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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Promoter for expression of a gene and response to infection or wounding
Endotoxin-nonresponsive model animal
Triptolide analogs for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders
Substance which exhibits antiviral and antibacterial activity and is based on derivatives of 2,8-dithioxo-1H-pyrano[2,3d 6,5-d']dipyrimidyne and 10-aza-analogue thereof
Human cord blood derived unrestricted somatic stem cells (USSC)
High efficiency protein extraction
Personal hygiene article with vibrating part and method
Removeable car seat cover
Surgical retraction apparatus and associated methods
Bone anchor device having toggle member for attaching connective tissues to bone
Placing an orthodontic element on a tooth surface
Gel wrap providing musculo-skeletal support
Dissolvable protective treatment for an implantable supportive sling
Balloon catheter with stiffening wire transition
Translumenally implantable heart valve with formed in place support
Methods for injecting a curable biomaterial into an intervertebral space
Medical aid having a standalone femur traction mode and a leg support mode
Method of preparing lycopene-enriched formulations that are free of organic solvents, formulations thus obtained, compositions comprising said formulations and use of same
Method of treating autoimmune diseases
N-(heteroaryl)-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives and their use as vanilloid TRPV.sub.1 receptor ligands
Cyanopyridine derivatives useful in the treatment of cancer and other disorders
Optically active isomers of ketotifen and therapeutically active metabolites thereof
Treatment for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
Anthracycline antibiotics and methods of treating cancer using the same
Methods of treating blood coagulation disorders using a pharmaceutical preparation comprising vWF propeptide
Pharmaceutical composition for treatment of BPH and preparation thereof
Gastrokines and derived peptides including inhibitors
Polymer-coated, granulated enzyme-containing feed additives and method for the production thereof
Carbohydrate-based synthetic vaccines for HIV
Implantable active ingredient depot
Integrated washing and sterilization process
Biocompatible devices, systems, and methods for reducing levels of pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory stimulators or mediators in the blood
Small diameter embolic coil hydraulic deployment system
Catheter with a multilayered shaft section having a polyimide layer
Method of increasing gas exchange of a lung
Multichamber ampoule for dispensing a mixture consisting of several substances
Systems and methods for enabling two-way communication between one or more exercise devices and computer devices and for enabling users of the one or more exercise devices to competitively exercise
Inferior limb muscle force training apparatus
Fitness device
Dampening device for a ball games racket
Multiple material golf club head
Golf club head
Total body exercise methods and apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for recording the boiling curve of liquids and device for carrying out the method
Feed gas contaminant control in ion transport membrane systems
Optimized production of aromatic dicarboxylic acids
Rutile titania catalyst carrier
Catalyst composition and method for chlorinating aromatic compounds
Method for preparation of highly dispersed supported platinum catalyst
Fluid handling apparatus and fluid handling unit for use therein
Microfluidic manipulation of fluids and reactions
Apparatus and method for electrostatic spray coating of medical devices
Soft magnetic material, powder magnetic core, method for manufacturing soft magnetic material, and method for manufacturing powder magnetic core
Method of applying a design to a surface
Methods and agents for cleaning and disinfecting fragile medical appliances
Hole saw having a drill bit with a pilot tip
Thermal expansion knife adapter
Wire retrieving device for cutting machine
Polishing pad, use thereof and method for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for positioning current collectors in an electrochemical cell
Dicing method using an encased dicing blade submerged in cooling water
Auto-indexing visor core
Process of manufacturing core-sheath composite fiber
Hollow wall base
Hose for introduction and distribution of inflator gas
Apparatus and method for applying labels
Laminate and method of forming the same, insulating film, and semiconductor device
Slitting mechanism for roll media printer
Phase change marking systems with release agents
Ink jet printing apparatus
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink refill unit with a working outlet and other dummy outlets
Ink cartridge with self sealing outlet valve
Inkjet printing system with compliant printhead assembly
Inkjet printer having selectable ink distribution channels to printhead ICS
Ink delivery system and a method for replacing ink
Ink level sensor and method of use
Ink-jet printing method, printing system, ink-jet printing apparatus, print data generating method, program and printer driver
Printing apparatus having appropriate correction of feed amount
System and method for evaluating line formation in an ink jet imaging device to normalize print head driving voltages
Jetting timing determining method and liquid-droplet jetting method
Control and pressure release valve
In-vehicle electronic control device
Motor vehicle seat, motor vehicle, and airbag module
System and method for actuation of a head restraint
Fast detecting obstacle method and parking sensor apparatus using the same
Vehicle tire tread depth determining system
Meter driving device
Parcel shelf structure in rear area of vehicle body
Dynamically deconstructable armrest for automotive vehicle
Airbag cushion with a laced vent to optionally vent gas for out-of-position conditions
Device including light emitting diode as light sensor and light source
Vehicle tailgate movement assist mechanism using cam
Inter-ship personnel transfer device and method of moving between compacted state and non-compacted state
Exhaust device for outboard motor
Reclosable multi-compartment bag with an integrated pouch
Document feeder and image forming apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Underwater processing of fluid streams
Anaerobic phased solids digester for biogas production from organic solid wastes
Photocatalytic granular mixture for mortar and concrete and its use
Method of making components for prosthetic joints
Boron carbide sintered body and protective member
Picric acid explosive compound and environmentally friendly methods for making the same
Thiol ester compositions and processes for making and using same
Hydroxyl-terminated thiocarbonate containing compounds, polymers, and copolymers, and polyurethanes and urethane acrylics made therefrom
Spirobifluorene derivatives, their preparation and uses thereof
Cyclic carboxylic acid compound and use thereof
Method for producing .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid ester, .alpha.,.beta.-unsaturated carboxylic acid ester, and lubricating oil additive
Methods for making 4-tetrazolyl-4-phenylpiperidine compounds
Hydrates of optionally substituted 2-(2-pyridinyl) methylthio-1H-benzimidazoles and process for the production thereof
1-aryl- or 1-alkylsulfonyl-heterocyclylbenzazoles as 5-hydroxytryptamine-6 ligands
Pyrrolopyridine compounds, method of making them and uses thereof
Carboxylic tris-like siloxanyl monomers
Method for synthesizing ionic complex
DNA fragments containing gene having function relating to autonomous proliferation of plasmid
Pan-HER antagonists and methods of use
Anti-PRO335 antibodies
Glycopeptides derived from pancreatic structures, antibodies and applications thereof in diagnostics and therapeutics
Antibody materials for an IBD-associated polypeptide
Ring-opened azlactone initiators for atom transfer radical polymerization
Rubber composition comprising an itaconimidomaleimide
Ink composition
Ionizing radiation stable thermoplastic composition, method of making, and articles formed therefrom
Method and an unleaded low emission gasoline for fueling an automotive engine with reduced emissions
Fuel composition and a device for colored flames
Production of wax esters
Detergent composition with hydrophilizing soil-release agent and methods for using same
Organic catalyst with enhanced enzyme compatibility
Rubisco activase with increased thermostability and methods of use thereof
Nucleic acids encoding potassium channel interactors
Modification of fructan biosynthesis
Method for producing .beta.-hydroxy amino acid and enzyme used therefor
Identification and characterization of racemases, definition of protein signatures, and a test for detecting D-amino acid and for screening molecules capable of inhibiting the activity of racemase, especially proline racemase
Anti-CD33 antibodies and method for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia using the same
Methods for mapping signal transduction pathways to gene expression programs
Motion resolved molecular sequencing
Detection of nucleic acid sequence differences using coupled ligase detection with padlock probes and polymerase chain reactions
Method for cooling hot roller steel strip, and method for manufacturing hot rolled steel strip
Low carbon aluminum production method using single furnace carbothermic reduction operated in batch mode
Thiosilicate phosphor compositions and deposition methods using barium-silicon vacuum deposition sources for deposition of thiosilicate phosphor films
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and operating method thereof
Electroplating apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Control unit for compressor
Turbine airfoil with multiple near wall compartment cooling
Bi-layer tip cap
Wave powered generation using electroactive polymers
Compressor having a small-width portion and a large-width portion in an inner circumferential sliding surface of a swinging roller
Electronic compressor having a reservoir chamber and an oil return passage for connecting the reservoir chamber with a suction chamber
Rotary axial peristaltic pumps and related methods
Compressor control apparatus
Fluid dynamic bearing device and motor equipped with the same
Method and apparatus to control operation of a hydraulic control circuit for an electro-mechanical transmission
Planet carrier assembly
Transmission shift system
Fluorescent task lamp with optimized bulb alignment and ballast
Lighting device for vehicle and optical axis regulating device of lighting device for vehicle
Lamp assembly for a controlled environment chamber
Mounting light emitting diodes
Led light with active cooling
Backlight and liquid crystal display device
Method and apparatus for auto-adjusting illumination
Digitizer adapter
Measuring probe, sample surface measuring apparatus and sample surface measuring method
State measuring apparatus for rotary machine
Systems and methods for phase measurements
Distance measurement instrument
Illumination change instrument cluster
Shaft-mounted detector for optical encoder having an aperture through the detector for receiving a rotary shaft of a motor
Detection system for use in a sorting apparatus, a method for determining drift in the detection system and a sorting apparatus comprising such detection system
Optochemical sensor and method of making the same
Optical apparatus for defect inspection
Charged particle beam apparatus, scanning electron microscope, and sample observation method using the same
Microelectro-mechanical chemical sensor
Electronic battery tester
Abnormal voltage detection apparatus for detecting voltage abnormality in assembled battery
Circuit for imposing voltages on the electrodes of trays used in the CHEF pulsed field electrophoresis system
System and method for producing color contour maps of surface defects of high pressure pipelines
High pressure parallel reactor
Particle based homogeneous assays using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection
Intensified neutral loss tags and use thereof in mass spectrometry integrin-binding polypeptide monobodies and their use
Object-detection device for vehicle
Stacked chip security
Method of expanding tester drive and measurement capability
System and method for monitoring an electrical power relay in a hybrid electric vehicle
Fluxgate sensor integrated in semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Terminal device, method of controlling terminal device, and recording medium
Methods and systems for controlling medical imaging
Radiation image detector
NMR-based methods for detecting ligands, where the ligand or target are hyperpolarized and the NMR-spectrum is compared with a reference spectrum of the ligand or target
Logging while drilling tool for obtaining azimuthally sensitive formation resistivity measurements
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for determining the horizontal and vertical resistivities and relative dip angle in anisotropic earth formations
Electromagnetic wave resistivity tool having a tilted antenna for geosteering within a desired payzone
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same including relationship between interval between deflector and scanned surface and a natural convergent point
Thin nearly wireless adaptive optical device
Illumination device and projector
Dual-lensed unitary optical receiver assembly
Carabiner glasses
Soft lens orthokeratology
Transflective liquid crystal display, flat panel display device, and electronic apparatus
Patterning phase difference plate, production method for patterning phase difference plate, 2D/3D switching type liquid crystal display panel, and 2D/3D switching type liquid crystal display unit
Anisotropic fluorescent thin crystal film and backlight system and liquid crystal display incorporating the same
Display and display system for medical use
Touch panel integrated with liquid crystal display
Reflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Thin film transistor array
Liquid crystal panel structure for single display module having second contact terminals formed around first contact terminals
Projection display apparatus using liquid cooling and air cooling
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, maintenance method, and exposure method
Measuring the effect of flare on line width
Overlay target for polarized light lithography
Self-compensating mark design for stepper alignment
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, and image forming method, apparatus and process cartridge therefor using the photoreceptor
Electrostatic charge image developing toner
Toner for electrostatic development, developer, image forming method, image-forming apparatus and process for cartridge using the same
Toner, and image forming method, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge using the toner
Hologram recording method, hologram recording device, hologram playback method, and optical recording medium
Lockable push-piece
Controlling power to light-emitting device
Safety barrier device employing an overload protection circuit for limiting current or voltage or current and voltage
Low supply voltage bandgap system
Voltage control circuit
System and method for matching colorimetric attributes of a production print to a proof
Image capture apparatus
System and method for printing a digital camera image with time stamp
Image data management method of multiple sets of image data
Method of forming label with label forming apparatus, and label forming apparatus
Job execution device, method for controlling the device, image forming device and computer program product
Geometric ladder circuit with linear-in-dB transfer function
Printing system and printing method
Method to protect display text from eavesdropping
Hard cover product with concealed security device
Luggage tag with an electronic circuit motion detector which will set off blinking lights for a period of time after the motion has occurred
On-board thermostat and a system for detecting excess temperature
Hydraulic shovel concurrently used for crane operations
System and method for evaluating ground-fault circuit interrupters
Airborne visibility indicator system and method
RFID reader enabled intelligent traffic signalling and RFID enabled vehicle tags (number plates)
GPS-generated traffic information
Handheld virtual overlay system
Method of and system for timing training
Lighting system, image display apparatus using the same and light diffusion plate used therefor
Planar display structure with LED light source
Electronic device and driving method thereof
Apparatus and method of driving liquid crystal display device
Display device
Driving circuit for electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Display device and driving method thereof
Multilevel texture processing method for mapping multiple images onto 3D models
Method and apparatus for evoking perceptions of affordances in virtual environments
Imaging apparatus that detects pixel defect of an imaging element and imaging method
System and method for producing a video signal
Picture displaying method, picture displaying program, and editing apparatus
Construction and use of a multi-shelled gamut boundary descriptor
Wireless input device
System for determining pointer position, movement, and angle
Image processing apparatus, method and computer-readable storage medium for generating and presenting an image of virtual objects including the operation panel viewed from the position and orientation of the viewpoint of the observer
Apparatus for supporting a musical instrument
Tone synthesis apparatus and method
Magnetic recording medium containing first and second recording layers, each layer containing a columnar structure
Colloidal metal solution, process for producing the same, and coating material containing the same
Sintered compact for thermistor element, process for producing the same, thermistor element and temperature sensor
Method of manufacturing electrical cable having reduced required force for installation
Power supply device
Coils for electrical machines
Electromagnetic switch with fixed magnetic core having disc portion formed of stack of base and balance metal sheets
Actuator assembly
Limit switch with two operation units controlled by a single control member
Switching device for a transfer switch
Inertial solenoid delay for the opening of medium voltage circuit breakers
Mountable power strips
Change gear switch for rod-shaped-handle equipped vehicle
Scanning electron microscope
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Optical semiconductor device with multiple quantum well structure
Semiconductor system-in-package
Method for forming vertical structures in a semiconductor device
Electromagnetic treatment in atmospheric-plasma coating process
Method of producing microcystalline silicon germanium suitable for micromachining
Apparatus and method for supplying chemicals
Method for producing a solar cell
Method for producing a solar cell
Method of making a non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method, system, and apparatus for filling vias
Package structure of chip and the package method thereof
Manufacture of semiconductor device with good contact holes
Method of forming semiconductor devices by microwave curing of low-k dielectric films
Testing electromigration at multiple points of a single node
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Low temperature process for polysilazane oxidation/densification
Thin film transistor substrate of horizontal electric field type liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Method for fabricating non-volatile memory
Field effect transistor comprising a stressed channel region and method of forming the same
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having impurity region under isolation region
Thin film semiconductor device, polycrystalline semiconductor thin film production process and production apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Cooling mechanism for stacked die package, and method of manufacturing stacked die package containing same
Layered chip package that implements memory device
Package of MEMS device and method for fabricating the same
Power-via structure for integration in advanced logic/smart-power technologies
Semiconductor structure with a discontinuous material density for reducing eddy currents
Semiconductor device and a fabrication process thereof
Semiconductor device and IC card including supply voltage wiring lines formed in different areas and having different shapes
Semiconductor device with resistor element and dummy active region
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Serpentine ballasting resistors for multi-finger ESD protection device
Semiconductor device
Fully integrated floating power supply for high voltage technologies including N-EPI biasing
Passgate structures for use in low-voltage applications
Configurable integrated circuit with different connection schemes
Semi-conductor-on-insulator structure, semiconductor devices using the same and method of manufacturing the same
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Method for fabricating crystalline silicon
High write and erase efficiency embedded flash cell
Normally-off integrated JFET power switches in wide bandgap semiconductors and methods of making
Electronic devices formed on substrates and their fabrication methods
High-density nonvolatile memory
Photodetector having first and second antenna areas with patterns having different cycle intervals
Dual light emitting and electrochromic device
Hinged electrode cup and methods of fabrication for medical grade electrochemical cells
Method of producing lithium ion cathode materials
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery with negative electrode having a La.sub.3Co.sub.2Sn.sub.7 type crystal structure
Compositional and structural gradients for fuel cell electrode materials
Battery pack and thermostat used therefor
Gel-type polymer electrolyte and use thereof
Fuel cell system
Fuel cell with separator and porous support member including high density portion
Planer helical antenna
Very high frequency dielectric substrate wave guide
Method and apparatus for switching between internal and external antennas in a device such as PC-Card modem
Socket connector
Mounting structure of connector and method for mounting connector on substrate
Electrical connector in the form of a socket contact having a special lamellar construction
Method and device for securing a circuit board to a computer assembly
Connector in which defective electrical connection between a plurality of shell components is suppressed
Modular cable termination plug
Rechargeable battery module capable of managing the variation of intervals between unit batteries
Adapter having connecting arms
Connector improved in handlability of a connection object and backlight assembly using the connector
Spark plug having precious metal pad attached to ground electrode and method of making same
Wall recessed outlet box assembly
Light emitting diode flexible printed circuit having a switching unit for switching between a series mode and a parallel mode
Method and apparatus for charging a rechargeable battery with non-liquid electrolyte
6-axis electromagnetically-actuated meso-scale nanopositioner
Method, apparatus and article for detecting rotor position
Voltage controlled oscillator and its control method
Active pixel image sensor with common gate amplifier
Electronic signal generator with modulated cyclic ratio, compensated for variations in its power supply voltage
Operational amplifier, integrating circuit, feedback amplifier, and controlling method of the feedback amplifier
Digital decoder with complementary outputs
High-speed serial data transmitter architecture
Heterogeneous configurable integrated circuit
Block symmetrization in a field programmable gate array
Temperature tracking oscillator circuit
Oscillator and frequency detector
Text encoding system and method
Four-to-six modulation encoder
System and method for storing, processing and transmitting image data over a network
Methods, systems, and media to calibrate a reprographic system
Apparatus and method for scanning an object
Fast color interpolation
Method for device spectral sensitivity reconstruction
Solid-state image sensor including common transistors between pixels
Auto-focus system using bubble technology
Device that reads data encoded as dots
Elastomeric camera mounting system
Focus position detection apparatus and method
Electronic apparatus having shooting device and manual focus switch ring that is engaged with shooting device holder in housing
Processing of digital images using autofocus settings for image enhancement
Imaging processing device and a method of processing an image
Electronic imaging device and mobile terminal including the electronic imaging device
Display control apparatus and program
Automatic gain control circuit
Layered heating plate element
Lighting device
Inverter driving circuit
Light source driving circuit
Simplified ballast control circuit
Discharge lamp lighting device, and lighting equipment and lighting system using the device
High frequency heating apparatus
X-ray radiography apparatus and X-ray generator moving device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Chocolate piece
Basketball shoe
Thong design with an insole pattern
Spa sandal with insole pattern
Strap with reflective strip
Portion of a midsole
Portion of a midsole periphery
Portion of a shoe
Eccentric footwear cleat
Elastic laces
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Camera storage bag
Deck box
Toothbrush holder
Molded article support
Key fob
Cigarette lighter clip
Device for storing blister cards
Apparatus for retaining bags
Brush handle
Toothbrush with clip attachment
Toothbrush with clip attachment
Toothbrush with clip attachment
Self contained toothbrush
Paint brush handle
Apertured continuous filament fabric
Surface pattern for an absorbent paper
End frame for a futon
Back and seat cushions for a chair
Back and seat cushions for a chair
Arm rest end cap
Back and seat cushions for a chair
Furniture seat
Album page for holding multiple digital video discs and graphics
Dispenser roll
Dispenser roll
Thin compact disc rack
Media storage case
Vented locker
Adjustable television stand
Furniture component
Combined product display and stacked product container separator
Table top
Cloverleaf table top
Adjustable mirror
Cup having inwardly folding lids
Serving pot
Drinking glass
Triangular plate
Beverage dispensing pot
Cocktail shaker
Coffee machine
Lazy Susan tiered shelf accessory
Coffee machine
Surface pattern applied to a tumbler
Donut mug warmer with mug
Coffee machine
Coffee grinder
Beverage vessel
Wire grate for a cooking appliance
Five burner gas cooktop with grates and central control knobs
Five burner gas cooktop with grates and central control knobs
Salad utensil set
Food warmer
Combined steamer cone and tray
Wheel for a barbeque
Food clamp
Straining spoon
Container assembly
Napkin holder
Suspended knife holder
Lighter with a safety lock
Electronic ignitor
Router base
Tree grate
Transparent plastic protective enclosure for seedlings
Handle for a handtool
Blade holder
Ornament hanger
Vehicle exhaust hanger removal tool
Support arm assembly
Flat double-channel pulling device
Coiling hose holder
Ratchet with extendable handle
Door handleset
Handle portion of a latch
Toilet seat base hinge and leaf combination
Electronic lock box
Lock, particularly a nightlatch
Push bar bracket
Latch furniture
Rafter connector assembly
Rectangular double barbed plate with fastener
Prop for a gasoline pump nozzle trigger
Elliptical box
Front panel of a package
Razor package
Multi-fold jewelry packaging
Tissue container
Storage container with lid
Dispensing closure with tamper evident tear strip
Illuminated bottle cap with epoxy dome
Wrist watch
Weather monitor
Locator device
Ring sizing device
Leveling device
Pick up ruler
Lower body of float gauge head
Weather monitor
Ornament in lump-like form
Feather bow
Jewelry design
Hanging ornament
Automobile body
Take-off trailer body
Pedal-driven vehicle
Elements of a front fairing for a snowmobile
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Tire shoulder region
Wheel with ten spokes
Automotive wheel
Disk wheel cover
Shock absorber mounting
Vehicle-wheel front face
Skid plate for fifth wheel hitch
Tribal skulls pedal cover set for vehicles
Automotive wheel
Surface configuration of a parking brake handle for a vehicle
Automotive wheel
Brake shoe for a bicycle
Flamed shaped wheel spinner
Vehicle step
Power supply
Power inverter
Compact portable power inverter unit
Connection plate
Photoelectric switch
Garage door opener wall receiver
Light-emitting diode
Insulator coil support
Electrical connector
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display monitor
Combined media reader/writer and fingerprint reader
Computer housing
Docking station
Desktop personal computer
Portable computer stand with adjustable leg
Arithmetic and control unit
Computer Icon for Bright Field Illumination Functions of a Microscope System on a Portion of a Display Panel or Microscope Display
Display panel
Program guide display for a screen
Display device with a moveable assembly
Icons for display section of communication device
Mobile phone
Body shape portion of a handset
Switching apparatus for telephone set and data transmission
Combined cordless telephone and telephone base
Display station and three-dimensional display ceiling
Cell phone
"Document file" icon for a display screen
Combined integrated injection line and injection nozzle
Tissue container
Bath hardware mounting bracket
Towel bar and shelf
Multi-step oval rosette mounting bracket
Shaving system caddy
Human Necessities
Modularity system for computer assisted surgery
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for determining optimum screw joint tightening parameter values by process simulation
Method for calibrating of machine units located in machine tools or robotic devices
Image processor for processing reservation and information processor for requesting reservation
Electronic control system for vehicle accessory devices
Hydraulic stabilizer system and process for monitoring load conditions
Fixed Constructions
Features of main control computer for a power machine
Simulating the dynamic response of a drilling tool assembly and its application to drilling tool assembly design optimization and drilling performance optimization
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for assessing performance of combined cycle power-plants
Method for monitoring wind power plants
Control system for a motor vehicle transmission comprising a torque converter or a hydrodynamic clutch
Computerized system and methods of ballistic analysis for gun identifiability and bullet-to-gun classifications
Method and system of dynamic learning through a regression-based library generation process
Apparatus and method for predicting failures of spinning disks in turbo-machinery
Signal processing apparatus
Temperature control balancing desired comfort with energy cost savings
Characterizing multi-port cascaded networks
Integration type input circuit and method of testing it
Test access port (TAP) controller system and method to debug internal intermediate scan test faults
Fixed-logic signal generated in an integrated circuit for testing a function macro integrated in an integrated circuit
Semiconductor device capable of adjusting timing of input waveform by tester with high accuracy
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
Apparatus and method for determining effect of on-chip noise on signal propagation
Ground proximity warning system and method having a reduced set of input parameters
GPS receiving system, GPS receiver and recording medium for use in the GPS receiving system
Model-based data conversion
Correcting a mask pattern using multiple correction grids
Systems and methods for coordinating QA events
Real time statistical computation in embedded systems
Fault diagnosis in a complex system, such as a nuclear plant, using probabilistic reasoning
E-business bid process
System and method for sharing I/O address translation caching across multiple host bridges
Method for securing software to decrease software piracy
Data processing system and image processing system
Apparatus and method for a low power, multi-level GTL I/O buffer with fast restoration of static bias
Multiple operating frequencies in a processor
Power consumption management apparatus
Self power audit and control circuitry for microprocessor functional units
Selective power-down for high performance CPU/system
Call processor system and methods
Arrangement for reducing a media independent interface speed in a network switch emulation system
Data plane restart without state change in a control plane of an intermediate network node
Statistical counters in high speed network integrated circuits
Soft error detection in high speed microprocessors
Processor with redundant logic
Raid memory
Method of improving the availability of a computer clustering system through the use of a network medium link state function
System and method for automatically configuring a debug system
Verification of global coherence in a multi-node NUMA system
In-place data transformation for fault-tolerant disk storage systems
Method and apparatus for recovering from failure of a mirrored boot device
Data backup and recovery systems
Method and apparatus for creating a virtual data copy
Systems and methods for use in reduced instruction set computer processors for retrying execution of instructions resulting in errors
Control logic for memory modification tracking with hierarchical dirty indicators
Efficient memory modification tracking with hierarchical dirty indicators
NUMA system with redundant main memory architecture
Computer system and process for transferring streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner
Computing system and method for preparing a computer-readable medium
Inexpensive method for diagnosing manufacturing defects in an embedded system
Automated test system and method for computer factory install environment
Operating system event tracker having separate storage for interrupt and non-interrupt events and flushing the third memory when timeout and memory full occur
Secondary trace build from a cache of translations in a caching dynamic translator
Software system for tracing data
System and method for implementing an enhanced raid disk storage system
Techniques for increasing bandwidth in port-per-module memory systems having mismatched memory modules
Multi-version data caching
Method for supporting multi-level stripping of non-homogeneous memory to maximize concurrency
Distributed processor memory module and method
Method, system, and program for destaging data in cache
System and method for employing slot level locking of a cache
Storage system and data relocation method
Memory allocator for a multiprocessor computer system
System and method for replication of distributed databases that span multiple primary nodes
Method for dynamically adjusting buffer utilization ratios in a hard disk drive system
Instance-reduction algorithm for garbage-collected language
Method and apparatus for memory access scheduling to reduce memory access latency
Differentiated storage resource provisioning
Method and apparatus for software prefetching using non-faulting loads
High performance symmetric multiprocessing systems via super-coherent data mechanisms
Use of a cache coherency mechanism as a doorbell indicator for input/output hardware queues
Multi-level classification method for transaction address conflicts for ensuring efficient ordering in a two-level snoopy cache architecture
Address predicting apparatus and methods
Hybrid mass storage system and method with two different types of storage medium
Share masks and alias for directory coherency
Data processing apparatus with a cache memory and method of using such an apparatus
Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving security attributes
Method for protective cache replacement
Method for accessing data being copied between data regions before the copying is completed
System and method for machine specific register addressing in a split transactional unidirectional bus architecture
Airborne e-mail data transfer protocol
Call director system and method
SCSI enclosure services
Virtual device driver
Data processing device for use in cooperation with a memory
Synchronous flash memory with non-volatile mode register
DMA exclusive cache state providing a fully pipelined input/output DMA write mechanism
Template data transfer coprocessor
Performance of a PCI-X to infiniband bridge
Grant removal via dummy master arbitration
Method and system for flexible channel path identifier assignment
Apparatus and method for a peripheral inter-module event communication system
Method and apparatus for response modes in pipelined environment
Integrate serial port plug and play into simple signaling communication type UPS
System and method for notifying of changes in web page hyperlinked documents
Discoverability and navigation of hyperlinks via tabs
System and method for providing a distributable runtime that deploys web applications and services from a workflow, enterprise, and mail-enabled web application server and platform
Method and apparatus for delivering local and remote server events in a similar fashion
Method and system for displaying various messages while performing tasks or while idling
Bios having macro/effector pairs for hardware initialization
Method and apparatus for building customized data and/or video conferencing applications utilizing prepackaged conference control objects
Method and system for optimizing the network path of mobile programs
Method and apparatus for communicating among a network of servers utilizing a transport mechanism
Refinery scheduling of incoming crude oil using a genetic algorithm
Single instruction stream multiple data stream processor
Multiprocessor with asynchronous pipeline processing of instructions, and control method thereof
System and method for secured configuration data for programmable logic devices
Implementation of wavelet functions in hardware
Text-messaging server with automatic conversion of keywords into hyperlinks to external files on a network
Method for converting relational data into XML
Chart parsing using compacted grammar representations
Prefix comparator
Tooling framework system and method for code generation
Methods and apparatus for performing sequence homology detection
Apparatus and method for determining clustering factor in a database using block level sampling
System and method for structuring data in a computer system
Management of multiple links to a file in a file system
Aggregation of resource requests from multiple individual requestors
Defining a sequence of files in the same file container by placing a numerical value in a header of the file
System and method for data flow analysis of complex data filters
System and method for operational assistance during system restoration
Methods and apparatus for flexible indexing of text for use in similarity searches
Method for execution of query to search strings of characters that match pattern with a target string utilizing bit vector
Internet streaming media workflow architecture
Automatically initiating an internet-based search from within a displayed document
Data processing system, method and computer program product
Categorization and presentation tool for code resources
Consolidation of multiple source content schemas into a single target content schema
Method and system for storage, retrieval, and query of objects in a schemeless database
Method and apparatus for providing a central dictionary and glossary server
Approach for transforming XML document to and from data objects in an object oriented framework for content management applications
Customer self service subsystem for response set ordering and annotation
System and method for locating web-based product offerings
System for and method of efficient, expandable storage and retrieval of small datasets
System and method of channel-based internet network
Document data structure and method for integrating broadcast television with web pages
Layout verification method, program thereof, and layout verification apparatus
Methods and apparatus for facilitating physical synthesis of an integrated circuit design
Method and expert system of molecular mechanics force fields for computer simulation of molecular systems
Method of converting data
Algorithm-to-hardware system and method for creating a digital circuit
Emulation system with multiple asynchronous clocks
Method of optimizing high performance CMOS integrated circuit designs for power consumption and speed using global and greedy optimizations in combination
Standard cell, standard cell array, and system and method for placing and routing standard cells
System, method and computer program product for conditionally updating a security program
Thwarting malicious registry mapping modifications and map-loaded module masquerade attacks
Method and apparatus for sending and tracking resume data sent via URL
System and method for role based dynamic configuration of user profiles
Web server apparatus and method for virus checking
Methods, systems and computer program products for providing multiple cryptographic functions to applications using a common library
Marshalling interface between provider and server
Integrated dynamic load balancing by an input/output interface
Method and apparatus for minimizing bus contention for I/O controller write operations
Dual-channel SCSI chips and methods for configuring separate interoperability of each channel of the SCSI chip
Method of incorporating user reaction measurement software into particular web pages of a website
Storage reclamation on tape management systems
Mapping SCSI medium changer commands to mainframe-compatible perform library function commands
Method and system for circular addressing with efficient memory usage
Object oriented processing system and data sharing environment for applications therein
Method and system for creating and utilizing managed roles in a directory system
Generating a list of people relevant to a task
Energy saving multiplication device and method
Apparatus and method of performing addition and rounding operation in parallel for floating-point arithmetic logical unit
Simultaneous dual rail static carry-save-adder circuit using silicon on insulator technology
Network-based configuration method for systems integration in test, measurement, and automation environments
System and method for scheduling bandwidth resources using a Kalman estimator with active feedback
Use of tags to cancel a conditional branch delay slot instruction
Processor including replay queue to break livelocks
Method and apparatus for priority tracking in an out-of-order instruction shelf of a high performance superscalar microprocessor
Data prefetching apparatus in a data processing system and method therefor
Method and system to perform a thread switching operation within a multithreaded processor based on detection of the absence of a flow of instruction information for a thread
Read/write alignment scheme for port reduction of multi-port SRAM cells
Process-driven tool interface for an object management system
Dialogs for multiple operating systems and multiple languages
Method and apparatus for extracting data objects and locating them in virtual space
Design method for semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and apparatus for performing plan-based dialog
System and method for altering an operating system start-up sequence prior to operating system loading
Method and system for automating product support
Collection knowledge system
Reprogrammable subscriber terminal
Data driven method and system for monitoring hardware resource usage for programming an electronic device
Symbolic debug interface for register transfer simulator debugger
Deferred shadowing of segment descriptors in a virtual machine monitor for a segmented computer architecture
Communications between partitioned host processors and management processor
Methods and systems for multi-policy resource scheduling
Data sharing between application environments
Agent method and computer system
Technique for using shared resources on a multi-threaded processor
Surface evaluation in a stamping manufacturing process utilizing true reflection line methodology and computer graphics technology
Data storage and retrieval playback apparatus for a still image receiver
Method and apparatus for accurately determining the crossing point within a logic transition of a differential signal
System and method for meta-pattern discovery
Business to business electronic test monitoring information system
Method and system for interfacing with a shipping service
Method and apparatus for providing individualized client data from a service provider to a portable digital device of a client
Automatic application loading for e-mail attachments
E-mail client with programmable address attributes
Method and apparatus for managing calendar information from a shared database and managing calendar information from multiple users
Method and apparatus for synchronizing browse and chat functions on a computer network
Method and system for parsing navigation information
Agent-based technique for implementing browser-initiated user-transparent interstitial web advertising in a client computer
System and method a risk based purchase of goods
Lease cancellation process and system
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techniques
Automatic recognition of an optically periodic structure in an integrated circuit design
POS terminal test system and method
Method and device for estimating movement parameters of targets
Alternate window compression/decompression method, apparatus, and system
Method and apparatus for improved duration modeling of phonemes
Text formatting from speech
Distributed voice web architecture and associated components and methods
System and method for performing speech recognition in cyclostationary noise environments
Hierarchical transcription and display of input speech
Distributed speech recognition system with speech recognition engines offering multiple functionalities
Speech recognition system with network accessible speech processing resources
Real-time speech and music classifier
Method and system for performing a codebook search used in waveform coding
Method for independent dynamic range control
Disc support plate, disc changer mechanism, and disc recording and/or reproducing device
Disk transporting device with disk transfer guides
Recording/reproducing device
Adjusting device for an optical disk reading device
Structure of optical disc cartridge
Digital signal processor
Method of verifying defect management area information of disc and test apparatus for performing the same
Locking mechanism of external optical disk drive
Memory device redundant repair analysis method, recording medium and apparatus
Accuracy determination in bit line voltage measurements
Internal self-test circuit for a memory array
Recording/reproducing device having plural disk units which access an information recording medium including a computer readable recording medium
Error-correcting code adapted for memories that store multiple bits per storage cell
Status register to improve initialization of a synchronous memory
Fault tolerant memory system utilizing memory arrays with hard error detection
Method and system for categorizing failures of a program module
System and method for energy management
Method and apparatus for generating parity-check bits from a symbol set
Versatile serial concatenated convolutional codes
Convolutional interleaver employing an efficient memory scheme
Interleaver for variable block size
PC radio card capable of operating at a nonstandard power output level by limiting the current being drawn from a power amplifier
Method and apparatus for digital audio playback using local stored content
Implementation of an assertion check in ATPG models
Method and apparatus for performing eye diagram measurements
System for determining servers power supply requirement by sampling power usage values thereof at a rate based upon the criticality of its availability
Method and apparatus for simplified administration of large numbers of similar information handling servers
Apparatus, methods, and computer program products for transactional support of network management operations
System and method for processing control information from a general through a data processor when a control processor of a network processor being congested
Network resource allocation methods and systems
Determining a path through a managed network
Methods for efficient transmission of signaling messages in a packet-based network
Mechanism for automatically securing licensing for unlicenced codec
Distributed systems for providing secured HTTP communications over the network
Intrusion detection system and method having dynamically loaded signatures
Secure and controlled electronic document distribution arrangement
System for character-child interaction with adult character control
Distributed administration of access to information
On-demand web server
Method and apparatus for proxy chaining
Storage subsystem
Content distribution system for operation over an internetwork including content peering arrangements
Signaling address resolution in a communication network
Generic communications protocol translator
Enhanced multimedia mobile content delivery and message system using cache management
ARP packet to preserve canonical form of addresses
Method and apparatus for servicing massive interrupts in random access memory (RAM)
Process independent source synchronous data capture apparatus and method
Key agreement and transport protocol with implicit signatures
Server group key for distributed group key management
System and method for providing secure transmission, search, and storage of data
Image communication apparatus wirelessly connectable to other apparatuses, system having the image communication apparatus, and method for controlling the same
Information embedding method and apparatus
Polling internet module of web TV
Method for connecting to server devices in browser-based home network apparatus therefor
Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving method
Tap device of cable broadcasting system
Method and system for providing household level television programming information
Altering locks on programming content
Amplifier and equalizer for two way cable transmission
Transport protocol conversion method and protocol conversion equipment
Digital television translator with PSIP update
Method and apparatus for authentication in a wireless telecommunications system
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