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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device and a method for sampling of milk
Waistless underwear alternative secret pants shield
Seat belt apparatus and buckle
Packaging and dispensing system for sandwich food products
Personalizing luggage
Multi-layer mattress with an air filtration foundation
Illuminated canopy for a refrigerated display case
Method of repositioning immobile patient in bed using patient positioning aid
Automated bingo caller assembly
Performing Operations; Transporting
System for substrate processing with meniscus, vacuum, IPA vapor, drying manifold
Partially reinforcing method and apparatus of metal material
Method of fabricating a thermal inkjet head having a symmetrical heater
Method for joining at least two adjoining work-pieces by friction stir and/or friction stir spot welding
Multiple ignition source exothermic reaction mold device
Plasma reactor electrostatic chuck with cooled process ring and heated workpiece support surface
Apparatus for installing stator winding conductors
Composite lathe
Machine tool
Automatic clean device
Pneumatic tire
Hybrid vehicle
Vehicle center console defining a reconfigurable storage area
Vehicle-carried rack for bicycles
Bicycle pedal and fastening shoe assembly and pedal and cleat for same
Foldable rigid frame attachment system for portable inflatable pontoon boats
Transfer system of food products by means of pickers
Full contact floating roof
Spiral conveyor apparatus with automatic flow control
Method and apparatus for transferring substrates
Acupuncture needle container and dispenser
Beverage container opener
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing esterified substance
Polishing liquid composition for magnetic-disk substrate
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for minimizing sew selvedge
Fixed Constructions
Retrofitting a fire hydrant with secondary valve
Joist support apparatus
Erectable shelter with collapsible central roof support
Master-keyed cylinder comprising tumblers and corresponding master key
Locking apparatus for a garage door
Hinge structure for container
Vertical and horizontal adjustable hinge assembly
Rotary and mud-powered percussive drill bit assembly and method
Armored stripper rubber
Pressure-actuated perforation with automatic fluid circulation for immediate production and removal of debris
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Abnormality diagnosis apparatus for internal combustion engine
Dual Combustion Mode Engine
System for minimizing the impact of poisoning of automotive exhaust aftertreatment systems
Piston engine
Device for correcting fuel injection amount of internal combustion engine, and control apparatus for internal combustion engine employing the device
Crimped piston to rod joint
Constrained layer damping assembly
Gearing and power transmission apparatus
Transmission device with switchable gear ratios
Pressure regulated solenoid valve having integral mounting structure
Conduit body cover screw retention
Light source device
Flange for flame observation
Self-powered solar tracker
Superconductive device comprising a refrigeration unit, equipped with a refrigeration head that is thermally coupled to a rotating superconductive winding
Electricity generating and air conditioning system with dehumidifier
High frequency thermoacoustic refrigerator
Variable impedance device with integrated refrigeration
Connecting package for refrigerator compressor
Tube bundle heat exchanger comprising tubes with expanded sections
Monolithic tube sheet and method of manufacture
Explosive device with accelerated bioremediation capacity
Door frame alignment device
Aligning apparatus
Device for positioning a clamp-on flowmeter on a container
Use of fiber optics in deviated flows
Method and apparatus for measuring fluid properties
Test apparatus for direct measurement of expansion and shrinkage of oil well cements
Method and apparatus for material indentification by means of gravitational field analysis
Sensors carrier for in-tube inspection scraper
Damper for high g-force shock pulse generator systems and methods
Method and apparatus for detecting and determining event characteristics with reduced data collection
Method and apparatus for segregation testing of particulate solids
Heating apparatus for heating a toner image and image forming apparatus including the same
Wireless communication system for vehicle
Method and apparatus for surveillance system peering
Temperature control method of chemical vapor deposition device
DC-DC converter
AC voltage sensor with low power consumption
Connecting rod with profiled bore for increased load capability
Tracking errors in a computing system
Data processor device for handling a watchpoint and method thereof
Multi-platform test automation enhancement
Reducing false-positive errors in a software change-impact analysis
Analyzing concurrent debugging sessions
Data processing system and data processor
System and method of distributed initiator-local reorder buffers
Hardware enabled performance counters with support for operating system context switching
Abstracting special file interfaces to concurrently support multiple operating system levels
Service management roles of processor nodes in distributed node service management
Dynamic allocation of workload deployment units across a plurality of clouds
Service management roles of processor nodes in distributed node service management
Service providing system
System, method, and computer program for rating network transmissions based on user requested data
Automated security policy enforcement and auditing
Creating and maintaining a security policy
Interaction via short message service messages with wireless markup language based websites
Modifying a hierarchical data structure according to a pseudo-rendering of a structured document by annotating and merging nodes
System, method, and program for generating web page
Method and system for storing, retrieving, and sharing data using a field-accessed database system comprising a mobile unit
Mapping and boosting of terms in a format independent data retrieval query
Retrieving data objects
Retrieving data objects
Detecting data omissions for an intermittently-connected application
Automatic taxonomy enrichment
Identifying unknown parameter and name value pairs
Business content hierarchy
Modeling memory cell skew sensitivity
Standard cells having transistors annotated for gate-length biasing
Non-linear kerf monitor and design structure thereof
Insect repelling point of sale terminal
Anti-terrorism water quality monitoring system
Biometric authentication system and biometric authentication method
Managing software patch installations
Computer system, management system and recording medium
Phishing and online fraud prevention
Information processing apparatus, tampering detection apparatus, information processing method, tampering detection method, and computer product
System, method and apparatus for controlling the dissemination of digital works
Security threat detection associated with security events and an actor category model
Evaluation of a fast and robust worm detection algorithm
System and method for protection from buffer overflow vulnerability due to placement new constructs in C++
Chip authentication using scan chains
Help for reading an e-book
Platform based verification of contents of input-output devices
User interface with variable sized icons
Method for detecting whether paper is remained by using means of time-detecting and image-similarity comparing and multi-function printer thereof
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor and storage medium
Sharing a graphics-processing-unit display port
Attention economy for attention to messages, tasks and resources
Enforcement of service terms through adaptive edge processing of application data
Iterative refinement of search results based on user feedback
Dimensionally constrained synthetic context objects database
Webpage content search method and system
Accelerating time series data base queries using dictionary based representations
Secure, networked portable storage device
Providing access control for public and private document fields
Identifying and routing poison tuples in a streaming application
Code updates in processing systems
Method for determining whether a machine code instruction of a machine code program is executed in the machine code program
Automatic verification of determinism for parallel programs
Optical reader and use
Optical information reading apparatus and optical information reading method
Hand-suportable imaging-based bar code symbol reader employing an automatic light exposure measurement and illumination control subsystem for measuring illumination exposure on CMOS image sensing array and controlling LED illumination array driver circuitry
Method and system for correcting QR code image
Determination of train presence and motion state in railway environments
Variable fan for portable explosive or drug detection system
Document processing apparatus, document processing method and scanner
Intelligent biometric identification of a participant associated with a media recording
Method for reducing image or video noise
Adjusting perspective distortion of an image
Authentication method and system
Management system for container data center
Peer-to-peer neighborhood delivery multi-copter and method
Time tracking system and method of use
System and method for tracking content through the internet
System and method for providing automated clothing fashion recommendations
Reconstructing an image of a scene captured using a compressed sensing device
Particle based visualizations of abstract information
Wireless real-time gaming system
Automated virtual assistant
Method for early detection of cooling-loss events
Systems and methods for sensor spatial distribution mapping using assigned sensor regions
Developing and executing workflow processes associated with data-encoded tags
Operation management support apparatus for power plant
Flight deck display systems and methods for generating in-trail procedure windows including aircraft flight path symbology
Set of variably assemblable polygonal tiles with stencil capability
Surgical simulation device and assembly
Arrangement comprising a mock-up for reproducing and testing an aircraft passenger cabin
Folding magazine insert
Method of manufacturing display, and display
Flagpole system providing half-mast display mode
Optical correction for high uniformity panel lights
Method of driving display panel that prevents TFT characteristic degradation and display apparatus for performing the same
Gate driving circuit and display apparatus having the same
Display device
Display apparatus and a method of driving the same
White key for keyboard instrument
Acoustic wave generator employing fluid injector
Apparatus and method for voice processing and telephone apparatus
Voice activity detection system, method, and program product
Using speech analysis to assess a speaker's physiological health
Method and apparatus for processing audio signals
Decoding device, encoding device, decoding method, and encoding method
Selectively lowering resistance of a constantly used portion of motor windings in disk drive
System and method for visually representing a recorded audio meeting
Variable stopwrite threshold
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistance effect element
Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium
Objective lens driving apparatus, optical pickup
Non-volatile memory and methods with soft-bit reads while reading hard bits with compensation for coupling
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of operating the same
SRAM supply voltage global bitline precharge pulse
Memory controller for heterogeneous configurable integrated circuits
Reactor servicing platform
Coil correction method
Electric double-layer capacitor
Energy-saving control device and energy-saving control method and power adapter including the same
Electron gun and electron beam device
Manufacturing method for a printed circuit board
Light bulb installation and removal tool
Method of fabricating a magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) device with reduced switching current
Method of forming surface protrusions on an article and the article with the protrusions attached
Method to texture a lamina surface within a photovoltaic cell
Light-emitting diode manufacturing method
Selective etch chemistry for gate electrode materials
Shrinkage of critical dimensions in a semiconductor device by selective growth of a mask material
Semiconductor package with a semiconductor die embedded within substrates
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method for manufacturing same
Semiconductor device channels
Through silicon via repair
Integrated circuit power grid with improved routing resources and bypass capacitance
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating a connection region in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with a depletion channel and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with a super junction structure based on a compensation structure with compensation layers and having a compensation rate gradient
Low interfacial defect field effect transistor
Thermally assisted MRAM with a multilayer encapsulant for low thermal conductivity
Tunable capacitor
Multi-crystalline II-VI based multijunction solar cells and modules
Solar cell and texturing method thereof
Method for heat-treating a silicon substrate for the production of photovoltaic cells, and photovoltaic cell production method
Methods and structures for bonding elements
Semiconductor device
Optical semiconductor lighting apparatus
Thermoelectric conversion structure and method of manufacturing same
Piezoelectric element
Cyclic carbosilane dielectric films
OLED device with macro extractor
DC-DC converter, solar charging system, and movable body
Battery assembling apparatus and battery assembly manufacturing method
Battery system, controlling method of the same, and energy storage system including the battery system
Terminal lead
Stack for fuel cell system
Electrolyte-electrode joined assembly and method for producing the same
Thermal electrochemical cell
Fuel cell system having an integral turbine/compressor unit
Solid oxide fuel cell device
Biological fuel cell and methods
Circuit topology for multiple loads
Wireless communication system
Multi-layered electromagnetic wave absorber and manufacturing method thereof
Self-supported jacket seal for high voltage cable accessories
Tight bend-radius cable structures and methods for making the same
Command inverter for a bicycle gearshift control device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device testing contactor having a circuit-side contact piece and test-board-side contact piece
Process for manufacturing electrically conductive components
Highly integrable semiconductor device
Ion generator
Power supply unit
Device and method for controlling power according to a load of a hybrid excavator
Prefabricated solar array system
Multi-standard, alternating current or direct current compatible electric vehicle supply equipment
Charge/discharge determination apparatus, charge/discharge determination method and charge/discharge determination program
Measurement of environmental impact of electronic devices
Limitation of vampiric energy loss within a wireless inductive battery charger
Limitation of vampiric energy loss within an inductive battery charger or external power supply using magnetic target detection circuitry
Clamping structure for a stator core
Method of attaching a magnet to a rotor or a stator of an electrical machine
Voice coil motor
Axial gap type generator
Fan unit
Centrifugal heat dissipation device and motor using same
Conversion system for multi direct current voltage
Switching regulator, control method thereof and power-supply device
Method and apparatus for power converter fault condition detection
Single stage PFC power supply
Smartphone control of electrical devices
Apparatus and method for controlling motor
Three phase brushless DC motor sensor-less control using sinusoidal drive method and apparatus
Sine modified trapezoidal drive for brushless DC motors
Address-selectable charging of capacitive devices
Methods for performing adaptive equalization and associated apparatus
Method and semiconductor apparatus for reducing power when transmitting data between devices in the semiconductor apparatus
Data-processing device and data-processing method
Correction of structured burst errors in data
Systems and methods for derivative level-crossing sampling
Mobile communication device and integrated circuit thereof
Techniques for determining covariance measures based on correlation criteria
Random non-cyclical binary code generator
Method and apparatus for correlating global positioning system (GPS) pseudorandom noise (PRN) codes
Receiver and receiving method
Optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission method
Signal noise rejection
Transmission apparatus, reception apparatus, communication system, circuit apparatus, communication method, and program
Method for estimating channel state in a wireless communication system using fractional frequency reuse and mobile station using the same
Mobile communication device and communication control method
Hosting edge applications at the edge of a mobile data network
Method, apparatus and computer program for power control to mitigate interference
Systems and methods for suppressing interference in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for managing a wireless network access point beacon
Device for generating ranging signal of wireless communication system and method of generating ranging signal of wireless terminal
Multi-point control protocol proxy architecture in a network with optical and coaxial domains
Repeater fiber-coax units
Hierarchical closed-loop control of policy, goal, and resource allocation in bandwidth management using both service-specific and network monitor observations
Method for jamming communications in a closed-loop control network
Detection and characterization of laser clipping within communication devices
Synchronous media rendering of demuxed media components across multiple devices
Charging and policy for services at the edge of a mobile data network
Charging and policy for services at the edge of a mobile data network
Provider network and provider edge apparatus
Systems and methods for implementing ad hoc wireless networking
Support for signaling over flexible bandwidth carrier
Improvements to body area networks
Methods for the interconnection of fibre channel over ethernet devices using shortest path bridging
Methods for the interconnection of fibre channel over ethernet devices using a trill network
Search tree algorithms
Adjusting physical layer transmission properties
System, method, and computer program for content metadata and authorization exchange between content providers and service providers
System and method of reporting and visualizing malware on mobile networks
Secure data access using SQL query rewrites
Secure group communications
Access authentication method for multiple devices and platforms
Trusted message storage and transfer protocol and system
System for efficiently handling cryptographic messages containing nonce values in a wireless connectionless environment
Certificate validity checking
Method and apparatus to select and deliver portable portlets
Method and apparatus for managing bandwidth by managing selected internet access by devices in a Wi-Fi linked audience
Base station apparatus and communication control method
Interpolation circuit and receiving circuit
Signcryption method and device and corresponding signcryption verification method and device
Antenna optimization dependent on user context
Point of view video mounting system
POV video mounting system
Push-pull amplifier with quiescent current adjuster
Cellular telephone casing system incorporating lens attachments
Controlling access to a mobile device
System and method for emergency communications
Motor control device, and optical scanning device, image forming device and printed circuit board including the same
Docking station
Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program
Method and system for fusing data arising from image sensors and from motion or position sensors
Apparatus for displaying a 3D image and controlling method thereof based on display size
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Reflective imaging device and image acquisition method
System and method for securely transmitting data using video validation
Method of conducting auctions and audience guided events utilizing closed network satellite broadcasts to multiple location digital theater environments with integrated real time audience interaction
Method and device for storing stream data such as digital video and non-stream data
Coordination of transmission of data from wireless identification tags
Mobile phone case with retractable headset
Process of making a piezoelectric thin film component
Method for forming an electrode
Wireless audio player and speaker system
Method and apparatus for monitoring antenna deterioration
Method and apparatus for reporting abnormal power outage in wireless access system supporting M2M environments
Reverse link interference cancellation
Method and apparatus for MIMO-based multiple base station collaborative communication
Wireless communication system
Adaptive control channel
Interfacing internet protocol-based wireless devices with network box and cradle
Data processing in intra-site handover
Mobile communication system
Optimizing location system configuration exchanges through dynamic location working profiles
Systems and methods providing advertisements to a cell phone based on location and external temperature
Method and system of intelligently load balancing of Wi-Fi access point apparatus in a WLAN
Method and mobile device for transmitting and receiving paging messages
Method and apparatus for controlling the power of terminal in a mobile communication system comprising a femtocell and a macro base station
Transmission station, receiving station, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Systems and methods of communication using tunneled direct link setup (TDLS)
Driving circuit for a light emitting diode lighting apparatus
Light-emitting diode driving circuit for lighting
Adaptive current control timing and responsive current control for interfacing with a dimmer
Light-emitting electric-power generation module and light-emitting electric-power generation device
High intensity discharge electronic ballast circuit, electronic ballast, and high intensity discharge lamp
Package substrate, method of manufacturing the package substrate and semiconductor package including the package substrate
Manufacturing methods for printed circuit boards
Auxiliary device for mobile electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Bent wood arbor
Material lifting harness
Hip and ridge cover
Interior and exterior construction board having a patterned face
Surface ornamentation for a door window
Interior and exterior construction board having a patterned face
Splash block
Block for a flower bed
Decking plank
Ladder step
Spotlight with gun grip handle
Heated spotlight
Handheld light assembly
Motorcycle head lamp
Ornamental light
Ornamental light
Auxiliary directional light for a vehicle
Fluorescent light bulb
Mailbox support kit
Mailbox post assembly
Coin sorter
Human Necessities
Device for marking the path along the ground of a rolling wheel
Reconfigurable vegetation trimmer and method of use
Power lawn mower with stand-on and sit-down modes with battery located between feet of operator
Power lawn mower including shortened control arms for use in deck lift system
Tree saw attachment with tweezer arm
Spout system for harvesting sap and method of use
Apple tree named `Bull MacIntosh`
Phlox plant named `Becky Towe`
Miniature rose plant named `POULele`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yellow Yodanville`
Chrysanthemum named `Cupidores`
Pennisetum orientale `Karley Rose`
Geranium plant named `Fisrored`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULriber`
Buffalograss plant named `UCD-95`
Spray rose plant named `Delsprabla`
Aster plant named `Chelsea`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Dixie`
Chrysanthemum named `Plutores`
Floribunda rose plant named `POULbella`
Clematis plant named `Evijohill`
Spray rose plant named `Delsporg`
Nectarine tree named `Mike's Red`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Italia`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckaileen`
Walnut tree named `Domoto`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yoroanoke`
Variety of geranium named `Sophia`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Goal`
Strawberry plant named `San Juan`
Asclepias plant named `Beatrix`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dinka`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Dark Yodanville`
Milking vacuum fluctuation filter
Device arranged to permit an air flow from an environment to an inner space
Exterior litterbox
Portable animal shelter
Ear marks for livestock registration, printing method for ear mark, and identification method using the ear mark
Paw cleaning apparatus for animals
Aqua boot for horses
Animal toy with raised features
Dual pet leash
Pet collar for use with pet containment system
Unmanned vehicle to be used in a stable or a meadow
Bird feeder
Fluid dripper for birds
Wall mountable aquarium
Fishing rod of reel mounting type
Ice melter
Baiting system for a fishing hook
Fishing rod support apparatus
Catch-and-release device
Method and apparatus for detecting subterranean termites
Arrangement for an insect trap
Animal trap
Reverse flow cleaning method for medical devices
Device for processing a strand of plastic material
Needle for food item injection
Compact countertop frozen food and beverage system for domestic use
Ashtray provided with extinguisher
Aerodynamic garment for improved athletic performance and method of manufacture
Suspended extrication harness apparatus having installation assembly
Thermoelectric heat pump appliance with carbon foam heat sink
Weight displacing knee protector pad
Feeding tube accessible wearing apparel
Metal mesh gloves
Set of human torso manikins for use in fabrication and evaluation of body wear for a group of human beings
Garment portion processing assembly
Novelty hat apparatus
Protective headband for heading a ball
Cover for helmet padding
Protective helmet
Shoe sole with shock absorber structure
Expandable shoe and shoe assemblies
Method for making shoes and the shoes obtained using said method
Shoe having an external chassis
Footwear fastenings
Seat restraint buckle assembly
Male/female engaging device with tape
Slide structure for zipper
Waterproof relief outlet in breathable wader
Clasp for jewelry chain
Parrot clasp with an opening button
Outdoor umbrella with lighting arrangement
Nail clipper device
Hair clip
Method for applying health and beauty products to difficult and hard to reach body areas
Multi-purpose computer monitor accessory
Styling brush
Cleaning device with replaceable head
Toothbrush with longitudinal bristle reinforcement
Portable table device
Work surface for luggage and luggage carriers
Knee pillow
Patient care system
Pillow securing device
Valve assembly
Collapsible play yard
Sleeping pad, bedding and bumpers to improve respiratory efficiency and environmental temperature of an infant and reduce the risks of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and asphyxiation
Collapsible frame structure for pen and cot
Dipping cabinet with improved lighting
Adaptive control for a refrigeration system using pulse width modulated duty cycle scroll compressor
Picture cabinet
Corner arrangement for frame sections
Method of installing wall-to-wall carpet and improved carpet
Illuminated stand for artificial tree
Plant sleeve having an expandable portion
Multi-purpose pillow
Convertible sleeping bag
Integrally molded stud fitting for drapery track
Automatic coffee maker with grinder
Multiple direction holder and beverage making apparatus
Barbeque with a plurality of skewers
Grill device having a space adjusting unit to adjust a space between an upper grill unit and a lower grill unit
Collapsible barbecue grill
Barbecue grill and cart assembly
Method and apparatus for providing a portable preassembled grill
Collapsible portable outdoor fireplace
Rapid assembly barbecue grill and cart
Frying pan
Gas fired outdoor cooking apparatus
Closure apparatus and a method of installing the same
Foot spa apparatus
Method of making flower-shaped bath scrubber
Back applicator
Multi-purpose cleaning bucket
Upright extraction cleaning machine
Mop handle with improved water flow control
Method and equipment for measuring vapor flux from surfaces
Snoring diagnostic and treatment
Anterior segment coronary restoration apparatus and method
Tracheal stoma valve
Surgical supporting device
Wheelchair tire cover
Mobile seat lifting apparatus
Safety support device and method
Automated prescription vial filling system
Treatment and prevention of adhesions
Methods for inducing atrial and ventricular rhythms using ultrasound and microbubbles
Pressure support ventilation control system and method
Laryngeal mask airway device
Insufflation system, attachment and method
Nasal cannula
Mask with recess including at least one mask port
Artificial ventilation systems and components thereof, and methods for providing, assembling and utilizing same
Kit for loading and disposal of hypodermic syringes used for administering medication
Method of and apparatus for automatically coating the human body
Oxygen therapy equipment with a device for respiratory assistance without a nose tube
Automatic sprinkler head
Launching system for passenger units in equipments for amusement parks, such as roller-coasters or the like
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for cleaning filter candles in a candle filter
Ultrasonic dispersion apparatus for silica sol
Generator of high oxygen molecule
Char for contaminant removal in resource recovery unit
Method for evaluating a test fluid
Device to be mounted in an apparatus for coupling fabrics by means of a glue
Roller cage assembly
Washer for cleaning substrates
Cleaning system for a washer
Process for manufacturing a strip of aluminum alloy for lithographic printing plates
Device for vertically displacing a roll running on bearings in a roll stand
Rolling apparatus
System for fabricating contour muntin bars from sheet material
Heat Exchangers
Tool and method for reorienting a hem flange
Sheet metal dent removing device
Device and method for expansion forming
Windshield wiper arrangement for vehicles
Slot forming tool for wall construction
Methods and apparatus for retrofitting compressible flanges
Gutter forming machine
Method and apparatus for manufacturing constant velocity joints
Mechanism for gripping and rotating pipe, including plastic covered pipe
Apparatus for shearing multi-walled workpieces
Working table combination having attachable boards
Saw blade
Method for repairing and producing integrally bladed rotors for a turbine or turbo engine
Method of manufacturing a catalytic converter by induction welding
Method for cracking off glassware
Control system and method of use for aligning a piston assembly with an engine block
Electric press with dust generation preventing device
Universal spring tool
Rotary drive with a speed
Circular saw cutting aid
Mold for forming resinous domed article and method of producing same
Roller cage for a deep rolling work roller
Machine tool for working stone and agglomerates of inert materials
Hand tong having tactile torque indication
Double arm pawl for autofeed screwdriver
Torque limiting device
Center line marking apparatus
Cover installation tool
Robotic loader for machinery
Folding tool with a lock and automatic opener
Disposable three blade straight razor
Disposable double blade straight razor
Roller cutter with retractable and removable cutter wheel
Automatic spring retractable utility knife
Paper cassette provided with a cutter
Sheet punch device
Portable power working machine
Clutch mechanism
Latching system for components used in forming concrete structures
Cutting apparatus with a supporting table
Method for removing waste material from an annular, elastomeric article
Device for holding fixing roller, method for manufacturing fixing roller, and image forming apparatus
High speed locking clamp
Method of pressing mats into the production of pressed board
Method of covering a pot or floral grouping with a sleeve having a rounded lower end
Sleeve with trapezoidal lower end
Method and device for making-ready and feeding printing forms
Printing press with multi-plate plate cylinder
Arrangement for the inker unit of a rotary press
Electronic feeler gauge
Uphill screen printing in the manufacturing of microelectronic components
Wheel with a damper for an automobile and a method for manufacturing the same
Pneumatic tire having 98 pitches
Tread for a pneumatic tire including aquachannel
Vehicular pneumatic tire and process of making vehicular pneumatic tire
Rotary transmission leadthrough of a tire pressure control unit
Pressure monitor used within the cavity to be monitored
Method for using time measurements for detecting pressure loss in vehicle tires
Pneumatic tire with variable thickness band element
Vehicular tire having a carcass with sidewalls and tread, process of making vehicle tire, and process of masking an overlapping portion of carcass ply needs
Runflat tire with tread stiffening member
Lock protector
Convertible highway and rail freight vehicle
Climate control curtain for automobiles
Heating or air-conditioning system for a vehicle occupant compartment
Air-conditioning unit
Motor vehicle door
Removable hard top for an automotive vehicle and method of making a composite removable hard top
Cover member attachment structure
Method for reducing fuel tank vapor emission
Quick-close tank vent control system
Cooling container for vehicles
Metallo-plastic clip for attaching vehicle roofs and accessories to the body of a vehicle
Control device for hydraulic drive machine
Enhanced occupant spring mass model for use with an actuatable restraint system including compensating for monotonicity of misuse conditions
Switchable flap valve
Anti-theft security device for vehicles
Non-skid dual leg automobile pedal locking device
Automobile lock
Device for locking the steering spindle of a vehicle
Shift lever device
Windshield wiper system
Windshield wiper blade cleaning system
Master cylinder
Solenoid valve with a check valve
Steel coil railroad car with a cover having a gasket
Terminal design
Self-steering bogies
Assembly for processing blanks
Hydraulic steering arrangement
Method for framing a car body
Bicycle handle stake with double locking portions
Cable feed for a cable actuated bicycle component
Shaft sensor assembly for angular velocity, torque, and power
Low-drag, high-speed ship
Shade cover assembly
Mooring tube assembly with swivel mounted chain support
Watercraft mooring system
Mooring systems with active force reacting systems and passive damping
Water sport towing apparatus and method
Convertible pontoon/camper/trailer construction
Deployable radiators for spacecraft
Separation system for missile payload fairings
Method for forming a packet of cigarettes
Packaging machine
Machine for automated boxing of soft stacked items
Apparatus for introducing groups of flat, stacked articles into packaging containers
Method and apparatus for placing a product in a flexible recloseable container
Process and apparatus for producing (cigarette) packs
Hand held postage stamp dispenser with display and advertising capability
Air valve closure for containers
Power operated tape measure
Method and apparatus for assigning new hall calls to one of a plurality of elevator cars
Elevator controller controlling charging of a battery power source with regenerative power
Differentiating elevator car door and landing door operating problems
Overload protection device for a lever
Tilt control device for fork lift truck
Juice dispenser with removable cooled cabinet
Tamper-proof chemical dispensing device for high security environments
Automatic connection system and method
Multi-directional thermal actuator
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of elongating glass preform
Decreased H2 sensitivity in optical fiber
Method for recycling building materials
Instant cold pack
Composting structure
Perforating charge carrier and method of assembly for same
Compositions and methods for controlling particulate movement in wellbores and subterranean formations
Apparatus methods and compositions for placing additive fluids into a refrigerant circuit
Refrigerating apparatus
Refrigeration system
Foam drive method
Method for producing a cam that can be placed on a hollow shaft to form a camshaft
Remote plasma generator with sliding short tuner
Textiles; Paper
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of composite fibrous stand comprising glass fibers
Threading apparatus and threading method in a textile machine
Apparatus and method for fabrication of textiles
Apparatus for intermingling multifilament yarns
Room darkener fabric with solution dyed black yarn
Light weight and fast drying warp weaving fabric capable of uniflow absorbing and dispersing perspiration
Jet loom and method for achieving substantially identical weaving cycle times
Print-receptive, pill-resistant, knitted fleece fabric
Latch needle having a resilient latch support
Automated 3-D braiding machine and method
Bead threading tool and method for crocheting, knitting and the like
Independent single end servo scroll pattern attachment for tufting machine and computerized design system
Embroidery sewing machine
Fabric tension control device for a dyeing machine
Ball balancing arrangement
Clothes dryer vent guillotine/isolator
Steam iron
Steel cord with waved elements
Fixed Constructions
Device for breaking concrete
Root wrapping type aseismic reinforcement construction and method for base of column member
Hydraulic rotary grinder for attachment to construction machinery
Excavator arm assembly with integral quick coupler
Hydraulic circuit device
Easy to use residential water supply system for preventing winter flood damage
Adjustable height showerhead
Electronically-controlled shower system
Toilet sealing ring adapter assembly
Apparatus for unwinding/rewinding a suction hose for draining cesspools, septic tanks and sewers in general
System and Method of Panelized Construction
Pre-fabricated wall panel
Glazing panel wall system
Hybrid truss and system of fabricating with hybrid truss
Combination hanging clip and T-bar connector
Method of assembling lightweight sandwich wall panel
Housing panel, method for manufacturing housing panel and house using panel
Skylight solar reflective system
Systems and methods for connecting skylight components
Heating method and assembly for staircase
Drywall trim piece
Building component structure, or building components
Shielding apparatus for protecting a machine
Insulated concrete wall system
Method of designing a building for maximum compatability with modular forms
Free-standing small cabin
Storage chamber
Erectable shelter with gable roof
Swimming pool bottom flushing device
Highly effective seismic energy dissipation apparatus
Entranceway and disaster shelter utilizing the same
Safe room
Closing device for closing functions in vehicles in particular
Casement closure device
Combination lock
Door with a lock and a plurality of doors with corresponding locks and a method of installation of a door with a lock
Releasable automotive door stop
Door hinge assembly for an electrical appliance enclosure
Buffer device
Sizable back-up shear plate for metal frame windows
Safety door and window construction
Foamed plastic door with slatted vane construction
Rolling door with a flexible door leaf
Stand-off device
Method of retarding sand build up in heavy oil wells
Hydraulically releasable coupling device
Power tong with shutdown system and method
Seismic shothole reaming module
Downhole machining of well completion equipment
Piston actuator assembly for an orienting device
Downhole magnetic retrieval apparatus
Stripper packer
Apparatus and methods for isolating a wellbore junction
Real-time reservoir fracturing process
Apparatus and method for synchronized formation measurement
Actuation of downhole devices
Apparatus and method for controlling well fluid sample pressure
Downhole hammer-type core barrel and method of using same
Method and apparatus for directional boring under mixed conditions
Downhole apparatus
Wellbore pattern for uniform access to subterranean deposits
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder construction
System and method for starting an engine
Methods for aligning holes through wheels and spacers and stacking the wheels and spacers to form a turbine rotor
Bearing compartment self cooling vent system
Combined cycle power plant and cooling steam supply method for gas turbine therein
Mechanical oil filtration in an I.C. engine valve lifter
Deactivation and two-step roller finger follower having a bracket and lost motion spring
Valve timing adjusting device having stopper piston
Variable valve timing system
Valve timing adjusting device
Valve timing adjusting system of internal combustion engine
Control system for deactivation of valves in an internal combustion engine
Low friction variable valve actuation device
Mechanical lash adjuster apparatus for an engine cam
Valve train apparatus
Mechanical compression release
Breather structure in four-cycle engine for work machines
Method for monitoring the operability of a lambda sensor
Gas-dynamic pressure wave machine
Water-cooled remote fan drive
Centrifugal supercharger having lubricating slinger
Crankshaft of a motor
Multi-cylinder engine for vehicle
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially an internal combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Four cycle four cylinder in-line engine with rotors of a supercharging device used as balance shafts
Recuperator for use with turbine/turbo-alternator
Methods and apparatus for providing uniform ignition in an augmenter
System and method for modular control of a multi-fuel low emissions turbogenerator
Exhaust gas reprocessing/recirculation with variable valve timing
Method of controlling the ignition in an internal combustion engine and engine with means for carrying out the method
Gaseous and liquid fuel injection valve with concentric needles
Four-stroke internal combustion engine with compression ignition and internal exhaust gas recirculation
Evaporated fuel treatment device of an engine
Method of operating an internal-combustion engine, and internal-combustion engine
Electronic control device for optional controlling of different types and operating modes of internal combustion engines
Method and apparatus for optimizing purge fuel for purging emissions control device
In-cylinder injection type internal combustion engine
Method for operating an internal combustion engine, especially of an automobile
Control apparatus and method for internal combustion engine with variably operated engine valve
Device for purifying the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Exhaust gas purification device for engines
Method for adapting a raw NOx concentration value of an internal combustion engine operating with an excess of air
Method for detecting combustion misfires in an internal combustion engine
Control strategy for a throttled inlet, high pressure, diesel engine oil pump
Internal combustion engine with cylinder insert
Cylinder head for a valve-controlled internal combustion engine
Method and system for manufacturing a cylinder head
Cascade-type reversers for jet engines
Crankcase ventilation system
Bypass venturi assembly and elbow with turning vane for an exhaust gas recirculation system
Shaft leakage arresting system for a gas management valve
Linear solenoid automotive emission control valve
Fuel supply unit
Modified lead injector
Pilot operated throttling valve for constant flow pump
Timing advance piston for unit pump or unit injector and method thereof
Fuel injector having dual flow rate capabilities and engine using same
Fuel ram-injector and igniter improvements
Seal arrangement
Fuel injection valve for reciprocating internal combustion engine
Hybrid electronically controlled unit injector fuel system
Pressure regulating valve and method for producing a pressure regulating valve
Carburetor with primary and secondary fuel delivery circuits and methods of operation and installation of the same
Method of detecting a knock in an internal combustion engine by means of ionic current
Method of making a swash plate type compressor piston whose head portion is formed by pore-free die-casting
Small size air pump
Bifurcated splitter for variable bleed flow
Engine stall and distortion suppression system
Ejector cycle system
Pressure-adjusting mechanism
Electro-hydraulic servomotor
Adjustable flow diffuser
Locking mechanism and method for securely fastening resilient cords and tubing
Ball screw
Transmission mechanism for transforming a continuous rotating motion into intermittent rotating motion and a device for transporting sheets of laminar material which is provided with such a device
Harmonic friction drive
Shift control system for vehicular automatic transmission
Hydraulic drive with regeneration circuit
Multi-stage transmission of vehicle
Transmission gear shift system
Light box for shifter assembly
Self-anchoring expansion gap assembly for a gasifier
Valve flapper with dynamic circumference seal
Fuel evaporative emission controller
Faucet handle mechanism
Fluid-impermeable composite hose
Method of forming a connection between a tube and a fitting
Adjustable collar with longitudinal mechanical interlock
Holderless clamping hose
Pressure pulsation damping valve
Apparatus for removing material from pipelines and method of making
Installation for storage of a liquified gas under pressure
Compressed natural gas dispensing system
Lantern system
Pulverized solid fuel nozzle tip with ceramic component
Device and method for combustion of fuel
Swozzle based burner tube premixer including inlet air conditioner for low emissions combustion
Organic waste gasification processing and the production of alternative energy sources
Single seam duct corner
Inner door/burner assembly for fuel-fired water heater
Apparatus for reducing heat load in combustor panels
Combustion cap with integral air diffuser and related method
Liquid fuel and water injection purge systems and method for a gas turbine having a three-way purge valve
Glass surround for fireplaces
System and method for controlling an ultraviolet air treatment device for air conditioner cooling coil irradiation applications
Evaporative cooling apparatus
Piezoelectric power generating arrangement activated by elements caused to rotate by natural energy source
Cryogenic cooling refrigeration system for rotor having a high temperature super-conducting field winding and method
Refrigerating apparatus, refrigerator, air-cooled type condenser unit for refrigerating apparatus and compressor unit
Integrated U-tube and adsorbent unit
Vessel assembly and related manufacturing method
Power or mechanically driven apparatus for adding fluids to charged systems
System for analyzing and comparing current and prospective refrigeration packages
Method for providing refrigeration using a turboexpander cycle
Kit to increase refrigerator ice product
Icemaker assembly
Cryocooler interface sleeve
Cryocooler interface sleeve for a superconducting magnet and method of use
Refrigerant-cooled system and method for cooling electronic components
Evaporator with enhanced condensate drainage
Control board alarms
Refrigeration system
Evacuated sorbent assembly and cooling device incorporating same
Apparatus for the drying of moist particulate material in superheated steam
Drying apparatus for coffee beans and similar crops
Flow disrupter for dryers
Centrifugal pellet dryer apparatus
Method for drying and producing microporous particles and a drying device
Cylindrical heat radiator
Air conditioner cooling apparatus
Heatsink apparatus
Method of making continuous corrugated heat exchanger
Weapon trigger guard apparatus
Pistol locking device
Dischargeable hand weapons having reduced criminal usefulness
Missile launcher with piezoelectric launcher pulse power source and inductive launcher/missile coupling
Ammunition box
Paintball gun
Automatic pressurized fluid gun
Fixture for quickly clipping accessory on pistol
Explosive charges braided into a line charge assembly
Bulletproof equipment
Lead-free tin projectile
Penetrating projectile for bomb disablement
Training cartridge
Enhanced kinetic energy projectile
Lockable electro-optical high voltage apparatus and method for slapper detonators
Apparatus and method for blast suppression
Portable wheel alignment system for motorcycles
Calibrated arcuate wedge tool for measuring a gap adjacent to a curved surface
Apparatus for fine positioning of a component, and coordinate measuring machine having an apparatus for fine positioning of a component
Coordinate measurement device
Armature slot radial clearance-gauging device
Compensated integrated micro-machined yaw rate sensor with quadrature switching
Vibrators, vibratory gyroscopes, devices for measuring a linear acceleration and a method of measuring a turning angular rate
Gyroscope and input apparatus using the gyroscope that detects displacement of leg of tuning fork by means of capacitance change when angular velocity is entered
Device and process for determining position between two parts which are movable relative to one another
Flow anomaly detector
Airflow measuring assembly for air handling systems
Acoustic viscometer and method of determining kinematic viscosity and intrinsic viscosity by propagation of shear waves
Dynamic counterbalance for Coriolis mass flowmeters
Pressure sensor assembly structure to insulate a pressure sensing device from harsh environments
Signal processing device for piezoelectric sensor
Torque detecting apparatus
Dynamometer having improved sensing configuration
Wheel load transducer
Torque sensor
Semiconductor sensor
Sensor element having temperature measuring means
Wheel balancer with control circuit for controlling the application of power to the motor to facilitate mounting
Method to verify cold start spark retard
Device for analyzing exhaust emissions from motor vehicles
Static tire test fixture and related method
Marker positioner
Method for detecting leaks in a fluid system
Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for leak testing closed containers
Process and device for determining the volume of liquid droplets
Particulate mass measurement apparatus with real-time moisture monitor
Methods of testing sputtering target materials
Acoustic spectrometer apparatus and method for cavity geometry verification
Method and arrangement for mechanically testing the valve disk of ceramic valves
Method of predicting bending life of electric wire or electric wire bundle
Powder dispensing/collection manifold for indoor wear testing
Odor measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for evaluating retention time of foam of beer
In-flight calibration of air data systems using a nose-mask sensor
Ring-type meter lock
Extra-flat expandable hinge
Apparatus for positioning board-support pin
Liquid de-icer production apparatus and method
Pressure control valve with hydrodynamic damping
Pressure responsive oil flow regulating supply valve
Mass flow controller automation method and related system
Plastic steering-column gearshift lever
Apparatus for the selection and automatic dispensing of products such as food products
Queuing system
Belt clip assembly
Rib assembly for a crash test dummy
Advertising medium
Photo display globe with liquid filled components
Business form having multi-layer moisture proof wristband
Weather-proof readerboard signage system
Lighted flexible display device having a battery supply mount
Data storage device having a drive mechanism for rotating a data storage medium
Communication cable having loops of a retainer element at successive locations, a method and apparatus for forming the cable
PTC thermistor and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma processing apparatus for semiconductors
Surface treatment of semiconductor substrates
Pedestal design for a sputter clean chamber to improve aluminum gap filling ability
System for and method of monitoring the flow of semiconductor process gases from a gas delivery system
Method for transferring wafers from a conveyor system to a wafer processing station
Electronic component, method of sealing electronic component with resin, and apparatus therefor
Process of producing plastic pin grid array
Method to prevent intrusions into electronic circuitry
Methods for fabricating and using a plurality of electrical contact devices
Method of forming layered metal components
Method of manufacturing an interconnector
Electrical terminal fastening dies for fastening a conductor to a terminal
Electrical terminal implementation device
Laminated blade assembly for cutting insulation
Waterproofing arrangement for wire harness
Method of minimizing rotor body windage loss
Ethernet system
Ceramic electronic part and method for producing the same
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