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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar AR0912509
Swiftlets farming for production of edible bird's nests
Adjustable collar
Tangle free tip top for fishing
Process and apparatus for manufacturing frozen aerated confections
Container device and apparatus
Jewelry article
Cosmetics retrieval and applicator tool with non-porous tip apparatus
Cosmetic applicator
Truck hammock
Support for an electronic device
Modular enclosure
Nursing cushion
Adjustable bedding foundation and process of making same
Heating mattress
Baby swing and bouncer
Collapsible high chair with locking legs
Weather integrated cane workstation
Method and apparatus for decocting ingredients in a solvent
Gas spring lift assisted toilet seat assembly
Butterfly mop with internal wringing actuator
Surgical device for excising cervical or other tissue
Method and apparatus for bone removal
Method and apparatus for anastomosis
Gut clamp
Method and apparatus for femoral and tibial resection
Wireless medical monitoring apparatus and system
Device and method for determining analyte levels
Method and apparatus for determining conditions of a biological tissue
Sensor insertion/recovery device
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Lancing devices
X-ray imaging apparatus
Method of and system for low cost implementation of dual energy CT imaging
Mammography apparatus
Collimator, manufacturing method of collimator, and X-ray CT device
Ultrasonic technique for assessing wall vibrations in stenosed blood vessels
Medical ultrasound 2-D transducer array architecture: spot of arago
Multifunction, contact-pressure-managing ankle boots
Disposable absorbent articles being adaptable to wearer's anatomy
Variable stretch composites and methods of making the composite
Expandable slide and lock stent
Multi-focal intraocular lens system and methods for dynamic visual environments
Pest control agents for honeybee parasitic pests, and pest control method for honeybee parasitic pests using the pest control agents
Alprostadil and dyclonine for treatment of premature ejaculation
Methods and compositions of cannabis extracts
Methods for treating burns-related systemic inflammatory response syndrome
Synthetic peptides and methods of use for autoimmune disease therapies
Method of treating neurohormonal imbalance
Activin receptor-like kinase-1 compositions and methods of use
Therapeutic method for mesothelioma
Hyaluronan as a chemo-sensitizer in the treatment of cancer
Topical skin care formulations
Self emulsified compositions
Enteral feeding devices, buttons, and/or connectors
Trocar and cannula assembly having improved conical valve, and methods related thereto
Process for manufacturing electronically conductive components
Diagnosis and/or therapy using blood chemistry/expired gas parameter analysis
Hair treatment agents containing 4-morpholino-methyl-substituted silicone(s) and thickening agent(s)
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ventilation system for goggles
Joining stretchable fabric portions to one another
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Fuel enrichment indicator
Parking assist method and parking assist apparatus
Steering control apparatus for a vehicle
Device to contain, display, and dispense documents
Method of dispensing paper sheet by sheet from a stock and a paper dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Heterocyclic compounds as pesticides
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas electric generation apparatus and method
Deep water power generation system and apparatus
Method and apparatus for flavored ice making
Rotary encoder apparatus
Method of tracking an object having a passive transponder attached thereto
Sensor device for measuring a magnetic field
Sensor fusion system and method for estimating position, speed and orientation of a vehicle, in particular an aircraft
Navigation system
Laser distance measuring apparatus and control method thereof
Correlating power consumption with CPU activity
Method and system for obtaining n and k map for measuring fly-height
Method and device for detecting shape of surface of medium
Method for detecting trace substance using organic electroluminescent device
Optical sensing based on wavelength modulation spectroscopy
Method and apparatus for measuring the birefringence autocorrelation length in optical fibers
Apparatus and method for detecting foreign materials in a container
Concurrent optimization in selection of primer and capture probe sets for nucleic acid analysis
Techniques for determining orientation of a three-axis accelerometer
Enhancement techniques for blind source separation (BSS)
Testing apparatus and method for signal strength of powerline networks
Device for determining the distance between a rotor blade and a wall of a turbine engine surrounding the rotor blade
Chuck for holding a device under test
Noise-reduction method for processing a test port
Network system of recovering routing information
Line accommodating device
Electrolytic capacitor
Method for measuring distance and position using spread spectrum signal, and an equipment using the method
Method and system for locating a wave source within a defined area
High resolution, arbitrary-even-order direction finding method and device
Method and system for reducing a leakage component of a received radar signal
Diplet-based imaging of seismic data in shot or receiver records
Method of detecting, locating, and classifying lightning
Predicting tropical cyclone destructive potential by integrated kinetic energy according to the Powell/Reinhold scale
Lens barrel unit and imaging apparatus
Display particles for image display apparatus and image display apparatus loaded with the same
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using same
Fiber optic splice enclosure
Method of removing a telecommunications panel from a frame
Photonic bandgap fibers
Fiber-based electric device
Optical device, optical coupler and integrated circuit
Lens module
Voice coil motor having holes and sockets for receiving positioning members
Device having power generating black mask and method of fabricating the same
Lens arrangement and lens module using same
Optical modulator
Device having thin black mask and method of fabricating the same
High efficient silicon-on-lithium niobate modulator
Transflective liquid crystal display having mutually complementary patterned electrode and reflector
Liquid crystal panel and liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display device using external electrode fluorescent lamps
Method and apparatus for auto-focusing in image sensor
Setting of photographic parameter value
Digital camera system for simultaneous printing and magnetic recording
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Liquid filled lens element, lithographic apparatus comprising such an element and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus for supressing the effects of a band-like toner image
Image forming apparatus with developer amount determining unit having rotational period equal to integral multiple of image supporter rotational period
Charging apparatus, print engine that incorporates the charging apparatus, and image forming apparatus that incorporates the print engine
Image forming apparatus
Development apparatus, image forming apparatus and image forming method for consuming degraded toner
Developing device and image forming apparatus using the same
Methods and apparatus for transferring a toner image via electrophotographics
Transfer fixing member, transfer fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image printing system for borderless printing
Oil less fusing using nano/micro textured fusing surfaces
Image forming apparatus including a power-control feature for flicker suppression
Fabrication method for a computer-generated hologram in which a three-dimensional object having visualized cross-sectional surfaces is recorded, and computer-generated hologram in which a three-dimensional object having visualized cross-sectional surfaces is recorded
Biometric universal security remote
Remote control system and presetting method for remote commander
Voltage supply interface with current sensitivity and reduced series resistance
Boosting charge pump circuit
Voltage generating circuit
Self-adaptive multi-stage charge pump
Bi-directional power supply with isolated output
Computer keyboard with transparent covers for protecting key characters
Electroactive actuator for portable communication devices
System and method for fast platform hibernate and resume
Method, system, and apparatus for a core activity detector to facilitate dynamic power management in a distributed system
Power management in electronic systems
Methods and devices for high performance consistency check
Data restoring method and an apparatus using journal data and an identification information
Tolerating and detecting asymmetric races
Bootstrap device and methods thereof
Device and method for detecting and correcting timing errors
System and method for defect-based scan analysis
Detecting and preventing malcode execution
On-chip redundancy high-reliable system and method of controlling the same
Diagnosis system for at least one technical system
Write ordering on disk cached platforms
Storage control apparatus and storage control method
Storage system
Apparatus and method of processing data of non-volatile memory using transaction block
Method and apparatus for chunk allocation in a thin provisioning storage system
Microcomputer and electrical device having the same
System and method for handling status commands directed to partitioned media library
Concentrated parity technique for handling double failures and enabling storage of more than one parity block per stripe on a storage device of a storage array
Program section layout method and layout program
Flexible queue and stream mapping systems and methods
Off-chip micro control and interface in a multichip integrated memory system
Embedding data in an information signal
Read/write media key block
Display control apparatus and method
Method and system for establishing a security perimeter in computer networks
System and method of configurable bus-based dedicated connection circuits
Method and apparatus utilizing a tail bus to solve back-to-back data burst problems
System and method for controlling access to multiple physical media libraries
Secure module recorder system and method
Method for communication on a multidrop bus of a magnetic resonance system
Performance abnormality analysis apparatus, method, and program, and analysis result display method for performance abnormality analysis apparatus
Apparatus for and a method of determining surface characteristics
Method for using multiple processing resources which share multiple co-processor resources
Display system and method of controlling same
Information processing device, information processing method, and control program
Method and system for providing on-line interactivity over a server-client network
Methods and systems for transmitting digital images
System, method, and service for inducing a pattern of communication among various parties
High-speed data transfer in a networked server environment via laser communication
Method and apparatus for offline cryptographic key establishment
Computer program product for recovery of a failed flash of a blade service processor in a server chassis
Tagging and tracking non-hypertext markup language based E-mail
Virtual file servers with storage device
E-mail messaging system and method for enhanced rich media delivery
Communication network designing method, communication designing apparatus, and recording medium
System and method to publish information from servers to remote monitor devices
Web services response templates
Computing utility policing system and method using entitlement profiles
Apparatus, system, and method for routing data to and from a host that is moved from one location on a communication system to another location on the communication system
System and method for platform and language-independent development and delivery of page-based content
Management apparatus and management method
Ad hoc network, node, routing control method and routing control program
Extending digital artifacts through an interactive surface
Method and apparatus for implementing a personal "get out the vote drive" software application
Method and apparatus for automatic pricing in electronic commerce
Non-obtrusive security system for devices
System and method for monitoring and controlling water distribution
System and method for producing a mailpiece including value added services
System and method for generating quotations from a reference document on a touch sensitive display device
Replacement part order processing apparatus, method for ordering replacement parts and computer-readable recording medium
Enhanced trade compliance system: country of origin certifications
Method for communicating data in xDSL using data retransmission
Adaptive content platform and method of using same
Computer based system to generate data for implementing regional and metropolitan economic, land use and transportation planning
Congestion aware pin optimizer
Using impedance (Z) parameters to augment circuit simulation
Verification of spare latch placement in synthesized macros
Property generating apparatus, property generating method and program
Assessing resources required to complete a VLSI design
Method, system, and program product for automated verification of gating logic using formal verification
Method and apparatus for logic equivalence verification, and computer product
Interactive technique for optimizing drug development from the pre-clinical phases through phase-IV
Diagnostic system for selecting nutrition and pharmacological products for animals
Method for controlling semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and control system of semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Robot localization system
Content management system
Configuration system using security objects in a process plant
Method, system, and computer program product for representing and connection-oriented device in a known format
Method of displaying broadcast channel information and broadcast receiver implementing the same
Graphic display configuration framework for unified process control system interface
Weather information display apparatus and program
Information processing apparatus, system and control method thereof, program, and storage medium for document management
Printing apparatus, control method therefor, job processing method, printing system, and program
Image forming device and control method therefor
System, method and computer program product for storing transient state information
Always on and updated operation for document logs
System and method for performing local searches across user defined events
Automatically persisting data from a model to a database
Document data processing method apparatus, and system for sending encoded document data
Methods and apparatus for data stream clustering for abnormality monitoring
Cross varying dimension support for analysis services engine
Method and system for providing fraud detection for remote access services
User authorization for services in a wireless communications network
Methods and apparatus for attaching application specific functions within an array processor
Method for gradually modifying lithologic facies proportions of a geological model
Limiting entries in load issued premature part of load reorder queue searched to detect invalid retrieved values to between store safe and snoop safe pointers for the congruence class
System and method for analyzing a process
Machine learning performance analysis tool
Transformation of an asynchronous transactional messaging language into a web services compatible language
Method, apparatus and system for dynamically reassigning a physical device from one virtual machine to another
Continuous-time multi-gigahertz filter using transmission line delay elements
Recording apparatus and method of controlling the recording apparatus
Communication system and control method thereof
Method of and apparatus for capturing, recording, displaying and correcting information entered on a printed form
Secure stamping of multimedia document collections
Method and apparatus for controlling an imaging modality
Method and system for gesture classification
System and method for watermarking data
Method for performing pattern decomposition based on feature pitch
Holographic data storage using oversampling and balanced codewords
Pattern inspection method and apparatus
Image coding apparatus, image coding method, image decoding apparatus and image decoding method
Color image encoding and decoding method and apparatus using a correlation between chrominance components
Image transform apparatus and image transform program
Method and apparatus for acquiring image of internal structure, and computer product
Local image descriptors
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program
Image enhancement methods with consideration of the smooth region of the image and image processing apparatuses utilizing the same
Image processing apparatus and method for performing decoding process on coded data of motion picture based on a plurality of attributes thereof
Multi-user remote health monitoring system with biometrics support
Project management systems and methods
Medical effector system
Purchasing optimization system
Systems and methods for retrieval of medical data
Method of determining maintenance service in accordance with medical equipment condition
Customized consumer loan search and optimized loan pricing
Method and apparatus for evaluating fraud risk in an electronic commerce transaction
Internet billing method
Apparatus and method for remote sellers to initiate auction instances at an auction facilitator system and receive or make payment for items bought and sold with the system by book entry accounting between participant accounts accessible to the system
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for repository data maximization
Biometric financial transaction system and method
Single-period auctions network decentralized trading system and method
Facilitating payments to health care providers
Method and system of producing cartoon animation using character animation and mesh deformation
Apparatus and method for providing and/or for fulfilling subscription services
Method for monitoring a group of objects and associated arrangement
Method and apparatus for identification of radio frequency tag
Secured bag locking and tracking device
Remote communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, wireless communication systems, wireless communication methods, radio frequency identification device communication methods, and methods of forming a remote communication device
Method and system for fire detection
Method and device for using a data object representing a user in a distributed communication network
Method and system for weight and rate scheduling
Navigation apparatus and program of the same
Apparatus and materials for two-stage printing of value indicia
Advertising headpiece
Color display device and color display method
Plasma display device
Current programming apparatus and matrix type display apparatus
Liquid crystal display
Mobile communication apparatus
Tactile feedback man-machine interface device
Web-page-based system for designing database driven web applications
3-D computer input device and method
Multiple cursor system and method for vehicle
Image processing apparatus and image processing method with speech registration
Method of estimating sound arrival direction, sound arrival direction estimating apparatus, and computer program product
Providing contextual information for spoken information
Data reproduction device
Thermally assisted magnetic recording head having movable mirror for optical switching
Spindle motor with stability and vibration reduction mechanism
Disk drive, disk feeding device, and disk loading mechanism
Disk drive and control method thereof
Head control device, storage device, and maximum power determining method
Data transfer assembly performance characteristics testing
Optical disc device
Servo area test method of a magnetic recording medium and a test device
Write head design and method for reducing adjacent track interference at very narrow track widths
Write first design for a perpendicular thin film head
Optical disc apparatus
Optical disk apparatus
Optical recording apparatus, recording method for optical recording medium and optical recording medium
System and method of decoupling asymmetry from baseline compensation
Read-only optical disc medium and method of fabricating the same
Optical encoding disc having light converging portions and light diverging portions
Three dimensional magnetic memory and/or recording device
Sense amplifier for semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory using an adjustable threshold voltage transistor in a flip-flop
Magnetic mechanical switch
Method for driving nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Memory configuration of a composite memory device
Switch-body PMOS switch with switch-body dummies
Apparatus and method for distinguishing single bit errors in memory modules
Memory that retains data when switching partial array self refresh settings
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Register configuration control device, register configuration control method, and program for implementing the method
Semiconductor memory device highly integrated in direction of columns
Semiconductor control line address decoding circuit
Read command triggered synchronization circuitry
Choke device for frequency converter
Alpha tantalum capacitor plate
Reduction of air damping in MEMS device
Light emitting device and display
Plasma display panel with contrast-improving composition in the barrier layer
Thin-body bipolar device
Higher performance CMOS on (110) wafers
Integrated circuit packages incorporating an inductor and methods
Carbon dioxide gettering for a chip module assembly
Flexible carrier for high volume electronic package fabrication
Self-aligned wafer or chip structure, and self-aligned stacked structure
Module with stacked semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device
Dicing film having shrinkage release film and method of manufacturing semiconductor package using the same
Semiconductor device including schottky barrier diode and method of manufacturing the same
Sustain driver, sustain control system, and display device
Semiconductor device
Thermal switch for integrated circuits, design structure, and method of sensing temperature
Electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Tangentially poled single crystal ring resonator
Electroactive polymer transducer
Method of using silicon molecular components for controlling charge migration and light emission of organic light-emitting diodes
Liquid antennas
Board-to-board radio frequency antenna arrangement
System and method for optimized use of a dual mode wireless communication device
Wideband structural antenna operating in the HF range, particularly for naval installations
Super wide bandwidth coupling antenna
Small monopole antenna having loop element included feeder
Patch antenna
Tapping systems and methods
Semiconductor laser apparatus
System and method for tuning adjusting the central frequency of a laser while maintaining frequency stabilization to an external reference
Multiple output repetitively pulsed laser
System and methods for speckle reduction
Organic semiconductor laser and method for producing it
High-speed signal transmission apparatus
Overcurrent protection circuit and voltage regulator incorporating same
Snubber circuit
Electronic apparatus with remaining battery power indicating function
Method and device for charging peripherals
Electric motor
Superconductivity utilizing support mechanism, and permanent magnet utilizing support mechanism
Control circuit for a switch unit of a clocked power supply circuit, and resonance converter
Vector controller for permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor
Rotary electric system designed to utilize zero-phase circuit
Windmill rotation detection/management device and wind power generation system
Peak power reduction method
Frequency band recognition methods and apparatus
Estimating doppler frequency in ISDB-T systems
Systems and methods for positive and negative feedback of cascode transistors for a power amplifier
Active biasing in metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) differential pairs
Output buffer circuit and differential output buffer circuit, and transmission method
Logical circuit device, logical operation varying method, and logical operation system
UWB channel estimation using new generating TR transceivers
Method and system for DC offset correction loop for a mobile digital cellular television environment
Power detecting device, power supply device using the same and reference voltage generator
Successive approximation analog-digital converter circuit using capacitance array
System and method for verifying entry of keystrokes received from a capacitive keypad
Noise-shaped segmented digital-to-analog converter
Sigma-delta modulator including truncation and applications thereof
Signal conversion apparatus and signal conversion method
Method and device for wireless communication using MIMO techniques
Strategy for using the envelope information within a closed loop power control system
Systems and methods for rapidly enabling brew-based wireless handsets for content development
Receiving apparatus, program and receiving method
Receiving devices
Wired cellular telephone system
Digital music player accessory with digital communication capability
Mobile terminal and keypad control method
Systems and methods for visual alerting mechanisms on a mobile communication device
Multi-level optical data communication circuit
Controller which controls a variable optical attenuator to control the power level of a wavelength-multiplexed optical signal when the number of channels are varied
Force feedback system including multi-tasking graphical host environment and interface device
System and method for frequency planning
Apparatus and methods for providing configurable task management of a wireless device
Method and system for data packet communication in wireless communication systems
Providing broadcast content
Systems and methods for transmission and reception of data including frequency and channel code selection
Communication control apparatus, communication control method, recording medium storing communication control program
Multiple packet routing system (MPRS)
Method of transmitting control signals in wireless communication system
Method and system for dynamically allocating sub-carriers in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing network
Channel bonding receiving apparatus and method for expanding channel bonding receiving band
Derate matching method and apparatus
Fine time tracking with improved resolution
Method for estimating relative clock frequency offsets to improve radio ranging errors
Method for transmitting a message by compressed data transmission between a sender and a receiver via a data network
Deriving identifying data from video and audio
Communication apparatus and program
Tandem-free vocoder operations between non-compatible communication systems
Local area network of serial intelligent cells
Systems and methods for dynamic bridge linking
Hierarchical communication system providing intelligent data, program and processing migration
Adjusting the degree of filling of a jitter buffer
Method and device for compensating for runtime fluctuations of data packets
Technical enhancements to STP (IEEE 802.1D) implementation
Method and system for scheduling, transporting, and receiving inbound packets efficiently in networks with cyclic packet scheduling
Session announcement system and method
Method and system for optimizing routing of data packets
Method and device for processing real-time data
Distribution of multicast data to users
Processing apparatus and method for processing IP packets
System and method for port mapping in a communications network switch
Direct memory access for compliance checking
Matching session records of network users with corresponding transaction data
Managing availability status in a communications network
System and method for clock drift compensation
Elliptic curve cryptosystem apparatus, storage medium storing elliptic curve cryptosystem program, and elliptic curve cryptosystem arithmetic method
Methods and apparatus for prevention of excessive control message traffic in a digital networking system
Security system for replicated storage devices on computer networks
E-mail system and method having certified opt-in capabilities
Battery and battery locking unit of mobile terminal
Pivoting mobile terminal
Semiautomatic sliding structure
Portable terminal devices
Mobile phone holder for mechanical vehicles
Method and system for automated and selective determination of call completion services
Information providing system and information providing method
Voice over IP method for developing interactive voice response system
Systems and methods for coordinating the coverage and capacity of a wireless base station
System and method for expiring modular software components for wireless communication devices
Communication terminal with movable display
Image reading apparatus, image formation apparatus, image reading method, image formation method, program for causing image reading method to be executed, and program for causing image formation method to be executed
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, computer readable recording medium, and image forming method
Print control device, print control method and computer program
Decrypting overlapping selected and encrypted image areas
Data classifying method, multi-dimensional interpolation device, multi-dimensional interpolation method, and computer program
Pitch to pitch online gray balance calibration with dynamic highlight and shadow controls
Aspect ratio enhancement
Video processing system and method with recursive and non-recursive filtering in separate high frequency bands
Printing system, printing device, imaging device, printing method and image-transmitting method
Electronic device including a camera unit with an image capturing function and an operations-unit illuminating function
Imaging apparatus and wireless communication partner searching method
Moving object detection apparatus, method and program
Solid-state imaging device and camera
Remote controller utilizing a proxy adapter to enable sending a plurality of commands by user actuation of a single-button
Video display apparatus and method
Recording and / or reproducing apparatus and editing method
Buffer descriptor structures for communication between decoder and display manager
Method and apparatus for compressing image data
Method and/or apparatus for decoding an intra-only MPEG-2 stream composed of two separate fields encoded as a special frame picture
Electronic device with an antitheft function and method for preventing theft of electronic devices
Bandpass component decimation and transmission of data in cable television digital return path
Method and apparatus for substrate imaging
Focus adjusting apparatus and focus adjusting method
Method and apparatus for color correction of color devices for various operating conditions
Image pickup apparatus and control method thereof
White balance control method, imaging apparatus and storage medium storing white balance control program
Component identification system and method thereof
Audio speaker with partially spherical speaker housing and escutcheon
Sound system
Broadcasting channel handover in mobile communication terminal
Method and arrangement for improved inter-RAT handover
System and method for transferring wireless network access passwords
Measuring signal quality
Mobile communication terminal connectable to wireless LAN, communication control method performed in mobile communication terminal, and communication control program recorded on computer readable recording medium
Apparatus, system and method for managing wireless local area network service based on a location of a multi-mode portable communication device
Mobile device handoff while maintaining connectivity with multiple access points
Hand over method for dual band/dual mode mobile communication terminal
Lighting device for display device, display device and television receiver
Multi-beam x-ray device
Sliding-type portable electronic device
System for cooling memory modules
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Covering impregnated with insecticide
Method of sequestering carbon dioxide with a fertilizer comprising chelated iron
Selection for dwarfism in poultry
Expression vector for consistent cellular expression of the tet on repressor in multiple cell types
Interconnectable fumigant
Apparatus for cryopreservation and recovery of red blood cells
Method for treating a photographic processing bath
Hair treatment compositions
Method for extending the life of cut flowers
Hydrophilic polymer blends used for dry cow therapy
Attractant for monitoring and control of adult scarabs
Biocidal benzylbiphenyl derivatives
Cyclohexenonedioxothiochromanoyl derivatives
Substituted 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazines as herbicides
Combination of two or more active ingredients using microencapsulated formulations
Microencapsulation formulations of cadusafos
Calcium chloride fruit blossom thinning agent
Formulations containing a phosphide for use in the controlled generation of phosphine
Method for efficient and highly selective control of microorganisms
Method for obtaining apolar and polar extracts of curcuma and applications thereof
Method for controlling Sphaerotheca pannosa infections of rose plants using wax esters
Low-temperature and high-pressure processing method for fish meat and/or kneaded fish meat products
Methods of infusing phytochemicals, nutraceuticals, and other compositions into food products
Method and apparatus for producing a fruit product
Method of making pasta filata cheese
Gelatin replacement by wheat fiber gel and starch
Soft chewable tablet comprising separated active ingredients
Method for manufacturing chewing gum using high efficiency continuous mixing
Beverages containing mixed sodium-potassium polyphosphates
Plant protein for nutritional products and method of making same
Method of adding fats and oils to porous fodder
Feed block for animals
Pet food composition and method
Method and composition for enhancing milk production
Texture and stabilizer composition
Processing of flaxseed
Infused vegetable, herb, and/or seed fiber product and dietary supplements containing same
Packaging and structural materials comprising potato peel waste
Process for preparing purified shilajit composition from native shilajit
Plant proanthocyanidin extracts
Elemental enteral nutritional product
Conjugated linoleic acid in treatment and prophylaxis of diabetes
Food supplement/herbal composition for health enhancement
Effervescent compositions and dry effervescent granules
Controller and method for administering and providing on-line handling of deviations in a hydrostatic sterilization process
Method for producing a powder product from a liquid substance or mixture of substances
Impregnated composite extrusion product
Smoking article containing heat activatable flavorant-generating material
Non-slip pad
Wind and sun tolerant mesh
Hair coloring kit
Accelerated method and instrumentation for whitening teeth
Brush filaments
Compartmented disposable plate with asymmetric rib geometry
Floor mat system with adjustable clip
Flame set underlay and process for making same
Method of forming and inserting filter elements in cup-shaped containers
Nozzle and method providing increased liquid lift height for a wet/dry vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner filter assembly
Apparatus and method separating particles from a cyclonic fluid flow including an apertured particle separation member within a cyclonic flow region
Oral fluid collection device and collection method
Biopsy needle
Method of assembling a non-metallic biopsy forceps jaw and a non-metallic biopsy forceps jaw
Device and method for facilitating hemostasis of a biopsy tract
Device and method for facilitating hemostasis of a biopsy tract
Defect occluder release assembly and method
Broad faced medical instrument and its associated method of use
Protective sheath for transvaginal anchor implantation device
Medical anastomosis apparatus
Device for implanting filamentous materials
Anastomosis instrument and method
Medical instrument having a lockable force transmitting element
Ancillary apparatus for knee prosthesis
Milling instrumentation and method for preparing a space between adjacent vertebral bodies
Method and apparatus for treating osteochondral pathologies
Articulating spinal implant
Microdevice and method of manufacturing a microdevice
Metal probe for use in intracorporeal lithotripsy
Stent unclogging system with stepped spiral
Excisional biopsy devices and methods
Medical scissors with wear-reducing coating
Hand-held device for preparation of a skin graft by tangential excision of layers of tissue
Acetabular bone plate
Volar fixation system with articulating stabilization pegs
Apparatus for attaching to bone
Medical fastener cap system
Rod reducer instruments and methods
Open head bone screw closure with threaded boss
Interspinous stabilizer to be fixed to spinous processes of two vertebrae
Cryoblation catheter handle
Medical laser vacuum chamber system
Method for performing intraurethral radio-frequency urethral enlargement
Tissue sealing electrosurgery device and methods of sealing tissue
Electrode having non-joined thermocouple for providing multiple temperature-sensitive junctions
Actively cooled electrode assemblies for forming lesions to treat dysfunction in sphincters and adjoining tissue regions
Surgical needle holder
Excimer laser catheter
Surgical device for performing face-lifting surgery using radiofrequency energy
Flexible flow apparatus and method for the disruption of occlusions
Super-absorbent instrument trayliner for sterilization process and method of sterilizing surgical instruments
Article made of a flexible material
Intraocular pressure measurement
Hybrid catheter guide wire apparatus and method
Measuring user health as measured by multiple diverse health measurement devices utilizing a personal storage device
Peripheral ultrasound imaging system
Automatic oscillometric apparatus and method for measuring blood pressure
Instrument for measuring blood pressure and temperature
Superior-and-inferior-limb blood-pressure index measuring apparatus
Method and system of determining cardiac contractility
Uterine contraction detector and frequency trender
Health monitoring system
Medical diagnostic ultrasound imaging system and method for transferring ultrasound examination data to a portable computing device
Airway geometry imaging
Thermal scanning system and method
Apparatus and method for collecting blood from an umbilical cord
Safety shield assembly
Method and apparatus for using heart sounds to determine the presence of a pulse
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with automatic restart and response
Ultrasound transducer connector assembly
Method of using a cordless pumped .mu.-chip medical laser to cure composites
Tongue and tooth cleaning device
Fluid transfer and diagnostic system for treating the inner ear
Easy to manufacture incontinent pad
Method of applying curved leg elastics using rotating disks
Disposable absorbent article having fecal management layer
Absorbent article having channels for receiving the edges of an undergarment
Body waste disposable article and method for making same
Ultrathin fluid management article
Thin sanitary napkin capable of controlled deformation when in use
Methods for making absorbent articles with separate leg cuffs and waist pieces
Apparatus and method for the intravascular ultrasound-guided placement of a vena cava filter
Bendable shape-retaining cannula
Stent having increased scaffolding expandable bar arms
Bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture and method of making same
Multilayer and multifunction vascular graft
Dual wire placement catheter
Device for the femoral fixation of the semitendinosus and gracilis tendons for the reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee
Implantable prosthetic valve
Double D key locking prosthesis
Structures and methods for creating cavities in interior body regions
Threaded interbody device
Femoral ring loader
Socket coupler for a prosthetic limb
Reinforced prosthetic sleeve
Method for creating a sleeve member attached to a body portion
Orthopedic garment for dynamically enhancing proper posture
Air warming system for providing a controlled temperature of air to an air blanket
Wound treatment apparatus including a heater and an IR-transparent or IR-transmissive bandage
Multiuse therapy wrap
Method and apparatus for thermal emulsification
Emergency stretcher kit
Compact massage machine
Harmonic vibration massage device
Apparatus and method for monitoring pneumatic limb compression therapy
One-step bleach and coloring composition for hair and method of using same
Method for extracting oleaginous substances from germination-activated Ganoderma lucidum spores
Methods for determining risk of Alzheimer's disease
Melanins with improved ability to inhibit HIV replication
Management of snoring by oral administration of dimethyl sulfone
Methods for modulating the axonal outgrowth of central nervous system neurons
Agglomerates of .beta.-lactam antibiotics and processess for making agglomerates
Agent for anti-osteoporosis
Method for promoting the growth of gram-positive bacilli and increasing the acidity in vagina
Pulmonary delivery of active agents
Quaternary ammonium functionalized dendrimers and methods of use therefor
Solvent for liquid ingredients to be used in effervescent products
Nutritive composition for cardiovascular health containing fish oil, garlic, rutin, capsaicin, selenium, vitamins and juice concentrates
Anti-protozoan methods and materials
Methods and compounds for treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding
Angiogenically effective unit dose of FGF-2 and method of use
Method for treating diabetic neuropathy with NGF
Treatment of bone disorders with adrenomedullin or adrenomedullin agonists
Protein formulations
Tissue treatment composition comprising fibrin or fibrinogen and biodegradable and biocompatible polymer
Treating angiogenesis-mediated diseases with the .alpha.2 monomer of type IV collagen
Pharmaceutical combination preparations containing erythropoietin and modified haemoglobins
Medicament for optimizing mucosal viscosity and stimulating intestinal function
Pharmaceutical compositions of fibrinolytic agent
Reducing oxysterols with extracts of Morinda citrifolia, red wine, prune, blueberry, pomegranate, apple and enzymes
Prevention and/or treatment of allergic conditions
Dendritic cell vaccine containing telomerase reverse transcriptase for the treament of cancer
Antigen-containing formulation and methods of use thereof
Vaccines against cancer and infectious diseases
Method of treatment
Selective and non-invasive visualization or treatment of vasculature
Method for treating occlusive peripheral vascular disease and coronary disease
Topical composition for the treatment of psoriasis and related skin disorders
Use of crataegus formulations for prophylaxis and treatment of neoplastic diseases
Pharmaceutical compositions containing buffered ortho ester polymers
Podophyllotoxin preparation containing triglycerides
Multiple-agents-binding compound, production and use thereof
Epithelial cell targeting agent
Methods of using polynucleotide compositions
Compounds and method for the prevention and treatment of diabetic retinopathy
Methods of administering adenoviral vectors
Fluorescent agents for real-time measurement of organ function
Thiophene A2A receptor agonists
Modified bioluminescent proteins and their use
Method for detecting chitin-containing organisms
Stabilized radiophosphate-labeled proteins
Radioactive transition metal stents
Method of inducing angiogenesis in nonis chemic skeletal muscle
Fluoride-releasing amalgam dental restorative material
Wet wipes having skin health benefits
Odor eliminating items and methods of use for hunting
Remineralizing-mineralizing oral products containing discrete cationic and anionic agglomerate components and method of use
Abrasive silica compositions and dentifrice compositions prepared therefrom
Hydroxystilbene/ascorbic acid compositions for treating skin afflictions
Photostable sunscreen compositions and methods of stabilizing
Use of N-acylamino acid compounds as texturing agents
Skin care composition
Trimethylcylohexane derivatives and melanin-formation inhibitors and perfumeholding agents with the use of the same
Skin cosmetic compositions containing dextran or maltodextrin and a weak carboxylic acid
Fingernail lacquer emulsion composition
Antiplaque mouth rinse
2-phenyl-benzimidazolesulfonic acids as UV-B filters
BPN' variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis
W/O emulsion composition comprising such an mulsion and cosmetic pharmaceutical or hygiene use thereof
Aqueous carrier systems for lipophilic ingredients
Emulsified, water-in-oil type composition and skin cosmetic preparation
Method of administering antidepressant dosage form
Nasal calcitonin formulations
Emulsifier-free finely dispersed systems of the water-in-oil type
Carbon dioxide enhancement of inhalation therapy
Methods for fine powder formation
Emulsion-based processes for making microparticles
Method and apparatus for the formation of particles
Poly(methylidene malonate) microspheres, preparation method and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method of depositing particles with an electrostatic chuck
Sustained release preparations
Matrix-type transdermal patch for steroid hormones
Transdermal systems for release of 5-HT3 receptor antagonists and their use in anti-emetic treatment
Flat transdermal medicated self-adhesive patch
Contact lens packing solutions
Ophthalmic product colored with blue alga extract
Material for activating epidermal cell multiplication
Bioresorbable alginate derivatives
Therapeutic enclosures
Method of treating a building contaminated with black mold
Method to improve quality and appearance of leafy vegetables by using stabilized bromine
Method of degassing absorbable suture products
Sterilization monitoring method
Collagen material and its production process
Surface treatment of silicone medical devices with reactive hydrophilic polymers
Load bearing osteoimplant and method of repairing bone using the same
Concealed apparatus for hands free breast milk pumping and storage
System and method for monitoring a dosage pump in a dialysis machine
Balloon catheter with delivery side holes
Heat transfer catheter apparatus and method of making and using same
Indwelling catheter assembly
Pump segment having connected parallel branch line
Fluid delivery system and an aseptic connector for use therewith
Ejection device for the high-pressure ejection of a liquid
Hypodermic needleless injection system
Syringe systems for lyophilized drugs and methods for making the same
Biodegradable disposable syringe
Flexible electrode catheter and process for manufacturing the same
Spinal cord simulation systems with patient activity monitoring and therapy adjustments
Device for heating a biotissue employing a strong light
Composition for treating white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) infected tiger shrimp penaeus monodon and a process for preparation thereof
Method of treating certain indications associated with hyperglycemia
Cleaning wipe comprising antioxidizing agent
Method for making golf ball
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of reclaiming waste oil
Chromatography resin support
Sludge liquefaction process and agents
Fluid filter
Process for removal of mercaptans from hydrocarbon streams
Fuel filter
Production of reactive material containing webs
Air filter assembly capable of top and bottom loading
Portable exhaust fan for removing airborne hazardous materials
Filtration device and process for its manufacture
Filter assembly having end cap with separable flow conduit
Cost effective moving granular bed filters for particulates and contaminants removal
Evaporated fuel discharge preventing apparatus
Apparatus to recover sulfur from concentrated acid gas into alkaline solution
Method for purifying and concentrating a gas mixture into a minor constituent, method for detecting this constituent, and installation
Moisture exchanging element and a method of its manufacture
Method and apparatus for microfiltration
Ceramic-supported polymer (CSP) pervaporation membrane
Large pore synthetic polymer membranes
Reagent package
Surfactants and dispersants by in-line reaction
Methods for applying small volumes of reagents
Analysis of target molecules using an encoding system
Polymerization process controller
Integrated fluid manipulation cartridge
Process for producing Al-containing non-Mg-anionic clay
Zeolite membrane and a process for the production thereof
Continuous process for producing anionic clay
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gases, a method of producing the same, and a method of purifying exhaust gases
Zeolite beta and its use in aromatic alkylation
Methods of removing halogen from non-zeolitic molecular sieve catalysts
Method and catalyst composition for producing aromatic carbonates
Method and catalyst composition for producing aromatic carbonates
Amine elimination process for making single-site catalysts
Hydrocarbyl phosphinimine/cyclopentadienyl complexes of group IV metals and preparation thereof
Catalyst comprising a complex of a metal of subgroup VIII, on the basis of a phosphonite ligand and method for hydroformylation
Catalyst, method of making, and reactions using the catalyst
Continuous production of silica via ion exchange
Device for collecting and storing samples
Apparatus and method for spotting a substrate
Microfluidic devices and methods for optimizing reactions
Repeater pipette with a hydraulic operating device
Production of microstructures for use in assays
Electric filter
Methods of improving centrifugal filtration
Substrate processing method and apparatus
Fluid knife
Coating solution applying method and apparatus
Apparatus for depositing granules onto an asphalt coated sheet
Method for manufacturing a surface covering product having a controlled gloss surface coated wearlayer
Method of fabricating a tape for tape rule
Top coat for metallic island coating system
Method for forming double-layer coatings, method for forming multilayer coatings, and multilayer coatings
Weldable, coated metal substrates and methods for preparing and inhibiting corrosion of the same
Parts washing system
Gas assisted method for applying resist stripper and gas-resist stripper combinations
Substrate cleaning process
Methods and compositions for suppressing growth of pathogenic microbes
Compacted-powder opposed twin-helical gears and method
Fabrication process for powder composite rod
Tungsten super fine particle and method for producing the same
Adhesive compositions for bonding different members bonding method using the composition and composite members bonded by the bonding method
Method of bonding a layer of material to a substrate
Pb-free soldering alloy
Aluminum alloy for a welded construction and welded joint using the same
Lead-free zinc-containing solder paste
Lower pre-heat block for use in metal scarfing apparatus
Process for forming cold formed high-load bearing steel parts
Method of processing surface of workpiece and method of forming semiconductor thin layer
Indirect endpoint detection by chemical reaction and chemiluminescence
Method and apparatus for predicting process characteristics of polyurethane pads
Resinoid grinding wheel
Process and apparatus for preparing a molded article
Method and mould for producing umbrella insulators
Honeycomb structure and method of manufacturing honeycomb structures
Method of making a corded earplug
Pressure-sensitive adhesives having microstructured surfaces
Multilayer foams
Method of manufacturing roller for fixing covered with tube
Apparatus and method for multi-layer injection molding
Molding die drive unit, molding unit and molding method
Process for molding thermoplastic lenses and, steeply curved and/or thin lenses produced thereby
Method, apparatus, and medium for forming molding condition and molding machine
Vertical twin-sheet vacuum forming method
Thermoforming process
Process for the collective pretreatment of steel, galvanized steel, magnesium and aluminum before bonding to rubber
Method for anticorrosive protection in situ of welding joints and/or of damaged coating areas of metal pipes
Performance welding bar
Method for gluing optical disc substrates together
Method for transferring heat in an aircraft engine thrust reverser
Method of molding or curing a resin material at high temperatures using a multilayer release film
Method of making a retroreflective article
Method of producing a relatively soft product, and the product itself
Hose construction containing ternary blend of polymers
Lids for closing off containers
Metal plated aromatic polyimide film
Gloss-adjusting mask layer with particulate filler
Laminated film, method for production thereof, bag and package using the laminated film, and method for separation thereof
Light-stable colored transparent composite films
Molded article
PVC replacement film
Propylene polymers suitable for transparent cast film
Electrophotographic toner receiving material
Optical disc
Self-adhesive prepreg face sheets for sandwich panels
Thermoplastic resin laminate
Instrument panel and method for producing the same
Paper machine felt
Secondary amine-functional silanes, silane-functional polymers therefrom, and resulting cured polymers
Flexible flooring tile
Piezo-electric/electrostrictive film type chip
Method of making inkjet print head with patterned photoresist layer having features with high aspect ratios
Printed audio layer for packaging, sporting equipment and toys
Heat-sensitive recording sheet with a security element in the form of pressure-sensitive microcapsules
Thermally sensitive recording medium
Printing sheet for stamp
Composition, antisticking agents, and thermal transfer recording films
Ink jet printing method
Ink jet recording element
Recording sheet for ink-jet printing
Imaging member with multifunctional coupler and oxidant
Transfer material and image forming method
Process for laminating ink jet print with a water-dispersible, hydrophobic polyester resin
Direct drawing type lithographic printing plate precursor
Techniques of printing micro-structure patterns such as holograms directly onto final documents or other substrates in discrete areas thereof
Abrasion resistant laminate
Fire resistant sandwich board
Air conditioning apparatus with detachable filter
Methods of coating rubber with solventless crystalline polyolefin coatings
Cyclonic ice separation for low temperature jet fuels
Apparatus and method for applying labels
High bulk tissue web
Method and apparatus in moistening of a web
Package for taking up false twist yarns
Microfabrication using germanium-based release masks
Process flow for ARS mover using selenidation wafer bonding after processing a media side of a rotor wafer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Preparation of phosphorus (I) oxides, phosphorus (III) oxides, and lower hydrides of phosphorus by catalytic reduction of phosphorus (V) oxides
Hydrogen generation from water split reaction
Negative active material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method of same
Pin for connecting carbon electrodes and process therefor
Deposition of fluorosilsesquioxane films
Method for producing water for use in manufacturing semiconductors
Method for reprocessing waste acid resulting from TiO2 production
Alumina powder, process for producing the same and polishing composition
Boehmite and base coat layer for magnetic recording medium
Process for making surfactant capped nanocrystals
Composition for storage battery cells and method for making same
Processing aqueous titanium chloride solutions to ultrafine titanium dioxide
Method of selecting manganese dioxide for use in a cathode
Portable water purifier
Solar stills for producing fresh water
In-line filtration system for treatment of septic tank effluent
Process and apparatus for filtering, and for reducing algae formation or killing algae in fish tanks, and the like
Method for destroying chlorite in solution
Water purification plant
Polymers and use thereof as scale inhibitors
Retaining filter, plant and method for treating effluents
Water treatment system for swimming pool water
Hydrofluoric acid etched substrate for information recording medium
Methods for forming field emission display devices
Thermochromic coating
Processes for forming transparent substrate with diffuser surface
Glass material
Composition and process for making building bricks and tiles
Process for controlling the microstructural bias of multi-phase composites
Dielectric porcelain composition, and dielectric resonator and nonradiative dielectric strip using same
Mn-Zn ferrite and production process thereof
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric ceramic composition, piezoelectric resonator, piezoelectric transformer and piezoelectric actuator, and piezoelectric laminated sintered body
Methods of forming ceramic compositions
Brazing structure and metallized structure
Method of treating hairs or feathers using microorganisms
Arrays with modified oligonucleotide and polynucleotide compositions
Onium salts, photoacid generators for resist compositions, resist compositions, and patterning process
Preparation of acrylated liquid-crystalline compounds
Dipeptide benzamidine as a kininogenase inhibitor
Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compound and electroluminescent device
Production of isochroman compounds by culturing Penicillium
Derivatives of erythromycin, their preparation process and their use as medicaments
Paroxetine maleate polymorph and pharmaceutical compositions containing it
Benzopyran compound, material for luminous device, and luminous device using the same
Pyrazolate copper complexes, and MOCVD of copper using same
14-membered macrolides derived from leucomycins
Oligonucleotides having site specific chiral phosphorothioate internucleoside linkages
Method for analyzing polynucleotides
Oligonucleotide mediated reversal of drug resistance
Retroviral hybrid vectors pseudotyped with LCMV
Method and reagent for inhibiting herpes simplex virus replication
Recombinant MVA virus, and the use thereof
High molecular weight major outer membrane protein of moraxella
High molecular weight major outer membrane protein of moraxella
Transferrin receptor genes of Moraxella
Mutant enterotoxin effective as a non-toxic oral adjuvant
Methods for the inhibition of respiratory syncytial virus transmission
Pichia methanolica glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 2 promoter and terminator
Plant promoter derived from luminal binding protein gene and methods for its use
TNF-related death ligand
Methods of ex-vivo expansion of hematopoietic cells using interleukin-3 (IL-3) multiple mutation polypeptides
TNF receptors, TNF binding proteins and DNAS coding for them
Allele of human histamine H2 receptor and methods of detection of H2 receptor variants
Methods of identifying modulators of prostaglandin receptor EP1
E6 targeted protein (E6TP1)
Prostate cancer susceptible CA7 CG04 gene
Dermatomyositis-specific auto-antigen
Genes and proteins encoded thereby
Alzheimer's disease secretase, APP substrates therefor, and uses therefor
Ring finger protein zapop3
Renal cancer associated antigens and uses therefor
Compositions and methods for the inhibition of MUC-5 mucin gene expression
Nucleic acids encoding modified ciliary neurotrophic factors
Proteinase inhibitor, precursor thereof and genetic sequences encoding same
Monoclonal antibodies recognizing antigens on the surface of endothelial cells of tumor vessel
Altering the properties of cells or of particles with membranes derived from cells by means of lipid-modified proteinaceous molecules
Methods of treating autoimmune diseases with gp39-specific antibodies
Antibodies to argatroban derivatives and their use in therapeutic and diagnostic treatments
Crystalline forms
Peptides for the activation of the immune system in humans and animals
Polymeric compound and resin composition for photoresist
Base sheet for wallcoverings
Aqueous lacquer for treating keratin substances, packaged in an aerosol device and comprising at least one grafted silicone polymer, and uses thereof
Mixed fluorochemical hydrocarbon condensates to impart oil and water repellency to a substrate
Cosmetic composition
Photocurable adhesive for optical disk
Plastic lenses and primer composition used for coating the same
Granular polytetrafluoroethylene powders and process for producing the same
Process for producing fast curing molding compounds bonded with phenolic resin
Method of making coating layers containing photocatalyst and a photocatalyst coating glass formed thereby
Interior trim components for motor vehicle
Photosensitive resin composition and process for producing the same
Halogen free flame retardant adhesive resin coated composite
Nanoparticles formed with rigid connector compounds
Iron oxide hydroxide composite particles, pigment, paint and resin composition
Paving binders and manufacturing methods
Unsymmetrical dioxazine compound dichroic dye liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element
Method for preparing organic pigments
Sorbitan ester treated pigments for plastics applications
Composite pigments comprising in-situ precipitated metal carbonate crystals
Powder for use in lower layer of coating type magnetic recording medium
Ink composition capable of realizing images possessing excellent color development and fixation
Method for applying a coating that acts as an electrolytic barrier and a cathodic corrosion prevention system
Two-step CMP method and employed polishing compositions
One-part storage-stable water-based contact adhesive composition with an internal coagulant
Printable pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet and sealing material containing same
Adhesive film for semiconductor package
SrTiO3:Pr, A1 based phosphor having efficient emission at low voltage
Phosphor screen
Supertwisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Polishing composition and polishing method employing it
De-icing solution
Smokeless candle
Process and apparatus for candle-making
Detergent composition comprising zeolite and amylase enzyme
Process for making a low density detergent composition by controlling nozzle height in a fluid bed dryer
Sprayable, liquid or gel detergent compositions containing bleach
Multi-layer detergent tablet having both compressed and non-compressed portions
Detergent composition
Aqueous multiphase detergents with immiscible phases
Floor treating method and machine
Cleaning agent for semiconductor parts and method for cleaning semiconductor parts
.alpha.-amylase mutants
Bleaching compositions
Inhibition of eucaryotic pathogens and neoplasms and stimulation of fibroblasts and lymphocytes with lytic peptides
Methods for identifying agonists and antagonists for human neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Method of DNA shuffling with polynucleotides produced by blocking or interrupting a synthesis or amplification process
Antisense modulation of cellular apoptosis susceptibility gene expression
Antisense modulation of casein kinase 2-beta expression
Antisense modulation of glioma-associated oncogene-2 expression
Method for producing diverse libraries of encoded polypeptides
Expression vectors comprising multiple shear stress responsive elements (SSRE) and methods of use for treating disorders related to vasculogenesis and/or angiogenesis in a shear stress environment
Chimeric vectors comprising a phage packaging site and a portion derived from the genome of a eukaryotic virus
Recombinant AAV vector-based transduction system and use of same
Methods and devices for the long-term culture of hematopoietic progenitor cells
Method for producing non-infectious recombinant picornavirus particles
Tyr393 and Tyr398 mutants of monoamine oxidase B
Method for cloning and expression of Rhodothermus Obamensis DNA polymerase I large fragment in E. coli
Polynucleotides encoding HsKrp5 a kinesin related protein
Cytosolic phospholipase A2-gamma enzymes and polynucleotides encoding same
Purified forms of DNase
Gene encoding 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid decarboxylase
Antibody-catalyzed deuteration, tritiation, dedeuteration or detritiation of carbonyl compounds
Enzymatic cofactor cycling using soluble pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase
Fermentation of clavulanic acid at a controlled level of ammonia
Enzymatic synthesis of gangliosides
Method of combinatorial protein synthesis based on ribosomal frameshifting
Dehydrogenase enzymatic synthesis of methanol
Process for producing and recovering erythritol from culture medium containing the same
Method for preparing an R- or S-form of .alpha.-substituted heterocyclic carboxylic acid and a counter enantiomeric form of .alpha.-substituted heterocyclic carboxylic acid ester thereto using enzyme
Microstructured biosensor, use of the biosensor and process for the immobilization of biocatalysts
Measurement of microbiological activity in an opaque medium
Assay method for determining Product R's effect on adenovirus infection of Hela cells
Methods of identifying modulators of kinesin motor proteins
Screening assays for modulators of human kinesin protein HsKif16b
Detection of hypertension using immunoreactive metabolic products
Method and device for preparing samples for detecting a nucleotide sequence
Digital amplification
Fluorescence polarization in nucleic acid analysis
Methods for identifying nucleic acid mutations using mismatch modification
Apparatus for sequencing of nucleic acids using multiple dyes
Methods for selecting primers
Nucleic acid affinity columns
Method for detection of Kr-ras mutations and kit to perform it
Diagnostic assay for cancer
Use of continuous/contiguous stacking hybridization as a diagnostic tool
Impedimetric detection system and method of production thereof
Nucleic acids and peptides of human immunodeficiency virus type (HIV-1)
Sugar beet membrane filtration process
Apparatus for measuring bath level in a basic oxygen furnace to determine lance height adjustment
Martensitic stainless steel products
Method for dissolving noble metals out of segregated ores containing noble metals
Apparatus for injecting gas into a vessel
Method and reactor for production of aluminum by carbothermic reduction of alumina
Process and an apparatus for producing metals and metal alloys
Recovery of precious metals from metal alloys produced aluminothermically from base metal smelter slag
Al-Mg-Si alloy with good extrusion properties
Method of manufacturing high productive and high strength rolled H-shaped
Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet and method for producing the same
Process for producing a drawn wire made of stainless steel, in particular a wire for reinforcing tires, and wire obtained by the process
Ultra-high strength metastable austenitic stainless steel containing Ti and a method of producing the same
Thermoelectric semiconductor material and method of manufacturing the same
Process for treating the surface of a component, made from a Ni based superalloy, to be coated
Method for producing a slip layer which is resistant to corrosion and oxidation
Method of forming a diffusion aluminide coating
Laser deposition of elements onto medical devices
Target and process for its production, and method for forming a film having a high refractive index
Process for producing thin film gas sensors with dual ion beam sputtering
Multi-anode device and methods for sputter deposition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device utilizing a laser annealing process
Method and apparatus for inhibiting infiltration of a reactive gas into porous refractory insulation
Replaceable shielding apparatus
Chemical vapor deposition of ruthenium films for metal electrode applications
In-situ source synthesis for metal CVD
Method to enhance the adhesion of silicon nitride to low-k fluorinated amorphous carbon using a silicon carbide adhesion promoter layer
Low-K dielectric constant CVD precursors formed of cyclic siloxanes having in-ring SI--O--C, and uses thereof
Vacuum processing apparatus and vacuum processing method
Plasma reactor with heated source of a polymer-hardening precursor material
Plasma monitoring method and semiconductor production apparatus
Method of depositing buffer layers on biaxially textured metal substrates
Method of manufacturing thin film and thin film capacitor
Coating composition for steel product, a coated steel product, and a steel product coating method
Biocompatible metallic materials grafted with sulfonated poly(ethylene oxide) and preparation thereof
Alloy color effect materials and production thereof
Method of providing the surface of base bodies of displacement or angle measuring systems with magnetizable material
Ceramic thermal barrier layer for gas turbine engine component
Nitride layer forming method
Rolling bearing
Hydrofluoric acid generating composition and method of treating surfaces
Method of etching tungsten or tungsten nitride electrode gates in semiconductor structures
Electrode and electrolyte for use in preparation of nitrogen trifluoride gas, and preparation method of nitrogen trifluoride gas by use of them
Crust hole repair for electrolytic cells
Chemical milling process for inert anodes
Method for preparing anode electrode for high voltage electrolytic capacitor
Method for surface treating aluminum products
Controlled induction by use of power supply trigger in electrochemical processing
Method for improving seed layer electroplating for semiconductor
Aqueous carbon composition and method for coating a non conductive substrate
Method to facilitate processing of three dimensional substrates
Method for forming a thin film
Method for electropolishing metal on semiconductor devices
Low cost method for making thermoelectric coolers
Method of growing a semiconductor layer
Method of joining synthetic corundum, method of manufacturing synthetic corundum cell, and synthetic corundum cell
Low defect density (Ga, Al, In)N and HVPE process for making same
Textiles; Paper
Colored articles and compositions and methods for their fabrication
Spontaneously degradable fibers and goods made thereof
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of composite fibrous strand comprising glass fibers
Fibers and fabrics prepared with propylene impact copolymers
Process for the fungistatic and/or antibacterial finishing of sewings and equipment therefor
Oxidation dyeing composition for keratinous fibers containing a paraphenylenediamine derivative and dyeing method using same
FRP hood for paper processing plant
Lyocell film made from cellulose having low degree of polymerization values
Lyocell fiber made from alkaline pulp having low average degree of polymerization values
Device for mixing stock suspensions
Shoe press belt and manufacturing method
Method and apparatus for controlling dryer section of paper machine
Compact multilevel paper making machine for manufacturing a web of paper
Soft creped tissue
Fixed Constructions
Grid structure reinforcement for roads
Light control window covering and method of making same
Extracting oil and water from drill cuttings using RF energy
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Toroidal-type continuously variable transmission
Irrigation hose splice
Combinatorial synthesis and screening of organometallic compounds and catalysts
Method of measuring etched state of semiconductor wafer using optical impedence measurement
Process and device for carrying out fluorescence immunoassays
Method of detecting film defects using chemical exposure of photoresist films
Oxygen sensor and emission control system
Methods and compositions for performing molecular separations
Method and apparatus for analyzing asphalt content
Grain moisture measuring apparatus and method
Method and device for micro particles positioning in field cages
Methods for screening and therapeutic applications of kinesin modulators
Inhibitors of retroviral protease as inducers of reversible insulin resistance in vitro and in vivo
Method of protein analysis
Materials and methods related to the inflammatory effects of secreted amyloid precursor proteins
Stabilization of biological fluids by addition of sterol esters
Automatic analyzer and display method for automatic analyzer
Automatic handler for feeding containers into and out of an analytical instrument
Method and apparatus for edge connection between elements of an integrated circuit
Method for constructing a wafer interposer by using conductive columns
Microelectronic fabrication die electrical probe apparatus electrical test method providing enhanced microelectronic fabrication die electrical test accuracy and efficiency
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging of nonlinearly intermodulated and harmonic frequency components
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging with nonlinearly intermodulated frequency components
Method for rotatable element assembly
Photovoltaic device with optical concentrator and method of making the same
Securing an optical component onto a micro bench
Photographic element containing an electrically-conductive layer
Photographic base with oriented polyefin and opacifying layer
Biaxially oriented polyester film, process for producing the same, and use thereof as substrate for photographic sensitive material
Planarization method and system using variable exposure
X-radiation photothermographic materials and methods of using same
Method of producing a photographic image
Processing method of silver halide light sensitive photographic material
Silver halide color reversal photosensitive material and color image forming method using the same
Silver halide element with improved high temperature storage and reduced thickness
Color photographic element having improved contrast and compatibility with both dry and conventional processing
Imaging element containing a blocked photographically useful compound
Concentrated photographic fixer additive and fixing compositions and method of photographic processing
Method of fabricating attenuated phase shift mask
Photomask structure
Mask and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of distortion compensation by irradiation of adaptive lithography membrane masks
Method of repairing a mask with high electron scattering and low electron absorption properties
Positive resist composition suitable for lift-off technique and pattern forming method
Dielectric composition
Low "K" factor hybrid photoresist
Planographic printing original plate
Method for controlling and monitoring light source intensity
Electron beam lithography method forming nanocrystal shadowmasks and nanometer etch masks
Field correction of overlay error
Mask and method for focus monitoring
Method and apparatus for resist planarization
Method of measuring combined critical dimension and overlay in single step
Resist mask having measurement marks for measuring the accuracy of overlay of a photomask disposed on semiconductor wafer
High-aspect ratio resist development using safe-solvent mixtures of alcohol and water
Photoresist removing composition
High throughput plasma resist strip process for temperature sensitive applications
Resist stripping process
Toner and image forming method
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method of electrostatic recording on a cylindrical photoreceptor with dielectric coating and an electrophotographic duplicating apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Image forming method and apparatus employing ferroelectrics, and image formation medium
Puzzle-cut on puzzle-cut seamed belts
Process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
Toner for developing electrostatic image, process for preparation of the same, developer for electrostatic image, and process for forming image
Tones for development of electrostatic image and production process thereof
Method of layout for LSI
Semiconductor device
Electrostatic discharge protection for sensors
Method and device for producing a security element and a corresponding security element
Optical recording medium, and method of manufacturing same
Magnetic media with ferromagnetic overlay materials for improved thermal stability
Patterned magnetic recording disk with substrate patterned by ion implantation
Coating for optical information disks
Two-sided graphical image DVDs and methods for making same
System and method for determining noble metal concentrations in reactor coolant streams
Method of manufacturing composite insulator and packing member for use in same
Magnetic fluid and process for the production thereof
Method of making integrated circuit having a micromagnetic device
Packaging method for electric power storage units of an ultracapacitor energy storage device
Monolithic single pole double throw RF MEMS switch
Electron beam lithography focusing through spherical aberration introduction
Device for the prevention of arcing in vacuum sputtering installations
Sputtering reactor and method of using an unbalanced magnetron
Reduction of plasma charge-induced damage in microfabricated devices
Physical vapor deposition apparatus with modified shutter disk and cover ring
Low temperature process for sharpening tapered silicon structures
Carbon nanotube field emission array and method for fabricating the same
Method and system for manufacturing a photocathode
Dual buffer chamber cluster tool for semiconductor wafer processing
Methods for manufacture of self-aligned integrally gated nanofilament field emitter cell and array
Modular semiconductor workpiece processing tool
Ferroelectric thin film coated substrate, producing method thereof and capacitor structure element using thereof
Method of forming the capacitor with HSG in DRAM
Dielectric capacitor and its manufacturing method
Method of crystallizing a semiconductor thin film, and method of manufacturing a thin-film semiconductor device
Enhancement of carrier concentration in As-containing contact layers
Poly spacer split gate cell with extremely small cell size
Metal gate with CVD amorphous silicon layer and silicide for CMOS devices and method of making with a replacement gate process
Metal gate with PVD amorphous silicon and silicide for CMOS devices and method of making the same with a replacement gate process
Multi-layer hard mask for deep trench silicon etch
Method for etching passivation layer of wafer
Method of profile control in metal etching
Electrode materials with improved hydrogen degradation resistance and fabrication method
Method for producing self-polarized ferro-electric layers, especially PZT layers, with a rhombohedral crystal structure
Stable thin film oxide standard
Post metal etch cleaning method
Radiation-hard silicon cryo-CMOS process suitable for charge-coupled devices, and a device made according to this process
Optical semiconductor element package and manufacturing method thereof
Method of forming a contact structure in a semiconductor device
Deposited thin film build-up layer dimensions as a method of relieving stress in high density interconnect printed wiring board substrates
Hemispherical grained silicon on conductive nitride
Method for forming solder bumps on flip chips and devices formed
Method of connecting a conductive trace to a semiconductor chip
Bow resistant plastic semiconductor package and method of fabrication
Electronic device, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Method and structure for controlling the interface roughness of cobalt disilicide
Method for fabricating a semiconductor component having a wiring which runs piecewise in the substrate, and also a semiconductor component which can be fabricated by this method
Method of fabricating a poly-poly capacitor with a SiGe BiCMOS integration scheme
Thin film ferroelectric capacitors having improved memory retention through the use of essentially smooth bottom electrode structures
Method in the fabrication of a silicon bipolar transistor
Angled implant to improve high current operation of bipolar transistors
N-profile engineering at the poly/gate oxide and gate oxide/SI interfaces through NH3 annealing of a layered poly/amorphous-silicon structure
Surface engineering to prevent EPI growth on gate poly during selective EPI processing
Semiconductor processing methods of transferring patterns from patterned photoresists to materials, and structures comprising silicon nitride
Method for producing metal-semiconductor compound regions on semiconductor devices
Damascene-gate process for the fabrication of MOSFET devices with minimum poly-gate depletion, silicided source and drain junctions, and low sheet resistance gate-poly
Method of preventing fluorine ions from residing in a gate to result in boron ion penetration into a gate oxide
Method of copper-polysilicon gate formation
Thin film transistor and a fabricating method thereof
Static random access memory manufacturing method
NiSi contacting extensions of active regions
Method for fabricating a thin film transistor display
Vertical MOSFET
Masking layer method for forming a spacer layer with enhanced linewidth control
Method to form a vertical transistor by selective epitaxial growth and delta doped silicon layers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with sidewall metal layers
Process chamber having improved temperature control
Semiconductor structures, methods of implanting dopants into semiconductor structures and methods of forming CMOS constructions
Method and apparatus for aligning wafers
Process of manufacturing a DRAM cell capacitor having increased trench capacitance
Methods of forming integrated circuitry
Method of forming a semiconductor device with isolation and well regions
Method for forming semiconductor device
Stepped photoresist profile and opening formed using the profile
Ionized metal plasma deposition process having enhanced via sidewall coverage
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Anti-agglomeration of copper seed layers in integrated circuit metalization
Plasma etch method for forming patterned oxygen containing plasma etchable layer
Damascene process to eliminate copper defects during chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) for making electrical interconnections on integrated circuits
Process of fabricating semiconductor device having low-resistive contact without high temperature heat treatment
Method of fabricating interconnect of capacitor
Integrated circuit including passivated copper interconnection lines and associated manufacturing methods
Process for fabricating semiconductor device and photolithography mask
Method of controlling outdiffusion in a doped three-dimensional film
Alignment mark fabrication process to limit accumulation of errors in level to level overlay
Method of reducing leakage current of a semiconductor wafer
Method for differential trenching in conjunction with differential fieldox growth
Method for forming an array of DRAM cells by employing a self-aligned adjacent node isolation technique
Method of forming dual damascene structure
Dual damascene structure employing laminated intermediate etch stop layer
Method for forming a via and interconnect in dual damascene
Method of fabricating vias
Method of forming a dual damascene structure by patterning a sacrificial layer to define the plug portions of the structure
Selective air gap insulation
Methylated oxide-type dielectric as a replacement for SiO2 hardmasks used in polymeric low k, dual damascene interconnect integration
Interconnection of a semiconductor device and a method of forming thereof
Method of protecting a copper pad structure during a fuse opening procedure
Method of adding bias-independent aluminum bridged anti-fuses to a tungsten plug process
Microstructure control of copper interconnects
Semiconductor device with copper wiring and its manufacture method
Photoresist spacer process simplification to eliminate the standard polysilicon or oxide spacer process for flash memory circuits
Method for hybrid DRAM cell utilizing confined strap isolation
Self aligned bit-line contact opening and node contact opening fabrication process
DRAM technology of storage node formation and no conduction/isolation process of bottle-shaped deep trench
Method of forming a mixed-signal circuit embedded NROM memory and MROM memory
Method of fabricating a mask ROM with raised bit-line on each buried bit-line
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Hybrid MOS and schottky gate technology
Implant sequence for multi-function semiconductor structure and method
Structure for folded architecture pillar memory cell
Method of making semiconductor device having an insulating film positioned between two similarly shaped conductive films
Nitride barrier layer for protection of ONO structure from top oxide loss in a fabrication of SONOS flash memory
Thin resist with transition metal hard mask for via etch application
Metal hard mask for ILD RIE processing of semiconductor memory devices to prevent oxidation of conductive lines
Substrate for high-voltage modules
Integrated circuit package
Semiconductor package based on window pad type of leadframe and method of fabricating the same
Structure for an electrical contact to a thin film in a semiconductor structure and method for making the same
Method of depositing a thermoplastic polymer in semiconductor fabrication
Method and structure for a semiconductor fuse
Method of manufacturing an electro-optical device
Boron-carbide and boron rich rhobohedral based transistors and tunnel diodes
Method for fabricating an infrared-emitting light-emitting diode
High-temperature superconductor arrangement
Method for increasing fracture toughness and reducing brittleness of ferroelectric polymer
Organic electroluminescent device
Non-aqueous electrolytic cell comprising low weight percent of carbon fibers
Apparatus and method for generating electrical power from fluid flow through charged pores
Methods of insulating button-type batteries
Battery pack
Battery pack
Microcapillary battery separator including hollow fibers, and storage battery incorporating same
Method for bonding collector plates to end faces of electrode plates
Enclosed storage battery and its manufacturing method
Hermetically sealed cell
Electrode, method or producing electrode, and cell comprising the electrode
Lithium anode assembly for an electrochemical cell
Nickel-hydrogen secondary cell
Nonaqueous electrolyte battery
Cell and method of producing the same
Separator for low temperature type fuel cell and method of production thereof
Seal and fuel cell with the seal
Fuel cell system
Aerosol feed direct methanol fuel cell
Solid-oxide fuel cell hot assembly
Process of making synthetic magnetodielectric with controlled off-normal TE and TM response
Method for fabricating semiconductor laser device by aligning semiconductor laser chips based on light emission measurements
Apparatus and method for curing silicone rubber
Printed circuit board with a multilayer integral thin-film metal resistor and method therefor
Copper-clad laminated board, and circuit board for printed wiring board and method for producing the same
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