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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic endoscope
Physiological monitoring using an ocular probing system and method
Method and apparatus for arrhythmia classification using atrial signal mapping
Electrode fixing device
Foreign body location and retrieval device
Structure, method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
Determining cardiac arrhythmia from a video of a subject being monitored for cardiac function
Tissue ablation apparatus and method of ablating tissue
Implantable device header and method
Detecting and using heart rate training zone
Methods for monitoring renal neuromodulation
Electrode catheter, in particular for cardiac therapy
Methods to avoid frequency locking in a multi-channel neurostimulation system using a greatest common divisor rule
Resuscitation device and method for resuscitation
Unitary subcutaneous only implantable cardioverter-defibrillator
Systems and methods for electrically stimulating patient tissue on or around one or more bony structures
Topical applicator
Therapeutic agent delivery device for delivery of a neurotoxin
Electro-therapeutic stimulation
Devices, methods and systems for establishing supplemental blood flow in the circulatory system
System and method for receiving telemetry data from an implantable medical device
Method of defining continuous heart rate vs AV delay values and sensed to paced AV delay offset in patients undergoing cardiac resynchronization therapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Object searching system, object searching method, and cleaning robot
Preventing coil overheating in line printer hammer banks
Apparatus and method for mounting particles on a carrier
Control of a hybrid vehicle with a manual transmission
Recreational vehicle user interface system and method
Device for interaction with a display system, in particular for an avionics display system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid crystal display device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems, apparatuses and methods for the transmission and recovery of energy and power
Ignition apparatus
Corona ignition device
Optical apparatus for non-contact measurement or testing of a body surface
System for inspection and imaging of insulated pipes and vessels using backscattered radiation and X-ray fluorescence
Automated soil measurement device
Plasma monitoring device using a cylindrical hollow electrode
Method for ground-to-space laser calibration system
Method for measuring propagation loss in a plane light guide plate
Devices and methods for detecting and sorting biological particles in a liquid flow using substantially uniform intensity along a direction of flow of a flow cell
Radiation imaging apparatus and image processing method
Methods and systems for control of microfluidic devices
Contactor including a covalent bond layer
Coax ribbonizing header
Voltage measuring apparatus for buck circuit
Conductive conductivity sensor
Capacitance-to-voltage interface circuits
Apparatus and method for compensating for voltage drop in portable terminal
Communication network apparatus and method
Flow state aware QoS management without user signaling
Method of PCI and CQI estimation in CDMA systems
Method of testing solar cells
Malfunction detecting device for solar cell panel
Magnetic-field sensor including a plurality of magnetoresistive sensor elements and method of calibrating a magnetic-field sensor
Object detection with a multistatic array using singular value decomposition
Method and device for measuring a contour of the ground
GPS-assisted source and receiver location estimation
Exact and approximate rebinning of time-of-flight PET positron emission tomography data
Method for determination of the oil formation's water-flooding area radius in the wellbore zone
In-sea power generation for marine seismic operations
MRI short coils
Magnetic resonance device, reflector array and high-frequency shield system for a magnetic resonance device
Methods and apparatus for pasadena hyperpolarization
Method and device of estimating a dose of ionizing radiation
Proximity detection method and system
Determining surface wetting of rock with changing well fluids
Imaging lens having five lens elements and electronic apparatus having the same
Zoom lens system and image pickup device having the same
Zoom lens and photographing device having the same
Image forming optical system and electronic image pickup apparatus using the same
Catadioptric lens system and imaging apparatus
Microscope measurement system
Flat panel display apparatus
Plasmonic in-cell polarizer
Laminated optical disk
Method and apparatus for a near-to-eye display
Color filter substrate, display device, and exposure method
Polarizing plate manufacturing method
Optical fiber distribution frame with outside plant enclosure
System having fiber optic purity sensor
Optical cable exit trough
Fiber optic connector/dust cover organizer
Color coded optical fibers
Multimode fiber with at least dual cladding
Optical fiber coupler, method of manufacturing the optical fiber coupler, and active optical module
Micromechanically aligned optical assembly
Photonic filtering of electrical signals
Underwater optical fibre cable
Optical apparatus
Low power electro-optic modulator
Optical isolator using phase modulators
Display panel and method of manufacturing the same
Lighting apparatus for generating a light pattern
Method of fabricating an LCD device using flexible substrates
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Color filterless display device, optical element, and manufacture
Optical control devices and methods of making
Display systems implementing view switch panel based on reflective polarizer and liquid crystal
Alignment film for liquid crystals obtainable by direct particle beam deposition
Method for producing liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display panel
Liquid crystal display panel
Photoconductive switching element, photoconductive switching element array, display device, and image forming apparatus
Image sensing apparatus, image sensing system and focus detection method
Image pickup apparatus, flash apparatus, and camera system
Camera system and camera body
Optical apparatus accessory and optical apparatus
Optical nanolithography system and method using a tilting transparent medium
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Optical element and projection exposure apparatus based on use of the optical element
Exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Immersion exposure apparatus and method that detects residual liquid on substrate held by substrate table after exposure
Movable body drive method and movable body drive system, pattern formation method and apparatus, exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Microlithographic exposure method as well as a projection exposure system for carrying out the method
Control of photoreceptor belt detensioning cycles using extended slower belt rotation
Drive and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and power supply device
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image forming apparatus
Bias charging overcoat
Efficiency of a corona charger
Image forming apparatus
Developing device
Image forming apparatus with developing device, sensor, and controller
Powder delivery member, and powder storage container and image forming apparatus respectively using such powder delivery member
Developing device, image forming apparatus, and developing method
Image forming apparatus
Transfer unit and image forming apparatus employing the transfer unit
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus that switches fixing operation
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method
Fixing device with mechanism capable of minimizing damage to toner image and recording medium and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Fixing apparatus of induction heating type for fixing image formed on sheet
Delivery apparatus and method
Process cartridge, developing device, and image forming apparatus
Color electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Systems and methods for downlink outer loop power control for HSUPA
Voltage mode using pseudo current limit
Manufacturing design and process analysis system
Autolocation of gray goods
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method, and program
Method for axis correction in a processing machine and processing machine
Apparatus and method for controlling grille aperture ratios of a plurality of air transfer grilles
LED lighting device with output impedance control
Serial-type light-emitting diode (LED) device
Voltage regulator circuit and semiconductor device, including transistor using oxide semiconductor
Integrated circuit
Power factor correction circuit, and power supply device and motor driving device having the same
Dynamic fault detection and repair in a data communications mechanism
Fastening device for hard disk drive
System and expansion apparatus
Draining apparatus for electronic device
Display apparatus and portable computer having the same
Airborne wireless device security
Information processing apparatus and computer program product
Processing images to be blended with reflected images
Print services selection in a networked computing environment
Method for generating tag layouts
Computer system with transferrable style information
Interactive personal information management system
System and method for dispensing pre-paid items using a uniquely identified container
Script detection service
Treating cleft palate
Method for the designing of tools
Multifunction display-based user interface for devices
Input unit, movement control system and movement control method using the same
Data inputting apparatus and electronic apparatus
Fast awake from low power mode
Active stylus for use with touch-sensitive interfaces and corresponding method
Methods and apparatus for incremental prediction of input device motion
Display device and a driving method thereof
Display device and repairing method for the same
Display device with display panel having sensors therein
Display having touch sensor and method for improving touch performance thereof
Input device and method for touch position calculation
EL emitting touch switch
Panel for position sensors
Method for displaying a menu in mobile terminal and mobile terminal thereof
Capacitive touch sensor having code-divided and time-divided transmit waveforms
Optical touch module and optical touch display panel
Tactile display driven by surface acoustic waves
Sensing circuit, display device and electronic apparatus
Recording device and recording and cutting control method
Image forming system, image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium storing program thereof
Image forming apparatus and image forming system with power-saving mode
Power for wireless printer during sleep mode
Image processing system, image receiving apparatus, and image receiving method image receiving method for management of fax data provided by a collaboration of an image forming apparatus and an external application
Storage medium for printer driver program, print control apparatus, and method for controlling same
Method and apparatus for encoding data to perform real-time rendering
Home/office printer for selectively printing and transmitting photographs from a memory card
Printing system, control method, information processing apparatus, and computer-readable medium
Operation control method for an image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Return-type current-reuse mixer
Automated positioning of printed images
Information processing apparatus, computer program product, and information processing method configured to rotate documents
System and method for page alignment in a printer
Printing data delivery apparatus, printing data delivery system, and printing apparatus
Method for acquiring a 3D image dataset freed of traces of a metal object
Distance measuring apparatus, distance measuring method, and program
Dental shade mapping
Road estimation device and method for estimating road
Apparatus and method for depth-image encoding with rate-distortion optimization
Road estimation device and method for estimating road
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium
Error concealment method and device
System and method for identifying a person with reference to a sclera image
Method for correcting image artifacts occuring as a result of an anti scatter grid
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and storage medium
Substrate identification and tracking through surface reflectance
Image processing apparatus, image processing method and computer-readable medium
Method of detecting visual stress and photosensitive epilepsy triggers in video and mitigation device
Radiographic image capturing system and method of displaying radiographic images
Apparatus and methods for generating and processing manga-style images
Lesion feature calculating device and method utilizing border sharpness
Image display apparatus, image display method, and program
Method for determining axial direction of bore of bone fixator
CT measurement with multiple X-ray sources
System and method for detecting and tracking change in dental X-rays and dental images
Method of filtering an image
Post optical character recognition determination of font size
Method, apparatus and system for alternate image/video insertion
Target image registration and fusion
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and computer-readable medium
System for extracting text from a plurality of captured images of a document
Image processing apparatus, moving image reproducing apparatus, and processing method and program therefor
Apparatus and methods to compress still images
Region-of-interest coding in video telephony using RHO domain bit allocation
System and method for filtering an image
Method for generating sketch image and display apparatus applying the same
Accelerating bitmap remoting by identifying and extracting patterns from source bitmaps through parallel processing techniques
Personal identification system
Information management system, method and program
Graphics rendering methods for satisfying minimum frame rate requirements
Method and system for processing video images
Server computing system for and method of providing cross-platform remote access to 3D graphics applications
Apparatus and method for generating skeleton model using motion data and image data
Magnetic tracking collar deactivator
Base data management system
Authenticity verification methods, products, and apparatuses
Dynamic alarm sensitivity adjustment and auto-calibrating smoke detection
Secure keyless entry system
Image quality status workflow
System for monitoring caregivers and equipment
Light signaling device
Antenna array control method and access point using the same
Method of transmitting message reliably in power saving class mode
Methods and apparatuses for transmitting energy-saving indicator in frames
Device, method and computer program product to assist visually impaired people in sensing voice direction
Methods and systems for clustering students based on their performance
Enumeration system and method for a LED display
Three-dimensional image display apparatus for displaying three-dimensional image
Lighting device and method of controlling light emitted thereby
True color flat panel display module
Driving method, compensation processor and driver device for liquid crystal display
Matrix substrate and display which inputs signal-polarity inverting signals to picture data
Management techniques for video playback
Backlight device having a light emitting diode driving part and liquid crystal displaying device using the backlight device
Drive control method of supplying image data for displaying divided drive regions of a display panel, drive control device and display device for supplying image data for displaying divided drive regions of a display panel
Crosstalk suppression in time sequential liquid crystal stereoscopic display systems
Projector for advertising images
Head-up display apparatus
Culling nodes over a horizon using conical volumes
Environment-dependent dynamic range control for gesture recognition
Touch screen and method for providing stable touches
Image display device
Computer-implemented method for specifying a processing operation
Virtual reality interaction system and method
Systems and methods for performing color adjustment of pixels on a color display
Method and system for out-of-gamut spot color reproduction
Blend equation
Method for producing a color image and imaging device employing same
Data processing method and display apparatus for performing the same
Method for driving liquid crystal display device
Unified virtual addressed register file
Head wrap procedure
Disk drive predicting off-track error due to disturbances occurring over different frequency ranges
Optical information storage medium reproduction apparatus and control method of the same
Spiral band end detection
Data recording method, data recording apparatus, and recording medium
Dynamically controlling magnetoresistive bias
Erase drive system and methods of erasure for tape data cartridge
Sequential-access of storage media
Write head having recessed magnetic material in gap region
Magnetoresistive sensor with funnel-shaped free layer, magnetic head, head gimbal assembly, and disk drive unit with the same
Suspension board with circuit having an opening extending therethrough in the thickness direction for light emitted from a light emitting device
Piezoelectric actuator, head gimbal assembly including the same and method of forming the same
Disk-synchronized loading/unloading of magnetic head
Inspection system utilizing solid immersion lenses
Information recording medium, and recording method and reproducing method thereof
Method of producing recording medium, and recording medium
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device operating stably and method of control therein
SRAM circuits for circuit identification using a digital fingerprint
Multi-bit memory with selectable magnetic layer
Drift-insensitive or invariant material for phase change memory
Memory support provided with memory elements of ferroelectric material and non-destructive reading method thereof
Semiconductor memory device and method for inspecting the same
Nonvolatile memory device capable of reducing read disturbance and read method thereof
Nonvolatile memory device and method for controlling the same
Method and apparatus for controlled application of Oersted field to magnetic memory structure
Sampling network
Configurable module and memory subsystem
Semiconductor device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Activate signal generating circuit and semiconductor memory device
Self-reconfigurable address decoder for associative index extended caches
In-bundle force measurement device and/or method of measuring force applied by spacers in an assembled fuel bundle
Overvoltage protection element
Transverse shroud and bobbin assembly
High-frequency transformer
Translatory fastening element for detachably fastening a current conductor to a current transformer housing
High efficiency and power transfer in wireless power magnetic resonators
Concave nanomagnets with widely tunable anisotropy
In-situ magnetizer
Electric double layer capacitor
Rocker switch unit with fuse
Miniature circuit breaker
Phosphor and LEDs containing same
Light-emitting module having light-emitting elements sealed with sealing member and luminaire having same
High intensity discharge lamp with ignition aid
Infrared halogen lamp with improved efficiency
Dense seed layer and method of formation
Insulative cap for borderless self-aligning contact in semiconductor device
Device design for partially oriented rutile dielectrics
Epitaxial growth of single crystalline MgO on germanium
Electroless Cu plating for enhanced self-forming barrier layers
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Lead pin for package substrate
Electronic chip having channels through which a heat transport coolant can flow, electronic components and communication arm incorporating said chip
Dicing tape-integrated wafer back surface protective film
Package carrier
Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing the same
Area-efficient capacitor using carbon nanotubes
Integrated circuit capacitors having sidewall supports
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Organic EL display and method of manufacturing organic EL display
Light emitting diode chip, and methods for manufacturing and packaging the same
Light-emitting diode arrangement with heat dissipating plate
Integrated circuit device and electronic apparatus
CMUT devices and fabrication methods
Vibration noise shield in a semiconductor sensor
Field-effect transistor, single-electron transistor and sensor
Optimization of critical dimensions and pitch of patterned features in and above a substrate
Methods to improve leakage of high K materials
Low-noise semiconductor photodetectors
Light-receiving device, light receiver using same, and method of fabricating light-receiving device
Polymerizable composition, and photosensitive layer, permanent pattern, wafer-level lens, solid-state imaging device and pattern forming method each using the composition
System and method for manufacturing a temperature difference sensor
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Solid-state imaging apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Highly efficient CMOS technology compatible silicon photoelectric multiplier
Light-emitting device comprising vertical conductors and through electrodes and method for manufacturing the same
Transparent light emitting device with controlled emission
Self-luminous display and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting diode device
Light-emitting diode with a mirror protection layer
Method and device for controlling a solid body actuator
Microwave frequency tunable filtering balun
Method for adding RF powder and RF powder-added base sheet
Wireless communication terminal, shield case, and method of manufacturing case body
Electronic device with structure for enhancing antenna performance
Housing combination of electronic device and method
Resonant structure to mitigate near field radiation generated by wireless communication devices
Log periodic antenna
Antenna simply manufactured according to frequency characteristic
Signal feed apparatus for antenna
Compact antenna for multiple input multiple output communications including isolated antenna elements
Antenna device
Butler matrix and multi-port amplifier having the same
Antenna apparatus and display apparatus
Laser apparatus
Laser processing apparatus, laser processing method, and manufacturing method of photovoltaic device
Wavelength tunable laser device, optical module, and method of controlling wavelength tunable laser
Laser irradiating device, laser irradiating method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Light source device, lighting device and image display device
Suppression of parasitic optical feedback in pulse laser systems
Laser device for emitting waves in the terahertz range
Electrically pumped lateral emission electroluminescent device integrated in a passive waveguide to generate light or amplify a light signal and fabrication process
Islanded power system with distributed power supply
Vehicle steering system
Protection circuit
Method and apparatus for varying current limit to limit an output power of a power supply
ESD protection device for circuits with multiple power domains
Non-resonance wireless power device
Apparatus and method for communicating data and power with electronic devices
Self protecting pre-charge circuit
Resonance type non-contact charging apparatus
Power supply apparatus, control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Energy storage system of apartment building, integrated power management system, and method of controlling the system
Rotating electrical machine and method for manufacturing rotating electrical machine
Rotating electrical machine, in particular for a motor vehicle starter
Vibration motor
Method and apparatus for a control circuit with multiple operating modes
Voltage supply
Integrated switching power supply device and electric apparatus
Arrangement for power supply for a reactor for production of polysilicon with a frequency converter
Method and apparatus for controlling an electrical machine
Motor controlling apparatus and controlling method of the same
Method and control device for operating a three-phase brushless direct current motor
Drive arrangement for the motor-driven adjustment of an adjustable element in a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for high velocity ripple suppression of brushless DC motors having limited drive/amplifier bandwidth
Synchronous electric motor drive system
Magnetoresistive radiofrequency oscillator
Apparatus and method for analyzing identification signal based on partial correlation
Method and apparatus for eliminating the effects of frequency offsets in a digital communication system
Methods and devices for folded push pull power amplifiers
Hybrid load differential amplifier operable in a high temperature environment of a turbine engine
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including varying weights of control signals
Apparatus and method for interleaving switching in power amplifier
Acoustic characteristic correction coefficient calculation apparatus, acoustic characteristic correction coefficient calculation method and acoustic characteristic correction apparatus
System and method for processing sound signals implementing a spectral motion transform
Systems and methods for frequency domain realization of non-integer fractionally spaced time domain equalization
Circuit and method for finding the sampling phase and canceling intersymbol interference in a decision feedback equalized receiver
Circuit comprising a voltage-dependent component and method for operating the circuit
Piezoelectric resonator element and piezoelectric resonator
Switching circuit
Asynchronous digital circuits including arbitration and routing primatives for asynchronous and mixed-timing networks
Semiconductor device including output circuit constituted of plural unit buffer circuits in which impedance thereof are adjustable
Implementing linearly weighted thermal coded I/O driver output stage calibration
Overvoltage protection circuit
Duty cycle error accumulation circuit and duty cycle correction circuit having the same
Oscillator circuit and method of providing an oscillator output signal
Multi-screw chaotic oscillator circuit
Methods of frequency versus temperature compensation of existing crystal oscillators
Power on reset (POR) circuit
Semiconductor apparatus and method for controlling the same
Double output linearized low-noise charge pump with loop filter area reduction
Successive approximation A/D converter
Comparator, analog-to-digital convertor, solid-state imaging device, camera system, and electronic apparatus
Parallel apparatus for high-speed, highly compressed LZ77 tokenization and Huffman encoding for deflate compression
Determination of compression state information for use in interactive compression
Digital waveform synthesizer for NMR phase control
Minimizing adjacent carrier interference by varying the power level of subcarriers
Phased spreading scheme-based transmission apparatus and method of operating the same
Apparatus and method for reducing interferences between base stations in wireless communication system
Receiver and a method for mobile communications
Method and apparatus for releasing blank zone by macro base station in wireless communication system
Group III-N transistors on nanoscale template structures
Cross-polarization interference compensation apparatus, cross-polarization interference compensation method, and program
Protection relay device and protection relay method
Apparatus generating subcarrier for transmission between ultra-high frequency channels and method generating of the same
Method and apparatus relating to signal control
Radio frequency integrated circuit with noise immunity border
Testing performance of clock and data recovery circuitry on an integrated circuit device
Automatic selection of SIM card for multi-SIM mobile devices
Method and device for transmitting or receiving a clock signal and communication system comprising such device
Communication device and method for processing unsolicited result code
Mobile battery partitioning system and method
Transmission device and transmission method
High linearity TX/RX switch
Spatial prediction method and apparatus in layered video coding
System and method of using variable pulses for symbology
Methods and systems for block alignment in a communication system
Light-based communication for configuration of light-sensing peripherals
Modulation device and modulation method, and demodulation device and demodulation method
Error filter to differentiate between reverse link and forward link video data errors
Equalizer for loss-compensation of high-frequency signals generated in transmission channels
Enhanced methods of cellular environment detection when interoperating with timed interfers
Mobile communication-device-controlled operations
Method and apparatus for interference mitigation in wireless systems
Reception apparatus and communication system
Method and system for reducing feedback information in multicarrier-based communication systems based on temporal correlation
Method and device for realizing power control on a control channel
Dual-mode mixer
Synchronized UWB piconets for SOP (simultaneously operating piconet) performance
Methods and devices for efficient use of multiple paging channels
Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio base station and radio communication method
Beamformer phase optimization for a multi-layer MIMO system augmented by radio distribution network
Frequency selective transmit signal weighting for multiple antenna communication systems
Cyclic prefix schemes
Method and apparatus for allocating wireless resource in wireless communication system including relay station
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication control method
Content delivery coordinator apparatus and method
Multi-carrier communications with adaptive cluster configuration and switching
Methods and apparatus for measuring interference and communicating information
Method and apparatus for dual frequency timing acquisition for compressed WCDMA communication networks
Method and apparatus to enable switching between two carriers in a cellular communication network
Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
Signaling and management of broadcast-multicast waveform embedded in a unicast waveform
Method and apparatus for crosstalk cancellation during SELT testing
Channel quality indicator for a communication system
Dynamic DSCP availability request method
Method and apparatus that facilitates operating a relay via a multimedia broadcast single frequency network based backhaul link
Wireless communication system
Base station apparatus, base station apparatus-use signal processing apparatus, PHY processing apparatus, and MAC processing apparatus
Systems and methods for a cognitive radio having adaptable characteristics
System and method for preventing leak of personal information
Method and apparatus of transmitting and receiving system information in a wireless communication system
System and method for supporting extended protocols in a wireless communication system
Antenna tuning using the ratio of complex forward and reflected signals
System and methods for permitting open access to data objects and for securing data within the data objects
Dynamic variable inter-symbol interference (IS) stress impairment system
Secure open-air communication system utilizing multichannel decoyed transmission
Method and device for inter-chip and inter-antenna interference cancellation
Apparatus and method for controlling distortion signal and system by using the same
Multi-radio communication between wireless devices
High availability distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
Methods and apparatus for MIMO detection
Method and apparatus for providing privacy for a telephone number in a network
Method and apparatus for verifying signaling and bearer channels in a packet switched network
Intelligent assignment of wireless communication overhead messaging resources
Radio access network control of multimedia application data rates
Scheduling traffic in a communication channel
Dynamic resource partitioning for long-term fairness to non-elastic traffic on a cellular basestation
Methods and systems for requesting forward-link data rates
Network resource allocating method and computer program product thereof
Synchronous network switch
Fibre channel arbitrated loop bufferless switch circuitry to increase bandwidth without significant increase in cost
Apparatus, system and method of prioritizing a management frame of a wireless network
Method and apparatus for implementing a blanket wireless local area network control plane
Method and apparatus for sub-channel and power allocation among multicast sessions of a multicast system using an orthogonal frequency division multiple access scheme
Method and apparatus for establishing multicast groups
Stream basis set division multiplexing
MAC learning in a TRILL network
Implementing auto-configurable default polarity
Deterministic back-off method and apparatus for peer-to-peer communications
Data traffic handling in a distributed fabric protocol (DFP) switching network architecture
Apparatus and method for allowing page monitoring of a communication system during traffic/broadcast channel operation without reducing traffic performance
Ad hoc selection of voice over internet streams
Changes of forward-link and reverse-link serving access points
System and method for de-modulating a high-supply-domain differential signal and a common-mode clock in a front-end receiver
Joint linear and non-linear cancellation of transmit self-jamming interference
Processing data in a receiver circuit and receiver circuit
Method and apparatus for broadcasting with spatially diverse signals
Transmitter diversity technique for wireless communications
Multi-layer beam forming method and User Equipment (UE) for implementing multi-layer beam forming
Weighted open loop power control transmitter
Efficient square-root free 2 symbol max-log receiver
Synchronization system for a wireless receiver
Reception signal integrating method and receiver
Wireless device and receiving method
Filter offset compensation
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and program
Decomposer and amplifier
Method and apparatus for space division multiple access receiver
Apparatus and method for converting multimedia content, and multimedia content distribution system
Supplicant framework to handle clientless devices on a dot1x platform
Communication encryption method and device
Secure communications in computer cluster systems
Method of estimating sampling clock offset, a sampling clock offset estimator and a receiver comprising the same
Apparatus and method for timing error detection decision lock
Sampling phase selection method for a stream of data bits
Real-time clock frequency correction devices
Base station and method for beam-forming in direction of degraded radio terminal using time band and frequency band resources
Method and apparatus for allocating a beacon signal in a wireless communications network
Portable terminal with first and second sound emission portions
Method and arrangement for transmitting and receiving RF signals through various radio interfaces of communication systems
Radio communication terminal
Systems and methods for RF communication between processors
Unified method and apparatus to simplify telephone area code dialing
Location information erase on SIM card
Elimination of typing noise from conference calls
Method for recording telephone conversations
Interactive assistant for managing telephone communications
Differentiated network indication
Remote control method and system for smart card
Method and apparatus for random access of voice mail messages
Notification and tracking system for mobile devices
Methods, systems, and products for routing communications to contact centers
Service discovery in a wireless network
Methods and apparatuses for programming user-defined information into electronic devices
System, method and apparatus for placing a telephone call
Customizable keypress tones and method of installing
Pre-programmed subscriber response
System and method to detect noisy connections on a telephonic conference bridge
Telephone network control system and method
Telephonic service and power supply status management of a communication terminal depending on the presence of a user
Talk deciding system
Portable scanner
Device, system, and method for scanning paper media
System and method for merged image alignment in raster image data
Image processing apparatus, output control system, output control method
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for reducing the amount of consumption of recording material
Image processing apparatus and processing method of the image processing apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling same
Encoding device and method, decoding device and method, editing device and method, recording medium, and program
Method and apparatus for providing 3D still image service over digital broadcasting
Apparatus and method of transmitting stereoscopic image data and apparatus and method of receiving stereoscopic image data
Image processing method and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for viewing stereoscopic video material simultaneously with multiple participants
Remote controller, display apparatus, 3D glasses and control method thereof
Viewing system for the manipulation of an object
Comparator, AD converter, solid-state imaging device, and camera system
Image sensor, electronic apparatus, and driving method of electronic apparatus
Image processing system and imaging object used for same
Device including touch switch and pushbutton functions
Luminance control of a display device
Condition changing device
Imaging apparatus, imaging method and imaging program for displaying an enlarged area of subject image
Camera apparatus functioning in response to received software trigger packets
Camera drive device
Preventing color artifacts in overexposed regions and preserving maximum signals in near-overexposed regions of digital images
Histogram methods and systems for object recognition
Determining a final exposure setting automatically for a solid state camera without a separate light metering circuit
Image capturing apparatus
Solid-state image pickup device
Auto-calibrating demodulator, associated method and TV receiver
Video display device, video output device, video system, and menu-screen-display control method
Television receiver and electronic device
Video camera band and system
Interactive television program guide with remote access
System for videotaping and recording a musical group
Method and system for trick mode support in a motion adaptive deinterlacer with inverse telecine
Panoramic imaging apparatus, imaging method, and program with warning detection
Method of picture-in-picture for multimedia applications
Information provision device using retro-reflecting article
Moving picture encoding apparatus
System and method for providing adaptive media optimization
Method and apparatus for decoding/encoding a video signal with inter-view reference picture list construction
Methods and systems for scalable-to-non-scalable bit-stream rewriting
System for low resolution power reduction with compressed image
Neighbor management module for use in video encoding and methods for use therewith
Motion compensating apparatus
Apparatus and method for coding using parameterized equation
Switch-select single frame reference
System and method for a grooming mirror in a portable electronic device with a user-facing camera
System and method for providing viewing room services for network based content
High voltage power line multi-sensor system
Flat-folding document imaging apparatus
Combination of optical connector inspection apparatus and optical connector capable of inspecting a held posture of an optical fiber
Color filter, image processing apparatus, image processing method, image-capture apparatus, image-capture method, program and recording medium
Solid-state imaging element and imaging device
Broadcasting system, sending apparatus and sending method, receiving apparatus and receiving method, and program
Reproduction controlling method and receiving apparatus
Image display device and method for adjusting correction data in look-up table
Digital image processing apparatus and method for displaying a modified image that when viewed through a filter appears as a corresponding unmodified image appears when viewed without the filter
White balancing method and image capturing device
Content reproducing apparatus, method, and program
Video image data reproducing apparatus
Multimedia conference system and method which enables communication between private network and internet
Ultra wideband radio frequency identification system, method, and apparatus
Slimline speaker
Structure for amplifier
Mobile media device case/attachment for providing passive acoustic boosting
Tool for insertion and removal of in-canal hearing devices
Earphone with open-close type enclosure
Headphone device
Pressure adjustor and method of manufacturing the same, speaker device using the pressure adjustor, electronic device, and vehicle
Hearing aid with a child-proof battery compartment
Auto-fit hearing aid and fitting process therefor
Omnidirectional button-style microphone
Process for removing voice from stereo recordings
Apparatus and method for reproduction of stereo sound
Ambiophonic headrest
Method for adaptive mobile identity
Method of configuring a small cell radio base station
Layered control of service interface for a breakout component in a mobile data network
Assisted GPS data management
Post-deployment calibration for wireless position determination
Radio communication systems, base stations, radio communication methods, and programs
Method for concurrent bandwidth aggregation using a second path on a second wireless network that utilizes the packet core network of a first path on a first wireless network
Systems and methods of bandwidth allocation during handoff
Femto cell system and method of achieving mobility with macro/micro cell in femto cell system
Communication system, mobile station, base station, and communication method
Method of radio resource allocation and method of neighbor information transmission in wireless communication system
Access method and system for reverse public channel in wireless network
Method and apparatus for monitoring wireless network access
Public access point
Sector interference management based on inter-sector performance
Adaptive allocation for variable bandwidth multicarrier communication
ANDSF provisioning
Method and system for alternate wireless channel selection for uplink and downlink data communication
Enhanced near field communication terminal, smart card and communication method thereof
Scheduling in wireless networks
Mobile terminal apparatus, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method
Communication apparatus and connection method
Handover control device, method, and program
Method and system for releasing resources and evolved node base
System and method for uplink control information transmission in carrier aggregation
Mobile communication method, mobile station, and radio base station
Methods and apparatus for anonymous user identification and content personalization in wireless communication
Communication method in an IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN environment
Base station power control in a mobile network
Base station power control in a mobile network
QoS channels for multimedia services on a general purpose operating system platform using data cards
Message transmitting apparatus and method in mobile communication terminal
Portable wireless automobile and personal emergency responder and messenger system and method
Method and arrangement to control a repeater in a wireless communication system
Method of enhancing U-APSD for low power Wi-Fi
Method for acquiring adjacent eNB information and mobile management entity
Method for providing control information using the paging procedure
Requesting a communication resource in a wireless network
Method for receiving control information in a wireless communication system, and apparatus for same
Radio base station and communication control method
Method and apparatus for receiving reception acknowledgement in wireless communication system
Determining a data flow metric
Scheduling policy-based traffic management
Mobile terminal
Fixed and selectively fixed bypass pumpless instantaneous / storage water heater system
Tunable white color methods and uses thereof
AC LED lighting apparatus using voltage edge detector
LED with internal bypass transistor
Electrodeless lamps with grounded coupling elements and improved bulb assemblies
AC to DC LED illumination devices, systems and method
Adaptive light emitting diode dimming driving circuit
Lighting device, headlamp lighting device, and headlamp unit and vehicle having same
Light generating device and method for controlling the device
Selective street light control apparatus, systems, and methods
LED drive device and LED illuminating device
Method and apparatus for dimming
Constant power limiter and illumination device having same
Remotely controllable track lighting system
HID lighting system
Three dimensional passive multi-component structures
Mobile terminal
Electronic device
Method and apparatus for an electronic device
Portable electronic device
Cooling system for electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method of manufacture of a drip irrigation hose
Medium for the production of betacarotene and other carotenoids from dunaliella salina (ARL 5) and a strain of dunaliella salina for production of carotenes using the novel media
Composition of traditional chinese medicines for preventing and treating cerebrovascular disease
Plasmid vector comprising a retroviral integrase gene and an integrase recognition region
Agrochemical formulation aid composition and uses thereof
Compositions and methods for protecting cultivated plants from herbicidal injury
Fungicidal composition containing PQDs
Hard surface cleaning compositions and method of removing stains
Method of down-regulating gene expression
Agents for preserving technical materials against insects
Tetrazolinone derivatives
Disinfecting and deodorizing agent
Water-soluble extract from olives
Insect repellent substrate for headwear
Method of producing edible cellulosic films
Filleting device
Fish pin bone remover
Method for preserving tuna
Method for treating liquid egg whites
Composition for stimulation of specific metallo-enzymes
Ice cream and other foods made from soybean fine powder
Composition and method
Functionalized cubic liquid crystalline phase materials and methods for their preparation and use
Biocatalyst inhibitors
Method of improving the properties of a flour dough, a flour dough improving composition and improved food products
Method of production of an isomaltulose-containing enteral nutrient
Deodorized yellow colorant of safflower
Enzyme treated maple syrup and shelf stable products containing enzyme treated maple syrup
Three-dimensional artificial tree
Valves and methods for manufacturing the valves
Method of sealing the join between a zip and a garment with a lining
Method of manufacture of a light-weight gusset frame
Leg elevator system
Injector systems incorporating a base unit attached to a surface
Highly heat-conductive body wrap
Hard surface cleaning pre-moistened wipes
Three dimensional structures useful as cleaning sheets
Bulky sheet and process for producing the same
Air/particle separator
Intra-vaginal self-administered cell collecting device and method
Method of neurosurgical treatment of infantile cerebral palsy
Multiple ratio fluid dispenser
Heart stabilizer
Biodegradable tissue retractor
Placing sutures
Detachable aneurysm neck bridge (III)
Device and method for partially occluding blood vessels using flow-through balloon
Multilock anterior cervical plating system
Multilock anterior cervical plating system
Apparatus and methods for removing emboli during a surgical procedure
Encapsulated intervertebral disc prosthesis and methods of manufacture
Intravascular system for occluded blood vessels and guidewire for use therein
Thrombolysis device
Surgical operation instrument
Malleable cryosurgical probe
Multi-channel RF energy delivery with coagulum reduction
Percutaneous transmyocardial revascularization (PTMR) system
Echogenic needle for transvaginal ultrasound directed reduction of uterine fibroids and an associated method
Surgical tools for use in minimally invasive telesurgical applications
Devices and methods for performing procedures on a breast
Atraumatic insertion of a subcutaneous device
Probe and fluorescent diagnostic system
Active guide wire and method of making the same
Method and apparatus for health and disease management combining patient data monitoring with wireless internet connectivity
Intra-aortic balloon catheter having a dual sensor pressure sensing system
Method and apparatus for identifying constituent signal components from a plurality of evoked physiological composite signals
In-vivo extendable element device and system, and method of use
Method for analysis of abnormal body tremors
Analysis of sleep apnea
Blood collection agency
Micro perfusion device
Method of preparing a biological sample for quantification
Process and apparatus for selecting or designing products having content-free sound outputs
Ultrasound system with cableless coupling assembly
Composite ventilation tube
Adjustable pad for supporting hands and arms
Absorbent article having a pair of fringes
Tampon applicator having outwardly flared rim
Absorbent article fastening device
Method of making a winged absorbent article
System for implanting an implant and method thereof
Stabilizing tissue method and apparatus
Endovascular guidewire filter and methods of use
Stent delivery system having a fixed guidewire
Over-the-wire interlock attachment/detachment mechanism
Complaint implantable medical devices and methods of making same
Muscle stripping device
Prosthetic heart valve with slit stent
Intervertebral disc prosthesis and methods of implantation
Intervertebral implant
Inflatable prosthetic device
Prosthetic foot
Artificial limb socket containing volume control pad
Reusable/disposable thermal application and holder device
Strap connector assembly for an orthopedic brace
Compression garment for dorsocervical surgeries
Orthopedic splint
Cooling device for an injection apparatus
Ocular implant needle
Method to treat age-related macular degeneration
Tubular chiropractic therapy table
Apparatus for treating diseases of human beings
Means and method of exercising feet and legs of bedridden patient
Sunscreen composition
Microcrystalline zeaxanthin with high bioavailability in oily carrier formulations
Nitroxyl progenitors in the treatment of heart failure
Biguanide/quaternary ammonium containing copolymeric biocides and use thereof in pharmaceutical compositions
Desquamation/epidermal renewal of the skin and/or combating skin aging
Biaryl compounds as serine protease inhibitors
Prevention of apoptosis in non-cancerous cells
Substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-thioureas and substituted 1-aryl-3-heteroaryl-isothioureas as antiatherosclerotic agents
Use of benzoylalkyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridines
Substituted pyrazoles
Heterocyclic derivatives
Cystic fibrosis medicaments
Pyrimidine matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors
Pharmaceutical composition
Vaccines for broad spectrum protection against diseases caused by Neisseria meningitidis
Estriol therapy for multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune diseases
Parenteral delivery systems
Healthy bone formulation
C-aryl glucoside SGLT2 inhibitors and method
Adenosine derivatives and use thereof
Inhibitors of the inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphate SHIP2 molecule
Ruthenium (II) compounds for use in the therapy of cancer
Composition having anticancer activity
Method for preparing a composition by extraction of mother-of-pearl, composition obtained by said method and use thereof in cosmetics and dermatology
Method and composition for the treatment of shingles and related afflictions
Anti-LTNF for in vitro assay of biological toxins
Passive immunization of ASCR for prion disorders
Filariid anti-P22U antibodies
Nematode PAN and ZP receptor-like sequences
Synergistic effects of OP/BMP morphogens and GDNF/NGF neurotrophic factors
Gene therapy for cerebrovascular disorders
OB fusion protein compositions and methods
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating streptococcal infections of the upper respiratory tract
Adeno-associated viral vector-mediated delivery of DNA to cells of the liver
Mediators of signal transduction
Method of inducing fetal hemoglobin synthesis
Use of tolerogenic dendritic cells for enhancing tolerogenicity in a host and methods for making the same
Staphylococcus antigen and vaccine
LktA deletion mutant of P. haemolytica
Vaccine composition comprising herpes simplex virus and human papilloma virus antigens
Vaccine composition
Vaccines absorbable by the transmucosal way
Methods for delivering nucleic acid molecules into cells and assessment thereof
Anti-acne compositions and methods of use
Compositions for treating pain
Method and compositions for administering taxanes orally to human patients
Liposomal analgesic formulation and use
Nucleic acids encoding costimulatory molecule B7-4
Composition for the treatment of respiratory disorders and a method for its use
Prodrugs of anticancer agents employing substituted aromatic acids
Ganglioside-KLH conjugate vaccines plus QS-21
Tumour-specific vector for gene therapy
Chimeric GFP-aequorin as bioluminescent Ca++reporters at the single cell level
Method for the preparation of technetium or rhenium complex for radiopharmaceuticals
Bridged aromatic substituted amine ligands with donor atoms
Dental materials
Sheet-form adhesive preparation
Pigmentation makeup method and makeup auxiliary using it, flood light and pack
Multi-portion antiperspirant composition
Oral administration of epothilones
10139483Therapeutic liposome composition and method of preparation
Pharmaceutical excipient having improved compressibility
Storage stable thyroxine active drug formulations and methods for their production
Amino acid modulated extended release dosage form
Method for providing fibers or non-woven fabric with an anti-microbial finish
Medical contact adhesive comprising a two phase adhesive matrix of polyacrylates and polyamine salts
Chemical indicator
Collagenous tissue compositions
Collagen/polysaccharide bilayer matrix
Antithrombogenic membrane mimetic compositions and methods
Siliconized surgical needles and methods for their manufacture
Device and method for treating conditions of a joint
Absorbent composition of matter for odoriferous substances and releaser of diverse active ingredients
Adsorptive sheet and filter for clarifying air
Tissue closure treatment system, patient interface and method
Methods, apparatuses, and applications for compliant membrane blood gas exchangers
Method of forming gas-enriched fluid
Methods and systems for preparing blood products
Reinforced venous drainage catheter
Wave molding method and apparatus for manufacturing cannulae
Site for access to the inside of a channel, and corresponding cannula
Patient controlled drug administration device
External infusion device with remote programming, bolus estimator and/or vibration alarm capabilities
Medication delivery pen
Insulin syringe with magnified sheath
Safety syringe
Method and apparatus for endovenous pacing lead
Method for electrode design for implantable device applications that require the elective replacement indicator (ERI)
Method and apparatus for the stimulation of hair growth
Mineral composition and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of using high intensity focused ultrasound to form an ablated tissue area containing a plurality of lesions
Use of Ginkgo biloba extracts for preparing a medicine
Polymer-bonded functional agents
Delivery of reactive agents via multiple emulsions for use in shelf stable products
Sport ball with pump having pressure relief and/or pressure indication capability
Method of making golf balls
Racquet strung with bypass string pattern
Racquet with channeled handle for receiving racquet string
Golf club set with progressive weight pad
Golf club shaft
Telescoping golf club
Breakaway basketball rim
Training tool for ball games
Basketball hoop rim cover
Golf club device and apparatus for teaching golf swing rhythm and tempo
Disposable novelty sports equipment
Multiple pricing shared single jackpot in a lottery
Internet game show in which visual clue is progressively exposed to contestants
Slot machine game having a plurality of ways for a user to obtain payouts based upon matching two or more symbols drawn from the symbol matrix during one or more spins ("Pair' em Up")
Performing Operations; Transporting
Endpiece for a chromatography column
System for thermal and catalytic cracking of crude oil
Water pollution trap with clay collector
Apparatus for and method of settling of mineral slurries
Three valve filter element support for filter cartridge
Fluid filter apparatus
Liquid filter, especially an oil filter
Rotary drum rainhead
Fuel strainer assembly
Wireless MEMS sensing device
Transportable water treatment system
Sintered, highly porous body and method for the production thereof
Electronic enclosure filter
Filter for the separation of contaminants from gas stream
Vacuum loader
System and method for treating fluid using a multi-port valve assembly
NOx, Hg, and SO2 removal using ammonia
Zeolite laminated composite and zeolite membrane reactor using the same
Reforming catalysts and methods of alcohol steam reforming
Processing methodology for the rational control of bilayer numbers leading to high efficiency production of lipid microtubules
Continuous gas-phase polymerization process
Method and apparatus for manufacturing biochip
Integrated advanced chemical process control
Generation of biomaterial microarrays by laser transfer
Catalyst delivery method, a catalyst feeder and their use in a polymerization process
Microbial activation of layer silicates
Metallic thiacalix[4]arene complexes
Monolithic zeolite coated structures and a method of manufacture
Selective hydrogenation catalyst
Process and apparatus for removing NOx from engine exhaust gases
Hydrothermally stable catalyst for improved lean NOx reduction
Modified metalloaluminophosphate molecular sieves
Supported catalyst consisting of metal of the platinum group and obtained by means of controlled electroless deposition
Process for catalyst recovery from hydrocyanation product mixtures
Zirconium phosphate, hafnium phosphate and method of making same
Very large autothermal reformer
Fuel reformer and manufacturing method of the same
Spouted bed apparatus for contacting objects with a fluid
Instrument for high throughput measurement of material physical properties and method of using same
Pressure-variation fluid transport, in particular for body-fluid analysis
Corn degermination process
Manipulation of particles in liquid media
Integrated paint quality control system
Semiconductor device and fabrication process therefor
Method of applying a continuous adhesive filament to an elastic strand with discrete bond points and articles manufactured by the method
Method for immobilizing multistranded nucleic acid molecules by modifying more than one strand thereof, and binding each strand to a solid support
Chemical control over ceramic porosity using carboxylate-alumoxanes
Methods of controlling oxygen partial pressure during annealing of a perovskite dielectric layer
Plasma processing method
Method for deposition of rutile-type titanium dioxide, and substrate and glass flakes having the oxide attached thereto
Wireless communication for fume hood control
Steam cleaning system and method for semiconductor process equipment
Heat exchanger cleaning process
Method for producing metallic, non-rotationally symmetrical rings with a constant wall thickness over their circumference
Metal single layer abrasive cutting tool having a contoured cutting surface
Extruded frame member for use in friction stir welding
Process of forming a composite coating on a substrate
Soldering flux vehicle additive and fine pitch printing method
Lead-free alloy
Silver braze alloy
Dust-capturing device for a saw
Tool grinding jig
Method of polishing a semiconductor substrate, post-CMP cleaning process, and method of cleaning residue from registration alignment markings
Multiple-conditioning member device for chemical mechanical planarization conditioning
Parallel alignment method and apparatus for chemical mechanical polishing
Method for planarizing metal interconnects
Method of controlling the chemical mechanical polishing of stacked layers having a surface topology
Measuring apparatus
Abrading mechanisms
Flexible natural wood sheet
Selective deposition modeling build style providing enhanced dimensional accuracy
Surface coverings containing fused recycled material and processes of making the same
Method for casting a cover on a golf ball precursor product
Synthetic resin molding mold, apparatus for and method of adjusting a temperature of the mold
Adjustment of relative positions of machine components
Adhesive bubble removal method and apparatus for fiber applications
Methods for patterning using liquid embossing
Process for moving an injection unit of an injection molding machine
Method for manufacturing multicolor slide fastener, and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for measuring the temperature of molten material in a mold cavity
Plastic wood fiber foam structure and method of producing same
Closed die array for multi-layered articles
Device and method for producing hollow plastic bodies
Methods and devices for processing polymer films
Dry etching and mirror deposition processes for silicone elastomer
Plastic molded body
Patch plug
Solidifiable tunable liquid microlens
Method and compositions for manufacturing coated photochromatic articles
Amorphous perfluorinated copolymers
Drink pouches and methods for producing them
Fastener-free composite roofing product
High tear films from hafnocene catalyzed polyethylenes
Resin sheets containing dispersed particles, processes for producing the same, and liquid crystal displays
White, biaxially oriented, flame-retardant and UV-resistant polyester film with cycloolefin copolymer, its use and process for its production
Steganographically encoded media object having an invisible colorant
Blow molded article having an integrally molded living hinge and method of making the same
Optical recording medium, and method and device using the same
Apparatus for producing laminated electronic part and method of producing the part
Nonwoven fabric laminate with meltblown web having a gradient fiber size structure
Carbon composites with silicon based resin to inhibit oxidation
Vibration dampening material
Stitch-bonded and gathered composites
Roller for fluid film preparation or application
Method and device for washing a rubber blanket
Lithium batteries
Laser beam writing material, material for forming the same, and display body
Marking substrates
Heat transfer sheet, heat transfer recording material, and method for image formation
Continuous in-line process for making ink-jet recording media comprising a radiation-cured coating layer
Ink-jet recording medium with an opaque or semi-opaque layer coated thereon, method for recording an image, and a recorded medium with at least one layer rendered clear or semi-opaque
Coating for treating substrates for ink jet printing including imbibing solution for enhanced image visualization and retention, method for treating said substrates, and articles produced therefrom
Ink jet recording medium, recording method therefor, and ink jet recorded article
Ink jet printing paper
Hydrophilic member, hydrophilic graft polymer, and support of planographic printing plate
Air systems for vehicles
Weather strip
Two-speed torque-splitting interaxle transfer case
Final drive assembly with differential lock
Safety device for power takeoff for use in automobile and method for controlling the same
Control methodology for inertial energy storage devices
Two speed gearbox
Electric type initiator and gas generator
Applicator pad for use with an apparatus for applying a fluid to the tires of a vehicle
System and apparatus for propelling and carrying a user within a confined interior
No tear pharmaceutical pouch
Drip absorption mat
System and method for safe removal/oxidative decomposition of fuel from a fuel container
Method and equipment for producing rolls of moistened web material
Air clamp stabilizer for continuous web materials
Method and device for determining the accuracy of a fold position
Method of fabricating microelectromechanical systems and devices having trench isolated contacts
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing an inorganic oxide powder
Ammonia cracker for production of hydrogen
Metal hydride bands and use thereof for storing hydrogen
Chemical hydride hydrogen reactor and generation system
Compact partial oxidation/steam reactor with integrated air preheater, fuel and water vaporizer
Method for purification of as-produced single-wall carbon nanotubes
Manufacturing apparatus for carbon nanotube
Method for producing artificial powder graphite
Modified carbide and oxycarbide containing catalysts and methods of making and using thereof
Process for the preparation of doped pentasil-type zeolites using doped faujasite seeds
Recovery of lithium compounds from brines
Process for isolating rhenium
Water distillation system
Catalytic treatment of hard water in a reverse osmosis system
Method and apparatus for adding oxygen to drinking water
Methods and apparatus for biological treatment of aqueous waste
Method for removing metal from wastewater
Method and system for optical figuring by imagewise heating of a solvent
Coated article with high visible transmission and low emissivity
Glass ceramics based on ZnO
Durable glass enamel composition
Lightweight joint compound containing stable air pockets
Method of finishing a drywall and a compound therefor
Microporous heat insulating body
Tunable devices incorporating cacu3ti4o12
Ceramic substrate
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Anti-bonding methods for blast furnace slag or its grading adjusted slag
Process for controlling gas migration during well cementing
Process for producing blended cements with reduced carbon dioxide emissions
Slow release nitrogen root treatment
Soil conditioning agglomerates containing calcium
Semi-continuous two-pack process for casting solid propergol paste
1,3-diamino-4-(aminomethyl)--benzene derivatives and colorants containing the said compounds
Process for oxidizing primary alcohols
5-[phenyl-tetrahydronaphthalene-2-yl dihydronaphthalen-2-yl and heteroaryl-cyclopropyl]-pentadienoic acid derivatives having serum glucose reducing activity
Ligands of adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT) and compositions and methods related thereto
Enzyme preparation and method of using the same
Functionalized monomers for synthesis of rubbery polymers
Amlodipine camsylate and method for preparing thereof
Piperidine-piperazine ligands for neurotransmitter receptors
Heteroaryl derivatives and their use as medicaments
Benzazepine derivatives, process for the preparation of the same and uses thereof
2,4,6-Triaminopyrimidines for the treatment of depression and/or anxiety
Cyclic tertiary amine compound and organic electroluminescent device containing the compound
Compounds and methods for the treatment or prevention of flavivirus infections
Nitrosated and nitrosylated H2 receptor antagonist compounds, compositions and methods of use
Reworkable epoxidized 1-(cyclo) alkenyl ether/polycarboxylic acid product
Cyanoamido-containing heterocyclic compounds useful as reversible inhibitors of cysteine proteases
Serine protease inhibitors
Lipoic acid heterocyclic or benzene derivatives, preparation and use thereof as medicines
Barbituric acid derivatives as inhibitors of TNF-.alpha. converting enzyme (TACE) and/or matrix metalloproteinases
Preparation of rotamer mixtures of pharmaceutical salts
Benzimidazole derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds
Method for preparing benzisoxazole methane sulfonyl chloride and its amidation to form zonisamide
Pyrrolidinone derivatives
Sorbitol dehrydrogenase inhibitors
Compounds of the saframycin-ecteinascidin series, uses, and synthesis thereof
Quinazolinone compounds useful in therapy
Heteroaryl substituted fused bicyclic heteroaryl compound as GABAA receptor ligands
Bridged bicyclic amino acid-derived [1,4]benzodiazepine vasopressin receptor antagonists
Bicyclic imidazo-5-yl-amine derivatives
Process for producing 2,6-dihalogenopurine
Fused pyrrole compounds, pharmaceutical agents containing the same, and the use thereof
Imidazotriazines for use as phosphodiesterase inhibitors
Imidazo-triazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
Pyrano[2,3-C]imidazo[-1,2-A]pyridine derivatives for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Process for the production of oxabispidines
Process for preparation of penam derivatives from cepham derivatives
Retinoic acid mimetic anilides
Organometallic complex for organic electroluminescent device
Optical recording medium
Tinuvin P-hindred amine light stabilizer and derivatives thereof
Glycoconjugates and methods
Amorphous 9-deoxo-9a-aza-9a-methyl-9a-homoerythromycin A, process for preparing the same, and uses thereof
4"-substituted-9-deoxo-9a-aza-9a-homoerythromycin A derivatives
Method for purifying protected 2'-deoxycytidines and hydrated crystals thereof
Charge-switch nucleotides
Method for synthesizing a specific, surface-bound polymer uniformly over an element of a molecular array
Human immunoglobulin VH gene segments and DNA fragments containing the same
Methods and compositions for production of recombinant peptides
Purification of protein inclusion bodies by crossflow microfiltration
Sub-unit vaccine for infectious pancreatic necrosis virus
Peptide reagent for the detection of human cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Modified DNA molecule, recombinant containing the same, and uses thereof
Recombinant Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus vaccine
Compositions and methods for regulating bacterial pathogenesis
Th1 inducing natural adjuvant for heterologous antigens
Attenuated salmonella SP12 mutants as antigen carriers
Polynucleotides and their use for detecting resistance to streptogramin A or to streptogramin B and related compounds
Isolated DNA comprising one or more genes specific for 5S clavam biosynthesis, vectors comprising such DNA and streptomyces hosts capable of improved clavulanic acid production
CAMP factor of Streptococcus uberis
Streptococcus pneumoniae proteins and nucleic acid molecules
Regulatable growth of filamentous fungi
Enhanced proteins and methods for their use
Transcriptionally-activated AAV inverted terminal repeats (ITRs) for use with recombinant AAV vectors
Synthetic IL-10 analogues
Mixed amylin activity compounds
Corticotropin releasing factor 2 receptor agonists
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Structurally biased random peptide libraries based on different scaffolds
Dimeric flourescent polypeptides
Selecting ligand agonists and antagonists
Monoclonal antibodies with reduced immunogenicity
Methods of inhibiting GPR-9-6 function
Detection of antibody mediated inflammatory auto-immune disorders
Modified antibodies with human milk fat globule specificity and uses
Immune responses to fusion proteins
Methods and compositions for inhibiting farnesyl transferase enzyme
Grain fractionation
Method of producing starch or starch-containing products from starch-containing plant raw materials, starch products, and methods of using starch products
Carbohydrate purification using ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and nanofiltration
Coordination compounds and their use for the polymerization of olefins
Polymerization catalyst compositions and processes to produce polymers and bimodal polymers
Macromer forming catalysts
Treated backing and method of making the same
Dispersion composition and method for producing the same
Comb polymers from ATRP macromonomers
Process for copolymerizing ethylene with vinylsilanes
Mold addition polymerization of norbornene-type monomers using group 10 metal complexes
Multifunctional alkoxyamines based on polyalkylpiperidines, polyalkylpiperazinones and polyalkylmorpholinones and their use as polymerization regulators/initiators
Slow release nitrogen fertilizer
Conductive member for OA equipment
(Cyclo)condensation of isocyanate compounds
Golf ball
Process for preparing low-monomer-content TDI trimers
Releasable microcapsule and adhesive curing system using the same
Method of producing derivatives of polyarylene vinylene
Organic photoluminescent polymers with improved stability
Organic-electroluminescence device, process for its production and organic-electroluminescence display system
Electrically conductive organic compound and electronic device
Catalyst for preparing polyester for toner
Data storage media containing transparent polycarbonate blends
Additives for hydrogenated resins
Method of producing novolak resin
Polymerization process
Method for synthesizing polymeric material, method for forming polymer thin film and method for forming interlayer insulating film
Ion conductive film and fuel cell using the same
Polyester film and recording tape
Powder coating compositions containing POSS compounds
Strippable film coating composition for surfaces
Thermoplastic molding compositions and polymer additives
Method for improving the paint adhesion of compatibilized polyphenylene ether-polyamide compositions
One-part, room temperature moisture curable resin composition
Flame-retardant molding compositions
Bead polymerizates containing halogen-free phosphourus compounds
Electrically conductive thermoplastic polymer composition
Composite materials comprising polar polymers and single-wall carbon nanotubes
Nucleating additive formulations of bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane dicarboxylate salts
Crosslinkable flame retardant wire and cable compositions having improved abrasion resistance
Resin compositions and use of the same
Thermoplastic composition comprising at least one transparent or translucent thermoplastic material and a pigment
Molded tube of improved performance
Compatibility improvement in crystalline thermoplastics with mineral fillers
Modified organic colorants and dispersions, and methods for their preparation
Holt melt ink comprising a mixture of dyes
Polyvinyl acetal resin for coating and ink, and coating and ink compositions
Polishing slurries for copper and associated materials
CMP method utilizing amphiphilic nonionic surfactants
Method of wrapping elongate product, especially cable harnesses
Mesomorphic compound, polymeric mesomorphic compound, and electrolyte and secondary battery including same
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display
Compositions for fracturing subterranean formations
Borate crosslinker suspensions with more consistent crosslink times
Process for recovering hydrocarbons from a carbon containing material
Feed-dispersion system for fluid catalytic cracking units
Refrigerating machine oil, and fluid composition for refrigerating machine
Method for removing polymer films in the manufacture of aqueous compositions containing acrylates copolymer
Nonaqueous liquid detergent compositions
Processes for preparing anhydrous detergent granules
Detergent compositions
Fluorescent brightener pigment compositions
Method and device for making different thickness of biofilms
Light weight medium for growing microorganisms
Bioremediation of nitrogenous contaminants
Autoinducer molecule
Rapid and enzymeless cloning of nucleic acid fragments
Methods and compositions for effecting homologous recombination
Nucleic acid isolation method and kit
Expression of Alfin 1 and methods for producing transgenic plants having increased root growth and root specific gene activation
Targeted chromosomal genomic alterations with modified single stranded oligonucleotides
Recombinant cell clones having increased stability and methods of making and using the same
Human mesenchymal progenitor cell
Variants of protein kinases
Method of producing a polypeptide using oxaloacetate hydrolase deficient fungal host cells
Isolated human phospholipase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human phospholipase proteins, and uses thereof
Bacterial RNase P proteins and their use in identifying antibacterial compounds
Proteins producing an altered immunogenic response and methods of making and using the same
Anti-invasive and anti-angiogenic compositions
Process for the preparation of L-phosphinothricine by enzymatic transamination with aspartate
Nucleic acids and proteins of a rat ganglioside GM1-specific .alpha.1-2fucosyltransferase and uses thereof
Manufacture and expression of large structural genes
Manufacture and expression of large structural genes
Production of heterologous proteins using an Npro autoprotease of a pestivirus and inclusion bodies
Materials and methods for detection and treatment of breast cancer
Vapor phase decontamination process biological indicator evaluator resistomer (BIER) vessel
Oligomer array with PNA and/or DNA oligomers on a surface
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Methods and devices for characterizing duplex nucleic acid molecules
Gene expression in bladder tumors
Method of amplification of one or more DNA sequences in a DNA containing sample and methods of investigating such samples
Expression monitoring for human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection
Detection and typing of human papillomavirus using PNA probes
Diagnostic compositions, elements, methods and test kits for amplification and detection of two or more DNA's using primers having matched melting temperatures
Diagnostic assays for parvovirus B19
Melt launder
Molten aluminum alloy processing method and flux for molten aluminum alloy processing
Nickel-based alloy for producing components solidified in single crystal form
High-temperature material
Silver alloy with color fastness
Method of depositing dielectric
Method for producing a luminophore or fluorescent layer
Method of forming cobalt silicide film and method of manufacturing semiconductor device having cobalt silicide film
Coating method and apparatus
Method and device for in situ layer thickness determination
Method and apparatus for depositing tungsten after surface treatment to improve film characteristics
Method for depositing silicon nitride films and silicon oxynitride films by chemical vapor deposition
Methods for forming low-k dielectric films
SiC material, semiconductor processing equipment and method of preparing SiC material therefor
Chemical vapor deposition using organometallic precursors
High conductivity particle filter
Heat treatment device
Gas delivery system for deposition processes, and methods of using same
Methods and apparatus for E-beam treatment used to fabricate integrated circuit devices
Hardness improvement of silicon carboxy films
Method of producing a crystalline ITO dispersed solution
Electroless Ni-B plating liquid, electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and installation for dip coating of a metal strip
Method and apparatus for fixed abrasive substrate preparation and use in a cluster CMP tool
Tandem cell for water cleavage by visible light
Method of coloring magnesium material, and housing made of colored magnesium material
Method for electroplating of tantalum
Semi-insulating bulk zinc oxide single crystal
Bulk GaN and ALGaN single crystals
Zinc oxide semiconductor material
Semiconductor wafer and its manufacturing method
Low indium content quantum well structures
Textiles; Paper
Functional composite fiber and preparation thereof and spinneret for preparing the same
Textile substrate having coating containing multiphase fluorochemical, cationic material, and sorbant polymer thereon, for image printing
Textile substrates for image printing
Shoe press apparatus of a papermaking machine
Amino-functionalized pulp fibers
Apparatus for incorporating feature substances into a paper web
Fixed Constructions
Positive pressure drilled cuttings movement systems and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Catalyst activation controlling apparatus for emission control catalyst in internal combustion engine
Fiber-reinforced ceramic material
Infinitely variable toroidal drive
Transmission mechanism with a differential mechanism
Gear change-speed unit for automatic transmission
Multi-stage automatic transmission with three planetary gearwheel assemblies
Infinitely variable geared transmission
Differential gear
Chain tensioner
Device for mounting an elongate element with axial clamping
Method and apparatus for vaporizing fuel for a reformer fuel cell system
Mechanical broadhead with sliding blades
Reticle alignment procedure
Method and apparatus for measuring accumulated and instant rate of material loss or material gain
Point of care diagnostic systems
Automated self-calibrating water quality monitoring sensor housing assembly
Hybrid film type sensor
Interference correction of additives concentration measurements in metal electroplating solutions
Gas sensor element having at least two cells
Gas sensor
Capillary array electrophoresis apparatus and method of separating and analyzing specimen
System and method for performing multiple parallel chromatographic separations
Method for controlling an evaporative light scattering detector which is coupled to a liquid chromatography column
Electrochemical biosensor readout meter
Ligand based solution assay for low concentration analytes
High throughput screen
Complex combinatorial chemical libraries encoded with tags
Methods and apparatus for electrophoresis of prior-cast, hydratable separation media
Real time detection of intermolecular interaction
Procoagulant assay
Apparatus and process for transporting sample plates
Single proof mass, 3 axis MEMS transducer
On-wafer burn-in of semiconductor devices using thermal rollover
Process for preparation of zirconium tungstate ceramic body, zirconium tungstate ceramic body prepared thereby, and temperature compensated fiber bragg grating device
Functional patterning material for imprint lithography processes
Etch process for etching microstructures
Suspended particle device light valve film
Optical element, and manufacturing method thereof
Battery unit for lens-fitted photo film unit
Industrial radiographic silver halide material suitable for rapid processing applications
Method of forming color images
Infrared-sensitive composition containing a metallocene derivative
Negative resist composition
Resist with reduced line edge roughness
Pattern formation material and pattern formation method
Organic polymeric antireflective coatings deposited by chemical vapor deposition
Radiation-sensitive recording material having a structured back
Coating film forming apparatus and coating unit
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit
Calibration methods, calibration substrates, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing methods
Alignment mark and alignment method using the same for photolithography to eliminating process bias error
Fixing roller
Base body for photosensitive drum and photosensitive drum
Charge-transporting polymer
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus processing unit using same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and electrophotographic process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus using the same
Image receiving sheet for fixing belt type electrophotography and image forming method using the same
Developing agent
Toner processes
Toner, method of producing same and image forming device
Electrostatic image developing toner and image forming method using the same
Replenishing developer and developing method
System and method for detecting and locating heart disease
Addressable ptf receptor for iradiated images
Patterning technology for folded sheet structures
Video gaming apparatus for wagering with universal computerized controller and I/O interface for unique architecture
Method for production of drawn seals
Matching layer having gradient in impedance for ultrasound transducers
Magnetic recording medium with controlled lattice spacing and method of forming thereof
Magnetic recording tape
Magnetic recording medium comprising a magnetic layer having specific thickness, surface roughness and projections
Magnetic recording medium
Tilted recording medium design with (101-2) orientation
Magnetic recording medium
Recording medium
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving information using optical data storage media
Resistive composition, resistor using the same, and making method thereof
Low temperature sinterable dielectric ceramic composition, multilayer ceramic chip capacitor and ceramic electronic device
High frequency plasma source
Planarity detection methods and apparatus for electrochemical mechanical processing systems
Micromechanical device latching
Apparatus for shaping thin films in the near-edge regions of in-process semiconductor substrates
Low voltage multi-junction vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Methods of forming capacitors and electronic devices
Method of making toroidal MRAM cells
Replacement gate strained silicon finFET process
Antireflective coating for use during the manufacture of a semiconductor device
Thin-film patterning method, manufacturing method of thin-film device and manufacturing method of thin-film magnetic head
Deposition method for Si-Ge epi layer on different intermediate substrates
Creating shallow junction transistors
Ultrathin form factor MEMS microphones and microspeakers
Organic memory cell formation on Ag substrate
Method for fabricating gate-electrode of semiconductor device with use of hard mask
Method of forming a shallow junction
Nanowire filament
Double polysilicon bipolar transistor and method of manufacture therefor
Method for fabricating transistor of semiconductor device
Strained-silicon devices with different silicon thicknesses
Method for fabricating a memory device having reverse LDD
Method for the post-etch cleaning of multi-level damascene structures having underlying copper metallization
Chip-like electronic components, a method of manufacturing the same, a pseudo wafer therefor and a method of manufacturing thereof
Ferroelectric capacitor with dielectric lining, semiconductor memory device employing same, and fabrication methods thereof
Method of removing metal etching residues following a metal etchback process to improve a CMP process
Low voltage non-volatile memory cell
Process of fabricating a chip structure
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having gate electrode together with resistance element
Poly-silicon thin film transistor having back bias effects and fabrication method thereof
Method of disordering quantum well heterostructures
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of defining the dimensions of circuit elements by using spacer deposition techniques
Method for manufacturing a MOS transistor
Metal gate MOS transistors and methods for making the same
Semiconductor device with ohmic electrode formed on compound semiconductor having wide band gap and its manufacture method
STI pull-down to control SiGe facet growth
Method of making an optoelectronic semiconductor package device
Twist-N-Lock wafer area pressure ring and assembly for reducing particulate contaminant in a plasma processing chamber
Semiconductor plating system workpiece support having workpiece-engaging electrode with pre-conditioned contact face
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Processes for hermetically packaging wafer level microscopic structures
Partially photoexposed positive photoresist layer blocking method for regio-selectively processing a microelectronic layer
Method of forming electronic dies wherein each die has a layer of solid diamond
Method of forming field effect transistors
Method of fabricating substrates and substrates obtained by this method
Two-stage annealing method for manufacturing semiconductor substrates
Methods of forming conductive through-wafer vias
Semiconductor component and method
Selective silicon-on-insulator isolation structure and method
Inverted buried strap structure and method for vertical transistor DRAM
Method of fabricating semiconductor devices having low dielectric interlayer insulation layer
Semiconductor method and structure for simultaneously forming a trench capacitor dielectric and trench sidewall device dielectric
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contact and its manufacture
Method for the lateral contacting of a semiconductor chip
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Thin-film electronic device module
Metal/ceramic circuit board
Method and system for electrically coupling a chip to chip package
Substrate having a plurality of bumps, method of forming the same, and method of bonding substrate to another
Package structure with increased capacitance and method
Copper interconnect structure having stuffed diffusion barrier
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Homoepitaxial gallium-nitride-based light emitting device and method for producing
Method for fabricating organic electroluminescent display
Method of manufacturing a light emitting device
Systems for conversion of water into hydrogen and sorption of hydrogen in electronic devices
Encapsulation of organic electronic devices using adsorbent loaded adhesives
Method and device for manufacturing coiled electrode group
Process for preparing lithium polymer secondary battery
Environmental control system for use with a battery cabinet and method of operating a fan therein
Non-interruptible battery changing system
Method for recycling battery pack
Battery pack comprising heat-sensitive current blocking element and press portion for pressing the element
Card with embedded IC and electrochemical cell
Variable pressure drop stack
Monobloc battery having a number of interconnected electrochemical cells
Lithium anodes for electrochemical cells
Alkaline electrochemical cells with improved electrolyte
Solid polymer fuel cell with improved voltage reversal tolerance
Process for assembling an electrochemical cell
Method and apparatus for operating a fuel cell system
Apparatus for warming-up fuel cell
Fuel cell stack
Single chamber solid oxide fuel cell architecture for high temperature operation
Method for humidifying a fuel stream for a direct methanol fuel cell
Wire joint detecting apparatus
Reinforced, pressure-resistant flexible tube for mechanical end-winding support for rotating electrical machines
Transfer sheet and production method of the same and wiring board and production method of the same
Package modification for channel-routed circuit boards
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