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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and device for compressing harvested crop material to produce silage
Ear-a-round equipment platform for animals
Counterflow insect trap
Protective gear
Helmet jacket
Shoe sole having reinforced strength
Powered shoe tightening with lace cord guiding system
Footwear with removable lasting board and cleats
Mattress structure for contained child play area
Infinity shower pan
Bag cage having bag candy
Washer with bio prevention cycle
Remote control fluid regulation system
Cleaning device for golf equipment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for screen tensioning
Apparatus and method for nanoscale pattern generation
Cleaning bullet
Method and device for mounting a fastening element on a part, particularly a sheet metal part
Press driving module and method of providing a press line
Electric drill
Method of producing a material composite with explosion-welded intermediate piece
System for storing and unpacking encased articles
System for attaching trim covers to a flexible substrate
Arrangement and method for synchronizing printing presses and additional components
Printing unit on a web-fed rotary printing press
Vacuum intensifier for vehicle brake
Multifaceted guide rail, guide assembly and method of forming guide assemblies
Boat hull design
Dynamic barrier system
System and method for filling hydrodynamic bearings with fluid
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Pelting system
Fixed Constructions
Centring device for quick-change devices
Fast unfolding two-layer temporary flooring structure
Assemblage concrete system and methods of constructing thereof
Integrated debris-shielding cover, flashing & mounting system for rain gutter
Partitioning system
Drive assembly for door and window frames
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device and method for controlling the lift of an outlet gas exchange charge cycle valve of an internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device for internal combustion engine
Oil supply for an internal combustion engine
Radial impulse engine, pump, and compressor systems, and associated methods of operation
Liquid injection in a gas turbine during a cooling down phase
Arrangement for controlling flow of fluid to a component of a gas turbine engine
Controlled pilot oxidizer for a gas turbine combustor
Engine braking method for an internal combustion engine having two serially arranged exhaust-gas turbochargers
Gas turbine assembly and methods of assembling same
Resin intake manifold
Fuel module with orifice upstream from regulator
Ignition control system for internal combustion engine
Valve assemblies including at least three chambers and related methods
Three-dimensionally intersecting diverter as an inner member for a pipe, barrel or tower
Swivel hook assembly
Linear actuator
Single system for low or high pressure gases control and high or low pressure gases control valve
Method and apparatus for plasma gasification of waste materials
Refrigeration apparatus
Ice cube catcher
Refrigeration unit draining system
Air recirculation system for stationary store rooms and for cargo spaces of refrigeration ships with high-bay racks
Outdoor unit of air conditioner
Shape memory thermal conduction switch
Mechanism for gas operated gun
Systems, methods and apparatus for use in distributing irritant powder
Semi-automatic weapon for several tubes cartridges loading system for long guns
Electromagnetic gun launcher
See-through periscope for sighting-in optical or open sights on a firearm
Low reaction rate, high blast shaped charge waveshaper
Adapter for shaped charge casing
Insensitive munitions barrier
Devices for probe microscopy
Apparatus and method for material testing of microscale and nanoscale samples
Method and apparatus for a gauge for indicating a pressure of a fluid
Torque converter non-destructive inspection and verification for remanufacturing
Green tire inspection apparatus and method therefor
Method and device for detecting discontinuities in a material region
System and method for protecting against unauthorized use of software by automatically receiving PCI vendor ID from vendor
Code integrity verification that includes one or more cycles
Power failure sensing device and a card reader having a power failure sensing device
Handling oversized rings through recursive calls
Error correction coding method for a high-density storage media
System and method for handling writes in HDD using 4K block sizes
First failure data capture
Disk array apparatus and method for controlling the same
Data storage apparatus, system and method including a cache descriptor having a field defining data in a cache block
Multiprocessor system with local memory which mirrors a shaped memory
Method and apparatus for processing a load-lock instruction using a relaxed lock protocol
System and method of cache management for storage controllers
Information processing apparatus
Inter-processor communication method using a disk cache in a network storage system
Method for snooping RAID 1 write transactions by a storage device
Directory based support for function shipping in a multiprocessor system
Cycle type based throttling
Merging indications of matching items of multiple groups and possibly associated with skip conditions to identify winning entries of particular use for implementing access control lists
Site selection based on Internet Protocol address
Module for insertion into a device and rear panel for insertion into modules
ISDN-based bus interface
System and method for managing input/output requests using a fairness throttle
Method and system for managing multi--paned windowed environments
Flash memory with accessible page during write
USB device communication
Multi-level interrupts
Electromagnetically-coupled bus system
Reducing information reception delays
System and method for converting and reconverting between file system requests and access requests of a remote transfer protocol
Systems and methods for software distribution and management
Communication system between a programmable logic controller server and a client machine
Broadcast user controls for streaming digital content under remote direction
Multicasting method and apparatus
Communication scheme for realizing effective data input/setup in compact size portable terminal device using locally connected nearby computer device
Network blocking device for paid Internet services
System and method for dynamically displaying HTML form elements
Storage controlling device and control method for a storage controlling device
Exposing multiple network interfaces as a single network interface to a higher level networking software
Methods and apparatus for content server selection
System and method providing automatic policy enforcement in a multi-computer service application
System enabling access to obtain real-time information from a cell site when an emergency event occurs at the site
Storage area network methods and apparatus for validating data from multiple sources
Internet download systems and methods providing software to internet computer users for local execution
Discrete filter having a tap selection circuit
Install processing apparatus, processing method, storage medium, and program
System and method for data backup
Managing dynamic device color profiles
Apparatus, method, and program for retrieving structured documents
Customization of process logic in a software system
Method for deployment of a workable public key infrastructure
Housing space-related commodity sale assisting system, housing space-related commodity sale assisting method, program for assisting housing space-related commodity sale, and computer-readable recorded medium on which program for assisting housing space-related commodity sale is recorded
Verifying logic synthesizers
Methods and apparatus for design entry and synthesis of digital circuits
Disk array system and interface converter
Event overrun and downstream event shift technology
Bug segment decoder
Peripheral device having a programmable identification configuration register
Circular buffer using age vectors
System and method for integrating on-line user ratings of businesses with search engines
Method for transferring privilege access to a resource manager with subsequent loss of privilege by the initiating identity
Protecting decrypted compressed content and decrypted decompressed content at a digital rights management client
Floating point multiply accumulator
Virtually parallel multiplier-accumulator
High speed scaleable multiplier
Firmware override handling system with default selection of a platform specific group or a customized group of hardware settings
System and method for configuring hardware devices using a menu for platforms with EFI and legacy option-ROMs
Updating stack pointer based on instruction bit indicator without executing an update microinstruction
Systems for negotiating buffer size and attribute characteristics in media processing systems that create user-defined development projects
System and method for extending functionality of a class object
Method for implementing dynamic type checking
System and method for managing system configuration across a network
Bytecode program interpreter apparatus and method with pre-verification of data type restrictions and object initialization
Methods and apparatus for compiling a transcendental floating-point operation
Method and apparatus for designing layout, and computer product
Method and device for creating and using pre-internalized program files
High performance synchronization of accesses by threads to shared resources
Method and system for sample data selection to test and train predictive algorithms of customer behavior
Printing machine and printing system
Content revocation and license modification in a digital rights management (DRM) system on a computing device
PC-based open metering system and method
Leak detector pad
Display device
Multi-level quick click icon hierarchy and/or activation
Method for managing defects on an optical disk
Memory circuit and method for reading out data
Method for manufacturing superconductors
Method for increasing the current carried between two high voltage conductor support towers
Audio fingerprinting
Method and apparatus to perform error control
Signal evaluation apparatus and signal evaluation method
Convolutional coding and decoding method and system
Data transformation for explicit transmission of control information
Methods and systems for detecting symbol erasures
Protecting digital goods using oblivious checking
Automatic re-authentication
System and computer based method to automatically archive and retrieve encrypted remote client data files
Method for authenticating a chip card in a message transmission network
Network control system, and controller, target and consumer for use in the network control system
System and method for distributed storage and presentation of multimedia in a cable network environment
Method of forming wiring
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Laminated glass for greenhouse
Murine model for human carcinoma
Methods of using plasma expanders and blood substitutes
Composition for prevention and extermination of plant disease
Treatment of herpes infection with composition containing quaternary ammonium compound and an anti-viral agent
Ready to bake refrigerated cookie dough
Method of dough manufacture by monitoring and optimizing gluten protein linkages
Process for producing tofu
Physiologically functional food having brain function-improving, learning ability-enhancing, and memory-enhancing functions
Method and apparatus for continuously forming center-filled gum
Patterned frozen confectionery product
Method of isolating proteins
Substance containing proteins and insoluble dietary fibers derived from the germinated seed of a grass family plant and uses thereof
Process for converting phytate into inorganic phosphate
Method for processing oat groats to enhance desired maillard products to promote desired toast flavor in the groats and products made by the methods
Vegetable based creamy food and process therefor
Method for color development of a crustacean and colored-developed crustaceans
Mediating the effects of alcohol consumption by orally administering active dry yeast
Food preparation process
Skin loosening or removal process
Method and device for cooling and atomizing liquid or paste-like substances
Compressing and unifying food in aluminum foil molds
Foldable desk chairmat with handles and hang tabs
Expandable three-dimensional display device
Method for detection of abnormal keratinization in epithelial tissue
Disposable absorbent article containing an essential oil
Controlled release chemicals
Inhibition of binding of Hox and homeodomain-containing proteins and uses thereof
Particulate formulation for administration by inhalation
Long-acting, chemical-resistant skin emollients, moisturizers, and strengtheners
Multiple unit effervescent dosage form
Controlled release tablet having a unitary core
Antacid formulation
Method of identifying individuals suffering from a cellular abnormality some of whose abnormal cells present complexes of human leukocyte antigen/tyrosinase derived peptides, and methods for treating said individuals
Targeted cytolysis of HIV-infected cells by chimeric CD4 receptor-bearing cells
Tissue repair promoting composition
Compounds and methods for treatment and diagnosis of mycobacterial infections
Treatment with erythropoietin of bleeding from benign and malignant lesions with normal and abnormal coagulation parameters
Method of spray freeze drying proteins for pharmaceutical administration
Neural retinal cells and retinal pigment epithelium cells and their use in treatment of retinal disorders
Immunogenic compositions comprising cold-adapted attenuated respiratory syncytial virus mutants
Variant of LAV viruses
Fusion polypeptide having the C protein and E1 protein of hepatitis C virus
Methods of treatment using IL-6
Microparticles containing active ingredients, agents containing these microparticles, their use for ultrasound-controlled release of active ingredients, as well as a process for their production
Inhibitory effect of synthetic and natural colorants on carcinogenesis
Buccal drug administration in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction
Stable freeze-dried pharmaceutical formulation
Pharmaceutical compositions of meloxicam with improved solubility and bioavailability
Simplified method for removing free protein during preparation of protein-polysaccharide conjugates and vaccines using restricted-access media
Method for viewing tumor tissue located within a body cavity
Noninvasive imaging of nucleic acid vectors
Hyperpolarized helium-3 microbubble gas entrapment methods
In vivo determination of metabolic function for use in therapy management
Antimicrobial wipes which provide improved residual benefit versus Gram positive bacteria
Color blending system for foundation makeup compositions
Use of silica as agent for controlling the degradation of bicarbonate, resulting mixture and its application
Cosmetic water emulsion containing at least one vegetable oil
Antiwrinkle composition comprising a combination of tightening polymers of synthetic and/or natural origin and of dendritic polyesters
Propellant compositions comprising a hydrofluorocarbon and a hydrocarbon
Hair conditioning shampoo compositions comprising primary anionic surfactant
Topical delivery systems for active agents
Water resistant sunscreen and insect repellent composition
Amphiphilic materials and liposome formulations thereof
Compact dosage unit for buccal administration of a pharmacologically active agent
Soluble form osmotic dose delivery system
Analgesic tablet compositions
Means for creating a mass having structural integrity
Bioadhesive composition
Methods and apparatus for improved administration of fentanyl and sufentanil
Lipid vesicle system
Method of producing sub-micron particles of biologically active agents and uses thereof
Cross-linked high amylose starch resistant to amylase as a matrix for the slow release of biologically active compounds
Pharmaceutical compositions containing an effervescent acid-base couple
Pharmaceutical compositions containing an omega-3 fatty acid oil
Absorbent compositions, methods for producing thereof and absorbent products
Odor reducing compositions
Compositions and methods for production and use of an injectable naturally secreted extracellular matrix
Medical devices made from polymer blends containing low melting temperature liquid crystal polymers
Drug coating with topcoat
Uncomplexed cyclodextrin compositions for odor control
Water soluble film for oral administration with instant wettability
Cosmetic composition comprising particles of melamine-formaldehyde or urea-formaldehyde resin and its uses
Modified polypeptides with high activity and reduced allergenicity
Bacterial strain corynebacterium. sp K2-17 and method for the microbial decontamination of materials which are contaminated with compounds from phenoxyalcanoic acid-herbicide production
Isolated and purified DNA molecule and protein for the degradation of triazine compounds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for removing mercury and sulfur dioxide from gases
Hybridization and sequencing of nucleic acids using base pair mismatches
Phenothiazine in prill form and method for making the same
Process for producing high surface area material by controlled leaching of blast furnace slag
Catalyst, process for the production of hydrogen peroxide and its use in oxidation processes
Method and catalyst structure for steam reforming of a hydrocarbon
Electrocatalyst compositions
Exhaust gas cleaner and method for removing nitrogen oxides
Combustion catalyst and combustion process using such a catalyst
Composite material and method for producing the same
Agent for and process of treating exhaust gas
Porous ceramic thin film and method for production thereof
Reformer for a fuel cell
Solid support matrices with memories and combinatorial libraries therefrom
Miniature reaction chamber and devices incorporating same
Painting method with long-napped wool covered rollers
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery, electrode plate for nonaqueous electrolyte battery, and method for manufacturing electrode plate for nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Method and apparatus for the preparation of monolayers of particles or molecules
Process for applying polymer particles on substrate and coatings resulting therefrom
Edge trimming tape and method of manufacture
Hydrophobic coating including DLC on substrate
Mercaptofunctional silanes to deposit sol-gel coatings on metals
Coated air duct insulation sheets and the like and the method of coating such sheets
Process for biodegradation of a xenobiotic
Strain of Hansenulla californica yeast used for the decomposition of polychlorinated biphenyls
Zinc electrode particle form
Composites with interphases and methods of making the same
Ornamental article and process for producing the same
Heat ray screening transparent resin structure and heat ray screening film laminate
Method of forming adherent metal components on a polyimide substrate
Plain surface acoustical product and coating therefor
Transfer band
Sealant composition, article including same, and method of using same
Film, laminated film and laminated structure
Multi-layer thermoplastic composites
Multi-layer films
Honeycomb control methods for expansion and compression
Macrocellular cushion and folding elastomer truss
Strippable semiconductive resin composition and wire and cable
Polymerizable compositions made with polymerization initiator systems based on organoborane amine complexes
Method of producing directly imageable waterless planographic printing plate
Method of manufacturing a micro injecting device
Image transfer sheet, preparation method thereof and image formation method and image transfer method using the image transfer sheet
Process for forming an ablation image
Thermal transfer donor element having a heat management underlayer
Electret film composition adapted for printing on computer printers and the like
Durable security laminate with heat-shrinkable layer
Process for making a radiation cured cement board substrate
Solar reflectors
Designer particles of micron and submicron dimension
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozonizing unit ozone generator and ozone-processing system
Ozone generator
Low or no slag molten metal processing of coke containing vanadium and sulfur
Method of nitric acid formation using a catalytic solution
Compact selective oxidizer assemblage for a fuel cell power plant
Method and apparatus for chemical vapor deposition of polysilicon
Process for preparing an hydrothermally stable, large crystallite sized, highly crystallite sized, highly crystalline synthetic faujasite zeolite
Barium titanate powder
Method for generating oxygenated water
Crystallized glass, magnetic disc substrate and magnetic disc
Antireflection film and manufacturing method thereof
Textile preforms sheathed in a boron nitride coating, composites incorporating them and their preparation
Laminated matrix composites
Silicon based substrate with calcium aluminosilicate/thermal barrier layer
Method for continuously processing organic material and an apparatus for conducting the same method
Composition and method for regulating the adhesion of cells and biomolecules to hydrophobic surfaces
Aerosol composition containing middle-chain fatty acid triglyceride dispersant
Substitutes for modified starch and latexes in paper manufacture
Nucleic acid arrays and methods of synthesis
Biologically active synthetic thyrotropin and cloned gene for producing same
Methods for judging the possibility of the onset of bovine leukemia and the resistance thereto
RNA export element and methods of use
Transdominant TAT variants of the human immunodeficiency virus
Immunogenic compositions comprising soluble, non-cleavable, chimeric HIV-1 gp160-variants
Recombinant animal viral nucleic acids
BHV-1 gene-deleted virus vaccine
Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) nucleotide sequence
Compositions and methods for treatment of hepatitis C virus-associated diseases
Cell lines infected with granulocytic ehrlichia, vaccines, diagnostics and methods
Diagnostic method of use of OMP26 antigen from Haemophilus influenzae
Signal recognition particle polypeptides and polynucleotides
Method for producing nucleic acid substances
Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine
Compounds for immunotherapy and diagnosis of colon cancer and methods for their use
Human oncogene induced secreted protein I
Excitatory amino acid transporter (EAAT) 5 protein from homo sapiens
Transcriptional coactivator that interacts with Tat protein and regulates its binding to TAR RNA, methods for modulating Tat transactivation, and uses therefor
Cell systems having specific interaction of peptide binding pairs
Asporogenous strain of bacillus subtilis and its use as a host for the preparation of heterologous products
Nucleic acids encoding osteoprotegerin
Anti-TNFa antibodies and assays employing anti-TNFa antibodies
Cytokine that induces apoptosis
Detection and diagnosis of conditions associated with lung injury
Process for the production of proteins
Method for extending the range of an immunoassay
Protein expression system
Starch-based core products for use in rolled paper goods
Process for preparing resists
Photopolymerizable composition, pressure-sensitive flame-retardant adhesive, and adhesive sheets
Ester compounds, polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Unsaturated polyesterurethane acrylates as binders for powder coatings
Electrostatic image developing toner
Alkaline aqueous solution and method for forming pattern of photosensitive resin composition using the same
Silicate-containing sheet
Process for producing an adhesive coating on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) substrate surfaces
Method for the preparation of polymer-metal cluster composite
Low smoke, low toxicity carpet
Structures incorporating blends of grafted fluoropolymer and polyamide
Coloring composition
Titanyl phthalocyanine, method for production thereof and electrophotographic photoreceptor containing the same
Low-friction coating composition
Adhesive film strip
Process for producing adhesive tapes, in which adhesive tapes coated on one side with an adhesive composition are subjected to radiation crosslinking
Biopolymer-based optical element
Chemically modified mutant enzymes and methods for producing them, and screening them for amidase and/or esterase activity
Method and apparatus for determining the sensitivity of a microorganism to a growth altering agent
Method for controlling fermentation growth and metabolism
Cell culture module having sinusoid-like structure
Synthetic media for the production of malolactic starter cultures
Kits for cell concentration and lysate clearance using paramagnetic particles
Composition and methods for determining the activity of DNA-binding proteins and of initiation of trascription
DNA vector for determining the presence of out-of-reading-frame mutations
Process for the production of proteins in soluble form by modulation of an inducible promoter
Method for enhancing myoblast migration and invasion in the context of gene therapy
Human DNA ligase III
Polynucleotides encoding fatty acid transport proteins
Mitofusin genes and their uses
Glucuronoxylomannan (GXM)-O-acetylhydrolase of Cryptococcus neoformans and uses thereof
Enzyme with .beta.-1,3-glucanase activity
.beta.-fructofuranosidase gene
Heat-stable prolylendopeptidase
Process for the production of stromelysin catalytic domain protein
Human tissue plasminogen activators
Pectate lyases
Microorganism resistant to threonine analogue and production of biotin
Method for producing L-sorbose and apparatus for culturing microorganisms
DNA segments and methods for increasing polysaccharide production
Methods and compositions for synthesis of oligosaccharides using mutant glycosidase enzymes
Method of synthesizing saccharide compositions
Method of manufacturing a maltose-rich syrup
3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA reductase polynucleotides in isoprenoid production
Modified synthetases to produce penicillins and cephalosporins under the control of bicarbonate
Interesterification of phospholipids
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
Use of inhibitors in reporter assays
Plating media for the presumptive identification of Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis
Method for detection of mutations
Probes and methods for polynucleotide detection
Method of detecting genetic polymorphisms using over represented sequences
Diagnosis of penaeus monodon-type baculovirus by PCR
Superalloys with improved weldability for high temperature applications
Aluminum alloy products with high resistance to pitting corrosion
Steel with electrically insulating hematite layer
Thermal barrier coating systems and materials
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Cutting tool and method of making same
Method of polishing diamond films
Method for producing member for molten metal bath having coating film excellent in resistance to corrosion by molten metal
Aluminum oxide-coated tool member
Thermal barrier coating system utilizing localized bond coat and article having the same
Coal gasification burner shield coating
Method of producing copper surfaces for improved bonding, compositions used therein and articles made therefrom
Epitaxial silicon wafer with intrinsic gettering
Textiles; Paper
Yarn formed of eastane fibers produced by the dry spinning or wet spinning of spinning solutions which include polydimethylsiloxane and ethoxylated polydimethylsiloxane
Polyester fiber with excellent processability and process for producing the same
Process for the preparation of nonwoven water blocking tapes and their use in cable manufacture
Ink-jet printing cloth, textile printing process and print
Paper machine clothing and a method of coating same
Fixed Constructions
Filled composite structure with pre-stressed tendons
Cellular panel and method and apparatus for making the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust line of an exhaust system equipped with a catalytic converter for an internal combustion engine
Rotary piston blower for supplying an oxidant stream to a fuel cell
Apparatus, systems and method for locating nucleic acids bound to surfaces
Antifungal assay
Method for identifying .beta.-amyloid peptide production inhibitors
P-cresol sulfate, a component of urinary myelin basic protein-like material, as a correlate of multiple sclerosis status
Assays for diagnosis of thrombophilic disease
Ferrofluidic electric paper
Method and device for recording a refractive index pattern in an optical medium
Nitride based semiconductors and devices
Reference calibration patch arrangement to minimize exposure and measurement artifacts and maximize robustness to defects
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide light sensitive photographic material
Photosensitive image-forming element containing silver halide crystals internally modified with a metal-halogen-fluorine-complex
Black and white thermographic recording material with improved diagnostic capability
Processing photographic materials and processing system therefor
Process solution and method for making a lithographic aluminum offset plate by the silver salt diffusion transfer process
Silver halide light sensitive color photographic material
Color photographic silver halide material
Silver halide color photographic material and development processing method of the same
Optical card comprising an imaged layer
Photosensitive element for flexographic printing
Mask for manufacturing semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
Fluorine-containing polymer composition
Reticle cleaning without damaging pellicle
Method of producing an integrated circuit chip using low "k" factor hybrid photoresist and apparatus formed thereby
Positive-working chemical-amplification photoresist composition and method for forming a resist pattern using the same
Undercoating composition for photolithographic resist
Charged-particle-beam transfer masks and methods of making
Photo mask and exposure method using same
Method and apparatus for image adjustment
Methods of reducing proximity effects in lithographic processes
Method of manufacturing semicustom reticles using reticle primitives and reticle exchanger
Method for manufacturing a photoresist pattern defining a small opening and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
Electrostatic fuser rolls and belts
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method and apparatus using the toner
Toner for developing electrostatic latent images and image-forming apparatus
Carrier for electrophotography, process for production of the carrier and developing agent for electrophotography using the carrier
Index tab label insert sheets
Sheet for forming burned pattern
Magnetic recording medium and process for producing the same
Hybrid polymeric electrolyte and non-aqueous electrochemical device comprising the same
Method of manufacturing a filtering layer of silicon dioxide on a display screen
Derivatization of silicon surfaces
Composite materials and methods for manufacturing composite materials
Printed wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Color organic EL display and fabrication method thereof
Piezoelectric thin film element fabrication method
Electrically active polymer compositions and their use in efficient, low operating voltage, polymer light-emitting diodes with air-stable cathodes
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic EL display assembly
Organic electroluminescent device
Valve regulated type battery and producing method thereof
IC card with thin battery
Retractable integrated radio support stand and battery including a support member
Closure assembly for sealed batteries
Battery and gas effluent system therefor
Pasted hydrogen-absorbing alloy electrode for alkaline storage battery
Metal-air cathode can, and electrochemical cell made therewith
Manufacturing method of active materials for the positive electrode in alkaline storage batteries
Battery having protective tape on connecting band of electrode
Thin graphite bipolar plate with associated gaskets and carbon cloth flow-field for use in an ionomer membrane fuel cell
Fuel cell system having humidification membranes
Electromagnetic wave absorbing thermoconductive silicone gel molded sheet and method for producing the same
Manufacturing method of printed circuit board
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew