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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Perturbed membrane-binding compounds
Method for inhibiting insects with an insect cadherin ectodomain
Use of 1H-indol-3-yl-2-oxoacetamide compounds
Stable acidic milk drinks, process for producing the same, and additive for acidic milk drinks to be used therein
Microalgal feeds containing arachidonic acid and their production and use
Method for making a low carbohydrate dough
Method and apparatus for applying energy to biological tissue including the use of tumescent tissue compression
Combined dissecting, cauterizing, and stapling device
Heparin prodrugs and drug delivery stents formed therefrom
In situ blood vessel and aneurysm treatment
Use of rasagiline with or without riluzole to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Compound for treatment of external secretion disorders
Piperazine amidines as antiviral agents
Double secondary para-phenylenediamine compounds, dye compositions comprising same, and dyeing process using the compositions
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter comprising rotatable, disk-shaped filter elements
Method for cleaning tar-bearing waste water and apparatus for performing said method
Filter element
Antiallergen filter, process for producing the same and use thereof
Installation for treating at least one fluid and use thereof for the separation of at least one constituent of a gas mixture
Integrated heavy hydrocarbon removal, amine treating and dehydration
Manganese containing oxygen storage component comprising three-way catalyst composition
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and process for purifying exhaust gas
Surface-attached polyfunctional polymer networks for sensor chips
Optical information-recording medium manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus
Hydrophilicity promoting and maintaining agent for polysilazane-containing coating films and method of using same
Method of making an electrically conductive element for use in a fuel cell
Device for the sorting of flat mailings
Hydrogen storage battery; positive nickel electrode; positive electrode active material and methods for making
Synchronization technique for forming a substantially stable laser output pulse profile having different wavelength peaks
Multilayer optical film with melt zone to control delamination
Method for manufacturing porous silicon
Soft metal and method for preparation thereof, and exterior part of watch and method for preparation thereof
Medical device chemically modified by plasma polymerization
Single ply tissue products surface treated with a softening agent
Fluorescent red-orange retroreflective sheeting
Substrate for transparent electrodes
Image forming apparatus
Image forming device
Dispensing device, dispensing method and method of detecting defective discharge of solution containing biological sample
Method and device for localizing the position of at least two emission units, especially for monitoring at least one parameter for a plurality of wheels pertaining to a motor vehicle
Wireless tire pressure and/or wheel speed sensing system for aircraft
Child lock apparatus
Cooling system monitoring system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Filter cartridge for gravity-fed water treatment device
Composition for ceramic substrate, ceramic substrate, process for producing ceramic substrate and glass composition
Optical glass and process for making precise-pressed optical elements therefrom as well as said optical elements
Translucent ceramic, method for manufacturing the same, optical component, and optical device
Process for stably operating a continuous preparation process for obtaining acrolein or acrylic acid or a mixture thereof from propane
3-cyclopropyl-4-(3-amino-2-methylbenzoyl)pyrazoles and their use as herbicides
Method of preparing tetrahydrofuran
Insitu removal of chelator from anionic polymerization reactions
Radiation curable compositions
Rubber modified acrylic and/or vinyl hybrid resins
Composition for a tire tread and process for its preparation
Polyethylene compositions for injection molding
Transparent and impact-resistant thermoplastic resin compositions
Ink set
Aqueous dispersion type pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and pressure-sensitive adhesive product
Liquid crystal display element and light-modulating material
Composition of a water-repellent agent
Semiconductor cleaner comprising a reducing agent, dispersant, and phosphonic acid-based chelant
Method of elevating photosynthesis speed of plant by improving pyruvate phosphate dikinase
Methods and reagents for treating glucose metabolic disorders
Method for manufacturing steel plate having superior toughness in weld heat-affected zone
Hot-dip galvanized hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets excellent in strain age hardening property
Method and apparatus for controlling the length of a carbon nanotube
Method for removing laser scales
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic braking and locking of a wind turbine
Magnetic detector
Methods and systems for laser mode stabilization
Doppler tracking optical monopulse
Phase diversity ranging sensor
Phantom for the quality control of a radiotherapy treatment virtual simulation system
Systems and methods for reducing detected intensity non-uniformity in a laser beam
Apparatus and method for measuring the signal from a fluorescing nanodrop contained by surface tension
Application of statistical inference to optical time domain reflectometer data
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for optimizing inspection recipes using programmed defects
Automated molecular pathology apparatus having independent slide heaters
Method for dosing a biological or chemical sample
Kit and method for determining a plurality of analytes
Instrument for detecting light emitted by the contents of a reaction receptacle
Measurement of critical dimension and quantification of electron beam size at real time using electron beam induced current
Detection method/device of probe's tip location using a transparent film attached to a substate having plurality of electrodes, and a storage medium for implementing the method
Transmission apparatus
Flow control between fiber channel and wide area networks
High-speed traffic measurement and analysis methodologies and protocols
Routing restorable service-level-guaranteed connections using maximum 2-route flows
Signal separation for a CDMA communications device and associated methods
Method and system for attitude determination of a platform using global navigation satellite system and a steered antenna
Method for processing a record of seismic traces
Surface coil arrangement for magnetic resonance tomographs
Borehold telemetry system
Zoom lens and image projection apparatus having the same
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Beam irradiation apparatus, beam irradiation method, and method for manufacturing a thin film transistor
Display device
Optical communication module and optical element for optical communication module
Image reading apparatus using image reading lens
Liquid crystal displays
Two sided liquid crystal display device having independently driven reflective and transmitting members for displaying both sides with different images at the same time
In-plane switching liquid crystal display having fast response time
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabrication thereof having dummy layer and plurality of contact holes formed through ohmic contact, semiconductive and gate insulating layers
Display element, display and method for manufacturing display
Deployable projection screen
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Run-off path to collect liquid for an immersion lithography apparatus
Silver halide color photographic light-sensitive material
Producing method of wired circuit board
Toner, method for producing the same, and image-forming method using the same
Electrophotographic photoreceptor containing naphthalenetetracarboxylic acid diimide derivatives and electrophotographic imaging apparatus employing the same
Photoreceptor layer having vinylidene fluoride
Method of preparing a toner, developer including the toner, container containing the toner, and image forming method and process cartridge using the toner
Method and apparatus for adjusting a reference
Response for spurious timeout
Various apparatuses and methods for switching between buffers using a video frame buffer flip queue
Option module, option program, printing system
Image processing controlling distribution of work among apparatuses based on apparatus performance
TRC smoothing algorithm to improve image contours in 1D color controls
Electronic module for sensing pen motion
Coordinate input control method
Systems and methods for sorting mail using a name/firm database
Interactive atlas extracted from volume data
Monitoring an environment using a RFID assembly
Method and apparatus for locating a person who has been buried alive
Characterizing a cargo container
Predicting cable failure through remote failure detection of error signatures
Drowsiness detecting apparatus and method
Remote control for battery electrical system tester apparatus and method
System to detect lock tampering
Communication unit provided with intra-changeable elements
Inspecting method and inspecting device of control signal for display device, and display unit having this inspecting function
2D/3D convertible display
Programmable multiple texture combine circuit for a graphics processing system and method for use thereof
Display device including lamp driving circuit
Associating application states with a physical object
Method for displaying an image
Automatic music mood detection
Transducers for ferroelectric storage medium
Optical writing apparatus and method for controlling execution time of writing thereof
Stamped stators for disk drives
Method and apparatus for improving servo stability in read heads while writing
Storage device, continuous-vibration detecting method, and control apparatus
Two degree of freedom position control method, two degree of freedom position control device, and medium storage device
Systems and methods for regulating hard disk drive operation in cold temperatures
Optical disc device and tracking controlling method therefor
Method and apparatus for detecting position of blank area of optical disc
Method and apparatus for identifying disc type
Method and device for controlling beginning point of optical pick-up unit
Record carrier with a servo track having wobble with reduced cross-talk and an apparatus for scanning the record carrier
Micro-electromechanical system based data storage system
Magnetic memory arrays
Memory system combining flash EEPROM and FeRAM
Multi-bit-per-cell flash EEPROM memory with refresh
Semiconductor storage device including electrical fuse module
Semiconductor memory apparatus and method for writing in the memory
Volatile semiconductor memory
Technique to suppress leakage current
Single-clock, strobeless signaling system
Inductance device
Push-switch for vehicle and method of manufacturing the same
Control panel assembly for washing machine
Method and control unit for driving a control circuit
High current switch and method of operation
Light emitting device having a conductive polymer and coloring layers
Optical information readout apparatus
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
Method and apparatus for specimen fabrication
Lighting apparatus using microwave energy
Device having optical sensor
Method for manufacturing electroluminescent element
Method and apparatus for adjusting feature size and position
Hetero-integrated strained silicon n- and p-MOSFETs
Apparatus and method for confined area planarization
Method for stripping photoresist from etched wafer
Method for preparing a non-self-aligned heterojunction bipolar transistor with a small emitter-to-base spacing
Method of fabricating a multi-cornered film
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Interconnect structure with dielectric air gaps
Protection of Cu damascene interconnects by formation of a self-aligned buffer layer
Structure for monitoring semiconductor polysilicon gate profile
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Ceramic chip-type electronic component and method of making the same
Epoxy resin molding material for sealing use and semiconductor device
Top layers of metal for high performance IC's
Wafer-level diamond spreader
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor with damage detection circuitry
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor package and lead frame therefor
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor apparatus and production method thereof suitable for electric power devices
Semiconductor wafer, an electronic component, and a component carrier for producing the electronic component
Image sensor module with optical path delimiter and accurate alignment
Bipolar transistor
Semiconductor device
Heterojunction bipolar transistor with improved current gain
Microdisplay packaging system
Fabrication method of a semiconductor device
Tunnel transistor having spin-dependent transfer characteristics and non-volatile memory using the same
Semiconductor device having enhanced performance and method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method and apparatus providing CMOS imager device pixel with transistor having lower threshold voltage than other imager device transistors
Semiconductor device having shallow trenches and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor display device
Lateral phase change memory
Fuel cell and metal separator for fuel cell
Battery pack
Manufacturing process for membrane-electrode assemblies
Production method of catalyst for fuel cell and of fuel cell, and catalyst for fuel cell and fuel cell
Flow control for multiple stacks
Centrifugal compressor surge detection using a bi-directional MFM in a fuel cell system
Polymer electrolyte and method for producing the same
High-frequency dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Multilevel antennae
Built-in antenna module for portable wireless terminal
Built-in antenna module of wireless communication terminal
Built-in antenna module of wireless communication terminal
Quick release stowage system for transporting mobile satellite antennas
Radome with heating element
Extended phase center tapered slot antenna
Slot antenna
Electronically steerable sector antenna
Method and apparatus for checking stator core alignment
Inductive transmission of electric energy
High-bandwidth high-gain amplifier
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Dynamically-adjustable differential output drivers
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and relative circuit for generating a control voltage of a synchronous rectifier
Clock jitter minimization in a continuous time sigma delta analog-to-digital converter
Level shifter circuit
Oscillator coupling to reduce spurious signals in receiver circuits
Audio device arrangement structure for a motorcycle, and motorcycle incorporating same
Representative majority voter for bus invert coding
Method and system for providing arithmetic code normalization and byte construction
Configurable multislot class for wireless devices
GSM cell broadcast SMS message transmission in CDMA communication systems
Method for code re-allocation in telecommunication systems, related system and computer product
Admissions control in a connectionless communications network
Hardware assist system and method for the timing of packets in a wireless network
Checking and repairing a network configuration
Method and apparatus for acoustic echo cancellation in a communication system providing TTY/TDD service
Communication terminal and communication method
Zone management in a multi-module fibre channel switch
Method and apparatus for processing blocks in a pipeline
V.110 over packet networks
Imaging optical system and image reading apparatus including four, free-form shaped, resin off-axis reflective elements
Physical quantity distribution sensor, method of driving said sensor and method of producing said sensor
Method and apparatus for processing a pixel signal
Camera shake warning and feedback system that teaches the photographer
Whiteboard view camera
Information signal processing apparatus, picture information converting apparatus, and picture displaying apparatus
Video conferencing apparatus and method
Reducing the effect of noise in an imaging system
Imaging apparatus including control device for controlling white balance
Dual range vehicle remote
Image display panel consisting of a matrix of memory-effect electroluminescent cells
Starting circuit for electric discharge lamp
Technique for boron implantation
Flip chip mounting substrate
Hinged weatherproof electrical box cover
Compact PCI ejector latch
Wedge lock
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Non-invasive blood component analyzer
Referencing optical catheters
Multi-channel non-invasive tissue oximeter
Method and apparatus for detecting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque
Method and device for measuring physical characteristics in a body
Fluorescence-mediated molecular tomography
Gastrointestinal probe
Optical imaging device
Technique for examining biological materials using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and the kubelka-munk function
Optical sensor having a selectable sampling distance for determination of analytes
Apparatus for energizing a remote station and related method
Neural prosthetic using temporal structure in the local field potential
QRST subtraction using an adaptive template for analysis of TU wave obscured atrial activity
Unified switching system for electrophysiological stimulation and signal recording and analysis
Device and method for monitoring and controlling physiologic parameters of a dialysis patient using segmental bioimpedence
Object tracking using a single sensor or a pair of sensors
Medical X-ray apparatus
Interactive ditigal radiographic system
Robust and efficient decomposition algorithm for digital x-ray de imaging
Automated system and method for dispensing medications for low visions elderly and blind individuals
Methods and devices for removing interfering species
Transdermal drug delivery and analyte extraction
Non-adhesive massager with conductive silicon
Neuromuscular electrical stimulation of the foot muscles for prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
Process for electrostimulation treatment of morbid obesity
Apparatus and method for adjunct (add-on) treatment of diabetes by neuromodulation with an external stimulator
Apparatus for adjunct (add-on) therapy of Dementia and Alzheimer's disease utilizing an implantable lead and an external stimulator
Implantable medical device system with sensor for hemodynamic stability and method of use
System and method for verifying capture in a multi-site pacemaker
Method and device for optimally altering stimulation energy to maintain capture of cardiac tissue
Apparatus for and method of processing information, information processing system, terminal for and method of receiving data, and data broadcasting system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Determination of particle character in a vertically flowing fluid
Method and device for calibrating a workpiece laser-processing machine
Electrical contact device for a developer roller
Machine tool maintenance system
Control system and method therefor
System and method for generating an action of an automatic apparatus
Articles holders with sensors detecting a type of article held by the holder
Method and device for calibrating robot measuring stations, manipulators and associated optical measuring devices
Controlling method and apparatus for positioning a robot
Torque management based traction control system
Method and device for adaptive control of separation distance and/or driving speed of a motor vehicle
Hybrid energy power management system and method
Microphone assembly having a windscreen of high acoustic resistivity and/or hydrophobic material
Adjustable apparatus holder
Personality module for configuring a vehicle
Impact judgement method and passenger protection device
GOD fingerprint operated ignition switch and entry system
Brake control unit
Vehicular dynamic controlling apparatus and method
Abnormality detecting method and device for position detecting device, and electric power steering device
Attitude determination system and method with outer-loop gyro scale-factor non-linearity calibration
Print and apply label machine
System and method for adjusting sheet input to an inserter system
Method for detecting errors in loading a lenticular material on a printer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber having extended single-mode capability
Use of deuterated gases for the vapor deposition of thin films for low-loss optical devices and waveguides
Mounting arrangement for auxiliary burner or lance
Textiles; Paper
Inverter-fed three-phase motor for household appliance, especially for the direct drive of washing machines
Fixed Constructions
Heating panel having heat conducting beam and heating cable mounted therein
Calibration system and method for work machines using electro hydraulic controls
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for electronically trimming for an injection apparatus
Object-oriented diagnostic apparatus for vehicle controller
Device for sealing a tube, in particular a lance shaft
Portable terminal apparatus
Coupler for transporting and distributing light to multiple locations with uniform color and intensity
Automated planning volume contouring algorithm for adjuvant brachytherapy treatment planning in sarcoma
Spectral diagnostics in a magnetic flow meter
Method and apparatus for an extended wavelength range coherent optical spectrum analyzer
Time-temperature integrating indicator
Method for managing and using test system
System for dynamic diagnosis of apparatus operating conditions
Method for creating spectral instrument variation tolerance in calibration algorithms
Apparatus for inspecting light-and-shade portions and method thereof
Adaptive mask technique for defect inspection
Method and apparatus for imaging the head area of a patient
Method and apparatus for localized digital radiographic inspection
Method and apparatus for reconstructing and acoustic field
Streaming distributed test and measurement instrument
Failure detection of an isolation device with PFA signal generation in a redundant power supply system
Revenue meter with power quality features
Wire pattern test system
Magnetic resonance imaging device
Collision avoidance method and system
Ultrasonic doppler effect speed measurement
Vehicle reversing sensor device
Dodecahedron neutron spectrometer with titanium proton absorber for spacecraft
Time-lapse seismic using nonlinear seismic imaging
Hydrophone array with individually switchable hydrophone sensors
Acoustic sensor array
Sonic well logging for characterizing earth formations
Device and method for seismic drill hole measuring
Optical imaging system
Laser beam adjustment
Optical fiber having a large positive dispersion
Monomode optical fiber for optical fiber cable transmission networks with wavelength division multiplexing
Optical fiber and optical fiber device
Optical waveguide structures
Variable optical attenuator
Precision grid standoff for optical components on opto-electronic devices
Variable optical attenuator
Method of fabricating a fused-type mode-selective directional coupler
Optical configuration for improved lens performance
Optical positioning of an optical fiber and an optical component along an optical axis
Methods of writing apodized fiber gratings and associated apparatuses
Optical component having a flat top output
Modular all-optical cross-connect
Fiber bragg grating-based optical CDMA encoder/decoder
Programmable optical cross-connector using an array of intersecting waveguides
Feedback control system for a MEMS based optical switching fabric
Digital optical switch using an integrated mach-zehnder interferometer having a movable phase shifter
Optical communication apparatus
Efficient coupling of optical fiber to optical component
Module for optical signal transmission
Optical waveguide device integrated module and method of manufacturing the same
Slack cable management system
Fiber optic cable restraint
Chassis for fiber optic communication equipment
High speed electronic remote medical imaging system and method
Cable having a substantially gastight metal tube receiving at least one optical conductor and a hydrogen-absorbent substance
Fanout system or apparatus for a fiber optic cable and including a method of fabricating same
Method and a device for installing optical fibres
Connectorized outside fiber optic drop
Spare fiber monitoring arrangement
Automatic focusing camera and shooting method
Electrically switchable optical elements using wavelength locked feedback loops
Detachable flash device for camera
Apparatus and method for compensating auto-focus of image capture device by utilizing red-eye eliminating function
Camera having an optical zoom system
Camera having operation member on rear cover thereof, variable picture size camera and picture size switching mechanism, and click stop mechanism
Lens-fitted photo film unit and manufacturing method therefor
Shake detection device, optical device, camera system, and interchangeable lens
Automatic original feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Electrifier for charging developer carrying member using charge particles, including charge rotary member and nip forming member having bias polarity the same as developer polarity
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of performing an effective mixing of development agent
Toner container holding device and copy machine having the toner container holding device
Cartridge, image forming apparatus and method of controlling the image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image printing apparatus using liquid developer
Supplying marking fluid in an imaging system
Electrophotographic apparatus using liquid developer
Liquid developer image forming apparatus and developing system
Transfer medium bearing member and image forming apparatus employing transfer medium bearing member
Process cartridge, electrophotographic apparatus and image-forming method
Image forming apparatus capable of preventing recording material from being twined
Image forming apparatus and fixing unit used therefor
Image forming apparatus
Motor driving apparatus, image forming apparatus and control method thereof
Powder classifying device and image forming apparatus having the powder classifying device
Image forming apparatus and process cartridge for applying an alternating current to a charging member or charging means for charging an image bearing member
Remanufacturing method for process cartridge
Timepiece comprising means for allowing electric access to electric or electronic components of this timepiece
Three dimensional children's sleeptime timer and clock device
Tire uniformity prediction using curve fitting
Production management system
System and method of device interface configuration for a control system
Method and apparatus for controlling a tool using a baseline control script
Automated roof truss component saw
Process and system for compensating static errors on numerically controlled machine tools
Method for providing manufacturing-related data in large-scale production of manufactured objects, especially automobiles
Diagnostics in a process control system which uses multi-variable control techniques
Area coverage with an autonomous robot
Multiplexed chirp waveform synthesizer
Encoded clocks to distribute multiple clock signals to multiple devices in a computer system
Phase-shift-resistant, frequency variable clock generator
Display device with hidden air vents
Server bezel
Apparatus and method for selectably including a mass storage device in a selectable space of a computer system
Fixing apparatus for data storage devices
Heat sink for cooling an electronic component of a computer
Information converting system
Method of and apparatus for matching strings of different lengths
Keyboard structure of personal digital assistant (PDA)
System and method of selecting box size
Method and apparatus for remote update of clients by a server via broadcast satellite
Method and circuit for providing interface signals between integrated circuits
Method of extracting iris region and individual identification device
Apparatus and method of detecting character writing area in document, and document format generating apparatus
Handwritten instructions for messaging appliances
Video stream classifiable symbol isolation method and system
Machine vision system and triggering method
Dynamic process for identifying objects in multi-dimensional data
Methods for automatically focusing the attention of a virtual robot interacting with users
Adaptive control algorithm for improving AMHS push lot accuracy
Goods processing device and managing system
Method, system and facility for controlling resource allocation within a manufacturing environment
Method using statistically analyzed product test data to control component manufacturing process
Automatic voice response call out system
Watermark embedder and reader
Image capture and marking
Compression circuit for quickly processing two-dimensional image data
System and method for correcting defects in digital images through selective fill-in from surrounding areas
Image enhancement filter with adaptive threshold
Method and apparatus for enhancing the contrast of a medical diagnostic image acquired using collimation
3-D localization of clustered microcalcifications using cranio-caudal and medio-lateral oblique view
System and method for performing basic training
Pattern inspecting method and apparatus thereof, and pattern inspecting method on basis of electron beam images and apparatus thereof
Methods and apparatuses for generating from an image a model of an object
Automatic parcel volume capture system and volume capture method using parcel image recognition
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium
System, method and computer program product for generic outline font compression
Image compression apparatus and decoding apparatus suited to lossless image compression
Image compression with orthogonal transform of blocks within a bounded shape
System and method for robust video coding using progressive fine-granularity scalable (PFGS) coding
Method and apparatus for concatenating bits of odd-length words
Image activity in video compression
Enhanced mobility and address resolution in a wireless premises based network
System for wireless, bi-directional transfer of electric signals
Computer-based instructional system with student verification feature
Dual-mode communication system and voice signal processing method of the same
Method and apparatus for recording magnetic domain having an arc shape convex in a forward scanning direction of a magneto-optical recording medium
Optical reproduction method and optical information device
Mounting assembly for mounting a disk drive upon a turntable of a disk drive assembly
Apparatus and method of determining disk size in a multi-disk changer
Apparatus and method for controlling a reproduction speed of an optical disk based on a remaining battery energy
Signal processing apparatus
Recordable optical disk
Optical recordable disk security system
Video reproducing apparatus with adjusted media change times
Recording and editing HDTV signals
Record and playback apparatus and recording method
Delayed decision recording device
Optical disc drive, and recording/reproducing method
Recording apparatus and recording medium
Natural language labeling of video using multiple words
Universal storage device for data
Supporting structure with locking mechanism of floating chassis of disc apparatus
Disk drive insertion tool and method
Disk cartridge, optical disk drive, optical library and optical storage system
Recording apparatus and recording method
SERODS optical data storage with parallel signal transfer
Optical data storage by selective localized alteration of a format hologram in a holographic storage disk
Process and device for controlling an incident optical beam for reading a track of information on a dynamic medium
Device and method for detecting non-writable region of optical recording medium
Optical recording/reproducing method, recording medium used for optical recording and reproduction, and optical recording/reproducing apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining optical recording power used for recording onto an optical disk
Method and apparatus for reading out and writing to an optical disc
Optical pickup device
Semiconductor laser driving method and optical disc apparatus
Optical head, magneto-optical head, disk apparatus and manufacturing method of optical head
Semiconductor laser device
Semiconductor memory device having a circuit for fast operation
Memory module having series-connected printed circuit boards
Integrated circuit memory device having interleaved read and program capabilities and methods of operating same
Semiconductor memory system having a data clock system for reliable high-speed data transfers
Semiconductor memory device and data read method thereof
Row decoder scheme for flash memory devices
Semiconductor memory device
Absorber rod for nuclear reactor control cluster
X-ray filter system for medical imaging contrast enhancement
System for X-ray irradiation
Multilayer ceramic capacitor and method for the manufacture thereof
Matched capacitor array
Low impedance electrochemical cell
Polarizable electrode for electrical double-layer capacitor
Support structure for a keypad
Method for identifying the best tool in a semiconductor manufacturing process
Thermally enhanced IC chip package
Methods and systems for providing information to a home system regarding a wireless unit roaming in a visited system
Structure of rod antenna guide port in cellular telephone
Portable telephone with directional transmission antenna
Method and apparatus for determining signatures for calibrating a communication station having an antenna array
Method and system for angle of arrival estimation and data detection using vector per-survivor processing of signals from an array of antennas
Laser system and method for gain medium with output beam transverse profile tailoring longitudinal strips
Blue laser based on interactions in fiber
High power laser
Wavelength selector for laser with adjustable angular dispersion
Mode-hop-free single frequency solid state laser
Monolithic VCSEL-based optical pickup and servo control device
Method of modulating an optical wavelength with an opto-electronic laser with integrated modulator
Mechanically grounded tunable laser
Laser apparatus
Semiconductor laser devices, and semiconductor laser modules and optical communication systems using the same
Semiconductor laser device having a diffraction grating on a light reflection side
Laser diode and semiconductor light-emitting device producing visible-wavelength radiation
Nitride semiconductor laser device and optical device using the same
Optical electromagnetic wave generator
Bus line conductor container and gas insulated switchgear device using the same
Electronic circuits
Heterodyne stage for high-frequency receivers
System and method for selecting amplifiers in a communications device
FIR filter architecture for 100Base-TX receiver
Multi-modulus prescaler with synchronous output
Universal output driver
Device for transmitting signals between moving parts
Bit synchronization method and bit synchronization device
Phase locked-loop using sub-sampling
Method and apparatus for interfering receiver signal overload protection
Synchronized-timed-reminded communications for family radios
Apparatus for receiving broadcasting signals
Device system and method for low noise radio frequency transmission
Mobile communications system and radio base station apparatus
Acquisition method and configuration for carrying out the method
Communication arrangement and method with fast tracking receiver for spread spectrum signals
Biased-corrected rake receiver for direct sequence spread spectrum waveform
Interference canceller
Terminal apparatus, device for detecting the mismatching of work/protection line bridging function in a synchronous communication network and the method
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having variable adaptive gain settings
Radio telecommunications terminal and control method
Common control channel uplink power control for adaptive modulation and coding techniques
Method for controlling power for forward common channel
Radio frequency power control algorithm
Compensation of doppler shift in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for higher dimensional modulation
Impulse noise rejection circuit and satellite communications terminal using the same
Method of communication between mobile station and base station in mobile communication system
Communication device and method in mobile communication system
System and method of creating digital recordings of live performances
Method for generating complex four-phase sequences for a CDMA communication system
Bidirectional WDM optical communication system with bidirectional optical service channels
Method and system for virtual private network administration channels
Apparatus for and method of adaptive synchronization in a spread spectrum communications receiver
Wireless infrared digital audio receiving system
Bi-directional line switched ring network system
Telecommunication network with remotely controllable, line multi-interface and telecommunication method
Limiting range of extrinsic information for iterative decoding
Method and apparatus for puncturing code symbols in a communications system
Method and apparatus for continuous cross-channel interleaving
Mobile station apparatus and base station apparatus
Multiplexed signal demultiplexing device transmission error measuring device and transmission error measuring method
Bridged network topology acquisition
Automatic propagation of circuit information in a communications network
Supervisory control apparatus
Method of and apparatus for measuring network communication performances, as well as computer readable record medium having network communication performance measuring program stored therein
CDMA physical layer packet mechanisms for distributed bursty traffic
Data communication apparatus and method of data communication
Method and apparatus for media access control for packet transmission over a buffer insertion ring
Method and apparatus for tunneling across multiple network of different types
System, device, and method for supporting virtual private networks
Communications system to transmitting data packets between affiliated communication terminals and/or communication terminals of affiliated local networks
System and method for efficiently handling multicast packets by aggregating VLAN context
Fibre channel arbitrated loop bufferless switch circuitry to increase bandwidth without significant increase in cost
Methods and systems for dynamically managing the routing of information over an integrated global communication network
Method for controlling congestion from a terminal in a frame relay network
Packet transmissions over cellular radio
Method for processing data to be transmitted over common channel
ATM transmission equipment
Method of detecting and recovering from signaling congestion in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Method of local flow control in an asynchronous transfer mode network utilizing PNNI routing protocol
ADSL subscriber processing equipment in ATM switch
Load balancing in link aggregation and trunking
Asynchronous FIFO increment and decrement control for interfaces that operate at differing clock frequencies
ONU function processing apparatus in ATM-PON system
Network node apparatus and connection set-up method for setting up cut-through connection
System and method for providing supplementary services (SS) in an integrated telecommunications network
Iterative channel estimation and compensation based thereon
System and method of communication via embedded modulation
Efficient algorithm for blind detection of signal constellation
Equalizer with phase-locked loop
Method of transmission and device to carry out said method
Intermediary frequency input QPSK demodulator
System for the estimation of the complex gain of a transmission channel
System and method for adaptive predistortion
Method and apparatus for communicating between an aircraft and an associated store
Method and apparatus for intra-bundle signaling
Proxy MPC for providing MPOA services to legacy lane clients in an asynchronous transfer mode network
Method for data flow control between layers of a layered communication protocol
Network packet aggregation
Network address management
Method and system for providing wireless mobile server and peer-to-peer services with dynamic DNS update
Forward error correction scheme for high rate data exchange in a wireless system
Methods, systems, and circuits for generating keys for public key cryptosystems using parallel processing for modular operations of IC cards
Communication device effectively controlling power supply, method of controlling power supply, and medium
Portable phone device
Proact module for proactive maintenance application
Remotely operable telecommunications conductor test circuit and method for using the same
Enhanced dual mode telephone for internet telephony
Maintaining a customer database in a CTI system
Mobile terminal interface
Telephone to computer audio interface
Method and apparatus to protect fixed wireless terminal from foreign voltage at the tip and ring connection
Device and method for telecommunication systems
Software controlled switch device
Emergency call system
Automatic home alarm system and method
Method and apparatus for identifying the encoding type of a central office codec
Circuits and methods for detecting the mode of a telecommunications signal
Parallel computer network and method for telecommunications network simulation to route calls and continuously estimate call billing in real time
Communication billing system
System and method for mass call onset detection in a communications network
Method and apparatus for processing call signaling messages
System and method for automatically creating and updating a mobile station configuration database in a wireless network
Automated telephone line test apparatus with intelligent diagnostic function
Advertising system for callers to busy numbers
System and method for operating a highly distributed interactive voice response system
Call-center call routing
Methods and apparatus for service state-based processing of communications in a call center
Caller-controlled voice mail sub-mailboxes
Method and apparatus for storing data within a communication system
Method and apparatus for providing advanced IP telephony services in an intelligent endpoint
Electronic-mail apparatus
Method of reducing scanning discontinuity
Method of image binary coding and image binary coding apparatus
Image processing method and apparatus
Visual image system
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Television program recording with user preference determination
Method for watermarking a video display based on viewing mode
Multimedia telecommunication automatic call distribution system using internet/PSTN call routing
Advertisement subgroups for digital streams
Method and apparatus for dynamic adjustment of cable modem back-off parameters in a cable modem network
Disclosing the receipt of new electronic message
Constant bitrate algorithm for block based image compression
Method and apparatus for differential macroblock coding for intra-frame data in video conferencing systems
Content-based video compression
Two-pass encoding method of digital motion video sequences for constant-or variable bit rate
Stream indexing for delivery of interactive program guide
Method and apparatus for transmitting, encoding and decoding video signal and recording/reproducing method of optical disc
Cable management bracket for a telecommunications rack
Computer telephony integrated module system
Modular multi-service telecommunication access device
PNNI topology abstraction
Device for segmentation and transmission of messages stored as blocks of variable length
System and method for multiple modem traffic redirection
Architecture for integrated services packet-switched networks
Mechanism for conducting in-band communications between terminal adapter and digital terminal device during internet session
Transitioning a standards-based card into a high availability backplane environment
Service in a communications network
Method and system for a scaleable virtual switch
Voice over data telecommunications network architecture
Method of handling subscriber services in a wireless intelligent network
Internet calling apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for effecting a communication arrangement between switch arrays
Method and apparatus for transmitting radio frequency signals to and from a pager
Method for packet switched data transmission
Method, and associated apparatus, for communicating packet data in a radio communication system
Process and base station system for configuring an air interface between a mobile station and a base station in a time-division multiplex mobile radio telephone system for packet data transmission
Method for transferring data upon request using permanent identifier
Method apparatus and system for call forwarding when roaming from a first type network to a second type network in a communication system
Automatic dispatch of mobile services
Public mobile communication system compatible wireless communication system
Method and arrangement for communicating subscriber related data in a wireless communications system
Efficient carrier raster scanning
Self-configurable wireless systems: spectrum monitoring in a layered configuration
Radio communications system
Apparatus and method for reducing message collision between mobile stations simultaneously accessing a base station in a CDMA cellular communication system
Apparatus for making a random access to the reverse common channel of a base station in CDMA and method therefor
Connection control method and system for mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for sending an aural message indicative of a status of a facsimile apparatus to a user of a cordless handset of a wireless telephone set
Method of WCDMA coverage based handover triggering
Communications unit for seamless handover between networks and method of use therefor
Vehicle speaker pod
System for housing an audio system in an aquatic environment
Stereo sound expander
Sound reproducing device, earphone device and signal processing device therefor
Method of determining electrode length and bath level in an electric arc furnace
Printed circuit board layout
De-mountable, solderless in-line lead module package with interface
Flexible cable stiffener for an optical transceiver
Method of controlling cooling system for a personal computer and personal computer
Covering device for ceramic modules
Reducing impedance of power supplying system in a circuit board by connecting two points in one of a power supply pattern and a ground pattern by a resistive member
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