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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Subsurface soil injection method
Reel mower grass basket support
Device for grooming the coats of animals
Illumuniated hummingbird feeder
Submersible cage and system for fish farming
Three-dimensional neck ties
Bullet-resistant back extender
Bottom assembly for an article of footwear
Belt buckle
Container for snack foods
Wheeled luggage case
Personal care article with vibrating head part
Personal seated resting support
Method and apparatus for retaining gas cylinders
Window covering without needing a lift cord
Fluorescent-HAP: a diagnostic stain for HBV cores in cells
Number of IL4 and/or IL13 secreting T-cells as a biomarker for allergic diseases
Methods and systems for operating an aerosol generator
Metering valve for a metered dose inhaler providing consistent delivery
Methods and apparatus for relieving headaches, rhinitis and other common ailments
Patient interface with forehead and chin support
Combined air-supplying/air-purifying system
Portable climbing tree stand
Performing Operations; Transporting
Automated system for magnet quality measurements
Edge cleaner device for coating process
Wash-target holder and method for washing wash-target using the same
Regulating flatness of a metal strip at the output of a roll housing
Plastic band tightening device with improved cutting mechanism
Machine-tool revolver unit
Hammer drill
Apparatus for processing continuous lengths of flexible foil
Manufacturing a product using a soldering process
Method of testing a seal
Smart BGA chip maintenance device
Cam operated jaw force intensifier for gripping a cylindrical member
Reciprocating saw with fastening device for a saw blade
Dadoing system
Polychrome rotary press
Method for producing a high-resolution surface pattern
Modular heating and/or air conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Power transmission structure
Hands-free powered mobility device
Accessory drive system for a hybrid vehicle
Power supply device, solid-state light-emitting element lighting device, lamp, automotive lamp, vehicle, and method for controlling power converters
Windshield wiper assembly
Accessory drive system and method for a parallel electric hybrid vehicle
Docking station for rail trolley
Electric power steering device
Personal watercraft with pivotable platform
Visual fuel system for an engine welder
Form-and-seal unit for a machine for packaging pourable food products
Container having sloped movable support member assemblies for supporting dunnage
Interlocking storage units
Trash can with lid
System comprising several packages of candy bars and holder therefor
Dispensing package
Packaged body
Medical bandaging product
Sheet feeding device and image forming apparatus
Elevator apparatus
Movable independent crane system used temporarily for moving or replacing components and mounting wind generators
Packaging and dispensing assembly
MEMS transducers in a phased array coupled to a flexible substrate using carbon nanotubes for conformal ultrasound scanning
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Electrode material of formula LiMn.sub.xCo.sub.1-xBO.sub.3 and production method thereof
Neck ring cooling
.beta.-phellandrene polymer, production method for same, and molded article
Segmented resonant antenna for radio frequency inductively coupled plasmas
Textiles; Paper
Cam follower arm for a mounting mechanism comprising said lever and weaving machine fitted with said mechanism
Washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Decoration solar panel bridge supplying power sources
Building blocks and location devices for reinforced concrete walls
Flooring systems
Water and debris separator for gutters
Bracket for joining spanning members
Panel mounting system
Earth boring drill bits with casing component drill out capability and methods of use
Boring system and method therefor
Method and apparatus for wellbore fluid treatment
Sealing devices having a metal foam material and methods of manufacturing and using same
Gelation inhibiting retarders for highly reactive calcium silicate based binder compositions and methods of making and using same
Surfaced mixed epoxy method for primary cementing of a well
Method and apparatus for multi-drop tool control
Method and apparatus for connecting, installing, and retrieving a coiled tubing-conveyed electrical submersible pump
Tubingless electrical submersible pump installation
Device for analyzing at least one gas contained in a liquid, in particular a drilling fluid
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Pneumatic biasing of a linear actuator and implementations thereof
Control apparatus and control method for a variable valve timing mechanism
Hydraulic actuation system for improved engine control
Exhaust system
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Small single use gas turbine engine with oil-less bearing arrangement
method and apparatus to convert low temperature thermal energy to electricity
Fluid handling apparatus
Lubrication flow control mechanism and method
Hydraulic servo for a brake in an automatic transmission
Brake pad with a type plate
Bicycle damping enhancement system
Dual clutch transmission apparatus
Gear-driven balance shaft apparatus with backlash control
Pressure relief valve for a container
Motor vehicle fuel tank
Fiber lighting systems with light diffusing fibers and methods of operating fiber lighting systems with light diffusing fibers
Display device with surface light source having light redirecting member
Light source device and display apparatus
Method and apparatus of assembling cooking appliances
Heat-pump-type hot water supply apparatus
Sanitized water dispenser
Laundry dryer and drum supporting assembly thereof
Method for attaching a compensator assembly to a firearm
Launching apparatus and assembly
Fungo batting assistance machine
Launcher for flying cylinders
Protective material
Rudder system
Stereo image processing device and stereo image processing method
Circuit configuration and method for ascertaining tilt errors in connection with a position-measuring device
Method of inspecting gears during their manufacture
Tool for qualitatively measuring a feature of a skate blade
Remote center compliance device with measuring sensor
Conveyor-belt wear detector
Method for measuring the thickness of a coating layer by inducing magnetic fields
Remote location determination system
High density sensor module
Perpetual meter with noise damping
Device, container and method for measuring liquid volume in container based on air pressure sensing
Measuring vessel
Document inspection system
Self-testing data storage devices and methods
Temperature sensor, method for calibrating the same, and semiconductor device
Pressure sensor for extracorporeal circulating circuit
Microdischarge-based transducer
Torque estimation device for internal combustion engine
Method for assessing chemical reactor tubes
Seating posture mannequin and method for obtaining information for evaluating seat
Dispensing apparatus, dispensing method, and analyzer
Particle detecting device
Device and method for calibrating a scattered-light meter
Method and device for gemstone evolution
Micropatterning technique for creating morphologically specific free-floating structures for use as standards in the pharmaceutical industry
Compact mobile cargo scanning system
Microelectrodes for electrochemical gas detectors
Apparatus and method for determining failure mode in a shear or pull test device
Analytical instrumentation, analytical instrument assemblies, and analytical methods
Method and device for receiving a droplet
Analysis of DNA samples
High throughput screen
Poly(thioaminal) probe based lithography
Probes with programmable motion
Stable load pull operation using tuners
Semiconductor device and method of inspecting a semiconductor device
User equipment and base station
Method and apparatus for determining Curie temperature distribution of a sample of magnetic material
Magnetometer with a light emitting diode
Detection device
Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method of displaying information thereof
Velocity and attitude estimation using an interferometric radar altimeter
Systems and methods for detecting soil characteristics
Driver assistance system for detecting an object in the surroundings of a vehicle
Apparatus and method for detecting azimuthal angle of heat source
Disabling robot sensors
Methods, systems and devices for predicting reservoir properties
Laser sensor with flourescent loaded transparent plastic
Electronic unit for a streamer
Auto focusing device
Microscope with slide clamping assembly
Electronic inks
Vehicle use portable heads-up display
Variable-magnification optical system, imaging optical device, and digital appliance
Multilayer optical interference filter
Integration of bonded optoelectronics, photonics waveguide and VLSI SOI
Waveguide resonator component and method for the production thereof
Nose bracket structure for glasses
Liquid crystal display device and touch panel
Optical device package
Dye-based polarizer as well as polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device using the polarizer
Electrochromic multi-layer devices with charge sequestration and related methods
Apparatus, methods, and systems for multi-primary display or projection
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and method having substrate and sensor tables
Method including an adjustment of a plurality of wafer handling elements, system including a plurality of wafer handling elements and photolithography track
Silicon-containing underlayers
Image forming apparatus
Positively chargeable toner
Musical score generator
Control device for inverse response system
Data storage, input, and output for human body communication
Mechanical positioning device and method
Three-dimensional printing apparatus, method for three-dimensional printing, and computer-readable storage medium
Multi-protocol multi-client equipment server
Pressure regulating valve
Voltage regulator
Energy aware dynamic adjustment algorithm
Flexible display device that can be hyper-extended
Electronic device shell and electronic device
276-pin buffered memory card with enhanced memory system interconnect
Power supply system for electronic device
Testing a non-core MMU
System and method for universal serial bus (USB) protocol debugging
Policy based dynamic data collection for problem analysis
Application performance using package and catalog cache prefetching during database recovery
Rebuild rollback support in distributed SDS systems
Systems and methods for pre-generation and pre-storage of repair fragments in storage systems
Identifying and tracking frequently accessed registers in a processor
Intelligent software test augmenting
System and method for cache replacement using conservative set dueling
NVS thresholding for efficient data management
Flash copy relationship management
Hardware-based array compression
Sizing a write cache buffer based on emergency data save parameters
Tuning global digests caching in a data deduplication system
Global digests caching in a data deduplication system
Multi-source address translation service (ATS) with a single ATS resource
Migration of data storage
Dynamic altering of SRIOV virtual function (VF) resources including DMA windows without bringing down the VF
Data infrastructure for cross-platform cross-device API inter-connectivity
System with on-demand state for applications
Queue-based adaptive chunk scheduling for peer-to-peer live streaming
Methods and systems for a subscription data sharing service
Distributed file transfer with high performance
System and method for routing media
Information processing system, information processing method, information processing apparatus, and control method and control program thereof
Avoiding unwanted TCP retransmissions using optimistic window adjustments
Monitoring service
Cloud independent tuning service for autonomously managed workloads
Hierarchical software-defined network traffic engineering controller
Dynamically adjusting quality of service using cognitive focus of attention detection
Checkpointing a set of stream computing data
Provisioning remote application servers on a service provider infrastructure as a service platform
Alternative multiple memory format storage in a storage network
Managing data sets of a storage system
Spectral translation/folding in the subband domain
System and method for threat-driven security policy controls
Digital filter
Systems, methods and apparatus for dynamic content management and delivery
Manual creation for a program product
Multi-stage recognition of named entities in natural language text based on morphological and semantic features
Automated receiver message sentiment analysis, classification and prioritization
Data logs management in a multi-client architecture
Methods performed by electronic devices that facilitate navigating a webpage
Device and process for remote management of a network of audiovisual information reproductions systems
Display of boosted slashtag results
Generating a view for a schema including information on indication to transform recursive types to non-recursive structure in the schema
Entity-based document content change management system
Presenting collaboration summaries of artifacts to improve engagement of user in collaboration activities
System and method for providing information tagging in a networked system
Window management in a stream computing environment
Dynamically maintaining data structures driven by heterogeneous clients in a distributed data collection system
Cross-current power modelling using logic simulation
Use of net-based target congestion ratios in global routing
Robust regression analysis techniques using exponential random variables
System and method for access and management of physical objects over a communication network related thereto
Single input unlock for computing devices
System and method for distributing broadcast media based on a number of viewers
Modeling a network security environment as a game
Runtime return-oriented programming detection
Secure application development and execution
Method of modeling behavior pattern of instruction set in N-gram manner, computing device operating with the method, and program stored in storage medium to execute the method in computing device
Technologies for control flow exploit mitigation using processor trace
Apparatus and method for detecting malware code by generating and analyzing behavior pattern
System, method, and recording medium for adaptive interface for illiterate
High resolution perception of content in a wide field of view of a head-mounted display
Computer vision based driver assistance devices, systems, methods and associated computer executable code
Electronic device and method for operating electronic device by electronic pen
Operation panel whose thickness is adjustable with screw operably inserted into hole formed in clip that clips multiple boards and load sensor sandwiched therebetween
Touch control elastic structure, pressure detection method and display device
Systems and methods for interfaces featuring surface-based haptic effects
Touch window and touch device
Method and device for establishing a target design
Injection of data into a software application
Content development and distribution using cognitive sciences database
Terminal apparatus, program, method of calling function, and information processing system
Overlaying of haptic effects
Mobile terminal and modified keypad using method thereof
Method and system for achieving consensus using alternate voting strategies (AVS) with incomplete information
Efficient scrubbing of mirrored memory
Management apparatus, storage system, method, and computer readable medium
Synchronous input/output initialization exchange sequences
Batching access requests in a dispersed storage network
Synchronous input/output initialization exchange sequences
Information processing apparatus, control method, and storage medium for performing print data transmission methods suitable for each situation by causing an image forming apparatus to acquire print data by a suitable method based on whether the image forming apparatus can acquire the print data from a conversion server
Printing system, and recording medium therefor, that enable spooling of instruction execution type print jobs in print apparatus in accordance with print-regulating information
Processing an input query
Maintaining a custodian directory by analyzing documents
Secured pseudo-random number generator
Freelist based global completion table having both thread-specific and global completion table identifiers
Freelist based global completion table having both thread-specific and global completion table identifiers
Proactive cognitive analysis for inferring test case dependencies
System, method, and recording medium for project documentation from informal communication
Apparatus and method for a profiler for hardware transactional memory programs
Method for targeted resource virtualization in containers
Method for operating a mobile virtual environment upon connection to a host computer
Virtual machine migration
Specifying an invocation order of a plurality of resources in a transaction according to resource distance
Binary translation on shared object level
Dynamic quick response code branding
Redirection of a file based on distance between physical ports of an intermediate device
Folding contactless card payment authentication
Point-of-sale security activation card
Card reader and control method for card reader
Character recognition system and method for rail containers
Cell region display control device, method, and program
System for video based face recognition using an adaptive dictionary
Context-based provision of screenshot modifications
Image processing method
Detection control device, detection system, non-transitory storage medium, and detection control method
Method for the automatic segmentation and quantification of body tissues
Methods and apparatuses for performing object tracking using graphs
Method and device for banknote identification based on thickness signal identification
System and method for event monitoring and detection
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Multiple criteria decision analysis
Base-business cards
Failure impact manager
System and method for variable length encryption
Marketplace seller referrals
Transaction processing with payment agent
Computer systems and a related method for enabling a prospective buyer to browse a vendor's website to purchase goods or services
Invocation of advertisements in a virtual universe (VU)
Product review platform based on social connections
System and method for self-performing a cosmetic evaluation of an electronic device
Method and system for automatically harmonizing access to a software application program via different access devices
Lighting audit docking station device and method thereof
Augmented reality rendered structured content
Image up-sampling with relative edge growth rate priors
Automated radial imaging and analysis system
Image processing method based on the finite element method for directly solving inverse problems in structural mechanics
Smart entry system
Medicine dispensing system and control method thereof
Vending machine
Slow moving object road warning system
Intelligent personal safety device
Merchandise security system with sound chamber
Methods and systems for providing online monitoring of released criminals by law enforcement
Training aid for complex athletic moves
Self-erectable displays and methods of making such self-erectable displays
Semiconductor device, display device, and electronic device
Gate driving circuit with isolating switch for display device using the same
Devices and methods for reducing or eliminating mura artifact using DAC based techniques
Liquid crystal display device
Driving method of liquid crystal display device
Semiconductor device, method for driving semiconductor device, and program
Signal output apparatus for reducing power consumption during display on a plurality of image display apparatuses
Method and system for virtual shoes fitting
Methods and apparatus for calibrating a color display
Stringed instrument with lead crystal fingerboard or fretboard and bridge
Systems, devices, and/or methods for percussion instruments
Methods for online collaboration
Method and system for speech-to-singing voice conversion
Liquid rubber damping composition
Methods and systems of handling a dialog with a robot
Computer-implemented systems and methods for speaker recognition using a neural network
Systems and methods of interpreting speech data
System and method for incorporating digital footage into a digital cinematographic template
Dynamic head offset selection for tape drive
Recording medium, method of manufacturing fullerene thin film, recording reproducing apparatus, information recording method, and information reading method
PPA (power performance area) efficient architecture for ROM (read only memory) and a ROM bitcell without a transistor
One time programmable read-only memory (ROM) in SOI CMOS
Molten salt reactor
Organic semiconductor composition, organic thin film transistor, electronic paper and display device
Organic semiconductor composition, organic thin-film transistor, electronic paper, and display device
Cable with demagnetizing layer of graphene
Flexible flat cable
Thin magnet fabrication
High-performance supercapacitors based on metal nanowire yarns
Filtered feedthrough assembly and method of manufacture
Electrochemical capacitor
Photovoltaic device containing a dye-sensitized solar cell
Electrical switch with built in fuse improvement
Switching device and method for detecting whether said switching device is being actuated
Current/voltage conversion circuit and imaging apparatus
Infrared recycling incandescent light bulb
Capacitance monitoring using x-ray diffraction
Vertical meander inductor for small core voltage regulators
Spacers for tight gate pitches in field effect transistors
Devices and methods of forming asymmetric line/space with barrierless metallization
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Transistor work function adjustment by laser stimulation
Embedded memory in back-end-of-line low-k dielectric
Doping control of metal nitride films
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including conductive structures
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Gate structure cut after formation of epitaxial active regions
Disc-shaped thyristor for a plurality of plated-through semiconductor components
Scanning acoustic microscope sensor array for chip-packaging interaction package reliability monitoring
Memory device
Thin film transistor, array substrate and method for fabricating the same, display device
Dense arrays and charge storage devices
Solid-state imaging device
Display device
Method for manufacturing oxide semiconductor device
Thin film transistor and display panel
Liftoff process for exfoliation of thin film photovoltaic devices and back contact formation
Fingerprint sensor
Generator unit for energy harvesting with a single force input point
Advanced metal insulator metal capacitor
Organic thin-film transistor and method for manufacturing same
Flexible organic transistors with controlled nanomorphology
Display apparatus including organic electroluminescence devices
Load-managed electrochemical energy generation system
Safety feature for energy storage device
Methods of extending the life of battery
Battery module
High performance flow battery
Metal-oxygen cell
Dielectric contactless transmission device and contactless transmission method
Antenna assembly and communication device havinig the same
Method for automatically adjusting a tunable passive antenna and a tuning unit, and apparatus for radio communication using this method
Microstrip antenna
Dielectric-free metal-only dipole-coupled radiating array aperture with wide field of view
Wireless communication apparatus, antenna directionality control method, and power supply circuit
Method and apparatus for dynamically processing an electromagnetic beam
Terminal and method for producing the same
Connector structure
Electrical adapter system
Electrical device with terminal and wire-stripping seat
Microphone muting device
Cable pulling device
Perforation apparatus for cable jackets and related systems and methods
Circuit arrangement for the thermal protection of a power semiconductor
Method to protect sensitive devices from electrostatic discharge damage
Surge protection device
Wireless communication controlled battery charging station
Energy storage device and method for operating it
Storage battery control method and storage battery control apparatus
Electronic cigarette case and method for detecting battery rod insertion into or removal from electronic cigarette case
Wireless power transmission system calculating the battery charge state of the receiver based on the supply impedance of the power source and the summed impedance of the wireless transmitter, wireless receiver, medium therebetween, and battery charge circuit
High efficiency AC DC electric motor, electric power generating system with variable speed, variable power, geometric isolation and high efficiency conducting elements
Brush-communicated direct-current motor
Stator for electric motor, electric motor, and air conditioner
DC-DC converter
DC-DC converter and semiconductor device
Semi-resonant power converters and methods of operation
Voltage conversion for an airborne wind turbine
Heliostat apparatus and solar heat collecting apparatus and concentrating photovoltaic apparatus
Parametrically driven gyromagnetic nonlinear transmission line oscillator
Method, apparatus, and system for analysis, evaluation, measurement and control of audio dynamics processing
Resonator device, electronic apparatus, and moving object
Method for recognizing press of key on keyboard
Touch-sensitive sensor and method for producing such a sensor
Electronic apparatus
Radio locator application
Switchable filtering circuit and the operation method using the same
Techniques for communication with body-carried devices
Bandgap modulation for underwater communications and energy harvesting
Fiber actuator for haptic feedback
Power transmitting device, power receiving device, power supply system, and power supply method
Dynamic configuration of body coupled communication devices
Terminal device, base station device, and communication method
Systems and methods for allocating alternative network access resources
Optical transmitter
MIMO demodulating apparatus and method, and line-of-sight wireless communications system
Method and apparatus for scheduling dedicated transmissions in response to interference levels at neighboring base stations
Handover method and radio base station
Advertising with a layer three routing protocol constituent link attributes of a layer two bundle
Packet transmission apparatus for processing operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM) packet and protection switching message
Tuple traffic management
Determining sampling rate from randomly sampled events
Method and system for reference counted pending interest tables in a content centric network
Data service including channel group
Handling of signaling messages on the data plane in a software-defined architecture
Tailored interpersonal communication platform (ICP) management
Methods and systems for recalling second party interactions with mobile devices
Systems and methods for faster download of digital content in mobile wireless devices
Content compression in mobile network
Control device for connecting a can bus to a radio network, and motor vehicle having such a control device
Measurement and signaling for network assistance to enable data-IC in small cell clusters
Unequalized clock data recovery for serial I/O receiver
Multiple symbol noncoherent soft output detector
Radio interference eliminator circuit
Security policy generation using container metadata
Systems and methods for sterilizing email attachments and other communications delivered by email
Data network microsegmentation
Hybrid database access control in external-to-database security systems
Call continuity in high uplink interference state
Method and device for converting ship information
System, apparatus and method for securely protecting a processor in transit
Retrieval of data across multiple partitions of a storage device using digital signatures
Processing information based on policy information of a target user
System and method for location-based sharing of information and location-based response to the shared information
Key protecting device and key protecting method
Chain of trust identification system and method
Systems and methods for endpoint management classification
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, method for authentication, and medium
Construction and uses of variable-input-length tweakable ciphers
Method for personalizing an authentication token
Apparatus and method having broadcast key rotation
Support structure to enable use of tablet computer by persons with limited manual dexterity
Mobile terminal
Visual IVR using call redirect
Method, computer program product and computer system for a chat based communication system
Dynamic user interface to reduce impact of unwanted calls
Image reading apparatus and document transport method used therefor
Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
Output system, output apparatus, and output method for outputting data with authentication during failure events
Image forming apparatus
Calibration system, calibration method, and image forming apparatus that ensure improved accuracy of correction of tone characteristics
Flicker detection and mitigation in video coding
Method, systems and apparatus for HDR to HDR inverse tone mapping
Reducing end-to-end latency for communicating information from a user device to a receiving device via television white space
Compact LED lighting unit for use in camera or video flash applications
Autofocus camera module packaging with circuitry-integrated actuator system
Image processing device, image capturing device, and image processing method for setting a combination parameter for combining a plurality of image data
Generating composite images using estimated blur kernel size
Image sensor, control method of image sensor, and imaging apparatus
Image processing for merging images of a scene captured with differing camera parameters
Imaging apparatus, method for controlling the same, and program
Thermal management of display screens
Image recording apparatus, dynamic image processing apparatus, dynamic image reproduction apparatus, dynamic image recording apparatus, information recording/reproduction apparatus
Method for enhancing media content of a picture
Transferring multiple records including video data to/from host
Advanced depth inter coding based on disparity of depth blocks
Displaying the simulated gazes of multiple remote participants to participants collocated in a meeting space
Method for deblocking field-frame video
Distributed architecture of forest video monitoring system
Storage method for loss-tolerant data stream recording
Display device and method of controlling display device
Miniature sounder
Bluetooth earphone combined with a pair of eyeglasses
Extension cord system
Method for diagnosing sealing properties of microphone and/or loudspeaker seals in an electronic device
Systems and methods for loudspeaker electrical identification with truncated non-causality
Dummy head for electronic calls
Method and surveillance system for detecting unwanted intrusion based on interactions between wireless communication and monitoring devices
method and device, sign-in server, and storage medium
Self-organizing network switching matrix
Method and apparatus for reducing retransmissions in local area networks
Energy efficient data collection routing protocol for wireless rechargeable sensor networks
Remote channel selection
Method of providing a mobility service
Wide area transport networks for mobile radio access networks and methods of use
Method and apparatus for providing seamless call handoff between networks that use dissimilar transmission methods
Method for estimation of data throughput of a wireless device operated in a cellular network
System and method for determining an appropriate time for providing a message to a driver
Method for presenting information contained in messages in a multimedia terminal, a system for transmitting multimedia messages, and a multimedia terminal
Utilization of SMS and/or cellular broadcast to receive multimedia alerts
User equipment
System and method for providing subscribed applications on wireless devices over a wireless network
Precoding data based on forwarded channel condition information
User terminal and inter-terminal communication method
Location-based monitoring of environment and controlling thereto
Electronic device with network access via mobile device proxy
Scheduling and token bucket for communication co-existence
Communication device
Beamforming for selecting a transmitting direction based on feedback from a reception device
Terminal device, integrated circuit, radio communication method, and base station device
Communication device and method for processing received signals
Communication device, communication device control method, and display system
Network-initiated data transfer in a mobile network
Systems and methods for a supplemental display screen
OFDM, 3G and 4G cellular multimode systems and wireless mobile networks
Primary-side regulated current control system under LLC topology
Electroluminescent device and manufacturing method thereof
Light fixture connectable device useful for establishing a network infrastructure
Electronic ballast with power thermal cutback
Domestic appliance device
Flexible printed circuit connector and connector assembly including the same
Method of forming conductive pattern
Component mounting apparatus and component mounting method
Method for producing connection member
Inverter having two-part housing
Interconnecting cooling units
Expired Patents Due To Time
Wand-shaped food product
Dog chew
Footwear sole
Shoulder pads and plastic bucklet suspender
Adjustment device for helmet strap
Belt buckle
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Display, transport, or storage device for fishing equipment
Envelope-shaped container
Tool accessory case
Tool tray
Key chain device
Shoulder bag
Storage case
Handle for a cleaning tool
Hair brush
Grill/baking brush
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for sheet goods
Surface pattern for an embossed paper product
Attachable pocket
Oval table
Display unit
Low profile disc storage container
Lisbon nightstand
Karaoke stand
Storage and display container
Audio-video storage unit
Television stand
Star configuration chair base
Chair base
Seat and back rest for a chair
Storage cabinet
Novelty tire seat cushion
Lion eiderdown
Depression cushion
Article of bedding with a motorcycle design
Ergonomic disposable bowl
Product holding cooler
Oven rack
Solar cooker with spherical shape
Bratwurst grilling roller
Solar cooker with vortex shape
Combined pasta server and spoon
Induction heating cooker
Dutch oven
Cooking griddle
Eating utensil
Spatula handle
Dust pan
Container for storing condiments
Combined paint bucket and ergonomic holder
Cover for a container
Air drill
Hand-held battery-powered grass trimmer
Utility knife
Utility knife
Powered coping saw
Impact wrench
Hand tool
Toilet seat lifting handle
Gasoline pump handle clip
Container with cover
Display case
Jewelry display box
Jewelry display box
Jewelry display box
Container for dry batteries
Combined helmet eye shield and underlying visor
Hinged-lid packet
Battery package
Child-resistant closure
Watch case
Garbage can
Garbage can
Watch case
Cutting template
Hand-held electronic device
Car alarm key chain
Defense traffic bollard
Tiered jewelry stone setting
Jewelry cluster design
Multi-faceted jewelry link and chain
Chain link conveyor structure
Jack mount
Front cover for a material handling vehicle
Motorcycle gas tank
Wiper blade
Motor vehicle and/or toy replica thereof
Motor scooter
Tire tread
Automobile tire tread
Tire tread
Bicycle rim ornamentation
Surface configuration of a front bumper for a vehicle
Rear bumper for an automobile
Stanchion (RS)
Disc for a disc brake
Trailer hitch mirror
Vehicle wheel front face
Blade assembly for a wind power generator
Co-axial cable connector
Embedded circuit board
Power connector
Set of earpieces
Wireless headset
CD player
Voice recording and reproducing apparatus
Combined disc player, radio receiver and tape recorder
Bluetooth headset
Multi-media DVD recording and/or reproducing device
Audio speaker
Speaker box
Mouse for a computer
Panel computer holder
Monitor support arm
Keyboard support
Portable telephone
Portable transmitter for radio headphones
Set-top enclosure
Tuner for television receiver
Television for an automobile
Mobile phone having rotatable camera
Portion of a display screen
Combined pump gear box bearing retainers and drive shafts
Motor driven pump
HV 30 compressor
Lawn mower
Grinding tool
Tile cutter
Netting product chute for automatic and/or manual packaging operations
Housing for surveillance camera
Video camera
Footprint-reducing tower for an image producing machine
Toner cartridge
Bug viewer
Type font
Envelope holder
Memo slip dispenser
Multiple face hand printing stamp
Set of ring binders
Writing instrument
Duster holder
Seesaw stationery holder
Memo clip
Glitter pencil having two color glitters forming vertical stripes
Hang tag
Identification tag for containers
Set of mailbox flag decals
Flush sign holder
Sign indicating status of occupant of cubicle or office
Object for the control of a remote controlled toy flying saucer through attitudinal orientation of the object
Pop-up pull toy
Girl toy figure
Remote control toy
Toy character
Toy vehicle
Object for the control of a remote controlled toy through attitudinal orientation of the object
Mat for golf training
Golf club head
Gaming machine
Spray nozzle
Dual hose adapter
Spray head for showers
Faucet spout
Tub spout
Faucet spout
Fume hood cup sink
Lavatory console
Portable toilet
Auto-controlled stool seat
Heater fan
Air freshener
Ceiling fan blade iron assembly
Ceiling fan motor housing
Ceiling fan housing
Electrotherapy and/or ultrasound therapy product console
Sample testing machine
Teeth whitening mouthpiece
Tooth organizer tray
Ostomy bag harness
Syringe adaptor
Sanitary napkin having an embossed cover layer
Step block
Cover for rail attachment
Permeable paving stone
LED utility light
Clip-on reading light
Desk or table lamp
Adjustable tripod-lighting device
Square fencepost light fixture
Enclosed colored diamond shaped frosted drop opal lens trim
Rear combination lamp for automobile
Display lamp
Display lamp
Fireworks safety lighter
Mail box lighter
Jean lighter
Pig lighter
Dietary supplement
Make-up applicator
Hair trimmer
Electric toothbrush
Batting helmet
Rotating wheel
Curvilinear outlet cover
Pet grooming tool
Base for an electrical appliance
Human Necessities
Bush cutting machine
Harvesting machine comprising a monitoring device for monitoring the sharpness of cutting blades and/or their distance to a counter-cutter
Grass collecting apparatus and a lawn mower having such a grass collecting apparatus
Fruit harvester collection apparatus with compact conveyor arrangement and associated methods
Dual drive material turning machine and method
Caryopteris plant named `Summer Sorbet`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Fisnics Redgold`
Scaevola plant named `Zig Zag`
Petunia plant named `Sunbapive`
Verbena.times.hybrida plant named `Verena`
Cleome plant named `Robspidam`
Scoparia plant named `USSCO10`
End seal for a manufactured seed and a method of manufacturing and attaching the same
Fishing lure with concealed hook
Adjustable depth lure
Simulated turtle fishing lure apparatus
Fishing rod
Fisherman's sinker-bobber
Mobile rod holder
Fishing lure recuperator
Method of controlling moisture of material and apparatus therefore
Foot cover
Vapor permeable retroreflective garment
Serving mitt
Protective clothing for arms, legs or the torso from a metal ring braiding
Tailoring guide system
Zipper assist device
Facemask harness
Headmount apparatus for attaching and supporting devices
Headwear piece with object holding capability
Head restraint device with rigid member for use with a high-performance vehicle
Lightweight impact resistant helmet system
Turning opening or closing member supporting structure of helmet
Footwear sole structure incorporating a cushioning component
Skateboard shoe with sole of varying hardness
Footwear with a separable foot-receiving portion and sole structure
Shoe cartridge cushioning system
Slipper insole, slipper, and method for manufacturing a slipper
Buckle with push button release
Portable shampoo apparatus
Foldable stand for a hammock
Utility distribution system
Corner bed arrangement
Advanced infant reflux wedge for infant
One-sided mattress
Combination co-sleeper and changing table
Pillow with central area having lower fill volume
Interactive blanket and pillow for children
Sleeping bag with stretchable panels
Hanging ring used in curtain
Bolt assembly for toilet seats
Foot washer
Face brush
Spring-biased pivoting squeegee
Method and apparatus for leg length discrepancy measurement
Motion accommodating patient chair
Bed having an integral refuse disposal system
Snowshoe pivot axle pad
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the catalytic exhaust gas aftertreatment of engine combustion emissions
Apparatus for the section-wise autofrettage of gun barrels
Dump truck bed forming apparatus
Method of forming a wire package
Rail producing method and producing equipment
Method for manufacturing a filler neck
Method of joining non-metallic and metallic components
Apparatus and methods for measuring the pin diameter of a crankshaft at the place of grinding
Pipe assembly table
Engine valve lifter lifting tool
Methods and apparatus for securing components for inspection
Connection device associated with an arm of an articulated three-dimensional measuring appliance
Electric shaver
Carpenter's combination plane
Web structure and method for making the same
Methods of making low loss, high frequency composite magnetic material
Inkjet recording head and method for manufacturing the same
System and method for modifying electronic design data
Template for making decorative holes in a piece of paper placed on top of the template
Floor covering, floor panels for forming such floor covering, and method for realizing such floor panels
Motorized chalk line apparatus
Chalk line with selectively adjustable tip
Kingpin-free caster assembly
Sealing structure including a water receiver for an automobile
System to be fitted in a vehicle door
Interior and exterior grille inserts and method for making same
Multi-purpose buckle sensor assembly
Wiper spring
Method of making a vehicle body
Front equipment mount for a wheeled vehicle
Water-swung hammock
Remote control module for a vehicle
Flexible over the wing passenger loading bridge
Method and apparatus for packing flower bouquets
Machine for packaging a product with a pamphlet
Automatic grocery bag opener
Packaging mechanism and method of use
Support leg system and method for supporting a dock leveler
Liquid storing and dispensing unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Monopropellant combustion system
Method for manufacturing a thin film
Textiles; Paper
Footwear with knit upper and method of manufacturing the footwear
Laundry dryer
Apparatus for sensing dryness degree in exhaust type clothes dryer and control method using same
Dryer control method and apparatus using the same
Fixed Constructions
Window treatment hanging tool
Bridging device for joint gaps
Arched structures and method for the construction of same
Fold-down chute for snow blower
Modular protection device for underpinning
Post construction alignment and anchoring system and method for buildings
Hydraulic shovel work amount detection apparatus, work amount detection method, work amount detection result display apparatus
Reference markings on construction materials
Live recovery storage structure
Modular building system
Laminated wall structure
Concrete forming system and method
Tornado and hurricane roof tie
Extruded transparent/translucent sheet for roof structures
Roof scuttle safety railing system
Universal end cap and method for rain gutter debris guards
Floor system
Method and apparatus for installing fitting
Devices for positioning and tapering the edges of adjacent wallboards and methods for using same
System and method for improving the interconnection between a pool cover and a storage reel
Prefabricated shearwall having improved structural characteristics
Structural supplemental rubber dampers (SSRD)
Locking balance shoe and system for a pivotable window
Damper mechanism
Window framework and a method for mounting a glass pane in an aperture of a panel
Anchoring profile, a frame assembly and a method for securing a pane against
Safety guard for hinged door
Flood protection barrier
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Distributor purge valve
Apparatus and method for reduced cold start emissions
Exhaust unit for engines particularly for high-performance vehicles
Regeneration of diesel particulate filter
Free piston engine
Apparatus for the destruction of volatile organic compounds
Multivariant set point using N1 and N2 for engine control
Cylinder event based fuel control
Method for NOx reduction of externally-ignited, explosion, internal combustion engines
Engine exhaust gas leak diagnosis
Control strategy for lean-to-rich transitions in an internal combustion engine
Cylinder liner having modified combustion seal and method
Pulse combustion device
Equalizing flow from pressure compensated pumps, with or without load sensing, in a multiple pump circuit
Fluid coupling
Tube couplings
Test model for a gas turbine combustor dome and method of fabricating
Combination dehydrator and condensed water dispenser
Dehumidifier as effected by moisture exchange
Method for conditioning fibrous substances
Freeze-drying apparatus
Cooling systems
Gun rest
Smokeless cylinder for muzzle-loading revolver
Mounting device for attaching an auxiliary sight to a firearm
Clamp for weapon mount
Ballistic vest
Manufacturing of micro-objects such as miniature diamond tool tips
Riser and tubular inspection systems
Device and procedure for aligning of components
Method of and apparatus for the inspection of vehicle wheel alignment
End assembly for tape rule
Marking implement alignment and guide system
Portable brake pad measuring tool
Laser level device
Line generating device
Multidirectional laser indicator
Methods and apparatus for removing gases from enclosures
Scale device
Scan design for double-edge-triggered flip-flops
Optical component assembly system
Mechanism for aligning a waveguide type optical member and fiber arrays
Method of manufacturing electronic device
Method and system for adapting a debugger to new targets
Method for verifying functional integrity of computer hardware, particularly data storage devices
Diagnostic architecture for use with an interface between an operating system and platform firmware
Fault tolerant processing architecture
Method and system for providing persistent storage of user data
System and method for performing a path-sensitive verification on a program
Interlaced protocol for smart card application development
Interactive debugging system with debug data base system
Diagnostic tool for a portable thread environment
Controlling memory usage in systems having limited physical memory
System and method employing script-based device drivers
Tracking user availability for participation in messaging sessions
Accelerator handles
Method and apparatus for designing semiconductor integrated circuit device based on voltage drop distribution
7-tracks standard cell library
Method and apparatus for defining vias
Simultaneously simulate multiple stimuli and verification using symbolic encoding
Method of creating a mask-programmed logic device from a pre-existing circuit design
Method and apparatus for analyzing post-layout timing violations
Method, apparatus, and system for hardware design and synthesis
Method and system for designing circuit layout
Method for modeling noise emitted by digital circuits
Floorplanning apparatus deciding floor plan using logic seeds associated with hierarchical blocks
Logic circuit having a functionally redundant transistor network
System and method for evaluating signal trace discontinuities in a package design
Apparatus and method to provide persistence for application interfaces
Menu system requiring reduced user manipulation of an input device
Method and apparatus for three dimensional internet and computer file interface
Ink gestures
Display apparatus and methods, and recording medium for controlling same
Information processing apparatus
User interface for stylus-based user input
Dynamically configurable human-machine interface
Method and system for displaying actions and historical content in an output view
API to enforce internationalization
Dual data representation
Automatic gopher program generator
Compiler independent bit-field macros
Small memory footprint system and method for separating applications within a single virtual machine
Complex data navigation, manipulation and presentation support for visualage Java
Image-based software installation
Program preparation apparatus
Compiler apparatus and method for optimizing loops in a computer program
Process, modules and switching center for identifying processes as well as their data and resources
Message processor for a passenger entertainment system, method and article of manufacture
Deferred-Synchronous messaging software in a non-threaded environment
Multiprocessor communication system and method
Hardware-assisted method for scheduling threads using data cache locality
System for balance distribution of requests across multiple servers using dynamic metrics
Methods and systems for improving a workflow based on data mined from plans created from the workflow
Equipment installation planning method and apparatus
Display medium intended to be installed in a scrollable device
Turntable for disk storage medium and disk drive including the turntable
Lash-eliminating device for worm-and-gear assembly
Disk drive preparation jig assembly
Method of manufacturing thin film piezoelectric elements
Write-once optical recording medium with ZnO near-field optical interaction layer
Optical disc and fabrication method thereof
Method of forming a dielectric substrate having a multiturn inductor
Method for improving EMC of keyboard soft board
Circuit component built-in module, radio device having the same, and method for producing the same
Method of making and interconnect structure
Insulated multilayered substrate having connecting leads for mounting a semiconductor element thereon
Method for fabricating piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Method for producing piezo actuators with a multiple-layer structure of piezo layers
Insulation-displacement connector connecting apparatus and method
Method of connecting multi conductor cable connector
Method of producing a surface wave component with a drain for pyroelectric voltage
Integrated circuit with authomatic pin-strapping configuration
Tandem connection monitoring
Video file providing apparatus, video receiving/reproducing apparatus, internet broadcast system, and computer-readable recording medium
Communicating scripts in a data service channel of a video signal
Television receiving apparatus
Video stream sharing
System and method for providing reliable telephony web-based features
Apparatus and methods for networking omni-modal radio devices
Electric-component mounting system
Apparatus for mounting an electronic part onto a circuit substrate
Electri-component holding apparatus
Method of fabricating printed circuit board with mixed metallurgy pads
Organic dielectric electronic interconnect structures and method for making
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