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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device and method for dense phase transport of seed
Adjustable bale mover spikes
Structure and method for enabling tree root growth beneath adjacent surfaces
Watering device
Livestock blow dryer with filter and muffler
Livestock blow dryer with removable cartridge motors
Harness for a pet diaper
Barrier for poultry trough
Arm support for use with an elongated item such as a fishing rod
Noribogaine in the treatment of pain and drug addiction
Control of gene expression
Oral composition to reduce cold symptoms and duration of same
Method and device for the treatment of milk, especially breast milk
Use of erythritol and/or xylitol in baking mixtures or doughs for non-perishable goods made from flours and/or starches as partial or complete sugar replacement
Integrated smoking device
Upper underwear
Hair extension system
Sucking disc apparatus capable of detecting adhesive force
Adjustable seat
Cooking appliance
In vivo imaging device with a small cross sectional area
Occlusive device for medical or surgical use
Wire for removing intravascular foreign body and medical instrument
Methods and instrumentation for vertebral interbody fusion
Bi-directional bone length adjustment system
Orthopaedic gage, kit and associated method
Devices and methods for annular repair of intervertebral discs
Cryosurgical catheter
Packaging and dispensers for adhesive backed elements
Self-applied measurement kit for a hair replacement mold
Atherectomy catheter with combined OCT/IVUS imaging
Robot for ultrasonic examination
Wound cleansing apparatus with stress
Transdermal thiamine insect repellant
Disposable absorbent article
Male urethral prosthesis with tensioning member
Method of preventing post-operative surgical adhesion
Methods and composition for soft tissue feature reconstruction
Vision prosthesis orientation
Demineralized bone-derived implants
Textured medical devices
Thighbone shaft
Modular knee prosthesis
Ball and Socket intervertebral disc replacement device with keyed surfaces assembly
Expandable intervertebral implant
Foot support device
Ultrasonic imaging and treatment probe having an asymmetric focal zone
Compounds for the treatment of AIDS and other viral diseases
Fatty acid nutritional supplement
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory compositions containing Cox-2-inhibitors
Imidazole carboxamides
Method for treating obesity
Pyridine derivatives as fungicidal compounds
Antiviral helioxanthin analogs
Quinazoline and quinoline derivatives as irreversible protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Tetracyclic thiophenepyrimidinone compounds as inhibitors of 17.beta. hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase compounds
Cationic steroid antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
Application of water and organic solvent soluble Ivermectin for topical and oral use
Lipase inhibitors
Pyrrolo[2, 1-C][1, 4]benzodiazepine-glycoside prodrug useful as a selective anti tumor agent
Phosphate transport inhibitors
Botulinum toxin for the treatment of reduction of hair growth
Solid bio-material for a sensor that detects bio-electric signals through the use of the characteristics and functions of bio-epidermal tissues and epidermal tissues of living organisms and the methods for producing the same
Foot-bath agent of Chinese herbal medicine for regulating blood pressure and improving sleep quality
Membrane penetrating peptides and uses thereof
Factor VII or VIIa--like molecules
Mammalian receptor protein DCRS5; methods of treatment
P153 and p156 antigens for the immunodiagnosis of canine and human ehrlichioses and uses thereof
Methods of using cyanovirins to inhibit viral infection
Inotropic antibodies and therapeutic uses thereof
Method for treating cancer using a Notch4 ligand antagonist
Method for determining drug effects using quantitative EEG
3-substituted-2(arylalkyl)-1-azabicycloalkanes and methods of use thereof
Multi-lamellar liquid crystal emulsion system
Method for preparing gels
Medical adhesives for surgery
Filter assembly for air purifier
Aroma-releasing polymeric gel matrix
Laparoscopic instrument and cannula assembly and related surgical method
Power system for a heart actuation device
Window assembly manufacturing method and window pane
Methods and devices for tissue monitoring
Expandable jaw drug delivery catheter
Method and apparatus for treating vulnerable plaque
Method and/or apparatus for puncturing a surface for extraction, in situ analysis, and/or substance delivery using microneedles
Needle guard strut wall clip
Reduced fluence rate PDT
Cosmetic composition comprising fiber
Cationic polymers and the use thereof in cosmetic formulations
Hair dye stabilizer
Hair dye composition
Face mask strap system
Wrist roller exercise device
Swim fin
Golf club head
Golf club head
Grip training device
Method for viewing televised events
System for machine reading and processing information from gaming chips
System and method for automated play of multiple gaming devices
System and method for automated play of multiple gaming devices
Methods and systems for the transmission of interactive game attributes through a wireless network
Multi-hand card game method and apparatus
Radio controlled system and method of remote location motion emulation and mimicry
Performing Operations; Transporting
Solid hollow fiber cooling crystallization systems and methods
Systems and methods for extracting liquid from an aqueous material
Air filtration system having a removable diffuser
Cleaning device for cleaning process gas of a reflow soldering system
Fuel compression system with internal reheat for dew point suppression
Polymer/carbon nanotube composites, methods of use and methods of synthesis thereof
Photocatalytic hydrophilifiable material
Trifunctional catalyst for sulphur transfer, denitrogenation and combustion promoting and a method for preparing the same
Cu/Zn/Al catalyst for methanol synthesis
High pressure parallel reactor
Hydrogen storage material and related processes
Portable apparatus for extracting low carbon petroleum and for generating low carbon electricity
Pseudo-isothermal catalytic reactor
Field test kit for the detection of monosodium glutamate (MSG) in food stuffs and drinks
Guide-cutting plate of a cutting wheel for a paper shredder
Rotor for an impact crusher
Paper shredder which prevents cutting fingers
Echoing ultrasound atomization and/or mixing system
Method for treating lignocellulosic material
Mask and method for manufacturing the same, method for manufacturing display, method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent display, organic electroluminescent device, and electronic device
Composite screen
Crockery basket for a dishwasher machine, comprising an intensive washing zone
Fluid ejection gun and cleaning apparatus using the same
Spray arm for a dishwasher, and associated method
Method for removing particles from a semiconductor surface
Cellular aqueous tube cleaning system and method
Servo-press with energy management
Investment casting cores and methods
Bi-material ultrasonic horn with integral isolation member
Direct passivation of metal powder
Tool chuck with sleeve and clutch mechanism to remove operator variability
Method for construction of pressure vessels with a liner using friction stirring processes
Micro component removing apparatus
Socket for wrenches
Sprag tool for torquing pipe connections
Reciprocating pneumatic tool mechanism
Multi-use expansion anchor and system for setting the same
Device for transferring a pattern to an object
Sealing system and process therefor
Apparatus and method for cooling plastic film tube in blown film process
Mold having locking mechanisms
System for flexing a web
Manufacturing method of compressible printing layer and manufacturing method of blanket for printing
Solution casting method and apparatus
Method and equipment for moulding an article produced from paperboard
Method for maximizing water removal in a press nip
Far infrared emitting nano glaze
Multilayer polymer articles and process for making the same
Weather-resistant film for the yellow coloration of retro-reflective moulded bodies
Films with superior impact resistance and improved catastrophic failure resistance under high strain rate
Hollow structure plate, manufacturing method thereof, manufacturing device thereof, and sound absorbing structure plate
Aliphatic polyester based resin reflection film and reflection plate
Method for applying elastic members on a pant-shaped absorbent article
Method for fabricating an anti-fatigue mat
Method and apparatus for making article having side seams
Thermal insulation structures comprising layers of expanded graphite particles compressed to different densities and thermal insulation elements made from these structures
Marking enhancement layer for toner receiver element
Organic silicon oxide core-shell particles and preparation method thereof, porous film-forming composition, porous film and formation method thereof, and semiconductor device
Ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer composition, and powdery coating composition comprising it
Adhesive of epoxy acrylate, non-unsaturated resin and bis(methacryloylethyl) hydrogen phosphate
Intermediate transfer member and method for making same
Method and device for determining the position of a mark of a continuous support material
Printing press inking systems
Roll paper printer with positioning members
Inkjet recording apparatus
Printhead having low mass bubble forming heaters
Image recording apparatus
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Connection structure of flexible wiring substrate and connection method using same
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Printing mechanism and method
Printhead maintenance station having rotational pad engagement
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Ink cartridge
Pagewidth printhead assembly cartridge with micro-capillary feed
System for maintaining temperature of a fluid in a conduit
Ink-jet head, filter assembly used for manufacturing the ink-jet head, and method for manufacturing the ink-jet head using the filter assembly
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image scanner
Image recording apparatus
Piezoelectric element, liquid droplet ejection head, and liquid droplet ejection apparatus
Liquid-jet apparatus
Method for generating a reference signal for use in an imaging apparatus
Tape drive and printing apparatus
Method of image transfer on a colored base
Ink-jet media having an ink-vehicle permeable coating and a microporous coating
Method and device for manufacturing the covers of a book or similar
Bicycle wheel securing structure
Four-point suspension arm
Exterior air-bag for vehicles
Adjustable vehicle seat
Reclining seat for automobiles
Light source and vehicle lamp
Lamp system and lamp deflection control method
Transportation safety device
Mounting Structure for vehicle crash sensor
Side airbag apparatus with side airbag cover
Air bag assembly and clip therefor
Knee airbag device, and method of fitting steering column provided with knee airbag device to vehicle
Airbag arrangement
Seat belt retractor
Tactical seatbelt quick release system
Seat belt apparatus
Load carrier arrangement for a vehicle bed comprising an internal bed rail system
Locking transmission for a vehicle, and vehicle including same
Adaptive cruise control device for a motor vehicle
Control system for a hybrid electric vehicle to anticipate the need for a mode change
Transmission pump drive
Steering wheel and a method for manufacturing a steering wheel
Adjustable steering column for a motor vehicle
Water shield for vehicle door
Torsionally-biased, shock-absorbing fifth wheel hitch
Fifth wheel assembly
Motorcycle wind deflector
Deep water high capacity anchoring system and method of operation thereof
Towing device
Aero-mixing of rotating blade structures
Dual steering nozzle marine jet propulsion system
Collapsible perimeter supported wind propulsion device
Production system
Methods and systems for packaging a product
Portable bag holder employing elastic band
Blow-molded container and mold for use in blow molding
Material handling apparatus having a reader/writer
Interlocking blender container, cover and cover plug
Cover member suitable for receiving a razor; kit including said cover member, razor and a container
Packing container
Method and apparatus for preserving and protecting data discs
Packaging for multiple media discs and methods for making same
Media input tray having movable datum members
Image scanning apparatus and image scanner
Paper feeding apparatus with damping gear on swing arm
Locking mechanism for an image forming device
Mechanically triggered NIP drive shaft
Image reader and image forming apparatus
Measuring device, sheet-shaped material transporting device, image formation device and measuring method
Elevator car having an angled underslung roping arrangement
Emergency stop system of elevator
Retractable load support system
Fluid container closure mechanism with detachable valve assembly
Product dispensing system
Device and method for controlling the filling of a cup by a vending machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process to prepare zirconium-based cross-linker compositions and their use in oil field applications
High efficiency ion exchange system for removing nitrate contaminants from water
Portable ultraviolet water treatment apparatus
Low-luminous-transmittance glass
Large transmissive optical component
Phosphotellurite-containing glasses, process for making same and articles comprising same
Process for manufacturing ready-mixed setting alpha-calcium sulphate hemi-hydrate and kit for same
Reduction of biuret and free ammonia during a method for producing fertilizer granulates containing urea
Microwave induced functionalization of single wall carbon nanotubes and composites prepared therefrom
Dihydroxyphenyl isoindolymethanones
Diaminoalkane aspartic protease inhibitors
Polyalkene amines with improved applicational properties
Solubility of cellulose in ionic liquids with addition of amino bases
Ultraviolet curing type ink composition and imaging process for using the same
Resin-containing composition, liquid application method and liquid application apparatus
Water based ink for ink jet recording and ink jet recording method
Coating composition and low dielectric siliceous material produced by using same
Surface treatment agent for organic polymer substrates of polymerizable aerobic (meth)acrylate systems
Substituted alkylmetal compositions and methods of preparing the same
Method of converting animal waste into a multi-phase fuel
Lubricants or lubricant additives composed of ionic liquids containing ammonium cations
Polymer bound manganese compounds in cleaning composition
Low-irritation compositions and methods of making the same
Low-irritation compositions and methods of making the same
Compositions for the removal of post-etch and ashed photoresist residues and bulk photoresist
Device for cell culture
Surface expression of biologically active proteins in bacteria
Alleles of the rel gene from coryneform bacteria
Isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments from chromosome 12 that encode human carboxypeptidase M and the human mouse double minute 2 homolog
Parallel high throughput single molecule sequencing process
Detection of intact recombinant viruses
Biofunctional magnetic nanoparticles for pathogen detection
Method of improvement of toughness of heat affected zone at welded joint of steel plate
Use of alumina-carbon agglomerates in the carbothermic production of aluminum
Composition of lactate esters with alcohols with low odor and enhanced performance
Apparatus for production of crystal of group III element nitride and process for producing crystal of group III element nitride
Production of nano-powder based combinatorial libraries
Textiles; Paper
Method for making polymeric structures
Electronic elongation-sensing rope
Method for clamping a weft thread in a jet weaving machine, in particular air-jet weaving machine, clamping device and jet weaving machine
Pleated filter with bimodal monolayer monocomponent media
Method for attaching surface skin member with stitch line
Laundry machine
Fixed Constructions
Strike-off beam and spreader plow assembly for placer/spreader
Hydraulic backhoe shift mechanism
Structure with multiple functions, used as a covering
Window safety bracket
Attachable/detachable sun shade apparatus
Two-piece track system
Ladder top for retaining a ladder against extrinsic surfaces
Drill bit with a retained jack element
Superabrasive element, structures utilizing same, and method of fabricating same
Reinforced tubing string
Pipe running tool having internal gripper
Fluid production system and method
Hand-held power tool
Method and system for well production
Bottomhole tool and a method for enhanced oil production and stabilization of wells with high gas-to-oil ratio
Method and tool for placing a well bore liner
Well completion system having perforating charges integrated with a spirally wrapped screen
In-situ heavy-oil reservoir evaluation with artificial temperature elevation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for modifying a multistage compressor
Stacked laminate bolted ring segment
Lightweight cast inner diameter vane shroud for variable stator vanes
Device for purifying exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Energy conversion system for hydrogen generation and uses thereof
System and method for co-production of hydrogen and electrical energy
Cylinder head gasket
Gasket with transition sealing feature
Control apparatus for cylinder injection internal combustion engine with high-pressure fuel pump
Fuel injection system for an internal combustion engine and engine incorporating same
Layered scavenging carburetor
Apparatus and method for controlling knock in an internal combustion engine
Screw compressor for working pressures above 80 bar
Rotary blood pump with opposing spindle magnets and contoured housing
Power seal bolt assembly
Adjustment assembly
Connection device for tire-building drum
Printer drum bearing mount
Bearing cap with weight reduction features
Constant velocity joint
Suspension system
Speed control mechanism
Radial cushioning apparatus
Multi speed transmission having a countershaft gearing arrangement
Eight speed automatic transmission
Multi-speed transmission
Outer plate with arc spring drive tab for a torque converter damper
Bicycle chain wheel assembly
Control system for a multi-speed transmission
Belt type continuously variable transmission
Plunger seal for pump
Insertable component which can be inserted into a gas or liquid line
Shear valve employing two-stage poppet valve, particularly for use in fueling environments
Valve for closing a seawater pipe
Vented gas riser apparatus
Vapour-compression type refrigerating machine and double pipe structure and double pipe joint structure preferably used therefor
Exhaust pipe structure
Lighted headwear with brim sleeve
Illuminable indicator and light engine therefor
Networked electronic ordnance system
Air conditioner
Indoor unit in air conditioner
Sling swivel with integrated screwdriver
Helical field accelerator
Micro gas generator
Gear actuated angle measurement tool
Tool for measuring the diameter of a body with polygonal or circular cross section
Method and apparatus for determining spatial coordinates at a multiplicity of measurement points
Depth checking device
Device for simulating position of the saddle and handlebar assembly of the bicycle
Ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, ink-jet recording apparatus, and image formation method
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Instrumental device for vehicle
Indicating instrument
Equipment for measuring gas flow rate having an adjacent external surface protrusion
Flow sensor with non-contact temperature detecting means
Sliding fluid level-detecting device
Cable-type load sensor
Structures with integral life-sensing capability
Roller brake testing dynamometer
Sheet for sample harvest, manufacturing method of the sheet for sample harvest, and system for detecting threats
Method for using an alternate pressure viscometer
Nanopatterned surfaces and related methods for selective adhesion, sensing and separation
Microfluidic preconditioning of (bio)fluids for reagent-free infrared clinical analysis and diagnostics
Gas analysis system and method
Gas analysis system and method
Microfluidic analytic detection assays, devices, and integrated systems
Sensor for measuring syngas ratios under high temperature and pressure conditions
In-situ analysis method and system
Solid state NMR method for screening cell membrane protein binding drug candidates
Diagnostic assay for stroke
Semi-continuous blood separation using magnetic beads
Diagnostic and examination method for eating disorder
Protocol for risk stratification of ischemic events and optimized individualized treatment
Spin microscope based on optically detected magnetic resonance
Rain sensor for detecting rain or other material on window of a vehicle or on other surface
Eyeglasses and eyeglass frames comprising glycol modified copolyesters
Eyeglasses with integrated telescoping video display
Accessories and accessory attaching devices with retractable externally threaded member
Display apparatus
Lens barrel
Lens barrel
Mechanical shutter control method and image sensing apparatus
Process for preparing a flexographic printing plate from a photopolymerizable element
Method of developing laser sensitive lithographic printing plate
Method for manufacturing a surface and integrated circuit using variable shaped beam lithography
Electrophotoconductor and image forming apparatus
Games system including slot machines and game control method thereof
System and method for negotiable instrument cashing transaction assistance procedures
Storing system
Mobile communication terminal and program therefor
Currency processing device, method and system
Patterned medium and method of manufacturing the same
Radiation imaging apparatus
Carbon nanotube and method of visualizing carbon nanotube
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Manufacture of mountable capped chips
Method of manufacturing silicon optoelectronic device, silicon optoelectronic device manufactured by the method, and image input and/or output apparatus using the silicon optoelectronic device
Manufacturing method for thin film transistor
Laser lift-off method
Gas-purged vacuum valve
Method for making very low V.sub.t metal-gate/high-.kappa. CMOSFETs using self-aligned low temperature shallow junctions
Method for forming a coating with a liquid, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for producing zirconium oxide thin films
Method of heat treatment of silicon wafer doped with boron
Charge trapping memory device with two separated non-conductive charge trapping inserts and method for making the same
Method to improve a copper/dielectric interface in semiconductor devices
Shielded capacitor structure
LED and method of manufacturing the same
Ultrashallow semiconductor contact by outdiffusion from a solid source
Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Process for manufacturing a wafer by annealing of buried channels
Dynamic random access memory cell and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing thin film transistor array panel
Compound semiconductor and method for producing same
Phenanthroline compound and organic light emitting device using the same
Secondary battery with a sealing plate used to seal an electrolyte injection hole in a cap plate
Sealed prismatic battery
Electrochemical capacitor having at least one electrode including composite particles
Method and apparatus for inspecting direct liquid fuel cell generator, and direct liquid fuel cell generator
On-train information transmitting/receiving system
Conductive connector attachment for a printed circuit board
Rear-cover attachment structure
Electrical terminal having improved insertion characteristics and electrical connector for use therewith
Safety protection structure for universal sockets
Flexible RF seal for coaxial cable connector
Apparatus for plug-in and plug-out protection
Shield connector structure
Shield connector
Fuse block
Headrest system for a vehicle seat
Electrical connection between first and second metal parts that are electrically insulated from each other
Coaxial angle connector
Grouped element transmission channel link with pedestal aspects
Winding machine for rotor and method of fabricating rotor
Implantable transducer with transverse force application
Magnetomechanical deformations of nonuniform porous magnetic architectures
Multi-frequency acoustic vibration transmission method and system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Pretzel cracker without holes
Dog chew
Combined candy cane and stocking
Dog chew
Confectionery with flower
Cap with display means and removable protective flaps
Outsole of a shoe
Footwear sole
Side element of a shoe upper
Dual durometer cleat
Portion of a shoe
Roller/cutter case
Combined hearing device removal tool, cap and holder
Insulated wine carrier
Shopping cart utility basket
Flexible personal property security strap
Record album handbag
Side panel bag
Front-pack infant carrier
Trunk lid
Broom and rake tool
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Nonwoven fabric
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Storage bench
Vehicle seat
Seat for a materials handling vehicle
Modular pedicure cabinet and cushion seat
Audio-video storage unit
Tall locker with half shelf
Chair frame portion
Chair arm
Bed headboard
Picture frame
Size indicator for garment hanger
Rollable panel
Rollable panel
Sprocket support for a blind
Window treatment panel
Towel with border
Vehicle seat cover
Cover for a candy container
Waffle maker
Baking apparatus
Cookie pan
Electric cooktop
Electric cooktop
Electric cooktop
Pizza cutter with handle
Princess sipper cup lid
Wheeled weed trimming device
Hand planer
Air hammer
Straight saw
Stone cutter
Electric wrench
Clover shaped carabiner
Abrasive disc base
Instrument for suspending reinforcements for a telegraph pole
Clamping device
Foldable hand tool
Door handle
Door catch for holding doors open or closed
Jewelry display box
Jewelry display box
Human Necessities
Method of monitoring equipment of an agricultural machine
Method and apparatus for ultra precise GPS-based mapping of seeds or vegetation during planting
Determining intra-day net asset value of an actively managed exchange traded fund
Implantable medical device fast median filter
Performing Operations; Transporting
Multiple discharge-servo curve control method and device for an electrical discharge machine
Robot machining tool position and orientation calibration
System and method for deteching roll rate sensor fault
Stability factor learning method and apparatus for a vehicle and control apparatus for a vehicle
Method and device for triggering a request for taking control in acc-controlled vehicles
Measurement controller for vehicle
Cruise control apparatus performing automatic adjustment of object recognition processing in response to driver actions relating to vehicle speed alteration
Method for controlling activation of a power source of a hybrid electric vehicle
Vehicle sharing system and method with vehicle parameter tracking
Vehicle lateral movement stabilizing device
Steering angular velocity detecting device
Road condition estimation apparatus
Method and device for allocating thrust
System and method for diagnosing aircraft components for maintenance purposes
Apparatus for positioning a carriage for loading or unloading a wound reel, such as printing material webs for web-fed rotary presses
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of designing agonists and antagonists to EGF receptor family
Fixed Constructions
Structural design method and recording medium
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Microprocessor-based control system for gas turbine electric powerplant
Method for recreating valid calibration data for an engine control module
Tip-over detection device for motor vehicle
Method and system for controlling engine temperature by engine derating
Automatic start/stop system and method for locomotive engines
Apparatus and method for controlling ignition timing during shift in vehicular automatic transmission
Method for three-dimensional position calibration of audio sensors and actuators on a distributed computing platform
Apparatus and method for vehicle navigation
Method and apparatus for recording voice and location information
Method for selecting map information, and navigation device
Navigation system, server system for a navigation system, and computer-readable information recorded medium in which destination prediction program is recorded
Method and system for dynamic destination routing
Method for measuring the absolute steering angle of steering shaft for vehicle
Position measuring device
Measurement device and data displaying method
Method of determining the gas quality
Query based electronic battery tester
Acoustic method for estimating mechanical properties of a material and apparatus therefor
Method and system for analyzing quiescent power plane current (IDDQ) test data in very-large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits
Signal detection
Method and system for using emission microscopy in physical verification of memory device architecture
Error detecting circuit for detecting the location of error
N-squared algorithm for optimizing correlated events
Technique for debugging an integrated circuit having a parallel scan-chain architecture
Method and apparatus for performing multi-site integrated circuit device testing
GPS microphone for communication system
Modified three lobe search method
Method for determining, recording and sending GPS location data in an underwater environment
Method and system and program storage device for analyzing compressional 2D seismic data to identify zones of open natural fractures within rock formations
Frequency-dependent processing and interpretation (FDPI) of seismic data for identifying, imaging and monitoring fluid-saturated underground reservoirs
Method and logic for capturing and analyzing conduit data
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Method and system intended for real-time estimation of the flow mode of a multiphase fluid stream at all points of a pipe
System and method of virtual flowbench simulation
Robot intelligence in natural environments
Method for monitoring a control system
System and method for processing I/O by disabling output for configuration processor when processor clock is inactive and resuming processor after predetermined period of time
System for operating and observing making use of mobile equipment
Off-line diagnosis system
Laser software control system
Programmable adaptable assembly system
Method and systems for a graphical real time flow task scheduler
Sensor system for measuring and monitoring indoor air quality
Automated guided vehicle, operation control system and method for the same, and automotive vehicle
Robotic system
Pre-processing input data with outlier values for a support vector machine
Method for accessing component fields of a patient record by applying access rules determined by the patient
Telephony-data application interface apparatus and method for multi-modal access to data applications
Music identification system
Security policy applied to common data security architecture
System and method for maintaining security in a distributed computer network
Synthesis of a synchronization clock
Systems and methods for synchronizing time stamps
Method and apparatus for an integrated security system for electronic components
Display system and method for BIOS updating
Electronic apparatus
Data processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for transitioning a processor state from a first performance mode to a second performance mode
Programmable analog system architecture
Method to verify the performance of BIST circuitry for testing embedded memory
Debugging tool for efficient switching between targets in a multi-processor environment
Checkpointing of register file
Method of debugging using a USB connecting system
Storage controller redundancy using bi-directional reflective memory channel
Methods, systems and computer program products for failure recovery for routed virtual internet protocol addresses
Memory subsystem including an error detection mechanism for address and control signals
Method, system, and computer program product for providing failure protection in a network node
Apparatus and method for database synchronization in a duplex system
Retrieval of a single complete copy from multiple stored copies of information
Fibre channel switching appliance
Method for computing all occurrences of a compound event from occurrences of primitive events
Method and apparatus for improving queue traversal time
Integrated circuit having register configuration sets
System and method for improving performance of a data backup operation
DRAM with hidden refresh
Mirrored disk partition with disk partition modification contemporaneous with client application access
High-speed low-power CAM-based search engine
Integrated circuit and method outputting data
Systems and methods for memory read response latency detection
Non-contiguous address erasable blocks and command in flash memory
Method and apparatus for handling cyclic buffer access
Computer system
Method for securing stored data from access by unspecified computer
System and method for computer file tailoring
Method and apparatus for emulating a fiber channel port
Log-structure array
Method of using memory, two dimensional data access memory and operation processing apparatus
Memory allocation scheme
Memory interleaving
Method and apparatus for disc drive buffer segment management
Non-volatile mass storage cache coherency apparatus
Zero delay data cache effective address generation
High speed embedded DRAM with SRAM-like interface
Addressing scheme supporting variable local addressing and variable global addressing
Caching of objects in disk-based databases
Entry lockdown within a translation lookaside buffer mechanism
Self-synchronous FIFO memory device having high access efficiency, and system provided with interface for data transfer using the same
Electronic interface device
Pushback FIFO
DVI cable interface
Quick save system and protocol, monitor program and smart button firmware of the same
Bus interface system with two separate data transfer interfaces
Method and apparatus for read launch optimizations in memory interconnect
Apparatus and methods for dedicated command port in memory controllers
Memory controller optimization
Processing method, chip set and controller for supporting message signaled interrupt
DMA device configured to configure DMA resources as multiple virtual DMA channels for use by I/O resources
Fencepost descriptor caching mechanism and method therefor
System, method, and computer program product for high speed DMA-based backplane messaging
Method and apparatus for ordering interconnect transactions in a computer system
System having interfaces and switch that separates coherent and packet traffic
Multiple removable non-volatile memory cards serially communicating with a host
Bus structure, database and method of designing interface
Bus capability voting mechanism
Method and apparatus for sync hunting signals
High-performance extensible document transformation
Single instruction multiple data array cell
Printer driver with automatic inquiry of user preference
Method and apparatus for secondary use of devices with encryption
Congestion avoidance for threads in servers
Method and apparatus for reliably choosing a master network manager during initialization of a network computing system
Method of <script> based remote JavaScript function call of web page
Hidden agent transfer protocol
Determining and registering participants in a distributed transaction in response to commencing participation in said distributed transaction
Protecting resource URLs from being served without a base web page
Stated network portal system and method
Gateway CGI and access control manager for secure inter-server communications with system and method for web serving using same
System for selecting and disseminating active policies to peer device and discarding policy that is not being requested
Secure computational outsourcing techniques
Method, system, and program for using a user interface program to generate a user interface for an application program
System and method for efficient processing of service requests
Method and apparatus for obtaining inventory and user information for a remote computer device
Method and system for creating a quality of service message
Enterprise interface for network analysis reporting
Modular-type home gateway system including ADSL controller and homePNA controller
Method and system for visually representing network configurations
Method and apparatus to retain applet security privileges outside of the Java virtual machine
Method for transforming CAD model using general function composition mechanism
System and method for displaying a recursive relationship between objects in a tree
Apparatus and methods for analyzing graphs
Versatile system for variance-based data analysis
Dynamic web content unfolding in wireless information gateways
System and method for text structuring and text generation
Selective data encryption using style sheet processing for decryption by a key recovery agent
Poet assistant's graphical user interface (GUI)
Editing HTML DOM elements in web browsers with non-visual capabilities
System and method for integrating public and private data
Methods and systems for providing online information for networked devices
Portable high speed internet or desktop device
Object integrated management system
Hypertext concept notation for dynamically constructing a sentence to respond to a user request
System and method for caching data for a mobile application
Method and system for optimizing data searches in tree structures
Internet crawl seeding
Methods and apparatus for accessing a doubly linked list in a data storage system
Multimedia archive description scheme
Method and apparatus for digital media management, retrieval, and collaboration
Universal tree interpreter for data mining models
Internet search supporting apparatus and method, and internet search supporting program using the method
Simultaneous multiple-method (SMm) compression
System and method for identifying similarities among objects in a collection
System and method for providing result sets using EJB query language
System and method for image comparison and retrieval by enhancing, defining, and parameterizing objects in images
Method and device for a user profile repository
Method for querying a database
Methods and systems for processing playlists
Managing changes to a directory of electronic documents
System and method for organizing, compressing and structuring data for data mining readiness
Dual channel restoration of data between primary and backup servers
Copy process substituting compressible bit pattern for any unqualified data objects
Multidimensional data object searching using bit vector indices
Method and apparatus for efficient management of XML documents
Aggregate navigation system
Accounting for update notifications in synchronizing data that may be represented by different data structures
Distributed cache for a wireless communication system
Arrangement and a method relating to session management in a portal structure
System and method for media stream indexing and synchronization
Modular data acquisition system
Method and apparatus for performing extraction on an integrated circuit design
Clock skew verification methodology for grid-based design
Leakage current reduction in standard cells
Clock tree synthesis with skew for memory devices
Method and system for integrating cores in FPGA-based system-on-chip (SoC)
Low power buffer implementation
Method, system and program product for reducing a size of a configuration database utilized to configure a hardware digital system
Hierarchical processing of simulation model events
Design method for gate array integrated circuit
Method, apparatus and computer program product for determination of noise in mixed signal systems
Efficient pipelining of synthesized synchronous circuits
Method of cross-mapping integrated circuit design formats
Design system of semiconductor integrated circuit element, program, program product, design method of semiconductor integrated circuit element, and semiconductor integrated circuit element
Using conversion of high level descriptive hardware language into low level testing language format for building and testing complex computer products with contract manufacturers without proprietary information
Efficiency of reconfigurable hardware
Use of a layout-optimization tool to increase the yield and reliability of VLSI designs
Semiconductor device and layout data generation apparatus
Graphical user interface for display and analysis of biological sequence data
Method and system for computer network implemented vehicle diagnostics
Method of shaping a foam article
Adaptive customer driveability module
Method, system, and program for encrypting files in a computer system
System, method and article of manufacture for java/javascript component in a multimedia synchronization framework
Context management with audit capability
Protected execution environments within a computer system
Hand-held device forgotten password notification
Trusted content server
System and method for cross directory authentication in a public key infrastructure
System and method of uniquely authenticating each replication of a group of soft-copy documents
Method and apparatus for handling connections in hot standby line cards
Methods and apparatus for implementing a progress reporting interface
Management subsystem and method for discovering management device functions
Method, apparatus and system for recognizing actions
Insertion point bungee space tool
System and method for enabling graphic applications in an interactive programming model
Method for efficient recording and management of data changes to an object
Methods and apparatus for determining equivalent descriptions for an information need
Data access system
Automatic query refinement
Customer management system for automobile sales industry
User selectable editing protocol for fast flexible search engine
System and method for priority-based work order scheduling
System and method for object persistence in a database store
Method and system for accessing data by using SOAP-XML
Information processing apparatus and for-use-on-main-apparatus-body identifier production method therefor
Random carry-in for floating-point operations
Data-driven processor having multiple-precision data processing function and data processing method thereof
Higher precision divide and square root approximations
Striping data frames across parallel fibre channel links
Cause and effect logic application implementation
Digital method for increasing the calculation accuracy in non-linear functions and hardware architecture for carrying out said method
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution
Branch prediction method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for performing critical tasks using speculative operations
Memory device, stack protection system, computer system, compiler, stack protection method, storage medium and program transmission apparatus
Method for dynamically generating a user interface from XML-based documents
Method and apparatus for testing a software component using an abstraction matrix
Communicating between programs having different machine context organizations
Interface invoke mechanism
Apparatus and method for porting applications to different platforms
Virtual heap for a virtual machine
Interaction arrangement for a sequence of interactions providing a service to a user
System and method for determining if a device needs to be updated and locating and invoking an update agent to update the firmware or software in the device
Method and system for booting of a target device in a network environment based on a provided administrator topology GUI
System and method for automatically generating an object-oriented class wrapper
Method and apparatus for balancing distributed applications
Motion control system and method
Automatic instruction set architecture generation
Process for generating information models
Profiling of computer programs executing in virtual memory systems
Clustered enterprise Java.TM. in a secure distributed processing system
Method and system for type identification for multiple object interfaces in a distributed object environment
Method and apparatus for remotely running objects using data streams and/or complex parameters
System and method for providing a global real-time advanced correlation environment architecture
Method and apparatus for managing memory blocks in a logical partitioned data processing system
E-commerce system and method relating to program objects
System for monitoring relevant events by comparing message relation key
Computer resource allocation layout description
Application program caching
Method for managing the simultaneous utilization of diverse real-time collaborative software applications
True parallel client server system and method
IC card, data processing apparatus, and system using common signal lines and common resistor for differential signals and single end signals
System and method capable of offloading converter/controller-specific tasks to a system microprocessor
Authentication system, fingerprint identification unit, and authentication method
Hybrid neural network generation system and method
Distributed hierarchical evolutionary modeling and visualization of empirical data
Online learning method in a decision system
Email--expanded addressee sort/listing
Freight information management method and freight management system using electronic tags
Method and apparatus for providing automatic e-mail filtering based on message semantics, sender's e-mail ID, and user's identity
Method and apparatus for performing enterprise email management
Methods and systems for carrying out directory-authenticated electronic transactions including contingency-dependent payments via secure electronic bank drafts
Apparatus, and associated method, for loading a mobile terminal with an application program installed at a peer device
Automated payment
Method and system for a virtual safe
Calculating cost discounts for mobile phone internet access
Transaction management system and program for configuring online shopping system
Contact center dynamic record delivery
Mutual fund card method and system
Firewall subscription service system and method
System and method of changing attributes of an image-based product
Method and apparatus for controlling a graphics engine
Feature modeling in a finite element model
Interpolation of video and audio digital data
Object movie exporter
Method and apparatus for providing refunds in a postage metering system
Method for dynamically using cryptographic keys in a postage meter
Diagnostics/prognostics using wireless links
Automated transaction machine
Data transfer device, transaction system and method for exchanging control and I/O data with a data processing system
Finding e-service in client-defined, loosely coupled, e-service communities
Travel control apparatus for vehicles
Voice recognition system method and apparatus
Speech data compression/expansion apparatus and method
Method and system for providing automated audible backchannel responses
Retraining and updating speech models for speech recognition
Method and system for predicting problematic dialog situations in a task classification system
Frequency domain postfiltering for quality enhancement of coded speech
Recording and/or reproducing device
Clamp device for optical disc
Disk carrier mechanism with wedged member set
Disk insertion, biasing and alignment apparatus
Disk player using a single switch in common for driving its tray and drive motor
Disc system
Resampling address generator
Control code read-out system
Information recording device and information reproducing device
Error detection and correction
Optical information recording medium and optical information recording/reproduction apparatus
Electronic equipment controlling apparatus and method, electronic equipment controlling system and electronic equipment
Optical disk drive assembly
Vibration absorbing apparatus for optical disk player
System and method utilizing a conductive brush for providing power signals to a cartridge access device
Computer for a reproducing medium
Nonvolatile memory, its data updating method, and card reader equipped with such nonvolatile memory
Built-in test for multiple memory circuits
Data processing system and data processing method
Low cost built-in self test state machine for general purpose RAM testing
Method for identifying semiconductor integrated circuit device, method for manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor chip
Standoff devices and methods of using same
Switching and connecting arrangement for coupling external and internal antennas with an expansion card
Arrangements to detect and respond to disturbances in electrical power systems
Clock supply circuit for supplying a processing clock signal used for processing an input signal having a predetermined frequency
Feed forward sigma delta interpolator for use in a fractional-N synthesizer
Method and apparatus for retaining error-control code protection across block-size discontinuities
Switching circuit for decoder
Method and apparatus for test case evaluation using a cyclic redundancy checker
Symbol frequency leveling in a storage system
Digital signal processing apparatus and method
Radio communication apparatus having more channel capacity and less feedback information, and method therefor
Telecommunication method
Establishing a new shared secret key over a broadcast channel for a multicast group based on an old shared secret key
Communication system having bad frame indicator means for resynchronization purposes
Method for implementing a modified radio link protocol
Multicast file transmission method
Method and device for optimizing the transmission safety and the defect tolerance in high-bit-rate data networks
Network communications system and method for worldwide web broadcasting
Network administration system and method of re-arranging network resources
Root cause analysis in a distributed network management architecture
System and method for identifying one or more optimum configurations of a data processing system
Automated configuration enabled via interrogation over network
Wireless subscriber network registration system for configurable services
Method and apparatus for controlling at least one controlled device in a controlling device
Communal discovery of network coverage
Motor vehicle communication system and method for exchanging data in a motor vehicle
System for head and tail caching
Buffer switch having descriptor cache and method thereof
Systems and methods for managing the transmission of electronic messages through active message date updating
Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and communication system for formatting data
XML-based integrated services event system
Information storage
Server transferring only image display data for a part of a display image which is to be updated for associated terminals
Real-time, text-based messaging between devices in plural communities
Methods, systems and computer program products for transferring security processing between processors in a cluster computing environment
Systems and methods for adaptive message interrogation through multiple queues
Bandwidth allocation in ethernet networks
System and method for providing exploit protection with message tracking
Device registry for automatic connection and data exchange between pervasive devices and backend systems
Hardware module for extending terminals to form units with ad-hoc network capability
Dynamic proxy reconfiguration system and method to support sharing of extra capacity
Protocol processing stack for use with intelligent network interface device
Method for assigning a streaming media session to a server in fixed and mobile streaming media systems
Managing a secure platform using a hierarchical executive architecture in isolated execution mode
Method of enforcing a policy on a computer network
System and method of sending and receiving secure data with a shared key
Method and system of marking a text document with a pattern of extra blanks for authentication
Mobile terminal permitting selection of communication channel for receiving message attachments
Mobile community communicator
Automatic handoff for wireless piconet multimode cell phone
Method for generating conversation utterances to a remote listener in response to a quiet selection
System and method for pushing calendar event messages from a host system to a mobile data communication device
Handling of speech recognition in a declarative markup language
Interactive television system and method having on-demand web-like navigational capabilities for displaying requested hyperlinked web-like still images associated with television content
Software bus and interface for digital television application software environments
Television distribution system for signal substitution
System and methods for home network communications
Webcam-based interface for initiating two-way video communication and providing access to cached video
System and method for point to point integration of personal computers with videoconferencing systems
Low bandwidth television
Portable telephone apparatus and changing method of answering method of the same
Method and apparatus for providing instant messaging in a wireless communication system
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