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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Loci associated charcoal rot drought complex tolerance in soybean
Soybean cultivar 04RM149036
Paper product with disinfecting properties
Administration of TLR7 ligands and prodrugs thereof for treatment of infection by hepatitis C virus
Methods for cancer therapy and stem cell modulation
Co-crystals of pyrrolidinones
Tri-, tetra-substituted-3-aminopyrrolidine derivative
Substituted pyrimido isoquinoline derivatives
1-(azolin-2-yl)amino-1,2-diphenylethane compounds for combating animal pests
Beverage precursor and process for the manufacture thereof
Process for preparing a food product using depolymerised pectin as stabiliser
Isocyanate coatings for implantable devices and a method of forming the same
Disposable diaper
7-pyrollyl 9-aminoacyl tetracycline compounds and methods of use thereof
Pyridin-2-yl-amino-1, 2, 4-thiadiazole derivatives as glucokinase activators for the treatment of diabetes mellitus
Heterocyclic inhibitors of MEK and methods of use
Derivatives of 5-amino-4,6-disubstituted indole and 5-amino-4,6-disubstituted indoline as potassium channel modulators
Tetrahydroquinoxaline urea derivatives
Synthesis of glatiramer acetate
Bifunctional fusion protein with thrombolytic and anticoagulant activities and uses thereof
Recombinant P. falciparum merozoite protein-1.sub.42 vaccine
Streptococcus antigens
Secretion of antibodies without signal peptides from bacteria
Chimeric receptor genes and cells transformed therewith
Mutant having uracil phosphoribosyl transferase activity
Microemulsions and its use for preventing airway diseases
Electron beam exposure or system inspection or measurement apparatus and its method and height detection apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for the removal of alkaline or acidic compounds from a solvent-containing metal oxide dispersion, in particular silicic acid
Block copolymers and use thereof
Anode tailgas oxidizer
Methanol oxidation catalyst
Processes for making tin-containing catalysts
Internal and external donor compounds for olefin polymerization catalysts
Catalyst composition, and process for production of cross-coupling compound using the same
Method of modifying materials surfaces
Method for making device housing
Amorphous lithium lanthanum titanate thin films manufacturing method
Manufacturing method of emitting device
Parametric production of drilled cooling holes
Method for controlling the quality of laser-welding processes, control system an program product therefor
Contactor assembly for wire feeder
Multi-layer insulation composite material including bandgap material, storage container using same, and related methods
Manufacturing method for optical information recording medium and optical information recording medium
Microelectronic security coatings
Hydrogen separator and process for production thereof
Plastic container and method of manufacture having molded-in-security features
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the manufacture of diesel range hydrocarbons
Method for production of styrene from toluene and syngas
HF alkylation process with internal acid regeneration
Process for preparing isocyanates
Method for purifying optically active 1-(2-trifluoromethylphenyl)ethanol
Process for preparing substituted 1,4-quinone methides
Process for the hydrogenation of unsaturated triglycerides
Xanthophyll composition containing trans, meso-zeaxanthin, trans, R, R-zeaxanthin and trans, R, R-lutein useful for nutrition and health care and a process for its preparation
Ester derivative and use thereof
6-oxo-1,6-dihydropyridine derivatives as inhibitors of MEK and methods of use thereof
Processes and intermediates for preparing a macrocyclic protease inhibitor of HCV
Difluoromethyl-containing macrocyclic compounds as hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Process for preparation of rosuvastatin calcium field of the invention
Process for preparing rosuvastatin calcium
Organic compounds and their uses
Phosphonic acid compounds as inhibitors of serine proteases
Endoplasmic reticulum localization signals
Neutrokine-alpha fusion proteins
Polymeric materials having reduced tack, methods of making the materials and chewing gum compositions containing such materials
Deodorization of polymer compositions
Fuser member having fluorinated polyimide outer layer
Coating compositions
Polymeric compositions with adhesive properties
Liquid-crystalline compounds and liquid-crystalline media
Composition and method for slickwater application
Hydrocarbon-based fracturing fluid compositions, methods of preparation and methods of use
Cleaning composition for removing lead-free solder flux and system for removing lead-free solder flux
Thixotropic gel for vadose zone remediation
Methods for producing modified glycoproteins
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants III
mTOR ligands and polynucleotides encoding mTOR ligands
Biohydrogen production by an artificial enzymatic pathway
Biofuel production
Embossed cell analyte sensor and methods of manufacture
Diagnostic agent and therapeutic agent for pancreatic cancer
Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method
Mass spectrometric methods for biomolecular screening
Prognostic and predictive gene signature for non-small cell lung cancer and adjuvant chemotherapy
Preparation of membranes using solvent-less vapor deposition followed by in-situ polymerization
Copper film deposition method
Fluorination pre-treatment of heat spreader attachment indium thermal interface material
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Magnetic axial bearing and a spindle motor having this kind of magnetic axial bearing
Device and process for heat transfer
Method for operating switched-mode power supply units
Method for accessing the contents of a closed collection device
Method for measuring endotoxin and reagent kit for measuring endotoxin
Dosimeter powered by passive RF absorption
Polymerizable compound, photocurable composition, optical element and optical head device
Fluorine-containing polymer coating composition, method for forming fluorine-containing polymer film using coating composition, and method for forming photoresist or lithographic pattern
Optically variable security device
Method for pattern formation and resin composition for use in the method
Antireflective coating compositions
Toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Fluorescent dimming ballast
Electret and electrostatic induction conversion device
System and apparatus of separating remaining powder of hull
Bicycle electrical wiring unit
Resonant, contactless radio frequency power coupling
Push switch
Depressible key structure
Temperature dependent switching circuit
Switching controlgear of circuit breaker
Keys with double-diving-board spring mechanisms
Light emitting device and electronic equipment provided with the light emitting device
Welding aid for a spiral-wound filament
Solid-state imaging device and electronic device
Nanophotonic transceiver
Nano/microwire solar cell fabricated by nano/microsphere lithography
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate
Semiconductor device of common source structure and manufacturing method of semiconductor device of common source structure
Multiple-gate transistors and processes of making same
Two-dimensional condensation for uniaxially strained semiconductor fins
Semiconductor manufacturing method
Structures electrically connecting aluminum and copper interconnections and methods of forming the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device
Method of processing substrate and method of manufacturing substrate for use in liquid ejection head
Semiconductor system using germanium condensation
Semiconductor wafer coated with a filled, spin-coatable material
Space and cost efficient incorporation of specialized input-output pins on integrated circuit substrates
Semiconductor die having a redistribution layer
Semiconductor device comprising semiconductor film with recess
Active matrix substrate
Light emitting device and method for fabricating the light emitting device
FK module and method for the production thereof
II-VI core-shell semiconductor nanowires
SiC semiconductor device with BPSG insulation film
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Reverse bias protected solar array with integrated bypass battery
Epitaxial wafer, light-emitting element, method of fabricating epitaxial wafer and method of fabricating light-emitting element
Cavity glass for light-emissive devices and a method of manufacturing the same
Light-emitting diode package and manufacturing method thereof
Optical semiconductor device module with power supply through uneven contacts
Light-emitting diode
Piezoelectric resonator device and method for manufacturing piezoelectric resonator device
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive film element and method manufacturing the same
Resistive memory device with an air gap
Water transport features for diffusion media
Method and system for detecting leakage of energy storage structure liquid
Subgasket window edge design relief
Battery pack provided with outer casing
Batteries containing bismuth glass compositions
Artificial graphite particles and method for manufacturing same, nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cell negative electrode and method for manufacturing same, and lithium secondary cell
Proton conducting material, and electrode and fuel cell using the same
Circuit unit accommodation box
Light source device, image display apparatus, and method of driving light emitting element
Power source apparatus and image forming apparatus
Device and method for addressing power to a load selected from a plurality of loads
Electric motor
Brushless electric machine and device comprising said machine
Automotive alternator
Flexural-mode tuning-fork type quartz crystal resonator
High power bipolar pulse generators
High power bipolar pulse generators
Photo-detector filter having a cascaded low noise amplifier
System for controlling light in dependence of time-of-flight signal
Low energy transfer mode for auxiliary power supply operation in a cascaded switching power converter
Mutual capacitance and magnetic field distribution control for transmission lines
Printed wiring board
Circuit board and manufacturing method of the circuit board
Plastic land grid array (PLGA) module and printed wiring board (PWB) with enhanced contact metallurgy construction
Method and apparatus for utilizing thermal energy generated by medical diagnostic devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Enhancement of the efficacy of benzoylbenzenes
Use of an anti-microbial compound for disinfection
Use of phenylacetamides as plant protectives having herbicidal and fungicidal effect
Epothilons C and D, preparation and compositions
Aryl ether derivatives and processes for their preparation and herbicidal and desiccant compositions containing them
3-(4,5-dihydroisoxazol-3-yl)-substituted benzoylpyrazoles
Non-systemic control of parasites
Phosphoric benzoyl derivatives and their use as herbicides
Cleaning/sanitizing methods, compositions, and/or articles for non-food inanimate surfaces
Process for separating and purifying aspartame and a derivative thereof
O-ring for incrementally adjustable incision liner and retractor
Insulator-conductor device for maintaining a wound near normal body temperature
Dispersible absorbent products and methods of manufacture and use
Use of glucose uptake enhancer for reducing post-ischemic injury of the heart
Restore cancer-suppressing functions to neoplastic cells through DNA hypomethylation
Method and compositions for treating psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and arthritis
Certain thiol inhibitors of endothelin-converting enzyme
Carbocyclic and heterocyclic substituted semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones and the use thereof
Biphenylsulfonamides and derivatives thereof that modulate the activity of endothelin
Gambogic acid, analogs and derivatives as activators of caspases and inducers of apoptosis
Small organic molecule regulators of cell proliferation
Modulators of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPases)
Use of R(+) -.alpha.-(2,3-Dimethoxyphenyl)-1-[2-(4-fluorophenyl)ethyl]-4-piper idinemethanol for the treatment of sleep disorders
Process for preparing arylacetylaminothiazoles
Treatment of female arousal disorder
2-aminoalkylaminoquinolines as dopamine D4 ligands
Use of estrogen antagonists and estrogen agonists in inhibiting pathological conditions
Use of NK-1 receptor antagonists for treating major depressive disorders
Use of molindone to treat oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder
Method for treating osteoporosis in castrated prostatic cancer patients
Use of tetracycline derivatives in treating multiple sclerosis
Sterile lyophilized ifosfamide and associated methods
Antimicrobial skin preparations containing organosilane quaternaries
Treatment of premenstrual syndrome and menopause
Polysaccharide-based extract from ganoderma, pharmaceutical use thereof, and process for preparing the same
Screening assays for compounds that cause apoptosis and related compounds
System and method for treating eye and nerve diseases in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Method for treating aseptic SIRS in humans and other animals
Use of (-) (3-trihalomethylphenoxy) (4-halophenyl) acetic acid derivatives for treatment of insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hyperuricemia
Elevation of circulating blood histamine levels
Therapeutic polyanhydride compounds for drug delivery
FAP-activated anti-tumour compounds
Method for treating inflammatory bowel disease and other forms of gastrointestinal inflammation
Papovavirus pseudocapsids and use thereof for exogenous material transfer
Method for producing a pyranosyl nucleic acid conjugate
Dental material including fatty acid, dimer thereof, or trimer thereof
Wet wipes containing cationic fatty acid surfactants
Thermoplastic nonwoven web chemically reacted with a cyclodextrin compound
Urethane surfactants and their use in personal care formulations
Composition for polypeptide transfer to cells
Prodrugs of COX-2 inhibitors
BMP-6 proteins
Compounds having glucuronic acid derivatives and glucosamine derivative in the structure, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
N-substituted azaheterocyclic carboxylic acids and their use
Multilayer cleaning wipe
Method of improving impact resistance in golf ball core formulations
Golf ball materials and golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Thermoplastic desiccant
Premixes and method of preparing adhesives and caulks from premixes
Expandable microspheres and process for producing the same
Array fabrication
Clay-titanium tetrachloride catalyst and the preparation thereof
Process for preparation of bi-functional fluid catalytic cracking catalyst composition
Fischer-Tropsch processes and catalysts using polyacrylate matrix structures
Organometal catalyst compositions
Multimetal cyanide compounds, their preparation and their use
Catalyst selectivation
Catalyst comprising at least one zeolite with structure type NES and rhenium, and its use for transalkylation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons
Catalyst and process for preparing low-viscosity and color-reduced polyisocyanates containing isocyanurate groups
Purified sulfonated organophosphorus compounds and catalysis of organic reactions therewith
One-pot synthesis of group 8 transition metal carbene complexes useful as olefin metathesis catalysts
Resolution method for a racemic mixture of aldehydes
Method for recovering fluorinated alkanoic acids from waste waters
Method for catalytic gas phase oxidation
Curable fluoroelastomer compositions comprising hydro siloxanes or hydro silazanes
Light stable articles
Reverse reactive ion patterning of metal oxide films
Method of using reversible thermosensitive recording medium and the reversible thermosensitive recording medium
Thermal print paper and process
Method of removing etch residues
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Metal-doped organic gels and method thereof
Low metallic impurity SiO based thin film dielectrics on semiconductor substrates using a room temperature wet chemical growth process, method and applications thereof
Dielectric ceramic compositions
Dielectric ceramic composition and ceramic capacitor
Reduction-stable ceramic substances
Compositions comprising fluorinated polyether silanes for rendering substrates oil and water repellent
Stripping hydrocarbon in an oxygenate conversion process
Process for converting methanol to olefins
Polycyclic, fused ring compounds, metal complexes and polymerization process
Organometallic compounds with fused indenyl ligands
Phosphorus p-cyclophane ligands and their use in transition metal catalyzed asymmetric reactions
Method of treatment of viral infection including HIV using water soluble fullerenes
Polymerization of olefins
4-acylamino-2-hydroxy-5-substituted-acylanilide compounds and method of using them
.beta.-polypeptide foldamers of well-defined secondary structure
Methods for producing 3-cyano-and 4-cyano- benzoic acid derivative compounds
Process for producing O-alkyl-N-cyanoimidate
Method for carbamoylating alcohols
Method for the synthesis of compounds of formula I and their uses thereof
Catalytic ionic hydrogenation of ketones using tungsten or molybdenum catalysts with increased lifetimes
Process for preparing cyclic alcohols
Synthesis of acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Sulfonamide inhibitors of aspartyl protease
Glucagon antagonists/inverse agonists
Process for preparation of fluoroformates
S-nitroso- and S-nitro-N-acyl-L-cysteine ester derivatives as pharmalogically active agents and pharmaceutical compositions containing said compounds
High purity 4,4'-isopropylidene-bis-(2,6 dibromophenol) and process for the preparation of such high purity 4,4'-isopropylidene-bis-(2,6 dibromophenol)
Prostaglandin derivatives
Silver precursors for CVD processes
Method for carbonylation of lower aliphatic alcohols using tin promoted platinum catalyst
Process for the preparation of 2,3,4,5-tetrafluorobenzene derivatives
Oxygen enrichment process for air based gas phase oxidations which use metal oxide redox catalysts
Process for producing 1-acyl-1-cyclopropanecarboxylate derivatives
Enantiomerically enriched malonic acid monoesters substituted by a tertiary hydrocarbon radical, and their preparation
Cephalotaxane derivatives and process for their preparation
Anticancer activity of imino acid conjugates or methylglyoxal
Process for the preparation of amorphous atorvastatin
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and processes for their preparation
Process for the production of piperidine derivatives with microorganisms
Crystal modification
Enantiomerically pure basic arylcycloalkylhydroxycarboxylic esters, processes for their preparation and their use in medicaments
Synthesis of heteroarylamine intermediate compounds
Aspartic protease inhibitors
Quinoline derivatives as NK-2 and NK-3 receptor ligands
Process for production of gabapentin intermediate
Process for preparing 1, 5-diaryl-3-substituted pyrazoles
Heterocyclo-substituted imidazoles for the treatment of inflammation
Benzoxazepine compounds, their production and use
Vitamin D derivatives with carbo- or heterocyclic substituents at C-25, process for their production, intermediate products and use for the production of pharmaceutical agents
Amine compounds, their production and use
Process to produce 3-carbon amino alcohol salts
Method for resolving racemic mixtures of 5-substituted 4-hydroxy-2-furanones
Amines substituted with a dihydronaphthalenyl, chromenyl, or thiochromenyl group, an aryl or heteroaryl group and an alkyl group, having retinoid-like biological activity
Xanthone analogs for treating infectious diseases and complexation of heme and porphyrins
Process for preparing imidazoquinolinamines
Nitroxyderivatives having antinflammatory, analgesic and antithrombotic activity
Tryptase inhibitors
Heterocyclylaklylindole or -azaindole compounds as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Substituted 2-aryl-4-amino-chinazolines, method for the production and use thereof as medicaments
Indole derivatives and their use as MCP-1 receptor antagonists
Heat shock factor activity inhibitor
Thiophenyl triazol-3-one derivatives as smooth muscle relaxants
Method of producing tiazofurin and other C-nucleosides
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
Imidazopyridine derivatives as phosphodiesterase VII inhibitors
Imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine compounds
CRF antagonistic pyrazolo[4,3-b]pyridines
Pyrrolo [4,3,2-de] quinoline derivatives
Pentaaza-cyclopental[a]naphthalene derivatives as ligands for GABAa .alpha.5 receptors
Stable aqueous folinate solution
Intermediate for antidepressant azaheterocyclylmethyl derivatives of 7,8-dihydro-1, 6,9-trioxa-3-aza-cyclopenta [a]naphthalene
Pyrazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Synthesis of spiro ortho esters, spiro ortho carbonates, and intermediates
Liposoluble platinum (II) complex and preparation thereof
Catalyst for the polymerization of olefins
Process for the preparation of condensed phosphoric esters
Phosphorus-containing phenolic, thiophenolic or aminophenyl flame-retardant hardener, and epoxy resins cured thereby
C-glucosyl ether lipids
6-O-carbamoyl ketolide antibacterials
Method for preparing salts of polyene macrolide esters
Perchloramido phosphonyl reagents and analogs thereof
Deuterated cyclosporine analogs and their use as immunomodulating agents
Compounds for immunotherapy and diagnosis of tuberculosis and methods of their use
Chimeric polypeptide comprising the fragment B of shiga toxin and peptides of therapeutic interest
Therapeutic molecules derived from snake venom
Activity dependent neurotrophic factor III (ADNF III)
Human ependymin-like protein
Chemokine-derived synthetic peptides
Human stanniocalcin-alpha
Polynucleotides that encode bovine inhibin
Melanocortin receptor ligands
Method for the removal/purification of serum albumins and means for use in the method
Peptides-containing liposomal surfactants
Process for the purification of a new motility-promoting protein from buffalo serum: a slaughter house waste
Method of inhibiting cell proliferation using an anti-oncogene protein
PCNA binding substance
Antibodies that specifically bind a Bacillus thuringiensis toxin receptor
Compounds for immunotherapy of prostate cancer and methods for their use
Protease inhibitor peptides
AGP-antibody fusion proteins and related molecules and methods
Cyclic peptide tube
Pipecolic acid derivatives of proline threonine amides useful for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis
Peptide nucleic acids having 2,6-diaminopurine nucleobases
Cyclic lipopeptide from Cryptosporiopsis quercina possessing antifungal activity
Reduced malto-oligosaccharides
Method for feeding boron compounds, fine particles of boron compounds, catalyst components for the polymerization of olefins comprising them, and processes for the production of the particles
Organometal catalyst compositions with solid oxide supports treated with fluorine and boron
Production method of vinyl resin
Process for synthesizing tackifier resin
Polymerizable resin, and cured resins, insulators, components of electrical appliances, and electrical appliances made by using the same
Flame retardant resinous compositions and method
Propylene/ethylene-.alpha.-olefin block copolymer and process for producing the same
Solution of dilithium polymerization initiator
Acrylate hot melt-based self-adhesive composition
Method for reducing the polymer content of effluent during the drainage of polymer/water mixtures
Method for producing aqueous ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer composition
Styrene polymer, chemically amplified positive resist composition and patterning process
Bifunctional polymers
Thermoplastic polyurethane containing structural units of ethylene oxide polyol or ethylene oxide capped propylene oxide polyol
Dispersion of a preformed polymer in a polyol
Reactive hot melt adhesive
Silicone and ionically modified urethane oligomer
High temperature resistant polyurethane polymers
Epoxy (urethane) (Meth)acrylate from hydroxyaliphatic bisphenol epoxy resin
Polyepoxide, catalyst/cure inhibitor complex and anhydride
Low viscosity liquid crystalline polymer compositions
Containers made of a branched polycarbonate
Process for producing polycarbonates
Aqueous coating composition
Aqueous base coating composition for polyolefin surfaces
Microcellular thermoplastic elastomeric structures
Antibacterial acrylonitrile fiber having photocatalytic activity
Coating composition for preparing anticorrosive mirror
Phosphite additives in polyolefins
Preparation of machine direction oriented polyethylene films
Filler reinforced compositions of syndiotactic polymers of styrene
Monovinylaromatic polymer with improved stress crack resistance
Synthetic rubber elastomers as replacements for natural rubber latex
Polycarbonate resin composition
Azo dyes, process for making the same, ink-jet printing ink, ink-jet recording method
Coloring composition, ink for ink jet, and ink jet recording method
Inks comprising linear ABSCS'B'A'or BASCS'A'B'alkylene oxide/siloxane block copolymers
Low-migration, low-odor and low-swelling sheet offset printing ink
Resin composition for powder coating, powder coating, and coated article therewith
Overbased barium complexes of C8 to C10 carboxylic acids
Cold sealable adhesive
Cure on demand adhesives and window module with cure on demand adhesive thereon
UV-crosslinked, pressure-sensitive adhesives
Flame-resistant polycarbonate ABS moulding materials
Wet sealing materials and building components useful for clean rooms and local facilities
Method for preventing deposits in oil extraction
Delayed blending of additives in well treatment fluids
Refrigerating machine oil composition for a carbon dioxide refrigerant
Colloidal suspensions for use as a lubricant or additive
Lubricating composition
Gas-fuelled engine lubricating oil compositions
Stabilized oxalic acid sour
Bleaching compositions
Treating compositions comprising polysaccharides
Liquid cleaning compositions
System and methods for the rapid isolation of nucleic acids
Methods of in vivo gene transfer using a sleeping beauty transposon system
HSV viral vector
Substance GM-95, process for producing the same and utilization thereof
Compounds that exhibit specific molecular recognition of mixed nucleic acid sequences and bind in the DNA minor groove as a dimer
Surface preparation prior to deposition
Method of forming composite silicon oxide layer over a semiconductor device
Textiles; Paper
Continuous filament composite nonwoven webs
Treatment of fibrous substrates to impart repellency, stain resistance, and soil resistance
Cloth treating agent, cloth, textile printing process and print
Fixed Constructions
Cable protection in blow-out preventers
Environmental protection for an optical assembly and method therefor
Substrate processing method and apparatus
Radiation shielding of three dimensional multi-chip modules
Thin-conductor foamed-polyolefin-insulated wire and manufacturing method thereof
Method for in situ removal of a dielectric antireflective coating during a gate etch process
Method for supporting a semiconductor wafer during processing
Long range ordered semiconductor interface phase and oxides
Etchant used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices and etching method using the same
Semiconductor device and process for generating an etch pattern
Method of etching silicon nitride film and method of producing semiconductor device
Highly selective oxide etch process using hexafluorobutadiene
Approach for forming a buried stack capacitor structure featuring reduced polysilicon stringers
Method of manufacturing a contact hole of a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for forming contact holes in a semiconductor device
Process for producing a semiconductor device
Magnetically enhanced plasma oxide etch using hexafluorobutadiene
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing a semiconductor substrate as well as a semiconductor thin film, and multilayer structure
Methods of forming capacitor constructions
Method for spin coating high viscosity materials on silicon wafers
Lower temperature method for forming high quality silicon-nitrogen dielectrics
Process of reclamation of SOI substrate and reproduced substrate
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method for semiconductor device and mounting method for the same
Conductive hardening resin for a semiconductor device and semiconductor device using the same
Low dielectric constant film material, film and semiconductor device using such material
Electrical circuit suspension system
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Pivotable cable ring wire management system
Means and methods of insulating a bolster plate
Apparatus and methods to contain radio frequency energy within a housing of an electronic device
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