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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Border-signal generating and wire winding device for border recognition of self-propelled mower
Foldable mobile electronic device stand
Mounting apparatus
Brim of an insulated container
Apparatus and method for detecting an error in the measurement of a water level in a washing machine
System and method for cleaning refrigeration coils and the like
Surgical instrument control circuit having a safety processor
Method and apparatus for rapid quantification of an analyte in breath
Substituted piperidines with antiparasitic activity
H4 receptor inhibitors for treating tinnitus
Heterocyclic compounds as pest control agents
Methods for limiting development of a skin wound
Compound for treatment of severe hypoglycemia
Anti-CD98 antibody processes
Molecules that are able to inhibit the binding between NGF and the TrkA receptor as analgesics with prolonged effect
T cell receptors and related materials and methods of use
Composite non-woven fibrous webs having continuous particulate phase and methods of making and using the same
Portable bag assembly having drying and sterilization function
Performing Operations; Transporting
Exhaust purification device for internal combustion engine
Method of reducing silicosis caused by inhalation of silica-containing proppant, such as silica sand and resin-coated silica sand, and apparatus therefor
Systems and methods for dispensing a fluid
Method of repairing and/or protecting a surface in a reactor
Substrate processing apparatus
Method of hydroforming of hollow structural component
Method for producing an assembly unit
Method and apparatus for manufacturing a can end
Sinuous spring for a furniture item
Casting device with an annular duct and a casting method
I. D. collet
Quick release rotary tool mandrel
Method and system for introducing recesses in workpiece surfaces to be machined, with the aid of at least one tool
Friction application device
Methods and compositions for brazing, and earth-boring tools formed from such methods and compositions
Heat sink structure with a vapor-permeable membrane for two-phase cooling
Coring augers and tools for preparing an end of a coaxial cable for introduction of a flowable medium into the end
Grinding apparatus and method for fabrication of liquid crystal display device
Anti-slip wrench-type tool
Oil core wrench
Hand-driven mechanical screwdriver
Impact rotation tool
Variable speed control of fluid driven motors
Fixing element, method for welding a fixing element to a component and component connection
Preform and container comprising reinforcing elements
Methods for making oxidation resistant polymeric material
Apparatus for measuring surface temperature of molded product
Ambient cure pigmented or clear top coat non-isocyanate system
Heating platform and 3D printing apparatus
Uninterrupted bag making machine
In-situ foam core structural articles and system for forming
Layered transparent conductive oxide thin films
Absorbent composite sheet, roll of such a sheet, packet of sheets, and manufacturing process
Heterogeneous surfaces
Building element and method
Method and adhesive machine for constructing segmented rotor blades
Tyre layer application assembly and method
Fiber reinforced polymer composite with a hard interphase
Method for forming an article having a decorative surface
Head array and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Ring binder mechanism
Process and device for manufacturing a glazing unit comprising a decorative film, and glazing unit comprising a decorative film
Noise-reducing device intended to be inserted into a groove in the tread of a tire and tire comprising a device of this type
Motorcycle tire
Filter for a pneumatic tire
In-vehicle absorption heat pump device
Sealing arrangement for a motor vehicle window pane
Vehicle windshield cover and method therefor
Lid device for charging port
Device and method for determining the starting capability of an internal combustion engine
Providing vehicles with electric energy by magnetic induction
Rotatable anchors providing enhanced child restraint system interface accessibility
Trailer for a tugger train
Vehicle lamp
Night detection of parked vehicles
Exterior mirror system for a vehicle
Headlamp assembly for a saddle-type vehicle
Vehicle back-up assist system
Adjustable vertical attachment between hood and vehicle side
Illuminated license plate
Bumper reinforcement
Vehicle seat incorporating side airbag
Modular seat control switch system
Pretensioner of seat belt for vehicle
Vehicle security arrangement
Universally positional article mounting assemblies and methods
Automobile board carrier
Roof bar for a motor vehicle
Wiper connector and bolt-stabilizing sleeve adaptor
Chock deployment apparatus
Traction control device
Method and device for steering truck of railway vehicle, and truck
Self-loading dolly
Electric power steering controller
Slidable pillar for adjusting an opening size into a vehicle and method thereof
Vehicle hood structure
Downforce generation system for a vehicle
System and method for detecting failure of a steering angle sensor
Motorcycle body cover construction
Protective detachable cabin for electric scooter
Direction indicate lamp for bicycle with multi-function
Vehicle body frame structure of saddle-ride type vehicle
Cardboard-based unit
Suspension system for the front wheel of single-track two-wheeled vehicles namely motorcycles and bicycles
Carbon fiber rim, bicycle including the same and manufacture method thereof
Bicycle transmission
Torque sensor and electric bicycle using same
Towing rope for water skiing
Walkthrough door for marine vessel
Pontoon shields
Clean energy powered surfboards
Ballast water treatment system for ship
Actuation device for opening an emergency exit flap of a cockpit door
Long endurance vertical takeoff and landing aircraft
Passenger seat for a means of transportation
Lightweight weapons platform
Transport pallet and method for the production thereof
Cover for a stackable transport pallet
Flip top cap with contamination protection
Connecting structure
Primary packaging for a sterile medical device
Pouch with child proof fitment
Closure cap with a multilayer seal disk for receptacles
Refuse container cover
Inflatable cushioning wrap for delicate objects shipped in a box
Collapsible multi-purpose structure
Toy candy dispenser
Sod harvester
Bar feeder
Manual gripping device for clamping objects
Mat rolling apparatatus and method
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system for forming a folding line on a sheet
Apparatus and methods for producing shrink-wrap packaging
Guide rail rope deflection inhibition mechanism and method for parallel soft cable suspension system
Elastomeric load compensators for load compensation of cranes
Telescopic boom extension device
Winch assembly
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Treatment device
Multistage process for removal of phosphorus, fluoride, and arsenic species from water via complexation and solubility control
Biological wastewater treatment processes that enhances the capacity for polyhydroxyalkanoate accumulation in a mixed culture biomass
Thermoplastic polyurethanes in optical fiber coatings
Admixtures and admixture formation used in concrete technology
Oxide sintered body, sputtering target, and oxide semiconductor thin film obtained using sputtering target
Process for preparation of n-propyl benzene
Pyrazole tetrahydronaphthyl carboxamides
Synthesis of (S)-2-acetamido-3-(4-hydroxy-3-(3-methylbut-2-enyl) phenyl) propanoic acid derivatives
Method for carbon dioxide hydrogenation of syngas and the integration of the process with syngas conversion processes
Process for preparing an internal olefin sulfonate
Fluorescent pI markers for isoelectric focusing separations and fluorescent labeling
DP2 antagonist and uses thereof
Amide-linked perfluoropolyether thiol compounds and processes for their preparation and use
Pest control agent
Solid forms of fungicidal pyrazoles
Process for preparing asymmetrical imidazolium salts
Macrocyclic urea and sulfamide derivatives as inhibitors of TAFIa
Process for producing N-methyl or N,N-dimethyl amines
Alkylene oxide synthesis
Geranyl geranyl acetone analogs and uses thereof
Process for preparation of sodium (2S, 5R)-6-(benzyloxy)-7-oxo-1,6-diazabicyclo[3.2.1]octane-2-carboxylate
Process for the optical purification of esomeprazole
Deuterated compounds for treating hematologic malignancies, and compositions and methods thereof
Tazarotene with low dimer impurity for treating acne or psoriasis
1,7-naphthyridine derivatives
Method for preparing volasertib and intermediate thereof
Crystalline forms of pemetrexed tromethamine salts
Substituted condensed pyrimidine compounds
Metal-organic frameworks based on on 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid or 2,5-thiophenedicarboxylic acid
Fluorescent probe
Method of semi-solid state fermentation for producing surfactin from a mutant strain of Bacillus subtilis subsp
Gram-positive bacteria specific binding compounds
Biomarker profiles for predicting outcomes of cancer therapy with ERBB3 inhibitors and/or chemotherapies
Glycogen synthase kinase-3 inhibitors
Microbial-derived chondroitin sulfate
Fluorinated compositions and surface treatments made therefrom
Use of a metallocene catalyst to produce a polyalpha-olefin
Process for modifying ethylene-based polymers and copolymers
High-density polyethylene preparation methods
Method for synthesizing poly(butylene succinate) catalyzed by biogenic guanidinine
Method for producing polyimide precursor and method for producing polyimide
Poly(ether sulfone)s and poly(ether amide sulfone)s and methods of their preparation
Silicone resin composition for optical semiconductors
Method of producing a low odor glycerin derivative-modified silicone or a composition comprising the same
Method for manufacturing rubber composition
PUR foam with enlarged cell structure
Rubber composition for tire tread and tire manufactured by using the same
Pumpable shelf-stable suspension of fibers in an organic phase
Polyolefin composition, oriented polyolefin film, and production method for same
Rubber composition including a thiazole derivative
Inkjet recording ink and ink cartridge using the ink, inkjet recording apparatus, inkjet recording method and ink recording matter
Polymeric beads, process and composition
Epoxy coating systems using polycyclic polyamines as epoxy hardeners
Heat-activable and crosslinkable adhesive tape for bonding electronic components and conductor tracks
Liquid crystal material and liquid crystal display device including the same
Carbon nanotube composite material and thermal conductor
Energy conversion systems and methods
Methods and systems for sequestering carbon dioxide in a subterranean formation
Method of treating subterranean formations
Process for water wetting oil-wet surfaces
Separation and extraction of hydrocarbons from source material
Lube base oil comprising X-type diester acid dimer and method for preparing the same
Algae growth system
Photobioreactor for liquid cultures
Metabolically engineered microorganisms
Nucleic acid molecules that confer resistance to coleopteran pests
Genetically modified plants with resistance to Xanthomonas and other bacterial plant pathogens
Mixed cell diagnostic systems for detection of respiratory, herpes and enteric viruses
Method for in vivo production of deglycosylated recombinant proteins used as substrate for downstream protein glycoremodeling
Compositions comprising cellobiose dehydrogenase from Pycnoporus cinnabarinus and their use for the degradation of lignocellulosic biomass
Polypeptides having alpha-glucosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Anti-jagged 1/jagged 2 cross-reactive antibodies, activatable anti-jagged antibodies and methods of use thereof
miRNA biomarkers for ulcerative colitis
Targeted sequencing of biomolecules by pulling through a liquid-liquid interface with an atomic force microscope
Methods and compositions for sequence-specific purification and multiplex analysis of nucleic acids
Methods for molecular detection
Steel rod and high strength steel wire having superior ductility and methods of production of same
Complete non-cyanogens wet process for green recycling of waste printed circuit board
High-strength hot-rolled steel sheet
Rolled film formation apparatus
Composite electrode for electrolytically producing alkaline water, apparatus comprising the same and use of the alkaline water produced
Underpotential deposition-mediated layer-by-layer growth of thin films
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine system and washing method
Automatic dispenser for detergent and chlorine additives
Fixed Constructions
Piston-type variable speed control device
Pet waste collection apparatus
Snow melting assembly
Permanent drainage ditch adapted to improve yield from farmland
Access support for offshore installations
Two-level water flushing device for toilets
Gutter leaf slide bridge
Staging transport assembly and method
Gate system and apparatus
Low pressure air or vacuum glass edge-sealed with bar frame and groove
Vacuum insulating glass unit with viscous edge seal
Method and system for directional drilling and coupling sub
Drill cuttings diverter system
Packer setting tool
Change-over arrangement for a cable operated jar
Cementing plug apparatus and method
Quantification of skin in hydraulic fracturing of low and tight reservoirs
Safe, directional, drought-resistant dug well (SDDW)
Dart plunger
Progressive cavity pump with free pump rotor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine generating energy through physical and chemical energy conversions of a compressed gaseous fuel
Seal arrangement having a thrower ring for an anti-friction bearing
Variable geometry turbo system
Annular ring assembly for shroud cooling
Leading edge protector
Oil pan and engine assembly including the oil pan
Reductant mixing system for an exhaust gas after-treatment device
Method and apparatus to control fuel injection in an internal combustion engine
Charge air cooler device
Evaporative fuel processing system
Method for supercritical diesel combustion
Control apparatus for hybrid electric vehicle
System and method for sampling and processing mass air flow sensor data
Cylinder head having EGR gas cooling structure, and method for manufacturing same
Method of operating a fuel injector, a control unit that performs the method, and a system that includes the control unit
Vented high pressure valve
Apparatus for converting wave motion on a body of water into electrical power
Method and apparatus for energy generation
Centrifugal fan impeller with variable shape fan blades and method of assembly
Port plate of a flat sided liquid ring pump having a gas scavenge passage therein
Switchable mechanical coolant pump
Multiuse bracket and support device
Tiered axial taper roller bearing with common center ring
Foil bearing unit
Method of manufacturing shell type needle roller bearing and manufacturing jig used for manufacturing thereof
Bearing arrangement
Passive piston hydraulic device with partition
Brake pad and method of forming such
Suspension device
Magnetorheological fluid shock absorber
Control device for automatic transmission
Multi-speed transmission in planetary design
Multi-mode hybrid transmission using single planetary gear
Roll control device for a vehicle curtain
Ball type continuously variable transmission
One mode continuously variable transmission with low loss configuration
Ball type continuously variable transmission/infinitely variable transmission
Bike chain cleaning tool
Hydraulic control unit
System and method for minimal draindown in CVT
Chain tensioner
Piston with thermally insulated crown
Slide valve having a valve slide
Ratcheting shower head valve
Film-coated vacuum insulated panel
High pressure gas hose and method of making same
Light-emitting device
Illuminating a concrete structure
Emergency exit route illumination system and methods
Light-emitting device, illumination light source, and illumination device
Illuminating decal for a vehicle
Attachment and lighting apparatus
LED light bulb simultaneously using as nightlight
Lens and light emitting device using same
Handheld surgical instrument repair station with associated alignment tools
Systems and methods for controlling backlight output characteristics
Functional material, its preparation method, light guide ink, and light guide plate
Waveguides comprising light scattering surfaces and display devices comprising the same
Method for carrying out combustion in an industrial furnace
Sectional regenerative third-type absorption heat pump
Electrically driven vehicle
Bag sealer and ice vending machine using the same
System and method for liquefying and storing a fluid
Methods and devices for drying hydrocarbon containing gas
Steady state high temperature reactor
Continuous temperature measuring device and RH apparatus including the same
Heat exchanger and air conditioner equipped therewith with water guiding condensate notches and a linear member
Heat pipe
Heat exchanger
Vibration absorber
Interface for a sighting device for a firearm
Target stand
Method for detecting changes of position of shaftless spinning rotor of open-end spinning machine in cavity of active magnetic bearing and spinning unit of open-end spinning machine with active magnetic bearing for bearing shaftless spinning rotor
Method and device for monitoring status of turbine blades
Column installation kit
Navigation device and program for performing route guidance along a route using, as a recognized road, an extension road not actually traveled which extends straight from and is continuous with a road actually traveled
Meeting point determination for group members
Occupant based vehicle control
Systems, methods, and devices for unmanned aerial vehicle dispatch and recovery
Laser radar device and object detection method
Indicator device, notably for motor vehicles
Liquid soap dispenser
Splash shield for a fluid containment system of a vehicle
Method and apparatus for offset frequency separation and drop out mitigation in non-contact vibrometry
Method and apparatus for measuring ultraviolet light exposure
Time-temperature indicator system I
Heatable gas analysis device
Strain transmitter
Flexure-based system for measuring torque on a shaft
Method and apparatus for improving engine performance
Method of estimating soot output from an engine
Sample taking device
Passive wireless sensor
SERS-based analyte detection
XRF analyzer activation switch
Analytical cell
Testing a layer positioned over a capacitive sensing device
Nanoprobe and methods of use
Temperature influenced chemical vaporization and detection of compounds having low volatility
Method and device for biomolecule preparation and detection using magnetic array
Markers associated with arteriovascular events and methods of use thereof
Vibration damper for a sensor unit and sensor arrangement for a motor vehicle
Flow angle probe with a passively rotating vane
Magnetic field sensor
System for analyzing and locating partial discharges
High dose radiation detector
Process for separating data recorded during a continuous data acquisition seismic survey
Phase-contrast MR imaging with speed encoding
Apparatus and method for influencing and/or detecting magnetic particles having a large field of view
Hold-up tool with conformable sensors for highly-deviated or horizontal wells
Wireless metal detector having headset with display and camera
Fluid lens assembly
Dynamically variable graphic material using electrostatically attracted particles
Gradient index lens and method for its fabrication
Hot melt connector stripping cutter tool
Light homogenization device
Optical fiber connector and optical coupling lens
Backside binary grated lens coupled to front side waveguide
Optical module
Multifiber subunit cable
Optical semiconductor device
Display substrate, display panel and display apparatus having the display substrate
Display device and method of generating supply power therefor
3D image display device and liquid crystal lens panel device for the same
Rotating mount
Light emitting device and projector
Illumination unit and image display device incorporating same
Pattern forming apparatus and pattern forming method, movable body drive system and movable body drive method, exposure apparatus and exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Exposure apparatus, movable body drive system, pattern formation apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Maskless exposure device, maskless exposure method and display substrate manufactured by the maskless exposure device and the maskless exposure method
Substrate holding apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabricating method
Increasing and controlling sensitivity of non-linear metallic thin-film resists
Linear Stage for reflective electron beam lithography
Developing device, and image forming apparatus and process cartridge incorporating same
Image forming apparatus including layer thickness control portion to cause rotator to carry toner, and developing device used in image forming apparatus
Developing device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Building automation system control with motion sensing
RFID-to-bluetooth selective adapter with multiple RFID integrated chips
Controller for scent diffusing device and a server for supporting the controller
Gas flow regulating device
Fluid resistance device
System and method for initiating a reduced power mode for one or more functional blocks of a processor based on various types of mode request
Contactless turning on of IoT devices using mobile phone camera light source
Portable computer support
Wearable display device
Display module and display apparatus having the same
Electronic device and information processing apparatus
Portable electronic device having a protective foldable cover with a built-in membrane keyboard
Systems and methods for shape input and output for a haptically-enabled deformable surface
Vehicular safety system
Electronic device with cooling facility
Computer system and power circuit therefor
Saving power when in or transitioning to a static mode of a processor by using feedback-configured voltage regulator
Power consumption control in computer system
Failure detecting apparatus and failure detecting method using patterns indicating occurrences of failures
Acquiring diagnostic data selectively
Allocation of replica-sets in a storage cluster
Information processing apparatus and method of diagnosis
Minimizing delay periods when accessing mirrored disks
Programming non-volatile memory using a relaxed dwell time
System and method for improving a victim cache mode in a portable computing device
Real-time cache behavior forecast using hypothetical cache
Providing command trapping using a request filter circuit in an input/output virtualization (IOV) host controller (HC) (IOV-HC) of a flash-memory-based storage device
Apparatus, method and medium
Adjustment of volume synchronization
Data compression using accelerator with multiple search engines
Managing concurrent access to multiple storage bank domains by multiple interfaces
Changing cache ownership in clustered multiprocessor
Scheduler training for multi-module byte caching
High performance persistent memory for region-centric consistent and atomic updates
Method and system for cache management
Computer instructions for limiting access violation reporting when accessing strings and similar data structures
Asynchronously clearing page frames
Information processing apparatus and method for hot plug
Configurable logic integrated circuit having a multidimensional structure of configurable elements
Computational systems and methods for regulating information flow during interactions
Manipulating image content items through determination and application of multiple transparency values to visually merge with other content as part of a web page
Display of webpage elements on a connected computer
Providing access to a collection via a plurality of discrete machine-recognizable codes
Song selection using a heart rate change and a facial expression monitored with a camera
Delivery and display of page previews using shadow DOM
Method for generating random content for an article
Systems and methods for identifying and suggesting emoticons
Real-time sentiment analysis for synchronous communication
Document translation based on predictive use
Translating website listings and propagating the translated listings to listing websites in other regions
Systems and methods for electronic communications
Collaborative search of databases
Methods and systems for customizable clustering of sub-networks for bioinformatics and health care applications
Techniques for improving deduplication efficiency in a storage system with multiple storage nodes
Method and system for searching for a web document
Reduction in time required to write file to tape
Tunable hardware sort engine for performing composite sorting algorithms
Web content management using predetermined project templates
Systems and methods for detecting objectionable content in a social network
Content management for packet-communicating devices
Non-transitory computer-readable media storing file management program, file management apparatus, and file management method
Relay device, relay method, computer-readable recoding medium having stored therein relay program, and relay system
Efficient extraction for colorless multi patterning
Prioritized path tracing in statistical timing analysis of integrated circuits
Intra-run design decision process for circuit synthesis
Identification of unknown sources for logic built-in self test in verification
Sampling for OPC model building
Controller and process monitoring method including monitoring of process execution sequence
License management in a networked software application solution
Allowing access to applications based on user capacitance
Managing compromised passwords
Providing an authenticating service of a chip
Processing a guest event in a hypervisor-controlled system
Content object encapsulating content items for accessing content and access authorization information
Tactile feedback interface device
Fingertip location determinations for gesture input
Customization based on physiological data
Paperless blueprint drafting table system
Device for controlling different functions of a motor vehicle
Scanning mirror touch screen
Touch panel apparatus and touch panel control method
Touch detection apparatus, touch detection method and recording medium
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Method and system for supporting an electronic book application service, and mobile device adapted to the method
Non-DICOM object attachment method and system
Dynamic character biographies
Display apparatus and user interface screen displaying method using the same
Method and apparatus for controlling application using key inputs or combination thereof
Legacy applications as web services
Virtual reality applications
Interactive media presentations using a plurality of selectable audio elements
Methods and systems for remotely viewing and auditing cell sites comprising a digital data structure comprising a substantially 360 degree digital representation of the site
Parity stripe lock engine
Optical configurations in a tileable display apparatus
Mobile electronic device and character input method
Information processing apparatus capable of quickly updating a display in accordance with an operation for changing a display appearance and control method thereof
Vehicle apparatus control from rear seat
Verification of record based systems
Tracking tuples to reduce redundancy in a graph
Digital information analysis system, digital information analysis method, and digital information analysis program
Dispersed storage processing unit and methods with operating system diversity for use in a dispersed storage system
Arithmetic device, arithmetic method, and wireless communication device
Elapsed cycle timer in last branch records
Computer instructions for activating and deactivating operands
Processing of multiple instruction streams in a parallel slice processor
Variable updates of branch prediction states
Dynamic allocation of trace array timestamp data
Editing software products using text mapping files
Runtime detection of software configurations and upgrades
Runtime detection of software configurations and upgrades
System and method for updating firmware in real-time
Dynamic setup of development environments
Complex computer environment installation
Based on natural load determination either adjust processor sleep time or generate artificial load
Redeployable resource forecasting
Thread processing method and thread processing system for setting for each thread priority level of access right to access shared memory
Synchronization method
Enhanced management of thread-local objects
Systems and methods for wellbore optimization
Hand-held dual spherical antenna system
Two-dimensional code based information acquisition system and method thereof
Image processing apparatus and image processing method for blink detection in an image
Fusion of multiple imaging planes for isotropic imaging in MRI and quantitative image analysis using isotropic or near-isotropic imaging
System and methods for determination of potential solar installable surface area
System and method for motion evaluation
Method and system for measuring a colorimetric characteristic of a sample and calibration of same
Method for managing medicine taking by a user terminal in a system comprising the user terminal, a server, and a medicine container, and the user terminal performing the method
System and method to monitor powerlines
Alarm activated system with snow level sensor
Devices, systems and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly
Method and apparatus for testing memory
Segmented graphene growth on surfaces of a patterned substrate layer and devices thereof
Drawing method and method of manufacturing article
Laser annealing method and laser annealing apparatus
Functionalized carbon nanotube sensors, method of making same and uses thereof
Detection circuit and electronic terminal
Methods, apparatus, and systems for preventing over-temperature battery operation
Window module for an aircraft or spacecraft
Controller for use with a reciprocating electric submersible pump
Power driving system
Apparatus of detecting position of rotating member and system of operating wiper
Mobile terminal
System and method for transferring software applications and data between two mobile devices with different operating systems
Display apparatus including image projecting unit and screen unit
MEMS based surveillance system and a method for using same
Indoor automation and control method and system thereof using RFID-to-Bluetooth selective adapter
Method of installing at least one lighting module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for high-volume in situ soil remediation
Walk-behind working machine
Defective sod rejector and deflector
Method of cleaning a lawn mower
Cord take-up reel for electric powered lawn mower
Transfer mechanism for feeding harvested crop to a separation unit
Forgery proof, indelibly marked label having contrast to aid visibility
Elevated game call with attachment feature
Antimicrobial filtration
Apparatus for making meatballs and the like
Narrow profile soft tip for underwire
Backless, strapless bra
Latch for a storage unit
Point-of-sale body powder dispensing system
Accessory grip for elongate instrument
Method of producing a brush having a bristle plate
Drawer stop device with dual-side mountable roller
Multi-task mid-pivot chair control mechanism
Foldable chair with reclining back
Multi-channel sling seat frame
Chair backrest provided with a versatile cushion
Chair with flexible, resilient back support
Arching lumbar support with weight distribution surface
Merchandising display track device
System and method for updating a database of weights at a self-checkout terminal
Process for making a picture frame
Insulated container for a beverage bag
Garment hanger
Biologically safe mail box
Towel material of wet towel and a manufacturing apparatus thereof
Dispenser for dispensing sheet material
Product dispenser and carrier
Flexible ureteropyeloscope
Medical instrument with slotted memory metal tube
Specimen collection and application apparatus
Genealogy storage kit
Apparatus and methods for delivering a vascular closure device to a body lumen
Bone anchor insertion device
Appliance for storing, distributing and placing couched I-shaped surgical fasteners
Removable occlusion system for aneurysm neck
Device for clamping and cutting a flexible deformable tube
Method and apparatus for resecting a greater tubercle from a humerus of a patient during performance of a shoulder replacement procedure
Surgical instrument with a collet locking and indexing system
ACL fixation pin
Apparatus for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter using at least two shock wave pulses
Surgical extractor
Circumcision clamp
Osteosynthetic anchoring member
Method and system for intraoperatively revising the length of fracture fixation screws
Quantum energy surgical device and method
Conductive interstitial thermal therapy device
Eyesight correcting apparatus
Electrosurgical instrument
Even temperature linear lesion ablation catheter
Method and apparatus for plasma-mediated thermo-electrical ablation
Catheter placement detection system and operator interface
Methods and systems for in situ tissue marking and orientation stabilization
System and method for non-contacting measurement of the eye
Ophthalmic photographic apparatus
Signal processing method and pulse wave signal processing method
Safety shield assembly
Acoustic detection of vascular conditions
Mechanism and system for 3-dimensional scanning of an ultrasound beam
Segmented handheld medical ultrasound system and method
Method and system for ultrasound blood flow imaging and volume flow calculations
Method and apparatus for ultrasound imaging of the heart
Cannula system
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic imaging
Dental articulator with extended motion range
Curing light
Dental abrading body for treating tooth crowding
Article with laser engraved identification mark
Substance delivery device
Disposable undergarment with elastically stretchable wings
Method for producing web for use in making shaped elastic ears disposable absorbent article diapers
Applicator and method for applying adhesive to rod-shaped members such as cotton swabs
Bifurcated catheter assembly
Method for processing a stent processed with tools containing magnetizing components
Scissor action tendon anchor
Prosthetic mitral heart valve
Anterior cervical plate having polyaxial locking screws and sliding coupling elements
Osteogenic packing device and method
Strap system for treating shin pain
Collecting bag for human body wastes
L-shaped implant with bi-directional flow
Micro-burst ultrasonic power delivery
Vehicle lift apparatus
Portable patient transfer assist system
Lower limb function training device
System and method for loading pills into a pillbox
Polymerizable preparations based on epoxides that contain silicon
Casting material
Water display system with germicidal light source
Method and apparatus for anti-microbial and related treatments
Method of manufacturing an implantable stent having improved mechanical properties
Irrigation/aspiration apparatus
Gas assist molding of one-piece catheters
Enhanced stent delivery system
Hydraulic remote for a medical fluid injector
Intradermal delivery device
Multi-lumen intravenous extension and method for conveying medicinal fluids
Module for a computer interface
Device for electrical connection of a power lead to an electrode, in particular a medical skin electrode
Therapeutic spiral magnet
Patient motion monitoring system for proton therapy
Ablation catheter having shape-changing balloon
Segmented weight and exerciser
Golf ball
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Golf ball with temperature indicator
Golf ball with large inner core
Adjustable length golf putter
Golf club set
Golf club head construction
Golf swing training device
Lighted shuttlecock
Basketball game system
Eccentric cycling trainer
Golf putter attachment
Golf swing training device
Ski binding or snowboard binding
Front retaining element for an alpine ski boot
Method of playing a card game
Game device in which the character representation changes corresponding to the value of a multi-level input signal
Video game system, video game apparatus, and method of controlling the video game apparatus
Method of playing a wagering game
Game apparatus for use with a billiard table
Gaming device having skill/perceived skill bonus round
One-sided printing and manufacturing of a mobius strip
Gaming device having a multiple screen bonus round
Talking stick horse
Toy assembly and a method of using the same
Master and slave toy vehicle pair
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems for column-based separations, methods of forming packed columns, and methods of purifying sample components
Liquid separation and extraction
Separating apparatus and method of separating
Strand evaporator
Filter unit with thermoplastic overmold seal member
Variable vortex baffle fluid filter
Tapered hydrophobic filter for suction canisters
Process for the manufacture of concentrated solutions
Charge stabilized electret filter media
Air filter for computers
Modular powder coating booth
Personal air cleaning apparatus
Panel air filter with gasket of non-woven felt
Method of species exchange and an apparatus therefore
Method and apparatus for treating an exhaust gas containing volatile organic compounds
Holder for 5 gallon bucket during mixing
Partially dehydrated reaction product process for making same, and emulsion containing same
Treating an aquifer or soil formations
Foamed fireproofing composition and method
Mixer for mixing at least two flows of gas or other newtonian liquids
Fluid purification devices and methods employing deionization followed by ionization followed by deionization
Positively charged membrane
Electrochemical generation of carbon dioxide and hydrogen from organic acids
Disposable barrier for a laboratory splash pan
Intelligent document shredder device
Centrifuge with open conveyor having an accelerating impeller and flow enhancer
Decanter type centrifugal separator with restriction effected discharge route
Centrifugation pheresis method
Automobile undercarriage cleaner
Nozzle for use with high pressure fluid cutting systems having arcuate sides
Weighted dip tube for a manual dispenser
Double-acting pump for ejecting a product from a container
Methods of fabricating MEMS and microfluidic devices using latent masking technique
Air brush
Adhesive application apparatus for small packages
Shield assembly for substrate processing chamber
System for producing patterned deposition from compressed fluid in a partially opened deposition chamber
Method of automatically sorting objects and combining objects to assortments
Ozonation of contaminated liquids under high pressure
Method and device for pressing workpiece
Bending press system
Wear resistant nail manufacturing tool inserts
Process and apparatus for supplying rare earth metal-based alloy powder
Drill insert using a sandwiched polycrystalline diamond compact and method of making the same
Production process for niobium powder
Sm-fe-N based alloy powder and process for producing the same
Apparatus for positioning a cutter of a tool relative to the spindle of a machine tool
Mechanical contact connection
Reflow oven gas management system and method
Mounting parts peel suppressing soldering method, electronic circuit baseboard, and electronic instrument
Golf club head for welding
Wire bonding apparatus with spurious vibration suppressing structure
Portable inertia welder
Joining structural members by friction welding
Friction stir welding as a rivet replacement technology
Friction stir welding of metal matrix composites, ferrous alloys, non-ferrous alloys, and superalloys using a superabrasive tool
Frame member for friction stir welding
Clamping device for aligning and clamping two pipe ends
Apparatus and method for rotating heavy objects
Stepless speed change bench drill
Method for polishing end face of ferrule with optical fiber, method for assembling optical connector, and terminating kit for optical fiber
Oscillating hand tool
Abrasive tool assembly
Tool mounting
Method and apparatus for reconditioning compact discs
Method and apparatus for removing a predetermined amount of material from a bottom portion of a dovetail slot in gas turbine engine disk
Method for honing blind bores in workpieces
Apparatus and method for the chemical mechanical polishing of the surface of circular flat workpieces, in particular semi-conductor wafers
Fiber optical sensor embedded into the polishing pad for in-situ, real-time, monitoring of thin films during the chemical mechanical planarization process
Method and apparatus for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic substrates
Polishing tool used for CMP
Method and apparatus for wireless transfer of chemical-mechanical planarization measurements
Determining an endpoint in a polishing process
Chemical mechanical polishing apparatus and a method of chemical mechanical polishing using the same
Machining strain removal apparatus
Spiral wound abrasive belt and method
Method and apparatus for installing a prepackaged piston assembly in an engine
Pneumatic nailer with rotatable and movable magazine
Cap assembly and cap feeder for automatic fastener driver
Pneumatically operated nail gun having cylinder floating prevention arrangement
Abrasion-resistant bumper for a nail-driving tool
Belt of nails for nailers
Power tool having air discharge windows
Device for handling flat panels in a vacuum
Router depth of cut adjustment
Spreader for wood chips, wood particle and sawdust
Orienting disk for improving mat formation in composite wood products
Apparatus for casting a plumbing fixture
Impression mold
Combined integral molded product using pre-molded member
Removable heater for a hot runner nozzle
Centering apparatus for injection mold machine
Injection moulding apparatus with a lubricant pump
Apparatus for cooling and calibrating an extruded plastic profile
Device for conveying discrete entities having an improved transfer arm, and container blow-molding facility with such a device
Method and apparatus for welding synthetic resin member by high frequency or ultrasonic heating
Sealer with continuous motion ultrasonic zipper welding
Multilayer disc manufacturing apparatus, and disc bonding method
Method and apparatus for manufacturing endless reinforced rubber articles
Gap adjuster for laminating rolls
Zippered film and bag
Method and device for web for embossing and printing a web of flexible material, such as paper and nonwoven, and a web material produced by the method
Method for preparing laminate for packaging material and laminate for packaging material
Method of making the basic material and the facial skin of synthetic leather with one round of process
Pressing cushion
Overcoating device and ink jet recording apparatus with the overcoating device
Apparatus and method for fortification of black pigment based ink using black dye based ink
Ink jet printing apparatus and method
Printer with a calibration position positioned within a printing range
System and methods for providing a head driving device
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Liquid jetting apparatus and method for driving the same
Ink jet printing method and apparatus
CMOS/MEMS integrated ink jet print head with oxide based lateral flow nozzle architecture and method of forming same
Ink jet printhead having a channel plate with integral filter
Piezoelectronic actuator and liquid jetting head
Inkjet recording head and inkjet recording device
Ejection head for aggressive liquids manufactured by anodic bonding
Ink jet recording apparatus
Insertion/extraction mechanism for an ink cartridge
Printing system with flexible conduit portion between ink supply and print cartridge and methods for supplying ink to printing structure
Electrostatic printing device and electrode unit used in the electrostatic printing device
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Enhanced dot resolution for inkjet printing
Printhead nozzle alignment in a printing system
Device for ensuring proper toe-heel installation of a detachable printer component
Electrode arrangement for an ink jet printer
System and method of providing power to a print head
Printer hammerbank with a magnetic shunt
Ink jet printing method
Ink-jet printing systems and methods for extending air fade resistance of ink-jet prints
Method for producing support for planographic printing plate, support for planographic printing plate, and planographic printing plate precursor
Method for identifying advertising forms for insertion into publications
Sheet processing apparatus for binding sheet stacks in one of an end binding mode and a central binding mode, and image forming apparatus containing same
Combination interactive book and lockable storage device
Prescription paper for physicians
Voter ballots and authentication system
Album page having a reinforcement area
Container with applicator
Method of preparing a decorative laminated article
Spoke fastener for mounting a spoke on a wheel rim
Drive wheel bearing assembly
Jogging stroller
Vehicle traction mat
Composite wheel assembly and method for producing same
Limited articulation trailer and hitch system
Adjustable torsion bar anchor for vehicle
Two piece vehicle roof structure having an integrated HVAC system
Vehicle compartment and engine preheating system and method
Regulator for air outlet
Anti-intrusion beam for a vehicle door assembly
Door structure for vehicle
Inner door for an automotive vehicular door assembly
Guide mechanism for a cover of a sliding/tilting roof
Retractable truck tarpaulin system
Automobile cover
Mesh side shield for vehicle sunroof
Powertrain module for zero turn radius vehicle
Automobile transmission
Combined differential gear device
Selectively actuated transfer case
Torque transfer clutch with ball screw actuator
Vacuum pump aspirator for work vehicle pre-cleaner
Attachment structure for a center display unit
Motor vehicle seat adapted to receive a safety belt
Child automotive safety seat with integral seat belt tensioner
Harness-control panel adjuster for child-restraint seat
Flip head restraint
Locking and unlocking mechanism for an active headrest for a vehicle seat
Multi-purpose holder installed in a vehicle
Holder for a beverage container
Vehicle cargo tray and table assembly
All-weather street and road maintenance vehicle
Recreational vehicle foldable deck
Folding cargo containment apparatus for an automobile
Headlight, especially for a motor vehicle, and method for adjusting light radiated by the headlight
Tether attached back seat safety mirror
Potentiometer for motorized mirror
Adjustable vehicle attachment stem
Method for mounting a vehicle jack on a motor vehicle
Mounting device for a radar detector
Licence plate adapted for internal illumination
Loop back clockspring connector having high current capacity
Bumper arrangement
Energy absorbing structure for automobile interior
Method of folding an airbag
Gas generator
Hybrid gas generator unit used in motor vehicle safety for inflating a side airbag
Article carrier having single sided releasable cross bar
Packing unit for a vehicle windscreen wiper blade which is at least partly located therein
Friction stir welding method
Broken rail detection
Bass and viol hand cart
Ergonomic material-handling device
Bolt, method of fastening members with the use of the bolt, and method of releasing fastening
Two-piece tailgate apparatus operable as either a dual rotatable or pivotable gate
Drag reduction channel apparatus for roadway vehicles
Cycle illumination system
Human powered vehicle and propelling mechanism thereof
Subsurface buoy and methods of installing, tying and dynamically stabilizing the same
Device for transferring a fluid between at least two floating supports
Preforms for acute structural edges
Adjustable mount for a model airplane engine
Compact deployment and retrieval system for a towed decoy utilizing a single cable employing fiber optics
Boom deploy system
Low-profile brake-in-spool aircraft arresting systems
Integrated power and attitude control system and method
Methods for applying sliders to reclosable plastic bags
Moulded tubular cartridge with controlled tearaway opening
Molded plastic container with opposite exterior lifting elements with finger protection
Bag for automated filling and sealing machine
Aluminum receptacle with threaded outsert
Ovaloid dispensing container
Synthetic resin container closure
Container lid with tear-off strip
Shotgun shell box
Vented fluid closure and container
Rigid pack with a hinged lid
Label panel container carrier with integral handle
Plastic bottle with extendable internal support
Plastic container having an inverted active cage
Packaging envelope and method for making the same
Single-use applicators, dispensers and methods for polymerizable monomer compound
Squeezable juice dispenser for beverages
Moisture resistant coil package
Device for dispensing sandwiches
Swivel based garbage can carousel
Chain link, especially of a curved-negotiating conveyor chain
Chain conveyor link with improved structure
Rotary log singulator with staging cam surfaces
360 Degree rotatable lifter arm for log singulator
Apparatus for levitating objects and apparatus for transporting objects
Apparatus and method for increasing density of finely divided particulate matter
Method for automatically grouping articles
Method and facility for lubricating and cleaning filling facilities for beverages or foodstuffs
Airtight blade valve device for exhausting dust
Device for decollating flat objects, preferably printing plates
Method and apparatus for production of labels
Apparatus for folding printed paper sections
Jam release mechanism for a mailing machine
Method of using a textile tube with start-up feature
Vacuum draw system for a yarn carrier start-up groove
Paper-like materials processing apparatus
Lift bridge for use with a power unit and a load-lifting jack
Material handler with electronic load chart
Pressure controlled method for dispensing a carbonated beverage
Method for trench etching
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystallization process for producing highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide
Method for manufacturing high-quality manganese-doped semiconductor nanocrystals
Method of spheridizing silicon metal powders
Process for forming a fuel product from paper mill sludge
Electroionic water disinfection apparatus
Floatable sanitizer apparatus
Electrolytic treatment apparatus having replaceable and interchangeable electrode reactor cartridges therefor
Removal of biomaterials from aqueous streams
Apparatus and method for enhancing the uniform etching capability of an ion beam grid
Method and device for forming film
Apparatus for measuring biochemical components
Settable composition containing sodium chloride
Cementitious compositions and a method of their use
Process for the purification and recovery of acetonitrile
Method for generating pollution credits while processing reactive metals
Dyeing composition for keratin fibres
Pigment granulates for coloring building materials
Mixtures of reactive dyes and their use
Ink-jet printing methods and systems providing dry rub resistance
Ink, ink set, and ink jet recording method
Coating composition yielding abrasion-resistant tiniable coating
Wettability improvement of spun-on resist and thermoplastic materials
Polish compositions and method of use
Ink-imprintable release coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesive constructions
Stripping process with disproportionately distributed openings on baffles
Modification of printed and dyed materials
Surface finishing composition
Waste metal removal systems and methods
Method of sintering and sinter bed composition
Process for making aluminum alloy sheet having excellent bendability
Iron component and a manufacturing method therefor
Austenitic stainless steel less susceptible to cracking during forming and a manufacturing method thereof
Non-welded shape memory alloy rings produced from roll flattened wire
Self-annealed thin film deposition process
Method for making Ni-Si magnetron sputtering targets and targets made thereby
Substrate processing apparatus and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Method of treating a metal surface with a no rinse zinc phosphate coating
Method and apparatus of producing thin film of metal or metal compound
Joining of composite beryllium-aluminum parts
Plasma processing apparatus with reduced parasitic capacity and loss in RF power
Gradient dragout system in a continuous plating line
Process for electrochemical treatment of a continuous web
Continuous nickel plating process for an aluminum conductor and corresponding device
Crystal growth method, crystal growth apparatus, group-III nitride crystal and group-III nitride semiconductor device
Method for producing a semiconductor crystal
Method of silicon carbide monocrystalline boule growth
Argon/ammonia rapid thermal annealing for silicon wafers
Method for causing fluid movement by centrifugal force
Textiles; Paper
Tool for making decorative knot
Drying bag for sports equipment and the like
Product care label for textiles and method for producing it
High wet resiliency curly cellulose fibers
Vat acid dyeing of textile fibers
Device for gasification of spent liquor
Adjustable activity drainage box
Loading device including a loading member for supporting and dewatering a web forming wire
Machine and process for producing a fibrous material web
Belt for calendering
Method and apparatus for controlling moisture profile of moving paper web
Fixed Constructions
Drainage structures
Gate systems and methods for regulating tidal flows
Apparatus for supporting a water filter intake
Roof ventilation system
Apparatus for leveling and smoothing of concrete
Catch basin for a concrete pumping device
Garden post with elongated electrical box
Fence post and rail assembly
Cornerpost and H-brace system
Exit device having press bar-operated elongated securing member
Door control mechanism
Latch device for vehicle tailgate
Interlock mechanism for lateral file cabinets
Storage structure and door structure
Side door assembly
Counterbalanced door system for a storage cabinet
Drill bits with controlled exposure of cutters
System and method for transferring pipe
Cutting apparatus having means for shielding cutting tool holders
Reinforcing member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device of a volute channel of a pump
Viscous drag impeller components incorporated into pumps, turbines and transmissions
Dual extrusion snap closed ceiling sign hanger
Apparatus and method to control force exerted on steam turbines by inlet pipes
Flowpath sealing and streamlining configuration for a turbine
Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket
Gas turbine
Methods and apparatus for structurally supporting airfoil tips
Airfoil shape for a turbine bucket
Bearing assembly
Device for air mass flow control
Air flap system with a magnetic positioning spring
Self-relieving choke adjustment apparatus
Motorcycle carburetor air intake scoop
Fuel injection apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve
Horizontal windmill
Sludge pump with management system
Position sensor and compressor
Method for connecting compressor with built-in electric motor and external wiring, connection device used therefor, and compressor with built-in electric motor using the same
Axial piston pump
Structure of a base for a mini air compressor
Apparatus for controlling driving of reciprocating compressor and method thereof
Radial piston pump
Pressure washer having oilless high pressure pump
Rotor profile for screw compressors
Vacuum pump
Side channel compressor
Method for removing pollutants from the air and apparatus therefor
Fan control system using a microcontroller
Composite heat-dissipating device
Integrated axial flow pump
Balancing piston for centrifugal compressors with a seal with small cells which have divergent play
Blade for axial flow fan
Adjustable fan support bracket for a portable electric fan
Ceiling fixture light/fan quick connect and release
Vacuum generating device
Intrinsically safe electrically magnetically operated hydraulic valve
Attachment element
Connector device
Bearing mechanism and a pump
Roller retainer, direct-acting guide device and roller screw using the roller retainer
Dynamic pressure bearing and method of manufacturing the same
Control shaft and knob assembly of an appliance timer
Friction clutch with controlled play compensation for motor vehicle
Lubricating structure of hydraulic clutch
Clutch arrangement
Wet friction material and manufacturing method therefor
Fastening device for a linear drive
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Family of multi-speed planetary transmission mechanisms having three planetary gearsets, three clutches, and two brakes
Differential gear
Method and system for reducing tip-out oscillation effects in an automatic transmission
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission
Lockup control system of automatic transmission
Parking lock releasing device
Appliance with seal between two housing shells
Head gasket
Anti-fret primer for multilayer gaskets
Sealing arrangement
Sealing apparatus for electrical generator ventilation system
Faucet with secondary opening
Metal diaphragm valve
Fastener for laying pipes
Clamp for holding elongated article
Universal pressure washer extension/replacement hose
Coupling disconnect prevention device
Pipe coupling
Pipe coupling socket
Extension arm
Shoe and mount assembly to hold camera or camcorder
Add-on wedge lock connector for automobile
Differential lock mechanism
Multi-structure lighting device
Electric sensory device
Separation device of a lamp holder and a fixing seat
Adjustable downlight lighting fixture
Capacitor mounting apparatus
Retaining structure of lamp for connecting wires
Fluorescent downlight with optimized distribution
Adjustable candle holder
Recessed wall-mounted light fixture
Decorative tree lightning system
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display device having the same
Gas burner head assembly
Gas stove burner with simmer flame
Burner concentrator
Thermal post-combustion device
Air ventilation control system
Dryer vent mounting block
Freezer door assembly
Cooling tower method and apparatus
Pattern testing board and system
Optical assembly with a detector and a laser
Projectile guidance with accelerometers and a GPS receiver
Target throw playing machine having restoring function
Fin-stabilized artillery shell
Flow sensor and method for producing the same
Pipe probe
Electrical connector with thermal sensor
Thermally conductive sensor
Ion selective electrodes for direct organic drug analysis in saliva, sweat, and surface wipes
Gas sensor
Device for analyzing samples by multi-capillary electrophoresis with solid/solid temperature regulation
Diffusion promoting apparatus for low flow velocity gradient high-speed liquid chromatography
Safety system for overhead transport vehicle
Arrangement for rotatable adjustment of a cap on an eyepiece housing
Image display apparatus and method for recapturing off-state light
Monolithic optical device manufacturing and integration methods
Systems and methods for improving reproducibility of splice loss reduction in a pre-splice heat treatment
Fabrication of collimators employing optical fibers fusion-spliced to optical elements of substantially larger cross-section areas
Lens unit and fiber optic cable assembly
Optical fiber connecting element and alignment sleeve
Head casing assembly of an optical fiber transmission cable
Feedthrough with optic fiber sealed in protective tube and optical measurement apparatus using the same
Arrangement comprising an endpiece, a temple, and a hinge for spectacles
Progressive spectacle lens exhibiting only slight dynamic change of the properties of use during a horizontal viewing movements
Contact lenses with microchannels
Spectacle and front mounting lens
Display device and display optical system unit
Monocentric autostereoscopic optical display having an expanded color gamut
Rear projection optical system
Cooling system for electronic apparatus
X-ray localizer light system
Light-quantity adjusting apparatus and optical apparatus
Reversible wrist watch
Electronic timepiece having reset lever with bush
Product simulating probe and method
Thermostat with digital and resistor control of trip point
Rifled weapon engraver and scanner
IC card reader and method
IC contact unit and IC card reader
Printer having a spell checking feature
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recording apparatus
Multiport card
Noncontact id card or the like and method of manufacturing the same
Perforated antenna for an integrated circuit card, and an integrated circuit card including such an antenna
Electrical connector having reinforcement plate
Multi-specification read/write signal transmission module for silicon disks
Counter mechanisms
Systems and methods for managing security at plural physical locations
Method and apparatus for generating a ticket including an image of a person
Banknote receipt and pay-out apparatus
Vending machine for kimchi
Networked multiple bingo game system
Gaming device having a container-item holder
Gaming device having a competition bonus scheme
Method, apparatus and system for perpetual bonus game
Gaming machine souvenir
Gaming device having a pick reduction game
Gaming device having transformable wild symbols or cards with wild signal indicators
Automated teller machine, software and distribution method
Combined system of automatic selling of products and services
Method and apparatus for linking converted applet files
Method for authenticating the result of an instruction in a token
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikin with replaceable lung bag and installation tool
Human surgical trainer and methods for training
Night vision goggles training system
Title rack lighting for jukebox
Tape cartridge with movable leader pin-holder
Optical disc storage containers that facilitate detection of the presence of optical and/or audio discs stored therein
Hub for holding disc-shaped item of recorded media
Terminal structure of high frequency signal transmitting part
Arc discharge preventing device
Method of fabricating nano-tube, method of manufacturing field-emission type cold cathode, and method of manufacturing display device
Method of manufacturing electron-emitting device, electron source and image-forming apparatus, and apparatus of manufacturing electron source
Method for manufacturing an image display device
System and method for integrated oxide removal and processing of a semiconductor wafer
Electronic device of ceramic
Etching method and etching apparatus
Self-aligned corrosion stop for copper C4 and wirebond
Modular carrier for semiconductor wafer disks and similar inventory
Connector packaging tray with supporting standoffs
Forming tool for forming a contoured microelectronic spring mold
Method for manufacturing a lithium polymer secondary battery
Method of making printed battery structures
EMI-shielded interposer assembly
Shielded backplane connector
Connector assembly
Information processing equipment
Flex cable connection system comprising a spring housing
Network communications system
Cable Retracting Device
Power connector with vertical male AC power contacts
High speed, high density electrical connector
Multiple socket having rotatable receptacles
Plug-in connector with a bushing
Child-proof electrical outlet plate
Wire connected modular jack and assembling method
Multi-fusable electrical receptacle
Debris seal for electrical connectors of pump motors
Pen-based computing system with a releasable socket connector for connecting a base unit to a tablet unit
Electrical connector with safe load lever
Connector position assurance device
Coaxial connector and manufacture thereof
Pluggable small form factor transceivers
Shielded outlet having contact tails shield
Electrical connector with power module
Electrical connector assembly comprising locking part
Electrostatic discharge protected jack
Active quick connecting/disconnecting connector
Power-supplying device for peripheral applied equipments of a computer
Structure for connecting instrument panel-side connector and vehicle body-side connector
Modular analytical system having at least two modules connected by a connecting plug
Easily operable universal safety adaptor
Coalescent type power supply conversion plug adapter
Splice connector assemblies and methods for using the same
Circular electrical connector
Compression connector for coaxial cable and method of installation
Electrical junction box
High continuity electrical fitting
Image reader and imaging apparatus capable of reducing vibration and fluctuation in image reading
Non-collinear light engine for color imaging systems
Electronic circuit for operating a HID lamp, and image projector
Method and apparatus for controlling a production operation using printed information on a component tape
Solder reserve transfer device and process
Method and structure for tape ball grid array package
Electrical connector having slide-on reinforcement members
Electrical connector with standoffs
Coaxial dual pin sockets for high speed I/O applications
Duct fan unit
Guide and support structure
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