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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Casein kinase stress-related polypeptides and methods of use in plants
Apparatus and methods for the volumetric and dimensional measurement of livestock
Method for high-temperature high-pressure steam sterilization treatment of endoscope and endoscope
Surgical stapling device with tissue tensioner
Hand-held instruments that access interior body regions
Planning and facilitation systems and methods for cryosurgery
System and method for providing therapy to an individual
Methods of administering tetrazole-containing rapamycin analogs with other therapeutic substances using medical devices
Vascular filter system
Thieno-imino acid derivatives for use as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Substituted benzimidazole dosage forms and method of using same
Substituted diazabicycloalkane derivatives
Production of a biological factor and creation of an immunologically privileged environment using genetically altered Sertoli cells
Cold-adapted equine influenza viruses
Antibodies for oncogenic strains of HPV and methods of their use
Polypeptides capable of forming antigen binding structures with specificity for the Rhesus D antigens, the DNA encoding them and the process for their preparation and use
HSA-free formulations of interferon-beta
Cosmetic, pharmaceutical and dermatological products
Rapidly Disintegrable solid preparation
Controller for ultrafiltration blood circuit which prevents hypotension by monitoring osmotic pressure in blood
Stable composition for hair dye
Golf club grip and golf club using the same
Gaming device having transformable wild symbols or cards with wild signal indicators
Central determination gaming system with a keno game
Method and apparatus for managing gaming machine code downloads
Gaming device having related multi-game bonus scheme
Performing Operations; Transporting
Packing material for separation of optical isomer and method of separating optical isomer with the same
Meander-type catalytic converter
Fired equipment with catalytic converter and method of operating same
Time of flight mass spectrometer
Method and apparatus for enhanced ion mobility based sample analysis using various analyzer configurations
Carbon monoxide clean-up in a PEM fuel cell system
Composition of perfluoroalkyl group-containing alkylsiloxy cycloaliphatic epoxy resin
Process for producing multi-layer coating wherein the quotient of the surface energies of a second coating layer divided by a first coating layer is less-than-or-equal-to 1
Apparatus for double seaming containers
Tool and method for producing a thread in a tool
Agglomerate abrasive grains and methods of making the same
Carbon particle fiber assembly technique
Stretch-blow molding machine with mechanically controlled stretch rod
Adjustable length mold assemblies
Apparatus for flexing a web
Connecting conduits to components of fluid handling devices
System for producing a reinforcing structure for a tire with volumetric control
Food bag release valve
Thin film support substrate for use in hydrogen production filter and production method of hydrogen production filter
Polyvinylidene fluoride coating for metal substrates
Polymer sheets comprising a fluoropolymer
Mineral fibre-based sandwich structure and method for the production thereof
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Image forming apparatus with temperature detection
Method and system for automatically compensating for diagnosed banding defects prior to the performance of remedial service
Dry erase article
Travel safety apparatus for vehicle
Seat load measuring apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Device for supercritical water oxidation of materials
Process and catalyst for synthesis of mercaptans and sulfides from alcohols
Simulated moving bed adsorptive separation process for preventing increase in pressure drop and system thereof
Fibroblast activation protein inhibitor compounds and methods
6-substituted nicotinamide derivatives as opioid receptor antagonists
Process for producing carbostyril derivatives
Diarylcycloalkyl derivatives, processes for their preparation and their use as pharmceuticals
Crystal forms of (S)-(+)-N,N-dimethyl-3-(1-naphthalenyloxy)-3-(2-thienyl)propanamine oxalate and the preparation thereof
1, 3-benzothiazinone derivatives and use thereof
Catalyst compound containing divalent tridentate ligand
Regents labeled with energy transfer dyes
Modulation of glucagon receptor expression
Single chain class I major histo-compatibility complexes
Fluorine-containing allyl ether compounds, their copolymers, and resist compositions and anti-reflection film materials using such copolymers
Elastomer compositions based on filled latex
Hydrophobic, oleophobic and alcohol-resistant fluorochemical additive
Living radical polymerization method
Silicon compound
Azo compound
Sheet for ink jet recording, ink for ink jet recording, manufacturing method of ink for ink jet recording, ink set for ink jet recording, and ink jet recording method
Pigmented inkjet ink and ink set
Fluorine-free disiloxane surfactant compositions for use in coatings and printing ink compositions
Coating composition
Polarizing plate laminated with an improved glue composition and a method of manufacturing the same
Fluorinated phenanthrenes and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
Fracturing fluid containing amphoteric glycinate surfactant
Perfluoropolyether additives
Polynucleotides encoding growth differentiation factor-8
Transformation system in the field of filamentous fungal hosts
Genes conferring herbicide resistance
Modified forms of pullulanase
Method for producing an L-amino acid in an Escherichia bacterium via altering expression levels of target proteins
Sialic acid nucleotide sugars
5-methylcytosine detection, compositions and methods therefor
Descendants of bacteria devoid of N terminal formylation useful for the production of proteins and peptides
Microbial detection and quantification
Method for identifying a HCV RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitor
Immunological detection of RNA:DNA hybrids on microarrays
Method for detecting SARS coronavirus
Detection of extracellular tumor-associated nucleic acid in blood plasma or serum using nucleic acid amplification assays
Treatment method for improving fatigue life and long-life metal material treated by using same treatment
Target for sputtering and a method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium using the target
Oxide ion conductive ceramic membrane structures for high-pressure oxygen production
Electrochemical reformer and fuel cell system
Elastic current collector
Textiles; Paper
Methods of using heterogeneous cleaning compositions
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus and method for three-dimensional contouring
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine housing of an exhaust gas turbocharger with a variable turbine geometry
Turbine component
Pollution control
Fluid machine operable in both pump mode and motor mode and waste heat recovering system having the same
Rotary pump for braking device
Power transmission shaft
Sun gear bushing and sleeve and method for sealing in a hybrid electromechanical automatic transmission
System and method of controlling automatic transmission
Apparatus for controlling a bicycle gear shift device based on movement of the device
Apparatus for operating auto-shutter in air-conditioner
Operator interface apparatus and method for displacement transducer with selectable detector area
Multiscale localization procedure
Contactless Hall-effect angular position sensor
Method and an apparatus for determining the clearance between a turbine casing and the tip of a moving turbine blade
Method for determining distortion and/or image surface
Metal coated nanocrystalline silicon as an active surface enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) substrate
Measuring low dielectric constant film properties during processing
Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices
Microchip measurement device
Meter for measuring the turbidity of fluids using reflected light
Method and apparatus for detecting defects in a specimen utilizing information concerning the specimen
Methods for use in assessing a flow condition of a fluid
Diagnostic kit for predicting pregnancy outcome
Member of the TNF ligand family
Immunoassay, reagent for immunoassay, and production method of the same
Combined laser altimeter and ground velocity measurement apparatus
Membrane probing system
Integrated complex nano probe card and method of making same
Methods and systems for streaming data
Apparatus and method for detecting photon emissions from transistors
Current Sensor
Current sensor and method of manufacturing the same
MRI apparatus, signal selection method in MRI apparatus, and MRI method in magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Zoom lens system and display apparatus
Scanning-mirror structure having a cut or a composite design to reduce deformation of the mirror face, and related system and method
Uniform illumination system
Lens having seamless profile defined by cubic polynomial function
Lens holder and lens unit
Optical system having lenses with adjustable focal length
Confocal wafer inspection method and apparatus using fly lens arrangement
Method for designing mask and fabricating panel
Apparatus and method for forming alignment layer
Array substrate having color filter on thin film transistor structure for LCD device and method of fabricating the same
Mirror assembly with heater element
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and method for producing device
Apparatus for measuring an exposure intensity on a wafer
Curable resin for photo-patterning, process for producing the same, curable resin composition, color filter, liquid crystal panel substrate, and liquid crystal panel
Positive-working radiation-sensitive composition and elements
Photoresist topcoat for a photolithographic process
Material for forming fine pattern and method for forming fine pattern using the same
Imaging member having undercoat layer comprising porphine additive
Built in self test circuit for measuring total timing uncertainty in a digital data path
Automatic read of current time when exiting low-power state
Method, system, and computer program product for providing an intelligent event notification system
Discharge-lamp lighting apparatus and projector
Bidirectional body bias regulation
Low voltage, low Z, band-gap reference
Method and apparatus for reducing audio noise in a switching regulator
Power supply circuit with series regulator
Modular high voltage power supply for chemical analysis
Printer facilitating settings of parameters on print paper
Method, apparatus, and program to prevent computer recognition of data
Matching symbol game associated with slot machine
Touchpad having increased noise rejection, decreased moisture sensitivity, and improved tracking
Tablet apparatus
Printer option suggestion method and program
Digital logic unit reconfigurable in nonvolatile fashion
Current mode multiplier based on square root voltage-current relationship of MOS transistor
Optical filters for accelerated weathering devices
Communication apparatus for vehicle
Organic EL display device
Driving circuit for vacuum fluorescent display
Power control system for LCD monitor
Magnification of indirection textures
Slider with independent fly-height adjustment of reader and writer
Single PLL demodulation of pre-formatted information embedded in optical recording medium
Resistance change memory device having a variable resistance element formed of a first and second composite compound for storing a cation
Integrated circuit, memory chip and method of evaluating a memory state of a resistive memory cell
Low-power CAM
Non-volatile memory cell and non-volatile memory device using said cell
Method and device for irradiating spots on a layer
High performance support-separators for communications cables
Motor using magnet
Device for electrical isolation, toroidal core choke, and method for producing the toroidal core choke
System and a method of driving a parallel-plate variable micro-electromechanical capacitor
Variable capacitance membrane actuator for wide band tuning of microstrip resonators and filters
Circuit and method for supplying programming potential at voltages larger than BVDss of programming transistors
Operating configuration for a household appliance, operating element and household appliance
External operation handle device
Flat panel display device including electron beam sources and control electrodes
Electroluminescent phosphor, process for producing the same, and electroluminescent device containing the same
Scanning electron microscope
Electron microscope, measuring method using the same, electron microscope system, and method for controlling the system
Self-luminous display device having an inorganic EL element light emission unit between electrodes
Embedded strain layer in thin SOI transistors and a method of forming the same
Electrostatic discharge protection device and method of fabricating same
Substrate of gallium nitride single crystal and process for producing the same
Method for etching organic hardmasks
Complementary replacement of material
Method for controlling a recess etch process
Organic silica-based film, method of forming the same, composition for forming insulating film for semiconductor device, interconnect structure, and semiconductor device
Electronic device including an array and process for forming the same
Precursor for hafnium oxide layer and method for forming hafnium oxide film using the precursor
Fabrication method of a semiconductor device using liquid repellent film
Method of forming a structure over a semiconductor substrate
Method for high performance inductor fabrication using a triple damascene process with copper BEOL
On-die reflectance arrangements
Package on package design to improve functionality and efficiency
Semiconductor device having multilayer printed wiring board
Integrated circuit device with multiple chips in one package
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit with stacked-die configuration utilizing substrate conduction
High-voltage transistor having a U-shaped gate and method for forming same
Solid-state image-sensing device
Device for defeating reverse engineering of integrated circuits by optical means
Semiconductor device
Conductive memory device with conductive oxide electrodes
Backlight module for liquid crystal display
Organic electroluminescence device and phenylenediamine derivative
Altering zeta potential of dispersions for better HCD performance and dispersion stability
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Solid oxide fuel cell
Low loss, high power air dielectric stripline edge coupling structure
Interface card fixing member
Coaxial cable with plug
Socket body
Coaxial connector
Method and system for determining gain for an optical signal
Optical amplifier, optical amplification repeater and pump light supply control method
Method of distribution of a circuit interrupting device with reset lockout and reverse wiring protection
Reset lockout for circuit interrupting device
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Operation of a redundant power supply without isolation devices
Method for detecting rotor angle of DC brushless motor and controller of DC brushless motor
Bolted spherical series and phase connector for stator coils of electrical generators
Motor terminal portion structure
Switching power supply
Oscillator circuit
Voltage controlled oscillator, PLL circuit, pulse modulation signal generating circuit, semiconductor laser modulation device and image forming apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Current mode interface receiver with process insensitive common mode current extraction and the method
Apparatus and methods for optimizing the performance of programmable logic devices
Self calibration of continuous-time filters and systems comprising such filters
Linear phase detector and charge pump
Method and apparatus for delay line control using receive data
Clock generator with one pole and method for generating a clock
Coding element with integrated limit switch
Circuit for reconstructing an analog signal from a digital signal and transmission system, particularly for WCDMA cellular telephony, including such circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing delay in a bus provided from parallel, capacitively coupled transmission lines
Method and apparatus for processing character streams
Hybrid binary/thermometer code for controlled-voltage integrated circuit output drivers
System and method for data feed acceleration and encryption
Dynamic allocation of cyclic extension in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems
Smart chaff
Bi-directional and reverse directional resource reservation setup protocol
Method of controlling transmission of data and a control unit for implementing the method
Detecting and compensating for color misregistration produced by a color scanner
Solid state image pickup device
Card installation device
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method of transport provision for a service to a user
Display devices with reflectivity-influencing electrode
Organic light emitting device and display device using the same
Module incorporating a capacitor, method for manufacturing the same, and capacitor used therefor
Electronic component mounting structure
Conductive printed board, multicore cable and ultrasonic probe using the same
Electronic apparatus, rack mount apparatus and method of mounting the electronic apparatus in the rack mount apparatus
Systems for low cost coaxial liquid cooling
Flexible heat sink
Expired Patents Due To Time
Top portion of a viscous flowable food product
Design for a T-shirt
Shoe upper
Dual colored shoelaces
Hourglass shaped cufflink
Footwear upper
Shoe upper with saddle
Footwear upper portion
Footwear upper portion
Peanut shaped container
CD box
Messenger handbag
Container for transporting substrates
Transparent-accessory-pockets-outfitted garment bag
Container with hinged cover
Combined key chain, monocle, and light
Combination key ring and water soluble film dispenser
Compact disc wallet with monkey
Toothbrush bristle pattern
Power toothbrush bristle pattern
Electric toothbrush
Table and support elements of a folding table with seats
Skate securing and tying stool
Bagel tray
Entertainment furniture system
Table base
Portion of a chair
Cloverleaf coffee table
Breast operation recovery pillow
Carpet tile
Water cooler bottle cover
Slipcover for seating furniture
Travel mug
Coffee station or tray
Dual sided cooler with umbrella
Barbecue grill
Barbeque skewer
Microwave oven with coffee-maker
Handle for kitchen utensil
Roaster and turkey rack and lifter
Napkin holder
Container for food products with lid
Door closer
Hand grinder
Rake with wing-like structure
Drill with pivotable drill head
Cutout tool
Reciprocating saw
Electric circular saw with a safety guard
Reciprocating saw blade
Wallboard rasp tool
Reversible V groove round nose bit
Athletic equipment hanger
Link for a security chain
Nail enamel container or the like
Container body portion
Packaging for cutting or welding equipment
Container for tie tamer
Packaging for a ceiling fan motor
Confectionery product container
Container-pedestal stackable box
Nozzle for dispensing viscous material
Slider device for resealable closure
Watch with watch bracelet design
Housing for sonar depth finder transponder
Ladle thermometer
Pencil holder attached to a tape measure
Meter for motorcycle
Process device
Luminous reflector for bicycles
Precious stone
Boomerang and cross article of jewelry
Spiral fish suncatcher
Christ banner
Multiple-wheel axle support
Wakeboard towing frame
Automobile body
Compact utility loader
Recumbent bicycle
Bicycle frame subassembly
Electric mobility scooter
High-speed aircraft
Snow flap for a snowmobile
Tire tread
Tire tread
Vehicle interior
Tricycle hub cap
Tailgate cover
Car visor care kit case
Car organizer for wireless accessories
Cable connector assembly
Snap-on connection retainer for extension cords
Remote control
In-car tape player
In-car digital audio disc player
Compact disc player
Combined disc player and amplifier
Handheld computer
Mouse with roller and top center button
Mouse with roller and side buttons
Personal computer case
Menu display for a mobile phone
Printer with copying, scanning, and facsimile functions
Notebook computer
Recyclable cellular phone
Audiovisual control device
Mobile phone
Base module for terminal with loading station
Mobile phone
Portable telephone
Cellular phone
Mobile telephone support
Mobile phone
Portable communication device
Engine cover
Filter pump
Compressor for air conditioners of vehicles
Cab for a wheeled work machine
Dust cleaning tool adaptive to a vacuum cleaner nozzle
Beverage container rack
Planetary gear with flange block
Portions of table saw
Wet or dry tile saw
Welding ground clamp having a magnet with a removal tab
Planetary gear with round flange
Planetary gear with square flange
Portable coordinate measurement machine
Digital camera
Video camera
Digital camera
Portable thermal imager
Eyeglasses having adjustable stems and a case therefore
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Guitar strap
Automated banking machine enclosure
Hammer tacker grip
Imprintable stapler
Appointment book leaf
Sticker set
Hang tag
Claim tag assembly
Portion of a container for moist wipes
Container for moist wipes
Information and identification card
Seal robot
Data receiver
Playing card
Toy tractor
Craft kit construction component--amorphous form with surface decoration
Golf club head
Airplane play structure
Gun grip
Fishing lure
Pressure regulator
Plumbing fastener
Float valve for filling a flush tank
Sanitary fitting, especially kitchen faucet
Sanitary faucet
Water sprayer for use in motor cleaning
Sanitary faucet
Water sprinkling device
Sanitary faucet
Gardening pistol nozzle
Sanitary faucet
Valve manifold for actuator system
Faucet base
Corner basket
Toilet seat and cover combination
Electric fan heater
Infrared heater
Electric fan
Ceiling fan switch housing
Ceiling fan blade
Ceiling fan blade
Ceiling fan blade
Volatile dispensing device
Volatile actives dispenser
Medicament delivery device
Medicament delivery device
Medicament delivery device
Industrial endoscope apparatus
Handle for a tongue cleaning device
Medicament delivery device
Medicament delivery device
Medicament delivery device
Block for a flowerbed
Picket fence rail
Linear trim section
House facade
House facade
House facade
Brick liner
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light
Fluorescent lamp
Candy cane light string
Support frame of a table lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Lamp shade
Lamp shade
Luminaire mount
Wet/dry rechargeable shaver with stand
Cosmetic case
Cosmetic case
Cosmetic casing
Hair curling kit
Massaging device
Hair straightener
Welding helmet
Protective thumb covering
Hummingbird bird feeder-planter
Cat litter filtering basket
Scratch post structure
Human Necessities
Optimization of irrigation cycles
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprivane`
Tube case
Selective pants and bands for customized assembly
Two-ply neck collar and method for making same
Headwear with eye protector
Double-bow shoe lace device
Slider for reclosable fastener
Closure device
Closure device
Closure device
Articles with removable elements
Frame apparatus
Mattress having a retractable foot section
Air mattress
Bed structure with storage area
Child's crib
Bottom hanger clothes clip
Sink with foldable faucet assembly and multiple-purpose support structure
Disposable cleaning pad dispenser
Tool for dislodging packed material from a discharge chute
Dishwasher spray arm feed system
Vacuum cleaner having cooling features
Shark tooth shaped suede shoe brush
Wire band earmuff
Method of manufacturing small profile medical devices
Safety goggles
Patient-support apparatus
Motorized bed assembly
Mattress transport mechanism
Alcove whirlpool seat spa system
Bath for generating water vibration wave
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for extracting a fiber from a fiber-ferrule
Ductile material clinch joiner
Method of loosely attaching blind rivet
Method for making hollow bicycle cranks
Apparatus for superplastic forming of tubing
Blade mounting devices
Portable circular saw
Method and apparatus for vertically calibrating wire of wire cutting electric discharge machine
Complex machining machine tool
Flexible work station
Tire valve remover
Hand-held electrical appliance for personal care or for use as a tool
Drywall cutting tool
Edge profile cutter
Replaceable nose member for chain saw guide bars
Power inside corner planer and method of use
Molded inseparable assembly
Molded cushion and method of making the same
Manufacturing method for ink jet pen
Supporting mechanism of slide door
Wall structure with improved strength
Method and device for mobile on the spot production of sealing elements
Corner mount package assembly
Vehicle-applied rear-and-side monitoring system
Wiper blade for the glass surfaces of a motor vehicle
Pipe frame for wiper apparatus
Apparatus and method for determining absolute position with steering path and steering angle sensors
Article wrapping apparatus
Method of and apparatus for making packets for arrays of discrete commodities
Packing and unpacking machine
Apparatus for closing packages made from a heat-sealable material
Multi-layer, self-aligned vertical combdrive electrostatic actuators and fabrication methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass microspheres for use in films and projection screen displays and methods
Methods for analysis of gene expression
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for fiber length measurement
Fixed Constructions
Military quick launching bridge system
Reversible mit for disposal of waste debris
Hand spray mounts with integral backflow prevention
Dump bucket toilet with controlled discharge and return
Non-combustible panel wall system
Apparatus and method for spacing tiles
Antenna support
Water body (e.g., pool) water level replenishment system and method
Hinge mechanism
Gate hinge and method for mounting gate opener
Architectural building panel
Speed correction using cable tension
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electronic control unit and method for measuring engine soak time
Cold start pulse width compensation
Method for making a galvanometer with axial symmetry
Coupling device
Multiple-ply resilient seal
Method and device for connecting end portions of two pipes
Diurnal solar event triggering mechanism
Tube for a heat exchanger and method of making same
Thread gage system and method
Method and apparatus for calibrating an accelerometer-based navigation system
Navigation apparatus, navigation method and navigation program
Method and apparatus for determining flow rates
Signal processor apparatus for rotating water current meter
Temperature-based estimation of remaining absorptive capacity of a gas absorber
Inspection method and inspection system using charged particle beam
Apparatus for a wire mount control
System and method for digitally compensating frequency and temperature induced errors in amplitude and phase shift in current sensing of electronic energy meters
Non-invasive testing of smart cards
Configuration and method for producing test signals for testing a multiplicity of semiconductor chips
System and method for parallel testing of IEEE 1149.1 compliant integrated circuits
System and method for testing a circuit implemented on a programmable logic device
Boundary scan testing involving shared enable latches
Program production system for semiconductor tester
Printed circuit board including removable auxiliary area with test points
System and method for pruning a bridging diagnostic list
Method and apparatus for predicting the available energy of a battery
Resolving time ambiguity in GPS using over-determined navigation solution
Method of determining the position of a mobile unit
Method of joint analysis and interpretation of the subsurface from multiple seismic derived layer property data sets
Method and apparatus for measurement alignment
Efficient and accurate pseudo 2-D inversion scheme for multicomponent induction log data
Linking device in a process control system that allows the formation of a control loop having function blocks in a controller and in field devices
Simulation method and apparatus for use in enterprise controls
Method, system and storage medium for providing an executable program to a coordinate measurement system
Programmable supervisory circuit and applications thereof
Method and apparatus for automatic detection and healing of signal pair crossover on a high performance serial bus
Automated exchange for trading derivative securities
Electronic rights management and authorization system
System for compensating delay of high-speed data by equalizing and determining the total phase-shift of data relative to the phase of clock signal transmitted via separate path
Accurate distributed system time of day
Computer printed circuit system board with LVD SCSI device direct connector
Method and apparatus for selecting, monitoring, and controlling electrically powered devices
Method of automatically determining whether power consumption devices can be powered up in a power consuming system
Management of data before zero volt suspend in computer power management
Method for suspending, resuming, and turning on a computer system without being affected by an abnormal power failure
System for conserving power by ceasing at least one clock signal from PHY layer to MAC layer in network adapter if signal from cable is not detected
Fault tolerant network server having multiple slideably-mounted processing elements sharing a redundant array of independent disks through SCSI isolators
Hierarchy of fault isolation timers
System and method for simplifying and managing complex transactions in a distributed high-availability computer system
System for generating a point-in-time copy of data in a data storage system
Sparing system and method to accommodate equipment failures in critical systems
Resource allocation throttling in remote data mirroring system
DSP bus monitoring apparatus and method
Remotely accessible integrated debug environment
Caching untrusted modules for module-by-module verification
Method and apparatus for modifying relocatable object code files and monitoring programs
Method and apparatus for concurrent access to a sequential device
Burst suspend and resume with computer memory
Method, system, program, and data structures for mapping logical units to a storage space comprises of at least one array of storage units
System and method for controlling power states of a memory device via detection of a chip select signal
Template-based creation and archival of file systems
Method and mechanism for relational access of recovery logs in a database system
Free memory manager scheme and cache
Device and method for managing memory resources by using parallel-type garbage collection
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
Procedure and processor arrangement for parallel data processing
Systems and methods for publishing data with expiration times
Computer interconnection bus link layer
Method and system for managing a PCI bus coupled to another system
Method and apparatus for communicating between multiple functional units in a computer environment
Arbiter for arbitrating between a plurality of requesters and method thereof
ATA device control via a packet-based interface
Graphics address relocation table (GART) stored entirely in a local memory of an input/output expansion bridge for input/output (I/O) address translation
Current-mode bus line driver having increased output impedance
USB bandwidth monitor
Universal memory bus and card
Increasing performance with memory compression
System and method for protecting shared system files
Method for rule-based correction of spelling and grammar errors
Method and apparatus for locating data in computer systems
System for transmission of embedded applications over a network
Optimization of a star join operation using a bitmap index structure
Session-history-based recency-biased natural language document search
Human-natural string compare for filesystems
Database query handler supporting querying of textual annotations of relations between data objects
Method and system for detecting frequent association patterns
View navigation for creation, update and querying of data objects and textual annotations of relations between data objects
Apparatus and method for dynamically generating query explain data
System and method for performing similarity searching
Common spool files for maintaining join indexes
Database system with methodology for reusing cost-based optimization decisions
Categorization based text processing
Voice activated web browser
Power stabilizer using under-utilized standard cells
Method and system for analyzing a VLSI circuit design
Maintenance of a system model
Non-assignable signal support during formal verification of circuit designs
Circuit designing apparatus, circuit designing method and timing distribution apparatus
Transforming a circuit having loop structure and tri-state element using replication
Method for evaluating decoupling capacitor placement for VLSI chips
Method for evaluating decoupling capacitor placement for VLSI chips
MOSFET modeling for IC design accurate for high frequencies
Method and apparatus for processing an output of a design tool
Estimating capacitance effects in integrated circuits using congestion estimations
Verifying on-chip decoupling capacitance
Method and apparatus for identifying routes for nets
Prototype development system and method
Computer system with an external and portable electronic key for encryption and decryption processes
Bios based method to disable and re-enable computers
Method and security system for processing a security critical activity
Method and mechanism for data screening
Data storage device and control method therefor
System and method for authenticating users in a computer network
Adaptive progress indicator
Computer add-on card capable of outputting different type of digital TV signals
System and method for rearranging bits of a data word in accordance with a mask using sorting
Asynchronous parallel arithmetic processor utilizing coefficient polynomial arithmetic (CPA)
Method for job impact learning
System and method for finding and validating the most recent advance load for a given checkload
Superscalar processing system and method for selectively stalling instructions within an issue group
System and method for providing a fault tolerant distributed computing framework
Method and apparatus for implementing two architectures in a chip using bundles that contain microinstructions and template information
Device and method for protection against stack overflow and franking machine using same
Method and apparatus for state-reversion
Object-oriented framework for chemical-process-development decision-support applications
Computational architecture for managing the transmittal and rendering of information, alerts, and notifications
Module-by-module verification
Method and system for installing software on a computer system
Method and computer system for integrating a compression system with an operating system
Clustered processors in an emulation engine
Mechanism by which devices on unforeseen platform variants may be supported without re-release of core platform kernel software
Efficient lock state transitions in a distributed system
Method of modifying a protocol between distributed objects
Correlating protocol events in distributed applications
Speculative caching of individual fields in a distributed object system
Method and apparatus for chaining interrupt service routines
Method and system for providing discrete user cells in a UNIX-based environment
Method and apparatus for controlling interrupt priority resolution
Communication system, a synchronization circuit, a method of communicating a data signal, and methods of synchronizing with a data signal
Particle analysis using laser ablation mass spectroscopy
Neural directors
Computer method and apparatus for determining content owner of a website
Method, article of manufacture and apparatus for restricting the receipt of delegate reply messages
Activity state viewing and recording system
Methods and systems for managing workflow
Interpersonal development communications system and directory
Pre-employment screening and assessment interview process
Electronic communication delivery confirmation and verification system
Apparatus and method for intelligent routing of electronic messages to pagers and computers
Internet facsimile and e-mail reception method
Processing system for charge request data
Systems and methods for registering gift registries and for purchasing gifts
Method and system for recommending electronic component connectivity configurations and other information
Method and system for allocating and distributing royalty/commission payments to resellers/distributors
Computer assisted and/or implemented process and architecture for web-based monitoring of energy related usage, and client accessibility therefor
Method for configuring an application server system
Method and system for conducting business in a transnational e-commerce network
Method and system for providing an electronic system design with enhanced debugging capabilities
Method for identifying events which cover more than one segment using segments
System and method for obtaining vehicle schedule information in an advance notification system
Receiving a particular identification file among an analog identification file and a digital identification file in response to a request to a dual-interface monitor
Method and apparatus for use in installing a scanner
Formant tracking based on phoneme information
Method and system for noise suppression using external voice activity detection
System and method of teleconferencing with the deaf or hearing-impaired
Method of and device for phone-based speaker recognition
Interface to a speech processing system
Speech coder output transformation method for reducing audible noise
Method and architecture for controlling asymmetry of an LMS adaptation algorithm that controls FIR filter coefficients
Method of making a write head with multi-stitched second pole piece
Method of making an antiparallel (AP) pinned spin valve sensor with giant magnetoresistive (GMR) enhancing layer
Cleaning card for magnetic track and chip card read/write devices and method for producing said cleaning card
Method of making integrated lead suspension flexure with balanced parallel leads for insulator layer hygrothermal compensation
Security memory card compatible with secure and non-secure data processing systems
Test sequences generated by automatic test pattern generation and applicable to circuits with embedded multi-port RAMs
Method for designing circuit layout of non-neighboring metal bit lines to reduce coupling effect
Integrated circuit inductors
Dual post centrifugal wafer clip for spin rinse dry unit
Method of mounting a device to a mounting substrate
Method for test optimization using historical and actual fabrication test data
Method for forming metal contacts on a substrate
Detent means for a heat sink
Process for mounting terminals with electric wires in cavities of connector housings
Digital filter implementation suitable for execution, together with application code, on a same processor
Multi-process compression
Method and bus interface employing a memory in an intergrated circuit which is used to link a bus with an application device to be controlled by the bus
Software and method for multicasting on a network
Automatically identifying subnetworks in a network
Method and system for automatically gathering information from different types of devices connected in a network when a device fails
Distributed chassis agent for network management
Method and apparatus for determining communication paths
Method for enabling interaction between two home networks of different software architectures
Forwarding information retrieval technique
Virtual private wireless network implementing message delivery preferences of the user
System for downloading only a portion of a file from a server through a computer network utilizing a client menu downloaded periodically from the server
Agile network protocol for secure communications with assured system availability
Survey communication across a network
Immediate mode computer graphics command caching
System and method for dynamic IP address management
Computer signal transmission system
Automatic identification of a set-top box user to a network
Method for registering a component lead with a U-shaped metalized pad
Method for creating a connection within a multilayer circuit board assembly
Method for manufacturing a built-up circuit board
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