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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Antibiotic resistance conferred by a plant ABC transporter gene when expressed in transgenic plants
Designer organisms for photosynthetic production of ethanol from carbon dioxide and water
Insect screening sheet
Pesticidally active compounds
C-phenyl glycitol compound
Treatment of cancer by inhibition of IGFBP's and clusterin
Toaster oven with low-profile heating elements
Beverage dispenser with additive dispensing
Method for making center-filled chewing gum pieces
Method for producing soybean milk
Method of preparing basement membrane, method of constructing basement membrane specimen, reconstituted artificial tissue using the basement membrane specimen and process for producing the same
Methods and compounds for treating retinol-related diseases
Anti-tumor composition
Beta-Secretase modulators and methods of use
Pharmaceutical composition
Transdermal methods and systems for the delivery of anti-migraine compounds
Use of allopurinol for the treatment of palmar plantar erythrodysesthesia
24-sulfoximine vitamin D.sub.3 compounds
Metal-binding compounds and uses therefor
Antibacterial agent based on fatty acid esters of hydroxy carboxylic acid acids
Neuregulins for prevention and treatment of damage from acute assault on vascular and neuronal tissue and as regulators of neuronal stem cell migration
Blockade of gamma-secretase activity to promote myelination by oligodendrocytes
Methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of anemia
Fungus-induced inflammation and eosinophil degranulation
Method of promoting delivery of an antioxidant agent to a cell expression neuroligin
IGF-IR antagonists as adjuvants for treatment of prostate cancer
Antibodies against vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-1
Human antibodies against Pseudomonas aeruginosa LPS derived from transgenic xenomouse
Cell cycle arrest and apoptosis
Antimicrobial polypeptides from Pseudoplectania nigrella
Remedy for glaucoma comprising Rho kinase inhibitor and .beta.-blocker
Method of manufacturing modified release dosage forms
Sulfonyl amino cyclic derivatives and use thereof
Methods and systems for providing real-time feedback for karaoke
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for synthesizing carbon nanotubes
Control of a coating process
Electrostatic fluidised powder bed coating process
Planarizing coating method
Cooling structure for plasma lighting system
Process for producing microsphere with use of metal substrate having through-hole
Direct forming of non-textile fabric elements from plastic pellets
Defect inspection method for a glass substrate for a mask blank, glass substrate for a mask blank, mask blank, exposure mask, method of producing a glass substrate for a mask blank, method of producing a mask blank, and method of producing an exposure mask
Composites of polymers and metal/metalloid oxide nanoparticles and methods for forming these composites
Postal-compliant fluorescent inkjet papers, inks for preparing them and individualized postage stamps printed thereon
Process for recording into rewritable recording medium of non-contact type
Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium
Biodegradable resin foam sheet, biodegradable resin foam article and biodegradable resin molded container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fluorine-containing magnesium oxide powder prepared by vapor phase reaction and method of preparing the same
Magnesiothermic methods of producing high-purity silicon
Process to make base oil from thermally cracked waxy feed using ionic liquid catalyst
Process to make a lubricant component by oligomerizing and alkylating at a molar ratio of olefin to isoparaffin of at least 0.8
Alkylation process using catalysts with low olefin skeletal isomerization activity
Preparation of both hexamethylene diamine and aminocapronitrile
Method for producing ester condensed product
Process for producing cyclic compounds
Methods for treating hepatitis C
Process for the synthesis of an ACE inhibitor
Organic compound, semiconductor film electrode employing the organic compound, photoelectric conversion element employing the organic compound, and photoelectrochemical solar cell employing the organic compound
2-methyl-5-imino-benzo[D][1 ,3]oxazin[5-B]pyrazole compound, preparation and use thereof
K04-0144 substance and a process for production thereof
Kits for diagnosis and monitoring of viral infection by analysis of viral transrenal nucleic acids in urine
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of a gene from the ebola virus
Inhibitor of endogenous human interferon-gamma
T24 antigen for immunodiagnosis of Taenia solium cysticercosis
Method for refolding protein
Sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase polypeptides, polynucleotides and modulating agents and methods of use therefor
Process for making enzyme-resistant starch for reduced-calorie flour replacer
Ink receiving particles, method for producing the same, and curable resin dispersion composition
Fuser roller composition
Enzyme-catalyzed polycarbonate and polycarbonate ester synthesis
Method of preparing polyorganosiloxane with functional groups in the presence of lithium silanolate
Crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound, production process therefor, non-crosslinked type layered metal phosphonate compound, production process therefor, as well as stock solution
Membrane preparation method comprising the extrusion of a thermoplastic polymer bearing alkaline groupings
Process for producing re-dispersable particles of highly fluorinated polymer
Polymer particles having improved mechanical properties and applications of same
Ink jet pigment ink and ink set
Gelled hydrocarbons for oilfield processes, phosphate ester compounds useful in gellation of hydrocarbons and methods for production and use thereof
Dry blend fracturing fluid additives
Semi-solid lubricant composition for transmission element and mechanical system provided with the same
Detergent composition
Aerobic compost tea making device and method
Targeted gene modification by parvoviral vectors
Liver specific chimeric regulatory sequence and use thereof
Isolation and identification of cross-reactive T cells
Method for preparing cell cultures from biological specimens for chemotherapeutic and other assays
Thermostable Taq polymerase fragment
Production of functional proteins: balance of shear stress and gravity
Cell compositions comprising molecular complexes that modify immune responses
Compositions and methods for targeting cancer-specific transcription complexes
Method of enzymatic optical resolution of racemic 4-hydroxy-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoline
Methods for reducing enzyme consumption in second generation bioethanol fermentation in the prescence of lignin
Method for assessing predisposition to depression
Detection and analysis of influenza virus
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Method for quantification of methylated DNA
STAT6 effects on livestock animal growth
Skin aging marker and technique for use thereof
Methods of diagnosing cervical cancer
Wet combustion engine
Apparatus and method for levitation of an amount of conductive material
Textiles; Paper
Nonwoven fabric and process of producing the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuators for gun-fired projectiles and mortars
Foamed laminated construction
Layer by layer self-assembly of large response molecular electro-optic materials by a desilylation strategy
Actuators for gun-fired projectiles and mortars
Lipoprotein-associated markers for cardiovascular disease
Method for producing image contrast by phase shifting in electron optics
Sensor for detecting and differentiating chemical analytes
Noninvasive glucose monitor
Method and device for collecting and transferring biohazard samples
Screening method for binding property or signal transduction alterations
Method for detecting the presence of a single target nucleic acid in a sample
Apparatus and method for analyte detection
Electron beam writing method, fine pattern writing system, method for manufacturing uneven pattern carrying substrate, and method for manufacturing magnetic disk medium
Reflection photolithography mask, and process for fabricating this mask
Photoresist materials and photolithography process
Ketal containing photoconductors
Vibrato retrofit string tension kit
Transport/storage cask for radioactive material
Particle controller
Electromagnetic systems with double-resonant spiral coil components
Retarding oxidants for preparing conductive polymers
Electroluminescent display including conductive film coupled to connector
Nitride sintered body and method for manufacturing thereof
Electrode rod holder in a high-pressure discharge lamp
Implantation quality improvement by xenon/hydrogen dilution gas
UV lamp with single plug
High-pressure mercury discharge lamp
Fabricating method of light emitting diode package
Broadband imaging device and manufacturing thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing micro electro mechanical systems device
Micro-electro-mechanical-system package and method for manufacturing the same
Method of producing a photovoltaic cell with a heterojunction on the rear face
Method for fabricating copper-containing ternary and quaternary chalcogenide thin films
Quantum dot memory
Stack having Heusler alloy, magnetoresistive element and spin transistor using the stack, and method of manufacturing the same
Modifier for low dielectric constant film, and method for production thereof
Isolated tri-gate transistor fabricated on bulk substrate
Method for fabricating a liquid crystal display device and an LCD device thereby
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for thinning a substrate
Process for interfacial adhesion in laminate structures through patterned roughing of a surface
Etching of tungsten selective to titanium nitride
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of reducing metal impurities of upgraded metallurgical grade silicon wafer by using epitaxial silicon film
Method of switching off a monolithically integrated optically controlled thyristor
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Plasma treatment method and plasma treatment device
Adhesive sheet for light-emitting diode device and light-emitting diode device
Method of making openings in a layer of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having wiring line and manufacturing method thereof
Manufacturing method of integrated circuit device including thin film transistor
Planarization method using hybrid oxide and polysilicon CMP
Substrate processing method and substrate processing apparatus
Mark forming method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Vertical PNP transistor and method of making same
Method of forming a semiconductor layer
Integrated circuit isolation system
Semiconductor memory device and a method of manufacturing the same, a method of manufacturing a vertical MISFET and a vertical MISFET, and a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Electronic price tag device, pop device, management system for electronic price tag device, and method and program for controlling management system for electronic price tag device
Semiconductor package having improved heat spreading performance
Integrated circuit and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor package through-electrode suitable for a stacked semiconductor package and semiconductor package having the same
Solid-state image pickup device, method for manufacturing solid-state image pickup device, and camera
Semiconductor integrated circuit with improved power supply system
Thin film integrated circuit device, IC label, container comprising the thin film integrated circuit, manufacturing method of the thin film integrated circuit device, manufacturing method of the container, and management method of product having the container
Microminiature moving device
Nitride semiconductor light emitting device having ridge parts
Manufacturing process and structure of through silicon via
Localized trigger ESD protection device
Method of cleaning a patterning device, method of depositing a layer system on a substrate, system for cleaning a patterning device, and coating system for depositing a layer system on a substrate
Image sensor with self-boosting transfer transistor gate and methods of operating and fabricating the same
Photovoltaic ultraviolet sensor
Substrate-free light emitting diode
Lamp and method of making the same
Vacuum hermetic organic packaging carrier and sensor device package
Phase change memory cell including multiple phase change material portions
Low power phase change memory cell with large read signal
Method for manufacturing battery pack
Negative electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery comprising same
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Electrode for cell of energy storage device and method of forming the same
Membrane electrode assembly, method for producing the same, and solid state polymer fuel cell
Internally gas regulated fuel cell
Fuel cell system and activation method for fuel cell
Tube type fuel cell to decrease current path length
Magnetic field element
Energy storage
AC generator for vehicles
Electrical devices having tape wound core laminate rotor or stator elements
Electrical linear drive
Electric linear motor
HID lighting control with transient voltage sensing and lamp restarting, and method of making and using
Induction heating cooking device
Method and apparatus for forming a high quality low temperature silicon nitride layer
Printed circuit board using paste bump and manufacturing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for fertilizing specific partial areas of plants
Stable intermediate ryegrass varieties
Inbred corn line 7RN401
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "1709"
Inbred corn plant 6077 and seeds thereof
Plants and seeds of corn variety I014738
Inbred corn line UBB3
Fungicidial compounds having a fluorovinyloxphyenyl moiety and process for the preparation thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling the preheating temperature
Cooking enhancing convection oven and method of enhancing the cooking in a convection oven
Toaster ovens
Hand lotion warmer
Nuclear magnetic resonance apparatus and methods of use and facilities for incorporating the same
MRI apparatus
Miniature low-noise photodiode system
Magnetic resonance image diagnosing apparatus
Fingerprint sensor and method
Fluoroether compositions and methods for inhibiting their degradation in the presence of a Lewis acid
Tetracycline repressor regulated mammalian cell transcription and viral replication switch
Large animal model of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in an immunocompromised host
Chitosan microflake and method of manufacturing the same
Microwave deodorizer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Preparation of aldehydes and/or alcohols having from 6 to 30 carbon atoms
Process for the oxidation of unsaturated aldehydes to produce carboxylic acids using Mo-V based catalysts
Process to control conversion of C4+ and heavier stream to lighter products in oxygenate conversion reactions
Chip-detector assembly having improved probe-retention features
Micromachined two dimensional array of piezoelectrically actuated flextensional transducers
Piezoelectric acoustic component
High speed track shutter system for semi-conductor inspection
Device for sorting products depending on measured parameter, and method for operating same
Tool holding system
Plasma cutter with integrated air compressor
Method and apparatus for controlling plasma flow
Welding control systems
Method and device for laser beam welding
Fine and micro-machining process for workpieces by means of laser beams
Apparatus for producing a printer head and aperture processing device
MIG gun nozzle with self centering, quick release screw and reduced cross-sectional area at the front
Welding rod extending assembly for attachment with electrode holder
Apparatus and method for processing the components of a neutron lens
Method for assembling and electrical connector assembly for a power tool
Method and apparatus for welding
Microwave applicator for drying sheet material
Heading element for charging devices
Vehicular magnetic displacement sensor for determining an offset in the output of the sensor
Electric vehicle
Vehicle headlamp leveling device
Multi-function stalk switch with zero backlash drive gear pair
Vehicle window switch orientation
Flat conduit wire harness assembly for vehicle
Immobilizing device for a motor vehicle
Apparatus and method for the detection of an edge of an object
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Thermal plasma process for recovering monomers and high value carbons from polymeric materials
Transparent layered product and glass article using the same
Process for producing ethylene
Sequence of processes for olefin oligomerization
Process for linear alpha olefins
Process for preparing tetrafluoroborate salt and intermediates thereof
Amines useful in inhibiting gas hydrate formation
Process for the preparation of Midodrine
Amide derivatives
C11 oxymyl and hydroxylamino prostaglandins useful as FP agonists
Process for the preparation of symmetrical diacylhydrazines
Process for the preparation of 1,4-diaryl-2-fluoro-4-cyano-2-butenes and intermediates useful therefor
Process for preparing cyclic alcohols and ketones
Process for producing alcohols
Synthesis and isolation of metal alkoxides
Process for producing aromatic disulfides
Process for the cleavage of alkylaryl hydroperoxides
Process for producing vitamin A aldehyde and intermediate for producing the same
Method of reducing flock during alkoxylation
Process for the production of enantiomerically pure or optically enriched sertraline-tetralone using continuous chromatography
Producing method of (hydroxyalkyl) alicyclic carboxylic acids and intermediates for producing the same and producing method of such intermediates
Process for the preparation of a carboxylic acid
Hydroquinone diester derivatives and the method for producing the same
Continuous process for the production of carboxylic acid esters of alkylene glycol monoalkyl ethers
Method of producing rosemarinic acid
Naphthopyrans and phenanthropyrans annelated in C5-C6 with a bicyclic group, and compositions and (co) polymer matrices containing them
Process for preparing phosphine oxides and process for purifying the same
Method of preparing form II crystals of clarithromycin
Chimeras of sulfur-linked oligonucleotide analogs and DNA and RNA
Conjugates and methods of forming conjugates of oligonucleotides and carbohydrates
P. gingivalis polynucleotides and uses thereof
Liquidambar styraciflua AGAMOUS (LSAG) gene
Human gastric cancer antigen gene and gastric cancer antigen protein
Transcriptional inhibitor protein and the encoding DNA
Bone mineralization proteins, DNA, vectors, expression systems
Substituted phthalocyanine
Process wherein a hydrocarbon feedstock is contacted with a catalyst
Proteins involved in the synthesis and assembly of core lipopolysaccharide of Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Recombinant human papillomavirus vaccine expressed in transgenic plants
Acyl CoA: cholesterol acyltransferase related nucleic acid sequences
MSH5 ablated mice and uses therefor
Methods for assessing the role of calcineurin immunosuppression and neurotoxicity
Human aminopeptidase
Imidazolinone resistant AHAS mutants
Method of plant selection using glucosamine-6-phosphate deaminase
Hydroperoxide lyase gene from maize and methods of use
Heat treating device and heat treating method
Fixed Constructions
Locking arrangement, in particular for vehicles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine block heater with retaining member
Method and device for controlling a power adjustment means of a vehicle engine
Gravity electrical generating system
Distance measuring device and method for determining a distance
Bearing failure detector for electrical generator
Twin-bulb Christmas light bulb string
Led luminaire with electrically adjusted color balance
Lamp coated with an iron-oxide pigment, organic coloring material and silicon-oxygen compound layers
Automatic restricted access cigarette lighter
Cooking appliance and method of cooling the same
Heating arrangement with coated radiation emitting surfaces
Self-adaptive sensor unit for determining pulse switching points
Close proximity material interface detection for a microwave level transmitter
Rotary pocketed weigh feeder
Microbalance with reduced temperature and / or pressure sensitivity
Method and apparatus for detecting an object within a heating sources's radiating beam
System and method for reflecting and deflecting light utilizing spherical shaped devices
Apparatus and method for detecting electromagnetic radiation using electron photoemission in a micromechanical sensor
Solid cryogenic optical filter
Micro-machined absolute pressure sensor
Stable isotope measurement method and apparatus by spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for making MOSFETs with elevated source/drain extensions
Apparatus for radiation analysis with a variable collimator
Remote, wireless electrical signal measurement device
Printed circuit board tester
Closed-loop magnetoresistive current sensor system having active offset nulling
Intelligent, self-monitoring AC power plug
Connector continuity checking device
Method and system for identifying cause of partial discharges
Press-fit pin connection checking method and system
Wafer probing system and method of calibrating wafer probing needle using the same
Sliding tray holder for ease in handling IC packages during testing of the IC packages
Device and method for nondestructive inspection on semiconductor device
MRI method apparatus for imaging a field of view which is larger than a magnetic field
Nuclear magnetic resonance tool with active RF spoiler antenna
Multiple gradient echo type projection reconstruction sequence for MRI especially for diffusion weighted MRI
Geometric distortion correction in magnetic resonance imaging
Method and apparatus for improving the accuracy of a region-based light detector
Gamma camera usable in two positions of a patient
Radiation image read-out apparatus
System for the measurement of electrical characteristics of geological formations from within steel cased wells using magnetic circuits
Method and system for compensating intensity fluctuations of an illumination system in a confocal microscope
High throughput microscopy
Microscope in-focus state detecting method and apparatus using image contrast detection
Semiconductor device
Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and a manufacturing method thereof
Planar motor with linear coil arrays
Focussing method and system of exposure apparatus
Linear regulator with a low series voltage drop
Current source with internal variable resistance and control loop for reduced process sensitivity
String-plucking type electronic musical instrument with photo sensor for generating signal for sound
Musical instrument
Key actuation systems for keyboard instruments
Sound system and method for creating a sound event based on a modeled sound field
Musical computer keyboard apparatus and method
Electronic guitar with its keys arranged in complex array
Registration apparatus and method for electronic musical instruments
Musical tone-generating apparatus and method and storage medium
Micro-electromechanical structure resonator, method of making, and method of using
Semiconductor device having a memory cell with a plurality of active elements and at least one passive element
Full CMOS SRAM cell
Integrated semiconductor circuit having at least two supply networks
Multiple target, multiple energy radioisotope production
Electronic imaging screen with optical interference coating
Electrical cable
Foldable electric cord arrangement and manufacture
Ramp-edge structured tunneling devices using ferromagnet electrodes
System and method for ESD Protection
Self-bonding insulated wire and self-bonding litz wire comprising the same
Axially polarized radiation from a toroidal magnetic structure with an equatorial slot
Vacuum switch operating mechanism including laminated flexible shunt connector
Electrical equipment having energy saving mode capable of shutting off supplying of voltage to primary power supply supplying circuit under no use thereof
Multiple push button matrix switch with permeable film flanged portion and hermetic sealing
Environmentally sealed rocker switch
Safety switch
Key switch
Driving force storing device for a switch operating mechanism
Gas-insulated switching device
Switchgear with switching devices arranged in housings
Modular circuit breaker housing assembly
Electron emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Field emission cold cathode device and method of manufacturing the same
Microelectronic and microelectromechanical devices comprising carbon nanotube components, and methods of making same
Plasma display panel with improved structure of discharge electrode and dielectric layer
Cathode ray tube having an internal voltage-divider resistor
Electrode of electron gun and electron gun using the same
Color cathode ray tube having an improved electron gun
Flat panel display having field emission cathode and manufacturing method thereof
Field emission display panel having cathode and anode on the same panel substrate
Field emission device
Scanning charged-particle beam instrument
Dissolution stage for an environmental scanning electron microscope
Scanning electron microscope
Method of and apparatus for searching for unknown specimen, and recording medium with recorded program for searching for unknown specimen
Mass spectrometer having lens unit supported with springs
Apparatus for production and extraction of charged particles
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp with a spiral-shaped electrode shield
Lamp having conductor structure and non-conductor structure provided between filaments
Combined light emitting discharge lamp and luminaire using such lamp
Gas discharge lamp, in particular for motor-vehicle headlights
Compact fluorescent lamp with built-in operating circuit
Microwave powered lamp with improved cooling system
Composite self-aligned extraction grid and in-plane focusing ring, and method of manufacture
Incandescent lamp with integral voltage converter
Solar cell and method of fabricating the same
Heating apparatus
Low resistivity titanium silicide structures
Gate-insulating film including oxide film
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device
Electronic component mounted on a flat substrate and padded with a fluid filler
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Mixed metal nitride and boride barrier layers
Semiconductor configuration having trenches for isolating doped regions
Metal sulfide semiconductor transistor devices
NVRAM array device with enhanced write and erase
Electroless Ni/Pd/Au metallization structure for copper interconnect substrate and method therefor
Method of manufacturing electronic component having capacitor element and resistor element, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistor having partial hetero source/drain junctions fabricated with high energy germanium implantation
Power lateral diffused MOS transistor
Method and system for providing contacts with greater tolerance for misalignment in a flash memory
Semiconductor module package substrate
SRAM-based semiconductor integrated circuit testing element
Method for transferring a dummy wafer
Isolated regions in an integrated circuit
Apparatus improving latchup immunity in a dual-polysilicon gate
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor memory cell array with reduced parasitic capacitance between word lines and bit lines
Byte-switch structure for EEPROM memories
Deliberate void in innerlayer dielectric gapfill to reduce dielectric constant
Damascene metallization process and structure
Symmetric device with contacts self aligned to gate
Memory cell arrangement and process for manufacturing the same
Coated semiconductor die/leadframe assembly and method for coating the assembly
Semiconductor chip package
Semiconductor capacitor device
Insulating adhesive for electronic parts, and lead frame and semiconductor device using the same
Leads under chip in conventional IC package
Integrated circuit package electrical enhancement
Semiconductor device
Reduced stress and zero stress interposers for integrated-circuit chips, multichip substrates, and the like
Printed wiring board with joining pin and manufacturing method therefor
Splitting and assigning power planes
Semiconductor device having a flip chip cavity with lower stress and method for forming same
Thin film wiring scheme utilizing inter-chip site surface wiring
Routing driven, metal programmable integrated circuit architecture with multiple types of core cells
Coherent carbide diffusion barrier for integrated circuit interconnects
Semiconductor device having an improved multi-layer interconnection structure and manufacturing method thereof
Interconnection structure of semiconductor element
Semiconductor device with flip-chip structure and method of manufacturing the same
Microbolometer focal plane array with controlled bias
Semiconductor module
Method of forming a stack of packaged memory die and resulting apparatus
Photo sensing device and the manufacturing method thereof
Thin film circuit with component
Lateral bipolar type input/output protection device
Semiconductor device having a trimming circuit for suppressing leakage current
Semiconductor device having signal line above main ground or main VDD line, and manufacturing method thereof
Retrograde well structure for a CMOS imager
CCD imager with separate charge multiplication elements
Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Cell based array comprising logic, transfer and drive cells
EL display device
Photodetecting device
MOS transistor having first and second channel segments with different widths and lengths
Quantum dot thermoelectric materials and devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having trench-structured rectangular unit cells
Silicon on insulator high-voltage switch
Bipolar junction transistor incorporating integral field plate
Floating back gate electrically erasable programmable read-only memory(EEPROM)
Flash memory erase speed by fluorine implant or fluorination
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Power MOS device with buried gate and groove
Trench DMOS transistor having lightly doped source structure
Thin film transistor (TFT) type optical detecting sensor
Gate commutated turn-off semiconductor device
Lateral semiconductor device for withstanding high reverse biasing voltages
Negative differential resistance reoxidized nitride silicon-based photodiode and method
Intermediate band semiconductor photovoltaic solar cell
Semiconductor light-receiving device
Light-emitting device comprising gallium-nitride-group compound-semiconductor and method of manufacturing the same
Stacking of GaN or GaInN quantum dots on a silicon substrate, their preparation procedure electroluminescent device and lighting device comprising these stackings
Light emitting diodes with spreading and improving light emitting area
Optoelectronic component emitting incoherent radiation
Light-emitting diode
High-converting efficiency large-mechanical strength thermoelectric module
Thermoelectrically active materials and generators containing them
Encapsulated ceramic superconductors
Laminated piezoelectric transformer
Piezoelectric device
Electronic power supply for personal computer and method
Apparatus having a cable grommet of uniform flexibility
Clamping device for signal wires
Electromagnetic interference shielding gasket
Networking power plug device with automated power outlet control
Commutators for electric motors and method of manufacturing same
Washer pump and motor brush support structure
Structure and method for connecting a flat cable to bus bars
Electric member having leads with loosening prevention kinks
Terminal connector stretcher for high-tension cable
Hinge structure
Electrical cable connector
Exterior wall-mounted accessory outlet unit for a recreational vehicle, motor home, travel trailer or mobile home
Decorative switchplate processes and decorative switchplate kit
Orthogonal assembly latch
Bus bar wiring plate body for electric coupling box
Circuit for limiting inrush current to a power source
Power supply apparatus with chargeable battery and charge/discharge method
Multipurpose data port
Uninterruptible power system
Axial flux machine and method of fabrication
Spindle motor
Clutchless motor drive system
Permanent magnet dynamo electric machine
Travelling-wave motor and method for producing same
Dual-circuit segmented rail phased induction motor
Hoisting drive for use in the iron and steel industry
Can for a synthetic pump motor
Electric machine with laminated cooling rings
Power supply circuit in which ripple reducing ability is maintained even when power supply voltage drops
Lag compensating controller having an improved transient response
Power output circuit having a pulse-width modulation mode and a permanently closed mode
Single stage microactuator for multi-dimensional actuation
Method and apparatus for controlling an induction machine
Quantum circuit
Increasing pixel conversion gain in CMOS image sensors
Multi-mode light-emitting device for underwater applications
Organic electroluminescent device
EL panel made with low molecular weight PVDF/HFP resin
Electric-discharge lamp control apparatus and electric-discharge lamp control method
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp apparatus
Circuit device
Induction heating pizza delivery systems
Microwave oven and controlling method for use with the internet
Microwave oven with a rotational antenna
Bipolar plasma source, plasma sheet source, and effusion cell utilizing a bipolar plasma source
Inner/outer coaxial tube arrangement for a plasma pinch chamber
Zero cross-talk signal line design
Method of connecting printed wiring boards with each other, and printed circuit board
Enclosure for electromagnetic sealing of electrical equipment
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