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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize hybrid X08C986
Genomically multiplied rapeseed plants, compositions derived therefrom and uses of same
Maize hybrid X13B660
Metal ion modified high surface area materials for odor removal and control
Ethylgallate and related compounds as a treatment for sepsis and septic shock
Chemical compounds
Mediators of hedgehog signaling pathways, compositions and uses related thereto
Aqueous pharmaceutical suspensions containing rebamipide and manufacturing process thereof
Phenylpropionic acid derivative and use thereof
Chemical compounds
N-Thio-anthranilamid compounds and their use as pesticides
Oligosaccharide ingredient
Tea brewing and dispensing method
Method to produce, transport, and utilize flour and flour blends
Pocket bra
Access device for surgery
Imaging system for a surgical device
Sensor system and method for image capture of an object
Surgical drill for providing holes at an angle
Aneurysm treatment devices and methods
Lateral intravascular excision/incision devices
Surgical drill for providing holes at an angle
Medical device having linear to rotation control
Dermal micro-organs, methods and apparatuses for producing and using the same
Insertion device and method of use
Cranial flap fixation system and method
Wireless medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment
Health monitoring bolus
Catheter deployment device
Device configuration for supporting a patient oxygenation test
Cuff for blood pressure meter
Edge fold having substantially uniform gathers for absorbent article and method for making
Incontinence detection system
Medical device comprising polyhydroxyalkanoate having pyrogen removed using oxidizing agent
Endoprostheses and methods of manufacture
Longitudinally flexible expandable stent
Catheter balloon systems and methods
Apparatuses and methods for forming incisions in ocular tissue
Powered orthosis systems and methods
Biomarkers for multiple sclerosis
Materials and methods for pest control
Pharmaceutical composition
Benzamide derivatives and uses related thereto
Alpha-arylmethoxyacrylate derivative, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same
Micronized tanaproget, compositions, and methods of preparing the same
Substituted spiro[cycloalkyl-1,3'-indo]-2'(1'H)-one derivatives and their use as P38 mitogen-activated kinase inhibitors
Composition and methods for the treatment of wounds
Glycine derivatives and medicinal compositions thereof
Methods and compositions related to targeting monoacylglycerol lipase
Diagnostic and therapeutic alkyl piperidine/piperazine compounds and process
Pharmaceutical formulation
Process for the preparation of a medicament comprising vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate
Benzothiazoles having histamine H3 receptor activity
Methods and compositions for protecting or treating muscarinic receptors through administration of pyrophosphate analog in subjects exposed to toxic or carcinogenic metals or metal ions
Use of GSK3 inhibitors in combination with radiation therapies
Rationally designed antibodies
Composition for treating aids and associated conditions
Method and composition for treatment of hair loss
Methods for synthesis and uses of inhibitors of ghrelin O-acyltransferase as potential therapeutic agents for obesity and diabetes
Methods for predicting the response to anti-cancer treatment with an agonist of TLR7 or an agonist of TLR8
Method for promoting regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells by administering neurturin
Methods and compositions for protecting and treating muscarinic receptors by administering a pyrophosphate analog to a subject exposed to bacterial, fungal, viral, prion or algal infection
Immunoconjugates and humanized antibodies specific for B-cell lymphoma and leukemia cells
Glucosamine pro-drug
Treatment of tumors with genetically engineered herpes virus
Active particles for bio-analytical applications and methods for their preparation
Aryloxyanilide imaging agents
Compositions and methods for treating keratin based fibers
Topical administration of acyclovir
Stable lipid-comprising drug delivery complexes and methods for their production
Compositions for regenerating defective or absent myocardium
Barrier composition
Colloidal suspensions comprising a therapeutic agent and squalene
Hemostatic sponge
Spacers for use in brachytherapy, radiotherapy, and other medical therapy
Drug delivery sheath
Systems and methods for a medical syringe
Compositions for the treatment of hoof diseases
Hair care composition comprising pyrithione and a purple, pink or red colouring component
Electrostatic filter and non-thermal plasma system for air pollution control of hydrocarbon combustion engines
Adjustable exercise apparatus simulating a kayak
Exercise weight bar with rotating handle and cam selection device
Gymnastic equipment
Structure to fix inflatable and elastic motion body
Baseball pitching training apparatus
Training device for improving a tennis players swing
Computer-implemented video puzzles
System, method, and apparatus for associating a gaming profile using proximity of a wireless device
Interactive sporting apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for separating and collecting fluid in gas from a reservoir
Gas filter with chamber comprising carbon nanotubes for filtering CO2
Device and method for electrochemical treatment
Regeneratable filter for extracorporal treatment of liquids containing particles and use thereof
Resin production apparatus and resin production method
High shear system for the production of chlorobenzene
In-situ gasification of soot contained in exothermically generated syngas stream
Method of reducing temperature difference between a pair of substrates and fluid reaction device using the same
Gas injection-aided centrifugal separation of entrained solids from a solution
Liquid delivery system
Method for the local application of chemical conversion layers
Method for producing coating having desired gloss value
Acoustic source reactive to tow cable strum
Method of manufacturing integrated circuit devices
Directional microporous diffuser and directional sparging
Artificial turf remover and infill separator, and method of use thereof
Methods of making and attaching TSP material for forming cutting elements, cutting elements having such TSP material and bits incorporating such cutting elements
Retaining ring for chemical mechanical polishing
Scraper and sandblaster assembly and methods of use
Method of making annealed door skins and composite door assemblies, and related articles
Method for producing quantum dots
Optical waveguide production method
Method of manufacturing pneumatic tire
Method for manufacturing an embossed sheet comprising a ply of water-soluble material
Composite material
Polyethylene film and method for the manufacture thereof
Glove saver
Process for production of composite fine particles with heterogeneous surfaces
Exposure apparatus
Ink-jet recording material
Gear lever locking device
Hybrid hydraulic drive system architecture
Long life dough package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for purifying perfluorinated products
Chemical processes and reactors for efficiently producing hydrogen fuels and structural materials, and associated systems and methods
Purifying device for sludge under water and method for operating the same
1,2-diaminocyclohexane and chemical process
Process for the production of bimatoprost
Process for preparing isocyanates
Generating methanol using ultrapure, high pressure hydrogen
Process for producing a purified synthesis gas stream
Thermal responsive molecule
Hydrogenation reaction conditions for producing ethanol
Methods for inhibiting polymerization of vinyl aromatic compounds during extractive distillation
Process for preparing lactams
Indole compounds as positive allosteric modulators of the muscarinic receptor
Benzenesulfonamide compounds, method for synthesizing same, and use thereof in medicine as well as in cosmetics
GPR 119 agonists
Peripheral opioid receptor antagonists and uses thereof
Substituted spiro compounds and their use for producing pain-relief medicaments
Process for preparing mono-allyl-functionalized dialkylphosphinic acids, salts and esters thereof with allylic compounds, and the use thereof
Compositions and methods for treatment of prostate and other cancers
Isolation and characterization of novel green fluorescent proteins from copepods
Vectors and yeast strains for protein production: Ca2+ ATPase overexpression
Production and use of antitumoral cyclodepsipeptides
Preparation of polyamides
Water soluble near infrared sensing polymers with low band gaps
RTV-organopolysiloxane compositions and novel organopolysiloxane polycondensation catalysts therefor
Silicone resin, sealing material, and optical semiconductor device
Fire-resistant coating material adina
Polyvinyl alcohol-based film for optical use, polarizing film, and polarizing plate
Multifunctional biocomposite additive compositions and methods
Thermoplastic starch compositions
Polyimide membranes and their preparation
Aminoguanidinephenylphosphinate flame retardant compositions
Pearlescent pigments coated with a metal oxide/hydroxide layer and an acrylic copolymer
Polymeric gel system and methods for making and using same in hydrocarbon recovery
Spherical pellets containing common clay particulate material useful as a proppant in hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells
Fuel compositions
Cleaning agent compositions for reducing MRSA transmission
Fermentation system having strainer assembly
Yield enhancement in plants by modulation of a ZM-ZFP1 protein
Hepatitis C virus expressing reporter tagged NS5A protein
Aptamer to FGF2 and use thereof
IRES functioning in plant
Laccases, compositions and methods of use
Polypeptides having endoglucanse activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having cellobiohydrolase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Process for production of biomass from a carbon source
Process for the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid
Method for producing monatin using an L-amino acid aminotransferase
Chimeric molecule and nucleic acid encoding same
SCDs as modifiers of the p53 pathway and methods of use
Methods for diagnosing and treating a pathology associated with a synonymous mutation occuring within a gene of interest
Method for producing melt supply pipe for aluminum die casting
Roll to roll evaporation tool for solar absorber precursor formation
Entrance and exit roll seal configuration for a vapor deposition system
Electroless gold plating solution and electroless gold plating method
Process for producing metal composite film
Anode shroud for off-gas capture and removal from electrolytic oxide reduction system
Substrate processing apparatus with an insulator disposed in the reaction chamber
Textiles; Paper
Mineral composition
Fixed Constructions
Catch basin trap and mounting system
Lock arrangement and a method of providing power to a lock
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Power generating floating vessel
Wind power generating apparatus
Resin composition and method for production thereof, and rolling bearing and sliding bearing
Lubricant composition for chains, and chain
Reversible planetary gear assembly
Two-mode passive limited slip differential
Controller of vehicle and control method of vehicle
Glow plug and method of manufacturing the same
Broadhead for improved rotation and bone-piercing capability
Satellite tracking system and method of controlling the same
Measurement of a cyclic motion of a ferromagnetic part
Fluorescence detection device and fluorescence detection method
Photo detector and optical device
Method and device for aligning a lens with an optical system
System and methods of log-scale concentration gradients
Particle analyzing apparatus and particle imaging method
Substance detecting apparatus
Apparatus and method for characterizing glass sheets
Ultrafast sequencing of biological polymers using a labeled nanopore
Method for explosives detection
Immunomodulation of functional T cell assays for diagnosis of infectious or autoimmune disorders
Peptides immunoreactive with autoantibodies from patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
Method for producing protein libraries and for selecting proteins from said libraries
Fluorogenic compounds converted to fluorophores by photochemical or chemical means and their use in biological systems
Analysis assisting method, analyzer, remote computer, data analyzing method, program, and reagent container
Device for measuring speed of material
Method and device for multichannel multifrequency analysis of an object
Measurement of insulation resistance of configurable photovoltaic panels in a photovoltaic array
System for fiber DC magneto-optic detection and method thereof
Multiplexer for differential signal
Apparatus for turbulent boundary layer control and flow noise reduction
Method for doppler-aided GPS carrier-tracking using P-step ramp unbiased finite impulse response predictor
Device for particulate NMR samples in a fluid and related methods
Lens barrel having an image-stabilizing insertable/removable optical element
Display module
Angled backlight device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Light emitting module and illumination apparatus
Liquid crystal device and projector
Display device
Electrochromic material
Optical amplifier and optical amplifying apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having improved contrast autofocus accuracy
Leaf spring, stage system, and lithographic apparatus
Method of manufacturing an extreme ultraviolet mask
Copolymer for resist comprising novel acryl based monomer and resin composition for resist comprising the same
Image forming method
Ballast configured to compensate for lamp characteristic changes
Light emitting diode driving device
Circuits and methods for dynamic voltage management
Power supply circuit having switched capacitor units
Voltage regulators with large spike rejection
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus
Information processing apparatus, printing system, and method for controlling the same
Image processing method and image processing apparatus
Signal processing apparatus and method, and program
Stylus having lens member
Display device, two-way communication system and display information using method
Display apparatus with touch panel and piezoelectric actuator
Touch panel
Biometric identification devices, methods and systems having touch surfaces
Printing control apparatus, printing control method, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and image forming apparatus for performing halftone processing on point-of-purchase image
Image forming apparatus, method of controlling image forming apparatus, and storage medium
Rendering of stereoscopic images with multithreaded rendering software pipeline
Method and device for simplifying a complex path
Method and apparatus for multiview image generation using depth map information
Enhanced asset management and planning system
Imaging apparatus, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Data collection module for a physiological data collection system
Medication management apparatus and system
Method and system for alerting and retrieving lost device
Road traffic control system
Intersection vehicle collision avoidance system
Touch sensitive device using threshold voltage signal
Time-based contextualizing of multiple pages for electronic book reader
Skew adjusting apparatus, transmitting and receiving system, and skew adjusting method
Method of driving display panel and display apparatus for performing the same
Program, image data processing method, and image data processing apparatus
Apparatus, system, and method of sharing drawing data
Intelligent DMA in a mobile multimedia processor supporting multiple display formats
Image display system and image display device
Field sequential color encoding for displays
Drum tuner
Manufacturing method of disk drive device capable of reducing amount of unbalance, disk drive device and subassembly thereof
Fluid bearing component including thrust bearing groove recesses and disk drive device including same
Disk drive selecting target response based on identified response
Spin-torque oscillator for microwave assisted magnetic recording
Photodetector unit, optical pickup including the photodetector unit, and optical system including the optical pickup
Copy-protected optical recording medium, method for driving thereof and method for manufacturing thereof
Content addressable memory array having virtual ground nodes
High speed high density nand-based 2T-NOR flash memory design
System and memory module
Adjusting bit-line discharge time in memory arrays based on characterized word-line delay and gate delay
Non-volatile memory device, memory card and system, and method determining read voltage by comparing referenced program data with comparative read data
Segmented memory having power-saving mode
Thick film silver paste containing Al.sub.2O.sub.3 and lead-tellurium--oxide and its use in the manufacture of semiconductor devices
Assembly of magnetised coaxial structures inducing a longitudinal homogeneous field in the centre thereof
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus and method, and article manufacturing method
Transmission electron microscope and method of observing TEM images
Optical transmission device, laser module, failure detection method for laser module, and failure detection program for laser module
Tuning a dielectric barrier discharge cleaning system
Method for manufacturing solid-state imaging device
Method and system for laser separation for exclusion region of multi-junction photovoltaic materials
Process of making a solid state energy conversion device
Photovoltaic cell and methods for producing a photovoltaic cell
High voltage light emitting diode chip and its manufacturing method
Field effect transistor devices with dopant free channels and back gates
Trench gate semiconductor device and the method of manufacturing the same
Annealing copper interconnects
Multi-chip semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Fabrication of a localized thick box with planar oxide/SOI interface on bulk silicon substrate for silicon photonics integration
Full wafer processing by multiple passes through a combinatorial reactor
Group-III nitride semiconductor laser device, and method of fabricating group-III nitride semiconductor laser device
Sealing film and a semiconductor device using the same
Mask programmable interface selection
Interconnect structure employing a Mn-group VIIIB alloy liner
Semiconductor device and programming method
High-voltage silicon-on-insulator transistors and methods of manufacturing the same
Solid-state imaging device having an amplification transistor shared by pixels of a cell and a plurality of reset transistors for resetting read out signals from the pixels
MOSFET including asymmetric source and drain regions
Apparatus and method of detecting electromagnetic radiation
Display substrate for driving an electroluminescent element
Semiconductor memory device using variable resistance element or phase-change element as memory device
Semiconductor storage device comprising a memory cell array including a rectifying element and a variable resistor
Semiconductor wafer including lattice matched or pseudo-lattice matched buffer and GE layers, and electronic device
Power semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Trench Schottky barrier diode and manufacturing method thereof
Back contact diffusion barrier layers for group ibiiiavia photovoltaic cells
Backside contacting on thin layer photovoltaic cells
Method for manufacturing light emitting diode package having LED die fixed by anisotropic conductive paste
Doped tin tellurides for thermoelectric applications
Organic electroluminescent device, method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent device, image display device, and method for manufacturing image display device
Backplane structures for organic light emitting electronic devices using a TFT substrate
Organic light-emitting diode luminaires
Battery management system, method of removing polarization voltage of battery, and estimating state of charge of battery
Secondary battery having a sealing gasket with concave and convex portions
Negative-electrode material and lithium secondary battery using same
Alkaline battery
Positive electrode active material, method for manufacturing positive electrode active material and nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Battery manufacturing method, battery manufactured by such method, vehicle and electronic device
Fuel cell system and operating method thereof
Cooling plate having improved flow channels
Fuel cell system and method of load following operation of the same
Fuel cell system and method for controlling same
Variable resonator and variable filter
Connection structure for connecting a terminal fitting and a circuit board
Connector assembly
Cable connector with reliable assembly
Wire harness installation structure and wire harness-flattening band
Cable protection device and cable having the same
Busbar differential protection method
Power supply apparatus
Method of and plant for storage and retrieval of electrical energy
Stator structure for electric machine
In-wheel motor driven device
Saw device, saw oscillator, and electronic apparatus
Auto-zero amplifier and sensor module using same
Quartz-crystal devices exhibiting reduced electrical impedance
Impedance calibration circuit, semiconductor memory device with the impedance calibration circuit and layout method of internal resistance in the impedance calibration circuit
Critical-path circuit for performance monitoring
Coupling arrangement for phantom-mode transmission
Digital ring oscillator
Blumlein assembly with solid state switch
Fine RF transceiver DC offset calibration
Stochastic beating time-to-digital converter (TDC)
Calibration of delay chains
Scan assisting fixing device and scanner using the same
Method for capturing high-quality document images
Image forming apparatus
Document scanning system using multiple image sensors and method of the same
Image output device, method and program
Control device, control method and control program
Simultaneous viewing of multiple viewer-specific programming on a single display
Stereoscopic content service system and method
Reproducing apparatus and method
Image capturing apparatus having display control of information and frames on displayed images and display control method
Image capturing apparatus and image capturing apparatus control method
Optical imaging module with fixed-focus lens
System and Method for controlling a camera shutter
Solid state imaging device
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same, and imaging apparatus
Gesture-based remote control
Video surveillance system integrating real and logical video streams
Device for the secure contactless data exchange between a reader and a card
Method for manufacturing organic electroluminescent element having organic layers with periodic structure
Direction indication lamp control device, direction indication device, and method of controlling direction indication device
Current-shunting alternating current light-emitting diode driving circuit
Device that enables PLC based smart dimmers to function with no new wires
Dimmable timer-based LED power supply
Method and device for dynamically controlling heat dissipation of an alternating current light-emitting diode driving circuit
Multilayer wiring substrate, and method of manufacturing the same
Docking station for media player
Modular law enforcement baton
Waterproof casing for an electronic device
Electronic circuit module and method of making the same
Method of making an electronic device
Heat sink mounting device
Fan mounting apparatus for heat dissipation
Heat-dissipating device and electric apparatus having the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Agricultural machine, in particular a combine harvester and thresher, with multi-processor master unit
Multi-fit suction irrigation hand piece
Injection molded light pipe
Body-mounted sensing system for stereotactic surgery
Grating based phase control optical delay line
Method of measuring vital function and measuring device
Method to identify electrode placement
Health monitoring system
Method and apparatus for scanning a fingerprint using a linear sensor within a cursor control device
Optical system for measuring metabolism in a body and imaging method
Method of assessing bone characteristics using digital 2-dimensional x-ray detector
Multi-mode x-ray image intensifier system
Digital flat panel x-ray detector positioning in diagnostic radiology
System for curing polymeric materials, such as those used in dentistry, and for tailoring the post-cure properties of polymeric materials through the use of light source power modulation
Facial sauna with two vapor delivery means comprising different vapor delivery nozzles
Method of treatment of dysmenorrhea or relieving menstrual cramps
Methods and systems for controlling olfactory stimuli
Passive defibrillation electrodes for use with cardiac assist device
System and method for storing firmware in a human-implantable medical treatment device
Self applied and self adjusting device and method for prevention of deep vein thrombosis with movement detection
Implantable device with electrical infection control
Method and device for causing the eye to focus on a near object
Cardiac stimulator with rate-adaptive PVARP
Automatic shock lead gain adjuster
Performing Operations; Transporting
Power supply for an electrostatic precipitator
Method for programming a robot using a pendant controller
Independent tube position verification system
Frequency dependent X-ray protection for a multimedia monitor
Image forming apparatus and image forming method with precedent pre-output processing of a print start command
Vehicle height adjust control apparatus and method
Vehicle roll control
Technique for effectively providing audio information in a vehicle
Driving force control apparatus for vehicles
Travelling direction correction apparatus
Follow-up cruise control apparatus
Cruise control apparatus
Device for controlling speed and acceleration of a vehicle
Data bus system for motor vehicles
Computerized automotive service equipment using multipoint serial link data transmission protocols
Method and apparatus for detecting rollover of an automotive vehicle
System and method for controlling a vehicle occupant protection device
System for automatically adjustable devices in an automotive vehicle
Electronic brake controller and display
Vehicle stability enhancement system in high center of gravity vehicle
Electric power steering system with boost curve having portions defined by polynomial equations
Three-axis inertial attitude determination for spinning spacecraft
Capacitor for car stereo with current distributing capability
Decurler roll setup and wear rate determination procedure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Liquid feed vaporization system and gas injection device
Fixed Constructions
Method for controlling a work implement to prevent interference with a work machine
Method and apparatus for displaying an object at an earthworking site
Apparatus and method for well management
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Devices for reducing emissions, and methods for same
Air estimation system and method
Method of selecting pneumatic devices
Method of designing uniform motion, substantially vibration-free spur gears
Driving force control for automotive vehicle
Transportable support apparatus for portable computers
Multi-position point of use electric water heater
Control system for bathers
Method for analyzing the chemical composition of liquid effluent from a direct contact condenser
Adjustable optical train
System and method for measuring wave directional spectrum and wave height
Distributed system and method for detecting traffic patterns
Method and apparatus for inertial guidance for an automobile navigation system
Telematic device for a motor vehicle
Vehicle navigation system with improved powerup performance
Methods and apparatus for displaying a travel route and generating a list of places of interest located near the travel route
Navigation system and navigation apparatus used in the navigation system
Customer-settled voice navigation apparatus
Vehicle navigation device
Map display device and a recording medium
Large scale WDM/TDM sensor array employing erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Method and system for establishing a standard peripheral interface server
Structure and method for detection of physical interference during transport of an article
Interfacial propagating mode waveguide
Enhanced sensitivity automated photomask inspection system
Unilateral hand-held x-ray inspection apparatus
Pallet, system and method for use in testing and/or installing software onto a personal computer system unit
Semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for testing finite state machine (FSM) conformance utilizing unique input/output sequence (UIO) sets
Method of designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for high-speed data transmission bus entrainment
Automatic test equipment using sigma delta modulation to create reference levels
Method and apparatus for testing and debugging integrated circuit devices
Pattern and method of metal line package level test for semiconductor device
Accumulated phase measurement using open-loop phase estimation
Selection of location measurement units for determining the position of a mobile communication station
Strong signal cancellation to enhance processing of weak spread spectrum signal
Method, and associated apparatus, for determining geographic positioning of a wireless communication station operable in a non-ideal propagation environment
Module pack for coordination of work within hazardous environments
Lens with external aperture stop
Zoomable beamspreader with matched optical surfaces for non-imaging illumination applications
Zoom lens
Optical element and optical device having it
Laser microscope and confocal laser scanning microscope
Computer supported video microscope including a linear sensor for generating an overview image
Real-image finder optical system
Viewing optical instrument
Eyepiece assembly using plastic aspheric element
Method for damping ribbon elements in a micromechanical grating device by selection of actuation waveform
Scanning optical system
Image forming optical system in which the effects of ghosting are minimized
Compact display system
Beam shaping optical system
Optical device and Fresnel lens sheet
Retroreflectors having two optical surfaces and varying retroreflectivity
Linear light form with light diverting layer
Low attenuation optical waveguide
Substrate stack construction for enhanced coupling efficiency of optical couplers
Optical coupler and method of manufacturing the same
Intersecting N x M star couplers for routing optical signals
On-chip single layer horizontal deflecting waveguide and damascene method of fabricating the same
Device for coupling waveguides to one another
Optical fiber connector
Optical polarization beam combiner/splitter
System and method for wavelength division multiplexing and demultiplexing
Monolithic coaxial device
Reliable low-cost wavelength division multiplexed coupler with flexible and precise optical path adjustment
Tunable, mechanically induced long-period fiber grating with enhanced polarizing characteristics
Light wavelength tuning device and light source optical demultiplexer and wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system using the tuning device
Multi-channel variable optical attenuator
Fiber splice protection sleeve
Optical ferrule and method for installing fiber without adhesives
Process for producing optical and/or electro-optical connection
Launch fiber termination
Optical module, method for manufacturing optical module and optical communication apparatus
Photoelectronic device and method of manufacturing the same
Optical module and a method of fabricating the same
Optical communications apparatus and method
Optical fiber organizer
Variable focal length lens unit
Autofocus apparatus of a camera
Optical waveguide device with enhanced stability
Thermo-optical switch
Light modulator and method of manufacturing the light modulator
Waveguide structures in particular for use in acousto-optical mode converters and method for making same
Anti-reflective coatings for spatial light modulators
High speed fiber-optic switch
Optical waveguide, acousto-optic deflector and manufacturing method thereof
Cascade optical parametric oscillator for down-conversion
Optical timing detection
Wavelength converter
Real-image finder and optical device having the same
Camera having compact layout
Dual lens camera
One-time use camera having breakable component and recycling method
Front projection image display screen with improved contrast ratio and viewing angle
Image stabilizing device
Camera having label-stopped optical system
System and method for identifying film rolls during development processing
Performing optical proximity correction with the aid of design rule checkers
Image forming apparatus using magnetic brush charging method and two-component developing method
Electrophotographic photosensitive drum, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method for separating and conveying a transferred material
Method of monitoring and initiating operational commands in an image processing device
Image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus and method of obtaining color images with decreased image positional deviation
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Developing apparatus with alternating bias voltage
Toner developing device for an image forming apparatus
Developing device and process cartridge
Developing device, process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus
Transfer-conveyance device and method capable of controlling transfer bias according to change in environmental condition
Transfer and fixing device for electrophotographic image forming apparatus with improved cleaning system
Fixing apparatus
Fixing apparatus
Hard cleaning blade for cleaning an imaging member
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Image-forming apparatus and image forming method using a controlled dynamic frictional force between a cleaning blade and a photosensitive member
Flexible system for sealing control buttons and relaying movement, for watches and other instruments
Time correcting method and portable remote telephone terminal in which time is corrected in accordance with such method
Learning security control device
Fuzzy logic based system and method for information processing with uncertain input data
Web interface to a programmable controller
Position control apparatus, focus adjustment apparatus and camera
Walk-through human/machine interface for industrial control
Automatic following travel system
Method of automated thrust-based roll guidance limiting
Computer system and methods for allocation of the returns of a portfolio among a plurality of investors with different risk tolerance levels and allocation of returns from an efficient portfolio
Anonymous trading system with improved quote input capabilities
Method for controlling access to electronically provided services and system for implementing such method
Royalty collection method and system for use of copyrighted digital materials on the internet
Clock driver with instantaneously selectable phase and method for use in data communication systems
Case for a modular tablet computer system
Card device receptacles
Detachable securement of an accessory device to a handheld computer
Detachable face panel mounting arrangement for an electronic apparatus
Portable computer cooling method and computer holder
Hard drive keying feature
Method and system for hot-plugging a processor into a data processing system
Computer mainframe and stand arrangement
Structure for mounting and method for installing a circuit card
Mounting devices for a heat-generating element and a heat-dissipating device
Apparatus for cooling central processing units in personal computers
Power management override for portable computers
Method and apparatus to reduce power consumption on a bus
Method and apparatus for switching an electronic system between an operating mode and stand-by mode
Computer peripheral device having the capability to wake up from a cold state with information stored before cold powerdown
Apparatus and method for reducing the power consumption of a microprocessor with multiple levels of caches
System for broadcasting to, and programming, a motor device in a protocol, device, and network independent fashion
Keyboard motion detector
Method and apparatus for selectively powering circuitry within a sound device to perform selected sound functions
Fault-tolerant architecture for in-circuit programming
Recording apparatus
Error correction chip for memory applications
Technique for sharing parity over multiple single-error correcting code words
Method and system for improved efficiency of parity calculation in RAID system
Storage controller providing store-and-forward mechanism in distributed data storage system
Method for improved storage of computer system configuration information
System, method, and program for detecting and assuring DRAM arrays
Method for testing interface card
Method and apparatus of resolving conflicting register access requests from a service processor and system processor
Apparatus and method for retrieval of circuit state information
Monitoring a large parallel database through dynamic grouping and sequential sampling
Method for tracking configuration changes in networks of computer systems through historical monitoring of configuration status of devices on the network.
System and method for monitoring and analyzing the execution of computer programs
Application software add-on for enhanced internet based marketing
System for simultaneously executing any one of plurality of applications that must be executed using static data not modified by another computer program
Memory controller and method for meory devices with mutliple banks of memory cells
Non-volatile memory apparatus including first and second address conversion tables stored in volatile and nonvolatile memories for improved access at power up
Mechanism for maintaining revisions of objects in flash memory
Method and apparatus for reclaiming memory
Cache optimization for programming loops
Multiprocessor system bus with a data-less castout mechanism
Very efficient technique for dynamically tracking locality of a reference
Multi-port memory and a data processor accessing the same
GART and PTES defined by configuration registers
Method and apparatus for controlling an instruction pipeline in a data processing system
Multiple variable cache replacement policy
Caching managing method for network and terminal for data retrieving
Security system protecting data with an encryption key
Method and apparatus for performing enterprise email management
Managing defective media in a RAID system
Logical drive migration for a raid adapter
Method in an operating system, a method and system for supporting multiple hardware devices from a single communications port
Memory with pipelined accessed and priority precharge
Multi-ported memory with asynchronous and synchronous protocol
Multiprocessor data processing system and method of interrupt handling that facilitate identification of a processor requesting a system management interrupt
Method and apparatus for accelerating the rendering of images
Data transfer method and device
Information processing apparatus, control method, and transmission medium using thin protocol that responds to A/V control commands
System for sharing data buffers from a buffer pool
Information processing apparatus and data transfer apparatus having electric power supplied from a cable interface
System for providing bridging of backplane
PCI bus system wherein target latency information are transmitted along with a retry request
No stall read access-method for hiding latency in processor memory accesses
Extension of electronic buses and their bus protocols using signal-propagation timing compensation
Method and apparatus for memory access in a matrix processor computer
Cooperative interconnection for reducing port pressure in clustered microprocessors
Integrated processor and programmable data path chip for reconfigurable computing
Efficient groupby aggregation in tournament tree sort
Orthogonal transform processor
Communication system with multicarrier telephony transport
System for entering handwritten data into computer generated forms
Customizable electronic invoice with optional security
Thesaurus retrieval and synthesis system
Dictionary management apparatus and a dictionary server
Method and apparatus for interactive source language expression recognition and alternative hypothesis presentation and selection
System and method for interfacing index based and iterator based application programming interfaces
Digital signaturing method and system for wrapping multiple files into a container for open network transport and for burning onto CD-ROM.
Device and method for multidimensional pattern analysis
System and method for performing I/O-efficient join processing
Reverse content indexing
Query and retrieving semi-structured data from heterogeneous sources by translating structured queries
Method and apparatus for generating query responses in a computer-based document retrieval system
Method and system for database publishing
Method and apparatus for efficient proximity searching
Mechanism for information extraction and traversal from an object base including a plurality of object classes
Hyperlinked relational database visualization system
Automatically generate and displaying metadata as supplemental information concurrently with the web page, there being no link between web page and metadata
Database search and display method and database search system
Indexing of media content on a network
Distributed system and method for prefetching objects
System and method for real-time insertion of data into a multi-dimensional database for network intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment
System and method for restructuring of logic circuitry
Structure for improved capacitance and inductance calculation
Non-linear optimization system and method for wire length and density within an automatic electronic circuit placer
IC design floorplan generation using ceiling and floor contours on an O-tree structure
Logic emulation system
System and method for authentication of network users with preprocessing
Computer architecture for managing courseware in a shared use operating environment
Removable memory device for portable terminal device
System and methods for improved spreadsheet interface with user-familiar objects
Image processing method and apparatus that use handwritten gestures for editing
Structure and method for reading/writing signature commands from/to a plurality of controller pairs
Efficient scheduling of reading data from multiple storage mediums to satisfy multiple requests
Storage and access to scratch mounts in VTS system
File system for non-volatile computer memory
Server hard disk drive integrated circuit and method of operation
Write pass identifier
Method and apparatus for increasing disc drive performance
Method and apparatus for manipulating logical objects in a data storage system
System for real-time adaptation to changes in display configuration
Portable hands-free digital voice recording and transcription device
Low latency fused multiply-adder
Apparatus and method for processing data having a mixed vector/scalar register file
Pseudorandom number sequence generation in radiocommunication systems
High speed modular exponentiator
High performance pipelined data path for a media processor
High data density RISC processor
Programmable RISC-DSP architecture
Data processing system and register file
Method for digital signal processing, DSP, mobile communication and audi o-device
Information processor having duplicate operation flags
Configurable branch prediction for a processor performing speculative execution
Decentralized exception processing system
Pipelined processor for performing parallel instruction recording and register assigning
Method and apparatus for performing power management by suppressing the speculative execution of instructions within a pipelined microprocessor
Partially executing a pending atomic instruction to unlock resources when cancellation of the instruction occurs
High-performance, superscalar-based computer system with out-of-order instruction execution and concurrent results distribution
Method and system for a result code for a single-instruction multiple-data predicate compare operation
Detecting similarities in Java sources from bytecodes
Code node for a graphical programming system which invokes execution of textual code
Network storage system
Execution management method of program on reception side of message in distributed processing system
Statically linking an application process with a wrapper library
System for reconfiguring a boot device by swapping the logical device number of a user selected boot drive to a currently configured boot drive
System for presetting a first or second remote boot protocol by a computer remotely receiving and storing a boot parameter prior to being powered on
Computer system having flash memory BIOS which can be accessed remotely while protected mode operating system is running
Method for flashing a read only memory (ROM) chip of a host adapter with updated option ROM bios code
Apparatus and method for storing BIOS data of computer system
Kernel mode protection
Method for analyzing array summary for loop including loop exit statement
Compiler capable of reducing interrupt handling in optimization and its optimization method
Computer processing and programming method using autonomous data handlers
Mechanism for resource allocation and for dispatching incoming calls in a distributed object environment
Bridge providing communication between different implementations of object request brokers
Method for supporting address interaction between a first entity and a second entity, converter for address interaction, and computer system
Method of transferring heterogeneous data with meaningful interrelationships between incompatible computers
Virtual shadow registers and virtual register windows
Method and apparatus of translating and executing native code in a virtual machine environment
Computer system for reading/writing system configuration using I/O instruction
Computer system, agent transmission method and agent reactivation method
Method and system for resource management with independent real-time applications on a common set of machines
No-reset option in a batch billing system
System for separately designating security requirements for methods invoked on a computer
Name server computer having a load levelling facility to spread the load from client computers across a plurality of server computers
Secure variable storage for internet applications
Managing processor resources in a non-dedicated computer system
Method and electronic circuit for signal processing, in particular for the computation of probability distributions
Data recording method and device for optical memory card capable of stopping recording upon detection of synchronization error
Image processing apparatus, method, and image processing system
Active electrostatic transceiver and communicating system
Apparatus of alignment for scanner and a method of the same
Fingerprint image cutout processing device for tenprint card
Text image deblurring by high-probability word selection
Method for automatic determination of main subjects in photographic images
Ares method of sub-pixel target detection
Image processing method and apparatus which iteratively divides image data into sub-regions
Method and system for combining pattern matching and optimization
Digital neural node
Method and apparatus for computer-supported generation of at least one artificial training data vector for a neural network
Adaptive problem solving method and apparatus utilizing evolutionary computation techniques
System for managing applied knowledge and workflow in multiple dimensions and contexts
Process for internet ordering of industrial products
Quality assurance method for a machine and an operator
Device and method for project management
Method and apparatus for populating multiple data marts in a single aggregation process
Apparatus and method of utilizing a database to correlate customer requests and suppliers capabilities for custom synthesis of polymers
Audio and video transcription system for manipulating real-time testimony
Runway reservation system
Method for authorizing couplings between devices in a capability addressable network
Method and apparatus for processing checks to reserve funds
Electronic transaction systems and methods therefor
Internet payment system using smart card
Method of billing a value-added call
System and method for a debit card telecom service
Real time communication of purchase requests
Process, system and computer readable medium for in-store printing of discount coupons and/or other purchasing incentives in various departments within a retail store
Integrated audiotext-internet personal ad services
Secure public digital watermark
Rotation, scale, and translation resilient public watermarking for images using a log-polar fourier transform
Image acquisition system
Method and apparatus for video watermarking using perceptual masks
Computed tomography method utilizing a conical radiation beam
Fast hierarchical backprojection method for imaging
Using a set of residual images to represent an extended color gamut digital image
Pattern editing system
Using a residual image to represent an extended color gamut digital image
System using one or more residual image(s) to represent an extended color gamut digital image
Maintaining advance widths of existing characters that have been resolution enhanced
Image processing apparatus and method
Method and system for the automated delineation of lung regions and costophrenic angles in chest radiographs
Image processing method and apparatus
Machine vision systems and methods for morphological transformation of an image with non-uniform offsets
Method and system for the computerized assessment of breast cancer risk
Code information reproduction system for adaptively controlling block decoding format based on code reading state
Apparatus for video rate control using a fuzzy rule-based control
Apparatus and method for decoding compressed digital video data
Picture coder, picture decoder, and transmission system
Apparatus and method for recovery of data in a lossy transmission environment
Video signal recording apparatus and video signal regenerating apparatus
System and method for compressing and decompressing images
Apparatus and method for interframe predictive video coding and decoding with capabilities to avoid rounding error accumulation
Method and system of printing postage indicia from an envelope design application
Method and arrangement for data processing in a mail shipping system having a postage meter machine wherein a carrier-identifying mark is scanned and processed
Feature to facilitate numeric passcode entry
Biometric system for biometric input, comparison, authentication and access control and method therefor
Digital information system, digital audio signal processor and signal converter
Gaze-based secure keypad entry system
Acoustic device
Data traffic control in a data modem system
Method and apparatus for allowing or disrupting passage of power in electrical appliances
Airport surface movement guidance and control system
Communication radio method and apparatus
Method and system for accessing multimedia data in an interactive format having reporting capabilities
Enhancement of markup language pages to support spoken queries
Optical disc and optical disc driving device
Optical recording/reproducing apparatus including a mask device for masking marginal rays, in a direction perpendicular to a recording medium track, of a light beam returned from the recording medium
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Tracking control method and apparatus for controlling capstan motor speed
Magnetic recording/reproduction apparatus, with inclination adjusting system
Teeth lock ring for a disc stack
Adhesiveless disc drive spindle assembly
Disc player
Current limiting in high performance files
Method of fast tracking for an optical pick-up and apparatus thereof
Optical recording medium with wobbled grooves and interconnecting pits
Information signal recording/reproducing system, information signal recording device, information signal reproducing device and information signal recording/reproducing process
System decoder for high-speed data transmission and method for controlling track buffering
Recording/reproducing method suitable for recording/reproducing AV data on/from disc, recorder and reproducer for the method, information recording disc and information processing system
Recording method and apparatus for continuous playback of fragmented signals
Optical disc recording apparatus and optical disc recording method for facilitating dubbing audio streams
Data processing apparatus and methods
Optical disk recording/reproducing device
Scratch protection in tape data storage system
Microactuator suspension with multiple narrow beams
Flexure-slider bonding system
Applying a ramped voltage source across an actuator coil to retract a disc drive actuator
Disk Cartridge
Data cartridge marker for foreign object detection
Belt-type tape cartridge with increased magnetic tape capacity
Compact disc player with security system for selectively preventing ejection of a compact disc and related method
Video data decoding apparatus and method and video signal reproduction apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for digitally recording and reproducing data recorded in the vertical blanking period of video signal
Disk drive testing
Variable gain amplifier with temperature compensation for use in a disk drive system
Data card having a retractable handle
Magnetic reproduction apparatus for suppressing sense current shunting
8V ring clamp circuit
Magnetic head apparatus with head IC chip
Magnetic tape head with combination bleed and transverse slotted contour
Tapered stitch pole writer for high density magnetic recording
Magnetic head with improved floating surface
Magnetic reproducing head having a magnetoresistive effect
Disk apparatus having an improved head carriage structure
Head gimbal assembly with integrated electrical conductors
Timing based servo system for magnetic tape systems
Method and apparatus for determination of disc drive structural response during typical operations
Optical head transfer circuit, optical head and reproducing apparatus introducing the same circuit
Tracking and focusing control apparatus in an optical disk system
Optical recording and reproducing apparatus, tilt adjusting method appropriate therefor, and recording control method
Optical head having a phase-shifting diffraction grating
Mixed program and sense architecture using dual-step voltage scheme in multi-level data storage in flash memories
Method of erasing a flash EEPROM memory cell array optimized for low power consumption
Dynamic random access memories with hidden refresh and utilizing one-transistor, one-capacitor cells, systems and methods
Dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor memory device and memory system
Multiplexor having a single event upset (SEU) immune data keeper circuit
Multi-level DRAM trench store utilizing two capacitors and two plates
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method of fabricating, programming, and erasing a dual pocket two sided program/erase non-volatile memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Flash memory with overerase protection
Apparatus for externally timing high voltage cycles of non-volatile memory system
Flash memory device with program status detection circuitry and the method thereof
Array architecture and operating methods for digital multilevel nonvolatile memory integrated circuit system
Method for erasing and rewriting non volatile memory cells and particularly flash cells
Evaluation of memory cell characteristics
Non-volatile memory with improved sensing and method therefor
Voltage control circuit
Memory test method and nonvolatile memory with low error masking probability
EEPROM memory chip with multiple use pinouts
Semiconductor memory devices and sensors using the same
Latched sense amplifier with tri-state outputs
Low consumption ROM
Memory devices and memory reading methods
Data-strobe input buffers for high-frequency SDRAMS
Block RAM with reset to user selected value
Integrated circuit memory devices having multiple data rate mode capability and methods of operating same
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor memory device
Four F-squared gapless dual layer bitline DRAM array architecture
Intializing memory cells within a dynamic memory array prior to performing internal memory operations
SRAM method and apparatus
Semiconductor memory device having a delay circuit for generating a read timing
Register file with improved noise immunity and aspect ratio
Semiconductor memory device having word lines driven by row selecting signal and column selecting signal lines arranged parallel to each other
Self-timed clock circuitry in a multi-bank memory instance using a common timing synchronization node
Circuit and method for synchronized data banking
Multi-port static random access memory design for column interleaved arrays
Slidable comb assembly for burnable poison rod transfer device
X-ray mirror system providing enhanced signal concentration
X-ray generator
Electrical devices having a polymer PTC array
Polymer fuse and filter apparatus
Antiparallel (AP) pinned read head with improved GMR
Magnetoresistive element having a first antiferromagnetic layer contacting a pinned magnetic layer and a second antiferromagnetic layer contacting a free magnetic layer
Semiconductor circuit components and capacitors
Ceramic capacitor mounting structure
Electrode for capacitor, method for producing the same and capacitor
Method of detecting manual trips in an intelligent electronic device
Method for controlling an electromagnetic operator of an electrical device
Circuit interrupting system with independent trip and reset lockout
X-ray tube and method of manufacture
Electron beam irradiation of gases and light source using the same
Device for controlling treating station
Integration of heat conducting apparatus and chip carrier in IC package
LGA clamp mechanism
Electronic circuit device and method of fabricating the same
Ball-grid array integrated circuit package with an embedded type of heat-dissipation structure and method of manufacturing the same
Low cost ball grid array package
Method and system for controlling radio frequency radiation in microelectronic packages using heat dissipation structures
Electronic circuit module, electronic circuit module connecting structure and connecting member, and method for connecting the same
Personal communication terminal with a slot antenna
Diode-pumped double frequency solid-state laser
Method for aligning a cylindrical laser optical resonator
Excimer laser oscillation apparatus
Polarization maintaining fiber lasers and amplifiers
Asymmetrical laser-resonator having solid-state gain-medium symmetrically filled by resonator-mode
Non-planar Q-switched ring laser system
Solid-state laser device
Optical communication system and optical amplifier
Ring cavity laser
Tunable diode laser with fast digital line selection
Continuously-tunable external cavity laser
Red, infrared, and blue stacked laser diode array by water fusion
Wavelength multiplexing light source
Surge suppressor with virtual ground
Environmentally insensitive surge suppressor apparatus and method
Hybrid electricity and telecommunications distribution network
Switching power supply using an inductor device to prevent harmonic current generation
Switched mode power supply
Power supply system for a group of lamps
DC injection and even harmonics control system
Integrated sense and switch circuitry for transformer core resetting
Drive circuit for switching power supply
Controller for a non-isolated power factor corrector and method of regulating the power factor corrector
Inverter control using current mode slope modulation
Load monitoring apparatus
Amplitude insensitive synchronization of nonlinear systems
Wireless selective call receiving apparatus which can reduce current consumption and wireless selective call receiving method
Multistaged frequency conversion with single local oscillator
Satellite receiver
Receiver for data transmission
Control circuit with automatic DC offset
Apparatus and method for adaptive reduction of power consumption in integrated circuits
Geographically adaptive portable broadcast receiver
Digital audio processor
Dual supply voltage input/output buffer
Frequency divider with variable modulo
Post-filtered recirculating delay-locked loop and method for producing a clock signal
CRC coding system and CRC coding method
Parity insertion with precoder feedback in a read channel
Bit interleaving for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing in the transmission of digital signals
Interleaving apparatus
Low delay decoding
Modified viterbi detector which accounts for correlated noise
Method and apparatus for floating point operations and format conversion operations
Method and apparatus for digital compensation of radio distortion over a wide range of temperatures
Common digitizing rate for multiple air interfaces for generic cell sites in cellular radio
Method and apparatus for receiving spread spectrum signal
Spread spectrum receiver
Block pseudo-noise generating circuit
Multi-user receiving apparatus and CDMA communication system
Methods and apparatus for burst-mode CDMA DSSS communications receiving systems
Spread spectrum codes for use in communication
Power supply in the standby mode
Burst mode optical transmitter circuit
Method and device to compensate for polarization mode dispersion in an optical transmission link
Mobile communication terminal device
Nonlinear processor for acoustic echo canceller with background noise preservation and long echo tail suppression
Full-duplex speakerphone circuit including a supplementary echo suppressor
Two-ended wireline pair identification system
Method for obtaining control information during a communication session in a radio communication system
Apparatus and method for measuring air interference of a base station
Method and apparatus for dynamically controlling the bias current in a receiver in response to the transmitter power
Method and system for reducing multipath fading in bent-pipe satellite communications systems
Paging reception assurance in a multiply registered wireless transceiver
Method for selecting a wireless communications service provider in a multi-service provider environment
Method and apparatus for storing and accessing multiple constant bit rate data
Packet multiplexer with automatic communication path optimization based on loop detection
Methods and apparatus for signaling using parity status
Mobile communication system
Generating acknowledgement signals in a data communication system
Method and apparatus for testing a communications line in a data processing system
Processing apparatus for measuring performance monitoring parameters
Extending dial up networking paradigm to cover network connections
Platform independent distributed management system for manipulating managed objects in a network
Serial redundant bypass control mechanism for maintaining network bandwidth management service
Method of recording information system events
Generic test execution method and apparatus
Ethernet communication redundancy method
Scalable hub
Method of addressing messages and communications system
Method for configuring distributed internet protocol gateways with LAN emulation
Frequency band control device with cell conflict control
Agent moving method, message transmission method, agent transmission method, agent acquisition method, message acquisition method and agent list acquisition method, and computer
Packetized data transmissions in a switched router architecture
System and method regarding early packet discard (EPD) and partial packet discard (PPD)
Packet data transmitting apparatus, and method therefor
Digital audio-video network system
Methods and apparatus for transporting narrowband (voice) traffic over a broadband (ATM) network
Signal processing apparatus
Frequency modulation method and modem unit employing such method
Modem designs, and systems using the modem designs for communicating information between a number of remote locations and one or more central locations
OFDM signal organized so as to simplify reception
Multiple transmission system wherein analog signal is transformed to base band, random-transformed and superimposed on dispersed signal points in vector signal space
Variable baud rate demodulator
Mobile terminal and method for controlling network connection thereof
Routing mechanism for networks with separate upstream and downstream traffic
PSTN fallback using dial on demand routing scheme
Method and apparatus for secure measurement certification
Method, system and apparatus for exchanging stored information between a server and customer premises equipment
Voice mail on the internet
Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network
Variable bandwidth communication systems and methods
Providing a master device with slave device capability information
Method for economically sub-optimizing interactions in data-communications network environments, and a device according to the method
Method, server and telecommunications system for name translation on a conditional basis and/or to a telephone number
Method of providing telecommunications services
Transmitting and receiving method and radio system
Subscriber RF telephone system for providing multiple speech and/or data signals simultaneously over either a single or a plurality of RF channels
Auto-recoverable and auto-certifiable cryptostem using zero-knowledge proofs for key escrow in general exponential ciphers
Method and apparatus for encrypting input bit sequence
Portable telephone
Arrangements and a method relating to an apparatus containing electrical circuitry
Handset cable reel
Communication earpiece without impulse and high frequency noise
Structure of a communication line connecting box
Concentrated dynamic test path rooting
Method of receiving a facsimile message
Graphical user interface for a portable telephone
Telephone web browser arrangement and method
Communication server apparatus using frequency multiplexing and method
Selectable billing options for a single communications account
Modem protection device
Network planning traffic measurement program
Unbundling device and method for connecting a competing local exchange carrier (CLEC) to the subscriber loop of a local exchange carrier (LEC)
Voiced interface with hyperlinked information
Voice processing system
Method, telecommunication system, and processor device
Call center outbound/inbound balance system
World wide web voice mail system
Universal conference control manager
Method of processing a document in an image-based document processing system and an apparatus therefor
Image-processing apparatus
X-ray image detecting apparatus and image reading apparatus
Image processing technique for binarizing an image scanned by a shuttle type scanner
Artifact removal technique for skew corrected images
Context generation circuit and method for small screen
Geographical position/image digital recording and display system
System and method for charging fee for video information
Processing of redundant fields in a moving picture to achieve synchronized system operation
Data compression device that switches between intra-frame coding and inter-frame coding
Repeat use data inserting apparatus and digital broadcast transmitting system
Method of and system capable of precisely clipping a continuous medium obtained from a multiplexed bit stream
Optimized multilayer wiring housing
ISDN plus voice multiplexer system
Unified access platform for simultaneously delivering voice and cell-based services
Apparatus and method for a remote access server
Network protocol for wireless broadband ISDN using ATM
ATM processing apparatus
ATM switching apparatus and ATM communications network
ATM switch system employing an efficient clock pulse division technique
Dynamic build-out approach for use in packet voice systems
Transit trunk subnetwork system
Adapter card that selects between an ISDN interface and an analog modem interface
Method and system for processing outbound service calls via a network adjunct platform
Method for internal communication in a telecommunications system
Communication system with multiple SCP
Telephone caller identification log with internet access
Network restoration routing optimization
Network centric call processing architecture using distributed call segments
Resource controllers for use in a non-unitary service system
Optimization of agent transfers in call blending
Paging method and apparatus
Two-way paging system having random reverse channel slot scheduling
Method and apparatus for simultaneous circuit switched voice and GPRS data interchange
Wireless communication system with selectable signal routing and method therefor
Digital cordless telephone set
Apparatus and method for mobile terminal rescans during roaming
Uplink and downlink transmission quality improvement by differentiated base station antenna pattern downtilt
Cellular radio system with improved characteristics in border areas
System for providing prioritized wireless communication service to wireless communication subscribers
Voice mail deposit for wireless mobile telephone networks
Radio communication apparatus and method with single receiver
System and method for automatic registration notification for over-the-air activation
Angle adjustment structure for speaker system
Audio reproducing apparatus
Method for optimizing the layout and charge maps of a flowline of pick and place machines
EMI/ESD shielding assembly for an electronic system
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