
Switch and variable optical attenuator for single or arrayed optical channels
Motorized vacuum twist fixture
Passive pigtail attachment apparatus and method for planar lightwave circuits
Heater module and optical waveguide module
Wavelength multiplexing module with polarization maintaining fibers as depolarizers
Cascadable large optical cross-connect
Optical switching devices
Micromirror optical switch
Microelectromechanical optical cross-connect switches including row and column addressing and methods of operating same
Optical fiber holding device
Fiber array fabrication
Sealing assembly for use with an optical fiber holder
Connector with a connection detection function, optical fiber cable with a connection detection function, and equipment control mechanism for an optical equipment
Fiber optic cables having grease layers with reduced agglomerate sizes
Fiber optic cables
Color wheel having adhesive-escape-prevention means
Lens driving apparatus and photographic apparatus
Lens barrel free from influence of magnetic flux leakage
Focus detection device
Variable focus optical devices
Apparatus for polarization-independent optical polarization scrambler and a method for use therein
Tunable Fabry-Perot filter and method for fabricating the same
Light modulator, light source using the light modulator, display apparatus using the light modulator, and method for driving the light modulator
Method for producing highly accurate frequency and FM of a laser
Variable wavelength short pulse light generating device and method
Underwater one-time-use camera having camera frame assembly retained in front housing part at unloading
Camera remote system and methods associated therewith
Chemically resistant pinhole camera
Preionization arrangement for a gas laser
High repetition rate gas discharge laser with precise pulse timing control
Virtual laser operator
Image forming apparatus
Photoconductor drum having core element with roughened surface
Automatic document feeder with a conveying roller and an image reader
Electrophotographic development system with custom color printing
Transfer bias applying method for an image forming apparatus and device for the same
Image forming apparatus capable of forming two identical images on an intermediate transfer member
Image fusing unit of liquid electrophotographic printer
Process and device for transferring toner
Fixing belt and fuser
Thin film type image heating apparatus with pressurizing force transmitting member for regulating movement of film
Mechanism for removing slack in the web of cleaning material in an electrophotographic machine
Sheet guiding device with electromagnetic shield plate serving as one guide surface and image forming apparatus including the same
Print control apparatus for generating accounting information relating to a print job
Electronic timepiece having indication hands
System and method for driving LCD displays
Adaptive control system having hedge unit and related apparatus and methods
User interface that integrates a process control configuration system and a field device management system
Distributed input/output control systems and methods
Programming apparatus
Drive controller for machine tool
Method and circuit configuration for monitoring machine parameters
Injection mold design system and injection mold design method
Method and apparatus for using integrated remote identifier
Process for monitoring processing plants
Evaluation of alarm settings
Remote diagnostic system and method for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Microcomputer system using repeated reset to enter different operating modes and method to do the same
Supervisory power system control apparatus
Steganographic techniques for securely delivering electronic digital rights management control information over insecure communication channels
System and method for skew compensating a clock signal and for capturing a digital signal using the skew compensated clock signal
Computer having a flat panel display
Access door assembly for a computer case
Guide system for a removable electronic device in a computer bay
Computer selectively configurable in both desktop and tower orientations
Housing system for housing electronic components, especially flat desktop PC or multimedia housing
Data storage housing
Methods and apparatus for securing disk drives in a disk array
Quick release fastening system for storage devices
Apparatus for delivering power to high performance electronic assemblies
Tilt mounted hard drive bay
EMI shield
Circuit board retaining brackets
Quick release hold-down for PCI/AGP cards
System and method for shielding electronic components
Cooling device capable of contacting target with smaller urging force
Method and device for providing a multiple phase power on reset
Apparatus for reducing the supply noise near large clock drivers
Apparatus and method for remotely powering-down a wireless transceiver
Method of resetting bus for network connected by IEEE 1394 bus
Methods of feature extraction of video sequences
Method, apparatus and computer program product for forming data to be analyzed by finite element method and calculation method based on finite element method
Communications interface for assembly-line monitoring and control
Method for retaining a user configurable wrist pad
Computer system and method for controlling transmission of audio signal outputs from the computer system
Digital frequency divider
Elliptic curve encryption systems
Portable memory card system
Business management system
Motion compensation device
Object similarity calculation method and apparatus
Method, program storage device, and apparatus for optimizing and analyzing efficiency of equipment
System and method for communicating with a remote communication unit via the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Apparatus and method for embedding information in an image through requantization step width control
Color conversion matrix based on minimal surface theory
Method of reconstructing images from X-ray cone beam projection data
Optical distortion correction in digital imaging
Image demosaicing method utilizing directional smoothing
Method and apparatus for processing image data
Image reading apparatus
Method for efficiently registering object models in images via dynamic ordering of features
Digital image coding system having self-adjusting selection criteria for selecting a transform function
Upsampling filter for a down conversion system
Method and apparatus for transcoding digital video signals
Burst mode memory fetches when decoding compressed image data
Fast motion-compensated video frame interpolator
Scalable MPEG-2 video decoder
Battery recycling
Vehicle sharing system
Reproducing apparatus
System and method for acoustic imaging at two focal lengths with a single lens
Magneto-optical head and method of making coil for the same
Tray loading type storage medium drive apparatus with movable claw pieces for supporting storage medium
Disk loading device having a drive mechanism to move a disk retaining member adjacent to a disk insertion slot
Carousel type changer
Rear-facing autochanger bar code reader
Method and apparatus for recording and reproducing information on and from recording disc
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and presentation medium including copy protection data from a non-compliant apparatus
Data reproduction control method and apparatus, and optical disk unit
Method for processing audio and video DVD data
Reference clock generating circuit of disk data burst cutting area
Method and apparatus for feedforward cancellation using a peak detector
Cartridge and method of cleaning recordation medium surface
Apparatus and method for stabilizing a data tape cartridge for transport
Method for copying, recording, and editing data onto disk recording media, and disk recording apparatus
Electronic film editing system using both film and videotape format
Recording/playing apparatus and contents managing method
Digital data recording and reproducing apparatus
Information recording and reproduction apparatus
Moving image processor capable of outputting moving image as still image
Method and apparatus for accessing target data in a data storage medium
Encoding apparatus of audio signal, audio disc and disc reproducing apparatus
Information storage system capable of recording and playing back a plurality of still pictures
Low amplitude skip write detector
Closure assembly for record medium entry passage
Computer peripheral system for interconnection with pocketable personal articles
Locally deformable sleeve on disk drive pivot assembly
Thermal cooling system for densely packed storage devices
Disk drive having breather shroud
System and method for utilizing an actuator-activated pumping mechanism for reducing the operating pressure of a disk drive assembly
Digital tape drive
Combination perpendicular record and reproduce head having an auxiliary pole recessed from an air bearing surface and spaced from one of a pair of reproducing element sheilds
High speed, high areal density inductive writer
Magnetic head supporting apparatus having thermally insulated IC mounted on an arm portion
Head actuator and hard disc drive including the same
System and method for determining the position of a device
Displacement detecting apparatus and information recording apparatus
Spatially-spectrally swept optical memories and addressing methods
Digital audio signal player having a simulated analogue record
Optical recording medium and its designing method
Optical disk recording/reproducing device employing waveform correction of laser output signal
Optical information processor and optical element
Reduced crosstalk optical recording medium using an optically related track pitch
Optical pickup device having aperture restriction arrangement
Optical pickup device
Rewritable optical recording medium and manufacturing method and apparatus therefor
Write system architecture of magnetic memory array divided into a plurality of memory blocks
Semiconductor memory and method for driving the same
Method and architecture for reducing the power consumption for memory devices in refresh operations
DRAM sense amplifier having pre-charged transistor body nodes
Content addressable memory (CAM) with error checking and correction (ECC) capability
Pseudo-static single-ended cache cell
Associative memory for accomplishing longest coincidence data detection by two comparing operations
Method and apparatus for adjusting control circuit pull-up margin for content addressable memory (CAM)
Method of programming a non-volatile memory cell using a baking process
Method of establishing reference levels for sensing multilevel memory cell states
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having electrically and collectively erasable characteristics
Non-volatile memory with block erase
Non-volatile memory with block erase
Write state machine architecture for flash memory internal instructions
Semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
High voltage bit/column latch for Vcc operation
Global/local memory decode with independent program and read paths and shared local decode
Zero power fuse sensing circuit for redundancy applications in memories
Semiconductor memory device with redundancy
Semiconductor memory device and method for replacing redundancy circuit
Modular memory structure having adaptable redundancy circuitry
Semiconductor memory device
Memory module with test mode
Semiconductor memory device having row and column redundancy circuit and method of manufacturing the circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with a memory array preventing generation of a through current path
Charge pump with controlled charge current
Memory architecture with single-port cell and dual-port (read and write) functionality
Dynamic DRAM sense amplifier
Adjustable memory self-timing circuit
Semiconductor memory device
Synchronous semiconductor memory device allowing control of operation mode in accordance with operation conditions of a system
High density ROM architecture with inversion of programming
Apparatus and method for receiving external data signal to generate internal data signal
Non-volatile, electrically alterable semiconductor memory
Self-timed activation logic for memory
Synchronous semiconductor memory device and refresh method thereof
Method and apparatus for biasing selected and unselected array lines when writing a memory array
Integrated head assembly for a nuclear reactor
Systems and methods to enhance passive containment cooling system
Discrete circuit component and process of fabrication
Trace fuse
Method for scaling processes between different etching chambers and wafer sizes
Power supplies having protection circuits
System, process, apparatus and program for controlling special lot carrying in semiconductor carrying facility
Method of using a specimen sensing end effector to determine angular orientation of a specimen
Heat sink of module with built-in IC
Retainer device for heat sink assembly
Multi-level electronic package and method for making same
Passivation of semiconductor laser facets
Incoming call indicator for portable phone
Push-pull latch cartridge with integrated cantilever latch
Electric component connecting structure
Passively mode-coupled femtosecond laser
Method and apparatus for compensation of beam property drifts detected by measurement systems outside of an excimer laser
Semiconductor laser element
Direct-drive modulator driver
Optical semiconductor diode driver circuit and optical tranceiver module
Graded semiconductor layers for reducing threshold voltage for a nitride-based laser diode structure
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser module and amplifier using the module
Variable wavelength light source
Semiconductor laser device and fabricating method thereof
Hybrid vertical cavity laser with buried interface
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Ridge waveguide semiconductor laser diode
Semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser
Dual III-V nitride laser structure with reduced thermal cross-talk
Monolithic multi-wavelength semiconductor laser unit
Aircraft applicable current imbalance detection and circuit interrupter and packaging thereof
Electrostatic discharge cell of integrated circuit
Control system method of protectively controlling electric power system and storage medium storing program code
Wiring arrangement ensuring all-or-none operation of a series of modular load elements
Synchronous rectifier controller to eliminate reverse current flow in a DC/DC converter output
Portable generator
Electric power conversion/inversion apparatus
Controlling the acceleration and deceleration of a motor with an acceleration easement interval
Efficient reduced state maximum likelihood sequence estimator
Controller for FM 412 multiplex power regulation
Tunable filter with bypass
Generalized positioning system based on use of a statistical filter
Multiple signal processing unit for utility wiring by receiver/LAN and utility wiring system by receiver/LAN
Radio with pre-selected locked channels for children
DC recovery circuit capable of receiving ECL signal even under low power supply voltage
Radio communication device and method of bit synchronization pull-in in the same
Method and apparatus for improved compression and decompression
Internet-enable broadcast receiving apparatus
Processor-based method for the acquisition and despreading of spread-spectrum/CDMA signals
Family of linear multi-user detectors (MUDs)
Adaptive, multimode rake receiver for dynamic search and multipath reception
Methods and apparatus for receiving N-chip resistant codes
Active equipment protection methods and apparatus
Estimating interference in a communication system
DAC architecture for analog echo cancellation
Echo canceler
Process and arrangement for executing protocols between telecommunications devices in wireless telecommunications systems
Forward rate determination of high data rate channels in CDMA air interface
Spread spectrum communication system and base station thereof
Increasing cell capacity by gain control of traffic channels
Diversity coded OFDM for high data-rate communication
Method for measurement and reduction of frequency offsets in distributed satellite/wireless networks and corresponding communications system
Frame offset setting arrangement and frame offset setting method
Method for transmitting an information of mobile telecommunication system
Transmission frame structure for a satellite digital audio radio system
Service tariffing based on usage indicators in a radio based network
Method and apparatus for switching a clock source from among multiple T1/E1 lines with user defined priority
Network transceiver using signal detect input to control modes of operation
Clock management method and transmission apparatus for synchronous network system
System and method for generating signal waveforms in a CDMA cellular telephone system
Communication system, apparatus, method, and recording medium for mobile communication
Mechanism to benefit from min and max bitrates
Radio link protocol frame sorting mechanism for dynamic capacity wireless data channels
Method of testing and simulating communication equipment over multiple transmission channels
Method and system for reliable in-order distribution of events
Method for testing data path of peripheral server devices
Hosting a cable modem in a computer using a virtual bridge
Serial interface for a broadband communications network
Terminal authentication procedure timing for data calls
Error recovery in a mixed protocol networks
Validation of call processing network performance
Method and system for VMAN protocol
System and method for eliminating jitter by using a starve/inspect approach to AAL1
Method and apparatus for maintaining randomly accessible free buffer information for a network switch
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and delays in data packet networks using discrete data transfer rates
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple class of service connections in a communications network
Butterfly network with switches set for two node disjoint paths and method for forming the paths
Priority queueing
Auto early packet discard (EPD) mechanism for automatically enabling EPD on an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network
Method for inverse multiplexing of ATM using sample prepends
Data gateway and method for relaying data
RRGS-round-robin greedy scheduling for input/output terabit switches
Method and system for integration of ATM edge switch with access device
Integrated information communication system
Digital base-band receiver
Receiving apparatus and receiving method
Modulator, demodulator, and transmission system for use in OFDM transmission
Burst carrier frequency synchronization and iterative frequency-domain frame synchronization for OFDM
Queue management for networks employing pause time based flow control
Method and apparatus for transparent support of network protocols with header translation
Group packet encapsulation and compression system and method
High performance, high bandwidth, and adaptive local area network communications
Mobile internet access
Internet phone protocol
System and method for bandwidth on demand for internet service providers
Methods and apparatus for economical utilization of communication networks
Address resolution for internet protocol sub-networks in asymmetric wireless networks
Router for use with a link that has a set of concurrent channels
Flexible scheduling of network devices within redundant aggregate configurations
Asynchronous timing oscillator re-synchronizer and method
Method and apparatus for signal receiving synchronization
Telephone set having a help key and methods and systems for use therewith
Device and method for searching directory memory of portable cellular phone
Telephone caller screening device
Method and apparatus for providing to a customer a promotional message between ringing signals or after a call waiting tone
Circuits and methods for testing POTS service
Method and system for measuring usage of advanced intelligent network services
Domestic origination to international termination country set logic
Uncooled universal laser module
Local routing system and method
Method and device for calculating charges in telecommunications networks
System and method for protecting devices connected to a telephone line
Line information security interface for TAPI service provider
System and method for non-intrusively displaying information to a user in a telecommunications system
Method for improving acoustic sidetone suppression in hands-free telephones
Digital camera and printing system
Iterative gamut mapping
Digital broadcasting receiver and digital broadcasting system
Perspective correction for panoramic digital camera with remote processing
Interface for abstracting control of a cable modem
MPEG stream switching process
Method for adapting video packet generation and transmission rates to available resources in a communications network
Apparatus and method of data reconstruction
Motion vector detection apparatus
Data transmitting device, data receiving device, and data recording device
Scene description nodes to support improved chroma-key shape representation of coded arbitrary images and video objects
Physical coding sub-layer for transmission of data over multi-channel media
System for effectively using ISDN backup channel
Method for policing data traffic, a data traffic policer realizing such a method and a telecommunication network including such a policer
ATM utopia bus snooper switch
Network system and communication node
Packet switching system having-having self-routing switches
Location dependent user matching system
Customer service system with feedback and method for operating
Base transceiver station of digital mobile telecommunication system using remote interfacing unit
Systems and methods for minimizing interference and optimizing PN planning in CDMA networks
Over the air user zone assignment for wireless telephony systems
Method and apparatus to reduce uplink compressed mode monitoring in a communication device
Method for performing cell and URA updates in a radio access network
Methods and systems for implementation of the calling name delivery service through use of a location register in a network element in a wireless network
Use of mobile unit to provide delivery path optimization to land-based unit
Distinctive ringing in a wireless centrex system
Method and system for assigning multiple directory numbers (DN) to a personal communication system (PCS) telephone
Speaker system
Microphone array
Electro-dynamic exciter
Method for high-density, low-via-count, decoupling capacitor placement
Wide data path stacking system and method
Electrical sensor mount
Removable expansion card cage
Tool-less coupling system for electronic modules
Modular electronics enclosure
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