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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Snap fastener
SIDS-preventative mattress
Patient transfer device
Pillow convertible to a baby changing pad
Systems and methods for individual identification and authorization utilizing conformable electronics
Shifting mechanism for dual x-ray tube imaging system
Gaming system and a method of gaming
Delayed wagering interleaved wagering system
Method for providing a melody recording based on user humming melody and apparatus for the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Sound dampening apparatus for HVAC air filters and methods of use
Absorber for a wind turbine
Descaling system for heat exchange equipment
Methods and apparatus for manufacturing components
Plasma torch
Riveting system and process for forming a riveted joint
Fixture and inspection method for an annular seal
Holding device
Linesman pliers
Portable trimmer having rotatable power head
Shaving system with gas-generating cell
Cooling system
Deformable crank for windscreen wiper mechanism, comprising an oblong quadrilateral hole
Long fiber thermoplastic thin-walled aeroshells for missile applications and methods of manufacture
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Graphene nanoribbons as semiconductors for organic thin film transistors
Conductive thick film paste for solar cell contacts
Alternative splicing variant of OATP1B3 mRNA
Indenotriphenylene-based diamine derivative and organic electroluminescence device using the same
Coliphage biosensor
Treatment of bladder cancer to overcome chemoresistance
Sodium tungstate production method
Method and device for hot-dip coating a metal strip with a metal covering
Hydrogen generating unit for producing hydrogen water
Textiles; Paper
Method for operating a spindle of a two-for-one twisting or cabling machine and associated two-for-one twisting or cabling machine
Stitch-size controllable knitting machine, and manufacturing method of knitted fabric
Tufting machine drive system
Dehydration controlling apparatus for washing machine and method thereof
Wet clothes drying hamper
Control element
Method and apparatus for obtaining strong white liquor and lime mud with low residual alkali level
Method for recovering chemicals and by-products from high-sulphidity pulping liquors
Fixed Constructions
Method of detecting road surface degradation, information process apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Mobile crossing structure
Mitred grate and drain cover
Gravity structure intended for a marine civil-engineering construction and associated manufacturing method
Manhole inserts and manhole insert gasket fabrication methods
Column demolishing tool
Combination-cleaning tool and plunger
Laminated air circulation board
Main tee splice plate
Roofing tool for cleaning seams of roofing plies
System and method for mounting wall panels to a wall
School spaces retrofitted for alternative uses and related technology
Sealed box apparatus for pool cleaning machine
System for sliding a door
Large-width/diameter riser segment lowerable through a rotary of a drilling rig
Method and system for wellbore debris removal
Formulations and methods for removing hydrocarbons from surfaces
Ring electrode device and method for generating high-pressure pulses
Hydrophobic surface treatment for use in subterranean formation operations
System and method for determining torsion using an opto-analytical device
System and method for measuring gaps using an opto-analytical device
Hose release device, rock drilling unit and method of managing hoses
Alignment system for alignment of a drill rod during drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Seal system for a gas turbine
Compact compression system with integral heat exchangers
Combined cycle plant with thermal energy storage
Aircraft gas turbine comprising a thrust-reverser device with cascade elements and an integrated rack and pinion drive
Methods of using gas sensors
Control device for internal combustion engine
Method and system for maintaining an engine coolant level
Controlling a coolant pump and/or control valve of a cooling system for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle
Mid-section of a can-annular gas turbine engine to introduce a radial velocity component into an air flow discharged from a compressor of the mid-section
Engine air shut-off valve system
Method and device for determining a signal offset between a crankshaft angle signal and a combustion chamber pressure signal in an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control method and fuel injection control device for compression self-ignition engine
Evaporated fuel treatment devices
Positive crankcase ventilation gas diversion and reclamation system
EGR device having diffuser and EGR mixer for EGR device
Fuel injector rail
Fuel injection valve with cylinder internal pressure sensor
Diesel engine
Claw pump
Variable altitude wind-powered generator system
Method of detecting a degree of yaw error of a wind turbine
Tubing pump
Mounting bracket
Magnetic clip
Arrangement for connecting components
Joining structure
Method and apparatus for releasably immobilizing an attachment to an external object
Method for configuring a software damper of a clutch control system and software damper for damping chatter vibrations
Bracket for brake caliper cover
Method for fastening a rebound stop to a piston rod of a vibration damper
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
System and method for electrically controllable transmissions
Differential locking mechanism
Fiber-reinforced resin gear
Apparatus and method for controlling electric oil pump
Systems and methods for a pipeline anchor lug sleeve and link
Cable protection device and system
Extendable/retractable support column
Integrated selfie stick
Pallet stacking board construction
Smart patio heater device
Forward compatible retrofitting roadway light fixtures via a universal adjustable L-bracket
Wearable devices with integrated light sources
Lamp structure
Multi-spectral variable focus illuminator
Lighting system using a light guide and a lighting method
Lighting device
Combustion system
Local improvement of the mixture of air and fuel in burners comprising swirl generators having blade ends that are crossed in the outer region
Combustion chamber of a gas turbine with bolted combustion chamber head
Window air conditioning apparatus and controller
Real-time smart thermostat with floating instruction
Method and apparatus for argon recovery in a cryogenic air separation unit integrated with a pressure swing adsorption system
Method and apparatus for argon recovery in a cryogenic air separation unit integrated with a pressure swing adsorption system
Condenser-reboiler system and method
Device for producing semi-solid slurry
Heat exchanger element and method for the production
Multiple opening counter-flow plate exchanger and method of making
Modular device support system
Firearm bore cleaning device
Firearm having a dual cam, cock on close bolt action and a low creep sear and step trigger assembly
Firearm of the rotating bolt type
Ambidextrous charging handle
Firearm magazine release assist device
Archer release
Mount for fiber optic crossbow sight
Integrated burst disc for high/low propulsion ordnance
Conveyor idler angular alignment measurement device
Systems and methods for combined motion and distance sensing
Resolver bearing, resolver stator, and method for producing same
Large numerical aperture phase-shifting dual pinhole diffraction interferometer and its test method
Navigation guidance system and method of use
Method for autonomously parking a motor vehicle for head-in, tail-in, and parallel parking spots
Radiation sensor device for high energy photons
Method and device for detecting rubbing cloth
Combustion pressure sensor
Biblade sampler
Multifunctional particle analysis device and method of calibrating the same
Identification of molecules based on frequency responses using electromagnetic write-heads and magneto-resistive sensors
Multi-wavelength laser check detection tool
Reflection properties measuring device and manufacturing method for polarizing plates used in same
Determination of the remoteness of an event of a man made object creation for protection against falsification
Gas-sensing apparatus with a self-powered microheater
Magnetic low-pass filter
NT-proCNP as a biomarker of vascular disorders and pregnancy complication
Test procedure for high-pressure pumps
Micro-electro-mechanical system device
Portable test unit with load
Discharge occurrence status evaluation device and evaluation method
Ground fault detection circuit
Precision probe positioning for at-speed integrated circuit testing using through silicon in-circuit logic analysis
Identification device, system and method
Imaging device using a close proximity tag to configure a wireless local area network (LAN) transceiver
System, method and computer program product for a rug plot for geosteering applications
Electrode adapter for geophysical surveys
Downhole sensing using parametric amplification with squeezed or entangled light for internal mode input
Method and apparatus for measuring a local acceleration of gravity
Light irradiating device
Lens array, method for manufacturing lens array, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Laser based frequency standards and their applications
Optical fiber strip, active optical module and active optical cable
Lens barrel and imaging device equipped with the lens barrel
Glasses frame structure
Rimless eye wear
Tiled light guide with deflection structures
Optical lighting accessory for handheld mobile devices in selfie mode
Lighting apparatus and lighting system
Pattern forming apparatus and pattern forming method, movable body drive system and movable body drive method, exposure apparatus and exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Exposure method, exposure apparatus, and photomask
Liquid recovery apparatus, exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Developing method and developing device
Curing method, manufacture method of display panel, display panel and mask
Photosensitive resin composition, resist laminate, and articles obtained by curing same (5)
Opening and closing device and image scanner unit
Developing roller including roller body with simplified structure without a coating film
Image formation apparatus with current measuring for medium width information
Image fixing apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including a fixing belt, a presser, and a gap retainer
Method for manufacturing cleaning blade, cleaning blade, image formation device, and process cartridge
End member, photoreceptor drum unit, developing roller unit, and process cartridge
Photoreceptor for electrophotography, and photoreceptor cartridge and image forming apparatus employing the same
Time measurement device
Lighting device and lighting system
Equipment management system, equipment management apparatus, and equipment management method
PLC system providing a web based service
Route planning for a mobile robot using configuration-based preferences
Bi-directional multi-mode charge pump
Power supply device, control circuit for power supply device, and control method for power supply device
Fast auto-balancing AC bridge
Method and instruction for attachment of ETC pedal to bracket
Electronic device and method for disassembling the electronic device
Wearable device with power state control
Directed wakeup into a secured system environment
Apparatus, method, and system for adaptive compensation of reverse temperature dependence
Dynamic tracing using ranking and rating
Dynamic crash detection and debugging assistance
Data flow analysis in processor trace logs using compiler-type information method and apparatus
Optimizing standby database memory for post failover operation
Method of fault tolerance in combinational circuits
Adjusting an operation of a computer using generated correct dependency metadata
Adjusting an operation of a computer using generated correct dependency metadata
Cache memory device and operating method thereof
Cache management in a stream computing environment that uses a set of many-core hardware processors
Performance oriented data deduplication and duplication
Region-integrated data deduplication
Method and system for queuing data for multiple readers and writers
Avoiding write conflicts in a dispersed storage network
Systems and methods for data storage devices to use external resources
Transactional execution processor having a co-processor accelerator, both sharing a higher level cache
Utilizing global digests caching in similarity based data deduplication
Method to increase performance of non-contiguously written sectors
Partner-aware virtual microsectoring for sectored cache architectures
I/O processing system including dynamic missing interrupt and input/output detection
Electronic data storage device with multiple configurable data storage mediums
Image forming apparatus and method for controlling an image forming apparatus
Command processing in distributed computing systems
Methods and systems of workload mobility across divergent platforms
Generalized proxy architecture to provide remote access to an application framework
Leveraging media device pairing to simplify mobile device access to external network
Method and terminal for controlling internet of things and controlled electronic device
Web-based distributed computing with browser-executed code
Apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium that determine a layout image from a generated plurality of layout images by evaluating selected target images
Automatic generation of instantiation rules to determine quality of data migration
Media content marking and tracking methods and apparatus
Targeted story summarization using natural language processing
Peer to peer spreadsheet processing
Systems and methods for facilitating spotting of words and phrases
Context based access path selection
Detecting logical relationships based on structured query statements
Incremental out-of-place updates for index structures
Automatic detection of claims with respect to a topic
Method for rebalancing data partitions
Methods, computer program products, and systems for automatically synchronizing directory structures across different applications
Enabling business intelligence applications to query semantic models
Method and system for decomposing social relationships into domains of interactions
Fast snapshots
Analyzing a data set utilizing inflection points
Modifying an index node of a hierarchical dispersed storage index
Disk image introspection for storage systems
Transaction execution commitment without updating of data row transaction status
Integrating sponsored media with user-generated content
Remote document retrieval and storage system
Social proximity networks for mobile phones
Application search engine
Performance matching in three-dimensional (3D) integrated circuit (IC) using back-bias compensation
Terminal, system, display method, and recording medium storing a display program
Matching accounts identified in two different sources of account data
System and method for integrating two-factor authentication in a device
Methods, systems, and devices for handling image capture devices and captured images
Information management system and information management method
Electronic device
Methods and apparatus for in-line editing of web page content with reduced disruption of logical and presentational structure of content
Limiting memory consumption in a distributed environment at a group level
Methods and apparatus to detect vibration inducing hand gestures
Systems and methods for providing haptic effects in response to deformation of a cover for an electronic device
System and method for providing information
Manipulation apparatus
Determining location or position of a portable electronic device
Display device and touch detection system
Systems and methods for determining haptic effects for multi-touch input
Background reloading of currently displayed content
Systems and methods method for providing an interactive help file for host software user interfaces
Method and apparatus for providing a user interface for playing multimedia contents to a user terminal
Image display apparatus
Detecting input based on multiple gestures
Method and device for typing on mobile computing devices
Adaptive caching and dynamic delay scheduling for in-memory data analytics
Achieving storage compliance in a dispersed storage network
Mapping systems and methods of an accelerated application-oriented middleware layer
Image forming system, control method for the same and recording medium
Wireless speaker connection management
Information management by a media agent in the absence of communications with a storage manager
Method and system for a safe archiving of data
Maintaining a custodian directory by analyzing documents
Register comparison for operand store compare (OSC) prediction
Collaborative maintenance of software programs
Automated mobile application verification
Pre-triggers for code execution environments
Performance-based testing system and method employing emulation and virtualization
Performing automatic map reduce job optimization using a resource supply-demand based approach
Method and system for dynamic pool reallocation
Method for deploying storage system resources with learning of workloads applied thereto
Queueing messages related by affinity set
Dynamic quick response code branding
Electronic module with three-dimensional communication interface
Integration of positional data and overhead images for lane identification
System and method for multi-modal fusion based fault-tolerant video content recognition
Method for inverse tone mapping of a sequence of images
Statistical max pooling with deep learning
Object retrieval
Cooperatively operating a network of supervised learning processors to concurrently distribute supervised learning processor training and provide predictive responses to input data
Virtual resource cost tracking with dedicated implementation resources
Storage and recovery of digital data based on social network
Methods, system and apparatus for conducting point of sale transactions
Systems and methods for authorizing transactions via a digital device
Method and system for automatically harmonizing access to a software application program via different access devices
Method and apparatus for transferring and processing transaction data
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Maximizing parallel processing in graphics processors
Processor, system, and method for efficient, high-throughput processing of two-dimensional, interrelated data sets
Tomography apparatus and method of reconstructing tomography image by using the tomography apparatus
Analysis-suitable geometry from discrete point sets using a mesh-free method
Suppression of real features in see-through display
Hyperspectral image visualization in patients with medical conditions
System and method of 3D modeling and virtual fitting of 3D objects
Local adaptive histogram equalization
Graphics processing unit with bayer mapping
Image enhancement methods and systems using the same
High dynamic range video tone mapping
Pressure-based parking detection system
Gate device
Gaming machine tournament management system
Effective handling of distress signals in an internet of things environment
Identification device, system and method
Device for sealing container door and method for operating same
Programmable security system and method for protecting merchandise
Method and a device for calculating a safe path from the current position of an aircraft to an attachment point
Determining relevant feedback based on alignment of feedback with performance objectives
Pixel circuit and display device, and a method of manufacturing pixel circuit
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Information processing apparatus including a mirror configured to reflect an image and a projector and an image capturing unit arranged below the mirror
Display control device
Illuminated instrument strap
Calibration system for active noise cancellation and speaker apparatus
Sound detection method for recognizing hazard situation
Expanding a set of commands to control devices in an environment
Synchronisation of audio and video playback
Tape drive with independent transverse motion of transducer and transducer housing
Low power and area efficient memory receiver
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Device, system, and method of memory allocation
PPA (power performance area) efficient architecture for ROM (read only memory) and a ROM bitcell without a transistor
Failure analysis and repair register sharing for memory BIST
Integrated method and apparatus for remediation of uranium-contaminated soils
Apparatus for cleaning contaminated water from radioactive materials
Method for processing liquid radioactive waste and for the recovery thereof
Semiconductor ceramic composition and PTC thermistor
Method for manufacturing a powder magnetic core
Overcoming variance in stacked capacitors
Composite electrode material for supercapacitors
High voltage EDLC cell and method for the manufacture thereof
Photoelectric conversion element and photoelectric conversion element module
Solar cells with enhanced solar capture
Methods for fabricating thin complaint spring contacts
Electronic device
Rotor shaft module for a rotor shaft of a molded-case circuit breaker, rotor shaft for a molded-case circuit breaker, molded-case circuit breaker comprising a rotator shaft, and method for producing a rotor shaft module for a rotor shaft of a molded-case circuit breaker
Medium voltage circuit breaker for the use in high pressure environments
Grid-tied photovoltaic power generation system
X-ray tube
X-ray radiation source and X-ray tube
Calibration method and charged particle beam system
Monitor structures and methods of formation thereof
Self heating reduction for analog radio frequency (RF) device
Manufacturing method for solar cell
Methods and apparatus for forming a resist array using chemical mechanical planarization
Methods, apparatus and system for local isolation formation for finFET devices
Information processing device and cooling unit
Contacts having a geometry to reduce resistance
Stackable electronics package and method of fabricating same
Field effect transistor device spacers
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having enhancement type NMOS and depression type MOS with N-type channel impurity region and P-type impurity layer under N-type channel impurity region
Display device including metal layer and metal carbide layer covering the metal layer
Vertical gate-all-around transistor with top and bottom source/drain epitaxy on a replacement nanowire, and method of manufacturing the same
Fabrication of semiconductor junctions
Devices with contact-to-gate shorting through conductive paths between fins and fabrication methods
Self heating reduction for analog radio frequency (RF) device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Solar cell
Solar cell and solar cell module
Optical semiconductor device and method for making the device
Chip substrate
Semiconductor nanoparticle-based materials
Method for producing semiconductor light-emitting device
Composition for forming gate insulating film, organic thin film transistor, electronic paper, and display device
Organic electroluminescent device
Battery charging station for wireless battery charging
Electrode assembly having bending portions and secondary battery including the same
Battery separators having a low apparent density
Fuel cell system configured to capture chromium
Dielectric waveguide resonator and filter comprised of a pair of dielectric blocks having opposing surfaces coupled to each other by a probe
Method of tuning an NFC antenna
Method of tuning an NFC antenna
Method and apparatus for enhanced radiation characteristics from antennas and related components
Antenna device, wireless communication apparatus, and radar apparatus
Antenna module and mobile terminal including same
Multi-frequency, multi-radiation angle, multi-polarization and multi-pattern communication antenna
Wireless communication module and wireless communication device
Terminals for electrical connectors
Electrical connector with terminal holder
Spring contact and socket including spring contact
Connector with terminal position assurance
Secure electrical conductor connector
Connector device for fuel injection device
High speed network module socket connector
Connector assembly for an electrical device
Bus bar including a wiring connector assembly
Subsea screen connection assembly
Method of making wired circuit board holding sheet
Method for making a connection cable with flat profile
Conductive stretchable knitted fabric and harness for conduction
Overvoltage notching of electricity delivered to an electrical load
Decoupling arrangement
Redundant secondary power support system
Simulation circuit of an alternating electric grid and method for controlling same
Providing electricity to essential equipment during an emergency
Selective wireless charging of slave devices while limiting human exposure to RF beams
Fluid electricity generation device with dual-case
Assembly mechanism for motor stators and assembly method for the same
Method for manufacturing interphase insulating sheet of rotating electric machine, and electric compressor
Rotating electrical machine with removable air flow guides
Cooling structure of electric motor
Protection circuit for semiconductor switching element, and power conversion device
Single stage power factor correction converter
Switching shunt regulator circuits
Solar panel self-storing adjustable angle mount
Illuminated keyboard
Diagnosis method for diagnosing memory, transmission apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Low-jitter phase-locked loop circuit
Fractional clock generator with ramp control including fixed time interval and coarse/fine frequency change steps
Missing slice reconstruction in a dispersed storage network
Methods and systems for determining a human body channel sensor position
Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and storage medium storing program
Transmitter system and method of calibration
Non-reciprocal transmission apparatus with different backward and forward propagation constants, provided for circularly polarized wave antenna apparatus
Photon data transmission method and transmission device for mobile terminal, and photon data receiving device
Optical receiver circuit and adjustment method for same
Imaging cancellation in high-speed intensity modulation and direct detection system with dual single sideband modulation
Method and master device for detecting collisions in out-of-band communication channel
Power transmitting device, power receiving device, power supply system, and power supply method
Systems and methods for transmitting data
Communicating channel state information (CSI) of multiple transmission points
Storing and retrieval heuristics
Base station and user equipment
Apparatus and method for secure communication on a compound channel
Ad hoc local area network creation
Providing non-interrupt failover using a link aggregation mechanism
Medium access control in industrial and automotive wireless with combined wired and wireless sensor networks
Performing measurements in wireless communications using multiple carriers
Abstract stack ports to enable platform-independent stacking
Network processor, communication device, packet transfer method, and computer-readable recording medium
Methods and computer program products for processing a search
Storage area network path management
System and method for distribution of radio channel state and base station congestion state in a network environment
Systems and methods for IP sharing across wide area networks
Chalcogen back surface field layer
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Transmitter and communication system
Dispersed data storage in a VPN group of devices
Time varying address space layout randomization
Apparatus and method for cryptographic operations using enhanced knowledge factor credentials
Securing data in a dispersed storage network
Communication apparatus and control method of communication apparatus
Technologies for secure presence assurance
Self-publishing workflow
Metadata sharing to decrease file transfer time
Communication method for transmitting useful data and corresponding communication system
Performing efficient comparison operations on encrypted data
Proof of work based user identification system
Communication processing system, communication processing method, communication processing device, communication terminal, and control method and control program therefor
System and method for improving a photographic camera feature on a portable electronic device
Discovery of and communication with trusted devices
Technique for call processing and analysis
Alerts and reminders in a personal area network
Sheet management apparatus, control method of sheet management apparatus, and storage medium
Image forming apparatus, automatic installation method for efficiently installing an image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Exposure device having a plurality of first and second light emitting elements, LED head as the exposure device, image forming apparatus including the exposure device, and image reading apparatus
Digital broadcasting reception method capable of displaying stereoscopic image, and digital broadcasting reception apparatus using same
Transcoding detection and adjustment of content for optimal display
Compressing image segmentation data using video coding
Television chat system
Mobile terminal
Solid-state imaging device and camera module
Imaging systems with high dynamic range and phase detection pixels
Time-lapse photography system and method
Storage device management method and apparatus corresponding computer program product and non-transitory computer readable medium
System and method for metadata-linked advertisements
Multi-axis center of mass balancing system for an optical gimbal assembly guided by inertial measurement
Super resolution imaging of convolved light
Image sensor
Image capturing device with automatic white balance and automatic white balance correction method
Mobile health system
Docking system for presentation of video on a flat mobile computer
Dynamic microphone
Audio output diagnostic circuit
Wafer bonding method for use in making a MEMS gyroscope
Real-time audio source separation using deep neural networks
Speaker frame and speaker having the same
System and method for an automated system for continuous observation, audit and control of user activities as they occur within a mobile network
Methods and apparatus for mobile station location estimation
Tracking people
Robust PBCH-IC method in LTE advanced
Method for using radio interface technology, apparatus, and communications system
Gateway update information notification method, and controller
Method of coordinating concurrent sector optimizations in a wireless communication system
Radio communication system, terminal device, base station device, radio communication method, and integrated circuit
Method and device for selecting heterogeneous network serving cell based on inter-cell cooperation
Collision avoidance signaling from mobile devices
Group owner selection within a peer-to-peer network
Measuring subscriber count, message count and message type between a wireless communication network and a wireless local access network (WLAN)
Enhancing OTDOA BSA accuracy using unsolicited RSTD measurements
Automated transitioning between different communication protocols in a network
Asynchronous time division duplex operation in a wireless network
Frequency layer convergence method for MBMS
Radio resource management
Method and system for managing co-channel interference on a traffic channel
Snow removal assembly
Ballast circuit
LED driver circuit, LED circuit and drive method
Lighting preference arbitration
Smart phone controlled wireless light bulb
Light-emitting apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting presence of dimmer and controlling power delivered to solid state lighting load
Inductively coupled ballast circuit
Heating cooker
Device for dissipating heat from at least one electronic component
Method of manufacturing conductive layer and wiring board
Method for detecting condition of nozzle member
Modular garage door opener
Expired Patents Due To Time
Double fluted and twisted food container
Oval food container
Food container
Rectangular plate with peripheral opening
Cheese server
Food serving bowl
Mixing bowl for food
Oven rack
Eating utensil
Container for salt for use in a kitchen
Expandable rack for dishes and platters
Apparatus for cleaning DVDs and CDs
Adaptable drain plunger
Cosmetic container with cap
Inverted bottle
Container for drinks
Jewelry display box
Package and flexible tubing
Actuator cap with cover
Tooth-shaped bottle cap
Bottle insert
Refuse container body
Trash receptacle
Garbage can
Hinged cover
Garbage can lid
Six-faced time zone watch
Electrical box locator
Laser adapter
Rotating laser level
Bubble level
Thermostat housing
Clear top scale
Temperature sensor
Moisture detection device
Electronic thermometer
Watch case
Jewelry cluster design
Tattoo bracelet
Bingo card support board
Flower-shaped garden accessory
Mood indicator device
Lifting apparatus
Sports board for supporting a rider
Tire and wheel rim assembly for automobile
Front grille for an automobile
Truck shelving system
Surface configuration of a rear bumper for a vehicle
Front bumper for an automobile
Disc for a disc brake
Front face of a floor mat
Electric power unit for a bicycle
Housing portion of a power inverter
Housing portion of a power inverter
Laser head
Battery pack terminal and housing
Audio and charging station for a handheld electronic device
Uninterruptable power supply
Universal power supply
Thermal module
Light emitting diode package
Light emitting diode
HDMI connector
Memory card connector
Electrical connector
Electrical outlet cover
Communications headset
Wireless headset
Speaker box
Dictating machine
Combined disc player and radio receiver
Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
Wheel controller
Data cartridge
Computer front bezel
Computer monitor frame board having decorative edge, erasable surface for notes, and pressure adhesive back
Personal digital assistant
Wrist mounted device with non-contact type input and output function
Desk top computer
Cellular phone
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Mobile phone
Television receiver
Housing for a communication device
Television monitor
Mobile phone
Signal transceiver for network
Control head for a mobile radio
Desktop home karaoke system
Single unit comfortable wireless communication device
Comfortable wireless communication device
Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device
Internal combustion engine
Combined pump gear box bearing retainers and drive shafts
Crankcase cover for compressor
Combined pump gear box bearing retainers and drive shafts
ATV plow
Filter cover for a floor care appliance
Attachment for a cleaning appliance
Presser foot for sewing machine
Countertop ice cooled merchandiser
Hydraulic splitter
Surveillance camera
Photosensitive drum unit
Electronic camera
Electronic keyboard musical instrument
Electronic calculator
Franking machine
Ink pouch for a printer ink cartridge
Tape dispenser
Folio filer
Desk calendar leaf
Swing lock report cover with opaque backing
Folding dry erase board
Book carrier organizer tray
Vending machine
Hotel guest room laundry service accessory carrier
Wrap-around sheet design for display use on a shopping cart
Rocket toy
Whirling ball toy
Three-dimensional puzzle
Remote control toy car
Swing display toy
Spinning top
Object for the control of a remote controlled toy through attitudinal orientation of portions thereof
Flying ring
Boy toy figure
Pirate ship kite
Toy figure
Golf club putter head
Exercise facilitation device
Snow board pole
Exercise floor pad
Golf training machine
Golf driving mat
Starting block for swimming pools
Golf club head
Gaming machine
Touch-screen interactive multimedia display
Reel slot machine with rotator
Body of a frog-shaped fishing lure
Rotor arm of spinning reel
Sanitary faucet
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Faucet handle
Faucet spout
Hand-held shower
Child's toilet training step and footrest
Water closet
Heating element
Air cleaner
Toilet bowl extraction device
Combined ceiling fan blade and blade iron
Ceiling fan blade
Surgical instrument
Snap-in articulator insert for easy release of stone model
Net tape
Cover for rail attachment
Cover for rail attachment
Cover for rail attachment
Cover for rail attachment
Window and frame with enclosure for air conditioner
Door facing
Door facing
Flower light
Solid state lighting module
Amada solar light
Light fixture
Multi-stepped drop lens trim
Halogen bulb
Rear combination lamp for an automobile
Reflector housing
Lighter with smoker's tools
Parrot lighter
Hair fastener
Razor with protective cap
Stimulation device
Hearing protector
Horseshoe with traction increasing projections
Fish tank
Bird seed saver
Hummingbird feeder
Horse owner's and farrier's stand
Dog leash
Grooming box
Human Necessities
Fluid injection apparatus having biasing brackets
Depth control for seed planter
Split seed hoppers for seed on demand seeding machine
Auxiliary seed hopper having a removable screen
Agitation system for an agricultural machine product distribution system
Power mower with stand-on and sit-down modes
Power lawn mower including shortened control arms for use in deck lift system
Rotary lawnmower blade with reversible replaceable blades
Wind guard latch retainer
Measurement of moisture of potting soil
Osteospermum plant named `Duesumpink`
Apple tree named `Walden`
Osteospermum plant named `Duesumwhite`
Rhododendron rootstock named `Rhodunter 37`
Geranium plant named `New Dimension`
Gazania plant named `California Gold`
Japanese Maple plant named `Taylor`
Alstroemeria plant named `Koexotica`
Birch tree name `VerDale`
Tolmiea menziesii plant named `Cool Gold`
Hybrid rugosa rose plant named `Meitozaure`
Heuchera plant named `Marmalade`
Milking and application teat cup, system, and method
Method for producing a bovine teat dip
Bedding for livestock
Animal treatment/confinement apparatus
Pet toy
Bottle opener resembling a diving lure
Fishing line carrier device for downrigger fishing
Ice fishing cover device, kit and method of using
Fish alarm and line release device
Bread maker and control method thereof
Bread maker
Method and apparatus for automatically packing tuna loins into plastic bags
Method of using an ice cream machine
Disposable barbeque smoking box with integrated soaking device
Socks and method of manufacturing the socks
Absorbent neck shield
Fire protective coat with free-hanging throat tab
Anti-wicking protective workwear and methods of making and using same
Football helmet
Adjustable helmet with disabling insert
Waterproof footwear and methods for making the same
Snowboard boot with removable ankle supports
Sole structure for a cleated shoe
Method and apparatus for gripping zipper tape during slider insertion
Beaded fashion accessories for use on the body
Retractable luggage handle with gradual extending speed
Swivel cord hair dryer
Hair styling attachment
Reading hammock
Hammock hanging apparatus
Versatile workstation system
Adjustable height table with multiple legs operable by a single crank
Convertible bench
Therapeutic table
Air feeding apparatus
Bed rail with clamping force indicator
Non-liquid buoyant bedding
Combination bassinet, changing table and bedside sleeper
Apparatus for displaying culinary, horticultural or floral items
Inflatable article
Pressure fryer
Locking device sustaining high pressure for coffee maker lid
Force adjustable toilet seat lifting and lowering mechanism
Hand held steam vacuum with single switch operation
Extraction cleaning machine with agitation brushes
Vacuum cleaner
Welding operation liquid crystal protection mask
Surgical table having integral lateral supports
Power and electrical signal interface for a therapeutic bed
Patient transfer system
Temperature control case for medicines
Rotary-die-method and fill wedge for producing capsules, in particular soft capsules
Performing Operations; Transporting
Steam-generating combustion system and method for emission control using oxygen enhancement
Device and method for detecting overlapping objects
Hot forming die having a nickel oxide layer
Method for making metallic cord
Method for locating variable length components in a modular forming die
Orbiting roller groover for pipe
Superplasticity forming mould and mould insert
Method of manufacturing rims for motor vehicles
Exhaust nozzle segmented basesheet and production method thereof
Spun metal form used to manufacture dual alloy turbine wheel
Wheel bearing assembly for motor vehicles
Method for manufacturing an aluminum die cast piston for reciprocating compressors
Method for the plastic molding of the hub recess for fast running turbine component
Portable coordinate measurement machine
Compound fabrication process and apparatus
Ratchet tool having improved driving shank
Mechanism for changing direction of exerted force of wrench having a ratchet wheel
Multipurpose bi-lateral multi-axial ratcheting hand tool
Noback bolt
Key and key holder for fastener installation tool
Propellor puller device
Electrician's tool
Gear-driven shears provided with a curved plate on a movable jaw
Undercutter for a shaving apparatus
Pivotable blade hair clipper and suction collection system
Dry shaver with a trimmer
Razor cartridge
Spiral cut craft tool
Belt tensioning device
Slicing machine and conveyor system with automatic product width compensation
Methods of manufacturing roofing products
Drive device, in particular for the locking unit, the injection unit or the ejector of an injection-moulding machine for plastics
Platen press
Sliding bearing
Method for producing flexographic printing plates by means of laser engraving
Printing method and device
Plate-making system of light-sensitive lithographic printing plate and plate-making method
Solder paste printing apparatus and printing method
Liquid coating applicator and printing system with ink activator sprayer
Lithographic newspaper printing press
Image forming system, method of controlling the same, and program for implementing the method
Method of forming electrical connection for fluid ejection device
Screen printing method for use in IML hot press, die cutting, injection molding
Method of forming indicia on a golf ball
Tags of double thickness, for marking electronic elements
Automatic page turner with belt drive element
Tile contour tool
Installation of, a hub/bearing assembly for an automotive vehicle
Heat exchanger and combined cycle system using the same
Refrigeration cycle system
Air conditioning system
Weather strip having variable length holding lip
Dual-arm articulated hinge for the front bonnet of a motor vehicle
Stationary axle / wheel lock anti-theft device
Wiper arm having washer nozzle
Tandem master cylinders for hydraulic systems
Master cylinder
Master cylinder piston and device for mounting a check valve therein
Pressure sensor apparatus including stems provided with strain measuring arrangement
Transport system
Railway car for transporting semi-trucks
Dual resolver device
Rotational angle detecting apparatus, torque detecting apparatus and steering apparatus
Device for measuring the angle and/or the angular velocity of a rotatable body and/or the torque acting upon said body
Wake absorber
Vented fuel filler and method of installation
System for refueling a marine vehicle without spillage
Skin on frame kayak and kit and a course incorporating the kit
Method for lowering an object to an underwater installation site using an ROV
Apparatus for body motion steering control for water craft
Boat with enhanced access to engine and stern
Lock assembly that inhibits thrust reverser movement at or near the stowed position
Method and apparatus for wrapping articles with a packaging sheet
Single pin gripper assembly for strapping machine head
Method of packaging stone cell plate
Double-bag package and perforation knife
Pallet substructure
Pallet and conveyor system for loading onto transport
Accumulation conveyor
Cable installation system and related methods
Jar lid opener
Pre-table for container treatment machines
Fuel dispenser fuel flow meter device, system and method
Service station leak detection and recovery system
Microscale sensor element and related device and method of use
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and apparatus reducing metal impurities in optical fiber soot preforms
Method for fabrication of optical element having metal ring
Method of and apparatus for forming discharge tubes of low-pressure discharge lamps
Method of manufacturing optical fiber
Infra-red absorption glass for a reed switch
Monoprolellant/hypergolic powered proportional actuator
Spisulosine compounds
Modified bacterial cellulose
Device for leather processing
Textiles; Paper
Tuft feeding mechanism
Method of knitting tubular knitted fabric
Notched seam design for interior trim upholstery pieces
Automated sewing device
Embroidering system
Systems and methods for stabilizing the rotation of embossing stencils used for air embossing fabrics
Washing-machine laundry drum
Washing machine water control
Device for supporting burner and dryer with the same
Steam iron with steam chamber with a small-sized vent
Refiner control
Fixed Constructions
Taper-ream wood repair apparatus and method
Drain cleaning device
Toilet leak detection and overflow prevention system
Toilet flusher with novel valves and controls
Dispensing device for dispensing an active-substance fluid into the flushing liquid in a toilet bowl
Triangular stackable building wall module and method
Amir concept structures
Skirting for manufactured and modular homes
Pre-cut fibrous insulation for custom fitting wall cavities of different widths
Reinforced composite system for constructing insulated concrete structures
Earthquake-immune curtain wall system
Metal stud guard
Universal stud for demountable wall partitions and demountable ceiling panels
Gutter retaining system
Modular framing tool
Tower reinforcement apparatus and methods
Inflatable component connector
Electric door lock openable by key
Lock engaging-and-disengaging mechanism
Changeable lock assembly
Key with indicator and retractable shield
Sash balance shoe jamb attachment
Gate hinge and method for mounting gate opener
Powered sliding device for vehicle slide door
Anchor fastener clip
Storm impact protection system
Variable rack adjustment assembly for pipe spinning machines
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controlling airflow to multiple engine modules with a single throttle body
Approach to extending life of gas turbine engine
Method and apparatus for reducing wear of valve actuators
Deteriorated state evaluation device of exhaust emission control equipment
Lean idle speed control using fuel and ignition timing
Engine control system
Integrated apparatus for removing pollutants from a fluid stream in a lean-burn environment with heat recovery
Device for exhaust-gas purification, and an operating and monitoring for said device
Method of controlling the concentration of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide in conjunction with the cleansing of emission gases
Increasing the duration of peak combustion pressure in cylinders of a diesel engine using fuel injection control strategies
Methods for operating gas turbine engines
Switch actuator
Method for warm-up catalyst of exhaust gas treatment device
System and method for diagnosing and calibrating internal combustion engines
Internal combustion engine and ignition control method
Engine control with fuel quality sensor
Diesel engine
Operation control device of multi-cylinder engine
Method and apparatus for detecting abnormal combustion conditions in reciprocating engines having high exhaust gas recirculation
Apparatus for detecting failure of exhaust gas sensor utilizing element temperature
Stroke determination method of four cycle internal combustion engine and device thereof
Throttle plate manipulator
Contoured piston
Turbomachine nozzle with noise reduction
Fail-operational internal combustion engine
Exhaust-gas recirculation system of an internal combustion engine
Evaporated fuel processing device
Fuel supply and diagnostics module
Apparatus for detecting leakage in an evaporated fuel processing system
Fuel rail air damper
High volume actuating fluid rail
Method of controlling the injection of fluid into an internal combustion engine
Power output apparatus, method of controlling power output apparatus, and driving system with power output apparatus incorporated therein
System and method for starting an engine
Sensor diaphragm
Thermo-kinetic compressor
Three-way pneumatic commutator and volume booster
Vibration control by confinement of vibration energy
System for actuating a gas damper
Automated manual transmission and shift method
System and method for determining the gear selection by means of a selector lever
Neutral start mechanism for a hydrostatic transmission
Process for production of sealing elements and sealing element
Method and apparatus for flaring a tube
Turbine engine fuel injector
Heat fan assembly and method of controlling a fan
Flamesheet combustor
Desiccant assisted dehumidification system for aqueous based liquid refrigerant facilities
Air conditioning apparatus
Reciprocating and rotary magnetic refrigeration apparatus
Vapor-compression-type refrigerating machine
Clear ice making apparatus, clear ice making method and refrigerator
Computer cooling system
Method and kit used to cool beverages
Heating and drying apparatus for particulate material
Method and apparatus for reclaiming effluent from a freeze-drying process, and uses for effluent
Triple-barrel shotgun
Gun support
Receiver mounted shooting rest
Weapon aiming system
Mounting assembly for a weapon accessory
Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles
Projectile jacket having frangible closed end and method of manufacture
Method of producing a device containing pyrotechnical material and device obtainable by this method
Extendible tape measure finger guard and marking assist
Quilt swag decoration template set and method
Micromovement measuring device and method of movement process conversion to an electric signal
Laser line generating device
Scale device including means for preventing the occurence of small gaps between opposing walls of a guide opening
Flow rate measurement apparatus
Multiphase flow meter using multiple pressure differentials
Thermal type flow measuring device
Microfluidic bulk flow determinations based on converting heat tracer measurements
Method of fabricating a micromachined tube for fluid flow
Connection system for a fluid level measuring device
Liquid level sensing device
Method and apparatus for testing the structural integrity of offshore lifting containers
Characterization of process pressure sensor
Anticorrosive vacuum sensor
Pressure transducer capable of detecting internal leakage of external media
Method and apparatus for testing uncured prepreg material
Pressure measuring arrangement
Tire inspection apparatus
Tire pressure sensor array
Water leakage detecting system for liquid pipe and method thereof
Portable system for measuring the internal pressure of a vacuum insulating panels
Anti-bob system for cycles
Headspace gas sampling and venting method and arrangement, and filtering and sampling ports used therewith
Sampling apparatus having a linear indexing sample collection station
Centrifugal permeameter
MIS hydrogen sensors
Heating control system for gas sensor of engine
Device for inspecting pipes using ultrasound
Surface-mounted type clamping force strain meter associated with a locating seat
Method for testing parts for leaks
Fatigue safety factor testing method and fatigue safety factor testing apparatus
Test method for assessing thermal mechanical fatigue performance of a test material
Accelerated method to determine or predict failure time in polyethylenes
Capacitive pick-off and electrostatic rebalance accelerometer having equalized gas damping
Capacitive dynamic quantity sensor device
Method for an entropy filter echo processing in time-of-flight or level measurement systems
Dynamic micro-positioner and aligner
Measuring instrument for establishing the angle of tilt of a lens mounting rim of a spectacles frame
Label holder for electronic labeling devices
Image recording material conveying device and automatic image recording system
Crime scene fence post
Mounting system for label holders
Tag holder assembly
Apparatus and method for precise lapping of recessed and protruding elements in a workpiece
Method for manufacturing a resistor
Method of producing thermistor chips
Method for fabricating a thin film magnetic head
Harmonic cantilevers and imaging methods for atomic force microscopy
Apparatus for treating the surface with neutral particle beams
Gap gauge
Advanced microelectronic heat dissipation package and method for its manufacture
Measurement configuration including a vehicle and method for performing measurements with the measurement configuration at various locations
Semiconductor wafer having a bottom surface protective coating
Method of producing a battery-connecting plate
Method of manufacturing a nonreciprocal circuit device
Flag clamping device
Method of forming a stator for a brushless motor
Dynamo electric machine and method of manufacturing the same
Component mounting apparatus having component supply tables provided on opposite sides of a component transfer path
Method of mounting electronic components and apparatus therefor
Copper plated invar with acid preclean
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