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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Lettuce cultivar Bolsachica
Method for production of moth orchid having modified flower color
Antimicrobial compositions and related methods
Aminopropenoates as fungicides
Long-lasting absorption of flavonoids
Method for removing an oxidized off-flavor from milk
Food emulsion
Method and system for preparing a liquid extract from a cell using centrifugal forces
Room temperature-curable polymers
Titanium oxide-organic polymer conjunction suitable for artificial bone
Biocompatible polymers, process for their preparation and compositions containing them
Process for the preparation of a water-soluble complex having resveratrol compounds; products comprising said complex; and uses thereof
Methods of treatment using a gastric retained gabapentin dosage
Docetaxel formulations with lipoic acid
.alpha.-ketoamide derivatives useful endothelial lipase inhibitors
Tubulysin D analogues
Urokinase inhibitors, production and use thereof
Method for decreasing symptoms of alcohol consumption
Tri-, tetra-substituted-3-aminopyrrolidine derivative
Pharmaceutical compositions based on kinin B2 receptor antagonists and corticosteroids, and their use
Compositions and methods for combating lower urinary tract dysfunctions with delta opioid receptor agonists
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of type 2 diabetes
Salts 756
3-hydroxy-5-arylisothiazole derivative
Imidazo-, pyrazolopyrazines and imidazotriazines and their use
Compound having activity of blocking NMDA receptor channel, and pharmaceutical agent using the same
Method of reducing intraocular pressure in humans
Pre-conditioning/fixation for disease treatment heat activation/release with thermo-activated drugs and gene products
Premixed biological hydraulic cement paste composition and using the same
Treatment of skin conditions by Dickkopf1 (DKK1)
Methods for treatment for ulcerative colitis in mammals
Isolated peptides from Actinomadura namibiensis
Methods and compositions for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Modified AAV capsid polypeptides
Histidine related compounds for identifying and blocking amyloid beta ion channels
Neuregulin variants and methods of screening and using thereof
Conditioned cell culture medium compositions and methods of use
Method for the production of conjugates of insulin-like growth factor-1 and poly(ethylene glycol)
IgE CH3 peptide vaccine
Assays for diagnosis of tuberculosis and uses thereof
Composition comprising sortase anchored surface proteins of Streptococcus uberis
Anti-IL-TIF antibodies and methods of use
HIV-1 GP41 neutralization domain and use thereof
Jelly-form preparation and method for producing jelly-form preparation
Inhibition of tumor growth and invasion by anti matrix metalloproteinase DNAzymes
Sunscreen compositions comprising an ultraviolet radiation-absorbing polymer
Desensitising and remineralising dental composition as well as dental particles for the composition
Foamable suspension gel
Methods of treating disease with random copolymers
Alloplastic injectable dermal filler and methods of use thereof
Controlled release metformin formulations
Compositions and methods for treatment of filovirus-mediated diseases
Antitumor agent
Emulsion lipstick composition
Removal of pesticide residues in food by ionizing radiation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Cloth-like radioactive material adsorbent and its manufacturing method
Apparatus and method for manufacturing manganese oxide-titania catalyst
Composite material, composite material substrate, composite material dispersed fluid, and manufacturing methods thereof
Fluorocarbon polymer material and method for synthesizing
Apparatus for hydroprocessing hydrocarbons
Selective nanoparticle assembly systems and methods
Corrosion-protection agent forming a layer of paint and method for current-free application thereof
Deposition of Ta- or Nb-doped high-k films
Method for counteracting curling tendency of gas barrier film, method for producing gas barrier film, and method for producing electronic device
Polymer nanocomposites with improved resistance to ionizing radiation
Foam-like structures based on reactive composite materials
Wire electric discharge machine
Method and apparatus to minimize air-slurry separation during gypsum slurry flow
Cable with environmental stress cracking resistance
Antireflection film and method for manufacturing the same
Process and apparatus for the heat treatment of a wood product and treated wood product
Rock sheet and plate mix based on volcanic rock particles useful for building and decoration
Polarizer protective film, polarizing plate, and image display apparatus
Intermediate transfer member and imaging apparatus and method
Device housing and manufacturing method for fabricating the same
3D embossing
Secure pharmacy dispensing uni-form for digital printers
Composite particles
Hard-coating-coated member, tool, and target
Composite coated metal sheet, treatment agent and method of manufacturing composite coated metal sheet
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Agents for carbon dioxide capture, agents for amine stabilization and methods of making agents for carbon dioxide capture and amine stabilization
Method for continuously operating acid or alkaline zinc or zinc alloy baths
Optical glass
Hot spring bacterial strain BKH1 and protein isolated therefrom, concrete compositions, and uses thereof
Asymmetric styryl derivatives and organic light emitting diode prepared using the same
Intermediates in the enantioselective synthesis of 3-(aminomethyl)-5-methyl-hexanoic acid
Compositions comprising and methods for forming functionalized carbon-based nanostructures
Process for the synthesis of ivabradine and addition salts thereof with a pharmaceutically acceptable acid
Process for the preparation of 4-(imidazol-1-yl)benzenesulfonamide derivatives
N-(3-(2-amino-6,6-difluoro-4,4A,5,6,7,7A-hexahydro-cyclopenta[E][1,3]oxazi- n-4-yl)-phenylamides as BACE1 inhibitors
Phenylacetic acid compound
Process for separating off fumaric acid and other minor components during the production of maleic anhydride
Sulfonyl cyanine dyes and derivatives
Agent exhibiting the properties of a cognitive function promoter (embodiments)
Removal of extraneous metals from silicon compounds by adsorption and/or filtration
Method for making harmful compound harmless and method for producing organic semiconductor element compound
Methods for rapid purification of nucleic acids for subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry by solution capture
Unacylated ghrelin and analogs as therapeutic agents for vascular remodeling in diabetic patients and treatment of cardiovascular disease
Metallopeptide catalysts
Polypropylene composition with improved optics for film and moulding applications
Polyester fiber and method for its production, and tire cord, tire, belt-reinforcing fiber material and belt comprising the polyester fiber
Photocurable composition
Method for producing crystalline polyoxyalkylene polyol, and resin obtained by using the same as raw material
Crosslinking of reactive polyolefin prepolymers using a coreactant
Microphase-separated structure membrane and process for producing the same
Extruded polymer foam process with staged forming
Long glass fiber reinforced resin composite and method for preparing the same
Resist pattern thickening material, semiconductor device, and production method thereof
Resin compound, resin composition, and resin-molded article
Calendered films of plasticized blends of plastomer and impact copolymer
Interpolymer resin particles
Pelletized plastic compounds and method of manufacture
Polymer manufacturing process
Crosslinkable polyamide molding compounds and molded parts produced therewith
Anthracene derivative and light-emitting device
Five-ring liquid crystal compound having a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Optically isotropic liquid crystal medium, and optical device
Aminic antioxidants to minimize turbo sludge
Detergent cosmetic compositions comprising at least one amino silicone, and uses thereof
Biosensor method and system based on feature vector extraction
Process for separating lipids from a biomass
Method of producing recombinant biological products
Method of utilizing the PTS gene and RNA interference of the ads gene to increase patchouli alcohol content in Artemisia annua L.
Method of utilizing the pts gene and anti-sense ads to increase patchouli alcohol content in Artemisia annua L
Method of pre-treating and saccharifying algae biomass
Method of nucleic acid amplification
Extraction solvents derived from oil for alcohol removal in extractive fermentation
Optical fiber probe
Store-operated calcium cellular assay
Enhanced gene expression in algae
Microvesicle-based compositions and methods
Probe and method for DNA detection
Databases for rRNA gene profiling of microbial communities
Avian influenza virus live attenuated vaccine and uses thereof
Process for recovery of noble metals from functionalised, noble metal-containing adsorption materials
Textiles; Paper
Device and method for producing nanotubes
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Starter mounted on vehicle having idle-stop apparatus
Energy generator
Method and system for locating a person and medium comprising instructions for performing the method
Rotary encoder and rotation mechanism including the same
In-situ plant analysis apparatus, method for tracking the state or evolution of a culture and method for managing vegetable processing
Analytical technique for measuring bound glycerides in a biodiesel composition
Biomarkers of ovarian cancer
Agents and methods related to reducing resistance to apoptosis-inducing death receptor agonists
Automatic analyzing apparatus and quality control method for analysis supporting liquid in the same
Power measuring system, measuring apparatus, load terminal, and device control system
Concentrator photovoltaic measuring device
Plunger with a quick locking system
Curved scintillation crystal array
Directed-energy systems and methods for disrupting electronic circuits
Methods and apparatus for generating electronic records of locate operations
Methods for sourceless density downhole measurement using pulsed neutron generator
Composite segment collimators for SPECT without dead zones
Protective cap for extreme ultraviolet lithography masks
Toner and method for producing the same
Image holding member for image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Toner comprising polyester, process for making the toner and uses thereof
Image holding member for image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Method of recording data in an optical data storage medium and an optical data storage medium
Fuel cell system and power management method thereof
Thermal foldback system
Finger positioner for musicians
Sound generation control apparatus
Resin composition and high-frequency co-axial cable using same
Electron emitting element including a fine particle layer containing insulating particles, and devices and methods related thereto
Coupled cavity traveling wave tube
Magnet for ion beam irradiation apparatus equipped with protective member that covers plurality of magnetic field concentrating members
Method of deconvolution of spectral data
Dielectric-loaded field applicator for EHID lamps and EHID lamp assembly containing same
LED lighting system
Solid state image pickup device and method for manufacturing solid state image pickup device
Methods of fabricating organic thin film transistors
Method and structure of sensors or electronic devices using vertical mounting
Methods for forming resistive switching memory elements
Semiconductor workpiece carriers and methods for processing semiconductor workpieces
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package
Organic thin film transistors and methods of making them
Etching method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Diode energy converter for chemical kinetic electron energy transfer
Thin film transistor with channel including microcrystalline and amorphous semiconductor regions
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and structure
Lithographic apparatus and method of manufacturing an electrostatic clamp for a lithographic apparatus
Non-conformal hardmask deposition for through silicon etch
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing super-junction semiconductor device
High performance MOSFET
Method of manufacture and structure for a trench transistor having a heavy body region
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Buried bit line anti-fuse one-time-programmable nonvolatile memory
Encapsulation methods and dielectric layers for organic electrical devices
Method of making a charge trapping non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Methods for improved adhesion of protective layers of imager microlens structures by forming an interfacial region
SOI substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Method and structure of sensors and MEMS devices using vertical mounting with interconnections
Method for manufacturing thin film transistor array panel
High frequency ceramic package and fabrication method for the same
Semiconductor module, method for fabricating the semiconductor module, and mobile apparatus
Off-chip VIAS in stacked chips
Electrical interconnect structure
Optoelectronic component and method for the manufacture of a plurality of optoelectronic components
Radiation-emitting body and method for producing a radiation-emitting body
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic package with stacked semiconductor chips
Organic electroluminescent display device
Nitride semiconductor diode
Semiconductor device with gate electrode including a concave portion
Electromagnetic-radiation-emitting optoelectronic component and method for producing an optoelectronic component
Semiconductor light emitting component and method for manufacturing the same
Display device
Semiconductor device and method of its manufacture
Light emitting diode having improved light emission efficiency and method for fabricating the same
Three-dimensional light-emitting devices and method for fabricating the same
Optoelectronic component
Light emitting device
Semiconductor memory device including semiconductor and oxide semiconductor transistors
Display device
Organic electroluminescent light source device
Fuel cell
Apparatus for applying electrode mixture paste with homogeneous distribution of coating amount of electrode mixture paste
Direct liquid fuel cell having hydrazine or derivatives thereof as fuel
Composition for manufacture of electrodes and electrodes and batteries resulting therefrom
Fuel cell power generation system with valve on raw material gas supply passage and valve downstream of carbon monoxide decreasing unit, and method for operating fuel cell power generation system
Membrane-electrode assembly, fuel cell, and fuel cell system
Membrane/electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and process for producing cathode for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
High power density, ultra-light power generator
Membrane electrode assembly and fuel cell
Junction box for connecting a solar cell, electrical diode, guiding element and fixing means
Spark plug and method for manufacturing a spark plug
Battery monitoring system
Wheel motor with rotating outer rotor
Solar panel ready tiles
Controller for a brushless motor
Device for supplying energy to a long stator winding having multiple winding sections
Optical receiver circuit
Ice buildup inhibitor
Method for operating a light-emitting diode arrangement, and circuit arrangement
Transistor ladder network for driving a light emitting diode series string
Power control
Brightness control for lighting fixtures
Electronic method to improve the starting characteristics of direct current arc lamps
Lamp lighting device and filament lamp
Induction heating cooker and control circuit therefor
Flex-rigid wiring board and method of manufacturing the same
Wiring substrate with customization layers
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Brake and signal light system
Proximity safety switch suitable for use in a hair dryer for disabling operation
Device with multiple, concurrently-installed power modules and method for controlling same
Fluid pressure regulator assembly with dual axis electrical generator
Resistance force generator for use in a game machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ultrasonic membrane transducer for an ultrasonic diagnostic probe
Corrosion-resistant liquid-cooled armature bar clip-to-strand connection and related method
Thermal transfer sheet, thermal transfer recording method, thermal transfer recording system, resonance circuit and process for producing the same
Method and apparatus for reminding the vehicle operator to refill the spare tire in a tire pressure monitoring system
Vehicle wheel vibration monitoring system
Near object detection system
Hybrid vehicle and method of controlling hybrid vehicle
Method and apparatus for indicating battery state of hybrid car
Magnetic switch capable of performing normal detection for a long period of time
Potential collision detection and parking aid system
Method and device for recognition of a collision with a pedestrian
Method and device for driving an electric actuator unit
MEMS optical mirror array
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Inductor employing carbon nanotube and/or carbon nanofiber
Light-absorptive antireflection filter, with pigment containing light-absorptive film and electroconducting thin film, and device using same
Die attach adhesives for semiconductor applications utilizing a polymeric base material with inorganic insulator particles of various sizes
Display panel apparatus and method
Textiles; Paper
Condition sensor for a dryer
Fixed Constructions
Flexible cushion probe for detecting a dielectric medium defined by a dielectric boundary surface
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Self-locking nut for stud shaft and stacked wheel assembly for the rotor of a rotary machine
Air flow arrangement for a stand-by electric generator
Engine generator
Signal generator for multi-cylinder internal combustion engine and rotation information detector using signal generator
Method of charging and discharging a piezoelectric element
Method of operating a wind power installation and a wind power installation
Coupled vortex vertical axis wind turbine
Method and apparatus for controlling switched reluctance motor and compressor
Motor and pressure generating apparatus incorporating the motor
Magnetic floating bearing of a fan, which locates rotary shaft by means of distribution of magnetic force
Self-energizing brake
Discharge lamp including heat releasing device and lamp device
Fluorescent lighting apparatus
Heat engine electricity generating system having low-pressure enclosure for flywheel, clutch and electric generator
Rotation detecting apparatus
Electrical circuit arrangement for converting an electrical input variable into an impressed output electrical voltage
Magnetic position and orientation measurement system with magnetic field permeable attenuator
Moisture and density detector (MDD)
Through-log density detector
Eddy current sensor arrays having drive windings with extended portions
Magnetoresistive speed and direction sensing method and apparatus
Differential coaxial contact array for high-density, high-speed signals
Contact probe with guide unit and fabrication method thereof
Wireless test fixture adapter for printed circuit assembly tester
Test apparatus for semiconductor circuit and method of testing semiconductor circuits
Semiconductor integrated circuit testing system and method
Test signal distribution system for IC tester
Closed-grid bus architecture for wafer interconnect structure
Method of setting gribs and/or markers in measuring apparatus
Dual chambered anechoic chamber
Signal reproduction block
Electrical conduction array on the bottom side of a tester thermal head
Method of detecting shallow trench isolation corner thinning by electrical trapping
Handling apparatus and test set using the handling apparatus
Testing vias and contacts in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor testing device
Testing apparatus including testing board having wirings connected to common point and method of testing semiconductor device by composing signals
Battery charger/tester with storage media
Estimated remaining lamp life indicator system
Self-adjusting assembly and method for close tolerance spacing
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Multiple degree of freedom adjustable MRI radio frequency array coil system
Pole-piece unit, method for assembling the same, and magnetic field generator
Fast method for dynamic MR imaging
Method for measuring GPS air sensitivity and mobile terminal having function of measuring GPS air sensitivity
Method for processing in dual frequency civilian GPS receiver
Method and apparatus for GPS signal receiving that employs a frequency-division-multiplexed phased array communication mechanism
Identification system
Determining a time of arrival of a sent signal
Hybrid conductor-board for multi-conductor routing
Positioning servo controller
Circuit arrangement and method for an electronic system for time-delayed outputting of a switching signal
Electronic safety switching device and method
Circuit configuration for generating a controllable output voltage
Voltage multiplier circuit
Constant voltage generating circuit
Driver circuit with dynamically adjusting output current and input current-limiting function
Switched capacitor current reference circuit
Startup circuit for bandgap voltage reference generator
Wide-range local bias generator for body bias grid
Method and structure for supply gated electronic components
Glitch free clock multiplexing circuit with asynchronous switch control and minimum switch over time
Conditional clock buffer circuit
Post-silicon phase offset control of phase locked loop input receiver
Integrated circuit having a connection pad for stipulating one of a plurality of organization forms, and method for operating the circuit
Clock generation circuit and clock conversion circuit
Data bus for a plurality of nodes
Method and apparatus for verifying RFID tags
Contactless IC card system
Universal electronic identification tag
Duplex transmission in an electromagnetic transponder system
Request to exit switch for door alarm system
Magnetic vector field tag and seal
Microprocessor based bed patient monitor
Sequential pulse train generator
Circuit configuration for selectively transmitting information items from a measuring device to chips on a wafer during chip fabrication
Ferroelectric memory
Semiconductor device adaptable to a plurality of kinds of interfaces
Three-dimensional memory array incorporating serial chain diode stack
Magnetoresistive random access memory device structures
Plasma filter
Gravitational wave generator utilizing submicroscopic energizable elements
Composite magnetic body, and magnetic element and method of manufacturing the same
Reactor and ballast system
Low core loss amorphous metal magnetic components for electric motors
Electric solenoid with adaptable connectors and mountings
Magnet coil arrangement
Micro machine switch
Pressurized electrical contact system
Electromagnetic relay
Earth leakage detection device
Compact fused disconnect switch
Field emission-type electron source and method of biasing the same
Substrate and plasma display panel utilizing the same
Electrode plate and manufacturing method for the same, and gas discharge panel having electrode plate and manufacturing method for the same
Glass plate provided with electrodes made of a conducting material
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing plasma display panel
AC drive type plasma display panel having display electrodes on front and back plates, and image display apparatus using the same
Color cathode ray tube
Cathode-ray tube having a focus mask with improved insulator performance
Field emission element and method for manufacturing the same
Electrodeless lighting system
Fluorescent lamp and amalgam assembly therefor
Non-evaporating getter, fabrication method of the same, and display unit
Halogen incandescent lamp and a lighting apparatus using the lamp
Methods for forming rough ruthenium-containing layers and structures/methods using same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating a self-aligned bipolar transistor and related structure
Vertical power component manufacturing method
Semiconductor device
Silicide process using high K-dielectrics
Gate structure and method
Circuit component built-in module with embedded semiconductor chip and method of manufacturing
Semiconductor device having a ball grid array and a fabrication process thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Stress shield for microelectronic dice
Semiconductor module and mounting method for same
Semiconductor device with self-aligned contact and method for manufacturing the device
Electrode structure and method of fabricating the same
Structure having reduced lateral spacer erosion
Semiconductor device of surface-mounting type
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Electronic device having a trimming possibility and at least one semiconductor chip and method for producing the electronic device
Stackable layers containing encapsulated integrated circuit chips with one or more overlying interconnect layers
Process for forming metalized contacts to periphery transistors
Method of forming contacts, methods of contacting lines, methods of operating integrated circuitry, and integrated circuits
Production method for SOI wafer and SOI wafer
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Line self protecting multiple output power IC architecture
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device having memory cell array suitable for high density and high integration
Composite lid for land grid array (LGA) flip-chip package assembly
Thermally enhanced semiconductor chip having integrated bonds over active circuits
Heat transfer structure for a semiconductor device utilizing a bismuth glass layer
Thin integrated circuit package having an optically transparent window
Electronic semiconductor device having a thermal spreader
Semiconductor device package with improved cooling
Semiconductor component having multi layered leadframe
Semiconductor component having conductors with wire bondable metalization layers
Symmetric stack up structure for organic BGA chip carriers
Design of interconnection pads with separated probing and wire bonding regions
Power/ground configuration for low impedance integrated circuit
Power distribution plane layout for VLSI packages
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device including a diffusion layer formed between electrode portions
Semiconductor device having pad electrode connected to wire
External connection terminal and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device inlcluding optimized driver layout for integrated circuit with staggered bond pads
Semiconductor device with plating wiring connecting IC electrode pad to terminal
Semiconductor device having a capacitor and a metal interconnect layer with tungsten as a main constituent material and containing molybdenum
Multilayer ceramic device
Thermal processing of metal alloys for an improved CMP process in integrated circuit fabrication
Insulative cap for laser fusing
Circuit and method for an integrated charged device model clamp
Low capacitance ESD protection device and integrated circuit including the same
Semiconductor device
Integrally formed rectifier for internal alternator regulator (IAR) style alternator
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit device comprising an inductor with high quality coefficient
Buffer, buffer operation and method of manufacture
Semiconductor device
Si/SiGe optoelectronic integrated circuits
Semiconductor light receiving device and electronic apparatus incorporating the same
Semiconductor devices constitute constant voltage devices used to raise internal voltage
Low leakage schottky diode
Semiconductor device having dummy patterns for metal CMP
Semiconductor device having a gate insulating film structure including an insulating film containing metal, silicon and oxygen and manufacturing method thereof
Low voltage high density trench-gated power device with uniformly doped channel and its edge termination technique
Semiconductor device serving as a protecting element
Photodiode and method of producing same
III-Phospide and III-Arsenide flip chip light-emitting devices
Group III nitride light emitting devices with progressively graded layers
Light-emitting diode with planar omni-directional reflector
Electronic component and method for forming substrate electrode of the same
Piezoelectric actuator
Longitudinally coupled multi-mode piezoelectric bulk wave filter and electronic components using the same
Organic EL display device and method of encapsulating the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Multi-cell battery
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
MEMS tunable filters
Method and apparatus for coupling energy to/from dielectric resonators
Degenerate mode combiner
Electrical switching apparatus and method
Plane carbon commutator
Resin-sealed laser diode device
Semiconductor laser device and wire bonding method capable of easily performing reliable wire bonding
Diagnostic device for electric mechanism drive circuits
Turbogenerator with electrical brake
Power supply having temperature sensors for detecting battery temperatures
Integrated power supply and platform for military radio
Series charger with separate detection of batteries
Vehicle electrical system
Uninterruptible power supply
Electronic ballast system having emergency lighting provisions
Stacked stator core and method of manufacturing thereof, and rotary motor and method of manufacturing thereof
Hybrid salient pole machines
Magnet shaping and pole concentration for reduction of cogging torque in permanent magnet motors
Induction apparatus with damping feature
General-purpose induction motor adaptable for a plurality of types of AC power supply
Hybrid alternator with an axial end retainer for permanent magnets
Permanent magnet motor
Rotary electric machine
Electric motor
Vehicular AC current generator rotor having field-coil winding finishing-end hook portions
Path arrangement for a multi-track linear motor system and method to control same
Air-cooled outer rotor type motor/generator contained within a crank pulley of an engine
High voltage generation circuit
Switch controller
DC stabilized power supply
Step-down converter
Method and apparatus for operating a voltage regulator based on operation of a timer
Multiphase clamp coupled-buck converter and magnetic integration
Method and apparatus for reducing audio noise in a switching regulator
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plan motion
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plane motion
Use of standoffs to protect atomic resolution storage mover for out-of-plane motion
Electrostatic actuator and method of driving the same
Brushless doubly-fed induction machine control
Dual function solid state relay
High quality parallel resonance oscillator
Method for modulating an output voltage of a RF transmitter circuit, and RF transmitter circuit
Power amplifier
Class AB amplifier circuit
System and method for reducing amplifier distortion using distortion feedback
Limiting amplifier with active inductor
Input buffer circuit
Transimpedance amplifier with selective DC compensation
High voltage integrated circuit amplifier
Adjustable current-mode equalizer
Amplifier circuit
High frequency amplifier and frequency mixer
Method and apparatus for gain control in a CMOS low noise amplifier
Class E/F switching power amplifiers
Dynamically controlled amplifier
All digital transistor high gain operational amplifier using positive feedback technique
High switching speed differential amplifier
Circuit and method for correcting thermal deviations of one or more output signals from an amplifier with early effect compensation
Sense amplifier with improved common mode rejection
Apparatus and method for indicating a difference between first and second voltage signals
Voltage amplifying circuit
Amplifier circuits and methods
Power amplifying system with supply and bias enhancements
Power on reset circuit
Current source assembly controllable in response to a control voltage
Method for adjusting the temperature-dependent property of a surface acoustic wave device and a surface acoustic device
Step attenuator using frequency dependent components and method of effecting signal attenuation
Laminated LC filter where the pattern widths of the central portion air is greater than the end portions
Directional coupler
Antenna duplexer and communication apparatus
End-surface reflection type surface acoustic wave filter
Driver circuit for soft turning on a power element connected to an inductive load
Semiconductor integrated circuit having circuit for changing timing of inactivating power-on resetting circuit
Current switching circuit
Low power dynamic logic gate with full voltage swing operation
Circuit and method for dynamically controlling the impedance of an input/output driver
CMOS buffer circuit
I/O buffer having a protection circuit for handling different voltage supply levels
Differential amplifier with input gate oxide breakdown avoidance
Level shift circuit for transmitting signal from leading edge to trailing edge of input signal
Dynamic driver boost circuits
CMOS sequential logic configuration for an edge triggered flip-flop
Domino circuit topology
FPGA with improved structure for implementing large multiplexers
Method for clock control of clocked half-rail differential logic with sense amplifier and shut-off
Method and apparatus providing resampling function in a modulus prescaler of a frequency source
Variable circuit capable of changing the connected states of its flipflops
Multistage pulse width modulator
Input buffer system using low voltage transistors
Slew rate sensing and control of a high-voltage output driver for a variable voltage range and variable output load
Clock generator to control a pules width according to input voltage level in semiconductor memory device
On-board processor compensated oven controlled crystal oscillator
Compact, high power supply rejection ratio, low power semiconductor digitally controlled oscillator architecture
Digital phase control using first and second delay lines
VCO resonance tuning
Method of stabilizing phase-locked loop
Low noise switched low pass filter with benign transients
Delay locked loop clock generator
Fast-settling DC offset removal circuits with continuous cutoff frequency switching
Eye monitor
Skewed repeater bus
Transmission gate based signal transition accelerator
Synchronization/reference pulse-based powerline pulse position modulated communication system
Method and apparatus for delivering a subscriber-customized group message in a selective call messaging system
Solid-state image pickup device and fabrication method thereof
Variable switch with reduced noise interface
Single switch electronic dimming ballast
Discharge lamp lighting device to light a plurality of discharge lamps
Fluorescent light control circuit
EMI reduction of voltage inverters by way of controlled randomized modulation of oscillating signals
Electronic ballast and lighting fixture
Integrated circuit device module
Electronic card formed of a double-sided printed circuit board with static electricity prevention circuit
Coupling adjusting structure for double-tuned circuit
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