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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Expansion card mounting apparatus
Fisherman's chair and associated method
Reinforcing frame structure for a storage rack
Tool suspension device
Oral medicine dispenser
Desktop change holder and wall mount
Adjustable extending stand for panel displays
Shelf bracket and method of making same
Mounting system for a frame
Mounting strip for screens
Surgical instrument with flexible drive mechanism
Patient table for a radiation therapy system or a radiation diagnosis system
Amusement ball receiving and return
Performing Operations; Transporting
Gas-liquid contact apparatus
Discarding apparatus, discarding system and discarding method
Recovery of valuable metals
System for failsafe controlled dispensing of liquid material
Wrapping device for fishing rods
Holding member for cleaning optical components
Apparatus and method associated with cable robot system
Moulding device for the manufacture of thermoplastic containers
Device for forming optical lenses
Spring loaded tooling head and method for tire cord application
Inkjet nozzle chamber with single inlet and plurality of nozzles
Printhead nozzle arrangement incorporating a corrugated electrode
Inkjet printhead with multiple chambers and multiple nozzles for each drive circuit
Ink jet recording head, manufacturing method therefor, and substrate for ink jet recording head manufacture
Jet printer with enhanced print drop delivery
Printhead provided with individual nozzle enclosures
Aperture of a nozzle assembly of an inkjet printer
Pattern forming method, liquid droplet discharging apparatus, and electrooptical device
Printhead assembly having a fluid transfer member
Printer having pivotally capped duplexed printheads
Method of maintaining an inkjet printhead by producing laminar ink flow to remove particulates
Liquid supply system and ink jet recording apparatus
Method of manufacturing ink jet recording head, ink jet recording head, and ink jet cartridge
Ink supply cartridge for a printhead assembly
Segmented ink stick
Lateral anti-skewing solution for solid ink
Solid ink composition with post-melt mixing
Device for manufacturing color printing and method using same
Processing of images for high volume pagewidth printing
Elastomeric book cover
Wheel balance weight for automobile tire
Automotive vehicle tow hooks
Quick change vehicle trailer hitch adapter
Hydraulic system for leveling apparatus in excavator and forestry equipment
Operator cab for heavy equipment
Control system and vehicle including the same
Vehicle driving apparatus
Vehicle drive system, power management device, and method for managing power
Base unit and system for docking and securing a wheelchair in a vehicle
Illuminating device installed on a truck's wheels
Optical module for an elliptical lighting device adapted to a given volume for a motor vehicle
Interior member for cab of work vehicle and method for forming same, as well as wall member
Air bag and a method of folding an air bag
Low profile portable derail
Baby stroller frame with seat direction changing mechanism
Pivotal base for a canopy frame
Motor vehicle with a body having a floor structure and at least one reinforcing element for reinforcing the floor structure
Vehicle steering apparatus and vehicle steering method
Virtual-wheeled vehicle
Motorcycle with pedals
Steering mechanism and method for a manually powered vehicle
Systems and methods for aerial dispersion of materials
Storing and handling liquid reagents
Encapsulating bag for pressurized cylinders to reduce particulate contamination for clean room use
Cup lid with slide closure
Torsion spring configuration and releasable casing utilizing the same
Holding and actuating device for pressurized can
Packaging for a sink
Suspension package assembly
Disk containing body and information providing body
Nestable measuring cups
Robot hand having swaying mechanism in library apparatus
Pallet locks
Nut feeder
System of opposing alternate higher speed sheet feeding from the same sheet stack
Film transport device
Paper feeding device
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Vertical sheet compiling apparatus and methods of vertically compiling sheets
Media jam and bent corner detector
Pry bar
Fluid dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Membranes made of cast polyarylate film
Fixed Constructions
Broadcast spreader mechanism for an all terrain vehicle and the like
Vibrating plate comprising a remote control that is integrated into a draw bar
Connecting profile for interconnecting three sheet pile wall components and an arrangement of sheet pile wall components comprising such a connecting profile
Lock manipulation device for door operator
Partition with variable-angle tiles
Magnetic wellbore cleaning tool
Autonomous magnetic sleeve for a riser
Modular junk basket device with baffle deflector
Rotating, jet-biased wellbore cleaning tool
Flow control system having an isolation device for preventing gas interference during downhole liquid removal operations
Method and apparatus for vacuum collecting and gravity depositing drill cuttings
Pore fluid sampling system with diffusion barrier and method of use thereof
Drilling unit
Coiled tubing drilling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thin turbine rotor blade with sinusoidal flow cooling channels
Device and method for active noise cancellation in exhaust gas channel of a combustion engine
Electromagnetic field injection valve
Mounting structure of discharge valve in rotary compressor
Self-attaching pump
Turbocharger bearing and associated components
Shift device with synchronizer adapted for transmission
Bidirectional clutch mechanism
Disk brake with a parking brake function
Boot for constant-velocity universal joint
Luer activated device with minimal fluid displacement
Adjustable cable hanger for securing cables externally
LED lighting for glass tiles
Recessed lighting fixture
Compact fluorescent lamp package
Light emitting flotation device
Liquid crystal display
Integrated multi-colored LED light source with heatsink and collimator
Lighting device producing light with adjustable color and color temperature
Method and apparatus for producing charcoal
Digital camera system and intermediate adapter
Dynamic aperture and projection device having same
Projection type display unit having a thermal damping housing
Mounting apparatus for data storage devices
POS-based code driven retail transaction system configured to enable the reading of code symbols on cashier and customer sides thereof, during a retail transaction being carried out at a point-of-sale (POS) station, and driven by a retail transaction application program
On-demand printing of coding patterns
Intelligent credit card system
Information processing system, information processing method, program, and recording system
Personal bank card storage device and method of use
Electronic-ink based multi-purpose board game employing a game board and game pieces with an electronic-ink display structure
User-operable actuation device employing an updateable electronic-ink display label
Magnetic card reader, especially for point of sale terminals
Electrical contact with C-shaped spring portion interconnecting upper contacting arm portion and lower soldering leg
Plug connector with right angle cover
Socket connector having improved arrangement ensuring reliable and robust alignment between conductive contacts
Socket with wire-shaped contacts
Insulative housing for configuring socket connector having pivotally mounted clip
Pick up cap for use with socket connector having plug covering opening
Construction for holding cap for use in connector
Socket connector with locking device
Call cord connection system with mechanical coupling mechanism
Connector plug
Electrical adapted with replaceable plug structure
Dc power plug with LED's improved connecting method
Velcro connector
Electrical connecting assembly
Lead terminal multi-tool
Magnetohydrodynamic pump with a system for promoting flow of fluid in one direction
X-ray device having a column and having a cantilever arm displaceable on the column
Heat dissipation device
Heat dissipation device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Grain moisture sensor
Hybrid maize plant and seed 32Y52
Soybean cultivar 500366
Corn hybrid P725
Corn hybrid P724
Soybean variety 92B24
Zea mays (L.) with capability of long term, highly efficient plant regeneration including fertile transgenic maize plants having a heterologous gene, and their preparation
Method of making masterbatches of liquid additives and, in particular, antimicrobial masterbatches
Two pack system for the preparation of peracid compositions for teat-dips
Substituting 2-amino-4-alkylamino-1,3,5-triazine as herbicide
Fungicidal 6-(2-halo-4-alkoxyphenyl)-triazolopyrimidines
Use of a semicarbazone plant growth regulator for early termination of crop plants
Pesticidal composition
Composition for stimulating plant growth and for improving plant preservation and method for preparing the same
Antirheumatic agents
Bandage having a scar treatment pad for scar management and scar repair
Absorbent article having increased flexibility in use
Confidence building incontinence pad
Drive unit of a foot massage machine
Device for associating a container and a computerized device monitoring its contents
Medicaments for the treatment of non-constipated female irritable bowel syndrome
Method for treating tension-type headache with inhibitors of nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase
Method for treating diseased-related or drug-induced dyskinesias
Use of known agonists of the central cannabinoid receptor CB1
Methods of potentiating organic nitrates having vasodilating activity and formulations for the same
Cancer treatment
(+) naloxone and epinephrine combination therapy
Method of treating schizophrenia, depression and other neurological conditions
Methods and compositions for treatment of asthma
Guanidine derivatives, methods of preparing them and their use as drugs
Highly water-soluble metalloproteinase inhibitors
Use of R-(+)-.alpha.-lipoic acid, R-(-)-dihydrolipoic acid and metabolites in the form of the free acid or as salts or esters or amides for the preparation of drugs for the treatment of diabetes mellitus as well as of its sequelae
Therapeutic combinations comprising a selective estrogen receptor modulator and prostaglandin E2
Guanidinomethyl cyclohexane carboxylic acid ester derivatives
Immunotherapeutic aryl amides
Pharmaceutical compositions comprising metal complexes
Formation and composition of new optically active compounds
Treatment of cancer using lipoic acid in combination with ascorbic acid
Use of bisindolylmaleimide compounds to induce Fas-mediated apoptosis
Method for treating schizophrenia
4-Benzyl piperidine alkylsulfoxide heterocycles and their use as subtype-selective NMDA receptor antagonists
1-phenyl-4-(1-[2-aryl]cyclopropyl)methylpiperazines: dopamine receptor ligands
Substituted bicyclic derivatives useful as anticancer agents
Methods useful in the treatment of bone resorption diseases
Method for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of proliferative and /or inflammatory skin disorders
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Antileishmanial composition for topical application
Methods and compositions for stimulating neurite growth
Metabolic intervention with GLP-1 to improve the function of ischemic and reperfused tissue
Antigenic group B streptococcus type II and type III polysaccharide fragments having a 2,5-anhydro-D-mannose terminal structure and conjugate vaccine thereof
Therapeutic treatment for VEGF related diseases
Methods for remodeling neuronal and cardiovascular pathways
Topical treatment of pain and to promote healing
Topical suspension formulations containing ciprofloxacin and dexamethasone
Formulation of valnemulin
Preservative system for topically administrable pharmaceutical compositions containing a fatty acid/amino acid soap
Pharmaceutical compositions containing 1-oleylazacycloheptan-2-one as enhancing agent of transport across biological membranes
Peritoneal induced medicaments
Pharmaceutical formulation
Inclusion complexes of taxol or taxotere or taxus extract formed with cyclodextrins, its preparation and use
Immunomodulation by genetic modification of dendritic cells and B cells
Purified human papillomavirus
Hydrolysable and polymerizable oxetane silanes
Diesters of naphthalene dicarboxylic acid
Composition for topical use containing an acetylenic diol, and use thereof for cleansing or removing make-up from the skin, mucous membranes and the hair
Methods for regulating the condition of mammalian keratinous tissue
Gel compositions
Plastics container containing stabilized drug formulation
Injectable ready-to-use solutions containing an antitumor anthracycline glycoside
Solid dosage form with polymeric binder
Monomers derived from hydroxy acids and polymers prepared therefrom
Tendon-inducing compositions
Method for decomposing halogenated organic compound
Golf ball core compositions containing high Vicat softening temperature, resilient thermoplastic materials
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for modernizing a urea production plant
Slurry hydrocarbon synthesis process with increased catalyst life
Method and device for photodetection
Process for the preparation of hydrophobic/hydrophile AB block copolymers
Process and unit for carrying out a reaction on an organic feed, such as dimerisation or metathesis, in the presence of a polar phase containing a catalyst
Moulded spherical ceramic body, production process and use
Method for rejuvenating solid paraxylene adsorbent
Preparation of a basic catalyst avoiding high temperatures
Fixed bed catalysts
Polymeric phosphite composition and hydrocyanation of unsaturated organic compounds and the isomerization of unsaturated nitriles
Modified particles, catalyst for olefin polymerization containing the same, and method for producing olefin polymer
Acid activation of ruthenium metathesis catalysts and living ROMP metathesis polymerization in water
Compounds of the rare earths and their use as polymerization catalysts for unsaturated compounds
Functionalized carbon monoxide copolymers
Process for liquid-phase conversion with a moving-bed catalyst using a stripper-lift
Reagent tube venting system and method
Apparatus and method for determining the type of a battery or accumulator by use of magnetic fields
Method for laser soldering a three dimensional component
Method for mounting integrated circuits on printed circuit boards
Crack free welding of silicon
Laser processing device
Method and apparatus for step and repeat exposures
Three dimensional micro machining with a modulated ultra-short laser pulse
Expandable, automated, welding device for the build up of material
Welding torch with integral control
Laser cutting system
Apparatus for detecting an endpoint polishing layer of a semiconductor wafer having a wafer carrier with independent concentric sub-carriers and associated method
Diamond surfaces
Industrial robot
Electrode system for perforating synthetic plastic films
Acrylate, silicone, styrene, urethane copolymer coatings for natural and synthetic rubber articles
Method and apparatus for microcellular polymer extrusion
Method of resin-encapsulating semiconductor chip and mold-releasing film used for the method
Reactive composite compositions and mat barriers
Fabrication of ultra low thermal expansion cordierite structures
Intermediate transfer recording medium and method for forming image
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Recording medium
Method to produce a fabric strip, especially for a screen printing form, and fabric, especially screen printing fabric
Method for detecting a deflated tire on a vehicle
Heating or air-conditioning system for a passenger cell of a motor vehicle
Information device
Method and system for adjusting headway in an adaptive speed control system based on road surface coefficient of friction
Energization control device for electric motor
Differential range remote control
Liquid drop detection method and apparatus therefor
Electronic system for monitoring a fifth wheel hitch
Retaining device of battery set of scooter
Remote air detection
Power sphere nanosatellite
Solar generator with foldable panels especially for a spacecraft
Device for removing the gaseous laminar boundary layer of a web
Microsensor, and packaging method therefor
Method for producing co-planar surface structures
Method of etching silicon wafer and silicon wafer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Detecting apparatus and detecting method of absorbed hydrogen amount in hydrogen absorbing tank
Mesopore molecular sieve and process for the production thereof
Process for preventing contamination of the aquatic environment with organisms from ballast water
Mineral wool composition
Cleaning and etching compositions
High refractive index glasses, multifocal corrective lenses containing same
Lead and arsenic free borosilicate glass and lamp containing same
Light-induced refractive index changes in low temperature glasses
Highly efficient cement dispersants
Non-asbestos friction material
Refractory material
Adsorptive monolith including activated carbon, method for making said monolith, and method for adsorbing chemical agents from fluid streams
t'-phase zirconias for high temperature applications
Si3N4 ceramic, Si-base composition for production thereof and processes for producing these
Process for making chemically bonded sol-gel ceramics
Refractory compositions
Method of oxygenating oxide superconductive materials
Aqueous preparation treatment of mineral building materials
Method for preparing a fertilizer
Biological waste treatment plant
Small scale automated composter
Use of ferrocenyl ligands for catalytic, enantioselective hydrogenation
Process for oligomer production and saturation
Process for producing hexabromocyclododecane
Preparation of allylic aromatic compounds
TFPX synthesis
Process for preparing 2-amino malonic acid derivatives and 2-amino-1,3-propanediol derivatives, and intermediates for preparing the same
Dinitrile intermediates for the synthesis of omapatrilat and methods for producing same
Reducing meta content of isomeric mixtures of halo substituted alkylbenzenes
Process for synthesizing para-and/or meta-substituted cyanophenyalanine derivatives
Process for producing nitrile compounds
Synthesis of vinyl carbonates for use in producing vinyl carbamates
Method for producing alcohols containing cycloaliphatic groups
Hydroperoxide decomposition process
Selective hydrogenation of a C3-C5 alkyl alchol
Sulfonamide compounds and methods of treating atherosclerosis and restenosis
Substituted benzene compounds as antiproliferative and cholesterol lowering action
Process and apparatus for producing organic polysulfides
Selective inhibitors of prostaglandin endoperoxide synthase-2
Fluorochemical oligomer and use thereof
Ukokinase inhibitors
Process for producing 3, 3, 5-trimethylcyclohexylidenebisphenol
Process for the preparation of 3-hydroxypropanal
Process for preparing intermediates useful in the synthesis of vitamin D compounds
Aromatic acid monomers, polymers, products and processes for their manufacture
Purification of organic acids using anion exchange chromatography
Carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Process for carbonylation of ethylene
Method for hydrogenating benzene polycarboxylic acids or derivatives thereof by using a catalyst containing macropores
Chemiluminescent dialkyl-substituted 1,2-dioxetane compounds, methods of synthesis and use
Styrene monomer polymerization inhibition using substituted dihydroxyarenes and nitroxides
Method for producing salts of cyclic amidines
Substituted 2-pyrrolidinone activators of PKC
1-arenesulfonyl-2-aryl-pyrrolidine and pyridine derivatives
Method for crystallizing tryptophan
Sulfonamide compound and method for its production, metal chelate compound employing the sulfonamide compound, and optical recording medium employing the metal chelate compound
HP-3228 and related peptides to treat sexual dysfunction
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Inhibitors of prenyl-protein transferase
2-piperazinoalkylaminobenzo-azole derivatives: dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Bromo-functionalized benzotriazole UV absorbers
Dispersant additives
3-[4-(1-substituted-4-piperazinyl)butyl]-4-thiazolidinone and related compounds
Carbohydrazide protease inhibitors
Process for manufacturing an optically active (S)-3,4-epoxybutyric acid salt
Cis-isoambrettolide of high degree of isomer purity and use thereof
Angiogenesis promoters and angiogenesis potentiators
Src family SH2 domain inhibitors
Antithrombotic agents
Heteroaromatic compounds
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
9H-pyrimido [4,5-b] indole derivatives: CRF1 specific ligands
Pyrrolo[1,2-a]pyrazine derivatives as 5HT1A ligands
Abeo-ergoline derivatives as 5HT1A ligands
Nonpeptide kappa opioid receptor antagonists
Method for preparing camptothecin derivatives
Vinyl-ACA purification process
Indolo[2,1-B] quinazole-6,12-dione antimalarial compounds and methods of treating malaria therewith
Metallocene catalysts for olefin polymerization and method of polymerizing olefins using the metallocene catalysts
Bridged metal complexes
Highly activated bimetallic complexes and polymerization process
Cyclopenta[I] phenanthrene-metal complex catalyst systems
Process for the preparation of 1,3-dihalo-1,1,3,3-tetra(organyl) disiloxanes
Cyclotrisiloxanes, new siloxane polymers and their preparation
Method for making polysilsesquioxanes and organohydridosilanes
Purine inhibitors of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase
Adduct of an epoxy compound and cyclic phosphite
Farnesyl pyrophosphate analogs
Polymeric surface coatings
Preparations of thiophosphites and thiophosphonates
Methods of treatment with anthracycline derivatives
Amphotericin derivatives
.alpha.-hydroxyacid esters of DHEA useful against skin disorders
Process for preparing carboxamido-4-azasteroids
Chicken embryo lethal orphan (CELO) virus GAM-1
Insect-resistant plants comprising a Bacillus thuringiensis gene
Yeast vector comprising a shortened promoter sequence
Method for recovering proteins from the interstitial fluid of plant tissues
Transgenic plants with divergent [ScaM4 or] SCaM5 gene to achieve multiple disease resistance
Banana DNA associated with fruit development
Allosteric modulators of the NMDA receptor and their use in the treatment of CNS disorders and enhancement of CNS function
Transport associated protein splice variants
Inhibitors against prostate-specific antigen
Method for modulating smooth muscle cell proliferation
Plasmid-based vaccine for treating atherosclerosis
Myostatin gene promoter and inhibition of activation thereof
Gamma retinoic acid receptor
Methods and reagents for regulating obesity
Feline Fc epsilon receptor alpha chain nucleic acid molecules
Factor IX binding peptides, derived from factor VIII and their use as inhibitors of blood coagulation
Positive-negative selection for homologous recombination
Artemin, a novel neurotrophic factor
Splice variants of the heregulin gene, nARIA and uses thereof
Prolonged delivery of peptides
Peptides and peptide analogues designed from HFE protein and their uses in the treatment of iron overload diseases
Inhibition of angiogenesis by peptide analogs of high molecular weight kininogen domain 5
Process for separating .alpha.1-proteinase inhibitor from cohn fraction IV1 and IV4 paste
Complex of human kallikrein 2 (hK2) and protease inhibitor-6 (PI-6) in prostate tumor tissue and methods of using the complex
Modified immunoglobin molecules and methods for use thereof
Peptide, immunogenic composition and vaccine or medical preparation, a method to immunize animals against the hormone LHRH, and analogs of the LHRH tandem repeat peptide and their use as vaccine
Process for preparing (1.fwdarw.3)-.beta.-D-glucan from fungi
Cereal beta glucan compositions and methods of Formulation
Gas phase polymerization process
Method of catalyst transitions in olefin polymerizations
Propylene polymer, propylene block copolymer, process for preparing said polymer and said block copolymer, and propylene polymer composition
Metallocene catalysts for olefin or styrene polymerization and polymerization method using the metallocene catalysts
Iron-based catalyst composition and process for producing syndiotactic 1,2-polybutadiene
Deactivation of syndiotactic--1, 2--polybutadiene
Alkylphenylbisacylphosphine oxides and photoinitiator mixtures
Copolymer and stainproofing agent containing the same
Structural member
High impact coatings
Polymers having O-substituted vinylphenol unit and resist compositions containing them
Polymerization of vinyl monomers
Copolymer of monocarboxylic acid with at least 8C and unsaturated dicarboxylic ester
Coupling of blends of .alpha.-olefin/vinyl aromatic monomer or hindered aliphatic vinyl monomer interpolymers with polyolefins
Copolymers and their reaction products with amines as fuel and lubricant additives
Stable powder coating compositions
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions
Polymerizable fluorine-containing composition, use thereof, and process for the preparation of cured polymer masses from said composition
Permanent deep-dye polyester
Method of preparing modified polyester bottle resins
Inline solid state polymerization of PET flakes for manufacturing plastic strap by removing non-crystalline materials from recycled PET
Low viscosity polyester-polyols and polyurethane foams prepared therefrom
Polymerization of siloxanes
Silicone compounds and process for producing the same
Solutions of aminotriazine resins in monoalkylglycols
Fiber-reinforced resin molded article
Polypropylene resin composition, and film and sheet using the same
Thermally insulating syntactic foam composition
Thermally stable rigid foams based on isocyanate and having low brittleness and low thermal conductivity
Conductive, resin-based compositions
Encapsulant composition and electronic device
Antistatic acrylic resin composition
Silicone elastomer of high thermal conductivity
Silicone rubber composition
Blends of thermoplastic polymers, electrostatic dissipative polymers and electrostatic dissipative enhancers
Polyacetal resin composition
Olefin polymers with improved paintability
Crosslinked conducting polymer composite materials and method of making same
Flame retardant polycarbonate resin compositions
Molding compositions comprising random copolyamides, their use, and process for their preparation
Biodegradable composition
Bituminous compositions modified with polyolefinic materials
Aqueous process for the preparation of linear quinacridones having a reduced particle size
Chromophoric compounds and process for their preparation
Fiber-reactive disazo dyestuffs
Energy curable flexographic inks incorporating grafted pigments
Strippable paint and surface regulating and release agents for same paint
Low temperature cure carboxyl terminated polyesters
Pressure-sensitive removable adhesives based on polyacrylates, preparation process and articles containing them
Organic electroluminescent device
Cross-linkable organopolysiloxane materials formed into elastomers by separating alcohols
Pumpable multiple phase compositions for controlled release applications downhole
Water emulsions of Fischer-Tropsch waxes
Use of fluorinated solvents for application of fluorinated waxes on skis
Powder laundry detergent product with improved cold water residue properties
High-density granulated detergent composition for clothes
Environmentally friendly ink cleaning preparation
Antimicrobial hard surface cleaner
Multi-compartment device for cultivating microorganisms
DNA affinity chromatography
Antisense inhibition of PTEN expression
Genes and methods for control of nematodes in plants
Methods of using viral replicase polynucleotides and polypeptides
Plant selectable marker and plant transformation method
Gene-targeted non-human mammal with a human fad presenilin mutation and generational offspring
Method for generating dopaminergic cells derived from neural precursors
Immortalized human corneal epithelial cell line
Rapid papanicolaou staining method for cervico-vaginal specimens
Induction heater with a unit for preventing generation of sparks
Sulfide mineral concentrate bioleaching
Yttria-stabilized zirconia feed material
Low loss composition of BaxSryCa1-x-yTiO3: Ba0.12-0.25Sr0.35-0.47Ca0.32-0.53TiO3
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for producing low carbon/oxygen conductive layers
Chemical vapor deposition process for fabrication of hybrid electrodes
Method for forming a tensile plasma enhanced nitride capping layer over a gate electrode
Plasma processing device and a method of plasma process
Method for providing uniform gas delivery to substrates in CVD and PECVD processes
Methods of forming smooth conductive layers for integrated circuit devices
Method of forming fluorosilicate glass (FSG) layers with moisture-resistant capability
Electrical resistance heater for crystal growing apparatus
Method and apparatus for producing a wafer
Barium strontium titanate integrated circuit capacitors and process for making the same
Textiles; Paper
Forming belt for manufacturing construction materials and transfer belt for manufacturing construction materials
Nonwoven fabric containing fine fibers, and a filter material
Fixed Constructions
Anti-theft device with a thermally controllable locking mechanism
Downhole induction heating tool for enhanced oil recovery
Borehole caliper derived from neutron porosity measurements
Skin depth compensation in underground boring applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of compensation for flux control of an electromechanical actuator
Ion sensor glow plug assembly
Axis alignment method
Low-speed directly driven wind turbine
Source of fast neutral molecules
Method for controlling the operating voltage of a fan in electrical equipment
Drive mechanism having a gas bearing operable under a negative pressure environment
Hydrostatic transmission control circuit
Embedded weight scale
Self-cleaning oven having smoke detector for controlling cleaning cycle time
Electric heating element for a cooking appliance
Solar-tracking system
Bore rider switch
Inspection system for flanged bolts
Method of determining the thickness of a layer on a silicon substrate
Method and system for measuring the volume loss of a metal substrate
Navigation system with three-dimensional display
Self checking safety switch
Rotational angle detector for brushless motor and brushless motor using the detector
Apparatus for generating origin signal of optical linear scale
Speed and position signal generator
System and apparatus for detecting and communicating a freshness of a perishable product
Penning vacuum meter
Combined torque and angular position sensor
On-line analysis of process gas during the production of ketene
Blood testing method and apparatus
Materials test chamber with xenon lamp radiation
Method and apparatus for evaluating surface roughness of an epitaxial growth layer, method and apparatus for measuring reflectance of an epitaxial growth layer, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for testing an electrically conductive substrate
Filter for gas sensor
Oxidative metabolism in smooth muscle cells: Methods and materials relating thereto
Diagnostic sanitary test strip
Determination of metal ions in solution by photoluminescence anisotropy
Test carrier with force applying mechanism guide and terminal contact protector
Test system having alignment member for aligning semiconductor components
Probe adapter and holder
Apparatus for electronically testing printed circuit boards or the like
Automatic compensation of an AC attenuator using a digital to capacitance converter
Electro-optic voltage sensor
Comparator circuit
Measurement of current in a vehicle using battery cable as a shunt
Method of measuring insulation resistance of capacitor and apparatus for screening characteristics
Time domain reflectometry apparatus and method
Device and method for optimally detecting a surface condition of wafers
Non-linear light-emitting load current control
Method for testing semiconductor packages using oxide penetrating test contacts
Method and system for determining the location of an open circuit in a semiconductor device using power modulation
Endpoint detection for thinning of silicon of a flip chip bonded integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for testing integrated circuit devices
Internal-logic inspection circuit
Method and apparatus for capacitively testing a semiconductor die
Process for the electrical testing of the base material for the manufacture of printed circuit boards
Means for estimating charged state of battery and method for estimating degraded state of battery
Means for detecting the integrated value of current flow, a means for detecting the value of current flow and a battery pack employing those means
Superconducting quantum interference device having bias wiring layer
Millipede coils
Self-shielded coil with non-inductive winding
Analog-to-digital converter circuit and control device for a gradient amplifier of a magnetic resonance imaging system
Method and apparatus for reducing artifacts in echo planar imaging
Micro-miniature beacon transmit-only geo-location emergency system for personal security
Locating a mobile unit using signals from both mobile beacons and stationary beacons
Positioning systems
Portable GPS type distance/speed meter capable of changing sampling period of GPS signal in response to arm swinging period
Emergency marine locator system
Station based processing method for a wireless location system
Method for reducing geometrical dilution of precision in geolocation of emitters using phase circles
Apparatus and method for mapping surfaces of an object
TCAS transmitter phase tuning system and method
Alignment indicator for photoelectric sensors
Semiconductor radiation detector and nuclear medicine diagnostic apparatus
Semiconductor gamma-ray detector
Radiation dosimetry method and associated apparatus
Optical arrangement disposed in a microscope beam path
Application-specific optoelectronic integrated circuit
Divider for raceway tee assembly
Active matrix liquid-crystal display device and method for making the same
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display with etched glass spacers
Structure for mounting an EL lamp
Enhanced optical transmission apparatus with improved inter-surface coupling
Solvent prewet and method and apparatus to dispense the solvent prewet
Planar electric motor and positioning device having transverse magnets
Positional deviation detecting method and device manufacturing method using the same
Image forming apparatus
Ceramic heater/fuser roller with internal heater
Lens controlling apparatus
Safety switch arrangement
Safety critical system with a common sensor detector
Low drop-out regulator capable of functioning in linear and saturated regions of output driver
Voltage generator with superimposed reference voltage and deactivation signals
Internal voltage boosting circuit
Switching power supply
Sag generator with switch-mode impedance
Constant voltage generating circuit
Short-circuit current-limit circuit
Low voltage, VCC incentive, low temperature co-efficient, stable cross-coupled bandgap circuit
Power-up circuit for analog circuits
Digital phase-locked loop circuit with reduced phase jitter frequency
Keyboard apparatus the operation side of which can be illuminated
Portable computer usable with a specific battery pack or ordinary battery
Cable apparatus
Optimized low voltage CMOS operation
Cable management for system peripheral device
Soft cover adapter for computer keyboard
Apparatus and method for reducing power and noise through reduced switching recording in logic devices
Circuits and methods for functional processing of delta modulated pulse density stream
Signal processing integrated circuit which limits current flow through a path between digital and analog signal processing means on a common substrate
Passive remote programmer for induction type RFID readers
Method of forming a metal plate of a fingerprint sensor chip on a semiconductor wafer
Prediction on data in a transmission system
Security anchoring and electronic sensor system
Theft preventive tag and method for attaching the same
Alarm device
Detection of airborne pollutants
Smoke detector wrist kidnapper alarm
Page simulating device
Loop-powered current-loop controller and method
Determining the availability of parking spaces
System for associating musical notation with keys on a musical instrument
Deflection yoke and cathode ray tube
Field emission display having circuit for preventing emission to grid
Carbon fiber cello
Practice percussion assembly
Woodwind instrument reed maintenance device
Tone hole pad for a wind instrument and method of adjusting touch
Body supported percussive arrangement
Physical model musical tone synthesis system employing truncated recursive filters
Tone generating method and device based on software
Method and apparatus for producing a waveform exhibiting rendition style characteristics on the basis of vector data representative of a plurality of sorts of waveform characteristics
Automated door knocker
Runlength-limited code and method
Surface acoustic wave actuator, and magnetic disk device and optical disk device using the same
Impedance-matched, voltage-mode H-bridge write drivers
High speed output enable path and method for an integrated circuit device
Electronic memory device having bit lines with block selector switches
Method for fabricating electrically selectable and alterable memory cells
Sample-and-hold device
Reference voltage shifter
Dynamic logic circuits with reduced evaluation time
Article irradiation system in which article transporting conveyor is closely encompassed by shielding material
Enhanced safety coaxial cables
Heat coil support assembly and method
Surface mountable electrical device
Spiral varistor
Electric noise absorber housing with convex surface
Laminated balun transformer
Low profile inductive component
Capacitor mold and method for using same
Key for a keyboard
Control device for an industrial truck
Electromagnetic actuators
Actuator for electrical switching device
Ball-locked mechanism for inserting a closure resistor
Capacitor switching contactor
Front mounting circuit breaker bracket assembly
Motor control center interlock assembly
Helium plasma display device
Surface discharge type plasma display panel
Shadow mask of cathode ray tube and manufacturing method thereof
Electron bombarded active pixel sensor
Color cathode ray tube with cover film on panel unit
Flat image display
Electron emission device with specific island-like regions
Ion implanter with multi-level vacuum
Method of minimizing defect sources inside high density plasma reactor
Scanning circuit for solid-state imaging device
MS/MS scan methods for a quadrupole/time of flight tandem mass spectrometer
Metal halide lamp
Manufacturing improvement for xenon arc lamp
Lamp with mercury release structure and method for dispensing mercury into a lamp
Field emission-type electron source and manufacturing method thereof and display using the electron source
Light bulb having increased efficiency
Method and device for high-temperature, high-pressure treatment of semiconductor wafer
Optical sensor by using tunneling diode
Semiconductor device having improved parasitic capacitance and mechanical strength
Selective electrochemical process for creating semiconductor nano-and micro-patterns
Method of reducing RIE lag for deep trench silicon etching
Method for making field effect devices and capacitors with thin film dielectrics and resulting devices
Plasma polishing method
Integration scheme for multilevel metallization structures
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Fabricating method for semiconductor device
Method for improving CMP processing
Method to eliminate top metal corner shaping during bottom metal patterning for MIM capacitors
Method for fabricating ferroelectric memory devices capable of preventing volatility of elements in ferroelectric films
Method for fabricating stacked capacitor having excellent anti-oxidation property
Capacitor for a semiconductor memory device
Decoupling capacitor structure distributed above an integrated circuit and method for making same
Integrated circuit device and method of making the same using chemical mechanical polishing to remove material in two layers following masking
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with stagnated process gas
Method to fabricate a MOSFET using selective epitaxial growth to form lightly doped source/drain regions
Method for forming titanium polycide gate
Contact structure and method of formation
MIS semiconductor device having an LDD structure and a manufacturing method therefor
Semiconductor processing method of forming a buried contact
Integrated tungsten-silicide processes
Method for forming metal line in semiconductor device
Tungsten gate method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing a MOS transistor having multi-layered gate oxide
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device
Method of forming a cobalt silicide layer by use of a TEOS through oxide film for ion-implantation process
Manufacturing process for semiconductor wafer
Method of forming a super-shallow amorphous layer in silicon
Method and apparatus for the selective doping of semiconductor material by ion implantation
Manufacturing method of a thin-film transistor of a reverse staggered type
Structure and method for fabricating a field effect transistor with a self-aligned anti-punchthrough implant channel
Process to achieve uniform groove depth in a silicon substrate
Method to reduce compressive stress in the silicon substrate during silicidation
Method for fabrication of abrupt drain and source extensions for a field effect transistor
Method and device for controlled cleaving process
Boat and assembly method for ball grid array packages
Planar metallized substrate with embedded camber control material and method thereof
Semiconductor device and substrate for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a flexible integrated circuit package utilizing an integrated carrier ring/stiffener
HDI chip attachment method for reduced processing
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device, mounting method of semiconductor device, semiconductor device, and inspecting method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contact and its manufacture
Method of masking for periphery salicidation of active regions
Method and system for producing semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing a flip-chip integrated circuit
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component from a conductive substrate containing a plurality of vias
Chip scale package and method for manufacture thereof
Method of forming a contact using a sacrificial spacer
Method for forming a structured metallization on a semiconductor wafer
Semiconductor device and mounting structure of a semiconductor device
Location dependent automatic defect classification
Semiconductor device, and manufacturing method therefor
Method of selectively forming a barrier layer from a directionally deposited metal layer
Non-metallic barrier formation for copper damascene type interconnects
Adhesion promotion method for electro-chemical copper metallization in IC applications
Method of forming integrated circuit dielectric by evaporating solvent to yield phase separation
Method of making high-voltage HV transistors with drain extension in a CMOS process of the dual gate type with silicide
Formation method of interconnection in semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for shallow trench isolated, contacted well, vertical MOSFET DRAM
Method of fabricating flash memory
Process to reduce post cycling program VT dispersion for NAND flash memory devices
Integration of bipolar and CMOS devices for sub-0.1 micrometer transistors
Method of recycling a delaminated wafer and a silicon wafer used for the recycling
Method of fabricating an SOI wafer and SOI wafer fabricated by the method
Method to improve the uniformity of chemical mechanical polishing
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices using shallow trench isolation with reduced narrow channel effect
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming a shallow groove isolation structure
Angled nitrogen ion implantation for minimizing mechanical stress on side walls of an isolation trench
Method for filling trenches
Semiconductor device having field isolation
Method for fabricating semiconductor power integrated circuit
Method for controlling the shape of the etch front in the etching of polysilicon
Method of fabricating concave capacitor including adhesion spacer
IMD scheme by post-plasma treatment of FSG and TEOS oxide capping layer
Controlling improvement of critical dimension of dual damasceue process using spin-on-glass process
Chemical vapor phase growing method of a metal nitride film and a method of manufacturing an electronic device using the same
Integrated method of damascene and borderless via process
Semiconductor structure with a dielectric layer and its producing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device in which damage to gate insulating film can be reduced
Method of making a semiconductor device having a conductor pattern side face provided with a separate conductive sidewall
Capacitor and method for fabricating the same
Process to fabricate ultra-short channel MOSFETs with self-aligned silicide contact
Wafer level fabrication and assembly of chip scale packages
Resin-shield type semiconductor device
Multiple layer tape ball grid array package
Semiconductor device employing grid array electrodes and compact chip-size package
Ceramic circuit board with a metal plate projected to prevent solder-flow
Method of producing heat dissipating structure for semiconductor devices
Thermal spreader cap and grease containment structure for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same and structure for mounting the same
Press-connection semiconductor device and press-connection semiconductor assembly
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuitry and DRAM integrated circuitry
Method for forming a contact having a diffusion barrier
Integrated circuit package with bonding planes on a ceramic ring using an adhesive assembly
Lead frame assemblies with voltage reference plane and IC packages including same
Semiconductor device
Method of making compliant microelectronic assemblies
Deflectable interconnect
Method of forming semiconductor die with integral decoupling capacitor
Metalization outside protective overcoat for improved capacitors and inductors
Method of making a semiconductor device having fuses for repair
Antifuses and method of fabricating the same
Device and method for limiting the extent to which circuits in integrated circuit dice electrically load bond pads and other circuit nodes in the dice
Electrically programmable fuse
Copper metallurgy in integrated circuits
Soft metal conductor
Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Method for wiring semi-conductor components in order to prevent product piracy and manipulation, semi-conductors component made according to this method and use of said semi-conductor component in a chip card
Substrate-on-insulator semiconductor device with noise decoupling
High-frequency semiconductor device having microwave transmission line being formed by a gate electrode source electrode and a dielectric layer in between
Circuit and method for reducing parasitic bipolar effects during electrostatic discharges
Adjustable high-trigger-voltage electrostatic discharge protection device
Formation of an interpoly capacitor structure using a chemical mechanical polishing procedure
Semiconductor integrated circuit, operating state detector, and electronic equipment
Compact memory circuit
Species implantation for minimizing interface defect density in flash memory devices
Method of forming split-gate flash cell for salicide and self-align contact
Method to fabricate a semiconductor resistor in embedded flash memory application
Method of manufacturing a flash memory cell having inter-poly-dielectric isolation
Linear image sensor device, IC assembling substrate and method for assembling the same
Organic EL display panel having a conductive high polymer layer between an anode layer and an organic EL layer
Method for salicide process using a titanium nitride barrier layer
InP-based heterojunction bipolar transistor with reduced base-collector capacitance
Memory device and method of manufacturing the same, and integrated circuit and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method to fabricate a floating gate with a sloping sidewall for a flash memory
Trenched gate non-volatile semiconductor device with the source/drain regions spaced from the trench by sidewall dopings
Method for forming a T-gate for better salicidation
Structure for laterally diffused metal-oxide semiconductor
Power transistor with silicided gate and contacts
Method for making accumulation mode N-channel SOI
Thin-film transistor having a high resistance back channel region am) fabrication method thereof
Flash memory cell structure with improved channel punch-through characteristics
MOS transistors having dual gates and self-aligned interconnect contact windows
Semiconductor device combining a MOSFET structure and a vertical-channel trench-substrate field effect device
Semiconductor device containing a porous structure and method of manufacturing the same
Method for fabricating an SOI wafer for low-impedance high-voltage semiconductor components
MOS-gate tunneling-injection bipolar transistor
Controllable semiconductor structure with improved switching properties
Drain leakage reduction by indium transient enchanced diffusion (TED) for low power applications
Conductivity enhanced MOS-gated semiconductor devices
Method for producing a field-effect-controllable, vertical semiconductor component
Insulated gate semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Barrier accumulation-mode MOSFET
Active Matry Display
Integrated capacitor
Hydrocarbon fired thermophotovoltaic furnace
Chip scale packaging technique for optical image sensing integrated circuits
Color filters formed on integrated circuits
Gallium nitride group compound semiconductor light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
Low resistance cabled conductors comprising superconducting ceramics
Processing of oxide superconductors
Method and apparatus for controlling position and velocity of a piezoelectric device
Drive control method for vibration wave motor, device therefor, and apparatus and image forming apparatus equipped with vibration wave motor
Piezoelectric element
Electrical and thermal contact for use in semiconductor devices
Thin film transistors
Battery cell charging system having voltage threshold and bleeder current generating circuits
Use of catalysts in standby valve-regulated lead acid cells
Battery discriminating method, dry cell battery pack, and electronic device
Coupling network and method for widening the varactor diode tuning band of microstrip dielectric resonators
Waveguide filter
Directional coupler having shiftable parallel dielectric transmission lines
Arrangement for controlling radar transmissions for a system of antennas on a moving platform
Flat plate antenna arrays
Electronics unit for wireless transfer of signals
Splice connector and method of using the same
Cable organizer with conductor termination array
Ignition plug and method of manufacture
Cable closure injection sealed with organo borane amine complex
Electrical wiring trunking with flexible hinge
Strain relief
Electronic trip device comprising an initialization device
Power supply
Reactive droop compensation system and method
Controlled method for battery charging in electric vehicle for improving battery life
Battery charger with improved overcharge protection mechanism and method of operation thereof
Secondary battery protection circuit
Emergency lighting test system and method
Voltage source switching circuit at reduced voltage drop levels
Brushless DC motor
Electrical machine, preferably a rotary current generator with a rectifier component and with upper heat sink provided with axial cooling fins
Small motor with improved connecting structure between coil, riser and varistor
Motor with reduced torque ripple
Vehicular AC generator
Stator structure of motor
Spline retaining ring
Linear drive
Permanent magnetic generator
Switching DC-to-Dc converter having on-time signal generation circuit and method for generating signal indicative of converter on-time
DC-DC converter
DC-to-DC converter with transient suppression
High-voltage charge pump circuit
Low threshold MOS two phase negative charge pump
Current-mode magnetic isolator for switching DC-DC converters
Method to switch MOSFETs using recycled, parasitic energy
Fan cooler
Apparatus and method of regulating the speed of a brushless DC motor
Double sampled phase detector circuit
Pseudo half-step motor drive method and apparatus
Sensorless step recognition process for stepping motors
Induction static start for a turbine generator with a brushless exciter and associated methods
Adaptive compensation for carrier signal phase distortion
Controlled stochastic resonance circuit
Dual mode phase and frequency detector
Feed-forward biasing for RF amplifiers
Systems, methods, and circuits for reducing HUM modulation in amplifiers
Apparatus and method for broadband feedforward predistortion
Amplification systems and methods using fixed and modulated power supply voltages and buck-boost control
System and method for converting from single-ended to differential signals
Low-power CMOS voltage follower using dual differential amplifiers driving high-current constant-voltage push-pull output buffer
Output buffer stage for use with a current controlled oscillator
Offset voltage trimming circuit
Reference buffer technique for high speed switched capacitor circuits
System and method for linearizing vacuum electronic amplification
Feedback type variable gain amplifier
Encapsulation technology for saw device
Surface acoustic wave device comprising langasite single crystal substrate
Resonant circuit having a resonant body mechanically oscillated by electrostatic or magnetic forces
Gate control circuit for voltage drive switching element
Power-on reset circuit, and semiconductor device
Integrated circuit assembly having output pads with application specific characteristics
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Output driver having a programmable edge rate
Interface circuit and input buffer integrated circuit including the same
Activation speed of signal wiring line in semiconductor integrated circuit
Driver circuit and output stabilizing method therefor
Low consumption electronic level shifter device
Method and apparatus for implementing logic using mask-programmable dynamic logic gates
Block connector splitting in logic block of a field programmable gate array
I/O buffer circuit with pin multiplexing
Latch ratio circuit with plural channels
Crystal oscillator with frequency trim
Linearization method and apparatus for voltage controlled oscillator
Input buffer circuit with adjustable delay via an external power voltage
Digital delay line with low insertion delay
Integrated circuit for generating a phase-shifted output clock signal from a clock signal
Delay locked loop circuits and methods of operation thereof
Duty cycle correction circuit and method
Low frequency clock feed-through charge pump circuit
Phase-locked loop having circuit for synchronizing starting points of two counters
Frequency divider, a phase lock oscillator and a flip-flop circuit using the frequency divider
Digital clock recovery loop
Switched capacitor filter circuit having reduced offsets and allowing for offset compensation without a closed feedback loop
Method of and a device for analog signal sampling
Analog-to-digital converting device with a constant differential non-linearity
Nested pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Analog-to-digital converter circuit
Integrating analog/digital converter
Gate table data compression and recovery process
System and method for generating a jittered test signal
Video display protection circuit
Display apparatus having a horizontal screen size adjusting circuit in step-up type
Customer bridge with built-in test access
System and method for addressing and tracing patch cords in a dedicated telecommunications system
Splitter box
Front accessible optical beam switch
Device for housing communication and electronic equipment using positive temperature coefficient material
Method and apparatus for thermal limiting of the temperature of a glass-ceramic cooktop
Variable-effect lighting system
Light irradiation method for varying a perceived brightness
Lighting driver for discharge lamp
Apparatus for lighting fluorescent lamp
Multifunctional printed circuit board with an opto-electronically active component
Method and component for forming an embedded resistor in a multi-layer printed circuit
Printed circuit board, for mounting BGA elements and a manufacturing method of a printed circuit board for mounting BGA elements
Element and method for securing a circuit component to a circuit board
Electromagnetic interference cover for an electronics module and an electronic equipment chassis employing the same
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