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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Watering mat for the large-area distribution of water
Flow control device for a smoking article
Cigar holder
Coupling pin connection for securing a watchband to a watchcase
Pen or pencil
Container data center
Drawer guide for a furniture drawer component
Collapsible dual sided privacy carrel
Rack with lockable tray
Clipping apparatus for expansion card
Wheelchair accessible recliner
Convertible rocking chair
Combination shopping cart and high chair cover with plush character
Floating insulating beverage container
Adjustable angle bracket
Hybrid spectral domain optical coherence tomography line scanning laser ophthalmoscope
Real-time human collaboration monitoring and intervention
Display for ECG diagnostics
Detecting system of position and posture of capsule medical device
Radiation ablation tracking system and method
Surgical imaging device
Device for placing a dental splint
Condom with multifunctional coating
Mobile surgical dental chair and method of manufacture
Method of operation of a portable multifunctional mobility aid apparatus
Temperature regulated implant
Shielded electrode assembly for effective nerve sensing and stimulation
Medical device with magnetically-responsive control switch
Electrode lead for implantation into a small heart vessel
Stimulation channel selection methods
Closed loop programming for individual adjustment of electro-mechanical synchrony
Rigging system safety device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water heater
Liquid or pulp aeration device
Gravimetric mineral processing device and method for its use
Device and method for manufacturing tire tread features
Apparatus for separating stacked pallets
Cutting board with adjustable trough
Cushioned support platform
Anthropomorphic force-reflective master arm
Device and method for transferring micro structure
Printer component mounting and alignment system
Printer with ribbon marker detection control
Inkjet head and method of manufacturing inkjet head
Inkjet printer having switched firing of adjacent nozzles applying common color
Image forming apparatus and method of discharging recording liquid
Print control method and print apparatus
Droplet discharge detection device and image forming apparatus including droplet discharge detection device
Scan and pause method for determining ink drying time in an inkjet printer
Wall mountable organizer assembly
Suspension trailing arm
Smart light with power backup
Safety light for trailers
Bumper assembly
White-line display apparatus for a vehicle
Bodywork arrangement for a front end and a passenger compartment of a vehicle
Impact protection
Hand truck with adjustable wheel assembly
Dolly and carry cage for device such as a tube cleaning machine
Rake and telescope adjustable steering column with spring support
Retractable boat cover assembly
Facility in particular for producing and processing fluids, including a floating unit provided with a system for single-point mooring
Device for diminishing flow resistance in moon pool
Device for the mounting of connectors
Blade orientation of an impeller or propeller
Short landing air vehicle by the use of rotating wings
Vibratory tray conveyor and method
Adapter plate for a container assembly
Wash bucket
Coffee mug liner
Shock-resistant and environmentally sealed container
Beverage can lid
Multi-chamber inflatable packaging cushion and method of inflation thereof
Waterproof protective case for a mobile device
Holding aid
Open packaging
Conveying mechanism with pushing-off device that can be driven counter to the direction of travel
Bread conveying apparatus and bread packaging system
Stacker for beams
Sheet conveyance apparatus and image forming apparatus with lever member provided in the sheet conveyance path
Methods and apparatus for dispensing solid articles
Safety devices for elevators with reduced clearances
Locking devices
Funnel for food processing and related method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Apparatus, system and method for recovery of artifacts and eradication of invasive species in aquatic environments
Electrode for generating plasma and plasma generator
Fixed Constructions
System and method for exchanging a milling drum assembly
Modular flooring system
Single-wave beam guardrail plate and single-wave beam steel guardrail
Method of drilling and operating an oil or gas well, a method of preventing or minimizing contamination to the soil about an oil or gas well, using a kit to install, an impervious and reusable liner and apparatus therefor
Fence rail and picket assembly
Fencepost sleeve and retainer clip for providing electrical conduit support
Restraint device
Lock device for two-way travel drawer
Work stations for manicurists
Core lifter
Apparatus and method for installing ground anchoring systems
Fill up and circulating tool with well control feature
Managing tensile forces in a cable
Pipe anchoring and expanding unit for producing a slim well and method for producing a slim well using the same
Multiple activation-device launcher for a cementing head
Systems and methods of detecting an intersection between a wellbore and a subterranean structure that includes a marker material
Center discharge gas turbodrill
Double string slurry pump
Proppant having a polyamide imide coating
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Teeter mechanism for a multiple-bladed wind turbine
Hydraulic power generation motor
Motor-driven compressor
Fan assembly including rigid bars with mounting pads
Fan module and air duct thereof
Device and method for regulating the gas supply or the gas transport in a gas storage system
Wedge clamp
Braking system
Disc brake device for rail vehicles
Dampers for mountain bikes
Shaft-seal device for high-temperature fluid
Flow diverter valve
Subsea recovery of swabbing chemicals
Continuous arrangement of light cells into a multi-dimensional light source
Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus
Illumination device having heat dissipating means and light sensor
Reflective cover molding method and reflective cover manufactured thereof
LED bulb
Active bezel edge lighting with diffuser layer
Optical arrangement with a light transmitting layer arranged to cover a portion of light entry surface of light guide and to transmit light diffusively
LED-based luminaire with adjustable beam shape
Heat exchanger water heating system for commercial dishwasher
Apparatus for harnessing solar energy
Plate-type exchanger, heat exchanger plate and method for producing same
Chemical dispersal apparatus system
Flare with flare ignition and ejector mechanism for the same
Distance measuring apparatus capable of controlling range and resolution
Calibration of non-vibrating contact potential difference measurements to detect surface variations that are perpendicular to the direction of sensor motion
Methods and apparatus for non-invasive implantable pressure sensor calibration
Method and system for field calibrating an ion mobility spectrometer or other trace vapor detection instrument
System of controlling and triggering a TRIAC and a method of controlling the triggering of a TRIAC
Data transmission method and apparatus
Fault tolerant duplex computer system and its control method
Admission control of sessions with preference lists
Integrated device for simplified parallel testing, test board for testing a plurality of integrated devices, and test system and tester unit
Navigation processing for a satellite positioning system receiver
Marine seismic source
Wall box adapted to be mounted at a mid-span access location of a telecommunications cable
Cable entry seal
Microstructuring of an optical waveguide for producing functional optical elements
Resin composition for optical material, resin film for optical material and optical waveguide using same
Waveguide and device including the same
Suspension board with circuit
Optical apparatus
Backside reflection optical display
Door handle apparatus for vehicle
Positioning optical fibers
Outside plant termination enclosure
Tightly sealed connection assembly with pivoting valves
Methods materials and systems for producing a contact lens and contact lenses produced using said methods materials and systems
Image blur correcting mechanism and image-capture apparatus
Liquid crystal glasses, projection display system and control method thereof
Projection display device which displays an image by projecting the image on a screen
High-speed massively parallel scanning
Device for driving rotary body with mechanism for dampening fluctuation in rotation velocity
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Optical sensor and image forming apparatus including same
Image forming apparatus and control method
Developer supplying cartridge, developer receiving cartridge, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming system
Image forming apparatus
Rotatable air knife
Image forming apparatus
Measurement method of layer thickness for thin film stacks
Method for coating micromechanical parts with high tribological performances for application in mechanical systems
Oscillator system
Method and apparatus to correct static deflection in a handling robot
Adaptive USB mass storage devices that reduce power consumption
CPU frequency regulating circuit
Apparatus and method for real time tracking using a quadrature interface
Predict computing platform memory power utilization
Power adapter including peripheral unit capable of supplying power for computer and the peripheral unit
Memory system having a hot-swap function
Method, apparatus, and computer product for managing log data
CAN controller system
Determining aberrant server variance
Multi-port memory architecture for storing multi-dimensional arrays I
Exclusion control method and information processing apparatus
System and method for controlling access to media libraries
Disk array apparatus and control method for disk array apparatus
Storage system and computer system and processing method thereof
Interrupt signal processing circuit for sending interrupt requests to a computer system
Classification of data in data flows in a data storage infrastructure for a communication network
Apparatus and method for performing DMA data transfer
Information processing method and information processing apparatus having data locations accessible by different devices in accordance with different permissions
Data recording apparatus, program product, and data recording method
PCI express (PCIe) communication system
Bi-directional single conductor interrupt line for communication bus
System and method for distributed partitioned library mapping
System for designing and performing web application
Attachment activation in screen captures
Apparatus and method for data migration in a storage processing device
System and method for configuring a virtual network interface card
Apparatus and method for communicating with semiconductor devices of a serial interconnection
Partition priority controlling system and method
Repeated conflict acknowledgements in a cache coherency protocol
Arbitration and crossbar device and method
System and method for efficient implementation of software-managed cache
Structure compatible with I2C bus and system management bus and timing buffering apparatus thereof
Signal generating circuit and related method for activating physical channel between host and peripheral device
Method and system for managing hardware resources to implement system functions using an adaptive computing architecture
Execution of instructions directly from input source
Presentation server
Real-time packet traceback and associated packet marking strategies
Controlling instant messaging settings based on calendar application entries
Method and apparatus for configuring electronic mail for delivery of electronic services
Data processing device for use in an ad-hoc network, and corresponding ad-hoc network
Address information managing system, management apparatus, processing apparatus and address book updating method
Method of exchanging secured data through a network
Server for engineering an automation system
Method for provision of an address in a data network
Information gateway manager for multiple devices
Geometric routing in wireless networks
System for managing and acquiring device profile information
Multi-session connection across a trust boundary
Scalable computer system
Information processing apparatus connectable to peripheral device, controlling method, and computer-readable storage medium storing control program thereon
Healthcare workflow management system and method with continuous status management and state-based instruction generation
Using predictive user models for language modeling on a personal device with user behavior models based on statistical modeling
Math problem checker
Information system for metabolic flux analysis using extensible markup language and operating method thereof
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Binary trees for detecting inventory problems in an enterprise model
Method and system for reducing power consumption of a sound processor
Closed loop analog signal processor ("CLASP") system
Applying effects to a merged text path
Method and apparatus for customizing the display of multidimensional data
Text generation method and text generation device
Image pickup apparatus, control method, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for importing and exporting directory and calendar information to and from personal information management applications
Synergy tracking tool
Computer-implemented method for site selection utilizing weighted bands
User interface having a search preview
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method and system for indexing and serializing data
Method and device for efficiently ranking documents in a similarity graph
Programmability for XML data store for documents
Real time environmental measurement and reporting system for navigable waterways and method of use
Design support apparatus, design support method, and computer product for designing function module from specification description
Board layout check apparatus and board layout check method for guard wiring
Portable terminal and health management method and system using portable terminal
Design support apparatus and design support method therefor
Self-tuning active engine mount for vehicles with active fuel management engine
Highly fault-tolerant method for evaluating phase signals
System and method for managing and monitoring the dispensing of fuels
System and method for providing managed point to point services
Method and apparatus for building an application interface
Parameterization device and method for parameterizing electrical devices
Storage system providing stream-oriented performance assurance
Buffer management system and method
Motherboard for supporting different types of memories
Hybrid parallel/serial bus interface
Data processing apparatus, data processing system, data processing method, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for auditing utility poles
Method for coordinating peer-to-peer replicated backup and versioning based on usage metrics acquired from peer client
Method and apparatus for automatic loading of dumper
Model-based torque converter control
Retrieval apparatus, retrieval method and retrieval program
Link analysis mapping program risk management
Recommendation of related electronic assets based on user search behavior
Method for updating a geologic model by seismic and production data
Avoiding execution of instructions in a second processor by committing results obtained from speculative execution of the instructions in a first processor
System and method for trusted early boot flow
Method of encrypting and transmitting data and system for transmitting encrypted data
Connecting alternative development environment to interpretive runtime engine
Apparatus and method for remote DLL linking of software upgrades for a wireless mobile station
Virtualization as emulation support
Method for the production of punched parts in web- or sheet-like print substrates and their further processing
Method for collecting data for color measurements from a digital electronic image capturing device or system
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for changing color of pupil in photographic image
Image reading apparatus and method of controlling image reading apparatus
Apparatus and method for identifying a name corresponding to a face or voice using a database
Tooth locating within dental images
Image processing method and image processing apparatus, and program thereof
Medical intelligent server architecture
System and method for identifying an individual
Coding apparatus and method and storage medium storing program
Method and apparatus for progressively deleting media objects from storage
Method, device and program for cutting out moving image
Intelligent, dynamic, long-term digital surveilance media storage system
Generation of image quality adjustment information and image quality adjustment with image quality adjustment information
Precision optical systems with performance characterization and uses thereof
Obtaining intrinsic images
Image processing method, image processing program, recording medium, and projector
Method and device enabling rapid execution of a multiplicity of physical orders
On site physical inventory method
Adaptive inventory management system
Systems and methods for determining a return on investment for software testing
Network media access control system for encouraging patient compliance with a treatment plan
System and method for interactively providing services through a central hub
Method and system for detecting fraud in a credit card transaction over the internet
Method and system for auction or sales of deliverable prepared food via the internet
Computer-implemented method and computer-readable medium for adjustment of risk and adjustment of parameters and uncertainty of anticipated contract obligations in which student-T cumulative distribution is applied to shifted results to create transformed cumulative probability weights
Methods and apparatus for child support payment processing and child support disbursement processing
Advisor referral tool
Handling of different classes of currency
Actuation mechanism for braille displays
Method for recognizing speech
Optical disc apparatus and information recording method thereby
Information recording method, information recording apparatus, optical disk, program and computer readable recording medium
Optical disk device
Method and apparatus for determining write strategy parameter values for writing data on an optical disk
Optical pickup device
Optical pickup unit and information recording apparatus using the same
Optical disc apparatus
Method and integrated circuit for determining the state of a resistivity changing memory cell
Semiconductor memory device and write and read methods of the same
Semiconductor memory device provided with MOS transistor having charge accumulation layer and control gate and data write method of NAND flash memory
MEM suspended gate non-volatile memory
Data writing and reading method for memory device employing magnetic domain wall movement
High performance read bypass test for SRAM circuits
Magnetic random access memory
Memory device having strobe terminals with multiple functions
Data retention kill function
Coupling device for transmitting data
Semiconductor device and method for selection and de-selection of memory devices interconnected in series
Covering element for a reactor core of a nuclear installation, and nuclear reactor
Child resistant safety plug accessory
Leakage current detection interrupter plug having detachable connect terminals
Card connector
Card edge connector
Connector assembly with polarity correction/protection
System for connecting electric conductors with potentials which differ from one another and plug-in adapter for the system
Miniature spring clamp
Broadband interface connection system
Linewidth-narrowed excimer laser cavity
Storage apparatus and conversion board for increasing the number of hard disk drive heads in a given, limited space
Forward power converter controllers
Switching power supply equipment
Method for the soft bit metric calculation with linear MIMO detection for LDPC codes
Loudspeaker apparatus
Reverberation apparatus controllable by positional information of sound source
Efficient parallel cyclic redundancy check calculation using a novel table lookup approach
Combined LDPC (low density parity check) encoder and syndrome checker
Mixer apparatus and sound signal processing method
Method and apparatus for parallel midamble cancellation
Signal processing method, particularly in a radio-frequency receiver, and signal conditioning circuit
Demodulation circuit for use in receiver using if directing sampling scheme
Higher linearity passive mixer
Integrated structure of inductances with shared values on a semiconductor substrate
Correlation shaping matched filter receiver
System and method for automatic tuning of chromatic dispersion compensation for a WDM transmission system using raman distributed co-pumping
Optical transmission system
Method and system for interconnecting end systems over an optical network
Method and apparatus for collecting information from a wireless device
Cancellation of pilot and traffic signals
Full duplex network radio bridge with low latency and high throughput
Wireless communication device and method for communication using frame
Wireless communication method and wireless communication device
Control signal transmitting method in multi-antenna system
Wireless communiction device, wireless communicatin method, and computer program
Method for rate adaptation with extended MCS set for wideband eigen-beamforming transmission
Method and apparatus for providing variable rate data in a communications system using non-orthogonal overflow channels
Wireless base station using weighting elements of an array antenna
Method and apparatus for forward link rate scheduling
Sports watching method using mobile communication means of motion picture
Sound signal processor and method for processing sound signal using the same
Photonic cross-connector system, WDM system using the same photonic cross-connector, and optical communication network based on the same WDM system
Passive optical network and data communication method thereof
Switching apparatus having universal transport of data packet frames
Reconfigurable frame parser
System and method for dynamically establishing PLL speed based on receive buffer data accumulation for streaming video
Group tag caching of memory contents
Error processing of steganographic message signals
Wireless communication device
Method and apparatus for dynamically managing hierarchical flows
Information-processing system and method, information-transmission-processing apparatus, and information-reception-processing apparatus
System and method for Skype traffic detection
Cost-aware networking over heterogeneous data channels
Method and apparatus for adjusting uplink data rate in a mobile communication system
Apparatus for searching TCP and UDP sockets
Method and system for detecting wireless access devices operably coupled to computer local area networks and related methods
Circuit emulation over an IP interworking VLL
Method, system, and computer program product for ethernet virtualization using an elastic FIFO memory to facilitate flow of unknown traffic to virtual hosts
Controlling quality of service and access in a packet network based on levels of trust for consumer equipment
Multicast packet relay device adapted for virtual router
Bridge for heterogeneous QoS networks
System interface for cell and/or packet transfer
Failure handling system
Apparatus and method for managing traffic using VID in EPON
Traffic generator and monitor
Apparatus and method for controlling data transmission
Method, apparatus and system for client-based distributed PBX for enterprise telephony
Method and system for processing a message
IP telephone apparatus, ENUM server, IP telephone system and method for deleting terminal information
Method and system for facilitating mediated communication
Electromagnetic wave transmitter, receiver and transceiver systems, methods and articles of manufacture
Tracking system
Data encryption on the physical layer of a data transmission system
Virtual distributed security system
Content-duplication management system, apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and computer program
Exclusive access for secure audio program
Method and apparatus for reducing e-mail spam and virus distribution in a communications network by authenticating the origin of e-mail messages
Apparatus and method of generating falsification detecting data of encrypted data in the course of process
Storage apparatus that can properly recommence input and output of classified data
Dynamic cache lookup based on dynamic data
Secure transmission of cryptographic key
Systems and methods for secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Method and apparatus for secure data mirroring a storage system
Folding cellular phone with a camera and television mode
Null deepening for an adaptive antenna based communication station
Cellular phone
Portable telephone and electronic equipment with optical signal transmission between housing sections for high speed signal noise elimination
Sound information providing system
Angle variable mechanism and desktop apparatus
Systems, methods and computer program products for obtaining responses to announcement files
System and method for the emergency voice and image e-mail transmitter device
Telecommunication control system
Systems and methods for providing presence information
System and method for monitoring dispatch communications
System and method for button-independent dispatch communications
System and method for facilitating targeted marketing over a telecommunications network
Method and apparatus for recording/reproducing image information on/from removable medium
Method of reproducing an interactive disk through a network
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, data processing system, program, and storage medium
Time-series data recording device and time-series data recording method
Recording medium having data structure including graphic data and recording and reproducing methods and apparatuses
Scene change marking for thumbnail extraction
Content processing device, content processing method, control program, and storage medium
Image encoding device and image encoding method
Video codec for embedded handheld devices
Moving picture coding method and moving picture coding apparatus
Method and apparatus for nonlinear multiple motion model and moving boundary extraction
Reproducing apparatus
Method for composite video artifacts reduction
Acoustically transparent debris barrier for audio transducers
Open ear hearing aid system
Microphone with narrow directivity
Method and system for remotely testing a wireless device
Controlling geographic location information of devices operating in wireless communication systems
Communication device having function for searching access point of wireless local area network and method thereof
Wireless location devices and process of manufacture
Intuitive real spatial aiming-based system, identification and communication methods for identifying near by devices to form a network within a region
System for managing call handoffs between an aircraft and multiple cell sites
Mobile communication terminal and method of tuning broadcast frequency in a mobile terminal
Providing CQI feedback to a transmitter station in a closed-loop MIMO system
Wireless access point apparatus, wireless LAN system, wireless communicating method, program for implementing the method, and storage medium storing the program
Conveying sector load information to mobile stations
Electromagnetic isolation shield
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn line LH287
Rice cultivar M-402
Rice cultivar wells
Biodegradable high oxidative stability oils
Efficient method for production of compound transgenic animals
Devices for sensing changes in environments proximate the devices, devices for sensing termites, and methods for sensing termites
Iodo-nonoxynol-9-derivatives and methods for their use
2,6-dichloro-4-pyridinemethanol derivatives and agricultural chemicals
Substituted 1,3-dioxan-5-ylamino-hererocyclic compounds, processes for their preparation and their use as pest control compositions
Acaricidal and insecticidal substituted pyrimidines and a process for the preparation thereof
Fungicidal alkoximinomethyldioxazine derivatives
Cardiac glycosides and their aglycone derivatives treat complications of diabetes
Linear and cyclic sucrose reaction products, their preparation and their use
Human powered electrical generation system
Electrical switch
Musical instrument display stand
Rice cooker
Food cooking apparatus
Pizza delivery bags and methods
Non-invasive composition analysis
Adjustable dual-detector image data acquisition system
Use of moving element to produce heat
Chemically crosslinked ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene for artificial human joints
Smart card for use with electronic pocket pillbox
Amino acyl amino propargyl diol compounds for treatment of a renin-mediated disease
Treatment of movement disorders by administration of mirtazapine
Inhibiting proliferation of arterial smooth muscle cells
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
Composition for treating asthma
Pharmaceutical composition with sotalol combination and their use in treatment of cardiac ailments
Diarylsulfonylureas for use in treating secretory diarrhea
Prophylactic or therapeutic agent for amnesia
(2-Acylaminothiazole-4-yl)acetic acid derivative
Heterocyclic inhibitors of microsomal triglyceride transfer protein and method
Aversive treatment of stimulant abuse
Compositions and method for treatment of acetaminophen intoxication
Therapeutic agent for glaucoma
Method of treatment of heart disease caused by Chlamydia pneumoniae
Method for reducing oxalate
Salt forms of (2E)-5-amino-5-methylhex-2-enoic acid N-methyl-N-((1R)-1-(N-methyl-N-((1R)-1-(methylcarbamoyl)-2-phenylethyl)car bamoyl)-2-(2-naphthyl)ethyl)amide
Compositions and methods for treating hepatitis-C
Mucin containing ophthalmic preparations
Matrix-free osteogenic devices, implants and methods of use thereof
Radioenhanced camptothecin derivative cancer treatments
Sulfonic acid sulfonylamino n-(heteroaralkyl)-azaheterocyclylamide compounds
Therapeutic use for glycine
Therapeutic compound--fatty acid conjugates
Radically polymerizable dental material
Curable compositions with antimicrobial properties
Use of melatonin for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia
Oil-in-water emulsion with improved stability
Cosmetic and/or dermatological composition containing salicyclic acid derivative and its use
Method of treating onychomycosis
Polymer powders redispersible in aqueous solution
Pranoprofen eyedrops containing organic amine
Pharmaceutical compositions for treatment of EGF receptor associated cancers
Lipopolyamines, and the preparation and use thereof
Open pore biodegradable matrices
Personal care product containing a product agent
Shape-memory, biodegradable and absorbable material
Hetero-polysaccharide conjugate and methods of making and using the same
Methods for embolizing blood vessels
Water plasticized high refractive index polymer for ophthalmic applications
Golf ball
Plural output electric train control station
Performing Operations; Transporting
Alkylation process using membrane for recovery of halides
Microchannel apparatus and method of producing emulsions making use thereof
Fluid emulsification systems and methods
In-cavity connectors for system detectors in microwave assisted processes
Solid state proton and electron mediating membrane and use in catalytic membrane reactors
1,1,1,2,3,3,3-heptafluoropropane manufacturing process
Vanadium-containing catalysts, process for manufacturing and use of the same
Process for preparing acetic acid by gas-phase oxidation of saturated C4-hydrocarbons and their mixtures with unsaturated C4-hydrocarbons
Silver catalyst for production of ethylene oxide, method for production thereof, and method for production of ethylene oxide
Process for preparation of a catalytic microcomposite from a silicate and a highly fluorinated ion exchange resin
Catalytic composition for the hydrogenation of olefinically unsaturated organic compounds
Chiral diphenyldiphosphines and d-8 metal complexes thereof
Olefin polymerization catalysts containing amine derivatives
Methods for regeneration of weakly basic anion exchange resins with a combination of an alkali metal carbonate and an alkali metal bicarbonate
Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal
Tap hole blocking material for metal melting apparatus
Power supply device for electric discharge machine
Burr processing apparatus
Conductive heat resistance seam welding
Device for predictive diagnosis of the current quality of technical production from a technical installation, particularly of the current quality of welding points of a spot welding robot
Projection welding of an aluminum sheet
Energy-efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
X-beam positioner
Method and process gas for laser welding metal workpieces
Process and apparatus for welding a hollow structure, such as a container or a tube, with inerting of its internal structure
Haptic pointing devices
Modified thermoplastic resin composition and method of producing the same
Water-based pressure sensitive adhesives having enhanced characteristics
Image forming process employing liquid composition and ink in combination
Image printing apparatus
Air supply arrangement for a printer
Operation of droplet deposition apparatus
Ink jet-type printer device with printer head on circuit board
Cleaning orifices in ink jet printing apparatus
Ink cartridge having waste ink absorbing function
Ink supply apparatus and method
Alignment system and method of compensating for skewed printing in an ink jet printer
Method for treating the surface of thermal printing heads
Stencil-making device
Image recording apparatus
Laser printhead mounting apparatus and printhead skew adjustment mechanism for an electrophotographic machine
Apparatus for propelling toner through apertures to form images on a recording medium
Optical print head
Image forming apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Motor control system and image forming apparatus using the same
Fluid set for ink-jet printers
Paper or board treating composition of carboxylated surface size, polyacrylamide and crosslinker
Printing paper, dye-receiving layer forming composition for preparing it, ink composition suitable for it, and image forming method using them
Method and apparatus for producing a marking on an ophthalmic lens having a low surface energy
Vehicle tire leak detection system and method of using the same
Firearm shot detection system and method of using the same
Retractable system for electrical harness wire
Indicating instrument
Drive system with drive-motor, electric machine and battery
Battery charger for electric vehicle
Synchronous motor control device electric motor vehicle control device and method of controlling synchronous motor
Method and system for predicting incipient failure in a locomotive energy storage unit or energy storage unit cabling
Carrier and knob stop encoder assembly
Continuously variable headlamp control
Driver road hazard warning and illumination system
Vehicle light system circuit which automatically compensates for a light source failure
Display arranged in a motor vehicle
Expansion temperature tolerant dry expandable sealant and baffle product
Remote control apparatus
Windshield wiper system
Wireless bicycle trip meter
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Homogeneously surface-fluorinated metal oxide particulates, process for manufacturing the same, and use of the same
Automatic chlorinator alarm system
Flexible substrate
Production of isopropyl aromatics by passing portions of transalkylation effluent to a multi-bed alkylation zone
Fluorocarbon purification process
Oligomerization of olefins
Olefin oligomerization and polymerization catalysts
Iron-based catalyst for producing oligomers of conjugated dienes
Low pressure amine reactor
Process and catalyst for synthesizing aliphatic, cyclic and aromatic alkanolamines and alkyleneamines
Aminomethyl phenyl pyridine derivatives
Enamines as vulcanization accelerators for natural or synthetic rubbers
Process for producing norstatin derivatives
Process for the preparation of 3-amino-2-oxo-pyrrolidines, novel intermediates and their use
Methacrylated or acrylated cyanoacetates and the adhesives and polymers thereof
Methods for solid-phase synthesis of hydroxylamine compounds and derivatives, and combinatorial libraries thereof
Palladium phenanthroline acetate catalyst and a method of oxidizing side-chains of alkylbenzenes with catalyst
Substituted semicarbazides and the use thereof
Method for producing vicinal diols or polyols
Process for the production of indole derivatives
Amidino protease inhibitors
Synthesis of methylthiophenyl hydroxyketones
18-substituted-19-nor-vitamin D compounds
Preparation of orthoesters
Retinyl ethers, derivatives and analogues and inhibition of breast carcinogenesis
Process for synthesis of vinyl esters from butene oligomers
Process for olefin isomerization
Process for the preparation of .alpha.,.alpha.- dimethylphenylacetic acid from .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethylbenzyl cyanide under normal pressure
Vapor phase catalytic oxidation of propylene to acrylic acid
Purification of acrylic acid obtained by catalytic oxidation of propylene
Fluorinated alkanoic acid purification process
Alternated process for olefin metathesis
Adsorption process for paraxylene purifacation using Cs SSZ-25 adsorbent with benzene desorbent
Derivatives of azetidine and pyrrolidine
N-phenyl benzimidazolecarboxamide and N-phenyl indolecarboxamide derivatives
Terminal-modified imide oligomers and cured products thereof
(Gem-heterocyclodimethanamine-n,n')platinum complexes
Method for producing pyridine bases
Cyclic hydrazine derivatives
Benzimidazolone derivatives having mixed serotonin and dopamine receptors affinity
Process for the preparation of substituted pyrimidines
Method of making diazepine derivatives
Macrocyclic compounds as metalloprotease inhibitors
2,2'BIS(6-Benzotriazolylphenol) compound, ultraviolet ray absorber comprising the compound, copolymer containing the compound and polymer composition containing the compound
Benzoic acid esters of oxazolidinones having a hydroxyacetylpiperazine substituent
Class of piperazino substituted thiazoles
Biphenyl derivatives
4-(1-piperazinyl) benzoic acid derivatives, process for preparing them and their therapeutic applications
Epoxidation catalyst and process
Simple and efficient hydrazinolysis of C-10 and C-13 ester functionalities of taxanes to obtain 10-DAB III
Process for the synthesis of HIV protease inhibitors
Isoindolines, method of use, and pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted pyrroles
Heat shock factor activity inhibitors
2-aminoquinoline derivatives having d4-agonistic activity
Photochromic [3H]naphtho[2,1-b]pyran compounds containing an acetylenic substituent, process for their manufacture, and photochromic materials and articles obtained
Pleuromutilin derivatives as antimicrobials
Method of treating gastrointestinal motility disorders
Method of treating gastrointestinal motility disorders
Imidazopyridine derivatives and process for making them
Deazapurine derivatives; a new class of CRF1 specific ligands
Nitrogen-containing tetracyclic compounds
9-(3,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-5,8,8a,9-tetrahydrofuro-[3',4': 6,7]naphtho[2,3-d][1,3]dioxol-6(5aH)-one compounds
Analogs of duocarmycin and cc-1065
Substituted cycloalkene new copper precursors for chemical vapor deposition of copper metal thin films
Method for purifying tetrakis(fluoroaryl)borate compounds or tris(fluoroaryl)borate compounds
Hydrate forms of alendronate sodium, processes for manufacture thereof, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof
Isolation and structural elucidation of the human cancer cell growth inhibitory compound denominated agelagalastatin
Pradimicin compounds
Base-modified derivatives of 2',5'-oligoadenylate and antiviral uses thereof
19-nor steroids having a thiocarbonated chain in position 11beta, their preparation process and the intermediates of this process, and the intermediates of this process, their use as medicaments and compositions
Anti-estrogenic steroids, and associated pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use
Methods and compositions for peptide synthesis
Functional characterization of the C-C chemokine-like molecules encoded by molluscum contagiosum virus types 1 and 2
Insecticidal toxins from Photorhabdus luminescens and nucleic acid sequences coding therefor
Blackcurrant promoters and genes
Reversible nuclear genetic system for male sterility in transgenic plants
Methods and compositions for regulated transcription and expression of heterologous genes
Human galectin homolog
Proteins associated with apoptosis
Methods for conversion of protein isoforms
Vector for expression of heterologous protein and methods for extracting recombinant protein and for purifying isolated recombinant insulin
Compounds that inhibit the binding of RAF-1 or 14-3-3 proteins to the beta chain of IL-2 receptor, and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Rat ob-receptors and nucleotides encoding them
Hedgehog-derived polypeptides
Multimeric forms of members of the steroid/thyroid superfamily of receptors with the ultraspiracle receptor
Nucleic acid-protein fusion molecules and libraries
Process for producing immunoglobulins for intravenous administration and other immunoglobulin products
Hybridoma and anti-KC-4 humanized monoclonal antibody
Cycloalkyl inhibitors of protein farnesyltransferase
Synthesis of N-(N-(3,3-dimethylbutyl)-L-.alpha.-aspartyl)L-phenylalanine1-methyl ester by reductive alkylation and crystallization/ isolation in aqueous methanol
Mixture composition of synthetic resin and rubber
Method of polymerization
Components and catalysts for the polymerization of olefins
Solid catalyst component, catalyst for olefin polymerization, and method for producing olefin polymer
Use of chelatable phenols with metallocene- aluminoxane catalyst systems
Poly{1-(1-alkoxyalkoxy)-4-(1-methylethenyl)benzene} having narrow molecular weight distribution, its preparation process, and preparation process of poly{4-methylethenyl)phenol} having narrow molecular weight distribution
Preparation of polymers of vinylaromatic compounds under superatmospheric pressure in the presence of volatile hydrocarbons
Process for producing fluorinated copolymer, fluorinated copolymer, crosslinkable composition containing same and sealant
Enhanced crosslinking terpolymer
Flourinated solid acids as catalysts for the preparation of hydrocarbon resins
Low temperature cure waterborne coating compositions having improved appearance and humidity resistance and methods for coating substrates
Compositions for use in the fabrication of circuit components and printed wire boards
Flame-retardant UV curable silicone compositions
Controlled free radical polymerization process
Production of haze-free block copolymers
Polyols useful for preparing water blown rigid polyurethane foam
Coating compositions containing alkoxysilanes
Polymerizable composition, process for producing cross linked polymers, and cross-linkable polymers
Manufacturing method for transparent polyester/polycarbonate compositions
Preparation of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
Polymeric coating compositions, polymer coated substrates, and methods of making and using the same
Methods for the reduction of bleeding of lignosulfonates from lignosulfonate-treated substrates
Process for preparing poly(arylene sulfide) polymers using waste material
Silicone resins and process for synthesis
Method for producing micron sized silicone rubber particles
Method for producing polyalkylene arylates
Granulated powder of filled polytetrafluoroethylene for molding and process for the production thereof
Porous composite materials
Compositions of thermoplastic polymer and smelt
Curable perfluoroelastomer composition
Sponge cloth
Flexible thermoplastic resins having improved tensile strength
Reinforced molding material
Polymeric dimethyl-dicyclopentadiene/limonene resin
Mixtures of copolymers having an improved lubricating action
Polypropylene/ethylene polymer fiber having improved bond performance and composition for making the same
Compositions, processes for making, and articles of polyolefins, high density polyethylene and hydrocarbon resin
Isobutylene rubber particles, graft copolymer particles and resin composition containing the same
Toughened thermoplastic resins
Antibacterial, mildew resistant organopolysiloxane compositions
Method of preparing heating type paving material as well as composition for heating type paving material to be used for the method
Addition products of acryloylamino-substituted dyes, and the preparation and use thereof
Water-soluble disazo compound having arylcarboxamide diazo components, preparation thereof and use thereof
Solid polymeric matrices containing rhodamines and their use in lasers
Ink to ink bleed and halo control using specific polymers in ink-jet printing inks
Process for making an ink jet ink
Low-gloss paints including polyvinylidene fluoride having a high melt viscosity
Coating compositions
Mono- and dipotassium salts of azo compounds
Piezoelectric luminous element, display device and method for manufacturing same
Process for extraction of naphthenic acids from crudes
Process for the production of high octane number gasolines
Method for preventing or retarding the formation of gas hydrates
Process for the preparation of dimeric fatty acid C1-4 alkyl esters
Method for nucleic acid purification using iodine
Human origin of replication complex genes and uses thereof
Method for creating osmotic-pressure-tolerant plant
Parasite astacin metalloendopeptidase nucleic acid molecules and uses thereof
Transgenic monocots plants with increased glycine-betaine content
Apparatus and method for controlling confinement media thickness in laser shock peening
Apparatus for forming materials
Textiles; Paper
Means of correcting a measurement of a property of a material with a sensor that is affected by a second property of the material
Fixed Constructions
Electrical box with enhanced support for carrying fixtures
Force-responsive detectors and systems
Power window apparatus
Monitoring of downhole parameters and tools utilizing fiber optics
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic turbogenerator restarting method and system
Microturbine based power generation system and method
Jump start system for vehicles having different operating voltages
Sensor for detecting ignition current and ion current in ignition secondary circuit
Hydroelectric installation and method of constructing same
Closed electron drift plasma thruster adapted to high thermal loads
Electric motor with vibration attenuation
Spindle motor and turn table assembly having structure for canceling unbalanced centrifugal force
Magnetizing magnet
Vehicle lamps with glare control
Lamp with IR reflectivity
Installation strip for a cooktop
Direction determining apparatus
Method and apparatus for measurements of patterned structures
Web thickness measurement system
Vibration gyro
Vibrating gyroscope
Airborne IR fire surveillance system providing firespot geopositioning
Communication and location system for shopping malls, parks, business districts, and the like
Horizontal/vertical protection level adjustment scheme for RAIM with baro measurements
Redundant avionics for critical flight instruments
Method and apparatus for using statistical data processing in altimeter and terrain awareness integrity monitoring systems
Method and device for generating distinguishable signals and method of distinguishing signals of similar shape
Fiber optic coupled optical sensor
Fiber optic fiber Fabry-Perot interferometer diaphragm sensor and method of measurement
Optical detection system and method for determining particle size distribution in an oscillating flow field
Electrode component group for a corrosion measuring system for detecting corrosion in a metal embedded in a component made of an ion-conducting material, in particular concrete
Capillary flow cell with bulbous ends
Method for analyzing measured value by on-line spectral analyzer
Multiple gain portable near-infrared analyzer
Detection and measurement of cold emulsion adhesives applied to a substrate
Infrared measuring gauges
Method for adjusting spectral measurements to produce a standard Raman spectrum
Transmission line reflectometer using frequency-modulated continuous wave
Two-dimensional sensor having photoconductive layer for measuring cell activity
Method and apparatus for measuring particle-size distribution
Method and apparatus for distinguishing synthetic diamonds from natural diamonds
Tri-tip probe
System and method for monitoring water content or other dielectric influences in a medium
Apparatus for monitoring pipetting operations
Integrated circuit package pin indicator
Semiconductor device test board and a method of testing a semiconductor device
Coaxial radio frequency test probe
Tip portion structure of high-frequency probe and method for fabrication probe tip portion composed by coaxial cable
Interposer for maintaining temporary contact between a substrate and a test bed
Digital display system for variable color decimal point indication
Low error, switchable measurement lead detect circuit
Optical current transformer
Nonintrusive power and continuity testing tools
Cable shield fault locator
Semiconductor device evaluation apparatus
LSI testing apparatus and timing calibration method for use therewith
Detector with common mode comparator for automatic test equipment
Control mat monitoring and warning apparatus and method
Technique and apparatus to measure cell voltages of a fuel cell stack using different ground references
Rapid determination of present and potential battery capacity
Method of producing magnetic force image and scanning probe microscope
Rigid disk surface defect detection and classification
Method for defect marking and analysis of thin film hard disks
Permanent magnet arrangement with backing plate
Magnetic resonance imaging with interleaved Fibonacci spiral scanning
Monitor method for testing probe pins
Auxiliary system for assisting a wireless terminal in determining its position from signals transmitted from a navigation satellite
Range rate aiding in a pulsed radar system
Obstacle detection system for a vehicle
Laser distance-measuring instrument for large measuring ranges
Cloud base measurement method
Rotating shutter system for hostile laser source location technique
Method and apparatus for detecting a container proximate to a transportation vessel hold
Calibration for wireless location system
Radioactive ray detecting device
Diagnostic apparatus for nuclear medicine
Remote .alpha.source location device and method
Scanning probe microscope assembly and method for making confocal, spectrophotometric, near-field, and scanning probe measurements and associated images
Image detecting apparatus and method
Device for deflection, use thereof, and a video system
Direct-current brushless motor, and polygon scanner and image forming apparatus having the same and a method thereof
Scanned beam display with adjustable accommodation
Spatial light modulator and directional display
Semiconductor optical waveguide
Interferometric optical device including an optical resonator
Dense WDM optical multiplexer and demultiplexer
Device for applying heat to an adhesive
Optical transmitting and receiving module
Multi-core cable and cable joint
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
In-plane type liquid crystal display device having even inclining directions of electric field lines
Liquid crystal display having high aperture ratio and high transmittance and method of manufacturing the same
Connecting part of outer circuit in liquid crystal display panel and a fabricating method thereof having a pad covered with a transparent conductive layer
Driving circuit of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode
Liquid crystal drive circuit
LCD with black matrix wall(s)
Liquid crystal display
Display panel and projection type display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device and a method of making the same having overlapping color filters with apertures
Developing device with mechanism for smoothly circulating developer
High performance stage assembly
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Illumination apparatus, exposure apparatus and exposure method
Pattern forming method
Exposure method and exposure system using the exposure method
Processing apparatus for coating substrate with resist and developing exposed resist including inspection equipment for inspecting substrate and processing method thereof
Method for making apparatus with dynamic support structure isolation and exposure method
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus
Semiconductive belt
Method and apparatus for three-dimensional holographic display suitable for video image display
Phase shifting element for optical information processing storing systems
Method and apparatus for tuning control system parameters
Method of detecting after-running of electrical servomotors provided with means for incremental position detection
Efficiency of a multiphase switching power supply during low power mode
Circuit arrangement and method for limiting current for consumers of alternating current
Voltage drop circuit
Internal power supply voltage generating circuit of semiconductor memory device
Voltage regulator
Maximum power tracking solar power system
Reference voltage adjustment
Low supply voltage sub-bandgap reference circuit
Bias source control circuit
Pulse density modulator with improved pulse distribution
Clock control method and integrated circuit element manufactured by using same
Computer having LED display keyboard device
Cues for status information
Data conversion method, data converter, and program storage medium
System and method of table-driven computer interface
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for displaying traversing and playing content in a multi-dimensional topic space
Spatial browsing approach to multimedia information retrieval
Method and system for downloading graphic images on the internet
Method for browsing electronically stored information
Touchscreen keyboard support for multi-byte character languages
Control interface
General Chinese phonetic keyboard setting apparatus
Combining input/output paths for infra-red remote device inputs
Method and apparatus for moving and retrieving objects in a graphical user environment
Method for the modification of three-dimensional objects
Touchpad assembly
Apparatus and method for inputing data
Timing and velocity control for displaying graphical information
System and method of adjusting display characteristics of a displayable data file using an ergonomic computer input device
Proximity detector for a seeing eye mouse
Pen input device using electrostatic coupling
Data entry device
Print control apparatus, print control method, and memory medium
Data processor controlled interface with multiple tree of elements views expandable into individual detail views
Audio processing
Two-stage Muller C-element
Information processing apparatus and method, and providing medium
Method and apparatus for providing an object oriented approach to a device independent graphics control system
Method and apparatus for configuring a hard disk and for providing support for a computer system
Direct digital synthesis using a sine weighted DAC
Image recording apparatus and control method thereof
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, storage medium, and printing system
Gradient-based pixel interpolation
Interactive overlay for displaying 3-D data
Methods and apparatus for embedding 2D image content into 3D models
Method for modifying a display of a shape
Method for dimensioning graphical objects displayed on a display device
Three-dimensional image creating apparatus
Video line rate vertical scaler
Rotation of an image implementing an independent mirror attribute
Positional detector device for a vehicular license plate
Multi-source texture reconstruction and fusion
Method and apparatus for reducing data expansion during data compression
Electronic monitoring apparatus
Radio frequency transponder with improved read distance
Point-of sale reader and electronic article surveillance tag deactivator interface
RFID or EAS label mount with double sided tape
Personal security backpack
Alarm system having improved control of notification appliances over common power lines
Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring a site
Fire alarm system
Vibration generator for notification and portable communication device using the vibration generator
Vehicle detector with audible call signal indicator
Traffic light collision avoidance system
Method for selecting digital traffic messages
Method and apparatus for decoding data encoded in the horizontal overscan portion of a video signal
Moire cancellation circuit
Level adjust display apparatus and method for on-screen display menu in image display device
Apparatus for testing flat panel display
Separate voltage driving method and apparatus for plasma display panel
Plasma display panel driving apparatus
Plasma display panel driving system and method
Liquid crystal drive circuit and liquid crystal display system
Display device and a method of addressing a display device
Display device capable of enlarging and reducing video signal according to display unit
Active matrix display device with peripherally-disposed driving circuits
Display with array and multiplexer on substrate and with attached digital-to-analog converter integrated circuit having many outputs
Active matrix substrate inspecting method, active matrix substrate, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Voltage generating apparatus
Apparatus and method for correcting non-linear characteristics in display device
Method and apparatus for text image stretching
Images in interlaced formats: a novel method of scan conversion for video imaging systems
Method of mounting plate in grand piano
Spring hanging block for the pedal mechanism of a base drum
Method and apparatus for editing performance data with modifications of icons of musical symbols
Music performance assisting system for teaching sequential use of fingers, method used therein and information storage medium for computer program representative of the method
Remix apparatus and method for generating new musical tone pattern data by combining a plurality of divided musical tone piece data, and storage medium storing a program for implementing the method
Information processing apparatus and method for reproducing an output audio signal from midi music playing information and audio information
System for acquiring and processing signals for controlling a device or a process
Tone generation method based on combination of wave parts and tone-generating-data recording method and apparatus
Method and device for directing a fluid in motion
Self calibrating embedded stripe based timing tracking servo system for helical recorders
Method of allocating RLL code having enhanced DC suppression capability, modulation method, demodulation method, and demodulation apparatus therefor
Quantum semiconductor memory device including quantum dots
On-chip temperature sensor and oscillator for reduced self-refresh current for dynamic random access memory
Multi-level, split-gate, flash memory cell
Fuse circuit and redundant decoder
Dynamic error compensation in track-and-hold circuits
Method and circuitry for soft fuse row redundancy with simple fuse programming
High speed internal voltage generator with reduced current draw
Current sense amplifiers having equalization circuits therin that inhibit signal oscillations during active modes
Device and method in a delay locked loop for generating quadrature and other off-phase clocks with improved resolution
Delay locked loop circuit
Lightweight radiation protective garments
Electrical cable device
Electrical cable
Monolithic inductor with magnetic flux lines guided away from substrate
Inductive component for the attenuation of common mode and push-pull interference
Pulse line generators
Thermally isolating transformer
Coil device and switching power supply apparatus using the same
Corrosion-resistant permanent magnet and method for producing the same
Multi-layer tunneling device with a graded stoichiometry insulating layer
Dynamic dampening in a frictionless solenoid valve
Electrical apparatus having improved electrical contact and electrical contact used therewith
Switchable load coil case
Load break interrupter having diagonally split case with component mounting elements
Three-axis gravity switch
Circuit breaker
Circuit breaker
Microfabricated electromagnetic system and method for forming electromagnets in microfabricated devices
Starting switch comprising a fixed magnetic core in several parts
Molded case power switch with secondary cover removably secured by captured rotatable nut
Circuit breaker auxiliary magnetic trip unit with pressure sensitive release
Circuit breaker rotor assembly having arc prevention structure
Circuit interrupter having an improved slot motor assembly
Method for increasing of tunneling through a potential barrier
Field emission cathode structure, method for production thereof, and flat panel display device using same
Plasma display panel and a driving method thereof
Electron gun for cathode ray tube and method of assembling the same
Core for deflecting yoke
X-ray imaging apparatus
Precision alignment and assembly of microlenses and microcolumns
Method and apparatus for imaging through 3-dimensional tracking of protons
Observing/forming method with focused ion beam and apparatus therefor
Ion implantation system having direct and alternating current sources
Capacitively coupled RF-plasma reactor
Time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis of biomolecules
Miniature micromachined quadrupole mass spectrometer array and method of making the same
Fluorescent lamp with specific protective film
Cold emission electrode method of manufacturing the same and display device using the same
Short arc lamp having heat transferring plate and specific connector structure between cathode and electrode support
Metal-oxide-metal capacitor for analog devices
Low imprint ferroelectric material for long retention memory and method of making the same
Double layer electrode and barrier system on hemispherical grain silicon for use with high dielectric constant materials and methods for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor and a semiconductor light-emitting device
Thin film semiconductor device uniforming characteristics of semiconductor elements and manufacturing method thereof
Process for forming a low resistivity titanium silicide layer on a silicon semiconductor substrate and the resulting device
Technique to obtain increased channel mobilities in NMOS transistors by gate electrode engineering
Package structure for semiconductor chip
Plastic package for electronic devices
Insert-molded leadframe to optimize interface between powertrain and driver board
Substrate for mounting semiconductor chips
Printed circuit board and electronic components
Method of forming an electrical connection between a conductive member having a dual thickness substrate and a conductor and electronic package including said connection
Substrate structure for improving attachment reliability of semiconductor chips and modules
Lead configurations
Substrate for mounting semiconductor chip with parallel conductive lines
Device and method for connecting two electronic components
Continual flow rapid thermal processing apparatus and method
Multi-level thin-film electronic packaging structure and related method
FIMS transport box load interface
Sample transferring method and sample transfer supporting apparatus
Stage apparatus
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Flower-like capacitor structure for a memory cell
Structure and process for 6F2 DT cell having vertical MOSFET and large storage capacitance
Flash memory structure and method of manufacture
LPNP utilizing base ballast resistor
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device which reduces the minimum distance requirements between active areas
Back-plane for semiconductor device
Integrated circuit having isolation structures
Read-only memory cell array and method for fabricating it
SOI MOSFET body contact and method of fabrication
Multi-layered coaxial interconnect structure
System of selectively cleaning copper substrate surfaces, in-situ, to remove copper oxides
Substrate structure
Three-dimensional ferroelectric capacitor structure for nonvolatile random access memory cell
Semiconductor memory device having bitlines of common height
Encapsulated surface mounting electronic part
LSI package and inner lead wiring method for same
Semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method
Plastic integrated circuit device package and leadframe having partially undercut leads and die pad
Chip-type electronic devices
Thermal enhancement approach using solder compositions in the liquid state
Multi-chip module
Pressure-contact semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having an external connection electrode extending through a through hole formed in a substrate
Method of fabricating structure for chip micro-joining
Tape carrier for BGA and semiconductor device using the same
Multi-chip module package structure
Laser programming of CMOS semiconductor devices using make-link structure
Multi-layered circuit board and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit and method for providing interconnections among individual integrated circuit chips in a multi-chip module
High-performance interconnect
Integrated semiconductor circuit configuration having stabilized conductor tracks
Integrated circuit with improved adhesion between interfaces of conductive and dielectric surfaces
Air gap dielectric in self-aligned via structures
Planar integrated circuit interconnect
Method and test circuit for developing integrated circuit fabrication processes
High power microwave transistor amplifier
Transistor with internal matching circuit
Multi-junction, monolithic solar cell using low-band-gap materials lattice matched to GaAs or Ge
Multicolor-color sensor
Chips arranged in plurality of planes and electrically connected to one another
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit with high trigger current
Semiconductor device, electrostatic discharge protection device, and dielectric breakdown preventing method
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Temperature-adaptive capacitor block and temperature-compensated crystal oscillator using it
Programmable integrated passive devices
Semiconductor device having optimized input/output cells
Ferroelectric memory device with improved ferroelectric capacity characteristic
Ferroelectric memory device guaranteeing electrical interconnection between lower capacitor electrode and contact plug and method for fabricating the same
Transistor and logic circuit of thin silicon-on-insulator wafers based on gate induced drain leakage currents
Off-axis image correction with spaced photodetectors
Solid picture element
Solid state imaging apparatus, and video system using such solid state imaging apparatus
Interdigital photoconductor structure for direct X-ray detection in a radiography imaging system
Color electroluminescence display device
Silicon carbide horizontal channel buffered gate semiconductor devices
Insulated gate field effect transistor and manufacturing method of the same
Power semiconductor device using semi-insulating polycrystalline silicon
Power transistor cells provided with reliable trenched source contacts connected to narrower source manufactured without a source mask
MOSFET component
Ohmic contact improvement between layer of a semiconductor device
Gate insulated field effect transistors and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistors having ldd regions
Integrated circuit header assembly
Photoelectric conversion element
Substrate for producing semiconductor device, method for producing the substrate, photoelectric conversion device and method for producing the photoelectric conversion device
Photovoltaic generator
Gate stack structure for variable threshold voltage
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Layered III-V semiconductor structures and light emitting devices including the structures
Nitride compound light emitting device and method for fabricating same
Electronic device comprising a columnar discotic phase
Organic electroluminescent device with a high resistant inorganic electron injecting layer
Battery charging method
Electromagnetic transmission line elements having a boundary between materials of high and low dielectric constants
Dielectric filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and method for manufacturing dielectric resonator
Dielectric waveguide resonator, dielectric waveguide filter, and method of adjusting the characteristics thereof
Method and system for communicating electromagnetic signals
Conductive circuit device and method
Antenna for personal mobile communications or locating equipment
Antenna assembly and communication device utilizing such antenna assembly
Dual multitriangular antennas for GSM and DCS cellular telephony
Antenna for portable radio device
Method for making antenna of coaxial cable and the antenna so made
Integrated antenna for satellite and terrestrial broadcast reception
Terminal-antenna device for moving satellite constellation
Monopulse antenna apparatus
Electrical component and an electrical circuit module having connected ground planes
Electronically steerable and direction finding microstrip array antenna
Printed bi-polarization antenna and corresponding network of antennas
System and method for controlling a transmitter frequency
Stacked piezoelectric actuators to control waveguide phase shifters and method of manufacture thereof
Broadband multiple element antenna system
Base-3 switched-line phase shifter using micro electro mechanical (MEMS) technology
Antenna device and communication apparatus using the same
Dielectric loaded microstrip patch antenna
High performance, directional cellular band antenna
Dipole UHF antenna
Planar broadband dipole antenna for linearly polarized waves
Auto resistance matching means for distribution boxes
Protective cover for connector
Power switch apparatus of universal serial bus device
Method and apparatus for passive switching hub
Device for protecting an optical system against excess luminosity
Optical signal varying devices
Cable fitting for the protection of a cable connection in a medium voltage technology
Electrical outlet raceway
Flush mount power receptacle with integral wall plate
Decorative frame for switch plates and the like
Thermistor actuated device for controlling the drive of a power window
Backup battery recharge controller for a telecommunications power system
Turbogenerator power control system and method
Method of charging a plurality of batteries
Battery charging DC to DC converter
Apparatus and method of recharging a handheld computing device using solar power
Slip ring brush assembly and method
Multiple phase electric machine with a space-optimized turn-to-turn winding
Stator of AC generator for use in vehicle and method of manufacturing the same
Claw pole motor
Stepping motor
Combined linear motor
AC generator having speed limit means
Neutral-point inverter
Converter/inverter full bridge ballast circuit
Power factor compensation device for motor driving inverter system
Switching regulator control circuit of PFM system and switching regulator thereof
Noise management using a switched converter
Substrate voltage detection control circuit
Power supply module in integrated circuits
Induction motor drive and a parameter estimation method thereof
Generator and generator apparatus
Parametric cavity microwave amplifier
Power efficient line driver
Frequency compensation for single-ended class AB operational amplifiers with fully-differential input stages
Transistor amplifier
Broadcast transmission system with sampling and correction arrangement for correcting distortion caused by amplifying and signal conditioning components
High-frequency power amplifier
Radar transmitter
Reconstruction filter for eliminating the switching residue in a switched system
Amplifier with improved, high precision, high speed and low power consumption architecture
MOSFET single-pair differential amplifier having an adaptive biasing scheme for rail-to-rail input capability
Sound enhancement system
Amplifier circuit
High frequency signal amplifying circuit and a receiver using the same
Connecting arrangement for selectively presenting resistive properties using transistors
Wide band electrical delay line
Television receiver
Digital to analog converter using constant current sources
Electric integrated circuit
Circuit for partial power-down on dual voltage supply integrated circuits
SPST switch, SPDT switch, and communication apparatus using the SPDT switch
Apparatus for controlling AC supply switches
Method and apparatus for reducing parasitic bipolar current in a silicon-on-insulator transistor
Programmable high speed quiet I/O cell
Off-chip process, voltage, temperature, compensation resistor sharing
Bus driver, output adjusting method and driver
Output driver with improved slew rate control
Controlled slew rate driver
Tri-state bus amplifier-accelerator
Output pad precharge circuit for semiconductor devices
CMOS small signal terminated hysteresis receiver
Low voltage differential signaling driver with pre-emphasis circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device having power reduction mechanism
Selective latch for a domino logic gate
Fuse option for multiple logic families on the same die
Device and method for power-on/power-off checking of an integrated circuit
Programmable device with an array of programmable cells and interconnection network
Programmable frequency divider
Differential receiver
Precision multivibrator using stabilized amplifier system
Control of hysteresis characteristic within a CMOS differential receiver
Voltage clamping circuits for limiting the voltage range of an input signal
Integrated circuit including current mirror and dual-function transistor
Semiconductor integrated circuit having a clock recovery circuit
Potential detect circuit for detecting whether output potential of potential generation circuit has arrived at target potential or not
Phase detector with frequency steering
Digital frequency generation method and apparatus
Differential LC-VCO, charge pump, and loop filter architecture for improved noise-immunity in integrated phase-locked loops
Fine-tuning phase-locked loop PLL using variable resistor between dual PLL loops
Analog/digital converter apparatus
Method of using two low-resolution DACS for converting high-resolution digital demands into analog output signals that monotonically drive an actuator motor in a disk drive
Digital-to-analog converter
Data slicing device and data slicing method for extracting data from a signal
Digital-to-analog converter with power up/down transient suppression and automatic rate switching
Device for ENOB estimation for ADC's based on dynamic deviation and method therefor
Automatic auto-calibration system
Methods and apparatus for transferring data from a display screen
Analog to digital converter
Method of converting digital signal to analog signal
Z-coder: a fast adaptive binary arithmetic coder
Method of and apparatus for modulation dependent signal amplification
Device and method for controlling brightness of radio terminal
Optics system for infrared signal transceivers
Optical surface plasmon-wave communications systems
Use of cross tap equalization to reduce crosstalk arising from inadequate optical filtering in a wavelength division multiplexed optical link
Method and apparatus for optimizing SBS performance in an optical communication system using at least two phase modulation tones
Optical network termination unit of a hybrid fiber/coax access network
Information and control communication over power lines
Radio communication apparatus and transmission antenna changing method
Receiver in data broadcasting system
Signal routing for fiber optic networks
Multi-mode analog front-end
Video telephone device having automatic sound level setting along with operation mode switching
Data access arrangement having improved transmit-receive separation
Apparatus and method for supporting analog fax calls in a tandem configuration
Book page document image reading apparatus
Multi-functional device for receiving, storing and purging information
Multifunctional image processing for preventing printer interruption
Image processing device
Communication apparatus
Image forming apparatus having a preview function for preventing an image on a display prior to printing
Image forming method
Image reproducing method and apparatus
Enhanced system, method and program for converting an externally defined four dimensional colorant (CMYK) into an equivalent four dimensional colorant defined in terms of the four inks (C'M'Y'K') that are associated with a given printer
Testing arrangement for decoders
High speed digital zone control
Method and apparatus for determining and correcting geometric distortions in electronic imaging systems
Automotive CCD camera
System and method for controlling the field of view of a camera
Mix-effect bank with multiple programmable outputs
Display of previewed channels with rotation of multiple previewed channels along an arc
VSB--dependent automatic gain control
Circuit for decoding an analog audio signal
Image answering machine
Spatial and temporal filtering mechanism for digital motion video signals
Image pickup apparatus having a complementary color-to-primary color conversion matrix
Mask-free, single gun, color television systems
Device for convergence correction in a television receiver
Apparatus for displaying a picture which involves spatially modulating a light beam
Signal processing system
Cut-off control circuit for adjusting white balance
Pipe stand instrument heater and mounting system
Glass-ceramic cooktop burner assembly having an optical sensor
Self-Illumination scanner apparatus
Piezoelectric transformer and discharge lamp device
Cold cathode discharge lamp lighting circuit
Electronic ballast for one or more lamps
Ballast for a discharge lamp with false deactivation detection
Printed board, manufacturing method therefor and structure for connecting conductor elements to the printed board
Sheet metal component with depression
Faceplate for network switching apparatus
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