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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Coating and composite frozen confections
Bone metabolism improving agent
Flavored sugarcane juice in aseptic unit packs
Beverage powder
Brassiere support system
Dishwasher with sonic cleaner
Tissue sample serial capturing biopsy device
Breast surgery method and apparatus
Medical device and related methods of packaging
Magnetic targeting device
Polyaxial connection device and method
Apparatus for securing an electrophysiology probe to a clamp
Electrosurgical instrument which reduces thermal damage to adjacent tissue
Left atrial access apparatus and methods
Blood flow monitor with arterial and venous sensors
Tele-diagnostic device
Apparatus for measuring skin moisture content and it's operation method
Uterine contraction sensor device
Tampon having indicator enclosed in a tampon applicator
Gastric ring for treatment of obesity
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising crosslinked amine polymer with repeat units derived from polymerization of tertiary amines
Composition and methods for treating Alzheimer's disease and other amyloidoses
Ginseng fermented by lactic acid bacterium, yoghurt containing the same, and lactic acid bacteria used in the preparation thereof
Compositions and methods of use of ORF 554 from beta hemolytic streptococcal strains
Method of immunizing humans against Salmonella typhi using a Vi-rEPA conjugate vaccine
Method of protecting against staphylococcal infection
Contraceptives based on SP22 and SP22 antibodies
HMGB1 protein inhibitors and/or antagonists for the treatment of vascular diseases
Methods of controlling cell differentiation and growth using a fusion protein and a drug
Method and implantable apparatus for the intra-osseal monitoring of biological substances in the bone marrow, including without limitation, glucose, the intra-osseal delivery of drugs, including without limitation, insulin, the integration of foregoing, and related or ancillary matters
Angiographic injector and injection method
Device, system and method for improving delivery of hemostatic material
Multi-lumen catheter
Anti-drawback medical valve
Radiation-shielding container assemblies, radioactive material administration devices, and methods of using the same
Training device
Adaptable body conditioning apparatus
Finger-touch type sensor for an exercise apparatus
Jump rope simulator
Systems and methods for administering an exercise program
Slot machine and playing method thereof
Game controller that converts between wireless operation and wired operation
Gaming machine and gaming system
Systems, methods, and devices for monitoring card games, such as baccarat
Game device, game device control method, program, program distribution device, information storage medium
Systems and methods wherein a player indicates an item that may be received based on a game event outcome associated with the player
Gaming chip communication system and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
High efficiency ion exchange system for removing perchlorate contaminants from water
Method and apparatus for monitoring an underdrain of a filter system
Aerated degasser
Filtering apparatus, back wash method therefor, filtering device and power plant
Method for preparing ceramic filter and ceramic filter prepared by the same
Filter system
Methods of manufacturing mercury sorbents and removing mercury from a gas stream
Water transport method and assembly including a thin film membrane for the addition or removal of water from gases or liquids
Method for reducing odor using coordinated polydentate compounds
Multilayered catalyst compositions
Method for isolating N.sub.2O
Silver/carbon-based material and method for producing the same for contact material
Lower pressure synthesis of diamond material
Reactor to reform fuel, including a low temperature reaction unit, a high temperature reaction unit, and a communicating tube via which the low and high temperature reaction units communicate with each other
Reformer and fuel cell system having the same
Hydroprocessing process
Devices and methods for isolating target cells
Discharge device and air purifier
Solid-wall centrifuge comprising a weir provided with a stationary angled deflector plate
Miniature emblems and method of making same
Method for forming a plurality of coating layers on a continuous substrate
Process for forming filled bearings from fluoropolymer dispersions stabilized with anionic polyelectrolyte dispersing agents
Device, method for manufacturing device, and method for forming film
Method for anti-statically coating the surfaces of plastic moulded parts or plastic or paint coatings
Preservative compositions for materials and method of preserving same
Dishwasher having a door supply housing which holds dish washing supply for multiple wash cycles
Apparatus and method for polishing drill bits
Optical disc destruction device
Method for preparing triethylenediamine (TEDA)
Method for manufacturing surface acoustic wave device
Process for fabricating a composite
Method and apparatus for multi-stream metered extrusion
Method for making an intraocular lens
DLC film coated plastic container, and device and method for manufacturing the plastic container
Silver alloy reflective films for optical information recording media, silver alloy sputtering targets therefor, and optical information recording media
Process for structurally joining modular hollow columns or rods generically elongated in shape and the product obtained
Image transfer sheet
Apparatus for providing convenience services to stationary vehicles
Packaging buffer material
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Concentrate of fine ceria particles for chemical mechanical polishing and preparing method thereof
Rare earth oxide nanocrystals and methods of forming
Dewatering process
Dewatering process
Process for the dewatering of aqueous suspensions
Plant-based sewage treatment system for purifying wastewater
Enzyme-resistant starch and method for its production
Liquid-crystalline medium
Titanium processing with electric induction energy
High vacuum in-situ refining method for high-purity materials and an apparatus thereof
High strength steel sheet and method for production thereof
Method of forming film, patterning and method of manufacturing electronic device using thereof
Preparation of membranes using solvent-less vapor deposition followed by in-situ polymerization
Continuous production of carbon nanotubes
Adjusting a spacing between a gas distribution member and a substrate support
Plasma-nitriding of maraging steel, shaver cap for an electric shaver, cutting device made out of such steel and an electric shaver
Methods and apparatus for the on-site production of hydrogen peroxide
Ion exchange membrane electrolyzer
Brain implantable electrodes having an increased signal to noise ratio and method for making same
Method of pretreatment of material to be electrolessly plated
Method of manufacturing a calcium fluoride single crystal
Microfabricated elastomeric valve and pump systems
Textiles; Paper
Process for preparing carbon nanostructures with tailored properties and products utilizing same
Fibrous structures comprising a tuft
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Joint assembly, a wheel bearing apparatus, and the assemblies included in an axle module
Controller of drive device for vehicle
Power transmission device
Optical biosensor for biomolecular interaction analysis
Electrical connection system for electrochemical analysis system
Method of printing a time-temperature indicator based on azo coupling reactions onto a susbtrate
Slot machine and playing method thereof
Suit variable mahjong tile and a mahjong gaming apparatus with suit variable mahjong tiles
Method of making silver vanadium oxyfluorides for nonaqueous lithium electrochemical cells
Polyimide powder for antistatic polyimide molded product and polyimide molded product thereby
Method for manufacturing a sputtering target
Method of fabricating the display device
Method for manufacturing physical quantity sensor
Method of forming dislocation-free strained thin films
Electrical connector having retainer for securing terminals disposed therein
Composite electrical connector assembly
Electrical terminal block
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for identifying individual animals and image processing method
Evaporated device for the evaporation of volatile products with variable evaporation intensity by interposition of a mobile brushing
Method for preventing deterioration of submarine structure and ultrasonic vibration unit used for the method
Auto-control bird-expelling device
Primer system for agriculture product distribution machines
Infrared hair dryer heater
Card cleaning device and method of use
Computer assisted targeting device for use in orthopaedic surgery
Medical workstation with unified remote control of multiple components
Cardiac electromechanics
Laser apparatus
Fetal pulse oximetry sensor
Method and device for non-invasive in vivo determination of blood constituents
Remotely interrogated biomedical sensor
Method and apparatus for determining fat content of tissue
Remote physiological monitoring system
Measuring sensor for monitoring characteristics of a living tissue
Clinical analyte determination by infrared spectroscopy
Quantitative magnetic resonance method and apparatus for bone analysis
Radiographic imaging apparatus and method for vascular interventions
High-definition still picture real-time display type x-ray diagnostic apparatus
Methods and apparatus for automatic image noise reduction
Intracorporeal device with radiopaque marker
Stress-follower circuit configuration
Counting device and inhaler including a counting device
Medical electrical lead
Two-way medical treatment apparatus
Muscle contraction assist device
System providing ventricular pacing and biventricular coordination
Implantable stimulation device and method for determining atrial autocapture using programmable AV delay
Preserving patient specific data in implantable pulse generator systems
Apparatus for local radiation therapy
Use of single scatter electron monte carlo transport for medical radiation sciences
Performing Operations; Transporting
On-line color monitoring and control system and method
Blood centrifugation device with movable optical reader
Robotic system for retractable teleoperated arm within enclosed shell with capability of operating within a confined space
Pattern generator for avoiding stitching errors
Damped spacer articles and disk drive assemblies containing damped spacer articles
Sheet treating apparatus featuring a linear conveyance path within a heat developing region
Image forming method and apparatus with automatic paper selection capability
Recording device
Image recording apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image-forming modes and method of controlling the apparatus
Single sensor laser beam synchronizer and intensity regulator
Utilizing printer memory for automatic user messaging
Noticeboards incorporating loudspeakers
Device for controlling suspension shock absorbers of vehicles with skewed phantom substitute
Apparatus and method for performing automatic control over velocity of automotive vehicle
Method and system for controlling vehicle deceleration in an adaptive speed control system based on vehicle speed
Vehicle running control apparatus
Electrochromic mirror and electrochromic devices
Mobile phone holder
Control apparatus and method having program rewriting function
Device and method for monitoring a transverse acceleration sensor located in a vehicle
Electronic toll collection system and method featuring antenna arrangement
Steering system for a vehicle
Spacecraft attitude determination system and method
Onboard attitude control using reaction wheels
Earth sensor for satellite
Procedure for determining the parameters for an electric drive controlling a synchronous elevator motor with permanent magnets
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Amplifying optical fiber and method of producing it
Optical element
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power train control system
Method and device for controlling a drive unit of a vehicle
Method for controlling an automatic gearbox
Method/system for controlling shifting in an automated mechanical transmission system
Flow-based on-coming clutch fill control for an automatic transmission
Two axis positioner with zero backlash
Light guide luminaire
Polarizing back-lighting system for direct view liquid crystal displays
Edge illuminated display device with light guiding member
Device for controlling a gas-air mixture for a gas flame treatment
Radiant electric space heater
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method including measuring position and/or displacement of each of a base and a stage with respect to a support
Noncontacting optical method for determining thickness and related apparatus
Method for increasing the signal-to-noise ratio in non-destructive testing
Method and apparatus for calibrating a non-contact gauging sensor with respect to an external coordinate system
Process and arrangement for the measurement of taper threads on a coordinate measurement device
Dimension measurement using both coherent and white light interferometers
Monitoring vehicle positions
Vehicle navigation system
Navigation system having function that stops voice guidance
Semiconductor photo detector element, distance measuring equipment, and camera
Electronic circuit for automatic compensation of a sensor output signal
Lens for angularly overlapping a central portion of an optical beam with an outer portion of the beam
Distributed sensing system
Coherent reflectometric fiber Bragg grating sensor array
Down hole and above ground data loggers
Weighing and packaging system
Portable scanning spectrophotometer
Generating a nonlinear model and generating drive signals for simulation testing using the same
Dust/particle monitor
Fiber optic sensor for long-term analyte measurements in fluids
Optics alignment and calibration system
Image pickup and processing device and method thereof
Optical method and apparatus for detection of defects and microstructural changes in ceramics and ceramic coatings
Computed tomography method utilizing a conical radiation beam
Method for X-ray micro-diffraction measurement and X-ray micro-diffraction apparatus
Method for determining element contents using wave dispersive and energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence analysis
Method for determining aerodynamic characteristics of a golf ball
Digital phase sensitive rectification of AC driven transducer signals
Apparatus and method for calculating the strength of an electromagnetic field radiated from an electric device
Antenna field tester
Apparatus for, and method of, calculating electromagnetic field strength and medium for recording program to achieve the method
Partial discharge coupler
Verification method by means of comparing internal state traces
Measuring signals in a tester system
Method and device for generating a perfusion image of a body portion using magnetic resonance imaging
Mobile communication apparatus with distance measuring unit
Swept transit beam bathymetric sonar
Marine Seismic tow system
Photographic lens for electronic still camera
Color image reading lens system
Zoom lens system having an image blur compensation function
Zoom lens having a long back focal length with vibration reduction function
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and display apparatus having the same
Condenser for extreme-UV lithography with discharge source
High-precision computer-aided microscope system
Adaptive temporal modulation of periodically varying light sources
High yield spring-ring micromirror
Induction microscanner
Frequency tunable resonant scanner with auxiliary arms
Optical deflecting-scanning apparatus
Method of controlling laser scanner phase in a multicolor electrophotographic machine
Virtual retinal display with eye tracking
Beam splitting ball lens method for its manufacture and apparatus for its packaging
Icon referenced panoramic image display
Optical transmission element for capturing and redirecting incident radiation
Holographic diffuser
Active and passive holographic optical based curved surface elements
Diffractive grating coupler and method
Wraparound optical switch matrix
Programmable optical add/drop device
Circuit carrier with an optical layer and optoelectronic component
High density fusion splice holder
Apparatus and method for a focus position lock device for a projection television lens assembly
Manual and automatic apparatus for lens barrel
Rotatable mirror assembly
Switchable and reconfigurable optical grating devices and methods for making them
Variable optical filter
Light modulation system including a superconductive plate assembly for use in a data transmission scheme and method
Compact polarization insensitive circulators with simplified structure and low polarization mode dispersion
Electro-acoustic-optical apparatus and method of calibrating same
Liquid crystal display device
IPS LCD having molecules remained parallel with electric fields applied
Liquid crystal display device and method for its production
Storage capacitor in a liquid crystal display in which the storage capacitor electrode is arranged to overlap an entire width of the recessed portion of the gate line
Method for mounting TCP film to display panel
Method and apparatus for locating LCD connectors
Liquid crystal display temperature measuring in adhesion material
Position sensing liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Recording medium and image forming apparatus for forming image thereon
Substrate for colored cholesteric liquid crystal display allowing cholesteric liquid crystal material to be filled by surface tension without vacuum
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Modular flat-screen television displays and modules and circuit drives therefor
Black mask, color filter and liquid crystal display
Ridged reflector for an optical display having a curved and a planar facet for each ridge
Ridged reflector having optically transmissive properties for an optical display device
Transflective liquid crystal device with bright reflective display
Liquid crystal display
Optical aligning apparatus and method irradiating multiple substrates at once or having rotatable elements
Liquid crystal display element and projection apparatus using a liquid crystal display element
Polarization control optical space switch
Wavelength selective switch
Tunable add/drop optical device
Image modifiers for use in photography
Diffractive element in extreme-UV lithography condenser
Illumination system and exposure apparatus having the same
Lens barrel having deformed optical element, and projection including same
Optical mount with UV adhesive and protective layer
Scanning exposure method with reduced time between scans
Method for controlling stages, apparatus therefor, and scanning type exposure apparatus
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the exposure apparatus
Positioning system and position measuring method for use in exposure apparatus
Illuminating arrangement for a projection microlithographic apparatus
Illumination system and projection exposure apparatus using the same
Holographic patterning method and tool for production environments
Method and apparatus for soft X-ray generation
Mark detection method, optical system and mark position detector
Position detection technique applied to proximity exposure
Image forming apparatus having function for automatically adjusting image forming condition
Duplex printer and method of printing to ensure desired registration of images on opposite faces of substrate web
Electrophotographic method and apparatus which employs light beam irradiation to form an electrostatic image on a surface of a photosensitive member
Apparatus for setting image forming conditions
Two-sided reading-out apparatus and an image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic apparatus, image forming method, and process cartridge for developing an image with toner containing an external additive
Print quality control for a xerographic printer having an AC development field
System for determining development gap width in a xerographic development system using an AC field
Image forming apparatus using an asymmetric wave pattern of developing bias voltage
Fixing device
Belt fuser overheat control
Cleaning apparatus which includes cleaning member, supporting portion and reinforcing member
Process cartridge and process cartridge identification mechanism
Method for real-time nonlinear system state estimation and control
Function block apparatus for viewing data in a process control system
Electric power system protection and control system and distributed control system
System for physically mounting a multifunction user interface to a basic multifunction sensor to access and control various parameters of a control network environment
Robot control apparatus with function for robot backward operation
Numerical control device, and screen display and data input and output method for numerical control device
Method of robot teaching with motion constraints
Prognostication of future failure of an engine indicator parameter
Selected hover altitude deviation display and method
Processional travel control apparatus
Tracking improvement for a vision guidance system
Vehicle surroundings monitor with obstacle avoidance lighting
Dynamic traffic based routing algorithm
Object recognition apparatus and method
Compensation system
Method and control system for compensating for friction
Method of operating a power supply system having parallel-connected inverters, and power converting system
Displacement joystick with compression-sensitive sensors
Move-in-company joy stick having a ball with a weight attached that maintains vertical position during different orientations which functions without a large bottom receiving-seat
System and method for authorizing access to data on content servers in a distributed network
Computer docking system having means for customizing the hardware configuration in a docking station for optimum performance
Apparatus and method for mounting a peripheral device in a computer system
Computer supported storage basket for computer-related sundries
Bracket for retaining computer components within a housing
Power management schemes for apparatus with converged functionalities
Troubleshooting computer systems during manufacturing using state and attribute information
System and method for estimating accuracy of an automatic natural language translation
Method and system for efficiently searching an encoded vector index
Image retrieval system using a query image
Run-time support for user-defined index ranges and index filters
Query optimization with deferred update and autonomous sources
System and method for generating reusable database queries
Method for node ranking in a linked database
Light weight document matcher
System and method for storing and searching buy and sell information of a marketplace
Method for fast return of abstracted images from a digital image database
Measuring device for determining physical and/or chemical properties of gases, liquids and/or solids
Computer simulation method of silicon oxidation
Object shape determining method
System and method for detecting floating nodes within a simulated integrated circuit
On-vehicle input and output apparatus
Designing force sensations for computer applications including sounds
Virtual body control device
Method and apparatus for displaying and navigating a graph
Hierarchy navigation system
Blunt input device cursor
Method of and apparatus for the elimination of the effects of inertial interference in force measurement systems, including touch-input computer and related displays employing touch force location measurement techniques
Coordinate-position detecting device and a method for detecting the coordinate-position
Self cleaning computer pointer or mouse
Mouse-associated Z-axis encoder
Digital map display scrolling method, digital map display scrolling device, and storage device for storing digital map display scrolling program
Remote control device
Combination mouse and telephone handset
Method and system for sharing applications between computer systems
Automatic adjustment of color balance and other display parameters in digital displays
Seatbelt drive interlock system
Apparatus and method for monitoring motor vehicle fuel tank cap
Method for generating pseudo-random numbers
Method and apparatus for digital signature authentication
Device for implementing hierarchical state charts and methods and apparatus useful therefor
Method and apparatus for organizing and displaying internet and telephone information
Hardware verification tool for multiprocessors
Multi-agents cooperating method and system
PBX system having line cards and phone cards which exhibit reciprocal relationships
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Optical disk, an optical disk barcode forming method, an optical disk reproduction apparatus, a marking forming apparatus, a method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Optical disk, optical disk barcode forming method, optical disk reproduction apparatus, marking forming apparatus, method of forming a laser marking on an optical disk, and a method of manufacturing an optical disk
Printing apparatus including print image storage and control method therefor
Image output system having preview function and method of displaying preview image in image output system
Method and apparatus for image compensation of blooming artifacts
Printer having circuit for providing improved printing quality
Radio frequency tag with miniaturized resonant antenna
Data carrier module device having integrated circuit and transmission coil connection contacts covered by a common protective cap
Text recognizer and method using non-cumulative character scoring in a forward search
Rotational correction and duplicate image identification by fourier transform correlation
Holographic recording method and filtering method
Neural network based methods and systems for analyzing complex data
Multi-stage parcel tracking system
Internet assisted mail
Secure interactive electronic account statement delivery system
Internet advertising system
Advertising-subsidized and advertising-enabled software
Method of and apparatus for interactive automated registration, negotiation and marketing for combining products and services from one or more vendors together to be sold as a unit
Universal on-line trading market design and deployment system
Marketing systems and methods that preserve consumer privacy
Internet-audiotext electronic advertising system with anonymous bi-directional messaging
Automated teller machines
Watermarking scheme for image authentication
Picture codec and teleconference terminal equipment
Methods and apparatus for adaptive interpolation reduced view CT scan
Method of applying manipulations to an extended color gamut digital image
Method and apparatus for generating a smooth normalized star diagram
Triangle traversing method and a rasterizer adopting the same
Method of combining two digital images
Method and apparatus for providing a three dimensional transition between displayed images
Method and apparatus for span and subspan sorting rendering system
Method and apparatus for texture transmission and storage
Floating-point complementary depth buffer
Method and system for high performance computer-generated virtual environments
Method and system for providing implicit edge antialiasing
Method and system for scripting interactive animated actors
Algorithm to transform generalized polygons to trapezoids
Multiresolution adaptive parameterization of surfaces
Device for capturing video image data and combining with original image data
Electronic notebook for maintaining design information
Image retrieval device for optically retrieving an image and obtaining binary image data from the image
Radiographic apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for measuring a two-dimensional point spread function of a digital image acquisition system
Automatic tone adjustment by contrast gain-control on edges
Method and system for removal of flash artifacts from digital images
Non-linear adaptive image filter for filtering noise such as blocking artifacts
Resolution improvement from multiple images of a scene containing motion at fractional pixel values
Pattern data generating apparatus and method for inspecting defects in fine patterns in a photomask or semiconductor wafer
System and method for finding the distance from a moving query point to the closest point on one or more convex or non-convex shapes
Compression and editing of movies by multi-image morphing
Variable length code decoder for MPEG
Method and apparatus for encoding/decoding a binary shape signal
Video coding/decoding system and video coder and video decoder used for the same system
Method and apparatus for automatically determining a quantization factor value that produces a desired average compression ratio of an image sequence using JPEG compression
Noise estimation and reduction apparatus for video signal processing
Video compression
Pseudo-fixed length image compression scheme
Image processing apparatus and method
Data compression for indexed color image data
Method for reissuing digital tokens in an open metering system
Vehicle information communication system and method capable of communicating with external management station
Computerized automotive service system
Wireless communications application specific enabling method and apparatus
Video monitoring system
Method and safety device for the remote-control of self-propelling working machines
Method and device for extensive traffic situation monitoring
RDS-TMC radio receiver including a speech segment memory
Road speed control system
Method and apparatus for modeling individual learning styles
Alignment of cathode ray tube video displays using a host computer processor
Image display system and image display apparatus and information processing apparatus in the system
Redundant row decoder
Correcting non-uniformity in displays
Increased-frequency addressing of display system employing reflective light modulator
Communication terminal and its display control system
Device and method for converting scanning
Phoneme analyzer
Speed up speech recognition search using macro evaluator
Context sharing of similarities in context dependent word models
Message recognition employing integrated speech and handwriting information
Mobile telephone arranged to receive and transmit digital data samples of encoded speech
Tape cartridge containing tape supply and take-up reels, recording drum and reel drive motors, obviating capstan motor
Disk cartridge, disk driving device using disk cartridge, and storage system comprising disk cartridge and disk driving device
Multiple disc changing apparatus
Device for turning double-sided information carriers in an apparatus
Bias voltage controlling apparatus, information reproducing apparatus and information recording apparatus
Device for writing and/or reading optical recording medium of various designs
Optical disk apparatus
Structure and enclosure assembly for a disk drive
Disc drive having hydrodynamic labyrinth seal and magnet shield
Machine-readable data medium having interactive reproduction procedures with menu restoration after branching, a reproduction apparatus and method of restoring a menu
Magnetic disk device and automatic adaptation method of its parameter
Optical disc, recording apparatus, a computer-readable storage medium storing a recording program, and a recording method
Method and apparatus for automatic sector format identification in an optical storage device
Disk and disk recording apparatus
Video tape recorder
Disk reproducing apparatus having active wide-range PLL device
Guided driving device for a moving head
Flat servo bursts for arcuate track scanner
Flexible disk liner arrangement capable of preventing the ingress of dust
Structure for preventing misinsertion of disc cartridges
Disk device with vibration-insulating mechanism
Method and apparatus for clipping video segments from an audiovisual file
Optical disc recording device and reproducing device
Commercial detection which detects a scene change in a video signal and the time interval of scene change points
Information-signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Optical disc recording apparatus, computer-readable recording medium recording a file management program, and optical disc
Life/wear monitoring for magnetic tape
Disc player having improved optical axis adjusting system
Rotational vibration compensation using a dedicated surface with a constant frequency pattern
Shock mounting system for data storage modules
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same and thin-film magnetic head sub-structure and method of manufacturing same
Magnetic head with magneto-resistance effect element disposed on opposite side of magnetic core pair from recording coil
Thin-film magnetic head
Disk drive employing power source modulation for reducing power consumption
Method and device for writing an optical record carrier
On-the-fly of jitter during optical disc mastering/recording
Rotation detecting system for galvano mirror
Optical pickup apparatus of thin type with magnetic circuit
Objective lens driving apparatus of an optical pickup
Optical disc apparatus with lens position detection and control
Optical pickup using objective lens compatible with a plurality of optical disks
Optical device
Objective lens driving device
Optical disc for optical storage system
Pre-recording type optical recording medium with surface plasmon super-resolution layer
MRAM having semiconductor device integrated therein
Nonvolatile ferroelectric memory
Non-volatile memory using ferroelectric capacitor
Shadow RAM cell and non-volatile memory device employing ferroelectric capacitor and control method therefor
Memory refreshing control apparatus comprising a unique refreshing counter
Semiconductor memory device preventing malfunction during refresh operation even when noise is superimposed on control signal
Hidden refresh pseudo SRAM and hidden refresh method
Semiconductor integrated circuit having shield wire
Semiconductor device
Method of minimizing the access time in semiconductor memories
Device and method for supplying current to a semiconductor memory to support a boosted voltage within the memory during testing
Reduced bit line equalization level sensing scheme
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device having input and output sense amplifiers that occupy less circuit area
Method and apparatus for hardening a static random access memory cell from single event upsets
System and method for enabling/disabling SRAM banks for memory access
Two-dimensional resonant tunneling diode memory system
Semiconductor memory having electrically erasable and programmable nonvolatile semiconductor memory cells
Multiple output current mirror with improved accuracy
Word-line decoder for multi-bit-per-cell and analog/multi-level memories with improved resolution and signal-to-noise ratio
Nonvolatile static random access memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory apparatus
Symmetric segmented memory array architecture
Multi-level type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Erase scheme to tighten the threshold voltage distribution of EEPROM flash memory cells
Data storage device having superior data retention characteristic and method
Wordline voltage protection
Semiconductor integrated circuit and data processing system
Precision programming of nonvolatile memory cells
Method for programming an electrically erasable and programmable non-volatile semiconductor memory with automatic write-verify controller
Decoded source lines to tighten erase Vt distribution
High speed sensing to detect write protect state in a flash memory device
Memory cell string structure of a flash memory device
Method to implement flash memory
Memory cell
Semiconductor device and method for repairing failed memory cell by directly programming fuse memory cell
Semiconductor memory device
Memory system
Method and apparatus for using supply voltage for testing in semiconductor memory devices
Burn-in test circuit
Method and apparatus for testing memory devices
Method and system for testing rambus memory modules
Voltage regulator for single feed voltage memory circuits, and flash type memory in particular
Repair circuit of semiconductor memory device
Integrated memory having redundant units of memory cells, and test method for the redundant units
Low power consumption semiconductor ROM, EPROM, EEPROM and like circuit
Method and apparatus for multi-level buffer thresholds for higher efficiency data transfers
Semiconductor memory device provided with I/O clamp circuit
Semiconductor device
Multilevel memory access method
Output switching implementation for a flash memory device
Semiconductor memory
High-speed clock circuit for semiconductor memory device
Dummy memory cells for high accuracy self-timing circuits in dual-port SRAM
Device and method for repairing a memory array by storing each bit in multiple memory cells in the array
Address transition detector architecture for a high density flash memory device
Near-field optical microscope with infrared fiber probe
Nuclear plant
Fuel spacer/water rod capture apparatus and methods for boiling water nuclear reactors
Control rod for nuclear reactor
Curved optical device and method of fabrication
System and method for on-chip filter tuning
Capacitor integrated with connector
Ultra-small resistor-capacitor thin film network for inverted mounting to a surface
Electrolytic solution for use in electrolytic capacitor and electrolytic capacitor
Circuit breaker with common test button for separate testing of ground fault and ACR fault function
Mounting structure for an LSI
Method of contacting a chip
Sub-cooled processor and companion voltage regulator
Method and an arrangement for the electrical contact of components
Power package lead frame
Method for increasing device reliability by selectively depopulating solder balls from a foot print of a ball grid array (BGA) package, and device so modified
Semiconductor device having a fuse
Multichip module
Microprocessor subsystem module for PCB bottom-side BGA installation
Rectifier of an alternating current generator for vehicle
High voltage input pad system
Algainn pendeoepitaxy led and laser diode structures for pure blue or green emission
Two-terminal metal/insulating material/metal (MIM) device, method for manufacturing the same and liquid crystal display panel
Interactive electrochemical displays
Antenna more especially for motor vehicles
Antenna arrangement of an information processor
Folded dipole antenna
Antenna package for a wireless communications device
Low profile mobile satellite antenna
Portable reception indicator for satellite radio-navigation systems
Helical antenna for portable phones and manufacturing method thereof
Patch antenna
Parasitic element for a substrate antenna
Method and apparatus for changing the electrical characteristics of an antenna in a communications system
Wideband slot antenna with low VSWR
Compact wideband microstrip antenna with leaky-wave excitation
Frequency selective reflector
Method and apparatus for eliminating keyhole problem of an azimuth-elevation gimbal antenna
Method of manufacturing an antenna structure and an antenna structure manufactured according to the said method
Portable radio device
Ferroelectric based method and system for electronically steering an antenna
Solid-state laser oscillator and machining apparatus using the same
Laser resonator
Ignition feedback regenerative free electron laser (FEL) amplifier
Laser resonator for improving narrow band emission of an excimer laser
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor laser
Multi-wavelength light source and discrete-wavelength-variable light source
Laser light generating method and apparatus
Semiconductor laser
Field modulated vertical cavity surface-emitting laser with internal optical pumping
Method and apparatus for driving laser diode
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor laser
MOCVD growth of InGaN quantum well laser structures on a grooved lower waveguiding layer
Semiconductor laser component
Semiconductor laser
Surge absorber
Cable support apparatus
Method of and apparatus for controlling the operation of variable speed gearing
Switch driver
Power mains supply unit for directly and/or indirectly supplying consumers with power
Method and apparatus for an efficient multiphase switching regulator
Methods and apparatus for utilizing the transformer leakage energy in a power supply
Process for controlling a DC/DC converter with inductive storage and including an energetically neutral phase
Switched mode power supply controller circuit and method thereof
RCC power supply with remote disabling of oscillation frequency control
System and method for providing automatic gain control with high dynamic range
Noise cancelling method and noise cancelling unit
Method for adjustment of a transmitter carrier frequency in a subscriber station of a point-to-multipoint radio transmission system
Timing signal generation circuit
Charge pump circuit
Method and apparatus for a router line card with adaptive selectable gain control
Single-chip radio structure with piezoelectric crystal device integrated on monolithic integrated circuit and method of fabricating the same
Combination emergency phone and personal audio device
Construction equipment lockout system with emergency shutdown
Method and apparatus for providing orthogonal spot beams, sectors, and picocells
Method and system for detecting optical faults in a network fiber link
Laser communication system and methods
Free-space laser communications error control system
Method and an amplifier unit for the transmission of data signals via an optical fiber
Test unit with programmable transmit timing for telecommunication systems
Method and apparatus to measure far end crosstalk for the determination of equal level far end crosstalk
Method for controlling power for a communications system having multiple traffic channels per subscriber
Transmission power control system and transmission power control method in code division multiple access system
Method for establishment of the power level for uplink data transmission in a multiple access system for communications networks
Method and apparatus for estimating pilot coverages
Receiving station with interference signal suppression
Method and apparatus for high data rate wireless communications over wavefield spaces
Broadband wireless communication systems provided by commercial airlines
Spread-spectrum communication method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing PC communication and internet service by using settop box
CDMA direct spread overlay system and method of operation
Optical cross connect unit, optical add-drop multiplexer, light source unit, and adding unit
Timing system and method for distributing a timing signal
Increasing performance in communications by embedding one signal in another signal
OC3 delivery unit; bus control module
Using page registers for efficient communication
ATM cell switching system
Methods for identifying equipment used in counterfeiting
Variable length burst transmission over the physical layer of a multilayer transmission format
Low delay real time digital video mixing for multipoint video conferencing
User network control
Method and apparatus for determining the frame rate of a frame
Apparatus, and associated method for selecting a size of a contention window for a packet of data system
Method and apparatus for variable bit rate clock recovery
Error filtering in a hybrid equalizer system
Adaptive noise canceller
Method and system for quickly finding a control channel in a private cellular system
Method for assisting simple synchronization to the carrier of a dispersed-energy QPSK signal
Spread spectrum bit allocation algorithm
Adaptive pre-equalization apparatus for correcting linear distortion of a non-ideal data transmission system
Information output system, method for outputting information and terminal devices for outputting information via mobile communication network
Methods and apparatus for event-driven routing
System for managing flow bandwidth utilization at network, transport and application layers in store and forward network
Central site call routing apparatus and method
Method and system for providing facsimile service over a digital subscriber line
Automatic protocol selection mechanism
Active-passive flow switch failover technology
Method for predistortion of a signal transmitted between two units of a telecommunications network and a unit for carrying out the method
Apparatus and method for symbol alignment in a multi-point OFDM or DMT digital communications system
Temperature compensation for communications cards
Receiving apparatus for decoding serial signal into information signal and communication system with the receiving apparatus
10/100 mb clock recovery architecture for switches, repeaters and multi-physical layer ports
Method for generating a broadcast challenge value
Interactive devices and methods
Multifunctional device free of holding telephone
Telephony test system with adjustable output impedance
System and method for locally intelligent and adaptive dialing of telephone and other network access numbers
Digital radio telephone for a digital mobile radio communication system
Automatic answering pick-up device
Transmission system and transmission apparatus
Multi-hop telecommunications system and method
Radio communication apparatus having a plurality of communication functions
Odd-order low-pass pots device microfilter
Modem having separate modem engine and data access arrangement
System and method for providing universal telecommunications service and third party payer services
Method and system for achieving improved data transmission through the public switched telephone network
Method and apparatus for providing extended capability telephone services via an automated server
Automated right-party contact telephone system
Method and apparatus for remotely controlling telephone call-forwarding
Facsimile communication system
Optical scanner
Image reading system for obtaining a final image by displaying a plurality of preliminary images read under various reading conditions
Image sensor unit and image reader using the same
Apparatus and method for facsimile design
Method and apparatus for resolution enhancement by synthesis of scan signals
Image forming method and apparatus having suspension of image forming process and display capabilities
Facsimile apparatus which corrects read image data based on a difference between a predetermined storage time and a recording time of the read image data
Document feeder for an image forming apparatus
Communication apparatus
Image processing apparatus having a mode for laying out a predetermined number of pages of a document on a single sheet for recording
Apparatus and method for producing a half-tone image
Apparatus and method for processing image
Image reading apparatus
Intelligent GCR/UCR process to reduce multiple colorant moire in color printing
Method and apparatus for estimating digital video quality without using a reference video
Method and apparatus for interactively changing an EEPROM data of a video cassette tape recorder
System and method for generating timing signals in an electronic imaging device
Circuit for video moire reduction
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and providing medium therefor
Method and apparatus for dynamic contrast improvement in video pictures
Solid state image pick-up device equipped with charge coupled device having incident surface alignable with focal plane
Optical apparatus with a posture detection device
Charge-coupled device video camera with raw data format output and software implemented camera signal processing
Method and device for producing frames around video images
Digital audio/video system and method integrates the operations of several digital devices into one simplified system
External input signal processing circuit for a television receiver with a video tape recorder for the purpose of viewing copy-protected video signals
Television remote controller with programmable channel deselection
Method and apparatus for reducing effects of copy protection of composite video signal
Data slice circuit for slicing data carried on a video signal and a method thereof
Recording and/or replaying teletext signals
Systolic video encoding system
Multi-function TV receiver
Multi-site television conference system and central control apparatus and conference terminal for use with the system
Computer controlled video system allowing playback during recording
Telecommunications system for transmitting images
Wireless two-way communication system between center and user stations
Block matching-based method for estimating motion fields and global affine motion parameters in digital video sequences
System and methodology for tracing to a source of unauthorized copying of prerecorded proprietary material, such as movies
Transmission method for video or moving pictures by compressing block differences
Methods and apparatus for error concealment while decoding a coded video bit stream
Image signal interpolating apparatus
System and method for synchronizing data signals
Method and apparatus for verifying multiplexing schedule of digital signals and apparatus for multiplexing digital signals
Glitch detector
Method for color correction of field sequential light valve projectors with line-at-a-time addressing
Digital video encoder for digital video system
Apparatus for suppressing overshoots in kinescope beam current measurement pulses
Color correction
Digital signal processor, processing method, digital signal recording/playback device and digital signal playback method
Sound decompressing apparatus providing improved sound quality during special reproducing such as forward search reproducing and reverse search reproducing
System and method of scheduling data cells based upon sustainable cell rate and peak cell rate over a variable bandwidth channel
Data transmission system for reducing terminal power consumption in a wireless network
Hybrid distributed broadcast and unknown server for emulated local area networks
Method of controlling bandwidth of virtual path capable of reducing load of transit switch
Switching matrix for a communications network
Telecommunications apparatus and method
Mobile communication system, mobile terminal, base station, mobile switching station and mobile communication control method
Network management system
Network traffic controller
Analog terminal internet access
Telecommunications switch with multiple ports for host-node communications
Intersystem message indicator specifying MIN or IMSI usage
Process and system for automatic routing
Automatic sensing of communication or accessories for mobile terminals
Traffic management system for use in mobile communications network
Reregistration of network units
Adaptive handoff hysteresis in wireless telecommunication networks
Method and arrangement for making a handover decision in a mobile communication system
Method for performing replacement of a subscriber identity module (SIM) in a mobile communications network
Telephony device comprising a base station and at least one handset, subscription method of a handset, handset and base station suitable for such a device
Method for improving the selection capability of a TSB in CDMA and PCS systems
Cellular fraud prevention using selective roaming
Page response on existing radio signaling channel
Cellular call processor having concurrent instances of call models to support mixed media communication connections
Cell identification based on distance
Noise control device
Slotted cylinder transducer with sealing boot and method of making same
Directional microphone assembly
Force balance microphone
Linear loudspeaker
Low-frequency audio enhancement system
Apparatus for localization of sound image
Dual energy x-ray densitometry apparatus and method using single x-ray pulse
Mounting apparatus, recognition device and recognition method for electronic component
Overmolded electronic assembly
Card ejecting device
Support bracket for a printed circuit board connectable to daughter boards
Electrical board securement and voltage isolation device
Circuit card retainer assembly
Mounting structure for electronic device
Face plate for a chassis for high frequency components
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