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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hydroponic device
Soybean cultivar BY1213290
Soybean cultivar AR1318947
Soybean cultivar BY1312015
Method for producing model animal, and model animal
Imitation fish eggs
Knot tying tool
Squirrel bungee apparatus
Antibacterial surfactant/microgel formulations, methods of making and methods of using the same
Viricidal composition
Pesticide for the extermination of Blattella germanica and a method for producing thereof
Packaged food product, in particular confectionery product
Bag systems
Movable belt mascara applicator apparatus
Packaging and applicator device for applying a cosmetic composition to the lips
Hair styling apparatuses and related methods
Backpack for carrying collapsible chairs
Portable beverage service device
Motorized cleaning system for a brush
Dart storage rack
Pivoting writing tablet
Computer work desk
Vehicular seating assembly, system and method
Tubular spring assembly
Adjustable mattress structure
Seat cushion adjusting apparatus
Mattress bag assembly
Collapsible furniture
Cushion for alleviating pain
Dish assembly for displaying an image
Lid with straw
Napkin holder
Hanger organizer
Locking garment hanger
System for making beverages
Cooking accessory device and method
Biopsy localization method and device
Sealant mixing containers for extra vascular bioadhesive delivery systems and methods
Systems and devices for a counter balanced surgical robot
Coring knife
Follicular unit harvesting tool
Device for storing and mixing bone cement
Surgical robot system for realizing single-port surgery and multi-port surgery and method for controlling same
Method and device for determining a damage characteristic value of a kidney
Circulatory dynamics measurement apparatus
Systems, devices and methods for in situ calibration of implantable sensors
Marker Positioning Apparatus
Radiographic imaging device and method
Surface mountable sensor array fabric
Flexible tracker systems
Device for evaluating dental crown contacts
Piston easily mountable to cartridge and method of inserting the piston
Silver containing wound dressing
Pelvic floor treatments and related tools and implants
Drug delivery device, method, and system for administration of dual antiplatelet therapy
Intervertebral cage which is expandable in steps and implantation instrument therefor
Ophthalmic laser surgical apparatus
Foot support for a wheelchair
Spinal decompression head harness and method of use
Lower limbs rehabilitation training robot
Containers with penetrable and resealable portion, and related methods
PFKFB3 inhibit and methods of use as an anti-cancer therapeutic
Method for regulating retinal endothelial cell viability
Pharmaceutical formulation for reducing frequency of urination and method of use thereof
Therapeutic approaches for treating Parkinson's disease
Compositions and methods of use of phorbol esters for the treatment of stroke
SARMs and method of use thereof
Treatment of depressive disorders
Extended release pharmaceutical formulations with controlled impurity levels
Intravenous formulation and LC/MS/MS analysis method for GMC1
Use of anthelmintic agents against Dirofilaria immitis
Modulation of tissue transglutaminase activation in disease
Inhibitors of human phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase delta
Synergistic antimicrobial preparations containing chlorite and hydrogen peroxide
Stimulation of ovarian follicle development and oocyte maturation
Galenical solid
Method of treating intraocular tissue pathologies with nerve growth factor
Peptidomimetic compounds
Methods of using pegylated interleukin-10 for treating hyperlipidemia
Compositions and methods for administration of vaccines against dengue virus
Pyrrolobenzodiazepine-antibody conjugates
Antibodies directed to IL-17A/IL-17F heterodimers
Methods for treating cancer using combination therapies
Lysosome-cleavable linker
Cosmetic preparation comprising pulverized hydrophilic substances
Oral care composition
Transdermal drug delivery system
Thermally shrinkable wrapper, in particular for use in sterilization process
Methods for increasing coating strength to improve scaffold crimping yield
Volatile material dispenser
Device to kill micro-organisms inside the respiratory tract
Method of selective catheterism of an anatomical structure using a guide
Powder delivery device
Systems, methods, and devices for delivering treatment to a skin surface
Patient therapy systems and methods
Systems and methods for delivering therapy to the dorsal horn of a patient
Apparatus for dissolving a fragrance carrier
Piece of fitness equipment
Treadmill having textured tread surfaces
Rehabilitation machine and apparatus
Creating personalized athletic-performance models
Golf club
Spot-foiling gaming tickets and method for providing same
Three-dimensional maze structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for making activated carbon-supported transition metal-based nanoparticles
Evaporation-condensation systems and methods for their manufacture and use
Method for extracting natural gas liquids from natural gas using an adsorbent media comprising a cross-linked macroporous polymer
Slurry mixer gate with enhanced flow and foaming geometry
Surfactant and method of manufacturing an electrowetting display device using the same
Method for finely feeding granular solids into liquid
Polymeric amine based carbon dioxide adsorbents
Nitrogen and phosphorus co-doped crystalline carbon materials
Catalytic decomposition of lower hydrocarbons to produce carbon oxides free hydrogen and bamboo shaped carbon nanotubes
System and method for catalyst loading/mixing
Reactor with plate fixing system
Apparatuses for distributing fluids in fluidized bed reactors
Fluidized bed reaction system and method of producing titanium tetrachloride
Slit nozzle and method of manufacturing display apparatus using the same
Process for depositing a compact film of particles on the internal surface of a part having a hollow delimited by this internal surface
Open containment frame for targeted compression treatment of rotating shaft products
Methods for bending thin-walled tubes
Method for heating a slurry system
Receivers and methods for forming such receivers
Near-net shaped cutting tools and processes and devices for making the same
Method for the production of a heat exchanger, particularly a sorption heat exchanger
Shaped welding
Mount for a welding gun for connecting said welding gun to an arm of a welding robot
Clamp apparatus
Elastic corrugated pipe single-acting cylinder-driven mechanical gripper with series-connection flexible hinge framework
Gripping jaw safety device with tongue and groove for HRC
Multi-size pill splitter and methods
Food comminution device
Blade and blade attachment system for an oscillating tool
Stroke reducer for log splitting apparatus
Fabrication of an orthodontic aligner from a negative mold designed by a computational device
Low thickness cementitious product with elevated surface qualities for non-structural applications, and method for its manufacture
Cutter for trimming tread of tire
Injection molding die
Modular wall panels and planar structures
Compositions, panels and sheets comprising mineral fillers and methods to produce the same
Method for producing a thermoformed item, and such an item
Force responsive pre-impregnated composite methods, systems and apparatuses
Planar pressing for manufacture of displays
Method for printing film bags
Paint compositions with color change characteristics
Grill shutter operation
In-wheel motor drive unit
Vehicle power source device
Communication and control system and method regarding electric vehicle charging equipment for wireless electric vehicle electrical energy transfer
Motor vehicle with air and water guiding arrangement
Utility vehicle rack
Vehicle headlight
Illuminated badge
Vehicle surveillance system
Vehicle periphery monitoring device
Communication system
Seat belt holding apparatus
Automatic parking brake for body mounted brake cylinder
Automatic parking brake for body mounted brake cylinder
System and method for engine and fuel system maintenance
System and method for driving vehicle accessories
Localized rocker reinforcement insert
Pedestrian protection vehicle hood hinge assembly
Modular fender assembly
Canopy for increasing fuel efficiency by reducing drag of a pickup truck
Spherical infrared robotic vehicle
Steering device for vehicle
Vehicle with foldable double-wheel assembly
Bicycle brake assisting apparatus
Convertible watercraft
Plasma control and power system
Pneumatic tire repair and inflation device
Packaging apparatus and packaging method for absorbent article
Platforms made of paper materials
Backpack insert with pockets
Closure with a slider for bag
Apparatus and method for emptying containers, with control of a drive torque
Portable packaging system
Conveying device with a conveying chain
Open gap film roll core
Closed-loop stacker control using stack topography to avoid jams
Sheet transport apparatus and sheet processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Milk jug and method
Valve device of direct watering type drinking water dispenser
Foam formulation and aerosol assembly
MEMS structural component including a deflectable diaphragm and a fixed counter-element as well as a method for manufacturing it
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for preparing precipitated silica
Process for treatment of sewage sludge
Method of powder coating glass to block visible and nonvisible light
Glass sealing with transparent materials having transient absorption properties
Encapsulated sustained release urea fertilizer
Method to improve halogenation reactions
Method of making aromatic hydrocarbons
Method for producing biphenylamines from azobenzenes by ruthenium catalysis
Long-chain dimethylaniline derivative compounds, their preparation methods, self-assembled textures, and uses thereof
2-amino-3-fluoro-3-(fluoromethyl)-6-methyl-6-phenyl-3,4,5,6-tetrahydropyri- dines as BACE1 inhibitors
Substituted spirocyclic inhibitors of autotaxin
Boron-containing small molecules as antiprotozoal1 agents
Treatments for gastrointestinal conditions
Crystalline form of afatinib dimaleate
Crystalline forms of vilazodone hydrochloride and vilazodone free base
Human androgen receptor DNA-binding domain (DBD) compounds as therapeutics and methods for their use
Heterocyclic compounds
Ligands of the benzo [H] quinoline class and transition metal complexes containing them and use of said complexes as catalysts
Multivalent sialic acid derivatives
Methods for detecting enhanced NMDA receptor function and uses thereof
Immunoglobulin-like molecules directed against fibronectin-EDA
Downstream process for purifying polysaccharides
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Hydrophilic gels derived from grafted photoinitiators
Rubber composition, tire, bisphenyldiamine compound, and anti-aging agent
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire
Impact modified thermoplastic composition
Polyester resin composition, manufacturing method therefor, and camera module containing said polyester resin composition
Silicone-based encapsulating material composition and semiconductor light-emitting device
Powder coating compositions capable of having a substantially non-zinc containing primer
Re-workable moisture curable hot melt adhesive composition, methods of using the same, and articles including the same
Dielectric adhesive film for electronic paper display device
Lighting device with polymer containing luminescent moieties
Method for recovery of gaseous hydrocarbons and/or liquid hydrocarbons from underground
Biocidal composition
Polymeric surfactant containing a protein head group and lipid tail group
Methods of reducing impurities in diesel fuel
Oil purifying apparatus
Fischer-tropsch jet fuel process
Integrated method for bitumen partial upgrading
Apparatus and process for treating natural gas
Processing facility
Yeast strain and microbial method for production of pentacyclic triterpenes and/or triterpenoids
Bridged bicyclic nucleosides
Culture medium for preparing neural stem cells and use thereof
Method for producing methane by means of aerobic co-culture of anaerobic micro-organisms
Methods and assays relating to Huntingtons disease and Parkinson's disease
Multidimensional microdissection and morphological reconstruction of genomic or proteomic expression activity
Fixed Constructions
Hybrid excavator and method of controlling hybrid excavator
Apparatus for assisting toileting
Quadra walker
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Particle reduction via throttle gate valve purge
Nested HVAC lines
Seat sliding device
Personalized route generation
Map display system and method
Signal processing module, navigation device with the signal processing module, vehicle provided with a navigation device and method of providing navigation data
Line projection system
Cross correlation between connected vehicles and other online devices
Apparatus and method for measurement of the film cooling effect produced by air cooled gas turbine components
Digital controller for an automotive steering test rig
Electric vehicle supply equipment testing apparatus
Driver assistance system for vehicle
System and method for verification of driver pedal actions
Atomic force microscope system using selective active damping
System and method for detecting impaired electric power equipment
Methods and systems for estimating recoverable utility revenue
Method and apparatus for parallel testing of semiconductor devices
Decoder providing separate clock and enable for scan path segments
Test apparatus
Multiple-capture DFT system for detecting or locating crossing clock-domain faults during self-test or scan-test
Liquid crystal display device
Power supply control device, image processing device, power supply control method, and computer readable medium
Test fixture and method using the DTR pins and CTS pins of RS-232 connectors for automatically turning on computers
Method and apparatus for securing digital devices while reducing power consumption
Direct current compensation system and method for scattering parameter rational functions
Application reliability and fault tolerant chip configurations
Saving and restoring states through low power mode
Inter-sequence permutation turbo code system and operation methods thereof
Apparatus and method for managing network system
Tuning of data loss prevention signature effectiveness
System and method for transmitting data using incremental remediation
Electronic device and method for protecting servers against vibration damage
Automated detection of flaws and incompatibility problems in information flow downgraders
Methods and system for DMA based distributed denial of service protection
Mobile device and method for correcting errors occurring in attention commands of the mobile device
Flexible failover policies in high availability computing systems
Encrypting data and characterization data that describes valid contents of a column
Home (e)Node-B with new functionality
Real time device evaluation
Product authentication based upon a hyperelliptic curve equation and a curve pairing function
Method for managing hierarchical storage during detection of sensitive information, computer readable storage media and system utilizing same
Parallel, single-pass compaction in a region-based garbage collector
Memory modules and devices supporting configurable data widths
Combined mobile device and solid state disk with a shared memory architecture
Method for communicating with a network adapter using a queue data structure and cached address translations
Monitoring thread synchronization in a distributed cache
Adjusting the amount of memory allocated to a call stack
Numeric representation to improve life of solid state storage devices
Discovering cluster resources to efficiently perform cluster backups and restores
Technique for controlling computing resources
Dynamic configuration of multiple sources and source types in a business process
Garbage collection method for nonvolatile memory device
Information processing system including semiconductor device having self-refresh mode
Mirroring virtual machines from a primary host to a secondary host
Dynamic prioritization of cache access
Memory model for hardware attributes within a transactional memory system
Method and apparatus for achieving non-inclusive cache performance with inclusive caches
Trusted installation of a software application
Digital rights management using trusted processing techniques
System and method for securing wireless transmissions
Encrypting data objects to back-up
Multi-port system and method for routing a data element within an interconnection fabric
Map updating system and map updating program using dynamic cache memory
Method for high speed data transfer
Content display monitor
Terminal device and program
Optimization of data migration between storage mediums
Methods and apparatus for allocating bandwidth for a network processor
Systems and methods for detecting supported small form-factor pluggable (SFP) devices
Adjustment of post and non-post packet transmissions in a communication interconnect
System for adaptive lot sizing in cellular manufacturing for balancing workloads across multiple cells using split-then-merge operations and earliest completion route algorithm
Funnel shifter implementation
Method of reactive targeted advertising
Collaborative web browsing system
Identifying changes to media-device contents
Cloud-based server computing system for and method of providing cross-platform remote access to 3D graphics applications
Collaborative web browsing system having document object model element interaction detection
Method and apparatus for facilitating routing protocol redundancy in a network element
System and method of acquiring contents
Techniques for synchronizing application object instances
Method and system for light-weight SOAP transport for web services based management
Service providing system, a virtual machine server, a service providing method, and a program thereof
JRuby and SIP servlets integration
Method for data retrieval from a distributed data storage system
Communication apparatus, interface card, and failure handling method
Collaborative web browsing system integrated with social networks
System and method for evaluating outbound messages
Document generation apparatus, document generation system, document upload method, and storage medium
Efficient streaming server
Delivering a file
Distributing group of images associated with web page via number of data connections less than number of images in group
Data transfer apparatus, information processing apparatus and method of setting data transfer rate
Virtual communication techniques
Generating and/or providing access to a message based on portions of the message indicated by a sending user
Method for operating a network and a network
Survivable browsing in virtualized desktop environment when host connectivity is lost
Cluster server of an instant messaging system and messaging method between clusters
Expanded membership access control in a collaborative environment
Method for proximity determination between mobile peers while maintaining privacy
Data protection scheduling, such as providing a flexible backup window in a data protection system
Formation of special interest groups
IP network service redirector device and method
Methods, systems, and computer program products for protecting against IP prefix hijacking
Network-based verification and fraud-prevention system
Control device and method, program, and recording medium
Disaster response system
Direct sending and asynchronous transmission for RDMA software implementations
Constructing a logical, regular axis topology from an irregular topology
Relevant alert delivery in a distributed processing system
Use of a systems management tool to manage an integrated solution appliance
Methods and systems for presence publication using SIP register feature tags
System and method for loading web page using multiple paths in multiple interface circumstances
Metrology device for the automatic monitoring of a digital signal broadcast network and a broadcast network comprising one such metrology device
Remotely monitoring a data processing system via a communications network
Apparatus and method for providing content
System and method for modeling interdependencies in a network datacenter
Communication assets survey and mapping tool with data export feature
Transport layer connection
Method, apparatus and system to dynamically manage logical path resources
Method for extranet security
Distributed application using diagnostic heartbeating
Intelligent offline caching of non-navigated content based on usage metrics
Specifying predicted utility of information in a network
System and method of configuring a network
Determining a network address for managed devices to use to communicate with manager server in response to a change in a currently used network address
Managing tag clouds
Method and arrangement for configuring a device in a data network
Distributed backup and versioning
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling same, program and storage medium
Device and method for the partially or completely automatic commissioning of packs
Crowd Prediction and attendance forecasting
SIMD parallel computer system, SIMD parallel computing method, and control program
Selection-based resizing for advanced scrolling of display items
Assessment and rationalization of resiliency of data center strategies
Rule-based locale definition generation for a new or customized locale support
BRIAN: a basic regimen for intelligent analysis using networks
Systems and methods for rule inheritance
Method and apparatus for selectively storing blocks of data on a server
Machine translation with side information
Method and system for translation management of source language text phrases
Document object model (DOM) based page uniqueness detection
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Automated data analysis and transformation
System and method for geographically organizing and classifying businesses on the world-wide web
Clustering streaming graphs
Distributed system for interactive collaboration
Database system and method of optimizing cross database query
System and method for type-ahead address lookup employing historically weighted address placement
Storage apparatus and control method of the same
Method and system of providing verified content
Consolidating related task data in process management solutions
Recording apparatus and method for fat file
Synchronization of dissimilar databases
Computer-implemented information reuse
System and method for retrieving and normalizing product information
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, program, program storage medium, data delivery system, data structure, and manufacturing method of recording medium
Identifying computer users having files with common attributes
Ad retrieval for user search on social network sites
Document data processing device
Accessing snapshots of a time based file system
Systems and methods for rights protection of datasets with dataset structure preservation
System and method for providing answers to questions
Unified concurrent changes to data, schema, and application
Stream data processing method with multiple windows on single stream
In-memory data grid hash scheme optimization
Relevancy-based domain classification
Method for determining mask operation activities
Separate refinement of local wirelength and local module density in intermediate placement of an integrated circuit design
System and method for automatic standardization and verification of system design requirements
Implementation design support method and apparatus
Systems and methods for modeling compliant parts
Simulator of multi-core system employing reconfigurable processor cores and method of simulating multi-core system employing reconfigurable processor cores
Computing device and method for checking signal transmission line
Wiring design support apparatus, method and computer-readable recording medium
System and method for efficient modeling of NPskew effects on static timing tests
Computer-implemented method of preoperatively determining the optimized external shape of a prosthetic femoral hip stem
Coupled analysis simulation apparatus and coupled analysis simulation method
Simplified data signal support for diagramming environment languages
Straddle-type vehicle and combustion controller for straddle-type vehicle
Method and device for controlling power output of engine for working machine
Method for implementing a correct winding of a wire on a spool
Computer implemented system and method for enhancing web browsing
Computing system feature activation mechanism
Methods, systems, and media for masquerade attack detection by monitoring computer user behavior
Information processing system, information processing apparatus, method and program
Method and system for providing permission-based access to sensitive information
Method and system for content sharing and authentication between multiple devices
Methods and systems for providing a secure electronic mailbox
Apparatus and method for playback of digital content
System, method, and apparatus for management of media objects
Protecting content with initialization vector manipulation
Service cloud console
Meta channel based media system control technology
Backwards compatible real-time program guide capacity increase
Method of processing application in digital broadcast receiver connected with interactive network and the digital broadcast receiver
Content distribution systems and methods using digital images
Electronic device, control method for an electronic device, and recording medium
Systems and methods of processing programming wish list data
Pointing help system
Method for creation, management, and presentation of user-scoped navigation topologies for web applications
Method of single-handed software operation of large form factor mobile electronic devices
Systems and methods for resizing an icon
Touch inputs interacting with user interface items
Transmission and method of shift control for transmission
Method and system for determining node to be materialized
Control device for an automatic transmission
Automated file relocation
Method of controlling a vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine with a stop and start system
Web searching
Dynamic rules based query rewriting engine
System and method for implementing unique primary keys across enterprise databases
Out-of-band specification of metadata during database operations
Techniques for categorizing web pages
Methods, systems, and computer program products for providing an integrated knowledge management system
Intelligent open query cursor management
Method for identifying a remote device
Unified access control system and method for composed services in a distributed environment
Methods and apparatus for providing PMIP key hierarchy in wireless communication networks
System and method for user to verify a network resource address is trusted
Method, apparatus and computer program for supporting determination on degree of confidentiality of document
Method and system of data modelling
Information processing system and method of executing firmware
Translation map simplification
System and apparatus for group floating-point inflate and deflate operations
Managing a work product in a systems development lifecycle
Warning of register and storage area assignment errors
Method and system for building an application
Automating a governance process of optimizing a portfolio of services in a governed SOA
Calendar aware adaptive patching of a computer program
Method for encapsulating components hierarchically composed functions
Calendar aware adaptive patching of a computer program
Systems and methods for interrupting upgrades of content distribution systems
Method for updating data in accordance with rights management policy
Method and apparatus for dynamically instrumenting a program
Generating a common symbol table for symbols of independent applications
Dynamic optimization of mobile services
System and method for use in indicating execution of application code
Annotations for dynamic dispatch of threads from scripting language code
Adding instrumentation to a body of code to enable generation of code coverage data
Admission control in cloud databases under service level agreements
System for managing lifecycles for virtual image assets
Method for analyzing changes in a software code and software analysis system
Virtual machine hardware for RISC and CISC processors
Latency hiding of traces using block coloring
Semantic intensity based decomposition of software systems
Methods and apparatus for preserving precise exceptions in code reordering by using control speculation
Apparatus, method and program for processing information
Check-point based high availability: network packet buffering in hardware
Generating and automatically loading reduced operating system based on usage pattern of applications
ISA bridging including support for call to overidding virtual functions
Optimizing the configuration of virtual machine instances in a networked computing environment
Fixed-function consumer-electronics device providing general-computing functions with virtual machines
Method for the real-time ordering of a set of noncyclical multi-frame tasks
Server pool management method
Reduced data transfer during processor context switching
System and method for interprocess communication in electronic devices
Passive switched-capacitor filters conforming to power constraint
Compact switched-capacitor FIR filter implementation
System for optimizing a drilling operation and method for using same
Automated method and system for predicting high resolution tidal heights and currents in coastal zones
Performing constraint compliant crossovers in population-based optimization
Optimal multi-class classifier threshold-offset estimation with particle swarm optimization for visual object recognition
Research mission identification
Predicting the outcome of a chaotic system using Lyapunov exponents
Location and time sensitive wireless calendaring
System and method for aligning projects with objectives of an organization
Method and system for providing online records
Compass--computer system for employee evaluation and coaching
System and method of forecasting print job related demand
Secure protocol for transactions
Verification of a transactor's identity
User-personalized media sampling, recommendation and purchasing system using real-time inventory database
Interactive system for providing an individual with control of the collection/distribution and content management of transaction and activities data
Expedited seller registration
Consumer representation rendering with selected merchandise
System and method of delivering audio communications
Systems and methods for electronic gifting
Reciprocal linking arrangement between web pages
Business event processing
Automated compatibility checking for hardware/software purchases at time of purchase
Target marketing
Secured and selective runtime auditing services using a trusted computing device
System for resolving transactions
Method of reposting transactional documents
System and method for automatic scalping a tradeable object in an electronic trading environment
System and method for syndicated transactions
Identifying teaser surfers with time series credit history
Mutual fund customer identification
Electronic product registration system with customizable return/warranty programs
Computer-implemented system and method for providing summarization of spread and volume for securities order books
System and method for income planner
Securitization of sales participation certificates
Electronic trading system
User interface for semi-fungible trading
System and method for computing and sorting trip similarities using geo-spatial information
System for electronic re-allocation of a transaction amount to an investment
System and method for providing transactional credit
Universal positive pay match, authentication, authorization, settlement and clearing system
Dynamic asset allocation using stochastic dynamic programming
Syndicating ultrasound echo data in a healthcare environment
System and method for displaying a view of market depth on a graphical user interface
System, method and computer-readable storage medium for valuing a performance option
Drug fractional system using generic group code and universal drug number and method thereof
Secondary identification for remittance delivery
Invoicing system
Control, monitoring and/or security apparatus and method
Alert passwords for detecting password attacks on systems
Method and system for normalizing and comparing GPS data from multiple vehicles
Vehicle having active blind spot lighting and method
Meta channel based media system control technology
Methods and apparatus to present a video program to a visually impaired person
Techniques for aiding speech-to-speech translation
Voice search engine interface for scoring search hypotheses
Set-top-box with integrated encoder/decoder for audience measurement
Automatic tag extraction from audio annotated photos
Content-based audio playback emphasis
System and method for determining a personal SHG profile by voice analysis
Coding scheme selection for low-bit-rate applications
Speech recognition method, speech recognition apparatus and computer program
Arylamine polymer, method for producing the same, ink composition, film, electronic device, organic thin-film transistor, and display device
Apparatus and method for processing operations in parallel using a single instruction multiple data processor
Method for protecting multimedia data using additional network abstraction layers (NAL)
Techniques for rate matching and de-rate matching
First-point of entry (FPOE) method for multiple social networks and systems and methods for enabling users to interact democratically within open groups and for managing voting rights in an online social network environment
Method and apparatus for extending transport layer security protocol for power-efficient wireless security processing
Data security in a cloud computing environment
Computer virus protection
Network security architecture
Network security device and method
Method and system for providing persistence in a secure network access
Methods and apparatus for deriving, communicating and/or verifying ownership of expressions
Method for generating standard file based on steganography technology and apparatus and method for validating integrity of metadata in the standard file
Data collection apparatus and method thereof
Cloud data management
Managing connections in a data storage system
Mechanism for identifying malicious content, DoS attacks, and illegal IPTV services
Airport security system
Apparatus and method for monitoring certificate acquisition
System and method for policy based control of NAS storage devices
Method and system for establishing a trusted and decentralized peer-to-peer network
Distance-modified security and content sharing
Method and system for transmitting and receiving user's personal information using agent
VPN connection system and VPN connection method
Method and apparatus for secure authorization
Authentication apparatus and method for non-real-time IPTV system
Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
Digital signatures
System and method for variable length encryption
Batch settlement transactions system and method
System and method for generating a visual summary of previously viewed multimedia content
Program guide apparatus
Methods and apparatus for providing a channel history
Methods, media, and apparatus for intelligent selection of items encoded onto portable machine-readable entertainment media
Digital broadcast method, data receiving device, and data transmitting device
Program viewing apparatus and method
System and method for providing an interactive, visual complement to an audio program
System and method for controlling user's access to protected resources using multi-level authentication
Systems and methods for using incentives to increase advertising effectiveness
Client terminal for storing an initial program segment and appending a remaining program segment to provide a video program on demand
Fast channel change on a bandwidth constrained network
Unified management method and system for channel service as well as services on demand of stream media
Video switching and signal processing apparatus
Program guide on a remote control
Apparatus and method for managing set top boxes
Broadcasting receiver and television set
Method and apparatus for conditionally processing, storing, and displaying digital channel content in a television reception system
Key storage and retrieval in a breakout component at the edge of a mobile data network
Welding system and communication method for welding system
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Positionable cultivating apparatus for raised bed crops
Walk behind mower
Hitch control system with spring centered control lever
Round bale trailer
Uses of white corn hybrids
Apparatus, a system and a method for supporting an animal during grooming
Dental chew roll and method of making the same
Pet diaper garment
Lead with ergonomic handgrip
Controllable moving fence for livestock
Apparatus for production of striated, laminated lipid-based confections
Apparatus for extrusion of water-containing products
Smoking artifact
Smoking article comprising a wrapper containing a ceramic material
Method for generating small bubbles for a smoke-filled air stream
Prosthetic brassiere
Wig adjustable to the shape of the user's head and method for carrying out said adjustment
Method and assembly for increasing hair volume
Lighted hat
Bag for carrying a portable computer
Hair care appliances
Hot wax dispenser
Marking instrument and cosmetic pencil
Cosmetics brush
Toothbrush organizer
Latch mover for quick-mount support for telescoping slide
Two-way retainer for a slide track assembly of drawers
Mounting device for an infant's safety chair
Chair with synchronously moving seat and seat back
Folding sand beach chair
Foot elevating cushion
Chair structure
Portable traveller headrest
Fluidic control mounting system
Head restraint mechanism and method of making same
Chair arm mounted computer accessory support assembly
Personal entertainment arrangement
Downrod display
System and apparatus for holding an item in storage
Pants/skirts closet rack
Receptacle for tray display
Modular display rack system
Rug hooking workstation
Snowboard support and display rack
Salt dispenser for beverage bottle
Bag storing liquid and container storing the bag
Suspension holding device and method of use
Suspended materials having external slits
Motorized drapery pull system
Handle and light assembly for barbecue grills
Cooking apparatus
Cap for a container
Stir stick assembly for blender apparatus
Towel rail or towel holder
Irrigation drape
System and method for treating obstructive sleep apnea
Method and apparatus for aligning an X-ray source and detector at various source to image distances
Medical apparatus having a support table for treatment and/or examination of a subject thereon
Dental prosthesis fabrication and placement system and associated methods
Sets of posterior teeth
Apparatus for dental abrasive treatment of teeth
Oral appliance
Elastomeric force module for orthodontic treatment
Method for fabricating orthodontic appliances
Intravascular device with improved radiopacity
Spontaneous inflation inhibitor for inflatable prosthesis
Medical arm restraining device
Internal allotropy implement sexual aid utensil advanced PLUS
Mobile self-recovery lift chair
Obstacle traversing wheelchair
Mobile rehabilitative walker
Systems and methods for tracking pharmaceuticals within a facility
Enhancing therapeutic effectiveness of nitric oxide inhalation
Fluid resistant airway adapter
Endotracheal intubation assistance device
Secretion suctioning device and kit for intubated patients
Humidifier with structure to prevent backflow of liquid through the humidifier inlet
Systems and methods to facilitate the delivery of drugs
Methods and systems for providing right and/or left heart support during cardiac surgery
Helium gas total flood fire suppression system
Golf bags in semi-knocked down kit forms, golf bags assembled from such kits and an improved method of assembling golf bags
Skateboard leash
Snow scooter with rear mounted foot actuated brake
Binding system for and on a ski or snowboard
Gaming device with award and deduction proximity-based sound effect feature
Continuous play slot machine and retrofit kit
Method and system for wireless validation of gaming vouchers
Control apparatus and detecting device
Sanity system for video game
Use of multiple player real-time voice communications on a gaming device
Server for mapping application names to tag values in distributed multi-user application
Portable game board
Wheels for a wheeled vehicle
Swing with an extension frame
Animation device for head, mouth, arms and body of a toy
Toy train accessory
Toy-vehicle track section
Toy water gun
Conjuring tool for performing coin increasing trick
Performing Operations; Transporting
Centrally supported screen assembly
Method and apparatus for mixture separation
Noise muffler for oxygen concentrator
Automated cosmetics dispenser for point of sale cosmetics products
Mixer seal and bearing apparatus and method
Mixing rotary positive displacement pump for micro dispensing
Carbonation system and method
Cavitation mixer
Fluidic mixer in microfluidic system
Method and statistical micromixer for mixing at least two liquids
Valve assembly for microfluidic devices, and method for opening and closing the same
Pulse jet print head assembly having multiple reservoirs and methods for use in the manufacture of biopolymeric arrays
Recycling device and method
Grinding head
Transportable shredding machine
Crushing apparatus electrode and crushing apparatus
Mobile rock crushing plant
Papermaking refiner plates and method of manufacture
Flotation cell fluid level control apparatus
Multiway valve for sanitary fixtures
Shower head with nozzles having self cleaning tips
Fuel injection valve
Dispenser assembly for a fragrance or personal care bottle and a method of assembling same
Device for retaining and for inserting a flexible tube assembly into a fluid container
One-piece fluid nozzle
Cleaning nozzle and cleaning apparatus
Spraying device for spraying a coating product
Coating-powder spray gun
Powder paint color changer
Dual spray cleaning apparatus
Shortening saver
Air separator
Flat mail carrier and processing aid
Adding energy to a cleaning process fluid for removing photo resist, residues and particles from semiconductor substrates, photo masks, reticles, disks and flat-panel displays
Method for cleaning combustion devices
Apparatus and method for spooling of wire cores
Can end and method for fixing the same to a can body
Vehicle wheel with assembly under the rim seat
Clutch gear having boss part with spline and method for manufacturing the same
Method for producing steel slabs
High pressure centrifugal casting of composites
Sink compound laminate modeling process
Casting apparatus
High stiffness composition tool bar
Arrangement for the detachable mounting of a rotatable tool on a drive shaft
Universal substrate holder for treating objects in fluids
Airfoil machining using cup tool
Cutting insert
Throwaway insert and throwaway cutting tool
Concrete cutting saw having high and low speed blade arbors
Discharge surface treating electrode and production method thereof
Method of brazing and article made therefrom
Reflow soldering method
Flash welding process for field joining of tubulars for expandable applications
Method and apparatus for expanding a welded connection
Dissipative ceramic bonding tool tip
Ultrasonic bonding method of coated electric wires and ultrasonic bonding apparatus using same
Brazing fixtures and methods for fabricating brazing fixtures used for making feed-through assemblies
Robotic positioner
Slide system
Method for deciding a bevel curve, method for determining a locus of a bevel, method for processing a lens and apparatus for processing a lens
Battery operated electrical tool
System and method for reducing surface defects in integrated circuits
Polishing machines including under-pads and methods for mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical polishing of microfeature workpieces
Polishing apparatus and method, and wafer evacuation program
Methods and systems for generating a two-dimensional map of a characteristic at relative or absolute locations of measurement spots on a specimen during polishing
Polishing apparatus and method
System, method, and apparatus for in-situ acoustic emission monitoring of burnish heads in production during magnetic media cleaning or burnish process
Viscous electropolishing system
Blasting method for deburring junction part between main bore and branch bore
Microporous polishing pads
Workpiece connector for a power tool
Mushrooming expandable anchor
Clamp jaw
Gripper and method of manufacturing the gripper
Railroad e-clip removal system
Double-headed tent stake driver and puller having twin release levers
Air drill
Collapsible support assembly
Portable combination toolbox, workbench, and dispensing crib
Box spring stapler apparatus
Stapler apparatus
Manual tile cutter
Method and apparatus for cutting and polishing stone articles
Self-seal tire and manufacturing method of the same
Vibration absorbing hose
Fixing belt, fixing roller, production method thereof, fixing apparatus and image fixing method utilizing the apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink-jet printer and method for printing image material in an ink-jet printer
Printing apparatus, print control apparatus, and method for use in those apparatuses
Apparatus and method for printing using a coating solid
Printing apparatus, printing cartridge, and colorant container
Multiple orientation image forming device and carriage for use with same
Method for reducing the effects of printhead carrier disturbance during printing with an imaging apparatus
Timer device for a digital printer and method of printing
Method of ink jet printing with improved end of page printing
Ink drop detector configurations
Inkjet head and inkjet recording apparatus
Support member for a printhead
Microelectromechanical fluid ejection device
Printing head and ink jet printing apparatus which performs printing with the printing head
Ink jet recording head
Maintenance modules for fluid jet device
Ink jet head maintenance mechanism and ink jet printer equipped with the mechanism
Liquid jetting apparatus
One-way valve, valve unit assembly, and ink cartridge using the same
Ink jet print system including print cartridge
Systems and methods for refilling printing cartridges
Recording liquid container and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink replenishment system and method for a continuous flow ink jet printer
Reaction solution, set of reaction solution and ink, inkjet recording apparatus and image recording method
Variable mapping of nozzle rows to decrease dot placement artifacts of an inkjet printhead
Ink jet nozzle having actuator with anchor positioned between nozzle chamber and actuator connection point
Method and apparatus for recording images on both sides of a recording sheet
Printhead assembly arranged within a media tray assembly
Keyboard with built-in microphone
Non-skid attachment for writing pad
Stick-like object receiving member and barrel provided with stick-like object receiving member
Pen having unwindable note paper sheet
Pneumatic tire including slant main grooves and sipes
Tire bead reinforcement comprising discontinuous reinforcing elements
Tire assembling release machine for industrial vehicle wheels
Pneumatic tire with carcass ply including main cords and auxiliary cords
Tire having an overlay for noise improvement
Combination hitch-mountable utility cart
Truck operated transfer system apparatus and method
Coil spring mounting structure for suspension strut
Air suspension system with air shut off valve
Mean pressure estimation for compressible fluid strut
Torsion beam suspension
Joint, particularly a ball-and-socket joint for chassis parts in a motor vehicle
Vehicle air conditioner with ejector refrigerant cycle
Backlite retention system
Retractable vehicle cover
Vehicle with door capable of swinging horizontally
Retractable roof fixing apparatus
Vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a fuel cell and method of making a vehicle
Clutch having a multiple pole electromagnetic actuator for transfer cases and the like
Valve for a hydraulic drive apparatus
Two-wheel/four-wheel drive switching device for vehicle
Four-wheel-drive vehicle
Drive system control method and drive power transmission control system for vehicle
Dashboard of a passenger motor vehicle and method of making same
Hybrid vehicle driving device
Axle assembly with parallel drive system for electric hybrid vehicles
Composite profiled section
Seat position detection unit
Molded safety seat
Vehicle seat with seat cushion tip-up structure
Mounting anchor for a motor vehicle
Sinking seat for a vehicle
Automotive seat safety mechanism
Occupant protecting device
Seat suspension
Seat cover for all types of seats in motor vehicles or planes
A-frame mounted on a flat bed trailer
Integrated truck box and removable insert
Lighted tie down anchor and method for using same
Munitions trailer
Interior lighting system of a motor vehicle and a method for controlling the same
Driver observation system
Computer keyboard with release clip
Vehicle-mounted electronic apparatus
Air bag activation device
Pyrotechnic inflator for a vehicular airbag system
Passenger air bag system for vehicles
Pregnancy seat belt
Articulating lock adjustable turning loop
Sensor for a feedback control system
Security chain anchors
Stowable steps
Retrofittable storage container adapted for placement under the hood of a motorized vehicle
Hook device
Servo brake booster with two differentiated fixed and variable jumps
Electrohydraulic pressure control device
Vehicle anti-lock brake system and method
Securing device for cargo restraining apparatus
Electric contact coupling
Cart frame generator
Plastic bendless legs for buckets
Stair-climbing hand truck
Tandem stroller with side entry and associated fold actuator
Seat forming member and head protector of child-care instrument
Steering shaft for energy absorbing steering column and manufacturing method thereof
Back-up steering system for track laying vehicles
Chassis frame module and method of use for same
Vehicle electrical distribution system and method of use therefor
Device for reinforcing a hollow element of a motor vehicle
Vehicle sleeper panel design
Vehicle tailgate with supplemental tailgate having vertical extension mode
Reinforced payload container
Modular cab, sleeper and roof structural assembly for a truck-tractor vehicle
Body frame of a riding tractor
Hiker's trail carrier
Trailer hitch
Fifth wheel release tool
Track for all terrain vehicle
Foldable tricycle
Caliper for a disk brake and support element for a caliper for a disk brake
Lubricating device for motorcycle engine
Method and apparatus for providing fluid transfer between a marine platform and a service vessel
Watersport board fin assembly and methods of using same
Apparatus and method for a gliding board for fluid riding sports
Semi-submersible multicolumn floating offshore platform
Self-contained, emergency marker for attaching to, and selectively ascending from, a diver's buoyancy control device
Device for maintaining tension on lift cables
Aquatic alarm, security and rescue station
Weed deflector for an outboard motor water intake
Pod unit
Composite components with integral protective casings
Aircraft lift device for low sonic boom
Gas distribution system in an airplane
Mounting arrangement for a gas turbine engine
Pilot director light utilizing light emitting diode (LED) technology
Self-deploying funnel
Odor control assembly
Needle-free injection system
Depressurizing pump assemblies and closures for beverage container
Stretch wrap transportable container and method
Container with flexible panels
Refrigerator liquid dispenser
Bulk bag with support system
Single-use container
Pouring spout for containers made of metal or a similar material
Dispensing closure for spreadable product
Collapsible tortilla support apparatus
Passive interlock structure
Separable bowl forming carton
Self-telescoping storage enclosure
Cap device for mixing different kinds of materials separately contained therein and in bottle
Locking filler cap
Photograph holder
Touch up cosmetic compact
Film multipackage
Tool holding and displaying device
Flexible mixing pouch with aseptic burstable internal chambers
Anti-clog shaker system
Wound film dispenser with exterior retainer and method of manufacturing same
Personal digital assistant pocket ejector
Crossbow case
Industrial reel wrap with overlapping end tabs
Octagon shaped stackable flexible intermediate bulk container and method of maufacture
Bulk bag with seamless bottom
Spiral conveyor apparatus with automatic flow control
Bushing system for live roller conveyor
Circulating type food and drink transport apparatus
Adjustable length conveyor bed
Conveying installation for transporting goods
Metal frame sorter with wear strip
Blade pulley
Case turning apparatus and method for a palletizer
Control mechanism, an installation and a method for transporting bulk material, granular material or powdery material through a conveyor line
Sheet guiding system and image forming device with sheet guiding system
Splicing tape application device with rigid electrostatic charge eliminator
Method for controlling an elevator group
Method for modernization of an elevator installation
Motorcycle lift
Dual diluent post-mix beverage dispenser
Caulk gun pressurizing system
Folded longitudinal torsional hinge for gimbaled MEMS mirror
Method for protecting the diaphragm and extending the life of SiC and/or Si MEMS microvalves
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal/ceramic bonding article and method for producing same
Chemical mechanical polishing aqueous dispersion and chemical mechanical polishing method
Portable tar heating and melting apparatus
Stainless steel fuel tank for automobile
Method of cleaning CVD device and cleaning device therefor
Semiconductor processing reactive precursor valve assembly
Textiles; Paper
Combination weave using twisted and nontwisted yarn
Exercise rug with contours
Device for driving one or several pile carriers for the selection of one or several pile yarns
Fixed Constructions
Lateral load bearing structural cantilevered system such as highway guardrail and bridge rail systems
Method and means for making an embankment
Retaining wall anchoring system
Flow controlling hydrant structure
Forming panel with extruded elongated threaded slot for receiving threaded attachment members
Fence assembly with connectors
Electronically-operable door strike with guard clip, springless solenoid and face plate
One-touch-actuated multipoint latch system for doors and windows
Premium door locking system
Access panel latching system
Refrigeration unit
Pinch resistant hinge and joint construction for upward acting sectional doors
Collapsible secure container
Universal brackets for roller shade
Operating unit for a window covering
Cord stopper for window blind assembly
Extension ladder having an anti-slipping mechanism
Safety support for ladders
Superabrasive cutting elements with cutting edge geometry having enhanced durability, method of producing same, and drill bits so equipped
Drill bits with reduced exposure of cutters
Service rig with torque carrier
Stabilizer device for rotary string of drill rods with reduced friction
Apparatus and methods for anchoring and orienting equipment in well casing
Borehole retention device
Well reference apparatus and method
Plunger conveyed plunger retrieving tool and method of use
Method and apparatus for forming an annular barrier in a wellbore
Expanding wellbore junction
System and method for polymer filter cake removal
Boring tool control using remote locator
Method for utilizing microflowable devices for pipeline inspections
Mitigating risk by using fracture mapping to alter formation fracturing process
Mini disk bit
Frictional mining bolt
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary engine
Methods and apparatus for assembling gas turbine engines
Compressor casing with passive tip clearance control and endwall ovalization control
Low cycle fatigue life (LCF) impeller design concept
Valve drive system for four-stroke engine
Camshaft with curvature
Avoid drawing air into VCT chamber by exhausting oil into an oil ring
Variable valve timing controller
Variable valve lift mechanism for an engine
Method of producing a gas shuttle valve of an internal combustion engine
Connection between a stem end on a gas exchange valve in an internal combustion engine and a sleeve-like actuator body of a valve actuator
System and method for actuating an engine valve
Lubricating system for 4-cycle engine
Oil cooler bypass valve
Resonating device for a pneumatic surgical instrument
Exhaust sound and emission control systems
Coolant transfer machine for automotive vehicle & method
Combustion chamber
Power system
Oil circuit for twin cam internal combustion engine
Two-cycle combustion engine having two-staged piston
Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines
In-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Spring-supported crankshaft coupling structure for engine
Noise reduction conduit for static components in aircraft engines
Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine
Nitrous oxide/fuel injector for air intake to internal combustion engine
Apparatus and method for exhaust gas flow management of an exhaust gas recirculation system
EGR/air mixing intake manifold with dual orientations
High-pressure fuel injection pipe having connecting head
Valve assembly having multiple rate shaping capabilities and fuel injector using same
Fuel injector
Fluid actuated engine starting system and method for a hybrid vehicle powertrain
Combustion-assisted engine start/stop operation with cylinder/valve deactivation
Low current extended duration spark ignition system
Portable power generating devices
Small scale actuators and methods for their formation and use
Axially aligned dual piston cylinder air pump with a common head portion
Discharge muffler placement in a compressor
Device for the metered delivery of a viscous liquid
Dosing pump
External gear pump with pressure fluid pre-loading
Gas compressor
Variable capacity rotary compressor
Scroll compressor having a back pressure chamber comprising high and middle pressure chambers
Variable flow water pump
High pressure multi-stage centrifugal blower
Fan assembly
Grooved shaft member and associated turbocharger and method
Ceiling fan blade mounting assembly for ceiling fan
Recirculation structure for turbo chargers
Fan blade with improved mix flow fan
Anti-noise and anti-vortex stabilizer
Gas pressure driven fluid pump having magnetic valve control mechanism and method
Plurality of vacuum generation units
Microvalve for controlling fluid flow
Anchor nut device for attachment to a structure
Wheel nut and fastening element
Detachable fastener including a screw element and a securing ring
Tamper resistant screw
Rod connector assembly
Clamping element and device for fixing cam rails
Linear guide rail and linear guide rolling die
Oil-circulating structure for fan
Hydraulic bearing
Method and device for adjusting bearing assembly for a wheel hub
Hinged annular shaft flange
Drive apparatus
Compressed air actuated clutch interlock for clutched power take off unit
Snap-in balance piston
Automatic transmission start-up device
Electromagnetic clutch having ball ramp actuator and torsion spring
Magnet type clutch device or magnet type fan clutch device
Fluid friction clutch
Disk brake
Spring assembly
Vibration isolation table
Damping structure and applications
Active dynamic beater
Assembly with ball-joint connection for a master cylinder equipped with such an assembly, and method of assembling such an assembly
Metal gasket
Sheet brush seal
Automatically disengaging spacing mechanism for a mechanical seal
Shaft sealing device having a positioning ring and a retaining ring thereof
Steam turbine packing spring
Permeable gas assembly for gas delivery
High pressure oxygen valve
Cold-hot water faucet
Fire hydrant protective cover and visibility marker
Compact integrated flanged isolator ball valve
Rotary slide
Valve component with multiple surface layers
High capacity globe valve
Motor control device for flow control device
Solenoid valve
Electro-magnetically operable device
Magnetically-operated relief valves
Partial stroke valve test apparatus
Balanced plug valve
Fluid pressure reduction device
Hook closure and pipe clip with such a hook closure
Pipe, piping system, radiant heating system, and kit
Electrical connector
Safety coupling for air hoses
Reversible dual size plumbing end cap
Enhancement of profiled tubular lining systems by channel augmentation
Prefabricated insulation for HVAC ductwork and other fluid conduits
Digital pressurization compound terminal
Light string assembly
Suspension lamp having quick connection function
Ultrasonically induced plumbing-free controllable plurality of fountains and fog (ULIFOG)
Illumination apparatus for planar display device
Backlight unit for a liquid crystal display including a reflection member receiving chassis
Wood burner with improved emissions
Portable barbecue pit
Cooking grate with removable central wok ring
Method and apparatuses for gas ranges
Ventilation system with humidity responsive ventilation controller
Air diffuser
Cold water inlet for reducing accumulation of scale
Solution heat exchanger for absorption refrigerating machine
Heat exchanger
Expansion valve
Method of improving the temperature profile of a furnace
Heat exchanger
Cooling apparatus having low profile extrusion
Fluid conveying tube and vehicle cooler provided therewith
Heat sink apparatus with air duct
Normal-flow heat exchanger
Heat exchanger plate and such a plate with a gasket
Heat dissipation assembly
Tube and heat exchanger having the same
Firearm laser training system and method employing modified blank cartridges for simulating operation of a firearm
Paintball munition chamber and paintball gun utilizing the same
Training device and method for training a shooter to shoot with improved accuracy
Temperature differential eliminator
Electronic thermometer with a directionally adjustable LCD display
Underground storage tank metering system in a service station environment
High-precision method and apparatus for evaluating creep damage
Sample holder for differential thermal analysis
Method and apparatus for machine location
Projection display device
Image enhancement and aberration corrections in a small real image projection system
Retroreflective articles having moire-like pattern
Adaptive optic lens and method of making
Multi-band direct vision prism
Optoelectronic package and fabrication method
Optical connector having a housing with a plate-like spring locking an optical fiber ferrule therein
Fiber optic connector with long terminus movement and moderate length
Apparatus and methods for micro-positioning and alignment
Pluggable optical transceiver latch
High reliability precision latch
Eye shield attachment device and assembly
Support strap for holding eyewear on hats
Glasses structure
Bi-aspherical type progressive-power lens
Optical device, method for manufacturing optical device, and projector
Display device and display optical system unit
Method and apparatus for reducing scattered light in a projection system
Manufacturing method of light shielding blade material
Operating unit for the setting devices of a watch and watches incorporating such a unit
Timepiece external part and method of manufacturing the part
Process and system for piloting an aircraft
Pressure control system for low pressure operation
Pilot valve
Pressure proportional control valve
Fluid supply failure protection valve
Single-lever thermostatic cartridge using ceramic disks
Mounting apparatus for storage devices
Circuit and method for correcting influence of AC coupling
Portable instrument for electro-optically reading indicia and for projecting a bit-mapped image
Code reader
Imaging method, imaging apparatus, and image information management system
3D projection with image recording
Operations on images having glyph carpets
Method for carrying out votes, referendums and polls and system for the implementation thereof
ATM currency cassette arrangement
Dual station coin-operated vending machine
Electronic signature capability in a gaming machine
Method and apparatus for encoding vouchers in a casino gaming system
Slot-type poker game
Method and apparatus for remote gaming
Systems and methods for determining an authorization threshold
Pinch-roller unit of a magnetic recording/reading apparatus
Container with information display
Sensor stripe encapsulation layer in a read/write head
Methods and devices for aligning and determining the focusing characteristics of x-ray optics
Display panel and method of fabricating the same
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus for a gas discharge panel
Reflecting device for flat panel displays and method of making the same
Method of fabricating field emission display employing carbon nanotubes
Method for on-line testing of a light emitting panel
Method for mounting electronic components on substrates
Wafer load lock and magnetically coupled linear delivery system
Alignment of semiconductor wafers and other articles
Lift pin alignment and operation methods and apparatus
Heat sink assembly
Cooler for electrical and/ or electronic components, linked to present cooling needs
Connection unit between substrated and component and method for fabricating connection unit
Adjustable-width, dual-connector card module
Adapter for mini-coaxial cable
Electrical connector for flat cable
Electric connector
Card connector
Self-cleaning connector
Connector, a connector assembly, a jig, and a method for withdrawing a terminal in a connector
Electrical connector with terminal position assurance device
Cooking assembly with a safety device
Universal computer cable connector protector cover
Electrical plug with pivotable and retractable terminals
Electrical connector
Plug connector having a housing and a clamping insert
Electrical connector
Coupler device for power supply facility
Electrode-pad package that is removable from an electrode-pad lead and method for opening the package
Electrical device connector and method therefor
Electrical cord plug lock
Quick interconnection system for electronic devices
Power supply releasing device
Modular jack having an anti-mismating member to prevent incorrect insertion of a smaller sized plug
Connector preventive of incomplete fitting
Card edge coaxial connector
Connector cap to inhibit damage to a connector due to electrostatic discharge
High definition multimedia interface connector
Connector having signal contacts and ground contacts in a specific arrangement
Electrical connector having retention system
Connectors having circuit protection
Snap fitting electrical connector
Electrical connector having improved contact
Cylindrical electric connection apparatus with alternate lamination of dielectric layer and conductor layer, wiring member used for the apparatus, and method of manufacturing the wiring member
Plug connector for use in standard transfer
Connector with piercing contact
Coupling fixture for inserting power supply input sockets
Meter box ground clamp
Mounting rail adapter
Image recording apparatus
User-interface for a projection device
Projection arrangement for correcting for image distortions
Image projecting apparatus
Housing construction for rack-mounted electronic equipment
Microphone shroud and related method of use
Wire retainer
Electric device with water resistant housing
Adjustable apparatus to support an electronic device within a rack
Tool caddy
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