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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Land clearing device
Colored or fragranced horticultural/agricultural products
Plant pot with nesting plates
Method and substrate for cultivating a plant
Nit stripping device and method
Pair of pants with the L pocket
Adaptable shoe cover
Footwear lacing system
Seat belt latch plate assembly
Apparatus and method for encouraging hand washing
Weight-stabilizing stretcher
Body support pillow assembly
Drink preparing machine including a built-in container for cleaning using steam nozzle
System for cleaning surface of solar cell panel
Cleaning appliance
Vacuum cleaner
Means and method for the detection of cardiac events
Neuro-navigation system
Spatial encoding MR data of a moving subject using a higher-order gradient field
Method and apparatus for improved transmission-side accelerated PPA-based volume-selective magnetic resonance imaging
Method for creation of stereo image pairs of an object under examination with an x-ray system and x-ray system
System and method for rapid optimization of control parameters of an implantable cardiac stimulation device
Medical electrode device, particularly implantable cardiological electrode device
Method of manufacturing an implantable J-shaped lead
Morphology-based optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy
Apparatus for reverse iontophoresis and method for reverse iontophoresis
Performing Operations; Transporting
Printing device, adjustment method and printing method
Rolling stand, rolling train, and method for rolling metal strip
Straightening a tube on an expander
Machine tool
Method of cutting food
Grape cutter
Clip apparatus
Fuel injection control system with exempt area of fuel map
Vehicular driving control apparatus and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Microstructured transmission optical fiber
Overflow downdraw glass forming method and apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Construction method of steel composition girder bridge
Precision surface technology
Sheathing fastening bracket system
Multistory residential building with private stairway accessible units
Wall-mounted modular accessory system
Carrier having a living hinge
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Particulate filter regeneration post-injection fuel rate control
Optimization of soot distribution in a diesel particulate filter
Internal combustion engine
Stoichiometric compression ignition engine with increased power output
Fuel nozzle for a turbine combustor, and methods of forming same
Industrial gas turbine engine
Piston with a skirt having oil flow slots and method of construction thereof
Device and method for adjusting fabric
System and method for enabling floating of earthmoving implements
Detachable synthetic rope connector
Dual clutch transmission
Transmission with reverse gear brake
Apparatus and method for providing a temperature-controlled gas
Firearm support devices and related methods
Handle for a semi-automatic firearm
Method for inspecting defect and system therefor
On-board system for constructing an aircraft track
Guided vehicle system and transportation method
Ubiquitous personal information device
Method and apparatus for locating cable faults
Force measurement system
Shut-off valve testing system
Device for the determination of the concentration of solid particles
Method and apparatus for measurement of fluid properties
Stress corrosion cracking testing device
Virtual private network fault tolerance
Method for balancing the load of a wireless local area network
System and method for fault identification
Maximum-throughput routing of traffic in the hose model
Wiring structure and method of semiconductor integrated circuit
Learning based logic diagnosis
Method and apparatus for eliminating noise induced errors during test of a programmable logic device
Semiconductor apparatus and clock generation unit
Integrated circuit device, diagnosis method and diagnosis circuit for the same
Compact zoom lens
Variable power optical system
Projection zoom lens and projection-type display device
Microscope system
Electrophoretic display and process for its manufacture
Light scanning apparatus and method to prevent damage to an oscillation mirror, reducing its amplitude, in an abnormal control condition via a detection signal outputted to a controller even though the source still emits light
Optical device, transfer mold, and image pickup apparatus
Compact lens system
High SBS threshold optical fiber with aluminum dopant
Optical fiber line arranging guide groove capable of sensing optical signals
Arrangement of a micro-optical component on a substrate, a method for adjustment of the arrangement, and an optical system with the arrangement
Optical switching system and control method for micro mirror
Projection objective
Digital camera with ancillary data capture
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Toner cartridge and electrophotographic printer employing the same
Roller, fixing device, and image forming device
Image forming apparatus
Test system for a user terminal apparatus and test automation method therefor
Dynamic setup wizard in lighting control system commissioning
Performing an idle mode handoff in a wireless communication device
Classification using enhanced feature sets
Multi-view cognitive swarm for object recognition and 3D tracking
Semiconductor circuit device and method of detecting runaway
Nested LDPC encoders and decoder
Reducing the soft error vulnerability of stored data
Method and apparatus for mirroring customer data and metadata in paired controllers
Electronic mail server with facsimile transmission on electronic mail transmission failure
Computer apparatus, start-up controlling method, and storage medium
Notifying remote administrator of platform integrity determination
Token generation method and apparatus
System for handling streaming information using a plurality of reader modules by enumerating output pins and associated streams of information
Inverse query engine systems with cache and methods for cache maintenance
Maintaining disk cache coherency in multiple operating system environment
Atomic commit of cache transfer with staging area
Data object processing of storage drive buffers
Apparatus and method for partitioning a shared cache of a chip multi-processor
Dongle configured to electrically couple a data storage device and a host computing device
Apparatus and method for quick retrieval of search data by pre-feteching actual data corresponding to search candidate into cache memory
Bus to MCU bridge
Method for adopting an orphan I/O port in a redundant storage controller
Document processing apparatus and method
Electronic control apparatus and memory apparatus for electronic control apparatus
Electronic mail (Email) Internet appliance methods and systems
Systems and methods for predicting traffic on internet sites
Feedback loop for spam prevention
Method and system for securely provisioning a client device
Method and system for selectively forwarding electronic-mail
Vending network resources
Method for configuring a piece of equipment with the use of an associated machine resolvable code
Data backup system having a flexible restore architecture
Fast transaction commit
Multimedia content delivery system
Updating of software stored in a computer of a data communication system
Information processing system, information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, and remote controller terminal
Systems and methods for implementing dynamic subscriber interfaces
Method of executing scanning in broadband wireless access system
Large file transfer in a design collaboration environment
System and method for intelligent, globally distributed network storage
Support IP pool-based configuration
Method for managing input/output (I/O) performance between host systems and storage volumes
Internet-based education support system and methods
Measurement-based construction of locality-aware overlay networks
Peer-to-peer auction based data distribution
Enhanced information and presence service
Data processing apparatus and control method for verifying that version codes in selected boot sector and main sector match
Dynamic self-configuration for ad hoc peer networking
Development of electronic employee selection systems and methods
Distributing limited storage among a collection of media objects
Host website for digitally labeled websites and method
Task specific audio classification for identifying video highlights
Minimal difference query and view matching
Data processing device and method for selecting media segments on the basis of a score
Apparatus and method for adaptive signal characterization and noise reduction in hearing aids and other audio devices
Processing of performance sensitive transforms
Automatic relevance and variety checking for web and vertical search engines
Searching content on web pages
Automatic extraction of human-readable lists from structured documents
Method and apparatus for tracking functional states of a Web-site and reporting results to web developers
Method and apparatus for battery power pre-check at system power-on
System and method for managing a path environment variable
Method and apparatus for evaluating visitors to a web server
Method, system, and apparatus for discovering and connecting to data sources
Method and apparatus for buffering streaming media
Software obfuscation
Methods and systems for preserving unknown markup in a strongly typed environment
Method and device for time verifying measurement data
System for determining critical on-times for fuel injectors
Method and apparatus for designing semiconductor integrated circuit
Layout evaluating apparatus
Circuit design tools with optimization assistance
Simplified data signal support for diagramming environment languages
Method and apparatus for integrated hierarchical electronics analysis
Probablistic imaging with azimuthally sensitive MWD/LWD sensors
Chromatograph mass spectrometer
Method for calibrating sensors
Idle stop system
Automatically generating security policies for web services
Instruction set for programmable queuing
Method and apparatus for controlling data flows in distributed storage systems
CICS BMS (basic message service) meta model
Pen-based interface for a notepad computer
System and method for displaying a constant time selection context menu interface
Network based legal services system
Information providing apparatus, terminal apparatus, information providing system and information providing method
Method for improving local descriptors in peer-to-peer file sharing
Error detecting device, error detection method and control system
Structures for LUT-based arithmetic in PLDs
Generating a hardware description of a block diagram model for implementation on programmable hardware
Breaking a lock situation in a processor without detection of the lock situation using a multi-level approach
Automatic detection of micro-tile enabled memory
Generating software development tools via target architecture specification
Source-to-source partitioning compilation
Abstract interpretation with a congruence abstract domain and/or a heap succession abstract domain
Program and system performance data correlation
Systems and methods for bimodal device virtualization of actual and idealized hardware-based devices
Intelligent scheduler for multi-level exhaustive scheduling
Non-disruptive embedding of specialized elements
Method for detecting polyps in a three dimensional image volume
System and method for tracking a global shape of an object in motion
Error analysis for image interpolation and demosaicing using lattice theory
Method and apparatus for generating a stereographic image
Adaptive quantization of depth signal in 3D visual coding
Motion artifact correction of tomographical images
Apparatus method and computer-readable medium for processing hierarchical encoded image data
Image processing method and method for detecting differences between different image macro-blocks
Signal processing apparatus, method of processing a signal, recording medium, and program
Multimedia terminal for product ordering
Method and an apparatus for a trading market design and deployment system
System for purchase check-out arrangement in retail system
Approach for processing electronic orders
Visual representation and configuration of trading strategies
Driving assistance method and system for conveying risk information
Apparatus and method for a greeting bag
Adjustable sign frame and method of using the same
Device and method for measuring jitter
Vehicle data recording device
Magnetic head with improved CPP sensor using Heusler alloys
Method for enhancing thermal stability, improving biasing and reducing damage from electrostatic discharge in self-pinned abutted junction heads
Optical pickup device with a tilt adjusting actuator
Disk device and control method therefore
Compatible optical pickup using light sources following a common optical path
Recording medium with a linking area thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
Defect area management system and method for optical storage medium
Recorder and recording medium
Apparatus and method of initializing phase-change optical disk
Thin film magnetic memory device writing data with bidirectional current
Memory cell for content-addressable memory
Non volatile memory
Regulation of boost-strap node ramp rate using capacitance to counter parasitic elements in channel
Internally asymmetric methods and circuits for evaluating static memory cell dynamic stability
Memory having bit line with resistor(s) between memory cells
Efficient and systematic measurement flow on drain voltage for different trimming in flash silicon characterization
Semiconductor memory and testing method of same
Method for using a spatially distributed amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus to control sensing time for nonvolatile memory
Word line control for improving read and write margins
Method for fabricating printed circuit board
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric element and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Amplifier gain and phase stabilizer
High power fiber amplifier
Multiwavelength semiconductor laser array and method of fabricating the same
Laser device triggered by a photonic fiber
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Over current protection circuit and method
Trip indicator member, and limiter and electrical switching apparatus including a plurality of trip indicator members
Switching power supply apparatus
High efficiency power converter
Basic halogen convertor IC
Switching power supply unit
Method and device for selecting an antenna for receipt of a multi-carrier signal
Method and apparatus for generating a clock signal according to an ideal frequency ratio
Phase-switching dual modulus prescaler
Dynamic redundant area configuration in a non-volatile memory system
Low-interference UWB wireless communication system and processing method thereof and storage medium recorded program of the same
Measurement technique for a radio access telecommunications terminal
Cross-correlated TDMA, spread spectrum, CDMA and OFDM systems
Power control feedback loop for adjusting a magnitude of an output signal
Advance signaling for multi-stage tranceivers
Adaptive radio transceiver with subsampling mixers
Periodic ranging in a wireless access system for mobile station in sleep mode
System and method for implementing a delta-sigma modulator integrity supervisor
Method and apparatus for reproducing images, and image recording apparatus
Quality control in frame interpolation with motion analysis
Method and system for rejecting single-sided leakage into an amplitude modulated (AM) channel
Processes and systems involving optical phase conjugators
All-optical methods and systems
Management of packet-based audio devices within acoustic spaces
Earpiece/microphone (headset) servicing multiple incoming audio streams
Talker arbitration method and apparatus
System and method for monitoring for wake events in a wireless local area network
Power allocation method and apparatus for providing packet data service in mobile communication system
OFDM transmission/reception apparatus
Method for optimizing enhanced DWDM networks
Multiplexer and demultiplexer
Device and mechanism to manage consistent delay across multiple participants in a multimedia experience
OFDM receiving method of OFDM receiver for receiving an OFDM signal via a plurality of space paths
Method of scheduling data and signaling packets for push-to-talk over cellular networks
Layer-based multiple data processing apparatus and method
Derivation method for cached keys in wireless communication system
Estimating available bandwidth with multiple overloading streams
Redundancy in voice and data communications systems
Adaptive antenna reception device having excellent initial directional beam reception quality
Distortion tolerant linear phase modulations
System and method for sending IP packets to a mobile station transitioning from dormant state to active state
Methods and apparatus to determine digital subscriber line configuration parameters
Router congestion management
Modifying the bandwidth of an established ATM call in response to an identification of the contents of the call
Architecture for high speed class of service enabled linecard
Method and system for finding shared risk diverse paths
Architecture and method for accessing services in a data center
Method and apparatus for adaptive bandwidth control with defined priorities for different networks
Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
System and method for transmitting analyzed data on a network
Apparatus and method for rate-based polling of input interface queues in networking devices
Selecting a routing mode for a call session
Method and apparatus for call routing via gateway brokering
Slim bandwidth reservation protocol over an IP network
System and method for adaptive multi-rate (AMR) vocoder rate adaptation
Communication system modulating/demodulating data using antenna patterns and associated methods
VSB receiver and carrier recovery apparatus thereof
Method of assisting an application to traverse a firewall
Pilot symbols in communication systems
Method and apparatus for ensuring the integrity of data
System and method for secure transactions over a network
Method and apparatus for accelerating public-key certificate validation
Entity authentication in electronic communications by providing verification status of device
Communications device and communications program
Encryption for a stream file in an FPGA integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for generating secured attention sequence
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Communication device and program
Audio alert system and method
Mobile terminals, methods, and program products that generate communication information based on characters recognized in image data
Systems and methods for a wireless messaging information service
System and method for initiating communications between mobile stations
System and method for remote asset management
System for storing and supplying wireless contacts information
System and method for neighborhood optimization for content recommendation
Program processing apparatus, program processing system, and program
Moving image playback apparatus and its control method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
Resource allocation in multi-stream IP network for optimized quality of service
OFDM communication system and method having a reduced peak-to-average power ratio
Method for informing about the properties of a communication network, a system and a mobile terminal
Video, voice and location finder wireless communication system
Dual fallback in circuit-switched multimedia call setup
Method and system for providing access to a telecommunications network
Apparatus and method for routing communications
Apparatus and method for antenna verification of closed loop mode transmit diversity
Apparatus and method for resetting physical channel
Functional element-mounted module and a method for producing the same
Substrate mounted with electronic element thereon
Disk array device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Safety helmet structure with a hand-free receiver
Cellular/PCS management system and method
Assembly for focusing and coupling the radiation produced by a semiconductor laser into optical fibers
Device and method for registering a position sensor in an anatomical body
Tactile feedback and display in a CT image guided robotic system for interventional procedures
Transcranial examination of the brain
Dry physiological recording electrode
Low distortion ECG filter
Voice activated diagnostic imaging control user interface
User input device for controlling medical imaging equipment motion
Personnel inspection system with x-ray line source
System and method for analysis of a tissue
Dispensing cabinet with unit dose dispensing drawer
Filters for combined radiotelephone/GPS terminals
Electrode apparatus for stimulating penile, urethral, and anal tissue
Medical electrical lead
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polymeric nanocomposite materials with a functional matrix and method of reading and writing thereto
Blockless fiber optic attenuators and attenuation systems employing dispersion tailored polymers
Method for marking or drilling holes in glass lenses and device for realizing the same
Method and system for manufacturing storage container for storing nuclear fuel
Control method and control device for the operation of coupled drive axes with superposed movement components
Driver alert for vehicle with adaptive cruise control system
Method and system for inspecting a vehicle-mounted camera
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Selection of sites for targeting by zinc finger proteins and methods of designing zinc finger proteins to bind to preselected sites
End sequence profiling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for magnifying torque during the operation of a motor vehicle
Operation stop control method of internal combustion engine for vehicle
Method and arrangement for performing an exhaust gas analysis on motor vehicles having an on-board engine control and diagnostic system
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus of internal combustion engine and method thereof
Diagnostic systems for turbocharged engines
Method of operating a vehicle transmission
In-ground pipeline monitoring
Georeferenced monitoring system
Electric water heater having balanced wattage density water heating
Mobile tactical high energy laser weapon system and method for generating a high energy laser beam
Method and apparatus for wafer analysis
Navigation system, and information server apparatus and communication terminal apparatus for the same, and method and program for changing a movable body in the same
System and method for calculating an optimized route and calculation thereof
Method of determining if deterioration in structural integrity of a pressure vessel, a pressure vessel, and a structural integrity testing apparatus therefor
Method and structure for detection of electromechanical problems using variance statistics in an E-beam lithography device
Spray data acquisition system
Fluoroscopic computed tomography method
Optical system in the ray path of a confocal fluorescence microscope
Waveguide grid array and optical measurement arrangement
High energy X-ray mobile cargo inspection system with penumbra collimator
Target molecules detection by waveguiding in a photonic silicon membrane
Energy efficiency measuring system and reporting methods
Testing device for wireless transmission towers
Rapid defect analysis by placement of tester fail data
Position location of multiple transponding platforms and users using two-way ranging as a calibration reference for GPS
Hybrid processing method and apparatus, navigation system, program storage device and computer data signal embodied in carrier wave
Seismic velocity update for anisotropic depth migration
Optical fiber grating device
Optical fiber Bragg grating tuning device
Dispersion shifted optical fiber
Single and multilayer waveguides and fabrication process
Attenuator integrated with modulator and transmitting module for WDM systems using the same
Optical waveguide device and coherent light source and optical apparatus using the same
Optical waveguide and optical circuit base component
Guided-wave optical interconnections embedded within a microelectronic wafer-level batch package
Miniature circulator array devices and methods for making the same
Multi-channel optical equalizer for intersymbol interference mitigation
Coupling method of coupler
Multimode interference coupler, multi-layer optical planar waveguide using the same and method of manufacturing the same
Optical fiber collimator
Dispersion managed cable for unrepeatered systems
Switching using three-dimensional rewriteable waveguide in photosensitive media
Beam-steering optical switching apparatus
Dispersion compensation unit and method of producing the same
Tool to remove a ferrule from a receptacle
Optoelectronic transceiver
Cable management brackets and cabinet
Self-supporting fiber optic cable
Fiber optic cable with cushioning member
Distance measurement and photometry apparatus
Distance measuring device installed in camera
Method and apparatus for integrating an optical transmit module
Waveguides and devices incorporating optically functional cladding regions
Film canister device for use in a film package assembly and a method for loading a camera therewith and a camera loadable thereby
Management system and apparatus, method therefor, and device manufacturing method
Ground plate for a photosensitive drum assembly
Image forming apparatus having function of automatically selecting one of sheet feeders, method of controlling the image forming apparatus and storage medium
Systems and methods incorporating job scheduling to extend the lifetime of an ink sump
Image forming apparatus
Image formation apparatus and method for controlling the feed of a recording sheet prior to a print command
Image forming device with function selecting keys and at least one shortcut key
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of image forming speeds
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Apparatuses for color image formation, tandem color image formation and image formation
Image formation apparatus and charger used therewith
Developer housing with variable speed mixing for improving material life and performance
Image forming apparatus having a control section for detecting an amount of developer and an amount detection method of developer of image forming apparatus
Developer container, developing conveying device and image forming apparatus using the same
Toner cartridge and toner supply device
Image forming device with filming cleaning function
Color image formation apparatus
Development system for developing an image on an image bearing member
Developer and image formation apparatus having developer
Apparatus and method for removing carrier liquid from an intermediate transfer member surface or from a toned image on an intermediate transfer member
Image forming apparatus having a transfer current detection device and control for developing bias in non-image area
Image forming apparatus including image transfer body with elastic layer and coating layer
Image forming apparatus and method of preventing toner from transferring from image carrier to reverse surface of sheet
Image forming apparatus having an intermediate transfer member
Transfer-and-fixation system with preheated printing medium for creating images using liquid-development electrophotographic apparatus
Image forming apparatus using copy speed to control fixing temperature
User-replaceable fuser cartridge for electrophotographic printing systems
Stripper fingers and roller assembly for a fuser in a printing apparatus
Fixing device preventing rubbing of toner image
Fixing member having layers with radiation-transmitting and radiation-absorbing properties, and a fixing assembly including such a fixing member
Duplex printing apparatus
Image formation method, image formation apparatus, computer program, and storage medium
Medical timing system for use before and during childbirth labor
Method and apparatus for precision time interval measurement
Robotic device management system and method, and information management apparatus
Loader control device
Methods and systems for fabricating components
Spatial avoidance method and apparatus
Frequency dithering for DDS spectral purity
Control apparatus for portable computer
System and method for data routing over a network
Methods, systems and computer program products for hashing address values
Interleavement for transport of frames and cells
Automotive audio system
Resource proxy for mobile wireless electronic devices
Myoelectric feature-pattern classification method and apparatus
Multimedia data retrieval device and method
Analyzing images to determine if one or more sets of materials correspond to the analyzed images
Method and apparatus for adaptively scheduling tool maintenance
Image reporting method and system
Disk apparatus, video/audio data processor, and video/audio control method that detect audiovisual frame information to control output
Method to provide failover protection to a data storage and retrieval system
Iris authentication apparatus
Fingerprint sensor
Method and system for searching for words in ink word documents
Fingerprint segment area processing method and associated apparatus
Segmentation method and apparatus for medical images using diffusion propagation, pixel classification, and mathematical morphology
Apparatus and method for document reading and authentication
System and method for the processing of scanned image data using a pixel window
Method and apparatus for table recognition, apparatus for character recognition, and computer product
Image identification apparatus and method of identifying images
Imaging apparatus, control method for imaging apparatus, and computer program product for providing control program for imaging apparatus
Encoding method and apparatus for compressing a data structure having two or more dimensions, decoding method, and storage medium
System and method to facilitate pattern recognition by deformable matching
Integrated tracking system
Communication system, communication method, and storage medium storing communication program for mobile device users
Prepaid/postpaid automatic change of payment option
Temporal synchronization of video watermark decoding
Receiving apparatus, transmitting apparatus, and communication system which utilize a watermark insertion technique
Motion picture electronic watermark system
Image matching using resolution pyramids with geometric constraints
Rotated transform of an image using block transfers
Head tracking and color video acquisition via near infrared luminance keying
Image processing method, an image processing apparatus, and a recording media on which an image processing program is recorded
Image analyzing apparatus and image analyzing method
Image processing apparatus utilizing pixel values of peripheral pixels adjacent the subject pixel
Method for transmission control in hybrid temporal-SNR fine granular video coding
Producing a compressed digital image organized into layers having information relating to different viewing conditions and resolutions
Predictive encoding and decoding methods of video data
MPEG picture processing apparatus and data transferring method using the apparatus
Method and system for compression of images
Robust power-on meter and method using a limited-write memory
Coin-type determining device
System and method for creating a controlling device
System for providing traffic information
Method and apparatus for facilitating speech barge-in in connection with voice recognition systems
Method and apparatus for voice latency reduction in a voice-over-data wireless communication system
Method and device for reducing vibration of a high speed disk drive
Reproducer for disc-shape storage medium
Pre-recorded compact disc and copy-limit method thereof
Reproduction signal evaluation method
Recording medium for storing linking type information and method of processing defective area using the same
Disk drive apparatus, and disk formatting method
Drive device including a restart drive detection element
High-performance information processing apparatus having multitasking functions
Constraining video production based on compression-related information
Multiplexing method for continuous reproduction of encoded pictures during skipping
Information recording medium, information recording/reproducing method, and information recording/reproducing device
Device and method for recording information on a track having preformed position information
Reproduction apparatus and a reproduction method for video objects received by digital broadcast
System and method for integrating call record information
System and method for data recording and playback
Disk device with rotatable playing section
Optical disk reproducing apparatus having a viterbi detector
Wobble signal reproducing circuit
Read-only optical recording medium and disc cartridge
Optical recording medium having mark and space portions based on frequency band of RF signal
Control system and method for controlling the sled of the optical storage device by using stepping motor
Magnetic restoring device of an actuator
Actuator control device
Apparatus for controlling eccentricity in photo-record player and control method thereof
Optical pickup for improving properties of a reproduction signal
Optical information recording and reading apparatus
Automatic power control apparatus of disc drive
Astigmatic objective lens for optical head
Optical lens for optical disc drive with aberration suppression for recording/reproducing for a plurality of optical disc types
Diffraction grating element and optical pickup device incorporating the same
Method of producing improved three-dimensional features in data recording structures
ROM embedded DRAM with programming
Method of providing stability of a magnetic memory cell
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and data programming method
Trim circuit and method for tuning a current level of a reference cell in a flash memory
Reducing the effects of noise in non-volatile memories through multiple reads
Data memory with short memory access time
Semiconductor memory device
Test mode decoder in a flash memory
Semiconductor memory device
High voltage regulator for low voltage integrated circuit processes
Memory cell error recovery
Semiconductor memory device having advanced prefetch block
Method for opening pages of memory with a single command
Near field light probe, near field optical microscope, near field light lithography apparatus, and near field light storage apparatus that have the near field light probe
Cathode for high emission x-ray tube
Semiconductor device
Portable telephone
Converter for satellite broadcast reception having structure for uniform grounding pressure
Radio frequency radiation-free environments
Ultraviolet laser device
Electric discharge gas laser
Waveguide device with mode control and pump light confinement and method of using same
Polarization mode control of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Generation of stabilized, ultra-short light pulses and the use thereof for synthesizing optical frequencies
Method and arrangement for the self-calibration of a diode pumped solid state laser, particularly a tunable, diode pumped solid state laser
Wavelength-tunable stabilizer laser
Excimer or molecular laser with optimized spectral purity
Control of polarisation of vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Tuneable, adjustment-stable semiconductor laser light source and a method for the optically stable, largely continuous tuning of semiconductor lasers
Diode laser device with cooling and operation monitoring
Distributed bragg reflector laser and fabrication method
Method for frequency and mode stabilisation of a tuneable laser that has at least three sections
Enhanced polarization control and stabilization by macroscopic in-plane anisotropic strain in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Optical semiconductor device
Correlation based method of determining frame boundaries of data frames that are periodically extended
Complex phase-locked loop demodulator for low-IF and zero-IF radio receivers
System and method for I-Q mismatch compensation in a low IF or zero IF receiver
Even-order non-linearity correction feedback for Gilbert style mixers
Quadrature divider
Multiband frequency generation using a single PLL-circuit
Conversion spur avoidance in a multi-conversion radio frequency receiver
Optical receiver using variable negative-capacitance circuit
Methods and apparatus for enabling or disabling an amplifier
Device and method for controlling the amplitude of signals
System and method for antenna diversity using equal power joint maximal ratio combining
Self-correlation detection in automatic gain calibration
System for bitstream generation
Lock detection system for use in high speed communication systems
System and method for current-mode amplitude modulation
Radio device holder including device locking member and tray having tray locking member
Dual-function removable reversable unit for radio and telephone
Cellular telephone case
Transmitter and receiver circuit for radio frequency signals
Transceiver including reactive termination for enhanced cross-modulation performance and related methods
DSL splitter providing test access to an interconnected subscriber loop and method
Method and system for retrieving adaptation field data associated with a transport packet
Automatic video object extraction
Base station
Node-B/base station rake finger pooling
Modified finger assignment algorithm for high data rate calls
Method for detecting transmission rate of code division multiple access (CDMA) type communication terminals
Optical sampling using intermediate second harmonic frequency generation
Transmission configuration
Spectral conditioning system and method
Semiconductor laser and system for and method of performing digital optical communications using such semiconductor laser
Method and apparatus for suppressing relative intensity noise (RIN) and improving transmission signals
Broadband amplified WDM ring
Power line communications
Method and apparatus for controlling forward direction power ratio in W-CDMA wireless communication base station
Apparatus for dividing power and method thereof in pico-base transceiver station
Method and apparatus for multi-layer resource management in wireless communications systems
Digital mobile wireless communications apparatus and the system using the same
Receiving station for wireless telephone system with diversity transmission and method
Method and apparatus for processing data in a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communication system utilizing channel state information
System for efficiently covering a sectorized cell utilizing beam forming and sweeping
Method and apparatus using event correlation for identifying an interfering mobile terminal
Wireless vehicular repeater system
Apparatus and method for estimating the time of arrival of a spread spectrum signal in a wireless communication system
Method and radio station for transmitting information
Method and circuit arrangement for implementing inter-system synchronization in a multimode device
Wireless network with a concealed network node
Spread spectrum communication method and spread spectrum communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for time-sharing channelization code in a CDMA communication system
Reproduction apparatus and reproduction method
Method for estimating the traffic matrix of a communication network
WDM network and WDM network device
Apparatus, and associated method, for detecting a symbol sequence
SDH signal generator
Communication apparatus and communication system
System and method for providing bandwidth management within a small office, home office network
Variable rate coding for forward link
Synchronization loss detection in a V.34 receiver
Method and apparatus for a software configurable wireless modem adaptable for multiple modes of operation
Multi-party conferencing method
Apparatus and method to monitor communication system status
Method and system for passive quality of service monitoring of a network
Method and apparatus for aligning sub-stream splice points in an information stream
Method and apparatus for controlling fanout of a multicast tree
Method and apparatus for latency reduction in low power two way communications equipment applications in hybrid fiber coax plants
High-speed internet access system
Wireless communication system incorporating multicast addressing and method for use
Architecture and protocol for a wireless communication network to provide scalable web services to mobile access devices
Efficient network multicast switching apparatus and methods
TDM switching system and ASIC device
Method for bandwidth management by resizing pipes
Method and system for clustered wireless networks
Rate control in transmission of packet data over an ATM network
Method and apparatus for routing of best-effort and quality of service flows
Traffic engineering for an application employing a connectionless protocol on a network
LAN relaying/switching apparatus
Line interface integrated circuit and packet switch
Digital switching system
System and method for internodal information routing within a communications network
Method of transferring data via bypass line in connection-type network
Method for pacing buffered data transfers over a network such as fibre channel
System and method for connecting a call with a gateway system
Quality of service (QOS) enforcement method
Method and system for creating small group multicast over an existing unicast packet network
Methods and apparatuses for supporting IGMP and GMRP concurrently
Intelligent stacked switching system
Subscriber permissions and restrictions for switched connections in a communications network
Apparatus and method for channel assignment of packet flows
Port mirroring across a trunked stack of multi-port communication devices
Routing in a multi-station network
Method for monitoring communications in a cellular radiocommunication system, and network core therefor
Ring configuring method and node apparatus used in the ring
Packet transmission scheduling with threshold based backpressure mechanism
Enhanced transmission of critical data
Control interface unit for realizing a simultaneous controlling of at least two logical units and appertaining method
System and method of wirelessly triggering portable devices
Data calls using both constant bit rate and variable bit rate connections
Integrated IP telephony and cellular communication system and method of operation
Method and system for random access packet channel request
Apparatus and method for providing multimedia conferencing services with selective information services
Access and control system for enhanced audio capabilities in an integrated telephony/high speed data access device
Configuration identification and mapping in a frame relay-ATM service interworking-based wide area network
System and method for controlling a telephony communication session
Method and apparatus for inter-working line side signaling between circuit, packet and circuit packet networks
Communication control method in complex switched network and gateway using the method
Method for extending mobile IP and AAA to enable integrated support for local access and roaming access connectivity
Multiported register file for burst mode coefficient updating
Time domain equalization for discrete multi-tone systems
Demodulator and method for demodulating CPFSK-modulated signals using a linear approximation of the CPFSK signal
System and method for data scrambling to reduce the crest factor in an OFDM waveform
Fast threshold determination for packet-multiplexed digital communication
Method and apparatus for detecting and compensating digital losses in a communications network
Method and system for Doppler frequency estimation
Nonlinear-least squares based method and apparatus for FSK signal decoding
Rectangular-to-polar conversion angle quantizer
Nonlinear pre-distortion modulator and long loop control
Method and apparatus for providing user control of audio quality
Mobile node, mobile agent and network system
System and method for asynchronous decryption
System and method for restarting of signaling entities in H.323-based realtime communication networks
Method and system for forward error correction with different frame sizes
Method for detecting radio frequency impairments in a data-over-cable system
Delay compensation
Signaling mechanism for modem connection holding and reconnecting
Optimized high-level data link control encoding/decoding
Encryption method, decryption method, encryption/decryption method, cryptographic communications system, and computer usable medium
Communications device having a sliding keypad cover
Radio handset
Wireless device and method of operating the same
Speaker configuration for a portable electronic device
Apparatus for making outgoing call
Method for changing timbre during conversation in cellular phone
Telephone having improved hands free operation audio quality and method of operation thereof
Telephone for children
Mobile terminal operating in telephonic and tactile modes
Concurrent wireless/landline interface apparatus and method
Telephone line switch using an optocooupler
Ethernet-based digital subscriber line methods and systems
Method and apparatus for providing prepaid local telephone services in metered states
Call management system with call control form user workstation computers
System and method for performance measurement quality assurance
Method and system for tapping telephone conversations
Method and apparatus for checking the functionality of a switching center
Internet controlled telephone system
Method and apparatus for conducting call waiting-caller identification in a packet switched network
On-demand caller identification
Method and system for selectively performing call information query
Sound source management system
Network-centric self-administered call center with intelligent mobile agent terminals
Method and apparatus for extracting voiced telephone numbers and email addresses from voice mail messages
Voice message delivery method and system
Reducing delays in a communication network using a re-fragmentation pipeline
Method and apparatus for providing transaction capabilities application part information in a session initiation protocol system
Communications system
Two-step algorithm for training an echo cancellation filter
System and method for controlling a filter to enhance speakerphone performance
Recording and reproducing apparatus
Flexible video encoding/decoding method
Image positional relation correction apparatus, steering supporting apparatus provided with the image positional relation correction apparatus, and image positional relation correction method
Method for adjusting the brightness and color of MPEG encoded video streams
Motion vector coding method
Method for marking a compressed digital video signal
System and method for establishing an aggregate degree of brightness for each primary color to create a composite color digital image
Multi-order optical cross-connect
Strictly non-blocking optical switch core having optimized switching
Priority control of queued data frames in frame delay multiplexing
Group switching system for multiple-channel data
Method and apparatus for a self-correcting bandwidth request/grant protocol in a wireless communication system
Mechanism and method dynamically allocating ATM connections between exchanges
Method and system for providing broadcast channels over an emulated subnetwork
PCM upstream and downstream system for universal digital loop carrier
Signalling in a telecommunications network
Global title translation with load sharing
Audio transmission apparatus
Monitoring system and method implementing test configuration logic
Method of implementing network game function using portable telephone
Method of providing dynamic regionally relevant data to a mobile environment
Method of transmitting data, in particular GSM data
Method and apparatus for providing speech quality based packet enhancement in packet switched networks
System for tandem free operation in packet based communication
System and method for distributing wireless communication signals over metropolitan telecommunication networks
Mobile equipment theft deterrent system and method
Method and apparatus for matching operating revisions of a mobile station and a base station in a wireless data communication system
Error reporting in a mobile telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for implementing network planning
Method and apparatus for detecting forward and reverse link imbalance in digital cellular communication systems
Automatic radio wave output limiting system for portable telephone set
Call processing method capable of home-zone additional services in mobile communication system
Mobile location estimation in a wireless communication system
Location managing method for managing location of mobile station in mobile wireless packet communication system and mobile wireless packet communication system
Speed calling in a wireless centrex system
Home zone service method for mobile telephone subscribers in mobile radio communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling application processor occupancy based traffic overload
Electro-acoustic converter
Audio transducers
Time controlled hearing aid
Apparatus and method for simultaneous estimation of transfer characteristics of multiple linear transmission paths
Capacitor charging device utilizing current detection to determine malfunction, and strobe and camera using same
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