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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Twister fruit picker
Method of and device for determining crop parameters
Sanitary pick-up device
Fishing line guide mechanism for spinning reel
Insect control device
Dough treatment facility
Chewing gum containing physiological cooling agents and method of making
Plant for continuous processing and packing of meat products and method for the implementation thereof
Breast support apparatus
Apparatus for organizing and displaying clothing
Tape for slide fasteners
Drawer closing mechanism
Height adjustable table
Child restraint system
Juice extractor with orifice tube beam movable between operating and maintenance positions and associated methods
Apparatus for preparing coffee
Floor machine with handle attachment
Gutter cleaning tool
Light source apparatus for endoscope
Dental articles including post-formable multilayer optical films
Tissue fastening devices and related insertion tools and methods
Sharpness metric for vision quality
Guidewire tip construction
Method for using chlorin and bacteriochlorin-based aminophenyl DTPA and N.sub.2S.sub.2 conjugates for MR contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals
Apparatus and methods for variably controlled substance delivery from implanted prostheses
Method of reducing or eliminating thrombus formation
Annuloplasty instrument
Hospital bed having a siderail position detector
Resuscitation method using a sensed biological parameter
Hop-based udder and teat dips and washes
Peptides and DNA encoding the peptides useful for immunizations against Coccidioides spp. infections
Anti-amoebic vaccine
Gp120 mutants and biological applications
Rapid, efficient purification of HSV-specific T-lymphocytes and HSV antigens identified via same
Conjugated linoleic acid alkyl esters in feedstuffs and food
Herpes simplex virus strains
Pseudotyped lentiviral vectors and uses thereof
Corticosteroid-containing pharmaceutical composition
Ibuprofen composition
Soft gelatin capsule manufacture
Apparatus for administering aerosols
Oxygen enriching apparatus, controller, and recording medium
Methods and devices for blood vessel harvesting
Implant system and method for bulking tissue
Ophthalmic fluid dispenser
Method for determining the distribution volume of a blood component during an extracorporeal blood treatment and device for carrying out the method
Methods and devices for improving cardiac output
Diagnostic imaging tabletop
Resuscitators, parts and assemblies
Pull exerciser
Portable exercise apparatus
Weight selection methods and apparatus
Golf ball
Golf putter with improved moment of inertia, aim and feel
Apparatus for holding and carrying selected golf clubs
Dynamic weather simulation
Game with associable playing pieces
Voucher-based gaming system
Doll with angled and jointed torso
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the transfer of energy and/or matter between a soluble solid and a liquid
Hood for a filter ventilator
Method for continuously filtering raw brine for use in chlor-alkali electrolysis
Emission control device and method of operation thereof
Low pressure impact separator for separation, classification and collection of ultra-fine particles
Device for preparing dialysate for a dialysis machine
Method of producing a high pressure gas
System and method for exposing an object to an electrical discharge
Metallic mesoporous transition metal oxide molecular sieves, room temperature activation of dinitrogen and ammonia production
Monolith for imparting swirl to a gas stream
Catalytic cracking reaction-regeneration system
Apparatus for continuously introducing a substance in liquid phase into plastics granules
High-pressure processing chamber for a semiconductor wafer
Substrate cleaning method and cleaning apparatus
Apparatus and method for hot rolling
Method of manufacturing a rack-and-pinion steering housing
Adjustable system and method for supporting and joining structural members
Nanocomposites of silicon nitride, silicon carbide, and boron nitride
Gold powders, methods for producing powders and devices fabricated from same
Key cutting machine
Method of manufacturing compound helical planet gears having different leads
Multi-package conversion kit for a pick and place handler
Manufacturing system and method
Rotational indexing device for a machine tool
Eccentric grinding hand power tool
Method for reducing edge array erosion in a high-density array
Pad assembly for electrochemical mechanical processing
Timing gear pliers
Ratchet open-end wrench
Adjustable spanner
Three-side trimmer
Corrugated fiberboard panels for use in the construction of walls, ceilings and floors
Method of modifying surface layer of molded resin and apparatus for modifying surface layer of molded resin
Block impact splitter
Selective deposition modeling method and apparatus for forming three-dimensional objects and supports
Method for formation of polymer
Removal from core mold part of tubular injection molded plastic product formed with two open ends
Plunger molding machine with tapered bore and thermal transfer fins
Spiral-webbed mandrel
Method of applying an edge electrode pattern to a touch screen
Membranes of polyurethane based materials including polyester polyols
Portable apparatus for compacting and storing cigarette butts
Semiconductor device and process for fabrication thereof
High strain electrostrictive polymer
Thermosetting resin composition and use thereof
Disposable cutting sheet
Decorative foil
Image reading and recording apparatus
Printhead assembly for use proximate a drive roller nip
Ink jet head
Printer having a fluid capping mechanism
Liquid container, liquid using apparatus, printing apparatus, and ink jet cartridge
Ink jet head and ink jet printer
Micro-electromechanical actuator assembly with heat conductive pathways
Method and device for optical sensor compensation, and apparatus incorporating the same
Method of and apparatus for gathering stacks of sheets and the like
Label structure and method of forming the label structure
Applicator including an applicator element configured to apply substance to skin
Pneumatic tire having sipes formed by shifting pitches of zigzag shape
Connecting device
Apparatus to convert an all terrain vehicle into a boat, and methods of constructing and utilizing same
Suspension strut unit with a height-adjustable spring collar
Vehicle suspension
Vehicle suspension system
Vehicle suspension system
Modular automobile roof
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling the same
Height-adjustable vehicle seat with a crash blocking unit
Vehicular arm rest cover
Latch assembly for a ramp of a vehicle trailer
Bumper reinforcement for an automobile
Air-bag arrangement
Airbag initiator cover attachment apparatus and method
Three stage rotary strap extruder
Hot in-place asphalt recycling machine
Apparatus for selectively attaching a first object to a second object in a desired orientation
Double-hull ore carrying vessel conversion from single-hull oil tanker and method of performing the same
Passenger sitting/sleeping arrangement
Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy
Pattern former for wrapped bakery products
Film delivery unit for shrink wrap packaging system
Device for dispensing fluid and semi-dense substances packaged in flexible sealed sachets
Packaging for a reel of magnetic tape
Image forming apparatus
Block set for assembling a solid creation and apparatus for fabricating block for assembling solid creation
Sheet feeding apparatus
Elevator cab locating system including wireless communication
Drive system for reducing the polygon effect in continuous drive chains of escalators or moving walkways
Elevator installation with a buffer for creating a zone of protection in an elevator installation and a method of creating a zone of protection
Vehicle equipped with lift device and lift device
Device for lifting and removing oven doors of a cooking oven
Aerosol nozzle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Carbon material for producing metal-including fullerene in high yield
Coating compound for forming titanium oxide film, method for forming titanium oxide film and metal susbstrate coated with titanium oxide film
Fluid treatment system
Poultry processing water recovery and re-use process
Packaged wastewater treatment unit
Phosphonamide and phosphonamide blend compositions to treat water
Pneumococcal surface protein C (PspC), epitopic regions and strain selection thereof, and uses therefor
Chlorate-containing stabilizer system with nitrogen-containing synergists for stabilizing halogen-containing polymers
Phosphors containing oxides of alkaline-earth and group-13 metals, and light sources incorporating the same
Method for filling a horizontal flue coking oven
Phytases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Method for immobilization of polypeptides
Pathogenic Escherichia coli associated protein espA
Composition and method for the detection of diseases associated with amyloid-like fibril or protein aggregate formation
High throughput screen for identifying polymerization catalysts from potential catalysts
Methods for display of heterodimeric proteins on filamentous phage using pVII and pIX, compositions, vectors and combinatorial libraries
Barium titanate film synthesizing process
Multi-layer electrodeposition coating film-forming method and coating product formed by the same
Textiles; Paper
Draft device
Warp knitting fabric
Fixed Constructions
Spring mounting for sash window tensioning arrangements
Expandable tubular connection
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation using barriers
In situ thermal processing of an oil reservoir formation
Method and apparatus involving an integrated or otherwise combined exit guide and section mill for sidetracking or directional drilling from existing wellbores
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Discrete step rotary actuator
Protective ring for the fan protective casing of a gas turbine engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Variable valve control system and method for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine having at least two exhaust-gas turbochargers
Direct injection gaseous fuel engine with ignition assist
Limited access adjustment system for an internal combustion engine
High pressure fuel supply apparatus
System for multiple harnessing and complemented conversion of energy from sea waves
Blower having a blower tube incorporating a reduction device for reducing the clear flow cross section of said blower tube at idle operation
Electric compressor
Multi-fan assembly
Blind rivet, rivet pin, holding device, method for producing a blind rivet and method for creating a riveted joint
Seal arrangement with encoder and magnetization head for the encoder
Hydraulic continuously variable transmission
Speed differential-dependent hydraulic clutch with a control valve
Procedure for upshifting gear in a motor vehicle and a power plant unit for a motor vehicle
Dual clutch automatic transaxle
Continuously variable transmission
Solenoid actuated variable pressure relief valve assembly for torque transfer assembly
Annular valve
Stress limiting device for offshore oil reservoir production pipe
Drain hose for electrical appliance having water outlet
Fluid injection system
Spindle support stand
Safety flashlight holder
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device using the same
Light emitting panel assemblies
Illumination apparatus and liquid crystal projector using the illumination apparatus
Advanced commercial range burner
Reduced clearance gas fireplace
Wall integrated thermal solar collector with heat storage capacity
Isolation shield system, insolation shield and method
Super-critical refrigerant cycle system and water heater using the same
Cooling circuit for receiver of solar radiation
Rotary tubular kiln
Heat dissipating device with heat conductive tubes
Brazed condenser jumper tube
Detachable driving assembly for a toy gun
Pneumatic paintball marker, universal barrel, adaptor and insert combination
Firing system for a firearm
Ceramic armor and method of making by encapsulation in a hot pressed three layer metal assembly
Method for bioremediating undetonated explosive device
Arrow system
Device for measuring and teaching scales of units
Slide caliper assembly and method of use
Head and apparatus for the linear dimension checking of mechanical pieces
Two wire circuit for a laser pendulum
Apparatus to reproduce tactile sensations
Method for patterning a mask layer and semiconductor product
Methods and apparatus for temperature measurement and control in electromagnetic coils
Pressure sensitive surfaces
Container with a frangible seal
Method and device for measuring humidity
Methods for detecting the endpoint of a photoresist stripping process
Electrochemical gas sensor
Method for determining reusability of refrigerant using equipment or refrigerant lines, and reusability check tool for refrigerant using equipment or refrigerant lines
Selectable gene marker system based on expression of N-acetyllactosaminide 3-.alpha. galactosyltransferase
Deep reactive ion etching process and microelectromechanical devices formed thereby
Method for controlling resonant tag frequency
Color filter array having a green filter layer
Low profile splicing stage for optical fiber waveguides
Solar reflection panels
Light guide plate with stepped edge and display device having the same
Liquid crystal display
Soft box assembly and pole support assembly therefor
Imaging system and method
Projector of external power supply
Photolithographic mask having a structure region covered by a thin protective coating of only a few atomic layers and methods for the fabrication of the mask including ALCVD to form the thin protective coating
Selective surface exposure, cleans, and conditioning of the germanium film in a Ge photodetector
Negative resist composition comprising base polymer having epoxy ring and Si-containing crosslinker and patterning method for semiconductor device using the same
Developer regenerators
Plasma ashing process for removing photoresist and residues during ferroelectric device fabrication
Thermally-generated mask pattern
Photolithographic mask
Dual ID verification system and switching method therefor
Spectral coding by fluorescent semiconductor nanocrystals for document identification and security applications
Arrangement for reading coded data printed on a card
Bar code reading apparatus having one-dimensional image sensor and digital digitizer
Pick-to-light system for replenishing manufacturing kits
Bar-code reader
Drug dispensing cabinet having a drawer interlink, counterbalance and locking system
Calculation training tool, and calculation training system
Locking plant tag
Extruded grip frame arrangement
Optical recording medium and method for making the same
Molecular electric wire, molecular electric wire circuit using the same and process for producing the molecular electric wire circuit
Magnetic core insulation
Instrument for separating ions in time as functions of preselected ion mobility and ion mass
Solid via layer to layer interconnect
Apparatus for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
High energy density vanadium electrolyte solutions, methods of preparation thereof and all-vanadium redox cells and batteries containing high energy vanadium electrolyte solutions
Fire and corrosion resistant thermally stable electrodes and batteries and method for manufacturing same
Polymeric sol electrolyte and lithium battery using the same
Socket for having the same conductor inserts for signal, power and ground
Devices and methods for mounting circuit elements
Electronic component storing case and electronic device
Connector which can easily be mounted to an object and provided with EMI protection
Memory card connector
Rotating electronic part and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing a carbon nanotube device
X-ray tubehead housing with slant-angle partition
Manufacturing process for a surface-mount metal-cavity package for an oscillator crystal blank
Pressurizing method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Crop divider for the wheel of an agricultural vehicle
Fruit and vegetable harvesting apparatus and methods
Produce catcher
Shackle (clevis) for hooking onto a chain
Method of utilizing purge gas from ammonia synthesis
Cooling system for a turbomachine speed reducer
Turbine engine control system providing electronic power turbine governor and temperature/torque limiting
Hydrogen burning turbine plant
Mode blending and tuning system for turbine engines
Gas turbine engine
Gas turbine combustor
Bellows units for a chamber of a liquid-propellant rocket engine with afterburning
Method and system for compensating for degraded pre-catalyst oxygen sensor in a two-bank exhaust system
Air/fuel ration control system of internal combustion engine
Hydraulic circuit for construction machines
Method and system for controlling fluid flow in an electrohydraulic system having multiple hydraulic circuits
Pump controller for construction machine
Self-contained actuator
Engines driven by laser kinetic cooling
Heat engine heater head assembly
Idle stroke shortening device in brake system
Advanced thermo-electronic systems for hybrid electric vehicles
Operation of forced induction internal combustion engines
Scrolless compressor housing
Calcium carbide power system with waste energy recovery
Integrated air separation process
Waste processing system and fuel reformer used in the waste processing system
Condenser augmentation device for a steam-powered system
Full ring fuel distribution system for a gas turbine combustor
Gas turbine combustor cooling structure
Mobile vehicle temperature controlled compartment
Thermoelectric cooling apparatus and method for maximizing energy transport
High efficiency Malone compressor
Ice making system, method, and component apparatus
Indoor blower variable speed drive for reduced airflow
Air conditioning system for automotive vehicle
Air conditioner unit for mounting within or on the roof of a vehicle
Water vaporization type cooling apparatus for heat-generating unit
Under counter refrigeration unit
Evaporative cooler
Cooling apparatus
Heat exchange method and apparatus
Absorption refrigerating apparatus constituted to prevent corrosion inside it
Auxiliary active motor vehicle heating and air conditioning system
Apparatus and method for producing polarized vapor-phase helium-3, particularly for NMR imaging
Ear decoration
Method of producing molded glasses bodies according to the press molding method, and an apparatus particularly suited for executing this method
Heating glass sheets in tempering furnace
Method for manufacturing closed end tubular items, in particular hosiery, on a circular knitting machine
Fastening device with tape
Washing machine assembly
Electric washer-dryer
Multipoint mortise lock
Dead-bolt operated steering wheel lock
Electrically operated actuator and method
Axial and transverse roller die adjustment apparatus and method
Method of manufacturing a metal carcass for a flexible pipe or umbilical
Method and device for forming a workpiece by application of a high internal pressure
Metal forming apparatus
Cold-forming process and apparatus
Corner bead re-shaping tool
Method for rolling a metal strip
Method and device for producing bellows
Apparatus for testing carbon monoxide alarms
Impact detection device, in particular for a motor vehicle
Crash sensor with magnetic field sensor
Apparatus and method for detecting substances
Apparatus and process for the analysis of exhaust gas components
Method and system for aggressive cycling of leak detection pump to ascertain vapor leak size
Leak detector
Arrangement for monitoring the useful properties of fluids
Rotary viscometry with a low heat-transmissible spindle
Apparatus for detection of inhomogeneities in a liquid flow
Method and apparatus for testing the bond strength of materials
Fluid flow system having a stress relief casing
Shield for a sight gauge
Solid state fuel level sensing
System for changing a rotational speed signal
Low vibration link
Multi-axial angular velocity sensor
Angular velocity sensor and diagnosis system for this sensor
Angular rate sensor
Compensation of second-order non-linearity in sensors employing double-ended tuning forks
Micromachined device with enhanced dimensional control
Permanent magnet rotary accelerometer
High resolution ultrasonic thickness gauge
Numerical optimization of ultrasound beam path
Electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) inspection of cracks in boiler tubes
Method and apparatus for detecting washing machine tub imbalance
Pressure sensor apparatus with separation membrane held between sensor and measuring cell housing bodies
Apparatus for measuring the throughput of material on a conveyer
Steering sensor unit
Optically clear housing and reduced cure time potting compound for use with object sensor
Locking drive nut for screw drive systems
Ball screw
Ball screw mechanism
Selector for a vehicle transmission as well as switch module therefor
Operating apparatus for automatic transmission
Mounting bracket for automatic transmission shift control
Discontinuous mechanical advantage front shifting for bicycles
Tilt adjusting-type steering apparatus
Tilt-lock device for tilt-type steering column
Adjustment assembly for an integral shifter cable interlock
Self-adjusting parking brake actuator
Handlebar height adjustable device for a skate cart
Steering wheel
Connecting rod structure and attachment to wrist pin
Bicycle pedal assembly with two identical anchoring frames for engaging and retaining a cleat unit on the top or bottom of the pedal body
Multi-function bottle opener
Method and apparatus for removing a closure from an opening in a drum lid
Contact bar assembly for a tattooing device
Retrofittable device to render a hammer head magnetic
Power valve wrench
Flat head power ratchets
Biasing arrangement for a pawl of a reversible ratchet-type wrench
Biasing arrangement for a pawl of a reversible ratchet-type wrench
Ratchet mechanism for a ratchet tool
Plier tool having quickly attachable tool members
Multipurpose locking pliers
Multipurpose tool and components thereof
Fastener-driving accessory for rotary driving tool
Plumbing part installation and removal tool
Fluid actuated, magnetic bar stock puller
Facility for cutting fabric, facility for feeding fabric and method for cutting fabric
Table saw apparatus
Knife attachment for a sheet cutting system
Integral ship-weapon module
Double action pistol
Regulating cylinder and piston unit and method of utilizing the same
Shock-proof hydraulic cylinder
Swash plate type hydraulic unit
Piston rod-less pneumatic cylinder
Cylinder with an elastic device for returning a working piston unit to a neutral position
Compressor piston and method for coating piston
Tea steeper for coffeemaker
Automatic high energy saving cooker
Steam exhaust system of an electric pressurizing rice cooker
Unwinding machine
Apparatus for tying and binding bales of compressed materials
Method of embossing a web and cleaning deposits from embossing roll
Method for engraving printing cylinders
Stencil printing apparatus
Stencil making and attaching method of printing device
Apparatus and method for direct rotary screen printing radiation curable compositions onto cylindrical articles
Inking system for inking a printing cylinder of a rotogravure printing press
Quick change print station for central impression presses
Multicolor sheet-fed printing press
Device for automatically blocking air passages in cylinder, specifically for support cylinders and compensation mantles
Varying profile cylinder blanket
Offline tubular blanket washing system
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Imaging a lithographic printing plate
Solid-ink printing original plate and a process for producing the same
Projectile with controlled decomposition and integrated charge in the area of the effective mass
Multiple effect pyrotechnic shell
Remotely armed ammunition
Reduced propellant ammunition cartridges
Variable output warhead
Non-lethal shot-gun round
Profile rail joint
Conveying system using linear motor
Adjustable height rail car
Table support apparatus and exposure apparatus
Highchair tray attachment
Trader desk
Pallet assembly
Foldable table
Furniture with foldable leg members
Height-adjustable table or the like
Swirling-type melting furnace and method for gasifying wastes by the swirling-type melting furnace
Method and apparatus for applying liquid nonaberrant NH3 in deep bands for agricultural crop using a process of direct high pressure injection
Extension for reducing seed bounce and associated hose attachment
Small seed dispenser
Tufting machine with needle bar motor
Independent single end servo motor driven scroll-type pattern attachment for tufting machine
Textile-edge binding assembly
Apparatus and method for automatically feeding tubular articles, particularly hosiery, to a sewing machine adapted to close the tubular articles at one of their axial ends
Components of inflatable objects
Boat with articulating bow and method for articulating the bow of a boat
Foam plastic boat and method of manufacturing same
Convertible seat and deck apparatus
Plasma CVD apparatus
Terrarium filter plate
Seed catching cage apron
Refreezable and resusable chewable pet toy and method of preparing and using the same
Pest repelling device
Animal collar and stud assembly that promotes animal safety and well-being
Continuous gas saturation system and method
Potable water temperature management system
Air-heated/hot-water type vaporizer and air-heated/hot-water type gas producing plant
Drive system for a water lance blower
Apparatus and method for sealing internal combustion engines
Method for controlling oil flow rate in a two-stroke engine with separate lubrication and related engine
Solenoid-operated valve control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Valve timing control system for internal combustion engine
Locking unit for a device for modifying the timing of charge change valves in internal combustion engines, especially for a vane-cell control device
Torsionally compliant sprocket for engine balance shaft drive and method of manufacture
Rocker arm
Inertia charge intake manifold for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and connecting method for branch pipes of intake manifold
System for preventing vibrations in a diesel engine
Vertical internal combustion engine
Cylinder structure of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus to extend the operating interval between oil changes for an internal combustion engine
Lubricating construction for outboard motor
Four-stroke cycle internal combustion engine
Piston engine
Engine control apparatus
Enhanced method of closed vessel combustion
Method and apparatus for processing vapor fuel of lean-burn internal combustion engine
Direct-injection internal combustion engine and method for controlling the engine
Method and apparatus for operating a hydraulically-powered compression release brake assembly on internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling nozzle temperature during engine braking
Method for controlling engine during malfunction of coolant temperature sensor
Method and apparatus for determining the ignition angle for an internal combustion engine with adaptive knocking
Pressure valve
Quick start fuel injection apparatus and method
Combustion control system for diesel engine
Automotive evaporative emission leak detection system
Fuel system leak detection
Internal combustion engine
Method and system for controlling a compression ignition engine during partial load conditions to reduce exhaust emissions
Method of controlling exhaust recycling in an internal combustion engine
Fuel identifier algorithm
Methods and apparatus for controlling spark duration in an internal combustion engine
Ignition system for internal combustion engine
Single-cylinder 4-cycle engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for measuring atmospheric pressure and exhaust back pressure
Fuel injection control arrangement for internal combustion engine with abnormality detection function therein
Stabilizers for an archery bow
Cutting saw machine
Wire saw cutting method and apparatus therefor
Saw member, link of saw member and a method of producing a saw member
Strip separation tool
Tented gas burner for grill
Modulating furnace having improved low stage characteristics
Trigger for a portable heat pack
Casing of a kitchen range hood
Ultrasonic nebulizer
Breathing aid apparatus in particular for treating sleep apnoea
Variable volume ratio compound counterlung
Manual pump and Ambu bag
Exhalation valve for respirator
Hyperbaric resuscitation system and method
Versatile compression garment
Sterile drape
Hand shield
Devices and methods for intracardiac procedures
Hair roller
Cosmetic case
Plasma cleaning method and placement area protector used in the method
In-situ strip process for polysilicon etching in deep sub-micron technology
Anesthesia spirometer absorber circuit cleaner and method
Method for cleaning heavy hydrocarbon scale adhered to heat exchanger and piping structure for cleaning
Apparatus for removing photo-resist
Vehicle washing system with unique nozzle arrangement
Collapsible tent
Siphon assembly with one way priming valve
Pressure relief valve monitoring device
Remote controlled hose valve
Waste fluid discharge column
Dosage device
Dual fuel delivery module system for bifurcated automotive fuel tanks
System and method for providing an integrated gas stick
Ceiling water leak damage collector unit
Proportional control gas valve
Pressure reducing valve with pressure gage in handle
Non-return valve for a fuel tank
Standing valve with a curved fin
Directional control valve having position detecting function
Hall effect rotation sensor for a throttle valve unit
Rigid mount, breakaway coupling
Multiple sleeve valve assembly
Flow valve
Control valve for use in a reservoir injection system for a diesel engine
System of modular substrates for enabling the distribution of process fluids through removable components
Expandable O-ring seal, method of sealing and apparatus having such seals
Sweat flange, piping system and method of use
Insulation coverage system and method for inhibiting biological contamination
Double-walled pipe structure
Flexible pipe with windings of insulating strip and spiralling machine intended for manufacturing it
Flexible tube having at least one elongated reinforcing element with a t-shape
Thin boom tube exhaust pipes, method of sheet metal construction thereof, and exhaust systems which utilize such exhaust pipes for increased ground clearance on race cars
Rod-shaped thread-guiding element for textiles machines
Whip roll for air jet loom weaving of resin compatible yarn
Machine felt and process for its production
Woven glass fabrics and laminate for printed wiring boards
Webbing with simulated stitching
Shaped three-dimensional engineered fiber preforms with insertion holes and rigid composite structures incorporating same, and method therefor
Apparatus for the winding of coils
Ergonomic, liquid-transport container
Method for propellant filling an aerosol container with a large aerosol actuator button on the valve during filling and actuator button therefor
Device for repairing a tire fault
Forecourt fuel pumps
Cleaning mechanism for fluid dispenser
Enveloping device and vertical heat-treating apparatus for semiconductor process system
Device for metering and dispensing powdered filling material into containers
Conveying and processing system for resin bottles
Bag filler attachment for a sander
Wood planing machine with a carriage locking mechanism
Wood planing machine
Wood planing machine
Ejection device to expel objects from the inside of a bag in the event of a bagsnatching
Ultimate organizer handbag
Pneumatic tire including sipes
Supporting membrane for tire tread
Tire inflation system for live spindle wheel end
High-transverse-curvature tire
Card laminating apparatus
Swinging folding door and a swinging folding gate; and a swinging folding door with an emergency opening device and a swinging folding gate with an emergency opening device
Programmable window blind assembly
Motorized window blind
Flat spring drive system and window cover
Adjustable tensioning arrangement for modular security door system
Process for producing structural elements
Passivated titanium aluminide tooling
Method, Pressure-supply member and pressure-supply system for active after-feeding of castings
Method and apparatus for manufacturing metallic parts by fine die casting
Electroslag facing process
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger having header tank increased in volume in the vicinity of pipe connected thereto
Heat-radiating structure
Apparatus for dispensing a chemical additive into a well
Device for preventing pipe buckling
Oil and gas production with downhole separation and reinjection of gas
Polymeric centralizer
Gas lift umbilical cable and termination assemblies therefor
Method for controlling a hydrocarbons production well of the gushing type
Orienting tool and method
Flexible liner system for borehole instrumentation and sampling
Proactive conformance for oil or gas wells
Method of patching downhole casing
Method and apparatus for deliberate fluid removal by capillary imbibition
Tandem spacer fluid system and method for positioning a cement slurry in a wellbore annulus
Optimum perforation design and technique to minimize sand intrusion
Process for thermal insulation of production tubings placed in a well by means of a non-rigid foam and a system for working a fluid producing well
Apparatus and method for establishing branch wells from a parent well
Axial equalizing valve
Locating and locking mandrel for flow control device
Method of treatment for founder and laminitis in the equine hoof
Remote control vehicle
Two-component polyurethane box kit
Apparatus and method for controlling the position of an arm on a hitch
Lawn edging insertion tool
Retractable ground working device
Grader attachment for a skid steer vehicle
Clutch-buffer assembly for power wrench
Downhole activation system that assigns and retrieves identifiers
Method for preserving core sample integrity
Impact device for directional boring
Method and apparatus for lateral well drilling utilizing a rotating nozzle
Soil displacing screw auger and method for making a concrete pile with this auger
Rock drill
Drilling and/or coring tool
Apparatus for mounting PCD compacts
Zero turn transaxle
Effective gear reduction in lawn tractor transmission
Method and apparatus for steering articulated machines using variable speed devices
Motorized golf bag cart
Auxiliary brake apparatus of hybrid automobile
Rear suspension for snowmobiles
Structure of air cleaner of motorcycle
Method for operating a vehicle steering system
Steering mechanism assembly for automotive vehicle
Media free sound attenuator
Fabric retainer for acoustic structure and methods of installation
Compact climbing harness
Mobile ladder with lifting tray
Portable and adjustable workbench
Truss modular scaffolding system
Leveling control device for elevator system
Fastening system for shaft information transmitters of a lift installation
Braking device for a motorized snow vehicle
Brake and pulley assembly for a motorcycle
Retaining spring device for a partial lining disk brake housing
Disc brake of two-wheeled vehicle
Brake assembly with noise damping
Hydraulic shock absorber
Storage device
Luggage frame
Flywheel assembly and a torque converter
Clutch and brake control system for tracklaying construction vehicle
Hydraulic power transmission joint
Wet type multiplate clutch
Hydraulic clutch release mechanism
Coin selector assembly
Bezel for an automatic transaction machine
Vehicle-mounted extendable conveyor having variable angle infeed conveyor assembly
Escalator step with removable demarcation inserts
Automatic tube orientation apparatus
Substrate processing apparatus
Cam tensioner for scraper blade assemblies
Screw and apparatus using same for conveying wet solids
Overhead pusher finger guide system
Self-propelled, mobile articulated tramming haulage conveyor system for mining operations
Merchandise display panel with lockable display card
Container for pencil-like items and booklet-like items and having a symbolic person-like shape
Compact disc container with locking tube
Compact disc carrying case
Low-profile compact disk case
Mechanically assembled compact disc package
Storage case with pivotal flap for retaining disks thereon
Disk storage case and disk tray
DVD/VCD/CD holder
Carrying case for transporting and storing two guitars
Fishing pole and tackle case
Tackle box with holder for beverage container
Rain cover for a golf bag
Drill bit case with pivotable holders
Container for providing easy access to beverage cans
Enclosed living cell dispensing tube
Container with elevating floor
Quilted inflatable packaging device
Method and apparatus for organizing threads
Airtight container and method for filling container with product
Compartmentalized carrier and presentation bag for portable TV and video media player
Feed distribution for low velocity air density separation
Separation device and method of use
Unibody screen structure
Vibrating screen separator, separating method, and clamping device
Method for sorting mailpieces
Filter apparatus with backwashing mechanism
Rotating filter
Filter medium and filter cartridge
Bacteriostatic filter cartridge
Device for purifying gases, such as air in particular, or liquids, such as water in particular
Bicycle carrier
Tool display rack
T-notch, box closer, package hanger link, and strip
Stiffener for modular shelf system
Foldable rack
Crane, preferably a derrick crane
Orifice reducer for multi-compartment container
Synthetic top with articulated cap on a ring
Bottle cap made of synthetic resin
Collapsible container with reduced deflection
Conductive plastic container for volatile liquids
Waste receptacle
Method for controlling a drug dispensing system
Electronic component supply device
Coin roll dispensing apparatus
Electronic component moving mechanism
Anti-theft newspaper machine
Material feed system for selectively delivering lightweight, friable mesh fibers
Pitcher pump water dispensing system
Apparatus for applying a foamable resin
Cleaning solution dilution and dispensing system
Contact opening cap for bottles
Fluid substance dispenser with easily disengagable snap-locking elements
Toggle-action dispensing closure with an actuation-prevention abutment and a recessed striker rib
Personal dispensing system
Oil sprayer with hand operated air pump
Article for the delivery of foam products
Aerosol container
Valve for discharge fluids kept under pressure in a container
Twist bottom dispenser
Telescopic nozzle for an air gun with safe pressure release
Continuous casting nozzle for molten steel
Footwear donning assistance device
Foldable bootjack
Hands free personal hydration delivery system
Paint container system
Fully enclosable backpack baby carrier
Cellular telephone clip
Self-locking bicycle carrier
Universal belt supported carrier for handguns
Apparatus for a stepwise feeding of a strip-like workpiece
Press roll device
Sheet processing apparatus
End effector for substrate handling
Repair of a recess in an article surface
Fabrication of clad hollow cathode magnetron sputter targets
System for forming contacts on a semiconductor component by aligning and attaching ferromagnetic balls
Method for enhancing fatigue life of ball grid arrays
Composition for preventing creeping of a flux for soldering
General-purpose jig
Composite form structure
Package for individual packs and process and apparatus for producing same
Positive locking clamshell
Indicator device
Check writing point of sale system
IC card reader with synthesized voice output
High speed customizing machine
IC card system and method for securing the system
Bar code reader, bar code reading method and computer readable medium
Laser diode module of optical scanner
Electro-optical scanning assembly with conductive flexures
Light source module for a scanning apparatus and a scanning apparatus with the light source module
Symbology imaging and reading apparatus and method
Automatically-activated hand-supportable laser scanning bar code symbol reading system with data transmission activation switch
Chip or smart card reader
IC card for accumulating degree of interest and system for accumulating degree of interest using such card
Data carrier which can be operated without contact
Method for correlating processor and part temperatures using an air temperature sensor for a conveyorized thermal processor
Air conditioning system and air conditioning method
Diagnostic apparatus of coolant temperature sensor, diagnostic apparatus of cooling apparatus and method
Radiant heating system pipe mounting plate
Rail system
Fuel injector with weld integrity arrangement
Method and apparatus for dispensing multiple-component flowable substances
Kinetic spray coating apparatus
Misting head poppet
Liquid dispensing apparatus
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