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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Universal dispensing system for air assisted extrusion of liquid filaments
Bottom clothes
System and method for extending a useful life of a shaving razor blade
Lighted cushion
Retractable luggage pull rod with rotating hook
Side rail pad/panel system for patient support apparatus
Cover attachment device
Modular child restraint system
Apparatuses and methods for supporting peripheral devices
Bracket for anti-lock braking system sensor
Mail delivery indicator system
Energy stored in spring with controlled release
Electrosurgical stapling apparatus
Rotary tool for dental or medical applications
Oral appliance for maintaining stability of one or more aspects of a user's masticatory system
Adjustable bed with sliding subframe for torso section
Motion control apparatus for hospital bed
Soaking basin and disposable liner
Ventilation interface
Football down marker
Gaming machine having liftable monitor
Exclusively match symbol video gaming
System for constructing mazes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pill crushing machine
Method for forming pattern
Implementing simultaneously connecting of multiple devices in a multi-tiered, multi-directional, enhanced tolerance system with mechanical support structures
Portable wall framing fixture and method
Method for producing a wheel disc
Torsional vibration damper
Wire mesh filter with improved hoop strength
Riveting system
Method for determining the position of a milling tool and a machining head designed for carrying out the method
Dual material injection mold and method
Mould for nano-printing, process for manufacturing such a mould and use of such a mould
Diffusion media and method of preparation
Laminating magnetic cores for on-chip magnetic devices
Method of forming non-stoichiometric nanoscale powder comprising temperature-processing of a stoichiometric metal compound
Fusible ink-jet recording materials containing hollow beads and ultrafine polymer particles
Inkjet recording head substrate and drive control method, inkjet recording head, inkjet recording head cartridge and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording device and ink supply unit suitable for it
Set of ink cartridges, ink cartridge and ink jet printer
Apparatus for facilitating determination of proper supply cartridge installation
Ink tank with valve in ink supply port
Scanning type inkjet image forming apparatus
Image recording apparatus
Internally geared bicycle hub and cover therefor
Tire with rubber tread of circumferential zones with graduated physical properties
Pneumatic tire with circumferential and transversal reinforcement layers
Suspension apparatus for vehicle
Suspension apparatus for vehicle
Trim panel including integrally formed members
Exhaust structure for fuel cell vehicles
Lifting device
Outwardly deploying airbag system
Vehicle seat, motor vehicle, and airbag module
Protective device for a loading space
Motor vehicle safety device
Gas bag module for a vehicle occupant restraint device
Symmetric master cylinder lever for a hydraulic disc brake
Hybrid vehicles
Monorail sortation system
Adjustable link system
Travel cooler with cargo receiving area
Impact absorption steering apparatus
Vehicle with adjustable steering
Device for securing a saddle on the head of a saddle post
Swing arm suspension
Suspension restrain device
Intake air control device, and vehicle including same
Collapsible skateboard
Personal watercraft
Propeller fan for heat exchanger of in-vehicle air conditioner
Integral powered wing aircraft
Protection system, a bellows hinge, and an aircraft
Transport and storage container for liquids and method for manufacturing an inner plastic container of the transport and storage container
Unitized security seal
Packaging two different substrates
Apparatus for rewinding web materials
Sheet feeder
Set of elevators with common control system and method for controlling a set of elevators with common control system
Procedure and apparatus for the installation of an elevator
Integrated air compressor and winch
Anti-crossover dispensing applicator
Leakproof perfume spray head structure
Textiles; Paper
Inflatable curtain with variable seam pattern
Fixed Constructions
Apparatuses and methods for forming wireless RF labels
Road marker or light based warning device
Screed attachment for skid steer vehicle
Culvert bundle for stream crossings and flow-through bridge abutments
Shear wall construction
Structural glass railing base shoe design
Container with a selective opening and closing mechanism
Window vent stop
Support frame for header latch assembly
Arm for a pantographic hinge device
Dual-axis hinge
Spring preloaded bearing assembly and well drilling equipment comprising same
Temperature limited heater with a conduit substantially electrically isolated from the formation
Dual function cleaning tool
Downhole flow reversal apparatus
Collapsible expansion cone
Composition and process for enhanced oil recovery
Portable and directional electrocrushing drill
Downhole steering
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Valve lash adjustment and inspection apparatus
Oil filter mounting structure in internal combustion engine
Acoustic fluid machine
Method and device for controlling the injection of reducing agent
Monolithic cylinder-crankcase
MLS gasket compression limiter
Controlling apparatus of variable capacity type fuel pump and fuel supply system
Injection nozzle
Method to start electromechanical valves on an internal combustion engine
Motor with multi-phase windings and series-stacked inverter
Internal gear pump in combustion engine
Automatic parking brake
Motor speed control system and method thereof
Sealing arrangement using brush seals
Fuel injection valve
Tube occluder for occluding collapsible tubes
Coupling structure for pipe end
Tube coupling for tube elements
Method and apparatus for pipe reforming and clearing
Insulation module for vessels
Floating mirror
Recessed luminaire adjustment mechanism
Illumination system
Low cost automatically illuminated document holder
Light system with stacked light pipe structure
Backlight assembly, light guiding plate including plurality of discontinuously formed prisms
End support configuration for steam tubes of a superheater or reheater
Solid fuel combustion apparatus
Electric machine cooling system
Supercritical heat pump cycle system
Method and apparatus for cooling a heat source
Electrokinetic pump driven heat transfer system
Scope and action cover for hand guns and rifles
Tape measure
Tracking of suspect aircraft
Air flow measuring device provided with a vent in air passage
Attaching in situ thermal management equipment to high pressure storage tanks for industrial gases
Sensor for measuring low dynamic pressures in the presence of high static pressures
Method and device for assessing residual service life of rolling bearing
Leak inspection device
Camera skid tractor nozzle assembly
Process for measuring the concentration of gases
Apparatus and method for providing battery information, and user terminal therefor
High-throughput continuous-flow ultrasound reactor
Connection element
Force sensor for the measurement of tensile force in a pulling means
Use of stable label compounds with accelerator mass spectrometry
Real time determination of gas solubility and related parameters in manufacturing processes
Method and system of determining a location of a line fault of a panel
Shading member-equipped optical connector plug
Mirror with epoxy paint layer having good resistance to handling
Apparatus, system and method for fastening articles to face or head
Spectacle frame assembly
Display device
Displays including addressible trace structures
Display device and method of fabricating the same
Restricted access display system
Screen system
Iris diaphragm device, diaphragm driving device and camera unit including the same, and diaphragm control method
Variable orifice valve
Dynamic clock synchronization
Image forming apparatus capable of test printing, image forming system, destination sorting apparatus, method of controlling the image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Distribution of applications over a dispersed network
On-demand spam reporting
Adaptable applications in a client/server architecture
User interface with recipient status indication
Push notification middleware
Scalable, real-time messaging system
Communication terminal, communication management system, communication management method, and recording medium storing communication management program
Datacenter health analysis using DNS switching
IT system infrastructure prediction based on epidemiologic algorithm
Bundling data transfers and employing tail optimization protocol to manage cellular radio resource utilization
Prepayment-type watt-hour meter
Computer-implemented system, method and device for displaying the total count and value of casino chips
Information processing apparatus and method, and computer program for providing transmission and reception of content in various data schemes
Bluesalt security
Real-time information feed
Polarity reversal driving method for liquid crystal display panel, and apparatus thereof
Multi-protocol support for display devices
Method and apparatus for electronic device unlocking
Data transfer device, data transfer system, method for compressing and transferring data, and program
Image processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium for transmitting image data to a plurality of destinations
Systems and methods of classifying sessions
Unauthorized device detection method, unauthorized device detection server, and unauthorized device detection system
Mutual authentication of a user and service provider
Method and device for printing value-added information
Differentiable spectral bar code methods and systems
Postal stamp tracking system and method
Automatically configurable smart card and method of automatically configuring a smart card
Validity assurance system, validity assurance method, and recording medium storing a program
Method for generating customer secure card numbers
Reader/writer secure module access control method
Financial presentation instruments with integrated holder and methods for use
Method and system for access verification within a venue
Converting a 3D model into multiple matrices
Controlling access to a device
Blending real and virtual construction jobsite objects in a dynamic augmented reality scene of a construction jobsite in real-time
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium
Money item dispensing
Security system, security arrangement and method therfore
Multifunctional personal emergency safety device
Display device and method for controlling the same
Filtered in-box for voicemail, E-mail, pages, web-based information, and faxes
Method and system for automatic residual consumption
Projection system, projection apparatus, and method for operating projection apparatus
Radiation training box
Simulator device of navigation on a sailing boat
Driving method and apparatus of liquid crystal display apparatus, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal device, method of driving liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Light emitting apparatus and method for controlling the same
Liquid crystal display device
Presenting data in a graphical overlay
Timing controller including configurable clock signal generators according to display mode and display device having the same
Storage medium and tone generation state displaying apparatus
Method and device for changing interpretation style of music, and equipment
Acoustic model training
Acoustic model training
Enhanced chroma extraction from an audio codec
Systems and methods for audio based synchronization using energy vectors
Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus and file management method
Information recording medium and reproduction device
Implementation of long-channel thick-oxide devices in vertical transistor flow
Multi-match error detection in content addressable memory testing
Word line divider and storage device
Coherent electron and radiation production using transverse spatial modulation and axial transfer
Oxide superconductor wire and method of manufacturing oxide superconductor wire
Flat cable
Electrical element comprising a layer of a polymeric material having an electrical conductivity gradient
PTC thermistor ceramic composition and PTC thermistor element
Material for use in a magnetic resonance installation, method for manufacturing said material, and magnetic resonance installation
Device for delivering galvanic isolated digital video at high frequencies
Assembled circuit and electronic component
Superconductive coil device
Rotary knob assembly capable of up-and-down motion
Interfacial alloy layer for improving electromigration (EM) resistance in solder joints
Semiconductor device strain relaxation buffer layer
Three-dimensional metal resistor formation
Controlled spalling utilizing vaporizable release layers
Cassette device for accepting substrates
MOSFET with asymmetric self-aligned contact
Fabrication of III-V-on-insulator platforms for semiconductor devices
Substrate device and electric circuit arrangement having first substrate section perpendicular to second substrate section
Shallow trench isolation for semiconductor devices
Metal slugs for double-sided cooling of power module
Universal BGA substrate
Anti-fuse structure and method for manufacturing the same
Vertical MIM capacitor
Semiconductor device with integrated antenna
Low-stress dual underfill packaging
MIM capacitor formation in RMG module
Semiconductor structure with integrated passive structures
Deposition method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Silicon germanium fin formation via condensation
Semiconductor device, display module, and electronic device
Semiconductor detector device
High-voltage flip LED chip and manufacturing method thereof
Growing groups III-V lateral nanowire channels
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device
Method for manufacturing imaging apparatus, and imaging apparatus
Vertical transistor with air-gap spacer
Fin reveal last for finfet
Localized and self-aligned punch through stopper doping for finFET
Semiconductor device, module, and electronic device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device comprising an oxide semiconductor, module, and electronic device
Magnetic memory element and magnetic memory
Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same
Detachment of a self-supporting layer of silicon <100>
Tabbing ribbon and photovoltaic solar panel
High voltage LED flip chip
Solid state white light emitter and display using same
Optoelectronic semiconductor component
Light-emitting apparatus, illumination apparatus, and method of manufacturing light-emitting apparatus
Thermoelectric device, in particular intended to generate an electric current in a motor vehicle
Thermoelectric heat exchanger
Silicon-based backplane structures and methods for display applications
RF-transistors with self-aligned point contacts
Active cathode material and its use in rechargeable electrochemical cells
Aliginates as binders for battery cathodes
Catalyst support particle structures
Particle exhibiting catalytic activity
Method of welding a bus bar to battery cell terminals
Method for operating a fuel cell stack for a fuel cell system, and fuel cell system
Operating method for a fuel cell system
Multi-mode filter having at least one feed line and a phase array of coupling elements
Adjustable power divider and directional coupler
Antenna device
Method of making a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag
Method for automatically adjusting tunable passive antennas, and automatically tunable antenna array using this method
Reconfigurable MIMO and sensing antenna system
Socket with high performance electrical connectors
Contact member and connector including same
Electric contact and socket for electrical part
Electrical contact having cleaning system
Water-proof connector for an electronic device
Composite connector
Protective structure, socket, plug and method assuring a live wire and a neutral wire to be powered off simultaneously when overheating
Connector with a wire cover having an opening for arranging wires pulled out from a housing of the connector
Backward compatible connectivity for high data rate applications
Modular wearable circuit
Method and system for pumping of an optical resonator
Temperature tuned conjugated polymer laser
Laser ignition system
Optical module
Spark plug RFI suppression sleeve
Method for manufacturing an ignition electrode for spark plugs and spark plug manufactured therewith
Extruded insulator for spark plug and method of making the same
Pole-attached cable relay carriage and power supply system to electric work machine
Personal electronic injury protection device
Energy storage charging from an adjustable power source
Pump, method for manufacturing pump, and refrigeration cycle device
Magnetic power generator
Electrical generator with dedicated cooling of stator segments
Method for controlling an electronic circuit
Circuitry and method for regulating a current for diagnosing an electromechanical load utilizing multiple current measurements
System and method for a switched-mode power supply
Peak power limitation and overpower protection for switched-mode power supplies
Modular high-frequency converter, and method for operating same
Electro-hydrodynamic system
Semiconductor device
Coupled inductor-based resonator
Phase interpolator calibration
Chopper stabilized amplifier with synchronous switched capacitor noise filtering
Bandpass filter providing wide gain control range
Traveling-wave amplifier
Effect circuit
Continuous-time analog delay device
Interface apparatus with leakage mitigation
Systems and methods to provide charge sharing at a transmit buffer circuit
Method and apparatus for indirect conversion of voltage value to digital word
Fast update of data packet checksums
Signal processing device and communication device
Apparatuses and methods for data compression and for data recovery in digital baseband transmission system
Methods and arrangements for spur estimation of a wireless communication packet
Compact and low-power millimeter-wave integrated VCO-up/down-converter with gain-boosting
Mobile smart massage device
Dynamic assignment of frequency hopping sequences in a communication network
Optical network unit and method for controlling the unit
Sub-sampling raster lines in rolling shutter mode for light-based communication
Optical transmission system and optical transmission device
Dynamic frame selection when requesting tone map parameters in mesh networks
Methods and apparatus for improving remote NFC device detection using a low power oscillator circuit
Power transmission device and power transmission and reception system
Near field communications apparatus
Pattern diversity assisted single-input-single-output and two-by-two multiple-input-multiple output (MIMO) antenna systems
Pairing apparatus
Cyclic shift diversity in communication systems
Uplink multi-user multiple input multiple output beamforming
Multiple access spread spectrum switching methodology
System and method of network diagnosis
Method and apparatus for transporting deterministic traffic in a gigabit passive optical network
Base station device and band control method
Querying data from devices in an ad-hoc network
Methods for communicating simultaneously on multiple frequencies
Method and system for implementing integrated voice over internet protocol in a cloud-based network
Enhanced trigger frame based discovery for a neighbor awareness network
System for communicating with a single mobile communications device having multiple MS-ISDN identifiers
User interface with recipient status indication
Multi-planed unified switching topologies
Switch device, information processing system, and method for controlling switch device
Systems and methods for dynamically adjusting QoS parameters
Providing use of local or private cloud infrastructure resources to public cloud providers
Control of supplemental content in a data flow
User interface delegation to a delegated device
Sign-based adaptive control with automatically-selected filter patterns
Dual-mode non-return-to-zero (NRZ)/ four-level pulse amplitude modulation (PAM4) receiver with digitally enhanced NRZ sensitivity
Systems and methods for advanced iterative decoding and channel estimation of concatenated coding systems
Method and system for media cataloging for exchange in controlled facilities
Computer devices and security management device communicationally-connected to the same
License management system, license management device, and computer-readable recording medium having license management program
Cross-site scripting defense using document object model template
Moving a portion of a streaming application to a public cloud based on sensitive data
Cost-based configuration using a context-based cloud security assurance system
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving message for downloadable CAS or DRM in MMT
Abnormal traffic detection apparatus and method based on modbus communication pattern learning
Temporal modification of authentication challenges
Temporal modification of authentication challenges
Method for signing electronic documents with an analog-digital signature with additional verification
System and method to provide combinational services to anonymous callers
Method and apparatus for determining and reporting channel quality indicator for temporally uncorrelated channels
Handshake synchronization by adjusting status of status machine of receiving end to a state indicated by status reset signal
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method and apparatus for disabling algorithms in a device
Feature licensing in a secure processing environment
Multi-modality communication with interceptive conversion
Content search method and mobile terminal
Terminal and control method thereof
Systems and methods of authenticating and controlling access over customer data
Method and apparatus for registering access point in wireless communication system
Crowd congestion detection
System for tracking, assigning, and disposing personnel and assets on an emergency scene
Contact center call routing by agent attribute
Processing apparatus, method for controlling the same, and storage medium
Image reading apparatus and image forming system
Image forming apparatus providing continued processing in the event of sensor failure
Systems and methods for causing a stunt switcher to run a snipe-overlay DVE
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, recording medium, and method for transmission and reception of moving image data
Methods and apparatus for providing access to content
Signal transmitting apparatus, signal transmitting method, and system for transmitting and receiving signal
Video sequence analysis for robust motion estimation
Method, apparatus and system for providing reproducible digital imagery products
Image processing apparatus having a first display unit displaying a course selection screen and a second display unit displaying an adjustment screen and an editing screen
Compact, rugged, intelligent tracking apparatus and method
Imaging apparatus and storage medium, and exposure amount control method
Systems and methods for infrared detection
Photoelectric converter and photoelectric conversion system
Manipulating sub-pictures of a compressed video signal
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Communication system, transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus and reception method
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing internet protocol television communication services
Automatic tracking, recording, and teleprompting device using multimedia stream with video and digital slide
Systems and methods of hybrid DWDM aggregation and extension for time division multiplexing passive optical networks
Low-power method and circuitry of determining headphone type and monitoring activity
Hearing aid fitting procedure and processing based on subjective space representation
Audio control using auditory event detection
Non-directional microphone
Audio output control method and apparatus
Audio adaptor and method
Method and apparatus for PCI classified self-configuration
Component aware maintenance alarm monitoring system and methods
Scalable earliest arrival path (EAP) algorithm for simultaneous diversity transmissions of base station signals
Relative forward link calibration estimation
Long-term evolution circuit switched fall back enhancements
Mobility management entity (MME) triggered detach and re-attach to a specific target MME
Dynamic control of cell reselection parameters
Wireless communication system, wireless communication device, and recording medium storing a wireless communication program
Mobile electronic device and method
Peripheral apparatus, server apparatus and method for determining location of portable apparatus
Network services dependent upon geographical constraints
Method and apparatus for improved signaling
Resolving identification code ambiguities in wireless access networks
Systems and methods for wireless power management
Method and device for detecting false movement of a mobile device
Method for carrying out multimedia broadcast multicast service, home base station and user equipment
Radio communication apparatus, radio communication system and radio communication method
Base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus and circuit, and channel switching method
Wireless communication apparatus
Overlay tunnel and underlay path correlation
Light source unit and lighting fixture
Configuration of an automated personal fitness coaching device
Dimming lighting circuit and luminaire
Light emitting module and illumination device using the same
Control system and method for wirelessly switching lamps over short distances
Control circuit and control method for illumination apparatus
Ceiling-mounted x-ray examination device
High power RF window deposition apparatus, method, and device
Electronic board unit
Circuit board and electronic device
Circuit substrate and electronic device
Process apparatus capable of pushing panel-shaped object and process method thereof
Interactive audio pass-through device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Applicator pad
Sponge handle
Billiard table
Drain plunger
Safety helmet
Gas station refuse container
Washing cart
Control lever
Speaker housing
DVD player for an automobile
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Alarm clock radio
Alarm clock radio
Liquid crystal display
Display mount
Electronic computer
Liquid crystal display
Image manager display screen
Laptop computer
Liquid crystal display
Electronic information displaying device
Display monitor
Liquid crystal display
Ergonomic mouse
Liquid crystal display
Computer mainframe front panel
Liquid crystal display
Display mount
Compact wireless intercom
Pocket watch communicator
Auxiliary antenna for an internal antenna handset
Key button arrangement for a handset
Faceplate for a radio telephone or similar articles
Compact wireless intercom
Tray of an optical disk driver
Elements of a cowling
Control panel for a compressor
Riding-type mower
Washing machine with a clothing drier
Refrigerator with upper French style doors
Refrigerator shelf
Ice tray with shaped ice slots
Machining center
Locking clamp for automotive change gear cable
Mobile rear projection system with fabric enclosure
Eyeglass frame
Clip-on accessory for eyeglasses
Solid ink stick
Solid ink stick
Postcard form for maintaining privacy of information contained thereon
Clipboard storage box
Self-inking stamp
Hand stamp handle
Slotted binder
Illuminated multiple-ovular zippered binder
Writing instrument
Writing instrument with clip ornament
Ball-point pen
Cap for writing instrument
Paragraph indicator bookmark
Removable bookmark to indicate the line being read
Hand ornament
Exit sign and rotatable emergency lamp
Illuminated sign
Courtesy signal light
Arrow-shaped daymark
All American duck
Musical toy
Toy figure
Combined skateboard and tricycle
Plush toy
Crossbar for a cambering vehicle
Scooter frame
Game holder device
Scooter frame
Christian board game
Inflatable float
Golf cleaning device
Gaming machine
Gaming machine
Stairs board
Sports ramp
Climbing structure
Line guide for fishing rod
Outdoor insect bait station
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Face plate for plumbing fixture
Shower head
Spray gun apparatus
Shower enclosure
Shower enclosure
Shower enclosure
Shower enclosure with door
Shower enclosure with door
Bidet toilet seat unit
Shower enclosure with door
Shower base
Slide for use in chemical or biochemical procedures
Blood analyte meter
Intraoral device
Finger stall for stimulation of tissue
Assay device
Urination funnel
Massager control device
Spa shell
Picture window flush fin replacement frame sill
Upright for fences
Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle front light
Handle for a flashlight
Utility light
Rechargeable battery operated candle light
Floor lamp
Pencil motion lamp
Light-emitting diode lamp
Combined vehicle rear brake light and camera
Light-emitting diode lamp
Combined solar powered outdoor lantern and stake mount
Motorcycle headlight
Elliptical reflector for multi-LED vehicle lights
Attachment lens for LED
Cigarette pack
Antiperspirant and/or deodorant product
Cuticle nipper
Razor handle
Shaver handle
Electric fluff remover
Electric shaver
Self cutting hair clipper
Razor handle grip
Baffle portion for frame of mask assembly
Scuba rebreather body
Pet amusement device
Cinerary urn
Early 1800's mailbox
Media guide rail spacer
Human Necessities
Agricultural machine
Lawn seed and chemical dispenser with sub-soil rock detector
Bulk fill delivery recirculation system
Apparatus for adjusting the height of a tool such as a lawnmower, particularly for gardening vehicles
Cutting implement including flow diverter baffle
Cutting mechanism for harvesters
Shield fixed over crop conveyor wheel of machine for mowing stalk-like crops
Punch press tool
Knot-relieving twine tensioner for baler
Flower pot assembly
Planting system
Sutera plant named `Balabwhiti`
Anthurium plant named `2000-22`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Safari Time Golden`
Salvia plant named `Sunsaruoro`
Miniature rose variety `POULra022`
Verbena plant named `Bodcomros`
Anagallis plant named `Wildcat Orange`
Anagallis plant named `Wildcat Blue`
Anthurium plant named `Gentle Love`
Anthurium plant named `Changing Love`
Method and system for controlled cooling of small milk quantities
IVC rack system and method for detecting infections particles within an IVC rack system
Pet grooming tool and method for removing loose hair from a furry pet
Automated surveillance monitor of non-humans in real time
Automatic water supply device
Fishing lure holders and methods
Subsurface pesticide injection and fluid extraction system
Waterfowl decoy system
Apple tree named `Rebella`
Method of and device for basting
Manganese oxide mixtures in nanoparticle form to lower the amount of carbon monoxide and/or nitric oxide in the mainstream smoke of a cigarette
Apparatus for building tobacco rods in cigarette making machines
Apparatus for manipulating tows of filamentary material
Undergarment with a polymer coated fabric layer for protection against incontinence
Velour fabric articles having flame retardance and improved dynamic insulation performance
Protective hockey undergarment
Protective suit
Glove use while eating
Unilayer fabric with reinforcing parts
Unilayer fabric with reinforcing parts
Apparel-related entertainment system
Protective hood having neck-covering and shoulder-covering section with improved properties
Lightweight wrestler headgear
Footwear for a dynamic, rolling walking-action
Heel construction for footwear
Custom conformable device
Light running shoe
Orthotic insert having heel post with contoured lower surface
Clamp device adapted for maintaining a tightened state of a string
Device and method for use in taking moulds of feet
Seat belt adjuster clip
Gemstone arrangement
Expansible band for a watch or the like
Telescoping stick
Device for drying and styling hair
Fingernail decorating method
Hair lacing tool for decorative inserts
Interwoven hammock bed
Multi-use pillow having adjustable positioning features
Futon sofa bed
Body supporting, serial inflating seat
Air-powered low interface pressure support surface
Mattress core and mattress providing pressure relief and minimizing body pressure
Reversible picture frame assembly
Flexible guide for identifying a mounting hole
Method of covering a potted plant
Method of covering a potted plant
Process for the manufacture of cooking vessels and vessels obtained according to such process
Roller grill assembly for cooking human food
Food cooking rotisserie
Food cooking rotisserie
Fry pan having an adjustable position angle
Stove top barbecue
Portable lavatory apparatus
Vacuum unit with hose attachment member
Cyclone dust collecting device for a vacuum cleaner
Upright type vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner with cyclonic air flow
Patient transport system for multiple imaging systems
Enclosure comprising a functional bathtub underneath a hood
Janitorial service sink eyewash
Compositions comprising at least one hydroxide compound and at least one complexing agent, and methods for using the same
System and method for high pressure delivery of gas-supersaturated fluids
Metering pumps for an aerosolizer
Breathing apparatus
Revolving valve for an oxygen machine
Method of making high contact density electrode array
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Process for strengthening plywood
Knock-down quarter pipe for skateboarders, bikers and in-line skaters
Fountain water toy utilizing a battery-powered pump
Performing Operations; Transporting
Reciprocating cone anti-drainback apparatus
Concrete recovery method and system
Medicament respiratory delivery device and cartridge
Sootblower lance tube for dual cleaning media
Sulfuric acid recycle apparatus
Ring-shaped part washing method and washing jig used in the method
Hot-rolling mill with flatness measuring roller
High-strength steel pipe excellent in formability and burst resistance
Adjustable punch having externally accessible rotation release latch
Tool clamping device for shaping tool, especially for a press brake
Method of manufacturing hollow rack shaft
Tube bending machine
Method and system for support and/or transport of a wire
Hollow rack shaft and manufacturing method thereof
Method for rapid reproduction of molds and mold components
Method and apparatus for machining turbine component internals
Cutting blade for a cutting apparatus
Connecting rod cracking apparatus
Slide miter saw
Dry and wet cutting tile saw
Saw blade for reciprocating saw apparatus
Hardfacing for milled tooth drill bits
Methods for replacing a portion of a combustor dome assembly
Method and apparatus for cooling machine tools
Sensor and method for locating a discontinuity
Fiducial calibration systems and methods for manufacturing, inspection, and assembly
Method for the finishing treatment of workpieces
Survival tool
Air impact driver
Drive system having an inertial valve
Socket connector structure
Method and apparatus for auditing a tension load in the threaded fastener
Hydraulic percussion/pressing device
Sleeve retention for tool
Monitoring device
Encased electric shaver
Apparatus and method of assembly of fixed blade knife
Paper cutting device
Cutter cassette and cutting device
Electric punch
Chain saw
Crown molding jig device
Kitchen sink
Cutting device for breaking fragile materials such as semiconductor wafers or the like
Heating of calender roll surfaces
Method for retrofitting a pressure molding system
Apparatus and method for making wound-fiber reinforced articles
Continuous press
Device for compressing a load of particulate material
Method for briquetting metal chips and briquetting press
Single facer quick change corrugating rolls
Method of making matchable low-E I.G units and laminates
Sandwich panel structural joint
Hot laminating apparatus having single-sided transmitting and heating roller
Imaging unit for a printing form cylinder
Printing unit of a sheet-fed printing press
Printing machine
Method for adjustment of a belt tension in a rotary press machine
Offset printing machine having intermediate sleeve fitted to core cylinder using compressed air
Method and apparatus for detecting registering errors, and automatic register control apparatus for multi-color rotary presses
Printing unit of a rotary printing press
Test printing apparatus and method for test printing, and irradiation assembly for use therewith
Inking apparatus and side plate thereof
Printing unit with reversible image setting and digital changeover
Method of fabricating a fluid ejector
Compact printing apparatus and method
Printing blanket
Straight edge to facilitate holding and measuring and to provide protection when cutting
Method for the production of printed surfaces
Method for manufacturing wheel-supporting hub unit and pressing mold for manufacturing same hub unit
Elastic wheel
Tire pressure indication system
Device for fixing an electronic monitoring module onto a tire
Method and system for monitoring the deformations of a tire in motion
Tubeless tire compound and a system and method for retrofitting non-tubeless tires
Shock-absorbing element for a motor vehicle
System for analyzing a suspension system
Dual zone automatic climate control algorithm utilizing heat flux analysis
Air conditioner for vehicles
Control apparatus for automatically stopping and restarting an engine
Air conditioner coil access door kit and method of installation
Refrigerant cycle with ejector having throttle changeable nozzle
Two part vehicle door
Manufacture of a folding top for a convertible
Extendible rain shield for vehicle
Plastic panel door construction
Hydrostatic transaxle
Gaseous fuel discharging structure for vehicle
Easy opening fuel tank vent valve
Four-wheel vehicle for traveling on irregular road
Vehicle traction control system
Driving control apparatus for industrial vehicle
Support for a track-guided high-speed vehicle
Trackside power distribution systems
Anti-entrapment system
Standardized recreational vehicle sanitary system
Vehicle wiper system and a method for operating a wiper arm linkage
Wiper device, especially for windshields of automobiles
Automotive washer system utilizing a freezable washer liquid and a freeze-resistant washer liquid
Tracked vehicle
Negative pressure boosting device
Adjustable pedal mechanism for a motor vehicle
Hydraulic pressure control valve and vehicle brake device using the same
Passenger transportation system
Body mouting system
Joint and a steering assist system using the same
Steering control unit with low null band load sensing boost
Hydrofoil boat
Control wellhead buoy
Boat-lift systems and methods
Compactable ladder for a boat
Boat with convertible tender garage area
Cold air refrigerating system and turboexpander turbine for this system
Master-slave engine bleed flow sharing control method and system
Dock unit for maintenance of an aircraft or the like
Tablet detecting system for molding tablet supplying apparatus
Control mechanism for a feed and tension unit in a strapping apparatus
Cigarette packing machine
Can filler valve wiper mechanism
System and process for packaging and distributing balloons
Method and device for packing a solid into a container such as a bottle
Chain with seals having improved characteristics
Stacking device and printed sections in the form of cartridges
Multi-function hydraulic valve assembly
High-G acceleration protection by caging
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Plant and method for producing liquefied natural gas
Vacuum ultraviolet transmitting silicon oxyfluoride lithography glass
Glass container forming machine
Method for manufacturing glass substrate of information recording medium
Solid propellant formulations and methods and devices employing the same for the destruction of airborne biological and/or chemical agents
Method of making a chain
Gas recirculation flow control method and apparatus for use in vacuum system
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus for producing a core spun yarn
Twisting then cabling BCF yarns to impart torque
Weft-stretch woven fabric with high recovery
Method for forming laminate nonwoven fabric
Sewing machine with pattern indicating device
Embroidery machine with a cap bill support device
Roller chain
Drum washing machine
Safety guard and deactivation device
Bow and skew control system and method
Extended-nip roll press for dewatering a fibrous web
Method and device for supplying steam to the drying section in a papermaking machine
System for making dried singulated crosslinked cellulose pulp fibers
Fixed Constructions
Track rehabilitation machine
Movable platform for use with surface profiling system
Modular barrier system for satisfying needs unique to a specific user
Remote control system and remote setting system for construction machinery
Water-saving toilet
Vacuum tank construction
Toilet seat with washing machine
Concrete block for use in fence or building construction
Multi-planar ceiling system
Sheet of shingles
Apparatus for covering exposed rafters
Awning system for a recreational vehicle
Tilt-up and telescopic support tower for large structures
Convertible play structure
Swimming pool pressure cleaner with internal steering mechanism
Push button lock
Flexible shackle lock with a replaceable shackle and a replaceable lock core
Semi-trailer locking apparatus
Adjustable reinforcing hinge
Mechanical actuator for a multi-position window
Movable barrier operator having cable tension sensor and door lock mechanism
Automatic door sensor
Framed covering for architectural opening
Control and suspension system for a covering for architectural openings
Cutter element with non-linear, expanded crest
Open hole straddle tool
Tie back and method for use with expandable tubulars
Flow-activated valve and method of use
Choke valve with pressure transmitters
Method and apparatus for injecting one or more fluids into a borehole
Hydraulic stepping valve actuated sliding sleeve
Remotely operated multi-zone packing system
In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation to increase permeability of the formation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine having engine speed limit control system
Hydraulic apparatus with return to neutral mechanism
Rotary machine and thermal cycle
Valve system for OHV-type four-cylinder internal combustion engine
Valve drive for an internal combustion engine
Race car valve lifter
Control apparatus and method for valve actuating system of internal combustion engine
Valve timing control device
Camshaft accumulator
Vacuum release mechanism
Hydraulic actuator for operating an engine cylinder valve
Valve train and method for reducing oil flow to deactivated engine valves
Method and apparatus for controlling an engine
Closed-loop refilling and pressure testing system for modern motor vehicle cooling systems
Cooling system for an internal combustion engine
Flow divider device for air manifolds adapted to generate turbulent flows in combustion chambers
Two stroke engine having reduced height pistons
Two-stroke engine in a portable, manually-guided implement
Mount structure for an engine accessory
Compressor air drawing off system
Apparatus for starting a combined cycle power plant
Fuel metering unit with two integrated outlet ports
Gas turbine plant with high detection sensitivity of extraordinary state
Fuel injection pump having hydraulic timer mechanism and load timer mechanism
Method and apparatus for control of a variable displacement engine for fuel economy and performance
Method and arrangement for controlling a charger
System for estimating peak cylinder pressure in an internal combustion engine
Control device and method for a diesel engine and diesel engine
Abnormality detecting apparatus for fuel evaporative emission control system
Fuel controller
Gas flow rate measuring apparatus
Throttle assembly for a flowing medium
Case burning rocket with drive system for combustion chamber and nozzle
Air breather assembly
Method and device for the low-emission operation of a fuel cell tank system, especially of a motor vehicle
Reduction of emissions of internal combustion engines by improving combustion efficiency through effective control of electrostatic force
Systems and methods for conditioning or vaporizing fuel in a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Resin intake manifolds and manufacturing process thereof
PCV assembly and fitting
Flapper valve system
Fuel delivery system and method
Direct injection gasoline engine
Fuel system including a flow-through pressure regulator
System for coupling a toothed starter ring to a support connected to the output shaft of an internal combustion engine
Starter motor having planetary gear device for reducing rotational speed of electric motor
Engine starting control apparatus
Spring release starter
Ignition system and method for operating an ignition system
Coupling structure of drive shaft to swash plate assembly in variable capacity swash plate type compressor
Attachable duster for ceiling fans
Valve and tank enclosure assembly
Pressure-compensating valve with load check
Double acting hydraulic cylinder with axial locking device
Diamond-shaped fluid powered linkage, system and engine
Mobile monolithic polymer elements for flow control in microfluidic devices
Method for mounting a bolt on a surface
Friction clutch, especially a multi-disk clutch
Hydrodynamic converter
Antivibration apparatus including a mass damper
Controllable damping force hydraulic shock absorber
Fluid torque transmission device equipped with lockup device
Control method for lockup clutch
Valve device for pressurized gas cylinder
Fluid flow control device
Coated fibrous pipe insulation system
Apparatus for use of single point watering system with monobloc lead-acid batteries
Method in connection with a pipe grate for fluidized bed boiler and a pipe grate
Smoke exhauster having forwarded fan casing
Air conditioner
Refrigeration method and system
Transient temperature control system and method for preventing destructive collisions in free piston machines
Kid's zone compartment assembly for a refrigerator
Refrigerator--electronics architecture
Portable cooler chest
Furnace lining
Tabular heat pipe structure having support bodies
Fouling reduction device for a tubular heat exchanger
Semiautomatic or automatic gun
Nodular nickel boron coating
Rail cover for use with a picatinny rail
Move-away arrow rest
Electric discharge weapon for use as forend grip of rifles
Breaching tool
Method for deflecting fast projectiles
Active armor protection system for armored vehicles
Non-lethal cargo projectile
Obturator for large caliber smooth bore ammunition
Pliant firearm projectiles
Blast attenuation device and method
Inspection master block and method of producing the same
Writing instrument-caliper system and method
Measurement gauge having extensions
Level having rotatable vial support device
Fluid flow transducer module and assembly
Ultrasonic flow meter
Flow metering method and flowmeter
Slosh supressor and heat sink
Coriolis mass flowmeter
Coriolis flowmeter with improved zero stability
Propane measurement using a coriolis flowmeter
Capacitive fill level measuring instrument
Pressure transmitter for clean environments
Thermodynamic pressure/temperature transducer health check
Apparatus for detecting torque, axial position and axial alignment of a rotating shaft
Hermetic pressure transducer
Micromechanical component and equalization method
Membrane pressure sensor containing silicon carbide and method of manufacture
Surface-micromachined pressure sensor and high pressure application
Method and computer for determining a setting for correct operation of an internal combustion engine
Device for detecting whether the connection between the elements of a device for the sealed connection of two chambers isolated from the external medium is sealed
Gas sample probe for a gas analyzer
Testing device and method for viscosified fluid containing particulate material
Matric potential responder improvements
Flow cytometer nozzle
Methods and devices for measuring interface levels between fluids, and uses thereof
Real-time system for detecting foreign bodies in food containers using ultrasound
Pipe inspection systems and methods
Method for non-destructive stress wave testing of wood
Process for the isolation of a major harmful oxidant from cigarette smoke
Method for estimating the change of body smell with ageing
Micromechanical component
Method of making an interposer with contact structures
Contact pin assembly, contact pin assembly manufacturing method, contact pin assembling structure, contact pin assembling structure manufacturing method, and socket for electrical parts
Liquid crystal dispensing apparatus having confirming function for remaining amount of liquid crystal and method for measuring the same
Redundant system for the indication of heading and attitude in an aircraft
Time based mass flow controller and method for controlling flow rate using it
Pedal apparatus for automobile
Vehicle pedal device wherein non-operated position of operating portion is adjustable in longitudinal direction of vehicle
Connection arrangements for electrical devices
Method of making interactive information closure
Device for hidden coding of an object and method for reading
Installation for the distribution and storage of cylinders of gas
Paper identification counter and paper identification and counting method
Sheet counting apparatus, sheet counting method and transaction apparatus
Roof-screen system
Mounting for sheet material
System and method for mounting sheet material on support structures
Wristband having exposed adhesive fastener
Method of manufacturing a chip PTC thermistor
Actively-cooled distribution plate for reducing reactive gas temperature in a plasma processing system
Methods and apparatus for cleaning and/or treating a substrate using CO2
Heatsink and heatsink device using the heatsink
Method of assembling a multi-chip device
Method for fabricating a wiring substrate by electroplating a wiring film on a metal base
Method of protecting a passivation layer during solder bump formation
Manufacturing process of IC module
Accumulator forming installation
Electrical equipment and method of assembling same
Terminal-crimping mold
Wire positioning device apparatus, methods and articles of manufacture
Adapter mandrel used in conjunction with premolded high voltage connectors and connector components
Method for winding an armature coil
Method and apparatus for locating a faulty component in a cable television system having cable modems
Tape guide and magazine at a component machine
Method of surface-mounting electronic components
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