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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Irrigation apparatus
Method and apparatus for creating a pathway in an animal
Ruckers capable of rucking fixed diameter coverings and associated devices, methods, systems and computer program products
Triangular shaped diamond which displays hearts and arrows pattern
Central shaft control structure of self-opening/closing umbrella
Clip structure for wireless transmission devices
Cosmetic product distributor applicator
Supporting table having heaters inside crystal-growing furnace
Adjustable support arm for audio visual device
Motorcycle saddlebag wall hanger
Magnetic knife holders
Divot mix dispenser
Roof rack and roof rack system for a portable shelter
Swivelable sign hanging arrangement
Screening arrangement for a dishwasher, and associated apparatus and method
Sink disposal multipurpose tool
Suction brush for vacuum cleaner
Syringe for biomaterial
Apparatus for sealing a puncture by causing a reduction in the circumference of the puncture
Systems and methods for injecting flowable materials into bones
Bone plate and screw retaining mechanism
Apparatus and method for measuring a displacement within an eye in vivo in situ, and method of assessment
Image data normalization for a monitoring system
Diabetes management system
Apparatus for preventing nerve damage positional injury during surgery
Ultrasound imaging apparatus and method having two dimensional focus
Ultrasonographic device and ultrasonographic method
Electrostatically driven image probe
Apparatus for deployment of micro-coil using a catheter
Magnetic resonance compatible stent
Artificial joint support between first and second bones
Aiding apparatus for nasal cartilage strut in nasal tip surgery
Self-supporting osteotomy guide and retraction device and method of use
Steerable device for introducing diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus into the body
Flexible and conformable embolic filtering devices
Catheter with associated extension lumen
Devices to resist migration and rotation of implants used in brachytherapy and other radiation therapy
Single-needle dialysis sytem utilizing a peristaltic pump with pumping and occluding rollers
Compac syringe
Methods and apparatus for deploying ureteral stents
Safety needle syringe braking system
Method of applying acoustic energy effective to alter transport or cell viability
Methods and kits for maintaining the condition of colored hair
Exercise device and method of use
Walking ability diagnosis system
Dynamic assignment of pay lines in a game of chance
Gaming system having progressive tournaments and weighting
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chromatography columns and their operation
Vaporizer, fuel cell having vaporizer, and vaporizing method
Crushing apparatus for demolition or similar works
Method for a continuous dry milling operation of a vertical grinding mill and vertical grinding mill
Blowing machine for loosefill insulation material
Disposal processing apparatus, disposal processing information management system, and disposal processing method
Power saving shredder
Adjustable smooth bore nozzle
Leveling tool for applying fluent material
Collection of landfill gas at variable rates to match temporal needs for energy generation
Pressure compensating device for a roller
Stamping device and stamping method
Part transfer system and method
Device for producing metal sample and process for producing metal sample
Workholding clamping assembly
Clamping device
Quick change over tooling for a welder
Method for attaching a ring element to a piston for an internal combustion engine
Milling tool, a cutting insert for milling tool as well as a solid milling tool
Tank unit, ink jet recording head and method of manufacturing tank unit and ink jet recording head
Applicator for electrical or electronic components
Ergonomic tool lifting machine and method
Groove machining method by means of water jet, heat exchanger member, and heat exchanger
Hand-held power tool with locking nut
Tire grinding method and grinding device
Hand-held power tool with a vibration-damped rounded handle
Apparatus for an automatic casing stabbing arm
Paper punch die and paper punch with such a die
Methods and apparatus for splitting tablets
Portable circular saw
Combination dust extractor and support plate for table mounted routers
Driving machine
Filter material and process for producing same
In-situ gel casting machine
Method and apparatus for blowing plastic containers
Process for manufacturing composite material structures with collapsible tooling
Embossing or bonding device containing facetted impression elements
Automatic mounting system for positioning a plate on a carrier
Spool adapter
Heated drum assembly having integrated thermal sensing for use in a printer
Inkjet printhead comprising actuator spaced apart from substrate
Liquid discharge head and method for manufacturing the same
Ink jet recording head
Liquid discharge method and liquid discharge head
Printhead integrated circuit having longitudinal ink supply channels reinforced by transverse walls
Forming images with stitched swaths
Ink-jet line printer and image forming apparatus using the same
Inkjet printer with maintenance assembly having non-absorbent roller
High-speed phase change ink image producing machine including a static eliminating solid ink container
Solid ink stick with reflection features
Liquid circulation apparatus, image forming apparatus and liquid circulation method
Systems and methods for remanufacturing imaging components
Inkjet printing apparatus and printing method therefor
Method of controlling printhead
Method and control unit for controlling the power supplied to a plurality of heat sources in a printer
System for locking a mounting ring on a vehicle hub
Towing hitch apparatus and method
Cableless air conditioner control system and method
Door trim panel assembly and method
Trailer having reduced weight wall construction
Protective device for a vehicle interior
Directly injected internal combustion engine system
Vehicle seat assembly
Self-tensioning tie down system
Seat belt buckle
Boarding and/or access aid for passenger vehicles
Foldable stroller having discrete handlebar
Infant stroller rocking device
Method of making a subframe of a motor vehicle, and subframe for a motor vehicle
Rigid tube buoyancy assembly for boats
Apparatus for transferring settled or suspended solids from an open vessel into a closed vessel
Watercraft having a kite-like element
System and method for space elevator deployment
One way valve and container
Decorative christmas gift wrap kit and method
System and method for displaying a padlock
Package for dispensing and retaining gum slabs with adhesive securement
Container for shipping vehicles, including extension plate
Liquid dispenser device
Auger hopper support device
Bank-sided porosity storage reservoirs
Conveyor for a preparation machine used to orient objects
Tray exit ramp
Inserting apparatus for discrete objects into envelopes and related methods
Pivotal yarn package holder
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for nasal passage rinse
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Salt brine capillary crystallization
Suspended media granular activated carbon membrane biological reactor system and process
Aeration-less water treatment apparatus
Systems and methods for varying dye concentrations
Foamer/sulfur scavenger composition and methods for making and using same
Process to prepare a heat transfer oil
Process oil, process for production of deasphalted oil, process for production of extract, and process for production of process oil
Micro-band electrode
Methods for controlling crystal growth, crystallization, structures and phases in materials and systems
Method of fault detection for material process system
Photoplate for OLED deposition screen
Thermal oxidation of silicon using ozone
Electrosynthesis of organic compounds
Methods and apparatus for electromechanically and/or electrochemically-mechanically removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
High-index UV optical materials for immersion lithography
Textiles; Paper
Dosing and dispensing device
Bleaching of substrates
Fixed Constructions
Sea wall system with displaceable and water level actuating components
Ceiling structure for commercial kitchens
Wall block and wall block system for constructing walls
Double-duty, hold-down system
Multipurpose adjustable panel system
Bracket assembly for lock
Hinge assembly and mobile terminal having the same
Hinge and an electronic device with the hinge
Polycrystalline diamond compact including thermally-stable polycrystalline diamond body held in barrier receptacle and applications therefor
Drill cuttings transfer system and related methods
Device for conducting cementing operations and inflow regulation
Linear actuation system in the form of a ring
Apparatus and method for raising a fluid in a well
Flow control system utilizing an isolation device positioned uphole of a liquid removal device
Flow control system having an isolation device for preventing gas interference during downhole liquid removal operations
Methods and compositions of a storable relatively lightweight proppant slurry for hydraulic fracturing and gravel packing applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blade for a gas turbine engine
Helical exhaust passage
Diesel engine exhaust purifier
Internal combustion engine and method for operating an internal combustion engine
Fuel management system for variable ethanol octane enhancement of gasoline engines
Variable displacement compressor
Limited free-motion pump impeller coupling device
Connector for linear members
Hydraulic caliper brake assembly for a bicycle
Independent variable drive assemblies for wheels on a snowblower and related methods
Gear train unit with motor generator
Drive control device of an automatic gearbox for a motor vehicle and method therefor
Fuel tank and cap device thereof
Torque balance servo including electromagnetic force bias mechanism
Stemless ball valve
Plug part of a plug-type connection arrangement and plug-type connection arrangement
Longitudinal guide for motor vehicle seats which are adjustable in a longitudinal direction and also removable
Remote device access system
Light emitting diode device
Addressable or static light emitting or electronic apparatus
LED assembly
Horticultural light fixture with adjustable air circulation vent hole cover and adjustable light socket assembly
LED lamp assembly
Lamp-cover structure containing luminescent material
Method for removing salt deposits in reformer waste heat boilers
Circulating fluidized bed reactor with separator and integrated acceleration duct
Hydrogen elimination and thermal energy generation in water-activated chemical heaters
Heat-activated heat-pump systems including integrated expander/compressor and regenerator
Method and device for controlling the inside temperature of a refrigeration compartment, in particular of a refrigerator or freezer
Apparatus and method for controlling a clothes dryer
Interchangeable scope mount
Cut length indicator
Circuit design to prevent false level sense readings
Method for diagnosing an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Leak tester for a carrier for printhead integrated circuitry
Method for detecting chemical substances in whole, closed and/or sealed containers
System, method, and probe for monitoring pH levels of a sample medium
Optical device and projector
Image generating apparatus using a mirror common to a plurality of optical paths
Image projection system with auto-focus
Bearing with IC tag and seal for the same
Document with indexes
Magnetic lock for banknote cassette
Device for drawing lines on a sized sheet of paper and maintaining registration of the paper when it has been removed and is being replaced on the device
Blood pressure simulation apparatus with tactile feedback
Method for the production of an anisotropic magnetic powder and a bonded anisotropic magnet produced therefrom
Organic electroluminescent device, method for producing organic electroluminescent device, and electronic apparatus
Plasma processing apparatus
Board with connection terminals
Plug-in connector for circuit boards
Connector apparatus
Electrical connector with a flexible blade-shaped housing with a handle with an opening
Socket with fixing equipment
Electrical contact having additional mounting feet arranged to ensure reliable electrical connections with conductive pad around via of circuit board
Contact terminal and connector
High density connector for interconnecting fine pitch circuit packaging structures
Vehicle battery terminal expansion and power distribution device
Elastic sheet structure
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board
Hardline coaxial cable connector
Sensor element
Fabricating method for earphone
Method of providing a RF shield of an electronic device
Loop type micro heat transport device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Pet wireless doorbell device
Electronic pest monitoring system and method
Base capable of adjusting the elevation of a panel
Medical alarm system
Personal emergency information transmitter
Software-driven motor and solenoid controller
Radio control device for model vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Encapsulated gyricon spheres
High durable, low-E, heat treatable layer coating system
Method and system for virtual machine rendering of non-Latin1 Unicode glyphs
Contact type recording head and image forming apparatus using the recording head
Optical printer
Rear electrode structures for displays
Electrophoretic displays and systems for addressing such displays
Tire inflation assistance monitoring system
Method for operating a device for the monitoring and wireless signaling of a pressure change in pneumatic tires of a vehicle
Movable body control system for vehicle
Method and system for adjusting headway in an adaptive speed control system based on road surface coefficient of friction
Power supply apparatus
Proximity sensor
Method and apparatus for detecting objects
Automatic turn signal deactivation system
Emergency braking alert system
Headrest and seat video imaging apparatus
Spring cam mechanism for stowing a monitor
Electronic control unit
Theft prevention system for motor vehicles
Detecting apparatus of vehicle speed
Door control system
Controller for motor-driven power steering mechanism
Fixed Constructions
Drill string telemetry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Distance measuring device and method for determining a distance
Vibrator controlling method and vibrator
Liquid crystal display device comprising a lamp cover having a curved contacted portion with liquid crystal panel
Laser detection of material thickness
Surveying instrument
Drive feedthrough nulling system
Gyro having modulated frequency driven laser
Phase and intensity modulated IFOG
Local area positioning system
Apparatus for guiding a vehicle allowing a route sweep
Self-calibrating precision timing circuit and method for a laser range finder
Apparatus, methods, computer program products for generating a runway field clearance floor envelope about a selected runway
Rotary sensor capable of detecting rotation angle of shaft to be detected with high accuracy
Photoelectric position measuring device
f-Sin(.theta.) lens system and method of use of same
Colorimeter and assay device
Evaluation apparatus for an optical fiber transmission line
Near field optical certifying head for disc asperity mapping
Method and apparatus for optical sectioning and imaging using time-gated parametric image amplification
Method and apparatus for determination of carbon-halogen compounds and applications thereof
Methods and apparatus for generating spatially resolved voltage contrast maps of semiconductor test structures
Device for checking sheet packaging
Electron beam tester, recording medium therefor and signal data detecting method
System and method for molecular sample measurement
Semiconductor element testing carrier using a membrane contactor and a semiconductor element testing method and apparatus using such a carrier
IC package testing device and method for testing IC package using the same
Probe station thermal chuck with shielding for capacitive current
Electro-optic sampling probe and a method for adjusting the same
Current measuring methods
CMOS low battery voltage detector
Method and circuit configuration for converting a frequency signal to a DC voltage
Signal analyzing apparatus
Transformer test control device
Electric device testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining yield impacting tests at wafer level package level for semiconductor devices
Apparatus for probing digital signals within printed circuit boards
Iddq-testable uni-directional master-slave
Power source current measurement unit for semiconductor test system
IC tester and IC test method
Vehicle electrical system tester with encoded output
Detecting a remaining battery capacity and a battery remaining capacity circuit
GPS receiver and GPS reception method
Method and apparatus for generating a time signal
Positional data utilizing inter-vehicle communication method and traveling control apparatus
FM-CW radar apparatus
Method for measuring the speed of a vehicle
Ground penetrating radar system
Radar device and on-vehicle radar device
Method of distinguishing a moving object and apparatus of tracking and monitoring a moving object
Method of detecting a radar characteristic, a radar characteristic, detection apparatus, and a recording medium recording data for detecting a radar characteristic
Inner-focus-type lens
Single-focus lens
Upgradeable telescope system
Scanned display with variation compensation
Micro-mirror device and optical pick-up system of the same
Pixel structure having deformable material and method for forming a light valve
Variable blazed grating
On-fulcrum movement drive apparatus
Torsional rocker
Optical scanning apparatus
Optical scanning apparatus
Head up display system
Image display apparatus and image photographing apparatus therefor
Head-mounted display apparatus
Viewing optical system and image display apparatus using the same
Stereoscopic image display apparatus whose observation area is widened
Stereoscopic display
3-dimensional visual system
Polarization luminaire and projection display
Optical sighting system
Variable fresnel type structures and process
Optical imaging device, in particular lens system, with at least one system diaphragm
Light diffusing film and use thereof
Apparatus for simultaneous spatial modulation of incoherent/coherent angulary multiplexed optical beams
Micro-machine polarization-state controller
Method for practically loading transmission or receiving module for optical link and its rigid flexible board
Micro-positioning optical element
Zoom lens barrel
Image pickup apparatus having electronic zoom function based on optical zooming focal length variation with time
Projection television lens systems having improved modulation transfer functions
Optical pulse position detecting circuit and an optical pulse generating apparatus and their methods
Transmission and reception of duobinary multilevel pulse-amplitude-modulated optical signals using subsequence-based encoder
Optical circulators
Speckle suppressed laser projection system using a multi-wavelength doppler shifted beam
Flat-panel display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display with polarization layer interior to substrates
Display apparatus
Inverter for LCD backlight
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Device for sealing a liquid crystal injection hole of a liquid crystal cell
In-plane switching mode liquid cystal display device having common electrode on passivation layer
Liquid crystal display device
Thin film transistor for a liquid crystal display device and a fabrication process thereof
Method for assembling a liquid crystal display panel in a mobile telephone
Color liquid crystal display panel
Electroactive materials and beneficial agents having a solubilizing moiety
Video still camera with a lens unit rotation device
Aperture coupled slot array antenna
Optical element housing or mounting connector
Lens system, in particular projection lens system in semiconductor lithography
Motion feed-through into a vacuum chamber and its application in lithographic projection apparatuses
EUV reticle thermal management
Projection-microlithographic device
Lithography system including mechanism for setting optimal process parameters and method of operating the same
Exposure apparatus, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and semiconductor manufacturing method
Corrected servo control signal in a servo control loop
Line driver with an integrated termination
Multi-way input device
Inductive joystick
Readable indelible mark on storage media
Programmable even-number clock divider circuit with duty cycle correction and optional phase shift
Assembly structure of display of electronic appliance
Case with communication module having a double pin hinge for a handheld computer system
Removable peripheral device with exposed cover serving as handle
Data storage enclosure
Disk drive vibration/shock attenuation system and method
Tilt mounted hard drive bay
Apparatus for mainframe having redundant extractable devices
Adaptable heat dissipation device for a personal computer
Alternative power for a portable computer via solar cells
Voltage protection for computer processors
Dynamic bias circuitry utilizing early voltage clamp and translinear techniques
System to detect a power management system resume event from a stylus and touch screen
Method of testing integrated circuits
Method for calculating dynamic logic block propagation delay targets using time borrowing
Keypad including a memory card reader
Method for switching keypad
Keyboard for desktop and portable computer
Touch panel device
Computer controlled user interactive display system with each of a plurality of windows having a border of a color varied to reflect a variable parameter being tracked for the window
Keyboard with integrated pointing stick cable
Mouse pad for initiating or controlling software applications
Electronic whiteboard system eraser
Structure of cordless mouse device
Method and system for providing user interface for electronic program guide
Serialized mapped memory configuration for a video graphics chip
Light emitting diode dot matrix display system with audio output
Method and apparatus for displaying the subtitle of multiple language between human-machine interface
Apparatus and method for common-mode regulation in a switched capacitor circuit
Image processing method to reduce marking material coverage in printing processes
Output control method and apparatus, and output system
Methods of providing lower resolution format data into a higher resolution format
Identification apparatus
Code reading device and method with light passing through the code twice, an exposure apparatus and a device manufacturing method using the code reading
Modular RFID antenna system
Light power modulating system
Scanning interferometric near-field confocal microscopy
Method and apparatus for distributing products to vehicle occupants
Electronic price label and method of graphically displaying relative information by an electronic price label
Communication apparatus capable of controlling the display format of a fixed sentence
Visible-object determination for interactive visualization
Method and apparatus for simplified anti-aliasing in a video graphics system
Method and apparatus for radiometrically accurate texture-based lightpoint rendering technique
Three-dimension graphics rendering apparatus and method therefor
Tolerant persistent naming for loft features in a parametric feature-based, solid modeling system
Triangle geometry processing for surface modeling and cartesian grid generation
Compression of polygonal models with low latency decompression
Interface method for searching virtual space based on body icon
Method and apparatus for stretch blitting using a 3D pipeline
Increased depth of field for photography
Method and device for compression by blocks of digital data
Dynamically controlled electronic locking system and control system fitted with such a locking system
Process and device for associating a remote control to a base station
Burglar proof ice chest
System and method for remotely monitoring movement of individuals
Apparatus and method for producing an electric shock to wake sleeping drivers
Remote control monitoring device
Adaptive console for augmenting wireless capability in security systems
Processor based wireless detector
Retrofit for patient call system and method therefor
Portable game display and method for controlling same
Electro-mechanical transducer suitable for tactile display and article conveyance
Spoke light recapture in sequential color imaging systems
Liquid crystal display device having a circuit for canceling threshold voltage shift of the thin film transistor
Display device having intergrated operating means
Multi-format active matrix displays
System and method of visual orientation
Import/export element with lead screw and ramp for rotation
Disk drive with spindle motor and electrical connection arrangement
Disc drive performance by reducing areal data storage density
Basline instability detector
Data modulating/demodulating method and apparatus for optical recording medium
Method of operating a disk drive for writing to an addressable location after detecting that a head is within a safe-to-write window
Disc drive method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting seek operations
Disk device and method of generating signal representing head
Transformer and cassette library system having the same
Magnetic tape cartridge with magnetic tape leader pin which is removably held by pin holding member
Magnetic disk drive
Disk drive apparatus and hard disk drive
Transfer linkage for a cartridge adapter of a tape drive
Multichannel television sound stereo and surround sound encoder suitable for use with video signals encoded in plural formats
Write current optimization in a disc drive system
Disk drive storage enclosure with isolated cooling path for storage media
Method for detecting mechanical damage in a parking zone of a hard disk drive
Shield design for stable magnetoresistive head
Method and apparatus to reduce magneto-resistive drive electromigration and improve drive yields
Reproducing apparatus capable of controlling amplitude and phase characteristics of reproduced signals
Electrostatic discharge control in tape reading heads with conductive epoxy adhesive
Protective film for minimization of shield and pole tip recession in thin film shielded read heads and write heads
Dielectric stencil-defined write head for MR, GMR, and spin valve high density recording heads
Method and system for fabricating a high density magnetoresistive device
Method and system for providing edge-junction TMR for high areal density magnetic recording
Method of manufacturing magnetoresistive/inductive composite head and magnetoresistive/inductive composite head
Bar-shaped head aggregation, a thin film magnetic head, a magnetic head device and a magnetic disk driving device
Magnetic head gimbal assembly and magnetic disk unit
Snap-in assembly of suspension limiter having both high shock and load/unload cycle capability
Apparatus for minimizing head off-track due to disk flutter
Linear air bearing with vacuum stiffener
Class AB H-bridge using current sensing MOSFETs
Air bearing slider
Slider with pressure relief trenches
Magnetic disc device having head control mechanism capable of effecting head contact during high speed medium rotation
High suction air bearing with pressure release
Disk apparatus having a latch mechanism for holding the actuator arm during non-operation
Digital dual-loop DLL design using coarse and fine loops
Apparatus and method for accelerating initial lock time of delayed locked loop
Sense amplifier having reduced Vt mismatch in input matched differential pair
Variable resistance device
Composite material switches
Safety device of electric circuit and process for producing the same
Three-dimensional micro-coils in planar substrates
High-current electrical coils
Electromagnetic induction connector
Dry-type high-voltage winding
Method and apparatus for discharging a superconducting magnet
Circuit interrupter with thermal trip adjustability
Instantaneous trip power transformer
Overload-protection push-button switch with automatic resetting mechanism of pull-push type
Overload-protection push-button switch with automatic resetting mechanism
Electrical fuse for use in motor vehicles
Electron-beam generating device having plurality of cold cathode elements, method of driving said device and image forming apparatus applying same
Structure and method for electrical method of determining film conformality
Snap in heat sink shielding lid
Fuse selectable pinout package
Planar dielectric integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Polarized wave separator
Multilayer filter having varied dielectric constant regions
Mobius resonator and filter
Composite high frequency component and mobile communication apparatus incorporating the same
Microstrip line and microwave device using the same
Non-radiative hybrid dielectric line transition and apparatus incorporating the same
Tuner for cavity resonator
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, duplexer, and communication device
Satellite antenna heating system powered by a storage capacitor
Terminal device for a glass antenna
Dish antenna rotation apparatus
Portable radio devices and manufacturing method of portable radio devices body
Low noise block down converter adapter with built-in multi-switch for a satellite dish antenna
Cylindrical conformable antenna on a planar substrate
Dispersive surface antenna
Wideband antenna mountable in vehicle cabin
Antenna structure for fixed wireless system
Primary radiator having reduced side lobe
Combined optical sensor and communication antenna system
Planar polarizer feed network for a dual circular polarized antenna array
Method and apparatus for exciting a television antenna using orthogonal modes
Antenna element array alignment system
Optical amplifier and light source
Balanced gain flattening filters
Reduction of four-wave mixing in raman amplified optical transmission systems
Self-monitored light source for stable wavelength optical communications
Tunable-gain lasing semiconductor optical amplifier
Cyclic battery charger using continuous battery discharge
Method for controlling battery charging of electric vehicle
Battery cutoff timer
Power sharing method and circuit for simultaneously charging multiple loads
Charge-pump circuit and control method thereof
Remote controlled actuator and antenna adjustment actuator and electronic control and digital power converter
Structure of plural motor assembly and method for controlling the same
Speed control
Command module for a motor control system
Motor control
Method for detecting synchronous motor rotor magnetic pole position
Method for operating an electric generator/motor system
Oscillator and radio equipment
Fuse-trimmed tank circuit for an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator
Crystal oscillator and method of bonding IC chip useful for fabricating crystal oscillator
Oscillator circuit with signal buffering and start-up circuitry
Self-controlled high efficiency power amplifier
Modification of phase component of error signal to reduce variation of phase component of output signal of power amplifier
Circuit topology for better supply immunity in a cascaded Gm/Gm amplifier
Low noise amplifier having sequentially interpolated gain stages
Variable gain amplifier with high linearity and low noise
Multiple time constant rectifier apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for adjusting delay in a delay locked loop for temperature variations
Method to find a value within a range using weighted subranges
Device with acoustic waves guided in a fine piezoelectric material film bonded with a molecular bonding on a bearing substrate and method for making same
Saw filter antenna sharing device using the same, and mobile communication terminal using the same
Automatic fine tuning of receiver for digital television signals
Digital-to-analog converter with improved output impedance switch
High-speed, low-noise, impedance-matched output buffer circuit
Digitally controlled impedance for I/O of an integrated circuit device
Reduced short current circuit
Line driver with variable power
Universal impedance control for wide range loaded signals
Data output circuit with reduced output noise
Asymmetrical current steering output driver with compact dimensions
Output circuit converting an internal power supply potential into an external supply potential in a semiconductor apparatus
Level shifter
Logic circuit with single charge pulling out transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit using the same
FPGA lookup table with NOR gate write decoder and high speed read decoder
Rational frequency divider
Flip-flop circuit
Edge-triggered latch with balanced pass-transistor logic trigger
Master-slave flip-flop circuit with embedded hold function and method for holding data in a master-slave flip-flop circuit
Voltage-controlled oscillator with ac coupling to produce highly accurate duty cycle square wave output
Comparator with offset voltage
Signal compensator circuit and demodulator circuit
Digital phase lock loop
Circuit technique for improved current matching in charge pump PLLS
Programmable digital phase lock loop
Digital clock multiplier and divider with output waveform shaping
Digital phase locked loop for different frequency bands
Controlled oscillator in a digital symbol timing recovery network
Input driver for a differential folder employing a static reference ladder
Method for dynamic matching of the elements of an integrated multibit digital-to-analog converter with balanced output for audio applications
Capacitively coupled references for isolated analog-to-digital converter systems
Adaptively calibrating analog-to-digital conversion
Calibration of isolated analog-to-digital converters
Analog to digital converter circuit
High speed analog to digital converter
High speed precision analog to digital convertor
Large dynamic range digitizing apparatus and method
Piecewise linear digital to analog conversion
Method and apparatus for providing signal dependent dither generator for sigma-delta modulator
Hybrid low-pass sigma-delta modulator
A/D conversion apparatus
System and method for the decoding of variable length codes
Point-to-multipoint free-space wireless optical communication system
Optical transmitter using two or more optical sources
Electronically controlled optically-active device array for high-speed receiving and transmitting of fiber optic signals
Method and device for multi-user frequency-domain channel estimation
Apparatus and method for making transmission characteristics uniform in a wavelength division multiplexing optical communications system
Bus coupling with amplitude-controlled transmission circuit
Method and apparatus for fully-differential half-circulator for bi-directional small-signal signaling
Electronic device
Teleconferencing method and system
Image processing system, digital camera, and printing apparatus
Document image reading device
Versatile camera system for secure document transactions
Image processing apparatus and method and storage medium
Method and apparatus for linking designated portions of a received document image with an electronic address
Image scanning device with switching mechanism for selectively scanning reflective and transparent document
Method and system for providing and utilizing file attributes with digital images
Highspeed image selecting method and digital camera having highspeed image selecting function
Image communication system
Image processing method and apparatus
Digital halftoning combining dot size modulation screen with dot frequency modulation screen within a single image
System and method for level based image reproduction
Solid-state image pickup device having vertical overflow drain and resistive gate charge transfer device and method of controlling thereof
System for determining a video offset from dark photosensors in an image sensor array
Remote control program selection by genre
Image processing apparatus
Apparatus for detecting data in a vertical blanking period of a radio frequency broadcasting signal
Method and apparatus for multistandard video data acquisition
Image input apparatus having interchangeable image pickup device and pan head
Camera control system having anti-blur facility
Video coding and decoding method
Display device
Optical switching apparatus using wavelength division multiplexing technology
Optical fiber subscriber network
Current surge limiting circuit
Power supply for gas discharge lamp
Apparatus and method for remotely detecting a magnetic ballast
Method of reducing axial beam focusing
Three dimensional lead inspection system
Door-in-a-door device access module
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew