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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Broadcast spreader
Air curtain discharge protection for an agricultural harvester
Retractable leash and restraint assembly
Wild animal deterrent device and method
Animal waste disposal tool
Pet toy with adjustable treat dispensing lid
Device for keeping pets' ears clean or substantially clean
Wearable holders and containers
Hair graphic cutting apparatus
Method to manufacture reinforcement insertion type mascara brush and manufacturing for transfer mold
Folding armrest tray for wheelchairs
Rail device and server
Wall mounting bracket
Articulated freezer drawers
Seat element and seating system
System for confining lift cords in coverings for architectural openings
Moist towelette dispensing apparatus
Coil arrangement for guiding a magnetic element in a working space
Remote contol mechanism for an atraumatic surgical needle
Surgical stapling instrument with independent sequential firing
Convertible surgical clip applier system
Liquid seal assembly for a rotating torque tube
Surgical cutting accessory with an inlet port into which irrigating fluid is flowed
Medical instrument with a flexible sealing system
Methods for forming implants with selectively exposed mesh for fixation and related implants
Electrosurgical medical system and method
Electrosurgical midline clamping scissors
Instruments and methods for thermal tissue treatment
Method and apparatus for non- or minimally disruptive photomanipulation of an eye
Detection of disordered breathing
Limited movement ear piece for stethoscopes and other headpieces
Multi-modality breast cancer test system
Method and apparatus for performing transesophageal cardiovascular procedures
Implantable device for controlling defecation and related method
Sling delivery system and method of use
Stent graft apparatus and method
Stent with anchors to prevent vulnerable plaque rupture during deployment
Anchored multi-phasic osteochondral construct
System and stabilizer for spinal implant and methods of assisting stabilization of spinal implant
Sexual enhancement lubrication powder
Arrangement for connecting fecal receiving bags together
Therapeutic cooling system
Airflow applicators and related treatment methods
Oral stimulatory device for soothing gums
System and a method for pharmaceutical dosage preparation using jettable microemulsions
Reduced temperature sterilization of stents
Electric censer
Directional flow sensor inhaler
Urinary catheter with one way check valve
Retrievable blood clot filter
Apparatus for occluding body lumens
Cross stream thrombectomy catheter with flexible and expandable cage
Systems, kits, and methods for infusing fluids to a patient
Method of applying shear stress to treat brain disorders
Catheter assembly and method for internally anchoring a catheter in a patient
Surgical instrument with steerable directional shaft
Closed system for surgical limb prep
Extracorporeal blood treatment and system having reversible blood pumps
Systems and methods for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes
Infusion pump
Implanted bronchial isolation devices and methods
Sprinkler head
Polymer dispersions for fire prevention and firefighting
Exercise-cord anchored device
Exercise extensions and methods
Push-up / chin-up exercise assembly
Apparatus and method for correcting life patterns in real time
Golf ball with carbon dioxide absorbents
Stitchingless baseball, softball or the like and manufacturing method thereof
Arm and leg exercising machine
Blackjack double down options
System and method for generating, funding, and distributing multiple jackpots
Use of online messaging to facilitate selection of participants in game play
Gaming machine having a function of changing the number of free games according to the result of a role playing game
Gaming machine with buy feature games
Application-centric user interface techniques
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for single cell separation and position fixing
Nanoparticle filter
Control method for hydrocarbon hydrocyclones
Filter cartridge system
System and method for protection of SCR catalyst
Apparatus, systems, and methods for sampling and conditioning a fluid
Electric heater and control system and method for electrically heated particulate filters
Process for the enrichment of isotopes
Method of treating a gas system
Vent filter
Device for mixing gas and for distributing the resulting mixture to the inlet of a catalytic reactor
Multi-stage system for reaction and melt coalescence and separation
Liquid dispensing apparatus
Wall-mounted patient egress and patient assist bar
Rotary forming apparatus
Temporary tattoo applicators
Galvanizing bath apparatus
Patch application system
Low capacitance container coating system and method
Apparatus and method for thermally processing a substrate with a heated liquid
Cleaning device of hair removing apparatus
Method for remediating arsenic-contaminated soil
Process for producing a twist-beam axle in a hybrid construction
Powder metal polymer composites
Axially adjustable tool holder
Tool for chip removing machining, as well as a basic body and a cutting insert therefor
Device for milling of materials
Wirebonding method and apparatus
Grinding machine
Bulk low cost interface-defined laminated metallic and ceramic energy barrier materials and their method of fabrication
Flower pot mold for blow molding
Pressure monitoring and adjustment for two wheeled vehicle with wheel based pressure reservoir
Technology for continuous folding of sheet materials
Apparatus and method for assembly of multi-segment rod-like articles
Chamber blade/sealing assembly for a printing press
Transport apparatus, recording apparatus, and method of loading a recording medium
Liquid ejection head
Image forming apparatus and foam application device
Ink tank and recording apparatus
System and method for extracting solid-ink pellets from a container
Inkjet printer ink delivery system
Apparatus for and method of controlling jetting of ink in inkjet printer
Inkjet printing apparatus and inkjet printing method
Matching imaging data to flexographic plate surface
Dislodging and removing bubbles from inkjet printhead
Layered image display sheet
Puncture resistant tire
Suspension assembly for wheeled conveyance
Air-conditioning system, especially automotive air-conditioning system
Vehicle air duct including strength rib
Cooler arrangement for a motor vehicle
Simultaneous auto-start and asynchronous shift for a hybrid vehicle
Motor vehicle front transverse beam comprising a rear fairing element
Engine intake passage structure of front vehicle body
Rest position adjuster for brake actuating element
Storage assembly for use in vehicles
Conveyor drive shaft assembly with integrated torque limiting device
Emergency lighting
Hidden lamp manufacture process
Inverter mounting on an electric drive loader
Airbag device for saddle-ride type vehicle
Motor vehicle seat arrangement and method for protecting a vehicle occupant
Vehicle seat
Inner rack structure for saddle-ride type vehicle
Method and device for controlling a creep mode of a vehicle having a hybrid drive system
Hydraulic control system for a dual clutch transmission
Transverse-member module for a motor-vehicle
Suspended rider bicycle
Collapsible skateboard
Sectional boat
Trolling plate assembly
Aircraft configured for vertically ascending and landing
Aircraft component assembly system
Method of piloting a rotary wing drone having multiple rotors
Pivoting stabilising surface for aircraft
Supply unit for flexible supply channels
Engine attachment pylon comprising means of fastening spars and panels located outside the inner space in the box
Polygonal support structure
Automatic shut-off nozzle for use in a non-overflow liquid delivery system
Box with removable top
Stackable and nesting bottle case
Pour spout
Diaper disposal container
Hexagonal package, and efficient configuration of several hexagonal packages
Blister packaging for sanitary insert parts or accessory parts
Rigid, hinged-lid with grippable tab package and relative packing method
Carrier for photographic equipment such as cameras and lenses
Re-sealable spigot for a collapsible beverage container
Collapsible container
Conveyor belt guard panel blank having integrally formed handles and method of forming a conveyor belt guard panel
Container transfer device having a transfer guiding member
Drive unit, drive system and conveyor installation for skid supporting an object
Manually translatable pick mechanism for feeding sheets of media of different widths
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Nip release system
Transport device, image forming device, transport method, and recording medium
Sheet conveying device, image forming apparatus, sheet conveying motor control system, and storage medium
Grasping apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Composite oxide for hydrocarbon reforming catalyst, process for producing the same, and process for producing syngas using the same
Water purification device for arsenic removal
Method for local etching of the surface of a substrate
Method of improving the product properties of clinker in the firing of raw meal
Magenta inks and ink sets for ink-jet imaging
Black ink composition
Ink, ink cartridge, ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Neutron scintillating materials
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Systems, methods, and catalysts for producing a crude product
Induction hardening system and method
Magnesium-based hydrogen storage alloys
Processes and device for the deposition of films on substrates
Apparatus for forming thin film and method of manufacturing semiconductor film
Surface layer-hardened steel part and method of manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus for electroplating
Method for producing a single crystal of semiconductor material
Crystal preparing device, crystal preparing method, and crystal
Textiles; Paper
Nanofiber manufacturing apparatus and nanofiber manufacturing method
Fixed Constructions
Filter insert for curb inlet drain
Reinforced composite sandwich panel
Telescoping cup holder
Latching mechanism
Fire door lock structure and latch assembly thereof
Door opening and closing apparatus for vehicle
Blind and manufacturing method thereof
Anti-extrusion packer system
Wellbore drilled and equipped for in-well rigless intervention ESP
Slurry bypass system for improved gravel packing
Screen and method having a partial screen wrap
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fan housing structure
Blade outer air seal with circumferential cooled teeth
Exhaust gas turbocharger for an internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for assembling an air distribution system for use in a rotor blade of a wind turbine
Gas turbine compressor and method of operation
Roller lifter assembly
Switchable roller finger follower
Partition member for cooling passage of internal combustion engine, cooling structure of internal combustion engine, and method for forming the cooling structure
Coolant-to-catalyst fuel modification method and apparatus
Fuel injection controlling apparatus of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for effecting light-off of a catalytic converter in a hybrid powertrain system
Tidal flow power generation
Hydroelectric power device
Efficient wind turbine blades, wind turbine blade structures, and associated systems and methods of manufacture, assembly and use
Gas/fluid inhibitor tube system
Internal gear pump for a brake system
Self-clinching blind floating fastener
Capacitor discharge weld for connecting tubular twist beam profiles to cast trailing arm via adapter ring
Opposed piston, compression ignition engine with single-side mounted crankshafts and crossheads
Clutch actuation assembly with satellite pistons
Floating brake disc
Swing internal contact type planetary gear device and rotation drive device
Three-end shaft type differential gear set with controllable rotating direction and brake
Automatic transmission
Accessory drive and engine restarting system
Gearset carrier and servo cylinder assembly
Method and apparatus for adaptive clutch control for a vehicle having engine start-stop functionality
Method and apparatus for shifting a bicycle transmission
Pressure sensing module having an integrated seal plate and method of assembling pressure sensing module
Three-position fluid valve for downhole use
Manual/automatic and cold/hot faucet with a ceramic valve
Valve control apparatus
Pipe coupling including arcuate snap couplers
Non threaded drill pipe connection
Cam style anti-rotation key for tubular connections
Method of direct hot tapping into a multiple production string without removing outer layers of casing
Connection structure of vehicular engine mounting and front plate of front wheel cowling
Lens body, light source unit and lighting system
Light emitting module and automotive lamp
Clip light
Lamp and light emitting diode tube thereof
LED backlight for display systems
Integrated sleeve and cap unit optically screens light source and intercepts light rays in a lighting unit with a reflector
LED night vision imaging system lens and backlight assembly
Luminescent object comprising aligned polymers having a specific pretilt angle
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Light emitting tufted carpet
Optical sheet, light-emitting device, and method for manufacturing optical sheet
Heating device and method for its operations
Method and apparatus for incineration of combustible waste
Forced draft direct vent type room heater
Finned cylindrical heat exchanger
Holster retention system
Resonant sensor systems and methods with reduced gas interference
Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
Disposable immunodiagnostic test system
Optical module with ceramic package
Optical module with ceramic package reducing optical coupling stress
Photographic lighting apparatus and systems
Projector having light amount control based on projection system F-number
Shutter drive device, shutter device, and imaging device
Camera blade drive device
Timepiece face and timepiece
Air conditioner and method for controlling the same
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records
Wireless IC device
Banking system controlled responsive to data bearing records to sequentially provide preassigned ordered marketing and campaign presentations to a particular individual over different transactions
Coin dispensing and storing device
Learning method and system using detached sensor
Apparatus for etching high aspect ratio features
Electrical connector capable of interconnecting electronic devices having different conductive leads arrangements
Coaxial connector and method for assembling the same
Bushing seal for reefer plug
Latch for a card edge connector system
Plug connector having an improved releasing mechanism
Electrical connector assembly with high signal density
Electrical connector configured to shield cable-termination regions
Cable assembly having indicating device
Integrated structural and electrical connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Fishing surveillance device
Ophthalmic self-inspection device
Oral cavity image pickup apparatus
Body motion tracking system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Foraminous filter for use in air ionizer
Color sorting apparatus for granular object with optical detection device consisting of CCD linear sensor
Tension meter and wrench arrangement
Compact multibeam laser light source and interleaving raster scan line method for exposing printing plates
System and method for accurately reproducing color
Wire dot printer head and wire dot printer
Direct thermal printer
Auxiliary control device for managing printing in a thermal printer
Optical element and optical scanning device using the same
Optical sensor arrangement for start of scan detection and improved vertical beam alignment range
Method and system for a multi-tasking printer capable of printing and processing image data
Distance sensor device
Apparatus and methods for monitoring and detecting seat belt usage
Vehicle tracker including override feature and related methods
Disc drive gas supply system
Portable interactive printer
Capacitive device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Thermal head, thermal activation device for thermally active sheet and printer assembly
Transmissive or reflective liquid crystal display and novel process for its manufacture
Direct mapping of DNA chips to detector arrays
Electrostatic chuck and substrate processing apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Device for determining type and dampness of textiles, appliances applying the device, method for detecting type and dampness of textiles, and method for determining a filling level of a container
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for triggering a fuel injector
Industrial vehicle safety system
Reflection type semiconductor display device
Triggering unit controlled by a microprocessor for initiating pyrotechnical elements
Method and arrangement for processing CCD pixel data
Substrate film thickness measurement method, substrate film thickness measurement apparatus and substrate processing apparatus
Profiling of a component having reduced sensitivity to anomalous off-axis reflections
Three-dimensional laser beam detection device
Device and process for alignment of machine shafts
Bulk optical interferometer
Variable filter-based optical spectrometer
Method and apparatus for measuring wavelength jitter of light signal
Image scanning method
Ring laser gyro with optically independent semiconductor ring lasers
Vehicle information system
System and method for accurate reading of rotating disk
Method and apparatus for interrogating fiber optic sensors
Non-linear ranging to control linear ranging measurement device
Intrinsic birefringence compensation for below 200 nanometer wavelength optical lithography components with cubic crystalline structures
System for monitoring cables
Method and apparatus for improved testing of optical circuit modules
Wavefront measuring apparatus and wavefront measuring method
Apparatus and process for analyzing a stream of fluid
Flow cytometry-based hematology system
Particle detection system implemented with a mirrored optical system
Diffractive optical elements and grid polarizers in focusing spectroscopic ellipsometers
Apparatus for optical measurements of nitrogen concentration in thin films
Method of using high yielding spectra scatterometry measurements to control semiconductor manufacturing processes, and systems for accomplishing same
Surface plasmon resonance detection with high angular resolution and fast response time
Process and apparatus for real-time determination of a solid sample composition as a function of the depth within the sample
Sheet-material foreign-matter detecting method and apparatus
Dielectric detection through conductive metal
Electric charge detector
Real time monitoring of cable patch panel
Integrate circuit device
Measuring skew between digitizer channels using fourier transform
Low energy pulsing device and method for electrical system arc detection
Magnetoresistance sensor with reduced side reading
Method and arrangement for performing positioning
Method for determining azimuth and elevation angles using a single axis direction finding system
Steerable antenna interferer rejection techniques
Personal surveillance system with locating capabilities
Method and system for calibrating a location system
Method for performing positioning and an electronic device
Transmit/receiver module for active phased array antenna
Laser countermeasure system and method
Infrared transparent optical element and infrared imaging camera using the same
Optical magnifier suitable for use with a microdisplay device
Zoom lens system
Three-group zoom lens
Zoom lens system
Microscope focusing apparatus
Zoom monocular and viewing screen
Optical element, optical element composition and method for controlling stimuli-responsive polymer gel
Snap down pivoting optical element
Assembly, in which light from a light source is directed onto a surface
Optical scanning device having a temperature compensation unit
Optical scanner
Converging air lens structures
Stress free and thermally stabilized dielectric fiber
Corrosion resistant wire-grid polarizer and method of fabrication
Optical attenuating device and method of manufacture therefor
Optical routing elements
Optical cross-connect with magnetic micro-electro-mechanical actuator cells
Electronic picture taking apparatus having a zoom lens system
Optical mount and method for use thereof
Objective lens unit and method of assembling objective lens unit
Threaded lens coupling to LED apparatus
Lens assembly of digital camera with non-step focusing function
Lens barrel
Electrochromic display
Spectral modulation in an optical wavelength converter
Faraday rotator
Liquid crystal display device, compensator layer and method of manufacturing a retardation foil
Display device, manufacturing method thereof and image terminal unit employing the same
Color filter substrate and electro-optical device, manufacturing method for color filter substrate and manufacturing method for electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Illumination system for reflective displays
Laminated optical device and liquid-crystal display apparatus
Method for fabricating a laminate film and method for fabricating a display device
Liquid crystal display apparatus with protective insulating film for switching element and production method thereof
Reflective liquid crystal display
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-domain liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Method of fabricating LCD
Liquid crystal display panel and method of injecting liquid crystal into the display panel
In-plane switching LCD device having slanted corner portions
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device, projection type display and electronic equipment
Reflective type liquid crystal display device
Active matrix substrate, method of manufacturing the same, and image sensor incorporating the same
Liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
System and method for anti-moire display
Optically optimized permanently bistable twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Apparatus and method for displaying image
Touch panel for display device with pet film having transparent gel layer
Optical modulator and image projection display apparatus using it
Cascaded noncritical optical parametric oscillator
Laser imager having reduced interference between internal optical reflections
Tensioned projection screen apparatus
Rear-projection screen and rear-projection image display
Quality assurance system for retail photofinishing
Heat developing apparatus and its control method
Thermal development apparatus and image recording apparatus
Polarization measurement device and method
Full-contact type exposure device
Method and apparatus for irradiating a microlithographic substrate
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method and environmental control method of exposure apparatus
Projection exposure system as well as a process for compensating image defects occuring in the projection optics of a projection exposure system, in particular for microlithography
System and method for improving line width control in a lithography device using an illumination system having pre-numerical aperture control
Method, system, and apparatus for management of reaction loads in a lithography system
Switching type dual wafer stage
Exposure method and exposure apparatus
Handheld computer attachment apparatus
Portable computer having cover support means
Protective case and keyboard system for a handheld computer
Methods and systems for a portable, interactive display device for use with a computer
Portable computer system including detachable peripheral device and combined mouse/joystick for use with same
Method and system for providing flash memory in an industrial personal computer
High density modular input/output package in a data processing system
Multiple heat pipe heat sink
Computing device and methods and systems for same
System and method for monitoring a computer system process or peripheral
Accelerated graphics port expedite cycle throttling control mechanism
Memory system and method for improved utilization of read and write bandwidth of a graphics processing system
Image processing device
Method for the dynamic improvement of internet browser appearance and connectivity
System to manage digital camera images
System and method for configuring an instrument to perform measurement functions utilizing conversion of graphical programs into hardware implementations
Ruggedized, water sealed, security-enhanced touchpad assembly
Ultrasonic security system for personal computer
Coordinate reading device
Cursor and display management system for multi-function control and display system
Image display system
Synchronizing multiple display channels
Method for configuration and parameterization of a graphical computer program for the operation of a data processing system
Analog-to-digital converter which is substantially independent of capacitor mismatch
Printing apparatus, system having the same, and method of controlling printing apparatus
Clock-generating circuit and image-forming apparatus having a function of canceling unevenness of scanning-light amount
Method, system, and apparatus for remote data calibration of a RFID tag population
Method and apparatus for executing a predefined instruction set
Fully associative texture cache having content addressable memory and method for use thereof
Method for apparatus for associating objects with a spline by value
Dynamic tree-node property page extensions
Methods and apparatus for rendering an image including portions seen through one or more objects of the image
Programmable multiple texture combine circuit for a graphics processing system and method for use thereof
Efficient parametric surface binning based on control points
Electronic electricity meter
Electric appliance monitoring system
Environmental condition detector with audible alarm and voice identifier
State-based remote control system
Digital interconnect of entertainment equipment
System for obtaining state information from consumer electronic devices
Applying translucent filters according to visual disability needs
Liquid-crystal display device and method of signal transmission thereof
Mixed mode grayscale method for display system
Method of driving a sustaining pulse for a plasma display panel and a driver circuit for driving a plasma display panel
Driving method and driving circuit of plasma display panel
Plasma display drive method
Flat-panel display device
Addressing bistable nematic liquid crystal devices
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of driving the same
Picture image display device with improved switch feed through offset cancel circuit and method of driving the same
Dot-inversion data driver for liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal driving devices
Active matrix display device and inspection method for the same
Electro-optical device, clock signal adjusting method and circuit therefor, producing method therefor, and electronic equipment
Digital driver and display device
Method and medium for computer readable keyboard display incapable of user termination
Image control method and apparatus for digital monitor
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional parallax drawing
Colorization of a gradient mesh
Raster operation unit
Mapping time-sorted to direction-sorted triangle vertices
Apparatus for carrying out translucent-processing to still and moving pictures and method of doing the same
Disk clamp for disk recording apparatus and disk recording apparatus
Disk drive writer waveform induced precompensation
Circuits, systems and methods for volume control in 1-bit digital audio systems
Alternate tape repositioning method during data recovery
Self-writing servo and clock fields on a recording medium
Method and apparatus for estimating the flyheight of an airbearing slider in a storage device
Interchangeable cartridge data storage system for devices performing diverse functions
Magnetic transcription device
Concurrent read and write access to simulated sequential data of a removable random access data storage medium
Preamble pattern and magnetic recording system using the pattern
Disc drive stiction/friction characterization utilizing piezoelectric microactuators
Disc drive pattern zero verification test
Fly height detector
First pole piece with frequency dependent variable effective throat height
Thin film magnetic recording head, method of fabricating the thin film magnetic recording head and magnetic disk drive
White head for high anisotropy media
Read gap improvements through high resistance magnetic shield layers
Overlaid lead giant magnetoresistive head with side reading reduction
Spin valve sensor with dual self-pinned AP pinned layer structures
Magnetic head comprising a multilayer magnetoresistive device and a yoke for introducing magnetic flux from a medium to the magnetoresistive device
Weld free high performance laminate suspension
Head supporting mechanism
Transducer-level microactuator with dual-axis control
Application of reduced bias levels to disc drive read elements during periods of inactivity
Head positioner apparatus for data storage and retrieval
Identification and cancellation of cage frequency in a hard disc drive
Signal reproducing method and storage apparatus
Correction of dynamic track spacing errors in storage devices
Multi-frequency servo bursts in magnetic disc memory system
Method and apparatus for providing a variable rate oversampling digital filter for resonance compensation in disk drive servo control systems
Disc drive servo track writer utilizing low-density gas
Slider, head assembly, and disk drive unit
Magnetic disc apparatus with slider having specified location of action point of equivalent load
Magnetic transfer method
Objective lens holding apparatus
Optical pickup actuator driving method and apparatus therefor
MRAM and access method thereof
Device that makes it possible to selectively use nonvolatile memory as RAM or ROM
Combination etch stop and in situ resistor in a magnetoresistive memory and methods for fabricating same
Ferroelectric memory and operating method therefor
Information storage apparatus, information storage method, recording medium and program
Semiconductor memory device having a memory cell structure of reduced occupying area
Tertiary CAM cell
Content addressable memory with power reduction technique
Method for repairing memory cell
Semiconductor memory device capable of performing high-frequency wafer test operation
Testing method and device for non-volatile memories having a LPC (low pin count) communication serial interface
Semiconductor memory device and electronic instrument
System for controlling the stand-by to active and active to stand-by transitions of a VCC regulator for a flash memory device
Charge sharing between bit lines within a memory circuit to increase recharge speed
Method and apparatus for accelerating signal equalization between a pair of signal lines
Method of accessing memory and device thereof
Self-timed activation logic for memory
Semiconductor memory device, information apparatus, and method for determining access period for semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for improving noise immunity in a DDR SDRAM system
Method and apparatus for sensing resistance values of memory cells
Fully synchronous pipelined RAM
Semiconductor device having integrated memory and logic
Design of an high speed xdecoder driving a large wordline load consuming less switching current for use in high speed syncflash memory
Multiple electrode capacitor
Methods of forming hafnium-containing materials, methods of forming hafnium oxide, and capacitor constructions comprising hafnium oxide
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and production method thereof
Method for preparing electrolytic solution, electrolytic solution and electric double-layer capacitor
Capacitor element for solid electrolytic capacitor, process of making the same and solid electrolytic capacitor utilizing the capacitor element
High surface area porous aluminum electrode in electrolytic capacitors using solid freeform fabrication
Force activated switch
Ferroelectric capacitor and process for its manufacture
Semiconductor memory module
Embedded liquid pump and microchannel cooling system
Method and system for removing heat from an active area of an integrated circuit device
Coupling mechanism for radiator
Circuit module
High density stackable and flexible substrate-based devices and systems and methods of fabricating
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Solid-state imaging device and method for controlling same
Antenna for automobiles and set of components for the same
High efficiency, high power antenna system
Antenna assembly and method of construction
Rf surge protection device
Antenna apparatus
Broad band slot style television broadcast antenna
Radar reflector apparatus
Concave antenna with improved gain drop-off characteristics relative to angle of received wavefront
Quadrifilar antenna serial feed
Multiport serial feed device
Array antenna
Beamformer for multi-beam receive antenna
Method and system for forming an antenna pattern
Multi-resonance antenna
Computer system and documentation arrangement for guiding system installation
Slope control of gain wavelength of raman amplification
Dispersion-compensated optical fiber amplifier
Ozone removable electrode corona generation system
Technique for protecting integrated circuit devices against electrostatic discharge damage
Ground fault detection system for ungrounded power systems
Semiconductor equipment
Programmable soft-start control for charge pump
Quasi-synchronous, magnetic amplifier regulated dc-dc converter
Data generating method, data generator, and transmitter using the same
Power sequence protection for a level shifter
Analog to digital converter with interpolation of reference ladder
Synchronizing circuits and methods for parallel path analog-to-digital converters
Correction for pipelined analog to digital (A/D) converter
A/D converter with adaptive background calibration skip rate
High resolution, high dynamic range analog-to-digital converter system and related techniques
Method and circuit for folded analog-to-digital converter (ADC) using frequency detectors and time detectors
Rail to rail dual slope ADC
A/D converter with comparators and low-power detection mode for resistive matrix keyboards
Lossless coding method for waveform data
Antenna system for receiving and/or transmitting signals of multiple polarizations
Diversity and adaptive antenna arrangements for inductive pick-ups
Method, system and computer program product for the delivery of a chat message in a 3D multi-user environment
Push-button switch member, portable information terminal having push-button switch member and payment system using portable information terminal
Internet facsimile terminal apparatus and communication method using the same
Systems and methods for providing rich multimedia messages to remote users using telephones and facsimile machines
Appliance and method for navigating among multiple captured images and functional menus
Network facsimile apparatus
Data communication method of apparatus connected to LAN
Collage making apparatus and method for making a collage
Exposure recording apparatus for recording a two-dimensional image
Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera
System for capturing images from a peripheral unit and transferring the captured images to an image management server
Facsimile apparatus and facsimile system
Facsimile apparatus
Digital scanner
Facsimile telecommunications system and method
Image reading apparatus and control method therefor
Digital broadcasting system
Method for driving a CCD solid-state imaging device
Amplification type solid state imaging device
Hierarchical pixel readout multiplexer with switched capacitors for cancelling buffer offsets
Active type solid-state imaging device with reduced pixel leak current
Active pixel sensor with enhanced reset
Image display apparatus and method of correcting image on image display apparatus against inclination by terrestrial magnetism
Motion adaptive noise reduction method and system
Reflecting type optical system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method, and storage medium
Transmitting apparatus, and method for transmitting video signals of high speed image pickup apparatus
Image pickup apparatus capable of wide dynamic range by double exposure, and control thereof
Image-pickup display apparatus
Electronic camera
Digital camera with video input
Universal two dimensional (frame and line) timing generator
Motion adaptive de-interlacing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing control of background video
Bidirectional remote control system
Digital projecting apparatus and method with asymmetrical stroboscopy
Film mode detection method using periodic pattern of video sequence
Auxiliary digital data extractor in a television
Video conferencing apparatus
System and a method for an ultra-low delay MPEG-syntax video codec
Solid state image pickup device and signal reading method thereof
Apparatus and method for automatically controlling exposure time using a mean value of green pixels
System and method for providing fast acquire time tuning of multiple signals to present multiple simultaneous images
Repeater case for HDSL modules
Voltage-fed push LLC resonant LCD backlighting inverter circuit
Board for measuring offset of component mounting apparatus, and method for measuring offset of component mounting apparatus
Easy mount socket
Electric connection box
Electronic circuit board fastening member
Method and apparatus for preventing warpage of printed circuit boards
System and method for detecting blank modules
Locking and ejecting device for removable module in a portable computer
Electronic modules
Cooling duct for computer
Cooling device, electronic apparatus, display unit, and method of producing cooling device
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