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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for growing plants hydroponically in multi-chamber containers
Grass endophytes
5-halogenopyrazole indanyl carboxamides
Wall-mounted cabinet
Surgical instrument
Device and method for in vivo cytology acquisition
Wound closure device
Electrosurgical HF generator
Vessel sealing system
Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment
Vessel sealing system
Antenna assemblies for medical applications
Microwave antenna having a reactively-loaded loop configuration
Microwave ablation generator control system
Tunable microwave ablation probe
Methods of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue using microwave field-detecting needle assemblies
Method and device for quantifying the uptake of at least one radiotracer in a body region of a patient of interest to a positron emission tomography measurement
System and method for estimating electrical conduction delays from immittance values measured using an implantable medical device
Sensors for inductive plethysmographic monitoring applications and apparel using the same
Apparatus for substance detection
Virtual orthodontic treatment
Arrangement for obtaining reliable anchoring of a threaded implant in a bone
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Water disintegratable absorber and absorbent article
Active sound blocker
Flexible stent
Modified release dosage forms of skeletal muscle relaxants
Methods and devices for desmopressin drug delivery
HLA-G isoform for use in the treatment of a disease associated with bone resorption
Prevention of inflammatory disorders in domestic non-human mammals
Compounds to fibroblast growth factor receptor-3 (FGFR3) and methods of treatment
Heparin prodrugs and drug delivery stents formed therefrom
Stable liquid pharmaceutical composition containing piroxicam or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt and hyaluronic acid or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt and the manufacturing method thereof
Use of a DNA expression construct
Use of the guanidinium cation and light-emitting component
Morphine controlled release system
Method of treating malignant solid tumors using transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE)
Sterilisation and decontamination device
Transdermal adhesive compositions, devices and methods
Tissue expander
Air freshener with scented string
Hydraulic remote for a medical fluid injector
Multi-valve injection/aspiration manifold with needleless access connection
Medical implant having at least two data communication channels
Systems and methods for monitoring a patient's neurological disease state
Resonance tuning module for implantable devices and leads
Extendable and retractable lead having a snap-fit terminal connector
Stimulating assembly fixation features
Systems and methods of forming contact assemblies for leads of electrical stimulation systems
Methods and systems of optimizing stimulation current applied to a cochlear implant patient
Methods and systems of optimizing stimulation current applied to a cochlear implant patient
Automatically configurable minute ventilation sensor
Controlling coughing and swallowing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Scrub deck retraction apparatus
Optical scanning apparatus for blocking undesirable-light generated in opposing scanning units to form a high quality image
Methods and systems for controlling braking in vehicles
Steering device for vehicles
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nutrient composition for biological systems
5- halogenopyrazole benzofuranyl carboxamides
Fungicidal 3-{phenyl[(heterocyclylmethoxy)imino]methyl}-oxadiazolone derivatives
Polypeptides and polynucleotides, and uses thereof as a drug target for producing drugs and biologics
Mixture of liquid-crystal compounds, system of three liquid-crystal mixtures and their use
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine control apparatus and method
Wind turbine
Portable heating system and method for pest control
Alignment system and alignment marks for use therewith
Alignment system and alignment marks for use therewith
Route reporting method, system and recording medium using the same
Vehicular map database management techniques
Imaging of polarization scrambling tissue
Tunable architecture for aircraft fault detection
Method and apparatus for monitoring battery drain and starter current
Exhaust gas analyzer
Method for determining a characteristic parameter of a CRP specimen
Droplet actuator devices, configurations, and methods for improving absorbance detection
X-ray generating apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus using the same
Molecular communication system and molecular communication method
Minimizing wheel speed and acceleration errors
Capacitance evaluation circuit and electronic device using the same
Identification of an absent load from a circuit
System and method for peer-to-peer beam discovery and communication in infrastructure based wireless networks using directional antennas
Method, network agent and bandwidth broker for managing the available bandwidth for connections between terminals of a packet-oriented communication network
Valid-transmission verifying circuit and a semiconductor device including the same
Computationally efficent radar processing method and sytem for SAR and GMTI on a slow moving platform
Dual polarization radar apparatus and interference judgment method
Model-based tomographic reconstruction
Non-planar antennae for directional resistivity logging
Optical head, optical information recording and reproducing device, and optical information system device
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Catadioptric projection objective
Image display apparatus
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Optical control device
Substrate for mounting an optical element, optical circuit substrate, and substrate on which an optical element is mounted
Optical deflection method and optical deflection apparatus
Optical fiber cable having raised coupling supports
Lens arrangement and lens module using same
Camera module with double barrels
Liquid crystal panel substrate with light-shielding film in a periphery region, liquid crystal panel, and electronic equipment and projection type display device both using the same
Liquid crystal display
Transmissive type liquid crystal display comprising a main pixel region having a first color filter and a sub-pixel region having a second color filter having a higher transmittance
Pixel structure
Electro-optical apparatus
Thin film transistor array panel
Drive apparatus with improved testing properties
Organic thin film transistor and method of manufacturing the organic thin film transistor, and display apparatus using the same
Pulsed laser sources
Automatic focusing apparatus
Imaging apparatus
Multi-layer screen composites
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Alignment mark and a method of aligning a substrate comprising such an alignment mark
Immersion lithography system using a sealed wafer bath
Exposure method, substrate stage, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method for determining exposure settings, lithographic exposure apparatus, computer program and data carrier
Focusing position determining apparatus, imaging apparatus and focusing position determining method
Camera module for capturing panoramic image
Imaging apparatus and control method therefor
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Sheet folding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Transfer device and image forming apparatus
Bearing structure, toner storage device and image forming apparatus provided with the bearing structure
Belt driving control device, belt device, image forming apparatus, belt driving control method, computer program, and recording medium
Electrostatographic printing machine
Image forming apparatus and image forming unit
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge and space maintaining member
Holographic storage system with improved data page quality
Polarization-based holographic optical reproducing apparatus including dc modulating element
Discharge lamp ballast having an auto-transformer for high voltage detection
Buck converter for making power available to at least one LED
DC/DC converter
Series regulator circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Method and apparatus to reduce line current harmonics from a power supply
Arrangement for exchanging power
Increasing charge capacity of charge transfer circuits without altering their charge transfer characteristics
Strategy to verify asynchronous links across chips
Infrared energy powered cooling apparatus and computer chassis comprising same
Low power polling techniques
Header encoding/decoding
Methodology for storing and updating on-chip revision level
Methods and systems to allocate addresses in a high-endurance/low-endurance hybrid flash memory
Computer and method for managing storage apparatus
Semiconductor integrated circuit and access controlling method of semiconductor memory
Storage management apparatus, a storage management method and a storage management program
Digital signal processing apparatus
Systems and methods for scheduling memory requests during memory throttling
Security for RAID systems
Cross-platform event engine
DMA controller that passes destination pointers from transmit logic through a loopback buffer to receive logic to write data to memory
Photo printing device
Test assembly and procedure for capturing performance data
Image processing apparatus and control method
Controllling a document processing workflow
Combined base transceiver station and base station controller data call
Device-specific identity
Management of duplicate TCP connections using sequence and acknowledgment numbers
Method and apparatus for managing bookmark information for content stored in a networked media server
Internet protocol based media streaming solution
Continued transfer or streaming of a data file after loss of a local connection
Exception handling in a concurrent computing process
Method and system for restricting access to user resources
Method and system for filtering unauthorized electronic mail messages
System and method for storage management
Methods for managing a plurality of devices using protectable communication protocol, including determination of marketing feedback to assess a response to an advertisement
System and method for identifying transient friends
Failover scheme with service-based segregation
Control device for vehicle drive unit
Information system, method, device and method providing system for conveying predetermined information as comment data
Apparatus, method, and computer program product for machine translation
Randomized language models
Method for matching of bilingual texts and increasing accuracy in translation systems
Methods and systems for grouping uniform resource locators based on masks
Device and method for extracting information from a database, and associated products
Method and apparatus for internet-based human network brokering
Direct command line parser
Method, apparatus, and computer readable recording medium for acquiring information on products attached to person in image data
Method of fabricating a photomask used to form a lens
Selective shielding for multiple exposure masks
System and method for converting a synchronous functional circuit to an asynchronous functional circuit
Server device, information processing method and program
System for determining most probable cause of a problem in a plant
Fuel injection device and control method therefor
Method and device for operating an internal combustion engine
Methods and apparatus for authenticating components of processing systems
Secure caching technique for shared distributed caches
Mobile device assisted secure computer network communication
Method and apparatus for obtaining external charged content in UPnP network
Apparatus for performing a fault detection operation and method thereof
Device-configuration-information optimum arrangement method and device-configuration-information optimum arrangement system
Apparatus and method for direct memory access in a hub-based memory system
Audio-visual search and browse interface (AVSBI)
Broadcast receiving apparatus, and method and program for broadcast reception
Peripheral device communicating with a specific website
Matrix array drive device, display and image sensor
Method and systems for identifying objects on a touch-sensitive device
Electronic document readers and reading devices
Capacitance measuring circuit and method
Pressure-sensitive manipulation of displayed objects
Phrase-driven grammar for data visualization
System and method for dynamically changing a display
System and method for printing a user guide for a product
Variable page printing system
Image processing apparatus and method
System and method for implementing a reliable persistent random access compressed data stream
Hierarchical management storage system and storage system operating method
User information management device for content provision, processing method, and computer-readable non transitory storage medium storing program
Human performance in human interactive proofs using partial credit
Imaging system and authentication method
Approach for printing locked print data using user and print data authentication
Cross-architecture optimization
Encryption of voice and data in a single data stream in a deployable, secure communication system
Suspending write back of valid data in pipeline register to register file and cancelling when overwritten by subsequent instruction
Application retargeting
Program conversion program, program conversion apparatus and program conversion method
Gathering state information for an application and kernel components called by the application
Processor core with per-thread resource usage accounting logic
Resource allocation method for a physical computer used by a back end server including calculating database resource cost based on SQL process type
Method and control architecture to determine motor torque split in fixed gear operation for a hybrid powertrain system
Processor-in-the-loop co-simulation of a model
Method for reconstructing gusts and structural loads at aircraft, in particular passenger aircraft
Agricultural harvester with dual engines and power sharing based on engine temperature
Printing apparatus that detects a non-supported function
Method for providing image objects in a medical image information system, and medical image information system
Formation of prescribed pattern on wafer for use in SEM defect offset
Streaming repetition coded compression
Smoke detecting apparatus
System and method for real-time ultrasound guided prostate needle biopsy based on biomechanical model of the prostate from magnetic resonance imaging data
Target detecting, editing and rebuilding method and system by 3D image
Word search using handwriting recognition input with dictionary-based correction suggestions
Method and system for dual-envelope image enhancement
Image detection apparatus and method
Image data compensation for optical or spatial error in an array of photosensitive chips
Methods and devices for the determination and reconstruction of a predicted image area
Alpha-masked RST image registration
Adaptive PSF estimation technique using a sharp preview and a blurred image
Image descriptor quantization
Method of selecting image, program and storage medium for the method, and image processing apparatus using the method
Methods and systems for identifying captions in media material
Method and system for adaptive recognition of distorted text in computer images
Author-focused tools for scheduling an event associated with an author or with a work of the author
Influencing behavior of enterprise operations during process enactment using provenance data
Assessing value added by associating an entity with a project
Apparatus and methods for requirements decomposition and management
Shipment authentication and tracking
Entering and leaving management system
System and method for competitive pricing and procurement of customized goods and services
Method and system for reporting fraud and claiming compensation related to network-based transactions
Online services offer management
Simplification of 3D texture address computation based on aligned, non-perspective objects
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Systems and methods for RFID tag arbitration where RFID tags generate multiple random numbers for different arbitration sessions
Method and apparatus to estimate automotive alternator belt slip as a function of battery voltage
Haptic effect provisioning for a mobile communication terminal
Information presentation device
Apparatus and method of converting image signal for four-color display device, and display device including the same
Organic light emitting display device and method of driving the same
Method for adjusting white balance in a field sequential display and device thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Fast gamut checking and inversion of spectral colors
Signal filtering method and electronic device
Systems and methods for correction of text from different input types, sources, and contexts
Mobile radio terminal, speech conversion method and program for the same
System and method of providing generated speech via a network
Systems and methods for hybrid algorithm gain adaptation
Disk cartridge with rotatably supported disk storage portions
Optical information recording method, optical information reproduction method and optical disk device
Information storage medium, and recording/reproducing apparatus and recording/reproducing method
Magneto-resistance effect element
Binary output reader structure (BORS) with high utilization rate
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Suspension substrate, suspension, head suspension and hard disk drive
Suspension board with circuit and producing method thereof
Optical disc apparatus, driving method of optical disc apparatus
Vertically stacked field programmable nonvolatile memory and method of fabrication
Integrated circuit embedded with non-volatile programmable memory having variable coupling and separate read/write paths
Semiconductor memory device that can relief defective address
Channel confinement system and method for dry-storage of BWR fuel bundles
Multilayer electronic component
Electrode foil and capacitor using the same
Circuit and method for characterizing the performance of a sense amplifier
Apparatus for orienting soft-underlayer deposition
Borate phosphor and white light illumination device utilizing the same
Organic electroluminescence module having a bent strip conductor
Dose composition suitable for low wattage ceramic metal halide lamp
X-ray generating device
Electronic component and a method of fabricating an electronic component
Photoelectric conversion device and electronic device, and method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Semiconductor having a high aspect ratio via
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Pitch reduced patterns relative to photolithography features
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Substrate bonded MEMS sensor
Circuits and methods to minimize thermally generated offset voltages
Space-filling miniature antennas
Broadband HF ship mast cage antenna
Multilayer compact antenna
Lightweight, man-portable, wideband, phased array ISR system
Protection device for assembled battery and assembled battery system containing the same
Power control of a transport system
Motor controller
Power generation control method of hybrid construction machine and hybrid construction machine
Non-linear channelizer device with wideband, high-frequency operation and channel reconfigurability
Mixing waveforms
Phase locked loop and 3-stage frequency divider
Power amplification device and communication device
Low leakage power detection circuit
Method and apparatus switching a semiconductor switch with a multi-stage drive circuit
Compact multi-cycle high power microwave generator
VOL up-shifting level shifters
Phase locked loop and phase-frequency detector
Systems and methods for optimizing a product code structure
Apparatus and method for generating low density parity check codes for sequential decoding algorithm
Method and DVB-H terminal for confirming integrity of container
Memory efficient indexing for disk-based compression
Wireless resonating surface speaker and method of using the same
Digital modulator and method for initiating ramp power transitions in a mobile handset transmitter
Mobile fast alerting
Wireless device access to Internet via personal computer
Displaying broadcast information in a mobile communication terminal
Adjustable antenna interface and applications thereof
Optical signal generator
Machine with optical communication from a first machine part to a second machine part which rotates relative to the first machine part
Methods and apparatus for detecting a loss of lock condition in a clock and data recovery system
Data management system server apparatus and method for monitoring a wireless communication network
Wireless system
Performance metrics processing for anticipating unavailability
Noise cancellation for wireless audio distribution system
Line driver for an adaptive hybrid circuit
System and methods for receiving OFDM symbols having timing and frequency offsets
Electronic apparatus for electric field communication
Mobile station apparatus and transmission power control method
Method and apparatus for reducing interference in space frequency block coding communication
Symbol-level adaptation method, memory, equalizer and receiver for implementing this method
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Portable device and method for entertainment interaction data
Point-to-multipoint data communication with channel associated signaling
Capacity management for data networks
Transmitter pre-distortion across wide transmit power dynamic range
Receiver and reception processing method
Correcting for data losses with feedback and response
Method and system for network address translation (NAT) traversal of real time protocol (RTP) media
Discovery and capability exchange management in a virtualized computing platform utilizing a SR-IOV adapter
Arrangement for a radio network and a method for granting data rates to users in a radio network
Packet forwarding using feedback controlled weighted queues dynamically adjusted based on processor utilization
Identifying nodes in a ring network
Forwarding a packet within a router using fragments over an interconnect
SS7 MAP/Lg+ to SIP based call signaling conversion gateway for wireless VoIP E911
Group management apparatus, and information processing apparatus and method
Key agreement and transport protocol
Method and system for single sign-on for multiple remote sites of a computer network
System, apparatus and method for availing a mobile call of address information
Trusted storage systems and methods
Communication device
Hand-held wireless communication device with ceramic screws
Hand-held device
Portable wireless terminal and its security system
System and method for facilitating account-based transactions
System and method for providing emergency notification services via enhanced directory assistance
Method and apparatus for controlling routing of calls to pay services
System and method for transparent communication over a wireless communication network
Hybrid mobile devices for processing media and wireless communications
Systems and methods for acoustic echo cancellation
Echo processing method and device
Image reading apparatus, document reading apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Reduction of pitch errors between points of a print image
Apparatus, system, and method for image processing
Video transcoding with suppression on drift errors
Imaging apparatus and method for controlling the same
Color reconstruction system and method for a secam television signal
Camera module and portable electronic device having same
Imager and imaging method for digital cinematography
Method of detecting defect in image pickup apparatus and the image pickup apparatus
Solid-state imaging apparatus and imaging system
Method and system for hierarchically layered adaptive median motion vector smoothing
Apparatus for providing multiple screens and method of dynamically configuring multiple screens
Panel type TV and display panel fitting structure
Display control apparatus, display control method, and recording medium
Image pickup apparatus, method for controlling the image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information storage medium including event occurrence information, apparatus and method for reproducing the same
Method, video encoder, and integrated circuit for detecting non-rigid body motion
Bit depth enhancement for scalable video coding
Motion estimation device, motion estimation method, motion estimation integrated circuit, and picture coding device
Bidirectional predicted pictures or video object planes for efficient and flexible coding
Adapting an encoded video signal to encoding complexity
Signal processing apparatus
Image coding method and apparatus using side matching process and image decoding method and apparatus for the same
Systems and methods for managing television (TV) signals
Apparatus and method of controlling a consumer product
Rules-based content management
Encryption and utilization of hard drive content
Automatic identification of a set-top box user to a network
Transmitter and receiver of video transmission system and method for controlling buffers in transmitter and receiver
Vehicle and lane mark detection device
Apparatus and method for removing blooming of camera image
Communication and surveillance system
Information storage medium, information reproducing apparatus, and information reproducing method
Recording apparatus
Two sided thermal RFID
Generating music thumbnails and identifying related song structure
Apparatus for positioning screen sound source, method of generating loudspeaker set information, and method of reproducing positioned screen sound source
Extended clustering for improved positioning
Method of cell assignment in cellular communications networks using macrodiversity
Method of mapping resource unit in wireless communication system
Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system
Method for performing initial ranging in wireless communication system
Wireless and dockable audio interposer device
Wireless communication method and wireless communication apparatus
Optimal user pairing for multiuser MIMO
System and method for accomplishing mobile management of fixed network switching node
Method of communication supporting media independent handover
Mobile communication method and mobile station
Wireless base station for communications network
Method of performing actions related to handover by a mobile station that is in power saving mode in a wireless mobile communication system
LED lighting fixture
Electric-discharge lamp lighting device and lighting fixture
High-pressure discharge lamp ballast with rapid lamp restart circuit
High flux photon beams using optic devices
Substrate joining member and three-dimensional structure using the same
Control device having a position sensor
External thermal solution for a mobile computing device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Toilet-disposable bag for aqueous disposal
Structure of stainless composite chopstick
Method for computing visual performance from objective ocular aberration measurements
Stereo view reflection corneal topography
Retinal blood flow measuring apparatus using a laser beam
Device and method for dark current noise temperature sensing in an imaging device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Micro paddle wheel pump for precise pumping, mixing, dispensing, and valving of blood and reagents
Pumping method and device
Transportable concrete station including a mixer component and a conveyor rotatable between transport and working positions
Lens in vehicular lamp, method of shaping the lens and an apparatus for shaping the lens
Apparatus for removing debris from thermoplastic materials
Multi-component hybrid turbine blade
Portable label printer
Method of printing a security verification with inkjet printers
Ink print head with low flow resistance central refilling
Liquid composition, ink for ink-jet, ink set for ink-jet recording, ink-jet recording method, recording unit, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording apparatus
Image processing system having image forming apparatus and printer apparatus
Ink-jet recording material
Liftgate with low-liftover liftglass
Truck box cover/extension assembly
Lift system for an all terrain vehicle
Moveable support system for a crossover box
Adjustment mechanism for luminaire
Vehicle headlamp
Storage apparatus for automobiles
Spare wheel holding device
Inductive rotary joint message system
Aircraft constant-velocity transmission rotor
Multicolored blinking lighting device
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Inkjet inks which improve drop-velocity stability and prolong resistor life in inkjet pens
Fixed Constructions
Backhoe stabilizing leg
Locking or latching mechanism
Vehicle door latch device with one-motion door opening mechanism and antitheft mechanism
Molded magnetic catch assembly
Window latch system
Through door viewer device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine system
Gas turbine engine broken shaft detection system
Turbo machine with an inner housing and an outer housing
Apparatus for passive damping of flexural blade vibration in turbo-machinery
Turbine airfoil with enhanced heat transfer
Crossover cooled airfoil trailing edge
Piston compressor and method of producing the same
Magnetic detent for rotatable knob
Constant pressure pump controller system
Vacuum pumps with improved impeller configurations
Gas compressor
Centrifugal compressor
Black-light display
Light adjustment apparatus
Motor vehicle headlight with high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Quick connect reflector holder
Rear combination lamp
Lighting structure used for decorating
Tubular light bulb device
Lens and lens cap with sawtooth portion for light emitting diode
Spread illuminating apparatus including inclined light scattering portions
Light guide plate, sidelight type light source device and image display device
Light guiding plate
Temperature sensor housing design
Methods and devices for sensing temperature and oxygen pressure with a single optical probe
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Micro-optic delay element for use in a polarization multiplexed system
Magnetic clamp for holding ferromagnetic elements during connection thereof
Bi-directional micromechanical latching linear actuator
Resin ferrule for use in optical fiber connector and molding die therefor
Angled optical connector mounting assembly
Transceiver module having variable voltage capability
Fiber-optic modules with shielded housing/covers having mixed finger types
Optical device
Method for mounting ophthalmic lenses
Clip-on accessory for eyeglasses
Flash tube filter device
Merchandise display case and system
Projector display comprising light source units
Shutter for a photographic camera
Apparatus for and method of updating a software routine
Sawtooth terminal blade gripper and method of gripping
Method and system transmitting optical signals generated by multi-line sources via WDM optical network
Method and device for broadcasting signals over a wavelength-division multiplexed network
Illuminating optical system and projector
Projection apparatus
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew