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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Garment with storage pouch
Buckle assembly
Hook engageable loops
Sliding guide for drawers and other furniture parts slide out of the body of a piece of furniture
Chair with tilt mechanism
Electrical device cooling structure in vehicle
Winding-up screen device
Method and system for quantifying degree of fatigue resulting from use of three-dimensional display
Method and apparatus for deflecting a screw-in lead
Support system for use when performing medical imaging of a patient
Multi-dose inhaler
Golf ball
Adhesion process
Spring arrangement for a recreational structure
Hollow golf club
Golf club head
Gliding board with varying bending properties
Performing Operations; Transporting
Beverage-making appliance
Centrifugal separator with first and second control panels
Method and device for activating an element made of a shape memory alloy
Deformation of thin walled bodies
Method for detecting a bit jam condition using a freely rotatable inertial mass
Helical cutting insert with progressive cutting edge
Fastener driving tool
Switching device
Rotary flail feeding device
Chad diverting apparatus
Reciprocating saw
Mould for forming the headpiece of deformable tubular plastic containers
Mobile terminal and method of fabricating case thereof
Round baler with a split belt tensioner
Jig for a semiconductor substrate
Ink container and mounting method of the ink container
Ink jet printing device and image forming apparatus
Pagewidth printhead assembly with flexible tab film for supplying power and data to printhead integrated circuits
Ink-jet recording device and wiping method
Cartridge for ink jet recording and method for producing the same
Ink jet printer having spare ink cartridges
Ink jet apparatus, recording head apparatus, and semiconductor device with data relating to usage of recording head apparatus
Device for printing one or several objects moving in a feed direction
Sheet carrier and image forming device
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Writing instrument including a valve feeder device
Lifting system for a vehicle axle
Shifter rod assemblies for automotive transmissions
Complementary regenerative torque system and method of controlling same
Curtain airbag device
Multiple chambered airbag system
Wiper opening cover
Brake actuator
EHB proportional solenoid valve with stepped gap armature
Method and device for actively reducing clutch grabbings in a motor vehicle
Children's vehicle with a frame with sliding elements without a space therebetween and corresponding chassis
Continuously variable transmission
Drive apparatus for a mail-processing system
Method and apparatus for bonding flexible board
Carrier tape for electronic components
Pallet nail with enlarged head
Protective device for reducing the impact of physical shock
Carrier to hold semiconductor device using opposed rollers
Wire feeding apparatus and method
Multiple tank fluid pumping system using a single pump
Fuel tank for spacecraft
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ionic compound, method for producing the same, and ion conductive material
Polymer electrolyte membrane having alkylether graft chain
Textiles; Paper
Self-curling knitted sleeve and method of fabrication
Button assembly and washing machine having the same
Control panel assembly for washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Pavement degradation tools in a ganged configuration
Plastic expandable utility shed
Cutting element with canted interface surface and bit body incorporating the same
Drill driver
Methods and apparatus for expanding tubing with an expansion tool and a cone
Method and apparatus for downhole fluid analysis using molecularly imprinted polymers
Apparatus and method to reduce fluid pressure in a wellbore
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Progressing cavity stator including at least one cast longitudinal section
Spacer arrangement
Oil supply for internal combustion engine camshaft
Engine for leisure vehicle with lubricating oil pump and actuator drive oil pump
Water pump
Drill rig and a method for controlling a fan therein
Turbo charged diesel-type piston engine and method for controlling such an engine
Rotational balance adjusting structure and method for engine
Primary housing assembly for a motorcycle engine
Evaporated fuel adsorbing apparatus
Warm up strategy for ethanol direct injection plus gasoline port fuel injection
Variable displacement pump and control therefor
Quick install blade arms for ceiling fans
Apparatus for securing a measuring sensor on a pipeline
Vehicle with clutch assist device
Operating assist device for vehicle clutch
Hydraulic control arrangement
Hydraulic system for utility vehicles, in particular agricultural tractors
Hydraulic transaxle for garden care vehicle
Disc brake
Transmission and constant speed accessory drive
Split power transmission to include a variable drive
All-wheel drive torque vectoring system
Vehicular drive system
Continuously variable planetary gear set
Sealing device
Oil scraper ring for pistons of internal combustion engines
Swabable fluid connectors and fluid connector pairs
Piston-type accumulator
Monitor stand
Backlight unit and method for equalizing brightness thereof
Container with cooling system
Air conditioning system
Drum for use in dryer with tumbler sections
Heat exchanger assembly for a motor vehicle
Gas governor, snatch grip, and link pin for paintball gun
Apparatus and appertaining method for upfinding in spinning projectiles using a phase-lock-loop or correlator mechanism
Strain detection for automated nano-manipulation
Thermal type flow rate measuring apparatus
Calibration weight arrangement for an electronic balance
Analysis data generating apparatus, analysis data generating method and computer-readable recording medium containing analysis data generating program
Magnetically attracted inspecting apparatus and method using a ball bearing
Fall detection device
Signal splitter
Optical interconnection module and optical-electrical hybrid board
Clothing accessory
Display apparatus and image information generating method adapted to display apparatus
Light quantity adjusting device and photographing device having the same
Electronic timepiece with radio communication function
Luminaire with touch pattern control interface
Vehicle brake apparatus
Power supply circuit and notebook computer including the same
System, method, and computer program for maintaining quality of experience for a client device on a network
Voice band data mode in a universal facsimile engine
Analytics based scoping of HTML5 web storage attributes
System and method for transmission of data
Bidirectional network data replications
Systems and methods for using client-side video buffer occupancy for enhanced quality of experience in a communication network
Data collection and distribution management
Systems and methods for synchronizing data between communication devices in a networked environment
Policy-based resource management with target-driven remediation on server
Multi-level ager rings for tracking session life cycle
Method and apparatus for protecting personal information in a home network
Authenticating to a network via a device-specific one time password
Conversation branching for more efficient resolution
Communication system and its method and communication apparatus and its method
Image forming apparatus, control method of image forming apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium
Electronic apparatus, information processing system, and information processing method
Secure voting system
Mobile bulk depositor
Method for generating a model of a flat object from views of the object
Semiconductor device with programmable response
Semi-conductor device with programmable response
Substrate manufacturing method
Selective etching of a matrix comprising silver nano wires
Power transmitter and method for controlling power transmission
Mobile flat X-ray detector having a carry grip
Fet structure for minimum size length/width devices for performance boost and mismatch reduction
Method of forming channel region dopant control in fin field effect transistor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescence element
Light emitting panel and method for manufacturing same
Deep trench capacitor
Secure chip with physically unclonable function
Amorphous oxide semiconductor thin film transistor fabrication method
Lattice matched aspect ratio trapping to reduce defects in III-V layer directly grown on silicon
Fin formation in fin field effect transistors
SiGe finFET with improved junction doping control
Semiconductor wafer and insulated gate field effect transistor
Symmetric tunnel field effect transistor
Solar cell module and method of fabricating the same
Apparatus for manufacturing piezoelectric actuators
Nonvolatile memory device
Benzodipyrrolidones and their polymers: synthesis and applications for organic electronics and optoelectronics
Display element and method for producing the same
Sealed thin-film device as well as method of repairing, system for repairing and computer program product
Donor mask and method of manufacturing organic light emitting display apparatus using the same
Wireless communication terminal
Sodium-oxygen cells
Secondary battery
Electric storage element and method for manufacturing the same
Active cathode temperature control for metal-air batteries
Apparatus and method of in situ catalyst degradation detection during fuel cell operation
Fuel cell system and method for operating same
Solid oxide fuel cell system
Anion conducting electrolyte membrane and manufacturing method thereof
Method for constructing a dipole antenna
Antenna device, electronic apparatus, and wireless communication method
Radome for feed horn and assembly of feed horn and radome
Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas with multi-band wave traps
Coaxially-fed slot array antenna and vehicle radar apparatus
Electrical-tap connector
Wafer level interposer
Cable connector and method of making the same
Connection terminal having a press-fitting part inserted into a hollow part of a holding member
Feedthrough for electrical connectors
Seal having a packing portion extending from a flat portion with a step
Land grid array connector with latch portion
Lever-type connector
Card connector
Connector and a connector assembly
Battery contact system and wireless terminal having the same
Group III nitride semiconductor laser device, method for producing group III nitride semiconductor laser device, method for evaluating end facet for optical cavity of group III nitride semiconductor laser device, and method for evaluating scribe groove
Grommet with spreader mounting feature
EOS protection circuit with FET-based trigger diodes
Air gap electrostatic discharge structure for high speed circuits
Battery charger noise reduction by frequency switching
Apparatus and method for controlling charge for battery
Apparatus and method for the installation of a stator core into a power generator
Tubular linear motor
Electric motor cooling medium discharge structure and electric motor
System for driving electromagnetic appliance and motor driven vehicle
Systems and methods for providing a wideband frequency response
Resonator with a staggered electrode configuration
Field effect transistor switching circuit
High speed precessionally switched magnetic logic
Frequency divider with duty cycle adjustment within feedback loop
Method and apparatus for generating a digital signal of tunable frequency and frequency synthesizer employing same
Apparatus to reduce power of a charge pump
System and method of encoding in a serializer/deserializer
VCO-coupling mitigation in a multiple-carrier, carrier aggregation receiver
Radio frequency communication
Transceiver front end with low loss T/R switch
Method and system for achieving space and time diversity gain
Optical receiving apparatus
Method and apparatus for signal edge boosting
NFC tag emulation mode with constant magnetic field
NFC terminal and communication device including the same
Method of adjusting a card emulation mode and an electronic device therefor
Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication systems and methods for chip to chip and intrachip communication
Method and device for transmitting and receiving multi-input multi-output (MIMO) signal in wireless communication system in which plural communication systems are present
Antenna selection adjustment
Method and apparatus for channel state information feedback
Optical transmission device and optical transmission method
Transmitter, transmission method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium storing program
Mobile device prevention of contactless card attacks
Radio communication system, radio base station apparatus, user terminal and radio communication method
Method for feeding back channel state information, method for transmitting channel state information reference signal, UE and base station
Using data pattern tracking to debug datapath failures
Packet retransmission control device, packet retransmission control method, and packet retransmission control program
Using cloud resources to improve performance of a streaming application
Communication system and communication control method
FCoE VN.sub.--port to FC N.sub.--port operations in an ethernet fabric
Techniques for a switch to receive network controller sideband interface control packets
Deploying and modifying a service-oriented architecture deployment environment model
Determining virtual adapter access controls in a computing environment
RF transmitter, integrated circuit device, wireless communication unit and method therefor
Transmitter devices of I/Q mismatch calibration, and methods thereof
Communication apparatus and control method therefor
Using resource records for digital certificate validation
Compromised password mitigation
Distributed traffic pattern analysis and entropy prediction for detecting malware in a network environment
Automatically authenticating a host key via a dynamically generated certificate using an embedded cryptographic processor
Communication method, apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for providing security to devices
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for network discovery
Method for mobile node to dynamically acquire location identifier, and LISP network
Synchronization and control using out-of-band channels in passive optical network-based systems
Communication system and its device
Trusted manager bridge
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the same
Method for setting characteristic of accessory and accessory operation system supporting the same
Universal network interface device base module
Transmitting/receiving system and method for processing a broadcast signal
System, method, and computer program for creating cellular network performance indicators by correlating business data of subscribers with a geographic position
Method and station for accessing channel in wireless LAN
Stereoscopic video processor, recording medium for stereoscopic video processing program, stereoscopic imaging device and stereoscopic video processing method
Method and system for a program guide
System and method for extraction of a dynamic range zone image
Image capture device, anomalous oblique incident light detection method, and recording medium
Pixel circuit with constant voltage biased photodiode and related imaging method
Remote control system
Creating cover art for media browsers
Method and apparatus for band selection, switching and diplexing
Method for performing channel scan within a multi-channel broadcasting program receiver, and associated multi-channel broadcasting program receiver
Frequency domain sample adaptive offset (SAO)
Coding scheme for identifying spatial locations of events within video image data
Recording medium, reproducing device for providing service based on data of recording medium, and method thereof
Method and a device of service migration in an automatically switched optical network
Network element for switching time division multiplex signals
Sound processor housings, sound processors and implantable cochlear stimulation systems including the same
Method for data offloading in wireless communication system, and device for same
Architecture for retention, recommendation and collaboration of mobile based task sessions
Providing information to a mobile device based on an event at a geographical location
Radio based location power profiles
Dynamic point to point mobile network including intermediate device aspects system and method
Terminal, and system and method for monitoring wireless network
Method, user equipment, and base station for changing access cell
Base station and base station control method
Reference signal generation technique
Radio base station apparatus, user terminal, radio communication system and radio communication method
Methods, systems and apparatuses to enable short frames
Method, apparatus and computer program product for reducing outage probability for mobile devices
Reducing broadcast duplication in hybrid wireless mesh protocol routing
Wireless communications apparatus, a method and a communication system for performing relay selection
Method for reducing the energy consumption in a wireless communication terminal and communication terminal implementing said method
Method and device for forwarding an incoming call according to a remaining battery capacity
Wireless access point terminal and connection control method
Wireless communication methods and apparatus
Method and apparatus for transmitting multicast data to M2M devices in a wireless access system
Method and apparatus for planning radio frequency spectrum in a wireless network
Distributed computing over a wireless ad hoc network
Slotted access for wireless communication devices and control thereof
Connection dormancy method and wireless communication device and computer readable recording medium
Method of performing communication by user equipment in cloud radio access network environment and apparatus therefor
Electrical device and method for compensating an effect of an electrical current of a load, in particular an LED unit, and driver device for driving a load, in particular an LED unit
Electronic ballast and luminaire with the same
Power supply circuit for a PFC converter
Illumination device and illumination fixture
Power control unit and method for controlling electrical power provided to a load, in particular an LED unit, and voltage control unit for controlling an output voltage of a converter unit
Lighting source and lighting apparatus
Bypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system
Input surge protection circuit and method for an LED load
Method for generating an X-ray image of an extremity of a patient with a scale of length
Transmission system and method for constructing backplane system
Latch device and server using the same
Hinged connector and modular video display assembly containing same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Closed-toe shoe
Footwear bottom
Sternum buckle and slider set
Pull tab of a slide fastener slider
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Footwear upper
Container for bulk packing of firelogs
Pencil case
Luggage case
Compact disc wallet with tiger
Container for bulk packing of firelogs
Container for bulk packing of firelogs
Hair brush
Hair brush
Universal transfer bench
Stackable pallet for displaying transparent clamshell packages for printers
Clothes rack
Foot for an article of furniture
Vanity cabinet
Modular and collapsible merchandise display rack
Floral merchandiser display stand
Interiorly and exteriorly carved lower bed canopy apron section
Bed siderail
Table top
Mechanism for a chair
Transfer bench seat
Transfer bench seat back
Blade for a louver or shutter
String ladder button for horizontal blinds
Net curtain ladder tape
Dual purpose floor mat
Table cover runner
Coffee maker
Mug with vertical relief
Coffee maker
Mug with octagon base
Coffee maker
Water kettle
Beverage machine housing
Barbecue grill with hood
Pasta fork
Banana hanger
Banana hanger
Napkin holder
Napkin holder
Ice removal tool
Reciprocating saw blade
Handle of a knife
Reciprocating saw blade
Safety blade
Tool handle
Handle of precision screwdriver
Pneumatic fastener application tool
End cap for display truss
Wrench with enlarged handle
Support bracket
Hinge for furniture
Spring clip
Clinched nut device
Set of gate brackets
Hockey puck display
Nail enamel container
Receptacle, in particular for single-use cosmetic products
Fragrance bottle and cap design
Connector for bottle co-pack
Container for dry battery
Ornamental container
Container for dry battery
Dishwashing sachet
Wrist watch
Electronic scale
Electronic scale
Bolt gage
Bicycle tire reflector
Clip for jewellery item
Link for bracelets, necklaces and rings
Money clip
Cable car
Wall insert
Wall insert
Automobile body
Automobile body
Automobile body
Light watercraft rack
Suspension fork for cycles
Tricycle body
Flag holder for motorcycle license plate frame
Sound producing generator for bicycles
Tire tread
Tire sidewall
Tire tread
Tire tread
Vehicle screen
Surface configuration of a front fender for a vehicle
Vehicle screen set
Vehicle wheel front face
Automotive vehicle trailer hitch ornament
Spoke for a vehicle wheel
Vehicle front grille
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Pair of motorcycle saddlebags
Pedals with floor lock
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Organizer for a chair
Steering wheel with stick
Wheel cover and rim shield with multi-ridged grip
Exterior vehicular mirror housing and assembly
Front face of a vehicle wheel
Vehicle screen
Surface configuration of a door for a vehicle
Briefcase solar power generator
Battery charger
Antenna for wireless communication
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Switching equipment
Electrical connector
Switching hub
Cable end connector assembly
Electrical contactor
Safety cage for electrical plugs
Rotary dimmer and fan speed control
Dimmer switch
Dimmer switch
Plug for a vehicle
Detachable helmet-mounted communications system
DVD/CD player and sound generator
Ear mounted headset
Audio component face
Handheld electronic device
Housing door
Portable information terminal
Portable information terminal
Display for an electronic information device
Liquid crystal display
Control pad
Portable delivery information acquisition device
Pedestal computer docking station
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
LCD television
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Hand held control device
Front face of a display panel of an audio and video accessory for an electronic device
Portable communication device
Servo amplifier
Portable communications device
Front face of a combined radio and GPS device
Hands-free kit for mounting a wireless device in a vehicle
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Clip-on radio
Housing for a communication device or similar articles
Radio with electronic clock
Portable phone
Protective cage and radio combination
Oil damper
Engine cover
Portable air compressor
Compactor door and front panel
Cover for a circular sawing machine
Miter saw
Cutting machine
Control cabinet
Underwater housing assembly
Viewer for stereograph
Image forming apparatus
Spotting scope
Ink cartridge
Label printer
Side for paper trimmer
Desk tray
File bin
Mesh basket
Monthly calendar leaf
Ring binder
Curable liquid reservoir
Handheld reading practice device
Container connector
Sanitary fitting, especially kitchen faucet
Mixing tap
Bi-directional compressed air gun
Plural component spray gun
Urinal drain cover
Gardening pistol nozzle
Fire fighting monitor
Angular valve for fluids with incorporated filter
Electromagnetic valve
Shower caddy
Shower caddy with hook finials
Paper towel holder
Soap dispenser
Soap dispenser
Combination ceiling fan and light fixture
Ceiling fan top arm
Shoe deodorizer
Blood filter and tubing harness for extracorporeal blood treatment
Semi-aural hearing protector
Respiratory device
Mouthpiece for an inhalation device
Human Necessities
Brain programmer for increasing human information processing capacity
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and system for supporting maintenance for a molding system
"Smart" elevator system and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and apparatus for engine diagnostics
Cable connections between an unmanned aircraft and a detachable data handling module
Apparatus and method for two-step intake phased engine control system
Method of increasing location accuracy in an inertial navigational device
Navigation device
Method and system for an efficient operating environment in a real-time navigation system
Satellite based on-board vehicle navigation system including predictive filtering and map-matching to reduce errors in a vehicular position
Apparatus, system, method and computer program product for determining an optimum route based on historical information
Abnormal state absolute position detector generating direct digital output
Method and system for establishing a standard peripheral interface server between a client and a plurality of peripherals
Communicating interactive digital content between vehicles and internet based data processing resources for the purpose of transacting e-commerce or conducting e-business
Logic analyzer with trigger specification defined by waveform exemplar
Integrated circuit with signal-vector queue for normal and test modes of operation
Semiconductor chip configuration and method of controlling a semiconductor chip
Method and apparatus for testing a logic device
Interchangeable FPGA-gate array
Hierarchical design and test method and system, program product embodying the method and integrated circuit produced thereby
Method and apparatus for holding failing information of a memory built-in self-test
Collision detection system and method of estimating miss distance employing curve fitting
Operational bright-band snow level detection using doppler radar
Digitally implemented method for automatic optimization of gravity fields obtained from three-dimensional density interfaces using depth dependent density
Method and system for providing an exact image transfer and a root panel list within the panel subunit graphical user interface mechanism
Method and apparatus for diagnosing difficult to diagnose faults in a complex system
Fibre channel data storage system having improved fro-end I/O adapted hub
Online trade aggregating system
Method for dividing ROM and DDFS using the same method
Multi-node synchronization using global timing source and interrupts following anticipatory wait state
Automatic presentation exchanger
Method and system for controlling a power on sequence in response to monitoring respective components of a computer system with multiple CPU sockets to determine proper functionality
System and method for fault recovery for two line bi-directional ring network
Dynamic scan chains and test pattern generation methodologies therefor
System and method for tracking selectively enabling modules used in an integrated processor using a tracking register providing configuration information to an external pin
Circuit for storing trace information
Method, system and program products for resolving potential deadlocks
Disk array and method for reading/writing data from/into disk unit
Optical disk and method of recording on the same
Computer system and methods for acquiring dump information and system recovery
First and next error identification for integrated circuit devices
Method and apparatus for tolerating unrecoverable errors in a multi-processor data processing system
Storing a computer disk image within an imaged partition
System and method for relating files in a distributed data storage environment
Microprocessor with dual execution core operable in high reliability mode
Subsystem and method of reorganizing multiplexed data
Storage system assuring data integrity and asynchronous remote data duplexing
Method and system for external notification and/or resolution of software errors
Method and apparatus for adjusting an interval of polling a peripheral device in response to changes in the status and/or reliability of receiving traps
System and process for evaluating the performance of a database system
Trace reporting method and system
Method for processing file system service requests in a computer having an attached disk drive that can reproduce stream data and non-stream data
Lossless data compressor with all CAM words available
Method and system for updating a content addressable memory (CAM) that prioritizes CAM entries according to prefix length
System and method for sharing data among a plurality of personal digital assistants
Method and apparatus for I/O data management with an I/O buffer in compressed memory subsystem
Method and apparatus for dynamically determining an address uniquely identifying a hardware component on a common bus
Disk input/output control device maintaining write data in multiple cache memory modules and method and medium thereof
Distributed mechanism for resolving cache coherence conflicts in a multi-node computer architecture
Two-stage request protocol for accessing remote memory data in a NUMA data processing system
Store collapsing mechanism for SMP computer system
Mechanism for collapsing store misses in an SMP computer system
Virtual worm method and system
Method and apparatus for maintaining coherency in a translation lookaside buffer
Memory access control system, apparatus, and method
Embedded microprocessor multi-level security system in flash memory
Method and apparatus for protecting flash memory
Cache management system with multiple cache lists employing roving removal and priority-based addition of cache entries
Methods and systems for providing a highly scalable synchronous data cache
Methods and structure for sequencing of activation commands in a high-performance DDR SDRAM memory controller
Relaxed read completion ordering in a system using transaction order queue
Method and apparatus for updating device driver control data
Method, system, and apparatus for providing action selections to an image referencing a product in a video production
Scalable transport layer protocol for multiprocessor interconnection networks that tolerates interconnection component failure
Dynamically translating commands from an input device into commands understandable by an application
Generating system management interrupt in response to usb controller signal and processing interrupt routine in upper most level of system memory
Interrupt pacing in data transfer unit
Data transfer apparatus performing DMA data transfer from non-consecutive addresses
Method and apparatus for regulating write burst lengths
DMA controller with dynamically variable access priority
Method and apparatus for performing input/output operations between a requesting device and responding device
Adaptive messaging
System and method for regulating data capture in response to data strobe using preamble, postamble and strobe signature
Method and apparatus for reducing flow control and minimizing interface acquisition latency in a hub interface
Integrated data transceiver circuit for use with a serial bus and bus interface
System and method to reduce cycle time by performing column redundancy checks during a delay to accommodate variations in timing of a data strobe signal
Optimizing pipelined snoop processing
Extended operand management indicator structure and method
Data distribution network and method of use
System and method for customizing requested web page based on information such as previous location visited by customer and search term used by customer
Efficient server side data retrieval for execution of client side applications
Efficient implementation of first-in-first-out memories for multi-processor systems
Method and arrangement for implementing certain negotiations in a packet data network
Remote administration of a system using configuration logic objects
Filtering to measure gas concentrations from spectral features
Circuit and method for computing a fast fourier transform
Method and system for data replication
On-demand system for serving multimedia information in a format adapted to a requesting client
Automatic searching for data in a network
System and method for enabling a hierarchal collaboration of devices across a communication channel
Evolving interactive dialog box for an internet web page
Method and system for presenting content selection options
Internet based archive system for personal computers
Method and mechanism for data consolidation
Horizontal implementation of expectation-maximization algorithm in SQL for performing clustering in very large databases
Techniques for eliminating database table joins based on a join index
Method for graduated load sensitive task dispatching in computing system
Automatic recommendation of products using latent semantic indexing of content
High-performance UNIX file undelete
Detecting query-specific duplicate documents
Method for specifying a database import/export operation through a graphical user interface
Method, computer program product, and system for pushdown analysis during query plan generation
System and methods for using continuous optimization for ordering categorical data sets
Database management system and method for databases having large objects
Method of formulating and presenting search queries to a tabular database through a user-interactive computer display interface
Multilingual agent for use in computer systems
Bit stream ternary match scheme
Computer network management
Internet computer system with methods for dynamic filtering of hypertext tags and content
Apparatus and method for transmitting documents between a server computer and a client computer
System and method for communicating data from a client data processing system user to a remote data processing system
Dynamically provided content processor for transcoded data types at intermediate stages of transcoding process
Method and apparatus for preparing a simulation model for semiconductor integrated circuit at power terminal for simulating electromagnetic interference
System and method for developing testing configurations
Optimizing dense via arrays of shrunk integrated circuit designs
Blocked net buffer insertion
Method for handling coupling effects in static timing analysis
Searching for a path through a circuit
Database for designing integrated circuit device, and method for designing integrated circuit device
Optimal clock timing schedule for an integrated circuit
Processor-independent system-on-chip verification for embedded processor systems
Semiconductor device having dummy pattern
Database system for predictive cellular bioinformatics
System and method for manipulating a computer file and/or program
Software licensing and distribution systems and methods employing biometric sample authentication
Method for providing node targeted content in an addressable network
Modified license key entry for pre-installation of software
System and method for controlling a system power supply using a password
Method and apparatus for remotely administered authentication and access control
User authentication method and user authentication system
Keyboard system
Means for flexible keyboard auto-ID implementation
Method and system for backing up data of data processing devices including fixed length block format data conversion to variable length block format
Quorum resource arbiter within a storage network
Recording/reproducing apparatus using an IC memory
System and method for manipulating device settings across different types of devices
Method of retrieving and displaying problematic information about a printer prior to a print job being printed on the printer
Switch node for connecting a keyboard video mouse to selected servers in a interconnected switch node network
Method and data processing system providing bulk record memory transfers across multiple heterogeneous computer systems
Dual threshold voltage complementary pass-transistor logic implementation of a low-power, partitioned multiplier
Selection based rounding system and method for floating point operations
Method and apparatus for representing integrated circuit device characteristics using polynomial equations
Token-based object description
Mechanism for delivering precise exceptions in an out-of-order processor with speculative execution
Data processing device, method of executing a program and method of compiling
System and method for debugging highly integrated data processors
Multiple-data bus architecture for a digital signal processor using variable-length instruction set with single instruction simultaneous control
Clustered architecture in a VLIW processor
VLIW processor accepting branching to any instruction in an instruction word set to be executed consecutively
System providing switching means on print setup preview screen thereby switching to another preview screen corresponding to another set sheet, altering settings
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry equivalent functions in an operating system environment
Cross-platform program, system, and method having a global registry object for mapping registry equivalent functions in an OS/2 operating system environment
Apparatus for use in the manufacture of a computer system
Method and system for distributing and maintaining software across a computer network
Method and apparatus for downloading software into an embedded-system
Method and apparatus for performing electrical distance check
Compare speculation in software-pipelined loops
Accommodation of data definition statements in the sharing of dynamic SQL statements
Fast look-up of indirect branch destination in a dynamic translation system
Central and distributed script servers in an object oriented processor array
Lock free data structure maintenance
Mobile agent and method for providing identifying information to mobile agents and subsequent generation agents
Using hardware counters to estimate cache warmth for process/thread schedulers
Processing unit in which access to system memory is controlled
Method and apparatus for object-oriented interrupt system
Computer system with multiple operating system operation
System and method for creating performance solution tools and performance solutions
Abstraction factory in a base services pattern environment
Prioritizing components of a network framework required for implementation of technology
Method and system for evaluating technology transfer value
System and method for defining the organizational structure of an enterprise in a performance evaluation system
Correspondent-centric management email system uses message-correspondent relationship data table for automatically linking a single stored message with its correspondents
Method and system for displaying and editing of information
System for secure execution of credit based point of sale purchases
Sponsor funded stored value card
Monitoring system and method
Contents copying system, copying method, computer-readable recording medium and disc drive copying contents but not a cipher key via a host computer
Method for the purchase of used removable media over the internet without disclosing individual prices
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of dat media
Technical support chain automation with guided self-help capability and option to escalate to live help
Integrated customer interface for web based data management
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
Method of warehousing user data entered at an electronic commerce terminal
System and method for providing customers seeking a product or service at a specified discount in a specified geographic area with information as to suppliers offering the same
Method of securitizing and trading real estate brokerage options
Process and apparatus for the derivation of annuity rates
Digital electrical computer system for determining a premium structure for insurance coverage including for counterclaim coverage
System and method for directing requests to specific processing
Method and system for hybrid mapping of objects into a relational data base to provide high-speed performance and update flexibility
System and method for analyzing a surface by mapping sample points onto the surface and sampling the surface at the mapped points
System for increasing data access in network having compression device for determining and controlling data/object compression based on predetermined maximum percentage of CPU processing capacity
Method for data input into a postage computer and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Method for checking the authenticity of a data medium
Real time vehicle guidance and traffic forecasting system
Data communication system and method, and mobile body apparatus
Method and apparatus for transferring information between vehicles
Model-based voice activity detection system and method using a log-likelihood ratio and pitch
Merging of speech interfaces from concurrent use of devices and applications
Speech translator, speech translating method, and recorded medium on which speech translation control program is recorded
Intelligent query engine for processing voice based queries
Speech enabling labeless controls in an existing graphical user interface
Portable acoustic interface for remote access to automatic speech/speaker recognition server
Real time audio transmission system supporting asynchronous input from a text-to-speech (TTS) engine
High frequency enhancement layer coding in wideband speech codec
Voice conversion system and methodology
Noise reducing/resolution enhancing signal processing method and system
Obtaining a phase error of a clock signal
Method for switching between modes of operation
Flash with consistent latency for read operations
Semiconductor memory device
Current controlled multi-state parallel test for semiconductor device
System method and computer program product for automatically assessing experiment results
Information processing equipment
Method of manufacturing IC cards
Encoding/decoding method and apparatus and disk storage device
Low power path memory for viterbi decoders
Method and apparatus for error detection
Iterative decoder and an iterative decoding method for a communication system
Method for comparing and synchronizing data from different data sources
Error correcting apparatus
Method for controlling errors in link layer in wideband wireless communication and computer readable media therefor
System and method for message transmission between network nodes connected by parallel links
Computer network control systems and methods
Agent for communication between a manager and at least one resource of a data processing system
Secure multi-user cable modem configuration editor and viewer
Performance analysis of data networks using a normalized sampling method
Database for executing policies for controlling devices on a network
Method and apparatus for a centralized facility for administering and performing connectivity and information management tasks for a mobile user
Use of buffer-size mask in conjunction with address pointer to detect buffer-full and buffer-rollover conditions in a CAN device that employs reconfigurable message buffers
Method for performing a medium access control address lookup in a network switch of an ethernet network
Packet accounting machine
Traffic control system having distributed rate calculation and link flow control
Automatic uniform resource locator-based message filter
Module authentication and binding library extensions
Data access right management apparatus in a data-independent computer system
Two-tier authentication system where clients first authenticate with independent service providers and then automatically exchange messages with a client controller to gain network access
Method and apparatus for an adapted digital signature
Method and apparatus for scanning a web site in a distributed data processing system for problem determination
Terminal apparatus to enable use of an internet connection line
System and method for delivery of information over narrow-band communications links
Firewall for processing connection-oriented and connectionless datagrams over a connection-oriented network
System and method for network address translation integration with IP security
SIP-based feature control
Enabling planned outages of application servers
System and method for network-based document delivery
Method for performing enhanced target identifier (TID) address resolution
Method and apparatus for cache coordination for multiple address spaces
Digital certificate cross-referencing
Device and method for authenticating user's access rights to resources
Statistical gathering framework for extracting information from a network multi-layer stack
End-of-scan reporting system
Method and storage device for expanding and contracting continuous play media seamlessly
In-building CATV system, and up-converter and down-converter for use therein
System and method for programming and transmitting macros for controlling audio/video devices
Compressed storage of information
Digital data transmitting/receiving method, base station unit used for transmitting/receiving digital data, and mobile object terminal unit used for transmitting/receiving digital data
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