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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Smoking article
Drawer opening guide comprising an automatic retracting device with an integrated damping mechanism
Seat for vehicle
Mattress assembly
Double-spar chassis for aircraft passenger seat
Ophthalmic apparatus
X-ray image diagnostic apparatus and method for controlling X-ray generation device
Electric toothbrush having a flexible drive shaft
Contraceptive system and method of use
Method and apparatus for planning and customizing a gaming experience
Performing Operations; Transporting
Deformation of thin walled bodies
Method for using a cutting tool having variable rotation about a y-direction transversely across a work piece for making microstructures
Structural assemblies and preforms therefor formed by friction welding
Pipe collets
System for use in tapping a pipe
Integrated thin film solar cell interconnection
Hammer drill with selective lock-on
Energy consumption efficiency improving agent and method, and article having improved energy consumption efficiency
Method for determining an image area to be exposed on a printing plate
Method and Device for forming an ink-receptive card substrate
Bonding structure, actuator device and liquid-jet head
Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method, information processing device and program
Inkjet printer and cap unit for maintenance unit of inkjet printer
Inkjet printer
Ink refill unit having a linearly actuated plunger assembly
Inkjet printer having ink distribution to printhead ICS
Image recording apparatus
Optical mask
Molded binder
Vehicle deflector assembly
Method and apparatus for monitoring vehicle status
Bumper system for a motor vehicle
Underrun energy-absorbing structure for a vehicle
Air belt
Cover component of airbag system, airbag system, and vehicle interior trim
Wire, wire rope or cable assemblies for seat belt component
Stand-up wheelchair with gearing down of the stand-up operation
Energy-absorbing vehicle hood
Air guiding system for a vehicle
Method for controlling an electric power steering system
Auxiliary axle system for concrete pump truck
Suspension device
Bicycle front fork assembly
Power line sentry charging
Apparatus and method for processing wafers
Methods and systems for packaging a product
Methods and systems for packaging a product
Flexible carton loading apparatus
Belt-driven accumulator for curved roller segment
Imaging apparatus
Cord winder
Remote supervisory control system for elevating machine
Winch having integrated inverter for providing AC power
Nanoparticles and methods of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Triangulene oligomers and polymers and their use as hole conducting material
Textiles; Paper
Process for hydrodynamic inclusion of a multitude of three-dimensional products of finite dimensions by water jets
Gasket and washing machine using the same
Drum-type washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Safety locking device for a container in a vehicle
Matrix drill bits and method of manufacture
Downhole connection system
Well cementing slurries containing fibers
Methods of limiting leak off and damage in hydraulic fractures
Well treatment with dissolvable polymer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Support structure carrying thrust load of compressor and thrust needle roller bearing
Valve mechanism for internal combustion engine
Four-stroke engine
Bottom plate for a crankcase
Gas turbine system including vaporization of liquefied natural gas
Detection of a humidity sensor failure in an internal combustion engine
Piston for internal combustion engine
Aeroengine intake having a heat exchanger within an annular closed chamber
Electrostatic discharge solution for grounding struts and spring in fuel supply unit
Injection valve
Fuel injection device
Multi-source fuel system for variable pressure injection
Knocking control device for multicylinder engine
Travel control device for hydraulically driven vehicle and hydraulically driven vehicle
Fluid bearing device
Azimuth brake for wind power systems
Rotation shaft seal
Flexible sleeve liner for a convolute duct
Duct connecting structure
Oil pan arrangement
Absorption refrigerating machine
Illuminating apparatus for operating section
Sensor assembly and method of assembling a sensor module in a transmission
Rotational angle detecting sensor
Low fluid level detector system
Device and method for determining torques on a turbine shaft
Piezo inkjet printer
Pressure sensor and method for manufacturing pressure sensor
Dual slide gate valve and method for using same
Dual re-configurable logic devices for MIMO-OFDM communication systems
Polygon mirror and polygon mirror molding die
Method and apparatus for a customizable lighting controller
Controlled start-up of a linear voltage regulator where input supply voltage is higher than device operational voltage
Error control using threshold based comparison of error signatures
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing system
Memory control method and system
Device for taking control of resources in a communication network in order to insert traffic
Information processing apparatus and setting information management method
Using content based routing to scale cast iron like appliances
Generating and/or providing access to a message based on portions of the message indicated by a sending user
Cost optimized email attachment download in a mobile device
Method and apparatus for synchronization of devices
Resource allocation for a storage area network
Barcode detecting and marking device
System and methods for credentialing on-line information providers
Web page associated with a node in a website traffic pattern
Rule matching in the presence of languages with no types or as an adjunct to current analyses for security vulnerability analysis
Method and system for globally sharing and transacting digital contents
Measuring platform components with a single trusted platform module
Display device
Incremental updates to propagated social network labels
System and method for establishing a communication link
Instruction and logic for mid-level caching of random numbers distributed to multiple units
Tooling for implementing business processes using web services
Workload placement in a computer system
POS terminal apparatus
System to detect false purchases with a consumer service device
Printed media reuse determination apparatus and media reuse determination program
Image forming apparatus, method for controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium that supply power to a specific device in a state in which an error is occurring in the specific device
Foldable transaction card
Semiconductor device and communication system
Transaction card system and approach
Point card, point card processing apparatus, and point card system
Physical distribution management system and physical distribution management method
Method and apparatus for reading decodable indicia
Detecting errors in recognized text
System and method for detecting settle down time using computer vision techniques
Method and device for assessing the presence of a watermark in a video
Image processing apparatus and image processing method performing detection of inclination of original in read image in accordance with direction of fiber
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and medium that determine whether a candidate region of a specific region in divided images forms the specific image, based on shape information
Method and system for enhanced frame rate upconversion in ultrasound imaging
Image processing apparatus and method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus, computer-readable medium for content aware multimedia resizing
Distributed network architecture for introducing dynamic content into a synthetic environment
Training machine learning models for open-domain question answering system
Managing multiple and/or repeated out of office notification periods
Terminal apparatus, advertisement display control apparatus, and advertisement display method
Systems and method for risk triggering values
Method for reducing input latency on GPU accelerated devices and applications
Reordering of command streams for graphical processing units (GPUs)
Method for factorizing images of a scene into basis images
3D design and modeling system and methods
Vehicle diagnostic method, and external diagnostic device
Failure cause classification apparatus
Near field communication based key sharing techniques
Marine emergency position indicating system
Fire detection
System and method for impact prediction and proximity warning
Cognitive needs-based trip planning
System, method and computer program product to assist the visually impaired in navigation
Liquid crystal display and gate driver thereof
Viewing angle characteristic improving method in liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal display device
Active sound reduction system and method
Synthesizing an aggregate voice
Pronunciation accuracy in speech recognition
Clamping device of spindle motor including case having inclination surface
Applying mechanical shock to a data storage device with an enclosed low-density gas
SRAM array comprising multiple cell cores
Water-based conductive ink for inkjet recording
Energy storage device, method of manufacturing a porous structure for same, and microelectronic assembly and system containing same
Current-conducting electrode and corresponding manufacturing process
Extruded bushing terminal radiator
Switch device
Ion generating apparatus and method of removing a fluorine compound deposited in a source housing thereof
Mass analysis device and mass calibration method
Tandem quadrupole mass spectrometer
Spacer to prevent source-drain contact encroachment
Fin liner integration under aggressive pitch
Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures
Method of forming a metal from a cobalt metal precursor
Plasma etching method and storage medium
Stratified gate dielectric stack for gate dielectric leakage reduction
Self-aligned ITO gate electrode for GaN HEMT device
Methods of forming reduced thickness spacers in CMOS based integrated circuit products
Semiconductor component of semiconductor chip size with flip-chip-like external contacts
Silicon waveguide on bulk silicon substrate and methods of forming
Method and structure to make fins with different fin heights and no topography
Selective local metal cap layer formation for improved electromigration behavior
Formation of through-silicon via (TSV) in silicon substrate
Integrated circuit barrierless microfluidic channel
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Self aligned via in integrated circuit
Polysilicon resistor structure having modified oxide layer
Wrap-around fin for contacting a capacitor strap of a DRAM
Double thin film transistor structure with shared gate
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Thin film transistor array panel and organic light emitting diode display including the same
Structure and method to fabricate resistor on finFET processes
Source and drain doping profile control employing carbon-doped semiconductor material
Bulk finFET with partial dielectric isolation featuring a punch-through stopping layer under the oxide
Buffer layers for metal oxide semiconductors for TFT
Magnetic multilayer structure
Passivation scheme for solar cells
Integrated thin film solar cell interconnection
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode
Phase change memory structure comprising phase change alloy center-filled with dielectric material
Resistive memory cell having a reduced conductive path area
Process for producing thin film field-effect transistor
Nanocrystals on fibers
Thin film battery package
Carbon-deposited alkali metal oxyanion electrode material and process for preparing same
High capacity positive electrodes for use in lithium-ion electrochemical cells and methods of making same
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Dipole antenna
Antenna and electronic device for close proximity wireless communication
Joint connector assembly
Connector having improved inner board
Lever-actuated electrical connector and mating system
Card edge connector having improved terminals
Decorative light system
SOI component comprising margins for separation
Electrical connector preventing shorting between contacts and reinforcing plate thereof
Connector assembly, port accessory and method for slide-on attachment to interface ports
Method and system for pumping of an optical resonator
Universal fast charger for any rechargeable electrolytic element, alkaline batteries and accumulators
Methods, devices and systems for self charging sensors
Axial gap-type power generator
Compressor sound attenuation enclosure
Method for controlling harmonics and resonances in an inverter
DC/DC converter, switching power supply device, and electronic apparatus
Switched mode power supply with a bypass path for shunting current
Rectifier circuit
AC link converter switch engine
CDMA/OFDM linearity compliant wireless communication amplifier
Compensated common-mode feedback for an amplifier
Apparatus and method for keeping output loudness and quality of sound among different equalizer modes
Crest factor reduction applied to shaping table to increase power amplifier efficiency of envelope tracking amplifier
Impedance and duty cycle calibration in a driver circuit and a receiver circuit
RC oscillator based on delay-free comparator
Pulse width modulator for high speed digitally controlled voltage regulator
Encoder and encoding method providing incremental redundancy
Systems and methods for using a non-binary soft output viterbi algorithm
Transmission device, and fender provided therewith
Electronic apparatus with detachable speakers, a body unit and a control unit
User preference and network policy based radio link selection
Fractional PLL circuit
Systems and methods for reducing audio noise
Psychoacoustic adaptive notch filtering
Device proximity detection
Method and apparatus for detecting and analyzing noise and other events affecting a communication system
Handling of signals transmitted through a human body
Methods and apparatuses for characterizing common mode noise and estimating loop imbalance
Adaptive signal scaling in NFC transceivers
Mobile terminal apparatus, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Four-by-four downlink (4.times.4 DL) multiple-input-multiple output (MIMO) with existing antenna structures
Apparatus and methods for access identifier based multicast communication
Parallel computing device, communication control device, and communication control method
Wireless relay apparatus, wireless receiving apparatus, and decoding method
Device and method for controlling interference
Apparatus, system and method of multiband wireless communication
Apparatus and method for transmission time interval reconfiguration in a mobile communication system
Communication system, path switching method and communication device
Inter-frame spacing duration for sub-1 gigahertz wireless networks
Online progressive content placement in a content centric network
Communication between network nodes
Managing communications over a shared medium
Method and system for flexible credit exchange within high performance fabrics
Block-based time-frequency interleaving and de-interleaving
Method and apparatus for pilot power allocation in a multi antenna communication system
Abstracted authenticated client connectivity application programming interface (API)
Efficient elimination of access to data on a writable storage media
Statistical message classifier
Reissue of cryptographic credentials
Electronic device and method for managing network bandwidth distribution
Handset-based approach of multimedia service quality management
Mobile web adaptation techniques
System and method for correlating historical attacks with diverse indicators to generate indicator profiles for detecting and predicting future network attacks
Wireless device and method for controlling wireless device
Authentication device, system and method
Method for updating air interface key, core network node and user equipment
Mobile terminal device, operation procedure communication system, and operation communication method
Monitoring voice over internet protocol (VoIP) quality during an ongoing call
Content delivery during call idle time
Image forming apparatus, method for guidance on operation method by image forming apparatus, and system
Information processing apparatus and original reading apparatus
Automatic rectification of stereo imaging cameras
Video signal processing device
Concept for encoding data defining coded positions representing a trajectory of an object
AV timing measurement and correction for digital television
Electronic apparatus and camera device thereof
Image-capturing apparatus
Optical apparatus
Lens shading correction method and image signal processing device and image sensor system employing the method
Adaptive coding of video block header information
Technologies for audiovisual communication using interestingness algorithms
Teleconference method, storage medium storing program for teleconference, and terminal apparatus
Mobile communication system, base station, and user terminal
Location aware self-locating access point
Method, apparatus and system of managing an encoder output rate based upon wireless communication link feedback
System and method for adaptive frame size management in a wireless multihop network
Techniques for energy efficient WiFi neighbor awareness network operation
Downlink transmission coordinated scheduling
Routing of long-lived traffic when using sipto
Information providing system, information providing apparatus and information providing method
Mode selection and transmit power management for multimode small cells
Systems and methods for synchronization of wireless devices in an ad-hoc network
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
WiFi network bridge, and WiFi-based communication method and system
Method and apparatus of providing emergency communication services
Apparatus and method for optimizing data-path in mobile communication network
Update of timing advance without starting discontinuous reception activity timer
Lighting device with tetrahedral opto-electronic modules
LED package with capacitive couplings
Electric lamp
White LED light emitting device driven directly by constant alternating current
Light emitting diode matching by photovoltaic response
Driving circuit for light-emitting diodes
Induction heating cooking device
Method of manufacturing circuit board, method of manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device
Modular elements employing latches secured by linkages
Modular elements employing latches secured by linkages
Power system including an electret for a power bus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Child's handheld digging implement
Multi-purpose gardening tool
Seedbed preparation implement having rotary disc with adjustable gang angle
One-pass tillage implement and method for improving crop root development, plant health and crop yields
Tractor attachment for three point hitch
Working vehicle with a working implement displaceable by a hydraulic actuator
Apparatus for counteracting vehicle pitch variation resulting from the operation of an electronic draft control system
Method for articulating an articulated vehicle from a rest position
Mower comprising a windrow grouping mechanism
Support apparatus
Hinged edger housing improved internal debris guard and labyrinth perimeter seal
Intensive plant growing stacking container system
Retrofitting aerating root pruner
Above-ground plant growth and root pruning system
Slider curtain arrangement for controlling ventilation of a livestock barn
Animal bedding and method for making same
Flex-air ventilated rack system
Rotatable elevated tether device for use with retractable restraints
Safety harness for transporting and training large animals
Animal tattoo device
Canine training structure
Dog leash training device
Squirrel-proof bird feeding apparatus and method
Oxygen generating materials, carbon dioxide absorbing materials, and transport system and transport method of live fishery products
Fishing rod guides, tops and hook keepers and method
Component assembly for fishing reel
Manual/automatic casting mechanism
Adjustable depth fishing bobber
Termite lure and method
Apparatus for and method of eradicating pests
Method and apparatus for the preparation of hot beverages
Food processing apparatus
Peeler having a removable liner
Peeling apparatus and associated methods
Bottle bib
Lighted reading glasses
Lighted reading glasses
Skate with a size-adjustable boot
Gravity balancing ring
Earring post and connector assembly
Economic double-story umbrella as conveniently anchored
Method and apparatus for containing prophylactic articles
Banana protective device
Module container
Carrying case having a bendable rigid skeleton
Sport tackle box bag
Method of and device for extending and retracting the wheels of a piece of towable baggage
Multipurpose storage basket
Part whose rear face is covered by a coating enabling an effect of the light to be created when its front face is observed
Multiple clip hair fastener and method
Carrying bags and storage compartments for headwear
Packaging device for fasteners
Universal case for portable electronic device
Holding device that fits into pockets
Multi-function sink water spraying apparatus
Elevated screen
Portable refrigeration table with elevating and supporting dividers
Boards combination structure
Theater seat assembly
Armchair with power-driven footrest, back, and base seat
Linkage mechanism for a motion chair
Chair with upholstered inserts
Juvenile vehicle seat cup holder
Simplified food-preparation table with easy accessibility of temperature-protected food
Display rack with slidable member
One-piece, straight entry display hook
Dual purpose product merchandising unit
Popped kettle corn vending kiosk
Non-integral frame
Toothpicks dispenser
System for secured delivery of packages or other items
Flower vase holder and method therefor
Method of conducting thermal energy, thermal conductor, and electrical appliance using the thermal conductor
Stack of fan folded material and combinations thereof
Device for tethered securement of an article of toiletry
Integrated vent and fluid transfer fitment
Telescopic dust-collecting pipe for vacuum cleaner
Windowed medical drape
Respiratory nitric oxide meter
Method and device for sampling and analyzing interstitial fluid and whole blood samples
Multi-component mixing storage and dispensing device
Robot and method for bending orthodontic archwires and other medical devices
Device for storing and for reminding and / or recording the intake of drugs
Disposable/recyclable beverage device
Method and apparatus for calibration of instruments that monitor the concentration of a sterilant in a system
Blood collection systems and filters using a porous membrane element
Nebulizer apparatus and method
Inhalation device
Respiratory care multiple access port assembly and adapter
Integral balloon tracheostomy tube
Ventilator tube retention strap for use with endotracheal or tracheostomy tube
Portable isocapnia circuit and isocapnia method
Oxygen conserver
Fastening mechanism for medical connectors
Treatment with magnetic fluids
Gas shutoff valve having a positive open indicator
Fire extinguisher
Apparatus and method for off-road vehicle fire protection and fire suppression
Portable lightweight home and travel gym
Device and method for determining friction
Container and testing device for sport balls
Golf club travel bag
Integrated modular glide board
Method and system for playing dice game
Method of playing a modified blackjack game
Seal card game with multiple levels of play
Bingo-style word game
Electronic game apparatus simulating variable launch power and direction of game object
Amusement device
Computer game and method of playing the same
Head stabilizer for equestrian jumping
Performing Operations; Transporting
Clarifier cover
Industrial filter with arrangement for removing machining chips from coolant prior to filtering
Zero NOx gaseous passivation process
Focused acoustic energy in the preparation and screening of combinatorial libraries
Supercritical fluid delivery and recovery system for semiconductor wafer processing
Method of controlling the temperature of a reaction carried out in a fluidised bed reactor
Device for loading a fragmenting machine for example a hammer crusher
Apparatus and process for recovering a desired fraction of a raw material
Hutch chamber for jig
Sealing nozzle
Low defect EBR nozzle
Aerosol spraying
Dispenser pumps
Cartridge paint-charging method and device therefor
Spray gun head with dual air ports & a diverter bushing
Spraying method of a dispense system
Nestable multiple compartment tray for faux painting material and applicators
Mass sensor and mass sensing method
Method and device for correcting gaps in between transmissions
Wet processing device with sensor-controlled conveyor
Space-saving reel for strip-stock
Leveler for stretcher leveling of a metal strip or sheet
Dent repair tool and method
Hemming machine with movable die cartridges
Multistation press
Link plate for a silent chain
Beam blank mold for continuous casting
Ingot mold for continuous casting of molten metal particularly for forming rectangular-or square-section steel billets
Thin-strip casting device
Continuous casting method with soft reduction
Turning assembly including a plurality of turning bits simultaneously engaging a workplace
Torque-transmitting arrangement
Manually tightened chuck
Holding device
Table top band saw including blade cooling system
Method for manufacturing x-ray tubes
Apparatus and method for joining layers of materials
Method of forming preforms for metal repairs
Strip joining apparatus
Process for manufacturing a blade of a cutting tool and product manufactured therewith
Method dispensing abrasive materials, and an abrasive material
Cutting method for hard, brittle materials
Hand operatable pliers
Adjustable stroke clamp
Fastener driving tool with modular construction
Releasable engagement of tool with holder
Sawhorse and brackets
Tool case
Marking device
Grippers for handling preforms
Intelligent power assisted manual manipulator
Die cutter blanket-anvil locking arrangement
Cutting machine
Shape sawing machine
Active sawguide assembly and method
Plate joiner
Truss assembly and splicing method and apparatus
Roll for spreading and slowing down pourable materials
Preheating and drying device
Interior member having an airbag door section for use in vehicles, and its molding method
Vehicle door and process for manufacturing same
Method for regulating the counterpressure in an apparatus for plasticising and quantitatively regulating plastic material
Assembly for attaching fabric to metal and method of fabrication therefor
Press having tilt out feature
Apparatus for improving film machinability during film sealing
Method of operating a sheet-fed rotary printing machine, and sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Squeegee for screen printing, and squeegee device equipped with the squeegee
Sheet transport cylinder
Sheet guiding device
Lightweight portable compact universal printer coater
Device for fastening a tension-mounted covering on a printing-unit cylinder
Sheet feed offset press
Inking unit in a printing machine
Ink-jet recorder
Printing unit with a holding device adjustable into the interior of a transport device
Ink jet recording method
Ink jet recording apparatus recording images when an ink jet recording head is installed thereon and reading head is installed thereon
Moving nozzle ink jet printing mechanism
System and method for predicting dynamic thermal conditions of an inkjet printing system
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Ink jet printing system and method
Ink drop sensor
Liquid ejection method
Mechanical bend actuator
Pressure generating apparatus, printing apparatus, and method for controlling printing apparatus
Liquid containment and dispensing device
Ink supply recovery system, ink-jet printing apparatus and image pick-up device having recording mechanism
Ink supply device, ink-jet recording device, and method of supplying ink
Method for determining a printer's signature to provide proof that the printer printed a particular document
Drying of an image on print media in a modular commercial printer
Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of digital print quality
Ink jet printing method
Method of imaging substance depletion detection for an imaging device
Conveying device for collecting and transporting printed sheets placed astraddle on a first chain conveyer
Duplex envelope
Suspended note clip
High speed envelope packing apparatus
Apparatus for opening envelopes
Outboard ribbed wheel hub
Wheel mounting apparatus
Trolley cart wheel-axle assembly
Tire for motor vehicle wheels having a surface-worked annular surface at the sidewalls thereof
Pneumatic tire having dual air retention quasi envelopes
Crown reinforcement for a radial tire
Tow bar apparatus
Trailer hitch alignment system
Elastomeric bearing unit for assemblies or chassis parts of vehicles
Shock strut of McPherson wheel suspension
Suspension structure
Motor operated butterfly valve
Window molding assembly
Glass run surround cap
Head impact energy absorbing sun visor pivot rod connection interface cover
Sliding sun visor assembly
Side door structure for vehicle
Lateral tarpaulin suspension
Device for directly mounting an equipment, in particular a heat exchanger, on a motor vehicle structural element
Double-wall fuel container
Fill limit vapor valve with variable vapor venting capability
Motor vehicle with an automated torque-transfer system
Apparatus and method for controlling a hybrid vehicle
Power transmission system of an automobile
Locomotive energy tender
Method for starting a fuel cell system and fuel cell system
Hybrid energy locomotive system and method
Vehicle seat position sensing apparatus
Safety device for vehicle seat benches
Support and pneumatic pressure accumulator for a vehicle seat
Retractable headrest for seat assembly
Trim cover attachment member of vehicle seat, manufacturing method thereof and vehicle seat
Storage system for a vehicle bed
Lifting, servicing, and diagnosing automobiles
Boat trailer roller mount
Multi-function truck
Intelligent input push rod assembly
Vehicular interior space module
Grille guard with footstep
Pop out brake pedal
Protective device for a motor vehicle
Protective device for beds in vehicles
Instrument panel for a vehicle and process for production thereof
Vehicle interior panel and method of making same
Air bag device
Inflatable air bag with inner bag and outer bag
Door mounted inflatable tubular structure
Fender for automobiles
Rotation tensioner with an inertia element
Foldable footstool device for a vehicle
Trailer hitch cart attachment mechanism
Nitrogen flow stabilizer with tire pressure measuring capabilities
Steer knuckle with integrated cam support
Piston with fluid sealing ridges
Manifold assembly for interconnecting brake booster to engine and vacuum pump
Vacuum booster apparatus and a brake apparatus
Emergency braking device
Steering control device for a vehicle and method for operating said device
Adjustable steering column support
Lash-free cable drive
Structure and method for installing exterior part
Bi-metallic trailer rail
Steer-by-wire system using semi-active actuator
Steering system for a vehicle
Steering system for motor vehicles
Damping valve for power steering
Rotary shift valve for servo-assisted steering systems of motor vehicles
Connector rod
Baby seat structure for bicycles
Engine unit for small-sized vehicle
Tandem bicycle adapter
Brazed bicycle frame and method for making
Bicycle suspension
Combination trailer and two-wheel conversion utility for a motorcycle
Rear steering device for a tricycle for children
Axle shift device for multi-speed hubs for bicycles
Bicycle pedal assembly with adjustable anti-slip members
Apparatus for coupling tug boats to barges
Fluid delivery system for a road vehicle or water vessel
Combination boat and distressed boat flotation apparatus and related methods
Severably sectioned and stackable boat
Panoramic reverse Galilean telescope optics for an underwater diving mask
Mobile undersea habitat
Towable underwater kite
Boat wagon
Method and device for destroying drifting sea mines
Combination remote adjust foot brace and rudder control
Dual heat exchange mode water heating system for boats
Penetration resistant fabric structures and materials
Aircraft structures having improved through-thickness thermal conductivity
Forebody vortex alleviation device
Split-torque face gear transmission
Variable viscosity damper for vane type angle of attack sensor
Safety pitot tube cover
Flyback booster with removable rocket propulsion module
Scanning apparatus and method that avoids unwanted reactions
Apparatus for metering and packaging bulk particulate material
Sheet package production system
System for use in an assembly line
Waste disposal devices including cartridge of flexible tubing
Disk label applicator device
Multi-functional base for a plastic, wide-mouth, blow-molded container
Corrugated shipping pallet
Knock down container with integral wall
Can holder for use with transportation ring
Reversible cap
Drink-through cup lid having selectively inwardly and outwardly rotatable hinged portion
Dropping bottle for liquids, particularly for pharmaceutical products
Display box
Cap lock assembly and system
Portable storage container
Garment package with foldable flaps, downwardly extending garment covering tab, and attached hanger
Collapsible carton sleeve
Fold formed CD jacket and method
Thin wall fitment for spouted pouch
Cushioning insert for placement within a container receptacle
Food container with condiment container support and method for making food container with condiment container support
Aerosol dispensing valve
Flip open package with microencapsulated flavor release
Display panel for shoes
Refuse container
Co-extruded driver pad with wear indicator
Conveyor belt assembly
Drive shaft for scraper chain conveyors for double inboard and double outer chain conveyor belts
Conveyor roller assembly
Multiple drive conveyor system
Low-profile tensioner for a conveyor belt scraper
Device for transferring articles between oppositely running conveyors
Product conveying and accumulation system and method
Presentation control for flat article singulation mechanism and sensors suitable for use therewith
Media tray for imaging apparatus
High speed printer with dual alternate sheet inverters
Tape shifting means
High speed stacking apparatus
Double-cut lobed belt diverter
Sheet conveying device having multiple outputs
Magnetic aligner for fastened stacks
Piling rack for flat parcels
Stacking and counting device for planar products
Hand-held tape dispenser with brake mechanism
Asymmetrical end-loadable carton for rolled sheet materials
Adjustable gripping device for adjustable sheet-receiving pockets
Packaging a strip of material
Telecommunications cable storage spool
Method and apparatus for cable dispensing and placement
Method and system for feeding media to a printer
Method and apparatus for generating elevator car position information
Frontal structure for elevator cabins
Trench plate connector
Hoist apparatus
Pneumatic actuator
Double bellows vacuum operated lifting apparatus
Tamper-proof chemical dispensing device for high security environments
Service system and method
MEMS valve
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of curing coated optical fibers
Method for shifting absorption peak wavelength of infrared radiation absorbing glass
Use of polymer compositions for coating surfaces, and surface coatings comprising such compositions
Process for removing oil containing machining fluid from machined chips
Installation for pickling a metal band
Textiles; Paper
Double layer sock and method for making same
Drum washing machine
Magnetic/electromagnetic apparatus and process for laundering garments in an industrial, commercial or residential medium
Pneumatic tire
Calender and method for rebuilding a calender
Fixed Constructions
Beach cleaner
Scraper for snow removing machine and snow removing attachment having scraper
Hydraulic collection tool
Hydraulic power boost system for a work vehicle
System of building construction
Mounting arrangement for whiteboard
Building member connector allowing bi-directional relative movement
Reinforcing bars for concrete structures
Temporary flexible downpipe
Clean room and method
Porous flange
Concrete reinforcing bar protective cover
Adjustable support
Plastic sheath products for studded steel T-posts, and production
Fence post
Spring bolt and strike plate guard
Guard side passive two key lock
Door latch assembly with accelerated bolt motion, deadbolt and replacement face plates
Interconnected lock with remote locking mechanism
Exit device with a tension support
Motor vehicle door handle assembly with split housing
Seal with anti-theft device for items having rod-like portions
Adjusting device for hinged windows
Case locking system
Dual track storm door
Grille systems
Impact detection system for industrial doors
Cutting structure for roller cone drill bits
Composite hybrid riser
High strength buoyant clamp assembly and method of using same
Umbilical termination assembly and launching system
Scraper tool
Method and apparatus for milling well casing and drilling formation
Wellhead system comprising a sliding sleeve seal
Flow completion apparatus
Two-stage downhole packer
Cartridge gate valve
Downhole flow control devices
Iterative drilling simulation process for enhanced economic decision making
Mining system and method featuring a bread loaf shaped borehole
Elastomeric strand-shaped sealing profile
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Brush seal coil for rotary machinery and method of retrofitting
Transient turbine exhaust temperature control for a turbogenerator
Cooling air system for gas turbine
Rocker lever for valve operation of an internal combustion engine with device for automatic adjustment/readjustment of valve clearance
Rocker arm assembly
Rocker arm for valve trains of internal combustion engines
Valve train assembly
Electromagnetic valve
Dual-piston compression chamber for two-cycle engines
Method of detecting valve timing
Electronically controlled variable loudness muffler
Flexible pipe element
Cooling controller for internal-combustion engine
Cooling arrangement for direct injected engine
Fluid-moving apparatus and method for cooling an internal-combustion engine
Barrel stratified combustion
Internal combustion engine
Control valve assembly of valve assembly-injection-molded control valves or modules
Combustion chamber for DISI engine
Apparatus and method for operating internal combustion engines from variable mixtures of gaseous fuels
Vibration reducing system for internal combustion engine
Mid cam engine
Electronic throttle position feedforward system
Variable valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof
Fuel injection controlling system for a diesel engine
Method of controlling an engine startup
Governor system for gasoline powered vehicles
Auto-ignition of gasoline engine by varying exhaust gas retaining duration
Device and method for engine control
Fuel injection control for diesel engine
Fuel injection method
Diagnostic method for variable compression ratio engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Piston/crankshaft assembly
Segmented mixing device having chevrons for exhaust noise reduction in jet engines
Exhaust gas recirculation cooler
Fuel-air mixer for engine
Common rail and method for producing a common rail
Fuel injector
Fuel injection valve
Injector integrated module
Starter with driving lever having lever pin
Elastic motor with constant torque output
Uniform gas distribution in ion accelerators with closed electron drift
Hydristor heat pump
Solenoid valve having sensor
Selector valve with magnetometric sensor
Adaptor plate for dual end stop actuator and method
First adjust dual end stop actuator and method
Piston-cylinder device with piston rod locking means
Apparatus for fixing substrates
Electro-optical component holder
Bearing seal
Mechatronics sensor
Hydraulically controlled clutch release bearing for a diaphragm clutch, notably for a motor vehicle, having a guide sleeve
Hydrostatic continuously variable transmission
One-way clutch
Drum brakes
Friction member and method of manufacture
Multihelical composite spring
Hydraulic antivibration device
Frictional damping strut
High frequency shock absorber and accelerator
Magneotorheological piston and damper
Energy guiding chain
Spindle nut holder for a spindle gear for driving levers
Change speed apparatus for a tractor
Shifter with load sensors for sensing shift demands
Gear shifting device
Dust lip structure of oil seal for oscillation
3-Way control valve
Rotary valve
Locking valve stem and cap apparatus
Control valve retrofit for pneumatic plumbing fixture
Retrofit for mechanical combination plumbing fixture
Gate valve with delayed retraction of counter plate
Fluid valve
Fuel tank pressure control valve
In-line valve
Remote shut-off valve
Two-way valve
Flange and seal assembly
Rotatable quick connector
Modular fuel filler system
Quick coupler retention clip and method
Connecting device for pipes conduction pressure medium
Screw on connector
Flexible entry boot
No interrupt service tee and method
Turnback protection for installation of cured in place liners
Securing shell assemblies to pipelines
Stand assembly having anti-rotation feature
Structure two-level suspended lamp frame
Sign panel using ambient or artificial light
Water heater
Wall segment for a combustion area, and a combustion area
Combined heating and hot water system
Air conditioner control system and control method thereof
Heating-element accommodating-box cooling apparatus and method of controlling the same
Duct hanger
Solar evaporating cooling system
Hot-water appliance with vacuum insulation, to be connected to the water main
Expansion valve
Expansion valve
Accumulator for an air-conditioning system
Refrigeration circuit with reheat coil
Ice making machine
Ice maker control
Thermoelectric temperature controlled refrigerator food storage compartment
Shelf mounting support arrangement
Integrated method of air separation and of energy generation and plant for the implementation of such a method
Process and apparatus for producing krypton and/or xenon by low-temperature fractionation of air
Systems and methods for monitoring or controlling the ratio of hydrogen to water vapor in metal heat treating atmospheres
Protective wrapping device for a condenser tube
Heat exchanger and method of making same
Trigger lock
Weapon, in particular a self-loading pistol
Carrier locking device
Safety for sporting pellet or air guns
Archery bows, connector apparatuses and rings for archery bow accessories, and methods for removable securing archery bow accessories to archery bows
Pyrotechnic initiator with center pin having a circumferential notch retention feature
Ammunition for smoke generation
Explosion proof magnetostrictive probe
Angular position measuring system
Apparatus and method for isolating and measuring movement in metrology apparatus
Length measuring device
Measuring a gas mass fraction
Air flow meter having turbulence reduction member
Mass fraction metering device
Self-powered fluid meter
Apparatus for engine lubricant level detection
Method for measuring the temperature and moisture of a web
Integrated circuit chip for use as an electronic thermostat
Dielectrically isolated plastic pressure transducer
Device for measuring the pressure of liquid or gaseous media
Pressure transducer assembly with thermal shield
Leadless metal media protected pressure sensor
Optical pressure sensor
Method and apparatus for the determination of absolute pressure and differential pressure therefrom
Sensor usable in ultra pure and highly corrosive environments
Device for testing transaxle
Method of determining cam phase angle
Tire pressure monitoring system with pressure gauge operating mode for indicating when air pressure within a tire is within a predetermined pressure range
Measuring device and sensor for contactlessly measuring tire forces
All-purpose pressure test kit
Testing condition of internal combustion engines by sampled detection of gas leakage
Method and associated apparatus for measuring the adhesiveness of slow-release tablets or the like
Atomic force microscopy measurements of contact resistance and current-dependent stiction
Stepped plunger for use with an ultrasonic sensor
Acoustic mixing and measurement system and method
Method and apparatus for testing bonded tubular joints
Tensile testing machine for variously cross sectional materials
Method and device for measuring abrasive properties of paper and other sheet materials
Method and system for determining crack nucleation of a part subject to fretting fatigue
Planar manifold with integrated heated injector inlet and unheated pneumatics
Free fall sensor wherein normally closed circuit is opened in response to free fall conditions
Sol-gel tube crack detection apparatus and method
Methods for measurement, analysis and assessment of ground structure
Shear wave generator
Controlled-polarization marine seismic shear-wave source
Gravity measuring apparatus
Protective eyewear lens
Eyeglass device having magnetically attached primary and auxiliary frames and method of forming the device
Overlay registration error measurement made simultaneously for more than two semiconductor wafer layers
Pressure controller and method
Safety valve for appliances utilizing water from a pressurized source
Hand reference for control panel of utility vehicle
Multiple-interface selection system for computer peripherals
Plug for covering an opening of an electronic device
Spray cooling with local control of nozzles
System for avoiding image edge deletion in a digital printing apparatus
Method of selectively underfeeding print media in an ink jet printer
Two-dimensional-code related method, apparatus, and recording medium
Separator card
Four-in-one memory card insertion port
Method and means for using additional cards in a mobile station
Optical scanner including a thermostatically controlled heater module or hermatic seal to prevent internal condensation
Scan module
Product authentication system
Bar code reading for providing improved reading and storage by detecting trash data
Method and system for account activation
Gaming device and method of playing a game
Gaming device and method of playing a game
Smart card managing system
Extended card file system
Method and system to prevent fraudulent payment in credit/debit card transactions, and terminals therefor
Display device
Illumination case
Self centering display fixture
Fluid decoration
Versatile enlarged hand-shaped novelty display
Billboard tab
Lightweight low frequency loudspeaker for active noise control
Tape-like medium running device
Recording and/or reproducing device having a pull-out element and having means for moving the pull-out element into its nominal position
Calibration cartridge for automated cartridge library and method of using same
Tape cassette and cassette holder
Solenoid coil assembly and method for winding coils
Compound mounting bracket for a solenoid
Bowl, spin, rinse, and dry module, and method for loading a semiconductor wafer into a spin, rinse, and dry module
Tray for storing semiconductor chips
Apparatus and methods for manipulating semiconductor wafers
Water-tight cover assembly for an in-floor fitting
Methods and apparatus for winding electric machine cores
Contactless hall effect push button switch
Sheet feeder with mechanism for protecting input and discharge openings and image reading device including the same
Image forming system and apparatus constituting the same
Screen printer and screen printing method
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