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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and system of manufacturing artificial seed coats
Crop pickup with torsion bar flotation
Self-propelled harvesting machine with a front harvesting attachment that can be pivoted about a vertical axis
Landscape Edging
Flip-out function converter for tree-mounted frame apparatus used in arbor rigging procedures
Japanese knotweed injector system
Birdcage feeder
Garment hanger having clamp assemblies
Integral helmet
Device for suspending a foot within a shoe and shoes incorporating such devices
Attachable cosmetics case for a cellular phone
Apparatus for secure placement on a flat surface and a method thereof
Method and apparatus for dispensing a liquid beverage containing real milk solids
Holder for beverage containers
Systems and methods for controlling X-ray imaging systems
Occlusal splint
Electric wheelchair suspension
Equipment protecting enclosures
Systems and methods related to coupling an energy harvester to exercise equipment
Apportionment of pay out of casino dice game with escrow
Gaming system and method for offering simultaneous play of multiple games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Density current baffle for a clarifier tank
Method for configuring a handle used on a machine tool
Long wear side dams
Interior permanent magnet rotors with multiple properties and methods of making same
Automatic lathe
Method of manufacturing cylindrical body, friction stir welding method, and friction stir welding device
Broken die detect sensor
Production line
Self-contained hydraulically operated tool
Profile lifter for a nailer
Infeed apparatus for a sheet material article trimmer
In-ear monitors and methods of manufacturing
Single-walled carbon nanotubes/quantum dot hybrid structures and methods of making and use of the hybrid structures
Plate handling apparatus
Tire having a cavity for receiving an electronic detector
Tire for two-wheeled vehicle comprising an anti-vibration means
Vehicular air-conditioner providing a comfortable condition for a passenger
Method and apparatus to control hydraulic pressure in an electro-mechanical transmission
Guideway for a maglev vehicle
In-wheel motor system
Vehicular child or pet alarm
Tolling system and method using telecommunications
Vehicle and energy producing and storage system for a vehicle
Seat with airbag unit for vehicle
Extended inflatable coverage of inflatable curtains
Side air bag with a controlled opening of a pressure equalization chamber
Gas generator for air bag
Water-diverting windshield wiper blades
Parking mechanism for a transmission
Vehicle collision sensing system
Fuel supply unit
Robotic platform
Vehicle body cooling structure for motorcycle and motorcycle
Portable mooring system
Sterile filling machine having needle filling station and conveyor
Lightweight stackable horizontal dispensing container
Synthetic resin thin-walled bottle container with bottom heel
Method for providing a hinged guarantee closure, a hinged guarantee closure and container with a hinged guarantee closure
Collapsible box
Bulk shipping container having adjustable height, collapsible walls
Package including container and method of packing, with packing kit, container to provide package
Belt conveyor
Preform-supply device comprising a device for the selective removal of incorrectly-positioned longitudinal preforms
Slide ejector mechanism suitable for use in a laboratory instrument
Image forming apparatus
Feed roller, feed roller assembly, and sheet handling system
Image forming system and paper feeder thereof
Paper sheet accumulating/feeding apparatus
Paper stacking apparatus
Banknote conveyor
Elevator control device
Rig drawworks
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Vanadium-containing film forming compositions and vapor deposition of vanadium-containing films
Laminating magnetic cores for on-chip magnetic devices
Self-formation of high-density arrays of nanostructures
Textiles; Paper
Washer and washing cycle control method thereof
Article of laundry spreader and stacker
Fixed Constructions
Floor cleaning machine
Snow plow assembly with resilient snow plow blade mounting structure
Control system and control method for fluid pressure actuator and fluid pressure machine
Supporting device
Door hinge arrangement
Swing door operator
Quick connection device
Construction machine for foundation construction
Method for converting coal to biogenic methane
Oil recovery method employing amphoteric surfactants
Varying heating in dawsonite zones in hydrocarbon containing formations
System and method for processing and transmitting information from measurements made while drilling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Automatic tappet clearance adjusting device and method
Valve mechanism of engine
Oil control valve of a vehicle engine
Cylinder deactivation for an internal combustion engine
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Oil separator for an engine
Plasma generation provision, internal combustion engine and analysis provision
Cover structure for a cooling system component of an internal combustion engine, and engine incorporating same
Cooling system for a gas turbine
Self-actuating bleed valve for gas turbine engine
Tire pressure regulating system
Control device for high-pressure fuel system
Thermally compliant rivet connection for connecting turbine engine liner to convergent flap and seal for turbine nozzle
Aircraft propulsion system
Hydrocarbon adsorber for air induction systems
Fuel distribution pipe structure in multiple throttle body
Attachment for fuel injectors in direct injection fuel systems
Stamped airbag retention members and method of airbag assembly
Pressure controlled clutch peak torque limiter
Magnetic friction clutch
Intravenous fluid container stand
Adjustable screw foot for appliances
Seat slide device
Lighted mounting apparatus
Display device
Adjusting device
Air conditioner
Method for controlling multiple compressors according to a matrix
Cable drive mechanism for self tuning refrigeration gas expander
Method of fully freezing ice and refrigerator using the same
Liquefying and storing a gas
Firing pin and valve assembly
Increase in dynamics in color-coded triangulation
Cantilever free-decay measurement system with coherent averaging
Scanner for probe microscopy
Test structures and methods for measuring silicon thickness in fully depleted silicon-on-insulator technologies
Line leveling tool and method of use
Exhaust volume measurement device
Weight balancing type dynamic yawing simulator
Test apparatus
AC power monitoring and parameter determination
Relay system and relay device
Communication device, communication method, and a computer-readable recording medium
Projection type display apparatus and lighting device
Display device
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Omni-directional lens in sundials and solar compasses
Wireless access control system and methods for intelligent door lock system
Method, apparatus, system for centering in a high performance interconnect
Electronic apparatus with cover panel
Image processing apparatus that facilitates restoration from protection mode of included hard disk drive, method for controlling image processing apparatus, and storage medium
Distributed storage network and method for communicating data across a plurality of parallel wireless data streams
Election and use of configuration manager
Dynamically adjusting network parameters using weather forecasts
Preventing modification of an email
Automated throttling of website polling
Dynamic group and event update method in phone based impromptu meet-up app
Mobile itinerant software agent carrying itinerary and data within
Pausing interactive sessions
System and method for optimized content synchronization for mobile devices
Method and apparatus of providing broadcasting and communication convergence service
Dynamically managing a system of servers
Role assignment for servers in a high performance computing system based on measured performance characteristics
Device and session identification
Network connection status detection system and method thereof
Communication terminal, communication management system, communication management method, recording medium storing communication management program
Interface apparatus and method for providing interaction of a user with network entities
Methods for predicting age-or developmental stage-appropriate foods for children
Knowledge-based editor with natural language interface
Collaborative platform for data dynamics interpretation
Component information and auxiliary information related to information management
Bluesalt security
Document event notifications based on document access control lists
Display device capable of clock synchronization recovery
Display device and display device driver
Electronic device, information processing method and information display method
Mobile terminal and screen composition method for controlling the display of a screen output based on a state and environment in which the mobile terminal is operating
Device control system and device control method for managing remote conference
Image processing apparatus and image processing apparatus control method
Decision making in an elastic interface environment
Transmission and presentation of private content in electronic messages
Device, information processing system, and information processing method
Electronic circuit of a microprocessor proximity document and a proximity document
RFID tag for a package of tablets
Card reader and writer
Device for reading a barcode
Electronic apparatus and method for symbol input
Fossil recognition apparatus, systems, and methods
Methods and systems for automated selection of regions of an image for secondary finishing and generation of mask image of same
Material recognition for object identification
Portable optical reader, optical reading method using the portable optical reader, and computer program
Method and system for feature extraction and decision making from series of images
System and method for counting zooplankton
System and method of adjusting the color of image objects based on chained reference points, gradient characterization, and pre-stored indicators of environmental lighting conditions
Super-resolution of dynamic scenes using sampling rate diversity
Selective brightness control in photography
Device and method for motion estimation and compensation
Adaptive cataclysms in genetic algorithms
Method and apparatus to perform real-time audience estimation and commercial selection suitable for targeted advertising
E-Business value web
Search engine system, method, and device
Digital wallet
Adaptive content rendering
Retail system and computer-implemented method for designing a customization of a product
System for incentivizing charitable giving based on physical activity and a method of using the same
Compact font hinting
External validation of graphics pipelines
Method, apparatus and computer program product for alignment of images
Foreground and background detection in a video
Endoscopic image processing system having means which generate geometric measurement information in the detection range of an optical digital camera
Data processing apparatus for vehicle
Environmentally adaptive olfactory generation
Video poker game with player hand disqualification
Lost child search system, recording medium, and lost child search method
Real-time alarm system for field safety management and driving method thereof
Flame detector for monitoring a region adjacent to bodies of water and taking into consideration a degree of polarization present in the received light for the activation of a fire alarm
Systems and methods for monitoring conditions
Method and mobile communication terminal for estimating battery consumption state
Floor covering item for detecting droppages
Informing first responders based on incident detection, and automatic reporting of individual location and equipment state
Pressure wave transmission apparatus for data communication in a liquid comprising a plurality of rotors, pressure wave receiving apparatus comprising a waveform correlation process, pressure wave communication system and program product
Obstacle alert device
System and method for providing group learning via computerized student group assignments conducted based on student attributes and student-variable-related criteria
Sign holder device
Banner stand assembly
Holder for handicap permit
Display pixel structures and method of operating same
Interface circuit and display device
Data driver and display apparatus including the same
Digital gamma correction part, display apparatus having the same and method of driving display panel using the same
Display apparatus and display apparatus control circuit
Backlight liquid crystal display device supplied with varying gradation voltages at frequencies corresponding to the video signal frequency
Amplifier circuit applied to display apparatus
Device and method for reducing power consumption in display devices
Vehicle display system with transparent display layer
Multifunctional digital musical instrument
Concatenation cost in speech synthesis for acoustic unit sequential pair using hash table and default concatenation cost
Device and method data for embedding data upon a prediction coding of a multi-channel signal
System and method for improved audio consistency
Earset and control method for the same
Top cover and disk drive apparatus
Dynamically adjusting read voltage in a NAND flash memory
Programmable devices with current-facilitated migration and fabrication methods
Semiconductor memory device
Casimir effect memory cell
Dynamic application of error correction code (ECC) based on error type
Efficient calibration of memory devices
High dielectric insulated coax cable for sensitive impedance monitoring
Coaxial cable
Systems and methods for applying metallic laminates to cables
Tube and conductor set
Jacketed torque balanced electromechanical cable
Static apparatus
Power supply system, power transmission device, power receiving device, method for controlling power transmission device, method for controlling power receiving device, and program
Superconducting coil device with continuous current switch and method for switching
Free-standing hybrid nanomembrane as energy storage electrode and the fabrication method thereof
Production method for tungsten anode body
State and operation indicator for a switch
Coaxial connector with switch
Method for analysis of sample and apparatus therefor
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Support for long channel length nanowire transistors
Chemoepitaxy-based directed self assembly process with tone inversion for unidirectional wiring
Method of manufacturing silicon carbide semiconductor device by using protective films to activate dopants in the silicon carbide semiconductor device
Method of fabricating two-dimensional layered chalcogenide film
Semiconductor structure and method for manufacturing the same
Via and chamfer control for advanced interconnects
Method for forming interconnects
Integrated circuit containing standard logic cells and library-compatible, NCEM-enabled fill cells, including at least via-open-configured, GATE-short-configured, GATECNT-short-configured, and metal-short-configured, NCEM-enabled fill cells
Manufacturing method of array substrate
Device for measuring undulation of brake disc in railway wheel with brake discs
Substrate transfer robot with chamber and substrate monitoring capability
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Carbon-doped cap for a raised active semiconductor region
Etch stop in a dep-etch-dep process
Method of forming a flexible semiconductor layer and devices on a flexible carrier
Field effect transistors having multiple effective work functions
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device security
Methods and devices for back end of line via formation
Semiconductor structures having low resistance paths throughout a wafer
Method for producing optoelectronic semiconductor components and optoelectronic semiconductor component
Vanadium-containing film forming compositions and vapor deposition of vanadium-containing films
Display apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Radiation detector with diffusion stop layer
Dual epitaxy CMOS processing using selective nitride formation for reduced gate pitch
Semiconductor device including semiconductor substrate, silicon carbide semiconductor layer, unit cells, source, and gate
Methods of forming defect-free SRB onto lattice-mismatched substrates and defect-free fins on insulators
Wide band gap semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
On-chip semiconductor device having enhanced variability
Semiconductor device having field plate structures and gate electrode structures between the field plate structures
Multi-gate FinFET semiconductor device with flexible design width
High frequency semiconductor device
Semiconductor-on-insulator (SOI) lateral heterojunction bipolar transistor having an epitaxially grown base
Semiconductor devices and structures
Semiconductor memory device including memory cell which includes transistor and capacitor
Solar cell with anti-reflection structure and method for fabricating the same
Back contact having selenium blocking layer for photovoltaic devices such as copper-indium-diselenide solar cells
Optoelectronic semiconductor component having an electrically insulating element
Solar cell apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Photodetector and methods of manufacture
Light-emitting device manufacturing method
Air pressure sensor
Conductive bridging memory device
Microstructured crystalline device in confined space, a dye-sensitized solar cell, and method of preparation thereof
Self-assembly of nanostructures
Organic light emitting display device
Semiconducting polymer and organic electroluminescence device thereof
Lithium ion secondary battery
Secondary cell using hydroxide-ion-conductive ceramic separator
Rechargeable battery
Anion exchange electrolyte membrane, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell including the same, and fuel cell including the same
Lighting device
Hybrid on-chip and package antenna
Antenna structure and wireless communication device using the same
Antenna and the manufacturing method thereof
Terahertz-gigahertz system housing capable of minimizing interference and noise
High gain antenna structure for beam scanning
Directional-antenna-placement visual aid and method
Millimeter (mm) wave switched beam antenna system
Antenna device and antenna system
Monocone antenna
High-speed electrical connector
Multi-purpose conduit plate
Multi connector, wiring method thereof and display apparatus having the same
Track having a backing plate with a plurality of slots with a plurality of open regions
Electronic device connectable to external device and method for connecting the same
Tube hydroforming of jointless USB stainless steel shell
Method of making lithographic contact elements
Tool-less coaxial cable connector
Mobile terminal and method for controlling charging and charger therefor
Systems, devices, and/or methods for balancing a rotating electric device
Conductive wire unit and generator with closed magnetic path
Electrodynamic actuator
Vibration electricity generation device
Motor including brackets and fixing members
Power control circuit having an error prevention function
Detection circuit and three-phase AC-to-AC power converting apparatus incorporating the same
T-shaped power amplifier cooling plate
Dual-band low noise amplifier
Boosting amplifier gain without clipping signal envelope
Digital amplitude modulation device and digital amplitude modulation control method
Electronic preamplifier system
Three-dimensional wire bond inductor
Surface acoustic wave device having matrices of combinable selectable electrode sub-elements
Semiconductor switch
Analog-to-digital converting device and method of operating analog-to-digital converting device
Low noise amplifier and notch filter
Radio receiver with local oscillator modulation
Apparatus and method for interference signal cancellation of central station
Radio reception circuit, radio reception method, and radio reception program
User apparatus and interference reduction process method
Body coupled communication devices and systems as well as a design tool and method for designing the same
Wireless transmission system and signal transmission method
Wireless connectors
Distribution control system, distribution control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Apparatus and method for providing synchronized data by using visible light communication
Wavelength tuning of Fabry-Perot lasers in spectrum-sliced optical links
Multimode optical transmission system and method employing HOM-filter fiber
Using multiple frequency bands with beamforming assistance in a wireless network
Device, terminal, method and storage medium for improving radio frequency link receiving and transmitting performance
Methods and apparatuses for advanced receiver design
Optimal electric field coupling techniques for human body communication (HBC)
System for wireless power transmission and reception
Wireless terminal, method therein, computer program and computer-readable storage medium
Method and related device for indicating and identifying physical resource block PRB
Apparatus and method for registering and de-registering optical network unit (ONU) by using plurality of sub-channels in optical communications network
Link speed fluctuation reduction
Communication management apparatus, program, communication management method, and communication management system
Node-pair process scope definition and scope selection computation
Non-parametric change point detection
Selection of message passing collectives in presence of system noise
Downstream external physical interface transport in DOCSIS 3.1 network environments
Method and apparatus for rapid rerouting of LDP packets
Virtual resource object component
Communication system with I/Q imbalance adjustment mechanism and method of operation thereof
Password encode card system and method
Event analytics for determining role-based access
Automatically altering and encrypting passwords in systems
Apparatus and method for setting disposition with respect to document share
Systems and methods for detecting and preventing cyber-threats
Secure user authentication in a dynamic network
Automatically generating web conference recording bookmarks based on user analytics
Upstream contention measurement reporting and mitigation in DOCSIS remote PHY network environments
Device, method, mobile station, and digital storage medium
Methods and devices for detecting control signaling and implementing control signaling detection
Systems and methods for signaling reference configurations
Device and method for re-signing application package, and terminal device for running application package
Automated voice-to-reporting/management system and method for voice call-ins of events/crimes
Trading exchange for local data services
Context determination using access points in transportation and other scenarios
System and method of intelligent call routing for cross sell offer selection based on optimization parameters or account-level data
Methods and systems for blocking unwanted communications
Network system for resolving image-forming-apparatus firmware and application version conflicts
Operating information storing system, operating information storing method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium storing an operating information storing method for storing information from volatile memory to non-volatile memory
Information conveying method and system
Image forming apparatus
Transmitting apparatus, transmitting method, receiving apparatus and receiving method for transmission and reception of image data for stereoscopic display using multiview configuration and container with predetermined format
Projection mapping video pipeline
Image coding apparatus
Device and method for scalable coding of video information
Media return system
Radial distortion parameter acquiring method and apparatus
Focus assist system and method
Displaying portions of a video image at a display matrix
Client-side multimedia content targeting system
System and method for capturing and processing a live event
Sound source selection for aural interest
Video coder providing implicit coefficient prediction and scan adaptation for image coding and intra coding of video
Discharge lamp driving device, projector, and discharge lamp driving method
AV timing measurement and correction for digital television
Method for generating post-produced video from an original video
Armband-type earphone
Multi-functional earphone device
Condenser microphone unit
Housing of electronic device and speaker
Sensory signal output device
System and method of using dual subscriber identification modules for advertising
Licensed shared access spectrum allocation
Apparatus, system, and method for inhibiting operation of mobile devices within a zone
Method and system for location determination and navigation using textual information
Method and system for data flow management of user equipment in a tunneling packet data network
System and method to assign an internet protocol address to a mobile device during a handoff
Method and apparatus for mobile terminal mobility
Mobile device pairing
Short-range wireless networks
Image forming apparatus including control on near field communication
Method of controlling connection between nodes in digital interface
Method for reporting denied connection in wireless communication system and apparatus supporting same
Latency mitigation
Control device, control method, and communication system
User terminal, radio base station and communication control method
Detection of wireless power transmitters
Protocols for facilitating broader access in wireless communications
Communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for obtaining information related to beacon transmission in wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for power saving operations in wireless network elements
Antenna structures and methods thereof that have disparate operating frequency ranges
Uplink detection-based processing method, network device, and terminal
Method and apparatus for uplink interference avoidance in case of timing advance group reconfiguration
Communication control apparatus, base station apparatus, and communication control method
Scheduling communication resources
Goggle with easily interchangeable lens that is adaptable for heating to prevent fogging
Light source substrate, display apparatus, and light source substrate inspection method
RGBW controller
Apparatus real time control and navigation system using networked illuminated signs improving safety and reducing response time of first responders
Power converter controller with input current slope adjustment
Near field communication devices, methods and systems
Integrated occupancy and ambient light sensors
Photoelectric switch
Printed circuit board edge connector
Circuit board with thermal control
Printed circuit board
Mobile terminal
Cooling system for electronic device storing apparatus and cooling system for electronic device storing building
Heat dissipating module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Laundry bag
Portable karaoke system
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Digital audio disc player for an automobile
Headphone with audio source and pulse meter
Vehicle audio player
Processor-based system
Portable computer
Discreet audio-video balun
Intercommunication system
Telecommunications module
Driver interface unit
Portion of a handset
Portion of a handset
Reciprocating pump
Handle and motor housing for a mixer
Large row crop tractor hood
Large row crop tractor hood
Particle collector lid
Portable vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner canister body
Cleaning device
Handle mounted control module of a vacuum cleaner
Filter cup assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Door shelf
Ohmic clip
Container for metal coil
Digital camera
Digital camera
Digital camera
Vertical digital projector
Video presenter
Glasses with gaskets around eye apertures
Wire frame spectacles
Illuminated multiple-heart zippered binder
Scrap book cover
Color coordinator
Cookbook cover
Portion of an organizer cup
Pen with cap and body
Battery operated pencil sharpener
Display sign and base
Advertising column
Scooter frame
Toy airplane
Playset for use with modeling compound
Manipulable puzzle cube
Tabletop game with a shelf
Cambering vehicle having a trellis design
Telescopic safety spotter support for barbells
Golf putter head portion
Adjustable dumbbell holder stand
Floating board
Exercise apparatus
Volcano climber
Hockey goal tender
Game ball
Gymnastic table
Billiard ball
Adjustable barbell safety spotter bar stand
Telescopic safety spotter for barbells
Golf putter head
Touch-screen interactive multimedia display
Knife handle
Rotating fishing flasher
Mechanical fishing lure
Nozzle for dispensing fluids
Spraying head
Airless electric spray gun
Faucet handle
Inset plug-on with knockout retainer
Pipe coupling
Exterior unit for an air conditioner
Window type airconditioner
Portable air purifier
Air freshener device
Ceiling fan housing
Fluid delivery device
Cover tile
Blood glucose meter
Vial access device
Slip-fit handle for hand held surgical instruments
Shell for an ankle brace
Foot washer for triathletes
Sponge massager
Tongue and groove system
Tree grate portion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion 8683 and 8684
Fence post coupling device
Footing platform assembly for working
Candle cover
Candle cover
Hand-belt, versatile utility clip, compass and flashlight
Light-emitting diode lamp
Combination lamp for an automobile
Solar powered light
Light pole
Automobile light
Automobile light
Cosmetic block
Tanning module
Massage rod
Hair trimming device
Pedicure basin
Lighted hair extension
Inhalation device
Bitless rein assembly
Human Necessities
Seeding apparatus
Edging and trimming assembly for lawn mower
Adjustable debris shield for a hand-held power trimmer
Elongate barrier system for use with lawn mower decks
Dispenser for maintaining length of flexible line extending from a spool
Cutting implement having anti-blowout lip and extension
System for harvesting seed from a coniferous tree
Vinous crop harvesting apparatus and method
Spring system for feeder rollers in forage harvesters
Lawn edging strip with improved end connectors
Wood gathering and compaction vehicle
Plant growing system
Perforated Gerbera flower cup
Plant growing system to maximize transplant yield
Verbena plant named `Bodcomcar`
Miniature rose plant named `POULra028`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop Mandarin`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Honey Yograceland`
Portulaca plant named `Yubi Primrose`
Floribunda rose plant named `JACmouse`
Petunia plant named `Bodtruwhi`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Managua Orange`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `JACurnam`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orinoco Yellow`
Argyranthemum plant named `Danaranblush`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Verburch`
Helenium plant named `Helbro`
Scaevola plant named `Balscavbon`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Padmos Time Pink`
Calibrachoa plant named `Kiecasal`
Begonia plant named `Gum Drop White`
Calibrachoa plant named `Wescadarkblue`
Milking system
Automated carrier-based pest control system
Electrode separator for deer repellent device
Feed box for breeding poultry
Automated feeder
Automatic animal feeder
Automatic distributor of fish food for aquariums
Large mesh commercial fishing netting and method of manufacture
Fish hook
Fish attractant dispenser
Sound transmitting device for a fishing lure
Breakable link
Hoof guard
Mosquito trapping apparatus utilizing cooled carbon dioxide
Barrier against crawling arthropods
Portable hunting blind
Bread maker
Smoking material
Device for conditioning comminuted tobacco material
Smoking articles with reduced ignition proclivity characteristics
High surface area micro-porous fibers from polymer solutions
Cigarette filter
Support padding for use on a human joint
Brassiere and a method of manufacturing two seamless circular knit double layer brassieres from a single blank
Double-face velour fabric articles having improved dynamic insulation performance
Magnetic work glove
Ankle strengthening therapeutic device and method
Cooling futon
Variable-rigidity sports boot
Articulated reinforcement structure and footwear provided with such a structure
Method for the production of fitted footwear
Shoe with lace tightening assembly
Loop latch
Jewelry chain link with faceted sides
Necklace and method of manufacture
Protecting structure for a button of an auto-umbrella
Bag system
Connector device for sealing and dispensing freeze-dried preparations
Apparatus and method for ergonomic basic chiropody
Universal tool handle configured for various extension pole connectors
Brush correcting device for toothbrush
Cylindrical hair brush cleaner
Cosmetic brush for applying eyeliner to the lashline
Collapsible portable folding table with folding legs
Hide away desk
Elevating bed
Folding bed
Baby support assembly and a method for forming a baby support assembly
Method of containing a pot or floral grouping in a sleeve having expandable sidewalls
System for preparing hot beverages in automatic vending machines
Structure for warming cups in a coffee maker
Arrangement for producing a brewed beverage, in particular coffee
Machine for American style coffee for use on aircraft
Cover sheet for rotisserie burners
Steamer/smoker grilling device for fowl
Mop bucket with wheels and wheel covers
Plunger appliance for toilets
Portable venting commode
Urinal or toilet facility apparatus
Sliding window cleaning tool
Appendage for a robot
Water-feed configuration for household appliances
Quiet central vacuum power unit
Multiple functional vacuum cleaner
V-belt driven vacuum cleaner brushroll
Measuring system for the control of residual dust in safety vacuum cleaners
Air flow structure for an upright-type vacuum cleaner
Versatile vacuum cleaner
Method of making a flexible elongate member
Toothbrush cover
Power toothbrush
Apnea prevention gear
Oil bubble heat convection controllable bottle device
Bed siderail apparatus
Device for artificial respiration without the aid of masks, particularly for neonates and premature infants
Stabilized aspirin compositions and method of preparation for oral and topical use
Method and pharmaceutical composition for iron delivery in hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients
Diagnostic method for diabetes using C-13 labeled pyruvic acid
Breath actuated dry powder inhaler
Tracheotomy stoma covering device
Moldable scented face mask
Method and apparatus for treating breathing gases
Combination mouthpiece for inhalation therapy devices used by oxygen dependent patients
Rebar anchorage system for horizontal lifeline
Rebar stanchion horizontal lifeline fall arrest system
Door actuator for cooling a fire door
Golf shaft alteration technique
Method of golf putter fitting
Quick release ski pole and strap system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water collection and dispensing machine
Rapid transfer port
Non-mechanical valves for fluidic systems
Liquid sampling pipette with adjustable ejector
Low solar absorbing nonskid composition and applied configuration for a flight deck
Paint brush cleaning device
Apparatus and method for drying washed objects
Factory interface particle removal platform
Method for preadjusting and controlling the strip planarity in flexible single-pass and reversing rolling of a strip-shaped material web
Method and apparatus for producing tubes and hollow shafts
Frame straightening apparatus
System and method for bulge forming a blank into an article including shaped portions
Die rule retention device and retaining board incorporating same
Reinforcement device
Full form roll finishing technique
Method for manufacturing a hollow rack shaft
Method and device for adjusting one or more roll segments in a continuous casting installation for casting metals, especially for steel materials
Method for filling a mold
Two tiered linear mold handling systems
Method for controlling ladle motion to reduce aluminum oxide formation
Die casting process incorporating iterative process parameter adjustments
Automatic lathe and method of controlling same
Bearing reinforcement in light metal housing
Adjustment device for a compound miter saw
Apparatus for guiding the saw band of a band saw machine
Method for removing a seal
Outer and inner cowl-wire wrap to one piece cowl conversion
Air to oil intensifier
Temperature control device of liquid cooling device
Ratchet wrench that may prevent jamming during operation
Electrician's wrench
Kickoff socket
Tool bit drive adaptor
Interposer extraction tool
Combustion mechanism for generating a flame jet
Multipurpose handheld implement
Knife arrangement for a granulator for granulating plastic ropes
Wood-gluing and clamping system
Building boards, manufacturing apparatus and prefoamed plastics
Method for manufacturing a core mold for foam-molding and the core mold
Sealing appliance
Master processing apparatus with ejector mechanism
Printing form and process for producing the printing form
Method of printing variable information
Intaglio printer
Device for registering the position of a rotor part in a transport system
Offset printing machine
Rotary press to print patterns on a support strip
Devices for pressing a blanket on a cylinder
Process and device for determining the position of a printed paper web
Method for continuously checking the production of security printing machines, application of said method and device for performing the method
Cotton swab line marking means
Fabric printing system and method utilizing a removable/reusable fabric backing
Carrying sleeve for printing and transfer forms and a process for production of such a carrying sleeve
Flexible tubular printing blanket
Real-time intelligent packet-collation systems and methods
Automatic metal printer
Tire with removable studs
Pneumatic tires
Run flat tire support and colorant therefor
Tire with multiple carcass reinforcement plies having beads of specified structure
Tire pressure adjusting device
Method and apparatus for setting a helical compression spring
Suspended drive axle and agricultural tractor with same
Thermoelectrically controlled blower
Structure for cooling power drive unit for automobile
Pressure control valve for fuel tank
Tank refueling shutoff valve and vent system
Hydrostatic transmission with internal fluid expansion chamber
Torque transfer clutch with ball screw actuator
Integrated twin pull electronic torque management axle
Electromechanical park pawl for electric vehicle transmissions
Riderless stabilization of a balancing transporter
Domestic hot water distribution and resource conservation system
Grommet with resin inner sleeve for fixation of connector and method of installing the grommet
Gas conduit pipe
Steering column lock for motor vehicles
Assembly method for vehicle anti-theft key with resistor
Connecting piece for connecting a wiper blade with a wiper arm
Method for production of a windscreen wiper arm with a U-profile cross-section and the corresponding device
Windshield wiper and windshield heating combination device
Washer for canopy/cab truck windows
Park-brake monitoring-system for a vehicle
Car body and a method for producing a beam
Dynamic damping device for steering system
Multiwheeled modular rigid frame vehicle
Electric power steering device
Steering damper
Control unit for power steering apparatus and steering-wheel-angle correcting system
Arrangement structure of the engine auxiliary equipment in vehicles such as a motorcycle
Mechanical transmission
Motorized directionally steerable trailer tongue jack
Liquid filling control method for multiple tanks
Personal watercraft
Launch and recovery system for unmanned underwater vehicles
Recessed shower receptacle
Cockpit systems and methods for kayaks
Ullage meter for a tank of compressed gas at elevated temperature
Winged sailing craft
Sponson tow plate-mounted helicopter armament apparatus and associated methods
Single piece flow based wing assembly system
Machine and method for bagging elongated produce
Food container cleaner apparatus and method
System and method for continuously forming, sealing and filling flexible packages
Compact rotating stage
Dumb waiter elevating and lowering platform device
Mechanism for providing motion and force while maintaining parallelism between a base structure and a movable structure
Cork remover
Method and machine for on-line treating and/or processing containers
Safety stirrup
Force detector
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dispensing apparatus for delivering controlled amounts of water soluble material to a process stream
Bushing assembly/support structure arrangement
Cladding-pumped optical fiber and methods for fabricating
Method of making an optical fiber preform where a second elongation is based on a mark on a glass rod
Method for pregobbing an optical fiber preform and system producing optical fiber therefrom
Roll coating of glass fibers
Phosphate investment compositions and methods of use thereof
Method for increasing the wear-resistance of a work piece
Gas generating composition
Burning nitrous oxide and a fuel
Method and apparatus for acidizing a subterranean well formation for improving hydrocarbon production
Electrical coupling between chamber parts in electronic device processing equipment
Plasma deposition device for forming thin film
Plasma CVD apparatus for large area CVD film
Method for the production of inorganic fiber-reinforced metal matrix composite wires
Textiles; Paper
Antimicrobial cut-resistant composite yarn and garments knitted or woven therefrom
Weft knitted spacer fabrics
Method and tube for lining a high pressure pipe
Apparatus for needling at least one yarn
Hosiery toe closing apparatus and method
Apparatus for finishing pieces cut from a length of textile material, particularly for closing the leading edge of a tubular piece
Sewing apparatus and needle bar position control program therefor
Dryer having a filter sensing system
Trough mangle
Method and device changing the vapor pressure inside the paper web in calendering
Method and apparatus for the calibration of fiber stock consistency sensors
Fixed Constructions
Return check valve
Emergency backflow system
Emergency toilet shutoff assembly
Structure formed of foaming cement and lightweight steel, and a structure system and method of forming the structure system
Protector sleeve for wires and pipes in wood frame construction
Method for forming an enclosure
Boxable drywall corner bead
Suspended ceiling/raised floor connection system
Anchoring device
Wall opening fall protection support brackets
Safety anchor
Scaffold pick-up device
Erectable, collapsible shelter
Vacuum surge suppressor for pool safety valve
Secure public storage lockers
Motor vehicle door lock with a lock unit and a control unit which are separate from one another
Security device, method of manufacturing the same, and method of operating the same
Low-bulkiness single-pin hinge with multiple adjustment for furniture
Elastic hinge for a notebook computer
System for assembling a mobile element in a housing
Vehicular power window safety device
Detection of obstruction of doors
Cable drive garage door opener
Vehicle window regulator having angled sprockets
Door viewer plug
Universal hurricane shutters and method of fitting
Secondary physical/visual barrier
Wood interior screen for out-swinging wood window
Adjustable leveling stepladder
Deformable gravel pack and method of forming
Tubular filling system
Method and apparatus for heating drilling and/or completion fluids entering or leaving a well bore during oil and gas exploration and production
Labyrinth lock seal for hydrostatically set packer
Inflatable packing element
BOP operating system with quick dump valve
Swivel and eccentric weight to orient a roller sub
Downhole tool deployment safety system and methods
Surface pump assembly
Fluid flow measuring device and method of manufacturing thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and apparatus for generating kinetic energy from thermal energy
Balanced barrel-cam internal-combustion engine
Multiple impingement cooled structure
Internal combustion engine operating on spark-ignitable fuel
Cam system capable of small discrete angular cam positions relative to a rotatable shaft
Valve stroke control for internal combustion engines of motor vehicles
Method to reduce rotational oscillation of a vane style phaser with a center mounted spool valve
Variable valve timing apparatus
Variable valve timing control apparatus
Spherical rotary intake valve for spherical rotary valve engine assembly
Pressure reservoir for exerting pressure on a hydraulic system, with which preferably a gas exchange valve of an internal combustion engine is actuated
Method of employing instrumentation to efficiently modify a lubricant's flow rate or properties in an operating all-loss lubricating system
Complete fluid exchange system for automatic transmissions
Closed crankcase ventilation system with flow meter for monitoring engine operation
Method for performing a functional diagnosis on a ventilation system of a crankcase of an internal combustion engine
Method for NOx adsorber desulfation in a multi-path exhaust system
Hydrogen fueled spark ignition engine
System and method for purging a hydrocarbon trap
Device for producing an overtone-rich sporty exhaust sound
Compact heat exchanger for a compact cooling system
Charge air conditioning system with integral intercooling
Manually guided implement
Variable compression ratio engine
Dual fuel power generation system
Gas turbine
Control of gas turbine combustion temperature by compressor bleed air
Rotational position sensor, and electrically operated throttle device and accelerator position sensor using the same
Engine brake control pressure strategy
Control method for internal combustion engine
Control system of internal combustion engine
Control system and method for turbocharged throttled engine
Apparatus and method for controlling internal combustion engine
Failure diagnosis apparatus for exhaust gas recirculation system
Method and device for controlling the fuel quantity injected into an internal combustion engine, in particular a diesel engine equipped with a common rail injection system
Throttle valve control apparatus
Power stroke engine
Stirling engine
Cooled variable geometry exhaust nozzle
Method and apparatus for installing aft insulation in rocket motor case
Vacuum generating method and device including a charge valve and electronic control
Fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Automatic engine priming system for rotary mowers
Ignition device for internal combustion engine
Axial piston engine
Compressor head, internal discriminator, external discriminator, manifold design for refrigerant recovery apparatus and vacuum sensor
Ejector having throttle variable nozzle and ejector cycle using the same
Servo circuit for use with air pressure actuator capable of improving speed control performance
Method of sharing flow of fluid among multiple hydraulic functions in a velocity based control system
Low leak boom control check valve
Linear motion guide bearing device and ball screw device
Shifting device for a transmission comprising two layshafts
Driving force transmitting clutch device
Inspection method of continuously variable transmission belt
Fluid transmission system with lock-up clutch
Method and arrangement for determining a driver command
Corrective control system and method for liquid pressure control apparatus in automatic transmission
Power transmission system
Method for determination of characteristics of a transmission
Rotary disc valve
In-line vacuum breaker
Pressure control valve for fuel tank
Single flanged end ball valve of unitary construction
Multiport valve
Half-tube seal adapter coupling for beverage systems
Self-compensating hose coupling
Automated condensation drain system
Magnetic pulse welder pressure canister
Composite reinforced gas transport module
Gas distribution system
Chemical injection system and method
Circulating fluidized bed reactor device
Refrigeration device
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of air conditioner
Solid-state thermionic refrigeration
Refrigerant processing apparatus for collected equipment, and oil separator
Sterling refrigerating system and cooling device
Refrigerator and method of controlling the same
Mullion shelf assembly
Sealed system multiple speed compressor and fan control
Cryogenic air separation system with enhanced liquid capacity
Fuel cell systems with evaporative cooling and methods for humidifying and adjusting the temperature of the reactant streams
Heat exchanger assembly with enhanced heat transfer characteristics
Heat exchanger with reduced fouling
High performance cooling device with heat spreader
Paintball marker with body rearview electronic display
Fixed style of rifle buttstock for carbines and rifles
Semi permanent backup iron sight
Accessory mounts for firearms
Arrangement for protecting the crew of a military vehicle from mine explosion consequences
Kinetic energy rod warhead with optimal penetrators
System and method for estimating performance of a closed cycle thermal propulsion system
Support vessel for self-burying mines
Initiator with a bridgewire configured in an enhanced heat-sinking relationship
Sabot-launched delivery apparatus for non-lethal payload
Pyrotechnic projectile launcher
Industrial ammunition
Percussion fuse (ignition device)
Method and apparatus for detecting topographical features of microelectronic substrates
Level system
Device for measuring the mass of a flowing medium in an intake tube
Apparatus and method for thermal management of a mass flow controller
Sprinkler performance evaluation catch cup including ground piercing support legs
Device for determining the filling level of a filling material in a container
Device for measuring the flow of a gas or a liquid in a bypass
Tire testing device incorporating a pressure sensor, temperature sensor and oxygen sensor
Self-retaining pressure sensor assembly having notched seal retention flange
Threadless knock sensor
Acceleration sensor
Measurement of torsional dynamics of rotating shafts using magnetostrictive sensors
Method and apparatus for determining the unbalance of a rotating body
Device for measuring the uniformity of a vehicle tire
Method of measuring vacuum pressure in sealed vials
Method for vibration analysis
Process for determining changes in liquid media, in particular coating agents under shear stress
Device and method for measuring a diffusion coefficient of nano-particle fluid through hollow-fiber micropores
Adaptable filter sampling device
Clean room fire simulation
Wiper and brush device for cleaning water quality sensors
Method for measuring flow within an open tube
Method and device for vaporization injection
Method and device for monitoring moisture content of an immersed solid dielectric material
Method of monitoring evaporation rate of source material in a container
Method and apparatus for measuring acceleration using a fiber optic accelerometer
Device for measuring the running parameters of a bicycle
Method and apparatus for the ultrasonic actuation of the cantilever of a probe-based instrument
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing instant photography film unit
Valve, especially a pressure control valve
Fluid pressure regulator
Method and system for forming RF reflective pathways
System and method for enhanced fraud detection in automated electronic credit card processing
Convertible multi-position panel display system
Dial indicator cap
Integral post sleeve and sign
Reach arm for mail signal apparatus
Method for assembling, magnetic tape cartridge
Method and device for determining in-process characteristics of fabricated magnetic heads
Method of manufacturing a lead overlay bottom spin valve with improved side reading
Apparatus for assembling components
Method of producing suspended elements for electrical connection between two portions of a micromechanism which can move relative to one another
Integrated circuit inductors
2nd anode button for cathode ray tube
Sample holder and auxiliary apparatus
Semiconductor packages and methods for making the same
Method for molding a polymer surface that reduces particle generation and surface adhesion forces while maintaining a high heat transfer coefficient
Overmolded electronic package including circuit-carrying substrate
Electronic device
Integrated heat dissipation apparatus
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
Wire presentation device for power splice terminal
Coaxial cable cutting tool
Integrated balun and transformer structures
Thin-wall drum for external drum imaging system
Method and apparatus for reducing visibility of damping wires in aperture grill display tubes
Flat panel sound radiator with fire protective back box
Grip tip of gripper for parts having different shape in surface mount device
Electronic component mounting method
Method for manufacturing a multilayer printed circuit board
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