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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean variety XB005B06
Synergistic and residual pesticidal compositions containing plant essential oils with enzyme inhibitors
Fitting system for a vehicle seat
Emergency vehicle support kit
Medical container loading system and method for use with fluid containers, syringes and medical injectors
Key system for a mirror assembly
Image-distorting endoscopes and methods of making and using such endoscope
Bipolar electrosurgical instrument for sealing vessels
Ophthalmologic apparatus
Method of bone expansion and compression for receiving a dental implant using threaded expanders
System and method for assessing fluid distribution
Self-aggregating protein compositions and use as sealants
Composition for treatment of skin and method for stabilizing the composition
Cannabimimetic indole derivatives
Hydronopol derivatives as agonists on human ORL1 receptors
Phenyl-piperazine methanone derivatives, substituted by heterocyclic groups
Expression system
DNA sequence and recombinant production of a Gramineae allergen
Compositions and methods for treating diverticular disease
Methods for modulating angiogenesis via VEGF
Vaccines containing ribavirin and methods of use thereof
Skin and hair care agents
Flush catheter with flow directing sheath
Devices and methods using an expandable body with internal restraint for compressing cancellous bone
Flexible and conformable embolic filtering devices
Apparatus for trapping emboli
Intra-aortic renal delivery catheter
Systems and methods for monitoring and enabling use of a medical instrument
Golf club with two piece hosel
Golf club head and method of making the same
Golf swing alignment device
Methods and apparatus for providing entertainment content at a gaming device
Game for using remainder and partial credits
Dollhouse kit
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rotary separator and method
Method and apparatus for separating solids from a slurry
Oil filter canister removal tool
Material for a facility for the production of anhydrous formic acid
Method for cleaning and regenerating a particle filter in a filter assembly, assembly therefor and elements for said assembly
Mixing apparatus
Capillary-channel probes for liquid pickup, transportation and dispense using stressy metal
Liquid dispense head and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid droplet ejecting apparatus, electro-optical device, method of manufacturing the electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Trigger mechanism for watering nozzles
Method and apparatus for two dimensional assembly of particles
Method of forming corrosion protection double coatings on prestressing strand and prestressing strand produced by the method
Apparatus for machining pipe ends, especially for cutting connecting threads
Method and apparatus for cutting electrical wiring line on a substrate, and method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic device
Plasma display apparatus including electrode pad
Method for producing a panel of plastics material
Method of manufacturing a guidewire with an extrusion jacket
Device for blow-molding or stretch blow molding of thermoplastic containers
Apparatus for the rapid development of photosensitive printing elements
Container and methods associated therewith
Thin film support substrate for use in hydrogen production filter and production method of hydrogen production filter
Hybrid sol for the production of abrasion-resistant SiO.sub.2 antireflection coatings
Polycarboxyl/polyol fiberglass binder
Hydrolysis-stable film comprising a polyester with a hydrolysis stabilizer and process for its production and its use
Diols formed by ring-opening of epoxies
Fragrance release paper
Foldform label laminate
Method of manufacturing hard disc device with a printed wiring board fixed thereto
Moulded bodies consisting of core-shell particles
Media drying system having a heated surface and a directed gas flow
Liquid delivery head, liquid delivery device, and liquid delivery head driving method
Ink cartridge
Ink-jet line printer and image forming apparatus using the same
Ink jet printhead having two dimensional shuttle architecture
Ring mechanism having blunt ends
Container for flowable products
Visor assembly with integrated storage receptacles
Vehicle body having a tailgate system operable in a plurality of modes
Automatic directional control system for vehicle headlights
Lighting apparatus having means for compensating for failure of lighting on a bend
Vehicle warning system and method
Vehicle seating system with airbag-based occupant reaction surface
Tire condition detecting device, tire condition monitoring system, and method of attaching tire condition detecting device to tire wheel
Apparatus for reducing drag on unpowered vehicles
Crawler, crawler pin, crawler bush, and crawler manufacturing method
Bicycle rear suspension
Variable marine jet propulsion
Hybrid ship propulsion system
Multi-engined aircraft with lowering shaft
Watertight closure for a reclosable package
Pneumatic carrier
Machine-detectable adhesive tape
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons and selected compounds and azeotropes with HF
Carbonyl compound scavenger and method of quantifying carbonyl compound using the same
Method for producing polyesterpolyols of polyvalent alcohols
Substituted cyclohexylcarboxylic acid amide compounds
Antitumor agents
3-quinuclidinyl heteroatom bridged biaryl derivatives
Metathesis catalysts
Metallocenes, use in catalyst system for producing olefin polymers
Using amines or amino acids as mobile phase modifiers in chromatography
Compositions and methods involved in bone growth
Secreted and transmembrane polypeptides and nucleic acids encoding the same
Mammalian EPO mimetic CH1 deleted mimetibodies, compositions, methods and uses
Modified polypeptides stabilized in a desired conformation and methods for producing same
High density lipoprotein-reactive peptides
Hydrogenated copolymers of unsubstituted and substituted conjugated dienes
Method for cross-linking isotactic polymers in the presence of peroxide
Process for producing cycloolefin addition polymer
Bioabsorbable adhesive compounds and compositions
Printing processes employing intermediate transfer with molten intermediate transfer materials
Phenolic novolaks and process for production thereof
Method for making a conductive thermoplastic composition
Textured grout composition, dispenser therefor, and method of use
Reaction product derived from amine-functionalized elastomers and maleated polyolefins
Cosmetic compositions comprising silicone gels
Ink jet yellow ink, ink set, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Pyrogenically produced aluminum-silicon mixed oxides
Personal care compositions comprising alkyl phosphate surfactants and selected auxiliary surfactants
Process for the preparation of malted cereals
Wet combustion engine
Genes encoding insect odorant receptors and uses thereof
Amino polyol amine oxidase polynucleotides and related polypeptides and methods of use
Desaturase genes and uses thereof
Cat kidney disease marker
Soluble endoproteases for the in vitro processing of recombinant proteins
Method of uncoupling the catabolic pathway of glycolysis from the oxidative membrane bound pathway of glucose conversion
Aldolase, and method for producing optically active IHOG and monatin
Process for the preparation of L-amino acids using strains of the enterobacteriaceae family
Frame-shifting PCR for germline immunoglobulin genes retrieval and antibody engineering
T227-1 flanking sequence
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Nucleic acid binding proteins
Method for isolating and purifying nucleic acids
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Method and apparatus for applying a gel
Method for producing carbon surface films by plasma exposure of a carbide compound
Additive-assisted, cerium-based, corrosion-resistant e-coating
Textiles; Paper
Support covered with a chitosan-based coating and method for the production thereof
Water-disintegratable sheet and manufacturing method thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sliding component
Electric machine
Integral spark detector in fitting which supports igniter in gas turbine engine
Water-based wind-driven power generation using a submerged platform
Motor shaft assembly and method
Captive screw with deployable knob
Universal joint arrangement between an apparatus holder and a support arm or a console
Radial capillary seal for fluid dynamic bearing motors
Torsional vibration damper
Torsional vibration insulator
Variator arrangement for a transmission
Ferrule with plural inner diameters
Fluid connector for medical use and uses thereof
Connection assembly used for connection between a fuel nozzle and a filling hose
Method and device for repairing or reinforcing an underground pipe
Blower support device for utility vehicle
Switch actuated flashlight with current limiter
Reflector lamp
Illumination apparatus and method
Emergency information lighting system
Burner with stepped fuel injection
Enhancing combustion with variable composition process gas
Method and apparatus for weighing divided portions
Systems and methods for displaying images and processing work pieces
Microbolometer and its manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for screening combinatorial libraries of semiconducting properties
Device for measuring water quality
System and method of sorting materials using holographic laser steering
Electrochemical sensor
Method and a device for the evaluation of biopolymer fitness
Paramagnetic particle detection
Detectable labels, methods of manufacture and use
Digital sensing circuit
Apparatus and method for detecting state of heat exchanger tube
Handler for testing semiconductor device
Reliability evaluation test apparatus, reliability evaluation test system, contactor, and reliability evaluation test method
System and method for testing one or more dies on a semiconductor wafer
Satellite information update system, positioning auxiliary information provision device, positioning auxiliary information provision device control method, positioning auxiliary information provision device control program, and computer readable recording medium having recorded therein positioning auxiliary information provision device control program
Radar apparatus and radar signal processing method
Method for controlling a radar antenna
Optical connector apparatus having a light shielding device of a simple structure
Convertible eyewear
Semiconductor device and display element using semiconductor device
Silver halide holographic sensitive material and system for taking holographic images by using the same
Method of the adjustable matching map system in lithography
Positive-working resist composition
Photopolymerizable composition
Multilayer imageable element containing sulfonamido resin
Process for controlling the proximity effect correction
Image forming method
Thermostat fan and boiler timer
Circuit arrangement and method for operation of lamps
Systems and methods of controlling light systems
Method and apparatus for voltage compensation for parasitic impedance
Pulse width modulation inverter circuit and control method thereof
Power converter circuit and method for power conversion
Wide input range buck/boost switching regulator
Front filter, and plasma display apparatus having the same
Mixer circuit with phase-shifted radio frequency signal
Chip card
Method and apparatus for expanding a source pixel in a digital image
Shape and animation methods and systems using examples
Radio-frequency identification apparatus, systems, and methods
Security data management system
Safe intelligent container
RF-enablement of products and receptacles therefor
Navigation and coordination during emergencies
Method and system for synthetically reproducing a random process
Display device
Portable microdisplay system
Display device having reduced number of signal lines
Data input device
Method of charging liquid crystal display device
Graphical processing of object perimeter information
Color conversion method and apparatus
System and method for a large format collaborative display for sharing information
Stringed musical instrument device
Soft magnetic underlayer with exchange coupling induced anisotropy for perpendicular magnetic recording media
Variable inductor
Two-in-one button structure
High-efficiency polymer electroluminescent device with a polymer insulating nanolayer
Probe for near-field microscope, the method for manufacturing the probe and scanning probe microscope using the probe
Patterned wafer inspection method and apparatus therefor
Method for depositing a film using a charged particle beam, method for performing selective etching using the same, and charged particle beam equipment therefor
High voltage connection for vacuum electron device
Method of forming a scribe line on a passive electronic component substrate
Mounting and dicing process for wafers
Graded semiconductor layer
Method for sensor edge control and track width definition for narrow track width devices
Method for sensor edge and mask height control for narrow track width devices
Method and furnace for the vapor phase deposition of components onto semiconductor substrates with a variable main flow direction of the process gas
Low k ILD layer with a hydrophilic portion
Method of forming silicided gate structure
Atomic layer deposition of tantalum-containing materials using the tantalum precursor TAIMATA
Conducting metal oxide with additive as p-MOS device electrode
Method of producing LED bodies with the aid of a cross-sectional constriction
Electronic packaging using conductive interposer connector
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Layered films formed by controlled phase segregation
Stabilized photoresist structure for etching process
Bilayered metal hardmasks for use in dual damascene etch schemes
Method of forming a dual damascene structure
Integrated semiconductor storage with at least a storage cell and procedure
FinFET body contact structure
Method of manufacturing a data carrier
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device with plural semiconductor chips
Apparatuses and associated methods for improved solder joint reliability
Electromigration barrier layers for solder joints
Barrier film integrity on porous low k dielectrics by application of a hydrocarbon plasma treatment
Semiconductor device having a dummy pattern
Alignment mark forming method, substrate in which devices are formed, and liquid discharging head using substrate
Semiconductor apparatus with improved ESD withstanding voltage
Dual-sided microstructured, position-sensitive detector
Optical image transmitting system, optical image transmitting apparatus, optical image receiving apparatus, and optical image transmitting method
Imaging apparatus using saturation signal and photoelectric conversion signal to form image
Light emitting device
Light emitting and image sensing device and apparatus
Superconducting X-ray detection apparatus and superconducting X-ray analyzer using the apparatus
Semiconductor structure
Quantum dot/quantum well light emitting diode
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Process for making non-uniform minority carrier lifetime distribution in high performance silicon power devices
Magnetic elements with ballistic magnetoresistance utilizing spin-transfer and an MRAM device using such magnetic elements
Memory device
Compact pressure sensor with high corrosion resistance and high accuracy
Photosensitive semiconductor package, method for fabricating the same, and lead frame thereof
Solar cell electrolysis of water to make hydrogen and oxygen
Light emitting diode light source
Semiconductor light emitting apparatus and its manufacturing method
Methods and apparatus based on coplanar striplines
Antenna element and antenna module, and electronic equipment using same
Multi-band or wide-band antenna
Parallel loop antennas for a mobile electronic device
Frequency band switching of an antenna arrangement
Antenna structure with filter effect
Connector, a terminal fitting, a chained terminal and a mounting method for a connector
Electrical connector for flat cables and contact element therefor
Making electrical connections between a circuit board and an integrated circuit
Electrical connector with integrated terminal position assurance and wire cover
Land grid array package socket
Electrical component assembly
Terminal-protective card connector
Angled RJ to RJ patch panel
Joint connector and method of assembling it
Brush device and motor with brush
Electrical connection box
Electrical connector insert and apparatus and associated fabrication method
Safety controller
Control system for canceling load unbalance of three-phase circuit
Starting method for Hall-less single-phase BLDCM
Sequentially joined-segment coil for rotary electrical machine
Actuator, light quantity adjusting apparatus, and stepping motor
Apparatus and method for retracting awning
Method and apparatus for avoiding false switching in an electronic device
Real time clock apparatus
Voltage control for clock generating circuit
Continuous, wide-range frequency synthesis and phase tracking methods and apparatus
Distortion compensation circuit, power amplifier using distortion compensation circuit, and distortion compensation signal generating method
Controllable amplifier circuit with a variable discrete-value gain, use of the amplifier circuit and method for operation of an amplifier whose gain can be adjusted in discrete values
Filter having parasitic inductance cancellation
Interpolating programmable gain attenuator
Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
Output reporting techniques for hard intellectual property blocks
Techniques for combining volatile and non-volatile programmable logic on an integrated circuit
Embedding memory between tile arrangement of a configurable IC
Edge-triggered flip-flop
Dual data rate flip-flop
Pulse polarity modulation circuit
Adjustable lock-in circuit for phase-locked loops
Method and device for generating an output signal having a predetermined phase shift with respect to an input signal
Programmable fractional-N clock generators
Alternate sampling integrator
Method and system for prioritizing data values for robust data representation
Variable length coding for sparse coefficients
Temperature controller and temperature control method, and heating wire therefor
Current sharing scheme for multiple CCF lamp operation
Light-emitting semiconductor device pulse drive method and pulse drive circuit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Multi-size push-up bra pad
Novelty shirt
Breast feeding clothes
Portion of a footwear sole
Shoe sole design
Sole for footwear
Portion of a shoe upper
Cord retainer
Footwear retaining device with cam cleat longitudinal line retaining clip and adjustable length lacing
Eyeglass clip (IV)
Tool carrier
Tool container
Portable vehicle organizer
Combined carrying case for a compact disc player and compact discs
Hand bag support
End of toothbrush handle
Combined soap dispenser and bath brush
Electric toothbrush bristle pattern
Surface pattern for sheet material
Side panel of a bed frame
Dental chair
Infant carrier cover
Massaging armchair
Arm chair
Sled base stool with button top
Bed frame
Folding table
Computer desk
Display rack
Hinge mountable rack with swivel loop arms
Wire media storage rack
Display arms assembly
CD holder
Case for storing and transporting compact discs and accessory materials
Article holder
Beverage display rack
Media storage rack
Computer desk
Display rack
Panel for cabinet door
Workstation column
Legs for a chair
Handle for car safety seat
Chair armrest
Chair seat
Table mirror
Infant carrier cover
Beer glass
Coffee cup
Low volume beverage dispenser
Coffee maker
Utility lighter
Chinook tumbler
Small bar pan
Deep baking dish
Shelf for an outdoor cooking device
Barbecue grill assembly
Food holding utensil
Garlic peeler
Condiment dispenser
Coffee filter basket
Trenching shovel
Utility knife
Compression stop and coupling wrench
Detachable handled T-bar ratchet
Wall mountable hose hanger
Toggle actuated sheet metal end shear
Keyless drill chuck
Tool handle
Anti-vandal door pull
Magnetic fastener
Constant velocity joint coupling flange
Automobile headliner retainer pin
Double coil window balance
Corner guard
Boot scraper
Pot and cap assembly
Wine bottle tote for two wine bottles
Compressed fabric article package having a simulated California map shape
Shrink wrapped carton for electronic component
Film cartridge packaging container
Carton for food products having tapered sides
Tamper resistant cap seal
Spray nozzle
Refuse collector
Media storage case and clock
Watch and band
Timing device
Carpenter's jig
Tape measure
Child monitoring system
Wedge plate
Safety cone
Precious stone
Double-sided jewelry setting
Round wire jewelry chain
Jewelry arrangement
Sculptured self-watering flower pot
Flag with 51 stars
Tree top ornament
Air compressor work table
Handle for a wheeled device
Sprayer dolly
Mobile support device for a hose
Cargo restraint strap
Aircraft instrumentation system
Vehicle chassis surface
Bicycle training handle
Snow sled
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Trailer hitch cover
Racing car bumper
Mirror view assembly
Front face segment of a visor assembly with a removable mirror
Novelty license plate
Front facia for an automobile
Battery charger with a hook device holder
Battery charger
Battery charger
Charger unit
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Tap housing
Electrical connector
Magnetic switch
Electrical connecting socket
Fuse holder
Co-axial cable connector
Infrared hand-held remote control
Tap housing
Remote control
Light emitting diode
Enclosure for a speaker cable connector
Surround having a sinusoidal face
Cordless base for headset
Karaoke machine microphone
Video monitor
Screen holding device
Round computer table
Keyboard attachable to mobile phone
Combined keyboard platform and wrist rest
Computer mouse
Mouse pad
Portion of arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Input pen with light
Icon for a display panel on a medical apparatus
Portion of arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Hand held bar code reader and computer
Arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Palm computer support keyboard
Arithmetic operation control machine for electronic computer
Display for arithmetic and control unit
Base for a remote telephone transceiver
Wireless radiotelephone front cover
Remote control
Remote control
TV with player
Wrist communicator
Keys for a handset
Outboard cowling
Compressor for air conditioners of vehicles
Stabilizer pad
Stabilizer pad
Nylon cord used as a grass-cutting apparatus of lawn mower
Extraction cleaner
Vacuum cleaner upper portion
Sewing machine
Apparatus for treating an item during travel of the item along a spiral trough
Drive line spindle restraint
Digital camera
Image drum cartridge
Eyeglass and eyeglass components
Eye protection device for receipt of sports eyewear therein
Ink tank for printer
Ink cartridge with ink color discrimination structure
Ink cartridge
Tape printing machine
Auxiliary sheet feeder unit
Triple click multimedia pen with media indicating window
Ball-point pen
Ergonomic writing instrument
Writing instrument
Teaching aid for learning to tell time
Teaching aid for learning to tell time
Teaching aid for learning to tell time
Retail signage with hanging element
Tissue dispenser for cup holders
Tissue box cover with recessed frames
Tissue box cover with angle grooves
Pogo stick
Handheld case gripper
Rear bumper for a jeep for children
Light attachment with interchangeable heads for portable electronic and computing units
Swimming oar
Video game accessory
Stress relieving doll
Stand for video game and accessories
Semi-spherical display for a gaming device
Video game accessory and stand
Ball cleaner
Golf tee marker
Spinning top
Golf club hand grip
Molded golf club grip
Wave rider body board
Telescoping ski pole
Outdoor toy
Wagering device display
Duck figure
Fishing lure wobble device
Fishing rod roller guide
Tension measured fishing line bite detector alarm
Collapsible gambrel
Faucet aerator body
Sink faucet
Bath drain strainer
Pedestal sink for washing hair
Bracket for shower head
Toothpaste shelf
Liquid dispenser housing
Combined gas heater and table
Combined gas heater and table
Heater housing
Deodorant dispenser
Air freshener housing
Air freshener device for mounting on supporting shaft of a ceiling fan
Range hood
Range hood
Desktop air cleaner
Vent cover
Head and neck immobilizer
Manually operable irrigation surgical instrument
Patient locating table
Handheld ultrasonic transducer with bulb grip
Handle for a surgical instrument
Tool for irrigation nozzle installation
Suction ring for ophthalmic laser surgery
Applanation lens cone for ophthalmic laser surgery
Bendable and disposable dental applicator brush
Absorbent garment with supplemental pad insert
Spacer splint with airway
Electro magnetic stimulation belt control
Decorative lamp
Table lamp
Wooden lamp stand
Night light holder
Cap for lighting fixture
Cigarettes packet
Lotion applicator
Cosmetic casing
Protective glove
Anti-mouth breathing apparatus
Bird feeder
Chew toy for dogs
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for transmitting a digital information signal and vending system incorporating same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuzzy inference system or adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system, and intelligent agent for the dynamic generation and retrieval of user interface software modules
Variable imaging using an electronic press
System for determining and controlling the peak amplitude and phase of an oscillating member
Mechanism for enabling compliance with the IEEE standard 1149.1 for boundary-scan designs and tests
Programmable pulse generator and method for using same
Method and apparatus for integrated flip-flop to support two test modes
Method for testing a semiconductor integrated circuit when a difference between max current and min current exceeds a threshold value
Semiconductor integrated circuit testing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Photomask method for making the same capacitor cell area near outmost cell arrays
Process control configuration system for use with an AS-Interface device network
Method and apparatus for monitoring software using encryption
System and method for providing user mobility services on a telephony network
Processor having an extended operating voltage range
System and method for handling power state change requests initiated by peripheral devices
Software-based sleep control of operating system directed power management system with minimum advanced configuration power interface (ACPI)-implementing hardware
Storage system and method for controlling the same
Server system with scalable session timeout mechanism
Updating and reading data and parity blocks in a shared disk system
Method and apparatus for prioritizing and handling errors in a computer system
System and method for updating microcode stored in a non-volatile memory
Forward error correction apparatus and methods
Apparatus and method for reallocating logical to physical disk devices using a storage controller with access frequency and sequential access ratio calculations and display
Disk drive incompatible firmware recovery
Method and system for transferring data between primary storage and secondary storage using a bridge volume and an internal snapshot copy of the data being transferred
Highly available cluster message passing facility
Method and apparatus for undeleting files in a computer system
Multi-drive data storage system with analysis and selected demounting of idle data storage media
Storing and retrieving data on tape backup system located at remote storage system site
Method and system of sending reset signals only to slaves requiring reinitialization by a bus master
Updating data and parity data with and without read caches
Network management system
System and method for dynamic correlation of events
Method for securing communication by selecting an encoding process using a first computer based upon ability of a second computer and deleting the process thereafter
System and method for monitoring computer usage
Configurable stresser for a web server
Debug mechanism for data processing systems
Computer system with dram bus
System for maintaining the integrity of application data
Systems and methods for persistent and robust memory management
Caching dynamically allocated objects
Method and apparatus for pre-allocation of system resources to facilitate garbage collection
Address re-mapping for memory module using presence detect data
Test mode accessing of an internal cache memory
Method and apparatus for dynamically switching a cache between direct-mapped and 4-way set associativity
Method and system for controlling the memory access operation performed by a central processing unit in a computer system
SRAM with tag and data arrays for private external microprocessor bus
Address dependent caching behavior within a data processing system having HSA (hashed storage architecture)
Computer memory compression abort and bypass mechanism when cache write back buffer is full
System having a configurable cache/SRAM memory
Cache prefetching of L2 and L3
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for mapping physical memory in a virtual address system
Virtual address bypassing using local page mask
Computer system including a novel address translation mechanism
Data structure for emulating virtual memory working spaces
Selective address translation in coherent memory replication
Method and apparatus for tracking and update of LRU algorithm using vectors
Method for upper level cache victim selection management by a lower level cache
Method for a memory organization by physical zones in a computerized or data processing machine or arrangement and the computerized or data processing machine or arrangement for using the method
Memory system
Computing system with volatile lock architecture for individual block locking on flash memory
Methods and apparatus for minimizing the impact of excessive instruction retrieval
Programmable time slot interface bus arbiter
Shared embedded microcontroller interface
Wired-or connection in differential transmission environment
Enhanced ATA channel command structure for automatic polling, hot swapping and extending coupled peripheral devices
Method and apparatus for controlling power management state transitions between devices connected via a clock forwarded interface
Line terminating device
Memory system using FET switches to select memory banks
Memory device with synchronized output path
Resource bus interface
Method and mechanism for virtualizing legacy sideband signals in a hub interface architecture
Method of and system for managing reselection on a SCSI bus
Self-modifying synchronization memory address space and protocol for communication between multiple busmasters of a computer system
Application computing environment
Multi-language domain name service
Interactive artificial intelligence
Method and medium for operating a vector computer
HTML integration utility for a program development environment
Method for converting two-dimensional data into a canonical representation
Data input and retrieval apparatus
System and method for enhancing document translatability
Method and apparatus for activity-based collaboration by a computer system equipped with a dynamics manager
Apparatus and method for saving session variables on the server side of an on-line data base management system
Method of using a cache to determine the visibility to a remote database client of a plurality of database transactions
Inherited information propagator for objects
Method and apparatus for processing recursive hard links in a data processing system
Application-directed variable-granularity caching and consistency management
Document processor for processing a document in accordance with a detected degree of importance corresponding to a data link within the document
Method and system for providing device-specific key control using role-based HTML element tags
System and method for defining, building, and maintaining database files
Tracker sensing method for regulating synchronization of audit files between primary and secondary hosts
System and method for classifying media items
Record for a multidimensional database with flexible paths
Independent distributed database system
System and method for sequential processing for content-based retrieval of composite objects
System and method for logging transaction records in a computer system
Method and system for user-specific management of applications in a heterogeneous server environment
Document matching using structural information
System and method for automatically synchronizing different classes of databases utilizing a repository database
Voice interactive web-based agent system responsive to a user location for prioritizing and formatting information
Method for simulating electrical characteristics of electronic device
Method and apparatus for optimizing electronic design
Optimization of printed wire circuitry on a single surface using a circle diameter
Evaluation of a technology library for use in an electronic design automation system that converts the technology library into non-linear, gain-based models for estimating circuit delay
Emulation circuit with a hold time algorithm, logic and analyzer and shadow memory
Method for functional verification of VLSI circuit designs utilizing reusable functional blocks or intellectual property cores
Method and apparatus for socket-based design with reusable-IP
Method and apparatus for performing power routing in ASIC design
Input/output cell generator
Spare cells placement methodology
Storage controller conditioning host access to stored data according to security key stored in host-inaccessible metadata
Access control system for a multimedia datastore
Method and apparatus for storing a validation number in a field-programmable gate array
Method and apparatus for implementing an extensible authentication mechanism in a web application server
Remote operator interface for a network computer
Data input/output device, data input/output method and storage medium
Storage server system including ranking of data source
Electronic circuits having high/low power consumption modes
Apparatus for fast determination of a prescribable number of highest value signals
Double precision floating point multiplier having a 32-bit booth-encoded array multiplier
Seed ROM for reciprocal computation
Method and device for high speed scale conversion
Circuitry for performing operations on binary numbers
Vectorized table lookup
Register file indexing methods and apparatus for providing indirect control of register addressing in a VLIW processor
Dyadic operations instruction processor with configurable functional blocks
Method and apparatus for single cycle processing of data associated with separate accumulators in a dual multiply-accumulate architecture
Two modes for executing branch instructions of different lengths and use of branch control instruction and register set loaded with target instructions
Method apparatus and computer program product including one-of and one-of-and-jump instructions for processing data communications
Virtual register renamed instruction issue for execution upon virtual/physical rename buffer wrap around detection signaling available physical register
Efficient store machine in cache based microprocessor
Methods and apparatus for efficient synchronous MIMD operations with iVLIW PE-to-PE communication
Cache bank conflict avoidance and cache collision avoidance
System and method for generating an object structure at run time in an object-oriented programming language
Methods of storing and depackaging attributes of an object
Method of and apparatus for dynamically binding subobjects into objects to represent functions and characteristics of a device within an IEEE 1394 serial bus network
Packaging memory image files
Global registry object for mapping registry functions and registry equivalent functions across multiple operating systems in a cross-platform program
Method and system for selecting from multiple boot code images to be loaded in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for operating system personalization during installation
Multiple chip single image BIOS
Optimizing symbol table lookups in platform-independent virtual machines
Method and apparatus for client-server communication using a limited capability client over a low-speed communications link
Interactive instruction scheduling and block ordering
Extension of parsable structures
Processor emulation virtual memory address translation
Method and apparatus for detail routing using obstacle carving around terminals
Remote procedure call system and method for RPC mechanism independent client and server interfaces interoperable with any of a plurality of remote procedure call backends
Method and system for querying and executing commands of an application program
Method and apparatus for dynamic distributed computing over a network
Process control
Mechanism for achieving transparent network computing
Method and circuit configuration for producing sinusoidal/cosinusoidal oscillations
User interface system based on sequentially read electronic tags
Method and apparatus for transparent backtracking
Computer platform alarm and control system
Communication parameter search apparatus and communication support apparatus using the same
Computer-implemented method and system for producing a proposal for a construction project
Document sharing management method for a distributed system
Method for using computers to facilitate and control the creating of a plurality of functions
Inventory determination for facilitating commercial transactions during diagnostic tests
E-mail notification device
Automatic generation of graphically-composed correspondence via a text email interface
Method and apparatus for dynamic loading of a transport mechanism in a multipoint data delivery system
Digital coin tracing using trustee tokens
Method of and system for processing electronic document and recording medium for recording processing program
Techniques for maintaining fault tolerance for software programs in a clustered computer system
Finding groups of people based on linguistically analyzable content of resources accessed
Multi-layer surveying systems and methods with multi-layer incentives
Method of receiving time-specified program contents
Municipal bond apparatus, product and method
Web-based entry of financial transaction information and subsequent download of such information
Method of obtaining an electronically-stored financial document
Multimedia delivery system
Methods for writing and reading compressed audio data
Intelligent text-to-speech synthesis
Method and system for providing audio playback of a multi-source document
Method and apparatus for encoding speech in a communications network
Speech recognition method, speech recognition device, and recording medium on which is recorded a speech recognition processing program
Method and system for objectively evaluating speech
Scalable coding method for high quality audio
Reading encoded information subject to random and transient errors
Storage system
Method for creating, modifying, and playing a custom playlist, saved as a virtual CD, to be played by a digital audio/visual actuator device
Proposal of capacity tuning in the production process of storage disc drives
Semiconductor memory device
Automated method for testing cache
Memory card with signal processing element
Semiconductor circuit and method of controlling the same
Anti-loading CATV interface circuit and method
Nonrecursive digital filter and method for calculating the coefficients of the filter
Method and apparatus for updating cyclic redundancy check information for data storage
Cumulative error detecting code
Service management
System for and method of sending network problem information along a communication path
Network management protocol for efficient retrieval operations
System and method for measuring round trip times in a network using a TCP packet
Configurable system for remotely managing computers
Tool for monitoring health of networks
Bridges and other layer-two devices for forwarding MAC frames
Method and system for message transfer session management
Ripple scheduling for end-to-end global resource management
Ripple scheduling for end-to-end global resource management
Memory controller in a multi-port bridge for a local area network
Messaging agent and method for retrieving and consolidating messages
Method and apparatus for representing host datastream screen image information using markup languages
Method and apparatus for synchronizing function values in a multiple protocol system
Method and system for access control of a message queue
Radio data communication system and method for carrying out data communication through a radio channel
Method and apparatus for communicating quality of service information among computer communication devices
Remote monitoring and control of equipment over computer networks using a single web interfacing chip
Distribution of modem error correction and compression processing
Site access via intervening control layer
Method for wide area network service location
IRC name translation protocol
Cryptosystems with elliptic curves chosen by users
Verification protocol
Document transfer systems
Broadcasting interactive applications
Set top device for targeted electronic insertion of indicia into video
System and method for multi-coupling digital signals and a backplane data bus with multi-coupling of digital signals
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