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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Depth control arrangements for a rotary row cleaner for a planter
Agricultural implement incorporating ground opener unit
Magnetic vacuum seed meter
System and method for shaping plants
Vertical garden assembly
Arthropod abatement device
Self-contained heating unit for thermal pest control
Self-contained heating unit for thermal pest control
Branched spike bird deterrent
Body security in non-horizontal burials
Carbonation device
Clothing article facilitating a wearer's ability to use the bathroom while wearing the clothing article
Ballistic and blunt impact protective knee and elbow pads
Method for using a head covering apparatus
Multi-functional primer and method of manufacturing shoe using the same
Key having a retractable insert with improved mechanical strength
Vehicle portable device
Rotatable container interior cleaning mechanism
Rear seat table assembly for vehicle
Knee support
Adjustable bracket for a crib mattress
Pillow scarf and method of covering pillows on a bed
Tea making device having an improved liquid collection chamber
Water circulation system for a beverage preparation device
Vacuum cleaner having a filter
Method and x-ray computed tomography system for visualizing at least two types of cardiac tissue: healthy tissue and diseased tissue
Toothbrush with powered head
Foot/leg cradle cushion for cardio circulation enhancement
Medical examination table
Pillow for supporting a baby at play
Electrode arrangement
Electric and acoustic stimulation fitting systems and methods
MRI system having implantable device safety features
Implantable medical device with indicator
Feedthrough assembly including sleeve and methods related thereto
Use of periodicity in medical data analysis
Lacrosse glove having reinforced fingers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for cleaning exercise mats
Cleaning device
Method for the production of hot-rolled steel strip and combined casting and rolling plant for carrying out the method
Device and method for mounting vehicle instrument panel
Method for changing a roller in a roll mill for a continuously running steel strip
Self-clamping wrench
Skin-heating shaving apparatus and method
Ring engraving fixture
Safety devices for saws
Soda can crusher
Solar-powered waste compactor and method of operation thereof
Process for treatment of porous substrates
Covering for a bogie of a rail vehicle and rail vehicle having a covered bogie
Devices for moving the buffers of articulated cars of railway vehicles travelling on a curve
Surface-treated multi-layered polymer film
Medical glove packaging
Packaging assembly comprising lightweight containers and manufacturing process
Cooler box with handle round
Flexible strap fastener
Transportable bottling plant in a container
Textiles; Paper
Synthetic fiber rope member, overhead door having the same and method for producing rope member
Knitting needle with jointed tip for loop retention
Sewing machine
Modular laundry system with work surface having a functional insert
Steaming device with a rinsing feature
Fixed Constructions
Wheelchair bound person's riding lawnmower mounting apparatus
Interior surface system and method
Solar collectors having slidably removable reflective panels for use in solar thermal applications
Building wall for resisting lateral forces
Flashing assembly
Shingle installation device
High shear roof deck system
Rut-less roller gate system, fully supported and balanced off ground
Sealing, trimming and guiding strip
Door opening/closing device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vapor power cycle apparatus
Method for operating an SCR-catalytic converter
Selective catalytic reduction system using electrically heated catalyst
Environmental factor based particulate filter regeneration
Turbine exhaust recirculation
Combustion chamber arrangement for operating a gas turbine
Gearless transmission mechanism
Powertrain for an automotive vehicle with multiple-ratio gearing and a dual power input clutch
Self-locking gear
Speed control drive section with failsafe valve
Low NOX swirl coal combustion burner
Rotating ramp and method for filling an ice bin
Beverage dispenser
Firearm with finished receiver and method
Firearm silencer and methods for manufacturing and fastening a silencer onto a firearm
Firearm camouflage system
Water based paintball and method for fabricating water based paintballs
Pyrotechnic training system
Distance measuring wheel with foot actuated reset
Quasi-static bend sensor using electro-active materials
Motion classification methods for personal navigation
Abridged map generating apparatus, on-vehicle information terminal, abridged map distribution system and abridged map generating method
Reducing driving directions
Bubble column type hydrocarbon synthesis reactor, and slurry level detecting method
Method and system for monitoring the performance of a pipe containing a pressurised fluid
Air-micrometer calibration device
Pipeline leak detection system
Fluid conveying tube and fluid leakage detecting system
Thermal test chamber
Method and apparatus of identifying explosives and chemical warfare on-field with capacitative neutrons generator
Method and apparatus for determining a vapor signature based upon frequency
MEMS device and deformation protection structure therefor and method for making same
Packet relaying method and device
Methods and apparatus for testing a memory
Tri-level test mode terminal in limited terminal environment
Radon transformations for removal of noise from seismic data
Fiber optic protective shutter
Method for installing a double ended distributed sensing fiber optical assembly within a guide conduit
User interface for controlling cropping in electronic camera
Image-capturing device having multiple optical systems
Digital camera and image-sharing method
Motor control device, image forming apparatus, and motor control method
Short passive duplex unit and method of use
Transfer endless belt device applied to image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling same, program for controlling, and recording medium for program
Developer supplying apparatus with developer container supporting body
One or more portable remote devices involved with sports that can control time or whistle equipment on or off the playing area
Numerical controller which can call program described in script language
Method and system for learning an attention model for an image
Development of electronic employee selection systems and methods
Notebook computer
Flat panel display subassembly having shielding structure
Display height adjusting device, and portable computer and display having the display height adjusting device
Handheld electronic device
System, method, and architecture for dynamic server power management and dynamic workload management for multi-server environment
Electronic apparatus having electric power saving function
Resource allocation throttling in remote data mirroring system
Agent for communication between a manager and at least one resource, and tool library for creating the agent
Segmented protection system and method
Semiconductor memory device for build-in fault diagnosis
Fault tolerant soft error detection for storage subsystems
Method, apparatus and program storage device for providing self-quiesced logic to handle an error recovery instruction
Providing independent clock failover for scalable blade servers
Method and system for network security
High integrity and availability multi-channel systems
Data security
Method, apparatus and program for management of access history, storage unit, and information processing apparatus
Accessing a storage medium using dynamic read statistics
Apparatus for determining availability of a user of an instant messaging application
Simplified-file hyper text protocol
Fast channel change
Internet SCSI communication via UNDI services
Method and apparatus for exploiting parallelism across multiple traffic streams through a single channel
Apparatus and methods for clustering multiple independent PCI express hierarchies
Delivering electronic content
Message classification using allowed items
Multi-processor architecture with high capacity I/O
Distributed domain name service
Method and apparatus for connecting a secure peer-to-peer collaboration system to an external system
Universal naming scheme for peer-to-peer resources
Systems and methods for distributed group formation and maintenance in geographically based networks
Method and system for automatically creating and storing shortcuts to web sites/pages
Techniques for locating distributed objects on a network based on physical communication costs
System, method, and computer program for a console switch
Network traffic analyzer
Supporting different instruction set architectures during run time
Method and apparatus for automated feature selection
Representing spelling and grammatical error state in an XML document
Correction widget
Method and system for processing directory operations
Systems and methods for storing information to allow users to manage files
Maintaining coherency in a symbiotic computing system and method of operation thereof
Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for document management
Method and apparatus for persistent access to web resources using variable time-stamps
Integrated multimedia signal processing system using centralized processing of signals
Formatting computer generated documents for output
Creep drive control device for driving vehicle at creep speed
Apparatus and method for processing audio signal and computer readable recording medium storing computer program for the method
Application programming interfaces for an on-demand property system
System for concurrent display and textual annotation of prepared materials by voice-to-text converted input
Method of vector analysis for a document
System and method for natural language generation
Cascade feature for creating records in a database
Intentional-stance characterization of a general content stream or repository
Machine translation method and system that decomposes complex sentences into two or more sentences
Dialog supporting device
Exponential noise distribution to optimize database privacy and output utility
Method and system for detecting user intentions in retrieval of hint sentences
Opportunistic directory cache
Graphical user interface for a media management system for communicating quality, source and accessibility information for media data and media objects
Method for creating a stored query
Systems and methods for estimating functional relationships in a database
Multitasking circuit layout diagram silkscreen text handling method and system
Test structure for automatic dynamic negative-bias temperature instability testing
Navigation tool for connectors
Semiconductor device and method of testing the same
Creating a behavioral model of a hardware device for use in a simulation environment
Method for manufacturing a photomask
Forensic for fingerprint detection in multimedia
User friendly remote system interface
Method for providing feedback on windows, messages and dialog boxes
Dynamically-generated commanding interface
Automated creation of web page to XML translation servers
Storage device and method of setting configuration information of same
Indicating website reputations during website manipulation of user information
System for automated comprehensive remote servicing for media information
Techniques for generating and using playlist identifiers for media objects
Data editing apparatus and data editing program
System and method for automating data partitioning in a parallel database
Systems and methods for displaying linked information in a sorted context
Method and apparatus for providing a secure name resolution service for network devices
Multilevel scheme for dynamically and statically predicting instruction resource utilization to generate execution cluster partitions
Method and system for obtaining device services on a self-service financial transaction terminal
Agent, method and computer system for negotiating in a virtual environment
User process object code installer
Method for performing dynamic simulations within virtualized environment
Data format conversion method and equipment, and controller management system using data format conversion equipment
Modeling, simulation and comparison of models for wormhole formation during matrix stimulation of carbonates
Thread-based limitation on computer application
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional shape estimation using constrained disparity propagation
Three dimensional images
System and method for interactive document layout
Image based measurement system and method for measuring dynamic objects
Symbol grouping and recognition in expression recognition
Analyzing scripts and determining characters in expression recognition
Image registration using minimum entropic graphs
Electronic camera
Image distortion for content security
Image data processing system and method
Apparatus for operating a mobile communication terminal with integrated photographic apparatus and method thereof
Apparatus and methods for converting raster illustrated parts images into intelligent vector-layered files
Machine learning of document templates for data extraction
Large scale semi-supervised linear support vector machines
Availability processing in a travel planning system
System and method for conveying image assets to a recipient
Method, system, and program for implementing an auction using calendar information
Method and processing apparatus for settling purchase and providing information about subsequent act to be performed
User interface for semi-fungible trading
Aging of electronic payment units
System and method for group positioning of market information in a graphical user interface
Method and computer system for computing and displaying a phase space
Data processor for implementing forecasting algorithms
System and method for dynamic pricing in an unbalanced market
System and method for managing relationships between brokers and traders
Relative delta computations for determining the meaning of language inputs
Rewritable optical recording medium, recording method on the same, and optical disc recording/retrieving apparatus
Bi-directional debris sweeping profile
Form factor disk
Laminated return pole for suppressing side track erasure
System and method for writing data to magnetic tape
Thin film phase-change memory
Compare circuit for a content addressable memory cell
Double-side-bias methods of programming and erasing a virtual ground array memory
Nonvolatile memory, verify method therefor, and semiconductor device using the nonvolatile memory
Cycling improvement using higher erase bias
NAND architecture memory with voltage sensing
Memory array including programmable poly fuses
Method and apparatus for testing a memory device with compressed data using a single output
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Friction weld coaxial connector and interconnection method
Multi-segment capacitor
Feed through capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor element, manufacturing method of solid electrolytic capacitor element and solid electrolytic capacitor
Switch monitoring circuit
Method of manufacturing a flex-rigid wiring board
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive element and method of manufacturing the same
Laser light source device, illumination device, image display device, and monitor device
Laser source device, image display device equipped with the laser source device, and monitor device
Integrated semiconductor light source
Extended-lifetime elements for excimer lasers
Excessive surge protection method and apparatus
Protection circuit in semiconductor circuit device comprising a plurality of chips
Intrinsically safe data transmission device
Apparatus for monitoring open state of the secondary terminals of a current transformer
Methods and apparatus for a motor stator
Power inverter
Transformer-isolated flyback converters and methods for regulating output current thereof
System and method for equalizing high-speed data transmission
System and method of using variable pulses for symbology
Apparatus, system, and method for mandatory end to end integrity checking in a storage system
Audio system, audio apparatus, and method for performing audio signal output processing
Radio apparatus, radio communication system, spatial path control method, and spatial path control program
Distortion compensation amplifying apparatus and base station
Equalising and decoding device for frequency-selective channels
RF receiver with NLMS channel estimator and method therefor
Integrated multimode radio and components thereof
System and process for compressing and decompressing multiple, layered, video streams employing spatial and temporal encoding
Optical communication apparatus
Bi-directional signal interface using photonic coupler
Wireless receiving apparatus and antenna verification method
PT service system and method
PNNI-based mult-link shortest path class-of service routing technique
Configurable OFDM transceiver
User equipment having improved power savings during full and partial DTX modes of operation
Multicarrier receiver and transmitter with delay correcting function
System and method for changing duration of talk burst control timer
Network centric quality of service using active network technology
Method for measuring performance of MPLS LSP
Method and system for capacity analysis for On The Move adhoc wireless packet-switched networks
Frame relay accelerated local management interface status-inquiry messages
Apparatus for and method of predictive time stamping of isochronous data packets transmitted over an IEEE 1394-1995 serial bus network
Optimizing the speed of an FC-AL switch domain in a data storage network
Method and system for enhancing crankback handling in multi-peer group networks
Processing two-octet and four-octet values using border gateway protocol
Method and device for designing a data network
Method and system for filtering packets within a tunnel
Multiservice use of network connection capability under user-to-network interface signaling
Mobility access gateway
Virtual address storage which may be of particular use in generating fragmented packets
Digital predistortion apparatus and method in power amplifier
Method and apparatus for interative noise whitening with causal and anti-causal prediction filters
Demodulation apparatus and receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for instant messaging
Method and apparatus for correcting asymmetric waveform level in consideration of asymmetric error after the decimal point
Data reception device
Methods of interacting with audio and ambient music
Approaches for applying service policies to encrypted packets
System and method for accessing protected content in a rights-management architecture
Data processing systems
Web service provider and authentication service provider
Portable apparatus having simple and detailed menus
End-to-end network testing
Remote electronic mailbox access
Method for setting up a communication link with multimedia call signaling
Outgoing call handling system and method
Method and apparatus for an integrated call log and protocol mapping
Interleaving of base and enhancement layers for HD-DVD
Interactive program guide navigator menu system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, broadcast system, storage medium, and computer program
Methods and systems for constructing and editing electronic program guide lineups
Video data processor having converting section for producing NTSC- or PAL-compliant synthetic video data
Information storage medium and information recording/playback system
Method for recording and managing a multi-channel stream
Concentrator for speech telephones and method of communication over LAN using same
Reproducing center channel information in a vehicle multichannel audio system
Positioning system and method using mobile Internet signal
Air based emergency monitor, multimode communication, control and position finder system
Radio controller, mobile communications system, and communications control method
Wireless communication method and apparatus for managing radio resources using silent measurement periods
Method and apparatus for providing IP mobility for mobile networks and detachable mobile network nodes
Radiation detecting cassette and radiation image capturing system
Radiation image capturing apparatus, method of controlling same, apparatus for and method of adjusting radiation dose detector
Method for manufacturing interposer
Electronic apparatus
Harness routing structure for vehicle
Thermal module and fin assembly thereof
Heat management system for a power switching device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Magnetic random access memory
Multi-wavelength lasers
Packet identifier search filtering
Asynchronous, high-bandwidth memory component using calibrated timing elements
Method and apparatus for tunable wavelength conversion using a bragg grating and a laser in a semiconductor substrate
Method of maintaining packet order in multipath transmission systems having non-uniform traffic splitting
Data holding device and data holding method
Method and apparatus for scheduling packet data transmissions in a wireless communication system
Method for connecting telephone calls in a mobile communication system
Semiconductor device and process for manufacturing the same
Multiple wavelength laser source
Semiconductor integrated circuit device with reduced coupling noise
Human Necessities
Case able to be worn on the wrist by means of wristband associated with a keyboard
System and method for heating the prostate gland to treat and prevent the growth and spread of prostate tumor
Intelligent system for detecting errors and determining failure modes in noninvasive measurement of blood and tissue analytes
Endoscope system, scanning optical system and polygon mirror
Medical diagnosis, treatment and imaging systems
Interactive systems and methods for controlling the use of diagnostic or therapeutic instruments in interior body regions
Diagnosis probe
Contour extraction method and apparatus
System for spinal and posture examination and treatment
X-ray examination apparatus for reconstructing a three-dimensional data set from projection images
System for heating instillation or transfusion liquids
Electrical stimulation compress kit
Sanitary article to be worn in contact with the skin, adapted to provide metallotherapy effects
Movement timing simulator
Fully implantable miniature neurostimulator for stimulation as a therapy for epilepsy
System and method for optimizing far-field r-wave sensing by switching electrode polarity during atrial capture verification
Implantable cardiac stimulator with electrode-tissue interface characterization
System and method for treating vasovagal syncope using cardiac pacing
Apparatus and method to discriminate between telemetry downlink signals and noise in an implanted device
Radian curve shaped implantable cardioverter-defibrillator canister
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser marking system and method
Multi-layered unit including electrode and dielectric layer
Image processing system and image processing method
Object recognition system
Bi-stable micro-actuator and optical switch
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High index-contrast fiber waveguides and applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Space heating system
Multiplexable fiber-optic strain sensor system with temperature compensation capability
Three dimensional information measurement method and apparatus
System and method of determining the frequency of a coherent burst signal
Volume or stacked holographic diffraction gratings for wavelength division multiplexing and spectroscopy
Optical member inspecting apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Chemical imaging fiberscope
Optical delay device
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a CT scanner
Methods and apparatus for characterizing thin films
Implementation of ultrahigh frequency emitters and applications to radar and telecommunications
Triple multiplexing spread spectrum receiver
System, method, and apparatus for generating a timing signal
Method and apparatus to determine mobile user's location in a wireless communication network
Concentrating seismic energy in a selected target point in an underground formation
Method and apparatus for marine source diagnostics
Multiplexed analog control system for electrostatic actuator array
Optical crossconnect and mirror systems
Method of forming optical radiation beams for free-space optical communication systems
Optical pickup compatible with a digital versatile disk and a recordable compact disk using a holographic ring lens
Suspension system for use in an optical displacement detection system
Apparatus and method for adjusting the spectral response of an optical waveguide grating
Polarization maintaining optical fiber with improved polarization maintaining property
Method for cleaving integrated optic waveguides to provide a smooth waveguide endface
Time slot tunable all-optical packet data routing switch
Photonic input/output port
Photon transistors
Photonic integrated circuit (PIC) and method for making same
Layer materials and planar optical devices
Backplane, printed wiring board, and/or multi-chip module-level optical interconnect layer having embedded air-gap technologies and methods of fabrication
Optical component
Optical coupler and AWG having the same
Method and apparatus for interleaving and switching an optical beam in a semiconductor substrate
Methods and apparatuses to provide a tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
Arrayed waveguide grating device, process for producing the same, arrayed waveguide module, and optical communication system
Method for packaging passive optoelectric assemblies in a limited space
System for checking the operation of an optical filter
Configuration for multiplexing and/or demultiplexing the signals of at least two optical wavelength channels
Method and apparatus for internal monitoring and control of reflectors in an optical switch
Diamond-like carbon heat sink for reflective optical switches and devices
Capacitive sensing scheme for digital control state detection in optical switches
Multi-level waveguide
Device and method for positioning optical fibers
Laminate substrate containing fiber optic cables
Double-tube fiber coupler package
Fiber management apparatus
Optical element alignment device using an electronic camera
Fiber optic module connector cleaning slide
Security mapping and auto reconfiguration
Method of hermetically sealing a fiber optic light guide in a metallic feedthrough sleeve with glass solder and hermetically sealed feedthrough device made thereby
Optical fiber connection housing with an outlet connector element and a splice connection to an optical line group
Isothermal fiber optic tray
Optical fiber cable with waterproofing agent
Optical fiber cable, a method of manufacturing the optical fiber cable, and an installation for implementing the method
Bundle tube type optical cable
Optical device and image sensing system
Distance measuring apparatus
Method for photographing lustrous objects, method for photographing spectacle frames, and method for creating electronic spectacle frame catalogue
Optoacoustic frequency filter
Optical modulator and optical signal and electric wave signal converter using same
Microstructured optical waveguide having large optical nonlinearity
Moving member holding device
Camera with indicator for determining position within the angle of view
Information processing apparatus equipped with display device
Switching mechanism of a lens barrel for switching between automatic and manual focusing modes
Back focus adjusting mechanism for imaging camera
Device for producing an extreme ultraviolet and soft x radiation from a gaseous discharge
Dynamically determining first-page out (FPO) time
Coupling arrangement including drum, flange, and connector
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with sheet discharging device and discharge control unit
Service support system and method for image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Charging apparatus, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for managing printing mode switching in a printing apparatus
Toner supply container and stirring rotation member
Image forming apparatus method and developing device to obtain a stable image density
Image forming apparatus operable in duplex print mode with heat pipe held in contact with intermediate image transfer body
Fixing device and image forming device
Fusing device, heat generating device, image forming device and temperature control method
Process cartridge remanufacturing method, disassembling method and assembling method, positioning and connecting apparatus and process cartridge
Climate control system for developer material in a developer housing
Global time indicator
Wrist watch
Method for adaptive reverse power control for spread-spectrum communications
Length indicator for a protocol data unit in a wireless communications protocol
System and method of providing a per-use, auto-generation, personalized web page service
Flexible correlation and queueing in CDMA communication systems
Container design process
Universal mass storage information card and drive assembly
Method of enhacning key functions in mobile telecommunication terminal
System and method for accepting disparate types of user input
Storage device employing a flash memory
Methods and apparatus for control using control devices that provide a virtual machine environment and that communicate via an IP network
Method and apparatus for load balancing a distributed processing system
System and method for gesture recognition in three dimensions using stereo imaging and color vision
Optical character recognition device and method and recording medium
System and process for optimizing false alarm probability for histogram matching
Graph based thinning of graphical objects
Image processing apparatus and method for recognizing specific pattern and recording medium having image processing program recorded thereon
Systems and methods for delivering information within a group communications system
Digital information embedding/extracting apparatus and method, and medium including a program for executing the method recorded thereon
Authenticating objects using embedded data
Cocktail watermarking on images
Method of reconstructing tomographic images
Adaptive image combination according to image sensing condition
Method for correcting artefacts in a digital image
Image processing apparatus
Method and device for correcting lightness of image
Creating image-sharpening profiles
Techniques for selective enhancement of a digital image
System and method for effectively performing a white balance operation
Method and device for optically determining depth
Optical flow estimation method and image synthesis method
Image processing method and system for following a moving object from one image to an other image sequence
Methods and systems for making disposable absorbent article having graphics
Methods and apparatus for wavelet-based image compression
System and method for encoding and decoding enhancement layer data using base layer quantization data
Mobile unit communication apparatus
Acoustic matching member, ultrasound transducer, ultrasonic flowmeter and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for reproducing information from a magneto-optical recording medium
Method for providing track position and identification information for data storage devices
Playback apparatus
Method and apparatus for changing region code of digital versatile disc drive
Waveform equalizing apparatus, method of optimizing waveform equalizing apparatus and data reproducing apparatus
Recording medium for storing linking type information, method of processing defective area using the same, and recording and/or reproducing apparatus therefor
Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using the same
Optical storage medium in which sector address information is recorded using MSR techniques
Disk cartridge
Image signal processing apparatus
Storage medium and apparatus and method of recording and reproducing encoded data thereto and therefrom
Digital signal transmission method digital signal transmission system, digital signal transmitting apparatus and recording medium
Recording medium having a first area for storing an audio title set and a second area for storing a still picture set and apparatus for processing the recorded information
Reproduction and/or recording device for optical recording media having a unit for adjusting the inclination of a bearing
Optical recording medium having recording capacity information and method for indicating recording capacity
Optical recording medium having unrecordable restricted block(s), and systems incorporating same
Optical recording medium, optical recording method, optical reproducing method, optical recording device, optical reproducing device, and optical recording/reproducing device
Information recording method and apparatus
Devuce and method for forming a focus error signal based on ohase difference between corresponding parts of detector signals
Optical pickup actuator having a magnetic flux-controlling member
Optical disk reproducing apparatus and setup method
Optical head and optical data recording/reproducing apparatus using the same
Apparatus for reading from and/or writing to optical recording media
Optical recording and reproducing apparatus, tilt correction method, tilt correction program and medium
Optical recording method using optical recording medium containing nanoparticles
Self-timed read and write assist and restore circuit
Thin film magnetic memory device reducing a charging time of a data line in a data read operation
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of conducting stable data read and write operations
Thin film magnetic memory device having an access element shared by a plurality of memory cells
Ferroelectric storage apparatus, driving method therefor, and driving circuit therefor
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for refreshing memory cells
Semiconductor memory device
Auto precharge apparatus having autoprecharge gapless function protecting circuit in semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile multi-level semiconductor flash memory device and method of driving same
Method for programming nonvolatile memory cells with program and verify algorithm using a staircase voltage with varying step amplitude
High voltage pulse method and apparatus for digital multilevel non-volatile memory integrated system
Shared volatile and non-volatile memory
Complementary non-volatile memory cell
Charge pump for conductive lines in programmable memory array
Programmable latch circuit inserted into write data path of an integrated circuit memory
Electrically-alterable non-volatile memory cell
Method, apparatus, and system to enhance negative voltage switching
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device configured to reduce rate of erroneously reading data from memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device and data erasing method
Non-volatile memory device with erase address register
Memory device and operation thereof
Method of programming memory cells by breaking down antifuse elements
Small anti-fuse circuit to facilitate parallel fuse blowing
Bi-directional shift-register circuit
Sensing device for a passive matrix memory and a read method for use therewith
Embedded recall apparatus and method in nonvolatile memory
Failed cell address programming circuit and method for programming failed cell address
Memory device having programmable column segmentation to increase flexibility in bit repair
Nonvolatile memory
Test key for detecting overlap between active area and deep trench capacitor of a DRAM and detection method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for selecting multiple word lines in a semiconductor memory device
Flash memory array structure suitable for multiple simultaneous operations
Flash memory array structure suitable for multiple simultaneous operations
Bitline reference voltage circuit
Pre-charge method for reading a non-volatile memory cell
Semiconductor memory device and current mirror circuit
ROM embedded DRAM with bias sensing
Apparatus and method for determining the erasability of data in a memory
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Asynchronous semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device and write/readout controlling method error correction code decoding device
Asynchronous, high-bandwidth memory component using calibrated timing elements
Output buffer for a nonvolatile memory with output signal switching noise reduction, and nonvolatile memory comprising the same
System and method for processing data in a memory array
System and method for direct write to dynamic random access memory (DRAM) using PFET bit-switch
System and method for low area self-timing in memory devices
Memory device which can change control by chip select signal
Compact decode and multiplexing circuitry for a multi-port memory having a common memory interface
Semiconductor memory with wordline timing
Device for generating memory address and mobile station using the address for writing/reading data
Jet pump set screw wedge
Safe lift and process for transporting canisters of spent nuclear fuel
Adjustable collimator and method
Electrolyte for electrolytic capacitor
Self-recovering current-limiting device with liquid metal
Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and method of operating the same
Method and apparatus for reducing substrate bias voltage drop
Device and method for uniformly distributing electrode particles
Transmission line assembly, integrated circuit, and transmitter-receiver apparatus comprising a dielectric waveguide protuding for a dielectric plate
Aircraft-based network for wireless subscriber stations
Frequency dependent calibration of a wideband radio system using narrowband channels
Rake receiver for spread spectrum signal demodulation
High power waveguide laser
Reduction of pulsations in DFB lasers
Resonator array for solid-state lasers
Stabilized laser using multiphoton absorption to reduce intensity fluctuations
Hermetically sealed external cavity laser system and method
Wavelength stabilized laser module
Semiconductor laser device
External cavity laser with high spectral purity output
Semiconductor optical component and a method of fabricating it
Open loop control of SGDBR lasers
Spark gap arrangement
Pressure-resistant encapsulated air-gap arrangement for the draining off of damaging perturbances due to overvoltages
Ruggedized tradesworkers radio
Passive common mode filter and method for operating a passive common mode filter
Method of switching synchronization of parallel-connected converter system
Switched mode power converter having synchronous rectification and secondary side post regulation
Regulation of bi-directional flyback converter
Single conversion power converter with hold-up time
Switching-mode power converter with complementary synchronous rectification
Switching power source device
Method and apparatus for de-skewing clock edges for systems with distributed clocks
Radio FM receiver having a frequency 2-divider and a frequency 3-divider for alternatively dividing a VCO signal for down-converting a received radio signal
Audio trigger devices
Power measurement circuit
Power control circuit and transmitter
Receiver noise reduction with expanding gated pulses
Filter accelerator for a digital signal processor
Matched filter
Stable adaptive filter and method
Conduction line decoupling circuit
Device for amplitude adjustment and rectification made with MOS technology
Trellis-based decoder with state and path purging
Power saving protocol for TDMA multi-line wireless telephone handsets
Modular RF IC architecture
Frequency hopping method and base station
Method and apparatus for applying codes having pre-defined properties
CDMA demodulating apparatus and method and CDMA mobile communication system
Code synchronization unit and method
Method and apparatus for interference cancellation in a communication system
Optical/radio local access network
All-optical dynamic gain equalizer
Method and system for suppressing signal distortions associated with nonlinearity in optical fibers
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission power in a CDMA communication system
Adaptive beam-time coding method and apparatus
Optimal use of request access TDMA slots for automatic level control
Frequency diversity digital wireless system
Timing systems and methods for forward link diversity in satellite radiotelephone systems
Initial acquisition and frame synchronization in spread spectrum communication system
Method for synchronization of base stations which are coupled to different switching system parts in a mobile radio network
Low power long code synchronization scheme for sleep mode operation of CDMA systems
Receiver capable of receiving analog broadcast and digital broadcast and IC for the same
Technique for all-optical packet switching
Dynamic wavelength add/drop multiplexer for UDWDM optical communication system
Digital data receiver
Personal communications device with ratio counter
Maintenance of data synchronization across large gaps in a data stream
Network adapter with TCP windowing support
Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus and communication method
Radio communication system using variable packet length
Universal mobile telephone system network with improved rate matching method
Cell bridge apparatus and cell bridging method as well as information transmission system having cell bridge apparatus
Construction method of radio network system and radio transmission device
Intelligent voice response system with navigator database
Link capacity sharing for throughput-blocking optimality
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Communication system
Mapping of packets between links of trunk groups using Mux/Demux devices
DS0 on ATM, mapping and handling
Buffer management scheme employing dynamic thresholds
Network switch load balancing
Data switching apparatus and data switching method
Flow identifying device, flow processing device, flow identifying method, and flow processing method
Method for forwarding in multi-hop networks
Methods and apparatus for data communications on packet networks
Frame handling system, and frame handling method
Route scheduling of packet streams to achieve bounded delay in a packet switching system
System and method capable of carrying out high-speed IP routing by the use of a binary tree comprising a reduced number of nodes
Communication network having modular switches that enhance data throughput
Automatically applying bi-directional quality of service treatment to network data flows
AAL2 negotiation procedure
Apparatus and method for configuring multicasting network in asynchronous transfer mode switching system
Output buffer type asynchronous transfer mode switch
Dial-up router and method of controlling outgoing of the dial-up router
Protocol for neighborhood-established transmission scheduling
System and method for providing peer-oriented control of telecommunications services
Network architecture, addressing and routing
User equipment device enabled for SIP signalling to provide multimedia services with QoS
Defferrable processing option for fast path forwarding
Method and apparatus for telecommunications using internet protocol
Wireless communication system architecture having split MAC layer
Virtual private networks and methods for their operation
Email message confirmation by audio email tags
Communication system for circuit switched and packet switched traffic
Method and apparatus for establishing a collect call originated through a packet based network
Hybrid fiber wireless communication system
Multi-carrier transmission system
Erasure based instantaneous loop control in a data receiver
Circuit and method for active termination of a transmission line
System and method for reducing peak-to-average ratio of the reverse link modulator in a CDMA phone system
Variable length trellis for data transmission
Method and apparatus for managing the flow of data within a switching device
Method and apparatus for telephone messaging
Interfacing between a network interface and a bus
Internet directory system and method using telephone number based addressing
Modulation of a primary data channel reference clock to form a separate data communication channel
Pseudorandom number generator, stream encryption method, and stream encrypting communication method
Cryptographic communication method, encryption method, and cryptographic communication system
Digital loop carrier system with enhanced call handling and method
Foldaway electronic device and flexible cable for same
Cellular phone
Apparatus and method for providing call return service
Cellular phone
Transmitting DSL startup parameters over a voice channel
System and method for controlling outgoing telephone calls
Method and apparatus for supporting ATM services in an intelligent network
Financing party payment for calls with a wireless subscriber
System and method for providing sponsored or universal telecommunications service and third party payer services
Circuit arrangement for signaling in telecommunications networks
Alternative treatment for AIN fault handling
Clear defective pairs module for proactive maintenance application
System and process for automatic storage, enforcement and override of consumer do-not-call requests
System and method for passcode validation during telephone call processing
Method and system for transfer of mobile chat sessions
System and method for real-time, personalized, dynamic, interactive voice services for book-related information
Device and method for transferring unbundled network elements between local exchange carriers
Methods and apparatus for providing location dependent cellular telephone communications
Service deployment architecture
Data communication system utilizing a cellular phone
Wireless access to wired network audio services using mobile voice call
Directory assistance method and apparatus
Communications apparatus
Emergency call load management for call centers
Method and apparatus for routing calls by proxy using virtual transaction servers in a multi-tennant communication center
Gateway apparatus, terminal specification method for gateway apparatus and computer-readable recording medium having recorded terminal-specifying program
Method and apparatus for switching between multiple communication lines
Image reading apparatus
Audio player with code sensor
Image processing
Method and apparatus for reducing motion artifacts and noise in video image processing
Systems and methods for storing a plurality of video streams on re-writable random-access media and time-and channel- based retrieval thereof
Method for transmitting and displaying information and device for displaying information
Device and method of retrieving high-speed motion
Reproducing apparatus
Coding apparatus, decoding apparatus, coding method, decoding method, amd computer-readable recording medium for executing the methods
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Information recording medium, information recording/reproduction system apparatus, and information recording/reproduction method
Auxiliary data insertion in a transport datastream
Optical disk, optical disk recording/reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Transparent QoS using VC-merge capable access modules
System and method for interfacing a local communication device
Method for the suppression and expansion of packet header information in cable modem and cable modem termination system devices
Interface between channel units of multiple local exchange carriers
Private branch exchange (PBX) system, private branch exchange, and method of communication using the same PBX system
Adaptive mobile signaling for wireless internet telephony
System and method for providing telecommunications service using a wireless link
Transmission control without limitation of the number of users
Primary control signal bus selection for radio heads based on propagation delay
Methods and apparatus for operating mobile nodes in multiple a states
Wireless local loop communication system using SLIC module
System, method and apparatus for capturing and processing call processing failures occurring at a digital wireless switch
Test system for remotely testing switches within a telecommunications network
System and method for gathering data from wireless communications networks
Method and apparatus using alternate frames for handover in TDMA mobile communications system
Method and apparatus for performing mobile station assisted hard handoff using error correction codes
Method and system for depleting backlog in a communication system
Method and apparatus for mobile-initiated, CDMA-dispatch soft handoff
Reservation multiple access
Cell selection and reselection in a multiple modulation cellular radio system
Cellular mobile telephone network and method of operating the same
Gateway location register fault recovery
Channel allocation in the base stations of a cellular radio system
Speaker system for an electronic device
Headphone accessory
Method and arrangement for improving leak tolerance of an earpiece
Differential microphone
Thin, lightweight acoustic actuator tile
Micromachined capacitive component with high stability
Implantable hearing system with audiometer
Delay network microphones with harmonic nesting
Speaker device and associated method for manufacturing the speaker device
Phase conversion surround circuitry
Strobe light-emission control apparatus
Board-supporting inspecting method
Electronic component-recognizing device
Multimedia patching box
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