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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Intelligent intervention method based on integrated TPMS
Method for operating a side wind assistant for a vehicle and side wind assistant for a vehicle
Support for electronic device
Attachment mechanism
Image processing method of two-photon structured illumination point scanning microscopy
Electronically initiating an administration of a neuromodulation treatment regimen chosen in response to contactlessly acquired information
Systems and methods for adjusting the position of a wheelchair occupant
Methods of reducing levels of tau
Pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of capillary arteriopathy
Peptide compound for treatment of severe hypoglycemia
Antiviral therapy
Method for synthesizing protein nanoparticles using waste chicken feathers
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and systems using electrochemical cells for processing metal sulfate compounds from mine waste and sequestering CO.sub.2
Graphene production
Electrically actuated valve with a ball sealing element
System for treating and conveying objects
Method for cleaning carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotube substrate and uses therefor
System and process for disposal of dry fly ash
Method and system for measuring the dynamic response of a structure during a machining process
Flow focusing method and system for forming concentrated volumes of microbeads, and microbeads formed further thereto
Extrusion die tension adjuster and method of using same
Preforms for blow moulding
Machine and manufacturing method for building board
Method for molding annular member and apparatus for molding annular member
Multilayer shrink films, labels made therefrom and use thereof
Method for coating components
Embedded LED assembly with optional beam steering optical element, and associated products, and/or methods
Plastic component with a complex and bifurcated structure
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Inkjet printer, printing method using the same, and automatic web threading method
Low-cost ink circuit
Image processing device, image forming apparatus, method of forming image for decorating object, and non-transitory recording medium
Sensor for determining ink drying time in a page-wide inkjet printer
Fluid level sensing apparatus
Drawing apparatus and drawing control method for drawing apparatus
Adhesion device with a text highlighting baseline
Device for maintaining the orientation of an emblem in an automobile wheel
Movable tire inflation apparatus
Apparatus and method for increasing the traction of vehicle wheels
Motor vehicle with air duct sections for the air conditioning of the vehicle interior space
Air delivery device
Sealing arrangement for a fixed vehicle window pane
Vehicular visor visual driving aid
Drivetrain for independent suspension system
Mixer drum driving apparatus
Control system for multi-purpose vehicle
Vehicle controlling system
Charging device
Hovering skate board unit with safety mechanism and method thereof
Controlling apparatus for vehicle
Priority based power management system and method for an electric vehicle
Noise reduction coating for use on dark colored foam
Vehicle car safety seat alert system
Dual purpose lighting assembly
Method of making a window comprising a liquid-crystal inclusive switchable film that is operable in at least first and second visible transmission modes
Sunroof drain hose noise abatement device
Thermally shielding body with temperature-resistant fastening points, and method for producing it
Underbody mounted rim engagement member
Wheel assembly adjustment for vehicle events
Vehicle security system including indicator to windshield antenna unit
Vehicle storage compartment assembly
Seat assembly with removable cushion insert
Backstopping break system (BBS) for manual transmission automobiles
Automatic parking brake for body mounted brake cylinder
Method and apparatus for controlling a powertrain system employing multiple torque generating devices
Vehicle collision management responsive to traction conditions in an avoidance path
Fastening arrangement for connecting an equipment container to a rail vehicle roof, and rail vehicle equipped therewith
Trailer backing up device and table based method
Vehicle structural reinforcing device
System for attaching vehicle fenders to a common front end structure
Sealing plug
Vehicle stop control device
High performance steering system
Audible warning system for bicycle lights
Illuminated boat rub rail
Water sports boards having pressurizable / inflatable baffle chamber structures therein, which are manufacturable by way of 3D printing
Buoyancy compensator device and related overpressure or relief valve
Downwardly mounted drag inducing steering control fin
System for manufacture of foam sheets rigidized with polymer infiltration
Toilet used in outer space
End closure with a ring pull actuated secondary vent
Device for indicating the filling level of a container
Plastic storage bag with spout
Dispenser for viscous food products
Closure device for bottle
Reclosable elastomeric fastener
Unitary child-resistant containers configured for attachment to identifier cap, and identifier cap
Mounting cup and collar assembly for plastics aerosol container
Delivery ramp with an adjustable, rotatable pivot
Dustless spout assembly
Scissor action container gripper
Conveyor system for container processing machines
Multiple dock station for pneumatic transport system
Reduced pipe wear in slurry transport pipelines
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Elevator having a suspension
Drive system for handrails of walkways and moving stairs
Garbage disposal jack
Capsule opening kit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fuel unit, gas generator and system
Process for preparing precipitated silica
Synthetic gel for crystal growth inducing only secondary growth from surface of silicalite-1 or zeolite beta seed crystal
Method for the production of an LMO product
Process for preparing sodium bicarbonate particles
Combined acoustic micro filtration and phononic crystal membrane particle separation
Regeneration of a capacitive deionization system
Device for generating high pressure ozone water by using low pressure ozone gas source
High-temperature roll
Hydrothermal conversion process
Method of producing soluble silicates with organic cations
Fluorosurfactants in pesticides
Methionine analogs and methods of using same
Process for preparing a catalyst based on a group VIII metal and containing silicon, and a process of selective hydrogenation implementing said catalyst
Method for the production of mixtures containing tertiary isononanoic acids based on 2-ethylhexanol
Process for preparing acrylic acid
Zinc or copper (II) salt and use thereof as a biocide
2,6-bis-(aminomethyl)piperidine derivatives
Method for synthesizing optically active .alpha.-amino acid using chiral metal complex comprising axially chiral N-(2-acylaryl)-2-[5,7-dihydro-6H-dibenzo[c,e]azepin-6-yl] acetamide compound and amino acid
Benzamide derivative
Glycidyl ethers of limonene derivatives and oligomers thereof as curable epoxy resins
1,2,6-substituted benzimidazoles as flap modulators
Process for preparation of canagliflozin
5-HT3 receptor antagonists
Chemical compounds (derivatives) and their application for the treatment of oncological diseases
Synthetic methods for spiro-oxindole compounds
Inhibitors of Plasmodium falciparum equilibrative nucleoside transporter type I as anti-parasitic compounds
Glycosidase inhibitors and uses thereof
Organomodified siloxanes having primary amino functions, novel organomodified siloxanes having quaternary ammonium functions and the method for the production thereof
Materials and methods for removing endotoxins from protein preparations
Production of fucosylated glycoproteins
Anti-OX40 antibodies and methods of using the same
Method for regulating cell proliferation
Process for the coating of metallic surfaces, coating composition, and coatings produced in such a way
Wettable, high strength foam especially for ink holders
Polymers with hydroxyl acid blocks
Polyester co-phosphonates
High-performance, filler-reinforced, recyclable composite materials
Macromers comprising pendant polyoxazoline groups and end groups
Effervescent texturing
APAO hot melt adhesives containing a low molecular weight, functionalized, isotactic polypropylene
Hot melt processable pressure sensitive adhesives containing fibrous materials
Films comprising ethylene-based polymers and methods of making same
Modified computer silicon rubber protection shell and manufacturing methods
Rubber composition for tire bead insulation and pneumatic tire
Rubber composition for studless winter tires, and studless winter tire
Production method of thermoplastic resin composition, molded body, and light emission body
Ternary metal halide scintillators
Yellow light afterglow material and preparation method thereof as well as LED illuminating device using same
Yellow light afterglow material and preparation method thereof as well as LED illuminating device using same
Phase change material composition and method of fabricating and packaging the same
Process and apparatus employing microchannel process technology
Methods of producing organic products with photosynthetic organisms
Use of dispersions of iron particles as fuel additive
System and method for natural gas dehydration
LED mason jar candle
Soap with dispersed articles producing light and/or sound
Expression-linked gene discovery
Vector for the selective silencing of a gene in astrocytes
Promoter variants for expressing genes in a fungal cell
Desaturases and methods of using them for synthesis of polyunsaturated fatty acids
Direct protein delivery with engineered microvesicles
Regenerated tissue comprising a stratified structure of epithelial cells
Plants having enhanced nitrogen use efficiency and methods of producing same
Stabilization of alpha-amylases towards calcium depletion and acidic pH
Compositions and methods comprising cellulase variants with reduced affinity to non-cellulosic materials
Glucoamylase variants and polynucleotides encoding same
Mutants of streptokinase and their covalently modified forms
Isolated high affinity entities with T-cell receptor like specificity towards native complexes of MHC class II and glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) autoantigenic peptides
Methods to reduce repeats of identical nucleotides in copies of a target DNA molecule including such repeats
Biofuel production by recombinant microorganisms
Rapid detection of bacteria using mass spectrometric analysis
Method for the diagnosis of osteochondrosis
Sensor arrays and nucleic acid sequencing applications
Method for the diagnosis of myeloid neoplasias and solid tumors
Liner assembly for chemical vapor deposition chamber
Substrate etch
Positive electrode catalyst and device
Process to prepare metal nanoparticles or metal oxide nanoparticles
Tumour markers
Textiles; Paper
Multipurpose portable mini loom
Drying assembly and manufacturing method for the same
Fixed Constructions
Modular railroad track assembly
Transition slab between the abutment and the deck of a bridge with expansion and contraction joints having a long service life, and methods for absorbing the expansion and contraction movements of the deck of a bridge
Jackup pedestal crane installation and operation, movable along a guide
Drainage fitting for a cistern
Flush toilet with build-in one-way valve system for use in unclogging clogs and for efficient water-saving flush operations and related methods
Portable domed storm shelter
Natural rock panel, natural rock veneer panel and panel support apparatus
Ridge vent
Installation system for wooden boards
Battery powered concrete vibrator
Powered folding doors
Cold-bent insulating glazing
Wireline connector including an electromagnet and a metal
Wellhead flowback control system and method
Shifting tool
Downhole turbine motor and related assemblies
High-rate injection screen assembly with checkable ports
System and method for lining a borehole
Identifying weighting material sag with pulsed neutron logs
Round-shaft chisel arrangement, a retaining ring for a round-shaft chisel arrangement, a set with a clamping sleeve and a retaining ring, and a method for securing a round-shaft chisel in a tool holder
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fly wheel
Damping design to reduce vibratory response in the turbine exhaust manifold centerbody
Threaded shank, connection assembly and gas turbine engine for improved fatigue life of threads
Adjustable core turbocharger
Air bleed system for an axial turbomachine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Thermostat valve with coolant stoppage function
Asymmetric transfer and intake in two-strokes
Turbocharger with integrated venturi mixer and EGR valve system
Internal combustion engine
Potential energy storage engine
Structure to reduce noise and vibration in an engine system
Determination of the effective fuel-air ratio of a supercharged internal combustion engine with scavenging air component
Combustion engine
Control device and control method for internal combustion engine
Multilayer metal gasket with bead on stopper
Fuel supply control apparatus for bi-fuel internal combustion engine, and method of switching fuel in bi-fuel internal combustion engine
Fuel supply device for engine
Control device of plasma ignition apparatus and plasma ignition apparatus
Gas compressor
Wind direction adjustable blade type vertical axis wind turbine
Compressor with unloader counterweight assembly
Gas compressor
Rotary compressor
Variable inlet vanes
Hydraulic drive system
Hydraulic load-sensing control arrangement
System enabling the attachment of an object to an element having attachment groove(s), and attachment device for such a system
Split nut compression fastener system
Steering apparatus and bearing member
Method for manufacturing composite double-metal fracture splitting connecting rod
Clutch housing with integrated hydraulic line
Storage and delivery of supplemental power
Balance shaft housing of an internal combustion engine
Damper for compressor of cooling apparatus and refrigerator
Power transmitting component with pinion flange fixed to pinion
Sliding ring seal with conveying sleeve
Integral valve
Valve for metering fluid
Valve device having passage defining member holding restrictor body without connection portion
Method and system of a valve
Inline sampling for multi-phase flow
Guide system and method for guiding a pipeline from a laying vessel onto the bed of a body of water
Device and method for installing a compact pipe within a pipeline
Electronic device holder with tripod mount and hand grip
Resealing suction cup holding system
Lighting system and method
Solar-powered roadway delineator
Plastic lamp base with zigzag electrical conductor and light bulb using the same
Method of manufacturing a light emitting diode lighting assembly
Lighting system
Runway fixture ring
Multi-directional LED lamp
Light fixture with air handler
LED module and lens mounted thereon
Backlight dimming film
Method for erecting a boiler, module and boiler comprising the module
Module-based oxy-fuel boiler
System and method for combustion of multiple fuels
Combustion system including one or more flame anchoring electrodes and related methods
Modular ductwork decontamination assembly
Air conditioner
Cooling systems and related methods
Method and apparatus for separating air by cryogenic distillation
Superimposed zones process heating
Baseboard for use in preheating water
Method for preheating a powertrain
Heat exchanger with sealing member and protrusion between core plate and header
Heat exchanger for controlling the temperature of a first fluid using a second fluid
Conversion set for a firearm and method for converting a firearm
Crossbow apparatus and kit therefore
Auxiliary device mounting system for firearms
Implement holster
Camouflage for transmission towers and lines
Method and apparatus for determining residual stresses of a component
Three-dimensional shape measuring device capable of measuring color information
Rotating electrical machine
Filtered ASE swept source for OCT medical imaging
Interferometric device and corresponding spectrometer
Streetwise navigation system using infrastructure elements
Route calculation system, route calculation method, and computer program
Method for analyzing nested optical cavities
Automatic surface elevation table (auto SET)
Device for taking spectroscopic measurements of laser-induced plasma
System and method for food safety inspection
Acoustic transducer in system for gas temperature measurement in gas turbine engine
Method for calibrating a measuring device in a mobile terminal
Malfunction diagnosis apparatus
Device for measuring the chain force in a bicycle
Torque detection device
Sensor and method for measuring forces on an object or device used during physical activity
Evaporative emissions testing based on historical and forecast weather data
Sample fixation and stabilisation
Palladium and platinum-based nanoparticle functional sensor layers for selective H2 sensing
Computational wafer inspection filter design
Systems and methods for humidity measurement using dielectric material-based relative humidity sensors
Reference half-cell and electrochemical sensor with the reference half-cell
Inspection head of an eddy current non-destructive testing sensor and sensor comprising such an inspection head
Mobile scent tester
Methods for separation and immuno-detection of biomolecules, and apparatus related thereto
Assay device
Method for measuring nitric oxide in blood
Three-axis accelerometer
Measuring power consumption of circuit component operating in run mode
Probe station for the simultaneous measurement of thermal and electrical characteristics of thermoelectric module
Three-dimensional processing system having at least one layer with circuitry dedicated to scan testing and system state checkpointing of other system layers
Terminal testing device and adapters
Electric leak detector for a vehicle
Method for testing a bar winding of a rotor of a rotating electrical machine
Acquisition of MR data with sequential selection of resonant modes of the RF coil asssembly
Replaceable internal open-short-load (OSL) calibrator and power monitor
Marine radar based on cylindrical array antennas with other applications
Synthetic aperture radar system
Method for improving performance of a Sodar system
Radiation measurement apparatus and radiation measurement method
System and method for predicting the front arrival time in reservoir seismic monitoring
Systems and methods for frequency-domain filtering and space-time domain discrimination of seismic data
Radiation emitting element and a method of providing it
System and method for providing an augmented reality lightweight clip-on wearable device
Optical device
Two-dimensional/three-dimensional switchable display apparatus
Semiconductor structure
Aligning guide using pressure-sensitive index change elastomer
Connecting mid-board optical modules
High reliability armored termination/epoxy gland
Insertion device and method for accurate and repeatable target insertion
Eyeglasses frame
Liquid crystal display
Display device
Multiview image display system and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display panel
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Optical phased array using stacked parallel plate wave guides and method of fabricating arrays of stacked parallel plate waveguides
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling focus of projector of portable terminal
Substrate handling apparatus and lithographic apparatus
Optical head, optical print head, image formation apparatus, and image reader
Image-forming apparatus
Transfer apparatus having pressing member for transfer belt
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and image formation control method
Drive transmission unit, fixing device with drive transmission unit, and image forming apparatus having fixing device with drive transmission unit
Transfer-section contamination prevention device and image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method and device for focussing a microscope automatically
Smartwatch assemblies having analog dials and related methods
Rotational speed control system for fan
Method and apparatus for controlling power supply
Pressure regulating device
Control device
Vehicular grip structure
Real-time or frequent ingestion by running pipeline in order of effectiveness
I/O processing system including dynamic missing interrupt and input/output detection
Double-jointed hinge for computer keyboard
Local closed loop efficiency control using IP metrics
System, system control method, and storage medium
File-based cluster-to-cluster replication recovery
Non-local error detection in processor systems
Building an intelligent, scalable system dump facility
Storage control device and data recovery method
Using geographical location information to provision multiple target storages for a source device
Using geographical location information to provision multiple target storages for a source device
Independent hardware operating state transitions by a test unit
Providing service address space for diagnostics collection
Dynamic releasing of cache lines
Concurrent virtual storage management
Accessing stored data
Providing service address space for diagnostics collection
Virtual machine manager initiated page-in of kernel pages
Multi-section garbage collection
Cooperation of hoarding memory allocators in a multi-process system
Generating approximate usage measurements for shared cache memory systems
Prefetch threshold for cache restoration
Store forwarding cache
Identifying stale entries in address translation cache
Enhancing data caching performance
Execution-aware memory protection
Apparatus, system and method for sharing physical layer logic across multiple protocols
Detecting and configuring of external IO enclosure
Detecting and configuring of external IO enclosure
Implementing health check for optical cable attached PCIE enclosure
Implementing health check for optical cable attached PCIE enclosure
Information processing apparatus, printing system, and printing method including transmitting output data to an output apparatus associated with a client apparatus
Method of protecting redundant servers coupled to a manufacturing executing system
Multi-writer revision synchronization in a dispersed storage network
Methods and apparatus for dynamic presentation of advertising, factual, and informational content using enhanced metadata in search-driven media applications
Synchronization of digital content
Efficient coordination across distributed computing systems
Innovative system of command and control and of aiming and firing for military land vehicles equipped with at least one weapon
Integrating image renditions and page layout
Data-dependent clustering of geospatial words
Hierarchical wire-pin co-optimization
Song selection using a heart rate change and a facial expression monitored with a camera
Centralized field rendering system and method
Resource provisioning for electronic books
File-centric form selection based on number of mandatory and optional input fields of a form satisfied by a selection of files
Context sensitive active fields in user interface
System and methods for determining sentiment based on context
Ideographical member identification and extraction method and machine-translation and manual-correction interactive translation method based on ideographical members
Contextual state of changed data structures
Automatic adjustment of data replication based on data access
Systems and methods for standardization and de-duplication of addresses using taxonomy
Large taxonomy categorization
Stratified sampling using adaptive parallel data processing
Autocomplete search methods
Segmentation of professional network update data
Synthesis of webpage snippets using sub-pages of the webpage
Shared URL content update to improve search engine optimization
Methods and apparatus for providing virtual media channels based on media search
Partial release management
Partial release management
Refining search results
Identifying content under access control
Identifying content under access control
Facilitating ownership of access control lists by users or groups
Auto update utility for digital address books
Systems and methods for communicating task reminders on portable electronic devices
Database statistics based on transaction state
System and method for identifying groups of entities
System and method of controlling multimedia display for a game of chance
Segmented hashing for secure data modification
Accelerated and accuracy-enhanced delay and noise injection calculation for analysis of a digital circuit using grid computing
HVAC condition based maintenance system and method
Method and system for handling batch production within ANSI/ISA/95 production scheduling extended with batch production parameter historian
Systems and methods for improving the privacy-protection of the exchange of STD test results and the utility of STD test results
Adaptable information extraction and labeling method and system
Rewarding system
Detection and mitigation of side-channel attacks
System and method for changing secure boot and electronic device provided with the system
Electronic data security apparatus
Record addressing information retrieval based on user data descriptors
Enforcing e-Meeting attendee guidelines
Implementing and processing extent granularity authorization mechanism in CAPI adapters
System and method for creation and management of digital photo book
Managing an e-mail response
Synchronous input/output command with partial completion
Systems and methods for multi-output electrostatic haptic effects
Scrolling and zooming of a portable device display with device motion
MEMS-based proximity sensor device and method
Rotating ring for device control
Capacitive touch panel having an on-cell type and a laminated structure
Mobile terminal device, screen control method, and non-transitory computer readable storage medium
Three-dimensional cube touchscreen with database
Vehicle door control
Capacitance type touch panel
Adjusting layout size of hyperlink
Method and portable terminal for moving icon
Treemap perspective manipulation
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Contextually relevant digital collaboration
Integrated user interface using linked data
Integrated user interface using linked data
Method and system for visualizing patterns during internet browsing
Printing system, printing service apparatus, image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for device activity mapping with device placement
Image forming apparatus and method thereof
Backup method and storage medium having backup program stored therein
Estimating confidence for query revision models
Methods, apparatus, and computer program products for quantum searching for multiple search targets
Method and apparatus for managing contents by using content tag
Computing system with identity protection mechanism and method of operation thereof
Method for remote provisioning of electronic devices by overlaying an initial application image with a retrieved application image
Variable updates of branch prediction states
Parallel execution unit that extracts data parallelism at runtime
Parallel execution unit that extracts data parallelism at runtime
System, method, and apparatus for automatic recording and replaying of application executions
Method for verifying historical artifacts in disparate source control systems
Method for processing data quality exceptions in a data processing system
Managing a code load
Method and apparatus for implementing inter-component function calls
Safe host deployment for a heterogeneous host fleet
Dynamic Java bean for visualage for Java
Script generation engine and mapping semantic models for target platform
Method for optimizing processing of character string during execution of a program, computer system and computer program for the same
Relation-based identification of automation objects
Drawing an inference of a usage context of a computing device using multiple sensors
Complex computer environment installation
Allocating register halves independently
Systems and methods for generating and applying operating system live updates
Managing virtual machine policy compliance
Spice circuit model for twinaxial cable
Almost fair busy lock
Selecting resource allocation policies and resolving resource conflicts
Synthesizing inputs to preserve functionality
Enhanced management of thread-local objects
Memory transaction having implicit ordering effects
Reserving space in a mail queue
Automated transfer of user data between applications utilizing different interaction modes
Formal verification driven power modeling and design verification
Item comprising a barcode with an electromagnetic signature
Encoding and decoding data in two-dimensional symbology
Card with an offset field generator
Methods, systems, and products for tracking objects
System for automatically tracking a target
Capacitive fingerprint sensor
Convolutional-neural-network-based classifier and classifying method and training methods for the same
Feature selection method and apparatus, and pattern discrimination method and apparatus
Efficient object detection with patch-level window processing
Breath-activated images and anti-counterfeit authentication features formed of nanopillar arrays
Facilitating performance of tasks via distribution using third-party sites
Method for operating a hospital information system
Pre-boarding auction system for airline seat upgrades
System and method for generating predictions for unit allocation in a materials processing network
Mobile terminal and method of performing NFC payment using the mobile terminal
Method and apparatus for providing cross-benefits based on a customer activity
Transparency in hidden transaction details
System and method for multi-source transaction processing
System and method for generating automated self-optimizing targeted e-mails
Centralized social network response tracking
Systems, methods, and computer program products for facilitating a disaster recovery effort to repair and restore service provider networks affected by a disaster
Integrated platform employee transaction processing for buy your own device (BYOD)
Integrated online store
Intelligent routing of electric power
Selectively pairing an application presented in virtual space with a physical display
Portable power quality analyzer with networking capabilities
Method and system for reducing the risk of a moving machine colliding with personnel or an object
Method and system for fastening a communication message to an article
Generating support instructions by leveraging augmented reality
Physical quantity sensor, method for manufacturing physical quantity sensor, electronic device, and moving body
Mold having an uneven surface structure, optical article, manufacturing method therefor, transparent substrate for surface light emitter and surface light emitter
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal display
Method for fabricating light conversion member and display device including the light conversion member
Ester-based solvent systems for printable organic light-emitting diode ink formulations
Electrical connector
Flexible tier data center
Electronic device and switch circuit for switching operation modes of power supply units
Offset current compensation for photodiodes
Regulating communication of audio data from a client device based on a privacy setting stored by the client device
Network encrypted data object stored on an encrypted file system
Method and apparatus for identifying and associating devices using visual recognition
Method of enhanced account authentication management integrated with real time script shifting
System and method for managing a surveillance system
Reader and method for reading data
Interactive processing method and device and electronic apparatus
Tunable lighting apparatus
Connector housing assembly and connector having the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Sod stacker
Rotary atomizer
Mounting assembly for straw chopper blades
Combine with adjustable straw guide
Legged pot
Kennel door latch
Canister with air-tight lid and spring camping handle
Lid device for a minnow bucket
Mobile combustion exhaler for the vaporization of insecticide or perfumed substances having a low vapor pressure and combustible refill for said exhaler
Apparatus and method for controlling a volume characteristic of sound being emitted laterally through intermediate ports in a game call
Container for chemicals
Method and apparatus for removing faecal matter from slaughtered poultry suspended by the legs and for cleaning the poultry
Rotary dispergator, method of producing food products with the use thereof and food products produced by this method
Method of densifying streams of filter material for tobacco smoke
Bib for attachment to a seat belt
Protective motorcycle suit
Display case
Easy opening sealed containment and dispensing package
Travel toothbrush system
Integrally formed nozzle structure with soft and hard plastics
Container with collapsible loops
Deployable and contractible cushion structure including means for detachable attachment about waist
Storage system made of cardboard
Chair tilt lock mechanism
Buoyant pool chair
Chair with a detachable frame body and a seat made from a flexible web
Modular furniture systems and methods
Electric seat
Rack merchandising system
Thermal barrier for a cabinet
Merchandise hanger
Wall article hanging device and methods of use
Container lid and bagel holder
Toddler drinking cup
Cup trophy structure
Food ingredient grinder assembly and method
Oil treatment system
Cleaning device and method of use
Floor-treating machine
Nonwoven abrasive composite
Shape lockable apparatus and method for advancing an instrument through unsupported anatomy
Fibrin sealant applicator
Compression bone staple, apparatus and method
Pile mesh prosthesis
Device for removing bone tissue
Attachable/detachable reaming head for surgical reamer
Targeting apparatus for use in performing endofemoral osteotomy surgery
Robotic surgical tool with ultrasound cauterizing and cutting instrument
Heart muscle irrigation device, applicator and method
Body cavity access assembly and an associated medical procedure for dispensing a liquid
Transverse rod connector clip
Flexible spinal stabilization system and method
Position-adjustment system for an instrument for surgery of the spine
Non-metal inserts for bone support assembly
Expandable orthopedic device
Bone wax applicator
Kit of medical tools for removing screws
Unified systems and methods for controlling use and operation of a family of different treatment devices
Application and utilization of a water-soluble polymer on a surface
Deflectable catheter
Anti-needlestick system
Computer controlled perimetry system
Glare tester attachment
Heart rate monitor and heart rate measuring method
System and method for monitoring body functions
Anchoring mechanism for implantable telemetric medical sensor
Integrated lancing and analytic device
Hand-held blood pressure measuring apparatus
Adjustable display arm for computer components
Magnetic catheter navigation
Method and device for testing the rigidity of biological tissue
Method and system for extracting cardiac parameters from plethysmographic signals
Lancet dispenser
Ultrasonic diagnosing apparatus
Method and apparatus for improving contrast-to-tissue ratio in ultrasound contrast imaging with subharmonic imaging
Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnosing apparatus using the same
Two-dimensional ultrasonic array with asymmetric apertures
Dental handpiece having internal filter unit
Discolored teeth bleaching system
Dental curing light using primary and secondary heat sink combination
Fast connector of a water-spray tooth cleaner
High-pressure water-spray device for cleaning teeth
Method of finishing resin-based dental restorations
Method of manufacturing an endodontic instrument
Orthodontic marginal ridge measurement device
Systems and methods for positioning teeth
Orthodontic mechanical force module
Pant-type personal care articles, and methods of making and using such personal care articles
Absorbent article having means for positioning the article in the underwear of the wearer
Removable vein filter
Crimpable balloon/stent protector
Intravascular stent with increasing coating retaining capacity
Implantable prosthetic or tissue expanding device
Prosthesis and methods for unicompartmental and total knee arthroplasty
Modular joint prostheses
Method and apparatus for enabling access to an intramedullary canal of a femur through a femoral knee joint prosthesis
Modular humeral head resurfacing system
Apparatus for fusing adjacent bone structures
Low profile fusion cage and insertion set
High pressure delivery system
Thumb splint
Gait orthosis
Trochanter belt
Stent device and method for treating glaucoma
Fog-free protective glasses
Elevation chair
Moxa and other medicament application devices for delivery of heated moxa or other medicaments and for use to deliver pressure at acupuncture points
Metered-dose underarm product and package
High-chromatic flaky pigment coated with semi-transparent film
Hair coloring method and composition
Phototriggerable, collagen-crosslinking compounds for wound closure
System and method for making a calotte-shaped implantable sheath
Scent delivery system
Candle structure having a decorative animated sculpture
Method and apparatus for olfactory stimulation
Air purification unit
Float for liquid waste disposal apparatus
Methods and devices for occluding a patient's ascending aorta and delivering oxygenated blood to the patient
Method and apparatus for controlling fluid pumps
Implantable catheter having an improved check valve
Steerable catheter
Connector holder for a fluid connection system
Hypodermic needle holder
Powered applicator
Single-use needle-less hypodermic jet injection apparatus and method
Method of acupuncture and magnetic treatment for weight loss
Methods for inhibiting or suppressing stenosis of arteriovenous access fistulas and grafts
Verification of radiation and light field congruence
Solid cleanser holder
Composition for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres and dyeing process using this composition
Fire sprinkler mount
Multiple effect exercising device
Treadmill control system
Exercise method and apparatus
Device for climbing on extended support elements, such as ropes, with releasable automatically reclamping clasps
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Thread-wound golf ball
Low deformation golf ball
Golf club head
Golf club head
Golf putter and grip therefor
Golf tee
Flexure resistant base plate for a basketball goal assembly
Sports activity training instrument
Golf swing trainer
Flexible track for dasher board system
Ski vehicle
Raising platform for a binding of a board for gliding, and board for gliding equipped with such a platform
Device providing a connection between a boot binding and a snowboard
Cue stick joint
Method and apparatus for coordinating an interactive computer game with a broadcast television program
Baseball-related card game and method
Concentric game board and method of playing a game
Attachment structure for motor for toy, toy with the attachment structure for motor and racing vehicle toy
Playset having a retractable track section
Waterproof illuminated disc flyer
Posable plush toy figure
Single wire automatically navigated vehicle systems and methods for toy applications
Building toy kit, component thereof, method of enhancing the glow, method of packaging, and package thereof
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stormwater pollutant separation system and method of stormwater management
Arm assembly for cement truck nozzle cleaner
Salt water desalination process using ion selective membranes
Multiple downcomer fractional distillation tray and process
Clutch dust filter apparatus, and method of using same
Method and a device for cleaning of crankcase gas
Downdraft dust collector
Panel-bed method and apparatus for gas and granular material contacting
Combined air cleaner resonator
Filter arrangement; sealing system; and methods
Combination filter/cartridge assembly
Gas sampling system
Hollow fibre restraining system
System for treating petroleum and petrochemical slop oil and sludge wastes
Vaporizing reactant liquids for chemical vapor deposition film processing
Method for synthesis of core-shell type and solid solution alloy type metallic nanoparticles via transmetalation reactions and applications of same
Dielectric breakdown chemical reactor for liquids
Packing for heat- and material-exchange columns
Sample preconcentration tubes with sol-gel surface coatings and/or sol-gel monolithic beds
Method for removing the gasoline additive MTBE from water using molecularly imprinted polymers
Method and apparatus for treatment of drinking water
Water softening apparatus and associated method for sensing depletion of salt in a brine tank
Modular ceramic oxygen system
Process for efficient microwave hydrogen production
Microfluidic systems and methods of transport and lysis of cells and analysis of cell lysate
Lid type vessel
Rock crushers
Bearing shear block
Two-fluted housing liner
Method of producing glass and of using glass in cutting materials
Electret filter media and filtering masks that contain electret filter media
Membrane laminar wet electrostatic precipitator
Fluid spraying apparatus
Powder coating compartment comprising at least one manual coating station
Moisture barrier sealing of fiber optic coils
Technique for addressing and tracking in a delivery system
System and method for cleaning aligners
Multistep single chamber parts processing method
Method for cleaning contact lens molds
Method for removing particles and non-volatile residue from an object
Method of cleaning contaminants from the surface of a substrate
Halogenated solvent remediation
Method and apparatus for in-line heat treatment of hot rolled stock
Neck seal
Sliding gate for liquid metal flow control
Rotatable tool with removable cutting part
Rotatable tool with removable cutting part
Cutting tool using a subdivision in cutting
Nickel-diamond-coated saw wire with improved anchoring of the diamond particles
Method and apparatus for applying flux for use in brazing aluminum material
Microfluid device and ultrasonic bonding process
Friction stir welding method and rotary tool
Anti-tombstoning solder alloys for surface mount applications
System for controllably conducting welding operations adjacent flammable materials and method of welding adjacent flammable materials
Clamp actuation mechanism
High speed oxyacetylene cutting of a thick steel part and device therefor
Tool for machining surfaces in bores
Machine tool with gripper and/ or tool magazine system
Automatic cutting liquid supply apparatus
Clamping mechanism for clamping sheet metal workpieces
Method for manufacturing mirror surface tube for photosensitive drum of copying machine or the like
Method for forming grooves on workpiece and for dressing a grindstone used in the groove formation
Method and apparatus for detection of chemical mechanical planarization endpoint and device planarity
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and method of chemical mechanical polishing
Edge-sealed pad for CMP process
Polishing pad with optimized grooves and method of forming same
Additives for pressure sensitive polishing compositions
Apparatus and method for transferring a torque from a rotating hub frame to a one-piece hub shaft
Polishing apparatus
Polishing machine for stone materials, having multiple grinding heads aligned on two oscillating and parallel beams with variable offset
Polishing apparatus
Polishing system with air exhaust system
Polishing-washing method
Foam buffing/polishing pad
For grinding wheel for grinding process
CMP abrasive, liquid additive for CMP abrasive and method for polishing substrate
Grinding tool
Joint forming tool and method
Adjustable vise jaw assembly
Self-centering element
Rapid clamping device
Magazine with a magazine strip for a screwdriver
Depth of drive adjustment for a fastener driving tool with removable contact member and method of exchanging contact members
Point driver
Nail gun provided with duster function
Setting tool
Expanding gas-operated setting tool
Securing device involving a piston propelled by compressed gas
Combustion-powered nail gun
Portable setting tool for fastening elements
Dual rail tool holder
Pocket tape dispenser
Punching device in a sheet finisher for an image forming apparatus
Machine for molding a peripherally encapsulated product
Outsert molded product, its manufacturing method, and its sorting method
Device for manufacturing articles made of plastic
Injection unit of injection molding machine
Extrusion molding apparatus for product having wood pattern and extrusion molding method thereof
Fractional and higher lobed co-rotating twin-screw elements
Apparatus for making multilayer optical films
Method of and device for controlling and automatically controlling the thickness profile in the production of blown film
Molded article having a rigid support and a flexible hollow member
Apparatus for manufacturing slide fastener spiral continuous element row
Wax liquid temperature control device of wax injector
Method and arrangement for producing webs of material that have discrete pieces of material mounted thereon
Method and apparatus for the manufacturing of a tire for vehicle wheels
Two-piece retread envelope
Apparatus for manufacturing slide fastener coil-shaped continuous element row
Transverse direction zipper end sealer
Stand up bag
Method of making a dry bonded paperboard structure
Cushioning conversion machine and method
Ink jet recording medium
Modular headliner assembly and method of making same
Inkjet printer having an active ray source
Curved infrared foil heater for drying images on a recording medium
Vacuum platen assembly for fluid-ejection device with anti-clog vacuum hole sidewall profiles
Micro-electromechanical valve assembly
Digital offset lithographic printing
Ink-jet printing apparatus
Environmentally friendly, reliable, fast drying ink for point-of-sale thermal ink jet application
Ink jet recording apparatus and method of driving the same
Ink-jet recording head
Ink jet head and ink jet recording apparatus
Inkjet head having a plurality of pressure chambers
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Method of forming pillars in a fully integrated thermal inkjet printhead
Ink-jet image-forming method and image-forming apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and handling method thereof
Multiple print bar approach to pen health and fiber management
Ink cartridge
Ink jet recording apparatus using recording unit with ink cartridge having ink inducing element
Ink jet recording apparatus
Phase change waste ink control apparatus and method
Ink tank (inkjet ink cartridge)
Ink container, inkjet printing apparatus, and ink supplying method
Ink jet printing appartus for identifying ejection error
Printer with photo stand and photo stand detachably attachable to printer
Device and method for automatically opening the cover of an image forming apparatus
Ink supply assembly for supplying ink to an elongate printhead
Recording medium, image forming process using the same, and process for the preparation of the same
Stapler processing apparatus for paper collating machine
Passport production system and method
Double-chuck mechanical pencil
Combination coating film transfer and writing implement
Self-adjusting moistener system for a mailing system
Railway wheel alloy
Wheel hub for bicycle
Axle hubcap vent
Light metal wheel
Wheel cover with noise abatement ring
Method for manufacturing a tyre
Interchangeable hitch ball having plunger with J-shaped channel
Hitch receiver with integral lighting, accessory ports and towing hooks
Actuator for adjusting the ride of a vehicle
Modular ball-joint assembly
Steering knuckle carrier-to-suspension arm pivotal connection and method of assembling and preloading the pivotal connection
Rack housing for steering gear
Air conditioning duct and method for mounting same
Automotive weatherstrip
Roof structure of a motor vehicle
Backlite storage and convertible decklid system for automotive vehicle
Cover assembly for a vehicle bed
Drive device for a vehicle component
Side-to-side truck cover system
Lashing system
Truck chassis configuration
Ventilation device for a fuel tank
Guide mechanism, opening-closing mechanism of covering member using the guide mechanism and interior equipment for automobile using the opening-closing mechanism
All-wheel distributor gearbox for a motor vehicle
Transformable infant transporter
Seatback for automobile
Pivoting hitch-mounted loading platform for motor vehicles
Vector neutral truck
Transportable satellite communication station including double-expandable trailer
Concealable buckle apparatus
Surface-mounted, billet-formed ball-type headlight mount
Light with switch
Safety system for a closed compartment of a vehicle
Method and device for controlling units in a vehicle according to the level of noise
Passenger restraint
Metal air-bag
Air bag tether construction
Airbag arrangement
Head protecting airbag device
Gas bag module
Snap together mounting of an air bag module and a vehicle steering wheel
Inflatable curtain positioning system and method
Twist-free seat belt
Drive mechanism unit for moving a cover in an motor vehicle
Automotive vehicle bicycle rack having load assist apparatus
Electrical vehicle parking brake device
Method and brake system for controlling the braking process in a motor vehicle
Tie-down cable for vehicle beds
Cooler cart
Brake and wheel assembly
Bracket assembly for securing a compact spare tire and a full size tire
Automatic steering apparatus for vehicle and control method of same
Vehicle steering control system
Power-assisted steering apparatus with a one-piece, monolithic component
Master link for a track chain
Steering booster device
Theft-protection device for bicycles
Bicycle seat
Portable electronic device detachable vehicle mounting and vehicle use systems
Hub post for a bicycle
Bicycle front fork vibration-proof structure
Momentum imparting bicycle suspension apparatus
Bicycle having dual-purpose pedal
Buoyant leg structure with added tubular members for supporting a deep water platform
Exhaust system for outboard motor
Propeller protector slipper
Jet propulsion boat
Pod unit
Drive means in a boat
Switchable electrochromic devices for use in aircraft transparency windows
Vertical lift flying craft
Helicopter blade folding with blade droop
Wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same
Cable assembly and air outflow valve incorporating the same
Anti-hijacking security device, kit and method
IR laser diode based high intensity light
Reclosable packaging having extensible funnel and slider-operated zipper
Fixing head for tubes
Double shell closure with support ribs
Closure cap
Container lid with selectable opening
Non-spill liquid dispensing container
Octagonal bulk bin
Fluid product dispenser
Spout assembly for thin-film liquid container
Locking aerosol spray tube
Portable disc holders
Steel container, especially intended for the transport of bulk goods
Deflecting device for conveyor
Heavy-duty reciprocating slat conveyor
Two-way vibratory conveyor and stabilizer rocker arm therefor
Vibratory parts-feeding unit
Axle cartridge for conveyor roller
Board turner
Method and apparatus for sorting rolls
Glass pane handling assembly
Mobile conveyor system and method for multiple lift stacking
Sheet feeder and image formation apparatus
Method and device for stacking flat-folded boxes
Vacuum feeder for imaging device
Storing information concerning suspect currency notes received in an ATM
Paper folder with switchable folding apparatus
Systems and methods providing bi-directional passage of an object via an articulated member
Ornamental lighting string storage device
Process for switching between mains supply and a frequency inverter and vice versa
Pre-assembled elevator shaft
Liquid carrier article
Fuel dispensing nozzle equipped with a game or other activity
Dispenser for magnetic objects
Control of solid state dimensional features
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gas purifier system for removing trace impurities from a reactive fluid
Gas purifier system containing an ultra-low emission carbon material
Method and apparatus for separating ions from a fluid stream
Waste treatment process
Anaerobic film biogas digester system
Furnace and method for heating coated glass sheets
First surface mirror with DLC coating
Filament recoating apparatus and method
Carbon removal through partial carbon burn-out from coal ash used in concrete
BaTiO3-PbTiO3 series single crystal and method of manufacturing the same piezoelectric type actuator and liquid discharge head using such piezoelectric type actuator
Slurry and method for producing refractory boride bodies and coatings for use in aluminium electrowinning cells
Method of manufacturing a thermostructural composite material bowl, in particular for an installation that produces silicon single crystals
Lightweight wallboard compositions containing natural polymers
Composition and method for soil acidification
Method to produce pyrotechnical igniting mixtures
Insensitive explosives for high speed loading applications
Minimum signature propellant
Modified polybutadiene polymers that are both chemically degradable and physically compatible with energetic plasticizers for use in propellant and explosive binders
Diamondoid-containing materials in microelectronics
Cationic oxidation bases, their use for the oxidation dyeing of keratin fibres, dyeing compositions and dyeing methods
Process for preparing wetfast polyamide fibers
Easy to disperse, high durability TiO2 pigment and method of making same
Water base pigment ink for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording method
Water base ink for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording apparatus provided with the same
Ink-jet ink comprising a glycol compound with grafts
Method to improve lubricity of low-sulfur diesel and gasoline fuels
Sintered steel material
High-carbon steel wire rod with superior drawability and method for production thereof
Film deposition method
Manufacturing method and apparatus of phase shift mask blank
Flat magnetron
Method of producing polycrystalline thin film of MgO
High throughput dual ion beam deposition apparatus
Sputtering method and sputtering apparatus
Vacuum treatment system and process for manufacturing workpieces
Method of growing a thin film onto a substrate
Treatment and evaluation of a substrate processing chamber
Segmented cold plate for rapid thermal processing (RTP) tool for conduction cooling
Reactor with remote plasma system and method of processing a semiconductor substrate
Low temperature operating cell for the electrowinning of aluminium
Phosphorized copper anode for electroplating
Electrolytic plating method and device for a wiring board
Laser thermal annealing method for high dielectric constant gate oxide films
Lateral movement of screw dislocations during homoepitaxial growth and devices yielded therefrom free of the detrimental effects of screw dislocations
Textiles; Paper
Rotary cable treatment method and apparatus
Roll of a paper/boardmaking machine
Decorative paper with a high opacity
Fixed Constructions
Guardrail end terminal assembly having at least one angle strut
Offshore structure support
Weather resistant dock walkway
Dock bumper system using boat fenders
Water containment structure
Sealing device
Serviceable acoustic interiors
In situ molded thermal barriers
Ladder elevator device
Floating receiving mechanism for a handle assembly and handle assembly including same
Device for supporting objects on a support structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pair of interacting gear rims of the rotary machine
Pressurized gas turbine engine with electrothermodynamic enhancement
Method of making labyrinth seal lips for the moving parts of turbomachines
Method and apparatus for supporting rotor assemblies during unbalances
Compressor bleed case
Diffusing coupling cover for axially joined turbines
Gas turbine stationary blade
Cooling water distribution system for a marine propulsion device
Fueldraulic pintle valve
Fuel sender assembly
Two-stage magnet valve of compact design for an injector of an injection system for internal combustion engines
Fuel injector swirl nozzle assembly
Electromagnetic fuel injection valve
Fuel injector
Means for adjusting the rotor blade of a wind power plant rotor
Control valve of variable displacement compressor with pressure sensing member
Air compressor
Linear compressor having an anti-collision device
Check valve seal assembly
Rotor with a hydraulic overbalancing recess
Rotary pump and braking apparatus using rotary pump
Method and apparatus for timing rotors in a rotary lobe pump
Scroll type compressor having tip seals and a scroll coating layer
Hydraulic motor with a separate spool valve
System and method of multiple-phase pumping
Pump system with variable-pressure seal
High air flow fan tray bracket
Self-priming centrifugal pump
Regulating jet pump with two fluid seals, one opening at an intermediate inlet pressure and the other opening at a higher inlet pressure for increased flow through the pump
Hydraulic actuator with built-in pressure compensator
Hydraulic pump reservoir having deaeration diffuser
Grinding apparatus using fluid servomotor
Non-magnetic fastener with magnetic locking nail and two-stage hammer apparatus
Deformable clamp employed to stiffen hanger rod
Device for connecting a control mechanism to an end of a support arm system
Fastener device
Screw-on structure
Linear guide assembly
Angular contact ball-bearing cage with lubricant pockets
Disc brake
Rolling-lobe spring
Compound differential planetary gear assembly
Family of six-speed dual-clutch transmissions having three planetary gear sets
Compact full-traction differential
Torque controller for controlling torque to two or more shafts
Shift lever bush
Control device for automatic transmission
Automatic transmission
Belt installation tool
Seal mechanism and fuel pump provided therewith
Cylinder head gasket with seal coatings
Proportional solenoid valve
Dual lift system
Quarter-turn valve
Fluted link for wiring
Plastic-lined metal-encased tubing segment connector system
Connector, a fluid line and a fluid power instrumentality
Clamp for securing multiple, spaced-apart tubes
Underwater line bundler
Connection device for a fluid duct
Suspension stabilizers for overhead lighting fixtures
Indicator lamp with simplified optical structure
Light fixture, reflector housing, and facility that includes a plurality of light fixtures
Adjustable reflector device
Optical assemblies for concentration of radial light distribution within confined luminaire packages
Side-emitting rod for use with an LED-based light engine
Lighting apparatus for inspection of an object
Efficient light collector for projection display system
Light guide and line illuminating device
Preheated fuel and oxidant combustion burner
Method for operating a gas burner
Low NOX combustor for a gas turbine
Solar selective absorption coatings
Deployable flare for aerodynamically stabilizing a projectile
Two-piece measuring dispensing cap
Optical module for wavelength reference measurement in WDM systems
Device for measuring temperature of semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of fitting tire-and-wheel assembled body to axle
Apparatus and method for sampling a chemical-mechanical polishing slurry
Transient heat conduction using thermocouples, thermochromic liquid crystals, and numerical simulation
Disposable working electrode for an electrochemical cell
Method and apparatus for unloading gels from isoelectric gel tubes
High throughput capillary electrophoresis system
System for pH-neutral stable electrophoresis gel
Capillary electrophoretic apparatus
Induction-heated disc tribometer
Method for determining the needed amount of structure modifying agent to be added to cast iron
Method for testing integrity of concrete shafts
Display device formed of a multi-color light emitting material and method of making same
Apparatus and method for testing semiconductor devices
Conduction cooled passively-shielded MRI magnet
Ultrasound probe with integrated electronics
Acoustic source using a shaftless electrical hammer
Ghost image prevention element for imaging optical system
Projection-type display device
Projection apparatus and projection-type image display apparatus
Optical fiber converter retaining different sized ferrules
Mechanical splice optical fiber connector having a sliding actuator
Optical connector for coupling optical signals to optical devices
Carrier for several cable holders
Package for opto-electrical components
Foldable glasses
Eyeglasses having artificial horizon thereon
Spectacles set with detachable shelter frame
Method for magnetically connecting accessories to eyeglasses
Detachable sunglass unit
Optical wavelength filter
Direct-type back light device and method of manufacturing the same
Display apparatus
Image viewing device
System and method for displaying projector system identification information
Life-size communications systems with front projection
Overhead projector
Liquid crystal projector, and projection lens unit, optical unit and cooling system for the same
Projection-type image display device
Focal-plane shutter for digital camera
Thermostat with one button programming feature
Systems and methods for controlling temperatures of process tools
Solely-bent baffle for liquid treatment basin
Server call system
Passive biometric customer identification and tracking system
Credit card holder
Print control of a print job to be printed to a plurality of printers
Print control apparatus, print control method, and printer
Universal serial bus (USB) smart card having read back testing features and related system, integrated circuit, and methods
Memory card, and receptacle for same
Conductor track supporting layer for laminating inside a chip card, chip card comprising a conductor track supporting layer, and method for producing a chip card
Large depth of field line scan camera
Combined data reader and electronic article surveillance (EAS) system
Methods and apparatus for efficient use of space in arranging and configuring optical components of bar code scanners
Portable hand-supportable data terminal with automatically-activated laser scanning bar code symbol reader integrated therein
System for inhibiting fraud in relation to the use of negotiable instruments
Purchasing card transaction risk model
Method and apparatus for implementing a camera mouse
Method and system for high speed digital metering using low velocity print technology
Coin assorter and coin inputting device
Gaming device having directional bonus scheme
Methods and systems for conducting lottery-type games with strategy elements
Gaming device having an indicator selection with probability-based outcome
Method of operating a multiple round game that includes player choices and game choices
Automated transaction system and method
Smart business card system
Scanner pairing in a bluetooth POS network
Scaneze check-in-check-out library workstation
On-premises paging system utilizing mounted pagers having a data input device
Method and system for providing a global product services electronic laboratory
Apparatus for recreating and illuminating a visual image
Compact retractable label
Illuminated message sign with angled light emitting device array
Connecting member for a sound generator
Recording-media tape reel
Method of manufacturing magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus
Secondary agglomerates of magnetic metal particles for magnetic recording and process for producing the same
Apparatus for connecting semiconductor modules
Apparatus for improving performance of electrical insulating structures
Spin valve sensor free layer structure with a cobalt based layer that promotes magnetic stability and high magnetoresistance
Emitter with filled zeolite emission layer
Coils for generating a plasma and for sputtering
Plasma processing apparatus
Plasma treatment apparatus with improved uniformity of treatment and method for improving uniformity of plasma treatment
Method for manufacturing cathode, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Method for forming ribs in a plasma display panel
Plasma display panel and method of fabricating barrier rib thereof
Latch for detachably attaching and mounting a semiconductor wafer to a support ring
Wafer handling device
Wireless network access apparatus having curved antenna
Ground terminal and method of forming it
Apparatus for coupling a jumper cable to a battery terminal
Electrical connector assembly having contacts configured for high-speed signal transmission
Triaxial connector adapter and method
Low insertion force electrical connector assembly
Terminal for electric connector for communication apparatus
Connector mounting structure
Water-proof connector and connector housing therefor
Strain relief device for an electrical connector for high frequency data signals
Low insertion force connector system
Cable end connector assembly having pull mechanism
Push-lock precision BNC connector
Electrical card connector with reinforcing plate
Cable connector assembly having detecting contact
Shielded modular jack assembly for ethernet applications
Universal slot for accommodating various types of flash memory cards
Apparatus for preventing reverse polarity contact between a standard dry cell battery terminal and a battery compartment contact
Safety light socket
Device for transmitting current between two terminals
Electronic component, coaxial connector, and communication device
Fast electric connector plug satisfying category 6 standard
Connection device for an electronic box
Electrical connector for securing a wire to a contact
Elastic, electrically conductive contact springs
Universal multi-stage compression connector
Airtight plug connector and terminal insert
Printing with multiple pixels as unit of gradation reproduction
Ink jet image producing device and process for its operation
Image input system
Monitoring camera with detachable lens housing
Image modification effects for image projection lighting devices
Image display apparatus
Solder-down printed circuit board connection structure
Pick-up cap for electrical connector
Thin-laminate panels for capacitive printed-circuit boards and methods for making the same
Method and apparatus for structuring printed circuit boards
Process for manufacturing a wiring board
Fastening arrangement having a fastening plate and employment of the fastening arrangement
Electrical connector with improved terminals
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