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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
In-vehicle system, detailed warning lamp information notification system, and server system
Regenerative braking halo and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Systems and vessels for producing hydrocarbons and/or water, and methods for same
Interference objective for annular test surfaces
Optical rotation counter
Linear position sensor
Fluorescence detection apparatus
Optical sensors for downhole measurements using birefringent materials
Optofluidic microscope device
Photo sensing fluid contamination and quality monitor
Surface plasmon resonance sensor capable of performing absolute calibration
Device and method for identifying recording medium and image forming apparatus
Apparatus of inspecting defect in semiconductor and method of the same
Method and apparatus for detecting defects
Method and apparatus for eddy current detection of material discontinuities
Solid high aspect ratio via hole used for burn-in boards, wafer sort probe cards, and package test load boards with electronic circuitry
Measuring electric and magnetic field
Wafer level test probe card
Test structure and probe for differential signals
Multilayer substrate and probe card
Spread spectrum software receiver
Method for detecting atmospheric turbulence by an embedded electromagnetic sensor, notably on board an aircraft
NMR system
Light scanning device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Lens barrel drive apparatus
Electro-optic shutter
Autostereoscopic display with fresnel lens element and double sided prism film adjacent a backlight having a light transmission surface with left and right eye light sources at opposing ends modulated at a rate of at least 90 hz
Transflective LCD with reflective layer connected to reference voltage greater than 0.5 Vrms and less than LC threshold voltage
Stretched film for stereoscopic 3D display
Liquid crystal display device with two kinds of projected portions on a substrate
Display element
Scatterometric method of monitoring hot plate temperature and facilitating critical dimension control
Exposure apparatus and method
Motion picture camera having a film magazine and means for cleaning the film
Regulator and method for regulating
Voltage generation circuit provided in a semiconductor integrated device
Slip-over distribution cabinet
Battery cover assembly for portable electronic device
USB stacking devices and applications
Navigating lists using input motions
Video processing apparatus, video processing method, and computer program
Apparatus for driving matrix-type LCD panels and a liquid crystal display based thereon
Digital-to-analog converting circuit and display device using same
Automated modification of a marking engine in a printing system
Control apparatus used in image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and image forming apparatus, having a relay device, with identification information obtaining feature for the relay device
Element controller for a resilient integrated circuit architecture
Method and system for managing print job files for a shared printer
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for generating image data for forming an image using a plurality of color materials of similar colors and different densities
Geospatial modeling system providing non-linear inpainting for voids in geospatial model cultural feature data and related methods
Enabling a person in distress to covertly communicate with an emergency response center
Patrol system and patrol method thereof
Security system and moving robot
Mobile communication device, anti-theft method and system
System and method for introducing a substrate into a process chamber
Illumination and detection architecture
Plasma display panel control circuit
Image display method
Electroluminescent display device
Program for causing computer to execute display system and data transfer method
Automatic digital variable resistor and display device having the same
Methods and devices for lighting displays
Implementing limited function mode in a display device
Image data processing method and apparatus, storage medium product, and program product
Subdividing geometry images in graphics hardware
Management of data cartridges in multiple-cartridge cells in an automated data storage library
TMR/GMR amplifier with input current compensation
Image processing method, recorder, ink jet recorder, printer driver, image processor, imaging system and imaging method
Abs through aggressive stitching
Head position control method, head position control device, and magnetic recording evaluation apparatus
Nine-phase autotransformer
System and method for affecting field emission properties of a field emission structure
System and method for controlling field emissions
System and method for coding field emission structures
Power tool lockdown device
Dual protection device for circuit
Micro electro mechanical system device
Switching device including magnetic microswitches organized in a matrix
High-power breaker switch for a vehicle
Electron emitter composition made of an electron emitting substance and an expansion material for expansion of the electron emitting substance
Dual emission active matrix display
Organic light emitting apparatus
Surface light source device having an electron emitter and liquid crystal display having the same
Organic electroluminescent element array
Lamp with a clipped-on contact
Packaged semiconductor components having substantially rigid support members and methods of packaging semiconductor components
Microelectromechanical systems using thermocompression bonding
Metal-ceramic substrate for electric circuits or modules, method for producing one such substrate and module comprising one such substrate
Through-hole contacts in a semiconductor device
Inductively coupled integrated circuit and methods for use therewith
Metal and alloy silicides on a single silicon wafer
Semiconductor device having a reliable contact
Microelectronic assembly having second level interconnects including solder joints reinforced with crack arrester elements and method of forming same
Lead-on-chip semiconductor package and leadframe for the package
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit structure incorporating an inductor, a conductive sheet and a protection circuit
Trench MOSFET with trench termination and manufacture thereof
Design structure incorporating a hybrid substrate
Embedded system and control method therefor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit substrate structure and circuit apparatus
Semiconductor apparatus and method for manufacturing the semiconductor apparatus
Organic thin film transistor, flat panel display apparatus having the same, method of producing the organic thin film transistor and shadow mask used in the method
Probe-based memory
Doped aluminum oxide dielectrics
Semiconductor member, manufacturing method thereof, and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Modifying work function in PMOS devices by counter-doping
Memory cells including nanoporous layers containing conductive material
Spin fet and spin memory
Metal-substituted transistor gates
Process for forming an electronic device including a transistor having a metal gate electrode
Integrated circuit having one or more conductive devices formed over a SAW and/or MEMS device
Vertical junction field effect transistors, and methods of producing the vertical junction field effect transistors
Semiconductor fuse box and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor display device
Solid state image pickup apparatus and radiation image pickup apparatus
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Microlens and an image sensor including a microlens
Light-emitting device
Piezoelectric actuator and electronic device
Bistable nanoparticle-polymer composite for use in memory devices
Waveguide bend having a square shape cross-section
Signal transmission structure
Helmet antenna array system
Combined speaker and antenna component
Compact polarization-sensitive and phase-sensitive antenna with directionality and multi-frequency resonances
Mobile terminal
Partially shorted microstrip antenna
Smart antenna and antenna fixing mechanism
Dielectric and magnetic particles based metamaterials
Hybrid antenna including spiral antenna and periodic array, and associated methods
Broadband communication system for mobile users in a satellite-based network
Power converter
Nanoscale grasping device, method for fabricating the same, and method for operating the same
Protective circuit for a supersonic humidifier
Leakage current detection and interruption circuit
Electric device protection circuit and method for protecting an electric device
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
Power supply and method of controlling same
Device for limiting current of electric appliance
Battery charger
Method of regenerating lead battery cells and regenerative agent for performing of this method
Electric rotating machine
Stator of reciprocating motor
Superconductor magnetizing device and superconducting synchronization device
Hydrodynamic bearing device, motor and information recording and reproducing apparatus in which same is used, and method for manufacturing shaft used in hydrodynamic bearing device
Drive device and drive system
Fast startup supply for chip initialization
Method and apparatus for distributing clock signal using standing waves
Oscillator device and optical deflection device
Dual reactive shunt low noise amplifier
Voltage-level translator
High-resolution low-interconnect phase rotator
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) device, module and oscillator for improving a Q factor
CMOS back-gated keeper technique
Method for running state machines
Reprogrammable integrated circuit
Interface circuit
Circuits, architectures, apparatuses, systems, and methods for low voltage clock delay generation
Circuit and method for matching current channels
Variable resistor, filter, variable gain amplifier and integrated circuit using the variable resistor
Power on reset circuitry for manufacturability and security using a fuse
Phase-locked loop circuitry using charge pumps with current mirror circuitry
Self-timed fine tuning control
Enhanced all digital phase-locked loop and oscillation signal generation method thereof
Cascaded integrated comb filter with fractional integration
Coding device, pulse regenerating device, and communications system
Image reading apparatus, image processing system and registration method in two-side image reading
Copying system and method
Image processing device, method, and program product with control of display screens based on selected application
Method for compressing a digital representation containing a page-describing code, which is sent from a computer to a printer
Automatic colorization of monochromatic printed documents
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for generating attribute information of an image based on image separating processing
Timing signal generating circuit and photographing device having same circuit
Image pickup apparatus
Camera calibration system and three-dimensional measuring system
Image data recording or storing apparatus, computer program for controlling said apparatus, and method for initializing areas on a recording medium
Surveillance camera system
Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method and camera using the image signal processing apparatus
Organic EL element provided with an electrode in a liquid state and method for producing the same
Dimmable, high power factor ballast for gas discharge lamps
Liquid crystal display device
Apparatus and method for providing an isolated set point from an input signal applied to a lamp ballast
Charge management of electrically isolated objects via modulated photoelectric charge transfer
Lithographic apparatus and cleaning method therefor
Adapter with an access panel for an electronic device
Fastening device, module mounting mechanism and information processing apparatus
Cooling arrangement to cool components on circuit board
Heatsink method and apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Polyethylene glycol and glutathione composition and method for the treatment of blood vessels prior to cryopreservation
Aqueous suspensions of low solubility and low stability water additives
Herbicidal compositions and method of safening herbicides using benzothiazole derivatives
Method for preserving aqueous solutions or dispersions
Textile support for reinforcing an item of clothing or pieces of clothing
Therochromatic ink covered article having image disposed thereon and method of making the same
Rh blood group antigen compositions and methods of use
Localized delivery of factors enhancing survival of transplanted cells
Treatment of Infertility
Costimulatory blockade and mixed chimerism in allo-transplantation
Method of preparing suppressor T cells with allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells
Methods and compositions for use in spliceosome mediated RNA trans-splicing
Use of a non-mammalian DNA virus to express an exogenous gene in a mammalian cell
Bath jelly and method of using the same
Medical emulsion for lubrication and delivery of drugs
Performing Operations; Transporting
Surface tension reduction with N,N,N'-trialkkyl ureas
Method of detecting the presence or absence of a plurality of target sequences using oligonucleotide tags
Isomerization of olefins
Method of forming catalyst structure with catalyst particles forged into substrate surface
Process for preparing catalysts for use in organic compound transformation reactions
Hydrogenation catalyst particles
Preparation of a co-containing hydrotreating catalyst precursor and catalyst
Supported olefin polymerization catalysts
SOx additive systems based upon use of multiple particle species
Nucleic acid extraction apparatus
Chemical treatment apparatus and chemical treatment method
Wafer carrier modification for reduced extraction force
Corrosion-resistant polishing pad conditioner
Resin starved impregnated panels, wood composites utilizing said panels and methods of making the same
Ballistic protective wear for female torso
Relation to lithographic printing forms
Thermal dye diffusion coating and substrate
Thermal Transfer image-receiving paper
Apparatus for pumping a fluid in a fuel cell system
Process for producing a water soluble package
Method and system for fabricating semiconductor components
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for Polycrystalline film silicon growth
Transparent lanthanum fluoride glass-ceramics
Process for controlled composting of organic material and for bioremediating soils
Process for producing betaine/amine oxide mixtures
Bis (perfluoralkanesulfonyl)imide surfactant salts in electrochemical systems
Process for the separation and purification of lactic acid from a fermentation medium
Lactone-containing compounds, polymers, resist compositions, and patterning method
Multichromophore fluorescent probes using DNA intercalation complexes
Catalysts based on fulvene metal complexes
Compounds having one group 13 element, bound with one mono- or di-anionic trident ligand, a method of preparation and application thereof as polymerization catalysts
Process for preparing an overbased metal-containing detergents
High affinity nucleic acid ligands to lectins
Genetic marker test for lupus
PNA probes, probe sets, methods and kits pertaining to the universal detection of bacteria and eucarya
Recombinant feline coronavirus S proteins
Reporter gene system for use in cell-based assessment of inhibitors of the Hepatitis C virus protease
Activator for methanol dehydrogenase and gene thereof
Broad-spectrum insect resistant transgenic plants
Essential fungal genes and their use
Human LEA-motif developmental protein
Growth arrest homeobox gene
Antibodies to bladder cancer nuclear matrix proteins and their use
Human PEC-60-like protein and DNA encoding the same
Mammalian methadone-specific opioid receptor gene and uses
Binding sites for phosphotyrosine binding domains
Interleukin-1 receptor accessory proteins, nucleic acids and methods
Assay for pathogenicity of anti-DNA antibodies
IL-6 mutein and DNA encoding thereto
Color photographic silver halide material
Planarization method using fluid composition including chelating agents
Azeotropic compositions of methoxy-perfluoropropane and their use
Quaternary nitrogen containing amphoteric water soluble polymers and their use in drilling fluids
Two-stroke motorcycle lubricant
Method to improve Cu corrosion performance of Mo-DTC and active sulfur by adding sunflower oil
Reduced residue hard surface cleaner comprising hydrotrope
Light-duty liquid or gel dishwashing detergent compositions comprising mid-chain branched surfactants
Process for making a low density detergent composition
Acidic cleaning composition comprising a glycol ether mixture
Soyate containing compositions
Non-aqueous, speckle-containing liquid detergent compositions
Automatic dishwashing compositions containing water soluble cationic or amphoteric polymers
DNA constructs and methods of producing cellulytic enzymes
Method of using oxygen to eliminate carbon dioxide poisoning in aerobic fermentation
Cell flow apparatus and method for real-time of cellular responses
Methods and apparatus for the conditioning of ligament replacement tissue
Enzyme immobilization in a gel containing 30 to 50 percent gelatin
Method for generating transcriptionally active DNA fragments
Shuttle vectors
Method for screening nucleic acid catalysts
2'-fluoropyrimidine anti-calf intestinal phosphatase nucleic acid ligands
Sorangium polyketide synthases and encoding DNA therefor
Adenovirus gene therapy vehicle and cell line
Immortalized avian cell lines
Method for the preparation of a viral vector by intermolecular homologous recombination
Anti-cocaine catalytic antibody
Purified thermostable pyrococcus furiosus DNA ligase
Isolated nucleic acid molecule which codes for a 32 KDA protein having 11-CIS retinol dehydrogenase activity, and which associates with P63, a portion of a retinol binding protein receptor
1-deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerases and method of use
Nucleic acids encoding polypeptides having cellobiose dehydrogenase activity
Engineered cytotoxic ribonclease
Type II restriction endonuclease, Hpy99I, obtainable from Helicobacter pylori J99 and a process for producing the same
Zace 1: a human metalloenzyme
SH3-containing protein, DNA and uses thereof
Gene encoding class I collagenase
Polynucleotides encoding GTP cyclohydrolase II (RIBA)
Pectate lyases
Stabilization of pet operon plasmids and ethanol production in bacterial strains lacking lactate dehydrogenase and pyruvate formate lyase activities
Process for the production of L-aspartic acid
Enzymatic synthesis of optically active hydroxamic acids and their conversion to optically active primary amines by a lossen rearrangement
Microbial process for the production of D(-)-N-carbamoylphenylglycine
Method for detecting Candida infection
Process for production of dihomo-.gamma.-linolenic acid and lipid containing same
Gene expression library produced from DNA from uncultivated microorganisms and methods for making the same
Electrochemical affinity assay
Mixed cell diagnostic systems
Simple non-radioactive assay for estimating protein kinase C and protein phosphatase-1
Methods and applications for efficient genetic suppressor elements
Multiple displacement amplification
Method and apparatus for DNA sequencing using a local sensitive force detector
Method of detecting genetic translocations identified with chromosomal abnormalities
Two-step hybridization and capture of a polynucleotide
Method for prediction of PTH reactivity by polymorphism of PTHR gene
SCA7 gene and method of use
Amplifying and detecting target nucleic acids using a post amplification incubation step
Method for specifically amplifying a dystroglycan, .alpha.-sarcoglycan, or endothelin Breceptor cDNA of an extremely small
Arrayed primer extension technique for nucleic acid analysis
Methods for detecting nucleotide insertion or deletion using primer extension
Universal solid-phase hybridization apparatus
Nucleic acid affinity columns
Assay for agents which alter G-protein coupled receptor activity
Nucleic acid indexing
Methods to identify polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences which may be associated with physiological and medical conditions
Indicators of altered mitochondrial function in predictive methods for determining risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Multiple step methods for forming conformal layers
Methods and systems for forming metal-containing films on substrates
Method of manufacturing a capacitor in a memory device
Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) method for forming microelectronic layer with enhanced film thickness uniformity
Methods for preparing ruthenium oxide films
Multi-phase lead germanate film deposition method
System and method for forming a uniform thin gate oxide layer
Light-receiving member with outer layer made by alternatively forming and etching
Exclusion of polymer film from semiconductor wafer edge and backside during film (CVD) deposition
Plasma CVD method
Method for the targeted production of N-type conductive areas in diamond layers by means of ion implantation
Self-catalytic bath and method for the deposition of a nickel-phosphorus alloy on a substrate
Cleaning or drying compositions based on 43-10mee, on CH2C12, on cyclopentane and on CH3OH
Cleaning or drying compositions based on 43-10mee and on trichloroethylene
Gas diffusion electrodes containing modified carbon products
Method for synthesizing single crystal AIN thin films of low resistivity n-type and low resistivity p-type
Textiles; Paper
Method for surface treatment of fibrous polyphenylene sulfide or polysulfone
Fixed Constructions
Annular pack
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of testing cleanness of inner surfaces of the parts of a fuel injection system
Spatial averaging technique for ellipsometry and reflectometry
Automated nucleic acid compaction device
Optical detection and analysis of sub-micron particles
Selective purification and enrichment sorting of flow cytometer droplets based upon analysis of droplet precursor regions
Device for non-pulsating post-column derivatization
Compositions and methods for assaying subcellular conditions and processes using energy transfer
Quality control for cytochemical assays
Metal complexes
Use of tyramide coating and physical separation for isolating cells or particles of interest
Whole blood/mitogen assay for the early detection of a subject with cancer and kit
Use of derivatized reagents in chemiluminescence and electrochemiluminescence detection methods
Semiconductor dynamic quantity-sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Probe points for heat dissipation during testing of flip chip IC
Fabrication of semiconductor Mach-Zehnder modulator
Color LCD with microcompensators and methods for their formation
Color filter and color liquid crystal display device
Process for photorefractive index grating formation
Preexposure method and device for photosensitive film
Spectrally sensitized tabular grain photographic materials
Silver halide photographic emulsion and silver halide photosensitive material using the same
Latex and silver halide photographic light-sensitive material containing the same
Photographic element comprising an ion exchanged photographically useful compound
High chloride silver halide elements containing activated precursors to thiolic stabilizers
Silver halide photographic lightsensitive material
Photothermographic recording material
Photo-chemical generation of stable fluorescent derivatives of rhodamine B
Photographic element with reference calibration data
Protective overcoat for an imaging element comprising an enzyme-treated biopolymer
Silver halide reflection support print media
Photographic element containing a stable aryloxypyrazolone coupler and process employing the same
Phase-shifting mask with multiple phase-shift regions
Dust cover comprising anti-reflective coating
Photoresist for optical disc and method of preparing optical disc utilizing photoresist
Photoresist compositions comprising blends of ionic and non-ionic photoacid generators
Photosensitive composition, method for forming pattern using the same, and method for manufacturing electronic parts
Chemically amplified resist composition
Radiation-sensitive resin composition
Photosensitive resin composition
Positive working photoresist compositions comprising a nitrogen-containing cyclic compound
Apparatus and method for applying process solution
Method of imaging a mask pattern on a substrate by means of EUV radiation, and apparatus and mask for performing the method
Clean-enclosure window to protect photolithographic mask
Complementary and exchange mask design methodology for optical proximity correction in microlithography
Method for developing ultra-thin resist films
High sensitivity, photo-active polymer and developers for high resolution resist applications
Post-development resist hardening by vapor silylation
Oxygen free plasma stripping process
Imaging apparatus and photoreceptor therefor
Electrophotographic photoreceptor
Photosensitive member for electrophotography
Temperature control structure for integrated circuit
Multi-layer assembly and method for marking articles and resulting marked articles
Process for forming polymer thick film resistors and metal thin film resistors on a printed circuit substrate
Method for the manufacture of printed circuit boards with plated resistors
Shielding coat membrane for discharge lamp and manufacturing process thereof
Semiconductor device inspection and analysis method and its apparatus and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Apparatus for etching glass substrate
Method for forming materials
Method to form uniform silicide features
Wafer having smooth surface
Dielectric cure for reducing oxygen vacancies
Structure of interlayer insulator film and method for planarization of interlayer insulator film
Device and method for etching nitride spacers formed upon an integrated circuit gate conductor
Method for forming an interplayer insulating film and semiconductor device
Process for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a metal-to-metal capacitor utilizing only one masking step
Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having epitaxial layer
Manufacturing method for nitride III-V compound semiconductor device using bonding
Process for forming thin dielectric layers in semiconductor devices
Method of manufacturing oxide layer
Semiconductor processing methods
Thin film transistor with reduced hydrogen passivation process time
Method of reducing the roughness of a gate insulator layer after exposure of the gate insulator layer to a threshold voltage implantation procedure
Method for fabricating gate semiconductor
Process for fabricating metal silicide layer by using ion metal plasma deposition
Process of forming metal silicide interconnects
Completely encapsulated top electrode of a ferroelectric capacitor using a lead-enhanced encapsulation layer
Semiconductor device having a low resistance gate conductor and method of fabrication the same
Manufacturing process to eliminate ONO fence material in high density NAND-type flash memory devices
MOS semiconductor device with self-aligned punchthrough stops and method of fabrication
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of controlling of floating gate oxide growth by use of an oxygen barrier
Sidewall protection for a via hole formed in a photosensitive, low dielectric constant layer
Cobalt silicide structure for improving gate oxide integrity and method for fabricating same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing nonvolatile memory device capable of preventing damage to side walls of stacked gate and active region
Method of reducing carbon incorporation into films produced by chemical vapor deposition involving organic precursor compounds
Ion-beam treatment to prepare surfaces of p-CdTe films
Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method thereof and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Chip scale packaging process
Method of singulating a batch of integrated circuit package units constructed on a single matrix base
Semiconductor apparatus, manufacturing method thereof and electronic apparatus
Hybrid device and a method of producing electrically active components by an assembly operation
Disposable spacers for improved array gapfill in high density DRAMs
Process to make a tall solder ball by placing a eutectic solder ball on top of a high lead solder ball
Method of making an electronic component, and an electronic component
Method of forming an integrated circuit package at a wafer level
Method of forming borderless contact
Substrate removal as a function of SIMS analysis
Method for buried plate formation in deep trench capacitors
Method for fabricating dynamic random access memory cell
Container capacitor structure and method of formation thereof
Method of severing a semiconductor wafer
Self-aligned silicide process for forming silicide layer over word lines in DRAM and transistors in logic circuit region
Method for providing dual work function doping and protective insulating cap
Semiconductor processing methods of forming integrated circuitry memory devices, methods of forming capacitor containers, methods of making electrical connection to circuit nodes and related integrated circuitry
Method for forming deep trench capacitor under a shallow trench isolation structure
Method of forming DRAM circuitry on a semiconductor substrate
Manufacturing method of a semiconductor device and a nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Method for manufacturing electronic devices comprising non-volatile memory cells and LV transistors with salicided junctions
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device containing a BiCMOS circuit
MOS transistor in a single-transistor memory cell having a locally thickened gate oxide, and production process
Process of manufacturing silicon-on-insulator chip having an isolation barrier for reliability
Semiconductor device mask and method for forming the same
Method to form MOS transistors with a common shallow trench isolation and interlevel dielectric gap fill
Methods of forming SOI insulator layers, methods of forming transistor devices, and semiconductor devices and assemblies
Method of preventing current leakage around a shallow trench isolation structure
Method to reduce trench cone formation in the fabrication of shallow trench isolations
Method for manufacturing trench isolation
Method of fabricating semiconductor device capable of providing MOSFET which is improved in a threshold voltage thereof
Method for fabricating an isolation trench applied in BiCMOS processes
Semiconductor device fabrication method
Fabrication method in improving ESD ability and vertical BJT gain
Planarization after metal chemical mechanical polishing in semiconductor wafer fabrication
Self-passivation procedure for a copper damascene structure
Damascene metal interconnects using highly directional deposition of barrier and/or seed layers including (III) filling metal
Low temperature reflow method for filling high aspect ratio contacts
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Methods of forming electrical contacts
Method for making an integrated circuit including deutrium annealing of metal interconnect layers
Method for combining logic circuit and capacitor
Method for making contact with a semiconductor layer and semiconductor structure having a plurality of layers
Method of manufacturing SRAM having enhanced cell ratio
Methods for forming assemblies
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of solder bumping a circuit component
Electrode modification using an unzippable polymer paste
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor apparatus and method for fabricating the same
Methods of forming field effect transistor gates, and methods of forming integrated circuitry
Fabrication of hybrid semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Structure and method for a high performance electronic packaging assembly
Methods for making circuit substrates and electrical assemblies
Advance metallization process
System and method to provide power to a sea of gates standard cell block from an overhead bump grid
Platinum-containing materials and catalysts
Method for forming an inter-layer dielectric layer
LED alignment points for semiconductor die
Method of doing ESD protective device ion implant without additional photo mask
Method of producing semiconductor integrated circuit device having switching MISFET and capacitor element including wiring therefor and method of producing such wiring
Method for fabricating an embedded flash memory cell
Method of fabricating a thin film transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
SOI device and method for fabricating the same
Method of fabricating film for solar cells
MG-doped high-temperature superconductor having the superconducting anisotropy and method for producing the superconductor
Lithium secondary battery
Rechargeable battery structure with metal substrate
Wound battery and method for making it
Electrolytic composition with polymer base for electrochemical generator
Electrode/current collector, laminates for an electrochemical device
Electrode and lithium secondary battery using this electrode
Metal-air cathode can having reduced corner and electrochemical cells made therewith
Fuel cell stack system and operating method
Electrode for fuel cell and a method for producing the electrode
Combined fuel cell flow plate and gas diffusion layer
Method for producing an electrode containing electrolyte-absorbed polymer particles
Electrical interconnect for a planar fuel cell
Fuel cell flow distributor design for improving durability and performance
Fuel cell system with hydrogen purification subsystem
Electroluminescent display screen for displaying fixed and segmented patterns, and method of manufacturing such an electroluminescent display screen
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew