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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Safety collar with clamping closure mechanism
Pet fecal matter collection device
Lure with cyclically reversing blade rotation
Fishing lure with tail wing
Adjustable rod holder
Photostabilized pharmaceutical compositions
Methods of treating liver fibrosis and pre-cirrhosis with epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors
Fungicidal pyrimidine compounds
Utensil for layering liquids
Alkaline compositions
Anti-riding underpants
Using lenses and lens arrays to enhance the appearance of people
Footwear with improved sole assembly
Multigrip touch closure fasteners
Active suspension case for a mobile device
Back support
Oral care implement
Teaching station with an adjustable lectern section
Lower limb orthosis
Bracket for a slat in a slatted bedframe
Vehicle seat
Apparatus, system, and method for supporting computer peripherals on a chair
Collapsible utility tray with flexible mounting feature
Hanging tray device
Fully automatic electric coffee maker
Machine for preparing beverages, in particular coffee, with limescale-prevention systems and relative method
Method for enabling complex order specifications to a hot beverage brewing system
Apparatus, system, and method for retaining solvent
Endoscope apparatus
Vibration imparting device
Rod-shaped implant, in particular for the dynamic stabilization of the spine
Orthopedic implant
Method for measuring glucose concentration in blood using infrared spectroscopy and instrument employing it
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Touch screen medical diagnostic device and methods
Prosthetic limb monitoring system
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Radiographic system and control method thereof
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and elastic evaluation method
Medical treatment device
Sheaths reducing recoil and loss of retention for polymer scaffolds crimped to balloons
Knee arthroplasty prosthesis
Artificial hand
Polymer composite stent with polymer particles
Dynamic traction apparatus
Personal apparatus for sexual stimulation
Modular support system
Device for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea treatment
Portable medical cooling assembly
Medication support case having removable and form-fitting support
Compositions and methods for treatment of glaucoma
Quaternary ammonium salt compounds
Method for treating psoriasis
Treatment of age-related macular degeneration
Method for treating fibrosis and cancer with imidazolium and imidazolinium compounds
Aqueous extracts of Anoectochilus spp. kinsenoside and pharmaceutical compositions useful for hepatoprotection
Biofilm resistant polymer materials
Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide analogues
Recombinant factor VIII having increased stability
Method for treating psoriasis
Nano-particle surface modification
Topical itraconazole formulations and uses thereof
Topical compositions and methods of treatment of anorectal disorders
Therapeutic composition with enhanced endothelium targeting
Matrix-type pharmaceutical solid preparation
Drug delivery
Methods and system for ultrasound-mediated drug delivery
Diaphragm pacemaker
Battery-integrated iontophoresis patch
Cochlear implant component having a unitary faceplate
Guide catheters for accessing cardiac sites
Double stylet insertion tool for a cochlear implant electrode array
Pre-curved cochlear implant electrode array
Vision regeneration assisting device
Wearable medical device
Linear alkyl esters and their use in cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical compositions
Forehead pad for respiratory mask
Doorway exercise system
Exercise machine for muscle speed and explosiveness
Elliptical exercise device
Golf club head covers with a strap and methods to manufacture golf club head covers
Adjustable resistance kickboard
Golf practice aid
Shooter/catcher apparatus
Flooring and shipping apparatus and method of use
Modular and stackable dollhouse
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for securing fractionation trays
Method for separating off carbon dioxide in biogas plants
Aromatic amino compounds for carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide removal
Systems and methods for diesel oxidation catalyst with decreased SO.sub.3 emissions
Rotating disc aerator
System and method for catalyst loading/mixing
Exhaust gas-purifying catalyst and method of manufacturing the same
Method for seperating submicron fraction of carbon nano-materials
Vane electrostatic precipitator
Horseshoe-shaped shower outlet assembly
Rolling method having optimized strain penetration
Laminates of chitosan films
Method for joining two bars end-on by means of electron beam welding
Method for manufacturing a component by selective laser melting
Electric handheld tool having an adjustable safety guard
Screwing tool
Controlling structure for a unidirectional ratchet wrench
Adapter structure for handheld electric tools
Tongs separable into two serving implements or the like
Apparatus and method for testing printed circuit board
Power tool, particularly a hand-held power tool
Additional conveyance mechanism of printer apparatus and printer apparatus
Medium processing apparatus
Burst mode electrohydrodynamic printing system
Thermal transfer printer
Apparatus, system and method for controlling a print head
Pixel clock and pulse-modulation-signal generating device, optical scanner, and image forming apparatus
Pocket-sized disposable photo album kit
System for affixing a pattern onto a substrate, and corresponding method
Geodesic pneumatic tire with braided carcass
Steerable twist-beam rear suspension
Motor vehicle acoustic noise reduction system
Snowmobile engine heat transfer system
Vehicle sun visor extender
Vehicle door structure
Driver reaction time measurement
Stator holding plate with inverter fastening function
Motor vehicle device having a charging and/or discharging unit
RFID based parking management system
Extendable vehicle load floor mounting assembly and method
Movable paint tray
Portable collapsible motorized mobility device for wheelchair users adaptable to removably engage a traditional non motorized wheelchair
Sensitivity identifying device and steering assist system
Personal safety system for a vehicle
Tabbed file folder with corner retention elements
Pull actuated foam pump
Bear repellant device mounted on a backpack
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Cyclonic separation system comprising gas injection means and method for separating a fluid mixture
Liquid treatment system
Molding bench for curving mirrors
Acetic acid hydrogenation over a group VIII metal calcined catalyst having a secondary promoter
Cyclic amide derivative
Heteroaryl derivatives as alpha7 nAChR modulators
MicroRNAs that regulate muscle cell proliferation and differentiation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Procedure for the reduction of the torque of an internal combustion engine
Item holder
Carbon foam metal matrix composite and mud pump employing same
Wig drying apparatus and method
Nail polish curing device
Determining track origin
Self-centering laser measuring system for motorcycle frame repair
Sensor device
Object measuring device and method for use in the device
Target substance sensor and method thereof using a photonic crystal
Method and apparatus for carrying out integrity tests of a non-wetted filter element
Method for spectroscopy of surface plasmons in surface plasmon resonance sensors and an element for the use of thereof
Method and system for crystallization and X-ray diffraction screening
Protection device for assembled battery, and battery pack unit
Gene discovery through comparisons of networks of structural and functional relationships among known genes and proteins
Photomask image inspection
Method and apparatus for estimating resistance and capacitance of metal interconnects
Corrective device protection
Multi-signal analysis device
Traveling wave based relay protection
Test system and back annotation method
Test fixture for printed circuit board
Time resolved radiation assisted device alteration
Electronic apparatus
Apparatus for position detection using multiple HCF transmissions
Surveillance systems and methods with subject-related screening
System and method for detecting location using data communication network
Electronic device for decoding navigation data by using phase angle variation and method thereof
Controlling satellite navigation receivers in response to low frequency electromagnetic signals
Determining a direction of arrival of signals incident to a tripole sensor
Three-dimensional seismic survey methods using a perturbation pattern to provide bin fractionation
Image taking apparatus
Photolithographed micro-mirror well for 3D tomogram imaging of individual cells
Display element and electronic paper
Oscillator device, optical deflector and driving signal generating method
Image fluctuation correcting apparatus
Plane waves to control critical dimension
Telecommunication rack unit tray
Optical waveguide having a core with a polarization-independent, spatially reconfigurable refractive index
Fiber grating sensor
Multi-layer structure and method for manufacturing the same
Optical receiver and a free-space optical communications using the same
Lens module and camera module utilizing the same
Wafer level optical lens substrate, wafer level optical lens module and fabrication method thereof
Array substrate, display panel having the same and a method thereof
Plane light source apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display having interval adjustment layer between substrates and method of producing the same
Liquid crystal displays using organic insulating material and manufacturing methods thereof
Liquid crystal display
Active matrix substrate, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal projector system
Transparent structures
Optical module and optical switch
Image stabilizing camera system
Six-mirror EUV projection system with low incidence angles
Systems and methods for outputting finished medium in an image forming device
Electrophotography apparatus having edge detection of toner patch and exposure control
Development device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Device and method for forming a nip in an image forming apparatus
Method for imprinting a recording medium
Image forming apparatus with opening and closing assembly and gears movable therewith
Belt fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Cleaning device for image forming apparatus and process cartridge provided therewith
Motor-driven curtain or blind assembly
System and method having arm with cable passage through joint to infrared lamp
Robot system
Output management system, output management method, and output management program
Robot system
Information processing method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
Discharge lamp lighting device, and illuminating device
Charge pump with current based regulation
Noise reduction method by implementing certain port-to-port delay
System and method for precise absolute time event generation and capture
Apparatus for controlling a supply of power to a second apparatus including an instant television function that operates independently of a first apparatus
Reducing CPU and bus power when running in power-save modes
Display apparatus
Apparatus for protecting a smart device
Transmission impedance for four-pair midspan powering in a power over ethernet application
Memory refresh system and method
Dynamic debugging of platform transactions via context aware transactional debug marking
Diagnostic access system
Information system
Storage system executing parallel correction write
Recording medium with status information thereon which changes upon reformatting and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Method for preserving data integrity by breaking the redundant array of independent disks level 1(RAID1)
Switch apparatus
Storage system and data rearrangement method
Memory hub with integrated non-volatile memory
Computer system, management computer and storage system, and storage area allocation amount controlling method
Memory control device and method for controlling the same
Methods for discovering a phone-based web server and related electronic devices and computer program products
System and method for distributed partitioned library mapping
Apparatus for real-time arbitration between masters and requestors and method for operating the same
Dynamic allocation of message buffers
Distributed cache algorithms and system for time-shifted, and live, peer-to-peer video streaming
Data processing system and data processor
Generic interface
Method and device for managing cluster membership by use of storage area network fabric
Notification platform architecture
Launching a web site using a passive transponder
Method for providing a network address
Smart prefetching of data over a network
Envelope packet architecture for broadband engine
Terminal equipment
Method and apparatus for implementing alerts on a browser running on a portable handheld device
Method for the transmission of information with improved perenniality
Virtual personal computer access over multiple network sites
Generic application level protocol analyzer
Conditional access network
Application management program, application management method, and application management apparatus
Network device and control method of the same
Methods and apparatus for providing bit-reversal and multicast functions utilizing DMA controller
Apparatus and method for forming document group structure data and storage medium
Inventory sales system and method
Move tracking with conflict resolution
Determining presentation effects for a sequence of digital content records
System and method for reordering meeting agenda items prior to the occurrence of the meeting based upon partial participation by the meeting participants
Computer implemented system and method for enhancing keyword expansion
System and method for generating a work of communication with supplemental context
Method and system for retrieving confirming sentences
Computer implemented puzzle
Hardware matrix computation for wireless receivers
Data processing device capable of performing data transmission in a predetermined access method
Automatically capturing and maintaining versions of documents
Search engine for a video recorder
Methodology and system for determining numerical errors in pixel-based imaging simulation in designing lithographic masks
Allocation of combined or separate data and control planes
MEEF reduction by elongation of square shapes
Product-related feedback for process control
Navigation system
System for extraction of key process parameters from fault detection classification to enable wafer prediction
Dynamic fulfillment planning method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for enabling commuter groups
Method for assembling a component
Adaptive calibration for digital phase-locked loops
Visualization method of RNA pseudoknot structures
Privacy enhanced comparison of data sets
Method and apparatus for detecting the type of interface to which a peripheral device is connected
Signal navigation and label propagation in block diagrams
Image display system and control method therefor
Data processing system for keeping isolation between logical partitions
Graphical acquisition of an objective function
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium containing information processing program with rotary operation
System and method for providing metadata interaction and visualization with task-related objects
System and method for developing a print shop configuration
Image-forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus conducting an interpretation operation
Document administration system and document destruction apparatus
Ubiquitous installation and removal of RIP capabilities from PDL files
Multi-value property storage and query support
Application loader for support of version management
RFID food production, inventory and delivery management method for a restaurant
Method, apparatus and system for configuration-dependent control of furnishing information
Word-processing document stored in a single XML file that may be manipulated by applications that understand XML
Assessing mobile readiness of a page using a trained scorer
Direct call threaded code
Method and apparatus to facilitate the creating and altering of index objects on tables
Securing proprietary functions from scan access
Systems and methods for securing data in an electronic apparatus
System and method for tracing Tardos fingerprint codes
Method for repairing a speculative global history record
Selective hardware lock disabling
Multiple telemetry stream parsing and reconstruction system
Tape management method and tape management system
Virtual interrupt processing in a layered virtualization architecture
System for simulating mobile phone and method thereof
System and method for dynamically determining a portion of a resource for which a thread is to obtain a lock
Thread queuing method and apparatus
Seismic inversion of data containing surface-related multiples
Method for the design of a technology for the abrasive waterjet cutting of materials
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Method and apparatus for determining developer consumption, and image forming apparatus
Use of statistical data in estimating an appearing-object
Face authentication system and face authentication method
Method for dominant color setting of video region and data structure and method of confidence measure extraction
Method for deriving consistent, repeatable color measurements from data provided by a digital imaging device
Image-taking system
System and method for detecting defects in camera modules
Image control from composed composite image using HID signal conversion to source image coordinates
Optoelectronic force sensor
Method of modifying the region displayed within a digital image, method of displaying an image at plural resolutions, and associated device
Personalizing a video
Encoding apparatus, method, and computer product, for controlling intra-refresh
System and method for image white balance adjustment
Personal authentication system using biometrics information
Sales activity management system, server device, recording medium and computer data signal
Method of early case assessment in law suits
Techniques for minimizing nitrous oxide emissions and increasing certainty in generating, quantifying and verifying standardized environmental attributes relating to nitrous oxide
Mailing machine and initialization method
Social networking interactive shopping system
System and method for using voice over a telephone to access, process, and carry out transactions over the internet
Sending and receiving electronic business cards
Identifying items relevant to a current query based on items accessed in connection with similar queries
Consumer directed health plan (CDHP) and high deductible health plan (HDHP) counseling and information distribution
Methods and systems for classifying entities according to metrics of earnings quality
Computer implemented methods to manage the profitability of an insurance network
Video game with character parameters derived from other characters
Method and apparatus for massively multiplayer online games
Method of trading in real estate derivatives
Paid search engine bid management
Performing predictive pricing based on historical data
Systems and methods for providing ACH transaction notification and facilitating ACH transaction disputes
Method and system for creating a comprehensive undeliverable-as-addressed database for the improvement of the accuracy of marketing mailing lists
Medication reminder device
Systems for monitoring proximity to prevent loss or to assist recovery
Closure having RFID and foil
Illumination and detection architecture
Shear component breakage detection
Fallen conductor warning system having a disruption assembly
System and method for improving presentation skills
System and method for guiding the walking direction of the visually impaired using RFID blocks
Method of driving information display device
Method of driving information display panel
Reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus and substrate for reflection type liquid crystal display
System and method for driving light emitters of backlight module using current mixing
Image display device, image display method, image display program, recording medium containing image display program, and electronic apparatus
System and method for television control using hand gestures
Map display apparatus with scrolling text
Inertial input apparatus with six-axial detection ability and the operating method thereof
Single piece top surface display layer and integrated front cover for an electronic device
Multipoint, virtual control, and force based touch screen applications
Control board and display apparatus having the same
Snap to element analytical tool
Reproducing apparatus capable of reproducing picture data
Source color modification on a digital nonlinear editing system
Display device
Switching between input modes in a limited input device
Operating method for an automated language recognizer intended for the speaker-independent language recognition of words in different languages and automated language recognizer
Electronic devices and methods that adapt filtering of a microphone signal responsive to recognition of a targeted speaker's voice
Method, medium, and apparatus encoding scalable wideband audio signal
Data embedding device and data extraction device
Optical disk and optical recording/reproducing device
Method and apparatus for high speed optical recording
Disk drive to reduce head instability
Tray controlling method using firmware for detecting different inclined position
Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
Techniques for providing DC-free detection of DC equalization target
Timing recovery optimization using disk clock
Servo writer with retract capacitor for generating a VCM driving current during a power failure
Plant gain calibration for an optical storage servo system
Data storage medium reproducing device and method for reproducing data storage medium
Wobble channel clocking
Optical pickup apparatus
Transformer for determining the state of a variable resistive layer in a material stack
Optical device for holographic recording or reading and method for controlling the same
Nonvolatile memory comprising a circuit capable of memory life time recognizing
Sample-and-hold (S/H) circuit
Apparatus and method for recording data in information recording medium to which extra ECC is applied or reproducing data from the medium
Setting memory device VREF in a memory controller and memory device interface in a communication bus
Semiconductor memory device including write selectors
Method and apparatus for monitoring memory addresses
Impedance transformer and applications thereof
Inductive component and method for manufacturing an inductive component
Electric double-layer capacitor with a negative electrode containing a carbon material and a titanium oxide
MEMS device with bi-directional element
Apparatus for position recognition
Extendable swivel antenna
Mobile communication terminal
System and method for an integrated antenna in a cargo container monitoring and security system
Apparatus and method for covering integrated antenna elements utilizing composite materials
Power amplifier system and mobile phone terminal using same
Element independent routerless beamforming
Electromagnetically coupled end-fed elliptical dipole for ultra-wide band systems
Infra-red multi-wavelength laser source
Methods and apparatus for generating terahertz radiation
Electrical enclosure assembly having venting system
Power supply apparatus, power supply apparatus control method
Semiconductor device
Internally overlapped conditioners
Overcurrent limitation and output short-circuit protection circuit, voltage regulator using overcurrent limitation and output short-circuit protection circuit, and electronic equipment
Electric vehicle supply equipment with storage connector
Electric vehicle supply equipment
Systems and methods for ubiquitous charging
Switching power supply unit and method for setting switching frequency
Electric power unit for induction heating
Off-line converter with digital control
Surface mount crystal oscillator
OFDM receiving method and receiving apparatus
Distortion compensation apparatus
Audio power amplifier and a pre-amplifier thereof
Variable gain amplifier
Timing control circuit and semiconductor storage device
High speed receive equalizer architecture
Equalization system and method thereof
Semiconductor device
Receiver, receiving method, filter circuit, and control method
Method and apparatus for computing SIR of time varying signals in a wireless communication system
Supply-regulated phase-locked loop (PLL) and method of using
Middle layer of die structure that comprises a cavity that holds an alkali metal
Quadratic polynomial permutation (QPP) interleaver providing hardware savings and flexible granularity adaptable to any possible turbo code block size
Data decoding method and apparatus and receiver and communication system applying the same
Apparatus and method for lossless coding and decoding
Encoding/decoding of digital signals, especially in vector quantization with permutation codes
Method and system for creating an in-memory physical dictionary for data compression
Method and apparatus for timing estimation in a wireless communications system
Mast-based detachable controller device
Local wireless communications within a device
Rake receiver with individual finger compensator(s)
System and method for bandwidth management in ethernet-based fiber optic TDMA networks
High frequency signal optical transmission system and high frequency signal optical transmission method
Radio communication system, and transmitter, receiver, transmitting circuit, and receiving circuit used for the same
Pop sound prevention module and speaker apparatus thereof
Baseband controller in a micronetwork
Providing extended range modes as part of the 802.11n standard
Frequency separation for multiple bluetooth devices residing on a single platform
Interoperability between different types of wireless networks for push to talk group calls
Real-time formation of optimal power spectral density masks
Apparatus and method for modulating an amplitude, phase or both of a periodic signal on a per cycle basis
Mobile apparatus and method of timing synchronization
Incoherent type mimo UWB communication system
Communication control apparatus and communication control method
Adaptive mode transmitter for PAPR reduction and link optimization
Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving data streams with feedback information over a lossy network
Radio communication system, radio communication apparatus and method
Traffic control system, traffic control method, communication device and computer program
Systems and methods for transmit-only peak-to-average ratio reduction in the oversampled regime using reserved tones
Transmitting apparatus and method which transmit symbols in OFDM and receiving apparatus and method for use with OFDM communications
System and method for generating a visual representation of a wavelength division multiplexing optical network and nodes thereof
Wideband microwave and millimeter wave filters using photonic spectral filtering
Communication system and communication method using the same
Receiving apparatus for digital broadcasting signal and receiving/recording/reproducing apparatus thereof
Sample acquisition timing adjustment
Methods and systems for resizing multimedia content based on quality and rate information
Data transmission
System and method of network diagnosis
Network troubleshooting using path topology
Data transmitting apparatus and data receiving apparatus
Network apparatus for redundant multicast
High speed autotrucking
Method and apparatus for identifying network device corresponding to internet protocol address, and method and apparatus for allocating internet protocol address
Mobile communication control method and mobile communication system
Subscriber unit capable of switching between full-duplex and half-duplex modes during an on-going session
Ring authentication method for concurrency environment
Use and generation of a session key in a secure socket layer connection
Communication apparatus performing key feature extraction for cognitive radio system
Electronic apparatus
Personal communications processing system
Method of providing 911 service to a private branch exchange
Mobile station, mobile station communication control method, base station, and communication system
Device capability determination for a mobile device
Systems and methods for merchandising content to a second mobile telephone based on the content of a first mobile telephone
Transmission of database records between mobile communication terminals
Method and system for providing computer-network related information about a calling party
Virtual personal assistant for handling calls in a communication system
Mobile communication terminal having function of displaying communication state and method thereof
Document discarding system, document discarding device, document managing device, computer readable medium, and document discarding method
Arrangement for reading from and/or writing to flexible sheet media in a curved configuration and method
Light guide device and illumination module using the same
Image reading apparatus
Scanning device
Halftone dot formation method and apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for modifying printing based upon direct on-the-fly media characteristic parameters
System and method for generating video data for implicit coefficient prediction decoding
Photo sensor with a low-noise photo element, sub-linear response and global shutter
Solid-state image sensor and imaging apparatus using the same
Drive device and image stabilizer
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining the position of a moving object, by using visible light communication
Information recording ensuring compatibility with different types of recording media
Image recording apparatus capable of recording information associated with location upon image sensing together with sensed image data, and control method thereof
Digital broadcast receiving apparatus
Image capturing system, image capturing apparatus, and image capturing method
Rate control for multi-layer video design
Motion-compensated image signal interpolation using a weighted median filter
Image data processing device and image data processing method
Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus
System and method for estimating cell center position for cell ID based positioning
Method and apparatus for inspecting radio frequency identification tags
Systems and methods for RFID tag arbitration where RFID tags generate multiple random numbers for different arbitration sessions
Cap for retaining an audio system
IC chip type hearing aid module for mobile communication terminal
System for automatically determining cell transmitter parameters to facilitate the location of wireless devices
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing cellular handoff
Apparatus and method for reducing call set-up time for time-sensitive applications in a wireless network
Reducing mobile-terminated call set up by identifying and mitigating overlap between paging and system information broadcast
Electronic ballast with step up/down power factor correction DC-DC converter suitable for high input voltage applications
Illumination control system
Apparatus and method for heating containers
Wireless communication device
C-arm x-ray device having driven C-arm bearing rollers
Retaining device for PCI card
Round housings for virtual computing systems with stylesheets
Integrated mounting system for communication and surveillance infrastructures
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Process for production and subsequent ex vitro sowing and propagation of pre-germinated plant somatic embryos
Rawhide animal chew and method for producing same
Electric aquarium cleaning apparatus
Plasma-like solution
Tricyclic compounds for the inhibition of the ICE/ced-3 protease family of enzymes
Crop protection emulsifiable concentrate containing defoaming agents
Delivery system for cyclopropenes
Liquid laundry starch concentrate
Natural insect repellent
Synergistic composition of peracetic acid and amine oxide
Acrylamide and trialkylammonium salt copolymer, method for obtaining same and coated textile
Aspartic acid derivative-containing compositions and use thereof in stimulating and/or regulating plant and plant precursor growth
Fungicidal mixtures
Synergistic insecticidal mixtures
Fused-heterocycle dicarboxylic acid diamide derivatives or salts thereof, herbicide and usage thereof
Substituted p-trifluoromethylphenyluracils
Herbicidal imidazolidinetrione and thioxo-imidazolidinediones
Use of 5-amino-pyrazol-derivatives for combating micro-organisms
Fungicidal active substance combinations
Insecticidal compositions
Antimicrobial agents for eucaryotic microorganisms and methods of growth suppression of eucaryotic microorganisms using these agents
Pain relief composition and method of relieving pain
Herbal composition for enhancing sexual response
Use of tagetes minuta oil and its components as antiviral agents
Method and apparatus to form a toroid filled bagel dough product
Method for making a shelf-stable soft pretzel
Apparatus and method for forming casingless sausages
Administering bacteria to improve sleep
Microencapsulated oil or fat product
Fabric-less part and method of making same
Crystallization of sugars
Methods of preparation of gel products fortified with calcium
Soft chewable multivitamin tablet comprising separated active ingredients
Compositon containing medicinal herbs and young antlers of cornu cervi
Coating process applying a suspension syrup with a combination of hydrogenated isomaltulose materials
Liquid, transparent mixture based on lactitol
Caffeine coated chewing gum product and process of making
Production of .beta.-glucan-mannan preparations by autolysis of cells under certain pH, temperature and time conditions
Process for the production of nutritional products with microorganisms using sequential solid substrate and liquid fermentation
Cake-resistant, hygroscopically sensitive materials and process for producing the same
Flavor delivery system
Sweetener compositions containing aspartame and aspartame derivative
Stabilized annatto-caramel food colorant
Product and method to reduce stress induced immune suppression
Use of mixtures of active substances, containing phytostenols and/or phytostenol esters and potentiators, for the production of hypocholesterolemic agents
Method for the manufacture of footwear having a reinforced upper
Floor mat system for supporting heavy loads
Battery for powering a medical device having low magnetic susceptibility
Electromechanical driver device for use with anastomosing, stapling, and resecting instruments
Mold apparatus and kit for in situ tissue repair
Spinal vertebral implant
Milling tool for emptying the femoral medullary space and hip prosthesis to be inserted in the space created
Injection moldable feedstock including diamond particles for abrasive applications
Electromagnetic cardiac biostimulation
Dual cam trigger for a surgical instrument
Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling
Surgical instrument with a dissecting tip
Method of forming undercut in metal powder injection-molded article
Intra-vaginal device for pigs
Glass-like polysaccharide useful as absorbent for liquids
Registration system for phasing simultaneously advancing webs of material having variable pitch lengths
Vascular filter
System for, and method of, blocking the passage of emboli through a vessel
End sleeve coating for stent delivery
Expandable stent delivery sheath and method of use
Flexible expandable stent
Expandable vascular prosthesis
Intraocular lens implant having eye accommodating capabilities
Adjustable intraocular lens and method for its production
Posterior stabilized mobile bearing knee
Adjustable intervertebral implant
Posterior expandable fusion cage
Method and apparatus for forming a prosthetic socket
Self-forming prosthetic device and method of making the same
Self-adjusting prosthetic ankle apparatus
Prosthetic foot
Exoprosthesis for the human knee-joint
Manufacturing method for moxibusting implement of loess
Cartridge for the preparation of a solution for medical use
Methods for treating certain diseases using naaladase inhibitors
Methods and compositions for treating Raynaud's Phenomenon and scleroderma
Treatment using venlafaxine
Topically applied hoof treatment composition and concentrate
Guanidine derivatives, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Use of PARP inhibitors in the treatment of glaucoma
N-hydroxy-2-(alkyl, aryl, or heteroaryl sulfanyl, sulfinyl or sulfonyl)-3-substituted alkyl, aryl or heteroarylamides as matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Methods of treating chronic inflammatory diseases using carbonyl trapping agents
Angiogenesis inhibitors
Application of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin (TCDD) as a promoter blocker of cancer
Alkoxy substituted benzimidazole compounds, pharmaceutical preparations containing the same, and methods of using the same
Lavendamycin analogs, quinoline-5,8-diones and methods of using them
Substituted pyrimidine compounds and the use thereof
Combination regimens using progesterone receptor modulators
Method for controlling the plasma level of lipoproteins to treat alzheimeris disease
Indium photosensitizers for PDT
17-azolyl steroids useful as androgen synthesis inhibitors
Prevention of ovarian cancer by administration of a vitamin D compound
Triterpene compositions and methods for use thereof
Solid dispersion containing sialic acid derivative
Inhibition of thrombin-induced platelet aggregation by creatine kinase inhibitors
.beta.-L-2'-deoxy-nucleosides for the treatment of hepatitis B
Antiseptic packaged polyvinylpyrrolidone-cinnamic alcohol solid products and the like and method of preparing the same
Method for treatment of aging or damage skin
Transplantation of neural cells for the treatment of chronic pain or spasticity
Submucosa gel compositions
Use of angiotensin II type 2 receptor agonists in tissue repair
Methods of using inhibitors of cyclophilin rotamase activity to affect neurological activity
Compositions of trail and DNA damaging drugs and uses thereof
Use of GPR30 receptor ligands to mediate neurotrophic action
Hydrophobically-modified hedgehog protein compositions and methods
Treatment of alzheimer disease by modulation of synapsins
Composition and method for dermal and transdermal administration of a cytokine
HCG and derivatives as matrix metalloproteases inhibitors
Fatty acid-acylated insulin analogs
Angiostatin receptor
Methods and compositions for the treatment of keratoconus using protease inhibitors
Bacterial and synthetic polysaccharide immunomodulators that enhance general immunity
Methods for treating conditions and illnesses associated with abnormal vasculature
Method for treating pain
DASC compositions, process for preparing same and suspensions containing same
Compositions for rapid and non-irritating transdermal delivery of pharmaceutically active agents and methods for formulating such compositions and delivery thereof
Polymer grafting by polysaccharide synthases
Cyclohexane carbocyclic ester derivative and cyclodextrin complex and composition for treatment of helicobacter pylori infections
Diagnostic imaging of lymph structures
Hybrid botulinal neurotoxins
Galactopyranosides and their use
Combinations of PKC inhibitors and therapeutic agents for treating cancers
Lipid soluble steroid prodrugs
Dental paste-like porcelain
Color-changing dental compositions
Composite materials and adhesion promoters for dental applications
Plaster for removing comedones from the skin
Skin care compositions containing combination of skin care actives
Sunscreen compositions containing a dibenzoylmethane derivative
Method and compositions for changing the contour of skin
Hair treatment composition and method
Cosmetics with hydrofluoroether (HFE)
Moisturizing and long-wearing make-up composition
Shampoo compositions
Cleansing compositions
Bleaching composition for keratin fibers, comprising a combination of two polyurethane polyethers
Silicone polymer network compositions
Use of certain fatty acid/amino acid soaps to enhance antimicrobial effectiveness of topically administrable pharmaceutical compositions
Effervescent laxatives
Drug delivery devices, and methods of use
Pharmaceutical composition comprising fenofibrate
Process for preparing fat soluble beadlets
Method of producing submicron particles of a labile agent and use thereof
Solid borate-diol interaction products for use in wounds
Water-soluble adhesive compositions
Hydrophilic resin, absorbent article, and acrylic acid for polymerization
Ion-sensitive, water-dispersible polymers, a method of making same and items using same
Autologous fibrin sealant and method for making the same
Reinforced matrices
Self assembling monolayer compositions
Lubricated catheter balloon
Centrifugal blood pump apparatus
Apparatus and method for changing critical brain activity using light and sound
Photomatrix device
Bioenergy instrument
Biocidal compositions
Canelo products and methods of making and using same
Agent for eliminating heavy metals comprising a phosphate compound
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid chromatography column
Organic waste removal from process streams
System for recovering glycol from glycol/brine streams
Fuel filter system with water bleed and water trap
Apparatus for treating gas containing substance to be decomposed and method of treating its gas
Semidry removal of SO2 in circulating reactor
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
Method and device for the simultaneous production of acid and base of high purity
Process for isolation of dicarboxylic acids and hydroxycarboxlic acids
Apparatus for purification of water area
Aqueous, pumpable fluids from solid carbonaceous materials
Treatment of contaminated liquids with oxidizing gases and liquids
Process for preparation of gas containing vesicles
Encapsulated chemicals for use in controlled time release applications and methods
Reduction of encrustation of crystallization processes
Microstamping activated polymer surfaces
Electrochemical solid phase synthesis of polymers
Flow cell for synthesis of arrays of DNA probes and the like
System and method for treating sanitary wastewater for on-site disposal
Process for producing Mg-containing no-Al anionic clay
Surface modification of solid supports through the thermal decomposition and functionalization of silanes
Sorbent composition and apparatus for removing oil or oily substances from water, and process of manufacturing said composition
VPSA process using adsorbent materials
Polymerization of olefins
Purified attapulgite clay
Porous titania, catalyst comprising the porous titania
Purification device for gases
Manganese-based oxygen reduction catalyst, metal-air electrode including said catalyst and methods for making the same
Reactor for two-phase reactions, in particular for urea synthesis at high pressure and temperature
Olefin polymerization process for producing broad MWD polymers
Water conditioning unit control valve
Autothermal reformer
Method of moving fluid in a microfluidic device
Method of moving and detecting fluid in a microfluidic device
Microfluidic devices and methods for separation
Magnetic oil filtering apparatus
Method for setting automatic gun triggering parameters in automated spray coating systems
Masking tape
Method of fabricating microelectromechanical and microfluidic devices
Article comprising a diffuser with flow control features
Process and device for spraying a moving fibrous web
Multistage spin type substrate processing system
Powder coating method and apparatus
Apparatus for coating photoreceptor devices
Method for the surface coating of an interior fitting and interior fitting produced according thereto
Apparatus and method for coating sheet or strip articles
Method of applying glue simultaneously to two facing, adjacent disc surfaces
Functionalization of substrate surfaces with silane mixtures
Reversibly, non-covalent bound surface coating
Photo film coating method for coating web-shaped base material
Building panel and manufacturing method thereof
Compositions containing solids
Production of antiadhesive coatings on web form substrates
Method of cleaning a semiconductor substrate
Radioactive decontamination
Candida maltosa used for the bio-degradation of petroleum product pollutants
Reticulated foam structures
Composite part containing metallic foam and method for producing said composite part
Production method of anisotropic rare earth magnet powder
Method for manufacturing hollow spaces in metallic workpieces
Semiconductor device mounting jig and method of mounting semiconductor device
Method of building a tire having a segmented belt
Process and apparatus for producing endless laminated veneer boards
Method of preserving plywood and particle board against decay and mould
Dicing tape and a method of dicing a semiconductor wafer
Recycling process for vehicle tires
Hollow containers having a very thin inert or impermeable inner surface layer by coating the inside surface of the preform
Process for producing holographic material
Conveyorized vacuum injection system
Stabilizer combination for the rotomolding process
Method for capturing stretched fabrics in carrier frames
Method of making rotatable rolls of plastic material
Mandrel structure for use in manufacture of cellulose food casing
Continuous preparation of a liquid silicone rubber composition
In-line compounding/extrusion deposition and molding apparatus and method of using the same
Handled plastic container
Process for the manufacturing of an article of plastic material
Apparatus and method for blow moulding two thermoplastic sheets with the use of pneumatic operable membranes which close the mould halfs
Blow mold shell and shell assembly
Method of fabricating a removable mandrel for filament winding containers
Breathable films and method for making
Process of roughening thermoplastic films and roughed plastic films
Method of resin molding
Molds for use in contact lens production
Enhancement of an unused protective coating
Retention barrier system
Use of a laser-sensitive coating for the production of a laser-inscribable sheet of glass
PVOH-based coating solutions
Impact resistant protective multilayer film
Decorative film for use in plastics molding, process for preparing the same and injection-molded part by use of the same
Air bag and base cloth therefor
Acrylic resin laminated film
Hot melt calendered or extruded wear layer for embossed substrates and method of manufacture
Needle board for a device for needling a web
Optical devices and their method of assembly
Heat blocker
Flexible corrosion-inhibiting cover for a metallic object
Thermoplastic multi-layer composite structure
Anionic infrared-ray absorbing agent, photosensitive composition and planographic printing plate precursor using same
Method for remote plasma deposition of fluoropolymer films
Method for manufacturing gravure-transfer-coated steel plate
Security features
Recording substrates for ink jet printing
Non-liquid alcohol substitute composition for lithographic fountain solutions
Microwave bookbinder tape
Wood floor refinishing process and product
Concrete display device and method of making
Apparatus for making molds for thermoforming a three-dimensional relief reproduction
Process and making molds for thermoforming a three-dimensional relief reproduction
Silica-filled tire tread stocks having reduced hysteresis
Modified carbon black, process for producing the modified carbon black, rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Method for bonding an active tag to a patch and a tire
Pressure-sensitive adhesive fabric tape for wire harness bundling
Airbag coatings providing improved thermal resistance
Durable refractory ceramic coating
Method in a treatment process of a paper web and treatment device for a paper web
Process of fabricating electronic microcomponent of the variable capacitor or microswitch type
Method to make gas permeable shell for MEMS devices with controlled porosity
Semiconductor sensor device and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for recovering as sulfur the compounds H2S, SO2, COS and/or CS2 in a tail gas from a sulfur plant
Hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and process for producing same
Methanol, olefin, and hydrocarbon synthesis process
Graphite particles and lithium secondary battery using the same as negative electrode
Composition and method of forming low-carbon, amorphous siliceous ash from siliceous waste material
Zeolite ZSM-11 and a process for preparing zeolite ZSM-11 using a 3,5-dimethylpiperidinium templating agent
Method of preparing barium fluoroiodide, iodine-containing barium fluorohalide phosphor, and radiation image conversion panel
Red-tinged bismuth vanadate pigments
Water quality meter and water quality monitoring system
Timing of spa water treatment
System and method for improved treatment of wastewater
Process for rendering waste from electric furnace production of phosphorus non-hazardous
Method of treating waste water for removing nitrogen and phosphorus and apparatus therefor
Water soluble copolymers
Method of making photonic band gap fibers
Method for manufacturing ceramic electronic device
Rare earth element-halide environments in oxyhalide glasses
Insulator composition, insulator paste and laminated electronic part
Process for preparing pulverulent polymers by drying aqueous polymer dispersions
Method of producing polyetherester monomer and cement dispersants
High temperature superconductor having low superconducting anisotropy and method for producing the superconductor
Piezoelectric ceramic and manufacturing method therefor
Thin film dielectric composite materials
Method of producing a thick film metallization on an aluminum nitride substrate
Si-SiC material and SiC fiber-reinforced Si-SiC composite material
High strength light-weight ceramic insulator
Open-cell glass crystalline porous material
Decorative dye colorant for natural stone
Thermal/environmental barrier coating for silicon-containing materials
Process for the production of cement clinker in the rotary kiln intake chamber
Perforated propellant and method of manufacturing same
Reaction of alkenes with epoxides, the products thereof and their use as fragrance compounds
Fused 7-oxo-pyrimidinyl compounds, preparation, composition and use thereof
Supported catalyst system, method for the production and use thereof in olefin polymerization
Amino alcohol derivatives, method of producing said derivatives and medicaments containing them
Aminoadamantane derivatives as therapeutic agents
1,3-disubstituted ureas as ACAT inhibitors, and method of preparing thereof
.alpha.- and .beta.-amino acid hydroxyethylamino sulfamic acid derivatives useful as retroviral protease inhibitors
Compounds having reversible inhibiting activity of carnitine palmitoyl-transferase
Methods for the production of sulfurized diphenyloxides and compositions made therefrom
Heteroethylene compounds and pharmaceutical and cosmetic compositions containing same
Process for the recovery and purification of cyclobutanone
Stable hyperforin salts, method for producing same and their use in the treatment of alzheimer's disease
Apparatus comprising furnaces, reactors or conduits used in applications requiring anti-coking properties and novel steel compositions
Process for the codimerization of polyunsaturated fatty substances and olefins by iron complexes
Process for recovering statin compounds from a fermentation broth
Ester compounds, polymers, resist composition and patterning process
Pyrrolidine compounds
Benzylpiperazinyl and piperidinyl ethanone derivatives: dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Synthetic compounds for treatment of inflammation
4-alkyl and 4-cycloalkyl derivatives of dihydropyridine NPY antagonists
Reduction compositions and processes for making the same
Process for production of piperidine derivatives
N-(4-sulfonylaryl)Cyclylamine 2-hydroxyethylamines as beta-3 adrenergic receptor agonists
Crystals of piperidine derivatives, intermediates for production of the same, and process for producing the same
Process for the preparation of 3-substituted 4-phenyl-piperidine derivative
Method for producing heteroaromatic aldehydes
Liquid crystal propene or propenyl nitrile derivatives
Method for preparing 1-alkyl-pyrazol-5-carboxylic acid esters III
Linezolid-crystal form II
Production method of isoxazolidinedione compound
Process for the preparation of an oxazolidinecarboxylic acid which is useful for preparing therapeutically active taxoids
Benzothiophenes, benzofurans, and indoles useful in the treatment of insulin-resistance and hyperglycemia
Polyethoxylated ascorbic acid derivatives as a novel antioxidant and process for preparing thereof
Electron acceptors for polymeric thin film waveguide media
Process for the preparation of tocol acylates and tocopherol acylates
Therapeutic heterocycles
Substituted imidazole neuropeptide Y Y5 receptor antagonists
Styryl benzimidazole derivatives
N-ureidoalkyl-piperidines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Cyclic AMP-specific phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Pyrazinones, compositions containing such compounds and methods of use
Pyrazole derivatives P38 MAP kinase inhibitors
Heterocyclic derivatives and their use as antithrombotic agents
Optically active epoxy compound
4-phenyl-4-heteroarylpiperidine derivatives
Compounds and compositions with nitrogen-containing non-basic side chains
5-membered heteroaryl substituted 1,4-dihydropyridine compounds as bradykinin antagonists
Intermediate compounds in the preparation of farnnesyl transferase inhibiting 1,8-annelated quinolinone derivatives substituted with N-or C linked imidazoles
Process for the manufacture of camptothecin derivatives
Pyridyl alkane acid amides as cytostatics and immunosuppressives
Triazolopyridazine Derivatives for treating anxiety and enhancing cognition
Amine salts of an integrin receptor antagonist
Optically active 5H-pyrrolo[3,4-b]pyrazine derivative, its preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Methods of making cross-bridged macropolycycles
Deprotection processes
Detection and treatment of duplex polynucleotide damage
Metallocene compounds, process for their preparation and their use in catalytic systems for the polymerization of olefins
Methods, complexes, and system for forming metal-containing films
Processes and intermediates for preparing substituted chromanol derivatives
Titanocene synthesis
Purification of methylsilanes
Process for the preparation of phosphites
Synthesis and antiviral activity of a series of pyrophosphate analogs
Leishmaniasis remedy containing glucopyranose derivative as the active ingredient
Antiviral phosphonate nucleotides
Nucleosides comprising polydentate ligands
Methods for identifying herbicidal agents that inhibit D1 protease
Base analogues
Purification and stabilization of peptide and protein pharmaceutical agents
Method of producing a recombinant non-glycosylated gp90 of equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV), and product thereof
Purification of a pertussis outer membrane protein
Calcium binding proteolipid compositions and methods
Genes encoding mycobacterial proteins associated with cell binding and cell entry and uses thereof
Live vaccine against Brucellosis
Compounds for therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer and methods for their use
Peptidoglycan recognition proteins
Neurogenic differentiation gene neurod3 and methods for inducing differentiation of cells
Cloning and characterization of a cdc15-like adaptor protein (CD2BP1)
TMPRSS2 is a tumor suppressor
Ndr2-related proteins
Processed polypeptides with IL-16 activity, processes for their production and their use
Ion exchange chromatography of GLP-1, analogs and derivatives thereof
CTLA4-C.gamma.4 fusion proteins
Human G-coupled protein receptor kinases and polynucleotides encoding the same
Vanilloid receptor-2
Method for the preparation of a protein by yeasts using an inducible system, vectors and correspondence transformed strains
CD16-II variants
Anticoagulant peptide fragments derived from apolipoprotein B-100
Methods of increasing myotube formation or survival or muscle cell mitogenesis, differentiation or survival using a neuregulin
Preparation of milk fat globule membranes in tablet or capsule form
Methods for generating polynucleotides having desired characteristics by iterative selection and recombination
Methods and compositions for inhibiting CD14 mediated cell activation
Immunotherapy of tumor with monoclonal antibody against the 17-1A antigen
Thrombin inhibitors
Method of isolating a peptide which immunologically mimics microbial carbohydrates including group B streptococcal carbohydrates and the use thereof in a vaccine
Glycopeptide derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Crosslink-stabilized indolicidin analogs
Isolated asgal lipopolysaccharides and use of same to inhibit innate immune response
Trifunctional olefinic-capped polymers and compositions that include such polymers
Aluminum complexes for olefin polymerization
Supported catalyst system for polymerizing alk-1-enes
Mixed metal alkoxide and cycloalkadienyl catalysts for the production of polyolefins
Catalyst solution for the polymerization of .alpha.-olefins
Supported catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Method for producing expandable polystyrene particles
Method for retarded anionic polymerization
Anionic polymerization process
Supercritical fluid pressure sensitive adhesive polymers and their preparation
Aqueous dispersions of particles of polymers with a glass transition temperature gradient
Preparing aqueous polymer dispersions
Crosslinked micellar gel composition
Method for producing carrier-borne catalysts
Acrylic acid-maleic acid copolymer (or its salt), its production process and use, and production process for aqueous maleic salt solution with low impurity content
Making polyolefin graft copolymers with low molecular weight side chains using a polymeric peroxide as an initiator
Monovinylidene aromatic polymers with improved toughness and rigidity and a process for their preparation
Contact printable adhesive composition and methods of making thereof
Heat stable emulsions
Preparation of vinyl-containing macromers
Conjugated diene/monovinylarene block copolymers blends
Production of polyisobutylene copolymers
Preparation of W/O emulsions
Method of reducing the content of residual monomers in aqueous polymer dispersions
Dispersion-controlled polymers for broad band fiber optic devices
Process for producing vinyl alcohol polymer composition
Process for the production of uretdione polyisocyanates with improved monomer stability
Aqueous polyurethane dispersions containing pendant amide groups and their use in one-component thermoset compositions
Weathering-stable, radiation-curable polyurethanes
Two-component coating compositions containing silane adhesion promoters
Aquerous urea for fire control
Open-cell rigid polyurethane foams
Single-packaged epoxy resin coating composition
Process for making pre-gels for a cross-linked branched polyester
Polyester resin intermediate compositions and preparation and uses thereof
Curable composition
Method of preparing a poly(arylene ether), and a poly(arylene ether) prepared thereby
Wax crystal modifiers (LAW657)
Production process for ethylenimine polymer aqueous solution
Melt-processible semicrystalline block copolyimides
Process for production of optical material
Organic polymers
Method for producing crystalline methacrylic resin and plastic foam
Adhesive compositions and methods of use thereof
Polymer electrolyte membrane assembly for fuel cells
Polymer electrolyte membranes for use in fuel cells
Foamed polyester resins with flame retardant properties
Foam materials and high internal phase emulsions made using oxidatively stable emulsifiers
Foaming compositions and methods for making and using the compositions
Modeling lightweight dough
Semi-conductive silicone rubber composition
Water-dispersed polymer stabilizer
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS molding materials
Oil resistant compositions
Polyamide resin composition
Polyolefin/clay nanocomposites and process for the preparation thereof
Rubber vulcanizates having improved ageing properties
Surface-modified flame retardants containing an organic silicon composition, their use, and process for their preparation
Hyperbranched amphiphilic polymeric additives and polymer compositions with increased surface energy
Flame retardant polyolefin composition
Propylene polymers for fibers and fabrics
Rubber compositions containing ground curing bladder rubber
Method of preparing thermoplastic random copolymer composition containing zinc oxide and aminosiloxane
Polyester molding composition
Thermosetting anti-reflective coatings for full-fill dual damascene process
Biaxially oriented polyester film with improved dyeability
Polyester-polyamide blends with reduced gas permeability and low haze
Polymer blends with improved impact resistance
Modified asphalt
Rollable asphaltic protection course
Mixture of a vegetable residue and a water-absorbing polymer product
Coloring material, coloring material for color filter, display device and liquid crystal display device
Water-soluble fiber-reactive dyes preparation thereof and use thereof
Reactive black dye compositions for cellulose fibers
Phase change ink carrier compositions containing anhydride/amino alcohol-based adducts
Ink jet ink composition
Aqueous ink jet inks for use with commercial offset media and offset ink
Water washable lithographic newspaper printing ink
Water based offset lithographic printing ink
Increasing the self-polishing properties of antifouling paints
Slurry for CMP and CMP method
Free abrasive slurry compositions
Ultraviolet-curing composition, optical disk, and method of producing optical disk
Polymeric fluorescent substance and polymer light-emitting device using the same
Semiconductor processing methods, methods of forming hemispherical grain polysilicon, methods of forming capacitors, and methods of forming wordlines
Sweetening of sour crudes
Process scheme for sequentially hydrotreating-hydrocracking diesel and vacuum gas oil
Process for sulfur reduction in naphtha streams
Poly(neopentyl polyol) ester based coolants and improved additive package
Lubricant composition
Friction modified lubricants
High viscosity overbased sulfonate detergent and marine cylinder oils containing same
Lubricating oil composition
Grease composition for steering of motorcars
Method of manufacturing gel candles having non-metal core wicks
Cleaning system including a liquid cleaning composition disposed in a water soluble container
Molten mix process for making synthetic bar composition having higher levels of soap while retaining good finishing properties
Bleaching compositions
Liquid dish cleaning compositions containing hydrogen peroxide
Dishwashing detergent product having a ultraviolet light resistant bottle
Granular laundry detergent compositions comprising zwitterionic polyamines
Liquid cleaning composition having an improved preservative system
Incubation system for an analyzer apparatus
Apparatus having pitted or cratered inner surface for culturing biological material and methods thereof
Production of human mutated proteins in human cells by means of homologous recombination
Antisense modulation of E2F transcription factor 2 expression
Antinsense modulation of Her-1 expression
Antisense modulation of helicase-moi expression
Antisense compositions for detecting and inhibiting telomerase reverse transcriptase
Transformation-enhancing compositions and methods of use
Methods for altering the rate of plant development and plants obtained therefrom
Method for increasing the gene expression of saccharose synthase
Mitogen-activated protein kinase P38-2 and methods of use therefor
Polymerase enhancing factor (PEF) extracts, PEF protein complexes, isolated PEF proteins, and methods for purifying and identifying same
Ribonuclease III from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Process for preparing amides
Process for producing isoflavone aglycone-containing composition
Large-scale production of polyphenols or polyaromatic amines using enzyme-mediated reactions
D-sorbitol dehydrogenase gene
Mixed oxide nanoparticles and method of making
Microbial production of actinol
Electrochemical method for measuring chemical reaction rates
Test strip for determining dialysate composition
FVIIa/TF activity inhibiting compounds
Production and use of normalized DNA libraries
Gene coding for DNA ligase of hyperthermophilic bacteria Aquifex pyrophilus and protein expressed therefrom
Cloned DNA polymerases from Thermotoga neapolitana
Computer method and system for correlating data
Polymorphisms in a diacylglycerol acyltransferase gene, and methods of use thereof
Methods for detecting intermolecular interactions in vivo and in vitro
Heat shielding apparatus for vertical continuous annealing furnace
Refined magnesium material and method for producing the same
Apparatus for producing high-purity silver materials
Compositions and single-crystal articles of hafnium-modified and/or zirconium-modified nickel-base superalloys
Product for a welded construction made of AlMgMn alloy having improved mechanical strength
High toughness plate alloy for aerospace applications
Method for producing high silicon steel, and silicon steel
Alloy for use in preparation of R-T-B-based sintered magnet and process for preparing R-T-B-based sintered magnet
Grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Method of manufacturing a grain-oriented electromagnetic steel sheet
Preparation of a nickle-based superalloy article containing a reactive element and having a decarburized surface and coating
Slurry compositions for diffusion coatings
Metallic article having a protective coating and a method of applying a protective coating to a metallic article
Device for vacuum coating slide bearings
Ionizing sputtering method
Apparatus for depositing CdS and CdTe layers on substrates by means of a CSS process
Method and apparatus for thin film deposition using an active shutter
Hollow cathode sputter source
Sputtering target having an annular vault
Metals recovery system
Method of chemical-vapor deposition of a material
Method for depositing amorphous silicon thin films onto large area glass substrates by chemical vapor deposition at high deposition rates
Modified susceptor for use in chemical vapor deposition process
Chemistry for chemical vapor deposition of titanium containing films
Metal complexes with chelating C-, N-donor ligands for forming metal-containing films
Method for liquid delivery CVD utilizing alkane and polyamine solvent compositions
Chamber liner for high temperature processing chamber
Thermal treatment apparatus, semiconductor device fabrication apparatus, load-lock chamber, and method of fabricating semiconductor device
Dual fritted bubbler
Gas injection system for chemical vapor deposition device
Gas distribution plate
Three-dimensional showerhead apparatus
Construction of a film on a semiconductor wafer
Thermal processing unit and thermal processing method
Silicon oxide film, method of forming the silicon oxide film, and apparatus for depositing the silicon oxide film
Method for processing substrates using gaseous silicon scavenger
Inductively coupled RF plasma reactor having an antenna adjacent a window electrode
Method of monitoring power supplied to heat a substrate
Method for producing a titanium monophosphide layer and its use
Corrosion resistant component of semiconductor processing equipment and method of manufacturing thereof
Method for enhancing the solderability of a surface
Thermal barrier coating applied with cold spray technique
Anodic oxide layer and ceramic coating for aluminum alloy excellent in resistance to gas and plasma corrosion
Roughened bond coats for a thermal barrier coating system and method for producing
Micro-etch solution for producing metal surface topography
Method for decontaminating a surface of a component
Structures and methods of manufacture for gas diffusion electrodes and electrode components
Gas diffusion electrode and application to catalyzed electrochemical processes
Manufacturing method of electrodeposited copper foil
Conductive biasing member for metal layering
Electrolytic copper plating method
Charging material and holding system for the charging material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and process for spinning polymeric filaments
Splittable multicomponent fibers containing a polyacrylonitrile polymer component
Process for producing chopped carbon fibers
Durable hydrophilic nonwoven mat for rechargable alkaline batteries
Thermochromic acrylic synthetic fiber, its processed article, and process for producing thermochromic acrylic synthetic fiber
Trichromatic fiber dyeing processes and compositions thereof
Lyocell fibers produced from kraft pulp having low average degree of polymerization values
Foam process web production with foam dilution
Method of producing a paper having a three-dimensional pattern and paper produced by the method
Papermaking apparatus with variable pulse turbulation blades
Process of recycling fillers and coating pigments from the preparation of paper, paperboard and cardboard
Structurally rigid nonionic and anionic polymers as retention and drainage aids in papermaking
Sizing composition
Apparatus for applying a liquid or viscid coating medium onto a moving fiber material web
Fixed Constructions
Method of treating a pavement surface and apparatus for performing such method
Method and device for cleaning railtrack grooves
Vacuum IG window unit with spacers between first and second edge seals
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process and device for the catalytic cleaning of the exhaust gas from a combustion plant
Composite material with a high proportion of intermetallic phases, preferably for friction bodies
Hydrogen storage unit
Perforated faced insulation assembly
Heated trough for molten aluminum
Flexible silicon strain gage
Apparatus for the treatment for specimens
Luminescence assay using cyclical excitation wavelength sequence
Straight line defect detection tool
Method for measuring component of a gaseous emission
Method of filling a microchannel separation column
Ion chromatography apparatus and method for removing gas prior to sample detection
Atmospheric ozone concentration detector
Bilge water processing system with remote monitoring and control
Microfluidic system for measurement of total organic carbon
Reticulocyte containing complete blood control
Test-device for threshold glucose detection in urine
Detection of 2-methylisoborneol by monoclonal antibody production
Storage-stable particle, in particular carrier for carrier-bound reactions, and methods of producing said particle
Assay method for detecting 5-HT2B antagonists
Evacuated container assembly for analysis of a blood sample for the presence or absence of rare events
Water-soluble fluorescent nanocrystals
Method of detection of cardiac ischemia using fatty acid binding protein
Sample processing system
Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Optical compensation sheet, liquid crystal display device, and liquid crystal composition
Bus bar application method
Plate for liquid crystal display, method and polymeric compositions
J-association body orientated dispersion film and a method for producing the same
Color photographic element with improved developability
Black and white graphic arts film
Silver halide light-sensitive material containing a specific dye
Photograph backing method, backing material and its bonding apparatus
Ascorbic acid developing compositions stabilized with sulfo compound and methods of use
Photographic element containing cyan dye-forming coupler
Photographic element with dye-forming coupler and stabilizing compound
Electron beam flood exposure technique to reduce the carbon contamination
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer using a mask that has several regions with different scattering ability
Non absorbing reticle and method of making same
High silicon content monomers and polymers suitable for 193 nm bilayer resists
Photosensitive compositions and pattern formation method
Waterborne photoresists for use in manufacture of printed circuit boards
Negative-working photoresist composition
Pattern formation material and method
Method for manufacturing a mask
Modification of mask layout data to improve mask fidelity
Manufacturing method of mask for electron beam proximity exposure and mask
Method and apparatus of producing partial-area mask data files
Methods for achieving reduced effects of overlayer and subfield-stitching errors in charged-particle-beam microlithography, and device manufacturing methods comprising such microlithography methods
Coating and developing method
Method of improving photoresist profile
Method of making differently sized vias and lines on the same lithography level
Method and apparatus for manufacturing printed wiring board
Image receiving sheet and method of forming OHP image
Electrophotosensitive material and method of producing the same
Image bearing material, electrophotographic photoreceptor using the image bearing material, and image forming apparatus using the photoreceptor
Process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member and electrophotographic photosensitive member
Photoconductive imaging members
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image, two-component developer and image-forming process
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image
Method for forming photoresist pattern and manufacturing method of magnetoresistive effect thin-film magnetic head
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium comprising a support containing a specific size filler and having a specific concentration of surface protrusions
Nuclear fuel reprocessing using hydrophilic substituted hydroxylamines
Carbon fiber electrical contacts
FE-B-R based permanent magnet having corrosion-resistant film, and process for producing the same
High Q inductor with Cu damascene via/trench etching simultaneous module
Process for making and using titanium oxide particles
Filming process for electrophotographic screen (EPS) formation
Physical vapor deposition reactor including magnet to control flow of ions
Fabrication of field emitting tips
Apparatus and method for removing a bonded lid from a substrate
Dielectric films and methods of forming same
Positive-working photoresist composition
Anti-reflective coatings and methods regarding same
Two stage transfer molding method to encapsulate MMC module
Plasma etching system
Method of preparing a capacitor on integrated circuit device containing isolated dielectric material
Device structure for storing charge and method therefore
Method of making a non-volatile memory and semiconductor device
Split-mold and method for manufacturing semiconductor device by using the same
Method for establishing ultra-thin gate insulator using anneal in ammonia
Methods of forming low resistivity titanium silicide structures
Metal gate stack with etch stop layer having implanted metal species
Semi-insulating diffusion barrier for low-resistivity gate conductors
Self-aligned silicide process for reduction of Si consumption in shallow junction and thin SOI electronic devices
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Plasma etch method for forming composite silicon/dielectric/silicon stack layer
Plasma etch method incorporating inert gas purge
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device capable of expelling argon gas
Method for producing liquid crystal display and method for cleaning substrate
Substrate-cleaning method and substrate-cleaning solution
Fabricating electrical metal fuses without additional masking
Method and apparatus for etching silicon
Methods for removing silicon-oxy-nitride layer and wafer surface cleaning
Low dielectric materials and methods of producing same
Interfacial oxidation process for high-k gate dielectric process integration
Method for forming a capacitor in a mixed mode circuit device by ion implantation
Method for forming capacitor of semiconductor device
Semiconductor devices and methods for same
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having increased breakdown voltage
Method for forming a bitline contact via within a memory cell structure
Method for forming solder bumps for flip-chip bonding by using perpendicularly laid masking strips
Nickel alloy films for reduced intermetallic formation in solder
Process for fabricating an integrated circuit with a self-aligned contact
AB etch endpoint by ABFILL compensation
Method for forming a trench capacitor
Method for fabricating bipolar transistors
Integrated circuit and method
Semiconductor chip assembly with bumped molded substrate
Method of reducing carbon, sulphur, and oxygen impurities in a calcium-doped copper surface and semiconductor device thereby formed
Method for reducing contamination prior to epitaxial growth and related structure
Fabrication of improved low-k dielectric structures
Method for forming a copper interconnect using a multi-platen chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) process
Formation of nanometer-size wires using infiltration into latent nuclear tracks
Method of making borderless contact having a sion buffer layer
Method of etching doped silicon dioxide with selectivity to undoped silicon dioxide with a high density plasma etcher
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Dielectric films for narrow gap-fill applications
Surface treatment of low-K SiOF to prevent metal interaction
Method for fabricating a snapable multi-package array substrate, snapable multi-package array and snapable packaged electronic components
Method and apparatus for reducing BGA warpage caused by encapsulation
Process of packaging a semiconductor device with reinforced film substrate
Method to reduce emitter to base capacitance and related structure
Junction formation with diffusion barrier for silicide contacts and method for forming
Method of reducing the conductivity of a semiconductor and devices made thereby
N-type buried layer drive-in recipe to reduce pits over buried antimony layer
Method of forming a copper diffusion barrier
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor memory device using hemispherical grain silicon
Thermal processing of semiconductor devices
Process for fabricating MOS semiconductor transistor
Bitline diffusion with halo for improved array threshold voltage control
Disposable spacer technology for device tailoring
Methods of forming integrated circuitry and methods of forming elevated source/drain regions of a field effect transistor
Process for producing semiconductor thin film devices using group 14 element and high temperature oxidizing treatment to achieve a crystalline silicon film
Thin film transistor (TFT) structure with planarized gate electrode
SOI semiconductor device opening implantation gettering method
Fabrication process for thin film transistors in a display or electronic device
Method and apparatus for extending fatigue life of solder joints in a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for controlling a plating process
Process for making fine pitch connections between devices and structure made by the process
Method for producing a shallow trench isolation filled with thermal oxide
Semiconductor apparatus and method for fabricating the same
Method for forming lining oxide in shallow trench isolation incorporating pre-annealing step
Method and manufacturing a device separation film in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating ESD protection device by using the same photolithographic mask for both the ESD implantation and the silicide blocking regions
Dual metal gate transistors for CMOS process
CMOS output circuit with enhanced ESD protection using drain side implantation
Method for fabricating a memory device with a floating gate
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor
Method for vertically integrating active circuit planes and vertically integrated circuit produced using said method
Simplified process for defining the tunnel area in non-aligned, non-volatile semiconductor memory cells
Method of manufacturing a flash memory device with an antidiffusion region between well regions
Semiconductor processing methods of forming a contact opening
Method of manufacturing a multi-layered wiring structure for interconnecting semiconductor devices by patterning resist and antireflective films to define wiring grooves
Method and product for improved use of low k dielectric material among integrated circuit interconnect structures
Method for forming stepped contact hole for semiconductor devices
Process for alloying damascene-type Cu interconnect lines
Process for fabricating a semiconductor device with improved step coverage and reliability of a lower aluminum line
Method of making a slot via filled dual damascene structure with a middle stop layer
Method of forming a damascene structure using a sacrificial conductive layer
Method of forming dual conductive plugs
Dual-rie structure for via/line interconnections
Method of making semiconductor package with heat spreader
Thermal paste preforms as a heat transfer media between a chip and a heat sink and method thereof
Method for improving integrated circuits bonding firmness
Method for forming strapless anti-fuse structure
Methods of forming and programming junctionless antifuses
Wiring structure of thin film transistor array and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming an aluminum protection guard structure for a copper metal structure
Prevention of die loss to chemical mechanical polishing
Three dimensional IC package module
Micro-flex technology in semiconductor packages
Low triggering N MOS transistor for ESD protection working under fully silicided process without silicide blocks
Method of forming conductive layers in the trenches or through holes made in an insulating film on a semiconductors substrate
Laser tailoring retrograde channel profile in surfaces
Multilayer ZnO polycrystallin diode
Method of operation of punch-through field effect transistor
Method for manufacturing a nonvolatile memory
High performance poly-si1-xgex thin film transistor and a method of fabricating such a thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing silicon thin film devices using laser annealing in a hydrogen mixture gas followed by nitride formation
Method to improve nitride floating gate charge trapping for NROM flash memory device
Single electron device using ultra-thin metal film and method for fabricating the same
Selective oxide deposition in the bottom of a trench
Composite semiconductor devices and method for manufacture thereof
Organic luminescent device material, organic luminescent device using the same, and tetraarylmethane compound
Adhesive for battery, battery using the same and method of fabricating the same
Low impedance folded polymeric laminate rechargeable battery and method of making
Liquid electrolyte solution including a halogenated and aliphatic polyolefin dissolved therein and secondary battery
Electrolytes having improved low temperature performance
Electrochemical cell activated with a nonaqueous electrolyte having a sulfate additive
Gelled polymer electrolyte lithium secondary cell
Lithium battery with secondary battery separator
Sealed nickel-metal hydride storage cell
Battery unit which can detect an abnormal temperature rise of at least one of a plurality of cells
Integrated sealed secondary battery
Spotweld and snap fixture for battery housing
Battery sealing plate coated with protective film and battery sealed with the same
Microcell electrochemical device assemblies with thermal management subsystem, and method of making and using the same
Solid electrolyte battery
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Non-sintered electrode and method of manufacturing same
Method of making a nickel hydroxide material
Active material for hydrogen storage alloy electrode and method for producing the same
High performance battery
Lithium battery comprising a gel-electrolyte
Lithium cell with heat formed separator
Material for fuel cell separator and fuel cell separator made from said material
Electrical conductivity in a fuel cell assembly
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell system with improved startability
Fuel cell with low cathodic polarization and high power density
Air feed tube support system for a solid oxide fuel cell generator
Fuel cells stack
Semiconductor laser and optical disk device using the laser
Semiconductor laser diode including ridge wave guide and method of manufacturing the same
Conduit profile
Apparatus for eliminating electrostatic destruction
Low density high frequency process for a parallel-plate electrode plasma reactor having an inductive antenna
Method of making an electroconductive pattern on a support
Resin laminated wiring sheet, wiring structure using the same, and production method thereof
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