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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Biomedical electrode having a mating configuration and its associated method of application to the body
Sound generating apparatus and method, sound generating space and sound, each provided for significantly increasing cerebral blood flows of persons
Low-power, high-modulation-index amplifier for use in battery-powered device
System for promoting selective tissue in-growth for an implantable medical device
Self-calibrating rate-adaptive pacemaker
Methods of automatically optimizing AV delay by way of monitoring the heart sound
System and method of cardiac stimulation at oblique vein
Performing Operations; Transporting
Parts, and part supplying methods
Interactive printing with a plurality of printer devices
Print output unit calibration system
Method for automatically stopping an internal combustion engine with a variable stopping delay
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Air quantity estimation apparatus for internal combustion engine
Scatterometry and acoustic based active control of thin film deposition process
Iterative logical renewal of navigable map database
Dense object detection system and method
Vertical transmission diffraction analysis
Auto classification shipping system
Modified binary search for optimizing efficiency of data collection time
Method for determining the frequency of the current ripple in the armature current of a commutated DC motor
Apparatus and method for temperature control of integrated circuits
Method and system for active tip clearance control in turbines
Apparatus and method for compensating clock period elongation during scan testing in an integrated circuit (IC)
Device and method for collecting traffic information
Taking lens apparatus
Zoom lens, camera, and portable information terminal apparatus
Catadioptric optical system and exposure apparatus equipped with the same
Thermal lens microscope device
Electrophoretic device, having an opening
Optically addressed extreme ultraviolet modulator and lithography system incorporating modulator
Illumination system and method allowing for varying of both field height and pupil
Fiber stub mount
Wavelength multiplexing processing apparatus
All-optical bistable devices
Optical wavelength cross connect architectures using wavelength routing elements
Optical switch assembly with flex plate and method for making
Fiber optic drop cables suitable for fiber to the subscriber applications
Device for holding a beam splitter element
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic printer
Fuser mechanism in electrophotographic apparatus
Offset preventing color image forming apparatus
Toner transfer back suppressing color image forming apparatus
Material state management via automatic toner purge
Developing unit using a developing liquid and image forming apparatus including the same
Color image forming apparatus with toner recycling mechanism
Wet type electrophotographic image forming apparatus and method for controlling oxidation catalyst device thereof
Integrated reading and writing of a hologram with a rotated reference beam polarization
Time display system, method and device
Portable computer and docking station locking structure
Baffles for high capacity air-cooling systems for electronics apparatus
Docking station lock and its link assembly
Computer system and scalable processor assembly therefor
Printer tester
Methods and apparatus for producing a lenticular novelty item at a point of purchase
Apparatus and method for detecting faults and providing diagnostics in vapor compression cycle equipment
Printing system and method of controlling same
Print system, print data management system and printer
Certification system, certification apparatus, and certification method
Grammar authoring system
Image processing apparatus, data processing method, and storage medium
Arrangements for automatic re-legging of transistors
High-resolution intelligent rotor machine diagnostic system and method
Method for analyzing tendency of operation of moving object, operation control system and its constituent apparatus, and recorded medium
Information processing method and apparatus for deposition
On demand mobile manufacture of vehicle protection application kits
Paperless tablet automation apparatus and method
Printing system, controller used in printing system, and printing apparatus
Automatic clutch control device
Printing apparatus, printing method, data processing method and recording material
Method of graphics imaging
System for simultaneous projections of multiple phase-shifted patterns for the three-dimensional inspection of an object
Fingerprint image evaluating method and fingerprint matching device
Systems for analyzing microtissue arrays
Variational approach for the segmentation of the left ventricle in MR cardiac images
3D computer model processing apparatus
True color infrared photography and video
Method for setting dominant color using spatial coherency
Method and apparatus for image processing, including processing for reproducing black character areas of color and monochromatic images
Image processing apparatus, method, computer program and recording medium
Image-effect method and image interpolation method
Methods and apparatus for generating a multiple composite image
Method of and apparatus for encoding, method of and apparatus for decoding, and image forming apparatus
Reduced complexity video decoding by reducing the IDCT computation in B-frames
Image predictive coding method
Method and apparatus for editing an image while maintaining codestream size
Digital image coding system having self-adjusting selection criteria for selecting a transform function
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, storage medium, and program
Edge enhancement processor and method with adjustable threshold setting
Concealed object recognition
Pattern recognition
Supply chain demand forecasting and planning
Electronic trading system including an auto-arbitrage feature or name switching feature
System and method for notifying an electronic billing vendor of a customer status change
Interactive system and method for selling insurance
Associating content with households using smart cards
Apparatus and method for computing speech absence probability, and apparatus and method removing noise using computation apparatus and method
Audio segmentation and classification using threshold values
Categorization and recall methodology for physical media in large carousel systems
System and method for performing a spin motor startup operation
Bi staple flying height detection by BEMF control profile and data integrity problem protection
Dual-stage actuator disk drive with method for secondary-actuator failure detection and recovery while track-following
Dual-stage actuator disk drive with method for secondary-actuator failure detection and recovery using a relative-position sensor while track following
Apparatus and method of measuring write magnetic field of recording head
Method and apparatus for asymmetry correction in magnetic recording channels
Demagnetization of magnetic media for data storage device using gradually reduced magnetic field
Magnetoresistive element and magnetoresistive magnetic head, magnetic recording apparatus and magnetoresistive memory device using the same
Magnetic head having a write coil structure with a reduced electrical resistance for reducing thermal protrusion
Disk drive actuator for dissipating heat therefrom
Magnetic transfer method and apparatus
Optical reading and writing system
Eccentricity compensation apparatus based on frequency response characteristics of an actuator of a disk drive servo system
Optical disc having variable spare area rates and method for variably setting the rate of spare areas in the optical disc
Optical reproducing method for optical medium with aligned prepit portion
Optical storage medium having an organic recording layer attached to a dielectric layer
Programmable MOS device formed by stressing polycrystalline silicon
Non-volatile multi-level, semiconductor flash memory device and method of driving same
Word-programmable flash memory
NAND flash memory with read and verification for threshold uniformity
Shift register and driving method thereof
Circuit for distribution of an input signal to one or more time positions
Low power auto-refresh circuit and method for dynamic random access memories
Methods and apparatus for implementing a power down in a memory device
System and method for a high-speed access architecture for semiconductor memory
Dynamical adaptation of memory sense electronics
Semiconductor device
X-ray anode having an electron incident surface scored by microslits
X-Ray tube and method of manufacture
Optical signal transmission board and apparatus
Optical signal generator with stabilized carrier frequency output
Bandwidth control technique for a laser
Electric plant and method and use in connection with such plant
Receiving apparatus and method and provision medium
Method and device for channel estimation, in particular for a cellular mobile telephone
FSK demodulator using DLL and a demodulating method
Systems and methods for interference mitigation with respect to periodic interferers in short-range wireless applications
Method and related apparatus for reducing cell phone power consumption
Foldable portable telephone
Adaptive array antenna and a method of calibrating the same
Method for setting up a data transmission link between xDSL transceivers
On chip diversity antenna switch
Frequency hopping method for a mobile radio telephone system
Digital modulation system using extended code set
Communication system with receivers employing generalized two-stage data estimation
Fault isolation technique for optical networks
Optical fiber communication systems having simultaneous compensation of polarization mode dispersion and chromatic dispersion
Rugged shock-resistant backplane for embedded systems
Method for the higher-order blind identification of mixtures of sources
Method, apparatus, and system for reducing memory requirements for echo cancellers
System and method for communicating with a remote communication unit via the public switched telephone network (PSTN)
Method and apparatus for providing arbitration in a group communication network
Adaptive frequency hopping apparatus in wireless personal area network system
Maintenance link using active/standby request channels
Wireless communication method and apparatus for determining the minimum power level of access point transmissions
Method for splitting an optical signal into a number of electrical data signals with lower bit rates
Wavelength and/or subband assignment algorithm in all optical networks for minimal blocking
System and apparatus for dropping and adding optical data streams in an optical communication network
Wavelength multiplexing transmission apparatus and wavelength demultiplexing reception apparatus
Method and device for effective data radio transmission
Integrated digital loop carrier system with virtual tributary mapper circuit
Method and apparatus for high rate packet data transmission
Optimizing IP multicast data transmission in a mobile IP environment
Combined simulcasting and dedicated services in a wireless communication system
Login renewal based on device surroundings
Cryptographic method and apparatus for non-linearly merging a data block and a key
Method and devices for transmitting data with acknowledgement mechanism
System and method for enabling multicast telecommunications
Adaptive threshold based jitter buffer management for packetized data
Method and apparatus for modifying the bandwidth of an established ATM call in response to an identification of the contents of the call
Integrated circuit with trace analyzer
Adaptive bandwidth throttling for network services
Method and apparatus for classification of packet data prior to storage in processor buffer memory
Multistage interconnection networks of multicast concentrators with self-routing control mechanism
Network switch having a hybrid switch architecture
Multiservice switching system with distributed switch fabric
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using DTMF communication
Distributed method and apparatus for allocating a communication medium
Equalization for crosspoint switches
Ultrawide bandwidth system and method for fast synchronization using multiple detection arms
Frequency estimation based on constellation error in QAM modems
Signal transmitter having voltage booster circuit and method of operating the same
Complementary code keying demodulation system
OFDM, CDMA, spread spectrum, TDMA, cross-correlated and filtered modulation
Apparatus and method for using training sequences to estimate timing error in a digital signal receiver
Method for carrying out an electronic transaction using several signatures
Method and communications system for ciphering information for a radio transmission and for authenticating subscribers
IP telephone with power source circuit
Compensation techniques for group delay effects in transmit beamforming radio communication
Localized broadcast information based on call related information
Method and apparatus for selective post-call audio logo/message
Electronic device cover with embedded radio frequency (RF) reader and method of using same
Method for reduced processing and improved remote monitoring of call center activities
Real time customer service data manipulation to allow multiple services per trigger type
Method and apparatus for implementing an extensible range of communications services in telephone networks
System and method for caching toll free number information
Method for hard-copying web pages, method for printing display screens, system for hard-copying web pages, and internet connection device equipped with current-position detection capabilities
Rank-order error diffusion image processing
Stream data generation method and partial erase processing method
Communication system
Method and apparatus for power control in an ultra wideband impulse radio system
System and method for dynamic scheduling of channels in a code division multiple access system
Packet service system and method for controlling packet transmission
Method and apparatus for supporting a soft handoff by establishing a cell set used to facilitate antenna beam mode transitions in a mobile station
Base-station cell design method and base-station cell design apparatus, and program thereof in mobile communication system
System and method for providing multimedia service using a mobile communication terminal
Mobile computer tilting arrangement
Modularized circuit board mounting architecture
Expired Patents Due To Time
Trampoline pad assembly
Semi-recumbent exercise apparatus with elliptical motion
Computer interface with remote communication apparatus for an exercise machine
Ankle and hip strengthening apparatus
Mechanical weightlifting machine
Inertial resistance exercise apparatus and method
Exercise apparatus
Device for effecting resistance
Roller ring
Conductive rubber roller
Conductive roll
System and method for producing folded articles
Folding jaws cylinder
Method and associated apparatus for imparting a helical curl to ribbon material for making a decorative element
Vitrification of waste with conitnuous filling and sequential melting
Container for supplying medical products and disposal of medical waste material
Method of treating a body vessel or duct with radiation from within the lumen
Radiation delivery devices and methods of making same
Surgical retractor platform blade apparatus
3-dimensional lid speculum and method for use
Device and method for monitoring dietary intake of calories and nutrients
Disposable in-the-ear monitoring instrument and method of manufacture
Expert system soft tissue active motion technique for release of adhesions and associated apparatus for facilitating specific treatment modalities
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with blurring corrected spatial compounding
Medical image diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with blended tissue harmonic signals
Ultrasound transducer assembly
Ultrasonic visualization and catheters therefor
Blood pressure monitor
System and method for remotely monitoring asthma severity
Endoscopic biopsy forceps
Biopsy needle handle
Method and apparatus for obtaining blood for diagnostic tests
Estrogen or estradiol need determination by vaginal or urethral acidity determination
Massage apparatus
Apparatus for massaging a body
Travel massage brush
Tissue treatment apparatus
Orthopedic device
Applicator for dispensable liquids
Device for the treatment of hydrocephalus
Ultrasonic device for providing reversible tissue damage to heart muscle
Apparatus and method for cleansing tissue
Irrigation/aspiration apparatus
Medicating bandage and controllable permeable membrane
Distensible dilatation balloon with elastic stress
Single-use syringe with aspirating mechanism
Needle insertion guide apparatus and method
Negative pressure pump
Infusion systems with patient-controlled dosage features
Anchoring system for a medical article
Long stem syringe apparatus for dispensing compositions and related methods
Local drug delivery injection catheter
Trocar obturator having grooved passageway
Refillable implantable drug delivery pump
Occluding wire assembly
Systems and methods for delivering drugs to selected locations within the body
Shaped tampon
Osmotic drug delivery monitoring system and method
Linear array eye tracker
Laser ablation device
Reduction, elimination, or stimulation of hair growth
Cancer therapeutic instrument
Laser applicator set
Endovascular cryotreatment catheter
Apparatus for delivery of energy to a surgical site
Apparatus for electrosurgical spine surgery
Device for valvular annulus treatment and methods thereof
Bipolar electrosurgical scissors for fine or delicate surgical dissection
Modular fixator assembly
Fixation device
Spinal surgery tools and positioning method
Transconnector for coupling spinal rods
Posterior laminectomy procedure
Bone plating system
Cutting tool for cleaning out the femur medullary space and artificial hip to be inserted into this space
Expandable acetabular reaming system
Holder for acetabular reamer
Strength fixation device
Surgical tip for phacoemulsification
IOL insertion apparatus and method for making and using same
Intraocular lens implanting instrument
Stereotactic apparatus
Method and apparatus for microdermabrasion
Suturing device with tensioning adjustment member
Method, instruments, and kit for autologous transplantation
Method of balancing asymmetric ultrasonic surgical blades
Lancing device and method of sample collection
Percutaneous in-situ coronary bypass method and apparatus
Dural closing surgical forceps
Reforming wet-tantalum capacitors in implantable defibrillators and other medical devices
Method of treating wounds with ultraviolet C radiation
Ribbed electrodes and methods for their use
Bronchial stenter having expandable electrodes
Method of treating a bronchial tube with a bronchial stenter having diametrically adjustable electrodes
Combination of balloon and stent with specific sizes
Endoluminal prostheses and therapies for highly variable body lumens
Conical stent
Annuloplasty ring delivery system
Heart valve leaflet
Heart valve leaflet with scalloped free margin
Adjustable length strap and footing for ligament mounting and method for its use
Controlled architecture ceramic composites by stereolithography
Alloplastic vertebral disk replacement
Shoulder prothesis with humeral fracture stem
Anatomic replacement prosthesis system in the hand and wrist
Joint prosthesis
Proximal femoral replacement implant and method of implanting the same
Oxidation colorants comprising 2-(2,5-diaminophenyl)-ethanol compounds and 2-chloro-6-methyl-3-aminophenol compounds
Process for ink-jet printing textile fibre materials
Sodium carbonate recrystallization
Processing apparatus for microelectronic devices in which polymeric bellows are used to help accomplish substrate transport inside of the apparatus
Vegetable lipid-based composition and candle
Fuel oil compositions
Self-aligning component support system for a vehicle
Adjustable air filter assembly for a personal computer
Smoke exhauster having detachable filter device
Kelp/seaweed extract biocatalyst and methods of making same
Method for preparing high-purity ruthenium sputtering target and high-purity ruthenium sputtering target
Metal matrix composite
Method for producing mono-dispersed spherical granules
Pressure converter steelmaking method
Method and facility for producing reduced iron
Method of making iron and steel
Scrubber and method for removing pollutants from a gas with intermediate sump for collecting filtering agent
Method of maintaining cleanliness of substrates and box for accommodating substrates
Composite adsorbent beads for adsorption process
Method for removing contaminants from a gas stream
Separation of acid gas from natural gas
Fluid separation system
Particle microtrap screen
Filtering, water eliminating, and lubricating compressed air valve structure
Machine readable water based red fluorescent ink compositions
Yellow ink realizing image having excellent lightfastness and color development
Saliva cured one component dental formulations
Pigment compositions containing substituted amido phthalocyanine derivatives
Multilayer interference pigments
Inorganic rare earth pigments/colorants and synthesis/applications thereof
Pigment materials and their use in coating compositions
Pigment preparations in granule form
Heat stable, pigmented sintered material comprising a boride, carbide, silicide, nitride or phosphide
Method of stabilizing an aqueous coating composition
Process for the conversion of iron bearing residues into a synthetic rock
Epitaxial silicon wafers substantially free of grown-in defects
Process of stacking and melting polycrystalline silicon for high quality single crystal production
Process for growing a silicon single crystal
Method of growing nitride crystal of group III element
Solution treatment apparatus
Film forming method and film forming apparatus
Apparatus for building unburned refractory
Optical fiber resin coating apparatus
Rotary atomizing head type coating device
Method of processing wafers with low mass support
Processing apparatus for fabricating LSI devices
UV exposure for improving properties and adhesion of dielectric polymer films formed by chemical vapor deposition
Cooled window
Grinding wheel
Method and means for making sausages
Poultry breast cartilage harvesting system
Poultry foot harvester and method
Vehicle filtration control system
Circuit board cabinet
Make up air equipment control
Roofline ventilator assembly
On-board device and method for continuous weighing of harvest and harvesting machines using same
Video game apparatus, video game method and storage medium
Method for playing a game
Patron and croupier assessment in roulette
Three-dimensional image processing apparatus with enhanced automatic and user point of view control
Method for manipulating images
Magnetically-controllable, active haptic interface system and apparatus
Method, system, and program for gesture based option selection
Video game device and video game method
Computer-controlled game system
Drive unit
Assembly for taking up and compensating for torque-induced shocks
Damper disk assembly
Dampening disk assembly
Elastic shaft joint
Flexible shaft coupling element and flexible couplings incorporating same
Toothed coupling
Motor mechanism for child''s swing
Participatory play structure having discrete play articles
Toy bowling game
Putting cup
Golf putter
Method of golf club support and alignment
Tennis training system
Apparatus and method for training basketball players
Adjustable height basketball apparatus
Modified lacrosse stick for playing rollercross type game
Broadhead with replaceable blade carrying section
Game ball
Heavy-duty power transmission V-belt
Power transmission system
Differential lock actuator
Pressure relief check valve arrangement for differential assembly
Drive for adjustment devices in motor vehicles
Transfer case with synchronized range shift and adaptive clutch control
Infinite speed ratio transmission device
Limited slip differential clutch pack
Non-contacting support for a wafer
Wafer polishing apparatus
In situ friction detector method for finishing semiconductor wafers
Grinding control unit of a tool bit grinder
Method for desanding castings
Surface treatment method with rapid repetitive motion of an ultra high pressure liquid stream
Method and apparatus for producing a high-velocity particle stream
Diaphragm-support disc for a polishing machine and method of operating a polishing machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit
Non-abrasive conditioning for polishing pads
Grinding machine
Burnishing tape handling apparatus and method
Cryogen shot blast deflashing system
Cleaning and slurry distribution system assembly for use in chemical mechanical polishing apparatus
Sander having adjustable sander member
Sanding apparatus
Abrading blade
Automatic transmission for an automotive vehicle with a shift control for launch assist and manual upshifts
Human Necessities
Animal waste separator and waste water recycling system and method of recycling waste water
Cotton candy machine
Smoker's pipe cleaner and method of use
Electrode with improved signal to noise ratio
Methods and apparatus for applying an elastic material in a curvilinear pattern on a continuously moving substrate
Dialysis solution for peritoneal dialysis
Sol-gel encapsulation of lipid vesicles, lipid membranes and proteins
Dynamic Ox biological burden reduction
Method and system for preventing intradialytic symptomatology
Method and apparatus for kidney dialysis
Peritoneal dialysis method
Sensing systems and methods for differentiating between different cellular blood species during extracorporeal blood separation or processing
Method of manufacturing a neck flange
Barrier metallization in ceramic substrate for implantable medical devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for improving the purity of a product in a simulated moving bed that comprises forced fluid recirculation
Flushing apparatus in a simulated mobile bed adsorption unit comprising two fluid distribution lines, and the use thereof
Water treatment device with volumetric and time monitoring features
Filter cartridge with clean side anti-drainback valve
Apparatus for cleaning a filter surface
Apparatus and process for hydrogenations
Electrostatic filter for dielectric fluid
Apparatus for control of mercury
Device for microwave removal of NOx from exhaust gas
In-line flow through micro-dialysis apparatus and method for high performance liquid phase separations
Process for treating aqueous solutions comprising bases and organic acids
Membrane filter apparatus with gas discharge cleaning means
Polysulfone porous membrane and a method of manufacturing the same
Bio aerator
Microporous diffusion apparatus
Dielectric barrier discharge cracking
Methods of strengthening metal halide particles, and improved lamp fill material
Apparatus for the catalytic purification of flowing gases, in particular exhaust gases of internal combustion engines
Apparatus and method for removing small molecules and ions from low volume biological samples
Electrodeionization apparatus and method
Brine fill apparatus for water softener
Apparatus and method for transferring liquids
Process for discharging impurities from a hydrocyclone and a hydrocyclone
Device and method for applying a decorative material
Hot-rolling steel strip
Carbon steel material and processing method for strengthening the same
Extruding electrode material
Solder and soldering method
Apparatus for recovering metal from dross
Method of aluminizing metal alloys by weld overlay using aluminum and aluminum alloy filler metal
Unique chemical mechanical planarization approach which utilizes magnetic slurry for polish and magnetic fields for process control
CMP slurry atomization slurry dispense system
Method of fabricating a porous polymeric material by electrophoretic deposition
Method and apparatus for bonding optical films in precision alignment
Method for supplying a fluid
Rapid moulding of long concrete poles
Molding process employing heated fluid
Method of forming molds and mold plugs
Manufacture of bonded articles
Method and system for curing an ultra-violet curable sealant that is shadowed by metallization
Method for vacuum encapsulation of semiconductor chip packages
Method of laser marking one or more colors on plastic substrates
Over-molded product and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for purging leaked resin in a preplasticization injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for precision injection molding of fiber optic ferrules
Molding method for manufacturing thin thermoplastic lenses
Method for controlling drive of screw in injection molding machine
Method of extrusion blow molding of a hollow body
Blow molding needle for liquid cooling
Blow molding process
Thermoforming pressure box adjustable in two dimensions and method of use
Thermoplastic seam welds
Apparatus and method for attaching a microelectronic device to a carrier using a photo initiated anisotropic conductive adhesive
Method for using recycled glass as a filler and reinforcement in molded plastics
Method for reducing reflected radio frequency electromagnetic radiation
Colored contact lenses and method of making same
Progressive lens apparatus and process
Method of manufacturing information record carrier
Method to cure endless track belts and apparatus therefor
Plate forming die set
Industrial precursor for the use in construction material production and method of producing same
Thick sheet laminating process for making exterior automotive body panels
Method of manufacture of a stacked electrostatic ink jet printer
Recyclable printable media
Method of making a multiweb perforated folded product
Signage masking tool and method
Method for anisotropic etching of silicon
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compositions and methods for storing aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions
Ozonizer discharge cell and its manufacturing method
Process for producing hydrogen absorbing alloy powder and hydrogen absorbing alloy electrode
Process for producing an H2-CO gas mixture
Water treatment
Method and arrangement for introduction of sewage pre-treatment upstream of sewage treatment facility
Bonded magnet, magnet roll, a ferrite powder used therefor and method for producing same
Process for producing cordierite honeycomb structural body and honeycomb structural body molding aid
Phenylcyclohexanes and a liquid-crystalline medium
Ultraviolet-curable adhesive composition for bonding opaque substrates
Methods of producing crosslinked polyethylene products
Lignocellulose fiber filler for thermoplastic composite compositions
Oxygen scavenging metal-loaded high surface area particulate compositions
Ultra precision and reliable bonding method
Stable, foamed caulk and sealant compounds and methods of use thereof
Long-lasting phosphor, powdered long-lasting phosphor and method for manufacturing the powdered long-lasting phosphor
Method for making small particle red emitting phosphors
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry for tungsten
Pumpable heat transfer composition
Catalytic dewaxing with trivalent rare earth metal ion exchanged ferrierite
Reforming with selective reformate olefin saturation
Electrochemical cell
Nozzle for device to inject oxygen and technological gases and relative dimensioning method
Titanium alloy having good heat resistance and method of producing parts therefrom
Method of manufacturing iron aluminide by thermomechanical processing of elemental powers
Hot-rolled steel strip and method of making it
Bearing steel
Soft magnetic amorphous alloy and high hardness amorphous alloy and high hardness tool using the same
Heat treatment for improved properties of alpha-beta titanium-base alloys
Metal processing utilizing electric potential
Sputtering target free of surface-deformed layers
Method for controlling arcing across thin dielectric film
Method of producing flat panels
In-situ method of cleaning a metal-organic chemical vapor deposition chamber
Production of a zinc-aluminum alloy coating by immersion into molten metal baths
Method for producing alloyed bands or strips on pistons for internal combustion engines
Member for immersion in hot dip galvanizing bath and method for producing the same
Selective deleading process and bath for plumbing components made of a copper alloy
Etching gas mixture for transition metal thin film and method for etching transition metal thin film using the same
Cleaning and conversion coating of hot rolled steel articles
Spacer mechanism for anodes
Method of electroplating and electrodeposit structure
Electroplating formulation and process for plating iron onto aluminum/aluminum alloys
Electroplating system including additive for filling sub-micron features
Method and apparatus for momentum plating
Textiles; Paper
Melt spinning pack and synthetic fiber manufacturing method
Method for recycling bale of recycling paper
Minimization of malodorous gas release from a cellulose pulp mill feed system
Screen plate for screening of a pulp suspension and method to separate the same
Shoe press belt and method for manufacturing the same
Suction roll shell in a paper-making machine and method of manufacturing same
Method and apparatus for controlling a headbox in a paper machine
Sizing of paper
Method and apparatus to produce paper webs coated on both sides
Fixed Constructions
Tool component
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Modular housing for vehicular power transfer devices
Active in-gear positioning
Method for preparing an improved liquid crystal clinical thermometer
Apparatus for monitor and control of an ammoxidation reactor with a fourier transform infrared spectrometer
Optical amplification of molecular interactions using liquid crystals
Self appearing warning sign device and method of manufacture
Gas sensor
DNA base sequencer
Disposable reaction module
Analytical assay device and methods using surfactant treated membranes to increase assay sensitivity
Method of producing a wound insulating pipe
Multifunctional microstructures and preparation thereof
Core slider mount apparatus and core slider mount method
Magnetic core and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for radio frequency isolation of liquid heat transfer medium supply and discharge lines
Method and apparatus for immersion treatment of semiconductor and other devices
Method and structure to reduce low force pin pull failures in ceramic substrates
Shield or ring surrounding semiconductor workpiece in plasma chamber
High-density plasma etching of carbon-based low-k materials in a integrated circuit
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew