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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Automatic zipper mechanism for clothing
Cut resistant damage tolerant chemical and liquid protective glove with enhanced wet and dry grip
Detachable magnetic holder
Golf grip cleaning and rinsing device
Bunk bed with reversible staircase and drawer unit
Air supplying device for welding mask
Portable self-contained bed-on-demand system
Medical lead adaptor
Implantable heart stimulator with infection control current, employing counter electrode
Apparatus and method for closed-loop intracranial stimulation for optimal control of neurological disease
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming device
Optical head
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and the control method of the same
Fixed Constructions
Waste fitting
Swimming pool with bench seating module
Method and apparatus for automatically lifting a cover
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
External reset device for an electric water heater
Laser vibrometry with coherent detection
Displacement gauge and displacement measuring method
Smart spacecraft structures based on laser metrology
Apparatus and methods for surface contour measurement
Remote pointing system, device, and methods for identifying absolute position and relative movement on an encoded surface by remote optical method
Applications of Raman scattering probes
Multilayered surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrates
Engine component life monitoring system and method for determining remaining useful component life
X-ray diffraction apparatus and method
System and method for providing environmental impact information, recording medium recording the information, and computer data signal
Sensor device
Network monitoring system responsive to changes in packet arrival variance and mean
Semiconductor device with self-test circuits and test method thereof
Signal processing device, use of the signal processing device and method for signal processing
Two-unit zoom lens system, and exchangeable lens and electronic image taking apparatus using the zoom lens system
Lens unit and a camera incorporating the same lens unit
Ultra wide angle zoom lens in projection display system
System and method for addressing a MEMS display
Electrophoretic display with thermal control
Encapsulated electrophoretic displays having a monolayer of capsules and materials and methods for making the same
Optical deflector
Clear walled containers with lenticular inserts
Fresnel optical element and projection display device
Backlight module with reflection member
Flexible substrate for routing fibers in an optical transceiver
Method and apparatus for integrated optical fiber sensing with nanometer precision
Holding and positioning apparatus for an optical element
Optical device
Electromagnetic wave absorptive film and its fabrication
Semiconductor device and integral image recognition/display apparatus
Space light modulating apparatus, projector including same, process for manufacturing microstructure element used in same, and microstructure element manufactured by same process
Active matrix substrate, display apparatus, and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Reflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Method for manufacturing electro-optical device, and electro-optical device and electronic device manufactured with this manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, and apparatus and method for measuring an object position in a medium
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing a multiple substrate carrier for flat panel display substrates
Document image scanning device
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with developer supply amount target value correcting feature using detected data relating to apparatus ambient environment and information relating to a sealed developer supply container environment
Image forming apparatus, roller, belt, and fixing unit of image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus having exposure timing control
Image forming apparatus which can optimize cleaning time of transfer member contacting inter-image area of image bearing member
Xerographic transfer station using a belt
Oil-less fuser member
Collar assembly for printer fusing system
Timepiece dial and production method therefor
Altimeter watch
Data terminal device capable of continuing to download encrypted content data and a license or reproduce encrypted content data with its casing in the form of a shell closed
Design of instantaneously restartable clocks and their use such as in connecting clocked subsystems using clockless sequencing networks
Repeating switching of a cross-connect and a timing source in a network element through the use of a phase adjuster
Apparatus and method for measuring and controlling power consumption of a computer system
Method and apparatus for facilitating power state control and awareness of an autonomous subsystem in a computer based system
Microprocessor and operation mode switching method for the microprocessor
Wrapped object for observing object events
External storage and data recovery method for external storage as well as program
Apparatus and method to rebuild an NVS image using cache data
Incremental checkpointing in a multi-threaded architecture
Method and system for configurable network intrusion detection
Method for bit recovery in an asymmetric data channel
Rapid application security threat analysis
Buffered memory module with implicit to explicit memory command expansion
Data processing system and method
Compressing data in a cache memory
Storage system
Enable/disable claiming of a DMA request interrupt
Cache memory architecture with system controller device that compares cache tags to memory addresses received from microprocessor
Application-based commit for local storage subsystems and remote storage subsystems
Method and system for transporting data content on a storage area network
Method for transmitting short messages over the internet
System and method for managing images over a communication network
Synchronization circuit for transferring data using a bus of a different width
Enhanced video programming system and method for incorporating and displaying retrieved integrated Internet information segments
Methods and devices for recording changes in visual stimuli observed through browser-based interfaces
Data flow management apparatus, systems, and methods
System and method for communicating with an appliance through an optical interface using a control panel indicator
Signal bus arrangement
Fragment storage for data alignment and merger
Method and apparatus for power efficient and scalable memory interface
GUID, PnPID, isochronous bandwidth based mechanism for achieving memory controller thermal throttling
Spelling and grammar checking system
Printing device, printing method, and computer-readable storage medium for printing using multiple printers
Notification platform architecture
Dynamically adaptable communications processor architecture and associated methods
Apparatus and method for controlling a device in a home network based upon a batch command that is generated when a name of the batch command, a name of the device, a service of the device and details related to the service are sequentially selected
Method for finding an Internet or E-mail address
Multi-level skimming of multimedia content using playlists
Communication device for generating an electronic email including an original document and a reply document based on the condition to include the reply document in the electronic email among a plurality of reply documents
Method for determining multiple paths between ports in a switched fabric
Flow probe connectivity determination
Service descriptor for a multitier compute infrastructure
Fault detection system and method using multiway principal component analysis
Computer-implemented method, system, apparatus for generating user's insight selection by showing an indication of popularity, displaying one or more materialized insight associated with specified item class within the database that potentially match the search
Machine directed improvement of ranking algorithms
Methods for producing structured application-specific integrated circuits that are equivalent to field-programmable gate arrays
Test masks for lithographic and etch processes
Race condition detection and expression
Method for automatically routing connections between top side conductors and bottom side conductors of an integrated circuit package
System and method for reducing the size of RC circuits
Method and apparatus for representing items in a design layout
Window operation interface for graphically revising electrical constraint set and method of using the same
IC layout physical verification method
Method and system for displaying network performance, cost, maintenance, and infrastructure wiring diagram
Application-specific integrated circuit equivalents of programmable logic and associated methods
Method of buffer insertion to achieve pin specific delays
E-manufacturing in semiconductor and microelectronics processes
Substrate carrier handler that unloads substrate carriers directly from a moving conveyor
Web-based circuit-testing system and method
Modular irrigation controller
Method and system to generate deliverable files
Methods and apparatus for displaying multiple contexts in electronic documents
Managing peripheral device address space resources using a tunable bin-packing/knapsack algorithm
System and method for dynamically adjusting data values and enforcing valid combinations of the data in response to remote user input
Facsimile machine and data conversion device
Transmitting miniature versions of files to receiving devices
Electronic apparatuses having vehicle-information determining function, and vehicle-information sharing system using the apparatuses
Method and apparatus for starting up a network or fabric
Method and system for integrating security mechanisms into session initiation protocol request messages for client-proxy authentication
Method and processing unit for selective value prediction using data cache hit/miss information and/or dependency depth information
Floating point computing unit
Storing data related to system initialization in memory while determining and storing data if an exception has taken place during initialization
Preboot execution bootloading
Floating point unit with variable speed execution pipeline and method of operation
Managing hardware and software configuration information of systems being tested
Method and apparatus for making and using a flexible hardware interface
Method and apparatus for creating and executing integrated executables in a heterogeneous architecture
Customized library management system
Method and system for reducing coding complexity by providing intelligent manipulable defaults
Multi-thread executing method and parallel processing system
Method for modeling complex occlusions in fluid simulations
Print driver system having a user interface and a method for processing raster data
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, image processing method, storage medium, and program
System and method for significant dust detection and enhancement of dust images over land and ocean
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Physically-based, probabilistic model for ultrasonic images incorporating shape, microstructure and system characteristics
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing apparatus and video processing method
Segmentation method and system for Multiple Raster Content (MRC) representation of documents
Position and orientation sensing with a projector
Coding and decoding of video data
Group average filter algorithm for digital image processing
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including database modeling
Digital video segmentation and dynamic segment labeling
System and method for detecting obstacle
Common annotation framework
Method of determining optimal asset allocation utilizing asset cash flow simulation
Method and apparatus for generating a sale offer to selected individuals over electronic network systems
Vehicle traveling control device
Processor having a compare extension of an instruction set architecture
Single channel sound separation
Classifier-based non-linear projection for continuous speech segmentation
Audio segmentation with energy-weighted bandwidth bias
Multistage inverse quantization having a plurality of frequency bands
Media cartridge autoloader
Method for reducing the altitudinal errors and run-out of a spindle motor and a slim-type spindle motor
Disk device
Testing of integrated circuit receivers
Slim optical disc drive
Asymmetric compensation circuit
Optical pickup for detecting thickness variation of a recording medium, and/or compensating for spherical aberration caused by thickness variation of a recording medium
Track locking method for optical disk drive and apparatus
Synchronization circuit for optical disc apparatus and synchronization method for optical disc apparatus
Optical disc apparatus capable of detecting recording characteristics based on a predetermined signal prerecorded and reproduced
Apparatus and method for recovering clock signal extracted from prerecorded information in optical storage devices
Optical recording system with optimal recording laser beam power control, and method and device for generating a mark formation effectiveness signal in an optical recording system
Semiconductor memory device having a floating storage bulk region capable of holding/emitting excessive majority carriers
Semiconductor device
Method of combining multilevel memory cells for an error correction scheme
Deterministic addressing of nanoscale devices assembled at sublithographic pitches
Semiconductor memory device and information processing system
High speed latch circuits using gated diodes
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory cell device, programming element and method for programming data into a plurality of non-volatile memory cells
I/O and memory bus system for DFPs and units with two-or multi-dimensional programmable cell architectures
Method for manufacturing a reflector for X-ray radiation
Grating-outcoupled cavity resonator having uni-directional emission
Membrane singlet delta oxygen generator and process
Laser wavelength control arrangement and method
Optical element, and its manufacturing method
Display apparatus
Residual current device with double grounded neutral fault detection
High voltage tolerant I/O circuit
Discrete circuit for driving field effect transistors
ESD protection module triggered by BJT punch-through
Full bridge inverter with push/pull control chip
Mirror suppression circuit and receiver using such circuit
Phase detector for a phase-locked loop
System and method for communicating image data using error correction coding
Serial turbo trellis coded modulation using a serially concatenated coder
Circuit arrangement for frequency conversion and mobile radio device with the circuit arrangement
Timing based LNA gain adjustment in an RF receiver to compensate for intermodulation interference
Current driven polyphase filters and method of operation
Portable terminal device and method of generating call sound
Partitioning of radio-frequency apparatus
System and method for enhancing transmission and reception of a transceiver
Network diagnostic tool for an optical transport network
Optical component and optical transmitter-receiver for use in two-way optical communication
Optical communication system
Raman amplifier and optical transmission system using the same
Adaptive broadband post-distortion receiver for digital radio communication system
Digital receiver with aural interface
Methods and apparatus for switching N optical input signals to M optical outputs
Digital TDMA link with no sync word
Click passwords
Quadrature modulator carrier quadrature error detection method and quadrature modulation device
Telephone interface for communicating with embedded devices through a gateway and allowing access from a remote service provider
Method and system for distribution of session scheduling
Network device virtual interface
System and method for communicating TDM traffic through a packet switch fabric
Method of determining transmit power for transmit eigenbeams in a multiple-input multiple-output communications system
Clock recovery circuit
Method for synchronizing a receiver, a system, and an electronic device
Transferring application secrets in a trusted operating system environment
Sensory verification of shared data
Key agreement and transport protocol
Secure communication with a keyboard or related device
Mandatory access control (MAC) method
Enciphering apparatus and method, deciphering apparatus and method as well as information processing apparatus and method
Providing location based directory numbers for personalized services
Communication device and communication system
Anonymous electronic transactions
Methods, systems, and computer program products for controlling data transmission based on power cost
Method for providing subscriber-based ringback tone in flexible paging mode
Method for providing a subscriber-based ringback tone sound
Information input/output system, method and terminal therefor
Optical device of scanner
Image output apparatus and method of controlling same
Printing information processing device, printing device, printing information processing method and printing system
High dynamic range image sensor cell
Digital TV receiving smart antenna control system and controlling method of the same
X-Y address type solid-state image pickup device with an image averaging circuit disposed in the noise cancel circuit
Imaging apparatus suppressing an occurrence of color moire
Panoramic camera
Image sensor using multiple array readout lines
Broadcast video image recording apparatus
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Recording/reproducing system
Systems and methods for editing video streams using a grid-based representation
Wavelet domain motion compensation system
Interactive entertainment network system and method for customizing operation thereof according to viewer preferences
Apparatus and method for delivery of metadata on ATVEF transport B enabled platform
Entertainment system, picture display apparatus, information processing apparatus and synchronization control method
SONET data byte switch
Message barring system and method thereof
System and method of controlling multimedia call in mobile communication system
Multi-slope handoff algorithm for controlling dynamic communication quality in wireless communications
System and method for formatting voice data in a mobile telecommunication system
Paging transceivers and methods for selectively retrieving messages
Method and system for dynamically re-homing a base transceiver station
Securing magnets in high-efficiency planar magnetic transducers
Audio signal processing circuit
Vibrator damping
Wiring board incorporating components and process for producing the same
Quick release structures for a computer
Stackable modular computer housing, and computer device including the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for supply for heat
Position tracking and imaging system for use in medical applications
Medical scanning system and related method of scanning
Method for determining blood glucose levels from a single surface of the skin
Ultra-small optical probes, imaging optics, and methods for using same
Non-invasive detection of endothelial dysfunction by blood flow measurement in opposed limbs using tracer injection
Method and apparatus for non-invasively detecting, measuring, and recording electrocardiograms in conscious animals
Method of noninvasively determining a patient's susceptibility to arrhythmia
Ceramic single-plate capacitor EEG electrode
Measurement of respiratory effort using a suprasternal sensor
System for quantitative radiographic imaging
X-ray detecting apparatus
Methods and apparatus for defining regions of interest
X-ray computerized tomograph including collimator that restricts irradiation range of X-ray fan beam
Multi-slice X-ray CT apparatus and method of controlling the same
X-ray device incorporating detection of shutter edges
Implantable medical device
Pulse generator header lead introducer tool
Steerable coronary sinus defibrillation lead
Apparatus and method for detecting micro-dislodgment of a pacing lead
Miniature wireless transcutaneous electrical neuro or muscular-stimulation unit
Apparatus for detecting fusion events upon electrostimulation of the heart
Implantable cardioversion device with a self-adjusting threshold for therapy selection
Wireless cardiac pacing system with vascular electrode-stents
Implantable cardioverter/defibrillator employing shock delivery timing for preventing induced fibrillation
Implantable cardiac stimulating device incorporating high frequency low amplitude lead impedance measurement
Implantable medical device having a substantially flat battery
System and method for improved diagnostic imaging in a radiation treatment system
Robot device and method for controlling the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for detecting credit/debit cards in connection with the processing of bulk mail
Machine for tooling small parts
Method for determining a peening element speed limit ratio when peening the internal surface of a hollow part
Operation line tracking device using sensor
Virtual reality simulation-based training of telekinegenesis system for training sequential kinematic behavior of automated kinematic machine
Method for monitoring the air pressure of the tires of a motor vehicle
Regenerative deceleration for a hybrid drive system
Environment monitoring system
Electronic assembly
Plastic housing with condensation protection for electric and electronic assemblies
System for determining the occupancy state of a seat in a vehicle and controlling a component based thereon
Motor vehicle data processing apparatus
Brake control unit
Process and device for determining a vehicle's mass
Method and device for detecting cornering of a vehicle
Steer control system for material handling vehicles
Electric power steering controller and control method
Method and apparatus for controlling straight line travel of a tracked machine
Controller and control method for satellite orbit-keeping maneuvers
Method for delivering products for human consumption from a manufacturing center to passenger carrying vehicles
Image forming apparatus having a sheet reversing device
Method and device for electrostatic charging
Carrier route optimization system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for assessing significance of protein identification
Textiles; Paper
Computerized embroidery machine diagnostics
Apparatus and method for braking a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for measuring and controlling the flow of fluids from coal seam gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controller and storage medium for detecting cold engine operation
Vehicle control apparatus having multiple ECUs loaded with respective control programs
Method and system for dynamically estimating atmospheric air pressure ambient to an internal combustion engine
Engine control unit using pulses of different frequencies
Circuit arrangement, in particular for triggering an ignition end stage
Thermally isolated x-ray tube bearing
Method for controlling disengageable clutches for starting and for shifting variable-speed gears in automobiles
IDLE drive torque control for automated vehicle dry master clutch
Water heating system with automatic temperature control
Method and apparatus for establishing the layout of a building
Magnetic wheel sensor for vehicle navigation system
Method for determining drift with a digital compass
Navigation system
Route controlled audio programming
Navigation apparatus for navigating a vehicle based on symbolic sounds
Navigation system and method of displaying a quasi-three-dimensional map information
Method and apparatus for calibrating analog sensor measurement
Optical beam monitoring device
Photometry device of a camera
Laser diode light emission sensing circuit
Method of calibrating the sample height in a sample analyzer
Capacitive moisture sensor and fabrication method for capacitive moisture sensor
Tandem repeat detection using pattern discovery
Designing compounds specifically inhibiting ribonucleic acid by binding to the minor groove
Method for compensating variations of a wheel speed sensor
Vibration sensing in gas turbine engine
Method and apparatus for flight data acquisition using an optimized multiple frequency waveform
Intelligent analysis system and method for fluid-filled electrical equipment
System for inspecting an apparatus of a printed circuit board
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having pseudo-tuning function
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Method for carrying out a burn-in process for electrically stressing a semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for calibrating base station locations and perceived time bias offsets in an assisted GPS transceiver
Camera with through-the-lens lighting
Multiple propagation wave parameter measuring method and apparatus and machine-readable recording medium recording multiple propagation wave parameter measuring program
Calculation method in a radio system for calculating the geometrical time difference between transmitters
Wideband-to-narrowband conversion method and apparatus
Signal processing method and apparatus, and sonar systems
Method of producing impact point position probability maps for a well
Method for controlled-amplitude prestack time migration of seismic data
Adaptive seismic noise and interference attenuation method
Seismic data acquisition and method for spatially filtering seismic data
Optical switch
Flexible, modular, compact fiber optic switch
Microelectromechanical optical cross-connect switches including mechanical actuators and methods of operating same
Micromachined optical switching devices
Optomechanical matrix switches including collimator arrays
Sol-gel processing to form doped sol-gel monoliths inside hollow core optical fiber and sol-gel core fiber devices made thereby
Dispersion compensating photonic crystal fiber
Dispersion compensating optical fiber
Wavelength multiplexer and optical unit
Apparatus and method for achieving a smooth spectral response optical filter
Tapered fiber gratings and applications
Optical fiber grating
Arrayed waveguide grating
Method of fabricating fused and tapered couplers from optical fibers having photosensitive cladding regions
Tunable optical component
Optical waveguide part, its manufacturing method, connection member, optical part, method for connecting optical waveguide part, and optical element
Fiber-optic free-space micromachined matrix switches
Optical fiber feedthrough assembly and method of making same
Sealed fiber-optic bundle feedthrough
Optical interconnection apparatus and method of fabricating same
Optical fiber hermetic termination connector
Micro-alignment of optical components
Optical fiber having first and second reflective surfaces and method of operation
Hybrid opto-electronic circuits and method of making
Optical fiber jumper cable bend limiter and housing therefor
Central cavity cable with a predetermined gap that facilitates opening of the outer sheath
Functionally pre-stressed ribbon stack
Optical wavelength-division-multiplexed cross-connect incorporating optically controlled optical switch
Viewfinder for camera with adjustable diopter
Detecting device and camera with the detecting device
Strobe device of lens-fitted film unit and production method of the strobe device
Camera which compensates for motion by setting the time at which a movable member begins moving and which adjusts the movement of the movable member for motion originating in the camera
Camera with belt clip movable to ready an electronic device such as an electronic flash
Optical servo writing
Image forming apparatus capable of being fitted with offset stacker, copying machine equipped with the image forming apparatus, and method of controlling the image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus, and a method of stopping the working of the image formation apparatus after completion of a job
Image forming apparatus having a belt attaching/detaching mechanism
Tandem color image forming device capable of forming high-quality color images
Image forming apparatus including a charging device that contacts a portion of an image carrier belt spanning a driving roller and method of use
Dynamic duty cycle for increased latitude
Method of reattaching a toner seal
Image forming apparatus having a detachable cartridge and developer residual amount sensor
Wet-type developing apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Cleaning structure for a developing unit of liquid electrophotographic printer
Image forming apparatus
Fuser release agent management system with driven supply reel
Simplified fusing system
Method of manufacturing an image forming apparatus with toner applied to a development unit
Printer/scanner employing passive heat shield
Auto-tuning in a distributed process control environment
System and method for a variable gain proportional-integral (PI) controller
Electric motion platform and a control system for controlling the same
Integrated advanced control blocks in process control systems
Control system and method
Method and arrangement for selecting safety parameters to be monitored
Personal computer-incorporated numerical control apparatus, and image transfer method for personal computer-incorporated numerical control apparatuses
Machining sequence determining method and apparatus for wire-cut electric discharge machining and computer readable medium storing a machining sequence determining program
Wafer fabrication system providing measurement data screening
Statistical process control integration systems and methods for monitoring manufacturing processes
System for monitoring CNC machine controllers
Sensor-fusion navigator for automated guidance of off-road vehicles
Drive cage assembly
Static random access memory backup
Method and system for identifying performance degradation of a cooling subsystem in a locomotive
Method and apparatus for virtualizing a locally initiated outbound connection from a connection manager
Method and system for providing temporal threshold support during performance monitoring of a pipelined processor
Method and apparatus for measuring the performance of a network based application program
Method of synchronizing read timing in a high speed memory system
Serial interface circuit
Method and apparatus using run length encoding to evaluate a database
System and method of finding near neighbors in large metric space databases
Taxonomy generation for document collections
Method and apparatus for improving the performance of a generated code cache search operation through the use of static key values
Method, system, and program for performing a join operation on a multi column table and satellite tables
Document retrieval assisting method and system for the same and document retrieval service using the same
Modular image query system
Sizing and insertion of decoupling capacitance
Method and apparatus for entering alphanumeric characters with accents or extensions into an electronic device
High speed asynchronous and programmable state machine for generating almost empty synchronous flags in a synchronous FIFO
Apparatus and method of generating compressed data
Serial communication circuit
System and method for implementing proximity or location driven activities
Transmitting-receiving station having impedance-matched receiving means for transponder answer signals
Method and apparatus for personnel detection and tracking
Fingerprint image processing device and fingerprint image processing method
Method for conducting analysis of handwriting
Image processing method, image processing device, and recording medium
Task manager
Method and system for tracking manufacturing data for integrated circuit parts
System and method for enhancing e-commerce using natural language interface for searching database
Compositing video image data
Image processing method and apparatus
CAD-neutral application programming interface
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for correction of a discrete pixel image
Illumination compensation system for industrial inspection
Search method and apparatus for locating digitally stored content, such as visual images, music and sounds, text, or software, in storage devices on a computer network
Apparatus for counting color transitions and areas in real time camera images
Three-dimensional information processing apparatus and method
Measurement of depth image considering time delay
Balanced template tracker for tracking an object image sequence
Method for image characterization using color and texture statistics with embedded spatial information
Automatically determining an optimal content image search algorithm by choosing the algorithm based on color
Joint cosine transforming and quantizing device and joint inverse quantizing and inverse cosine transforming device
Transform domain resizing of an image compressed with field encoded blocks
Pattern matching coding device using pattern matching and coding method therefor
Image compression
Image compression and expansion device
Quantization matrix for still and moving picture coding
Telephone tag entertainment
Proximity detector for hard-to-detect materials
Digital tone generator
Noise cancellation earpiece
Method and apparatus for providing outbound voice-to-fax service
Computer-based system and method for identifying an unidentified caller
Method of frequency filtering applied to noise suppression in signals implementing a wiener filter
Magnetic field generator and magneto-optical storage device using the same
Cartridge orientation insertion detection for mass storage systems including finger detections of recesses in the cartridges
Technique for eliminating end-of-travel dead space in media autochangers
Disc player having an improved disc cartridge loading system
Disk device
Disc centering mechanism in disc playback and/or recording apparatus
Optical head apparatus and optical disk apparatus
Drive for storage medium
Disk reproducing speed control method and a disk reproducing apparatus using this method
Interface circuit and optical disk manufacturing system that uses same
Implementation of variable bit density in storage disc drives
Playback data detecting device
Recording and reproducing apparatus for recording digital broadcast compression-coded data of video signals of a multiplicity of channels
Disk reproducing device, a disk reproducing method, a disk rotation control method, and a regenerative clock signal generating device
Reproducing apparatus
Data recording method and apparatus, data record medium and data reproducing method and apparatus
Optical pick-up feeding device
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing data thereof
Video processing system
System and method for creating trick play video streams from a compressed normal play video bitstream
Digital data recording/reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for detecting edition point of audio/video data stream
Recording/reproducing method and device with supplementary data storage and output
Image reproduction apparatus
Apparatus and method for controlling movement of an optical head
Optical recording/reproducing method and apparatus for optical storage media
Apparatus for recording and/or reproducing information and/or from optical information record disk
Information recording/reproducing apparatus and method and information recording medium
Disc recorded with audio, image, and operation image data from which sound and images can be reproduced and apparatus for reproducing sound and images from such disc
High-speed dynamic actuating system for optical disks
Laser power control device, optical head and optical recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Optical pickup device having a shielding protection
Initialization of phase-change optical recording medium
Astigmatism generating device to remove comma aberration and spherical aberration
Optical information medium
Phase change optical recording medium and process for manufacturing same
MRAM with midpoint generator reference and method for readout
Magnetic random access memory
Method for operating an integrated memory
Folded-bitline dual-port DRAM architecture system
Integrated dynamic semiconductor memory with time controlled read access
Semiconductor memory device with a refresh function
Method and arrangement for preconditioning in a destructive read memory
Variable voltage isolation gate and method
Channel driving circuit of virtual channel DRAM
Synchronous double data rate DRAM
Integrated DRAM memory cell and DRAM memory
Row redundancy in a content addressable memory
Flash memory cell for high efficiency programming
Flash memory cell for high efficiency programming
Nonvolatile memory sensing circuit and techniques thereof
Voltage level shifter circuit and nonvolatile semiconductor storage device using the circuit
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and semiconductor disk device
Channel-erase nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Non-volatile latch with program strength verification
Circuit for programming antifuse bits
Structure and method for correction of defective analog data in a nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Column redundancy architecture system for an embedded DRAM
Accelerated testing method and circuit for non-volatile memory
Method of stressing a memory device
Memory device redundancy selection having test inputs
Architecture, package orientation and assembly of memory devices
Charge pumps with current sources for regulation
Audio signal reproducing apparatus
Serial access memory and data write/read method
Dynamic data amplifier with built-in voltage level shifting
Ferroelectric random access memory configurable output driver circuit
Method and system for hiding refreshes in a dynamic random access memory
Memory device with time shared data lines
Apparatus and method for generating a clock within a semiconductor device and devices and systems including same
Method and apparatus for setting write latency
Read amplifier circuit for high-speed reading and semiconductor memory device employing the read amplifier circuit
Semiconductor memory device for fast access
Random access memory having independent read port and write port and process for writing to and reading from the same
Method and apparatus for invalidating memory array write operations
Secure poly fuse ROM with a power-on or on-reset hardware security features and method therefor
Internal structure of nuclear reactor with coolant flow stabilizing facility
Fuel assembly and nuclear reactor
High precision grids for neutron, hard X-ray, and gamma-ray imaging systems
Chip electronic component and method of manufacturing the same
Power source element
Cap member for electrical double layer capacitor container
Power circuit breaker using temperature-sensive fuse
Internal bearing cooling using forced air
Method and apparatus for controlling the use of chemicals with expiration dates
Power supply bypass capacitor circuit for reducing power supply noise and semiconductor integrated circuit device having the capacitor circuit
Method and apparatus to display processing parameter
Carrier handling apparatus for a module IC handler, and method therefor
Non-volatile semiconductor memory and methods of driving, operating, and manufacturing this memory
Semiconductor device having stacked semiconductor elements
Multilayer circuit board
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Use of sectorized polarization diversity as a means of increasing capacity in cellular wireless systems
Micro-slot antenna
Repeater diversity system
Single-transverse-mode laser diode with multi-mode waveguide region and manufacturing method of the same
Laser source with submicron aperture
Master oscillator vertical emission laser
Gas-filled surge protector with external short-circuiting device
Combined DC/data bus for electrical equipment
Double wide center handle
Automatically operating interlock assembly requiring an electrical cabinet to be closed before connection of the equipment
Gas-insulated switchgear
Method and apparatus for performing a short-circuit and overload disconnection with a semiconductor component
Modular structure of an apparatus for regulating the harmonics of current drawn from power lines by an electronic load
Local loop control system for a multiple output power converter
Dc-dc converter
Ripple canceling, soft switching isolated DC/DC converters with reduced voltage stress synchronous rectification
Data interface module for motor control system
Direct conversion radio receiver using combined down-converting and energy spreading mixing signal
Method of establishing search window size for a mobile station in a cellular system
Non linear amplitude precorrection for HDTV transmitter
Switched bandwidth digital filters with reduced transients during switching
Partially-synchronous high-speed counter circuits
Method and circuit configuration for processing digital signals
Circuit, disk controller and method for calibrating a high precision delay of an input signal
Two-step soft output viterbi algorithm decoder using modified trace back
Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for image coding and decoding programs
Method and system for dynamic adjustment of CDMA wireless device power levels
Methods and apparatus for mobile phone power management
Radio signal transceiver apparatus
Operating component placement system for electronic equipment
Radio receiver
Peak detecting circuit for detecting a peak of a time discrete signal by an approximate function
Method and apparatus for quick acquisition of pilot signals using bank switching method
Blind adaptive algorithms for optimal minimum variance CDMA receivers
Code generator for multiple correlators
Spread spectrum communication apparatus
Soliton pulse transmission over long waveguide fiber lengths
Dynamic range reduction circuitry for a digital communications receiver
Method for measuring CDMA signal
Mobile station measurements with event-based reporting
Cone mapping physical optics for design of indoor communication system
Echo canceller for decreasing a deterioration factor of a speech quality
Power control system and method for use with wireless communications system
Reception diversity method, and a radio communication system using diversity reception
Diversity combining method, and receiver
Method and system for remote diagnostics of a satellite receiver
Common downlink frame for differing coding rates
Method and apparatus for improving the quality of speech signals transmitted over wireless communication facilities
Method and apparatus for per-band compensation with gap-free band structure for high speed DWDM transmission
Optical output level control device for an optical wavelength multiplexer included in an optical transmission system
Method for measuring delay parameters in a network
Method, system and apparatus for reducing synchronization and resynchronization times for systems with pulse stuffing
Apparatus and method for phase tracking in a demodulator
Uplink demodulator scheme for a processing satellite
Arrangement and equipment for handling not-compatible messages between a management system and network elements controlled by the management system
Method and apparatus for implementing leaf node proxy in a network
Method of and apparatus for implementing and sending an asynchronous control mechanism packet used to control bridge devices within a network of IEEE STD 1394 serial buses
ATM cell switching system
Method and device in telecommunications system
Linked list based least recently used arbiter
Broadcast rate control allocation (BRCA) for congestion avoidance in satellite ATM networks
Method and apparatus for selecting a directional antenna in a wireless communication system
Dynamic trunk protocol
Method and apparatus for transparently bridging traffic across wide area networks
Method and apparatus for finding a match entry using receive port number embedded in the port vector
ATM switch with VC priority buffers
Method for a high speed communication system
Internet controlled telephone system
Highspeed extendable bus architecture
System and method of validating equalizer training
System and methods for modem interface
Digital modulation device in a system and method of using the same
IS-136+ slot formation
Phase encoding methods for handling multiple phase modulated signals on a single channel
Dynamic temperature compensation and stage selection in pilot signal acquisition
GSM baseband receiver arrangement using digital signal processing
Estimation of frequency offset in a communication system
Method and apparatus to reduce peak to average power ratio in multi-carrier modulation
Multicarrier transmission system with low power sleep mode and rapid-on capability
FMOD transceivers including continuous and burst operated TDMA, FDMA, spread spectrum CDMA, WCDMA, and CSMA
Method and apparatus for dynamic negotiation of protocols
System for recovering lost information in a data stream
Wireless coupling of incompatible nodes via a virtual network
Mobile tele-computer network
Stream communication system and stream transfer control method
Wireless coupling of standardized networks and non-standardized nodes
System and method for supporting communications services on behalf of a communications device which cannot provide those services itself
Method and apparatus for estimating power of first adjacent analog FM interference in an in-band on-channel (IBOC) communication system
Technique for communicating digitally modulated signals over an amplitude-modulation frequency band
Method and system for performing secure electronic digital streaming
System and method for synchronizing one time pad encryption keys for secure communication and access control
Method and system for ensuring the security of telephone call management centers
Multi-service mobile station
Adjustable telephone system and method
Telephone having hand-set to be used also as voice input/output device for personal computer
Tele-remote telephone and remote control device
Electronic devices including indicator control circuits and related methods of controlling indicators
Automatic telephone-line disconnect system
Method and apparatus for reducing signal processing requirements for transmitting packet-based data with a modem
Method of and apparatus for performing line characterization in a non-idle mode in a subscriber line communication system
Broadband architecture using existing twisted pair
Telemanagement system with single point of entry
Wireless system and method for evaluating quality of service
System and method for checking service availability
Composite interface apparatus for key telephone system
System for automated workflow in a network management and operations system
DMT test method for determining ADSL capability of cables
System and method that provides specialized processing of communications based on automatically generated identifiers
Abstract interface for media and telephony services
Apparatus, method and system for providing variable termination patterns for multiple telecommunication sessions
Point-of-presence call management center
Method and apparatus for providing fair access to agents in a communication center
Audio codec reselection for increased port density
Image processing apparatus
Image outputting apparatus
Device and method for converting two-dimensional video into three-dimensional video
Methods and apparatus for application specific computed tomographic radiation detection
Data transmission with receiver side control
Audiovisual data decoding method
Motion estimation
Decoping apparatus for shape and pixel value signal
Method and apparatus for transmitting and recovering video signal
Multi-drop digital telephone loop
Optical switching system with power balancing
Two wire DDS transport system
Apparatus for processing and generating data using a digital signal processor
Efficient variable rate coding of voice over asynchronous transfer mode
Device for a radio-communication system, in particular for point-to-multipoint connections
Method of preventing data inconsistency between master exchange data and backup exchange data
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Method of providing caller identification for calls placed over an internet
Service management system for use in communications
Methods and apparatus for local number portability in telecommunication systems
Selective wireless paging receiver and radio frequency searching method therefor
Group communication system
Host system for base station
Low power consumption quick charge for wireless device
Call re-establishment for a dual mode telephone
Method for setting a location registration zone
Channel access scheme for use in network communications
Method and system for support of overlapping IP addresses between an interworking function and a mobile IP foreign agent
Method to perform subsidy protection for TDMA mobile stations
Automatic radio wave output limiting system for portable telephone set
Virtual private network for mobile subscribers
Method and apparatus for implementing handover in a mobile communications system
Method and apparatus for providing neighborhood cordless services
Conversion of international mobile station identity (IMSI) number
Method and system for saving dropped calls
Tuned elastic loudspeaker enclosure
Hearing aid assembly
Ultra-directional speaker system and speaker system drive method
Sound volume controllable communication apparatus
Method of generating three-dimensional sound
Magnetron drive power supply
X-ray examination apparatus
Capacitor for DRAM connector
Method of extending life expectancy of surface mount components
Apparatus and method for securing a printed circuit board to a base plate
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