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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Zantedeschia variety 110067-52451
Marker genetically linked to tobamovirus resistance in cucumber and the use thereof
Methods for modifying plant morphology, biochemistry and physiology
Transmucosal effervescent
Ester derivative and use thereof
Plant disease controlling composition and use thereof
Pyrrolotriazine compounds
Process for the preparation of s-triazine compounds
Treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)with isolated aldehyde dehydrogenase-positive umbilical cord blood cells
Products produced from wheat variety MSU line E0028
Fruit product containing sugar alcohol
Instant freeze-dried coffee and regular roasted coffee composition and method of making same
Endotracheal intubation device
Autofluorescence imaging system for endoscopy
Endoscope light source unit and endoscopy system
Laparoscopic instrument and trocar systems and related surgical method
Biopsy apparatus
Multi-function surgical instrument tool actuator assembly
Anastomosis method using self-retaining sutures
Method and apparatus for closing wounds without sutures
Tissue closure device and method
Suturing device for organ
Phaco thermal control apparatus and method
Sheath for use with an ultrasound element
Rotational thrombectomy wire
Reproductive infusion device
Patient-specific bone-cutting guidance instruments and methods
Orientation device for surgical implement
Pedicle screw for intervertebral support elements
High frequency power source
Measurement device and puncture device
System for performing remote ischemic conditioning
System and method for facilitating group coherence
Signal processing in physiological noise
Echolocation data generation
Ultrasound image generating apparatus
Recycled superabsorbent polymer particles
Poly(amide) and poly(ester-amide) polymers and drug delivery particles and coatings containing same
Intraluminal stent
Middle ear prosthetic device
Reinforced joint assembly
Head component of an orthopaedic joint prosthesis
Intervertebral disc treatment methods and apparatus
Methods for securing strands of woven medical devices and devices formed thereby
Penile prosthesis
External prosthesis systems
Kit for collecting stool
MEMS device and method for delivery of therapeutic agents
Therapeutic drug for adult T-cell leukemia
Treatment or prevention of cancer and precancerous disorders
Ligand activators of the RAR receptors and pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications thereof
Streptospirole derivatives
Compounds, methods and formulations for the oral delivery of a glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1) compound or a melanocortin-4 receptor (MC4) agonist peptide
Indole derivatives as selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMS)
Methods of treatment of xerophthalmia with self-preserving ocular formulations of norketotifen
Bis-carbazole DNA intercalating agents for antitumor therapy
Condensed pyridine or condensed pyrimidine derivative, and medicinal agent comprising same
Poly(ester urea) polymers and methods of use
Steroid compound
N-maleimidyl polymer derivatives
Muscle-derived cells (MDCS) for augmenting or bulking urethral sphincter-muscle tissue
Inhibition of the renin-angiotensin system for the treatment of renal, vascular and cartilage pathology
Adenovirus dodecahedron particles for delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Method of treatment of gastrointestinal disorders with IL-10
Methods of synthesis of .beta.-aminobutyryl substituted compounds
Modified coagulation factor VIIa with extended half-life
Adenoviral vector-based malaria vaccines
LSA-5 liver stage and blood stage antigen of Plasmodium falciparum, immunogenic composition comprising said antigen, and vaccines against malaria
Attenuated negative strand viruses with altered interferon antagonist activity for use as vaccines and pharmaceuticals
DNA vaccine compositions with HIV/SIV gene modifications
Methods of inhibiting alternative pathway complement activation with anti-factor D antibodies
Star polymers, methods of preparation thereof, and uses thereof
Methods and compositions for treating and diagnosing kidney disease
Ligands to radiation-induced molecules
Topical skin composition comprising shea butter, jojoba oil, petroleum jelly, glycerin, and zinc oxide
Pearlescent pigments containing cosmetic compositions
Cosmetics having excellent usability and stability and a method for making the same
Controlled release formulations and associated methods
Fluid treatment system
Method for coating metal implants with therapeutic mixtures
Rotate to advance catheterization system
Method of repositioning an injection port
Needle guard
Apparatus and method for pre-conditioning/fixation and treatment of disease with heat activation/release with thermoactivated drugs and gene products
Methods for promoting wound healing and/or reducing scar formation
Detergent cosmetic composition comprising at least four surfactants, at least one cationic polymer and at least one zinc salt
Method of cleansing hair
Center pull cable handle apparatus
Exercise enhancement machine
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter-in-filter with funnel shaped passageway
Methods for electrochemically induced cathodic deposition of crystalline metal-organic frameworks
Non-stoichiometric perovskite oxide oxidation catalyst for oxidizing NO to NO.sub.2
High-efficiency catalytic converters for treating exhaust gases
Process for preparing catalyst comprising palladium supported on carrier with high dispersion
Catalyst system, method of manufacture and use
Gas generating device and method of manufacturing gas generating device
Decoupled fluidized bed gasifying method and gasifying apparatus of solid fuel
Method of regulating pH of fluid using the microfluidic device
Method for patterning using phase-change material
Method for aligning nanostructures
Mounting device for mounting a bodyshell sliding door of a motor vehicle
Controlling printed ink line widths using fluoropolymer templates
Process for the manufacture of lenses
Method for producing porous thin film with variable transmittance
Method of making a metal-resin composite
Sterile substance supplying apparatus
Method for separating minerals with the aid of X-ray luminescence
Carrier film for mounting polishing workpiece and method for making the same
Non-porous thermoformable polyurethane solid
Method of producing a semiconductor
Method of feeding composite molten resin and apparatus for feeding the same
Medical device fabrication process including strain induced crystallization with enhanced crystallization
Molding compound comprising a polyester resin composition, film produced from the molding compound and method for producing a film or film web
Light transmissive articles and methods thereof
Tire carcass building method and drum
Process for manufacturing a self-extinguishable cable
Coated article and method for making said article
Wet friction member and its manufacturing method
Transfer layer for absorbent article
Apparatus and process for automatic, continuous production of preforms
Thin film device with minimized spatial variation of local mean height
Stack or collection of essentially flat primary products and method for producing such a stack or such a collection
Headliner edge treatment
Rolling neutral mode control systems and methods
Fuel type based start-stop catalyst heating systems
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Gasification systems and associated processes
Ozone purification system for water
Basal screen for enhancing algal biomass growth
Hydraulic binder composition
Dielectric ceramic composition for high-frequency use and method for producing the same, as well as dielectric ceramic for high-frequency use and method for producing the same and high-frequency circuit element using the same
Production of paraffinic fuel from renewable feedstocks
Process for producing 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Continuous method for manufacturing betaine aqueous solution
Use of nitroaniline derivatives for the production of nitric oxide
Process for producing fingolimod salts
Tri-salt form of metformin
Method for separating butanol
Etomidate analogues that do not inhibit adrenocortical steroid synthesis
Positive allosteric modulators of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Process for producing olefin oxide
Methods of preparing and using quinazoline and quinoline derivatives
Near infrared fluorescent imaging agent
1,6-disubstituted indole compounds as protein kinase inhibitors
Solifenacin salts
Asymmetric aldol additions using bifunctional cinchona-alkaloid-based catalysts
Nitrogen-containing aromatic compound, organic semiconductor material, and organic electronic device
Nitrogenated aromatic compound, organic semiconductor material, and organic electronic device
Microcapsules with UV filter activity and process for producing them
Multidimensional supramolecular structures essentially made of assembled i-motif tetramers
Identification of isolated genomic nucleotide fragments from the p15 region of chromosome 11 encoding human cluster of differentiation antigen 81 and variants thereof
RNA interference mediating small RNA molecules
Crystals of human topoisomerase II-DNA binary complex, methods for preparing the same and uses thereof
Modified erythropoietin
Compositions for improving bone mass
Interleukin-B30 proteins
Human antibodies that bind human interleukin-12
Pharmaceutical composition containing docetaxel-cyclodextrin inclusion complex and its preparing process
Polymers functionalized with hydroxyl group-containing diphenylethylene
Process and catalyst system for polydiene production
Spandex compositions for high speed spinning
Polyetheramines, compositions including polyetheramines, and methods of making
Epdxy resin composition having monocyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon ring
Polymeric semiconductors, devices, and related methods
Resin composition and resin molded product
Modified recycled polyester resin and molded article using the same
Carbazole polymer and method of manufacturing same
Polymer-filler coupling additives
Compound, resin composition, and resin molded article
Bonding agents based on carbodiimides, aqueous resorcinol-formaldehyde-latex dispersions comprising bonding agent, adhesion-improved fibres, processes for production thereof and use thereof
Adhesive composition for the non-permanent adhesion of finger and thumb picks for the play of stringed instruments
Ink dispersion
Inkjet ink set, inkjet recording device, and inkjet recording method
Free radical initiator modified hot melt adhesive composition including functionalized polyethylene and propylene-alpha-olefin polymer
Quantum dot ink composition for inkjet printing and electronic device using the same
Thermosetting composition and printed circuit board using the same
Refrigerator oil composition
Lost circulation materials and methods of using the same
Coke oven comprising tertiary heating elements in the gas chamber
Method for synergistically increasing the cetane number of a fuel composition and a fuel composition comprising a synergistically increased cetane number
Method for making and using a stable cleaning composition
Method for the production of a wine with lower content of alcohol
Coated sensors and methods related thereto
Methods and compositions for improving sugar transport, mixed sugar fermentation, and production of biofuels
Fungal strain Beauveria sp. MTCC 5184 and a process for the preparation of enzymes therefrom
Drought responsive expression of genes from the Zea mays Rab17 promoter
Method for reducing expression of downregulated in renal cell carcinoma in malignant gliomas
Oligomeric compounds and compositions for use in modulation of small non-coding RNAs
Promoter for use in transformation of algae
Efficient production and use of highly cardiogenic progenitors and cardiomyocytes from embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells
Kit for culturing cells comprising tube with flat wall, extracellular matrix and culture medium
Compositions and methods using herpes simplex virus
CBH1 homologs and varian CBH1 cellulase
Pantothenic acid biosynthesis in zymomonas
Use of synthetic scaffolds for the production of biosynthetic pathway products
Detection of HPV
GPCR fusion protein containing an N-terminal autonomously folding stable domain, and crystals of the same
Method for making multispecific antibodies having heteromultimeric and common components
Ethanol production from mannitol using yeast
Method and medium for detecting the presence or absence of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a first generation biological test sample
Ultrasensitive detection of target using target-ready particles
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Sensor and method for detection of a target substance
Process for slag foaming a non-stainless steel melt in an electric arc furnace
High strength steel pipe for line pipe superior in low temperature toughness and high strength steel plate for line pipe and methods of production of the same
Methods for continuously moving a fluid dispenser while dispensing amounts of a fluid material
Carburizing treatment apparatus and method
Electron beam plasma chamber
Methods of patterning a material on polymeric substrates
Electro-formed sheath for use on airfoil components
Chip production, hybridization and data interpretation for antibody and protein microarrays
Composition, device and associated method
Textiles; Paper
Method for improving the removal of water
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Process for producing a graphite cage for an anti-friction bearing, which cage holds a plurality of anti-friction elements
Vacuum insulation panel
Laser guided munition impact offset
Baggage handle device having a retractable weighing mechanism that pivots out of the handle in use, and is locked down into the handle when not in use
Sorting colloidal particles into multiple channels with optical forces: prismatic optical fractionation
Charged particle beam device
DNA sequencing using multiple metal layer structure with organic coatings forming transient bonding to DNA bases
Gas sensor
High-voltage microfluidic droplets actuation by low-voltage fabrication technologies
Immunoassay reagent composition
Hot-spot temperature measurment in an oil containing electric apparatus with a compound forming a temperature dependent oil soluble residue
Explosives detection substrate and methods of using the same
Identification and isolation of squamous carcinoma stem cells
Oral fluid rapid assay for hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies using non-antibody labeling of IgA molecules recognizing HCV peptide epitopes
Method and apparatus for lighted test strip
Radiation detection element
X-ray detectors including diffusion barrier films
Touch panel frame structure
Protective photoreceptor outer layer
Method of manufacturing toner carrier, device for manufacturing toner carrier, toner carrier, development agent, and process cartridge
Electrostatic latent image developing toner, electrostatic latent image developing toner manufacturing method, toner cartridge, image forming method, and image forming apparatus
Arrangement, method, integrated circuit and device for routing requests
Device for attachment of lever to tremolo bridge and kit
Interchangeable tuners for a tailpiece of a musical instrument
Reed for a saxophone
Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus
Polymer composition
Method for manufacturing composite substrate
Production method of foamed electric wire
Pressure key
Contaminent resistant membrane in a dome switch and methods for making the same
Push type switch
Seismic actuator
Keypad apparatus for portable communication device
Charged particle beam device
Secondary-electron detector and charged particle beam apparatus
Control imaging methods in advanced ultrafast electron microscopy
Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer and method of mass spectrometry using the same
Sensor for liquid and/or gas analysis directly connectable to a higher-ranking control system
Methods of characterizing semiconductor light-emitting devices based on product wafer characteristics
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head substrate, method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and method of manufacturing liquid discharge head assembly
Method for manufacturing LED package
Underfill process and materials for singulated heat spreader stiffener for thin core panel processing
Methods of manufacture of top port surface mount silicon condenser microphone packages
Manufacturable high-k DRAM MIM capacitor structure
Molybdenum oxide top electrode for DRAM capacitors
Edge protection of bonded wafers during wafer thinning
Surface treatment of an organic or inorganic substrate for enhancing stability of a lithographically defined deposited metal layer
Deposit/etch for tapered oxide
Insulative cap for borderless self-aligning contact in semiconductor device
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Angled multi-step masking for patterned implantation
Sophisticated gate electrode structures formed by cap layer removal with reduced loss of embedded strain-inducing semiconductor material
Metal gate fill by optimizing etch in sacrificial gate profile
Controlled collapse chip connection (C4) structure and methods of forming
Surface treatment for a fluorocarbon film
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Thick on-chip high-performance wiring structures
Method for fabricating organic EL device and method for evaluating organic EL device
Dry etch process
Shallow trench forming method
Integrated circuit and a method to optimize strain inducing composites
Production method of microlens
Thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing thin-film transistor
Electronic device and semiconductor substrate
Organic light emitting diode with transparent electrode and method of making same
Pinched center resistive change memory cell
Functional material for printed electronic components
Oxide semiconductor device including gate trench and isolation trench
Packaging compatible wafer level capping of MEMS devices
High dynamic range CMOS pixel and method of operating same
Heterocycle-containing asymmetric aromatic compound, compound for organic thin film transistor, and organic thin film transistor using the same
Pixel control structure, array, backplane, display, and method of manufacturing
Thermoelectric element
Thermoelectric generation apparatus
Electrically actuated switch
Nanoscale electronic device with barrier layers
Current selector for non-volatile memory in a cross bar array based on defect and band engineering metal-dielectric-metal stacks
Polythiophene based active layer for solar cells
Organic light-emitting device
Rechargeable battery and battery module
Electrochemical device and packaging structure thereof
Fuel cell electrodes with conduction networks
Ionic liquid
Fuel cell
Heater for an automotive vehicle and method of forming same
Apparatus for the inductive heating of oil sand and heavy oil deposits by way of current-carrying conductors
Device for hardening the teeth of gear wheels by individual inductive heat treatment for each tooth, using several inductors
Component mounting structures for electronic devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hybrid maize plant and seed
Soybean variety XB24H03
Nonsymbiotic plant hemoglobins to maintain cell energy status
Brassica with early maturity resistance to an AHAS-inhibitor herbicide and blackleg disease
Hybrid maize 32K22
Soybean cultivar 0487682
Soybean cultivar 0491725
Method and apparatus for securing a power head on an electric cooker
Triggerless welding implement and method of operating same
Apparatus for controlling the drying of previously baked goods
Automatic toaster apparatus
Thermal storage and transport
Portable apparatus and method for monitoring user's skin
Pravastatin sodium substantially free of pravastatin lactone and epi-pravastatin, and compositions containing same
Human chemokine beta-10 mutant polypeptides
Compound containing a labile disulfide bond
Photostable cationic organic sunscreen compounds and compositions obtained therefrom
Flavanol and cysteamine conjugates
Polyelectrolyte solid system, method for the production thereof and a wound dressing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated shield in multipole rod assemblies for mass spectrometers
Method of using an array of electrodes for high throughput development and testing of materials
Process for the preparation of phenol by means of the hydrodeoxygenation of benzene-diols
Process for the decontamination of microlithographic projection exposure devices
Rotating gripper wafer flipper
Electric heat sealer with safety device
Cross-linked silicone gels; products containing the same; and methods of manufacture thereof
Plate and electric device
Pulse count motor control device
Hybrid propulsion system for a motor vehicle
Power generating controller of a vehicle
Switch arrangement
Secondary vehicle headlight system
Light-responsive control device of electrochromic rearview mirror system
Sensing device for determining a rain rate
Motor for electric power steering apparatus
Space-based power system
Crane mounted cargo container inspection apparatus and method
Sensor with at least one micromechanical structure and method for production thereof
Micro-actuator utilizing electrostatic and Lorentz forces, and micro-actuator device, optical switch and optical switch array using the same
MEMS device with conductive path through substrate
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Selective polymer wrapping of radioactive materials
Alkylaromatics production
Production of diisobutene from tertiary butyl alcohol
Method for extending catalyst life in processes for preparing vinyl aromatic hydrocarbons
Process for working up the waste water obtained in the preparation of dinitrotoluene
Process for the synthesis of mixtures of methane diphenyl diamine and its higher homologues with a controlled isomer distribution
Amide derivative
Sulphonation of phenols
Method for preparing disodium 2,2'-dithiobis(ethanesulphonate)
Fluorine-containing bisphenols, their preparation, their precursors and intermediates, and use of the fluorine-containing bisphenols
Polyhalogenated ethers
Process for manufacturing unsaturated carboxylic acid anhydrides
Process for producing hydrogenated ester, hydrogenating catalyst used therefor and process for producing the catalyst
Process for the production of ethers, typically thf
Process for producing epsilon-caprolactone
Photochromic compounds
Synthetic salicylihalamides, apicularens and derivatives thereof
Increasing salt tolerance in plants by overexpression of a vacuolar Na+/H+ transporter[s]
Peptide antagonists of zonulin and methods for use of the same
Molecules of the card-related protein family and uses thereof
Complementary DNAs
Secreted protein HCE3C63
Compositions for the detection of enzyme activity in biological samples and methods of use thereof
Poly (alkylene oxide) prepared in the presence of a phosphazenium salt or compound
Method for isolating polyorganosiloxanes
Methods for the replacement, translocation and stacking of DNA in eukaryotic genomes
Polyphenol oxidase genes from potato tuber, grape, apple and broad bean
Production of hydroxylated fatty acids in genetically modified plants
Boron phosphide-based semiconductor light-emitting device, production method thereof and light-emitting diode
Semiconductor device having copper lines with reduced electromigration using an electroplated interim copper-zinc alloy film on a copper surface
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for examining fiber material traveling in a fiber processing machine
Fixed Constructions
Method and system for detecting the position of a power window of a vehicle
Device for sensing an obstacle in the opening range of a powered closure element for a motor vehicle
Method for controlling an electric motor driving a body in translation
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
System and method for electrical power generation utilizing vehicle traffic on roadways
Smart sonic bearings and method for frictional force reduction and switching
Vibration-isolating coupling including an elastomer diaphragm for scanning electron microscope and the like
Seal member
Retrofit light emitting diode tube
Optically stimulated luminescence radiation dosimetry method to determine dose rates during radiotherapy procedures
Programmable domestic water heating system
Furnace cart and load transfer system for high temperature vacuum furnaces and process therefor
Oven apparatus and method of use thereof
Rotation sensor and displacement detecting apparatus and method utilizing the same
Rotation angle detecting apparatus
Rotating angle detector and apparatus thereof for detecting the rotating position of a rotor
Weighing scale with level compensating foot assembly
Amplified photoconductive gate
Particle detection system and method
Detecting device for fluorescent-labeled material
Illumination source for sorting machine
Method and its apparatus for inspecting particles or defects of a semiconductor device
Microstructured pattern inspection method
Magnet field symmetry for hall sensor
Method for separating micro-particles
Dynamic library searching
Median filter for liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data
Method and apparatus for determining stone cells in paper or pulp
Image read-out method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for remotely controlled illumination of liquids
Power monitoring system
Test mark and electronic device incorporating the same
Pin electronics interface circuit
Method and apparatus to prevent signal pile-up
X-ray detector comprising a plurality of cameras sharing common field of view
Apparatus and method for determining density, porosity and fluid saturation of formations penetrated by a borehole
Method and apparatus for scanning an optical beam using an optical conduit
Optoelectronic substrate
Device and method for fixing an optical wavelength in a wavelength division multiplexing system
Semiconductor device package having a switcher connecting plural processing elements
Display device with an improved contact hole arrangement for contacting a semiconductor layer through an insulation film
Semiconductor device having a gate wiring comprising laminated wirings
Thin film transistor panel for liquid crystal display
Divided reticles for charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus, and methods for using same
Overlay key, method of manufacturing the same and method of measuring an overlay degree using the same
Heating device and fixing device
Method for controlling electric motor and apparatus for controlling the same
Wheel rim device with patterned light capable of automatically generating electric power
Power glitch free internal voltage generation circuit
Circuit for generating a reference voltage having low temperature dependency
Methods for controlling qubits
Teaching method and template to make a guide to teach piano
Electron-emitting element and field emission display using the same
Performance apparatus
Player information-providing method, server, program for controlling the server, and storage medium storing the program
High contrast inspection and review of magnetic media and heads
Spindle motor for hard disk drives
Phase-change memory cell and method of fabricating the phase-change memory cell
Magnetic memory cell having a soft reference layer
High density SRAM cell with latched vertical transistors
Semiconductor memory device with reduced memory cell area
Nonvolatile memory device with multi-bit memory cells having plural side gates
Semiconductor device and method for testing semiconductor device
Methods and systems for generating high energy photons or quantum energy
Particle therapy system
Thermal processing method and thermal processing apparatus for substrate employing photoirradiation
Superconducting cable having a flexible former
Capacitor that includes high permittivity capacitor dielectric
Two-step switch
Keyboard switch mechanism
Protected switch and techniques to manufacture the same
Bypass recloser assembly
Load terminal cover
Push-button switch member and manufacturing method of same
Light-emitting device having a plurality of emission layers
Plasma display device including specific shape of electrode
Plasma display panel
Anti-howling device in cathode ray tube
Display device
Method and device for lateral adjustment of image
Optical column for charged particle beam device
Charged particle beam apparatus
Method and apparatus for process monitoring
Fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing same
Discharge lamp having an electrode body with a hermetically sealed space that is partially filled with a heat conductor
Display apparatus
Capacitor of semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Photo sensing integrated circuit device and related circuit adjustment
Semiconductor device having ferroelectric thin film and fabricating method therefor
Two mask shottky diode with locos structure
Heterojunction field effect transistors using silicon-germanium and silicon-carbon alloys
Method to form very a fine pitch solder bump using methods of electroplating
Silicon-on-insulator comprising integrated circuitry
ESD protection device
Semiconductor device made from silicon carbide with a Schottky contact and an ohmic contact made from a nickel-aluminum material
Heterojunction type compound semiconductor field effect transistor and its manufacturing method
Insulated-gate field-effect transistor, method of fabricating same, and semiconductor device employing same
Silicon carbide gate transistor
Integrated transistor devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Nonvolatile silicon/oxide/nitride/silicon/nitride/oxide/silicon memory
BiCMOS technology on SOI substrates
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with a base layer that contains bismuth
Semiconductor component and method for its production
Semiconductor device with tapered contact hole and wire groove
Intermediate structure having a silicon barrier layer encapsulating a semiconductor substrate
Diagonal deep well region for routing body-bias voltage for MOSFETS in surface well regions
Increased capacitance trench capacitor
Non-volatile memory cells utilizing substrate trenches
Wiring structure in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing method therefor
Bi-directional read/program non-volatile floating gate memory cell and array thereof, and method of formation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Bit line contacts
High-frequency package
Heatsink-substrate-spacer structure for an integrated-circuit package
Thermal enhance MCM package
Electronic part mounting substrate, electronic part, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor package structure reducing warpage and manufacturing method thereof
Lead frame having chip mounting part and leads of different thicknesses
Multichip packages with exposed dice
Circuit device having a multi-layer conductive path
Microelectronic assemblies and electronic devices including connection structures with multiple elongated members
Power delivery connector for integrated circuits utilizing integrated capacitors
Integrated circuit chip module
Voltage contrast monitor for integrated circuit defects
Fixture used to prepare semiconductor specimens for film adhesion testing
Integration of barrier layer and seed layer
High performance vias for vertical IC packaging
Integrated circuit including a capacitor with a high capacitance density
Photoelectric conversion device and solid-state image sensing device using the same
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Self-luminous device and electric machine using the same
Cascaded organic electroluminescent device having connecting units with N-type and P-type organic layers
Active matrix substrate with height control member
Multi substrate organic light emitting devices
Forward and reverse blocking devices
Nitride-based semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with alternating conductivity type layer and method of manufacturing the same
Edge termination in MOS transistors
Semiconductor high-voltage devices
Bendable high flux LED array
Power semiconductor device
Lateral high-voltage semiconductor devices with surface covered by thin film of dielectric material with high permittivity
Gate dielectric antifuse circuit to protect a high-voltage transistor
Semiconductor apparatus
Selective silicidation of gates in semiconductor devices to achieve multiple threshold voltages
Solid state imaging device and method for manufacturing solid state imaging device
Monolithic integrated circuit including a waveguide and quantum well inversion channel devices and a method of fabricating same
Semiconductor component
NAND-type flash memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
Dual gate layout for thin film transistor
Transparent electrode, optoelectronic apparatus and devices
Visible light transmitting structure with photovoltaic effect
Sequential mesa avalanche photodiode capable of realizing high sensitization and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor apparatus having a large-size bus connection
Semiconductor device, optoelectronic board, and production methods therefor
Semiconductor light emitting device and method for manufacturing same
Light-emitting semiconductor device using group III nitride compound
Light-emitting semiconductor component
Nitride-based compound semiconductor light-emitting element and method for producing same
Light emitting diode package
Semiconductor light-emitting diode
Light emitting diode having an insulating substrate
White light LED device
Semiconductor light emitting element
Use of a piezo-active device and an appliance and a system including it
OLED lamp
OLED displays having improved contrast
Process for encapsulating a component made of organic semiconductors
Electrostatic energy generators and uses of same
Welding construction and a welding method using the same
Stripping of FFCs
Cable protector
Superconducting cable termination
Guide for installing electrical wiring
Two piece metal raceway with raised cover and offset divider
Apparatus for continuous cooling of electrical powered equipment
Control apparatus for electrical generator of vehicle
Power-window jamming preventing apparatus
System and method for controlling output-timing parameters of power converters
Multifunctional charger system and method
Battery voltage reduction
Rotor of electric rotating machine
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Rotary electric machine
Turbo generator plant with a high voltage electric generator
Electric machine having an integrally continuous stator winding and stator slot bridges
Electric motor for sealed compressors
Linear electric generator having an improved magnet and coil structure, and method of manufacture
Motor with resin base plate
Member for reducing leakage current through a bearing of an electric motor
Synchronization of machine and load characteristics
Rotating electric machine and cooling method thereof
Cross regulation and methods for controlling boost converter
Method of forming a high efficiency power controller
Conjugated polymer actuator responsive to electrical stimulation
Method and apparatus for motor control
Bulk resonator
Film bulk acoustic resonator
Surface acoustic wave device and communication device
Self-oscillating constant-current gas discharge device lamp driver and method
Half-bridge inverter for asymmetrical loads
Circuit arrangement and method for starting and operating gas discharge lamps with heatable electrode filaments
Ballast circuit having enhanced output isolation transformer circuit with high power factor
Method and apparatus for a unidirectional switching, current limited cutoff circuit for an electronic ballast
Frequency-modulated dimming control system of discharge lamp
Power supply for an LCD panel
Induction heating cooker and method for operating the same
Inverter circuit of microwave oven
Methods and apparatus for rotary dial user entry in an appliance
Microwave oven system operated based on received information received by it and microwave oven
Inductively-coupled plasma torch
Dual mode plasma arc torch
Selectively configurable circuit board
Board impedance management
Wiring substrate produced by transfer material method
Magnetic shielding for electronic circuits which include magnetic materials
Three dimensional dynamically shielded high-Q BEOL metallization
Dense phase oxidation of benzene
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew