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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Carbon dioxide control system for aquaculture
Aquaculture pump system and method
UAV-enforced insect no-fly zone
Termite extermination method and termite extermination device
Rodent shield
Scrubber system
Compositions and methods for target delivering a bioactive agent to aquatic organisms
Method of making a tobacco product
Anti-tamper atomizer and electronic cigarette
Wear-reducing anchor point for a bra support underwire
Face armor
Shoe system with interchangeable uppers
Safety baton
Ergonomic garment carrier
Hair dryer
Nail clipping and cutting device
Continuous force spring elevatable work platform
Chair and chair tilt control assembly
Seat adjustment system
Shoe removal assist device
Reconfigurable pillow with dual infant support pillows
Shower control
Bathtub seat
Vacuum cleaner noise and vibration reduction system
Methods and devices for removing tissue from a patient
Suture passer instruments and methods for their use
Bone positioning device and method
System and method for aligning hair follicle
System and method of potential equalization monitoring for medical devices
Vibration sensitive ablation device and method
Medical devices for modulating nerves
Systems and methods for measuring mechanical properties of deformable materials
Apparatus and method for outputting heart sounds
Rhythm discrimination using information indicative of lead motion
Electromyography response detection systems and methods
Method and apparatus for determing the coronary sinus vein branch accessed by a coronary sinus lead
RMS electrocardiography system and method
Ultrasonic probe, and photoacoustic-ultrasonic system and inspection object imaging apparatus including the ultrasonic probe
Method of measuring electrical resistance value of corneal trans-epithelium
Evaluation aid and evaluation device
Non-resistive contact electrosonic sensor systems
Ultrasound diagnostic device and method for controlling ultrasound diagnostic device
Absorbent cleaning and securement devices and methods
Dental light device
Seal for teeth whitening trays
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket having undercuts and related methods
Dental implant
Crosslinked coatings delivered by a balloon
Methods and systems for making a blood vessel sleeve
Heart surgery apparatus
Expandable tissue space implant and method of use
Patient-specific guide for acetabular cup placement
Quick release prosthetic connector
Stents with radiopaque markers
MEMS device and method for delivery of therapeutic agents
Extremity surgical positioning device
Swallowing air pulse therapy mouthpiece and method for the use thereof
Active substance combination of licochalcone A and phenoxyethanol
Ophthalmic and contact lens solutions using choline
Methods of reducing blood lactate concentration
Chlorophyll c containing degranulation suppressor
Crystal form
Therapeutic formulation and methods of treatment
Pro-drug form (P2PDox) of the highly potent 2-pyrrolinodoxorubicin conjugated to antibodies for targeted therapy of cancer
Methods and systems for treating or preventing cancer
Combination growth factor therapy and cell therapy for treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the organs
Thermo-modified nutshells and methods of treating diarrhea, adsorbing toxins, promoting growth and improving the overall health
HCV protease inhibitors and uses thereof
Flowable collagen-based hemostat and methods of use
Methods for diagnosing and treating neuroendocrine cancer
Cosmetic tissue comprising microemulsion particles, and production method for same and method of using same
Personal care solid granules that sustain essential oils and or plant herbal extracts that emulsify in hot water creating therapeutic solution
Vesicle composition
Toothpaste for electric toothbrushes
4-oxo-2-pentenoic acid and skin pigmentation
Polymer release system
Cholestosome vesicles for incorporation of molecules into chylomicrons
Dry-coated tablet
Oral complex composition comprising pseudoephedrine and levocetirizine
Cardiac support system and a cardiac support method
Apparatus and method for maintaining patient temperature during a procedure
Laryngeal mask airway device
Device for supplying gas to a patient
Needle assembly attachment and removal device
Needle safety device
Joint mechanism
Implantable systems and methods for use therewith for monitoring and modifying arterial blood pressure without requiring an intravascular pressure transducer
Cost-effective systems and methods for enhanced normothermia
Insulator layers for leads of implantable electric stimulation systems and methods of making and using
Implantable medical device charge balance assessment
Electrical stimulation of cell and tissue growth with two-and three-dimensionally patterned electrodes
System to provide myocardial and neural stimulation
Connectorized cochlear implant systems and methods
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Device and method for treating cells
Agents and methods for relieving muscle spasms
Low frequency neurostimulator for the treatment of neurological disorders
Fiber embedded hollow needle for percutaneous delivery of laser energy
Validating a compensator for use in a radiation therapy machine to treat a cancer patient
Brachytherapy template adaptor
Rescue strap
Air filtering devices and methods
Hand weight device
Stability and strength training device
Integrated step and jump exercise device
Workout bench
Method and system for virtual hiking
Safety harness for climbing tree stand
Volleyball practice assembly
Electronic matching board game
Suction cup character and capsule assembly
Bubble blowing assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter media including polymer compositions and blends
Multi-pollutant abatement device and method
Composite hollow fiber membrane and hollow fiber membrane module
Hexagonal oxidation catalyst
Slurry mixer discharge gate adapter with transitioning cross-sectional geometry
Beverage aeration
Internal batch mixer with three-wing non-intermeshing rotors
Microcapsules adapted to rupture in a magnetic field to enable easy removal of one substrate from another for enhanced reworkability
CO slip catalyst and method of using
Multi-acid polymers and methods of making the same
Fluid manipulator having flexible blister
Detecting passing of unintended objects through throat of under-sink disposal
Sink disposal and metal sensor
Application robot having a connection unit for different applicators
Infrastructures for variable rate water distribution systems
Plural component coating application system with a compressed gas flushing system and spray tip flip mechanism
Laser additive manufacturing using filler material suspended in a liquid carrier
Ultrasonic cleanser
Liquid spray device
Dental tool cleaning device
Controlled verified remediation of excavated spoil
Cleaning method of contaminated soils
Machine and method for treating cast components
Pivotable tundish and a method for continuous casting a metal alloy, use of a pivotable tundish and an elongated cast bar of a metal alloy
Injection molding pressure relief and assist
Machine tool
System and method for flux coat, reflow and clean
Plate heat exchanger
Embedded heat exchanger for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and methods
Transfer center for machining at least one workpiece
Rotating swivel brush for external cleaning of tubulars
Burnishing head
Clamp horse
Socket wrench
Nut driving cleaning system
Hand tool frame
Magnetic pick-up device
Metalized receiver/transfer media for printing and transfer process
Apparatus, method and computer program product for drawing image on thermal medium
Thermal head, thermal printer and manufacturing method for the thermal head
Optical writing device, image forming apparatus, and optical writing method
Inkjet head chip and inkjet print head using the same
Information presentation apparatus
Carbon dioxide feedback for automobile
Worksite proximity warning and collision avoidance system
Seat control device, method, and program
Remote ignition, theft detterence, and records keeping system for a vehicle
System and method for utilizing traffic signal information for improving fuel economy and reducing trip time
Applicator for in particular manually controlled application of a light-curable composite material and arrangement of a light source on the applicator
Tabletop earring storage organizer display device
Chip discharge device of machine tool
Cosmetic container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Catalyst composition for the selective conversion of synthesis gas to light olefins
Antiviral compounds
4'-azido, 3'-deoxy-3'-fluoro substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of HCV RNA replication
Dual GLP-1/glucagon receptor agonists
Cellulose phosphate powder product and process for manufacture thereof, and application to removal of contaminants from aqueous solutions
Fibrinogen preparations enriched in fibrinogen with an extended alpha chain
Fixed Constructions
Compact profile water catchment and soil treatment system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel vapor treatment apparatus
Slide device and slide assembly
Variable-color accessory and variable-color device applied thereto
Position measuring arrangement
Device and method for the dimensional characterization of a cylindrical object
Referencing of the beating spectra of frequency combs
Volume hologram, light source device, illumination device, monitor, and image display device
Method and system for providing navigation assistance on a mobile device
Method of monitoring soot mass in a particulate filter and monitoring system for same with correction for active regeneration inefficiency
System for detecting operating errors in a variable valve timing engine using pressure sensors
System and components for evaluating the performance of fire safety protection devices
Refractive index distribution measuring method and apparatus, and method of producing optical element thereof, that use multiple transmission wavefronts of a test object immersed in at least one medium having a different refractive index from that of the test object and multiple reference transmission wavefronts of a reference object having known shape and refractive index distribution
Method and apparatus for distinguishing radiation emitted by targets and non-targets during surgical laser procedures
Method for measuring physical property values of a cell
Extracting gene-gene interactions from gene expression data
Device and method for an atomic force microscope for the study and modification of surface properties
Data relay device and data relay method
System and method to provide multiple private networks using PBB
Adaptively maintaining quality of service (QoS) in distributed PBX networks
Wireless mesh network system and control method thereof, and wireless device
Power management for passive optical networks
Method and receiver for controlling the conformance of a data flow in a communication system to a traffic definition
Adaptive, wireless automatic identification system pilot port interface
Integrated circuit arrangement for test inputs
Safety input device
Systems and methods of profiling power cycles in a battery for indicating detrimental battery operation
High definition scintillation detector for medicine, homeland security and non-destructive evaluation
Determining a position of an object of a positioning network associated with a marine survey arrangement
Method and system for passive electroseismic surveying
Visibility determination in environments containing airborne dust particles
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Analytical laser ablation of solid samples for ICP, ICP-MS and FAG-MS analysis
Method for making enclosures filled with liquid and closed by a membrane
Photonic modulation of a photonic band gap
Display device, notably for a motor vehicle
Wide bandwidth, low loss photonic bandgap fibers
Imaging laser diodes with a lightwave circuit
Optoelectronic transmission device having solar cell unit
Lens apparatus
Lens unit, image capturing lens, image capturing device and portable terminal
Sagnac interferometric switch utilizing faraday rotation
Optical film and liquid crystal display device
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Shadow elimination in the backlight for a 3-D display
Azo compound and salts thereof, as well as dye-based polarization films and polarizing plates comprising the same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal panel
Image capturing apparatus
Image taking system
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Device manufacturing method, lithographic apparatus and a computer program
Apparatus and method to control vacuum at porous material using multiple porous materials
Camera lens and image capturing device using the same
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus with locking member for spacing components of the apparatus and preventing movement of components of the apparatus
Image forming apparatus featuring a developer replenishing device
Methods for operating development station auger
Development station with dual drive
Image forming apparatus and method using different transfer voltages when recording material is heated in different image forming modes using different numbers of heating device
Limited ozone generator transfer device
Recording medium peeling device, image forming device and adjustment method
Image heating apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having air duct facing fixing member
Timepiece with calendar mechanism including first date indicator and second date indicator
Methods and apparatus for a universal device controller using peer to peer communication
Biometric authentication apparatus
Method and device for activating an automatic piloting mode of an aircraft
Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating power in a data center
Systems, methods and devices for regulation or isolation of backup power in memory devices
Method for determining a state associated with a transaction
Controller for disk array device, data transfer device, and method of power recovery process
Exposing application performance counters for .NET applications through code instrumentation
Intelligent rolling upgrade for data storage systems
Disaster recovery replication throttling in deduplication systems
Preventing illicit communications
Disaster recovery failback
Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Data processing semiconductor device
Generating security validation code automatically
Information processing apparatus and memory protection method
Method and apparatus for providing an asymmetric encrypted cookie for product data storage
Method and apparatus for transparently instrumenting an application program
Method and apparatus for dispersed storage memory device utilization
Hardware throughput saturation detection
Magnetic connector for data and power transfer
SATA mass storage device emulation on a PCIe interface
Display apparatus, video signal transmission method for display apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and transmission method of video signal
Image processing apparatus and recording apparatus
Printer resource sharing in a media exchange network
Image forming system and image forming apparatus settings search method using WS-discovery
Application function extension method, system, and program
Templates with static parameter caching
Process for communication between a device running a mobile device platform and a server over the air, as well as related system
Network administration tool
System for synchronizing to a mobile device server
Providing a local device with computing services from a remote host
Wireless device address book updates
Digital media resource messaging
UDP broadcast for user interface in a download and configuration gaming system
Data communication in a picture archiving and communications system network
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, method for controlling information processing apparatus, and program
Device profile-based media management
Method and apparatus for providing device compatibility information
Proxy cache technology
Platform component architecture (PCA)-based system, method and application designer
Policy realization framework of a communications network
Method and apparatus for internet traffic monitoring by third parties using monitoring implements
Terminal apparatus, relay apparatus, processing method, recording medium, and data signal
Placement of virtual machines based on server cost and network cost
Multiple correlation measures for measuring query similarity
Credential categorization
Method and system for remotely directing a fishing tournament
Rich content in a browser-based work processor
Automated assembly of a complex document based on production constraints
Workflow executing device, preview creating method
Unified data architecture for business process management
Method for determining sampling rate and device therefor
Digital signal-processing structure and methodology featuring engine-instantiated, wave-digital-filter componentry, and fabrication thereof
Method and system for assessing pronunciation difficulties of non-native speakers
Content management and delivery system
System and method for controlling the storage of redundant electronic files to increase storage reliability and space efficiency
Compensation data prediction
Method and system for managing a data object so as to comply with predetermined conditions for usage
Method and system for ranking results and providing lists of experts from social networks
Log streaming facilities for computing applications
Method and system for managing a data object so as to comply with predetermined condition for usage
Segmentation of search topics in query logs
Organization system for distributed items
Sorting large data sets
Automatic routing system with variable width interconnect
Automation using spine routing
Method and system for specifying system level constraints in a cross-fabric design environment
Automated framework for programmable logic device implementation of integrated circuit design
Signature based duplicate extraction
Parametric yield improvement flow incorporating sigma to target distance
Transmission synchronisation method and device for at least two transmissions
Obstacle following sensor scheme for a mobile robot
Control device for internal combustion engine
Skid steer machine with automatic operating ratio change system
System and method for knock detection based on ethanol concentration in fuel
Real-time traffic condition measurement using network transmission data
Self-authentication communication device and device authentication system
Garage management system
Using biometrics as an encryption key
Securing asynchronous client server transactions
Framework for specifying access to protected content
Image processing device and image data transmission method
Managing graphical user interface objects in a computing environment
Automatically correlating transaction events
Program receiving apparatus, program transmission/reception system, program reception method, program, and recording medium
Content display device, television receiver, content display method, content display control program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for user interface of input devices
Increasing conductive polymer life by reversing voltage
Surfacing reference work entries on touch-sensitive displays
Driving circuit for driving a liquid crystal display panel
Apparatus, system and method for an icon driven tile bar in a graphical user interface
User interface for engineered systems asset analysis
Graphical user interface (GUI) including input files with information that determines representation of subsequent content displayed by the GUI
Method for executing menu in mobile terminal and mobile terminal using the same
Browser navigation for devices with a limited input system
Printing apparatus and method of controlling printing
System and method for conveying rendering intents
Providing print operations to virtually any client regardless of the computing environment of the client
Apparatus and method for creating an electronic version of printed matter
Printing system and bottleneck obviation through print job sequencing
Image processing apparatus, method, and computer-readable medium, in which data is compressed according to a lossless or lossy compression method
Information processing apparatus, and network setting method
Information processing apparatus, printing method, printing system, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
Data transfer system and associated products
Scalable deduplication system with small blocks
Mechanism for co-located data placement in a parallel elastic database management system
Storage system and control method for the same
Session-based dynamic search snippets
Hosting edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
Ranking system
Programmable logic device
Managing electronic devices using an electronic device as a root of trust
Synchronizing commands and dependencies in an asynchronous command queue
Accessing value for local variable from function call stack upon offset matching with instruction extracted stack pointer offset or from cache
Code analysis via ranged values
Utility computing system having co-located computer systems for provision of computing resources
Binary code change vulnerability prioritization
Compiling method, compiling apparatus and computer system for a loop in a program
Maintenance of over the air upgradeable wireless communication device software
Nested virtualization performance in a computer system
Nested virtualization performance in a computer system
Method of designing integrated circuit that accounts for device aging
Virtualizing the execution of homogeneous parallel systems on heterogeneous multiprocessor platforms
Reducing processing overhead and storage cost by batching task records and converting to audit records
Method for decentralized load distribution in an event-driven system using localized migration between physically connected nodes and load exchange protocol preventing simultaneous migration of plurality of tasks to or from a same node
System partitioning to present software as platform level functionality including mode logic to maintain and enforce partitioning in first and configure partitioning in second mode
System and method for displaying degraded traffic data on an in-trail procedure (ITP) display
Scanner registration systems and methods for providing a notification of a scanner re-registration requirement when statistics are outside predetermined registration range
Printing variable data on a variety of different pre-printed stocks
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processor, image processing method, and computer program product
Method for detecting ground glass opacity using chest computed tomography
Method and system for converting at least one first-spectrum image into a second-spectrum image
Apparatus for generating an image of moving object
Image processing apparatus, image forming apparatus and computer readable medium
Method for watermarking free view video with blind watermark detection
Image processing apparatus
Failure analysis method, apparatus, and program for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of performing facial recognition using genetically modified fuzzy linear discriminant analysis
Image processing apparatus, image reproducing system and computer-readable medium
Extension of truncated CT images for use with emission tomography in multimodality medical images
Method for sample cell analysis using a virtual analysis plate
Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same
Image processing using colored colorant amounts and colorless colorant amounts
Method for analyzing and/or testing at least one user interface, data processing device and computer program product
Processing of remotely acquired imaging data including moving objects
Method and system for foreground detection using multi-modality fusion graph cut
Method and system for text classification
Generation and analysis of representations of skin conditions
Device, method, and program for image processing
Pixel processing
Reducing signal-dependent noise in digital cameras
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image-correction method and image pickup apparatus
Apparatus and method for reducing noise from an image
Scan conversion apparatus, image encoding apparatus, and methods of controlling the same
Locating a user based on aggregated tweet content associated with a location
System and method for ensuring accurate reimbursement for travel expenses
Methods and apparatus for generating alerts on a locate device, based on comparing electronic locate information to facilities map information and/or other image information
Service plan product and associated system and method
Electronic agenda with weight management function
System and method of providing an optimized-personalized health maintenance plan
Tax-free gifting
Gifting method using gift proxy
System and method for using a card linked to a reward point exchange account for purchase transactions
Providing targeted content to users based on user interests
System and method for a multiple merchant stored value card
Method and system for vendor management
Systems and methods for facilitating the reporting of an injury claim to an insurance company
System and method for providing and displaying dynamic coverage recommendations
Portable hand-held multi-function device with multiple transaction and reward accounts
System and method for auction based sales and procurement of geographically dispersed aviation fuel and services
Medical imaging device quality control system and method
Wireless sensor system
Single audio control panel configuration
Method and apparatus for testing the integrity of a tank
Device and method for temperature monitoring and warning
Golf club grip with user notification and tracking capability
Optical amplifier module and dispersion compensation fiber loss detection method
Method of producing a proof of presence or of operation of an entity in an identified zone for a duration greater than a given threshold, and monitoring system
Providing information related to the posture mode of a user applying pressure to a seat component
Security system triggered by heart rate detection
Method, system, and integrated circuit for communication in RFID or remote sensor systems
Method and module for correcting transmission errors in a datastream, communication system comprising said module
Method and system for displaying navigation information and mapping content on an electronic map
Educational system and method for testing memorization
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display
Method and system for interactive virtual inspection of modeled objects
Louver device
Methods and systems of comparing face models for recognition
Boundary delineation system
Display apparatus and method of controlling same
Graphics processing systems
Voice recognition apparatus, method for recognizing voice, and navigation apparatus having the same
Method and apparatus to determine and use audience affinity and aptitude
Asymmetry compensation system
RF interpolated time recovery using clock synchronized to wobble
Disk drive including an actuator latch having a defeat position
Disk drive head gimbal assembly having a flexure tail with dual conductive layers and features to facilitate bonding
Commonly-poled piezoelectric device
Flash memory device configured to switch wordline and initialization voltages
Optical memory
Semiconductor device
Apparatus for generating a multi-vibrational field
Laminate, separator for capacitor, and capacitor
System and method for beam focusing and control in an indirectly heated cathode
Optical element and apparatus comprising transparent superconducting material
Multiple-cavity antenna
Radio frequency (RF) particles
Semiconductor laser device and method for producing the same
Adjustable ballast plate
Circuit protection device
Earth leakage detection method
Overvoltage protection element
Method and apparatus to limit maximum switch current in a switching power supply
Noise estimation for wireless communication
Operational amplifying device
Multiphase mixer
Electromagnetic interference filter for automotive electrical systems
MEMS resonator devices
Systems, methods, and apparatus for sensing AC voltage
Packet error correction in networks
Cyclically interleaved dual BCH, with simultaneous decode and per-codeword maximum likelihood reconciliation
Apparatus and method for encoding using signal fragments for redundant transmission of data
Variable-length code decoding apparatus, decoding system, and variable-length code decoding method
Wireless communication system
Adaptive correlation for detection of a high-frequency signal
Interference management messaging involving termination of a request for reduction in interference
Method and apparatus for searching for or tuning to one or more radio stations with minimum interaction with host processor
Radio scanner for sporting events
System and method for filtering time division multiple access telephone communications
Automatic selection of SIM card for multi-SIM mobile devices
Spread-spectrum coding of data bursts
Optical communication device
Optical receiving device, optical receiving circuit, and method for receiving optical signals
Relay communication system and a method for transmitting data in the same system
I/Q calibration for walking-IF architectures
Wireless transceiver module
Communication system, communication device and communication rate modification method
MIMO receiving apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for cooperative MIMO transmission operation in multicell wireless network
Method of multiple-antenna communication having improved utilization of channel correlations
Method and apparatus of transmitting information in wireless communication system
Space time block code communications with co-operative relays
Radio base station, relay station and radio communication method
Wireless communication apparatus and antenna directivity/radio resource assigning method
Wireless communication apparatus and band assigning method
Digital broadcasting system and data processing method
Method and apparatus for monitoring a packet network
Optical IMA architecture
Digital multimedia network with latency control
Message processing
ICMP translator
Applying multicast protocols and VPN tunneling techniques to achieve high quality of service for real time media transport across IP networks
Pairing computation device, pairing computation method and recording medium storing pairing computation program
Method and apparatus for managing service lists
Automatic detection of wireless network type
Method of transmitting and receiving ARQ feedback information
Load control in uplink interference cancellation systems with soft decision
Method for updating filtering database in multi-ring network
System and method for determination of routing information in a network
Method, device and system for multi field classification in a data communications network
Memory organization in a switching device
Apparatus and method for operating relay link in relay broadband wireless communication system
Method and device for sending inter-frequency measurement configurations downwards
Transmission device and reception device
LDP IGP synchronization for broadcast networks
Backoff procedure for post downlink SDMA operation
Method and architecture for a scalable application and security switch using multi-level load balancing
Selectively enabling network packet concatenation based on metrics
Self-forming VoIP network
Method and system for a gigabit Ethernet IP telephone chip with no DSP core, which uses a RISC core with instruction extensions to support voice processing
Bit slip circuitry for serial data signals
Efficient cartesian transmitter using signal combiner
Transmitter including polar modulation circuit
Radio apparatus
Method and apparatus for signal detection based on MMSE in MIMO communication system
Method and arrangement for generating a frequency-modulated signal
Congestion management of session negotiations in network devices
Method and server for providing a mobile key
Prioritizing network assets
Data encryption apparatus, data decryption apparatus, data encryption method, data decryption method, and data relay apparatus
Management apparatus for managing wireless parameter, control method for the management apparatus, and computer program for instructing computer to execute the control method
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and computer readable medium
High speed data transmission method and corresponding devices
Methods and systems for providing interference based physical-layer encryption
Secure customer interface for web based data management
Authenticated communication using a shared unpredictable secret
Applet, archive file generation method, archive file generation program, and archive file generation device
Navigation device and adaptively-controlled communication system
Mobile terminal apparatus
Portable electronic device
Mobile communication terminal apparatus
Mobile device
Removable adapter with speaker and microphone for a wireless communications device
In-vehicle apparatus having handsfree function and cellular phone having handsfree function
Mobile terminal
User interface tone echo cancellation
Testing call routing
Content sharing through multimedia ringback tones
Emergency ringing facility for mobile phones
Method and device for updating a prepaid balance
System and method for location identification
Call redirect via centralized bridges
Method and system for optimizing two-stage dialing
Prevention of unsolicited messages
Event response apparatus and method
Communication device
Portable terminal device, address book transfer device, information display method and address book transfer method used in portable terminal device, and computer program
Interactive content for click-to-call calls
Image scanning apparatus and image processing system
Image reading apparatus with substrate support, image forming apparatus with substrate support
Arrangement for reading from and/or writing to flexible sheet media in a curved configuration and method
Image reading apparatus
Image processing apparatus and its method, and computer-readable storage medium
Mechanism for integration of print quality enhancement (PQE) and multi-bit halftone data
Updating an image quality metric database to account for printer drift
Cost-effective binary printer models for multi-color printers by improved reflectance modeling and patch clustering
Color mapping determination for an N-color marking device based upon color stability
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus
Solid-state imaging apparatus
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Monitoring and communication in a system having multiple imaging apparatuses
Brightness sensing system and illumination system using the same
Image forming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Lens apparatus to be mounted onto camera and camera system with lens apparatus
Internet direct device
Image pickup apparatus including image shake correction
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
Systems, methods and devices for augmenting video content
Program guide apparatus acquiring program guide information and/or providing for program guide navigation using same
Interactive television program guide with selectable languages
System and method of demodulating audio signals
Circular displays
Image capturing apparatus and booting method thereof
Imaging apparatus, lens unit, and methods for controlling the same
Recording apparatus
Optical detection system for motor-vehicles having multiple functions, including detection of the condition of the road surface
Motion compensation module with fast intra pulse code modulation mode decisions and methods for use therewith
Video conference system and method
Broadcast reception device
Remote management system for at least one audiovisual information reproduction device
Receiving apparatus, display control method, and program
System and method for interactive video content programming
Method and apparatus for encoding and/or decoding bit depth scalable video data using adaptive enhancement layer prediction
Information processing apparatus and method, and program storage medium
Real-time solar observations
Communication system, transmitter, receiver, communication method, program, and communication cable
Image sensing system and correction method
Recording/reproducing device
System and method for enforcing a recording preference
mLOCK device and associated methods
Audience participation gloves
Electronic circuit for headset
Customized earphone
Thermal acoustic speaker
Hearing device with supporting hook recognition
Networked sound masking system
Front surround system and method of reproducing sound using psychoacoustic models
Watch including a built-in microphone in the watchcase
Noise-vibration microphone stand
Condenser microphone
Predicting geographic population density
Systems and methods for associating communication information with a geographic location-aware contact entry
Automatic remote communication using network telephony
System and methods for obtaining coarse location for a mobile device
Self-aware profile switching on a mobile computing device
Handover control apparatus, mobile communication system, and handover method
Conditional assignment of connection identifiers to help avoid communication errors
Base station of mobile communication system
Image display device and wireless communication system
Method of communicating data in a wireless mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for performing IP configuration after handoff in WLAN
Wireless communication system
Method of allocating resource in wireless communication system
System and method to improve uplink coverage in multi-carrier systems
Base station and data transfer method
Distribution method, operation method and system of application system in mobile communication network
Location based call routing to subject matter specialist
Closed-loop Transmission power control method and radio base station apparatus
Communication method, system and network nodes in a low power communication network
Method and apparatus for supporting a sleep mode action of a mobile station in a wireless mobile communication system
Enhanced interface for mobile phone
Switch cabinet connection and combination apparatus and method of manufacturing the same
Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method
Peripheral device with limited relative angular movement
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Heat tolerant broccoli
Targetes erecta marigolds with altered carotenoid compositions and ratios
Inbred corn line KW7606
Inbred maize line PH8PG
Hybrid maize plant and seed 33R77
Inbred maize line PH8CW
Pacer lettuce variety
Method of producing mutant mice
Tetracyclic derivatives, process of preparation and use
Microstructures for cell proliferation assays and semen analysis
Ant spray containing d-limonene and methods of making and using the same
Process for the cryo-preservation of plants
Process for removing bile salts from a patient and alkylated compositions therefor
Low temperature disinfectant/sterilant for medical devices and topical applications
Inhibition of cationic amino acid transporter protein and uses thereof
6-aryl-4-aminopicolinates and their use as herbicides
Cosmetic and dermatological article comprising N-(3-chloroallyl) hexaminium chloride
Biocidal compositions and treatments
Grooved freezer-to-oven pizza crust
Method of stabilizing fruit-concentrate powders
Variable frequency automated capacitive radio frequency (RF) dielectric heating system
Food supplement for increasing lean mass and strength
Coffee compositions comprising processed coffee grounds
Apparatus and method for improving the dimensional quality of direct-expanded food products having complex shapes
Triple coated confectionery tablet product
Process utilizing agar-agar in a high temperature, short time processing of high solids confectionery products
Food products coated with 1, 6-GPS and 1, 1-GPM
Value-added traits in grain and seed transformed with thioredoxin
Energy-rich food flakes for fish and invertebrates and method for the production thereof
Process for production of carotenoids, xanthophylls and apo-carotenoids utilizing eukaryotic microorganisms
Method and system for forming a cooked product using ultrasonic energy
Method of feeding swine
Method of making hypoallergenic pet food
Preparation that contains oligosaccharides and probiotics
Use of metal salts to improve the taste of low-calorie beverages sweetened with sucralose
Seasoning compositions, foods containing such a seasoning composition, and process for preparing such foods
Ready-to-dilute sugarcane juice beverage powder and a process for preparing the same
Food sanitizing cabinet
Food winding method
Electromagnetic field deflecting garment
Mold release and anti-blocking coating for powder-free natural of synthetic rubber articles
Muslim prayer counter
Sanitary, liquid resistant, disposable, adhesive sided, folded placemat
Ornamental device
Flushable commode liner
Advertising mat
Carrier and specimen-handling tool for use in diagnostic testing
Hydrophilic, swellable coatings for biosensors
Radiation detector arrangement
Reducing polymerization stress by controlled segmental curing
Fiber-reinforced, porous, biodegradable implant device
Use of substituted 1-amino-5-phenylpentane-3-ol and/or 1-amino-6-phenylhexane-3-ol compounds as medicaments
Delivery of antidepressants through an inhalation route
Transdermal therapeutic system TTS containing tolterodine
Stilbene derivative crystal and method for producing the same
Method for preventing and treating visceral pain and gastrointestinal disorders
Phytanic acid derivative compositions
Antibiotic cytosporacin
Substance that stop any kind of bleeding within one second for medical, surgical, postsurgical and dental uses
Benzothiepines having activity as inhibitors of ileal bile acid transport and taurocholate uptake
Diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
5-(arylsulfonyl)-,5-(arylsulfinyl), and 5-(arylsulfanyl)-thiazolidine-2,4-diones useful for inhibition of farnesyl-protein transferase
Urea substituted imidazoquinolines
Methods using hydralazine compounds and isosorbide dinitrate or isosorbide mononitrate
Pyrazole compositions useful as inhibitors of ERK
Method for the production of imidazo-(1,2-C)(2,3)-benzodiazepines and intermediates in the production thereof
Compounds that modulate the activity of PTP-1B and TC-PTP
Treatment of heart rhythm disturbances with N6-substituted-5'-(N-substituted) carboxamidoadenosines
Pharmacotherapy for vascular dysfunction associated with deficient nitric oxide bioactivity
Biologically active pregnene compounds
Method for obtaining components from cultured leucocyte
Serum-derived factor inducing cell differentiation and medical uses thereof
Peptides and peptidomimetics with structural similarity to human p53 that activate p53 function
Vectors encoding HCN channels and MiRP1
Method of use of erythropoietin to treat ischemic acute renal failure
Gene therapy method for reducing risk of atherosclerosis
Antigenic epitopes with Lym-1 reactivity and uses thereof
Chimeric peptide immunogens
Process for the preparation of a vaccine for the treatment of tuberculosis and other intracellular infections diseases and the vaccine produced by the process
Product and method for obtaining specific immunization with one or more antigens
Alphavirus vectors and virosomes with modified HIV genes for use in vaccines
Composition and method for increasing exorphin catabolism to treat autism
Therapeutic use of a thienylcyclohexylamine derivative
4'-substituted nucleoside derivatives as inhibitors of HCV RNA replication.
Method for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections using nucleoside analogues
Methods of homing molecules to lung using membrane dipeptidase
Combined cancer treatment methods using therapeutic conjugates that bind to aminophospholipids
Therapeutic compounds
Aggregate-free urate oxidase for preparation of non-immunogenic polymer conjugates
Methods for regulating gene expression
Contrast agents
Topical compositions
Process for preparing a cosmetic formulation
Stable emulsions
Pharmaceutical preparations containing alendronate sodium
Composition comprising amoxicillin and potassium clavulanate
Method and apparatus for the coating of substrates for pharmaceutical use
Corosolic acid formulation and its application for weight-loss management and blood sugar balance
Physiologically active substance EEM-S originating in mushrooms, process for producing the same and drugs
Hard capsules comprising polymers of vinyl esters and polyethers, their use and production
Tissue regenerative composition, method of making, and method of use thereof
Modifying tissue surfaces by liquid crystal formation
Biomedical polyurethane, its preparation and use
Selective coating of medical devices
Sintered glass bead filter with active microbial destruction
Serine protease inhibitors
Plant-based non-toxic sunscreen products
Generating a music snippet
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated pressurized liquid extraction and purification system
Composite chromatography column
Unit for automatically bleeding off the water which separates in a vehicle fuel filter, in particular for diesel engines
Non-skid strainer
Screen unit for viscous mass
Method for continuously acylating chromanol ester derivatives
Filters for removal of pathogens from liquids
Filter assembly for intake air of fuel cell
Amine recovery method and apparatus and decarbonation apparatus having same
Gas separator
Apparatus and method for avoiding cross-contamination due to pendent drops of fluid hanging from discharge conduits
Process for preparing a sulfonamide polymer matrix
Thermal regulating catalyst composition
High pressure chemistry reactor
Method for preparing a dialkyl carbonate, and its use in the preparation of diaryl carbonates and polycarbonates
Plasma processing container internal member and production method thereof
Hydraulic barrier
Sol-gel derived porous microcomposite of perfluorinated ion-exchange polymer and metal oxide
Hydrotreating using bulk multimetallic catalysts
Metal oxyanion coated porous substrates
Processes employing hydrocarbon conversion catalyst
Catalyst for aromatization of alkanes, process of making and using thereof
Process for producing bisphenol A
Coupling of nucleophiles, vinyl compounds or CO with water, alcohols or amines to organic compounds
Catalyst for preparation of unsaturated aldehyde and unsaturated carboxylic acid
Cyclic catalyst regeneration process using adsorption and desorption
Apparatus and method for absorbing and recycling material in a blender
Negatively charged membrane
Process for producing purified aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution
Water softening device and method for regeneration control thereof
Cavitation enhanced liquid atomization
Web material having wells for combinatorial applications
Cartridge for analyzing a fluid sample
Microplate having a lubricious surface and methods for making and using such microplates
Methods and using chemico-mechanical microvalve devices for the selective separation of components from multi-component fluid samples
Homogenizing of small-volume mixtures by centrifugation and heating
Device for collectively filling blind cavities
Method for pretreating a substrate prior to application of a polymeric coat
Molecular layer epitaxy method and compositions
Method of coating thin-layers on golf balls
Powder coating compositions having improved mar and acid resistance
Thermosetting compositions containing alternating copolymers of isobutylene type monomers
Manufacturing methods of water repellent member and inkjet head
Insulation film on semiconductor substrate and method for forming same
Method for vaporization of liquid organic feedstock and method for growth of insulation film
Mold with metal oxide surface compatible with ionic release agents
System for sorting commercial articles and method therefor
Bench top tubing sealer
Laminated entry and exit material for drilling printed circuit boards
Electric discharge machine with changing processing parameters
Systems and methods for the electrolytic removal of metals from substrates
Electric discharge machine for making thin hole
Ball formation method and ball forming device used in a wire bonding apparatus
Self-brazing materials for elevated temperature applications
Micromachining with high-energy, intra-cavity Q-switched CO2 laser pulses
Method of short pulse hole drilling without a resultant pilot hole and backwall damage
Laser illumination system
Lead-free solder structure and method for high fatigue life
Steel wire for MAG welding and MAG welding method using the same
Welding electrode and method for reducing manganese in fume
Actively-cooled fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composite rocket propulsion thrust chamber and method of producing the same
Method and plant for the production of paper sheets having substantially stiff structure
Method of recycling molded plastic parts for photosensitive material and recycled plastic molded parts
Method and device for producing short fibers
Method for the production of expandable plastics granulate
Mold with a moving joint face for making a plastics material piece, and a method using such a mold
Process of fabricating a precision microcontact printing stamp
Punch stripper ring knock-out for pressware die sets
Polypropylene resin foam-molded article
Method of making an ion treated hydrogel
Nozzle insert for long fiber compounding
Polyamide film production method
Self-healing organosiloxane materials containing reversible and energy-dispersive crosslinking domains
Protector for sheet metal coils
Resin composition, adhesive film for semiconductor device, and laminated film with metallic foil and semiconductor device using the same
Matte biaxially oriented polypropylene film with improved matte property and processability
Multi-layer co-extruded film
Labeling film, method for production and use thereof
Polyester film and magnetic recording medium using the same
Moldable silicone elastomers having selective primerless adhesion
Loop material for touch fastening
Magnetic or magnetizable composite product and a method for making and using same
Embossed packaging laminate and method of making laminate
Fibrous creased fabrics
Radiation curable resin layer
Thermal transfer of a black matrix containing carbon black
Heat-sensitive recording material
Thermal transfer recording media
Ink jet recording sheet
Metallized inkjet substrates and methods of making the same
Ink-jet recording sheet
Crown compound modified silica coatings for ink-jet media
Pretreated sheet product for lithographic plates
Method for surface treatment of silicon based substrate
Arrangement for obtaining information about an occupying item of a seat
Car cigarette lighter
Apparatus and method for the design and manufacture of foldable integrated device array stiffeners
High performance plastic pallets
Method for manufacturing thin-film structure
Methods of making electromechanical three-trace junction devices
Package structure and method for making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrogen production method
Process for integrating a methanol conversion unit with an FCC unit
Fuel processing system
Fuel reforming apparatus
Reactor for producing hydrogen from hydrocarbon fuels
Gas recovery process
Graphite carbon powder, and method and apparatus for producing the same
Fullene based sintered carbon materials
Method of manufacturing silicon
Alkaline battery
Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery and method of preparing same
Water-treating device
Device suitable for treating liquids, in particular contaminated water
Pre- and post-treatment system and method for aquatic plant filtration using ozone
Enhanced activated sludge treatment
Rotating disk type sewage treatment device
Lens, manufacturing method thereof, and optical pickup
Projection lithography photomask blanks, preforms and method of making
PDP material controlled in moisture content
Leaf coater and method for producing leaf type coated substrates
Method for improving thickness uniformity of deposited ozone-TEOS silicate glass layers
Layer stack for transparent substrates
Anti-fogging coating material, anti-fogging coating, and anti-fogging optical member
Glazing panel
Photosensitive glass variable laser exposure patterning method
Polyurethane-polyurea dispersions
Optical glass for molding
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass
Fly ash treatment by in situ ozone generation
Cement-based thin-set mortar
Method of producing cordierite ceramic honeycomb
Silicon nitride wear resistant member and method of manufacturing the member
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Halogen gas plasma-resistive members and method for producing the same, laminates, and corrosion-resistant members
Sprayable phosphate cementitious coatings and a method and apparatus for the production thereof
Rotatable aerating composter
Process to produce a dilute ethylene stream and a dilute propylene stream
Compositions of difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane and hydrocarbons
In situ process for preparing quaternary ammonium bicarbonates and quaternary ammonium carbonates
Production of quaternary ammonium salt of hydroxycarboxylic acid and quarternary ammonium salt of inorganic acid
Process for the production of fluorinated organic compounds and fluorinating agents
Vinyl polymer and organic electroluminescent device
Dinaphtopyrene compound, and organic EL element and organic EL display using the same
Synthesis of (.+-.)-2-((dimethylamino)methyl)-1-(aryl)cyclohexanols
Compound and a novel process for their preparation
Method of producing 3-aminoalkanoic acid esters
Substituted aromatic ethers as inhibitors of glycine transport
Positively charged non-natural amino acids, methods of making thereof, and use thereof in peptides
Cubane derivatives as metabotropic glutamate receptor agonists or antagonists and process for their preparation
Process for producing amine derivatives
Purification method of Cyclohexanone-oxime
Process for the preparation of aromatic nitriles
Process for improving stability of glycerin
Process for producing retinol and intermediate compounds for producing the same
Enantioselective transformation of .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated aldehydes using chiral organic catalysts
Isomerization of alkyl phenol with a solid acid catalyst
Olefin production from low sulfur hydrocarbon fractions
Process for producing adamantane compound
Process for producing carboxylic acids
Ether, polymer, resist composition and patterning process
Photosensitive diacrylate and dimethacrylate compositions
Fluorine-containing acrylate monomers
Polycarbonates, polyester carbonates and polyesters having branched terminal groups
2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Bicyclic and tricyclic amines as modulators of chemokine receptor activity
Process for the preparation of anti-ischemic and anti-hypertensive drug amlodipine besylate
Preparation of terpyridines
Preparation of N1-(2'-pyridyl)-1,2-propanediamine sulfamic acid and its use in the synthesis of biologically active piperazines
Mutilin derivatives and their use as antibacterials
Chemiluminescent acridinium compounds and analogues thereof as substrates of hydrolytic enzymes
Process for making Boc-protected 3-aminohydantoins/thiohydantoins and 3-aminodihydrouracils/dihydrothiouracils
Methods for crystallization of N-(1(s)-ethoxycarbonyl-3-phenylpropyl)-L-alanine N-carboxyanhydride
Arylmethyl-carbonylamino-thiazole derivatives and their use as antitumor agents
Diphenylurea compounds
Aromatic dicarboxylic acid derivatives
Solvates of pymetrozine
Piperazine-containing compounds useful in the treatment of pain
Potassium channel inhibitors and method
Epoxy resin composition, cured article thereof, novel epoxy resin, novel phenol compound, and process for preparing the same
17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase-II inhibitors
Hydantoin-containing glucokinase activators
Piperidine compound and pharmaceutical composition thereof
Isoxazolidine compounds useful in the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis in mammals
Piperidines derivatives and their use as serotonin receptor antagonists
Pyridine and pyrimidine derivatives and their use as inhibitors of cytokine mediated disease
Pharmaceutically active compounds
Processes for preparation of cyclopenta[b][1,4]diazepino[6,7,1-hi]indoles and derivatives
Integrin receptor antagonists
Imidochromium compounds contained in catalyst systems for olefin polymerization
Metal coordination compound and organic luminescence device
Method for producing alkyl-bridged ligand systems and transition metal compounds
Electrolyte for electrochemical device
Method of producing optically active lactone compound and complex used in the method
Fluorinated organosilicon compounds
Methods for the preparation of taxanes using oxazolidine intermediates
Process for the production of tert-butyl (E)-(6-[2-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-isopropyl-2-[methyl(methylsulfonyl)amino]p yrimidin-5-yl]vinyl](4R,6S)-2, 2-dimethyl[1, 3]dioxan-4-yl)acetate
MMP inhibitors
Process for producing a styrenic resin composition
Protecting groups for biological labeling
Benzamidine derivatives
Amine-derivatized nucleosides and oligonucleosides
Methods for large-scale production of recombinant AAV vectors
Genetic changes in atypical nodular proliferations in congenital melanocytic nevi
Compositions and methods for modulating variola virus
Methods for quantitative analysis of nucleic acid amplification reaction
Choline binding proteins for anti-pneumococcal vaccines
Triterpene saponins from soybeans for treating kidney disease
Synthesis of anti-estrogenic and other therapeutic steroids from 21-hydroxy-19-norpregna-4-en-3-one
Development of novel anti-microbial agents based on bacteriophage genomics
Polyepitopic proteinic fragments of the E6 and E7 HPV proteins, production and use thereof in vaccines
Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae subunit vaccine
Nucleotide sequences which code for the rpoB gene
Transgenic plants and plant cells comprising a reduced expression of invertase inhibitors
Defense-related signaling genes and methods of use
Polynucleotides encoding human presenilin variant
Cathepsin V-like polypeptides
Nucleotide and protein sequences of vertebrate delta genes and methods based thereon
Method of producing a biosensor protein capable of regulating a fluorescence property of green fluorescent protein, and the biosensor protein produced by the method
Expressed sequence tags and encoded human proteins
Proteins related to neuronal regeneration and uses thereof
Transgenic mice containing BMP gene disruptions
VEGF nucleic acid and amino acid sequences
Vascular endothelial growth factor-X
Secretory membrane protein that induces osteoblast differentiation
Secreted soluble, or calcium channel subunit polypeptides and screening assays using same
Methods and compositions relating to CD39-like polypeptides and nucleic acids
CACNA1G polynucleotide, polypeptide and methods of use therefor
Modifications of the VEGF Receptor-2 Protein and methods of use
Mammalian catecholamine receptor genes and uses
Inhibitor and stimulator of stem cell proliferation and uses thereof
Chimeric proteins
Antisense oligonucleotide inhibition of ras
Cloning and uses of the genetic locus bcl-6
Sucrose phosphate synthetase (SPS), a preparation method and cDNA therefor, and use of the cDNA for modifying SPS expression in plant cells
Peptide antibiotics
Method for preparing a compound with growth hormone releasing properties
Method for the purification of N-[N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl]-L-phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
Cyclosporins for the treatment of respiratory diseases
Low allergenic natural rubber and method of preparing low allergenic natural rubber latex
Method for preparing catalyst for olefin polymerization
Catalyst compositions for polymerizing olefins to multimodal molecular weight distribution polymer, processes for production and use of the catalyst
Polymers containing hyperbranched monomers
Dual stimuli-responsive hydrogels and their synthetic methods
Processes for chemically-modifying the surface of emulsion polymer particles
Polypropylene compositions methods of making the same
Enhanced polymerization process
Hydroxy-amino thermally cured undercoat of 193 nm lithography
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Azlactone initiators for nitroxide-mediated polymerization
Polymeric acetal resins containing free radical inhibitors and their use in lithographic printing
End-functionalized polymers by controlled free-radical polymerization process and polymers made therefrom
Emulsible polyolefin wax
Modified aminoplast crosslinkers and powder coating compositions containing such crosslinkers
Process for making high resilience foams
Polyurethane cast elastomers based on durene diisocyanate
Method of forming high resilience slabstock polyurethane foam displaying latex-like characteristics
Metal-free silane-terminated polyurethanes, a process for their preparation and their use
Polyurethane binding agents having a low content of highly volatile monomers
Polyurethane foam
Crosslinking base layer for fixing interlinings according to double dot and paste process
Epoxy acrylate of aromatic biphenol-advanced epoxy resin reacted with anhydride
Semiconductor encapsulating flame retardant epoxy resin composition and semiconductor device
Oligomeric and polymeric OLED materials produced via arylation of quinones
Polymers with high internal free volume
Method or decreasing the cyclic oligomer content in polyester product
Polysuccinimide(CO) polymer derivate and process for production thereof
Active energy ray-curable polyimide resin composition
High temperature elastomers from linear poly(silarylene-siloxane-acetylene)
Holographic storage medium comprising polyfunctional epoxy monomers capable of undergoing cationic polymerization
Odorless modified silicone compound, cosmetic preparation containing the same, and method of purifying modified silicone compound having branch polymer comprising hydrophilic group
Crosslinking agent and crosslinkable solid polymer electrolyte using the same
Polymer containing borate and alkynyl groups
Method and device for recycling pet materials
Polyvinylidene fluoride composites and methods for preparing same
Paste-like polymerizable composition
Polyolefin film compositions with permanent antifog properties
Method for preparation of strong acid cation exchange resins
High-solids polyimide precursor solutions
Gas barrier resin composition, gas barrier coating material, and gas-barrier molding
Production process of non-flying plastic mircoballoons
Electrically conductive foam component
ABS foam and method of making same
Composition of pentafluoropropane, pentafluoropropane and water
Heat softening thermally conductive compositions and methods for their preparation
Surface enhancer for making a molded metal/ceramic article
Room temperature curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Curable composition
Polymerceramic materials with thermal expansion characteristics similar to those of metals
Aromatic polyamide compositions for molding
Rubber composition for extrusion molding and for molding with mold and use thereof
Polyester/polycarbonate blends
Flame-resistant polycarbonate blends
Rubbery polymer
High-frequency weldable and low-temperature flexible polymer mixture and its use
Resin composition for calendering and polyolefin material for leather-like article
Non-gelling high molecular weight polymer compositions and thermosplastic blends thereof
Blow moldable propylene polymer compositions
Polyamide composite having two or more layers
Antistatic polymer compositions
Silicone compositions for treating wool materials
Anti-lubricant compositions
Gelatin nanocomposites
Chlorinated vinyl resin/cellulosic blends: compositions, processes, composites, and articles therefrom
Transparent greenish yellow pyrazolone pigments
Pigment, method for producing pigment, pigment dispersion, and electrostatic image developing powder toner
Perylene-derivative based crystallization modifiers
Organic dye molecules and nonlinear optical polymeric compounds containing chromophores
Use of alkylhydroxyalkyl cellulose possibly in combination with a carboxymethyl cellulose for the improvement of gloss and printability
Durable water repellent and coated articles
Resin-metal laminates
Powder coating of thermosetting resin(s), polyphenylene ether(s) and curing agent(s)
Coating composition for high density polyethylene tubing
100% solids radiation curable conductive primer
Water-and oil-repellent, antistatic composition
UV curable transparent conductive compositions
Electrodeposition coating composition
Semiconductor package with a die attach adhesive having silane functionality
Primer composition
Adhesive tape structure for use with insulation jackets
Acrylic polymer compositions, acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesion tapes and process for producing the same
Rare-earth-activated phosphors
Europium-containing fluorescent nanoparticles and methods of manufacture thereof
Red photoluminescent phosphors
Alkyl silane liquid crystal compounds
Binder-loaded type charge-transport liquid crystal material
Phase change material with inhibitor and a method of making the same
Methods, aqueous well treating fluids and friction reducers therefor
Thermally stable, substantially water-free well fluid
Production of liquid hydrocarbon products
Multiple hydroprocessing reactors with intermediate flash zones
Process for separating multibranched paraffins using a zeolitic adsorbent with a mixed structure
Process for producing oils with a high viscosity index
Lubricating oil composition comprising borated and EC-treated succinimides and phenolic antioxidants
Lubricating oil composition
Hydraulic fluids, containing cyclic carboxylic acid derivatives
Polyquat anionic scavengers for rinse cycle fabric softeners
Processes for making granular detergent composition having improved appearance and solubility
Laundry detergents and cleaners comprising microdisperse silicate-containing particles
Soy based drain cleaner
Sprayable hard surface cleaner and method of use
Mixtures of fluorescent whitening agents
Methods for sterilizing preparations of glycosidases
Gene disruption methodologies for drug target discovery
Method for producing a polynucleotide library in vitro by mismatch repair of heteroduplexes
Splice-region antisense composition and method
Anti-viral vectors
Translational regulatory elements
System for expressing hyperthermostable protein
Chemical inducible promoter used to obtain transgenic plants with a silent marker
Method of improving nematode resistance in plants via transformation with a DNA encoding a proteinase inhibitor fusion protein
Isolation and characterization of the genomic DNA clones of ribosomal protein gene L25 in tobacco
Regulation of embryonic transcription in plants
Genetically engineered modification of potato to form amylopectin-type starch
Proteins and DNA related to salt tolerance in plants
Internal ribosome entry site and vector containing same
Methods for cultivating cells and propagating viruses
Microencapsulated pancreatic islet cells
Packaging systems for human recombinant adenovirus to be used in gene therapy
Human glycosylation enzymes
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences of monkey cathepsin S
Particulate material for purification of bio-macromolecules
Method for labeling biopolymers using isotopes
Alpha1, 4-galactosyltransferase and DNA encoding thereof
Method for synthesis of polypeptides in cell-free systems
Process for the preparation of metal sulfide nanoparticles
Cytokine production inhibitors
Method of detecting a microbe in a liquid water sample
Dry analytical element for acetaminophen assay
Processes for determining whether a test substance contains lipases or lipase inhibitors
Isolated polynucleotide associated with type II diabetes mellitus and methods of use thereof
Rolling circle amplification detection of RNA and DNA
Method of reducing non-specific amplification in PCR
Stabilization of triplexes by water structure-making substances
Genetic polymorphism of MxA protein and use thereof
Devices for optical detection of nucleic acid hybridization
Direct bond of steel at low temperatures
Method for the purification of zinc oxide controlling particle size
Al-Ni-Mn casting alloy for automotive and aerospace structural components
Aluminium alloy for an anti-friction element
Aluminum alloy for making naturally aged die cast products
Austenitic steel
Free-cutting steel for machine structural use having good machinability in cutting by cemented carbide tool
Methods and apparatus for forming barrier layers in high aspect ratio vias
Method and agent for producing hydrophobic layers on fluoride layers
Porous getter devices with reduced particle loss and method for manufacturing same
MIIIN based materials and methods and apparatus for producing same
Apparatus for monitoring intentional or unavoidable layer depositions and method
Method of reducing resistance for conductive film formed on base material
Method for forming refractory metal oxide layers with tetramethyldisiloxane
Method of decreasing the K value in SIOC layer deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Method for reducing physisorption during atomic layer deposition
Method for forming thin films of semiconductor devices
Method for the manufacture of an insulated gate field effect semiconductor device
Method for coating apparatuses and parts of apparatuses for the construction of chemical installations
Power supply apparatus for discharge surface treatment
Coated cemented carbide body and method for use
Method and arrangement for plasma boronizing
Method of stripping silver from a printed circuit board
Low gravity electrochemical cell
Gas-proof assembly composed of a bipolar plate and a membrane-electrode unit of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
Nano-structures, process for preparing nano-structures and devices
Method for improved cu electroplating in integrated circuit fabrication
Electropolishing method
Defect-free semiconductor templates for epitaxial growth and method of making same
Textiles; Paper
High-absorbent polyvinyl alcohol fibers and nonwoven fabric comprising them
Bicomponent fibers comprising a thermoplastic polymer surrounding a starch rich core
Hetero-composite yarn, fabrics thereof and methods of making
Preparation of stable nanotube dispersions in liquids
Polyurethane elastic fiber nonwoven fabric and its production and synthetic leather using the same
Pitch based graphite fabrics and needled punched felts for fuel cell gas diffusion layer substrates and high thermal conductivity reinforced composites
High pulp content nonwoven composite fabric
Apparatus and method for producing a nonwoven web of filaments
Nonwoven thermoplastic elastomer fabric roll and method and apparatus for making same
Soft-mount washer extractor with unbalance compensator system
Deinking method and composition for wastepaper
Cast coated sheet and method of manufacture
Offset printing paper
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Elastomeric damping sheets
Method of installing a multi-beam photoelectric safeguard system and method of adjusting its optical axes
Solar energy-operated street-lamp system
System for controlling the duration of a self-clean cycle in an oven
Wafer drying method
Cooling element and method for manufacturing cooling elements
Method of measuring anodize coating amount using infrared absorbance
Optical encoder
Sample changer for a balance
Method of manufacturing a microbalance
Calibration medium for wavelength calibration of U.V. absorbance detectors and methods for calibration
UV detector and method of measuring UV intensity and dose using the same
Apparatus and method for real time IR spectroscopy
Interdigitated flame sensor, system and method
Array of lateral effect detectors for high-speed wavefront sensing and other applications
Method for measuring temperature in a wide range using a tunnel junction
Detecting substance intrusion in a cable
Samples for transmission electron microscopy
Convex geometry adhesive film system for laser capture microdissection
Random access slide stainer with independent slide heating regulation
Method of separating particles using an optical gradient
Apparatus and method for in situ, real time measurements of properties of liquids
Vision system with reflective device for industrial parts
Reticle defect printability verification by resist latent image comparison
Electron beam irradiation apparatus, electron beam exposure apparatus, and defect detection method
Methods of fabricating single electron transistors in which the thickness of an insulating layer defines spacing between electrodes
Methods for quantitative and qualitative analyses of phospholipids using one-dimensional thin layer chromatography
Reversible and reusable authentication system for secure documents
Toxic substance detection
Biological sample component purification and differential display
Coated film laminate having an ionic surface
Integrated high throughput system for the mass spectrometry of biomolecules
Multi-junction phase qubit
Magnetic sensor having second antiferromagnetic layers and two types of electrode layers on free magnetic layer and manufacturing method thereof
High resolution detector for X-ray imaging
Radiation image recording/read-out method and apparatus, and stimulable phosphor sheet
Imaging array and method for manufacturing same
X-ray detector module
Polarization transformer and polarization mode dispersion compensator
Method of manufacturing an electronic device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic device with encapsulant of photo-set resin and production process of same
Method for reading radiation image from stimulable phosphor sheet
Silver halide color photosensitive material and photographic product
Colour photographic silver halide material
Thermally processed image forming material
Photothermographic material
Photographic material containing a scavenger-modified polymer
Apparatus and method for thermal film development and scanning
Encapsulated inorganic resists
Silicon-containing acetal protected polymers and photoresists compositions thereof
Isocyanate crosslinked imageable compositions
Photoacid generators and photoresists comprising same
Resist ink composition
Semiconductor design for improved detection of out-of-focus conditions
Lithography correction method and device
Electron beam exposure method using variable backward scattering coefficient and computer-readable recording medium having thereof
Electron projection lithography apparatus using secondary electrons
Automated variation of stepper exposure dose based upon across wafer variations in device characteristics, and system for accomplishing same
Photoresist reflow for enhanced process window for random, isolated, semi-dense, and other non-dense contacts
Stripper composition for photoresist
Acid blend for removing etch residue
Intra-cell mask alignment for improved overlay
Image forming apparatus
Surface-treated toner particles, process for forming, and electrostatographic developer containing same
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method
Toner composition for organic black matrix and preparation method thereof
Toner for developing electrostatic image
Quick turn around time system and method of use
Method for planarizing a copper interconnect structure
Reading apparatus for reading fingerprint
Handsensor for authenticity identification of signets on documents
Random partitionable dot matrix LED display
Contact between element to be driven and thin film transistor for supplying power to element to be driven
Drumhead and muting structure for acoustic and electronic percussion instruments
Musical instrument stringer/tuner device
Electronic musical apparatus customizing method
Apparatus for controlling twist curvature of a disc head slider
Information recording medium
Method of fabricating a self-aligned magnetic tunneling junction and via contact
Thermally stable ferroelectric memory
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Methods for forming aligned fuses disposed in an integrated circuit
Method of fabricating a DRAM cell having a thin dielectric access transistor and a thick dielectric storage
Probe opening fabricating apparatus, and near-field optical microscope using the same
Method for dry process recycling of mixed (U,Pu)O2 oxide nuclear fuel waste
Containment and transportation of decommissioned nuclear reactor pressure vessels
Storage vessels and related closure methods
Protective layers for MRAM devices
Fringing capacitor structure
Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for producing the same
Push-on switch
Rotary encoder
Rotation key device for a portable terminal
Foot operated electrical control
Interlock device
Vibration switch with axially extending deflectable electric contact
Flexible circuit piezoelectric relay
Cavity structure of electric junction box
Electrical switch
Arc quenching device for low-voltage switching devices
Corrector for correcting first-order chromatic aberrations of the first degree
Energy filter multiplexing
Exposure apparatus, control method thereof, and device manufacturing method
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device by sputter doping
Parallel sample introduction electrospray mass spectrometer with electronic indexing through multiple ion entrance orifices
Thin-channel electrospray emitter
Characterization of individual particle atomic composition by aerosol mass spectrometry
Apparatus and method for focusing and selecting ions and charged particles at or near atmospheric pressure
Method and apparatus for fourier transform mass spectrometry (FTMS) in a linear multipole ion trap
Subtractive stud formation for MRAM manufacturing
Capacitor of semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Multi-layer integrated circuit capacitor electrodes
Methods of selective oxidation conditions for dielectric conditioning
Permeable capacitor electrode
Etching methods and apparatus and substrate assemblies produced therewith
Capacitor with oxidation barrier layer and method for manufacturing the same
Method of etching shaped features on a substrate
Die attach curing method for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Composition for selectively etching against cobalt silicide
Method of forming a capacitor with two diffusion barrier layers formed in the same step
Gate structure forming method of field effect transistor
Monatomic layer passivation of semiconductor surfaces
Conductive thin film, a capacitor using the same and a method of manufacturing thereof
Process for making a silicon-on-insulator ledge by implanting ions from silicon source
Method for forming salicide process
Halogen addition for improved adhesion of CVD copper to barrier
Method for making semiconductor device
Gas pulsing for etch profile control
Method for preventing hole and electron movement in NROM devices
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit dielectric and method
Fabrication process of a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process for producing semiconductor integrated circuit device and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Flash memory cell process using a hardmask
Method of making vertical diode structures
Graded base GaAsSb for high speed GaAs HBT
Heterojunction bipolar transistor and method of making heterojunction bipolar transistor
Bipolar transistor with ultra small self-aligned polysilicon emitter and method of forming the transistor
Methods for manufacturing semiconductor devices and semiconductor devices
Process to improve the Vss line formation for high density flash memory and related structure associated therewith
Single crystal TFT from continuous transition metal delivery method
MOS devices with reduced fringing capacitance
Method for fabricating a thin film transistor
Field effect transistor as well as liquid crystal display using the same
Method for fabricating semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Formation of high-k gate dielectric layers for MOS devices fabricated on strained lattice semiconductor substrates with minimized stress relaxation
Method of formation of nanocrystals on a semiconductor structure
Method for fabricating semiconductor device capable of reducing seam generations
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Method to selectively cap interconnects with indium or tin bronzes and/or oxides thereof and the interconnect so capped
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method to make wafer laser marks visable after bumping process
Method of determining post-etch offset in exposed-to-embedded overlay
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and system for evaluating electrical characteristics of semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing tool alignment technique implemented in a FIMS system
Maskless array protection process flow for forming interconnect vias in magnetic random access memory devices
Method for fabricating semiconductor devices including wiring forming with a porous low-k film and copper
Simultaneous native oxide removal and metal neutral deposition method
Copper surface passivation during semiconductor manufacturing
Phosphine treatment of low dielectric constant materials in semiconductor device manufacturing
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Structure of a deep trench-type DRAM
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Microchannel formation for fuses, interconnects, capacitors, and inductors
Laterally interconnecting structures
Transistor formation for semiconductor devices
Bonded SOI wafer with <100> device layer and <110> substrate for performance improvement
Method of forming shallow trench isolation with silicon oxynitride barrier film
Shallow trench isolation process
Control of buried oxide in SIMOX
Integration process on a SOI substrate of a semiconductor device comprising at least a dielectrically isolated well
Method of forming insulating film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Diffusion barrier layer and semiconductor device containing same
Anti-reflective coatings and methods for forming and using same
Method for fabricating high voltage and low voltage transistors
High-voltage MOS transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for fabricating the same
Capacitor fabrication method
Method of simultaneously implementing differential gate oxide thickness using fluorine bearing impurities
Semiconductor device and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprising a plurality of semiconductor elements as well as process for the same
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device including lamp annealing
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having a flash memory cell and fabrication method thereof
Method for fabricating BiCMOS transistor
Display device with a pixel matrix and a sensor over same substrate
Method of fabricating cylindrical bonding structure
Chip on board and heat sink attachment methods
Method of dicing a semiconductor wafer and heat sink into individual semiconductor integrated circuits
Light-emitting semiconductor component
Semiconductor device, method of fabricating the same and semiconductor device fabricating apparatus
Dual-sided semiconductor device and method of forming the device with a resistive element that requires little silicon surface area
Solderable injection-molded integrated circuit substrate and method therefor
Compliant off-chip interconnects
Member for semiconductor device using an aluminum nitride substrate material, and method of manufacturing the same
Microelectronic device assemblies having a shielded input and methods for manufacturing and operating such microelectronic device assemblies
Intercrossedly-stacked dual-chip semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Printed wiring board and manufacturing method therefor
Methods for making a paste of materials to form bumps for screen print processes
Flat-top bumping structure and preparation method
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device with a self-aligned contact
Toughness, adhesion and smooth metal lines of porous low k dielectric interconnect structures
Junction capacitor structure and fabrication method therefor in a dual damascene process
Microelectronic die including low RC under-layer interconnects
Method for measurement of electromigration in semiconductor integrated circuits
Method of fabrication of stacked semiconductor devices
Compact image sensor layout with charge multiplying register
Bi-directional ESD protection structure for BiCMOS technology
Method to form self-aligned split gate flash with L-shaped wordline spacers
Method for preventing bit line to bit line leakage in memory cell
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Method of making semiconductor-on-insulator device with thermoelectric cooler
Solid-state imaging device
Method of forming an imaging device
Organic electroluminescent device, manufacturing method therefor, and electronic devices therewith
Electrode patterning in OLED devices
Organic light-emitting devices with blocking and transport layers
Active matrix organic light emitting display and method of forming the same
Semiconductor device including a gate-insulated transistor
Asymmetric band-gap engineered nonvolatile memory device
Gate structure and method
Field effect transistor having source and/or drain forming Schottky or Schottky-like contact with strained semiconductor substrate
Insulating barrier, NVM bandgap design
Semiconductor nonvolatile storage element and method of fabricating the same
Vertical power devices having retrograded-doped transition regions therein
Flash memory device and a method for fabricating the same
Flash memory device with isolation regions and a charge storage dielectric layer formed only on an active region
Monolithcally integrated semiconductor component
Method of operating a vertical DMOS transistor with schottky diode body structure
Trench-gate semiconductor devices and the manufacture thereof
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device comprising high concentration diffused region
High dopant concentration diffused resistor and method of manufacture therefor
Solid state image sensor and method for fabricating the same
Photovoltaic module, solar-power generating apparatus, a support member for supporting photovoltaic modules, and method of installing a solar-power generating apparatus
Solar cell structure utilizing an amorphous silicon discrete by-pass diode
Amorphous silicon photovoltaic devices
Chip shaping for flip-chip light emitting diode
Critical doping in high-Tc superconductors for maximal flux pinning and critical currents
Polymer encapsulated ceramic superconductors
Conductive and robust nitride buffer layers on biaxially textured substrates
Method of forming chalcogenide comprising devices and method of forming a programmable memory cell of memory circuitry
Organic thin film transistor
Method of creating a high performance organic semiconductor device
Battery pack with an improved cooling structure
Collector for alkaline secondary battery, method for making the same, and alkaline secondary battery using the same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing battery module and unit battery cell for use in battery module
Control of cell swelling by the proper choice of carbon monofluoride (CFx) cathode materials in high rate defibrillator cells
Positive electrode active material for alkaline storage batteries, and positive electrode and alkaline storage battery using the same
Fuel cell cathode with redox couple
Flow field plate assembly for an electrochemical fuel cell
Dynamic fuel processor mechanization and control
Porous planar electrode support in a solid oxide fuel cell
Method and apparatus for maintenance of fuel cell cathode air quality with breathable hydrophobic membrane air filter
Solid polymer fuel cell system and method for humidifying and adjusting the temperature of a reactant stream
Electromagnetic wave absorber
Portable office storage unit
Connection structure of coaxial cable
Circuit board IC card connector
Twist-on wire connector
Nitride-based semiconductor laser device and method for the production thereof
Electrical transfer switch
Gas-insulated switchgear device
Shield connection structure of cable
Photosensitive plastics films and information storage devices
Image input system, image input apparatus, image input method, program, and storage medium
Color filter imaging array and method of formation
Microwave oven
Printed circuit board with wiring pattern formed thereon by screen printing and process for manufacturing the same
Method for etching laminated assembly including polyimide layer
Method and structure for repairing or modifying surface connections on circuit boards
Orthogonal electrical connection using a ball edge array
Interconnection structure for interconnecting printed circuit boards
Low signal loss bonding ply for multilayer circuit boards
Thermal dissipation package for an electrical surface mount component
EMI shielding gasket construction
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