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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB33Y05
Soybean variety S05-97130-51
Soybean variety S03-95368-N98-52902
Sequence regulating the anther-specific expression of a gene and its use in the production of androsterile plants and hybrid seeds
Salmonella typhimurium-infected Caenorhabditis elegans for identifying inhibitors of infection
Chemically modified oligonucleotide for site-directed mutagenesis
FC101 and analogs as a method of treatment for cancer
Carbamate compounds for use in preventing or treating anxiety disorders
Substituted phenylacetic acids
1-aziridino-1-hydroxyiminomethyl-derivates, method for the production thereof and medicaments containing said compounds
Compositions and methods for treating or preventing convulsions or seizures
Low dose estrogen interrupted hormone replacement therapy
Method of treating disorder related to high cholesterol concentration
Compositions and methods for treatment of staphylococcal infection while suppressing formation of antibiotic-resistant strains
Methods of inducing ovulation
Compositions and methods of use for a bombesin peptide
Apparatus and method for proof of outgassing products
20-HETE synthase inhibitor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ion mobility spectrometer using ion beam modulation and wavelet decomposition
Low VOC cleanroom cleaning wipe
Carbene donor-modified Ziegler-Natta catalysts
Resistance welding method, resistance welding apparatus, and method for manufacturing electronic component
Thermal-dye-transfer receiver element with polylactic-acid-based sheet material
Thermal-dye-transfer media for labels comprising poly(lactic acid) and method of making the same
Warning device in motor vehicles
Vehicle lamp controlling device and vehicle lamp controlling method
Keyless engine controlling unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Compound of plasticizers for the water dispersability of resins
Oxidation process for the production of alkenes and carboxylic acids
Nonlinear optical compounds and methods for their preparation
Substituted aromatic-ring compounds, process for producing the same, and use
Catalytic asymmetric cyanosilylation of ketones, aldehydes, thioketones, thioaldehydes, imines and hydrazones
Canineil-4nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Plasmids comprising nucleic acids from the hereditary hemochromatosis gene
Glycosylation of exo-glycals
Process for producing sterol or stanol esters by enzymatic transesterification in solvent and water free media
Temperature-stable glycosylated recombinant chicken cystatin and the use thereof
Class BI and CI scavenger receptors
PTH1R receptors
Antibodies to human IL-13bc and methods of their use in inhibiting IL-13 binding
Selective binding agents of telomerase
Photosensitive acrylate composition and waveguide device
Liquid overbased mixed metal stabilizer composition of calcium, barium and zinc for stabilizing halogen-containing polymers
Modified silane compounds
Ionic photoacid generators with segmented hydrocarbonfluorocarbon sulfonate anions
Repellent fluorochemical compositions
Barrier coating of a non-butyl elastomer and a dispersed layered filler in a liquid carrier and coated articles
Optically compensated birefringence mode liquid crystal display device having specific retardations in splay and bend states and method of fabricating the same
Biodegradable chelant compositions for fracturing fluid
Proteases from gram positive organisms
Highly transformable bacterial cells and methods for producing the same
Isolated nematode regulated gene promoter and use thereof
Nucleic acid molecules encoding endonucleases and methods of use thereof
Papaya ringspot virus genes
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as plant growth regulators
Adipose tissue-derived stromal cell that expresses characteristics of a neuronal cell
Adipose tissue-derived adult stem or stromal cells for the repair of articular cartilage fractures and uses thereof
Production of polyketides in bacteria and yeast
UDP-N-acetylglucosamine: galactose-.beta.1,3-N-acetylgalactosamine-.alpha.-R/ (GlcNAc to GalNAc) .beta.1,6N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase, C2GnT3
CAK inhibitors and uses thereof
Mutant .alpha.-amylases
Ethanol fermentation using oxidation reduction potential
Optical coherence interferometry and coherence tomography with spatially partially coherent light sources
Method and apparatus for imaging internal structures of transparent and translucent materials
Optical profile determining apparatus and associated methods including the use of a plurality of wavelengths in the reference beam and a plurality of wavelengths in a reflective transit beam
Chamber, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Sample inspection system
Modulated reflectance measurement system with fiber laser technology
Structure, structure manufacturing method and sensor using the same
Sulfur trioxide conditioning system control algorithm
Speedometer gear output structure
Combined laser altimeter and ground velocity measurement apparatus
Method of detecting phase difference, phase detector for performing the same and clock-and-data recovering device including the phase detector
Patent application for a computer motional command interface
Methodology to accurately test clock to signal valid and slew rates of PCI signals
Semiconductor interconnect having semiconductor spring contacts
In situ determination of resistivity, mobility and dopant concentration profiles
Radiation imaging apparatus
Distortion-corrected magnetic resonance measurement and magnetic resonance device
Range finder for measuring three-dimensional geometry of object and method thereof
Liquid crystal panel and equipment comprising said liquid crystal panel
Liquid crystal display device
Manufacturing method of display device in which the main surface of the workpiece is at an angle
Fluorescent lamp and liquid crystal display device having the same
Color filter substrate for transflective liquid crystal display device with particular diffusive buffer layers and method of manufacturing the same
Light source module for collecting reflective beam from light source
Multi-domain liquid crystal display compromising field induction windows having patterns different from each other in at least two of the pixel regions
In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Multi-layer diffraction type polarizer and liquid crystal element
Object detecting apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optics for extreme ultraviolet lithography
Control device for alternating-current motor
Simplified topology for HID lamps
Power supply apparatus and control circuit therefor
Method and apparatus for starting power converters
Temperature sensing circuit
Printer driver supporting worldwide single binary font format with built in support for double byte characters
Printshop resource optimization via the use of autonomous cells
Densitometry device
Method of wavelets-based multiresolution representation of three-dimensional image object
Reconfigurable geolocation system
ID registration method for tire pressure sensor, ID registration apparatus, ID registration tool for tire pressure monitoring system, and tire with air pressure sensor
Dual-frequency microwave sensor
Microwave sensor
System and method for indicating liquid level condition
Pressure measuring and inflation/deflation control system for tires
Digital sampling playback doorbell system
Remote control with change of operating mode
Multi-point data acquisition apparatus
Capacitive-load driving circuit capable of properly handling temperature rise and plasma display apparatus using the same
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) pre-charge circuit for use in a common anode large-screen display
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Semiconductor device and liquid crystal panel display driver
Computer based browsing computer program product, system and method
Cover for electronic device
Image processing device
Graphical user interface with enhanced operations when changing display screen
Display device driving circuit and display device
Virtual makeover system and method
Image data processing method and apparatus, storage medium product, and program product
Image display device, image processing method, program, and storage medium
Pointing device with absolute and relative positioning capability
Interactive methods for design of automobiles
Image display apparatus
Systems and methods for creating and updating an interactive 3D visualization of media indices
Interactive digital music recorder and player
Ferrite core
Spool assembly
Inhibitor switch
Switch mechanism with seal
Plasma display panel having near cross discharge spaces
Silicon optical microbench devices and wafer-level testing thereof
Integrated electron beam and contaminant removal system
Standard reference for metrology and calibration method of electron-beam metrology system using the same
High resolution fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) mass spectrometry methods and apparatus
Method for manufacturing magnetic sensor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Manufacturing method of semiconducter device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing organic electroluminescent device, electronic apparatus and method of removing ionic impurities
CMOS image sensors and methods for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by providing a mirror in the attenuation region
Reliable adhesion layer interface structure for polymer memory electrode and method of making same
Vertical replacement-gate silicon-on-insulator transistor
Methods for producing a structured metal layer
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing a doped semiconductor substrate
Method for depositing III-V semiconductor layers on a non-III-V substrate
Photoresist intensive patterning and processing
Methods for selective integration of airgaps and devices made by such methods
Method for fabricating optical interference display cell
Dual layer patterning scheme to make dual damascene
Method of forming a metal film, semiconductor device and wiring board
Low K interlevel dielectric layer fabrication methods
Method to form self-aligned floating gate to diffusion structures in flash
Self-aligned poly-metal structures
Method for forming a notched gate
Method for forming a top oxide with nitride liner
Process for providing ESD protection by using contact etch module
Metal deposit process
Method of forming a gate stack
Method to improve adhesion of dielectric films in damascene interconnects
Method for fabricating semiconductor components with thinned substrate, back side contacts and circuit side contacts
Method for fabricating an integrated semiconductor circuit to prevent formation of voids
Memory device having improved periphery and core isolation
Semiconductor memory cell and method of forming same
Chip on board package for imager
Semiconductor stacked die devices and methods of forming semiconductor stacked die devices
Corrosion-resistant copper bond pad and integrated device
Microelectronic packages with elongated solder interconnections
Whole chip ESD protection
Low noise charge gain circuit and CCD using same
Photoelectric conversion apparatus
Transistor and logic circuit on thin silicon-on-insulator wafers based on gate induced drain leakage currents
Memory cell with selective deposition of refractory metals
Semiconductor device equipped with semiconductor circuits composed of semiconductor elements and process for production thereof
Semiconductor device having a HMP metal gate
Multi-layer gate stack structure comprising a metal layer for a FET device, and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with inductive component and method of making
Semiconductor device and making thereof
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
Organic compounds having a core-shell structure
Semiconductor apparatus and process of production thereof
Methods and apparatuses for producing a polymer memory device
Semiconductor device having a low-resistance gate electrode
Semiconductor memory device having a shallow trench isolation structure
Method of fabricating a robust gate dielectric using a replacement gate flow
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including improved gate electrode
Nonvolatile memory and manufacturing method thereof
Light-radiating semiconductor component with a luminescence conversion element
Light-emitting device
Piezoelectric actuator, timepiece, and portable device
Low profile compact multi-band meanderline loaded antenna
Low cost electromagnetic field absorbing devices manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Antenna structure for inductively coupled plasma generator
Electrical conduit to junction box connection system
Secondary battery with protective circuit
Electric machine with a damping device
Heat-dissipating device and motor structure thereof
Field assemblies and methods of making same
Rotor device capable of dissipating heat
Brushless rotary electric machine having tandem rotary cores
Linear motor, and linear compressor using the same
Force motor with increased proportional stroke
Alternator for a vehicle
Self-bearing step motor and its control method
DC motor control apparatus and recording apparatus
Vehicle AC generator apparatus having improved generator control apparatus
Series terminated CMOS output driver with impedance calibration
Phase controlled oscillator circuit with input signal coupler
Servo balancing among driver devices
Integrated PULSHI mode with shutdown
System and method for reduced power open-loop synthesis of output clock signals having a selected phase relative to an input clock signal
Logic circuitry powered by partially rectified ac waveform
Driving apparatus for generating a driving current using PWM
Method and device for emitting pulses on an electricity distribution network
Semiconductor device having logic circuit and macro circuit
Phase-locked loop having a spread spectrum clock generator
Analog delay locked loop having duty cycle correction circuit
Delay-locked loop with feedback compensation
Powering down of DAC and ADC for receive/transmit modes of operation in a wireless device
In-place differential compression
Method and system for value-based data compression
Electronic equipment
Image sensing apparatus
Image processing apparatus for performing image restoration
Camera with optical axis bending optical system
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Radiographic apparatus and radiographic system
Broadband integrated tuner
Image display device in digital TV
Technique for determining the slope of a field pixel
Television intercom system
Anticollision protocol with fast read request and additional schemes for reading multiple transponders in an RFID system
Radio frequency data communications device
All disassembleable electric-heating apparatus
Beam source and beam processing apparatus
DC--DC converter and device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp using said converter
DC--DC converter and device for operation of a high pressure discharge lamp using said converter
Expired Patents Due To Time
Seat belt retractor
Yarn tension device
Cheese-producing textile machine
Method and apparatus for winding a continuously advancing yarn
Rewinder method and apparatus
Strip winder
Lock shaft for paper cores
Dispenser for trash container liners
Use of flow injection and extraction to control blade vortex interaction and high speed impulsive noise in helicopters
Fuselage nose for controlling aerodynamic vehicles and method of utilizing same
Anti-vibration suspension device having a torsion spring, for a helicopter
Sail closure mechanism for cross bar access deployable wing
Secondary power integrated cabin energy system for a pressurized aircraft
Hybrid deicer with element sequence control
Anti-slosh liquid propellant tank for launch vehicles
Rotary flyer
Illuminated kite
Simplified yaw steering method for satellite antenna beam control
Spacecraft kernel
Car audio fixing device
Golf bag support device
Wrist support device
Fine position adjustment for optical receiver or other sensor
Instrument support system
Drive for mechanical adjustment of profile parts, piece of furniture, profile part and method for manufacturing a profile part
Eyewear holding device
Down rigger adapter
Mounting bracket
Spring-loaded camming nut
Supporting means of a screening device
Swing arm mount system
Mounting assembly
Horizontal socket housing assembly
Thermoformed load-bearing platform
Book holder with optional swivel base
Method and apparatus for mounting articles
Support element and device for hooking and positioning painting or the like
Structure of a CPU securing seat
Christmas tree stand
Foot device
Shock absorbing holder and information processor having same
Wall form panel and method of making the same
Apparatus and method for regulating fluid flow with a micro-electro mechanical block
Pilot actuator and spool valve assembly
Trap seal primer distribution unit
Chuck and tube joint
Undersea hydraulic coupling member
Gate valve and cylinder apparatus
Gate valve system
Mixing valve with limit stop and pre-set
Offset butterfly valve
Hammer with a nail digging function
Portable pulling iron
Hydraulic tensioner for mine roof support cables
Push-pull cable drive unit assembly
Double mooring bollard
Apparatus for fence repair and construction
Multi-mission recovery device
Section bar
Hand rail system
Filter with handle feature
Gas-liquid processing apparatus
Fuel-air mixture apparatus
Automatic cyclic fluid delivery device and associated process
Helical spring tension adjuster
Construction of torsion bar for tilting cabin of an automobile
Adjustable tooling pin for a card test fixture
Clamping device
Device for producing printed materials in several parts
Sheet-like object convey apparatus for sheet-fed rotary printing press
Sheet feeding device
Device and method for providing a supply of single sheets of different thickness
Sheet treating apparatus with aligning device and image forming apparatus having the same
Method and device for controlling sheet feed to a sheet-processing machine
System for automatic disposal of canceled paper output
Method of operating progressive reel slot machines and device therefor
Method for playing a casino game
Apparatus and method for crane game claw control
Word-forming game and method of playing the same
Annular chamber seal
Piston ring structural body and method of mounting the piston ring structural body
High temperature low leakage seal for a shaft on a gas turbine engine
Metal gasket
Braking control device, particularly for skates
Binding with a tool-free selectively adjustable leg support member
Electronicallly controlled ackerman steering
Braking device
Foldable handlebar stem of a skate cart
Engaging and disengaging gear for a bicycle pedal crank axle
Parallelogram bicycle suspension system
Device for stabilizing the lower steering arms of a tractor
Anti-sway control device for trailers
Vehicle towing bar assembly
Sportboard fastener
Snowboard binding system and a snowboard step-in boot system with gradually increasing resistance
Interface device between a ski and the elements for retaining a boot on the ski
Sports boot for snowboarding and an assembly of such boot with a snowboard binding
System for preventing toe-edge travel of a hi-back
Collapsible game hauling carrier
Airbag module and a method for its manufacture
Gas bag module with cover
Airbag device having an inner flexible heat shield and flow direction bag
Air bag for an airbag unit
Steering wheel
Air bag apparatus for automotive vehicle
Methods and arrangements for determining the position of an occupant in a vehicle
Occupant sensor
Gas generator for air bag
Coat rack with seat assembly
Infant carrier loading device
Multi-position chair
Back rest of a motor vehicle seat, which has an adjustable shoulder rest
Office chair with a guidable seat back
Office chair with a seat tilt adjustment
Vehicle seat with automatic front anchoring, and vehicle comprising such a seat
Pivoting armrest with cupholder
Fastener for securing a bolster to a seating surface
Seat belt retractor for reclinable seat backs
Dump truck systems and method
Plasma blasting with coaxial electrodes
Reversible wheel weight for counterbalancing industrial and agricultural vehicles
Bicycle rim with wear indicator
Hydraulic motor vehicle braking system with wheel slip controller
Negative pressure control apparatus for brake booster
Braking force angular slip control system
Braking force controller
Triangular crawler apparatus
Furniture unit
Portable, wooden computer desk
Adjustable hinge for a switch cupboard
Portable stemmed glass/container retention rack and serving tray
Drawing method for electronic blackboard
Ink-jet printer and apparatus and method of recording head for ink-jet printer
Recording method using large and small dots
Printer with correction data for number of tones which is fewer than number of tones that image data have
Printer and recording medium
Dynamic multi-pass print mode corrections to compensate for malfunctioning inkjet nozzles
Ink jet-type printer control with ink purging function
Ink-jet printing apparatus and cleaning control method of the same
Ink printing head with gutter cleaning structure and method of assembling the printer
Ventable ink jet printhead capping and priming assembly
Ink jet recording apparatus and method of flushing a recording head of the same
Hydrophobic coating for ink jet printing heads
Recording head
Method of operation of an acoustic ink jet droplet emitter utilizing high liquid flow rates
Radial back-curling thermoelastic ink jet printing mechanism
Iris motion ink jet printing mechanism
Image forming apparatus having float electrode provided to make uniform electric field
Ink jet flow distribution system for ink jet printer
Ink jet printer with cartridge having integral storage chamber
Method and apparatus for refilling ink containers in a manner that preserves printhead life
Printer ink cartridge and ink cartridge device including the same
Print head cartridge made with jointless one-piece frame consisting of a single material throughout
Resolution ink jet printing
Liquid ink printer including a non-scorching dryer assembly
Attachment glasses to the spectacles
Nose pad assembling for eyeglass frame
Replaceable spring arm structure for spectacles
Grip device for eyeglasses
Pinhole presbyopic contact lenses
Slit-lamp biomicroscope
Method and facility for light-beam projection of images on a screen
Method of and apparatus for displaying an image
Projector with adjustable brightness and uniformity
Image projection fixtures
Optical mirror system with multi-axis rotational control
Lighting device, liquid crystal display unit, and electronic equipment
Lighting device on a stage
Electro luminescent illuminator
Container with compartment and method for forming same
Ratchet wrench with illuminating device
Structure for adjusting the illuminating angle of lighting device of socket wrench
Light fixture for shelving
Tactical flashlight
Flashlight with rotatable head and threaded connection mechanism
Flashlight having a switch and an integrally molded member, and method for producing same
Light emitting diode light strip
LED traffic light with individual LED reflectors
Liquid crystal projection apparatus and lamp
Illumination apparatus
Corner mounted illuminator
Bracket structure for halogen light
Luminaire assembly
Lighting fixture assembly having locking arm components
Light for an individual engaged in a sport activity
Vehicle interior lamp assembly adapted for use with recreational vehicles, outfitted vans, shuttlebuses and the like
Combination automobile head rest mirror and harness attachment mechanism
Method and apparatus for remote lighting
Shade assembly for headlamp
Apparatus to heat and froth milk utilizing counter rotating mesh tabs paddles
Multiphase mixing apparatus using acoustic resonance
Drink mixer
Intelligent input/output temperature sensor and calibration method therefor
Method of calibrating a radiation thermometer
Temperature measuring method using radiation thermometer
Electronic device for modeling the temperature of a motor
Method of measuring temperature
Interconnected plastic bags charging apparatus and method
Transmission for automobiles and bearing therefor
Bearing housing and cover assembly
Method for changing the clamping conditions of a rotatable part as well as a rotatable part
Method for detuning the natural frequency of a rotatable part as well as a tunable rotatable part
Slip ring with integral bearing assembly and method of manufacture
Bearing assembly adjustable spacer and system for adjusting the same
Tunable optical fiber buildout
Hermaphrodite optical connector
Fiber optic connector
Ferule structure and method of processing end of optical fiber to be coupled with ferule structure
Optical package with alignment means and method of assembling an optical package
Camera with film debris catching comb
Image handling method and system incorporating coded instructions
Bar code printer that automatically sets one bar color in response to another bar color
Thermal head control circuit and thermal head control method permitting multicolor printing
Image-forming system
Printing device having an output level compensation function
Mounting arrangement for a print head in a printer
Hollow drum-type recording apparatus
Apparatus and method for selecting print media and feed tray independently
Image-forming method and device and electronic apparatus incorporating the device
Friction-feed plotter with laterally-movable drive roller, and related method for plotting on sheets of different widths
Handheld windshield de-icer
Adjustable-length writing instrument
Chapstick dispensing apparatus
Packaging and applicator device, and a refill element for such a device
Pen dispensing and cartridge system
Writing utensil housing a supply of paper
Ink applicator, ink backflow prevention mechanism of ink applicator, and a pen tip
Paint applicator system
Applicator of a powder product and a method for manufacturing the applicator
Glue gun nozzle and method of installing carpeting
Planar flexible pivot monolithic unitary modules
Oil filled pin joint with pressure relieving buffer member
No-slip corner joint
Concentricity stabilizer which is both a structural coupling and an alignment device
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Fuel injection device for internal combustion engines
Fuel Injector
Fishing reel with oscillating assembly for distributing line evenly on a spool
Drag seal for spinning reel
Gravity operated fishing reel brake
Cassette adapter and magnetic recording/reproducing apparatus
Tape transport using a carrier ribbon with edges
Dynamic knee protection device
Data carrier with an optically variable element
Angle shaped line entrance with a disconnect between the branches
Pipe coupling
Locking device for a two-door unit of swinging type
Apparatus for monitoring and controlling access to a restricted area
Bed extender apparatus for a pickup truck
Pickup truck storage system
Ballast for cargo beds of trucks
Folding motor vehicle entry seat for persons who use wheelchairs and others who have physical limitations
Footrest for vehicle
Arrangement for movable parts on vehicles
Vehicle including electric folding roof
Convertible top having a back lite forming part of a tonneau cover
Boot cover apparatus
Bumper guard
Lighting rod and method
Device for lifting a water bottle
Support and control device for opening or closing a grip element in two parts
Detachable and adjustable auxiliary handle for a long-handled material-moving tool
Vertical axis wind turbine rotor having self-fairing vanes
Modified savonius rotor
Cooling air supply through bolted flange assembly
Bladed ducting for turbomachinery
Protection of internal and external surfaces of gas turbine airfoils
Coated turbine component and its fabrication
Multistage blowdown valve for a compressor system
Control circuit of a solenoid actuated pump to be powered by any variable voltage between 90 and 264 volts
Bubble based micropump
Detecting obstructions in enteral/parenteral feeding tubes and automatic removal of clogs therefrom
Reciprocating pumps with linear motor driver
Production of hydrostatic axial piston machines by means of stepper motors
Variable displacement type compressor
Integrated compressor expander apparatus
Piston pump
Aftercooler bypass means for a locomotive compressed air system
Radial blower, particularly for heating and air conditioning systems in automobiles
Metering pump
Gas powered rotary engine and compressor
Closed compressor having a compression mechanism holder and method of assembling same
Micro pump and method of producing the same
Vehicle fuel supplying apparatus
Hydraulic unit
Piston pump for a vehicle brake system
Gear pump and a method for positioning a gear pump shaft
Variable-delivery external gear pump
Hydrostatic pump or engine with infinitely variable debit or impulse
Oiless rotary scroll air compressor antirotation assembly
Package-type scroll compressor
Steam-driven propeller engine
Rotary lobe pumps
Device for spreading and distributing particles on a material web
Molding system for producing solidified articles
Balloon wrap device
Hybrid soap stamping bars
Injection mold for producing spool
Method for purging furnace to decrease particle pollution in baking process
Method for heating a furnace
Continuous pusher furnace having traveling gas barrier
Inside/out, industrial vacuum furnace
Method of connecting a syringe tip to a dental syringe hand piece
Anatomical interproximal dental stimulator
Universal impression coping system
Implant abutment systems, devices, and techniques
Bioroot endosseous implant
Dental implant component
Maneuver training system using global positioning satellites, RF transceiver, and laser-based rangefinder and warning receiver
Full motion two seat interactive simulator
Simulator system
System for demonstrating compliance with standards
Learning and entertainment device, method and system and storage media therefor
Apparatus and method for processing and/or for providing healthcare information and/or healthcare-related information
Bubble pack toy containing comestibles
Medical operation simulation system capable of presenting approach data
Storage medium playback system and method
Integrated I.D. module and terminal block for ECP brake application (NY-1084)
Magnetic clamp device
Grounding terminal
RJ-45 style modular connector
Method of protecting coastal land from rise of surface of the sea
In-well air stripping, oxidation, and adsorption
Method for oxidative destruction of carbon disulfide in soil
Sequential aerobic/anaerobic solid waste landfill operation
Tailorable elastomeric composite pneumatic fender system for absorbing high energy impact
Compliant offshore platform
Distribution manifold for air seeder
Device for pneumatic transport of material such as concrete
Method and device for aligning a workpiece on a machine tool table
Helically fluted twist drill device
Hinge drilling jig
Drilling apparatus with clamping mechanism
Horizontally adjustable dowel pin hole drilling guide
Supporting and centering device for use in the production of double-toothing sprocket wheels or pulleys and method of using same
Multiple milling on crankshafts
Load lock rack
Insert fastener
Electrical box locating device
Headed fastener with precisely calculated groove under head to accomodate o''ring sealing member as a self-sealing assembly
Apparatus for storing and moving a cassette
Method and apparatus for semiconductor chip handling
Method and device for the alignment of products
Tray conveying apparatus and method
Mobile apparatus with plurality of conveyors
Moving system
Container handling systems
Apparatus and method for detaching cables from a center beam railcar
Pneumatically actuated flexure gripper for wafer handling robots
Drill rod loader
Automatic conveying apparatus for JEDEC carrier members
Circumferential flow type liquid pump
Variable vane with winglet
Adjustable harness for a portable fan
Aerofoil blade damper
Plastic panel assembly for use in a vehicle
Fastening device for securing a subassembly to a body of a fuel delivery system
Media jack with external fuse access
Hot-line plug terminal
Electrical connector with automatic switching between multiple devices
Device provided with at least one laser diode and assembly including such a device and a connector to an electric power supply
Dual style connector for handheld computer
Circuit board mounting system and releasable connector therefor
Retention member for cable connector
Test socket lattice
Electricity-supplying connector
Low-profile and robust electrical connector
Female receptacle with retaining device
Press-contact terminal fitting
Connector top cap
Electrical connector assembly with light transmission means
Electric outlet shell
Electrical device, such as a plug or a connector, with nameplate, especially for hazardous locations
Data and power transmitting cable system
L-shaped connector for connecting antenna wire
EMI shielded connector of a hub
Extruded metallic electrical connector assembly and method of producing same
Electrical connector system
Connector for electrical fuse ignition device
Electrical connector with reduced attenuation, near-end cross talk, and return loss
RJ-receptacle connector with anti-incorrect-insertion device
Structure of a lamp base
Terminal structure
Male and female electrical connectors with terminal locking device for detecting inserted condition of terminals and connector assembly
Double lock connector and spacer detecting method therefor
Elastic terminal in an electrical device
Receptacle terminal and forming method of the same
Electrical contact
Cable connector for electrical connections
Water jet propulsion type outboard motor
Locking mechanism for an outboard motor
Anti-splash device for marine outboard drive
Outboard mounted electrical power generating apparatus for boats
Outboard motor exhaust system
Non-mold method of forming objects and articles formed thereby
Steerable inflatable towable vehicle
Process for fabricating article comprising aligned truncated carbon nanotubes
Image forming apparatus and a method for manufacturing the same
Flat cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing same
Electron source and image forming apparatus as well as method of providing the same with means for maintaining activated state thereof
Miniature kites and method for making them
Stuffed toy
Toy building set
Thematic doll house
Brassiere pad
Brassiere sash
Polishing apparatus
Rolling mill equipped with on-line roll grinding system and grinding wheel
Automated drill bit re-sharpening and verification system
Automatic trimmer machine
Eyeglass lens grinding apparatus
Human Necessities
Safety hook with immobilizable locking lever
Safety hook with locking lever articulated on the locking finger
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for driving vehicle door to open and close
Motor vehicle roof
Solar cover of an openable motor vehicle roof and process for its production
Multifunction trailer
Pickup truck folding camper system
Lightweight air bag
Channel with reinforcing insert of a motor vehicle
Rear roof rail reinforcement structure for automobile
Flatbed trailer
Aircraft towing vehicle
Downlock-pin actuator apparatus
Connecting element for providing a releasable connection between two objects
Textiles; Paper
Variable and steady yarn feeding apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Pavement edger and joint maker
Enhanced panel latch
Lock mechanism
Active door upper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Coolable vane or blade for a turbomachine
Variable position fan assembly
One-piece security seal
Minimal intrusion EMI shielding clip to maintain electrical contact between two parallel surfaces
Grounding techniques to improve the performance of RF coaxial lightning protector
Electric connecting box
Splice case having a seam sealed by at least one clamping rail
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew
IR PRO 250