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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Collapsible decorative planter cover with planter support base
Complex and method for enhancing nuclear delivery
Dihydropyrimidin-2(1H)-one compounds as S-nitrosoglutathione reductase inhibitors
Oxadiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidines and thiadiazolo[3,2-a]pyrimidines
Magnetic retainer with illumination device
Lid lifting device
Vehicle seat harness anchoring system
Hanging systems
Cooking device
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, and storage medium
Ultrasonic treatment device
Tailored aliphatic polyesters for stent coatings
Biphenylcarboxamides as ROCK kinase inhibitors
1,4-disubstituted 3-cyano-pyridone derivatives and their use as positive allosteric modulators of mGluR2-receptors
Hepatitis C virus inhibitors
Indolyl-substituted pyrazino[1,2-b]isoquinolines for cancer treatment
Chemical compounds
2,4-Diaminoquinazolines for spinal muscular atrophy
Tetra-substituted NDGA derivatives via ether bonds and carbamate bonds and their synthesis and pharmaceutical use
1,4 thiazepines/sulfones as BACE1 and/or BACE2 inhibitors
Medicament for LCT poisoning
Lupeol-type triterpene derivatives as antivirals
End-capped poly(ester amide) copolymers
Rejuvenating hair oil system and method of use
Use of the effective fraction of alkaloids from mulberry twig in preparing hypoglycemic agents
Jucara and acai fruit based dietary supplements
Skin aging-inhibiting peptide
Peptidic antigen that induces antibody recognizing three-dimensional structure of HIV and method for synthesizing same
Sp35 antibodies and uses thereof
Anti-inflammatory antibodies and uses therefor
Monoclonal antibodies for enhancing or inhibiting insulin-like growth factor-I
S. aureus polypeptide and antibodies
Ectoparasiticidal active substance combinations
IRAK inhibitors and uses thereof
Method of testing a sterilization process and sterilization apparatus
Polymers for implantable devices exhibiting shape-memory effects
Coatings for implantable medical devices
Infusion device and method of using and making the same
System for injecting fluids in a subject
Applying shear stress for disease treatment
Infusion monitoring device and method for monitoring the infusion dripping rate and alarming for the irregularities of the infusion
Needleless injector
Low amperage current and heat applicator
Dysgeusia-inducing neurostimulation for modifying consumption of a selected nutrient type
Device for orienting an object according to a given spatial orientation
Therapeutic light-emitting device
Ficus extracts having angiogenesis inhibiting activity and methods of isolating and using the same
Gymnastic machine
Transformable fitness device and method of use
Hybrid competition diving board
Oblong orbital exercising machine
Apparatus, system, and method for generating power for exercise equipment
Golf ball having a cover layer with two different hardness values
Flying disc target and method of using the same
Training device and pivotal swing method for improving accuracy of hitting a ball with a bat
Swim pacing device
Method and game for cyclists
Cylindrical labyrinth
Interactive talking dolls
Performing Operations; Transporting
Engine operated machine
Method and equipment for treating CO.sub.2-rich smoke
Absorbing agent, method for manufacturing an absorbing agent and use of an absorbent agent
Solid-state membrane module
Pollutant emission control sorbents and methods of manufacture and use
Process for making improved chromatography media and method of use
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst and method for producing same
Dense diamond body
Reagent delivery system
Purification of metal-organic framework materials
Method for applying adhesive on an elastic strand in assembly of a personal disposable hygiene product
Process for making silver powder particles with very small size crystallites
Sealing arrangement in rotating control valve of pressure fluid-operated percussion device
Radial arm saw safety top
High density atmospheric plasma jet devices by jet-to-jet interaction
Adjusting a position of a heating wire within a breathing circuit
Machining method
Attaching device, attaching arrangement and method for attaching an object to be worked to a working base
CMP pad dressers with hybridized abrasive surface and related methods
Workpiece carrier
Cam activated clamp
Radial arm saw safety top
Carriage for cutting a sheet of gypsum board, cutting kit and method for implementing same
Mold for manufacture of fiber composite parts and method of manufacture of fiber composite parts with such a mold
Method for producing fine convex pattern structure and fine convex pattern production system
Mold and method for producing plastic lens
Green honeycomb molding defect examination method, green honeycomb structure manufacturing method, and green honeycomb molding defect examination device
Paperboard assembly with co extruded microlayered polymer barrier film
Microporous material having degradation properties and articles prepared therefrom
Positioning device for a manual welding machine
Embedded arrays of vertically aligned carbon nanotube carpets and methods for making them
Modular decorating machine for conical products
Spraying module for spraying an outer surface of a rotating cylinder
Liquid discharge head and image forming apparatus
Light scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Laser markable security film
Ring binder mechanism having unitary structure
Multi-purpose mathematical drawing templates system
Car roof conversion device
Collision deflector assembly
Gear hub having a gear pump
System and method for operating vehicle drive wheels
Steering wheel including heating element
Cantilevered vehicular seat with force distributing locks
Kayak transport device for a vehicle
Cargo organizer
Steering wheel assembly for a motor vehicle and method for operating a portable functional component
High voltage protection interlock system for serviceability
Apparatus for cleaning wheelchair tire
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine control method
Brake arrangement of a rail vehicle
Seat bench transport device
Carrier and stroller
Cross member for a frame of a vehicle as well as frame for a vehicle
Touch-based system for controlling an automotive steering wheel
Drive transmission group to a steer wheel of a vehicle
Water craft leash
Ice breaking drilling vessel with stowable mast
Interchangeable superstructures and hulls for ocean going vessels
Surfboard with safety mechanism
Drive mechanisms for variable diameter rotor systems
Side feeder air guiding element for an aircraft air-conditioning system
Pivotable canopy roof of an air passenger stair or an air passenger bridge
Method for the filling of beverage cans in a beverage can filling plant, a method for the filling of cans in a can filling plant, and an apparatus therefor
Trash bag opener
Cap assembly for dispensing a dispensable component and method of making and using the same
Two-component liquid dispenser gun and system
Container for storing foods
Safety return idler glove
Variable pitch system, apparatus and method
Mattress moving aid
Wet tissue package
Gas powered lift
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Integration of a closed loop supercritical carbon dioxide power cycle in a steam methane reformer
Laser conversion of high purity silicon powder to densified granular forms
Method to convert waste silicon to high purity silicon
Treatment of wastewater
Solar powered water purification canteen
Electrolytic apparatus for treating ballast water and treatment system using same
Hydraulic lime composition
Decoy countermeasures
Method for preparing difluoroacetonitrile and the derivatives thereof
Process for producing a synthesis gas mixture
Synthesis gas and Fischer Tropsch integrated process
Process for converting an alkyl tert-alkyl ether into an alkanol and an iso-alkane
Process for the production of alcohols
Method for producing polyether polyols
Alkoxylation products and process for preparing them by means of DMC catalysts
Process for producing styrene-, methylstyrene- and ethylbenzene-free C6-C9 aromatic hydrocarbon blends
High shear rotary fixed bed reactor
Process for hydrochlorination of multihydroxylated aliphatic hydrocarbons
Process for making renewable source-based citrate esters and acylated citrate esters
4-tolyl-ethynyl-octahydro-indole-1-ester derivatives
Piperidine derivatives
Systems for carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide removal
Processes for the preparation of key intermediate for the synthesis of rosuvastatin or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Process for preparing 1,2-benzoisothiazolin-3-ones
Diaminophenothiazine compounds, a method for preparing same and uses thereof
Process for the production of ethylene oxide
Heterocyclic compounds and uses thereof
Inhibitors of protein kinases
(R)-Nifuratel, its use for the treatment of infections and synthesis of (R) and (S)-Nifuratel
Compounds and methods of use
Pyrrolopyrrole derivatives, their manufacture and use as semiconductors
Benzofuro[3,2-c] pyridines and related analogs as serotonin sub-type 6 (5-HT.sub.6) modulators for the treatment of obesity, metabolic syndrome, cognition and schizophrenia
Scalable and high yield synthesis of transition metal bis-diazabutadienes
Method for producing mono-hydroxy-functionalized dialkylphosphinic acids, esters and salts using a vinyl ester of a carobxylic acid and the use thereof
Peptides derivatized with A-B-C-D- and their therapeutical use
Neisserial antigenic peptides
Hybrid amyloid-beta antibodies
Hydrolytically decomposable ionic copolymers
Continuous process for the synthesis of graft polymers based on polyethers
In-reactor polymer blends
Composition for formation of cured epoxy resin, and cured products thereof
Separation of nanoparticles
Method of improving scratch resistance and related products and uses
Flame retardant nylon
Hydrophobic coatings that provide renewable hydrophilic surface
Protective air barrier sealant for conditioned and unconditioned building walls
Low temperature curable epoxy tape and method of making same
Heat-seal coating
Post-conditioning oil sand slurry blending for improved extraction performance
Processing of dehydrated and salty hydrocarbon feeds
Water-mixed metal working fluids containing ether pyrrolidone carboxylic acids
Horizontal plate microbial support media
Method and device for determining microbial pollution level in different environments and processes
Translation enhancer-element dependent vector systems
Method for the transfer of episomal vectors into animal cells
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Recombinant strain of Trichoderma useful for enhancing nutritional value and growth of plants
Efficient and effective supplement screening for the development of chemically defined media in cell culture
Method of preparing an undifferentiated cell
Influenza B viruses having alterations in the hemagglutinin polypeptide
Laccases and uses thereof
Gene synthesis by convergent assembly of oligonucleotide subsets
Process for stimulating production of methane from petroleum in subterranean formations
Methods and devices for rapid detection and identification of live microorganisms by aptamers and/or antibodies immobilized on permeable membranes
Methods and agents for screening for compounds capable of modulating gene expression
Cell based methods and systems for the identification of RNA regulatory sequences and compounds that modulate their functions
Interconnected bioreactors
Copper alloy particle synthesis
Medical container protected against cracking
Atomic layer deposition apparatus and thin film forming method
Method of manufacturing a carbon material and the carbon material
Electrochemical nitridation of metal surfaces
Electrochemical etching
Method for the bottom-seeded growth of potassium lead chloride crystals from polycrystalline seeds
Composite geometrical design for a grain starter in a bridgman investment casting process
Textiles; Paper
Strain sensors, methods of making same, and applications of same
Device for guiding and texturing a plurality of synthetic threads
Household appliance wherein the amount of energy consumption in the stand-by mode is reduced
System and method for conditioning a hardwood pulp liquid hydrolysate
Fixed Constructions
Drainage device for closed chamber containing liquid
Mounting base
Toilet overflow prevention device
Fluid stream hydrodynamic separator with high flow bypass
Turning profile
Apparatus and system to mount objects in proximity to ceiling structure
Apparatus for the spreading of adhesive material
Adjustable metal formwork system for concrete structures
Framework serving as structural support and utility space
Systems and methods for constructing temporary, re-locatable structures
Integrated security and emergency lock
Locking hinge assembly
Adjustable garage door jamb trim
Methods of forming earth-boring tools and related structures
Formulation and method of use for exploitation and transport of heavy and extra heavy oil wells
Flow sensing apparatus and methods for use in oil and gas wells
Method and apparatus for determining the local spatial extent of the phase of valuable mineral in a rock
Offshore fluid transfer systems and methods
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing device, integrally bladed rotor basic body, and turbomachine
Gas turbine engines with abradable turbine seal assemblies
Electric power generation assembly
Turbine rotor disk inlet orifice for a turbine engine
Bolted connection for connecting two wind turbine components by bolts
Heat dissipation type starting fly wheel of a model vehicle gasoline engine
Method for protecting a gas turbine engine against high dynamical process values and gas turbine engine for conducting the method
Variable valve actuating apparatus for internal combustion engine, and controller for variable valve actuating apparatus
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system with integrated high-pressure accumulator
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
Floating assembly for generating energy from sea currents
Floating vessel that converts wave energy at sea into electrical energy
Directed flow wind turbine
Energy generation system including pressure vessels with flexible bladders having elongate valve tubes contained therein that contain a plurality of flow apertures for communication of fluid therewith
Electric connector for cooling a compressor drive circuit
Self-sealing fastener
Retaining means with an axial passage for receiving a format part
Locking mechanism for the support arm elbow of a selectively adjustable multipurpose support stand
Rotating device
Wear resistant clutch plate
Brake system and vehicle comprising a brake system
Aisle emergency brake for rail-guided vehicle
Swing damper with disc brakes
Transmission for a motor-vehicle
Multigroup transmission of a motor vehicle
Fastening structure for ring-gear and differential case, and differential device using same
Arrangement for supporting an input gear of transmission
Shifter assembly with decoupling mechanism
Cooridnated torque control operation with de-energized throttle
Mixer group for bathroom or kitchen
Sealed stopper for an opening in a tubing for joining a chamber and a piping, particularly in the steam generator of a nuclear pressurised water reactor
Manufacturing apparatus of core material of vacuum heat insulating material, manufacturing method of vacuum heat insulating material, vacuum heat insulating material, and refrigerator
Computing device stand and related methods
Seat track
Outlet valve for use with a pressurized fluid container
Light emitting diode automobile lamp
9-volt battery mounted flashlight
Zoomable LED flashlight
Lighting device with converting mechanism
Lighting device
LED lighting system and high-power LED lamp
LED lamp with actively cooled heat sink
Door for domestic appliance and domestic appliance
Solar energy receiver
Subaqueous mining tailings placement
Processes and systems for dry-milled corn ethanol and corn oil production with improved carbon footprint
Ambidextrous slide stop
Projectile launcher able to launch an object using a hammer
Weapon stabilizer / hanger
Apparatus and method for aiming point calculation
Integrated multifunction scope for optical combat identification and other uses
Arrow modification and fletching system
Location detector device
Position sensors and methods
Device and method for optically compensating for the measuring track decentralization in rotation angle sensors
Optical liquid level transducer
Layered object and measuring apparatus and method
Three-dimensional titania nano-fibrous architecture for molecular detection by Raman spectroscopy
Urine analysis device, method and system
Optical measurement device and optical measurement method
Measurement of the inertial properties of an aircraft movable control surface
Nondestructive test for flexible composites
Nano sensing of temperature using equal intensity double plasmon resonance (EIDPR)
Vernier photonic sensor data-analysis
Fluorescent labeling of living cells
X-ray imaging apparatus
System and method for scanning and processing printed media
Method and device for examining an exhaust gas sensor
Methods of identifying candidate compounds of the human G protein-coupled receptor, GPR50, as modulators of body mass or adiposity
Methods of predicting and decreasing the risk of pregnancy loss
Device for regulating a wire anemometer
Current sensor
Wire probe assembly and forming process for die testing
Diagnostic tool for trailer lights
Vehicle travel control system
Portable radiation detector
Methods for disrupting electronic circuits
Variable magnification optical system and imaging apparatus
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus
Optical filter, optical filter device, analyzer, and method for manufacturing optical filter
Gaze detecting heads-up display systems
Opto-electric combined circuit board and electronic devices
Bend-resistant single-mode optical fibre
Fiber optic tapestry
Optical de-multiplexing device
Optical communication module and method for making the same
Pretensioned backplane for tensioned membrane
Photochromic spectacles
Method of making a phase difference film
Image formation unit and image formation apparatus
Separation device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
Surface treatment apparatus having reusable film
Image forming apparatus and method, and toner, developer and process cartridge for forming image
Personal alarm watch
Smart process modules and objects in process plants
Robot system and teaching method therefor
Processing apparatus with conveyer and controller to output request signal and stop instruction signal
Vehicle management system
Switching regulator
Customizable pedal system
Power supply switching apparatus
Tablet support apparatus
Securing device, and assembly including the securing device and a heat dissipating module
Portable terminal
Managing power consumption in a multi-core processor
Virtual computer system, virtual computer control method and accumulation circuit
Communication of conditions at a primary storage controller to a host
Error prediction with partial feedback
Retention based defecting in a hybrid memory system
Disable restart setting for AMF configuration components
Systems and methods for destaging storage tracks from cache
Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
Mapping engine for a storage device
Adaptive record caching for solid state disks
Passing hint of page allocation of thin provisioning with multiple virtual volumes fit to parallel data access
Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
Information processing apparatus
Virtual machine failover
Reducing microprocessor performance loss due to translation table coherency in a multi-processor system
Storage control device, computer-readable recording medium, and method thereof
Nestable system and method for accessing, organizing, and interacting with visual representations of data
Wait-free stream oriented migration based storage
Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Predictive operator graph element processing
Virtual universe desktop exploration for resource acquisition
Services management application integrating social media and automated infrastructure monitoring
System and method for providing interactive content for multiple networked users in a shared venue using short messaging service communication
System and method for adjusting inactivity timeout settings on a display device
Media device, application, and content management using sensory input
Management of input methods
Method, system, and computer readable medium for detecting related subgroups of text in an electronic document
Method and system for semantic searching of natural language texts
Database row access control
Systems, methods and computer program products for reducing hash table working-set size for improved latency and scalability in a processing system
Measuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells
Inquiry-oriented user input apparatus and method
Propagation of unique device names in a cluster system
System and method for accelerating anchor point detection
Open file migration operations in a distributed file system
Mobile work machine having support booms
Gear and mode selection for transmissions using a single input device
Rangefinder having digital camera and digital display and digital rangefinder game
Controlling a manufacturing process with a multivariate model
Structural model of G protein-coupled receptor and method for designing ligand capable of binding to G protein-coupled receptor using the structural model
Bidirectional counting of dual outcome events
Message processing
Data transfer control device and data storage device
Smart slide creation and presentation
Web video occlusion: a method for rendering the videos watched over multiple windows
Spooling system call data to facilitate data transformation
Object positioning for an X-Y projected capacitive touch panel
Touchscreen sensor for touchscreen display unit
Application documentation effectiveness monitoring and feedback
Systems and methods for reallocating image processing devices
System and method for controlling the settings of an imaging forming apparatus
Robot system, robot, and sorted article manufacturing method
Multimedia data delivery
Controlling segment size distribution in hash-based deduplication
Calculation method and computer-readable recording medium
Distributed multi-step abstract queries
Indexing provenance data and evaluating provenance data queries in data processing systems
Matrix calculation unit
Processor and control method of processor
Modularizing steps within a UML user model interaction pattern
Operational model creation from SOA solution architecture
Methods and tools for data-driven application engineering
Creating a prerequisite checklist corresponding to a software application
Mobile computing program slicing and behavior
Relaxation of synchronization for iterative convergent computations
Classpath optimization in a Java runtime environment
Code analysis for simulation efficiency improvement
Preprovisioning using mutated templates
Operation management device and method for job continuation using a virtual machine
Virtual computing environments
Patch applying method for virtual machine, storage system adopting patch applying method, and computer system
Hypervisor file system
Submitting operations to a shared resource based on busy-to-success ratios
Generic transport layer mechanism for firmware communication
Using a temporary object handle to control access to a resource object
Mechanism to schedule threads on OS-sequestered sequencers without operating system intervention
Processing batch database workload while avoiding overload
Implementation of a multiple writer single reader queue in a lock free and a contention free manner
Metrology method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
System and process for building a catalog using visual objects
System and method for generating a three-dimensional image on a pre-printed lined substrate
Means for setting separation walls with predetermined heights and shapes on keypads to prevent unintended key hits
Collapsible display means
Display apparatus
Method and device for optical focusing
Logging and profiling content space data and coverage metric self-reporting
Vacuum fluorescent display apparatus having barium absorbent
Multi-mode sight
Low power thermal imager
Emergency stop module arrangement
Spintronic phase comparator permitting direct phase probing and mapping of electromagnetic signals
Memory read-channel with selective transmission of error correction data
Systems and methods for delivering activity based suggestive (ABS) messages
Optical modulator and optical modulation control method
Data center container with draining mechanism
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Garden implement system
Hopper feed regulating apparatus
Hydraulic seat lift for all-terrain vehicles
Method and apparatus for manufacturing chain-like food products such as sausages or the like
Preparation of mixtures for the production of aerated beverages
Underwire brassiere and cup assembly
Wireless support for brassiere
Heated liner for wearing under an upper torso garment
Method and apparatus for the automatic loading of an article onto a printing machine
Removable helmet light system
Device and method for deodorizing shoes
Zippered resealable closure
Reclosable bags having a tamper-evident retaining member extending through a slider
Multi-purpose eyeglass holding and cleaning kit
Jointed clamp for garment bag
Pack assembly
Soap brush
Filament gripper
Synergistic body positioning and dynamic support system
Recipe holder system
Book display method and apparatus
Retractable step having additional step stored therein
Case assembly including legs and caps
Mounting device for a florist basket
Chair mechanism
Spindle for a height regulating device
Folding chair convertible to rocking chair
Ergonomic chair with mesh seat and back
Height adjustment device, particularly for the seat back portion and arm-rests in office chairs
Collapsible portable chair
Shelf assembly
Shelf assembly
Display shelf insert having anti-rotation means
Carousel device for storing medication containers
Ceiling-suspended storage system
Multipurpose support
Molded display rack with snap-in retainer and hinged mold insert tool
Item pick-up system
Floatable system for artwork
Photo frame
Self-balancing, single-hand food holder
Combined drinking cup and horn
Knife holder
Thermos device
Mixer appliance
Detachable handle for cooking utensil
Detachable device handle mounting structure
Dispenser for coreless rolls of products
Dispenser of rolled-up sheet materials
Control wire driving mechanism for use in endoscope
Polymerizable 1, 1-disubstituted ethylene monomer formulation applicators, applicator tips, applicator kits and methods
Apparatus for retracting tissue during surgical procedures
Single-use disposable eyelid speculum, eye examination kit, and method for examining a patient's eye
Surgical access port and laparoscopic surgical method
Safety lockout for actuator shaft
Laparoscopic instrument system for real-time biliary exploration and stone removal
Trocar sleeve with a duckbill valve
Scrub returns cabinet
System and method for synchronizing the appearance of color images
Ophthalmological apparatus
Device for viewing the fundus of the eye
Pressure variable valve apparatus and set pressure detecting apparatus of the valve apparatus
System and method for remotely monitoring functional activities
Device and method to sense body substance transition
Automated receptor tracking to diagnostic source assembly
Optical source and method
Fiber reinforced composite post
Teeth crevice cleaning apparatus and method of using the same
Device for removing tooth stain
Hand-holdable gas/abrasion apparatus
Capsule for use in preparing a dental amalgam
Inflatable dental device
Fixture, Prosthesis anchoring device and prosthesis
Dental cast tray assembly
Paint saver
Breast saver comfort
Disposable diaper having upstanding walls for improving leakage prevention
Intra-urethral device for incontinence and method for making and using the same
Monomer delivery device for bone cement delivery system
Bone cement delivery apparatus and hand-held fluent material dispensing apparatus
Chassis of an electric walk-substituting car
Disabled user lift system
Automated portable medication radial dispensing apparatus and method
Radioactive seeds and method for using same
Magnetohydrodynamic cardiac assist device
Blood pump
Rotating seals for cell processing systems
Concrete mounted safety stanchion and apparatus and methods for mounting to concrete
Exercising device for simulating hula-hoop rotations
Resistance mechanism with series connected resistance packs
Abdominal exercise apparatus and method
Pathfinder elliptical exercise machine
Golf ball
Portable golf ball storage, dispensing and display apparatus
String fastener for a racket
Racket of a metal tube combined with fiber material
Length adjustable jump rope apparatus
Golf club head and method of assembling a golf club head
Golf club head with weighting member and method of manufacturing the same
Negative loft fulcrum-balanced putter
Golf bag carrier
Game apparatus having a spherical object drop mechanism
Ball feeder and method
Metal bat having improved barrel structure
Apparatus for releasably connecting a basketball net to a basketball rim
Game puck with improved glider pin
Golf club
Golf stance and alignment device
Pitching machine
Stick handle for ski, trekking and the like with adjustable wrist strap
Roller-skating boot
Ball spinner and polish apparatus
RC car device
Game apparatus, game controlling method and recording medium for use with battle video games
Method of playing a HI-LO card game having eights as trump cards
Baseball and soccer training system for children
Method of playing a poker game using combined decks
Ball plunger device for a soccer game
Football game using a triangular game piece with numerical values
Top loading swing type amusement ride
Swing posture doll
Two-wheeled amphibious toy vehicle
Toy vehicle and track system
Weight transferring sled toy
Moving toy and a method of using the same
Children's toy with selectively accessible internal cavity with associated storage device
Inflatable toy
Marking system and method for toys and similar objects
Octopus-shaped built-up toy
Three-dimensional built-up toy with freely connectable bases
Electronic toy kitchen and a method of using the same
Bubble forming device using iris-like leaf mechanism, and related method
Structure of foldable receiving bin
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for liquid-liquid extraction
Vibrating screen assembly with tubular frame
Sinking system for removing water from hydrocarbon fuels
Device for preventing penetration of corrosive salt particles in an offshore wind energy facility
Mixing apparatus
Devices for blending materials including a pair of kneading paddles causing the contents of a container to circulate
Method for producing fatty acid methyl ester and equipment for realizing the same
Closure for an equipment sub
Method and apparatus for disposing of waste
Spray pump capable of being actuated by a hand lever
Underground sprinkler head cover assembly
Sprayer device having a light or warning device
Control system for atomizing liquids with a piezoelectric vibrator
Nutating sprinkler
Adapter for upright sprinkler with rotating head
Rotary spray atomizer
Spray gun
Device for automatic spray application of paint
Single stroke fluid dispense system
Combination for storing and applying heat softenable moisture curable materials
Oscillating drive for resonance systems
Method and apparatus for separating excavated material
Vibratory separator with material heater
Separator for dry separation of powders
Article separating method and apparatus
Bowl diverter
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Cleaning apparatus
High-pressure cleaning apparatus
Magnetic gear and centrifuge having a magnetic gear
Threading and scale removal device
Extruded aluminum vehicle wheel
Workpiece loader/unloader system
Method for processing a striking plate for a golf club head
End-mill tool with high and low flutes and related method for rough cutting and finishing a workpiece
Large wire bonder head
Spool holder structure for a wire bonder
Concave face wire bond capillary
Assembling jig for sectional articles
Positioning and clamping apparatus
High-speed production unit for machining operations
Machining cell and method for deburring the root of a turbine blade
Device and process for thermographic examination of functional surfaces of forming tools
Workpiece holder for a machine tool
Modular system and fixture for positioning a workpiece
Polishing device, end face polishing apparatus having polishing device, and end face polishing method
Pallet for clamping a workpiece to be processed
Method for forming contact of electrical connector and press die for practicing the method
Polishing apparatus and polishing method using the same
Substrate polishing system using roll-to-roll fixed abrasive
System and method for mitigating wafer surface disformation during chemical mechanical polishing (CMP)
Arrangement and method for polishing a surface of a semiconductor wafer
Workpiece carrier and polishing apparatus having workpiece carrier
Molded non-abrasive substrate carrier for use in polishing operations
Rotational slurry distribution system for rotary CMP system
Polishing pad and surface polishing method
Polishing pad having a water-repellant film theron and a method of manufacture therefor
Polishing fluid, polishing method, semiconductor device and semiconductor device fabrication method
Method of controlling a polishing machine
Sanding and cleaning device for drywall bullnose cornerbeads
Conditioner for polishing pad and method for manufacturing the same
Corner sanding tool
Polishing tape
Tool and method for the abrasive machining of a substantially planar surface
Sanding machine clamp bar
Method and apparatus for releasably attaching polishing pads to planarizing machines in mechanical and/or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Microelectronic substrate assembly planarizing machines and methods of mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrate assemblies
Vacuum control device for holding a workpiece
Adaptive load-clamping system
Golf ball casting mold assembly
Forming mold with recess having snap-fit end seal
Mold form and use thereof
Apparatus for automated ophthalmic lens fabrication
Die especially for stamping detergent bars
Apparatus for molding semiconductor components
Molding die for laminated molding
Apparatus for manufacturing lenses for vehicle lamps
Injection molding machine having a platen for uniform distribution of clamping forces
Mold clamping apparatus and method of controlling operation of the apparatus
Snap-on, screw-off cap and container neck
Structure for coupling two types of members
Tubing coupling and a method for producing the same
Polymeric polishing pad having continuously regenerated work surface
Composite golf club head
Method and apparatus for fabricating double-ended closure bags and double compartment bags
Method of forming a variable sized and shaped pizza box and apparatus thereof
Method of making aluminum alloy plate for bearing
Pre-cylinder signature collector
Serial printer adjusting record displacement caused by transport of record sheet, and adjustment method thereof
Synchronized motion printer with continuous paper movement
Printer cartridge with binder
Transaction printer
Ink liquid fixing device and ink jet recording apparatus provided with such ink liquid fixing device
Method of ink-jet recording with two fluids
Printed media produced by permanent heat activated printing process
Powder composition and process of forming liquid ink image using same
CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head with silicon based lateral flow nozzle architecture and method of forming same
Pulse with modulation signal generating methods and apparatuses
Printer and printing therefor
Method for reducing cavitation in impulse ink jet printing device
Method and apparatus for improving print quality on failure of a thermal ink jet nozzle
Dynamic memory based firing cell of thermal ink jet printhead
Method and apparatus for non-saturated switching for firing energy control in an inkjet printer
Ink-jet printer and printing head driving method therefor
Recording head, substrate for use of recording head, and recording apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus and driving method thereof using a flow resistance element to promote collapse of a generated bubble
Liquid discharge head, head cartridge and liquid discharge apparatus
Inkjet print head
Liquid discharge head, liquid discharge method, head cartridge and liquid discharge device
Ink jet printhead with tapered magnetic actuators
Ink jet printing apparatus, ink jet printing method and ink jet print head with control of drive voltage and pulse width
Bubble-jet type ink-jet printhead with double heater
Inkjet printhead with nozzle rim
Ink supply unit structure
Element substrate having connecting wiring between heat generating resistor elements and ink jet recording apparatus
Power supply for a four color modular printhead
Nozzle arrangement for an ink jet printhead including volume-reducing actuators
Thermal bend actuator
Ballistic aerosol marking process employing marking material comprising polyester resin and poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)
Ink jet printer having apparatus for reducing systematic print quality defects
Dual curable encapsulating material
Ejector mechanism for a print engine
Liquid path opening/closing mechanism
Anti-spill fluid filling port
Technique for printing a bar code while conserving colorant
Image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus and method thereof
Sheet metal print engine chassis assembled without fasteners
Method of binding a protective cover to magazines
Nested leaflet label structure
Multiple-component data package
Book holder
File folder, box and panel designed with pre-perforated holes, grooves and slots
Grip and cap for writing tool, and writing tool
Pen light
Double-tube water pen
Stippling instrument
Vehicle light weight dead axle and method for forming same
Wheel hole insert for protecting and altering the appearance of wheels
Flip-down ball mount cover assembly
Motorized jack for trailers
V-stay mounting for vehicles
Spring band for an axle assembly
Damper for vehicles
Adjustable rebound stop for axle/suspension systems
Vehicle suspensions
Ventilation device for the seat of a motor vehicle
Acoustic HVAC control system
Golf cart cover
Window seal for a convertible
Hail cover for vehicles
Vehicle sun visor
Mechanism for the retractable top of an open automobile
Retractable hard top for passenger cars
Trailer hitch enclosure device
Pivoting rail having tonneau cover system
Soft shell camper top including a roof rack for use on a pickup truck
Openable hatch in a fixed roof surface of motor vehicle
Folding camper for vehicle
Motor vehicle roof
Adjustable air vent for a vehicle
Fuel tank and vehicle equipped with the same
4WD transfer mounting construction
Glittering pedal device
Instrument panel mounting structure
Vibration-isolating apparatus and metal stopper therefor
Power transmission apparatus for an automobile
Vehicle braking apparatus and vehicle braking method
Overhead wire tensioning device
Pan frame structure of seat cushion of a vehicle seat
Easy entry seat track assembly
Vehicle electric reclining seats
Seat reclining apparatus for vehicles
Kinetic child restraint device
Removable container holding assembly
Container dumping apparatus
Top-dumping container handler
Animal transporting system
Trailer structure & tie-down mechanism
Headlight unit for a vehicle
Method and system for providing a reliable and durable light source
Rearview mirror with lighting assembly
Extendable mirror with improved detent
Wide angle mirror attachable to an existing rear view mirror
Mounting apparatus for an electronic device
Loop back clockspring having adhesive layer
Shielded housing for holding electronic components, particularly electronic air bag control devices
Integrated battery tray and reservoir assembly
Remote indicator module
Three-dimensional air bags for vehicles
Air bag and air bag device
Sensor system and method for determining the position of vehicle occupants in vehicles
Self-centering airbag and method for manufacturing and tuning the same
Air belt and air belt apparatus
Seat provided with side air bag system
Housing for inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Air bag module with variable inflation
Steering with airbag module
Side curtain assembly including fill tube
Vehicle hood deployment device for pedestrian protection
Webbing guide
Seat belt retractor
Seat belt retractor
Trailer step with backlighting
Fastening device adapted for tightening a rope to fasten goods on a platform of vehicle
Luggage holding apparatus for vehicle
Articles hanger for automobile transportation
Retention arm for gear racks
Cantilever carrying apparatus
Brake cable hanger plate for connecting brake cables and yoke cable for a bicycle
Method and device for controlling a braking system
Electro-hydraulic braking systems
Inching braking system
Method and a device for charging, cargo, securing and discharging of trailers
Passive detection system for levitated vehicle or levitated vehicle system
Collapsible handcart
Support apparatus for a stroller
Energy absorbing support system for a vehicle steering mechanism
System for continuous energy absorption with relative displacement, by squeezing a metallic strip between two components of defined section
Transverse-member module for a front or rear side end region of a motor vehicle and method of making same
Joint construction for brake pipe
Bracket and side rail structure for supporting a steering gear on a vehicle frame assembly
Mounting structure with improved stiffness characteristics
Pickup truck box
Arrangement for cabs for vehicles
Electronic power steering apparatus for vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Ball screw mechanism and electrically powered steering device utilizing the same
Electrically assisted steering booster with a compact planetary gear
Steering mechanism assembly for automotive vehicles
Chassis for a fifth wheel travel trailer
Caster structure for attachment to a rear end of a skid-steer loader
Compliant pivot socket for automotive steering
Two-wheel drive two-wheeled vehicle
Rear shock absorbing assembly for a bicycle
Standing-pedaling bike
Fin and watercraft system
Automated fail-safe sea rescue flotation system
Method and apparatus for improving efficiency and/or altering acoustic signature of surface and submerged vessels
Boat propeller transmission
High retraction marine thruster
Radome deicer
All-hydraulic powered horizontal stabilizer trim control surface position control system
Dual trunnion hub-to-mast assembly
Pulse detonation cluster engine
Ventilation valve with a breathing channel for a tank container of a helicopter
High intensity discharge aircraft landing and taxi light system, method and components
Inflatable habitation volumes in space
Closed-loop spacecraft orbit control
Electrical energy management and attitude control system for a satellite
Pre-bias scheme for roll momentum unloads on pitch momentum bias/yaw reaction wheel spacecraft
Thermal shock avoidance for satellite solar panels
Support structure having alternative states of high strength or low thermal conductivity, and connecting strut
Pocket conveyor
Collapsible bag, aerosol container incorporating same and method of assembling aerosol container
Device for feeding tablets and the like, in a packaging machine
Labeling system for container
Hot-fillable and retortable flat paneled jar
Attaching system for a container and a base
Container closure system with warranty element
Tamper-evident closure and spout fitment for a pouch
Lid with a slidable dispensing spout
Pouring device
Integrally shaped plastic closure
Closure clip for gable-top carton
Device for packing fluorescent ring lamps
Packaged absorbent paper product, container, and dispensing method
Child-resistant and elder-friendly vial closure system
Container for separately carrying cold drink and hot foods
Packaging for shipment of fiber glass rovings
Battery package
Device for dispensing a seasoning
Liquid detergent container and dispensing
Stackable pizza box support
Convertible board holder
Method and apparatus for wrapping, protecting and preventing corrosion on coiled metal
Portable beverage delivery and mixing system
Dispensing head for dispensing product
Apparatus for holding a trash receptacle
Modular conveyor belt with rolling hinge pin pairs
Tension control apparatus and method for aero-mechanical conveyor
Reciprocating floor conveyor for conveying palletized loads or the like
Constant angle and pressure conveyor belt cleaner and tensioning arrangement
Flip-flop assembly for conveyor system
Variable-pitch pick and place device
Method and device for receiving mass-produced articles, especially plastic cups
Apparatus for placing spacers in stacked lumber
Storage bin for particulate materials
Vehicle restraint device
Remote sheet advance device and method
Sheet accumulator having a circular feed path
Conveyor device
Card guide and card picker
Note feeder
Method and apparatus for separating flexible, flat objects
Apparatus for separating sheets from a stack
Document dispensing apparatus
Opening guard mechanism for printed product stacking device
Apparatus for sorting sheetlike data carriers, said apparatus comprising a longitudinal/cross conveying device
System for directing a leading edge of continuous form paper onto a stack
Folder with early warning jam detection system and related method
Apparatus for folding pluralities of product webs advancing along parallel paths
Apparatus and method for winding a web of tapes or yarns
Method and apparatus for winding cross-wound bobbins driven in a rotary manner
Tensioning device for circular knitting machine
Wire winding box
Wire reeler
Elevator control apparatus controlling charging of a power source with regenerative power
High-speed continuous conveying system
Stair tow system and method
Pallet lifting hook
Crane with jib having multiple functions
System for stabilizing and controlling a hoisted load
Multipurpose tool
Apparatus for monitoring loading of a lift
Manhole cover removal tool
Lifting device
Leveling device
Load handling vehicle
Dispenser with features for enhanced maintainability
Dispenser for cold drinks
Pressure container for batch gasification of liquid
Bottle with rotational dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Water circulation apparatus and method
Method and pump for impelling water in waters
Diacetylenics containing adjacent triple bonds
Adhesive laminate and method of securing a rubber air spring to a fixturing sleeve
Clear candle construction
Textiles; Paper
Needle and pin cap assembly
Cabinet for storing soiled clothes preparatory to washing
Fixed Constructions
Prefabricated embedded railway track system with removable inserts
Method and apparatus for controlling the mixing of milled asphalt aggregate with rejuvenating fluid
Pavement repair material cart
Device and method for monitoring the amount of material applied to a surface
Method of stabilizing the ground in road construction work
Interconnected telescoping movable roadway barrier modules
Protective or delimiting barrier having a flexible connecting system
Assembly collar, in particular for street fixtures
Snowplowable pavement marker
Pet litter scoop and disposal device
Connector pin apparatus and associated methods
Grinding mechanism for a food waste disposer and method of making the grinding mechanism
Sealing element for pipelines
Flattenable luminaire
Mobile all-terrain vehicle enclosure
Theft-proof removable door handle illumination device
Door lock of a motor vehicle or the like with an electric locking aid and opening aid
Vehicle door lock actuator
Closure system for automotive side stowage system
Actuating device for a door lock with a hinged handle, especially for a vehicle lock
Two rung removable step and method of using the same
Cutting elements for rotary drill bits
Buoyancy module with pressure gradient walls
Centered-leg roller cone drill bit
Coiled tubing connector
Electrically insulating gap subassembly for downhole electromagnetic transmission
Oil field tool
Downhole rotary motor with sealed thrust bearing assembly
Gearbox assembly for deep oil well pumps
Post hole digger
Drilling apparatus with motor-driven pump steering control
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary engine
Scroll compressor having a clearance for the oldham coupling
Gas turbine engine stator case
Cryogenic turbo-expander
Method and apparatus for supporting rotor assembly bearings
Turbine frame assembly
Reduced stress rotor blade and disk assembly
Turbine bucket cover and brush seal
Air-cooled turbine blade
Drilled cooling air openings in gas turbine components
Turbine blade wall section cooled by an impact flow
Periodic stator airfoils
Anti-rotation retainer for a conduit
Nozzle braze backside cooling
Siphon inhibiting device for a marine cooling system
Thermostatic device with two levels of regulation operated selectively
Cowling arrangement for outboard motor
Acoustically treated structurally reinforced sound absorbing panel
Bypass duct fan noise reduction assembly
Control system for vehicle having continuously variable transmission
Method of controlling engine torque during launch from neutral idle operation
Method and system for managing torque of a drivetrain
Butterfly valve noise suppressor
System and method for sustaining electric power during a momentary power interruption in an electric thrust reverser actuation system
Carburetor throttle and choke control mechanism
Carburetor with fuel vapor control
Alternative fuels vehicle and fuel-system valve used therein
Fuel injection system
Fluid injection nozzle
Variable orifice electronically controlled common rail injector (VOECRRI)
High-pressure pump for feeding fuel to an internal combustion engine
Overflow device for carburetor
Control valve for variable capacity compressors
Axial piston compressor
Inline stroke counter for air pumps
Fuel pump with vapor lock inhibiting check valve
Two stage scroll vacuum pump with improved pressure ratio and performance
Compressor bearings
Vacuum pump
Pump shell for multistage metal working pump
Blower machine with an inherent air flow heat dissipation structure
Fitting for holding an upright suspension rod to a ceiling wall
Variable pitch fan
Fan with improved electric motor and mounting
Fan wire guard with circumferential wire support mechanism
Motor/fan assembly having a radial diffuser bypass
V-blade impeller design for a regenerative turbine
Chambered vane impeller molten metal pump
Manual valve of hydraulic pressure control system for automatic transmission
Fastener and fastener-rod assembly
Nut and intermediate product therefor
Progressively-formed clinch nut
Insert retention mechanism
Lug nut assembly
Method for forming a threaded pin and nut combination
Ball joint cover
Overhead lamp with an upwardly opening lamp shade
Externally pressurized gas bearing spindle assembly
Rotary air bearing and process for manufacturing the same
Universal joint
Speed difference-dependent hydraulic coupling with temperature compensation
Actuating arrangement
Aircraft wheel brake with exchangeable brake segments
Brake for a hydraulic vehicle brake system, sealing ring for such a brake and method for producing such a sealing ring
Thrust structure of brake mechanism
Electromagnetic spring-actuated brake system
Fabric arrangement and method for controlling fluid flow
Vibration-preventive support device
Switchable liquid-filled vibration isolating mount
Active decoupler hydraulic mount
Variable spring constant type damper filled with viscous fluid
Thermal isolator for vehicle mount
Support assembly having a deformation element with radial deformation limiters
Controlled oscillating damper
Belt-drive continuously variable transmission
Metal V-belt
Belt for continuously variable transmission
Driving apparatus
Continuously variable transmission for motor vehicles
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Gearbox with gear synchronizing device
Transmission system
Torque-transmitting apparatus
Hydro-mechanical transmission
Double-meshing type silent chain and sprocket for meshing with the chain along outer circumference thereof
Torque-transmitting system
Vehicular automatic transmission equipped with failure detecting apparatus
Blade-type chain tensioner
Tensioner for applying tension to force transmitting member
Laminated gasket
Sealing ring combination
Sealing structure for a mixing valve of hot and cool water
Electrically controllable valve
Shock wave generator including high speed gas valve
Method and a device for protective encapsulation of pipe loops installable on the seabed
Method and apparatus for underwater connection of pipe pieces and bolt therefor
Pipe flange clocking
Tube support
Coupler for a pipe or hose section
Adaptor for a safety hose
Video camera support device
Stand for supporting a casing and preventing the overturning thereof
Apparatus for camera mount on tripod platform
Vehicular fluid absorbent pad
Apparatus for controlling system state based on unique identifiers
Magnifying glass with illumination means for use in medicine and an illumination means
Battery powered portable electric light source systems
Structure of flash movable decorating lamp
Collapsible lampshade for a table lamp
Lamp shade folding structure
Luminaire with reduced height for packaging purposes
Barrier wall mounting plate for electrical fixture enclosure
Internal fixture tracklight system
Solid state traffic light apparatus having a cover including an integral lens
Lighting fixture having a screw lock lamp support
Luminaire of elongate shape
Decorative ground lighting stake assembly and system
Candle fountain
Light composition for vehicle light
Dual fuel circuit gas burner
Spiral-shaped atmospheric gas burner
Safety gas burner
Control device for a gas-fired appliance
Apparatus for controlling combustion device
Climate control system
One piece louver vent
Solar power system drive unit
Laser identification system
Personal safety device
Electronic missile location
Measuring head holder
Variable microwave cold/warm noise source
Mass and heat flow measurement sensor
Engine thrust bearing condition monitoring system and method
Electronic thermometer and temperature prediction method therefor
Diamond detecting apparatus and method
Socket apparatus for removably mounting electronic packages with improved contacting system
Barrier member for a telescope
Method and apparatus for measuring optical aberrations of the human eye
Multimirror stack for vertical integration of MEMS devices in two-position retroreflectors
System in which light is directed from a light source onto a surface
Conveyor-belt mounted bar code symbol reading system employing a steerable bar code symbol scanner to automatically scan bar code symbols detected by a holographic-based bar code position detector
Optical system of a liquid crystal projector for reducing total length of the system
Color projector
Optical fiber fusion splice method and optical fiber fusion splicer used for the same
System for coupling a lightwave conductor cable on coupling elements of a housing
Fiber optic loop support
Fiber optic loop support
Field-installable fiber optic ribbon connector and installation tool
Optical fiber connector assembly
Data transfer system incorporating optical fiber link module with internal electromagnetic shield
Electronic module having an integrated latching mechanism
Pin-free socket compatible with optical/electrical interconnects
Universal mounting system for a fiber optic management center
Device for inserting elongated objects into clamps
Adjustable nose piece assembly for make-up eyeglasses
Dipvergence adjusting device for ocular mounting assembly
Flat panel liquid crystal display
Ornamental image display and sound device
Method and system for using calibration patches in electronic film processing
Low cost fuser rollers
Mainspring device and a winding protection structure
Winder for mechanical watches
Predictive apparatus for regulating or controlling supply values
Mechanism for preventing electronic unit from being pulled out from housing under condition that electronic unit is connected with plug
Range-based query optimizer
Automated collection and analysis patient care system and method for ordering and prioritizing multiple health disorders to identify an index disorder
Keyboard having changeable decoration
Method for controlling execution of processing in video game, storage medium storing processing execution control program, and game apparatus
Receptacle for data cards
Image processing method and apparatus and recording apparatus
Dual mode smart card and associated methods
Multi-dimensional scanning arrangement with U-shaped planar spring
Methods and systems for providing human/computer interfaces
Method for transferring money
Encoding small amounts of embedded digital data at arbitrary locations within an image
Card feed and read mechanisms for time and attendance recorders
Single vend newspaper vending machine
Vending machine having a commodity discharge apparatus excellent in theftproofness
Gaming machine
Gaming device having a bonus scheme with multiple selection groups
Key for a gaming machine and method of use thereof
Operation of gaming machines with addition of wild card symbols
Value transfer system
Web based, on-line system and method for assessing, monitoring and modifying behavioral characteristic
Tamper-proof seal and method for using same
Guitar stand
Tape cartridge leader for single reel tape cartridges having increased flexibility for improved performance
Method and system for personalized message storage and retrieval
Manufacturing method of plasma display panel that includes adielectric glass layer having small particle sizes
Incandescent lamp
Automated semiconductor immersion processing system
Method and apparatus for interconnecting devices using an adhesive
Bump joining judging device and method, and semiconductor component production device and method
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Apparatus and method of chamfering wafer
Semiconductor device with elements surrounded by trenches
Simplified ZIF socket assembly
Method and structure for tuning the impedance of electrical terminals
Cap and low insertion force connector for printed circuit board
Terminal fitting for flat conductor and method of connecting terminal fitting to flat conductor
Coax switch assembly
Radio frequency cable connector assembly
Solder-on connector for coaxial cable
Electrical card connector with ejector device
Female terminal fitting
Contacts for hinged connection system
Contact assembly for land grid array interposer or electrical connector
High-speed electrical connector
Electrical connector configured by wafers including moveable contacts
Connector for high pressure environment
Connecting apparatus and robot
Electrical adapter
Pre-set locks for a connector lever
Shielded floating electrical connector
Method and apparatus for lifting an integrated circuit from a socket
Connector having a short-circuiting element
Communication connector
High density connector for balanced transmission lines
Visual indicators having common cathode leads, and an electrical connector using same
Multiple protected live circuit wet connect system
Method of molding multi-polar coaxial plug in assmbled state and multi-polar coaxial plug
Universal wiring harness for automatic transmission
Electrical connector with a loop and helical turn
Electronic connector plug for high speed transmission
Sliding connector interface with non-metallic contacts
Electrical connector with releasable pick-up device
Braided shield terminating potting backshell
Reel dispenser for power cord application
Electrical apparatus adapted to be emplaced in a support
Method and device for mounting a winding
Generator junction assembly
Direct current electric motor which eliminates outer case and places brushes and chokes in space efficient locations
Instant synchronous automatic gain control apparatus
Television/internet game show
Printing method, printing apparatus, and recording medium
IC socket and method of assembling the IC socket
Rotatable guide member for a socket for electrical parts
Electronic gaming system cooling device
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