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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Roasted mixture and method for producing a beverage using same
Ski boot with improved mechanism to pass from a skiing configuration to a walking configuration
Partition system and accessories for use therewith
Folding table
Electric kitchen appliance comprising a pressing screw and a pre-cutting device
Method for cleaning a filter of a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner for performing the method
Cardiac rhythm template generation system and method
Medical imaging system and method containing ultrasound docking port
Light absorption coefficient distribution estimation device, concentration measurement device, and method for controlling light absorption coefficient distribution estimation device
Method for correcting truncated projection data
Radiographic apparatus
Post-operative shoe and method for construction thereof
Nerve cuff, method and apparatus for manufacturing same
Implantable pulse generator and method having adjustable signal blanking
Fully implantable neurostimulator for autonomic nerve fiber stimulation as a therapy for urinary and bowel dysfunction
Systems and methods for coupling conductors to conductive contacts of electrical stimulation systems
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image writing device using digital light-emitting elements
Adaptive suspension control for a motor vehicle
Driving assist device for vehicle
Energy economy mode using preview information
Speed control device for vehicle
Sheet processing system
Interferometric measurement of non-homogeneous multi-material surfaces
Adaptive mounting within an inertial navigation system
In-vehicle apparatus for performing route guidance or content playback in cooperation with a portable terminal
Electronic polarimetric imaging system for a colposcopy device and an adapter housing
Polarized elastic scatter detection method and system of tracking and measuring the velocity of individual aerosol particles
Method and apparatus for representing multidimensional data
Systems for rapid identification of pathogens in humans and animals
Liquid droplet measurement apparatus and liquid droplet measurement method
Coupled bi-stable circuit for ultra-sensitive electric field sensing utilizing differential transistor pairs
Resource allocation in wireless communication network
Managing data transfer in a network environment
Dynamically distributed weighted fair queuing
Base station apparatus and communication control method
IC with first and second external register present leads
Transducer array arrangement and operation for sodar applications
Mobile wireless communications device comprising a satellite positioning system antenna and electrically conductive director element therefor
Magnetic resonance apparatus, and local coil and local coil positioning device therefor
Angular position sensing based on magnetically induced beam deformation
Polarization-modulating optical element and method for manufacturing thereof
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Multi-color electrophoretic displays and materials for making the same
Wavelength selection filter, filter unit, light source device, optical apparatus, and refractive index sensor
Rare earth doped and large effective area optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers
Imaging lens and imaging apparatus
Display device
System for selectively revealing indicia
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal apparatus and electronic apparatus
Image display device, image pickup apparatus, and image display method that allow focus assistant display
Imaging apparatus
Exposure apparatus, information processing apparatus, and method of manufacturing device
Optical system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Photoconductive drum and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus provided with transfer roller
Conveying device and image forming apparatus
Cleaning member, cartridge, and image forming apparatus
High-voltage power supply device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Developing device having toner recovery tray and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus including transport unit
Fixing device, image forming apparatus incorporating same, and fixing method
Use of radio frequency identifier (RFID) tags for identification of an authentication status of an item
Microcomputer and motor control system provided therewith
Device for piloting a drone
Voltage generating circuit
Communication device having pull-up voltage supply circuit supplying pull-up voltage via one power supply during standby state and another power supply during power-on state
Voltage regulator with suspend mode
Synchronizing circuit
Vibration-damping mount
Device foot
Tilting portable electronic device
Method and apparatus for managing power in computer systems
Multi-core processor system with thread queue based power management
Integrated circuit having a microcontroller unit and methods of controlling the operation mode thereof
Information processing apparatus, power mode control method, and power mode control program product
Power saving method for computer system
Wireless communication device transmitting and receiving CEC messages of HDMI
Image forming apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Incomplete write protection for disk array
Method and device for calculating a similarity metric between a first feature vector and a second feature vector
System and method for testing internet functionality of a computing device in a simulated internet environment
System and method for enforcing a third-party factory test
Method and apparatus for testing an electronic circuit integrated with a semiconductor device
Method and device for monitoring and analyzing signals
Enabling parallel access volumes in virtual machine environments
Parallel asynchronous order-preserving transaction processing
Data storage system redundancy scheme verification
Systems and methods for storing parity groups
Apparatus and method for segmented cache utilization
Method for reading out data from a storage medium
Data transference to virtual memory
Control method of device in storage system for virtualization
Determination by circuitry of presence of authorized and/or malicious data
Storage subsystem and its data processing method, and computer system
Memory controller and method utilizing equalization co-efficient setting
System, method, and apparatus for a cache flush of a range of pages and TLB invalidation of a range of entries
Communication apparatus, KVM switch and communication control method
Event handling for architectural events at high privilege levels
Memory module having signal lines configured for sequential arrival of signals at synchronous memory devices
Combined set bit count and detector logic
Information processing apparatus and method and computer-readable storage medium thereof
Generic interface
Digital image brightness adjustment using range information
Color management workflow for transitioning offset printing using custom inks to digital printing
System and method for distributing a map of content available at multiple receivers
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Differential dynamic content delivery to alternate display device locations
System and method to provide context for an automated agent to service multiple avatars within a virtual universe
Methods, systems, and computer program products for managing electronic subscriptions
Methods and systems for electronic data exchange utilizing centralized management technology
Web client data conversion for synthetic environment interaction
Monitoring of windows on computers
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
System and method for providing a personalized media service
Quality assured network service provision system compatible with a multi-domain network and service provision method and service broker device
Network service version management
Segmenting access to electronic message boards
System and method to determine network usage
Method and apparatus for phone application state management mechanism
Peer to peer network
Virtualized policy tester
Data management techniques
System and method for controlling noise in real-time audio signals
Digital audio/video playing device
Navigation devices, methods, and programs
Apparatus, method and computer program for content recommendation and recording medium
Alignment adjusting apparatus, library apparatus, and alignment adjusting method
Interpolator for a networked motion control system
Transactional tax settlement in personal communication devices
Voice processing device and program
Systems and methods for assignment of human reviewers using probabilistic prioritization
Common architecture for administration of client side property settings in a distributed and heterogeneous environment
Controlling and using virtual universe wish lists
Multilayer OPC for design aware manufacturing
Methods for cell phasing and placement in dynamic array architecture and implementation of the same
Method and device for estimating simultaneous switching noise in semiconductor device, and storage medium
Apparatus for monitoring and securing danger zones on power-driven textile machines
Device and method for positioning a rotationally-symmetric precision part
Methods and apparatus for providing access to vehicle electronic systems
Torque based clutch fuel cut off
Distinguishing the fuel admitted to a fuel system
Secured firmware updates
Picture decoding method and picture decoding apparatus
Application executing device, managing method, and program
Protecting content on client platforms
Computer-based dynamic secure non-cached delivery of security credentials such as digitally signed certificates or keys
Systems and methods for controlling HDA system capabilities
Capability-based control device driver of a computer peripheral device
Imaging device and user interface
Dynamic spawning of focal point objects within a virtual universe system
Cable including a secure physical layer management (PLM) whereby an aggregation point can be associated with a plurality of inputs
Communication control device and communication control method in audio visual device system, and television receiver
Method and system for threshold management
Virtual machine system
Text editor virtual backing store
Pressure sensitive controls
Alternating light sources to reduce specular reflection
Protection panel with touch input function for display window of electronic device, and electronic device
Synchronization of video and data
Collapsing areas of a region in a virtual universe to conserve computing resources
Image-forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
Printing apparatus, information processing apparatus, control method thereof, printing system and program for direct-printing application data using a temporary licensing key
Client call service
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling information processing apparatus, computer program, and computer readable storage medium
Methods and systems for media storage
Search engine inference based virtual assistance
Control apparatus for automatic transmission
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and computer program product
Apparatus and method for decreasing an upshift delay in an automatic transmission
Pre-computed impression lists
Media aware distributed data layout
Two-factor USB authentication token
Stability performance of the coupled algorithms for viscoelastic ink jet simulations
Construction machine and method of controlling construction machine
Method of booting electronic device and method of authenticating boot of electronic device
Determining call counts in a program
Providing information to an isolated hosted object via system-created variable objects
Editor for program files
Code path tracking
Device management apparatus, device management method, and storage medium
Grid-enabled ANT compatible with both stand-alone and grid-based computing systems
Compiler implemented software cache in which non-aliased explicitly fetched data are excluded
Method and apparatus to achieve maximum outer level parallelism of a loop
System and method for speculative thread assist in a heterogeneous processing environment
Cross-architecture execution optimization
Method of interpreting method bytecode and system operated by the same
Calculating and communicating level of carbon offsetting required to compensate for performing a computing task
Techniques for implementing separation of duties using prime numbers
Asynchronous wakeup mechanism that places reference to process on sleep queue if execution of copyout functionality is caused to sleep
Performance in a virtualization architecture with a processor abstraction layer
Context switching in a network on chip by thread saving and restoring pointers to memory arrays containing valid message data
Process and system of modeling of an interface between a user and his environment aboard a vehicle
Image forming apparatus, program adding method, and a recording medium
Information processing apparatus and computer-readable information recording medium
Printing device for printing image data as displayed, printing method for printing image data as displayed, and computer program product for printing image data as displayed
Method for identifying faces in images with improved accuracy using compressed feature vectors
Computed tomography reconstruction from truncated scans
Method and system for real-time visual odometry
Adjusting perspective for objects in stereoscopic images
Method, device and computer program product for performing a gamut based white balance of a digital image
Method of gathering statistics of gray distribution of image
Feature information collecting apparatuses, methods, and programs
Method and system for displaying a three dimensional visualization of cardiac motion
Moving object detection method and moving object detection apparatus
Proxy training data for human body tracking
Seam carving for image resizing
Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus, and control method thereof
Image reading apparatus
Device and method for simplifying vector graphics
Information processing device and method
System and method for determining chin position in a digital image
Semantic event detection using cross-domain knowledge
Image labeling using multi-scale processing
Independently refreshing portlet content in a portal view
Systems and methods for managing large oil field operations
Methods and apparatus for resource allocation in computer architectures
Methods and system for managing vending operations based on wireless data
Methods and apparatus for conducting electronic transactions
System and method for multi-enterprise supply chain optimization
Post-authorization message for a financial transaction
Computer using flash memory of hard disk drive as main and video memory
Windowless shape drawing
Spatial temporal visual analysis of thermal data
Drawing apparatus, drawing program, and drawing method
Methods and systems of tagging objects and reading tags coupled to objects
Automotive diagnostic data monitoring systems and methods
Industrial universal electrometer
Method and system for monitoring and communicating the status of traps for vermin or pests
System and method for generating and using a wearable device profile
Device for bidirectional remote water-meter reading by means of radio, for invoicing in a accordance with consumption time bands
Liquid crystal display device and driving method of the same
Display panel driving apparatus, display panel driving method, display apparatus, and television receiver
Source driver and display utilizing the source driver
Liquid crystal display controller and liquid crystal display device
Backlight unit and display device
Hierarchical structure display
Large size tiled display device
Image display apparatus, image signal processing method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Electronic device with bezel feature for receiving input
Artistic digital template for image display
Method and device for encoding video levels into subfield code words
Haptic interface device and actuator assembly providing linear haptic sensations
Display control method
Method and apparatus for recovering line spectrum pair parameter and speech decoding apparatus using same
Speech enhancement apparatus and method
Storage medium library device and storage medium library device cartridge transporting method
Library storage apparatus having maintenance program to detect removal of a drive device and move a robot to close the load port of the removed drive
Method for identifying optical disk type
Cancellation of time-varying periodic disturbances in servo control systems
Heat transfer for a hard-drive pre-amp
Head-gimbal assembly including piezoelectric elements affixed to a deformable plate having a hole therein and affixed to a base plate wherein the base plate has projection members on front edges thereof
Servo controller and optical disk device
System comprising an optical disc and an apparatus for reading of respective data
Compatible optical recording medium
Optical disk recording apparatus and program
Transistor-based memory cell and related operating methods
Magnetic shift register and reading method
Memory device with test mechanism
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Bobbin for an inductive electronic component
Lifting and transporting stacks of ferromagnetic plates
Electromagnetic switch for a starter motor
X-ray tube apparatus
Universal pinout for both receiver and transceiver with loopback
Method for operation of an arrangement having at least one superconducting cable
Charge/discharge protection circuit, battery pack including charge/discharge protection circuit, and electronic device thereof
Vertical coplanar waveguide with tunable characteristic impedance design structure and method of fabricating the same
Antenna unit
Foldable portable radio device
Low profile full wavelength meandering antenna
Dual polarized antenna with null-fill
Linear cavity of all-fiber-based ultra short pulse laser system
High power diode laser having multiple emitters and method for its production
Semiconductor power conversion apparatus
Output driver protection
Protection device for assembled cell providing equal consumption current for each battery module, and battery pack unit
Energy storage module
Battery module and method for determining battery ID and temperature
Fiber optically communicated motor temperature and position signals
Modular power adapter
Switching capacitor power supply
Method and system for creating a vibration in an automobile
Method and apparatus for limiting torque in an electric drive motor
Wideband digitally-controlled oscillator (DCO) and digital broadcasting receiver having the same
Identification of target signals in radio frequency pulsed environments
PLL circuit
Temperature compensation circuit
Pilot-directed and pilot/data-directed equalizers
Manual pulse generator with touch sensor inputs
Oscillation circuit and recording apparatus
Data latch circuit and electronic device
Methods of and arrangements for offset compensation of an analog-to-digital converter
Threshold driven dynamic comparator
Apparatus and method of early decoding in communication systems
Apparatus and method for transmitting signal using bit grouping in wireless communication system
System and method for extending the overload range of a sigma delta ADC system by providing over-range quantization levels
Delta-sigma-delta modulator
Slide manipulation device and slide control console
Method for simplifying the calculations for pre-whitening in a G-rake receiver
Power control circuit, semiconductor device and transceiver circuit using the same
Voltage converting circuit and radio communication apparatus
Integrated circuit passive signal distribution
System for providing remote subscriber identity card to mobile station and methods thereof
Moving image converting apparatus, moving image converting method, and computer program
High rate CDMA wireless communication system using variable sized channel codes
Semiconductor optical amplifier for an external cavity diode laser
Optical communication system, method of measuring optical transmission line in the optical communication system, transmitting station, and receiving station
Multi-clad optical fibers
Learning and adaptive communication services
Data communication system
Communicating system, server, communicating terminal, and recording medium
MIMO/transmit diversity channel estimation
Method of mobile communication and apparatus therefor
System access and synchronization methods for MIMO OFDM communications systems and physical layer packet and preamble design
Method for implementing transmit diversity at a wireless mobile communication system adopting SC-FDMA scheme
Robust digital communication system
Robust digital communication system
Uplink time synchronization in a communication system
Wireless communication terminal, transmission function adjusting method and transmission function control program for use in wireless communication terminal
System and method for allocating session initiation protocol (SIP) identifications (IDs) to user agents
Obscuring an accelerometer signal
Method for MIMO decoding, apparatus for MIMO decoding, and MIMO receiver
Communication information acquisition creation system, network switch, and network switch evaluation method
Communication quality measurement system, device, management server and method thereof
Dynamic service management for multicore processors
Communication apparatus
Network configuration investigating device, network configuration investigating program, network configuration management method, and network configuration management system
Method and system for managing a network having an HSRP group
Methods and systems for efficient multicast across a mesh backplane
Aging EV-DO pages in a queue based on latency-sensitivity
Virtual network interface
Method for transmitting and receiving BCMCS information
Communication apparatus, method of controlling the communication apparatus, and communication system
Low complexity systems and methods for peak-to-average ratio (PAR) reduction using reserved tones
Distributed antenna diversity transmission method
Demodulation method
Receiving method for receiving signals by a plurality of antennas, and a receiving apparatus and a radio apparatus using the same
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
DTMB-based control system and receiving system having the same
Method and apparatus for enabling a user to select an authentication method
Method and system for providing user access to a secure application
Method of embedding information in implementation defined SIP header fields
File access in multi-protocol environment
Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
Method of transmitting modulated signals multiplexed by frequency division multiplexing and physical quantity detector using this method
Method and apparatus for establishing communication via service provider
Two-stage block synchronization and scrambling
Signcryption scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography
System and method for distribution of credentials
Method for installing rights object for content in memory card
Portable communication device with rotating display
Mobile terminal apparatus and communication system
Mobile terminal, associated storage devices and methods of using the same
Locking device for internal battery pack cover of mobile phone
Apparatus and methods for telecommunication authentication
Telecommunications networks
Coupling signal processing circuitry with a wireline communications medium
Automated distribution and indexing of prepaid calling card information
Method and apparatus for analyzing proposed service features in a communication network
System, method, and devices for allocating communications-related charges
Call prioritization in a communication network
Mobile terminal capable of providing web browsing function and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Harmonic distortion residual echo suppression
Original reader
Image reading apparatus
Detection device, image reading control device, and recording medium in which is recorded an error correction program of a detection device
Image forming apparatus
Photoelectric conversion device, imaging system, and photoelectric conversion device driving method
Imaging-device driving unit and imaging apparatus for driving an image pickup device in accordance with remaining battery power
Drive device
Imaging apparatus, imaging system, and imaging method displaying recommendation information
Digital camera
Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
Computational imaging system
Image pickup apparatus
All digital front-end architecture for television with sigma-delta ADC input
Image retrieval assisting method, image retrieval assisting apparatus, and broadcast receiving set
TV signal determining system, TV signal processing system utilizing which and method thereof
Information recording/reproducing apparatus, information recording/reproducing method, and recording medium storing program
Selecting device, selecting method, and selecting program storage medium
Trick mode elementary stream and receiver system
Information display apparatus, information display method and program therefor
Delivery of streams to repair errored media streams in periods of unrecoverable errors
Emergency alert system for video on demand viewers
Systems and methods for providing content to a subscriber through a foreign service provider and for facilitating the subscriber incurring a fee for viewing the content
Device pairing
Delivery of feedback information to scheduling service to determine optimum broadcast times based upon client platform tuner contention
Flexible traffic management and shaping processing for multimedia distribution
Method and arrangement for improved channel switching
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for employing a first device to direct a networked audio device to render a playlist
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Method and system for controlling peripheral devices connected to a video device
On-train video information delivery control and display system
Encoding apparatus, encoding method, program for encoding method, and recording medium having program for encoding method recorded thereon
Automatic camera calibration using GPS and solar tracking
SECAM line identification and PAL switch
Digital camera device and methodology for distributed processing and wireless transmission of digital images
Method for activating a function, namely an alteration of sharpness, using a colour digital image
Image pickup apparatus with white balance extraction
Method of and apparatus for maintaining smooth video transition between distinct applications
Acoustical horn
Headphones with embeddable accessories including a personal media player
Apparatus for stereophonic sound positioning
Method for mobile communications, a mobile communication device and a node in a mobile communications network for reducing the call setup delay
Network autonomous wireless location system
Method for updating location of user equipment
Use of local position fix when remote position fix is unavailable
Network based location measurement method and system using pCELL database
Processing messages from a mobile computing device for diagnosis or service selection
Mobile communication method
Communication systems
Mobile terminal for chatting by using SMS and method thereof
Adaptive call admission control for use in a wireless communication system
Method for transmitting control information
Technique for controlling handovers within a multi-radio wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for wireless communication with low-overhead mobility management
Wireless station and frame constructing method and frame reading method thereof
Call origination in a CDMA legacy MS domain using SIP
Apparatus and method for activating computer applications with SMS messaging
Method and device for carrying out a handover between base stations of a mobile telecommunication network for a mobile terminal
Method of paging in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for allocating resources in a wireless communication system
Communication system and communication method
Apparatus for a movable chassis configuration
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Platelet suspensions and methods for resuspending platelets
Method and system for detecting biological and chemical hazards in mail
Agent for expression of long-term potentiation of synaptic transmission comprising compound having brain somatostatin activation property
Boraadamantane compounds for the treatment of pathogenic viruses and other medical applications
Probiotic therapy for newborns
Methods and compositions for polypeptide engineering
Synthetic peptides and pharmaceutical compositions comprising them for the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus
Adhesion-promoting composition for bonds between plastic and other materials
Two-component preparations containing epoxy compounds
Composition and method for destruction of infetious prion proteins
Plasma-deposited coatings, devices and methods
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microarray hybridization chamber
Microfluidic systems and methods for determining modulator kinetics
Conical honeycomb body and method of producing it
High-density capillary array for reaction and detection of fluid
Apparatus and method for correcting for variable velocity in microfluidic systems
Field kit and method for testing for the presence of gunshot residue
PCR microreactor for amplifying DNA using microquantities of sample fluid
Microfluidic apparatus and method for purification and processing
Sequencing by incorporation
Photovoltaic device, process for production thereof, and zinc oxide thin film
Lead-free journal bearing
Method to form dense complex shaped articles
Structural body formed by friction stir welding and having protrusion at the weld provided prior to the welding
Method of estimating post-polishing waviness characteristics of a semiconductor wafer
Methods, apparatuses, and substrate assembly structures for fabricating microelectronic components using mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization processes
Surface plasmon resonance-based endpoint detection for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP)
Method for manufacturing encapsulated electronic components, particularly integrated circuits
Bio-supportive matrices, methods of making and using the same
Very fine anti-glare hard coat film
Imageable element having a protective overlayer
Method for forming a dampening-waterless lithographic plate and method for forming an image using a dampening-waterless lithographic plate
Micro denier fiber fill insulation
Interconnection method entailing protuberances formed by melting metal over contact areas
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Active material for fuel cell anodes incorporating an additive for precharging/activation thereof
Positive electrode material and cell for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Positive electrode material and battery for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Method to decrease fluorine contamination in low dielectric constant films
Metal/ceramic bonding article
Silicon nitride ceramic substrate, silicon nitride ceramic circuit board using the substrate, and method of manufacturing the substrate
Method for applying high emissivity coating
Method and apparatus for solids processing
Methods and compositions for analyzing nucleic acid molecules utilizing sizing techniques
Organic electroluminescent elements
Organic EL device
Pyrrolopyridinium derivatives
Organic electroluminescent device
Papillomavirus HPV16 L1 polynucleotide
Fusion products containing insoluble proteinaceous tag
Inducible packaging cell lines for lentivirus vectors
Adaptation of virus to vertebrate cells
Determination of a specific immunoglobulin using multiple antigens
Nucleotide sequences coding for the export of branched chain amino acids, process for the isolation thereof and use thereof
Fermentative carotenoid production
Histamine receptor
Viral vectors with modified tropism
Ovarian tumor sequences and methods of use therefor
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating human cellular genes
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Use of delta-like protein to inhibit the differentiation of stem cells
Gene encoding HM1.24 antigen protein and promoter thereof
Detection of HLA-G
Anti-lamin antibodies, endogeneous inhibitors of thrombosis
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Underfill material for COF mounting and electronic components
Single component adhesive with an adaptable open joint time
Boron- and/or aluminum-containing mixtures, hybrid materials, and coatings
Backing-lined sanitary article and process for the production thereof
Addition reaction curing type silicone rubber composition and making method
Cellulose films for screening
Release coated polymer film
Testing system for chemical substances or substance mixtures
Method for conversion of a halogenated hydrocarbon using a pseudomonas sp
Quantitative measurement of gene expression based on isolation of RNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue specimens
Antisense inhibition of Her-2 expression
Method of reconstituting a DNA library using RecA protein
Hematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
Enoyl reductases and methods of use thereof
32142, 21481, 25964, 21686, novel human dehydrogenase molecules and uses therefor
Pichia methanolica glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 promoter and terminator
Isolated human enzyme, nucleic acid molecules encoding human enzyme, and uses thereof
Biocatalytic synthesis of shikimic acid
Simultaneous decolorization and detoxification of molasses spent wash using novel white rot-lignin-modifying fungus Flavodon flavus
Enzymatic esterification process
Microbial process for preparation of optically active 3-hydroxypyrrolidine derivatives
Method and apparatus for simultaneously testing a plurality of compounds to detect their activity
Method for monitoring proteasome inhibitor drug action
Sigma binding region of RNA polymerase and uses thereof
Electrochemical denaturation of double-stranded nucleic acid
Preparation of nucleic acid samples
Systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment: tissue selex
Methods for the survey and genetic analysis of populations
Characterizing DNA
Methods and probe sets for determining prostate cancer prognosis
Method of DNA sequencing using cleavable tags
Determination of base (nucleotide) composition in DNA oligomers by mass spectrometry
Amperometric affinity assay and electrically stimulated complexes of nucleic acids
Nucleic acid binding assay and selection method
Method of determining a risk of hyperglycemic patients of developing a cardiovascular disease
Metal slurry coatings on substrates, and related articles
Method for treating polymer surface
Boron nitride/yttria composite components of semiconductor processing equipment and method of manufacturing thereof
Method of replacing at least a portion of a semiconductor substrate deposition chamber liner
Corrosion resistant coating system and method
Sequential pulse deposition
Metallic material
Gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor chip and method for producing the same, and gallium nitride-based compound semiconductor wafer
Textiles; Paper
Method for making thermoformable plastic sheets or plates for use as a heat-tackifiable reinforcing material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electrochemiluminescent label based on multimetallic assemblies
Sequential injection liquid-liquid extraction
Method and apparatus for monitoring anti-platelet agents
Floating particle inspection method and its apparatus and a semiconductor device processing apparatus
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Use of bathocuproine for the evaluation of the antioxidant power in liquids and solutions
Methods for rapid and efficient protein cross-linking
Enzyme-protein complex
Microfluidic analytic detection assays, devices, and integrated systems
Methods for screening compound libraries
HLA-B27 assay
Methods for screening and therapeutic applications of kinesin modulators
MAP-2 as a determinant of metastatic potential
Activating film for chemiluminescent assays and methods for use
Control liquid containing an adsorbent
Method to identify interface residue in biomolecular complex
Ultrananocrystalline diamond cantilever wide dynamic range acceleration/vibration/pressure sensor
Magnetoresistance effect film and method of forming same
Method for producing color filter using photocatalysis, apparatus for producing color filter
Polarizing optical composite and polarizing lens
Monolithically integrated photonic circuit
Optical chip packaging via through hole
Active matrix ESD protection and testing scheme
Thin film type monolithic semiconductor device
Electro-optical device, method of manufacturing electro-optical device, liquid crystal device, method of manufacturing liquid crystal device and electronic apparatus
Producing method of fatty acid silver salt and photothermographic image-recording material
Use of large particle size lubricants in the protective overcoat of photographic papers
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Silver halide photographic material
Optical proximity correction of pattern on photoresist through spacing of sub patterns
Member used for charged beam processing apparatus, and mask
Modulated exposure mask and method of using a modulated exposure mask
I-line photoresist compositions
Photosensitive polymer having phenyl ring and lactone group and resist composition comprising the same
Photoresist polymer and composition having nitro groups
Light exposure method
Reducing resist residue defects in open area on patterned wafer using trim mask
Mask for measuring optical aberration and method of measuring optical aberration
Pre-alignment system of exposure apparatus having wafer cooling means and exposure method using the same
Development method for manufacturing semiconductors
Method for improving substrate alignment
Electrophotographic photosensitive material, electrophotographic photoconductor, and method for manufacturing same
Electrophotographic toner, electrophotographic developer and process for forming image
Toner, image forming method and process-cartridge
Toner and method for the production thereof
Hologram film having identification information recorded thereon and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording and reproducing apparatus wherein the magnetic layer has a fluctuation of field; A or Hf of not less than 30 Oersteds
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage apparatus
Master magnetic information carrier, fabrication method thereof, and a method for manufacturing a magnetic recording medium
Process for fabricating secure integrated circuit
Apparatus and process of fabricating a trench capacitor
Ferroelectric thin film device and method of producing the same
Methods for manufacturing storage nodes of stacked capacitors
Technique for elimination of pitting on silicon substrate during gate stack etch
Fabrication of semiconductor devices with transition metal boride films as diffusion barriers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with glue layer in opening
Method for forming tungsten bit line and devices including the same
Method for fabricating an integrated ferroelectric semiconductor memory and integrated ferroelectric semiconductor memory
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry, and methods of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry
Method for producing a portable electronic device with an integrated circuit protected by a photosensitive resin
Barbed vias for electrical and mechanical connection between conductive layers in semiconductor devices
Forming an interconnect of a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Methods for reduced trench isolation step height
Soi annealing method for reducing HF defects, with lamp, without crystal original particle (COP)
Method for surface roughness enhancement in semiconductor capacitor manufacturing
Process for forming integrated circuit structure comprising layer of low k dielectric material having antireflective properties in an upper surface
Methods of forming self-aligned contact pads using a damascene gate process
Conductive connection forming methods, oxidation reducing methods, and integrated circuits formed thereby
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Structure of high performance combo chip and processing method
Semiconductor wafer with anisotropic conductor film, and method of manufacture thereof
Method for making projected contact structures for engaging bumped semiconductor devices
Method and structure for reducing leakage current in capacitors
Composite spacer scheme with low overlapped parasitic capacitance
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
Image display unit and method of producing image display unit
Method of forming a non-volatile semiconductor memory device with a tunnel barrier film defined by side walls
Production of metal insulator metal (MIM) structures using anodizing process
Method for forming barrier layers for solder bumps
Yield based, in-line defect sampling method
Test structure and method for flash memory tunnel oxide quality
Forming a semiconductor on implanted insulator
Semiconductor device having a trench isolation structure and method for fabricating the same
Method for buffer STI scheme with a hard mask layer as an oxidation barrier
Integrated circuit isolation system
Structure, and a method of realizing, for efficient heat removal on SOI
Shallow trench isolation using TEOS cap and polysilicon pullback
Method of fabricating semiconductor device having element isolation trench
Method for forming a dielectric zone in a semiconductor substrate
Manufacturing method of gate insulating film of multiple thickness
Method for fabricating an integrated semiconductor circuit
Method of forming CMOS transistor having a deep sub-micron mid-gap metal gate
BPSG, SA-CVD liner/P-HDP gap fill
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using oblique ion injection
Cross-diffusion resistant dual-polycide semiconductor structure and method
Method for fabricating SOI devices with option of incorporating air-gap feature for better insulation and performance
Metallization process sequence for a barrier metal layer
Method of reducing plasma charging damage during dielectric etch process for dual damascene interconnect structures
High fMAX deep submicron MOSFET
Fabrication method for a silicon nitride read-only memory
Fuse in semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Two layer liner for dual damascene via
IMD oxide crack monitor pattern and design rule
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of fabricating system on chip device
Pair of FETs including a shared SOI body contact and the method of forming the FETs
ASIC routing architecture with variable number of custom masks
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing a high power semiconductor device having a field plate extendedly disposed on a gate
Method of forming a semiconductor device and structure therefor
MIS field effect transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile memory device and fabricating method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Thin-film transistor and method of producing the same
Method for fabricating field-effect transistors in integrated semiconductor circuits and integrated semiconductor circuit fabricated with a field-effect transistor of this type including a dual gate
Resonant photodetector
Method of doping silicon, metal doped silicon, method of making solar cells, and solar cells
Method and system for forming a thermoelement for a thermoelectric cooler
Superconducting laminated oxide substrate and superconducting integrated circuit
Method for making small pore for use in programmable resistance memory element
Electroluminescent devices having diarylanthracene ladder polymers in emissive layers
Method for making a photovoltaic cell containing a dye
Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery and rechargeable lithium battery using same
Battery cooling structure
Electrochemical cell having a casing of mating portions
Battery with cylindrical cells
Electrochemical cell having a pre-passivated electrode and associated fabrication process
Lithium secondary battery
Method and apparatus for reducing reactant crossover in a liquid feed electrochemical fuel cell
Fluid distribution surface for solid oxide fuel cells
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
Electroluminescent device and method for producing same
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