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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Herbicide resistant rice
Stem-regulated, plant defense promoter and uses thereof in tissue-specific expression in monocots
Heating process of the light irradiation type
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Systems and methods for determining object position
Disposable diaper having antislip elements
Chimeric disintegrin domain
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical and laser differential absorption remote detection of TATP peroxide based explosives
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Exposure device and image forming apparatus
Vehicle head lamp device
Device for brake light control
System and method for setting functions according to location
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing nitrogen-containing compound
Method of making 2-butanol
Process for preparing isocyanates in the gas phase
Compounds and methods of arylmethylation (benzylation) as protection for alcohol groups during chemical synthesis
Monitoring and control of processes for making 1-hexene
Dehydrogenation reactions in narrow reaction chambers and integrated reactors
Method for producing 3,3,3-trifluoropropionyl chloride
Method of recovering fluorinated acid surfactants from adsorbent particles loaded therewith
Polymerizable compounds
Targeted, NIR imaging agents for therapy efficacy monitoring, deep tissue disease demarcation and deep tissue imaging
Uracils having a herbicidal activity
Aromatic imide-based dispersant for carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube composition comprising the same
Curable polycyclic compounds and process for the production thereof
Optically active transition metal-diamine compound and process for producing optically active alcohol with the same
Process for the monosulfonation of aromatic phosphines, and zwitterionic product derived therefrom
Ti, Ta, Hf, Zr and related metal silicon amides for ALD/CVD of metal-silicon nitrides, oxides or oxynitrides
Tyrosinase activity controlling agent, process for producing the same and external preparation containing the same
Compositions and methods for enhancing the identification of prion protein PrP.sup.Sc
Neoglycorandomization and digitoxin analogs
Immunoglobulin fusion proteins
Human p51 genes and gene products thereof
Bimodal high density polyethlyene
Method for producing fluorinated compounds and polymers
Water and oil repellent composition and treatment method
Block copolyolefins possessing a tapered structure
Quasi-living metal catalyst for ethylene homo-polymerization and co-polymerization with 5-norbornen -2-yl acetate
Devolatilizer nozzle
Poly (arylene sulfide) and production process thereof
Coated films
Solvent free polyurethane dispersions for hard surface coatings
Soluble polythiophene derivatives
Oxygen scavenger block copolymers and compositions
Magnesium alloy-bonding organopolysiloxane composition having improved chemical resistance
Method for producing fluorine-containing polymer, aqueous dispersion of fluorine-containing polymer, 2-acyloxycarboxylic acid derivative, and surface active agent.
Polypropylene materials and method of preparing polypropylene materials
Fluid and heat resistant chlorinated polyethylenes (CPE)
Organosiloxane compositions
Room temperature-curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Adhesion promoter
Biological substance related article and method of manufacturing the same, and biological substance adsorption preventive coating composition and method of using the same
Process for co-producing olefins and diesters or diacids by homomethathesis of unsaturated fats in non-aqueous ionic liquids
Apparatus and method for producing biodiesel from fatty acid feedstock
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for storing and transporting energy using a pipeline
System and method for controlling wind turbine actuation
Self-normalizing contour drilling machine
Broadband optical metrology with reduced wave front distortion, chromatic dispersion compensation and monitoring
System and method of perpendicularly magnetizing position information in a magnetically hard layer of a moving component
Device and method for range-resolved determination of scattered light, and an illumination mask
Microprocessor based automatically dimmable eye protection device with interruption prevention
Matched optical waveforms for detection and identification of biological pathogens
Electronically tunable and reconfigurable hyperspectral photon detector
Device for testing a test object, in particular a tire, by means of a non-destructive measuring method
Superconducting wire inspection apparatus and method
Optical inspection method and optical inspection apparatus
Method and device for the quantitative analysis of solutions and dispersions by means of near infrared spectroscopy
Defect inspection apparatus, sensitivity calibration method for the same, substrate for defect detection sensitivity calibration, and manufacturing method thereof
Transmission electron microscope
Method and apparatus for detecting inconsistencies in fiber reinforced resin parts using eddy currents
Animal models for demyelination disorders
Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
Apparatus and method for managing quality of service in integrated network of heterogeneous mobile network
Configurations and method for carrying out wafer level unclamped inductive switching (UIS) tests
Mounting structure for current sensor
Built-in testing and transient avoidance for magnetic sensors
Calibration circuit, semiconductor device including the same, and method of adjusting output characteristics of semiconductor device
Apparatus and method of correcting moving direction of pedestrian
Radar apparatus
Sensor with trigger pixels for imaging of pulsed radiation
Borehole apparatus and methods for simultaneous multimode excitation and reception to determine elastic wave velocities, elastic modulii, degree of anisotropy and elastic symmetry configurations
Liquid-lens variable-control optics in array microscope
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Zoom lens system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Zoom lens, optical apparatus equipped with the zoom lens and method for forming an image of an object and varying a focal length
Lens apparatus and lens system
Multibeam optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical devices
Nano-structured zero-order diffractive filter
Correcting device to compensate for polarization distribution perturbations
Waveguide comprising a channel on an optical substrate
Lens module
Lens assembly and lens module having same
Method for optical control of microwave phase
Thermally switched reflective optical shutter
Peripheral circuit
Liquid crystal display device with sub-picture element electrodes electrically separated from each other
Pixel structure
Photon logic gates
Focus control amount determination apparatus, method, and imaging apparatus
Photographing apparatus and method
Light emission control circuit of flash device
Method and apparatus for deblurring images
Media path diagnostics with hyper module elements
Image forming apparatus and method of preparing toner for use in image forming apparatus
Traction-drive type driving-force transmission mechanism and image forming apparatus equipped therewith
Color printing apparatus having a transfer belt attaching/detaching mechanism
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge used therein
Image formation apparatus with controlled discharge current
Toner transport device and image forming apparatus
Developing device with structure configured to regulate distance between developing roller and regulating member for developer layer and image forming apparatus with the developing device
Real time transfer efficiency estimation
Image forming apparatus with electric power saving mode
Image forming apparatus including shifted roller
Locking feature for use in cartridge insertion guide applications
Hologram recording device
Display unit with decorative effects for a portable instrument, such as a watch
Image forming apparatus having energy-saving mode, control method therefor, network system including the image forming apparatus, and control method therefor
Automobile lighting pulse width modulation duty cycle control with voltage and temperature compensation
Voltage regulation device
Power system control apparatus and power system control method
Connection structure and data processing apparatus therewith
Notebook computer with support member
Image forming apparatus, image forming method and recording medium
Image forming apparatus
Estimating an amount of color content in a document
Systems and methods of interfacing with a machine
Motion detection system and motion detection method
Touch detectable display device and driving method thereof
Method and system for transferring sponsored digitized representations of documents via computer network transfer protocols
Print job management system
Method and system for managing shared printers
Image forming devices, imaging methods, and methods of modifying a configuration of an image forming device
3-dimensional image processing apparatus
Movement capture and analysis apparatus and method
Method, medium, and apparatus for person-based photo clustering in digital photo album, and person-based digital photo albuming method, medium, and apparatus
Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
Medical diagnostic ultrasonic imaging method and system for displaying multi-phase, multi-frame images
Method and system for automatic lung segmentation
Picture taking mobile robot
Fingerprint scar recognition method and apparatus
Digital media recognition apparatus and methods
Method for tracking objects in videos using forward and backward tracking
System and method of aligning images
Image interpolation apparatus
Low power, high performance transform coprocessor for video compression
Image processing apparatus, an image processing method, a medium on which an image processing control program is recorded, an image evaluation device, an image evaluation method and a medium on which an image evaluation program is recorded
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Apparatus and method for data processing by using plurality of data processing apparatuses and recording medium storing program for executing the method
Method and apparatus for representing and searching for an object in an image
Method for image data processing
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Global illumination filtering methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for multi-level ray tracing
Computational geometry using control geometry having at least two dimensions
Intelligent packaging method and system based on acoustic wave devices
Urine sensor
Motion sensitive self-contained audio module for warning signs
System and method for relaying information in order to enable services in a network environment
Distributed control system and control device thereof
Driving assistance system for appropriately making the driver recognize another vehicle behind or next to present vehicle
Visual navigational aids based on high intensity LEDS
Music education system and method of use
Automated adaptation of the supply voltage of a light-emitting display according to the desired luminance
Method for transmitting control signals and pixel data signals to source drives of an LCD
Noise suppressing method for flat panel display
Integrated circuit device and electronic instrument
Liquid crystal display device and driving method used in same
Tactile feedback man-machine interface device
Coordinate input device
Video muting device for digital video signal and muting method therefor
Mobile apparatus having tactile feedback function
Object-based image inpainting
Optical navigation sensor with tracking and lift detection for optically transparent contact surfaces
Image management through lexical representations
Color flat panel display sub-pixel arrangements and layouts
Methods and systems for sub-pixel rendering with gamma adjustment
Illumination modulation technique
Displaying an image
Proportional electromagnet actuator and control system
Sound analysis apparatus and program
Apparatus for writing a magnetic layer
Method and device for storing information
Information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
Enhanced reproduction of optical discs
Method and apparatus for controlling tilt in an optical disc device
Optical disc driving apparatus and land pre-pit detection method using the same
Optical disc reproducing apparatus and recording medium
Audio playback device
Resistance change memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Process and temperature tolerant non-volatile memory
Memory cell array and semiconductor memory
High speed comparator circuit with offset cancellation
Semiconductor memory, method of controlling the semiconductor memory, and memory system
Laser-accelerated proton therapy units and superconducting electromagnet systems for same
Armored cable with integral support
Flip-chip flow sensor
Ring magnet structure having a coded magnet pattern
Miniaturized high conductivity thermal/electrical switch
Method and system for high power switching
Electrical wiring system
Spacer and image display panel using the same
Field emission device and its method of manufacture
LED structure and fabricating method for the same
Focused ion beam apparatus
Scanning electron microscope
Ion trap time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Arrangement for the suppression of unwanted spectral components in a plasma-based EUV radiation source
Plasma excited chemical vapor deposition method silicon/oxygen/nitrogen-containing-material and layered assembly
Cooling solutions for die-down integrated circuit packages
Load driving device
Method for production of an integrated circuit bar arrangement, in particular comprising a capacitor assembly, as well as an integrated circuit arrangement
Al-Ni-based alloy wiring material and element structure using the same
Semiconductor device, semiconductor system and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Base semiconductor component for a semiconductor component stack and method for the production thereof
IC package and method of manufacturing the same
Solid-image-pickup device, image-pickup device, and method of driving solid-image-pickup device
Multiple-gate MOS transistors
Imagers, apparatuses and systems utilizing pixels with improved optical resolution and methods of operating the same
CT gantry mounted radioactive source loader for PET calibration
DUV laser annealing and stabilization of SiCOH films
iTFC with optimized C(T)
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for forming quantum dot, and quantum semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Single or multi-color high efficiency light emitting diode (LED) by growth over a patterned substrate
Integrated electronic components and methods of formation thereof
Semiconductor device including ferroelectric capacitor
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor image sensor
Nonvolatile memories with shaped floating gates
Memory device configured to have transistor and capacitor
Integrated semiconductor structure including a heterojunction bipolar transistor and a Schottky diode
Method for manufacturing photovoltaic module
Method and apparatus for controlling charge transfer in CMOS sensors with an implant by the transfer gate
Honeycomb-type piezoelectric/electrostrictive element
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic probe
Electronic component, mounting structure thereof, and method for mounting electronic component
Structure and method for a magnetic memory device with proximity writing
Light emitting element provided with organic conductive and inorganic hole transport layers between an electrode and organic emissive layer
Organic EL panel
Waveguide and method for adjusting waveguide structure thereof
Radio frequency identification (RFID) portal antenna mounting frame
Space efficient magnetic antenna system
Antenna and method of manufacturing the same, and portable wireless terminal using the same
Cable tension mechanism for an antenna
Modular antenna assembly for automotive vehicles
Antenna concealment assembly
Cross-polar compensating feed horn and method of manufacture
Energy source communication employing slot antenna
Antenna coil
Optically pumped semi-conductive laser
Semiconductor device with corner reflector
Two-light flux interference exposure device, two-light flux interference exposure method, semiconductor light emitting element manufacturing method, and semiconductor light emitting element
Interband tunneling intersubband transition semiconductor laser
Semiconductor laser device, optical transmission device, optical transmission system, electronic device, control device, connector, communication device, and optical transmission method and data transmission and reception method
Switching control circuit and self excited DC-DC converter
Methods for electric vehicle motor control and rotor position detection fault-tolerant processing
Ground protection device for electronic stability and personal safety
Mechanical coupling system, associated electrical supply unit, and associated charging device
System for equilibrating an energy storage device
Electrical machine
Synchronous motor with permanent-magnet rotor
DC motor with suppressor
Integrated drive element
Resolver and manufacturing method of the same
Vibration generator
Motor for driving a container-holder plate in a labelling machine
Modulation of a feedback signal used in a digital control of a switching regulator
Electric power control device, electric powered vehicle including the same, and method for controlling electric power of electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for electric motor torque monitoring
Integrated circuit for driving motor
Delay-based modulation of RF communications signals
Methods and apparatus for digital compensation of clock errors for a clock and data recovery circuit
Phase detector
Analog amplifier having DC offset cancellation circuit and method of offset cancellation for analog amplifiers
Operational amplifier with resistance switch crossbar feedback
Apparatus for power amplification based on envelope elimination and restoration (EER) and push-pull switching
Power control and modulation of switched-mode power amplifiers with one or more stages
Sigma delta class D power amplifier and method thereof
Audio processing system and method for automatically adjusting volume
Combining least squares and least mean squares algorithms to determine equalizer tap values
Combination of analog and digital feedback for adaptive slew rate control
Reconfigurable logic structures
Duty cycle correction circuit with wide-frequency working range
Apparatus, method, and circuit for baseline loop analog cancellation
A/D Converter to convert an analog signal from a bridge circuit to a digital signal
Analog to digital converter with a series of delay units
Delta sigma modulator with unavailable output values
Spread spectrum communication device and spread spectrum communication method
Transceiver system with analog and digital signal echo cancellation having adaptably adjustable filter characteristics
Method for measuring optical characteristics and system thereof
Optical CDMA communications system using OTDL device
System and method for shaping a waveform
Ultrasonic communication and drag modification
Inverse multiplexing heterogeneous wireless links for high-performance vehicular connectivity
Method for supporting pilot boost in E-DCH of WCDMA
Steps one and three W-CDMA and multi-mode searching
Rapid push-to-send data exchange method and apparatus
System and method for implementing fast layer 2 protection in passive optical networks
Method for finding minimal cost paths under uncertainty
Method to provide unequal error protection and unequal error detection for internet protocol applications
Method to improve channel estimate in broadband SIMO/MIMO cellular radio networks during abrupt interference variations
Transmission system for transmitting a main signal and an auxiliary signal
Adaptive network to dynamically account for hidden nodes
Radio protocol for mobile communication system and method
Device, system and method of adjustment of a delivery mechanism according to access categories
Optical cross connect apparatus and network
Method, apparatus, network device and computer program for monitoring oversubscription of data traffic in a communication network
Systems and methods for managing multicast data transmissions
Channel estimation for wireless systems with multiple transit antennas
Routing protocols with predicted outrage notification
Oversubscription of guaranteed bandwidth
Method of controlling QoS in IP network using router control and multi-path routing
System and method for implementing RSVP in a communication environment
Relay device, path control method, and path control program
Methods and apparatus providing an airborne e-enabled architecture as a system of systems
Method and device for controlling floor in push to service
Personal area network with automatic attachment and detachment
Spatial and temporal loss determination in packet based video broadcast system in an encrypted environment
VLAN mobility
Method and apparatus for automatic network connection between a small business and a client
Ethernet switch and router for unshielded twisted pair/optical integrated network and frame processing method thereof
Communication terminal, control method of communication terminal, and control program of communication terminal
Dial-out with dynamic IP address assignment
Signal peak voltage suppression apparatus
System and method for DC offset compensation and bit synchronization
Cryptosystem for communication networks
Interpreter using cryptographic values of a playback device's keys to authorize the playback device
Method and apparatus for providing telephone support for internet sales
Tray access lock
Image reading device and image forming apparatus
Image reading apparatus
Document illuminator
Image reading device and method, and an image forming apparatus and method
Image reading apparatus, control method therefor, and program
Image communication device
Method and system to compensate for banding defects
Semiconductor device capable of preventing erroneous operation attributed to electrostatic noise, and input device and scanner capable of preventing electrostatic noise
Toner-based noise reduction in electrostatography
Solid state image sensor with fixed pattern noise reduction
Physical quantity distribution detecting apparatus and imaging apparatus
Digital audio-video information reproducing apparatus and reproducing method for reproducing subtitle file and file-based audio-video file
Apparatus and method of gamma correction in digital image processing device
Imaging system
VSB reception system with enhanced signal detection for processing supplemental data
Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Image data transfer control in digital imaging system
Digital camera providing image processing for an attachable printer
Image capture apparatus and image capture method in which an image is processed by a plurality of image processing devices
Actuator, and lens unit and camera with the same
Image sequence stabilization method and camera having dual path image sequence stabilization
Camera system and lens apparatus
Image pickup device and focusing notification method
Tone-conversion device for image, program, electronic camera, and tone-conversion method
Driving method for solid-state image pickup device and image pickup apparatus
Information processing apparatus and recording medium
Camera, reproducing apparatus, and album registration method
AV data recording method, AV data reproduction method, and AV data recording medium
Frame advance and slide show trick modes
Video recording and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
Information storage medium containing preloading information, apparatus and method of reproducing the same
Media item subgroup generation from a library
Scalable layered access control for multimedia
Multi-band image photographing method and apparatus, and program for executing the method
Correcting a captured image in digital imaging devices
Techniques for modifying image field data obtained using illumination sources
System and method for assigning channels in a wireless network
System for providing wireless waterproof audio
Audio amplification apparatus
Interoperable mobile ad hoc network
Network access device, network connection establishing method, and mobile communication system using the same
Three-way dimming ballast circuit
Display apparatus and control method thereof
Compounding thermoplastic materials in-situ
Fastening assembly including washer for sealing the assembly for lightning strike protection in composite structures
Metal-core substrate and apparatus utilizing the same
Compact circuit carrier package
Heat dissipation device
Heat sink, an electronic component package, and a method of manufacturing a heat sink
Semiconductor module and inverter device
Heat dissipating structure for light emitting diodes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Camera case
Pulse oximetry sensor and dispensing method
Software controlled electrophysiology data management
Cardiac magnetic field diagnosing apparatus by late ventricular potential and method of locating intramyocardial excitement uneven propagation portion
Fingerprint reading device and method thereof
Multimodality imaging system
Digital X-ray scanning apparatus
Scanning-based detection of ionizing radiation for tomosynthesis
Method for producing an x-ray image
Breakable gantry apparatus for multidimensional x-ray based imaging
Adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) for DVD systems
Direct tympanic drive via a floating filament assembly
Method and apparatus for measurement of pressure at a device/body interface
Temporary pacing wire having a constrained anchor and method of producing same
Dynamic adjustment of overdrive pacing rate based on sensor indicated rate
Method for the treatment of bedsores using electrical impulses
Implantable stimulator methods for treatment of incontinence and pain
Cardiac stimulating apparatus having a blood clot filter and atrial pacer
System and method for treating an adverse cardiac condition using combined pacing and drug delivery
Method and device for restoring kidney function using electromagnetic stimulation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and device for manipulating microscopic quantities of material
Position and adjustment device using laser module
Information providing apparatus, computer program product and information providing method
Method and apparatus for X-ray irradiation having improved throughput and dose uniformity ratio
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sensitized optical fiber method and article
Light guide plates and process for producing the same
Heat-treating methods and systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Light guide and method for producing transparent thermoplastic resin composition for light guide
Driving device for handicraft with acousto-optic control and driven by batteries
Hand held lap indicator for swimmers
Electronic hubodometer
Method and apparatus for polarization measurements
Monitoring and control of droplet sorting
Method for evaluating pattern defects on a water surface
Continuous scan tomosynthesis system and method
Computing network path delays so accurate absolute time can be forwarded from a server to a client
Radio communication terminal and position specifying system
Passive polarization stabilizer
Optical cross-connect switch
Gradient index rod lens unit and microchemical system having the same
Optical fiber gratings with azimuthal refractive index perturbation and devices for tuning, attenuating, switching, and modulating optical signals
Tunable optical structure for the compensation of chromatic dispersion in a light signal
Triple-clad rare-earth doped optical fiber and applications
Optical transmission link with low slope, raman amplified fiber
Dual wavelength semiconductor laser source for optical pickup
Microstructure relay switches
Photonic crystal and optical waveguide elements
Optical fiber transmission link having passive, directionally dependent attenuation
Tunable optical fiber with compression ring
System and method for collimating and redirecting beams in a fiber optic system
Wavelength stabilization of an external cavity laser diode (ECLD)
High-efficiency arrayed-waveguide grating router by wavefront formation
Selectable filter module for optical fiber transmission system, and method of filtering light
East-west separable ROADM
Compact optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Optical switch and adjustment method thereof
Fiber optic cable having no rigid strength members and a reduced coefficient of thermal expansion
Electrical insulator having a dielectric rod with a slot for receiving an optical fiber cable
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system
High precision optical imaging systems and related systems
Tunable dispersion compensator
Method for producing non-linear optical organic crystal film
Camera interlocks that ensure proper movement of film
Light-projecting device
Camera and multiple flash photographing system
Flash device and lens-fitted photo film unit with built-in flash device
Pattern forming method
Image forming apparatus with image deviation correction function
Belt drive control device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus using image carrier cleanerless system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method with paper cleaning device
Belt device and unit device including belt device and image forming apparatus using the belt device and unit device
Replaceable toner cartridge for use with an image forming apparatus
Classifier, developer, and image forming apparatus
Compensating optical measurements of toner concentration for toner impaction
Image forming apparatus having rotary unit for holding multiple developing devices
Developer bearing member, method for producing developer bearing member, developing device, image-forming apparatus, and computer system
Developing apparatus configured to prevent splashing of toner and carrier
Developing device having plurality of biased magnetic sleeves
Transfer member cleaning method and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus receiving alternative devices, at least one of which includes an intermediary transfer member
Image forming apparatus and initialization control method therefor
Release agent management system with anilox roller
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, method
Carrying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming system for forming an image on two sides of a recording medium
Cleaning member for removing residual toner from intermediate transfer belt
Photoreceptive unit and transfer unit replacement system of printer
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Heating system for a developer housing
Electronic timepiece with stable IC mounting
Mat for timing competitions
System and method for implementing real-time applications based on stochastic compute time algorithms
Method of operating an industrial controller
Method and apparatus for changing and controlling characteristics of device
Clock-synchronism evaluating apparatus and method
To a combined fingerprint acquisition and control device
Portable radio having pivotable antenna
Portable communications device
System and method for interleaving frames with different priorities
Apparatus for adaptive reverse power control for spread-spectrum communications
Voice activated portable audio/video request, play and record system
Formulation and manipulation of databases of analyte and associated values
System and method for displaying cardiac events
Method and apparatus for selecting tools in manufacturing scheduling
Method for embedding and extracting text into/from electronic documents
Remote programming of serialized semiconductor devices using web or internet protocols
Device control system, network constructed by the system, and program executed on device constructing the system
Method of speeding power-up of an amplifier, and amplifier
Method and system for calibrating the scan amplitude of an electron beam lithography instrument
Pattern recognition with the use of multiple images
Computer automated process for analyzing and interpreting engineering drawings
Method of fast fingerprint search space partitioning and prescreening
Method and apparatus for asperity sensing and storage
Method of image binarization using histogram modeling
Method for target detection and identification by using proximity pixel information
Character-recognition pre-processing apparatus and method, and program recording medium
Pixel resampling system and method for text
Reentry into compressed data
Method for finding contours in an image of an object
Method and apparatus using intensity gradients for visual identification of 2D matrix symbols
Method of and apparatus for searching corresponding points between images, and computer program
Exchange of article-based information between multiple enterprises
System and method for embedding a watermark signal that contains message data in a digital image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium therefor with stitched image correctional feature
Representative color designating method using reliability
Method of and system for automatically determining a level of light falloff in an image
System and method for image enhancement, dynamic range compensation and illumination correction
Method and apparatus for segmenting an image using a combination of image segmentation techniques
Passive power line detection system for aircraft
Object recognition apparatus and object recognition method
Method for extracting Zernike/Pseudo-Zernike moment
Video conferencing
Systems and methods for performing bit rate allocation for a video data stream
Image data compression apparatus for compressing both binary image data and multiple value image data
Method of detecting dissolve/fade in MPEG-compressed video environment
Image coding method, image coding and decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image recording and reproduction apparatus
Double-loop motion-compensation fine granular scalability
Dynamically adaptive multimedia application program interface and related methods
Method and apparatus for memory cloning for a control device
Redundant information processing system
System and method to reduce the time and complexity of information technology classroom setup
Resonator for active noise attenuation system
System and method for the creation and automatic deployment of personalized, dynamic and interactive voice services including module for generating and formatting voice services
Multirate speech codecs
Techniques for improving audio clarity and intelligibility at reduced bit rates over a digital network
Disk changer
Data recording controller
Disk device and method of changing rotational speed of disk device
Digital video and audio data encryption, decryption and system authentication
Image/voice data conversion device and disk unit using it
Write compensation for a multi-level data storage system
Optical disk device using a new alternate list for defect correction
Information recording medium, information recording and reproduction method, and information recording and reproduction apparatus
Disc cartridge
Audio cassette emulator
Information recording method, information reproducing method, information recording medium, and information reproducing apparatus
Block forming method and apparatus of digital bit stream
CLV optical disc, CLV optical disc format, and an optical disc medium recording and reproducing apparatus
Methods and apparatus for cross-talk and jitter reduction in multi-beam optical disks
Optical recording medium, optical recording and reproducing method and apparatus
Apparatus and method of compensating for tilt and/or defocus of a disc during recording
Optical-disk reproducing apparatus, optical pickup apparatus and optical-disk recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for generating a signal for detecting the direction of movement of a laser spot, and apparatus therefor
Disc apparatus and a method for activating a focusing servo
Optical scanning device with an actuator coil bent around the beam path
Power control circuit for optical information recording device
Information recording/reproducing apparatus that determines the number of recording layers of an information recording medium
Optical pickup device that corrects the spot shape of reflected light beams
Optical head, recording and reproducing apparatus and solid immersion lens
Method and system for manufacturing DRAMs with reduced self-refresh current requirements
Integrated dynamic memory having a control circuit for controlling a refresh mode for memory cells
Memory system and control method for the same
Group erasing system for flash array with multiple sectors
Repair apparatus and method for semiconductor memory device to be selectively programmed for wafer-level test or post package test
Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with internal current setting adjustment circuit
Semiconductor memory, method of testing semiconductor memory and method of manufacturing semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory device including MOS transistor having a floating gate and a control gate
Programmable data strobe offset with DLL for double data rate (DDR) RAM memory
Method of driving and testing a semiconductor memory device
System and method for reducing leakage in memory cells using wordline control
Row-column repair technique for semiconductor memory arrays
Method for precharging word and bit lines for selecting memory cells within a memory array
Reference cells for TCCT based memory cells
Merged MOS-bipolar capacitor memory cell
Data strobe gating for source synchronous communications interface
Semiconductor memory device having a plurality of signal lines for writing and reading data
Clock synchronous type semiconductor memory device
Methods and circuits for balancing bitline precharge
Memory with a bit line block and/or a word line block for preventing reverse engineering
Flash array implementation with local and global bit lines
Integrated dynamic memory and operating method
Reactor structural member and method of suppressing corrosion of the same
Integrated bearing assembly
Rotating anode with a multi-part anode body of composite fiber material, and method for making same
Operating method of vacuum processing system and vacuum processing system
Linearization technique for phase locked loops employing differential charge pump circuitry
Beam-steering and beam-forming for wideband MIMO/MISO systems
Laser oscillator
Dual head laser system with intra-cavity polarization, and particle image velocimetry system using same
Tunable laser using microring resonator
Optically pumped semiconductor ring laser
External cavity laser with dispersion compensation for mode-hop-free tuning
High-power narrow-linewidth single-frequency laser
Gain optimizing for stable single mode operation of external cavity laser
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for optically pumped vertical cavity surface emitting laser devices
Methods and apparatuses for using programmable logic for protocol controls in a passive optical network
Tunable laser with wavelength locking
Semiconductor laser device and fabricating method thereof
Laser diode
System and method for aligning data between local and remote sources thereof
Multiplier arrangement, signal modulator and transmitter
Digital phase/frequency detector
Method for calibrating a DC offset cancellation level for direct conversion receivers
Circuit for compensating temperature of automatic gain control circuit
Negative feedback amplifier and method of controlling loop gain thereof
Apparatus and method for remotely and automatically controlling the volume of audio signals produced by a remotely controlled audio device
Gain control amplification circuit and terminal equipment having the same
Shock sound prevention circuit
System and method for a highly-programmable FIR filter
Adaptive coefficient signal generator for adaptive signal equalizers with fractionally-spaced feedback
Signal detection based on channel estimation
Programmable broadcast initialization of memory blocks
Synchronizing signal processing circuit
Scalable high-speed precision frequency and phase synthesis
Phase locked loop having a single sideband modulator
Low-latency high-speed trellis decoder
Method and apparatus for soft-in soft-out turbo code decoder
System employing data compression transparent mode with compression parameter negotiation
Moving picture encoding apparatus
Data compression, control program for controlling the data compression
Structure for reducing intermodulation interference in satellite signal transmission
Redundancy scheme for the radio frequency front end of a broadband wireless hub
Apparatus and method for automatically programming frequency scanning radio receivers
USB-based wireless transmitting/receiving system
Transceiver capable of adaptively selecting a modulation method based on the transmission power and channel condition
Video decoding during I-frame decode at resolution change
High-speed indoor wireless chirp spread spectrum data link
Mitigating interference with frequency hopping signals by deriving future hop frequencies
Receiver for wireless telecommunication stations and method
Spread spectrum demodulator
Spread spectrum transmission apparatus, spread spectrum reception apparatus, and spread spectrum communication system
Optical demultiplexer with multi-channel power control and tilt compensation
Tone modulation for out-of-band communication in a free-space optical communication link
Memory mapped monitoring circuitry for optoelectronic device
Test method and apparatus for parallel optical transceivers using serial equipment
Optical pulse source for long haul optical communication systems
Method and apparatus for directly modulating a laser diode using multi-stage driver circuitry
Method and system for communicating a clock signal over an optical link
Bidirectionally transmittable optical wavelength division multiplexed transmission system
Optical fiber transmission system using RZ pulses
System and method for supervising repeater by using wireless mobile
Method and processor in a telecommunication system
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation
Controlling echo cancellation
Downlink power control method and CDMA communication system incorporating the control method
Power estimation using weighted sum of pilot and non-pilot symbols
Signal processing method and apparatus for obtaining diversity gain in wireless communication system equipping antenna array
Stratospheric platform based surface vehicle tracking and mobile data network
VSAT station and VSAT communication system
Method and apparatus using a binary search pattern for identifying an interfering mobile terminal
Transmit authorization
Wireless telephone network optimization
Method and apparatus for a X-DSL communication processor
Wavelength division multiplexing optical transmission method and system
System target decoder with secondary multiplexing
Packet handler of audio data by isochronous mode
Adaptive rate traffic recovery mechanism for communication networks
Add/drop cross connection apparatus for synchronous digital hierarchy
System and method for providing access to service nodes from entities disposed in an integrated telecommunications network
Probabilistic counter
System and method for transmission of digitized audio samples
Digital serial communications hub
Packet-switched spread-spectrum system
Adaptive learning method and system to adaptive modulation
System and method for transmitting data in frame format using an R-Rake retransmission technique with blind identification of data frames
Method and apparatus for detecting a fault in a multicast routing infrastructure
Two-dimensional scheduling scheme for a broadband wireless access system
System and method for IP telephony ping
Voice-aided diagnostic for voice over internet protocol (VOIP) based device
Wide band radio transmission method
Systems and methods for determining priority based on previous priority determinations
Selecting an access point according to a measure of received signal quality
Automatic channel selection in a radio access network
System and method for a quality of service in a multi-layer network element
Flow control of a spread spectrum multiuser channel
Wireless communications system
Priority control method
Routing method for mobile infrastructureless network
Selectable bandwidth facility for a network port
Spanning tree recovery in machine networks
Multicast buffered switch and method for operating a multicast buffered switch
Network node for ATM transmission system
Datagram relaying apparatus with load distributing function
Data rate limiting
Application-level mobility support in communications network
Information processing method, information processing system and information processor
Method for establishing a route via a communications network
Scheduling the dispatch of cells in non-empty virtual output queues of multistage switches using a pipelined arbitration scheme
Asymmetric measurement-based dynamic packet assignment system and method for wireless data services
Method and apparatus for implementing feature assist on a telecommunication network
Response calibration method using a frequency-shifted receiver
Multimodule device with static behavior
Line termination equipment
Demodulating device, broadcasting system, and semiconductor device
Continuously adjusted-bandwidth discrete-time phase-locked loop
Diversity receiver
Apparatus, and associated method, for transforming data in an OFDM communication system
Communication start-up with variant spectral density mask
Turbo channel estimation for OFDM systems
Bandpass predistortion method and apparatus for radio transmission
Automatic burst mode I/Q gain and I/Q phase calibration using packet based-fixed correction coefficients
System and method for communicating data
Method and apparatus for a slot-based memory controller
Apparatus and method for classifying packets
Network access traffic sorter
System and method for facilitating end-to-end quality of service in message transmissions employing message queues
Apparatus, and associated method, for integrating operation of packet radio communication systems
Method for seamlessly combining adjacent filters in a frequency channelizer
Compatibility mode pulse signal generation circuit and method
Wideband analog quadrature modulator/demodulator with pre-compensation/post-compensation correction
Method for reducing interference from initializing network devices in a data-over-cable system
Communication system using OFDM for one direction and DSSS for another direction
Apparatus and method for synchronization in a multiple-carrier communications system by observing a phase-frequency relationship of a plurality of pilot signals
Simplified symbol timing tracking circuit for a CPM modulated signal
Generating user-dependent RSA keys
Encryption/decryption apparatus, encryption/decryption method, and program storage medium therefor
High security cryptosystem
Management of certificates for public key infrastructure
Telephonic apparatus with automatic area code dialing capability responsive to dialing key operation
Telephone adapted for emergency dialing by touch
Internet telephone apparatus and method for an internet telephone set
Systems and methods for generating tones for operating telephones
Push-button signal receiving circuit and a method of detecting a push-button signal
Method for automatically converting a stored telephone number of cellular phone for dialing in a different country
Method and apparatus for detection of a telephone CPE alerting signal
Telephone terminal apparatus and method
Arrangement for retrieving recorded audio announcements from a messaging system for identification of a calling party
Method and remote answering machine controller for programmable control based upon message importance
Remote broadcast of call announce and call screening information
System and method for efficient provision of a voicemail message indicator signal over a computer data network
Forwarding telephone data via email
Dynamic loading and creation of functional objects in a wireless device
Dual display portable telephone device and allocation means for display process thereof
Wireless weather alerts
Electric outlet based power status notification device, system, and method
Enhanced E911 location information using voice over internet protocol (VoIP)
Ring boost circuit to extend ringing range of telephone SLICs
Capacitor cancellation method and apparatus
Dial on-hold
Method and apparatus for cancelling common mode noise occurring in communications channels
Ring, tip, ground testing tool
System and method for temporary application component deletion and reload on a wireless device
Automated device behavior management based on preset preferences
Telephone application programming interface-based, speech enabled automatic telephone dialer using names
Methods and apparatus for automatically determining a call service request
Selective conference call disconnect
Apparatus and method for packet-based media communications
Coder matched layer separation and interpolation for compression of compound documents
Method and system for image processing including mixed resolution, multi-channel color compression, transmission and decompression
Temporal processing for realtime human vision system behavior modeling
Alternate timing signal for a vestigial sideband modulator
Data stream control system for associating counter values with stored selected data packets from an incoming data transport stream to preserve interpacket time interval information
Compressing video frames
System for automated screening of security cameras
Method and apparatus for connecting a television interphone monitor system to a concierge station over the internet
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Method for motion estimation
Artifact-free displaying of MPEG-2 video in the progressive-refresh mode
Variable picture rate coding/decoding method and apparatus
Code quantity assignment device and method
Apparatus and method for information processing
Method for transmitting time-critical data packets in digital wireless transmission systems
Simultaneous vertical spatial filtering and chroma conversion in video images
Edge router for optical label switched network
Reserved-capacity method for digital data transmission networks and data switching center
Protection switching of virtual connections at the data link layer
Method and system for transmitting service-relevant information between several end-to-end controllers
Method and system for activating echo suppression in a communications network
Edge device and method for interconnecting SS7 signaling points(SPs) using edge device
Broadcast/multicast system and protocol for circuit-switched networks
Voice over IP mobility in IP/cellular networks interworking
Concurrent communications between a user terminal and multiple stratospheric transponder platforms
Method and system for automatically updating a serving MSC with a change in a subscriber profile
Microphone position and speech level sensor
Telecommunication system, and mobile station, and database, and method
System and method for maintaining wireless channels over a reverse link of a CDMA wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for indicating quality of service to a radio access network
Transport of radio network-originated control information
Electronic device capable of wireless data transmission on the internet
Mobile communication terminal and control data changing method thereof
Method and apparatus for reporting WLAN capabilities of a dual mode GPRS/WLAN or UMTS/WLAN WTRU
Allocation of channels to radio transceivers
Portable telephone apparatus
Incoming call handling method for mobile communications device incorporating mobile assisted messaging on demand
Method and apparatus for detecting excess delay in a communication signal
Slot assignment algorithm
Wireless service redirection signaling based on protocol revision
Call control method for handoff guarantee in mobile terminal
Method for improving the handing over a connection from one SGSN to another SGSN
Multi-channel audio center speaker device
Semi-permanent canal hearing device
Apparatus and method of limiting power applied to a loudspeaker
Hands-free megaphone
Damper for loudspeaker and method for manufacturing same
Push-push multiple magnetic air gap transducer
Heater for vacuum cleaners
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