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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tissue preservation method comprising contacting tissue with a solution of nanobubbles and salt
Gel compositions for control of ecto-parasites
Compounds and methods to enhance rAAV transduction
Crystalline solid rasagiline base
Isolated PTPMT1 protein which mediates insulin production and uses thereof
Non-nucleotide compositions and method for treating pain
Mint composition
Method to assess surfactant adsorption on skin
Apparatus and method for detecting bacterial growth beneath a wound dressing
Method for producing a water-alcohol solution and products based thereon
Paclitaxel enhancer compound
Acute pharmacologic augmentation of psychotherapy with enhancers of learning or conditioning
Sulfonamide-thiazolpyridine derivatives as glucokinase activators useful the treatment of Type 2 diabetes
Pyridine derivatives
Biaryl nitrogen-heterocycle inhibitors of LTA4H for treating inflammation
Substituted imidazo[1,2b]pyridazines as kinase inhibitors, their preparation and use as medicaments
Alpha-ketoamides and derivatives thereof
Heterotricyclic metalloprotease inhibitors
Immunosuppressive agent and anti-tumor agent comprising heterocyclic compound as active ingredient
Contraception method
Estrogenic compounds, methods of using and methods of administering the same
Triterpenoid derivatives
Complex containing mequitazine, a cyclodextrin and an interaction agent
Methods useful in the treatment of bone resorption diseases
Composition for treating AIDS and associated conditions
Alpha 5 beta 1 and its ability to regulate the cell survival pathway
Use of HMGB fragments as anti-inflammatory agents
Clay-binding peptides and methods of use
Peptides for targeting the prostate specific membrane antigen
Use of calcitonin in osteoarthritis
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of lung cancer
Anthrax antitoxins
Immunization of dairy cattle with GapC protein against Streptococcus infection
Polypeptides from non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae
Anti-sepsis conjugate vaccine
Anti-TAT188 antibodies
Chimeric adenoviruses
Emollient skin conditioning cream and method
Compositions comprising modafinil compounds
Process for surface activation and/or devulcanisation of sulfur-vulcanized rubber particles
Performing Operations; Transporting
Treatment of engine exhaust using molecular sieve SSZ-75
Hollow fiber membrane module, and a manufacturing method therefor, and housing for hollow fiber membrane module
Apparatus for manufacturing carbon nanotubes
Catalytic reactor
Microfluidic device, method for testing reagent and system for testing reagent
Sample and reaction container
N-channel, Y-energy mode, Z-coupled nested gaussian surfaces for liquid(s) dispensing, liquid(s) treatment, liquid(s) introduction and solid(s) production methods and apparatus
Fluid handling apparatus and fluid handling unit for use therein
Method and system for coating a medical device using optical drop volume verification
Less irritant or inflammatory glove and method for producing the same
Fabrication of ultra long necklace of nanoparticles
Flocked elastomeric articles
Method for manufacturing field emission substrate
Method and apparatus for processing open three-dimensional core structures such as folded honeycomb structures
Method and device for injection molding
Heat-shrinkable polyester films
Vacuum-infused fiberglass-reinforced fenestration framing member and method of manufacture
Method of fabricating polymer optical circuit
Optical film and production method of the same
Reduced profile medical balloon element
Laser for forming bags from a web of material
Peel strength enhancement of copper laminates
Copper foil and method of manufacturing the same
Thermoplastic roofing membranes
Article with organic-inorganic composite film and process for producing the same
Protective coverings
Anti-chipping film and electric apparatus using the film
Solar heat responsive exterior surface covering
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and process for gas sweetening
Method for separation and recycle of pure sulfur dioxide from a gaseous mixture in is cycle with ionic liquids
Li-B-Mg-X system for reversible hydrogen storage
Method for producing alkaline earth metal oxides
Dewatering process
Glass for covering electrodes and plasma display panel
Oxygenate conversion using molecular sieve SSZ-75
Process for production of iodine compounds and process for production of high-purity 5-iodo-2-methylbenzoic acid
System and process for the production of aniline and toluenediamine
Crystallization method for benzphetamine
Purification of Fluoromethyl 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropyl ether (sevoflurane)
Polymerizable acrylate compound containing hexafluorocarbinol group and polymer made therefrom
Computer-based model for identification and characterization of non-competitive inhibitors of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and related ligand-gated ion channel receptors
Cannabinoid receptor ligands
Pyrimidine compound having benzyl(pyridylmethyl)amine structure and medicament comprising the same
Amide derivatives
Method of producing aminophenol compounds
Metaxalone polymorphs
Synthesis of epothilones, intermediates thereto, analogues and uses thereof
Diazabicyclic aryl derivatives and their medical use
High metathesis activity ruthenium and osmium carbene complexes
Organic light-emitting diodes and related hole transport compounds
Catalyst assembly for hydrosilylation, process for preparing it and silicone compositions incorporating it
Vascular endothelial cell growth inhibitor, VEGI-192a
Modulation of glucagon receptor expression
1-substituted-3-.beta.-D-glucopyranosylated nitrogenous hetero-cyclic compounds and medicines containing the same
Synthetic peptide constructs for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontitis associated with Porphyromonas gingivalis
Antibody to telomerase reverse transcriptive
Antibodies that bind to a member of the IL-6/G-CSF/MGF family
Drug screening and diagnosis based on paracrine tubular renin-angiotensin system
Cure system for chlorinated elastomer compositions and a method of curing chlorinated elastomer compositions
Polyurethanes derived from oligomeric fluoroacrylates
Process for preparing closed-cell water-blown rigid polyurethane foams having improved mechanical properties
Lowered exotherm thermoset compositions
Halogen containing-polymer nanocomposite compositions, methods, and products employing such compositions
Flame-retardant biodegradable material and manufacturing method of the same, flame-retardant biodegradable polymeric composition, and molded product and disposable method of the same
Colored composition for color filter and color filter
Polyvinyl alcohol mixture gels
White-emitting phosphor blend and electroluminescent lamp containing same
Hydrodesulfurization process
High performance rock bit grease
Fabric care compositions for softening, static control and fragrance benefits
Biosensor using microdisk laser
Fluorogenic selective and differential medium for isolation of Enterobacter sakazakii
Nucleic acid encoding 238P1B2 useful in detecting cancer
Compositions and methods for identifying antigens which elicit an immune response
Mucosal vascular addressins
Compositions with increased phytosterol levels obtained from plants with decreased triterpene saponin levels
Method for producing yellow flower by controlling flavonoid synthetic pathway
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Isolation and characterization of muscle regenerating cells
Human and mammalian stem cell-derived neuron survival factors
Hybrid enzymes
Microbial production of pyruvate and pyruvate derivatives
Microbial process for arginine production
IFNAR2 mutants, their production and use
Methods for identifying and isolating stem cells
Generation of electropotential using bacterial culture
Method for obtaining subtraction polynucleotide
Promoter polymorphisms of the BLyS gene and use in diagnostic methods
p53 wild-type as biomarker for the treatment with mTOR inhibitors in combination with a cytotoxic agent
Method for controlling molten metal material leaking in injection apparatus of metal molding apparatus
Member for semiconductor device and production method thereof
High-hardness palladium alloy for use in goldsmith and jeweller's art and manufacturing process thereof
SiO.sub.x:Si sputtering targets and method of making and using such targets
Two-layer film for next generation damascene barrier application with good oxidation resistance
Facilitated forward chemical genetics using tagged triazine library
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electro-optic dendrimer-based glass composites
Low ejection energy micro-fluid ejection heads
Self-adjusting support skis for weighing device
Optical signal transmitting apparatus, optical signal transmitting device, and optical signal receiving device
Microbolometer optical cavity tuning and calibration systems and methods
Photonic sensors, xerogel-based sensors and nanosensors
Non-invasive method of determining oxygen concentration in a sealed package
Vertical slab gel electrophoresis cell and method therefor
Test methods for simulating FCC regenerator catalysis and catalyst deactivation
Apparatus for chemical detection training
Sample measuring device
Methods for assessing the risk for development of cardiovascular disease
Compositions and methods for diagnosing and treating prostate cancer
TCL-1 gene and protein and related methods and compositions
Method for raising or isolating an antibody to DCRS5
Methods of identifying compounds for producing insulin sensitization
Methods of detecting a fragment of neurosecretory protein VGF for diagnosing alzheimer's disease
Arrays formed of encoded beads having ligands attached
Isolation and cloning of DNA from uncultivated organisms
Radiation imaging apparatus, apparatus control method, and computer-readable storage medium storing program for executing control
Rolled optical film
Cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Method of manufacturing a photoelectric conversion device using a plurality of reticles
Pattern forming method used in semiconductor device manufacturing and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for adjusting dimensions of photomask features
Positive type dry film photoresist and composition for preparing the same
Methods for providing a confined liquid for immersion lithography
Method of generating writing pattern, method of forming resist pattern, method of controlling exposure tool, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Overcoated photoconductors containing fluorinated esters
Polyester toner compositions
Musical composition user interface representation
Music notation system
Keyboard-type tone plate percussion instrument and resonance tube and resonance box for tone plate percussion instrument
Vibrato based percussion instrument
Methods and apparatus for producing and storing positrons and protons
Insulated wire, insulated cable, non-halogen flame retardant wire, and non-halogen flame retardant cable
MgB2 superconductor, its wire, and a manufacturing method thereof
Electric control cable
Electric cable that withstands electric arc propagation
Pedal device with function of adjusting pedal effort
Carbon nanotube collimator fabrication and application
Ion implanter for photovoltaic cell fabrication
Positioning device for positioning an aperture plate in an ion beam
Integrated optical device including an optoelectronic element and a sealing substrate with an optical element having optical power thereon
Laser radiation desorption device for manipulating a liquid sample in the form of individual drops, thereby making it possible to carry out the chemical and biological treatment thereof
Ion source
Fabricating method of single electron transistor (SET) by employing nano-lithographical technology in the semiconductor process
Method for forming quantum dots by alternate growth process
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit board for direct flip chip attachment
Sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing an integrated circuit including an electrolyte material layer
Methods of forming metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors with passivation layers on dielectric layers
Crystalline-type device and approach therefor
CMOS-compatible bulk-micromachining process for single-crystal MEMS/NEMS devices
Method of forming an electronic device using a separation-enhancing species
Semiconductor device manufacturing method
Selective-redeposition sources for calibrating a plasma process
Dry cleaning of silicon surface for solar cell applications
Semiconductor element, method for manufacturing the semiconductor element, electronic device and method for manufacturing the electronic device
Method for forming an improved T-shaped gate structure
Crystalline silicon substrates with improved minority carrier lifetime including a method of annealing and removing SiOx precipitates and getterning sites
Step height reduction between SOI and EPI for DSO and BOS integration
Methods of selectively oxidizing semiconductor structures, and structures resulting therefrom
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Thin film transistor substrate of horizontal electric field type liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Gate patterning scheme with self aligned independent gate etch
Method of forming a dual damascene structure
Vertical Fet with nanowire channels and a silicided bottom contact
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Process of forming a curved profile on a semiconductor substrate
CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) devices having metal gate NFETS and poly-silicon gate PFETS
Forming a thin transistor with a redundant source of drain electrode
Thin film transistor, manufacturing method thereof, display device, and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film solar cell and manufacturing method thereof
Integrated photoelectrochemical cell and system having a liquid electrolyte
Nanostructure and nanocomposite based compositions and photovoltaic devices
Organic semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic compound and organic light-emitting device
Mixing tank for fuel cell system
Terminal connector for connecting an electrochemical cell to a medical device
Method for manufacturing LiMnPO.sub.4
Anode active material for lithium secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
Electrochemical cell structure and method of fabrication
Polymer electrolyte membrane and polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising same
Fluorescent diketopyrrolopyrroles
Low temperature ALD SiO.sub.2
Dielectric lamination structure, manufacturing method of a dielectric lamination structure, and wiring board including a dielectric lamination structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Emulsified water-blended fuel compositions
Fuel/water emulsions
Process for preparing ignition promoter, and fuel containing an ignition promoter
Additives and fuel oil compositions
Polishing compositions
Polishing composition and method for producing a memory hard disk
Cartridge filter
Flange for a device for separating an oil aerosol from air
Air pre-cleaner
Method for producing fertilizer grade DAP having an increased nitrogen concentration in a spray column
Alkaline earth metal peroxide product
Silicon carbide based composite material and manufacturing method thereof
Cored wire for treating molten metal and method of manufacture
Synthetic resin fuel for making iron and method for making iron
Yield metal pouring system
Methods for removing pollutants from contaminated soil materials with a fern plant
Base metal recovery
Removing solids from a fluid
Carbon dioxide adsorbents containing magnesium oxide suitable for use at high temperatures
Hygroscopic monolith having a channel therethrough for modifying a gas therein by adsorption or desorption, and processes therefor
Separation of acid gases from gas mixtures
Vacuum cleaner inner bag
Air manager apparatus and method for exhausted equipment and systems, and exhaust and airflow management in a semiconductor manufacturing facility
PSA systems
Biocidal coating compositions and method
Ink composition for a meltable ink
Microbeads consisting of a pigmented polymeric material and process for preparing them
Waterfast color inks for ink jet printing
Ink, ink set, ink cartridge, recording unit, image recording apparatus and image recording method
Process for making a foamed polysaccharide aqueous-based adhesive
Modified polysaccharides for aqueous foamable adhesives
Compositions comprising a hydrocarbonaceous material
Method for manufacturing a chemically adsorbed film and a chemical adsorbent solution for the method
Organic titanium compound suitable for MOCVD
Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends
Multilayer pearl luster pigment based on an opaque substrate
Grout compositions for construction of subterranean barriers
Quartz glass crucible for pulling silicon single crystal and production process for such crucible
Thickness tailoring of wafer bonded AlxGayInzN structures by laser melting
Apparatus and method for coating fluorescent powder on a flat panel
Apparatus for manufacturing silica film
Process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers, biodegradable film, paste, chewing gum and low calorie food products
Aqueous quaternary ammonium hydroxide as a screening mask cleaner
Water soluble containers for blends of surface cleaners and corrosion inhibitors
Adherent wipes affixed to gloves
Contact lens treatment apparatus and method
Method for cleaning a paint roller
Lawn vacuum attachment and method
Method for in situ soil decontamination and micro-emulsion suitable therefor
Grain oriented electromagnetic steel sheet and manufacturing thereof
Manufacturing process on chromate-coated lead-containing galvanized steel sheet with anti-black patina property and anti-white rust property
Fe based hard magnetic alloy having super-cooled liquid region
Ball bearing
Hot rolled high strength steel sheet with excellent formability
Superelastic guiding member
Copper-containing Ni-Cr-Mo alloys
Seamless copper alloy tube for heat exchanger being excellent in 0.2% proof stress and fatigue strength
Method and apparatus for the manufacture of a steel strip
Process and products for the continuous casting of flat rolled sheet
RF tag application system
Method of forming balloon catheter
Method of making a cut and abrasion resistant laminate
Process for the manufacture of a pane of laminated glass
Method and apparatus for building a laminate and forming a carcass subassembly for a tire
Die-cut linerless label production
Fabrication of composite articles having an infiltrated matrix
Method and system for producing a 3-D deep-drawn article using a thermoplastic sandwich material
Method of applying and edge electrode pattern to a touch screen and a decal for a touch screen
Method for making hologram ornamental sticker
Manufacturing method for a drip irrigation conduit, manufacturing line for the implementation thereof and conduit obtained thereby
Method of forming a printed circuit board
Apparatus and method for aligning and splicing strip members
Pressure sensitive adhesives for use on low energy surfaces
Laminating tape and to-be-laminated tape, as well as method and device for laminating the laminating tape to the to-be-laminated tape
Human Necessities
Composition and method for preserving progenitor cells
Method of controlled release and controlled release microstructures
Ketoxime solutions of biocides
Compositions and methods for inhibiting the growth of fungi
Braun tube having antibacterial coating film
Formation of and methods for the production of large Bacillus thuringiensis crystals with increased pesticidal activity
Production of Bacillus thuringiensis integrants
Antifungal biocontrol agents, a process for preparing and treating the same
Methods and materials for control of termites
Harpagoside-enriched extract from harpagophytum procumbens and processes for producing same
Soya extract, process for its preparation and pharmaceutical composition
Method of extruding multiple continuous bodies of radially-layered product
Non-emulsion based, moisture containing fillings for dough products
Ready to bake refrigerated sweet dough
Breath freshening comestible product
Method and apparatus for continuously forming coated center-filled gum products
Home yogurt/cheese making machine
Pet food for maintaining normal bowel health
Production of corn dogs
Composition comprising Panax pseudo ginseng and Eucommiae ulmoides
Rapid prototyping and fabrication method for 3-D food objects
Method for rapidly making a 3-D food object
Edge joint structure for connecting a waterproof thermal insulation panel with a fabric panel for wader of similar outdoor wear
Custom-formable shoe insert
Post- forming heads on fastener elements
Portable protective floor covering mat for appliances
Simulated Christmas tree light display
Method for making lubricous gloves
Grouting method for rigidly connecting two elements using a binder, and in particular for anchoring one element in another
Stable peroxide dental compositions
Oral prophalaxis paste
Apparatus and method for transdermal delivery of bupropion
Process for preparing natural product derivatives from plants in a single step
Fatty acid uninterrupted by a methylene as anti-inflammatory agents in superficial tissues of mammals
Berberine alkaloids as a treatment for chronic protozoally induced diarrhea
Device for topical treatment of acne and its method of manufacture
Cation exchange resin preparation
Antimicrobial oral composition and method of use
Method for treating itching of the vagina
Nicotine lozenge
Use of mCRP to enhance immune responses
Essential oil composition
Immunomodulating compositions from bile
Type II phospholipase A2 and its use in killing Gram-positive bacteria
Treatment of hepatitis C virus infection using a protease and a flavonoid
Preparation of factor IX
Antibodies that bind to .alpha.2-antiplasmin crosslinked to fibrin which do not inhibit plasma .alpha.2-antiplasmin
Methods and materials for the treatment of prostatic carcinoma
Equine treatment and method of administering such treatment
Formulations of recombinant papillomavirus vaccines
Use of inorganic aerogels in pharmacy
Endoscopy tissue stain
Simultaneous multimodal measurement of physiological function
Chelating agents
Ultrasonic imaging system utilizing a long-persistence contrast agent
Kits & systems for ultrasonic imaging
Translucent apatite glass ceramic
Water containing wax-based product
Sun screen agents
Dermal topical formulations
Lip care composition containing acexamic acid, and uses thereof
Cleansing articles for skin or hair
Cosmetic composition useful notably for the skin whitening and melanogenesis inhibiting agent containing such a cosmetic composition
Vitamin E acetate-based hydrophobic gel formulation for topical application
Cosmetic or dermatological composition contacting at least one natural or recombinant spider silk or an analog
Preparation of sun protection oil
Cosmetic compositions comprising a film-forming polymer a citric acid ester and a plasticizing agent
Dry emollient compositions
Low-pH, acid-containing personal care compositions which exhibit reduced sting
Delivery systems for active ingredients including sunscreen actives and methods of making same
Photoresponsive sunscreen compositions
Cosmetic raw material cosmetic product and method for manufacturing cosmetic products
Particles of cured fluorosilicone rubber and cosmetic preparation containing same
Nail varnish containing microgels
Solid cosmetic composition and uses thereof
Center filled confectionery
Dosage forms exhibiting multi-phasic release kinetics and methods of manufacture thereof
Methods and compositions for the delivery of pharmaceutical agents and/or the prevention of adhesions
Microemulsions as solid dosage forms for oral administration
Optimally stabilized microgranule comprising 5-pyrrolyl-2-pyridylmethylsulfinylbenzimidazole derivative
Polyester/carboxylic acid composite materials
Soft gelatin capsule
Method for transdermal application of active substances at high constant dosage
Pharmaceutical, cosmetic or dermo-pharmaceutical patch for the delivery of several active compounds of different nature
Control of health hazards in an air handler
Compositions containing thrombin and microfibrillar collagen and methods for preparation and use thereof
Process for preparation of hydroxyapatite coatings
Peptide-coated implants and methods for producing same
Method of determining system volume of a dialysis machine
Device and method for preparation of substitution solution
Method and a system for manufacturing a catheter and a catheter manufactured by that method
Single stage denitration
Method of decomposing organic compounds
Performing Operations; Transporting
Column for chromatography
Residential septic tank
System for using ligands in particle separation
Inline filter having swivel fitting
Oil filter tightening and removal system
Operation process of a pumping-ejection stand for distilling liquid products
Apparatus for continuous purification of liquids, dewatering and drying of the separated solids
Revolving screening rack, supporting frame for a revolving screening rack and a control shackle of a screening element
Contoured layer channel flow filtration media
Method and apparatus for removing high boiling point volatile organic compounds from an exhaust
Method of reducing NOx in a combustion flue gas
NOx reduction compositions for use in FCC processes
Removal of by-products in method for processing a gas containing hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide
Indoor air purification system
Blood filter cartridge with overflow receiver
Process for separating off organic acids from aqueous solutions
Membrane separator assembly and method of cleaning the assembly utilizing gas diffuser underneath the assembly
Composite membrane with polyalkylene oxide modified polyamide surface
Process of making a three-region reinforced microporous filtration membrane
Fluid mixer and water oxygenator incorporating same
Enhancement of oxygen transfer from diffused gas aerators
Electrochemical solid phase synthesis
Structured packing
Film of titanium dioxide containing silicon dioxide and a method of forming the same
Layered catalyst composition and processes for preparing and using the composition
Hydrotreating catalyst: composition, preparation, and use thereof
Composition for the recovery of lithium values from brine and process of making/using said composition
Differential and continuous separation apparatus with controlled parameters for solids and liquids
Electrochemical treatment of ion exchange material
Control system for providing hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Rinsing device for sample processing components of an analytical instrument
Channel-less separation of bioparticles on a bioelectronic chip by dielectrophoresis
Dripless pipet
Electrolytic tinplating of steel substrate and apparatus
Fluidized bed powder coating process utilizing tribostatic charging
Viscous substance discharging method using a viscous substance dispenser and pattern forming method using a viscous substance dispenser
Process for coating metallic substrate surfaces
Semi-finished wood simulating product and method
Hydrophobic coating including DLC and/or FAS on substrate
Electrolytic method for sterilization of microorganisms and/or mineralization of organic and/or inorganic substances in ground soil
In-situ remediation system for volatile organic compounds with deep recharge mechanism
Method for installation of refractory material into a metallurgical vessel
Sputtering target, method of producing the target, optical recording medium fabricated by using the sputtering target, and method of fabricating the optical recording medium
Metallurgical compositions containing binding agent/lubricant and process for preparing same
Iron aluminide useful as electrical resistance heating elements
Printed wiring board having highly reliably via hole and process for forming via hole
Substrate with solder alloy for mounting electronic parts
Method and plant for producing endless laminated veneer boards
Wood meal and method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing multilayer molded article
Manufacturing method for a steering wheel
Apparatus and process for producing optical recording medium
Molding method for making plastic foam-backed shells
Multilayer molded article
Foil-covered plastic part and method of making same
Method and apparatus for manufacturing optical recording medium
Method for manufacturing an automotive interior trim component and the resultant construction thereof
Open-loop apparatus for producing a controlled blend of polyol and blowing agent for use in the manufacture of polyurethane foam
Resin molded article
Method of injection or diecasting mold temperature control
Process for making thermoplastic-biofiber composite materials and articles including a poly(vinylchloride) component
Process for the manufacture of environmentally friendly papers and compositions therefor
Process for preparing multilayer plastic composites of incompatible plastics
Process and apparatus for forming plastic sheet
Multilayer plastic container and method of making the same
Vibration welding apparatus having an easy to assemble jig structure
Wholly aromatic polyamide fibers, a sheet comprising same and method of producing the sheet
Stretch modified elastomeric netting
Methods of fabrication of ceramic wafers
Multilayer product for printed circuit boards
Process for producing laminated steel sheet, laminated steel sheet, and surface-treated steel sheet used therefor
Laminated glazings
Method of making a composite of paper and plastic film and composites
Nonhygroscopic thermally stable aluminum hydroxide
Biaxially oriented polypropylene film having more than one layer, its use, and process for its production
Carpet backing components and methods of making and using the same
Multilayer films having at least five film layers, wherein at least one layer is flame retardant
Method of manufacture of a planar thermoelastic bend actuator ink jet printer
Ink jet head and method of manufacturing same
Image forming method and image forming material
Sheet for printing, ink, and printed sheet
Process and device for curing U/V printing inks
Method of planarizing a surface on an integrated circuit
Novelty windmill
Gas flushing method
Label gun
Package of polyurethane elastic yarn for heat bonding
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the treatment of a methanol reforming catalyst
Physical property modification of nanotubes
Nanotube-based high energy material and method
Process of making pins for connecting carbon electrodes
Method for preparing spinel Li1+xMn2-xO4+y intercalation compounds
Method of producing precipitated magnetites
Autocycle control of cooling water systems
Device for producing ion water and partition wall for device for producing ion water
Treatment of liquid waste
Process for the treatment of effluent streams
Use of polymers containing vinylamine/vinylformamide for the treatment of food processing wastewater
Chemical dispenser
Ozone sensor and method for use of same in water purification system
Biological waste water purification process and device
Biodegradable complexing agents for heavy metals
Optical fiber preform having OH barrier and manufacturing method thereof
Ceramic composition for use in forming electronic components
Reusable mask and method for coating substrate
Glass article having surface coating of boric acid and method for producing the same
Antireflection coating
Piezoelectric ceramic composition, buzzer and actuator using the same
Light-emitting material for organo-electroluminescence device and for organic electroluminescence device which the material is applied
Stable extract of Hypericum perforatum L.,process for preparing the same and pharmaceutical compositions
Simian-human HAV having a chimeric 2C protein
Non-IgA Fc binding forms of the group B streptococcal .beta. antigens
Antifungal Bacillus thuringiensis strains
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis using secreted proteins
Microtubule-associated protein
Antithrombotic agent and anti-von willebrand factor monoclonal antibody
Hot melt adhesives comprising low free monomer, low oligomer isocyanate prepolymers
Thermoplastic acrylic resin brittle film
Synthetic resin composition and molded article thereof
Stabilizer for creping adhesives
Resins and composites containing them
Intermediate product for preparation of lignin polymers and use thereof for production of wood materials
Contact adhering method
Adhesive tape
Phosphor and method for the fabrication thereof
Glow in the dark rosin
High-luminosity stress-luminescent material
Selective silicon oxide etchant formulation including fluoride salt, chelating agent, and glycol solvent
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal shutter
Edge polishing composition
Process and apparatus for controlling reaction temperatures
Process for converting heavy petroleum fractions that comprise a distillation stage, ebullated-bed hydroconversion stages of the vacuum distillate, and a vacuum residue and a catalytic cracking stage
Rheological fluid
Hematopoietic differentiation of human pluripotent embryonic stem cells
Methods of using an AL-1 neurotrophic factor immunoadhesin
Enzyme electrode and a biosensor and a measuring apparatus therewith
Furnace-wall cooling block
Ultra-low iron loss grain-oriented silicon steel sheet
Galvanizing of reactive steels
Tool steel composition
Product produced by sequential ion implantation and deposition (SIID) technique
Sputtering apparatus for filling pores of a circular substrate
Surface-treating process using support member having plate-like elements
Method for manufacturing a double-sided high-temperature superconducting oxide thin film having large area
Target misalignment detector
Reducing the deposition rate of volatile contaminants onto an optical component of a substrate processing system
Electrostatic method and apparatus for vaporizing precursors and system for using same
Magnetic recording media with antiferromagnetically coupled ferromagnetic films as the recording layer
High temperature protective coating
Method of forming film of ultrafine particles
Method of producing a slide surface on a light metal alloy
Fluorinated metal having a fluorinated layer and process for its production
Component produced by micro-electrodeposition
Anodization of magnesium and magnesium based alloys
Method and apparatus for electroplating films on semiconductor wafers
Reactor assembly and method of assembly
Reactor vessel having improved cup, anode and conductor assembly
Textiles; Paper
Stain resistant composition for polyamide containing substrates
System and method for treatment of cellulose-containing material prior to pulp digestion
Compression rings for column relief in continuous cooking vessels
Frusto-conical outlet for a cellulose material treatment vessel
Dissolved organic material control in a cellulose pulp continuous digester
Leakage control system for treatment of moving webs
After-dryer in a paper machine
Moisture application system for a paper web
Method of manufacturing a soft, bulky single-ply absorbent paper having a serpentine configuration
Fixed Constructions
Multilayered sheet insulating material for heat insulation and sound proofing
Method for making insulated pre-formed wall panels for attachment to like insulated pre-formed wall panels
Deformable roof flashing material and a method of manufacturing such a material
Water suction powered automatic swimming pool cleaning system
Method and apparatus for automatic cleaning of a swimming pool
Resin-bonded solid-film-lubricant coated hood latch mechanism and method of making
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic medium filtering for a motor vehicle limited slip differential
Bulletproof glass window for a motor vehicle
Electrochemical noise technique for corrosion
Methods and apparatus for obtaining transmission spectra of liquid and solid samples
Electrode materials, systems and methods for the electrochemical detection of nitric oxide
NOx-decomposing electrode and NOx concentration-measuring apparatus
Measuring device using biological cells or chemical biologically active substances contained in an analyte
Method and apparatus for determination of additives in metal plating baths
Electrochemical sensor
Method for controlling sample introduction in microcolumn separation techniques and sampling device
Liquid chromatograph with fraction collector
Multiplex flow assays preferably with magnetic particles as solid phase
Diagnostic method for detection of periodontitis or peri-implantitis
Utility meter cover apparatus
Cube corner cavity based retroeflectors with transparent fill material
Optical element, a display device provided with said optical element, and a method of manufacturing the optical element
Use of a chemically active reticle carrier for photomask etching
Electrophotographic transfer paper
Transfer paper for electrophotography
Coating material and method for providing asset protection
Luminous disk
Robot mounter for mounting core slider
Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
Phase-change information recording medium and optical recording method to make higher rotation rates feasible
Metal alloys for the reflective or the semi-reflective layer of an optical storage medium
Method for sharpening a probe
Vegetable seed oil insulating fluid
Plasma device including a powered non-magnetic metal member between a plasma AC excitation source and the plasma
Wafer flattening process and system
Method of forming dielectric material suitable for microelectronic circuits
Process for manufacturing a chip carrier substrate
Flexible wiring board
Method of manufacturing color electroluminescent display apparatus and method of bonding light-transmitting substrates
Organic electroluminescent element
Polymer electrode
Compliant bond structure for joining ceramic to metal
Organic EL device
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew