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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dairy inflation
Vehicle window-mounted umbrella holder
Portable folding bar
Vehicle rear seat shelf
Foldable table for aircraft interiors
Home bar for refrigerator and assembly method thereof
Accessory footrest attachment
Eyeglass holder
Resting device assembly including a table and a trolley
Supporting structure having function of rod-linkage latching
Check stand with a two belted input and a slidable scanner
Compact multi-rack T-shirt bag carousel
Weight-adjustable food press for cooking
Funnel blocking apparatus and methods of use
System for supporting and displaying products in containers
Devices and methods for intracardiac procedures
Methods and apparatus for orthopedic implants
Apparatus and method for laser treatment with spectroscopic feedback
Retinal scanning image display apparatus and image display system
System for obtaining a fundus image
Lie detection via electrogastrography
Sensor system as well as an arrangement and method for monitoring a constituent and in particular glucose in body tissue
Sensor and guide wire assembly
Ultra miniature pressure sensor
Devices and methods for detecting and treating inadequate tissue perfusion
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket
Tampon with ribs having a median diverging from the radius
Microtubes for therapeutic delivery
Posterior articular disc and method for implantation
Methods and devices for treating fractured and/or diseased bone using an expandable structure that remains within the bone
Prosthetic breast form
Compression garment with heel elevation
Dilatation balloon having reduced rigidity
Apparatus and methods for disinfecting a surface
Catheter anchoring system
System for use in draining fluid from a brain or spinal fluid cavity unto another body cavity of a human being
Indexing cell delivery catheter
Adhesive for injection needle, a method for bonding injection needle, a syringe front-assembly and a syringe
Four function surgical instrument
Respiratory therapy control based on cardiac cycle
Backboard replacement system
Reconfigurable implement positioner and guidance system
Physical therapy system and method
System and method for controlling an exercise apparatus
System and method for motivating users to improve their wellness
Workout bar
Cross-country ski assembly and cross-country ski binding
Poker dice game
Load-minimizing, trolley arrester apparatus and method
Multi-purpose modular unit
Miniature spooling apparatus
Performing Operations; Transporting
In-line deaerating system for aquatic species control
Fluid filter support layer
Exhaust aftertreatment filter with reduced maximum temperature
Carbonator device
Mixing pump
Cartridge for the generation of hydrogen
Fuel injector
Electroless plating apparatus with non-liquid heating source
Adhesive application apparatus for use with an assembling machine
Sonotrode especially for accelerating shot for ultrasonic shot peening
Method of preventing pattern collapse during rinsing and drying
Hand held self contained pacifier or baby bottle nipple spray cleaner
Polymers for laundry applications
Facility for forming cell electrode plate
Concentric camshaft with varying wall geometry and method of assembly
Robotic peening apparatus
Dissimilar metal joint product and joining method therefor
Padless substrate for surface mounted components
Self-centering loading, indexing, and flipping mechanism for coinage and coin analysis
Clamping device of moving cart
Blade sharpener
Hose clamp removal and installation tool
Hand-held power tool
Block splitting assembly and method
Self curing injection nozzle
Injection unit for an injection moulding machine
Press molding tool and method for production of a component by press molding
Methods of transferring a lamina to a receiver element
Machine and method for reshaping multiple plastic bottles into rock shapes
Mold releasing device and mold releasing method
Method of attaching a label to a thermoplastic substrate
Sheet-fed offset printing press and method of printing multiple colors on both sides of sheets
Sheet-fed offset printing press and method of two-sided multi-color printing
Registering method
Printing system and cutting method where when cutting information is not detected, cutting occurs at a set length set in advance
Ink jet printhead incorporating heater element proportionally sized to drop size
Ink jet print head and method for manufacturing ink jet print head
Sealing device for fluid reservoir
Method of manufacturing a liquid container including a check valve and bypass flowing passage, and liquid container including said check valve and bypass flowing passage
Heated ink delivery system
Recording apparatus and control method
Magnetic mount dry eraser for accommodating writing utensils
Pen having a decoration
Drawbar protector
Tilting wheeled vehicle
Vehicular swing arm assemblies and vehicles comprising axle portions
Removable visor
Motor vehicle with a protective sunscreen for the windowpane
Vehicle bed system
Children's ride-on vehicles with powered window mechanisms
Method of making a filler neck housing assembly
Hybrid electric vehicle powertrain with engine start and transmission shift arbitration
Auto-adjust vehicle headrest
Adjustment device for the alignment of supporting parts on structures having inherent dimensional tolerances
High-voltage battery unit mounting structure for vehicle
Inflator with ignition distribution
Active material based safety belt buckle presenter
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Controller of driving device for vehicle
Hybrid drive unit and running control method for hybrid drive unit
Linear synchronous motor railroad train driven power generating system
Multi-function convertible beach chair and cooler transporter
Tactical breaching demonstration trailer
System, method and apparatus for deflecting mud from the foot area of an all terrain vehicle
Lean steering truck with a torsion spring assembly
Straddle-type vehicle
Dual riding and driving tricycle in juxtaposing link
Airfoil shape for bicycle
Motorcycle suspension method and apparatus
Wheeled vehicle drive mechanism with hand lever arm
Permeable hull to mitigate impact load in water
Plasticized and assembleable cover such as for use with waterway constructed transport barges
Pontoon lift mechanism
Rib element and composite flange for aircraft
Dual bimorph synthetic pulsator
Aircraft wing-pylon interface mounting apparatus
Cooling system and method for expelling heat from a heat source located in the interior of an aircraft
Space object deployment system and method
Fuel-dispensing nozzle inhibitor
Device with needle penetrable and laser resealable portion and related method
Reclosable storage bag attached to container by removable retainer ring
Internal toothpaste tube dispensing device
Case with securable closure and method
Article conveying device
Adjustable star wheel conveyor
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Sheet stacking tray assembly with geometric protuberances
Sheet conveying device, sheet processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Suction device
Combination hand tool bar
Process for controlling a dosing device for liquid or pasty media; dosing device; and industrial robot
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Glass-shaping mold and method for manufacturing the same
Compounds suitable for use in inks and inks having such compounds
Ferrous abrasion resistant sliding material
Fine structure body, process for producing the same, and Raman spectroscopic method and apparatus
Textiles; Paper
Boring device and multi-needle embroidery sewing machine equipped with the same
Fixed Constructions
Flexible steel girder and switch assembly producer therewith for magnetic levitation railways
Device reducing speed of vehicles travelling on a roadway
Ocean water drawing system
Security container with linked primary and secondary security features
Ladder attached support bracket and paint can and roller pan holders for use therewith
Tubular access ladder and method
Sensor for determining a position of a jack element
Logging head release mechanism
Control line running system
Coiled tubing deployed single phase fluid sampling apparatus
Downhole mechanism
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for manufacturing trochoid pump and trochoid pump obtained
Method for manufacturing trochoid pump and trochoid pump obtained
Turbine blade with tip section cooling channel
Gas turbine component with reduced cooling air requirement
Variable valve lift apparatus
Method for controlling soot induced lubricant viscosity increase
Exhaust treatment system having a diverter valve
Injector-ignition for an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine control method
Direct injection fuel system with reservoir
Compound transmission
Vacuum supply system
Multi-pass cooling for turbine airfoils
Scroll machine using floating seal with backer
Wind turbine with a refrigeration system and a method of providing cooling of a heat generating component in a nacelle for a wind turbine
Automatised assembly operating unit in particular for aerosol appliances
Turbomachine with means for the creation of a peripheral jet on the stator
Strut based overrunning drives
Impact absorber device
Continuously variable transmission
Torque transfer device
Highly configurable hybrid powertrain and control system therefor
Drive and transmission module with a layout adapted for a vehicle
Bicycle hub transmission
Self-blocking differential for a transportation means
Bicycle sprocket
Valve assembly
Coupling and decoupling assembly of pipe having double valve
Duct optimization to prevent freezing
Light device
Illuminating ribbon
Adjustable lighting device
Customized electronic candle
Apparatus and method for displaying an object having relief
LED signal with lens for sun phantom effect reduction
Backlight unit of direct type
Method and device for the production of superheated steam
Dual fuel gas valve and gas grill
Cooking utensil and cooking method
Heat pump system and heat pump operation method
Air conditioning apparatus for vehicle
Mini-channel heat exchanger header
In line sampler separator
Power supply temperature sensor and system
Fixture for torque meter and apparatus having the fixture for testing torque
Plating apparatus
Screw fastener
Detection of faults in an injector arrangement
Two-dimensional-array ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic system
Non-destructive inspection using laser-ultrasound and infrared thermography
Method for configuring an array of transducers in an ultrasonic test apparatus
Method for ascertaining an ethanol content of a fuel
Method for the control of a rearview mirror and rearview-mirror system for implementing the method
Image projecting apparatus and image projecting method
Liquid crystal projector apparatus and cooler
Process for on-press developing overcoat-free lithographic printing plate
Accessory storage compartment
Fluid flow control device operator
Computer keyboard overlay
Wagering game with concealed elements continuously revealed
Card configured to receive separate battery
Flat transponder and method for the production thereof
Assembly comprising a functional device and a resonator and method of making same
Bar code data entry device
Backlight module
Full color display
Elelctrical connector with magnetic board lock
Orthogonal header
Packing protection cap and connector
Card connector
Rotatably locking two part inductive connector
Cable assembly adapted to be mounted to panel
Light string with improved shunt system
Connector in the field of telecommunications
Lamp socket, backlight assembly having the same and display device having the same
Electrical contact with wire clamp
Electrical connector with reduced stress between contacts and housing
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Manipulator positioning linkage for robotic surgery
Wireless system protocol for telemetry monitoring
Methods and apparatus for spectroscopic calibration model transfer
Wax spatula apparatus
Heat treatment apparatus and method of using same
Microwave polymerization system for dentistry
Battery arrangement for improved defibrillator safety
Golf club swing path, speed and grip pressure monitor
Controller for a model toy train set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and apparatus for collecting and/or separating ionized species
Cylindrical piezoelectric transducer and cylindrical piezoelectric vibrating element
Ultrasound stacked transducer and method for stacking
Precision aligned and marked structure
Apparatus for manufacturing circuit modules
Laser machining method, laser machining device and control method of laser machining
Method of forming cooling holes in a ceramic matrix composite turbine components
Process for beam-welding two members different in hardness
Registered microperforated films for modified/controlled atmosphere packaging
Gas shielded arc welding flux cored wire
Monitor for electric arc welder
Drive mechanism for oscillating electric products of personal use, particularly dry shavers
Overmolded transponder
Apparatus for electrically heat welding thermoplastic fittings and method of using the same
Rapid manufacturing of steel rule dies and other 3-dimensional products, apparatus, process and products
Covering member for solar battery
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive actuator having at least one piezoelectric/electrostrictive film
Tire condition sensor communication with tire location provided via vehicle-mounted identification units
System for displaying tire characteristics
Parallel hybrid vehicle employing parallel hybrid system, using both internal combustion engine and electric motor generator for propulsion
Energy management system and method
Energy control strategy for a hybrid electric vehicle
Controller for battery-operated vehicle
Blended electrical/friction braking system with electric brake feedback monitor and method of use thereof
Device for actuating a seat element
Electronics module for brake lamp diagnostics
Capacitive proximity sensor for automotive use
Air-bag control apparatus for avoiding air bag unit malfunctions caused by electromagnetic waves
Vehicle occupant sensing system
Reconfigurable modular instrument cluster arrangement
Guard device of seat belt with dual circuit in a car
Heatable steering wheel, and rim and method thereof
Method and apparatus for torque linearization in an electric power steering system
Radio frequency identification transponder having a reflector
MEMS variable capacitor with stabilized electrostatic drive and method therefor
Acceleration sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Hermetically sealed microstructure package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ultralow dielectric constant material as an intralevel or interlevel dielectric in a semiconductor device and electronic device containing the same
Green compact electrode for discharge surface treatment and method of manufacturing green compact electrode for discharge surface treatment
Temperature control system for a thermal reactor
Textiles; Paper
Integrated roller unit
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for monitoring the advance of seawater into fresh water aquifers near coastal cities
Vehicle door latching apparatus
Lock sensor detection system
Automatic torque-based control system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stacked cabinet backup generator
Method and apparatus for driving at least one capacitive control element
Dual type multiple stage, hydraulic turbine power generator including reaction type turbine with adjustable blades
Rotor pitch control method and apparatus for parking wind turbine
Heating system for structures
Shockproof device for a power generator with an oscillating weight
Probing apparatus and head plate opening/closing force-reducing mechanism
Junction box mount structure
Optical interference coatings and lamps using same
Vaporization apparatus
Burn-out furnace
Control systems and methods for diffuse illumination
Robotic gripper having proximity sensor with off-set sensor
Fiber-coupled, high-speed, angled-dual-axis optical coherence scanning microscopes
Method and system for two-dimensional interferometric radiometry
Sealed fiber optic gyroscope assembly
Rotary position sensor
Pre-calibrated waveguide assembly and method
Indicator of a variable for aircraft
Regulator diagnostics system and method
Infrared/visible energy protection for millimeter wave bolometer antenna method and apparatus
Thermal type infrared ray detector with thermal separation structure for high sensitivity
Infrared focal plane array detector and method of producing the same
Semiconductor device having thin film resistors made of bolometer materials
Method and apparatus for temperature measurement with voltage variation offset
Overhead line rating monitor
Bond wire pressure sensor die package
Method and apparatus for automated on-line substrate independent calibration and measurement spectral analysis
Biological aerosol trigger (BAT)
Imaging system for an optical scanner
Coding and authentication by phase measurement modulation response and spectral emission
Method and apparatus for time domain reflectometry moisture sensing in various media
Contactless conductivity detector with transmitter/receiver electrode
Process and apparatus for elemental analysis with oxygen control
Electronic sensor array for an automatic gearbox communicating a mode setting
Spring probe contactor for testing PGA devices
Processor module heatsink mounting guide posts for function test
CSP BGA test socket with insert and method
Probe contact system having planarity adjustment mechanism
Current sensor for an electrical device
Apparatus and method for sensing electric current based on electric signal from magneto-electric conversion element
Reference point locator for residential and commercial construction
Phase meter using a permuter
Method and apparatus for determining phase locked loop jitter
Apparatus for testing emissive cathodes in matrix addressable displays
High resolution (quiescent) supply current system (IDD monitor)
Apparatus for docking a floating test stage in a terrestrial base
Apparatus for measuring the duty cycle of a high speed clocking signal
Dual zone wafer test apparatus
Device for testing printed boards
Waveform observing jig and waveform observing device
Method for the statistical test of integrated circuits
Apparatus and method for power continuity testing in a parallel testing system
Method and apparatus for detection of electrical overstress
Digital device with internal differential signal generator
Remaining charge detection device for power storage unit
Apparatus and method for testing rechargeable energy storage batteries
State of charge prediction method and apparatus for a battery
Method to determine capacity of a battery
Method for measurement of backup power supply capacitance in restraint control module
Magnetic sensor having a GMR layer
Cooled NMR probe head with thermal insulation of the sample
RF coil, magnetic resonance signal measuring apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Crossed-ladder RF coils for vertical field MRI systems
Active control of sound generation in MRI gradient coil structures
Filler material for magnet resonant system self-shielded gradient coil assemblies
Frequency selective pulse
System for exchanging and storing collimators for medical imaging devices
Process for reproducing radiation image using stimulable phosphor sheet having one-dimensionally extended partitions
Mounting bracket for product sensor
MEMS optical isolators
Infrared photodetector and method of manufacturing the same
Optical electronic apparatus and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device
Thin film transistor array panel for liquid crystal display and method for repairing the same
Near field optical scanning system employing microfabricated solid immersion lens
Magnetically positioned X-Y stage having six degrees of freedom
Internal power-source potential supply circuit, step-up potential generating system, output potential supply circuit, and semiconductor memory
Thin film resistor with stress compensation
Low power voltage regulator with improved on-chip noise isolation
CMOS voltage reference
Low noise switching regulator
System and method for generating clock signals
Multiphase clock generator
Clock divider for analysis of all clock edges
Universal compact PCI pull-up/termination IC
Bus system and circuit board
Circuit module connected to a transmission line including arrangement to suppress reflections at a branch point of the transmission line
Programmable logic device with partial battery backup
Stylus for optical digitizer
Ultra-thin flexible durable radio frequency identification devices and hot or cold lamination process for the manufacture of ultra-thin flexible durable radio frequency identification devices
Biometric device with integrated CMOS image sensor
Intruder detection through trajectory analysis in monitoring and surveillance systems
Glass-coated amorphous magnetic microwire marker for article surveillance
Security element for electronic article protection and method for producing the same
Method and apparatus for determining hazard levels of chemical/biological/nuclear agents in an environment
Microprocessor based bed patient monitor
Alarm transmission apparatus
Method for making security systems more tamper resistant and a security system
Actuating mechanism for gauge pointer
Interactive automated traffic control system
Light alignment system for electronically steerable light output in traffic signals
Road surface condition monitoring system using sensors disposed under the road
Driving apparatus of a flat panel display
Field emission display having an invisible spacer and method
Dynamic color temperature and color deviation calibration method
Crack detecting device for plasma display panel
Active matrix electroluminescent display device
Method and apparatus for vertically locking input and output signals
PLL circuit
Method for preserving charges on a cap at the output of a regulator
Method and apparatus for optimizing adjustment of disc head slider curvature
Semiconductor storage device
One-sided floating-gate memory cell
Non-volatile semiconductor device and non-volatile semiconductor memory device for storing multi-value information
Externally programmable antifuse
Socket test device for detecting characteristics of socket signals
Scanning probe microscope
Moisture activated barrier for electrical assemblies
Tree resistant cable
Cable with dual layer jacket
Multilayer electronic device and method for producing same
Micro-mechanical elements
Press switch
Keyboard circuit using conduits within a bus for air flow
Switch assembly incorporating contact wedge
Electrical service switching device
Circuit breaker drive
Cathode emitter devices, field emission display devices, and methods of detecting infrared light
Carbon-based field emission electron device for high current density applications
Color cathode ray tube having particular arrangement of electron beam through hole arrays
Shadow mask assembly with three therman expansion coefficients
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Display device comprising a deflection unit and a deflection unit for a display device
Cathode ray tube with narrowed neck portion
Color cathode ray tube and color picture tube apparatus having the same
Flat CRT display that includes a focus electrode as well as multiple anode and deflector electrodes
Electron discharging apparatus
Electron beam apparatus using electron source, spacers having high-resistance film and low-resistance layer, and image-forming device using the same
Charged particle beam exposure device exhibiting reduced image blur
Charged particle beam lithography apparatus for forming pattern on semi-conductor
Deceleration electrode configuration for ultra-low energy ion implanter
Method for fault identification in a plasma process
Electrode for glow-discharge atmospheric-pressure plasma treatment
Apparatus for generating low temperature plasma at atmospheric pressure
Plasma excitation coil
Magnetic energy filter
Tandem time-of-flight mass spectrometer with improved mass resolution
Linear multipole rod assembly for mass spectrometers
Glass envelope having continuous internal channel with connected sections of different dimensions
Discharging and light emitting device
Clear coating for digital and analog imagers
Heating device, method for evaluating heating device and pattern forming method
Solar cell arrangement
System for facilitating uniform heating temperature of photoresist
Gate oxide stabilization by means of germanium components in gate conductor
Method and apparatus for reducing fixed charge in semiconductor device layers
Single c-axis PGO thin film on ZrO2 for non-volatile memory applications and methods of making the same
BGA substrate via structure
Fan-out translator for a semiconductor package
Semiconductor package having metal-pattern bonding and method of fabricating the same
Wire-bonded semiconductor device with improved wire arrangement scheme for minimizing abnormal wire sweep
Chip scale package using large ductile solder balls
Flip chip semiconductor device
Apparatus for electrically mounting an electronic device to a substrate without soldering
Integrated inductive circuits
Semiconductor device with tantalum nitride barrier film
Member for mounting of semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method of reducing defects in anti-reflective coatings and semiconductor structures fabricated thereby
Structure of stacked integrated circuits
Co-patterning thin-film resistors of different compositions with a conductive hard mask and method for same
Self-aligned SiGe NPN with improved ESD robustness using wide emitter polysilicon extension
MOSFET with lateral resistor ballasting
SOI device with wrap-around contact to underside of body, and method of making
Method of making a multi-thickness silicide SOI device
Semiconductor-on-insulator body-source contact and method
Algorithm for detecting sloped contact holes using a critical-dimension waveform
In-line electrical monitor for measuring mechanical stress at the device level on a semiconductor wafer
Evaluation of semiconductor chargeup damage and apparatus therefor
Encapsulated-metal vertical-interdigitated capacitor and damascene method of manufacturing same
Split-gate flash memory device having floating gate electrode with sharp peak
Semiconductor device and a process for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having a nitride barrier for preventing formation of structural defects
Spacer narrowed, dual width contact for charge gain reduction
Semiconductor device and circuit having low tolerance to ionizing radiation
Structure and method for ultra-scalable hybrid DRAM cell with contacted P-well
Trench capacitor with an intrinsically balanced field across the dielectric
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
High dielectric constant materials forming components of DRAM storage cells
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device fabricated on multiple substrates and method for fabricating the same
Chip scale surface mount package for semiconductor device and process of fabricating the same
Integrated circuit configuration having at least one capacitor and method for producing the same
Ferroelectric and paraelectric thin film devices using dopants which eliminate ferroelectricity
Semiconductor device with floating gates
NOR-type flash memory and method for manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
SOI device and method of fabrication
Semiconductor integrated system
Microelectronic contacts
Diffusion barriers for copper interconnect systems
Low dielectric constant stop layer for integrated circuit interconnects
System-on-a-chip with multi-layered metallized through-hole interconnection
Semiconductor substrate and land grid array semiconductor package using same
Flexible tape carrier with external terminals formed on interposers
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Circuit board having interconnection ball lands and ball grid array (BGA) package using the circuit board
Thin form factor flip chip ball grid array
Microelectronic circuit package
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Substrate mounting an integrated circuit package with a deformed lead
Multilayered substrate for semiconductor device
Printed circuit board employing lossy power distribution network to reduce power plane resonances
Semiconductor device having resin members provided separately corresponding to externally connecting electrodes
Printed-circuit board and a semiconductor module, and a manufacturing process of the semiconductor module
Fuse in semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Technique to minimize crosstalk in electronic packages
Semiconductor device having active element connected to an electrode metal pad via a barrier metal layer and interlayer insulating film
Semiconductor device and liquid crystal module adopting the same
Semiconductor device having switching elements around a central control circuit
Scribe line structure for preventing from damages thereof induced during fabrication
Wiring substrate for high frequency applications
Die stacking scheme
Semiconductor module and inverter device
Multichip module
ESD protect device structure
Low-voltage triggering pseudo bipolar ESD protection device for positive/negative signal input pads
Largely voltage-independent electrical resistor formed in an integrated semiconductor circuit
Integrated semiconductor circuit with protective structure for protection against electrostatic discharge
Integrated semiconductor circuit with an increased operating voltage
Semiconductor memory configuration with dummy components on continuous diffusion regions
Embedded type flash memory structure and method for operating the same
Solid-state image sensor having a substrate with an impurity concentration gradient
Unit pixel of CMOS image sensor with capacitor coupled photodiode
Using cascaded gain stages for high-gain and high-speed readout of pixel sensor data
Column-row addressable electric microswitch arrays and sensor matrices employing them
Low dosage field rings for high voltage semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having drain and gate electrodes formed to lie along few degrees of direction in relation to the substrate
Power semiconductor component for high reverse voltages
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device of stacked chips
IGBT, control circuit, and protection circuit on same substrate
Inductive load driving circuit
Device with integrated bipolar and MOSFET transistors in an emitter switching configuration
Device based on quantic islands and method for making same
Lateral double diffused metal oxide semiconductor device
Dual-line type charge transfer device
Ferroelectric field effect transistor, memory utilizing same, and method of operating same
Integrated device with bipolar transistor and electronic switch in "emitter switching" configuration
Trenched Schottky rectifiers
Gate controlled thyristor driven with low-inductance
High voltage lateral semiconductor device
Method and system for information transfer and replication between spatially distinct points via engineered quantum states
Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
Solar battery module
Surface-plasmon enhanced photovoltaic device
Semiconductor device with roughened surface increasing external quantum efficiency
Semiconductor devices with selectively doped III-V nitride layers
Method of fabricating thermoelectric device
Method of fabricating thermoelectric device
Intrinsic Josephson superconducting tunnel junction device
Ultrasonic motor and electronic apparatus equipped with ultrasonic motor
Wobble motor
Experimenting apparatus for fuel cell technology
Ultra-low-loss feedthrough for microwave circuit package
Dielectric-waveguide attenuator, dielectric-waveguide terminator, and wireless apparatus incorporating same
Directional coupler, antenna device, and transmitting-receiving device
Phase shifter arrangement having relatively movable member with projections
Electric motor with commutator
Contact structures with blades having a wiping motion
Device for electrically contacting and sealing a tubular member
Power supply terminal for use with a motor-driven compressor and method of insulating same
Learned behavior optical power source controller
High temperature slip-sealing grommet systems
Electrical outlet assembly
Universal cover plate
Integrated fault protection for switched electronic systems for satellite applications
Intelligent outdoor lighting control system
Charge maintenance system for lead-acid battery
Method, arrangement and interface system to enable electrical batteries of different kinds to be charged by means of the same charger device
Battery charging control method employing pulsed charging and discharging operation for heating low-temperature battery
Portable battery recharge station
Electromagnetic apparatus employing high permeability low conductivity element
D.C. PM motor with a stator core assembly formed of pressure shaped processed ferromagnetic particles
Spindle motor for hard disks with cup-shaped sleeve
Squirrel cage rotor for a high-speed electrical machine with defined pressing surface disks
Rotor for synchronous motor
Permanent magnet rotating electric machine
Synchronous motors of different kinds
Reluctance-type motor having widened bottom
Very high permanent magnet type electric rotating machine system
Stator assemblies for motors
A.C. generator for vehicle
Linear motor
Liquid-cooled electrical machine with parallel flow
Hybrid superconducting motor/generator
Two stage architecture for a monitor power supply
Self initialization forcharge pumps
Linear regulator with conditional switched mode preregulation
Method and apparatus for sensing output inductor current in a DC-to-DC power converter
Synchronous rectifier circuit and method of use in switching voltage converter
Switching regulator with reduced high-frequency noise
Vibrating linear actuator and method of operating same
Brushless machine control
Power module
Detection of rotor angle in a permanent magnet synchronous motor at zero speed
Current magnitude variation correction for open loop stepper motor driver circuit
Phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer
Amplifier bias voltage generating circuit and method
Transistor amplifier providing improved linear and return loss performance characteristics
Amplifier circuit and method for providing negative feedback thereto
Single-to-differential buffer amplifier
Offset correction method and apparatus
Active polyphase filter with transconductor cross-coupling of filter sections
CMOS-microprocessor chip and package anti-resonance pass-band shunt apparatus
Method and system for wafer-level tuning of bulk acoustic wave resonators and filters
Tunable bridged-T filter
Piezoelectric resonator
Multiple frequency acoustic reflector array and monolithic cover for resonators and method
Surface acoustic wave filter having balanced crosstalk capacitances in symmetric operation
Digital trim capacitor programming
High-frequency resonant gate driver circuit for MOS-gated power switches
Semiconductor active fuse operating at higher supply voltage employing current oscillation
CMOS output driver with slew rate control
Logic device for outputting a signal within a through rate range
Low voltage bipolar drive circuits
High efficiency high frequency resonant gate driver for power converter
Method and apparatus for rapid, synchronized, and isolated transistor switching
Circuit for inhibiting power consumption in low voltage dynamic logic
High voltage tolerable input buffer
Method and apparatus for driving multiple voltages
Double data rate dynamic logic
Structure and method of alternating precharge in dynamic SOI circuits
Multiplexers for efficient PLD logic blocks
SOI CMOS Schmitt trigger circuits with controllable hysteresis
Combinational delay circuit for a digital frequency multiplier
5V-tolerant receiver for low voltage CMOS technologies
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Frequency-doubling delay locked loop
Rail-to-rail input clocked amplifier
Offset comparator and method for forming same
Circuit for voltage to linear duty cycle conversion
Signal phase adjustment circuit to set optimum phase
PLL cycle slip compensation
Circuit arrangement for generating the control potential for a field-effect transistor
High speed, wide bandwidth phase locked loop
Frequency division/multiplication with jitter minimization
DLL circuit that can prevent erroneous operation
PLL frequency synthesizer
Device and method for recovering frequency redundant data in a network communications receiver
Methods for transmitting a waveform having a controllable attenuation and propagation velocity
Method and apparatus for generating digitally modulated signals
Variable gain amplifier system
Pressure transducer and manufacturing method thereof
White LED luminary light control system
Electroluminescent device and apparatus
Auto light-control system
High efficacy pulsed, dimmable high pressure cesium lamp
Microwave heating using independently controllable internal and external antennae
Apparatus and methods for generating persistent ionization plasmas
Particle accelerator for inducing contained particle collisions
Compensation adjustable printed circuit board
Apparatus and method for mounting electronic component
Electronic package with plurality of solder-applied areas providing heat transfer
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